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On the Maximal Parameter Range of Global Stability for a Nonlocal Thermostat ModelSep 18 2019The global asymptotic stability of the unique steady state of a nonlinear scalar parabolic equation with a nonlocal boundary condition is studied. The equation describes the evolution of the temperature profile that is subject to a feedback control loop. ... More
Dynamical systems on chain complexes and canonical minimal resolutionsSep 18 2019We introduce notions of vector field and its (discrete time) flow on a chain complex. The resulting dynamical systems theory provides a set of tools with a broad range of applicability that allow, among others, to replace in a canonical way a chain complex ... More
A converse statement to Hutchinson's theorem and a dimension gap for self-affine measuresSep 18 2019A well-known theorem of J.E. Hutchinson states that if an iterated function system consists of similarity transformations and satisfies the open set condition then its attractor supports a self-similar measure with Hausdorff dimension equal to the similarity ... More
Asymptotic preserving $P_N$ methods for haptotaxis equationsSep 18 2019The so-called haptotaxis equation is a special class of transport equation that arises from models of biological cell movement along tissue fibers. This equation has an anisotropic advection-diffusion equation as its macroscopic limit. An up to second-order ... More
Obstructions to deforming space curves lying on a smooth cubic surfaceSep 18 2019In this paper, we study the deformations of curves in the projective 3-space $\mathbb P^3$ (space curves), one of the most classically studied objects in algebraic geometry. We prove a conjecture due to J. O. Kleppe (in fact, a version modified by Ph. ... More
The Geometric Index and Attractors of Homeomorphisms of $\mathbb{R}^3$Sep 18 2019In this paper we focus on compacta $K \subseteq \mathbb{R}^3$ which possess a neighbourhood basis that consists of nested solid tori $T_i$. We call these sets toroidal. In \cite{hecyo1} we defined the genus of a toroidal set as a generalization of the ... More
Semigroups and Evolutionary EquationsSep 18 2019We show how strongly continuous semigroups can be associated with evolutionary equations. For doing so, we need to define the space of admissible history functions and initial states. Moreover, the initial value problem has to be formulated within the ... More
Counting isolated points outside the image of a polynomial mapSep 18 2019Let $f=(f_1,f_2):\C^2\rightarrow\C^2$ be a non-proper polynomial map, and let $d(f)$ denote the maximum degree of $f_1$, and $f_2$. We show that for a large family of such maps, the number of isolated points in $\C^2\setminus f(\C^2)$ is bounded from ... More
Derived length of zero entropy groups acting on projective varieties in arbitrary characteristic -- A remark to a paper of Dinh-Oguiso-ZhangSep 18 2019Let $X$ be a projective variety of dimension $n\ge1$ over an algebraically closed field of arbitrary characteristic. We prove a Fujiki-Lieberman type theorem on the structure of the automorphism group of $X$. Let $G$ be a group of zero entropy automorphisms ... More
Nivat's Conjecture, Nonexpansiveness and Periodic DecompositionSep 18 2019In this paper, we prove that configurations with two simultaneous annihilators whose geometry of their convex supports satisfy a condition are periodic. Furthermore, we show that if $\eta = \eta_1+\cdots+\eta_{\tau}$ is a minimal periodic decomposition ... More
Periodic trajectories of ellipsoidal billiards in the 3-dimensional Minkowski spaceSep 18 2019In this paper, we give detailed analysis and description of periodic trajectories of the billiard system within an ellipsoid in the 3-dimensional Minkowski space, taking into account all possibilities for the caustics. The conditions for periodicity are ... More
On Polish groups admitting non-essentially countable actionsSep 17 2019It is a long-standing open question whether every Polish group that is not locally compact admits a Borel action on a standard Borel space whose associated orbit equivalence relation is not essentially countable. We answer this question positively for ... More
Generalized bathtub model of network trip flowsSep 17 2019In this study, we present a unified framework for modeling network trip flows with general distributions of trip distances, including negative exponential, constant, and regularly sorting trip distances studied in the literature. In addition to tracking ... More
Adaptive and Dynamically Constrained Process Noise Estimation for Orbit DeterminationSep 17 2019This paper introduces two new algorithms to accurately estimate Kalman filter process noise online for robust orbit determination in the presence of dynamics model uncertainties. Common orbit determination process noise techniques, such as state noise ... More
Infinitesimal symmetries in Contact Hamiltonian systemsSep 17 2019In this paper, we extend the well-known Noether theorem for Lagrangian systems to contact Lagrangian systems. We introduce a classification of infinitesimal symmetries and obtain the corresponding dissipated quantities. We notice that in contact dynamics, ... More
A Control Theorem for Primitive ideals in Iwasawa algebrasSep 17 2019Let p be a prime, K a p-adic field, G a nilpotent, uniform pro-p group. We prove that all faithful, primitive ideals in the Iwasawa algebra KG are controlled by the centraliser of the second term in the upper central series for G.
First Integrals vs Limit CyclesSep 17 2019This paper applies a recent result determining periodic orbits on the basis of first integrals, for Li\'enard systems. By solving a first order ODE with singularities, a crucial result is proved to locate intervals of single and isolated maximum amplitudes ... More
Preprocessing and Cutting Planes with Conflict GraphsSep 17 2019This paper addresses the implementation of conflict graph-based routines into the COIN-OR Branch-and-Cut (CBC) solver, including: $(i)$ a conflict graph infrastructure with an improved version of a state-of-the-art conflict detection algorithm to quickly ... More
Sampling, Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund Inequalities, Approximation, and Quadrature RulesSep 17 2019Given a sequence of Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund inequalities in $L^2$, we derive approximation theorems and quadrature rules. The derivation is completely elementary and requires only the definition of Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund inequality, Sobolev spaces, and the ... More
Forwards attraction properties in scalar non-autonomous linear dissipative parabolic PDEs. The case of null upper lyapunov exponentSep 17 2019As it is well-known, the forwards and pullback dynamics are in general unrelated. In this paper we present an in-depth study of whether the pullback attractor is also a forwards attractor for the processes involved with the skew-product semiflow induced ... More
Representable diagrammatic sets as a model of weak higher categoriesSep 17 2019Developing an idea of Kapranov and Voevodsky, we introduce a model of weak omega-categories based on directed complexes, combinatorial presentations of pasting diagrams. We propose this as a convenient framework for higher-dimensional rewriting. We define ... More
Enriched categories and tropical mathematicsSep 17 2019We point out a connection of enriched category theory over a quantale and tropical mathematics. Quantales or complete idempotent semirings, as well as matrices with coefficients in them, are fundamental objects in both fields. We first survey standard ... More
Preservation of $γ$-spaces and covering properties of productsSep 17 2019We prove that the Hurewicz property is not preserved by finite products in the Miller model. This is a consequence of the fact that Miller forcing preserves ground model $\gamma$-spaces.
Design Theory and Some Non-simple Forbidden ConfigurationsSep 17 2019Let 1_k 0_l denote the (k+l)\times 1 column of k 1's above l 0's. Let q. (1_k 0_l) $ denote the (k+l)xq matrix with q copies of the column 1_k0_l. A 2-design S_{\lambda}(2,3,v) can be defined as a vx(\lambda/3)\binom{v}{2} (0,1)-matrix with all column ... More
Multiple scales and singular limits of perfect fluidsSep 16 2019In this article our goal is to study the singular limits for a scaled barotropic Euler system modelling a rotating, compressible and inviscid fluid, where Mach number $=\epsilon^m $, Rossby number $=\epsilon $ and Froude number $=\epsilon^n $ are proportional ... More
Scenery Reconstruction for Random Walk on Random Scenery SystemsSep 16 2019Consider a simple random walk on $\mathbb{Z}$ with a random coloring of $\mathbb{Z}$. Look at the sequence of the first $N$ steps taken in the random walk, together with the colors of the visited locations. We call this the record. From the record one ... More
A Particle Method without RemeshingSep 16 2019We propose a simple tweak to a recently developed regularisation scheme for particle methods. This allows us to chose the particle spacing $h$ proportional to the regularisation length $\sigma$ and achieve optimal error bounds of the form $\mathcal{O}(\sigma^n)$, ... More
Beltrami fields with hyperbolic periodic orbits enclosed by knotted invariant toriSep 16 2019We prove that there exist Beltrami fields in Euclidean space, with sharp decay at infinity, which have a prescribed set of invariant tori (possibly knotted or linked) that enclose an arbitrarily large number of hyperbolic periodic orbits. These hyperbolic ... More
Three-in-a-Tree in Near Linear TimeSep 16 2019The three-in-a-tree problem is to determine if a simple undirected graph contains an induced subgraph which is a tree connecting three given vertices. Based on a beautiful characterization that is proved in more than twenty pages, Chudnovsky and Seymour ... More
Large deviations and central limit theorems for sequential and random systems of intermittent mapsSep 16 2019We obtain large deviations estimates for both sequential and random compositions of intermittent maps. We also address the question of whether or not centering is necessary for the quenched central limit theorems (CLT) obtained by Nicol, T\"or\"ok and ... More
On an irreducibility type condition for the ergodicity of nonconservative semigroupsSep 16 2019We propose a simple criterion, inspired from the irreducible aperiodic Markov chains, to derive the exponential convergence of general positive semi-groups. When not checkable on the whole state space, it can be combined to the use of Lyapunov functions. ... More
Multitype Integer Monoid Optimization and ApplicationsSep 16 2019Configuration integer programs (IP) have been key in the design of algorithms for NP-hard high-multiplicity problems since the pioneering work of Gilmore and Gomory [Oper. Res., 1961]. Configuration IPs have a variable for each possible configuration, ... More
Measures of maximal entropy on subsystems of topological suspension semi-flowsSep 16 2019Given a compact topological dynamical system (X, f) with positive entropy and upper semi-continuous entropy map, and any closed invariant subset $Y \subset X$ with positive entropy, we show that there exists a continuous roof function such that the set ... More
On jumps stochastic slowly diffusion equations with fast oscillation coefficientsSep 16 2019We present a large deviation principle for some stochastic evolution equations with jumps which depend on two small parameters, when the viscosity parameter {\epsilon} tends to zero more quickly than the homogenization's one {\delta}{\epsilon} (written ... More
On jumps stochastic slowly diffusion equations with fast oscillation coefficientsSep 16 2019Sep 17 2019We present a large deviation principle for some stochastic evolution equations with jumps which depend on two small parameters, when the viscosity parameter {\epsilon} tends to zero more quickly than the homogenization's one {\delta}{\epsilon} (written ... More
Search and rescue at sea aided by hidden flow structuresSep 16 2019Every year hundreds of people die at sea because of vessel and airplane accidents. A key challenge in reducing the number of these fatalities is to make Search and Rescue (SAR) algorithms more efficient. Here we address this challenge by uncovering hidden ... More
A Weighted $\ell_1$-Minimization Approach For Wavelet Reconstruction of Signals and ImagesSep 16 2019In this effort, we propose a convex optimization approach based on weighted $\ell_1$-regularization for reconstructing objects of interest, such as signals or images, that are sparse or compressible in a wavelet basis. We recover the wavelet coefficients ... More
Phase Diagram of the Quantum Random Energy ModelSep 16 2019We prove Goldschmidt's formula [Phys. Rev. B 47 (1990) 4858] for the free energy of the quantum random energy model. In particular, we verify the location of the first order and the freezing transition in the phase diagram. The proof is based on a combination ... More
Disproportionate divisionSep 16 2019We study the disproportionate version of the classical cake-cutting problem: how efficiently can we divide a cake, here $[0,1]$, among $n$ agents with different demands $\alpha_1, \alpha_2, \dots, \alpha_n$ summing to $1$? When all the agents have equal ... More
Locally (co)Cartesian fibrations as realisation fibrations and the classifying space of cospansSep 16 2019We show that the conditions in Steimle's 'additivity theorem for cobordism categories' can be weakened to only require \emph{locally} (co)Cartesian fibrations, making it applicable to a larger class of functors. As an application we compute the difference ... More
Exotic Courant algebroids and T-dualitySep 16 2019In this paper, we extend the T-duality isomorphism by Gualtieri and Cavalcanti, from invariant exact Courant algebroids, to exotic exact Courant algebroids such that the momentum and winding numbers are exchanged, filling in a gap in the literature.
Dynamics of a population with two equal dominated speciesSep 16 2019We consider a population with two equal dominated species, dynamics of which is defined by one-dimensional piecewise-continuous, two parametric functions. It is shown that for any non-zero parameters this function has two fixed points and several periodic ... More
Exact solutions for geodesic distance on treelike models with some constraintsSep 16 2019Geodesic distance, commonly called shortest path length, has proved useful in a great variety of disciplines. It has been playing a significant role in search engine at present and so attracted considerable attention at the last few decades, particularly, ... More
Flexibility of entropy of boundary maps for surfaces of constant negative curvaturesSep 16 2019Given a closed, oriented, compact surface $S$ of constant negative curvature and genus $g \ge 2$, we study the measure-theoretic entropy of the Bowen-Series boundary map with respect to its smooth invariant measure. We obtain an explicit formula for the ... More
Dirac and Lagrange algebraic constraints in nonlinear port-Hamiltonian systemsSep 16 2019After recalling standard nonlinear port-Hamiltonian systems and their algebraic constraint equations, called here Dirac algebraic constraints, an extended class of port-Hamiltonian systems is introduced. This is based on replacing the Hamiltonian function ... More
Describing the Jelonek set of polynomial maps via Newton polytopesSep 16 2019Let $\K=\C$, or $\R$, and $S_f$ be the set of points in $\K^n$ at which a polynomial map $f:\K^n\rightarrow\K^n$ is non-proper. Jelonek proved that $S_f$ is a semi-algebraic set that is ruled by polynomial curves, with $\dim S_f\leq n-1$, and provided ... More
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD 2019)Sep 16 2019This is the arXiv index for the electronic proceedings of GD 2019, which contains the peer-reviewed and revised accepted papers with an optional appendix. Proceedings (without appendices) are also to be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer ... More
Direct images of pluricanonical bundles and Frobenius stable canonical rings of generic fibersSep 16 2019In this paper, we study direct images of pluricanonical bundles in positive characteristic, assuming that generic fibers have finitely generated canonical rings and sufficiently large Frobenius stable canonical rings. We treat a Fujita-type conjecture ... More
Explicit near-Ramanujan graphs of every degreeSep 16 2019For every constant $d \geq 3$ and $\epsilon > 0$, we give a deterministic $\mathrm{poly}(n)$-time algorithm that outputs a $d$-regular graph on $\Theta(n)$ vertices that is $\epsilon$-near-Ramanujan; i.e., its eigenvalues are bounded in magnitude by $2\sqrt{d-1} ... More
Isomorphisms between determinantal point processes with translation invariant kernels and Poisson point processesSep 16 2019We prove the Bernoulli property for determinantal point processes on $ \mathbb{R}^d $ with translation-invariant kernels. For the determinantal point processes on $ \mathbb{Z}^d $ with translation-invariant kernels, the Bernoulli property was proved by ... More
Group-theoretical property of non-degenerate fusion categories of FP-dimension $p^2q^3$ and $p^3q^3$Sep 16 2019In this paper, we show that non-degenerate fusion categories of FP-dimensions $p^2q^3d$ and $p^3q^3d$ are group-theoretical, where $p, q$ are odd primes, $d$ is a square-free integer such that $(pq,d) = 1$.
Maximal temporal period of a periodic solution generated by a one-dimensional cellular automatonSep 16 2019We study one-dimensional cellular automata evolutions with both temporal and spatial periodicity. The main objective is to investigate the longest temporal periods among all two-neighbor rules, with a fixed spatial period $\sigma$ and number of states ... More
One-dimensional cellular automata with random rules: longest temporal period of a periodic solutionSep 15 2019We study one-dimensional cellular automata whose rules are chosen at random from among $r$-neighbor rules with a large number $n$ of states. Our main focus is the asymptotic behavior, as $n \to \infty$, of the longest temporal period $X_{\sigma,n}$ of ... More
Periodic solutions of one-dimensional cellular automata with random rulesSep 15 2019We study cellular automata with randomly selected rules. Our setting are two-neighbor rules with a large number $n$ of states. The main quantity we analyze is the asymptotic probability, as $n \to \infty$, that the random rule has a periodic solution ... More
Characterization of toric systems via transport costsSep 15 2019We characterize completely integrable Hamiltonian systems inducing an effective Hamiltonian torus action as systems with zero transport costs w.r.t. the time-$T$ map where $T \in {\mathbb R}^n$ is the period of the acting $n$-torus.
Optimal robustness of passive discrete time systemsSep 15 2019We construct optimally robust realizations of a given rational transfer function that represents a passive discrete-time system. We link it to the solution set of linear matrix inequalities defining passive transfer functions. We also consider the problem ... More
Decomposition of random walk measures on the one-dimensional torusSep 15 2019The main result of this paper is a decomposition theorem for a measure on the one-dimensional torus. Given a sufficiently large subset $S$ of the positive integers, an arbitrary measure on the torus is decomposed as the sum of two measures. The first ... More
A Primal Decomposition Algorithm for the Two-dimensional Bin Packing ProblemSep 15 2019The Two-dimensional Bin Packing Problem calls for packing a set of rectangular items into a minimal set of larger rectangular bins. Items must be packed with their edges parallel to the borders of the bins, cannot be rotated and cannot overlap among them. ... More
On the continuity of the elements of the Ellis semigroup and other propertiesSep 15 2019We consider discrete dynamical systems whose phase spaces are compact metrizable countable spaces. In the first part of the article, we study some properties that guarantee the continuity of all functions of the corresponding Ellis semigroup. For instance, ... More
The geometric quantizations and the measured Gromov-Hausdorff convergencesSep 15 2019On a compact symplectic manifold $(X,\omega)$ with a prequantum line bundle $(L,\nabla,h)$, we consider the one-parameter family of $\omega$-compatible complex structures which converges to the real polarization coming from the Lagrangian torus fibration. ... More
Run-Length Encoding in a Finite UniverseSep 15 2019Text compression schemes and compact data structures usually combine sophisticated probability models with basic coding methods whose average codeword length closely match the entropy of known distributions. In the frequent case where basic coding represents ... More
Support, Convexity Conditions and Convex Hypersurfaces in Infinite DimensionSep 15 2019Working in infinite dimensional linear spaces, we deal with support for closed sets without interior. We generalize the Convexity Theorem for closed sets without interior. Finally we study the infinite dimensional version of Jordan hypersurfaces. Our ... More
Monotone smoothing splines with boundsSep 15 2019The problem of monotone smoothing splines with bounds is formulated as a constrained minimization problem of the calculus of variations. Existence and uniqueness of solutions of this problem is proved, as well as the equivalence of it to a finite dimensional ... More
An algorithm for a Massey triple product of a smooth projective plane curveSep 15 2019We provide an explicit algorithm to compute a Massey triple product relative to a defining system for a smooth projective plane curve $X$ defined by a homogeneous polynomial $G(\underline x)$ over a field. The main idea is to use the description (due ... More
Real Zeros of SONC PolynomialsSep 15 2019We provide a complete and explicit characterization of the real zeros of sums of nonnegative circuit (SONC) polynomials, a recent certificate for nonnegative polynomials independent of sums of squares. As a consequence, we derive an exact determination ... More
Critical Clearing Time Sensitivity for Inequality Constrained SystemsSep 15 2019With the growth of renewable generation (RG) and the development of associated ride through curves serving as operating limits, during disturbances, on violation of these limits, the power system is at risk of losing large amounts of generation. In order ... More
Sup-sums principles for F-divergence, Kullback--Leibler divergence, and new definition for t-entropySep 14 2019The article presents new sup-sums principles for integral F-divergence for arbitrary convex function F and arbitrary (not necessarily positive and absolutely continuous) measures. As applications of these results we derive the corresponding sup-sums principle ... More
Classification of foliations by curves of low degree on the three-dimensional projective spaceSep 14 2019We study foliations by curves on the three-dimensional projective space with no isolated singularities, which is equivalent to assuming that the conormal sheaf is locally free. We provide a classification of such foliations by curves up to degree 3, also ... More
Differential operators on almost-Hermitian manifolds and harmonic formsSep 14 2019We consider several differential operators on compact almost-complex, almost-Hermitian and almost-K\"ahler manifolds. We discuss Hodge Theory for these operators and a possible cohomological interpretation. We compare the associated spaces of harmonic ... More
A Generalized Randomized Rank-Revealing FactorizationSep 14 2019We introduce a Generalized Randomized QR-decomposition that may be applied to arbitrary products of matrices and their inverses, without needing to explicitly compute the products or inverses. This factorization is a critical part of a communication-optimal ... More
Occam's Razor in Opinion Dynamics: The Weighted-Median Influence ProcessSep 13 2019Nowadays public opinion formation is deeply influenced by social networks and faces unprecedented challenges such as opinion radicalization, echo chambers, and ideologization of public debates. Mathematical modeling of opinion dynamics plays a fundamental ... More
A data-driven method for quantifying the impact of a genetic circuit on its hostSep 13 2019Genetic circuits are designed to implement certain logic in living cells, keeping burden on the host cell minimal. However, manipulating the genome often will have a significant impact for various reasons (usage of the cell machinery to express new genes, ... More
A reformulated Krein matrix for star-even polynomial operators with applicationsSep 13 2019In its original formulation the Krein matrix was used to locate the spectrum of first-order star-even polynomial operators where both operator coefficients are nonsingular. Such operators naturally arise when considering first-order-in-time Hamiltonian ... More
Porosity in conformal dynamical systemsSep 13 2019In this paper we study various aspects of porosities for conformal fractals. We first explore porosity in the general context of infinite graph directed Markov systems (GDMS), and we show that, under some natural assumptions, their limit sets are porous ... More
Modifiers of mutation rate in selectively fluctuating environmentsSep 13 2019We study a mutation-selection model with a fluctuating environment. More precisely, individuals in a large population are assumed to have a modifier locus determining the mutation rate $u \in [0,\vartheta]$ at a second locus with types $v \in [0,1]$. ... More
The Diophantine Equation $(x+1)^k+(x+2)^k+\cdots+(\ell x)^k=y^n$ RevisitedSep 13 2019Let $k,\ell\geq2$ be fixed integers and $C$ be an effectively computable constant depending only on $k$ and $\ell$. In this paper, we prove that all solutions of the equation $(x+1)^{k}+(x+2)^{k}+...+(\ell x)^{k}=y^{n}$ in integers $x,y,n$ with $x,y\geq1, ... More
Non-uniform Hyperbolicity In Polynomial Skew ProductsSep 13 2019Let $f:\mathbb{C}^2\to \mathbb{C}^2$ be a polynomial skew product which leaves invariant an attracting vertical line $ L $. Assume moreover $f$ restricted to $L$ is non-uniformly hyperbolic, in the sense that $f$ restricted to $L$ satisfies one of the ... More
Hamiltonian Normal FormsSep 13 2019We study a new type of normal form at a critical point of an analytic Hamiltonian. Under a Bruno condition on the frequency, we prove a convergence statement. Using this result, we deduce the existence of a positive measure set of invariant tori near ... More
Ramsey Theory on Infinite Structures and the Method of Strong Coding TreesSep 12 2019This article discusses some recent trends in Ramsey theory on infinite structures. Trees and their Ramsey theory have been vital to these investigations. The main ideas behind the author's recent method of trees with coding nodes are presented, showing ... More
On the uniqueness of Schwarzschild-de Sitter spacetimeSep 12 2019We establish a new uniqueness theorem for the three dimensional Schwarzschild-de Sitter metrics. For this some new or improved tools are developed. These include a reverse Lojasiewicz inequality, which holds in a neighborhood of the extremal points of ... More
Discretely shrinking targets in moduli spaceSep 12 2019We consider the discrete shrinking target problem for Teichm\"uller geodesic flow on the moduli space of abelian or quadratic differentials and prove that the discrete geodesic trajectory of almost every differential will hit a shrinking family of targets ... More
An adaptive voter model on simplicial complexesSep 12 2019Collective decision making processes lie at the heart of many social, political and economic challenges. The classical voter model is a well-established conceptual model to study such processes. In this work, we define a new form of adaptive (or co-evolutionary) ... More
Warps and duality for double vector bundlesSep 12 2019A linear section of a double vector bundle is a parallel pair of sections which form a vector bundle morphism; examples include the complete lifts of vector fields to tangent bundles and the horizontal lifts arising from a connection in a vector bundle. ... More
The Dynamics of Multi-agent Multi-option Decision MakingSep 12 2019Decision making is a dynamical phenomenon and thus the transition from indecision to decision can be described well by bifurcation theory. Agreement, or consensus, is only one of many ways in which collective decisions can be made. However, theories of ... More
On the density of branching Brownian motion in subcritical ballsSep 12 2019We study the density of the support of a dyadic $d$-dimensional branching Brownian motion (BBM) in subcritical balls in $\mathbb{R}^d$. Using elementary geometric arguments and an extension of a previous result on the probability of absence of the support ... More
Multiplicity of clines for systems of indefinite differential equations arising from a multilocus population genetics modelSep 12 2019We investigate sufficient conditions for the presence of coexistence states for different genotypes in a diploid diallelic population with dominance distributed on a heterogeneous habitat, considering also the interaction between genes at multiple loci. ... More
Computability, orders, and solvable groupsSep 12 2019The main objective of this paper is the following two results. (1) There exists a computable bi-orderable group that does not have a computable bi-ordering; (2) There exists a bi-orderable, two-generated recursively presented solvable group with undecidable ... More
Spectral decimation of the magnetic Laplacian on the Sierpinski gasket: Hofstadter's butterfly, determinants, and loop soup entropySep 12 2019The magnetic Laplacian (also called the line bundle Laplacian) on a connected weighted graph is a self-adjoint operator wherein the real-valued adjacency weights are replaced by complex-valued weights. When properly interpreted, these complex weights ... More
Asymptotic normality for random polytopes in non-Euclidean geometriesSep 12 2019Asymptotic normality for the natural volume measure of random polytopes generated by random points distributed uniformly in a convex body in spherical or hyperbolic spaces is proved. Also the case of Hilbert geometries is treated and central limit theorems ... More
Dynamic Structures of Monomials on $p$-adic Integers for Small Primes $p$Sep 12 2019We study the dynamic structures of the monomial $x^m$ over the ring of $p$-adic integers for every positive integer $m$ and for primes $p=2,3$ and $5$. The dynamic structures are described by investigating minimal decompositions which consist of minimal ... More
The volume of simplices in high-dimensional Poisson-Delaunay tessellationsSep 12 2019Typical weighted random simplices $Z_{\mu}$, $\mu\in(-2,\infty)$, in a Poisson-Delaunay tessellation in $\mathbb{R}^n$ are considered, where the weight is given by the $(\mu+1)$st power of the volume. As special cases this includes the typical ($\mu=-1$) ... More
Reducibility of the quantum harmonic oscillator in $d$-dimensions with finitely differentiable perturbationsSep 12 2019In this paper, the $d$-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator with a pseudo-differential time quasi-periodic perturbation \begin{equation}\label{0} \text{i}\dot{\psi}=(-\Delta+V(x)+\epsilon W(\omega t,x,-\text{i}\nabla))\psi,\ \ \ \ \ x\in\mathbb{R}^d ... More
Critical intermittency in rational mapsSep 12 2019This paper will provide and study examples of iterated function systems by two rational maps on the Riemann sphere that give rise to critical intermittency. The main ingredient for this is a superattracting fixed point for one map that is mapped onto ... More
Using Lagrangian descriptors to uncover invariant structures in Chesnavich's Isokinetic Model with application to roamingSep 12 2019Complementary to existing applications of Lagrangian descriptors as an exploratory method, we use Lagrangian descriptors to find invariant manifolds in a system where some invariant structures have already been identified. In this case we use the parametrisation ... More
Probabilistic potential theory and induction of dynamical systemsSep 12 2019In this article, we outline a version of a balayage formula in probabilistic potential theory adapted to measure-preserving dynamical systems. This balayage identity generalizes the property that induced maps preserve the restriction of the original invariant ... More
Central limit theorems for the $\mathbb{Z}^2$-periodic Lorentz gasSep 12 2019This paper is devoted to the study of the stochastic properties of dynamical systems preserving an infinite measure. More precisely we prove central limit theorems for Birkhoff sums of observables of $\mathbb{Z}^2$-extensions of dynamical systems (satisfying ... More
The Randomized Midpoint Method for Log-Concave SamplingSep 12 2019Sampling from log-concave distributions is a well researched problem that has many applications in statistics and machine learning. We study the distributions of the form $p^{*}\propto\exp(-f(x))$, where $f:\mathbb{R}^{d}\rightarrow\mathbb{R}$ has an ... More
Fungal tip growth arising through a codimension-1 global bifurcationSep 12 2019Tip growth is a growth stage which occurs in fungal cells. During tip growth, the cell exhibits continuous extreme lengthwise growth while its shape remains qualitatively the same. A model for single celled fungal tip growth is given by the Ballistic ... More
Square Compactness and the filter extension propertySep 12 2019We show that the consistency strength of $\kappa$ being $2^\kappa$-square compact is at least weak compact and strictly less than indescribable. This is the first known improvement to the upper bound of strong compactness obtained in 1973 by Hajnal and ... More
Covariance steering in zero-sum linear-quadratic two-player differential gamesSep 12 2019We formulate a new class of two-person zero-sum differential games, in a stochastic setting, where a specification on a target terminal state distribution is imposed on the players. We address such added specification by introducing incentives to the ... More