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Comment on "Nonreciprocal cavities and the time-bandwidth limit"Jun 13 2019In their paper in Optica 6, 104 (2019), Mann et al. claim that time-invariant nonreciprocal cavities cannot overcome the time-bandwidth limit, based on their numerical analysis and temporal coupled-mode theory of an example structure. In this comment, ... More
Modeling and Control of Combustion Phasing in Dual-Fuel Compression Ignition EnginesJun 13 2019Dual fuel engines can achieve high efficiencies and low emissions but also can encounter high cylinder-to-cylinder variations on multi-cylinder engines. In order to avoid these variations, they require a more complex method for combustion phasing control ... More
Active meta-optics and nanophotonics with halide perovskitesJun 13 2019Meta-optics based on optically resonant all-dielectric structures is a rapidly developing research area driven by its potential applications for low-loss efficient metadevices. Active, light-emitting subwavelengh nanostructures and metasurfaces are of ... More
Setup for simultaneous electrochemical and color impedance measurements of electrochromic films: theory, assessment, and test measurementJun 13 2019Combined frequency-resolved techniques are suitable to study electrochromic (EC) materials. We present an experimental setup for simultaneous electrochemical and color impedance studies of EC systems in transmission mode and estimate its frequency-dependent ... More
Electrodynamic improvements to the theory of magnetostatic modes in ferrimagnetic spheres and their applications to saturation magnetization measurementsJun 13 2019Electrodynamic theory applied to the analysis of TEn0p mode resonances in ferromagnetic spheres placed either in metallic cavities or in the free space is compared with Walker-Fletcher's theory of so-called magnetostatic modes. The influence of the diameter ... More
Designing modular 3D printed reinforcement of wound composite tubes with semidefinite programmingJun 13 2019Fueled by their excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and the availability of mature manufacturing technologies, filament wound carbon fiber reinforced polymers represent ideal materials for thin-walled laminate structures. However, their strong anisotropy ... More
Passivation-induced physicochemical alterations of the native surface oxide film on 316L austenitic stainless steelJun 13 2019Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, in situ Photo-Current Spectroscopy and electrochemical analysis were combined to characterize the physicochemical alterations induced by electrochemical passivation of the ... More
Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Plasmonic Zero Mode Waveguide for Enhanced Single Molecule DetectionJun 13 2019We fabricated hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantennas and measured their optical response at three different wavelengths. The nanostructure is fabricated on a bilayer film formed by the sequential deposition of silicon and gold on a transparent substrate. ... More
An image-driven machine learning approach to kinetic modeling of a discontinuous precipitation reactionJun 13 2019Micrograph quantification is an essential component of several materials science studies. Machine learning methods, in particular convolutional neural networks, have previously demonstrated performance in image recognition tasks across several disciplines ... More
Thermal conductivity of molybdenum disulfide nanotube from molecular dynamics simulationsJun 13 2019Single layer molybdenum disulfide (SLMoS2), a semiconductor possesses intrinsic bandgap and high electron mobility, has attracted great attention due to its unique electronic, optical, mechanical and thermal properties. Although thermal conductivity of ... More
Full spatiotemporal control of laser-excited periodic surface deformationsJun 13 2019We demonstrate full control of acoustic and thermal periodic deformations at solid surfaces down to sub-nanosecond time scales and few-micrometer length scales via independent variation of the temporal and spatial phase of two optical transient grating ... More
Thermal Conductance Across Harmonic-matched Epitaxial Al-sapphire Heterointerfaces: A Benchmark for Metal-nonmetal InterfacesJun 13 2019A unified understanding of interfacial thermal transport is missing due to the complicated nature of interfaces which involves complex factors such as interfacial bonding, interfacial mixing, surface chemistry, crystal orientation, roughness, contamination, ... More
Self-driving laboratory for accelerated discovery of thin-film materialsJun 12 2019Clean energy technologies are notoriously slow to commercialize because discovering and optimizing new materials for applications typically takes over a decade. Self-driving laboratories that iteratively design, execute, and learn from experiments in ... More
Overlapping domains for topology optimization of large-area metasurfacesJun 12 2019We introduce an overlapping-domain approach to large-area metasurface design, in which each simulated domain consists of a unit cell and overlapping regions from the neighboring cells plus PML absorbers. We show that our approach generates greatly improved ... More
Nonlocal integral thermoelasticity: a thermodynamic framework for functionally graded beamsJun 12 2019An effective nonlocal integral formulation for functionally graded Bernoulli-Euler beams in nonisothermal environment is developed. Both thermal and mechanical loadings are accounted for. The proposed model, of stress-driven integral type, is shown to ... More
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Material Behavior PredictionJun 12 2019Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms have considerable potential to influence the prediction of material properties. Additive materials have a unique property prediction challenge in the form of surface roughness effects on fatigue ... More
Mn(II)-doped 2D perovskite for light emitting devicesJun 12 2019Low dimensional perovskites are considered good candidates for light emitting applications given the high exciton binding energy which should in principle improve the radiative recombination efficiency. Yet, single-layered two-dimensional (2D) perovskite ... More
Chiral metasurface formed by 3D-printed square helices: a flexible tool to manipulate wave polarizationJun 12 2019Transmission of linearly and circularly polarized waves is studied both theoretically and experimentally for chiral metasurface formed by an array of metallic square helices. The helical particles of the metasurface are constructed of rectangular bars ... More
Extending the Near-infrared Band-edge Absorption Spectrum of Silicon by Proximity to a 2D SemiconductorJun 12 2019Because of its low-cost, silicon is the standard material for photovoltaic conversion. Yet, its band-edge absorption spectrum is narrower than the spectrum of the solar radiation, which reduces its conversion efficiency. In this paper, it is shown that ... More
Energy harvesting below the onset of flutterJun 12 2019This work demonstrates preliminary results on energy harvesting from a linearly stable flutter-type system with circulatory friction forces. Harmonic external forcing is applied to study the energy flow in the steady sliding configuration. In certain ... More
High-efficiency thermophotovoltaic system that employs an emitter based on a silicon rod-type photonic crystalJun 12 2019Thermophotovoltaic systems in principle enable utilization of heat that is usually regarded as wasted energy. However, the wavelength selectivity of the thermal emitter required for high efficiencies is rather difficult to control with conventional designs. ... More
Performance Considerations of Thin Ferroelectrics (~10 nm HfO2, ~20 nm PZT) FDSOI NCFETs for Digital Circuits at Reduced Power ConsumptionJun 12 2019The paper presents simulation study of thin ferroelectrics (Si doped HfO2, PZT) PGP FDSOI NCFETs at circuit level for high performance, low VDD low-power digital circuits. The baseline PGP FDSOI MOSFET has 20 nm metal gate length with supply voltage varying ... More
Transient Analysis during Maximum Power Point Tracking (TrAMPPT) to Assess Dynamic Response of Perovskite Solar CellsJun 12 2019Determination of the device performance parameters of perovskite solar cells is far from trivial as transient effects may cause large discrepancies in current-voltage measurements as a function of scan rate and pre-conditioning. Maximum power point tracking, ... More
Simulation and experimental studies of induction hardening behavior of a new medium-carbon, low-alloy wear resistance steelJun 12 2019Flux2D commercial software together with a Gleeble thermomechanical simulator has been employed to numerically and physically simulate the material properties profile of an induction hardened slurry transportation pipe made of a recently developed 0.4 ... More
Frequency-Division Multiplexing in Magnonic Logic Networks Based on Caustic-Like Spin-Wave BeamsJun 12 2019Wave-based data processing by spin waves and their quanta, magnons, is a promising technique to overcome the challenges which CMOS-based logic networks are facing nowadays. The advantage of these quasi-particles lies in their potential for the realization ... More
Voltage-induced high-speed DW motion in a synthetic antiferromagnetJun 12 2019Voltage-induced motion of a magnetic domain wall (DW) has potential in developing novel devices with ultralow dissipation. However, the speed for the voltage-induced DW motion (VIDWM) in a single ferromagnetic layer is usually very low. In this work, ... More
Topological modes in radiofrequency resonator arraysJun 11 2019Topological properties of solid states have sparked considerable recent interest due to their importance in the physics of lattices with a non-trivial basis and their potential in the design of novel materials. Here we describe an experimental and an ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions roward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Probing weakly hybridized magnetic molecules by spin-polarized tunnelingJun 11 2019Advances in molecular spintronics rely on the in-depth characterization of the molecular building blocks in terms of their electronic and, more importantly, magnetic properties. For this purpose, inert substrates that interact only weakly with adsorbed ... More
Atomically-thin micas as proton conducting membranesJun 11 2019Monolayers of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) are highly permeable to thermal protons. For thicker two-dimensional (2D) materials, proton conductivity diminishes exponentially so that, for example, monolayer MoS2 that is just three atoms thick ... More
Geometric localization in supported elastic strutsJun 11 2019Localized deformation patterns are a common motif in morphogenesis and are increasingly finding widespread applications in materials science, for instance as memory devices. Here we describe the emergence of spatially localized deformations in a minimal ... More
Biomimetic Polymer Film with Brilliant Brightness Using a One-Step Water Vapor-Induced Phase Separation MethodJun 11 2019The scales of the white Cyphochilus beetles are endowed with unusual whiteness arising from the exceptional scattering efficiency of their disordered ultrastructure optimized through millions of years of evolution. Here, a simple, one-step method based ... More
Characterisation of Li in the surface film of a corrosion resistant Mg-Li(-Al-Y-Zr) alloyJun 11 2019The surface film formed upon Mg-Li(-Al-Y-Zr) following aqueous immersion and air-exposure was investigated. This alloy (which contains 30.3 at. % Li) possesses a bcc crystal structure and has been reported as being corrosion resistant. It was determined ... More
Aerogel-based metasurfaces for perfect acoustic energy absorptionJun 11 2019The unusual viscoelastic properties of silica aerogel plates are efficiently used to design subwavelength perfect sound absorbers. We theoretically, numerically and experimentally report a perfect absorbing metamaterial panel made of periodically arranged ... More
Aerogel-based metasurfaces for perfect acoustic energy absorptionJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The unusual viscoelastic properties of silica aerogel plates are efficiently used to design subwavelength perfect sound absorbers. We theoretically, numerically and experimentally report a perfect absorbing metamaterial panel made of periodically arranged ... More
Many-body effects in strongly-disordered III-nitride quantum wells: interplay between carrier localization and Coulomb interactionJun 10 2019The joint impact of Anderson localization and many-body interaction is observed in the optical properties of strongly-disordered III-nitride quantum wells, a system where the Coulomb interaction and the fluctuating potential are pronounced effects with ... More
Assessing interface coupling in exchange-biased systems via in-field interaction plotsJun 10 2019An in-field interaction plot, $\delta M_{\rm R}$, has been recently introduced, presenting important advantages over the classical remanence plots. Here a general $\delta M_{\rm R}$ is proposed, allowing to assess interactions even in systems with shifted ... More
A Simple Coupled-Bloch-Mode Approach To Study Active Photonic Crystal Waveguides and LasersJun 10 2019By applying a coupled-Bloch-mode approach, we have derived a simple expression for the transmission properties of photonic crystal (PhC) line-defect waveguides with a complex refractive index perturbation. We have provided physical insights on the coupling ... More
Electroluminescence Yield in low-diffusion Xe-He gas mixturesJun 10 2019High pressure xenon Time Projection Chambers based on secondary scintillation, electroluminescence, signal amplification are being proposed for rare event detection such as directional dark matter, double electron capture and double beta decay detection. ... More
Atmospheric muons as an imaging toolJun 10 2019Imaging methods based on the absorption or scattering of atmospheric muons, collectively named under the neologism "muography", exploit the abundant natural flux of muons produced from cosmic-ray interactions in the atmosphere. Recent years have seen ... More
Experimental Investigation of Stochastic Jumps during Crack Initiation and Growth in IN718Jun 09 2019his study investigates the statistical significance of crack jump noise in Inconel 718 (IN718) for several different loading conditions. A direct current potential drop (DCPD) method is used to experimentally measure in-situ the crack length. Data is ... More
Coupled Bloch-Wave Analysis of Active PhC Waveguides and CavitiesJun 09 2019A coupled Bloch-wave approach is employed to analyze active photonic-crystal (PhC) waveguides and cavities. Gain couples the otherwise independent counter-propagating Bloch modes. This coupling is shown to limit the maximum attainable slow-light enhancement ... More
Generation and Characterization of Tailored MIR Waveforms for Steering Molecular DynamicsJun 08 2019The dream of physico-chemists to control molecular reactions with light beyond electronic excitations pushes the development of laser pulse shaping capabilities in the mid-infrared (MIR) spectral range. Here, we present a compact optical parametric amplifier ... More
Multichannel remote polarization control enabled by nanostructured Liquid Crystalline NetworksJun 08 2019In this article we demonstrate that a grating fabricated through nanoscale volumetric crosslinking of a liquid crystalline polymer enables remote polarization control over the diffracted channels. This functionality is a consequence of the responsivity ... More
Experimental Demonstration of Sixth Order Degenerate Band Edge in Coupled Microstrip WaveguidesJun 07 2019We introduce the first physical realization and demonstration of a sixth order degenerate band edge (6DBE) in a waveguide, that is a strong degeneracy of six electromagnetic guided modes. This exceptional point of sixth order occurs in a triple ladder ... More
A thermodynamic description of turbulence as a source of stochastic kinetic energy for 3D self-assemblyJun 07 2019We investigate to what extent one can use a thermodynamic description of turbulent flow as a source of stochastic kinetic energy for three-dimensional self-assembly of magnetically interacting macroscopic particles. We confirm that the speed of the objects ... More
Potential Dependent Ionic Sieving Through Functionalized Laminar MoS2 MembranesJun 07 2019Laminar MoS2 membranes show outstanding potential for practical applications in energy conversion/storage, sensing, and as nanofluidic devices. For water purification technologies, MoS2 membranes can form abundant nanocapillaries from layered stacks of ... More
Properties of Al2O3 thin films deposited on 4H-SiC by reactive ion sputteringJun 07 2019In this work, the electrical properties of Al2O3 films deposited by reactive ion sputtering were investigated by means of morphological, chemical and electrical characterizations. This insulating layer suffers of an electron trapping that is mitigated ... More
Morphological and electrical properties of Nickel based Ohmic contacts formed by laser annealing process on n-type 4H-SiCJun 07 2019This work reports on the morphological and electrical properties of Ni-based back-side Ohmic contacts formed by laser annealing process for SiC power diodes. Nickel films, 100 nm thick, have been sputtered on the back-side of heavily doped 110 um 4H-SiC ... More
Self-limiting growth of two-dimensional palladium between graphene oxide layersJun 07 2019The ability of different materials to display self-limiting growth has recently attracted enormous attention due to the importance of nanoscale materials in applications for catalysis, energy conversion, (opto)electronics, etc. Here, we show that electrochemical ... More
Sensor properties of Pd doped SnO2 nanofiber enshrouded with functionalized MWCNTJun 07 2019In this work, tin oxide (SnO2)/multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) composite based ethanol sensor that exhibits fast response/recovery behaviour, large sensitivity, and good selectivity was demonstrated. First, Pd doped SnO2 (SnO2-Pd) nanofibers was ... More
Asynchronous Circuits as an Enabler of Scalable And Programmable MetasurfacesJun 07 2019Metamaterials and metasurfaces have given possibilities for manipulating electromagnetic (EM) waves that in the past would have seemed impossible. The majority of metasurface designs are suitable for a particular frequency and angle of incidence. One ... More
Field-free switching of a Spin-orbit torque device aided by interlayer-coupling induced domain wallsJun 07 2019The spin-orbit torque device is promising as a candidate for next generation magnetic memory, while the static in-plane field needed to induce deterministic switching is a main obstacle for its application in highly integrated circuits. Instead of introducing ... More
Si-based GeSn photodetectors towards mid-infrared imaging applicationsJun 07 2019This paper reports a comprehensive study of Si-based GeSn mid-infrared photodetectors, which includes: 1) the demonstration of a set of photoconductors with Sn compositions ranging from 10.5% to 22.3%, showing the cut-off wavelength has been extended ... More
Signature of Quantum Entanglement in NH4CuPO4.H2OJun 06 2019Entangled solid state systems have gained a great deal of attention due to their fruitful applications in modern quantum technologies. Herein, detection of entanglement content from experimental magnetic susceptibility and specific heat data is reported ... More
Control of surface states of planar metamaterial based on moire effectJun 06 2019The possibility of continuous tuning of the spectral properties of two types of planar metamaterials based on the moire effect by changing their geometric parameters is demonstrated both experimentally and numerically. It is shown that for a one-dimensional ... More
Modeling the effect of microstructure on elastic wave propagation in platelet-reinforced composites and ceramicsJun 06 2019Dense ceramics are irreplaceable in applications requiring high mechanical stiffness, chemical and temperature resistance and low weight. To improve their toughness, ceramics can be reinforced with elongated inclusions. Recent manufacturing strategies ... More
Organic Light-Emitting Diode Beam Shaping: Pixel Design for Variable Angular Emission Profile ControlJun 06 2019Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are the leading self-emitting pixel technology in current and future small and large area displays. Once integrated with a certain layer architecture into the backplane layout, their emission colour and angular distribution ... More
Strain analysis of Ge micro disk using precession electron diffractionJun 06 2019The recently developed precession electron diffraction (PED) technique in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) has been used to elucidate the local strain distribution and crystalline misorientation in CMOS fabricated strained Ge micro disk ... More
Discovery of Ionic Impact Ionization (I3) in Perovskites Triggered by a Single PhotonJun 06 2019Organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite devices have generated significant interest for LED, photodetector, and solar cell applications due to their attractive optoelectronic properties and substrate-choice flexibility1-4. These devices exhibit slow ... More
Quantum Tunneling Hygrometer with Temperature Stabilized Nanometer GapJun 06 2019We present the design, fabrication and response of humidity sensor based on electrical tunneling through temperature-stabilized nanometer gaps. The sensor consists of two stacked metal electrodes separated by 2.5 nm of vertical air gap. Upper and lower ... More
Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells by Co-Doped Spinel Nickel Cobaltite Hole Transporting LayerJun 06 2019Solution combustion synthesized hole transport layer of co-doped spinel nickel cobaltite were fabricated using doctor-blading technique for planar inverted perovskite solar cells. Perovskite solar cells incorporating Co-doped spinel nickel cobaltite shown ... More
Spin-Wave Optical Elements: Towards Spin-Wave Fourier OpticsJun 05 2019We perform micromagnetic simulations to investigate the propagation of spin-wave beams through spin-wave optical elements. Despite spin-wave propagation in magnetic media being strongly anisotropic, we use axicons to excite spinwave Bessel-Gaussian beams ... More
Acoustical hooks: a new subwavelength self-bending beamJun 05 2019In this work, we report the observation of a new type of near-field curved acoustic beam different from the Airy-family beams both through simulations and experiment. This new self-bending acoustical beam is generate from a rectangular trapezoid of a ... More
Unconventional Optical Response in Engineered Au-Ag NanostructuresJun 05 2019This article describes the optical properties of nanostructures composed of silver particles embedded into a gold matrix. In previous studies these materials were shown to exhibit temperature dependent transitions to a highly conductive and strongly diamagnetic ... More
Intrinsically-limited timing jitter in molybdenum silicide superconducting nanowire single-photon detectorsJun 05 2019Recent progress in the development of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) has delivered excellent performances, and has had a great impact on a range of research fields. The timing jitter, which denotes the temporal resolution of ... More
Optomechanical suspended waveguide for broadband phase modulation with frequency memory effectJun 05 2019Whether it is for transmitting information or for controlling intensity, light modulation is among the essential functions commonly used in complex optical systems. In integrated optics, modulation principles usually include the use of electro-optical ... More
Inverted Perovskite Photovoltaics using Flame Spray Pyrolysis Solution based CuAlO2/Cu-O Hole Selective ContactJun 05 2019We present the functionalization process of a conductive and transparent copper aluminum oxide, copper oxide alloy. The copper aluminum oxide, copper oxide powders were developed by flame spray pyrolysis and their stabilized dispersions were treated by ... More
Long Thermal Stability of Inverted Perovskite Photovoltaics Incorporating Fullerene-based Diffusion Blocking LayerJun 05 2019In this article, the stability of p-i-n perovskite solar cells is studied under accelerated heat lifetime conditions (60 oC ,85oC and N2 atmosphere). By using a combination of buffer layer engineering, impedance spectroscopy and other characterization ... More
Surface permeability and surface flow tortuosity of particulate porous mediaJun 05 2019The dispersion process in particulate porous media at low saturation levels takes place over the surface elements of constituent particles and, as we have found previously by comparison with experiments, can be accurately described by super-fast non-linear ... More
Design of Dual-band Graphene-Based Absorbers by Exciting Graphene Plasmon Polaritons: Circuit Model AnalysisJun 05 2019This article presents designing two dual-band absorbers based on graphene metasurfaces for terahertz frequencies. The absorbers are composed of one- and two-dimensional (2D) arrays of ribbons and disks deposited on a dielectric film terminated by a metallic ... More
Surface polaritonic solitons and breathers in a planar plasmonic waveguide structure via electromagnetically induced transparencyJun 05 2019We propose a scheme for the coupler-free excitation of surface polaritonic solitons and breathers in a planar plasmonic waveguide structure comprising of a transparent layer, a metal layer and a layer of three-level lambda-type atomic medium. In the proposed ... More
Enhanced ferroelectricity in epitaxial Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin films integrated with Si(001) using SrTiO3 templatesJun 05 2019SrTiO3 templates have been used to integrate epitaxial bilayers of ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 and La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 bottom electrode on Si(001). The Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films show enhanced properties in comparison to equivalent films on SrTiO3(001) single crystalline ... More
Multimode waveguide crossing based on square Maxwell's fisheye lensJun 05 2019Mode-division multiplexing (MDM) is an emerging large-capacity data communication technology utilizing orthogonal guiding modes as independent data streams. One of the challenges of multimode waveguide routing in MDM systems is decreasing the mode leakage ... More
Non-reciprocal Wave Phenomena in Energy Self-reliant Gyric MetamaterialsJun 04 2019This work presents a mechanism by which non-reciprocal wave transmission is achieved in a class of gyric metamaterial lattices with embedded rotating elements. A modulation of the device's angular momentum is obtained via prescribed rotations of a set ... More
Advances in Quantum CryptographyJun 04 2019Quantum cryptography is arguably the fastest growing area in quantum information science. Novel theoretical protocols are designed on a regular basis, security proofs are constantly improving, and experiments are gradually moving from proof-of-principle ... More
In-memory hyperdimensional computingJun 04 2019Hyperdimensional computing (HDC) is an emerging computing framework that takes inspiration from attributes of neuronal circuits such as hyperdimensionality, fully distributed holographic representation, and (pseudo)randomness. When employed for machine ... More
Measurement of the Optical Turbulence Produced by a Multirotor Unmanned Aerial VehicleJun 04 2019At present, new approaches for the use of Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or multirotor drones in high precision optical applications are rising. However, the optical turbulence effects generated by multirotor drones are not entirely understood. These ... More
Packaged photonic chip-based soliton microcomb using an ultralow-noise laserJun 04 2019Photonic chip-based soliton microcombs have shown rapid progress and have already been used in many system-level applications, including coherent communications, astrophysical spectrometer calibration and ultrafast ranging. While there has been substantial ... More
Growth and characterization of (La,Ce)OBiS2 single crystalsJun 04 2019(La,Ce)OBiS2 single crystals are successfully grown using CsCl flux. The obtained single crystals have a plate-like shape with a size of 0.5-2.0 mm and a well-developed ab-plane. The thickness of the crystals increases with a decrease in the Ce content. ... More
High frequency voltage-induced ferromagnetic resonance in magnetic tunnel junctionsJun 04 2019Voltage-induced ferromagnetic resonance (V-FMR) in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) with a W buffer is investigated. Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) energy is controlled by both thickness of a CoFeB free layer deposited directly on the W buffer ... More
Magnetoresistance in Metallic FerroelectricsJun 04 2019Polar metals with ferroelectric-like displacements in metals have been achieved recently, half century later than Anderson and Blount's prediction. However, the genuine ferroelectricity with electrical dipolar switching has not yet been attained experimentally ... More
Can the temperature of a freezing liquid increase?Jun 03 2019In this study, identical experiments of bottom-cooled solidification of water-23 wt% KNO3 and water-24 wt% NH4Cl, which exhibit faceted and dendritic microstructures respectively, were performed. The primary objective of this investigation is to understand ... More
Superlubricity-Based Electrostatic MicrogeneratorsJun 03 2019Although electrostatic microgenerators (ESMGs) have promised for nearly two decades extensive applications in wireless, self-powered microscale devices and sensors for security, personal health systems, communication, infrastructure and environmental ... More
Ultraslow Dynamic Annealing of Neutron-induced Defects in n-type SiliconJun 03 2019Neutron bombardments with equivalent fluence (1$\times$10$^{10}$ cm$^{-2}$) and different fluxes have been performed on one kind of bipolar transistor and two kinds of bipolar circuits. The base currents or input bias currents of almost all samples are ... More
A bubble-induced ultrastable and robust single-photon emitter in hexagonal boron nitrideJun 02 2019Quantum emitters in van der Waals (vdW) materials have attracted lots of attentions in recent years, and shown great potentials to be fabricated as quantum photonic nanodevices. Especially, the single photon emitter (SPE) in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) ... More
Low-loss composite photonic platform based on 2D semiconductor monolayersJun 02 2019Two dimensional materials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are promising for optical modulation, detection, and light emission since their material properties can be tuned on-demand via electrostatic doping. The optical properties ... More
Molecular monolayer stabilizer for multilayer 2D materialsJun 02 20192D van der Waals materials have rich and unique functional properties, but many are susceptible to corrosion under ambient conditions. Here we show that linear alkylamines are highly effective in protecting the optoelectronic properties of these materials ... More
Effects of Different Hand-Grounding Locations on Haptic Performance With a Wearable Kinesthetic Haptic DeviceJun 02 2019Grounding of kinesthetic feedback against a user's hand can increase the portability and wearability of a haptic device. However, the effects of different hand-grounding locations on haptic perception of a user are unknown. In this letter, we investigate ... More
Oxidation of Monolayer WS$_{2}$ in Ambient is a Photoinduced ProcessJun 02 2019We have studied the ambient air oxidation of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown monolayers of the semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenide (S-TMD) WS$_{2}$ using optical microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM), photoluminescence ... More
Ultralow Thermal Conductance of the van der Waals Interface between Organic NanoribbonsJun 02 2019Van der Waals interface plays a critical role in nanomaterials-based devices such as interconnects in nanoelectronics and optoelectronics, assembled nanostructure arrays and van der Waals heterostructures. A thorough understanding of thermal transport ... More
Graphene-Based Integrated Photonics For Next-Generation Datacom And TelecomJun 02 2019Graphene is an ideal material for optoelectronic applications. Its photonic properties give several advantages and complementarities over Si photonics. For example, graphene enables both electro-absorption and electro-refraction modulation with an electro-optical ... More
Graphene Overcoats for Ultra-High Storage Density Magnetic MediaJun 02 2019Hard disk drives (HDDs) are used as secondary storage in a number of digital electronic devices owing to low cost ($<$0.1\$/GB at 2016 prices) and large data storage capacity (10TB with a 3.5 inch HDD). Due to the exponentially increasing amount of data, ... More
A Platform-Tolerant Loop Antenna for Use On/Off Metal Ground PlanesJun 01 2019Detuning of antennas due to changes in the surrounding environment can cause significant degradation in radio link range due to increased mismatch loss at the antenna feed. This paper shows that when an electrically small loop antenna is placed near a ... More
U-Slot Patch Principle and Design Methodology Using Characteristic Mode Analysis and Coupled Mode TheoryJun 01 2019Patch antennas incorporating a U-shaped slot are well-known to have relatively large (about 30%) impedance bandwidths. This work uses Characteristic Mode Analysis to explain the impedance behavior of a classic U-slot patch geometry in terms of Coupled ... More
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Strain Gradient in Tensile Concrete Prisms Reinforced with Multiple BarsJun 01 2019This work is a continuation of the ongoing research on deformation behavior of reinforced concrete elements under tension. The previous studies have revealed that deformation behaviors of elements reinforced with multiple bars and the traditional prismatic ... More
Efficient Nano Antenna for Photonic DevicesJun 01 2019This paper presents the efficient Yagi-Uda nanoantenna with the chain of directors, reflector and a feed element, where these elements have been optimized to fulfil the requirement of high directivity and the gain of antenna. The proposed design consists ... More
Carbon nanotube synthesis from propane decomposition on a pre-treated Ni overlayerJun 01 2019Growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) was performed by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD) of propane on Si(111) with a pre-treated Ni overlayer acting as a catalyst. Prior to the growth of CNTs, a thin film of Ni was deposited on Si(111) ... More
Synchronized Wavelength-Swept Signal Transmission and its Ability to Evade Optical Reflection CrosstalkJun 01 2019Coherent homodyne detection requires a precise matching of emission wavelengths between transmitter and local oscillator at the receiver. Injection-locking can provide all-optical synchronization of the emission frequencies, even under wavelength-swept ... More