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Non-topological kink scattering in a two-component scalar field theory modelJun 12 2019In this paper the scattering between the non-topological kinks arising in a family of two-component scalar field theory models is analyzed. A winding charge is carried by these defects. As a consequence, two different classes of kink scattering processes ... More
Soliton and breather splitting on star graphs from tricrystal Josephson junctionsJun 12 2019We consider the interactions of traveling localized wave solutions with a vertex in a star graph domain that describes multiple Josephson junctions with a common/branch point (i.e., tricrystal junctions). The system is modeled by the sine-Gordon equation. ... More
Geometric localization in supported elastic strutsJun 11 2019Localized deformation patterns are a common motif in morphogenesis and are increasingly finding widespread applications in materials science, for instance as memory devices. Here we describe the emergence of spatially localized deformations in a minimal ... More
Direct Characterization of Spectral Stability of Small Amplitude Periodic Waves in Scalar Hamiltonian Problems Via Dispersion RelationJun 11 2019Various approaches to studying the stability of solutions of nonlinear PDEs lead to explicit formulae determining the stability or instability of the wave for a wide range of classes of equations. However, these are typically specialized to a particular ... More
Nonlinear ultrafast fiber amplifiers beyond the gain-narrowing limitJun 10 2019Ultrafast lasers are becoming increasingly widespread in science and industry alike. Fiber-based ultrafast laser sources are especially attractive because of their compactness, alignment-free setups, and potentially low costs. However, confining short ... More
Landau-Khalatnikov problem in relativistic hydrodynamicsJun 09 2019An alternative approach to solving the Landau-Khalatnikov problem on one-dimensional stage of expansion of hot hadronic matter created in collisions of high-energy particles or nuclei is suggested. Solving the relativistic hydrodynamics equations by the ... More
Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Sparse Measurements for Characterization and Monitoring of Power System DisturbancesJun 08 2019We introduce the dynamics mode decomposition for monitoring wide-area power grid networks from sparse measurement data. The mathematical framework fuses data from multiple sensors based on multivariate statistics, providing accurate full state estimation ... More
Ground States of Crystalline Caps: Generalized Jellium on Curved SpaceJun 07 2019Jun 11 2019We study the structure and elastic energy of the ground states of crystalline caps conforming to a spherical surface. These ground states consist of positive disclination defects in structures spanning from flat and weakly curved crystals to closed shells. ... More
Towards Arbitrary Control of Lattice Interactions in Nonequilibrium CondensatesJun 07 2019There is a growing interest in investigating new states of matter using out-of-equilibrium lattice spin models in two dimensions. However, a control of pairwise interactions in such systems has been elusive as due to their nonequilibrium nature they maintain ... More
Cubic-quintic nonlinear Helmholtz equation: Modulational instability, chirped elliptic and solitary wavesJun 07 2019We study the formation and propagation of chirped elliptic and solitary waves in cubic-quintic nonlinear Helmholtz (CQNLH) equation. This system describes nonparaxial pulse propagation in a planar waveguide with Kerr-like and quintic nonlinearities along ... More
Observation of incoherently coupled dark-bright vector solitons in single-mode fibersJun 06 2019We report experimental observation of incoherently coupled dark-bright vector solitons in single-mode fibers. Properties of the vector solitons agree well with those predicted by the respective systems of incoherently coupled nonlinear Schroedinger equations. ... More
Generation and dynamics of solitonic pulses due to pump amplitude modulation at normal group velocity dispersionJun 05 2019We studied generation and dynamics of solitonic pulses, platicons, at normal group velocity dispersion due to the pump amplitude modulation. We proposed, that if the required frequency of amplitude modulation is too large for available modulators, it ... More
Solitary wave dynamics governed by the modified FitzHugh-Nagumo equationJun 05 2019The paper deals with the studies of the nonlinear wave solutions supported by the modified FitzHugh-Nagumo (mFHN) system. It was proved in our previous work that the model, under certain conditions, possesses a set of soliton-like traveling wave (TW) ... More
On numerical modeling of dispersive mechanical waves in lipid bi-layersJun 04 2019We investigate different mechanical effects which accompany the nerve pulse propagation by using mathematical modeling. The propagation process is composed by three connected phenomena: (i) the action potential (electrical signal) which is usually considered ... More
THMC instabilities and the Multiphysics of EarthquakesJun 03 2019Theoretical approaches to earthquake instabilities propose shear dominated instabilities as a source mechanism. Here we take a fresh look at the role of possible volumetric instabilities preceding a shear instability. We investigate the phenomena that ... More
Displaced phase-amplitude variables for waves on finite backgroundJun 03 2019Wave amplification in nonlinear dispersive wave equations may be caused by nonlinear focussing of waves from a certain background. In the model of nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation we will introduce a transformation to displaced phase-amplitude variables ... More
Exact travelling solution for a reaction-diffusion system with a piecewise constant production supported by a codimension-1 subspaceJun 02 2019A generalisation of reaction diffusion systems and their travelling solutions to cases when the productive part of the reaction happens only on a surface in space or on a line on plane but the degradation and the diffusion happen in bulk are important ... More
Self-powered shape-transforming membranes: an active matter approach to soft roboticsJun 02 2019We present the first example of an autonomous, extended, shape-transforming sheet made from a gel that shrinks and swells in response to the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction. BZ waves traveling within the gel induce periodic flapping of the sheets. ... More
Effect of driving on coarsening dynamics in phase-separating systemsMay 31 2019We consider the Cahn-Hilliard (CH) equation with a Burgers-type convective term that is used as a model of coarsening dynamics in driven phase-separating systems. In the absence of driving, it is known that solutions to the standard CH equation are characterized ... More
Nonlinear normal modes in the $β$-Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou chainMay 30 2019Nonlinear normal mode solutions of the $\beta$-FPUT chain with fixed boundaries are presented in terms of the Jacobi sn function. Exact solutions for the two particle chain are found for arbitrary linear and nonlinear coupling strengths. Solutions for ... More
Determining the source of period-doubling instabilities in spiral wavesMay 29 2019Spiral wave patterns observed in models of cardiac arrhythmias and chemical oscillations develop alternans and stationary line defects, which can both be thought of as period-doubling instabilities. These instabilities are observed on bounded domains, ... More
Resonances between fundamental frequencies for lasers with large delayed feedbacksMay 29 2019High-order frequency locking phenomena were recently observed using semiconductor lasers subject to large delayed feedbacks [B. Tykalewicz, et al., Opt. Express 24, 4239 (2016); B. Kelleher, et al., Chaos 27, 114325 (2017)]. Specifically, the relaxation ... More
Experimental investigations on the nonequilibrium dynamics of pattern formation in fluid and granular systemsMay 29 2019Patterns are quotidian in nature. Distinct multiscale patterns are generally a consequence of nonequilibrium dynamical processes associated with mechanical or hydrodynamic instabilities. In this thesis, I report experimental investigations on pattern ... More
Spatial rogue waves in photorefractive SBN crystalsMay 28 2019We report on the excitation of large-amplitude waves, with a probability of around 1% of total peaks, on a photorefractive SBN crystal by using a simple experimental setup at room temperature. We excite the system using a narrow Gaussian beam and observe ... More
Dissipative periodic and chaotic patterns to the KdV--Burgers and Gardner equationsMay 28 2019We investigate the KdV-Burgers and Gardner equations with dissipation and external perturbation terms by the approach of dynamical systems and Shil'nikov's analysis. The stability of the equilibrium point is considered, and Hopf bifurcations are investigated ... More
Existence, linear stability and long-time nonlinear stability of Klein-Gordon breathers in the small-amplitude limitMay 28 2019In this paper we consider a discrete Klein-Gordon (dKG) equation on $\ZZ^d$ in the limit of the discrete nonlinear Schrodinger (dNLS) equation, for which small-amplitude breathers have precise scaling with respect to the small coupling strength $\eps$. ... More
Rogue waves on the periodic wave background in the focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equationMay 28 2019We present exact solutions for rogue waves arising on the background of periodic waves in the focusing nonlinear Schrodinger equation. The exact solutions are obtained by characterizing the Lax spectrum related to the periodic waves and by using the one-fold ... More
Modulation-resonance mechanism for surface waves in a two-layer fluid systemMay 27 2019We propose a Boussinesq-type model to study the surface/interfacial wave manifestation of an underlying, slowly-varying, long-wavelength, baroclinic flow in a two-layer, density-stratified system. The results of our model show numerically that, under ... More
Tailoring of multi-pulse dynamics in mode-locked laser via optoacoustic manipulation of quasi-continuous-wave backgroundMay 27 2019A variety of nonequilibrium multi-pulse states can emerge in a mode-locked laser through the interactions between the quasi-continuous-wave background (qCWB) and optical pulses inside the laser cavity. However, they have been long regarded as unpredictable ... More
Formation and Dynamics of Quantum Hydrodynamical Breathing Ring SolitonsMay 27 2019We show that exciton-polariton condensates may exhibit a new fundamental, self-localized nonlinear excitation not seen in other quantum hydrodynamical systems, which takes the form of a dark ring shaped breather. We predict that these structures form ... More
Emission of twin jets from a driven matter-wave soliton in a quasi-one-dimensional geometryMay 24 2019The modulation of the interaction between the atoms in a matter-wave soliton in a quasi-one-dimensional optical trap triggers an emission of correlated atom jets. We characterize the dependence of jet properties on the frequency, amplitude and length ... More
Interface states in polariton topological insulatorsMay 23 2019We address linear and nonlinear topological interface states in polariton condensates excited at the interface of the honeycomb and Lieb arrays of microcavity pillars in the presence of spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman splitting in the external magnetic ... More
Effect of local Peregrine soliton emergence on statistics of random waves in the 1-D focusing Nonlinear Schrödinger equationMay 23 2019The Peregrine soliton is often considered as a prototype of the rogue waves. After recent advances in the semi-classical limit of the 1-D focusing Nonlinear Schr\"odinger (NLS) equation this conjecture can be seen from another perspective. In the present ... More
Variational approximations of soliton dynamics in the Ablowitz-Musslimani nonlinear Schrödinger equationMay 22 2019We study the integrable nonlocal nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation proposed by Ablowitz and Musslimani, that is considered as a particular example of equations with parity-time ($\mathcal{PT}$) symmetric self-induced potential. We consider dynamics (including ... More
Propagating Density Spikes in Light-Powered Motility-RatchetsMay 22 2019Combining experiments and computer simulations, we use a spatially periodic and flashing light-field to direct the motion of phototactic active colloids. Here, the colloids self-organize into a density spike pattern, which resembles a shock wave and propagates ... More
Spatio-temporal Characterization of Thermal Fluctuations in a Non-turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection at Steady StateMay 21 2019In this paper we present a detailed description of the statistical and computational techniques that were employed to study a driven far-from-equilibrium steady-state Rayleigh-B{\'e}nard system in the non-turbulent regime ($Ra\leq 3500$). In our previous ... More
Breather induced quantized superfluid vortex filaments and their characterizationMay 20 2019We study and characterize the breather-induced quantized superfluid vortex filaments which correspond to the Kuznetsov-Ma breather and super-regular breather excitations developing from localised perturbations. Such vortex filaments, emerging from an ... More
Formation of Singularities and Existence of Global Continuous Solutions for the Compressible Euler EquationsMay 19 2019We are concerned with the formation of singularities and the existence of global continuous solutions of the Cauchy problem for the one-dimensional non-isentropic Euler equations for compressible fluids. For the isentropic Euler equations, we pinpoint ... More
Transient structures in rupturing thin-films: Marangoni-induced symmetry-breaking pattern formation in viscous fluidsMay 17 2019In the minutes immediately preceeding the rupture of a soap bubble, distinctive and repeatable patterns can be observed. These quasi-stable transient structures are associated with the instabilities of the complex Marangoni flows on the curved thin film ... More
Flux Flow Effects in Annular Josephson Tunnel JunctionsMay 17 2019We investigate Josephson flux-flow in annular Josephson tunnel junctions (AJTJs) under the application of magnetic fields generating finite-voltage steps in their current-voltage characteristics. Experimental data are presented for confocal AJTJs which ... More
Nanoptera and Stokes Curves in the 2-Periodic Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou EquationMay 17 2019This work presents asymptotic solutions to a singularly-perturbed, period-2 FPUT lattice and uses exponential asymptotics to examine `nanoptera', which are nonlocal solitary waves with constant-amplitude, exponentially small wave trains which appear behind ... More
Dissipative cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) and the soliton limit in microring resonatorsMay 17 2019Single solitons are a special limit of more general waveforms commonly referred to as cnoidal waves or Turing rolls. We theoretically and computationally investigate the stability and accessibility of cnoidal waves in microresonators. We show that they ... More
Dissipative cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) and the soliton limit in microring resonatorsMay 17 2019May 22 2019Single solitons are a special limit of more general waveforms commonly referred to as cnoidal waves or Turing rolls. We theoretically and computationally investigate the stability and accessibility of cnoidal waves in microresonators. We show that they ... More
Dissipative cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) and the soliton limit in microring resonatorsMay 17 2019May 27 2019Single solitons are a special limit of more general waveforms commonly referred to as cnoidal waves or Turing rolls. We theoretically and computationally investigate the stability and accessibility of cnoidal waves in microresonators. We show that they ... More
Deep-learning-assisted detection and termination of spiral- and broken-spiral waves in mathematical models for cardiac tissueMay 16 2019Unbroken and broken spiral waves, in partial-differential-equation (PDE) models for cardiac tissue, are the mathematical analogs of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, namely, ventricular tachycardia (VT) and ventricular-fibrillation (VF). We develop ... More
Phase-locked states in oscillating neural networks and their role in neural communicationMay 15 2019The theory of communication through coherence (CTC) proposes that brain oscillations reflect changes in the excitability of neurons, and therefore the successful communication between two oscillating neural populations depends not only on the strength ... More
A complete theoretical analysis of cavity solitons under various perturbationsMay 15 2019We theoretically investigate the dynamics and stability of a temporal cavity soliton (CS) excited inside a silicon-based microresonator that exhibits free-carrier generation as a results of two-photon absorption (TPA). The optical propagation of the CS ... More
Expectation variables on a para-contact metric manifold exactly derived from master equationsMay 15 2019Based on information and para-contact metric geometries, in this paper a class of dynamical systems is formulated for describing time-development of expectation variables. Here such systems for expectation variables are exactly derived from continuous-time ... More
New perspectives on superfluidity in resonantly--driven polariton fluidsMay 14 2019In this paper we discuss superfluidity, soliton nucleation, and instabilities in a polariton fluid injected by a spatially localized and continuous-wave coherent pump and flowing against a defect located outside the pump spot. In contrast to the equilibrium ... More
Vegetation Pattern Formation in DrylandsMay 13 2019This is a book chapter, written as a contribution to a new edition of "Dryland Ecohydrology", edited by Paolo D'Odorico, Amilcare Porporato, and Christiane Runyan, (to appear, Springer 2019). It aims to (1) describe some of the background to conceptual ... More
Superharmonic instability of nonlinear traveling wave solutions in Hamiltonian systemsMay 13 2019The problem of linear instability of a nonlinear traveling wave in a canonical Hamiltonian system with translational symmetry subject to superharmonic perturbations is discussed. It is shown that exchange of stability occurs when energy is stationary ... More
Generation of stable multi-vortex clusters in a dissipative medium with anti-cubic nonlinearityMay 12 2019We demonstrate the generation of vortex solitons in a model of dissipative optical media with the singular anti-cubic (AC) nonlinearity, by launching a vorticity-carrying Gaussian input into the medium modeled by the cubic-quintic complex Ginzburg-Landau ... More
Variational principles of micromagnetics revisitedMay 11 2019We revisit the basic variational formulation of the minimization problem associated with the micromagnetic energy, with an emphasis on the treatment of the stray field contribution to the energy, which is intrinsically non-local. Under minimal assumptions, ... More
Faraday instability on a sphere: numerical simulationMay 11 2019We consider a spherical variant of the Faraday problem, in which a spherical drop is subjected to a time-periodic body force, as well as surface tension. We use a full three-dimensional parallel front-tracking code to calculate the interface motion of ... More
Rabi oscillations of dissipative structures effected by out-of-phase parametric drivesMay 10 2019Dissipative structures are localized, stable patterns that arise due to the intricate balance among dissipation, dispersion, interaction, and external drive. Their creation and manipulation are of great interest in fields as diverse as optics, magnetism, ... More
Surface tension controls the onset of gyrification in brain organoidsMay 09 2019Understanding the mechanics of brain embryogenesis can provide insights on pathologies related to brain development, such as lissencephaly, a genetic disease which cause a reduction of the number of cerebral sulci. Recent experiments on brain organoids ... More
Stability analysis of ground states in a one-dimensional trapped spin-1 Bose gasMay 08 2019In this work we study the stability properties of the ground states of a spin-1 Bose gas in presence of a trapping potential in one spatial dimension. To set the stage we first map out the phase diagram for the trapped system by making use of a, so-called, ... More
Curved surface geometry-induced topological change of an excitable planar waveMay 08 2019On the curved surfaces of living and nonliving materials, planar excitable waves frequently exhibit directional change and subsequently undergo a topological change; that is, a series of wave dynamics from fusion, annihilation to splitting. Theoretical ... More
Nonlinear dispersion relation predicts harmonic generation in wave motionMay 06 2019In recent work, we have proposed a theory for the derivation of an exact nonlinear dispersion relation for elastic wave propagation which here we consider for a thin rod (linearly nondispersive) and a thick rod (linearly dispersive). The derived relation ... More
Soliton lattices originating from excitons interacting with high-intensity fields in finite molecular crystalsMay 06 2019The effects of long-range intermolecular interactions on characteristic features of soliton bound states, consisting of localized excitons and polaritons in molecular crystals interacting with a high-intensity optical field, are investigated. Analytical ... More
Spirals and ribbons in counter-rotating Taylor-Couette flow: frequencies from mean flows and heteroclinic orbitsMay 05 2019A number of time-periodic flows have been found to have a property called RZIF: when a linear stability analysis is carried out about the temporal mean (rather than the usual steady state), an eigenvalue is obtained whose Real part is Zero and whose Imaginary ... More
Soliton-comb structures in ring-shaped optical microresonators: generation, reconstruction and stabilityMay 03 2019Characteristic features of soliton-comb structures in optical microresonators are investigated in normal and anomalous dispersion regimes, when the detuning parameter is varied over a broad range of values. The study rests on the assumption that soliton ... More
Quasinormal modes in kink-antikink interactions: a toy modelMay 02 2019We study excitations and collisions of kinks in a scalar field theory where the potential has two minima with $Z_2$ symmetry. The potential is designed in order to create a square well potential in the stability equation of the kink excitations. The stability ... More
Topology, geometry and mechanics of strongly stretched and twisted filamentsMay 02 2019Soft elastic filaments that can be stretched, bent and twisted exhibit a range of topologically and geometrically complex morphologies that include plectonemes, solenoids, knot-like and braid-like structures. We combine numerical simulations of soft elastic ... More
Existence and static stability of a capillary free surface appearing in a dewetted Bridgman process. IMay 01 2019This paper present six theoretical results concerning the existence and static stability of a capillary free surface appearing in a dewetted Bridgman crystal growth technique. The results are obtained in an axis symmetric 2D model for semiconductors for ... More
On the compact wave dynamics of tensegrity beams in multiple dimensionsMay 01 2019This work presents a numerical investigation on the nonlinear wave dynamics of tensegrity beams in 1D, 2D and 3D arrangements. The simulation of impact loading on a chain of tensegrity prisms and lumped masses allows us to apply on a smaller scale recent ... More
Propagation of pop ups in kirigami shellsMay 01 2019Kirigami-inspired metamaterials are attracting increasing interest because of their ability to achieve extremely large strains and shape changes via out-of-plane buckling. While in flat kirigami sheets the ligaments buckle simultaneously as Euler columns ... More
Exact solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equation including higher order dispersionMay 01 2019Exact solitary wave solution and periodic solutions expressed in terms of elliptic Jacobi's functions are obtained for the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation governing the propagation of pulses in optical fibers including the effects of second, third ... More
Hybrid Breathers in Nonlinear $\mathcal{PT}$-Symmetric MetamaterialsApr 30 2019On a two-dimensional planar parity-time-($\mathcal{PT}$-)symmetric nonlinear magnetic metamaterial, consisting of split-ring dimers with balanced gain and loss, discrete breather solutions can be found. We extend these studies and by numerical calculations ... More
Solitary wave fission of a large disturbance in a viscous fluid conduitApr 29 2019The temporal evolution of a large, localized initial disturbance is considered in the context of the viscous fluid conduit system---the driven, cylindrical, free interface between two miscible Stokes fluids with high viscosity contrast. Due to buoyancy ... More
A Split-Step Fourier Scheme for the Dissipative Kundu-Eckhaus Equation and its Rogue Wave DynamicsApr 29 2019We investigate the rogue wave dynamics of the dissipative Kundu-Eckhaus equation. With this motivation, we propose a split-step Fourier scheme for its numerical solution. After testing the accuracy and stability of the scheme using an analytical solution ... More
Vortex solitons: Old results and new perspectivesApr 27 2019A review is given of some well-known and some recent results for two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) solitons, with emphasis on states carrying embedded vorticity. Unlike typically stable 1D solitons, 2D and 3D ones are vulnerable to instabilities ... More
Homotopy Analysis Technique for a Generalised (1+1)-Dimensional KdV Equation of Variable CoefficientsApr 26 2019May 01 2019In this work, an exact solution to a new generalized nonlinear KdV partial differential equations has been investigated using homotopy analysis techniques. The mentioned partial differential equation has been solved using homotopy perturbation method ... More
Experimental evidence of a hydrodynamic soliton gasApr 26 2019We report on an experimental realization of a bi-directional soliton gas in a 34~m-long wave flume in shallow water regime. We take advantage of the fission of a sinusoidal wave to inject continuously solitons that propagate along the tank, back and forth. ... More
Directed Flow of Information in Chimera StatesApr 25 2019We investigated interactions within chimera states in a phase oscillator network with two coupled subpopulations. To quantify interactions within and between these subpopulations, we estimated the corresponding (delayed) mutual information that -- in ... More
Attraction centers and PT-symmetric delta-functional dipoles in critical and supercritical self-focusing mediaApr 24 2019We introduce a model based on the one-dimensional nonlinear Schroedinger equation (NLSE) with the critical (quintic) or supercritical self-focusing nonlinearity. We demonstrate that a family of solitons, which are unstable in this setting against collapse, ... More
Metastability of quantum droplet clustersApr 22 2019We show that metastable ring-shaped clusters can be constructed from two-dimensional quantum droplets in systems described by the Gross-Pitaevskii equations augmented with Lee-Huang-Yang quantum corrections. The clusters exhibit dynamical behaviours ranging ... More
Non-autonomous Turing conditions for reaction-diffusion systems on evolving domainsApr 22 2019The study of pattern-forming instabilities in reaction-diffusion systems on growing or otherwise time-dependent domains arises in a variety of settings, including applications in developmental biology and experimental chemistry. Analyzing such instabilities ... More
A Theory of Discrete Hierarchies as Optimal Cost-Adjusted Productivity OrganisationsApr 19 2019Hierarchical structures are ubiquitous in human and animal societies, but a fundamental understanding of their raison d'\^etre has been lacking. Here, we present a general theory in which hierarchies are obtained as the optimal design that strikes a balance ... More
Thermodynamics of Chemical WavesApr 18 2019Chemical waves constitute a known class of dissipative structures emerging in reaction-diffusion systems. They play a crucial role in biology, spreading information rapidly to synchronize and coordinate biological events. We develop a rigorous thermodynamic ... More
A trio of heteroclinic bifurcations arising from a model of spatially-extended Rock-Paper-ScissorsApr 18 2019One of the simplest examples of a robust heteroclinic cycle involves three saddle equilibria: each one is unstable to the next in turn, and connections from one to the next occur within invariant subspaces. Such a situation can be described by a third-order ... More
Vortex knots on 3D lattices of nonlinear oscillators coupled by space-varying linksApr 16 2019Apr 18 2019Quantized vortices in a complex wave field described by a defocusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with a space-varying dispersion coefficient are studied theoretically and compared to vortices in the Gross-Pitaevskii model with external potential. ... More
Vortex knots on 3D lattices of nonlinear oscillators coupled by space-varying linksApr 16 2019Quantized vortices in a complex wave field described by a defocusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with a space-varying dispersion coefficient are studied theoretically and compared to vortices in the Gross-Pitaevskii model with external potential. ... More
Nucleation and propagation of excitation fronts in self-excited systemsApr 16 2019Frictional interfaces exhibits a very rich dynamical behavior due to frictional interactions. This work focuses on the transition between spatially localized and propagating stick-slip motion. To overcome the difficulties related to the non-smoothness ... More
Topological edge states and gap solitons in the nonlinear Dirac modelApr 16 2019Topological photonics has emerged recently as a novel approach for realizing robust optical circuitry, and the study of nonlinear effects in topological photonics is expected to open the door for tunability of photonic structures with topological properties. ... More
Non-degenerate Bound State Solitons in Multi-component Bose-Einstein CondensatesApr 16 2019We investigate non-degenerate bound state solitons systematically in multi-component Bose-Einstein condensates, through developing Darboux transformation method to derive exact soliton solutions analytically. In particular, we show that bright solitons ... More
Asymmetric balance in symmetry breakingApr 15 2019Spontaneous symmetry breaking is central to our understanding of physics and explains many natural phenomena, from cosmic scales to sub-atomic particles. It can also be exploited for applications, but engineered systems naturally present some deviations ... More
Uneven rock-paper-scissors models: patterns and coexistenceApr 15 2019We study a class of the stochastic May-Leonard models, with three species dominating each other in a cyclic nonhierarchical way, according to the rock-paper-scissors game. We introduce an unevenness in the system, by considering that one the species is ... More
Uneven rock-paper-scissors models: patterns and coexistenceApr 15 2019May 14 2019We study a class of the stochastic May-Leonard models, with three species dominating each other in a cyclic nonhierarchical way, according to the rock-paper-scissors game. We introduce an unevenness in the system, by considering that one of the species ... More
Resilience for stochastic systems interacting via a quasi-degenerate networkApr 14 2019A stochastic reaction-diffusion model is studied on a networked support. In each patch of the network two species are assumed to interact following a non-normal reaction scheme. When the interaction unit is replicated on a directed linear lattice, noise ... More
On interplay between excitability and geometryApr 13 2019A commonly accepted feature of an excitable medium is that a local excitation leads to a propagation of circular or spiral excitation wave-fronts. This is indeed the case in fully excitable medium. However, with a decrease of an excitability localised ... More
Predicting Spatio-Temporal Time Series Using Dimension Reduced Local StatesApr 12 2019We present a method for both cross estimation and iterated time series prediction of spatio temporal dynamics based on reconstructed local states, PCA dimension reduction, and local modelling using nearest neighbour methods. The effectiveness of this ... More
Heat-induced soliton self-frequency redshift in the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of active plasmonic waveguidesApr 12 2019We investigate the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics of light emitted in an active plasmonic waveguide composed of a thin film of gold sandwiched by two silicon layers immersed in externally pumped Al$_2$O$_3$:Er$^{3+}$. We model optical propagation in such ... More
Effects of vorticity on the travelling waves of some shallow water two-component systemsApr 12 2019In the present study we consider three two-component (integrable and non-integrable) systems which describe the propagation of shallow water waves on a constant shear current. Namely, we consider the two-component Camassa-Holm equations, the Zakharov-Ito ... More
Evolution of intensive light pulses in a nonlinear medium with the Raman effectApr 11 2019In this paper, we study the evolution of intensive light pulses in nonlinear single-mode fibers. The dynamics of light in such fibers is described by the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with the Raman term, due to stimulated Raman self-scattering. It ... More
Modulational Instability of Viscous Fluid Conduit Periodic WavesApr 11 2019In this paper, we are interested in studying the modulational dynamics of interfacial waves rising buoyantly along a conduit of a viscous liquid. Formally, the behavior of modulated periodic waves on large space and time scales may be described through ... More
Quench induced vortex-bright-soliton formation in binary Bose-Einstein condensatesApr 11 2019We unravel the spontaneous generation of vortex-bright-soliton structures in binary Bose-Einstein condensates confined in a two-dimensional harmonic trap where one of the two species has been segmented into two parts by a potential barrier. To trigger ... More
Stokes waves in a constant vorticity flowApr 10 2019The Stokes wave problem in a constant vorticity flow is formulated via a conformal mapping as a modified Babenko equation. The associated linearized operator is self-adjoint, whereby efficiently solved by the Newton-conjugate gradient method. For strong ... More
Dynamics of a class A nonlinear mirror mode-locked laserApr 08 2019Using a delay differential equation model we study theoretically the dynamics of a unidirectional class-A ring laser with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror. We perform linear stability analysis of the CW regimes in the large delay limit and demonstrate ... More
Dynamics of a class A nonlinear mirror mode-locked laserApr 08 2019May 06 2019Using a delay differential equation model we study theoretically the dynamics of a unidirectional class-A ring laser with a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror. We perform linear stability analysis of the CW regimes in the large delay limit and demonstrate ... More