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Topological PhotonicsFeb 12 2018Topological photonics is a rapidly-emerging field of research in which geometrical and topological ideas are exploited to design and control the behavior of light. Drawing inspiration from the discovery of the quantum Hall effects and topological insulators ... More
Sensor-less adaptive optics for Brillouin micro-spectroscopyFeb 08 2018Brillouin spectroscopy is a powerful optical technique for viscoelastic characterization of samples without contact. However, like all optical systems, Brillouin spectroscopy performances are degraded by optical aberrations, and have therefore been limited ... More
Theory and Numerical Modelling of Parity-Time Symmetric Structures in Photonics: Boundary Integral Equation for Coupled Microresonator StructuresFeb 08 2018The spectral behaviour and the real-time operation of Parity-Time (PT PT) symmetric coupled resonators are investigated. A Boundary Integral Equation (BIE) model is developed to study these structures in the frequency domain. The impact of realistic gain/loss ... More
On the inverse problem of source reconstruction from coherence measurementsFeb 08 2018We consider an inverse source problem for partially coherent light propagating in the Fresnel regime. The data is the coherence of the field measured away from the source. The reconstruction is based on a minimum residue formulation, which uses the authors' ... More
Constructing three-dimensional photonic topological insulator using two-dimensional ring resonator lattice with a synthetic frequency dimensionFeb 07 2018In the development of topological photonics, achieving three dimensional topological insulators is of significant interest since it enables the exploration of new topological physics with photons, and promises novel photonic devices that are robust against ... More
Design study of random spectrometers for applications at optical frequenciesFeb 07 2018Compact spectrometers based on disordered planar waveguides exhibit a rather high resolution with a relatively small footprint as compared to conventional spectrometers. This is achieved by multiple scattering of light which - if properly engineered - ... More
Millijoule-scale narrowband terahertz pulses via phase manipulation of pump laser pulsesFeb 07 2018Electromagnetic radiation at terahertz (THz) frequencies is a useful tool in probing and controlling matter and light in new and interesting ways, especially at high peak-fields and pulse energies. Generating THz radiation often employs nonlinear optical ... More
Size and host-medium effects on topologically protected surface states in bi-anisotropic 3D optical waveguidesFeb 07 2018We study the optical properties of bi-anisotropic optical waveguides with nontrivial topological structure in wavevector space, placed in an ordinary dielectric matrix. We derive an exact analytical description of the eigenmodes of the systems with arbitrary ... More
Retrieving nonlinear refractive index of nanocomposites using finite-difference time-domain simulationsFeb 07 2018In recent decades, considerable attention has been given to the study of the composite materials with nonlinear optical properties. Particularly, metamaterials with the tailored nonlinear optical response are promising materials for a plethora of applications, ... More
Quantum-optimal detection of one-versus-two incoherent optical sources with arbitrary separationFeb 07 2018We analyze the fundamental quantum limit of the resolution of an optical imaging system from the perspective of the detection problem of deciding whether the optical field in the image plane is generated by one incoherent on-axis source with brightness ... More
Reconfigurable topological phases in next-nearest-neighbor coupled resonator latticesFeb 06 2018We present a reconfigurable topological photonic system consisting of a 2D lattice of coupled ring resonators, with two sublattices of site rings coupled by link rings, which can be accurately described by a tight-binding model. Unlike previous coupled-ring ... More
A method for finding scattering-free isotropic index profilesFeb 06 2018By solving the wave equation for the amplitude in terms of the phase, we have designed two-dimensional graded-index media which do not scatter light. We give two illustrative examples, the first of which is a periodic grating for which diffraction is ... More
Fragile aspects of topological transition in lossy and parity-time symmetric quantum walksFeb 06 2018Quantum walks often provide telling insights about the structure of the system on which they are performed. In PT-symmetric and lossy dimer lattices, the topological properties of the band structure manifest themselves in the quantization of the mean ... More
Taming spatio-temporal lasing instabilities with wave-chaotic microcavitiesFeb 06 2018Spatio-temporal instabilities are widespread phenomena resulting from complexity and nonlinearity. In broad-area semiconductor lasers, the nonlinear interactions of many spatial modes with the active medium can result in filamentation and spatio-temporal ... More
Theory of optical forces on small particles by multiple plane wavesFeb 06 2018We theoretically investigate the optical force exerted on an isotropic particle illuminated by a superposition of plane waves. We derive explicit analytical expressions for the exerted force up to quadrupolar polarizabilities. Based on these analytical ... More
Riesz projection based theory of light-matter interaction in dispersive nanoresonatorsFeb 06 2018A theory based on Riesz projections is introduced to analyze the coupling of light sources to resonant states of nanostructures. The concept applies to general dispersive media without the explicit use of a mode orthogonality relation and allows for the ... More
Selective Near Perfect Light Absorbtion by Graphene Monolayer Using Aperiodic Multilayer MicrostructuresFeb 06 2018We investigate 1D aperiodic multilayer microstructures in order to achieve near total absorption in preselected wavelengths in a graphene monolayer. Our structures are designed by a genetic optimization algorithm coupled to a transfer matrix code. Coupled ... More
Losses in plasmonics: from mitigating energy dissipation to embracing loss-enabled functionalitiesFeb 05 2018Unlike conventional optics, plasmonics enables unrivalled concentration of optical energy well beyond the diffraction limit of light. However, a significant part of this energy is dissipated as heat. Plasmonic losses present a major hurdle in the development ... More
Trapping Light in Plain Sight: Embedded Photonic Eigenstates in Zero-Index MetamaterialsFeb 05 2018Confining electromagnetic energy is crucial to enhance light-matter interactions, with important implications for science and technology. Here, we discuss the opportunities offered by trapping and confining light in open structures, based on the concept ... More
NV-Metamaterial: Tunable Quantum Hyperbolic Metamaterial Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in DiamondFeb 05 2018Feb 06 2018We show that nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond can produce a novel quantum hyperbolic metamaterial. We demonstrate that a hyperbolic dispersion relation in diamond with NV centers can be engineered and dynamically tuned by applying a magnetic field. ... More
Different regimes of Purcell Effect in Disordered Photonic CrystalsFeb 04 2018We demonstrate that disorder in photonic crystals could lead to pronounced modification of spontaneous emission rate in the frequency region corresponding to the photonic band gap (PBG). Depending on the amount of disorder, two different regimes of the ... More
Optical modulation of coherent phonon emission in optomechanical cavitiesFeb 04 2018Optomechanical structures are well suited to study photon-phonon interactions, and they also turn out to be potential building blocks for phononic circuits and quantum computing. In phononic circuits, in which information is carried and processed by phonons, ... More
Lieb polariton topological insulatorsFeb 04 2018We predict that the interplay between the spin-orbit coupling, stemming from the TE-TM energy splitting, and the Zeeman effect in semiconductor microcavities supporting exci- ton-polariton quasi-particles results in the appearance of unidirectional linear ... More
Topological interface states mediated by spontaneous symmetry breakingFeb 04 2018We propose a one-dimensional nonlinear system of coupled anharmonic oscillators that dynamically undergoes a topological transition switching from the {disordered} and topologically trivial phase into the nontrivial one due to the spontaneous symmetry ... More
Deuterated silicon nitride photonic devices for broadband optical frequency comb generationFeb 03 2018We report and characterize low-temperature, plasma-deposited deuterated silicon nitride thin films for nonlinear integrated photonics. With a peak processing temperature less than 300$^\circ$C, it is back-end compatible with pre-processed CMOS substrates. ... More
Hot carrier dynamics in plasmonic transition metal nitridesFeb 02 2018Extraction of non-equilibrium hot carriers generated by plasmon decay in metallic nanostructures is an increasingly exciting prospect for utilizing plasmonic losses, but the search for optimum plasmonic materials with long-lived carriers is ongoing. Transition ... More
Compression of CEP-stable multi-mJ laser pulses down to 4 fs in long hollow fibersFeb 02 2018Carrier envelope phase stable 4 fs near-IR pulses with 3 mJ energy were generated by spectral broadening of circularly polarized 8 mJ pulses in a differentially pumped 2 m long composite stretched exible hollow ber. The pulses were characterized using ... More
How light absorption modifies the radiative force on a microparticle in optical tweezersFeb 02 2018Reflection and refraction of light can be used to trap small dielectric particles in the geometrical optics regime. Absorption of light is usually neglected in theoretical calculations, but it is known that it occurs in the optical trapping of metallic ... More
Quantum-Enhanced Plasmonic SensingFeb 01 2018Quantum resources can enhance the sensitivity of a device beyond the classical shot noise limit and, as a result, revolutionize the field of metrology through the development of quantum-enhanced sensors. In particular, plasmonic sensors, which are widely ... More
Bistable topological insulator with exciton-polaritonsFeb 01 2018Functionality of many nonlinear and quantum optical devices relies on the effect of optical bistability. Using the microcavity exciton-polaritons in a honeycomb arrangement of microcavity pillars, we report the resonance response and bistability of the ... More
Retrieving the Size of Deep-subwavelength Objects via Tunable Optical Spin-Orbit CouplingFeb 01 2018We propose a scheme to retrieve the size parameters of a nano-particle on a glass substrate at a scale much smaller than the wavelength. This is achieved by illuminating the particle using two plane waves to create rich and non-trivial local polarization ... More
Conditions for Parametric and Free-Carrier Oscillation in SOI Ring Cavities with Active Carrier RemovalJan 31 2018We model optical parametric oscillation in ring cavities, focusing on silicon at 1.55$\mu$m, as a potential frequency-comb source for microwave and terahertz generation. Oscillation is possible if free-carrier absorption can be mitigated; this can be ... More
Coherence area measurements of bright entangled twin beamsJan 31 2018Quantum states of light with multiple spatial modes are fundamental for quantum imaging and parallel quantum information processing. Thus, their characterization, which can be achieved through measurements of the coherence area, is an important area of ... More
Vectorial near-field couplingJan 31 2018The coherent exchange of optical near fields between two neighboring dipoles plays an essential role for the optical properties, quantum dynamics and thus for the function of many naturally occurring and artificial nanosystems. These interactions are ... More
Theory and Numerical Modelling of Parity-Time Symmetric Structures in Photonics: Introduction and Grating Structures in One DimensionJan 30 2018A class of structures based on PT PT-symmetric Bragg gratings in the presence of both gain and loss is studied. The basic concepts and properties of parity and time reversal in one-dimensional structures that possess idealised material properties are ... More
On-chip excitation of single germanium-vacancies in nanodiamonds embedded in plasmonic waveguidesJan 30 2018Monolithic integration of quantum emitters in nanoscale plasmonic circuitry requires low-loss plasmonic configurations capable of confining light well below the diffraction limit. We demonstrate on-chip remote excitation of nanodiamond-embedded single ... More
Features in the diffraction of a scalar plane wave from doubly-periodic Dirichlet and Neumann surfacesJan 30 2018The diffraction of a scalar plane wave from a doubly-periodic surface on which either the Dirichlet or Neumann boundary condition is imposed is studied by means of a rigorous numerical solution of the Rayleigh equation for the amplitudes of the diffracted ... More
Microresonator Isolators and Circulators Based on the Intrinsic Nonreciprocity of the Kerr EffectJan 30 2018Nonreciprocal light propagation is important in many applications, ranging from optical telecommunications to integrated photonics. A simple way to achieve optical nonreciprocity is to use the nonlinear interaction between counterpropagating light in ... More
High-throughput intensity diffraction tomography with a computational microscopeJan 29 2018We demonstrate a motion-free intensity diffraction tomography technique that enables direct inversion of 3D phase and absorption from intensity-only measurements for weakly scattering samples. We derive a novel linear forward model, featuring slice-wise ... More
In-Situ 3D Nano-Printing of Freeform Coupling Elements for Hybrid Photonic IntegrationJan 29 2018Hybrid photonic integration exploits complementary strengths of different material platforms, thereby offering superior performance and design flexibility in comparison to monolithic approaches. This applies in particular to multi-chip concepts, where ... More
Nanocrystalline silicon optomechanical cavitiesJan 29 2018Silicon on insulator photonics has offered a versatile platform for the recent development of integrated optomechanical circuits. However, there are some constraints such as the high cost of the wafers and limitation to a single physical device level. ... More
Random matrix approach to plasmon resonances in the random impedance network model of disordered nanocompositesJan 28 2018Random impedance networks are widely used as a model to describe plasmon resonances in disordered metal-dielectric and other two-component nanocomposites. In the present work, spectral properties of resonances in random networks are studied within a framework ... More
Classical Imaging with Undetected LightJan 27 2018We obtained the phase and intensity images of an object by detecting classical light which never interacted with it. With a double passage of a pump and a signal laser beams through a nonlinear crystal, we observe interference between the two idler beams ... More
Artificial Kerr effect on the self-focusing of laser in a dissipative suspension of metallic nanoparticlesJan 26 2018Self-focusing of laser beam propagating through a dissipative suspension of metallic nanoparticles is studied. Impact of imaginary part of nanoparticle polarizability on the optical force and consequently on the particles rearrangement in the presence ... More
Linear build-up of Fano resonance spectral profilesJan 26 2018The build-up dynamics of a continuous spectrum under the action of a weak laser field on a Fano resonance with the use of the pulses with the Lorentz spectrum and ultrashort pulses in the wavelet form is investigated. A dispersion-time excitation dependence ... More
Resonant-state expansion for open optical systems: Generalization to magnetic, chiral, and bi-anisotropic materialsJan 26 2018The resonant-state expansion, a recently developed powerful method in electrodynamics, is generalized here for open optical systems containing magnetic, chiral, or bi-anisotropic materials. It is shown that the key matrix eigenvalue equation of the method ... More
Nitrogen concentration effect on Ce doped SiOxNy emission: towards optimized Ce3+ for DEL applicationsJan 26 2018Ce-doped SiO x N y films are deposited by magnetron reactive sputtering from a CeO 2 target under nitrogen reactive gas atmosphere. Visible photoluminescence measurements regarding the nitrogen gas flow reveal a large emission band centered at 450 nm ... More
Significant efficiency enhancement in thin film solar cells using laser beam-induced graphene transparent conductive electrodesJan 26 2018Thin film solar cells have been attractive for decades in advanced green technology platforms due to its possibilities to be integrated with buildings and on-chip applications. However, the bottleneck issues involved to consider the current solar cells ... More
Quantum sensing of motion in colloids via time-dependent Purcell effectJan 25 2018Light-matter interaction dynamics is governed by the strength of local coupling constants, tailored by surrounding electromagnetic structures. Characteristic decay times in dipole-allowed fluorescent transitions are much faster than mechanical conformational ... More
Self-bound droplets of light with orbital angular momentumJan 25 2018Systems with competing attractive and repulsive interactions have a tendency to condense into droplets. This is the case for water in a sink, liquid helium and dipolar atomic gases. Here, we consider a photon fluid which is formed in the transverse plane ... More
Spatially-resolved measurement of plasmon dispersion using Fourier-plane spectral imagingJan 25 2018We show that Fourier-plane imaging in conjunction with the Kretschmann-Raether configuration can be used for measuring polariton dispersion with spatial discrimination of the sample, over the whole visible spectral range. We demonstrate the functionality ... More
Cavity enhanced DUV laser for two-photon cooling of atomic hydrogenJan 25 2018We demonstrate a \SI{650}{\mW} \SI{243}{\nm} continuous-wave laser coupled to a linear optical enhancement cavity. The enhancement cavity can maintain $>$\SI{30}{\W} of intracavity power for \SI{1}{\hour} of continuous operation without degradation. This ... More
Ultrafast extreme ultraviolet photoemission without space chargeJan 24 2018Feb 02 2018Time- and Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy from surfaces can be used to record the dynamics of electrons and holes in condensed matter on ultrafast time scales. However, ultrafast photoemission experiments using extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) light ... More
Poissonian communications: free space optical data transfer at the few-photon levelJan 24 2018Communicating information at the few photon level typically requires some complexity in the transmitter or receiver in order to operate in the presence of noise. This in turn incurs expense in the necessary spatial volume and power consumption of the ... More
In vivo high resolution human retinal imaging with wavefront correctionless full-field OCTJan 24 2018As the lateral resolution of FFOCT with spatially incoherent illumination has been shown to be insensitive to aberrations, we demonstrate high resolution en face full-field OCT (FFOCT) retinal imaging without wavefront correction in the human eye in vivo ... More
Multifocal diffractive lens generating several fixed foci at different design wavelengthsJan 24 2018We propose a method for designing multifocal diffractive lenses generating prescribed sets of foci with fixed positions at several different wavelengths. The method is based on minimizing the difference between the complex amplitudes of the beams generated ... More
Mid-infrared frequency comb generation via cascaded quadratic nonlinearities in quasi-phase-matched waveguidesJan 24 2018We experimentally demonstrate a simple configuration for mid-infrared (MIR) frequency comb generation in quasi-phase-matched lithium niobate waveguides using the cascaded-$\chi^{(2)}$ nonlinearity. With nanojoule-scale pulses from an Er:fiber laser, we ... More
Non-linear optical spectroscopy and two-photon excited fluorescence spectroscopy reveal the excited states of fluorophores embedded in beetle's elytraJan 23 2018Upon illumination by ultraviolet light, many animal species emit light through fluorescence processes arising from fluorophores embedded within their biological tissues. Fluorescence studies in living organisms are however relatively scarce and so far ... More
About the coherent fraction of synchrotron emissionJan 23 2018Coherent fraction is a concept widely used in the synchrotron radiation community. Here I discuss the meaning of coherent fraction, an accurate way to define it, and the different formulations found in literature to calculate it. After several comparisons ... More
Doughnut shaped emission from vertical organic nanowire coupled to thin plasmonic filmJan 23 2018Vertical nanowires facilitate an innovative mechanism to channel the optical field in the orthogonal direction and act as a nanoscale light source. Subwavelength, vertically oriented nanowire platforms, both of plasmonic and semiconducting variety can ... More
Enhancement of the photon parametric decay in quasi-two-dimensional subwavelength cavitiesJan 22 2018Ultracompact nonlinear optical devices utilizing two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor nanostructures are becoming an integral part of optoelectronic and photonic circuits. Integration of the nonlinear material into a subwavelength cavity or waveguide leads ... More
All-dielectric resonant metasurfaces with a strong toroidal responseJan 22 2018We demonstrate how to create all-dielectric metasurfaces with a strong toroidal response by arranging two types of nanodisks into asymmetric quadrumer clusters. We demonstrate that a strong axial toroidal response of the metasurface is related to conditions ... More
Nanophotonic Light Management for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar CellsJan 22 2018Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells are currently one of the most investigated concepts to overcome the theoretical limit for the power conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells. For monolithic tandem solar cells the available light must be distributed ... More
Multi-soliton states under triangular spatial modulation of the quadratic nonlinearityJan 21 2018We introduce multi-soliton sets in the two-dimensional medium with the second-harmonic-generating nonlinearity subject to spatial modulation in the form of a triangle of singular peaks. Various families of symmetric and asymmetric sets are constructed, ... More
Laser guided ionic windJan 21 2018We report on a method to experimentally generate ionic wind by coupling an external high voltage electric field with an intense femtosecond laser induced air plasma filament. The measured ionic wind velocity could be as strong as >4 m/s. It could be optimized ... More
Limiting optical diodes enabled by the phase transition of vanadium dioxideJan 20 2018A limiting optical diode is an asymmetric nonlinear device that is bidirectionally transparent at low power, but becomes opaque when illuminated by sufficiently intense light incident from a particular direction. We explore the use of a phase-transition ... More
Surface modes in plasmonic Bragg fibers with negative average permittivityJan 20 2018We investigate surface modes in plasmonic Bragg fibers composed of nanostructured coaxial cylindrical metal-dielectric multilayers. We demonstrate that the existence of surface modes is determined by the sign of the spatially averaged permittivity of ... More
Analysis of some exact properties of the nonlinear equation of the Schrodinger describing the process of filamentationJan 20 2018The properties of the integral of motion and the evolution of the effective radius of the light beam are analyzed in the framework of the stationary model of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation describing filamentation. Within the framework of such a model, ... More
A single-photon detector with high efficiency and sub-10ps time resolutionJan 19 2018The observation of fast physical dynamics using optical techniques currently relies on indirect methods, such as pump-probe measurements. One reason for this is the lack of an efficient detector with high time resolution. Single-photon detectors with ... More
Multimode-fiber-based high-dimensional quantum secure communicationJan 19 2018Quantum communication aims to provide absolutely secure transmission of secret information. Existing methods encode symbols into single photons or coherent light with much less than one photon on average. Here we propose and demonstrate an original method ... More
In-memory computing on a photonic platformJan 18 2018Collocated data processing and storage are the norm in biological systems. Indeed, the von Neumann computing architecture, that physically and temporally separates processing and memory, was born more of pragmatism based on available technology. As our ... More
Cavity solitons in a microring dimer with gain and lossJan 17 2018We address a pair of vertically coupled microring resonators with gain and loss pumped by a single-frequency field. Coupling between microrings results in a twofold splitting of the single microring resonance that increases when gain and losses decrease ... More
Creating Complex Optical Longitudinal Polarization StructuresJan 17 2018In this paper we show that it is possible to structure the longitudinal polarization component of light. We illustrate our approach by demonstrating linked and knotted longitudinal vortex lines acquired upon non-paraxially propagating a tightly focused ... More
Laser wakefield acceleration with mid-IR laser pulsesJan 16 2018Jan 17 2018We report on the first results of laser plasma wakefield acceleration driven by ultrashort mid-infrared laser pulses (\lambda= 3.9 \mu m, 100 fs, 0.25 TW), which enable near- and above-critical density interactions with moderate-density gas jets. Relativistic ... More
Searching for Exoplanets Using a Microresonator AstrocombJan 16 2018Detection of weak radial velocity shifts of host stars induced by orbiting planets is an important technique for discovering and characterizing planets beyond our solar system. Optical frequency combs enable calibration of stellar radial velocity shifts ... More
Terahertz Photogalvanic Spectroscopy of Three Dimensional Topological InsulatorsJan 15 2018The paper overviews experimental and theoretical studies of photogalvanic effects induced in BiSbTe- based three dimensional topological insulators by polarized terahertz radiation. We present the state-of-the-art of this subject, including most recent ... More
Enhanced nanosecond electro-optic effect in isotropic and nematic phases of dielectrically negative nematics doped by strongly polar additiveJan 12 2018An electric field can induce or modify optical birefringence in both the isotropic and nematic phases of liquid crystals (LCs). In the isotropic phase, the electric field induces birefringence with an optical axis along the field. The phenomenon is known ... More
Near Field Speckles The Optical Theorem RevisitedJan 12 2018The zero angle scattered wave plays an essential role in the celebrated Optical Theorem that relates the total extinction cross section (including both scattering and absorption) to the complex amplitude of the scattered wave. In an authoritative paper ... More
Circular Dichroism Enhancement in Plasmonic Nanorod MetamaterialsJan 11 2018Optical activity is a fundamental phenomenon originating from the chiral nature of crystals and molecules. While intrinsic chiroptical responses of ordinary chiral materials to circularly polarized light are relatively weak, they can be enhanced by specially ... More
Seeded intermodal four-wave mixing in a highly multimode fiberJan 11 2018We experimentally and theoretically investigate the process of seeded intermodal four-wave mixing in a graded index multimode fiber, pumped in the normal dispersion regime. By using a fiber with a 100 micron core diameter, we generate a parametric sideband ... More
Interplay of Kerr and Raman beam cleaning with a multimode microstructure fiberJan 11 2018Jan 12 2018We experimentally study the competition between Kerr beam self-cleaning and Raman beam cleanup in a multimode air-silica microstructure optical fiber. Kerr beam self-cleaning of the pump is observed for a certain range of input powers only. Raman Stokes ... More
Topological engineering of interfacial optical Tamm states for highly-sensitive near-singular-phase optical detectionJan 11 2018We developed planar multilayered photonic-plasmonic structures, which support topologically protected optical states on the interface between metal and dielectric materials, known as optical Tamm states. Coupling of incident light to the Tamm states can ... More
Rate equation analysis and non-Hermiticity in coupled semiconductor laser arraysJan 10 2018Feb 02 2018Optically-coupled semiconductor laser arrays are described by coupled rate equations. The coupled mode equations and carrier densities are included in the analysis, which inherently incorporate the carrier-induced nonlinearities including spatial hole ... More
Edge Modes of Scattering Chains with Aperiodic OrderJan 10 2018We study the scattering resonances of one-dimensional deterministic aperiodic chains of electric dipoles using the vectorial Green's matrix method, which accounts for both short- and long-range electromagnetic interactions in open scattering systems. ... More
Metamaterial SuperconductorsJan 10 2018Searching for natural materials exhibiting larger electron-electron interactions constitutes a traditional approach to high temperature superconductivity research. Very recently we pointed out that the newly developed field of electromagnetic metamaterials ... More
High-order coherent communications using mode-locked dark-pulse Kerr combs from microresonatorsJan 10 2018Microresonator frequency combs harness the nonlinear Kerr effect in an integrated optical cavity to generate a multitude of phase-locked frequency lines. The line spacing can reach values in the order of 100 GHz, making it an attractive multi-wavelength ... More
Optical coupling between resonant dielectric nanoparticles and dielectric waveguides probed by third harmonic generation microscopyJan 10 2018Localized electromagnetic modes and negligible Ohmic losses dictate the growing interest in subwavelength all-dielectric nanoparticles. Although an exhaustive volume of study dealt with interaction of all-dielectric nanostructures with free-space electromagnetic ... More
Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by stepwise optical saturationJan 10 2018Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is an important tool in biomedical research for its ability to discern features smaller than the diffraction limit. However, due to its difficult implementation and high cost, the universal application of super-resolution ... More
Quantifying Efficiency Loss of Perovskite Solar Cells by a Modified Detailed Balance ModelJan 09 2018A modified detailed balance model is built to understand and quantify efficiency loss of perovskite solar cells. The modified model captures the light-absorption dependent short-circuit current, contact and transport-layer modified carrier transport, ... More
High-throughput, high-resolution Generated Adversarial Network MicroscopyJan 07 2018We for the first time combine generated adversarial network (GAN) with wide-field light microscopy to achieve deep learning super-resolution under a large field of view (FOV). By appropriately adopting prior microscopy data in an adversarial training, ... More
On the efficiency of computational imaging with structured illuminationJan 06 2018Jan 09 2018A generic computational imaging setup is considered which assumes sequential illumination of a semi-transparent object by an arbitrary set of structured illumination patterns. For each incident illumination pattern, all transmitted light is collected ... More
The Collective Lamb Shift of a Nanoscale Atomic Vapour Layer within a Sapphire CavityJan 05 2018Jan 10 2018We measure the near-resonant transmission of light through a dense medium of potassium vapor confined in a cell with nanometer thickness. We observe that the frequency of the minimal transmission first shifts to the blue and then to the red as a function ... More
Efficient 4.42 μm Raman laser based on hollow-core silica fiberJan 05 2018In this paper we consider mid-infrared Raman lasers based on gas-filled hollow-core silica fibers and provide theoretical and experimental analysis of factors that limit the efficiency and output power of these lasers. As a result, we realized an efficient ... More
Neutral atom wavelength compatible 780 nm single photons from a trapped ion via quantum frequency conversionJan 03 2018Quantum networks consisting of quantum memories and photonic interconnects can be used for entanglement distribution (L.-M.Duan and H. J. Kimble, PRL 90, 253601 (2003), H. J. Kimble, Nat. 453, 1023 EP (2008)), quantum teleportation (S.Pirandola, ... More
Optical design for increased interaction length in a high gradient dielectric laser acceleratorJan 03 2018We present a methodology for designing and measuring pulse front tilt in an ultrafast laser for use in dielectric laser acceleration. Previous research into dielectric laser accelerating modules has focused on measuring high accelerating gradients in ... More
Enhancement of the spontaneous emission in subwavelength quasi-two-dimensional waveguides and resonatorsJan 02 2018We consider a quantum-electrodynamic problem of the spontaneous emission from a two-dimensional (2D) emitter, such as a quantum well or a 2D semiconductor, placed in a quasi-2D waveguide or cavity with subwavelength confinement in one direction. We apply ... More
Optical vector network analysis of ultra-narrow transitions in $^{166}$Er$^{3+}$:$^7$LiYF$_4$Jan 01 2018We present optical vector network analysis (OVNA) of an isotopically purified $^{166}$Er$^{3+}$:$^7$LiYF$_4$ crystal. The OVNA method is based on generation and detection of modulated optical sideband by using a radio-frequency vector network analyzer. ... More
Structural second-order nonlinearity in metamaterialsDec 30 2017Nonlinear processes are at the core of many optical technologies including lasers, information processing, sensing, and security, and require optimised materials suitable for nanoscale integration. Here we demonstrate the emergence of a strong bulk second-order ... More
Ordered carbon nanotubes and globular opals as a model of multiscaling photonic crystalsDec 29 2017Experimental data on carbon nanotube carpet and synthetic opals have been compared by visible, infrared spectroscopy, and electron microscopy. Spectral features of the objects under study in infrared region are registered. Three regions of abnormal behavior ... More
Nanoscopy of pairs of atoms by fluorescence in a magnetic fieldDec 29 2017Spontaneous emission spectra of initially excited two closely spaced identical atoms are very sensitive to the strength and direction of the applied magnetic field. The relevant schemes are considered that ensure the determination of the mutual spatial ... More