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Epitaxial Integration on Si(001) of Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Capacitors with High Retention and EnduranceFeb 14 2019Epitaxial ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films have been successfully integrated in a capacitor heterostructure on Si(001). The orthorhombic Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 phase, [111] out-of-plane oriented, is stabilized in the films. The films present high remnant polarization ... More
Coherent coupling of single molecules to on-chip ring resonatorsFeb 14 2019We report on cryogenic coupling of organic molecules to ring microresonators obtained by looping sub-wavelength waveguides (nanoguides). We discuss fabrication and characterization of the chip-based nanophotonic elements which yield resonator finesse ... More
Observing Microscopic Transitions from Macroscopic Bursts: Instability-Mediated Resetting in the Incoherent Regime of the $D$-dimensional Generalized Kuramoto ModelFeb 13 2019We consider a recently introduced $D$-dimensional generalized Kuramoto model for many $(N\gg 1)$ interacting agents in which the agent states are $D$-dimensional unit vectors. It was previously shown that, for even $D$, similar to the original Kuramoto ... More
A fiber-integrated single photon source emitting at telecom wavelengthsFeb 13 2019Fiber-coupled single photon sources are essential components of photonics-based quantum information processors. Most fiber-coupled single photon sources require careful alignment between fibers and quantum emitters. In this work, we present an alignment-free ... More
Analytical Modeling for Rapid Design of Bistable Buckled BeamsFeb 13 2019Double-clamped bistable buckled beams, as the most elegant bistable mechanisms, demonstrate great versatility in various fields, such as robotics, energy harvesting, and MEMS. However, their design is always hindered by time-consuming and expensive computations. ... More
Full Electrostatic Control of Nanomechanical BucklingFeb 13 2019Buckling at the micro and nanoscale generates distant bistable states which can be beneficial for sensing, shape-reconfiguration and mechanical computation applications. Although different approaches have been developed to access buckling at small scales, ... More
Development of Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing for the production of large-scale unalloyed tungsten componentsFeb 13 2019The manufacturing of refractory-metals components presents some limitations induced by the materials characteristic low-temperature brittleness and high susceptibility to oxidation. Powder metallurgy is typically the manufacturing process of choice. Recently, ... More
Experimental Investigation of Directive Antenna in Near Field Indirect Microwave HolographyFeb 13 2019An efficient implementation of low cost, specifically designed directive antennae as transmitter and receiver for the development of compact indirect microwave holographic setup is presented. Microwave holograms are recorded by 2D scanning over a plane ... More
A Strongly Miniaturized and Inherently Matched Folded Dipole Antenna for Narrowband ApplicationsFeb 13 2019A novel miniaturized printed folded dipole antenna has been designed for narrowband sensing applications. It is shown that the antenna may be systematically engineered to achieve matching to a practical source impedance at frequencies well below its half-wavelength ... More
Correlated emission of X-ray and sound from water film irradiated by femtosecond laser pulsesFeb 13 2019Simultaneous measurements of hard X-ray by a Geiger counter and audible sound (10 Hz-20kHz) by a microphone from a thin water film in air were carried out under intense single and double pulse irradiations of femtosecond laser (35 fs, 800 nm, 1 kHz). ... More
Free-standing 2-inch bulk GaN crystal fabrication by HVPE using a carbon buffer layerFeb 12 2019A free-standing bulk gallium nitride layer with a thickness of 365 $\mu$m and a diameter of 50 mm was obtained by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on a sapphire substrate with a carbon buffer layer. The carbon buffer layer was deposited by thermal decomposition ... More
2D Semiconductor Nonlinear Plasmonic ModulatorsFeb 12 2019A plasmonic modulator is a device that controls the amplitude or phase of propagating plasmons. In a pure plasmonic modulator, the presence or absence of a pump plasmonic wave controls the amplitude of a probe plasmonic wave through a channel. This control ... More
Fault Tolerance in Programmable Metasurfaces: The Beam Steering CaseFeb 12 2019Metasurfaces, the two-dimensional counterpart of metamaterials, have caught great attention thanks to their powerful control over electromagnetic waves. Recent times have seen the emergence of a variety of metasurfaces exhibiting not only countless functionalities, ... More
Designing multi-level resistance states for multi-bit storage using half doped manganitesFeb 12 2019Designing nonvolatile multi-level resistive devices is the necessity of time to go beyond traditional one-bit storage systems, thus enhancing the storage density. Here, we explore the electronic phase competition scenario to design multi-level resistance ... More
Water vapour pressure as determining control parameter to fabricate high efficiency perovskite solar cells at ambient conditionsFeb 12 2019Although perovskite solar cells have demonstrated impressive efficiencies in research labs (above 23%), there is a need of experimental procedures that allow their fabrication at ambient conditions, which would decrease substantially manufacturing costs. ... More
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Graphene Integrated in Plasmonic Silicon Platforms with Three-Dimensional NanotopographyFeb 11 2019Integrating graphene with plasmonic nanostructures results in multifunctional hybrid systems with enhanced performance for numerous applications. In this work, we take advantage of the remarkable mechanical properties of graphene to combine it with scalable ... More
Large-area, all-solid and flexible electric double layer capacitors based on CNT fiber electrodes and polymer electrolytesFeb 11 2019This work presents a scalable method to produce robust all-solid electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs), compatible with roll-to-roll processes and structural laminate composite fabrication. It consists in sandwiching and pressing an ionic liquid (IL) ... More
Sub-micron silicon-on-insulator resonator for ultrasound detectionFeb 11 2019Point-like broadband ultrasound detection can significantly increase the resolution of ultrasonography and optoacoustic (photoacoustic) imaging, yet current ultrasound detectors cannot be miniaturised sufficiently. Piezoelectric transducers lose sensitivity ... More
Battery Detached Energy Conversion by Pyroelectric EffectFeb 11 2019We propose a pyroelectric energy conversion device that converts heat directly to electricity. In contrast to conventional pyroelectric energy conversion designs, this energy harvesting system is detached from any external power sources, operating only ... More
Conductivity and capacitance of streamers in avalanche model for streamer propagationFeb 11 2019Propagation of positive streamers, modeled by the electron avalanche mechanism, is simulated in a needle-plane gap. The streamer is modeled like an RC-circuit where the channel is a resistor and the extremities of the streamer have a capacitance towards ... More
Improved oxidation resistance of high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic for reusable space systemFeb 11 2019To develop high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic substrates with improved thermal resistance for reusable space systems, WSi2-MoSi2-Si-SiB6-borosilicate glass coatings were prepared on fibrous ZrO2 by slurry dipping and subsequent high temperature ... More
Effect of shielding gas composition and welding speed on autogenous welds of unalloyed tungsten platesFeb 11 2019Tungsten usually exhibits poor weldability and marked brittleness at room temperature. This cause tungsten welds to be affected by the evolution of cracks along the weld bead, which can be eliminated by using a pre-heating step to reduce thermal straining. ... More
Deep learning approach based on dimensionality reduction for designing electromagnetic nanostructuresFeb 11 2019In this paper, we demonstrate a computationally efficient new approach based on deep learning (DL) techniques for analysis, design, and optimization of electromagnetic (EM) nanostructures. We use the strong correlation among features of a generic EM problem ... More
Propagation and imaging of mechanical waves in a highly-stressed single-mode phononic waveguideFeb 11 2019We demonstrate a single-mode phononic waveguide that enables robust propagation of mechanical waves. The waveguide is a highly-stressed silicon nitride membrane that supports the propagation of out-of-plane modes. In direct analogy to rectangular microwave ... More
Fluctuation-induced free energy of thin peptide filmsFeb 11 2019We apply the Lifshitz theory of dispersion forces to find a contribution to the free energy of peptide films which is caused by the zero-point and thermal fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. For this purpose, using available information about the ... More
Electrical percolation in metal wire network based strain sensorsFeb 11 2019Metal wire networks rely on percolation paths for electrical conduction, and by suitably introducing break-make junctions on a flexible platform, a network can be made to serve as a resistive strain sensor. Several experimental designs have been proposed ... More
Electric-circuit realization of Hermitian and non-Hermitian Majorana edge statesFeb 11 2019We study non-Hermitian generalizations of the Kitaev and $p_x+ip_y$ topological superconductor models only by requiring the particle-hole symmetry. The condition of the emergence of the Majorana edge states in non-Hermitian systems is that the states ... More
High-harmonic generation from an epsilon-near-zero materialFeb 10 2019High-harmonic generation (HHG) from a compact, solid-state medium is highly desirable for applications such as coherent attosecond pulse generation and extreme ultra-violet (EUV) spectroscopy, yet the typically weak conversion of pump light to HHG can ... More
Tests of cryogenic Fabry-Perot cavity with mirrors on different substratesFeb 09 2019Experiments were performed with Fabry-Perot optical resonators in vacuum at low temperatures. Mirrors were applied on substrates of various optical materials. The infrared laser with a wavelength of 1.064 microns was used. The pump power at the maximum ... More
Terahertz oscilloscope for recording time information of ultrashort electron beamsFeb 09 2019We propose and demonstrate a Terahertz (THz) oscilloscope for recording time information of an ultrashort electron beam. By injecting a laser-driven THz pulse with circular polarization into a dielectric tube, the electron beam is swept helically such ... More
Sputtered Spontaneously Nano-porous VO2-based Films via PTFE Self-Template: Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Induced Robust Optical Performance for Solar Glazing ApplicationFeb 09 2019The PTFE (Teflon) has been selected as the self-template structural material in preparation of VO2 films using reactive magnetron sputtering systems and post annealing progress. Spontaneous random nano-porous structures of VO2 films growing on quartz ... More
Supersymmetric microring laser arraysFeb 08 2019Coherent combination of emission power from an array of coupled semiconductor lasers operating on the same chip is of fundamental and technological importance. In general, the nonlinear competition among the array supermodes can entail incoherence and ... More
Quantitative analysis of the interaction between a dc SQUID and an integrated micromechanical doubly clamped cantileverFeb 08 2019Based on the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) equations described by the resistively- and capacitively-shunted junction model coupled to the equation of motion of a damped harmonic oscillator, we provide simulations to quantitatively ... More
Highly durable crack sensor integrated with silicone rubber cantilever for measuring cardiac contractility in culture mediaFeb 08 2019We propose a novel cantilever device integrated with a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-encapsulated crack sensor that directly measures the cardiac contractility. The crack sensor was chemically bonded to a PDMS thin layer to form a sandwiched structure which ... More
Calculation and Verification of Irradiation Damage Cross Section with Energy-Angular DistributionFeb 08 2019To complete the computation of Displacements per Atom (DPA) cross sections, the present work shows the methods of calculating DPA cross sections with the nuclear data of energy-angular distribution in both the laboratory and the Center-of-Mass (CM) frames. ... More
Dipolar excitons offer a rich playground for both design of novel optoelectronic devices and fundamental many-body physicsFeb 08 2019Dipolar excitons offer a rich playground for both design of novel optoelectronic devices and fundamental many-body physics. Wide GaN/(AlGa)N quantum wells host a new and promising realization of dipolar excitons. We demonstrate the in-plane confinement ... More
Integrated magnonic half-adderFeb 07 2019Spin waves and their quanta magnons open up a promising branch of high-speed and low-power information processing. Several important milestones were achieved recently in the realization of separate magnonic data processing units including logic gates, ... More
Revisiting the buckling metrology method to determine the Young's modulus of 2D materialsFeb 07 2019Measuring the mechanical properties of two-dimensional materials is a formidable task. While regular electrical and optical probing techniques are suitable even for atomically thin materials, conventional mechanical tests cannot be directly applied. Therefore, ... More
A strain tunable single-layer MoS2 photodetectorFeb 07 2019Strain engineering, which aims to tune the bandgap of a semiconductor by the application of strain, has emerged as an interesting way to control the electrical and optical properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials. Apart from the changes in the intrinsic ... More
Direct Measurement of the Electron Beam Intensity Profile via Carbon Nanotube TomographyFeb 07 2019Electron microscopes have been improved to achieve ever smaller beam spots, a key parameter that determines the instrument's resolution. The techniques to measure the size of the beam, however, have not progressed to the same degree. There is an on-going ... More
Direct imaging of the energy transfer enhancement between two dipoles in a photonic cavityFeb 07 2019Photonic cavities are gathering a large interest to enhance the energy transfer between two dipoles, with far-reaching consequences for applications in photovoltaics, lighting sources and molecular biosensing. However, experimental difficulties in controlling ... More
Stacking control in graphene-based materials: a promising way for fascinating physical propertiesFeb 07 2019Graphene, defined as a single atomic plane of graphite, is a semimetal with small overlap between the valence and the conduction bands. The stacking of graphene up to several atomic layers can produce diverse physical properties, depending on the stacking ... More
Nanoscale optical and structural characterisation of silkFeb 07 2019Background: Nanoscale composition of silk defining its unique properties via a hierarchical structural anisotropy has to be analysed at the highest spatial resolution of tens-of-nanometers corresponding to the size of fibrils made of b-sheets, which are ... More
Exploring co-sputtering of ZnO:Al and SiO2 for efficient electron-selective contacts on silicon solar cellsFeb 07 2019In recent years, considerable efforts have been devoted to developing novel electron-selective materials for crystalline Si (c-Si) solar cells with the attempts to simplify the fabrication process and improve efficiency. In this study, ZnO:Al (AZO) is ... More
Reduced Symmetric 2D Photonic Crystal Cavity with Wavelength TunabilityFeb 07 2019In this paper, we propose a microcavity supported by a designed photonic crystal structure (PhC) that supplies both tunability of cavity modes and quality factor of cavity. Low symmetric defect region provides a trigger effect for the frequency shifting ... More
Magnetic design of twin aperture cos-theta superconducting dipoles with a semi-analytic approachFeb 06 2019The magnetic design is a basic aspect of the superconducting magnets for particle accelerators. When dealing with single aperture cos-theta type dipoles, at the first order, the design can be performed with an analytic approach based on a sector dipole ... More
Palladium Diselenide Long-Wavelength Infrared Photodetector with High Sensitivity and StabilityFeb 06 2019A long-wavelength infrared (IR) photodetector based on two-dimensional materials working at room temperature would have wide applications in many aspects in remote sensing, thermal imaging, biomedical optics, and medical imaging. However, sub-bandgap ... More
First demonstration of Aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) - Gallium nitride (GaN) superlattice (SL) based p-channel field effect transistorFeb 06 2019To realize the full spectrum of advantages that GaN materials system offers, demonstration of p-GaN based devices is valuable. Authors report the first p-field effect transistor (pFET) based on AlGaN/GaN superlattice (SL) grown using MOCVD. Magnesium ... More
Coupling of Wideband Impulses Generated by Granular Chains into LiquidsFeb 05 2019An ultrasonic transducer technology to generate wideband impulses using a one-dimensional chain of spheres was previously presented. The Hertzian contact between the spheres causes the nonlinearity of the system to increase, which transforms high amplitude ... More
Vertical, electrolyte-gated organic transistors: continuous operation in the MA/cm$^2$ regime and use as low-power artificial synapsesFeb 05 2019Organic semiconductors are usually not thought to show outstanding performance in highly-integrated, sub 100 nm transistors. Consequently, single-crystalline materials such as SWCNTs, MoS2 or inorganic semiconductors are the material of choice at these ... More
Cu$_2$O Microcrystals Grown on Silicon as Platform for Quantum-Degenerate Excitons and Rydberg StatesFeb 05 2019Cuprous oxide (Cu$_2$O) is a semiconductor with large exciton binding energy and significant technological importance in applications such as photovoltaics and solar water splitting. It is also a superior material system for quantum optics that enabled ... More
Chromium Oxide Formation on Nanosecond and Femtosecond Laser Irradiated Thin Chromium FilmsFeb 05 2019Feb 06 2019Thin coatings of Chromium oxide have been used for applications as absorbing material in solar cells, as protections for magnetic data recording devices and as shields in flexible solar cells. Thin coatings of pure chromium were vacuum deposited on a ... More
Trap states impact photon upconversion in rubrene sensitized by lead halide perovskite thin filmsFeb 04 2019The same optical and electronic properties that make perovskite thin films ideal absorber materials in photovoltaic applications are also beneficial in photon upconversion devices. In this contribution, we investigate the rubrene-triplet sensitization ... More
Passive radiative "thermostat" enabled by phase-change photonic nanostructuresFeb 04 2019A thermostat senses the temperature of a physical system and switches heating or cooling devices on or off, regulating the flow of heat to maintain the system's temperature near a desired setpoint. Taking advantage of recent advances in radiative heat ... More
Metasurfaces with Interleaved Electric and Magnetic Resonances for Broadband Arbitrary Group Delay in ReflectionFeb 04 2019Metasurfaces impart phase discontinuities on impinging electromagnetic waves that are typically limited to 0-2$\pi$. Here, we show that they can break free from this limitation and supply arbitrarily-large phase modulation over ultra-wide bandwidths. ... More
Software-Defined Metasurface Paradigm: Concept, Challenges, ProspectsFeb 04 2019HyperSurfaces (HSFs) are devices whose electromagnetic (EM) behavior is software-driven, i.e., it can be defined programmatically. The key components of this emerging technology are the metasurfaces, artificial layered materials whose EM properties depend ... More
Cosmic-ray muon flux at Canfranc Underground LaboratoryFeb 03 2019Residual flux and angular distribution of high-energy cosmic muons have been measured in two underground locations at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory (LSC) using a dedicated Muon Monitor. The instrument consists of three layers of fast scintillation ... More
Digitized Adjoint Method for Inverse Design of Digital Nanophotonic DevicesFeb 02 2019We present a digitized adjoint method for realizing efficient inverse design of "digital" subwavelength nanophotonic devices. We design a single-mode 3-dB power divider and a dual-mode demultiplexer to demonstrate the digitized adjoint method for single-object ... More
Freeze cast porous barium titanate for enhanced piezoelectric energy harvestingFeb 01 2019Energy harvesting is an important developing technology for a new generation of self-powered sensor networks. This paper demonstrates the significant improvement in the piezoelectric energy harvesting performance of barium titanate by forming highly aligned ... More
Enhanced pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of PZT with aligned porosity for energy harvesting applicationsFeb 01 2019This paper demonstrates the significant benefits of exploiting highly aligned porosity in piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials for improved energy harvesting performance. Porous lead zirconate (PZT) ceramics with aligned pore channels and varying ... More
Monatomic phase change memoryFeb 01 2019Phase change memory has been developed into a mature technology capable of storing information in a fast and non-volatile way, with potential for neuromorphic computing applications. However, its future impact in electronics depends crucially on how the ... More
Temperature-independent thermal radiationFeb 01 2019Thermal emission is the process by which all objects at non-zero temperatures emit light, and is well-described by the classic Planck, Kirchhoff, and Stefan-Boltzmann laws. For most solids, the thermally emitted power increases monotonically with temperature ... More
Achieving sub-1 Ohm-mm Non-Recess S/D Contact Resistance in GaN HEMTs Utilizing Simple CMOS Compatible La/Ti/Al/Ti Metal ContactsFeb 01 2019In this paper, we report the use of lanthanum (La) in S/D contacts of GaN HEMTs, achieving 0.97 Ohm-mm contact resistance without S/D recess. The HEMTs show well-behaved electrical characteristics and satisfactory reliability. Our studies show that La, ... More
Regular Self-Pulsations in External Cavity Mid-IR Quantum Cascade LasersFeb 01 2019We show theoretically and experimentally that a quantum cascade laser (QCL) in an external Fabry-Perot cavity (EC) can produce regular self-pulsations (SP) of the output intensity at frequencies ~75 GHz. We recognize that the propagation delay in EC provides ... More
The lattice and electronic thermal conductivity of doped SnSe: a first-principles studyFeb 01 2019Recently, it has been found that crystalline tin selenide (SnSe) holds great potential as a thermoelectric material due to its ultralow thermal conductivity and moderate electronic transport performance. As thermoelectric application usually requires ... More
Electromechanical control of polarization vortex ordering in an interacting ferroelectric-dielectric composite dimerJan 31 2019Using a free-energy based computational model, we have investigated the response of a system comprising two interacting ferroelectric nanospheres, embedded in a dielectric medium, to a static external electric field. The system response is hysteretic ... More
Electron energy loss spectroscopy of wall charges in plasma-facing dielectricsJan 31 2019We propose a setup enabling electron energy loss spectroscopy to determine the density of the electrons accumulated by an electro-positive dielectric in contact with a plasma. It is based on a two-layer structure inserted into a recess of the wall. Consisting ... More
Three-dimensional propagation and time-reversal of fluorescence imagesJan 31 2019Unlike holography, fluorescence microscopy lacks an image propagation and time-reversal framework, which necessitates scanning of fluorescent objects to obtain 3D images. We demonstrate that a neural network can inherently learn the physical laws governing ... More
Resolution enhancement in scanning electron microscopy using deep learningJan 30 2019We report resolution enhancement in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images using a generative adversarial network. We demonstrate the veracity of this deep learning-based super-resolution technique by inferring unresolved features in low-resolution ... More
Visible and infrared photocurrent enhancement in a graphene-silicon Schottky photodetector through surface-states and electric field engineeringJan 30 2019The design of efficient graphene-silicon (GSi) Schottky junction photodetectors requires detailed understanding of the spatial origin of the photoresponse. Scanning-photocurrent-microscopy (SPM) studies have been carried out in the visible wavelengths ... More
Meeting the Scaling Challenge for Post-Silicon Nanoelectronics using CaF2 InsulatorsJan 30 2019Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors have been suggested both for ultimately-scaled field-effect transistors (FETs) and More-than-Moore nanoelectronics. However, these targets can not be reached without accompanying gate insulators which are scalable into ... More
The Core Design of a Small Modular Pressurised Water Reactor for Commercial Marine PropulsionJan 30 2019If international agreements regarding the need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions are to be met then there is a high probability that the shipping industry will have to dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. For emission reductions ... More
Charge Transport in Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 under the various AtmosphereJan 30 2019The influence of relative humidity (RH) on quasistatic current-voltage ${(I-V)}$ characteristics of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 thin layers have been studied for the first time. The value of electrical conductivity in 75$ \%$ RH was found ... More
Wind Tunnel Tests of a Pitot-Static Tube Array to Estimate Wind VelocityJan 29 2019This paper examines the use of a pitot-static tube array (PSA) to estimate horizontal wind velocity in all directions. This method uses the readings from the PSA as inputs. No flight tests have been done, but this method could potentially be used to estimate ... More
Disordered Zero-Index Metamaterials Based On Metal Induced CrystallizationJan 29 2019Zero-index (ZI) materials are synthetic optical materials with vanishing effective permittivity and/or permeability at a given design frequency. Recently, it has been shown that the permeability of a zero-index host material can be deterministically tuned ... More
Photonic microwave oscillators based on integrated soliton microcombsJan 29 2019Soliton microcombs constitute miniaturized optical frequency combs and have already been used for coherent telecommunications, astronomical spectrometer calibration and ultrafast ranging. The majority of these applications have utilized silicon nitride ... More
Femtosecond laser patterning of graphene electrodes for thin-film transistorsJan 29 2019The aim of this study is to assess femtosecond laser patterning of graphene in air and in vacuum for the application as source and drain electrodes in thin-film transistors (TFTs). The analysis of the laser-patterned graphene with scanning electron microscopy, ... More
Design of Near Infrared and Visible Kinetic Inductance Detectors Using MIM CapacitorsJan 29 2019We are developing superconducting Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors to operate at near infrared and optical wavelengths for astronomy. In order to efficiently meet with the requirements of astronomical applications, we propose to replace the interdigitated ... More
Dual mode microwave deflection cavities for ultrafast electron microscopyJan 28 2019This paper presents the experimental realization of an ultrafast electron microscope operating at a repetition rate of 75 MHz based on a single compact resonant microwave cavity operating in dual mode. This elliptical cavity supports two orthogonal TM$_{110}$ ... More
A heat engine model exhibit super-universal feature and capture the efficiency of different power plantsJan 28 2019We propose a generalized model of the heat engine and calculate the minimum and maximum bounds on the efficiency at maximum power. Surprisingly, our model unifies the bounds on the efficiency and the universality features observed for various heat engine ... More
Structural, magnetic, and electrical properties of collinear antiferromagnetic heteroepitaxy cubic Mn$_3$Ga thin filmsJan 28 2019Although a cubic phase of Mn$_3$Ga with an antiferromagnetic order has been theoretically predicted, it has not been experimentally verified in a bulk or film form. Here, we report the structural, magnetic, and electrical properties of antiferromagnetic ... More
Quantifying Temperature-dependent Substrate Loss in GaN-on-Si RF TechnologyJan 28 2019Intrinsic limits to temperature-dependent substrate loss for GaN-on-Si technology, due to the change in resistivity of the substrate with temperature, are evaluated using an experimentally validated device simulation framework. Effect of room temperature ... More
Supercritical Water Gasification: Practical Design Strategies and Operational Challenges for Lab-Scale, Continuous Flow ReactorsJan 28 2019Optimizing an industrial-scale supercritical water gasification process requires detailed knowledge of chemical reaction pathways, rates, and product yields. Laboratory-scale reactors are employed to develop this knowledge base. The rationale behind designs ... More
Bayesian Inference-enabled Precise Optical Wavelength Estimation using Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Thin FilmsJan 27 2019Jan 29 2019Despite its ability to draw precise inferences from large and complex datasets, the use of data analytics in the field of condensed matter and materials sciences -- where vast quantities of complex metrology data are regularly generated -- has remained ... More
Impact of ion dynamics on laser-driven electron acceleration and gamma-ray emission in structured targets at ultra-high laser intensitiesJan 27 2019We examine the impact of the ion dynamics on laser-driven electron acceleration in an initially empty channel irradiated by an ultra-high intensity laser pulse with $I > 10^{22}$ W/cm$^2$. The negative charge of the accelerated electrons inside the channel ... More
Grayscale-to-color: Single-step fabrication of bespoke multispectral filter arraysJan 27 2019Conventional cameras, such as in smartphones, capture wideband red, green and blue (RGB) spectral components, replicating human vision. Multispectral imaging (MSI) captures spatial and spectral information beyond our vision but typically requires bulky ... More
A simple INDIUM TIN OXIDE/glass DRAJan 27 2019A novel Dielectric Resonator Antenna, simply made of INDIUM TIN OXIDE coated glass slides placed on a microstrip transmission line, for communication applications is presented. Changes in the bandwidth and gain of the antenna are observed by modifying ... More
Phenomenological studies of femtosecond laser ablation on optical thin films for integrated photonicsJan 26 2019In this work, for the first time of our knowledge, we present a well-supported procedure to fabricate ridge optical waveguides onto thin films of PLZT by femtosecond laser ablation. In order to achieve smooth guiding structures to guarantee good optical ... More
Electromechanical control of quantum emitters in nanophotonic devicesJan 25 2019Photon-mediated coupling between distant matter qubits may enable secure communication over long distances, the implementation of distributed quantum computing schemes, and the exploration of new regimes of many-body quantum dynamics. Nanophotonic devices ... More
DNP-NMR of labile surface protons on silicon particlesJan 25 2019Studying surfaces with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is challenging because of its low sensitivity, but can reveal the atomic environments of both crystalline and amorphous materials. Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) can be used to enhance the NMR ... More
Shapeable planar Hall sensor with a stable sensitivity under concave and convex bendingJan 25 2019A shapeable planar Hall sensor has been fabricated by lift-off a bilayer structure of NiFe(10 nm)/IrMn (8 nm) grown on a Kapton/PDMS substrate without using a buffer layer. The sensor exhibits a magnetic field sensitivity of 0.74 $\mu$V/Oe.mA and provides ... More
High dynamic range, heterogeneous, terahertz quantum cascade lasers featuring thermally-tunable frequency comb operation over a broad current rangeJan 25 2019We report on the engineering of broadband quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) emitting at Terahertz (THz) frequencies, which exploit a heterogeneous active region scheme and have a current density dynamic range (Jdr) of 3.2, significantly larger than the state ... More
Monolithic integration of broadband optical isolators for polarization-diverse silicon photonicsJan 25 2019Integrated optical isolators have been a longstanding challenge for photonic integrated circuits (PIC). An ideal integrated optical isolator for PIC should be made by a monolithic process, have a small footprint, exhibit broadband and polarization-diverse ... More
Parylene Based Memristive Devices with Multilevel Resistive Switching for Neuromorphic ApplicationsJan 24 2019In this paper, the resistive switching and neuromorphic behavior of memristive devices based on parylene, a biocompatible and low-cost polymer, is comprehensively studied. The Metal/Parylene/ITO sandwich structures were prepared by means of the standard ... More
Optimization of Patterned Surfaces for Improved Superhydrophobicity Through Cost-Effective Large-Scale ComputationsJan 24 2019The growing need for creating surfaces with specific wetting properties, such as superhyrdophobic behavior, asks for novel methods for their efficient design. In this work, a fast computational method for the evaluation of patterned superhyrdophobic surfaces ... More
Materials Informatics for Heat Transfer: Recent Progresses and PerspectivesJan 24 2019With the advances in materials and integration of electronics and thermoelectrics, the demand for novel crystalline materials with ultimate high/low thermal conductivity is increasing. However, search for optimal thermal materials is challenge due to ... More
Thermally limited force microscopy on optically trapped single metallic nanoparticlesJan 24 2019We propose and evaluate a new type of optical force microscope based on a standing wave optical trap. Our microscope, calibrated in-situ and operating in a dynamic mode, is able to trap, without heating, a single metallic nanoparticle of 150 nm that acts ... More
Accelerating Silicon Photonic Parameter Extraction using Artificial Neural NetworksJan 24 2019We present a novel silicon photonic parameter extraction tool that uses artificial neural networks. While other parameter extraction methods are restricted to relatively simple devices whose responses are easily modeled by analytic transfer functions, ... More
Manufacturing low dissipation superconducting quantum processorsJan 23 2019Enabling applications for solid state quantum technology will require systematically reducing noise, particularly dissipation, in these systems. Yet, when multiple decay channels are present in a system with similar weight, resolution to distinguish relatively ... More
A kilo-Ampere level HTS flux pumpJan 23 2019This paper reports a newly developed high current transformer-rectifier High-Tc Superconducting (HTS) flux pump switched by dynamic resistance. A quasi-persistent current of over 1.1 kA has been achieved at 77 K using the device, which is the highest ... More