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Aspects of AdS$_2$ classification in M-theory: Solutions with mesonic and baryonic chargesAug 22 2019We construct necessary and sufficient geometric conditions for AdS$_2$ solutions of M-theory with, at least, minimal supersymmetry to exist. We generalize previous results in the literature for ${\cal N}=(2,0)$ supersymmetry in AdS$_2$ to ${\cal N}=(1,0)$. ... More
Six-dimensional gauge theories and (twisted) generalized cohomologyAug 22 2019We consider the global aspects of the 6-dimensional $\mathcal{N}=(1, 0)$ theory arising from the coupling of the vector multiplet to the tensor multiplet. We show that the Yang-Mills field and its dual, when both are abelianized, combine to define a class ... More
Reflections on Virasoro circuit complexity and Berry phaseAug 22 2019Recently, the notion of circuit complexity defined in symmetry group manifolds has been related to geometric actions which generally arise in the coadjoint orbit method in representation theory and play an important role in geometric quantization. On ... More
General Composite Non-Abelian Strings and Flag Manifold Sigma ModelsAug 22 2019We fully investigate the symmetry breaking patterns occurring upon creation of composite non-Abelian strings: vortex strings in non-Abelian theories where different sets of colours have different amounts of flux. After spontaneous symmetry breaking, there ... More
Measuring $H_0$ in PTA with gravitational wavesAug 22 2019Pulsar Timing Arrays have yet to find convincing evidence of gravitational waves. Some time ago it was pointed out by one of the authors that a dramatic enhancement of the signal would take place for particular values of the angle subtended by the source ... More
From quantized spins to rotating black holesAug 22 2019It has been shown recently that classical-spin limit of minimally coupled spinning particles can reproduce the dynamics of Kerr black holes. This raises the intriguing question of how particles with finite (quantized) spins can capture the classical potential ... More
Nucleon-antinucleon annihilation at LEARAug 22 2019This report is a historical review of the salient results in low energy antiproton-proton and antineutron-proton annihilation obtained at the Low Energy Antiproton Ring (LEAR), which was operated at CERN between 1983 and 1996. The intention is to provide ... More
Topological phases in two-legged Heisenberg ladders with alternated interactionsAug 22 2019We analyze the possible existence of topological phases in two-legged spin ladders considering a staggered interaction in both chains. When the staggered interaction in one chain is shifted by one site with respect to the other chain, the model can be ... More
Superstring Amplitudes, Unitarity, and Hankel Determinants of Multiple Zeta ValuesAug 22 2019The interplay of unitarity and analyticity has long been known to impose strong constraints on scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory and string theory. This has been highlighted in recent times in a number of papers and lecture notes. Here we ... More
Renormalization group improved pressure for cold and dense QCDAug 22 2019We apply the renormalization group optimized perturbation theory (RGOPT)to evaluate the QCD (matter) pressure at the two-loop level considering three flavors of massless quarks in a dense and cold medium. Already at leading order ($\alpha_s^0$), which ... More
Intrinsic three-body nuclear interaction from a constituent quark modelAug 22 2019We study the short distance part of the intrinsic three-nucleon interaction in a constituent quark model with color-spin interaction. For that purpose we first calculate the transformation coefficient between the tribaryon configuration and their corresponding ... More
First-forbidden transitions in the reactor anomalyAug 22 2019We describe here microscopic calculations performed on the dominant forbidden transitions in reactor antineutrino spectra above 4 MeV using the nuclear shell model. By taking into account Coulomb corrections in the most complete way, we calculate the ... More
A generator of forward neutrons for ultra-peripheral collisions: $\textbf{n$\mathbf{_O^O}$n}$Aug 22 2019The study of photon-induced reactions in collisions of heavy nuclei at RHIC and the LHC has become an important direction of the research program of these facilities in recent years. In particular, the production of vector mesons in ultra-peripheral collisions ... More
M. Kontsevich's graph complexes and universal structures on graded symplectic manifolds IAug 22 2019In the formulation of his celebrated Formality conjecture, M. Kontsevich introduced a universal version of the deformation theory for the Schouten algebra of polyvector fields on affine manifolds. This universal deformation complex takes the form of a ... More
The instability of a black hole with $f(R)$ global monopole under extended uncertainty principleAug 22 2019We consider the evolution of black hole involving an $f(R)$ global monopole based on the Extended Uncertainty Principle (EUP). The black hole evolutions refer to the instability due to the Parikh-Kraus-Wilczeck tunneling radiation or fragmentation. It ... More
Autonomous Dynamical System of Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet CosmologiesAug 21 2019In this paper, we study the phase space of cosmological models in the context of Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory. More specifically, we consider a generalized dynamical system that encapsulates the main features of the theory and for the cases that this ... More
The phase diagram of the Polyakov Nambu Jona-Lasinio approach for finite chemical potentialsAug 21 2019We extend the SU(3) (Polyakov) Nambu Jona-Lasinio in two ways: We introduce the next to leading order contribution (in $N_c$) in the partition function. This contribution contains explicit mesonic terms. We introduce a coupling between the gluon field ... More
Mass-deformed $\mathcal{N} = 3$ Supersymmetric Chern-Simons-Matter TheoryAug 21 2019The maximal extension of supersymmetric Chern-Simons theory coupled to fundamental matter has $\mathcal{N} = 3$ supersymmetry. In this short note, we provide the explicit form of the action for the mass-deformed $\mathcal{N} = 3$ supersymmetric $U(N)$ ... More
Warped Schwarzian theoryAug 21 2019We consider the (twisted) warped Virasoro group Diff($S^1$)$\ltimes$ C$^\infty$($S^1$) in the presence of its three cocycles. We compute the Kirillov-Kostant-Souriau symplectic 2-form on coadjoint orbits. We then construct the Euclidean action of the ... More
Towards an M5-Brane Model II: Metric String StructuresAug 21 2019We clarify the mathematical formulation of metric string structures, which play a crucial role in the formulation of six-dimensional superconformal field theories. We show that the connections on non-abelian gerbes usually introduced in the literature ... More
Black hole evaporation and semiclassicality at large DAug 21 2019Black holes of sufficiently large initial radius are expected to be well described by a semiclassical analysis at least until half of their initial mass has evaporated away. For a small number of spacetime dimensions, this holds as long as the black hole ... More
Lyapunov growth in quantum spin chainsAug 21 2019The Ising spin chain with longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields is often used in studies of quantum chaos, displaying both chaotic and integrable regions in its parameter space. However, even at a strongly chaotic point this model does not exhibit ... More
Effective Field Theory of Gravity to All OrdersAug 21 2019We construct the general effective field theory of gravity coupled to the Standard Model of particle physics, which we name GRSMEFT. Our method allows the systematic derivation of a non-redundant set of operators of arbitrary dimension with generic field ... More
UV considerations on scattering amplitudes in a web of theoriesAug 21 2019The scattering predictions of a web of theories including Yang-Mills (YM), gravity, bi-adjoint scalar, the non-linear sigma model (NLSM), Dirac-Born-Infeld-Volkov-Akulov (DBI-VA) and the special Galileon (sGal) form a class of special objects with two ... More
Integrability and cycles of deformed ${\cal N}=2$ gauge theoryAug 21 2019To analyse pure ${\cal N}=2$ $SU(2)$ gauge theory in the Nekrasov-Shatashvili (NS) limit (or deformed Seiberg-Witten (SW)), we use the Ordinary Differential Equation/Integrable Model (ODE/IM) correspondence, and in particular its (broken) discrete symmetry ... More
IIB flux non-commutativity and the global structure of field theoriesAug 21 2019We discuss the origin of the choice of global structure for six dimensional $(2,0)$ theories and their compactifications in terms of their realization from IIB string theory on ALE spaces. We find that the ambiguity in the choice of global structure on ... More
Fractional Fermion Number and Hall Conductivity of Domain WallsAug 21 2019In this letter the fractional fermion number of thick domain walls is computed. The analysis is achieved by developing the heat kernel expansion of the spectral eta functon of the Dirac Hamiltonian governing the fermionic fluctuations around the domain ... More
Static and Dynamic Charged Black HolesAug 21 2019We consider a class of Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theories in general dimensions and construct both static and dynamic charged black holes. We adopt the reverse engineering procedure and make a specific ansatz for the scalar field and then derive the necessary ... More
Consistent large-scale shell-model analysis of the two-neutrino $ββ$ and single $β$ branchings in $^{48}\rm Ca$ and $^{96}\rm Zr$Aug 21 2019Aug 22 2019Two-neutrino double-beta-decay matrix elements $M_{2\nu}$ and single beta-decay branching ratios were calculated for $^{48}$Ca and $^{96}$Zr in the interacting nuclear shell model using large single-particle valence spaces with well-tested two-body Hamiltonians. ... More
Consistent large-scale shell-model analysis of the two-neutrino $ββ$ and single $β$ branchings in $^{48}\rm Ca$ and $^{96}\rm Zr$Aug 21 2019Two-neutrino double-beta-decay matrix elements $M_{2\nu}$ and single beta-decay branching ratios were calculated for $^{48}$Ca and $^{96}$Zr in the interacting nuclear shell model using large single-particle valence spaces with well-tested two-body Hamiltonians. ... More
Six-dimensional Myers-Perry rotating black hole cannot be overspunAug 21 2019Though under non-linear accretion, all black holes in four and higher dimensions obey the weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture, however they generally violate it for the linear test particle accretion with the exception of five dimensional rotating black ... More
Fourier coefficients of minimal and next-to-minimal automorphic representations of simply-laced groupsAug 21 2019In this paper we analyze Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms on adelic split simply-laced reductive groups $G(\mathbb{A})$. Let $\pi$ be a minimal or next-to-minimal automorphic representation of $G(\mathbb{A})$. We prove that any $\eta\in \pi$ ... More
Casimir force in the Gödel space-time and its possible induced cosmological inhomogeneityAug 21 2019The Casimir force between two parallel plates in the G\"odel universe is computed for a scalar field at finite temperature. It is observed that when the plates separation is comparable with the scale given by the rotation of the space-time, the force ... More
The cosmological phase space of generalized hybrid metric-Palatini theories of gravityAug 21 2019In this work, we study the cosmological phase space of the generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity theory, characterized by the functions $f\left(R,\mathcal R\right)$, using a dynamical system approach. We formulate the propagation equations of the ... More
Ishibashi States, Topological Orders with Boundaries and Topological Entanglement Entropy II -- Cutting through the boundaryAug 21 2019We compute the entanglement entropy in a 2+1 dimensional topological order in the presence of gapped boundaries. Specifically, we consider entanglement cuts that cut through the boundaries. We argue that based on general considerations of the bulk-boundary ... More
Meson spectrum in $QCD_2$ revisited: Lorentz gauge invariant gluon massAug 21 2019Recently it has been shown that in two dimensions is possible to add new Lorentz invariant terms built with fractions containing the null vector $n=(1,1)$. In this work, we have computed the meson spectrum following the 't Hooft model in $QCD_2$ incorporating ... More
Cluster Adjacency for m=2 Yangian InvariantsAug 20 2019We classify the rational Yangian invariants of the $m=2$ toy model of $\mathcal{N}=4$ Yang-Mills theory in terms of generalised triangles inside the amplituhedron $\mathcal{A}_{n,k}^{(2)}$. We enumerate and provide an explicit formula for all invariants ... More
Magnetic fields in heavy ion collisions: flow and charge transportAug 20 2019At the earliest times after a heavy-ion collision, the magnetic field created by the spectator nucleons will generate an extremely strong, albeit rapidly decreasing in time, magnetic field. The impact of this magnetic field may have detectable consequences, ... More
Novel Fracton Phases from Gauge TheoriesAug 20 2019We introduce new models of fracton order based on $\mathbb{Z}_2$ lattice gauge theories in $d=2$ and $d=3$ spatial dimensions. In the $3d$ models, the ground state degeneracy grows exponentially with the square of the linear size of the system at the ... More
Inflationary Phenomenology of Einstein Gauss-Bonnet Gravity Compatible with GW170817Aug 20 2019In this work we shall study Einstein Gauss-Bonnet theories and we investigate when these can have their gravitational wave speed equal to the speed of light, which is unity in natural units, thus becoming compatible with the striking event GW170817. We ... More
Some physical implications of regularization ambiguities in SU(2) gauge-invariant loop quantum cosmologyAug 20 2019The way physics of loop quantum gravity is affected by the underlying quantization ambiguities is an open question. We address this issue in the context of loop quantum cosmology using gauge-covariant fluxes. Consequences are explored for two choices ... More
The negativity contour: a quasi-local measure of entanglement for mixed statesAug 20 2019In this paper, we study the entanglement structure of mixed states in quantum many-body systems using the $\textit{negativity contour}$, a local measure of entanglement that determines which real-space degrees of freedom in a subregion are contributing ... More
Shift symmetries, soft limits, and the double copy beyond leading orderAug 20 2019In this paper, we compute the higher derivative amplitudes arising from shift symmetric-invariant actions for both the non-linear sigma model and the special galileon symmetries, and provide explicit expressions for their Lagrangians. We find that, beyond ... More
A new probe of Axion-Like Particles: CMB polarization distortions due to cluster magnetic fieldsAug 20 2019We propose using the upcoming Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) ground based experiments to detect the signal of ALPs (Axion like particles) interacting with magnetic fields in galaxy clusters. The conversion between CMB photons and ALPs in the presence ... More
On the transmission of quantum information through quantum fieldsAug 20 2019We investigate the quantum channel consisting of two localized quantum systems that communicate through a scalar quantum field. We choose a scalar field rather than a tensor or vector field, such as the electromagnetic field, in order to isolate the situation ... More
Holomorphic Chern-Simons theory and affine Gaudin modelsAug 20 2019We relate two formalisms recently proposed for describing classical integrable field theories. The first is based on the action of four-dimensional holomorphic Chern-Simons theory introduced and studied by Costello, Witten and Yamazaki. The second makes ... More
Gravitational memory in the bulkAug 20 2019A method for detecting gravitational memory is proposed. It makes use of ingoing null geodesics instead of timelike geodesics in the original formulation by Christodoulou. It is argued that the method is applicable in the bulk of a spacetime. In addition, ... More
Quasi-local conserved charges in General RelativityAug 20 2019A general prescription for constructing quasi-local conserved quantities in General Relativity is proposed. The construction is applied to BMS symmetry generators in Newman-Unti gauge, so as to define quasi-local BMS charges. It is argued that the zero ... More
Fractal dimension of critical curves in the $O(n)$-symmetric $φ^4$-model and crossover exponent at 6-loop order: Loop-erased random walks, self-avoiding walks, Ising, XY and Heisenberg modelsAug 20 2019We calculate the fractal dimension $d_{\rm f}$ of critical curves in the $O(n)$ symmetric $(\vec \phi^2)^2$-theory in $d=4-\varepsilon$ dimensions at 6-loop order. This gives the fractal dimension of loop-erased random walks at $n=-2$, self-avoiding walks ... More
PICO: Probe of Inflation and Cosmic OriginsAug 20 2019The Probe of Inflation and Cosmic Origins (PICO) is a proposed probe-scale space mission consisting of an imaging polarimeter operating in frequency bands between 20 and 800 GHz. We describe the science achievable by PICO, which has sensitivity equivalent ... More
On polarized scattering equations for superamplitudes of 11D supergravity and ambitwistor superstringAug 20 2019We revisited the formalism of 11D polarized scattering equation by Geyer and Mason from the perspective of spinor frame approach and spinor moving frame formulation of the 11D ambitwistor superstring action. In particular, we rigorously obtain the equation ... More
Topological effects in continuum 2d $U(N)$ gauge theoriesAug 20 2019We study the $\theta$ dependence of the continuum limit of 2d $U(N)$ gauge theories defined on compact manifolds, with special emphasis on spherical ($g=0$) and toroidal ($g=1$) topologies. We find that the coupling between $U(1)$ and $SU(N)$ degrees ... More
Cubic Interaction for Higher Spins in $AdS_{d+1}$ space in the explicit covariant formAug 20 2019We present a slightly modified prescription of the radial pullback formalism proposed previously by R. Manvelyan, R. Mkrtchyan and W. R\"uhl in 2012, where authors investigated possibility to connect the main term of higher spin interaction in flat $d+2$ ... More
Black holes in Sol minoreAug 20 2019We consider black holes in five-dimensional $N=2$ $\text{U}(1)$-gauged supergravity coupled to vector multiplets, with horizons that are homogeneous but not isotropic. We write down the equations of motion for electric and magnetic ans\"atze, and solve ... More
Noncommutativity and the Weak Cosmic CensorshipAug 20 2019We show that a noncommutative massless scalar probe can dress a naked singularity in $AdS_3$ spacetime, consistent with the weak cosmic censorship. The dressing occurs at high energies, which is typical at the Planck scale. Using a noncommutative duality, ... More
Carroll membranesAug 20 2019We explore Carroll limit corresponding to M2 as well as M3 branes propagating over 11D supergravity backgrounds in M theory. In the first part of the analysis, we introduce the membrane Carroll limit associated to M2 branes propagating over M theory supergravity ... More
Cosmology With Low-Redshift Observations: No Signal For New PhysicsAug 20 2019We analyse various low-redshift cosmological data from Type-Ia Supernova, Baryon Acoustic Oscillations, Time-Delay measurements using Strong-Lensing, $H(z)$ measurements using Cosmic Chronometers and growth measurements from large scale structure observations ... More
Force-free electrodynamics near rotation axis of a Kerr black holeAug 20 2019Despite their potential importance for understanding astrophysical jets, physically realistic exact solutions for magnetospheres around Kerr black holes have not been found, even in the force-free approximation. Instead approximate analytical solutions ... More
Melonic Dominance in Subchromatic Sextic Tensor ModelsAug 20 2019We study tensor models based on $O(N)^r$ symmetry groups constructed out of rank-$r$ tensors with order-$q$ interaction vertices. We define \textit{subchromatic} tensor models to be those for which $r<q-1$. We focus most of our attention on sextic ($q=6$) ... More
Bernoulli Numbers and Multi-brane Solutions in Cubic String Field TheoryAug 20 2019In a previous paper [arXiv:1901.01681], we presented an analytic construction of multi-brane solutions in cubic open string field theory (CSFT) for any integer brane number. Our $(N+1)$-brane solution is given in the pure-gauge form $\Psi=U Q_\textrm{B}U^{-1}$ ... More
't Hooft-Polyakov monopole and instanton-like topological solution in gauge-Higgs unificationAug 20 2019We consider 't Hooft-Polyakov monopole (TPM) as a topological soliton in the 5-dimensional (5D) theory of gauge-Higgs unification. This scenario provides a very natural framework to incorporate the TPM, since the adjoint scalar is builtin as the extra-space ... More
Non-perturbative approaches to the quantum Seiberg-Witten curveAug 19 2019Aug 21 2019We study various non-perturbative approaches to the quantization of the Seiberg-Witten curve of ${\cal N}=2$, $SU(2)$ super Yang-Mills theory, which is closely related to the modified Mathieu operator. The first approach is based on the quantum WKB periods ... More
Non-perturbative approaches to the quantum Seiberg--Witten curveAug 19 2019We study various non-perturbative approaches to the quantization of the Seiberg-Witten curve of ${\cal N}=2$, $SU(2)$ super Yang-Mills theory, which is closely related to the modified Mathieu operator. The first approach is based on the quantum WKB periods ... More
Topological order in matrix Ising modelsAug 19 2019We study a family of models for an $N_1 \times N_2$ matrix worth of Ising spins $S_{aB}$. In the large $N_i$ limit we show that the spins soften, so that the partition function is described by a bosonic matrix integral with a single `spherical' constraint. ... More
Inflation in supergravity from field redefinitionsAug 19 2019Supergravity (SUGRA) theories are specified by a few functions, most notably the real K\"ahler function denoted by $G(T_i, \bar {T}_i) = K + \log |W|^2$, where K is a real K\"ahler potential, and W is a holomorphic superpotential. A field redefinition ... More
Deeply inelastic scattering structure functions on a hybrid quantum computerAug 19 2019We outline a strategy to compute deeply inelastic scattering structure functions using a hybrid quantum computer. Our approach takes advantage of the representation of the fermion determinant in the QCD path integral as a quantum mechanical path integral ... More
New Loop Quantum Cosmology Modifications from Gauge-covariant FluxesAug 19 2019Loop quantum cosmology is a symmetry reduced quantization of cosmological spacetimes based on loop quantum gravity. While it has been succsessful in resolution of various cosmological singularities and connecting Planck scale physics to phenomenology, ... More
The Speed of Quantum Information Spreading in Chaotic SystemsAug 19 2019We present a general theory of quantum information propagation in chaotic quantum many-body systems. The generic expectation in such systems is that quantum information does not propagate in localized form; instead, it tends to spread out and scramble ... More
On duality between Cosserat elasticity and fractonsAug 19 2019We present a dual formulation of the Cosserat theory of elasticity. In this theory a local element of an elastic body is described in terms of local displacement and local orientation. Upon the duality transformation these degrees of freedom map onto ... More
Superfluids as Higher-form AnomaliesAug 19 2019We recast superfluid hydrodynamics as the hydrodynamic theory of a system with an emergent anomalous higher-form symmetry. The higher-form charge counts the winding planes of the superfluid -- its constitutive relation replaces the Josephson relation ... More
Jet charge modification in dense QCD matterAug 19 2019Jet production and jet substructure modification in heavy-ion collisions have played an essential role in revealing the in-medium evolution of parton showers and the determination of the properties of strongly-interacting matter under extreme conditions. ... More
Origin of ultra-light fields during inflation and their suppressed non-GaussianityAug 19 2019We study the structure of multi-field inflation models where the primordial curvature perturbation is able to vigorously interact with an ultra-light isocurvature field -- a massless fluctuation orthogonal to the background inflationary trajectory in ... More
SU(2) non-Abelian gauge field theory in one dimension on digital quantum computersAug 19 2019An improved mapping of one-dimensional SU(2) non-Abelian gauge theory onto qubit degrees of freedom is presented. This new mapping allows for a reduced unphysical Hilbert space. Insensitivity to interactions within this unphysical space is exploited to ... More
Fifteen-vertex models with non-symmetric $R$ matricesAug 19 2019In this work, we employ the algebraic-differential method recently developed by the author to solve the Yang-Baxter equation for arbitrary fifteen-vertex models satisfying the ice-rule. We show that there are four different families of such regular $R$ ... More
Charged Taub-NUT solution in Lovelock gravity with generalized Wheeler polynomialsAug 19 2019Wheeler's approach to finding exact solutions in Lovelock gravity has been predominantly applied to static spacetimes. This has led to a Birkhoff's theorem for arbitrary base manifolds in dimensions higher than four. In this work, we generalize the method ... More
Supertwistor description of ambitwistor stringsAug 19 2019A new ambitwistor string is constructed based on a ten-dimensional supertwistor model for the massless superparticle. Although covariant quantization is complicated by reducibility issues, a light-cone gauge analysis can be easily performed. We show that ... More
Finite spectral triples for the fuzzy torusAug 19 2019Finite real spectral triples are defined to characterise the non-commutative geometry of a fuzzy torus. The geometries are the non-commutative analogues of flat tori with moduli determined by integer parameters. Each of these geometries has four different ... More
Local description of S-matrix in quantum field theory in curved spacetime using Riemann-normal coordinateAug 19 2019Success of S-matrix in quantum field theory in Minkowski spacetime naturally leads to the question of construction of S-matrix in a general curved spacetime. It is known that a global description of S-matrix may not exist in an arbitrary curved spacetime. ... More
GB holographic superconductors in exponential nonlinear electrodynamicsAug 19 2019The low-energy limits of the string theory lead to the higher-order curvature corrections for Einstein gravity. Also, they give the higher-order derivative corrections for the Maxwell or linear electrodynamics, which suggests the nonlinear electrodynamics. ... More
Manifestly Finite Derivation of the Quantum Kink MassAug 19 2019In 1974 Dashen, Hasslacher and Neveu calculated the leading quantum correction to the mass of the kink in the scalar $\phi^4$ theory in 1+1 dimensions. The derivation relies on the identification of the perturbations about the kink as solutions of the ... More
Towards a theory of baryon resonancesAug 19 2019In this talk, I discuss methods that allow for a systematic and model-independent calculation of the hadron spectrum. These are lattice QCD and/or its corresponding Effective Field Theories. Assorted results are shown and I take the opportunity to discuss ... More
Emergent metric and geodesic analysis in cosmological solutions of (torsion-free) Polynomial Affine GravityAug 19 2019Starting from an affinely connected space, we consider a model of gravity whose fundamental field is the connection. We build up the action using as sole premise the invariance under diffeomorphisms, and study the consequences of a cosmological ansatz ... More
The arithmetic geometry of AdS$_2$ and its continuum limitAug 19 2019We present and study in detail the construction of a discrete and finite arithmetic geometry AdS$_2[N]$ and show that an appropriate scaling limit exists, as $N\to\infty,$ that can be identified with the universal AdS$_2$ radial and time near horizon ... More
T-duality constraint on R-R couplingsAug 19 2019It has been speculated that the metric, $B$-field and dilaton couplings in the low energy effective action of string theory on manifold with boundary at any order of $\alpha'$ may be found by imposing the gauge symmetries and by imposing the T-duality ... More
Systematic construction of F-theory models with $U(1)\times \mathbb{Z}_2,\, \mathbb{Z}_4$ and transitions in discrete gauge groupsAug 19 2019The systematic construction of families of F-theory models in which $U(1)\times \mathbb{Z}_2$ and $U(1)\times \mathbb{Z}_4$ forms are discussed, motivated by the proposal in the previous paper stating that a discrete $\mathbb{Z}_n$ gauge group tends to ... More
Pure electromagnetic-gravitational interaction in Hořava-Lifshitz theory at the kinetic conformal pointAug 19 2019We introduce the electromagnetic-gravitational coupling in the Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz framework, in $3+1$ dimensions, by considering the Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity theory in $4+1$ dimensions at the kinetic conformal point and then performing a Kaluza-Klein ... More
Holographic complexity of charged Taub-NUT-AdS black holesAug 19 2019In this paper, we investigate the holographic complexity in the charged Taub-NUT-AdS black holes with Misner strings present in the Einstein-Maxwell gravity. We show that differing from the normal black holes, where the late-time complexity growth rate ... More
Geometry and integrability in $\mathcal{N}=8$ supersymmetric mechanicsAug 18 2019We construct the $\mathcal{N}=8$ supersymmetric mechanics with potential term whose configuration space is the special K\"ahler manifold of rigid type and show that it can be viewed as the K\"ahler counterpart of $\mathcal{N}=4$ mechanics related to "curved ... More
Holographic Subregion Complexity in General Vaidya GeometryAug 18 2019We investigate general features of the evolution of holographic subregion complexity (HSC) on Vaidya-AdS metric with a general form. The spacetime is dual to a sudden quench process in quantum system and HSC is a measure of the ``difference'' between ... More
Quantum Mechanics of Particle on a torus knot: Curvature and Torsion EffectsAug 18 2019Constraints play an important role in dynamical systems. However, the subtle effect of constraints in quantum mechanics is not very well studied. In the present work we concentrate on the quantum dynamics of a point particle moving on a non-trivial torus ... More
The Particle and Energy Cost of Entanglement of Hawking Radiation with the Final Vacuum StateAug 18 2019A semiclassical analysis shows that in the process of black hole formation and evaporation, an initial pure state will evolve to a mixed state, i.e., information will be lost. One way of avoiding this conclusion without invoking drastic modifications ... More
Is the Momentum Sum Rule Valid for Nuclear Structure Functions ?Aug 17 2019We address the validity of the momentum sum rule for deep inelastic nuclear structure functions.
Beyond Squeezing à la Virasoro AlgebraAug 17 2019The generalization of squeezing is realized in terms of the Virasoro algebra. The higher-order squeezing can be introduced through the higher-order time-dependent potential, in which the standard squeezing operator is generalized to higher-order Virasoro ... More
Exact annihilation energy and proper decay time solution of a para-positronium systemAug 17 2019Para positronium composed by an electron-antielectron pair is an unstable system decaying into two high energetic gamma photons via self annihilation process, due to the conservation of the charge conjugation parity in electromagnetically interacting ... More
Lightcone OPE in a CFT with lowest twist scalar primaryAug 17 2019We study the operator product expansion (OPE) of two identical scalar primary operators in the lightcone limit in a conformal field theory where a scalar is the operator with lowest twist. We see that in CFTs where both the stress tensor and a scalar ... More
Quantum Brownian motion of a heavy quark pair in the quark-gluon plasmaAug 17 2019In this paper we study the real-time evolution of heavy quarkonium in the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) on the basis of the open quantum systems approach. In particular, we shed light on how quantum dissipation affects the dynamics of the relative motion of ... More
Rotating and non-rotating AdS black holes in $f({\cal T})$ gravity non-linear electrodynamicsAug 17 2019We derive new exact charged $d$-dimensional black hole solutions for quadratic teleparallel equivalent gravity, $f({\cal T})=a_0+a_1{\cal T}+a_2{\cal T}^2$, where $\cal T$ is the torsion scalar, in the case of non-linear electrodynamics. We give a specific ... More
Higgs inflation in complex geometrical scalar-tensor theory of gravityAug 17 2019We derive a Higgs inflationary model in the context of a complex geometrical scalar-tensor theory of gravity. In this model the Higgs inflaton scalar field has geometrical origin playing the role of the Weyl scalar field in the original non-riemannian ... More
Hybrid Color Glass Condensate and hydrodynamic description of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider small system scanAug 17 2019Multi-particle correlation observables in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider small system scan are computed in a framework that contains both initial state momentum anisotropies from the Color Glass Condensate effective theory and final state hydrodynamic ... More
Superradiant instability of charged scalar fields in higher-dimensional Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black holesAug 16 2019Black holes possess trapping regions which lead to intriguing dynamical effects. By properly scattering test fields off a black hole, one can extract energy from it, leading to the growth of the amplitude of the test field in expense of the black hole's ... More