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An overview of the gravitational spin Hall effectApr 22 2019In General Relativity, the propagation of electromagnetic waves is usually described by the vacuum Maxwell's equations on a fixed curved background. In the limit of infinitely high frequencies, electromagnetic waves can be localized as point particles, ... More
Line Singularities and Hopf Indices of Electromagnetic MultipolesApr 22 2019Electromagnetic multipoles can be continuously mapped to tangent vectors on the momentum sphere, the topology of which guarantees the existence of isolated singularities. For pure (real or imaginary) vectors, those singularities correspond to zeros of ... More
Temporally Asymmetric Bi-photon States in Cavity Enhanced Optical Parametric ProcessesApr 22 2019Generation and control of quantum states of light on an integrated platform has become an essential tool for scalable quantum technologies. Chip scale sources such as nonlinear optical microcavities have been demonstrated to efficiently generate entangled ... More
One mask to rule them all: Writing arbitrary intensity distributions by scanning a single illuminated spatially-random screenApr 21 2019Arbitrary intensity distributions may be written by transversely scanning a single spatially-random screen that is normally illuminated by spatially but not necessarily temporally uniform radiation or matter wave fields. The arbitrariness, of the written ... More
Hybridization-induced resonances with high quality factor in a plasmonic concentric ring-disk nanocavityApr 20 2019Plasmonic resonators have drawn more attention due to the ability to confine light into subwavelength scale. However, they always suffer from a low quality (Q) factor owing to the intrinsic loss of metal. Here, we numerically propose a plasmonic resonator ... More
Plasmon-Emitter Interactions at the NanoscaleApr 19 2019Plasmon-emitter interactions are of paramount importance in modern nanoplasmonics and are generally maximal at short emitter-surface separations. However, when the separation falls below 10-20 nm, the classical theory progressively deteriorates due to ... More
Statistically analysis of many single-molecule encounters reveals plasmonic resonance dependent nanoantenna-molecule interactionsApr 18 2019The nanoscale interaction between single emitters and plasmonic structures is traditionally studied by relying on near-perfect, deterministic, nanoscale-control. This approach is ultra-low throughput thus rendering systematic studies difficult to impossible. ... More
Metasurface-Enabled Interference Suppression at Visible-Light CommunicationsApr 18 2019Light can be used for wireless information transmission apart from illumination; that is the key idea behind visible-light communication (VLC), one of the disruptive technologies of our days. It combines remarkably high data rates due to ultrashort wavelengths ... More
Integration of Single Photon Emitters in 2D Layered Materials with a Silicon Nitride Photonic ChipApr 18 2019Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) enable miniaturization of optical quantum circuits because several optic and electronic functionalities can be added on the same chip. Single photon emitters (SPEs) are central building blocks for such quantum circuits ... More
Transient dynamics of nonlinear magneto-optical rotation in the presence of transverse magnetic fieldApr 18 2019Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation is studied under non-equilibrium conditions. The polarization rotation of linearly polarized light traversing a rubidium vapor cell is observed versus the time-dependent (swept) longitudinal magnetic field in the presence ... More
The Zilch Electromagnetic Conservation Law in Variational Characteristic FormApr 18 2019In this paper we consider the zilch conservation laws for Maxwell theory and demonstrate that in the duality-symmetric version of Maxwell theory, the zilch arises as a Noether current for a variational symmetry of the duality symmetric Lagrangian which ... More
Dual-polarized all-angle cloaking of a dielectric nanowire by helical graphene ribbonsApr 18 2019Scattering from a dielectric nanowire coated by helical graphene strips (nanoribbons) is investigated for dual-polarized wave at oblique incidence. In the long-wavelength approximation, the helical strips are treated as a homogeneous layer with averaged ... More
Direct Measurement of Quantum Efficiency of Single Photon Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideApr 17 2019Single photon emitters in two-dimensional materials are promising candidates for future generation of quantum photonic technologies. In this work, we experimentally determine the quantum efficiency (QE) of single photon emitters (SPE) in few-layer hexagonal ... More
All-optical frequency processor for networking applicationsApr 17 2019We propose an electro-optic approach for transparent optical networking, in which frequency channels are actively transformed into any desired mapping in a wavelength-multiplexed environment. Based on electro-optic phase modulators and Fourier-transform ... More
Spatiotemporal self-similar fiber laserApr 17 2019In this Letter, we demonstrate, to the best of our knowledge, the first spatiotemporally mode-locked fiber laser with self-similar pulse evolution. The multimode fiber oscillator generates parabolic amplifier similaritons at 1030 nm with 90 mW average ... More
Non-Hermitian skin effect and chiral damping in open quantum systemsApr 17 2019One of the unique features of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians is the non-Hermitian skin effect, namely that the eigenstates are exponentially localized at the boundary of system. For open quantum systems, short-time evolution can often be well described by ... More
Do Truly Unidirectional Surface Plasmon-Polaritons Exist?Apr 17 2019In this Letter, we revisit the topic of surface waves on nonreciprocal plasmonic structures, and clarify whether strictly unidirectional surface plasmon-polaritons are allowed to exist in this material platform. By investigating different three-dimensional ... More
Graphene Induced Large Shift of Surface Plasmon Resonances of Gold Films: Effective Medium Theory for Atomically Thin MaterialsApr 17 2019Despite successful modeling of graphene as a 0.34-nm thick optical film synthesized by exfoliation or chemical vapor deposition (CVD), graphene induced shift of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of gold films has remained controversial. Here we report the ... More
Three-dimensional femtosecond laser nanolithography of crystalsApr 17 2019Nanostructuring hard optical crystals has so far been exclusively feasible at their surface, as stress induced crack formation and propagation has rendered high precision volume processes ineffective. We show that the inner chemical etching reactivity ... More
Observation of PT-symmetric quantum interferenceApr 17 2019Parity-Time (PT) symmetric quantum mechanics is a complex extension of conventional Hermitian quantum mechanics in which physical observables possess a real eigenvalue spectrum. However, an experimental demonstration of the true quantum nature of PT symmetry ... More
Controlling group and phase velocities in bidirectional mode-locked fiber lasersApr 17 2019A bidirectional mode-locked fiber laser producing two correlated frequency combs of the same repetition rate is demonstrated. The intensity dependence of pulse and phase velocities are measured simultaneously. As expected, the phase delay is determined ... More
Extending time-domain ptychography to generalized phase-only transfer functionsApr 17 2019We extend the time-domain ptychographic iterative engine to generalized spectral phase-only transfer functions. The modified algorithm, i$^2$PIE, is described and its robustness is demonstrated by different numeric simulations. The concept is experimentally ... More
Reexamination of energy flow velocities of non-diffracting localized wavesApr 17 2019A universal relation has been established between the local energy transport velocity along the direction of propagation and the group velocity of scalar and vector-valued propagation-invariant spatiotemporally localized superluminal and subluminal electromagnetic ... More
Designing Photonic Topological Insulators with Quantum-Spin-Hall Edge States using Topology OptimizationApr 17 2019Designing photonic topological insulators is highly non-trivial because it requires inversion of band symmetries around the band gap, which was so far done using intuition combined with meticulous trial and error. Here we take a completely different approach: ... More
Design and Characterization of Plasmonic Doppler Grating for Azimuthal Angle-resolved Surface Plasmon ResonancesApr 17 2019We present two-dimensional plasmonic Doppler grating (PDG) for broadband azimuthal angle-resolved nanophotonic applications. The PDG consists of a set of non-concentric circular rings mimicking the wavefronts of a moving point source that exhibits Doppler ... More
Practical security of continuous-variable quantum key distribution with reduced optical attenuationApr 17 2019In a practical CVQKD system, the optical attenuator can adjust the Gaussian-modulated coherent states and the local oscillator signal to an optimal value for guaranteeing the security of the system and optimizing the performance of the system. However, ... More
Nanophotonic quantum storage at telecommunications wavelengthApr 17 2019Quantum memories for light are important components for future long distance quantum networks. We present on-chip quantum storage of telecommunications band light at the single photon level in an ensemble of erbium-167 ions in an yttrium orthosilicate ... More
Exorcizing ghost wavesApr 16 2019The so-called electromagnetic ghost waves are simply electromagnetic nonuniform plane waves, whose association with both propagating and evanescent fields has long been known, even for isotropic dielectric materials that are non-dissipative.
Optical Properties of Bismuth Nanostructures Towards the Ultrathin Film RegimeApr 16 2019Bulk bismuth presents outstanding optical properties, such as a giant infrared refractive index (n near 10) and a negative ultraviolet visible permittivity induced by giant interband electronic transitions. Although such properties are very appealing ... More
Vector Vortex Beam Emitter Embedded in a Photonic ChipApr 16 2019Vector vortex beam simultaneously carrying spin and orbital angular momentum of light promises additional degrees of freedom for modern optics and emerging resources for both classical and quantum information technologies. The inherently infinite dimensions ... More
Coherent diffraction radiation of relativistic terahertz pulses from a laser-driven micro-plasma-waveguideApr 16 2019We propose a method to generate isolated relativistic terahertz (THz) pulses using a high-power laser irradiating a mirco-plasma-waveguide (MPW). When the laser pulse enters the MPW, high-charge electron bunches are produced and accelerated to ~ 100 MeV ... More
Experimental High-Dimensional Entanglement by Path IdentityApr 16 2019Versatile and high-brightness sources of high-dimensional entangled photon pairs are important for emerging quantum technologies such as secure quantum communication. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a new scalable method to create photon pairs carrying ... More
Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a nanophotonic deviceApr 16 2019We report the first demonstrations of both quadrature squeezed vacuum and photon number difference squeezing generated in an integrated nanophotonic device. Squeezed light is generated via strongly driven spontaneous four-wave mixing below threshold in ... More
Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a nanophotonic deviceApr 16 2019Apr 17 2019We report the first demonstrations of both quadrature squeezed vacuum and photon number difference squeezing generated in an integrated nanophotonic device. Squeezed light is generated via strongly driven spontaneous four-wave mixing below threshold in ... More
Bragg soliton compression and fission on a CMOS-compatible platformApr 16 2019Higher-order soliton dynamics, specifically soliton compression and fission, underpin crucial applications in ultrafast optics, sensing, communications, and signal processing. Bragg solitons exploit the strong dispersive properties of periodic media near ... More
Quasi-Exactly Solvable Scattering Problems, Exactness of the Born Approximation, and Broadband Unidirectional Invisibility in Two DimensionsApr 16 2019Achieving exact unidirectional invisibility in a finite frequency band has been an outstanding problem for many years. We offer a simple solution to this problem in two dimensions that is based on our solution to another more basic open problem of scattering ... More
Real-time monitoring via second-harmonic interferometry of a flow gas cell for laser wakefield accelerationApr 16 2019The use of a gas cell as a target for laser weakfield acceleration (LWFA) offers the possibility to obtain stable and manageable laser-plasma interaction process, a mandatory condition for practical applications of this emerging technique, especially ... More
Designable spectrometer-free index sensing using plasmonic Doppler gratingsApr 16 2019Typical nanoparticle-based plasmonic index sensors detect the spectral shift of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) upon the change of environmental index. Therefore, they require broadband illumination and spectrometers. The sensitivity and flexibility ... More
On the performance limits of coatings for gravitational wave detectors made of alternating layers of two materialsApr 16 2019The coating design for mirrors used in interferometric detectors of gravitational waves currently consists of stacks of two alternating dielectric materials with different refractive indexes. In order to explore the performance limits of such coatings, ... More
On the performance limits of coatings for gravitational wave detectors made of alternating layers of two materialsApr 16 2019Apr 18 2019The coating design for mirrors used in interferometric detectors of gravitational waves currently consists of stacks of two alternating dielectric materials with different refractive indexes. In order to explore the performance limits of such coatings, ... More
On the performance limits of coatings for gravitational wave detectors made of alternating layers of two materialsApr 16 2019Apr 22 2019The coating design for mirrors used in interferometric detectors of gravitational waves currently consists of stacks of two alternating dielectric materials with different refractive indexes. In order to explore the performance limits of such coatings, ... More
Quantum correlations and complementarity of vectorial light fieldsApr 16 2019We explore quantum correlations of general vector-light fields in multislit interference and show that the $n$th-order field-coherence matrix is directly linked with the reduced $n$-photon density matrix. The connection is utilized to examine photon wave-particle ... More
Topological edge states and gap solitons in the nonlinear Dirac modelApr 16 2019Topological photonics has emerged recently as a novel approach for realizing robust optical circuitry, and the study of nonlinear effects in topological photonics is expected to open the door for tunability of photonic structures with topological properties. ... More
Exceptional Point and Toward Mode Selective Optical IsolationApr 16 2019Dynamical encirclement of an Exceptional Point (EP) and corresponding time-asymmetric mode evolution properties due to breakdown in adiabatic theorem have been a key to range of exotic physical effects in various open atomic, molecular and optical systems. ... More
Penetration depth reduction with plasmonic metafilmsApr 16 2019In many optical systems, including metal films, dielectric reflectors, and photonic crystals, electromagnetic waves can experience evanescent decay. The spatial length scale of such decay defines the penetration depth. The ability to reduce the penetration ... More
Interferometric scattering enables fluorescence-free electrokinetic trapping of single nanoparticles in free solutionApr 15 2019Anti-Brownian traps confine single particles in free solution by closed-loop feedback forces that directly counteract Brownian motion. The extended-duration measurement of trapped objects allows detailed characterization of photophysical and transport ... More
Dual Plasmonic Modes from In-Situ Silver Nanoparticle Formation via Diffusion at Silver / Dielectric InterfacesApr 15 2019Metal-dielectric interfaces of various geometries are fundamental photonic material platforms for surface plasmons. Surface plasmon polaritons and localized surface plasmons are two surface plasmon modes that are excited on planar and curved metal-dielectric ... More
Improving inverse Compton by removing non-linearitiesApr 15 2019We present a new, more nuanced understanding of non-linear effects in inverse Compton sources. Contrary to what has been heretofore understood, deleterious non-linear effects can arise even at low laser intensities, a regime previously viewed as linear. ... More
Photonic-crystal-reflector nano-resonators for Kerr-frequency combsApr 15 2019We demonstrate Kerr-frequency-comb generation with nanofabricated Fabry-Perot resonators with photonic-crystal-reflector (PCR) end mirrors. The PCR group-velocity-dispersion (GVD) is engineered to counteract the strong normal GVD of a rectangular waveguide ... More
Photonic-crystal-reflector nano-resonators for Kerr-frequency combsApr 15 2019Apr 17 2019We demonstrate Kerr-frequency-comb generation with nanofabricated Fabry-Perot resonators with photonic-crystal-reflector (PCR) end mirrors. The PCR group-velocity-dispersion (GVD) is engineered to counteract the strong normal GVD of a rectangular waveguide ... More
Nanophotonic source of broadband quadrature squeezingApr 15 2019Squeezed light are optical beams with variance below the Shot Noise Level. They are a key resource for quantum technologies based on photons, they can be used to achieve better precision measurements, improve security in quantum key distribution channels ... More
Asymmetric balance in symmetry breakingApr 15 2019Spontaneous symmetry breaking is central to our understanding of physics and explains many natural phenomena, from cosmic scales to sub-atomic particles. It can also be exploited for applications, but engineered systems naturally present some deviations ... More
Free log-likelihood as an unbiased metric for coherent diffraction imagingApr 15 2019Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI), a technique where an object is reconstructed from a single (2D or 3D) diffraction pattern, recovers the lost diffraction phases without a priori knowledge of the extent (support) of the object, which prevents an unambiguous ... More
Attosecond Pulse Amplification in a Plasma-Based X-Ray Laser Dressed by an Infrared Laser FieldApr 15 2019We suggest a technique to amplify a train of attosecond pulses, produced by high-harmonic generation (HHG) of an infrared (IR) laser field, in an active medium of a plasma-based X-ray laser. This technique is based on modulation of transition frequency ... More
Optical waveguide hosting multiple exceptional points: Toward selective mode conversionApr 15 2019We investigate the astonishing physical aspects of Exceptional Points (EPs) in a 1D planar few-mode optical waveguide. The waveguide hosts four quasi-guided modes. Here interactions between the selected pair of modes are modulated by a spatial distribution ... More
Topologically protected bound states in the continuum and strong phase resonances in integrated Gires-Tournois interferometerApr 15 2019Photonic bound states in the continuum (BICs) are eigenmodes with an infinite lifetime, which coexist with a continuous spectrum of radiating waves. BICs are not only of great theoretical interest, but have a wide range of practical applications, e.g. ... More
Coherent Control of Fano Resonances in a Macroscopic Four-Mirror CavityApr 15 2019We demonstrate coherent control of optomechanically induced transparency and Fano resonances in a four mirror macroscopic optomechanical cavity, with two movable mirrors, each driven by an external mechanical pump. The variable control of the amplitude ... More
In-situ detecting cooperative-target's speed and rotation inertia using structured lightApr 15 2019Laser remote sensing represents a powerful tool that enables the accurate measurement of the speed of moving targets. Crucially, most sensing techniques are 2-Dimensional and only enable direct determination of the speed along the line of sight. A disadvantage ... More
Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow Core Photonic Crystal FibersApr 15 2019Broadband-tunable sources of circularly-polarized light are crucial in fields such as laser science, biomedicine and spectroscopy. Conventional sources rely on nonlinear wavelength conversion and polarization control using standard optical components, ... More
Atomic Localization of Quantum Emitters in Multilayer Hexagonal Boron NitrideApr 15 2019The recent discovery of single-photon emitting defects hosted by the two-dimensional wide band gap semiconductor hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) has inspired a great number of experiments. Key characteristics of these quantum emitters are their capability ... More
Light-matter interaction of a quantum emitter near a half-space graphene nanostructureApr 14 2019The Purcell factor and the spontaneous emission spectrum of a quantum emitter (QE) placed close to the edge of a graphene half-space nanostructure is investigated, using semi-analytical methods at the electrostatic regime. The half-space geometry supports ... More
Beam Profiler Network (BPNet) -- A Deep Learning Approach to Mode Demultiplexing of Laguerre-Gaussian Optical BeamsApr 14 2019The transverse field profile of light is being recognized as a resource for classical and quantum communications for which reliable methods of sorting or demultiplexing spatial optical modes are required. Here, we demonstrate, experimentally, state-of-the-art ... More
Generation mode-locked square-wave pulse based on reverse saturable absorption effect in graded index multimode fiberApr 14 2019We firstly report mode-locked square-wave pulse in Yb-doped fiber laser based on graded index multimode fiber of reverse suturable absorption. By adjusting the pump power, the width of the square-wave can be tuned range from 350 ps to 52.6 ns with 3dB ... More
Quantum remote sensing of angular rotation of structured objectsApr 14 2019The rotational properties of a light beam are controlled by its angular momentum. It has shown that light's orbital angular momentum(OAM) have a strongly enhanced rotational sensitivity when interacting with an rotating object. So, as a commonly used ... More
Helicity dipolar beams reveal an oscillatory duality symmetryApr 14 2019The perfect optical vortex arising at backscattering when the duality symmetry is satisfied is often discussed from the scattering of high refractive index (HRI) nano-particles. In this Letter, we extend these results to arbitrary dielectric spheres, ... More
Computational distributed fiber-optic sensingApr 14 2019Ghost imaging allows image reconstruction by correlation measurements between a light beam that interacts with the object without spatial resolution and a spatially resolved light beam that never interacts with the object. The two light beams are copies ... More
Analysis of the interaction between classical and quantum plasmons via FDTD-TDDFT methodApr 14 2019A powerful hybrid FDTD--TDDFT method is used to study the interaction between classical plasmons of a gold bowtie nanoantenna and quantum plasmons of graphene nanoflakes (GNFs) placed in the narrow gap of the nanoantenna. Due to the hot-spot plasmon of ... More
All-optical naked-eye ghost imagingApr 13 2019Ghost imaging is usually based on optoelectronic process and eletronic computing. We here propose a new ghost imaging scheme, which avoids any optoelectronic or electronic process. Instead, the proposed scheme exploits all-optical correlation via the ... More
Naked-Eye Ghost Imaging via Photoelectric-FeedbackApr 13 2019Based on optical correlations, ghost imaging is usually reconstructed by computer algorithm from the acquired data. We here proposed an alternatively high contrast naked-eye ghost imaging scheme which avoids computer algorithm processing. Instead, the ... More
Differential extinction of Vibrational Molecular Overtone Transitions with Gold Nanorods and Non-Trivial Surface Enhanced Near-IR Absorption (SENIRA)Apr 13 2019Resonant coupling between plasmonic nanoantennas and molecular vibrational excitations is employed to amplify the weak overtone transitions that reside in the near-infrared. We explore for the first time the differential extinction of forbidden molecular ... More
Broadband plasmonic nanoparticles: fabrication, optical properties, and implications in liquid light chemiluminescence enhancementApr 13 2019Chemiphores are entities, which exhibit wide-band light emission without any external light source but just due to the chemical reaction resulting in the chemiluminescence effect. Since the chemiphores usually have low quantum efficiency, chemiluminescence ... More
Wide band enhancement of transverse magneto-optic Kerr effect in magnetite-based plasmonic crystalsApr 12 2019The transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect (TMOKE) in magnetite-based magneto-plasmonic crystals is studied experimentally and theoretically. We analyze TMOKE angle-resolved spectra from two type of structures where noble metallic stripes are incorporated ... More
Indifferent electromagnetic modes: bound states and topologyApr 12 2019At zero energy the Dirac equation has interesting behaviour. The asymmetry in the number of spin up and spin down modes is determined by the topology of both space and the gauge field in which the system sits. An analogous phenomenon also occurs in electromagnetism. ... More
3D photo-responsive optical devices manufactured by advanced printing technologiesApr 12 2019Photonic components responsive to external optical stimuli are attracting increasing interest, because their properties can be manipulated by light with fast switching times, high spatial definition, and potentially remote control. These aspects can be ... More
Recovering the homogeneous absorption of inhomogeneous mediaApr 12 2019The resonant absorption of light by an ensemble of absorbers decreases when the resonance is inhomogeneously broadened, as only a fraction of the ensemble contributes to the absorption at any given optical frequency. Recovering the lost absorption cross-section ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
Single plasmon generation in an InAs/GaAs quantum dot in a transfer-printed plasmonic microring resonatorApr 12 2019Apr 15 2019We report single plasmon generation with a self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot embedded in a plasmonic microring resonator. The plasmonic cavity based on a GaAs microring is defined on an atomically-smooth silver surface. We fabricated this structure ... More
High-efficiency terahertz spin-decoupled meta-coupler for spoof surface plasmon excitation and beam steeringApr 12 2019Spoof surface plasmon (SSP) meta-couplers that efficiently integrate other diversified functionalities into a single ultrathin device are highly desirable in the modern microwave and terahertz fields. However, the diversified functionalities, to the best ... More
Multifunctional Metamirrors Involving Simultaneous Linear-polarization Conversion and FocusingApr 12 2019Reducing a set of diverse bulk-optic-based optical components to a single ultrathin and compact element that enables the same complex functionality has become an emerging research area, propelling further integration and miniaturization in photonics. ... More
Heat-induced soliton self-frequency redshift in the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of active plasmonic waveguidesApr 12 2019We investigate the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of light emitted in an active plasmonic waveguide composed of a thin film of gold sandwiched by two silicon layers immersed in externally pumped Al$_2$O$_3$:Er$^{3+}$. We model optical propagation in such ... More
Second harmonic and sum-frequency generations from a silicon metasurface integrated with a two-dimensional materialApr 12 2019Silicon-based nonlinear metasurfaces were implemented only with third-order nonlinearity due to the crystal centrosymmetry and the efficiencies are considerably low, which hinders their practical applications with low-power lasers. Here, we propose to ... More
High-speed in vitro intensity diffraction tomographyApr 12 2019We demonstrate a label-free, scan-free intensity diffraction tomography technique utilizing annular illumination (aIDT) to rapidly characterize large-volume 3D refractive index distributions in vitro. By optimally matching the illumination geometry to ... More
Eight models for coherence of radiation from incoherent sources and coherence of sunlightApr 11 2019Eight models for the coherence of the quasi-monochromatic light from spherical incoherent sources are constructed by placing incoherent monopole and dipole sources on the surface of a sphere, inside a ball and on a plane circular disk. All models allow ... More
Scalable interdigitated photoconductive emitters for the electrical modulation of terahertz beams with arbitrary linear polarizationApr 11 2019A multi-element interdigitated photoconductive emitter for broadband THz polarization rotation is proposed and experimentally verified. The device consists of separate pixels for the emission of horizontally and vertically polarized THz radiation. The ... More
HV discharges triggered by dual- and triple-frequency laser filamentsApr 11 2019We study the use of frequency upconversion schemes of near-IR picosecond laser pulses and compare their ability to guide and trigger electric discharges through filamentation in air. Upconversion, such as Second Harmonic Generation, is favorable for triggering ... More
Analytical Fresnel laws at generic curved interfacesApr 11 2019Fresnel laws, the quantitative information of the amount of light that is reflected from a planar interface in dependence on its angle of incidence, are at the core of ray optics. However, these formulae do not hold at curved interfaces and deviations ... More
Amplification of mid-infrared lasers via magnetized-plasma couplingApr 11 2019Plasmas may be used as gain media for amplifying intense lasers, and external magnetic fields may be applied to improve the performance. For mid-infrared lasers, the requisite magnetic field is on megagauss scale, which can already be provided by current ... More
Optical Kerr nonlinearity of disordered all-dielectric resonant high index metasurfaces with negative refractionApr 11 2019The optical Kerr effect of disordered metasurfaces with negative refraction is estimated for the first time. This is done via three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations of disordered bidisperse metasurfaces consisting of high index ... More
Complete polarization control for a nanofiber waveguide using directional couplingApr 11 2019Optical nanofiber waveguides are widely used for near-field delivery and measurement of light. Despite their versatility and efficiency, nanofibers have a critical drawback - their inability to maintain light's polarization state on propagation. Here, ... More
Designing a broadband and linear polarization metasurface carpet cloak in the visibleApr 11 2019In the past few years, carpet cloaking attracted interests because of its feasibility at optical frequencies and potential in stealth technologies. Metasurfaces have been proposed as a method to engineer ultra-thin carpet cloaking surfaces due to their ... More
Optomechanically Induced Birefringence and Faraday EffectApr 10 2019We demonstrate an optomechanical platform where optical mode conversion mediated by mechanical motion enables arbitrary tailoring of polarization states of propagating light fields. Optomechanical interactions are realized in a Fabry-Per\'ot resonator, ... More
Two-Step phase estimation using the Simplified Lissajous Ellipse Fitting method with Gabor filter banks preprocessingApr 10 2019We present the Simplified Lissajous Ellipse Fitting (SLEF) method for the calculation of the random phase step and the phase distribution from two phase-shifted interferograms. We consider interferograms with spatial and temporal dependency of background ... More
Waves, modes, communications and opticsApr 10 2019Modes generally provide an economical description of waves, reducing complicated wave functions to finite numbers of mode amplitudes, as in propagating fiber modes and ideal laser beams. But finding a corresponding mode description for counting the best ... More
Waves, modes, communications and opticsApr 10 2019Apr 12 2019Modes generally provide an economical description of waves, reducing complicated wave functions to finite numbers of mode amplitudes, as in propagating fiber modes and ideal laser beams. But finding a corresponding mode description for counting the best ... More
Phases and phase transitions of Bose condensed light: phase separation effectApr 10 2019Recent realization of Bose-Einstein condensation of light in 2D provides a new platform for studying novel phases and phase transitions. The combination of low effective mass of the confined light and the presence of the dye molecules with randomly oriented ... More
Octave-spanning tunable parametric oscillation in crystalline Kerr microresonatorsApr 10 2019Parametric nonlinear optical processes allow for the generation of new wavelengths of coherent electromagnetic radiation. Their ability to create radiation that is widely tunable in wavelength is particularly appealing, with applications ranging from ... More
Alignment-free cryogenic optical coupling to an optomechanical crystalApr 10 2019The need for highly accurate, labor-intensive optical alignment has been a major hurdle in our ability to leverage the power of complex photonic integrated circuits. There is a strong need for tolerant and passive alignment methods that enable interrogation ... More
Characterizing and Engineering Dual-Pump-Based Photon-Pair GenerationApr 10 2019We experimentally study the generation of photon pairs via spontaneous four-wave mixing with two distinct laser pulses. We find that the dual-pump technique enables new capabilities: 1) a new characterization methodology to measure noise contributions, ... More
Dual-Pump Approach to Photon-Pair Generation: Demonstration of Enhanced Characterization and Engineering CapabilitiesApr 10 2019Apr 11 2019We experimentally study the generation of photon pairs via spontaneous four-wave mixing with two distinct laser pulses. We find that the dual-pump technique enables new capabilities: 1) a new characterization methodology to measure noise contributions, ... More
Optimal control for feedback cooling in cavityless levitated optomechanicsApr 10 2019Apr 16 2019We consider feedback cooling in a cavityless levitated optomechanics setup, and we investigate the possibility to improve the feedback implementation. We apply optimal control theory to derive the optimal feedback signal both for quadratic (parametric) ... More