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Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Spacetime: Adiabatic and Ultraviolet ConvergenceJun 13 2019The quantum structure of Spacetime at the Planck scale suggests the use, in defining interactions between fields, of the Quantum Wick product. The resulting theory is ultraviolet finite, but subject to an adiabatic cutoff in time which seems difficult ... More
Scrambling in nearly thermalized states at large central chargeJun 13 2019We study $2d$ conformal field theory (CFT) at large central charge $c$ and finite temperature $T$ with heavy operators inserted at spatial infinity. The heavy operators produce a nearly thermalized steady state at an effective temperature $T_{\rm eff}\leq ... More
Bootstrapping Veneziano Amplitude of Vasiliev Theory and $3D$ BosonizationJun 13 2019Three-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) with slightly broken higher spin symmetry provide an interesting laboratory to study general properties of CFTs and their roles in the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this work we compute the four-point functions ... More
Orbits in Non-Supersymmetric Magic TheoriesJun 13 2019We determine and classify the electric-magnetic duality orbits of fluxes supporting asymptotically flat, extremal black branes in $D=4,5,6$ space-time dimensions in the so-called non-supersymmetric magic Maxwell-Einstein theories, which are consistent ... More
Three loop heavy quark form factors and their asymptotic behaviorJun 13 2019A summary of the calculation of the color-planar and complete light quark contributions to the massive three-loop form factors is presented. Here a novel calculation method for the Feynman integrals is used, solving general uni-variate first order factorizable ... More
Perturbative analysis of the colored Alexander polynomial and KP soliton $τ$-functionsJun 13 2019In this paper we elaborate on the statement given in arXiv:1805.02761. Mainly, we study the relation between the colored Alexander polynomial and the famous KP hierarchy. We explain and prove this relation by exploring the fact that the dispersion equations ... More
Pure Spinor String and Generalized GeometryJun 13 2019We consider the pure spinor sigma model in an arbitrary curved background. The use of Hamiltonian formalism allows for a uniform description of the worldsheet fields where matter and ghosts enter the action on the same footing. This approach naturally ... More
A Tip for Landscape Riders: Multi-Field Inflation Can Fulfill the Swampland Distance ConjectureJun 13 2019We study how both the swampland distance conjecture and the Lyth bound affect the parameter space of multi-field models of inflation. A generic feature of multi-field inflation is that the geodesic distance $\left[\Delta\phi\right]_\text{G}$ separating ... More
Chromopolarizability of bottomonium from the $Υ(2S,3S,4S) \to Υ(1S,2S)ππ$ transitionsJun 13 2019We systemically study the dipion transitions $\Upsilon(2S,3S,4S) \to \Upsilon(1S,2S)\pi\pi$. We consider the mechanisms of the hadronization of soft gluons, the two bottomoniumlike states $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ exchanges, and the bottom meson loops. ... More
Static Spherically Symmetric Einstein-aether models: Integrability and the Modified Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff approachJun 13 2019We study the evolution of the dynamics and the existence of analytic solutions for the field equations in the Einstein-aether theory for a static spherically symmetric spacetime. In particular, we investigate if the gravitational field equations in the ... More
Goldstone bosons in different PT-regimes of non-Hermitian scalar quantum field theoriesJun 13 2019We study the interplay between spontaneously breaking global continuous and discrete antilinear symmetries in a newly proposed general class of non-Hermitian quantum field theories containing a mixture of complex and real scalar fields. We analyse the ... More
Cosmological perfect fluids in Gauss-Bonnet gravityJun 13 2019In an $n$-dimensional Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric, it is rigorously shown that any smooth theory of gravity $f(R,{\cal G})$, where $R$ is the curvature scalar and $\cal G$ is the Gauss-Bonnet topological invariant, can be associated to a perfect-fluid ... More
Towards Gaussian states for loop quantum gravityJun 13 2019An important challenge in loop quantum gravity is to find semiclassical states - states that are as close to classical as quantum theory allows. This is difficult because the states in the Hilbert space used in LQG are excitations over a vacuum in which ... More
Stability of kinklike structures in generalized modelsJun 13 2019We study the stability of topological structures in generalized models with a single real scalar field. We show that it is driven by a Sturm-Liouville equation and investigate the conditions that lead to the existence of explicit supersymmetric operators ... More
Polarization of tau in quasielastic (anti)neutrino scattering: the role of spectral functionsJun 13 2019We present a study of the $\tau$ polarization in charged-current quasielastic (anti)neutrino-nucleus scattering. The spectral function formalism is used to compute the differential cross section and the polarization components for several kinematical ... More
Modified Special Relativity (HMSR) -- A new possible way to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in particle Standard ModelJun 13 2019This work explores a Standard Model (S.M.) extension possibility, that violates Lorentz invariance, preserving the space-time isotropy and homogeneity. In this sense HMSR represents an attempt to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in ... More
Semiclassical Behavior of Spinfoam Amplitude with Small Spins and Entanglement EntropyJun 13 2019Spinfoam amplitudes with small spins can have interesting semiclassical behavior and relate to semiclassical gravity and geometry in 4 dimensions. We study the generalized spinfoam model (Spinfoams for all loop quantum gravity (LQG)) with small spins ... More
Shrinking of Operators in Quantum Error Correction and AdS/CFTJun 13 2019We first show that a class of operators acting on a given bipartite pure state on $\mathcal{H}_{A}\otimes\mathcal{H}_{B}$ can shrink its supports on $\mathcal{H}_{A}\otimes\mathcal{H}_{B}$ to only $\mathcal{H}_{A}$ or $\mathcal{H}_{B}$ while keeping its ... More
Entanglement after Quantum Quenches in Lifshitz Scalar TheoriesJun 13 2019We study the time evolution of the entanglement entropy after quantum quenches in Lifshitz free scalar theories, with the dynamical exponent $z>1$, by using the correlator method. For quantum quenches we consider two types of time-dependent mass functions: ... More
Emergent Gauge Symmetries and Quantum OperationsJun 13 2019The algebraic approach to quantum physics emphasizes the role played by the structure of the algebra of observables and its relation to the space of states. An important feature of this point of view is that subsystems can be described by subalgebras, ... More
Eikonal quasinormal modes of black holes beyond General RelativityJun 13 2019Much of our physical intuition about black hole quasinormal modes in General Relativity comes from the eikonal/geometric optics approximation. According to the well-established eikonal model, the fundamental quasinormal mode represents wavepackets orbiting ... More
$T \bar{T}$-Deformed Actions and (1,1) SupersymmetryJun 13 2019We describe an algorithmic method to calculate the $T\bar{T}$ deformed Lagrangian of a given seed theory by solving an algebraic system of equations. This method is derived from the topological gravity formulation of the deformation. This algorithm is ... More
A generalized Weyl structure with arbitrary non-metricityJun 12 2019A Weyl structure is usually defined by an equivalence class of pairs $({\bf g}, \boldsymbol{\omega})$ related by Weyl transformations, which preserve the relation $\nabla {\bf g}=\boldsymbol{\omega}\otimes{\bf g}$, where ${\bf g}$ and $\boldsymbol{\omega}$ ... More
Asymptotically flat spinning scalar, Dirac and Proca starsJun 12 2019Einstein's gravity minimally coupled to free, massive, classical fundamental fields admits particle-like solutions. These are asymptotically flat, everywhere non-singular configurations that realise Wheeler's concept of a geon: a localised lump of self-gravitating ... More
Can Life Exist in 2 + 1 Dimensions?Jun 12 2019There are anthropic reasons to suspect that life in more than three spatial dimensions is not possible, and if the same could be said of fewer than three, then one would have an anthropic argument for why we experience precisely three large spatial dimensions. ... More
All-Multiplicity One-Loop Amplitudes in Born-Infeld Electrodynamics from Generalized UnitarityJun 12 2019We initiate a study of non-supersymmetric Born-Infeld electrodynamics in 4d at the quantum level. Explicit all-multiplicity expressions are calculated for the purely rational one-loop amplitudes in the self-dual ($++\ldots+$) and next-to-self-dual ($-+\ldots+$) ... More
Emergent de Sitter epoch of the Loop Quantum Cosmos: a detailed analysisJun 12 2019We present a detailed analysis of a quantum model for Loop Quantum Cosmology based on strict application of the Thiemann regularization algorithm for the Hamiltonian in Loop Quantum Gravity, extending the results presented previously in our brief report. ... More
Liouville description of conical defects in dS$_4$, Gibbons-Hawking entropy as modular entropy, and dS$_3$ holographyJun 12 2019We model the back-reaction of a massive static observer in four-dimensional de Sitter spacetime by means of a singular $\mathbb Z_q$ quotient. The set of fixed points of the $\mathbb Z_q$ action consists of a pair of codimension two minimal surfaces given ... More
Order parameter dynamics of the non-linear sigma model in the large $N$ limitJun 12 2019We study non-equilibrium order parameter dynamics of the non-linear sigma model in the large $N$ limit, using Keldysh formalism. We provide a scheme for obtaining stable numerical solution of the Keldysh saddle point equations and use them to study order ... More
$20'$ Five-Point Function from $AdS_5\times S^5$ SupergravityJun 12 2019We develop new techniques to compute five-point correlation functions from IIB supergravity on $AdS_5\times S^5$. Our methods rely entirely on symmetry and general consistency conditions, and eschew detailed knowledge of the supergravity effective action. ... More
Primordial dark matter halos from fifth-forcesJun 12 2019We argue that primordial dark matter halos could be generated during radiation domination by long range attractive forces stronger than gravity. In this paper we derive the conditions under which these structures could dominate the dark matter content ... More
Ignorance is Cheap: From Black Hole Entropy To Energy-Minimizing States In QFTJun 12 2019Behind certain marginally trapped surfaces one can construct a geometry containing an extremal surface of equal, but not larger area. This construction underlies the Engelhardt-Wall proposal for explaining Bekenstein-Hawking entropy as a coarse-grained ... More
$\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric quantum field theory on the noncommutative spacetimeJun 12 2019We consider the $\mathcal{PT}$-symmetric quantum field theory on the noncommutative spacetime with angular twist and construct its pseudo-Hermitian interpretation. We explore the differences between the internal and spatial parities in the context of ... More
AdS and the SwamplandJun 12 2019We study aspects of anti-de Sitter space in the context of the Swampland. In particular, we conjecture that the near-flat limit of pure AdS belongs to the Swampland, as it is necessarily accompanied by an infinite tower of light states. The mass of the ... More
Post-Minkowskian Hamiltonians in Modified Theories of GravityJun 12 2019The aim of this note is to describe the computation of post-Minkwoskian Hamiltonians in modified theories of gravity. Exploiting a recent relation between amplitudes of massive scalars and Hamiltonians for relativistic point-particles, we define a post-Minkowskian ... More
Galactic rotation curves in Einstein's conformal gravityJun 12 2019We show quantitatively that an exact solution of Einstein's conformal gravity can explain very well the galactic rotation curves for a sample of 104 galaxies without need for dark matter or other exotic modification of gravity. The metric is an overall ... More
A phase of confined electroweak force in the early UniverseJun 12 2019We consider a modified cosmological history in which the presence of beyond-the-Standard-Model physics causes the weak gauge sector, $\mathrm{SU}(2)_L$, to confine before it is Higgsed. Under the assumption of chiral symmetry breaking, quark and lepton ... More
Rindler horizons in the Schwarzschild spacetimeJun 12 2019We investigate the past and future Rindler horizons for radial Rindler trajectories in the Schwarzschild spacetime. We assume the Rindler trajectory to be linearly uniformly accelerated (LUA) throughout its motion, in the sense of the curved spacetime ... More
Transport anomalies near the QCD phase transition at finite densityJun 12 2019We show that at finite density pressure-pressure and current-current correlators exhibit divergences at $T_c$ owing to the fluctuations of the diquark field. Specifically, this leads to a significant excess of the soft photon production rate near $T_c$. ... More
N=1 conformal dualitiesJun 12 2019We consider on one hand the possibility that a supersymmetric ${\cal N}=1$ conformal gauge theory has a strongly coupled locus on the conformal manifold at which a different, dual, conformal gauge theory becomes a good weakly coupled description. On the ... More
Asymmetric shockwave collisions in $\text{AdS}_{5}$Jun 12 2019Collisions of asymmetric planar shocks in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory are studied via their dual gravitational formulation in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetime. The post-collision hydrodynamic flow is found to be very well described ... More
Non-topological kink scattering in a two-component scalar field theory modelJun 12 2019In this paper the scattering between the non-topological kinks arising in a family of two-component scalar field theory models is analyzed. A winding charge is carried by these defects. As a consequence, two different classes of kink scattering processes ... More
Partner formula for an arbitrary moving mirror in $1+1$ dimensionJun 12 2019In the information loss problem in black hole evaporation, investigation of the purification partner of a Hawking particle is crucial. It is a well-known fact that 3+1 dimensional spherically symmetric gravitational collapse can be approximately described ... More
Strong Chaos of Fast Scrambling Yields Order: Emergence of Decoupled Quantum Information CapsulesJun 12 2019The information loss problem in black hole evaporation is one of fundamental issues. Its resolution requires more profound understanding of information storage mechanism in quantum systems. In this Letter, we argue that when multiple unknown parameters ... More
Possible Molecular States Composed of Doubly Charmed Baryons with Couple-channel EffectJun 12 2019We systematically investigate the possible molecular states composed of (1) two spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ doubly charmed baryons, and (2) a pair of spin-$\frac{3}{2}$ and spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ doubly charmed baryons. The one-boson-exchange (OBE) model is used to ... More
Coordinate independent approach to the calculation of the effects of local structure on the luminosity distanceJun 12 2019Local structure can have important effects on luminosity distance observations, which could for example affect the local estimation of the Hubble constant based on low red-shift type Ia supernovae. Using a spherically symmetric exact solution of the Eistein's ... More
Geometric approach to quantum theoryJun 12 2019We formulate quantum theory taking as a starting point the cone of states.
Primordial Extremal Black Holes as Dark MatterJun 11 2019We show that primordial (nearly) extremal black holes with a wide range of masses from the Planck scale to around $10^9$ g could be cosmologically stable and explain dark matter, given a dark electromagnetism and a heavy dark electron. For individual ... More
On the quantum Geroch groupJun 11 2019The Geroch group is an infinite dimensional transitive group of symmetries of cylindrically symmetric gravitational waves which acts by non-canonical transformations on the phase space of these waves. The unique Poisson bracket on the Geroch group which ... More
Generalized Proca and its Constraint AlgebraJun 11 2019We reconsider the construction of general derivative self-interactions for a massive Proca field. The constructed Lagrangian is such that the vector field propagates at most three degrees of freedom, thus avoiding the ghostly nature of a fourth polarisation. ... More
Relative quantum cohomologyJun 11 2019We establish a system of PDE, called open WDVV, that constrains the bulk-deformed superpotential and associated open Gromov-Witten invariants of a Lagrangian submanifold $L \subset X$ with a bounding chain. Simultaneously, we define the quantum cohomology ... More
Background field method and nonlinear gaugesJun 11 2019We present a reformulation of the background field method for Yang-Mills type theories, based on using a superalgebra of generators of BRST and background field transformations. The new approach enables one to implement and consistently use non-linear ... More
New Physics Probes: Atomic Parity Violation, Polarized Electron Scattering and Neutrino-Nucleus Coherent ScatteringJun 11 2019Atomic Parity Violation (APV) is usually quantified in terms of the weak nuclear charge $Q_W$ of a nucleus, which depends on the coupling strength between the atomic electrons and quarks. In this work, we review the importance of APV to probing new physics ... More
Hall Viscosity in a Strongly Coupled Magnetized PlasmaJun 11 2019We show how a Hall viscosity induced by a magnetic field can be generated in strongly coupled theories with a holographic dual. This is achieved by considering parity-breaking higher derivative terms in the gravity dual. These terms couple the Riemann ... More
Cooper pairing of incoherent electrons: an electron-phonon version of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev modelJun 11 2019We introduce and solve a model of interacting electrons and phonons that is a natural generalization of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev-model and that becomes superconducting at low temperatures. In the normal state two Non-Fermi liquid fixed points with distinct ... More
Holographic Bulk Reconstruction And Cosmological SingularitiesJun 11 2019We study the structure of entanglement wedges in the Kasner-AdS geometry, which provides an example of AdS/CFT engineered cosmological singularity. We investigate the specific limitations of causal reconstruction methods, imposed by the presence of the ... More
B-mode TargetsJun 11 2019The CMB-S4 Science Book, Astro2020 Science White Paper on gravitational waves, and PICO report contain an extensive discussion of many ongoing and planned efforts in the search for gravitational waved produced by inflation. Here we give a short executive ... More
Asymmetric nonsingular bounce from a dynamic scalar fieldJun 11 2019We present a dynamical model for an asymmetric nonsingular bounce with a post-bounce change of the effective equation-of-state parameter. Specifically, we consider a scalar-field model with a time-reversal-noninvariant effective potential.
Comment (2) on "Quantum Transfiguration of Kruskal Black Holes"Jun 11 2019An explicit calculation shows that the model constructed in arXiv:1806.00648 violates general covariance. It is therefore unphysical and does not determine properties of space-time or black holes.
Constraints on 3- and 4-loop $β$-functions in a general four-dimensional Quantum Field TheoryJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The $ \beta $-functions of marginal couplings are known to be closely related to the $ A $-function through Osborn's equation, derived using the local renormalization group. It is possible to derive strong constraints on the $\beta$-functions by parametrizing ... More
Constraints on 3- and 4-loop $β$-functions in a general four-dimensional Quantum Field TheoryJun 11 2019The $ \beta $-functions of marginal couplings are known to be closely related to the $ A $-function through Osborn's equation, derived using the local renormalization group. It is possible to derive strong constraints on the $\beta$-functions by parametrizing ... More
New scalar compact objects in Ricci-based gravity theoriesJun 11 2019Taking advantage of a previously developed method, which allows to map solutions of General Relativity into a broad family of theories of gravity based on the Ricci tensor (Ricci-based gravities), we find new exact analytical scalar field solutions by ... More
Solution of all quartic matrix modelsJun 11 2019We consider the quartic analogue of the Kontsevich model, which is defined by a measure $\exp(-N\,\mathrm{Tr}(E\Phi^2+(\lambda/4)\Phi^4)) d\Phi$ on Hermitean $N \times N$-matrices, where $E$ is any positive matrix and $\lambda$ a scalar. We prove that ... More
Towards an UV fixed point in CDT gravityJun 11 2019CDT is an attempt to formulate a non-perturbative lattice theory of quantum gravity. We describe the phase diagram and analyse the phase transition between phase B and phase C (which is the analogue of the de Sitter phase observed for the spherical spatial ... More
Leptogenesis after superconformal subcritical hybrid inflationJun 11 2019We consider an extended version of superconformal subcritical hybrid inflation model by introducing three right-handed neutrinos that have Majorana mass terms. In the model one of the right-handed sneutrinos plays a role of the inflaton field, and it ... More
Evidence for an axionic charge density wave in the Weyl semimetal (TaSe4)2IJun 11 2019An axion insulator is a correlated topological phase, predicted to arise from the formation of a charge density wave in a Weyl semimetal. The accompanying sliding mode in the charge density wave phase, the phason, is an axion. It is expected to cause ... More
Some Features of Semiclassical Chiral Transport in Rotating FramesJun 11 2019Semiclassical chiral kinetic theories in the presence of electromagnetic fields as well as vorticity can be constructed by means of some different relativistic or nonrelativistic approaches. To cover the noninertial features of rotating frames one can ... More
Near horizon symmetries, emergence of Goldstone modes and thermalityJun 11 2019Quantum mechanically horizons are believed to be thermal in nature for a long time. The microscopic origin of this thermality is the main question behind our present investigation, which reveals possible importance of near horizon symmetry. It is this ... More
Spontaneous symmetry breaking and the flat phase of crystalline membranesJun 11 2019Crystalline membranes are one of the rare examples of bidimensional systems in which long-range order can stabilise an ordered phase in the thermodynamic limit. By a careful analysis of the Goldstone modes counting, we propose a symmetry breaking mechanism ... More
Crystal Volumes and Monopole DynamicsJun 11 2019The low velocity dynamic of a doubly periodic monopole, also called a monopole wall or monowall for short, is described by geodesic motion on its moduli space. This moduli space is hyperkaehler and non-compact. We establish a relation between the Kaehler ... More
Fermion Numbers 1/2 of Sphalerons from Spectral Mirror SymmetryJun 11 2019Motivated by the pioneering work of Jackiw and Rebbi, we explore the properties of fermionic Hamiltonians under discrete transformations in the background of the $SU(2)_L$ S sphaleron of the electroweak standard model. We find that CP is not a symmetry ... More
Quantum corrections to the BTZ black hole extremality bound from the conformal bootstrapJun 11 2019Any unitary compact two-dimensional CFT with $c>1$ and no symmetries beyond Virasoro has a parametrically large density of primary states at large spin for $\bar{h}>\bar{h}_\text{extr}\sim \frac{c-1}{24}$, of a universal form determined by modular invariance. ... More
A cosmic shadow on CSLJun 11 2019The Continuous Spontaneous Localisation (CSL) model solves the measurement problem of standard quantum mechanics, by coupling the mass density of a quantum system to a white-noise field. Since the mass density is not uniquely defined in general relativity, ... More
Diffractive dijet production from the Color Glass Condensate and the small-$x$ gluon distributionsJun 11 2019We study exclusive dijet production in electron-proton deep inelastic scattering at a future Electron Ion Collider. We predict the elliptic modulation of the cross section as a function of the angle between the dijet transverse momentum and the recoil ... More
The structure of chaotic eigenstates and their entanglement entropyJun 10 2019We consider a chaotic many-body system that is split into two subsystems, with an interaction along their mutual boundary, and study the entanglement properties of an energy eigenstate with nonzero energy density. When the two subsystems have nearly equal ... More
Exact WKB and abelianization for the $T_3$ equationJun 10 2019We describe the exact WKB method from the point of view of abelianization, both for Schr\"odinger operators and for their higher-order analogues (opers). The main new example which we consider is the "$T_3$ equation," an order $3$ equation on the thrice-punctured ... More
Ultraviolet to Infrared Evolution and Nonperturbative Behavior of ${\rm SU}(N) \otimes {\rm SU}(N-4) \otimes {\rm U}(1)$ Chiral Gauge TheoriesJun 10 2019We analyze the ultraviolet to infrared evolution and nonperturbative properties of asymptotically free ${\rm SU}(N) \otimes {\rm SU}(N-4) \otimes {\rm U}(1)$ chiral gauge theories with $N_f$ copies of chiral fermions transforming according to $([2]_N,1)_{N-4} ... More
Twisted characters and holomorphic symmetriesJun 10 2019We consider holomorphic twists of arbitrary supersymmetric theories in four dimensions. Working in the BV formalism, we rederive classical results characterizing the holomorphic twist of chiral and vector supermultiplets, computing the twist explicitly ... More
Magic entanglement renormalization for quantum fieldsJun 10 2019Continuous tensor networks are variational wavefunctions proposed in recent years to efficiently simulate quantum field theories (QFTs). Prominent examples include the continuous matrix product state (cMPS) and the continuous multi-scale entanglement ... More
Twisted and untwisted negativity spectrum of free fermionsJun 10 2019A basic diagnostic of entanglement in mixed quantum states is known as the positive partial transpose (PT) criterion. Such criterion is based on the observation that the spectrum of the partially transposed density matrix of an entangled state contains ... More
D1-D5-P superstrata in 5 and 6 dimensions: separable wave equations and prepotentialsJun 10 2019We construct the most general single-mode superstrata in 5 dimensions with ambipolar, two centered Gibbons Hawking bases, via dimensional reduction of superstrata in 6 dimensions. Previously, asymptotically $\text{AdS}_{3}\times \mathbb{S}^{2}$ 5-dimensional ... More
Disentangling the Generalized Double Semion ModelJun 10 2019We analyze the class of Generalized Double Semion (GDS) models in arbitrary dimensions from the point of view of lattice Hamiltonians. We show that on a $d$-dimensional spatial manifold $M$ the dual of the GDS is equivalent, up to constant depth local ... More
An Effective Theory of Quarkonia in QCD MatterJun 10 2019For heavy quarkonia of moderate energy, we generalize the relevant successful theory, non-relativistic Quantum Chromodynamics (NRQCD), to include interactions in nuclear matter. The new resulting theory, NRQCD with Glauber gluons, provides for the first ... More
Lightcone Modular Bootstrap and Pure GravityJun 10 2019We explore the large spin spectrum in two-dimensional conformal field theories with a finite twist gap, using the modular bootstrap in the lightcone limit. By recursively solving the modular crossing equations associated to different $PSL(2,\mathbb{Z})$ ... More
Anomalous Gravitation and its Positivity from EntanglementJun 10 2019We explore the emergence of gravitation from entanglement in holographic CFTs with gravitational anomalies. More specifically, the holographic correspondence between topologically massive gravity (TMG) with gravitational Chern-Simons term in the 3D bulk ... More
Heat kernel: proper time method, Fock-Schwinger gauge, path integral representation, and Wilson lineJun 10 2019The proper time method plays an important role in modern mathematics and physics. It includes many approaches, each of which has its pros and cons. This work is devoted to the description of one model case, which reflects the subtleties of construction ... More
Unique contributions to the scalar bispectrum in `just enough inflation'Jun 10 2019A scalar field rolling down a potential with a large initial velocity results in inflation of a finite duration. Such a scenario suppresses the scalar power on large scales improving the fit to the cosmological data. We find that the scenario leads to ... More
Transverse momentum and pseudorapidity dependence of particle production in Xe-Xe collision at 5.44 TeVJun 10 2019Through the collision-system configuration, the Tsallis statistics is combined with a multisource thermal model. The improved model is used to investigate the transverse momentum and pseudorapidity of particles produced in Xe-Xe collisions at 5.44 TeV. ... More
Homological Classification of 4d $\mathcal{N}=2$ QFT. Part I: Rank-1 revisitedJun 10 2019Argyres and co-workers started a program to classify all 4d $\mathcal{N}=2$ QFT by classifying Special Geometries with appropriate properties. They completed the program in rank-1. Rank-1 $\mathcal{N}=2$ QFT are equivalently classified by the Mordell-Weil ... More
On s-confinement in 3d $\mathcal{N}=2$ gauge theories with anti-symmetric tensorsJun 10 2019We elaborate on s-confinement phases in three-dimensional $\mathcal{N}=2$ supersymmetric gauge theory, especially focusing on the $SU(N)$ and $USp(2N)$ gauge theories with anti-symmetric tensors and (anti-)fundamental matters. This will elucidate a quantum ... More
Neutron production induced by $α$-decay with Geant4Jun 10 2019Neutron production induced by ($\alpha$,n) reactions is important in various scenarios. One of the most relevant ones is related to underground dark matter experiments, where the neutrons produced by the $\alpha$-decay from radioactive contaminants in ... More
Entanglement and Rényi Entropy of Multiple Intervals in $T\overline{T}$-Deformed CFT and HolographyJun 10 2019We study the entanglement entropy (EE) and the R\'{e}nyi entropy (RE) of multiple intervals in two-dimensional $T\overline{T}$-deformed conformal field theory (CFT) at finite temperature by field theoretic and holographic methods. First, by the replica ... More
Novel criticality of Dirac fermions from lattice symmetry breakingJun 10 2019We consider the role of spontaneous lattice symmetry breaking in strongly interacting two dimensional Dirac systems. The fermion induced quantum (multi-)criticality is described by Dirac fermions coupled to a dynamical order parameter that is composed ... More
Dynamics of Einstein-Aether Scalar field CosmologyJun 10 2019We study the cosmological evolution of the field equations in the context of Einstein-Aether cosmology by including a scalar field in a spatially flat Friedmann--Lema\^{\i}tre--Robertson--Walker spacetime. Our analysis is separated into two separate where ... More
A theory for multiple partially massless spin-2 fieldsJun 10 2019We revisit the problem of building consistent interactions for a multiplet of partially massless spin-2 fields in (anti-)de Sitter space. After rederiving and strengthening the existing no-go result on the impossibility of Yang-Mills type non-abelian ... More
Gravitational perturbations as $T\bar{T}$-deformations in 2D dilaton gravity systemsJun 10 2019We consider gravitational perturbations of 2D dilaton gravity systems and show that these can be recast into $T\bar{T}$-deformations (at least) under certain conditions, where $T$ means the energy-momentum tensor of the matter field coupled to a dilaton ... More
Note on generating functions and connected correlators of 1/2-BPS Wilson loops in $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM theoryJun 10 2019The generating functions for the Wilson loops in the symmetric and antisymmetric representations of the gauge group $U(N)$ are expressed in terms of the connected correlators of multiply-wound Wilson loops, using ingredients from the representation theory ... More
Phantom energy versus cosmological constant: Comparative results via analytical solutions of the Wheeler-DeWitt equationJun 10 2019In the present paper we investigate how the phantom class of dark energy, presumably responsible for a super-accelerated cosmic expansion and here described by the state parameter $\omega=-5/3$, influences the wave function of the Universe. This is done ... More
Scalar radiation from a source rotating around a regular black holeJun 10 2019The scalar radiation emitted by a source in geodesic circular orbit around a regular Bardeen black hole is analyzed. We use the quantum field theory in curved spacetime framework to obtain the emitted power of radiation by computing the one-particle emission ... More
Termodinámica de agujeros negros y campos escalaresJun 10 2019Since the descovery by Stephen Hawking that black holes emit radiation in the context of the semiclassical approach to gravity, the black hole thermodynamics has become an active field of research in theoretical physics. In this thesis, the influence ... More