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Measurement of the Decays $Λ_c\to Σππ$ at BelleFeb 09 2018We report measurements of the branching fractions of the decays $\Lambda^+_c\to\Sigma^+\pi^-\pi^+$, $\Lambda^+_c\to\Sigma^0\pi^+\pi^0$ and $\Lambda^+_c\to\Sigma^+\pi^0\pi^0$ relative to the reference channel $\Lambda^+_c\to pK^-\pi^+$. The analysis is ... More
Collider Tests of the Renormalizable Coloron ModelFeb 08 2018The coloron, a massive version of the gluon present in gauge extensions of QCD, has been searched for at the LHC as a dijet or top quark pair resonance. We point out that in the Renormalizable Coloron Model (ReCoM) with a minimal field content to break ... More
Search for heavy neutral leptons in events with three charged leptons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeVFeb 08 2018A search for a heavy neutral lepton N of Majorana nature decaying into a W boson and a charged lepton is performed using the CMS detector at the LHC. The targeted signature consists of three prompt charged leptons in any flavor combination of electrons ... More
Fragmentation-fraction ratio $f_{Ξ_b}/f_{Λ_b}$ in $b$- and $c$-baryon decaysFeb 08 2018We obtain the ratio of fragmentation fractions, $f_{\Xi_b}/f_{\Lambda_b}=0.054\pm0.020$, from the measurement of $\Xi_b^0\to \Xi_c^+\pi^-$ and $\Lambda_b^0\to \Lambda_c^+\pi^-$ by LHCb with both charmed baryons reconstructed by the final states of $p ... More
Event-by-Event Efficiency Fluctuations and Efficiency Correction for Cumulants of Superposed Multiplicity Distributions in Relativistic Heavy-ion Collision ExperimentsFeb 08 2018We performed systematic studies for the effects of event-by-event efficiency fluctuations on efficiency correction for cumulant analysis in relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments. Experimentally, particle efficiencies of events measured with different ... More
Performance of a full scale prototype detector at the BR2 reactor for the SoLid experimentFeb 08 2018The SoLid collaboration has developed a new detector technology to detect electron anti-neutrinos at close proximity to the Belgian BR2 reactor at surface level. A 288$\,$kg prototype detector was deployed in 2015 and collected data during the operational ... More
New Physics Phenomena and F-theory GUTsFeb 08 2018In this presentation the new physics implications of the $B$-meson decay anomalies, observed at LHCb, are discussed. In the first part of the talk a brief overview of the experimental status is presented. In the second part, a class of semi-local F-theory ... More
Transverse Extension of Partons in the Proton probed by Deeply Virtual Compton ScatteringFeb 08 2018We report on the first measurement of exclusive single-photon muoproduction on the proton by COMPASS using 160 GeV/$c$ polarized $\mu^+$ and $\mu^-$ beams of the CERN SPS impinging on a liquid hydrogen target. We determine the dependence of the average ... More
Measurement of the inelastic proton-proton cross section at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeVFeb 07 2018A measurement of the inelastic proton-proton cross section with the CMS detector at a center-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV is presented. The analysis is based on events with energy deposits in the forward calorimeters, which cover pseudorapidities ... More
Expression of Interest for Evolution of the Mu2e ExperimentFeb 07 2018We propose an evolution of the Mu2e experiment, called Mu2e-II, that would leverage advances in detector technology and utilize the increased proton intensity provided by the Fermilab PIP-II upgrade to improve the sensitivity for neutrinoless muon-to-electron ... More
Supernova Neutrino Neutrino AstronomyFeb 07 2018Modern neutrino facilities will be able to detect a large number of neutrinos from the next Galactic supernova. We investigate the viability of the triangulation method to locate a core-collapse supernova by employing the neutrino arrival time differences ... More
$T$-odd correlations in polarized top quark decays in the sequential decay $t(\uparrow) \to X_b+W^+(\to \ell^+ + ν_\ell)$ and in the quasi three-body decay $t(\uparrow) \to X_b+ \ell^+ + ν_\ell$Feb 07 2018We identify the $T$-odd structure functions that appear in the description of polarized top quark decays in the sequential decay $t(\uparrow) \to X_b+W^+(\to \ell^+ + \nu_\ell)$ (two structure functions) and the quasi three-body decay $t(\uparrow) \to ... More
Constraining Gluonic Quartic Gauge Coupling Operators with $gg \to γγ$Feb 07 2018Gluon-gluon to photon-photon scattering $gg \to \gamma\gamma$ offers to the LHC experiments a uniquely powerful probe of dimension-8 operators in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) that are quadratic in both the electromagnetic and gluonic ... More
Predictions for isobaric collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{\rm NN}}}$ = 200 GeV from a multiphase transport modelFeb 07 2018The isobaric collisions of $^{96}_{44}$Ru + $^{96}_{44}$Ru and $^{96}_{40}$Zr + $^{96}_{40}$Zr have recently been proposed to discern the charge separation signal of the chiral magnetic effect (CME). In this article, we employ the string melting version ... More
Collider constraints on light pseudoscalarsFeb 06 2018We investigate the bounds on light pseudoscalars that arise from a variety of collider searches. Special attention is thereby devoted to the mass regions $[3, 5] \, {\rm GeV}$ and $[9,11] \, {\rm GeV}$, in which a meaningful theoretical description has ... More
Exploring the Potential of Short-Baseline Physics at FermilabFeb 06 2018We study the capabilities of the short baseline neutrino program at Fermilab to probe the unitarity of the lepton mixing matrix. We find the sensitivity to be slightly better than the current one. Motivated by the future DUNE experiment, we have also ... More
Search for natural and split supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV in final states with jets and missing transverse momentumFeb 06 2018A search for supersymmetry (SUSY) is performed in final states comprising one or more jets and missing transverse momentum using data from proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. The data were recorded with the CMS detector at the ... More
Pushing the precision frontier at the LHC with V+jetsFeb 06 2018This documents the proceedings from a workshop titled `Illuminating Standard candles at the LHC: V+jets' held at Imperial College London on 25th-26th April 2017. It summarises the numerous contributions to the workshop, from the experimental overview ... More
Measurement of the nuclear modification factor for high-$p_{\mathrm{T}}$ charged hadrons in $p$+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detectorFeb 06 2018The charged hadron spectra in $p$+Pb and $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=\sqrt{s}=5.02$TeV are measured with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. The measurements are performed with $p$+Pb data recorded in 2013 with an integrated luminosity of 25nb${}^{-1}$ ... More
Measurement of the charged-hadron spectra and nuclear modification factor in lead--lead collisions with the ATLAS detectorFeb 06 2018The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) measures charged hadron spectra obtained in 2010 and 2011 lead-lead LHC data taking periods with total integrated statistics of 0.15nb${}^{-1}$. The results are compared to the $pp$ spectra of charged ... More
Impact of medium modification of the nucleon weak and electromagnetic form factors on the neutrino mean free path in dense matterFeb 06 2018Impact of the in-medium modified nucleon weak and electromagnetic form factors on the neutrino mean free path in dense matter is studied by considering both the weak and electromagnetic interactions of neutrinos with the constituents of the matter. A ... More
Radiation resistant LGAD designFeb 06 2018In this paper, we report on the radiation resistance of 50-micron thick LGAD detectors manufactured at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler employing several different doping combinations of the gain layer. LGAD detectors with gain layer doping of Boron, Boron ... More
The Size Seems to Matter or Where Lies the "Asymptopia"?Feb 05 2018We discuss an apparent correlation between the onset of the rising regime for the total cross-sections and the slowdown of the rise of the forward slopes with energy. It is shown that even at highest energies achieved with the LHC the proper sizes of ... More
First Measurements of Beam Backgrounds at SuperKEKBFeb 05 2018The high design luminosity of the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider is expected to result in challenging levels of beam-induced backgrounds in the interaction region. Properly simulating and mitigating these backgrounds is critical to the success of ... More
A mathematical solve on the three-interfering-resonances' parametersFeb 05 2018The multiple-solution problem in determining the three-interfering-resonances' parameters from a fit to an experimentally measured distribution is considered in a mathematical viewpoint. In this paper it is shown that there are four numerical solutions ... More
Observation of $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow K\bar{K}J/ψ$ at center-of-mass energies from 4.189 to 4.600 GeVFeb 04 2018We investigate the process $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow K\bar{K}J/\psi$ at center-of-mass energies from 4.189 to 4.600 GeV using 4.7 fb$^{-1}$ of data collected by the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider. The Born cross sections for the reactions $e^{+}e^{-} ... More
Renormalization-Group Equations of Neutrino Masses and Flavor Mixing Parameters in MatterFeb 03 2018We borrow the general idea of renormalization-group equations (RGEs) to understand how neutrino masses and flavor mixing parameters evolve when neutrinos propagate in a medium, highlighting a meaningful possibility that the genuine flavor quantities in ... More
Characterization of self-injected electron beams from LWFA experiments at SPARC_LABFeb 03 2018The plasma-based acceleration is an encouraging technique to overcome the limits of the accelerating gradient in the conventional RF acceleration. A plasma accelerator is able to provide accelerating fields up to hundreds of $GeV/m$, paving the way to ... More
On the photon or meson formation in $J/ψ$ decays into $p {\overline{p}}$Feb 02 2018The measurements of the $J/\psi \rightarrow \gamma p \overline{p}$ decays by the BES Collaboration indicate an enhancement at the $p \overline{p}$ threshold which, however, is present neither in the J/$\psi$ decays into $\omega p \overline{p}$ nor into ... More
K$^{-}$ over K$^{+}$ multiplicity ratio for kaons produced in DIS with a large fraction of the virtual-photon energyFeb 02 2018The K$^{-}$ over K$^{+}$ multiplicity ratio is measured in deep-inelastic scattering, for the first time for kaons carrying a large fraction $z$ of the virtual-photon energy. The data were obtained by the COMPASS collaboration using a 160 GeV muon beam ... More
Observation of $a^{0}_{0}(980)$-$f_{0}(980)$ MixingFeb 02 2018We report the first observation of $a^{0}_{0}(980)$-$f_{0}(980)$ mixing in the decays of $J/\psi\to\phi f_{0}(980) \to a^{0}_{0}(980) \to\phi\eta\pi^{0}$ and $\chi_{c0}\to a^{0}_{0}(980) \pi^{0}\to f_{0}(980)\pi^{0} \to \pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$, using data ... More
New NLOPS predictions for $\boldsymbol{t\bar{t}+b}$-jet production at the LHCFeb 01 2018Measurements of $t\bar{t} H$ production in the $H\to b\bar{b}$ channel depend in a critical way on the theoretical uncertainty associated with the irreducible $t\bar{t}+b$-jet background. In this paper, analysing the various topologies that account for ... More
Summary and Conclusions of the First DESY Test Beam User WorkshopFeb 01 2018On October 5/6, 2017, DESY hosted the first DESY Test Beam User Workshop [1] which took place in Hamburg. Fifty participants from different user communities, ranging from LHC (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb) to FAIR (CBM, PANDA), DUNE, Belle-II, future linear ... More
Multi-particle azimuthal cumulants in p+Pb collisions from a multiphase transport modelFeb 01 2018A new subevent cumulant method was recently developed, which can significantly reduce the non-flow contributions in long-range correlations for small systems. In this work, we use both standard and subevent cumulant methods to study multi-particle correlations ... More
NLO QCD corrections to Higgs boson plus jet production with full top-quark mass dependenceFeb 01 2018We present the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the production of a Higgs boson in association with one jet at the LHC including the full top-quark mass dependence. The mass of the bottom quark is neglected. The two-loop integrals appearing in ... More
Revisiting Final State Interaction in Charmless $B_q\to P P$ DecaysFeb 01 2018Various new measurements in charmless $B_{u,d,s}\to PP$ modes, where $P$ is a low lying pseudoscalar meson, are reported by Belle and LHCb. These include the rates of $B^0\to\pi^0\pi^0$, $\eta\pi^0$, $B_s\to\eta'\eta'$, $B^0\to K^+K^-$ and $B^0_s\to\pi^+\pi^-$ ... More
Lepton-Number-Charged Scalars and Neutrino BeamstrahlungJan 31 2018Experimentally, baryon number minus lepton number, $B-L$, appears to be a good global symmetry of nature. We explore the consequences of the existence of gauge-singlet scalar fields charged under $B-L$ -- dubbed lepton-number-charged scalars, LeNCS -- ... More
On the Topic of JetsJan 31 2018We introduce jet topics: a framework to identify underlying classes of jets from collider data. Because of a close mathematical relationship between distributions of observables in jets and emergent themes in sets of documents, we can apply recent techniques ... More
Optimization of the beam crossing angle at the ILC for e+e- and gamma-gamma collisionsJan 31 2018At this time, the design of the International Linear Collider (ILC) is optimized for e+e- collisions; the photon collider (gamma-gamma and gamma-electron) is considered as an option. Unexpected discoveries, such as the diphoton excess F(750 GeV) seen ... More
The impact of $\mathbf{K^+Λ}$ photoproduction on the resonance spectrumJan 31 2018The J\"ulich-Bonn coupled-channel framework is extended to $K^+\Lambda$ photoproduction. The spectrum of nucleon and $\Delta$ resonances is extracted from simultaneous fits to several pion-induced reactions in addition to pion, eta and $K^+\Lambda$ photoproduction ... More
Probing the muon g_μ-2 anomaly, L_μ - L_τ gauge boson and Dark Matter in dark photon experimentsJan 31 2018In the L_{\mu} - L_{\tau} model the 3.6$\sigma$ discrepancy between the predicted and measured values of the anomalous magnetic moment of positive muons can be explained by the existence of a new dark boson Z' with a mass in the sub-GeV range, which is ... More
Search for a strangeonium-like structure $Z_s$ decaying into $φπ$ and a measurement of the cross section $e^+e^-\rightarrowφππ$Jan 31 2018Using a data sample of $e^+e^-$ collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 108 pb$^{-1}$ collected with the BESIII detector at a center-of-mass energy of 2.125 GeV, we study the process $e^+e^-\rightarrow \phi\pi\pi$, and search for a ... More
Measurement of $Γ_{ee}\times\mathcal{B}_{μμ}$ for $ψ(2S)$ mesonJan 31 2018The product of the electronic width of the $\psi(2S)$ meson and the branching fraction of its decay to the muon pair was measured in the $e^{+}e^{-} \to \psi(2S) \to \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ process using nine data sets corresponding to an integrated luminosity ... More
Learning to Classify from Impure SamplesJan 30 2018A persistent challenge in practical classification tasks is that labelled training sets are not always available. In particle physics, this challenge is surmounted by the use of simulations. These simulations accurately reproduce most features of data, ... More
First Limit on the Direct Detection of Lightly Ionizing Particles for Electric Charge as Low as $e$/1000 with the \textsc{Majorana Demonstrator}Jan 30 2018Feb 01 2018The \textsc{Majorana Demonstrator} is an ultra low-background experiment searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay in $^{76}$Ge. The heavily shielded array of germanium detectors, placed nearly a mile underground at the Sanford Underground Research ... More
The Mu2e crystal calorimeterJan 30 2018The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab will search for coherent, neutrino-less conversion of negative muons into electrons in the field of an Aluminum nucleus, $\mu^- + Al \to e^- +Al$. Data collection start is planned for the end of 2021. The dynamics of such ... More
$η_c$ production in photon - induced interactions at the LHCJan 30 2018In this paper we investigate the $\eta_c$ production by photon - photon and photon - hadron interactions in $pp$ and $pA$ collisions at the LHC energies. The inclusive and diffractive contributions for the $\eta_c$ photoproduction are estimated using ... More
N* Experiments and their Impact on Strong QCD PhysicsJan 29 2018I give a brief overview of experimental studies of the spectrum and the structure of the excited states of the nucleon and what we learn about their internal structure. The focus is on the effort to obtain a more complete picture of the light-quark baryon ... More
Nucleon Resonance Structure from Exclusive Meson Electroproduction with CLASJan 29 2018Feb 01 2018Studies of the nucleon resonance electroexcitation amplitudes in a wide range of photon virtualities offer unique information on many facets of strong QCD behind the generation of all prominent excited nucleon states. Advances in the evaluation of resonance ... More
What does the matter created in high multiplicity proton-nucleus collisions teach us about the 3-D structure of the proton?Jan 29 2018The study of multiparticle correlations and collectivity in the hot and dense matter created in collisions of heavy-ions as well as those of smaller systems such as proton--heavy-ion collisions has progressed to the point where detailed knowledge of the ... More
Sensitivity of the ILC to light Higgs massesJan 29 2018The particle discovered in the Higgs boson searches at the LHC with a mass of about 125 GeV can be identified with one neutral Higgs boson in a variety of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) theories with an extended Higgs sector. Limits on the couplings ... More
Transverse Momentum Resummation for $t$-channel single top quark production at the LHCJan 29 2018We study the effect of multiple soft gluon radiation on the kinematical distributions of the $t$-channel single top quark production at the LHC. By applying the transverse momentum dependent factorization formalism, large logarithms (of the ratio of large ... More
A Simple Expression for Heavy to Light Meson Semileptonic Decays Form FactorsJan 29 2018The $D$ and $B$ meson semileptonic decays with pion or light hadron in the final state is a $c\bar{d} \to \pi \ell \nu $ and $b \bar{d}\to \pi \ell\nu $ annihilation process, similar to the two-photon and two-gluon decays of the $P$-wave $\chi_{c0,2}$ ... More
Light nuclei production as a probe of the QCD phase diagramJan 29 2018We argue that there should exist two maxima in the collision energy dependence of the baryon density fluctuation in heavy-ion collisions, i.e., a lower energy one due to the spinodal instability in the first-order phase transition and a higher energy ... More
Observation of the anomalous isotopic symmetry breaking in central diffractive production of the $f_1(1285)$ and $a^0_0(980)$ resonancesJan 29 2018At very high energies, and in the central region ($x_F\simeq0$), the double-Pomeron exchange mechanism gives the dominant contribution to production of hadrons with the positive $C$-parity and isospin $I=0$. Therefore, the observation of resonances in ... More
Angular momentum and parity of a two gluon systemJan 28 2018In this work we obtain all the allowed values of the angular momentum and parity for two massless non-Abelian fields. In particular, we show that, unlike the two photons system, two gluons can be in a state with $J^P=1^\pm$, $(2k)^-$, and $(2k+1)^-$, ... More
0+ and 1+ heavy-light exotic mesons at N2LO in the chiral limitJan 27 2018We use QCD spectral sum rules (QSSR) and the factorization properties of molecule and four-quark currents to estimate the masses and couplings of the 0+ and 1+ molecules and four-quark at N2LO of PT QCD. We include in the OPE the contributions of non-perturbative ... More
How hadron collider experiments contributed to the development of QCD: from hard-scattering to the perfect liquidJan 26 2018A revolution in elementary particle physics occurred during the period from the ICHEP1968 to the ICHEP1982 with the advent of the parton model from discoveries in Deeply Inelastic electron-proton Scattering at SLAC, neutrino experiments, hard-scattering ... More
First Demonstration of a Pixelated Charge Readout for Single-Phase Liquid Argon Time Projection ChambersJan 26 2018Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (LArTPCs) have been selected for the future long-baseline Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). To allow LArTPCs to operate in the high-multiplicity near detector environment of DUNE, a new charge readout technology ... More
Strong decays of higher charmonium states into open-charm meson pairsJan 26 2018The open-charm strong decays of higher charmonium states up to the mass of the $6P$ multiplet are systematically studied in the $^3P_0$ model. The wavefunctions of the initial charmonium states are calculated in the linear potential (LP) and screened ... More
Singly Cabibbo-suppressed hadronic decays of $Λ_c^+$Jan 25 2018We study singly Cabibbo-suppressed two-body hadronic decays of the charmed baryon $\Lambda_c^+$, namely, $\Lambda_c^+\to \Lambda K^+, p\pi^0, p\eta, n\pi^+,\Sigma^0K^+,\Sigma^+ K^0$. We use the measured rate of $\Lambda_c^+\to p\phi$ to fix the effective ... More
Microscopically-based energy density functionals for nuclei using the density matrix expansion: Full optimization and validationJan 25 2018We seek to obtain a usable form of the nuclear energy density functional that is rooted in the modern theory of nuclear forces. We thus consider a functional obtained from the density matrix expansion of local nuclear potentials from chiral effective ... More
N* Structure and Strong QCDJan 25 2018In attempting to match QCD with Nature, it is necessary to confront the many complexities of strong, nonlinear dynamics in relativistic quantum field theory, e.g. the loss of particle number conservation, the frame and scale dependence of the explanations ... More
Extracting Particle Physics Information from Direct Detection of Dark Matter with Minimal AssumptionsJan 25 2018In the absence of direct accelerator data to constrain particle models, and given existing astrophysical uncertainties associated with the phase space distribution of WIMP dark matter in our galactic halo, extracting information on fundamental particle ... More
A Radiation Tolerant Light Pulser for Particle Physics ApplicationsJan 25 2018A light emitting diode (LED) pulser has been developed that can be used for tests or calibration of timing and amplitude sensitivity of particle physics detectors. A comparative study is performed on the components and pulser output characteristics before ... More
Running bumps from stealth bosonsJan 24 2018For the "stealth bosons" $S$, light boosted particles with a decay $S \to A A \to q \bar q q \bar q$ into four quarks and reconstructed as a single fat jet, the groomed jet mass has a strong correlation with groomed jet substructure variables. Consequently, ... More
New Developments in WHIZARD Version 2.6Jan 24 2018We describe recent additions to the WHIZARD 2 Monte-Carlo event generator which improve the physics description of lepton-collider event samples and speed up the calculation time required for cross sections and event generation.
Removal and Binding Energies in Lepton Nucleus ScatteringJan 24 2018We investigate the Fermi momentum and nuclear interaction energy parameters that should be used in modeling quasielastic (QE) electron and neutrino scattering on bound nucleons within the framework of the Relativistic Fermi Gas model (RFG). We apply both ... More
Leptoquark toolbox for precision collider studiesJan 23 2018We implement scalar and vector leptoquark (LQ) models in the universal FeynRules output (UFO) format assuming the Standard Model fermion content and conservation of baryon and lepton numbers. Scalar LQ implementations include next-to-leading order (NLO) ... More
Spin-1 particles and perturbative QCDJan 23 2018Due to the angular condition in the light-front dynamics (LFD), the extraction of the electromagnetic form factors for spin-1 particles can be uniquely determined taking into account implicitly non-valence and/or the zero-mode contributions to the matrix ... More
Valence-quark structure N* resonances from DSEsJan 22 2018We present a unified Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)-based description of elastic and transition electromagnetic form factors involving the nucleon and its resonances. We compare predictions made using a framework built upon a Faddeev equation kernel and ... More
Comment on high-$p_T$ inclusive spectra measurements at the LHCJan 22 2018The high-$p_T$ inclusive spectra measured at the LHC demonstrate a non-perturbative $p_T^{-6}$ dependence. This can be related to observation of a nondecreasing with $p_T$ one-spin asymmetries at RHIC questioning the fact of the spin degrees of freedom ... More
Measurement of low-energy background events due to $^{222}$Rn contamination on the surface of a NaI(Tl) crystalJan 22 2018It has been known that decays of $^{222}$Rn and its daughter elements on the surface of a detector cause significant background at energies below 10~keV. In particular $^{210}$Pb and $^{210}$Po decays on the crystal surface result in significant background ... More
Combined Constraints on the Equation of State of Dense Neutron-Rich Matter from Terrestrial Experiments and Observations of Neutron StarsJan 21 2018Within the parameter space of equation of state (EOS) of dense neutron-rich matter limited by existing constraints mainly from terrestrial nuclear experiments, we investigate how the neutron star maximum mass $M_{\rm{max}}>2.01\pm0.04$ M$_\odot$, radius ... More
Measurement of the the liquid argon energy response to nuclear and electronic recoilsJan 20 2018A liquid argon time projection chamber, constructed for the Argon Response to Ionization and Scintillation (ARIS) experiment, has been exposed to the highly collimated and quasi-monoenergetic LICORNE neutron beam at the Institute de Physique Nuclaire ... More
Tevatron Run II combination of the effective leptonic electroweak mixing angleJan 19 2018Drell-Yan lepton pairs produced in the process $p \bar{p} \rightarrow \ell^+\ell^- + X$ through an intermediate $\gamma^*/Z$ boson have an asymmetry in their angular distribution related to the spontaneous symmetry breaking of the electroweak force and ... More
Hadron tomography and its application to gravitational radii of hadronsJan 19 2018Hadron tomography has been investigated by three-dimensional structure functions, such as generalized parton distributions (GPDs) and generalized distribution amplitudes (GDAs). The GDAs are $s$-$t$ crossed quantities of the GPDs, and both functions probe ... More
Testbeam performance of a shashlik calorimeter with fine-grained longitudinal segmentationJan 18 2018An iron- plastic-scintillator shashlik calorimeter with a 4.3 $X_0$ longitudinal segmentation was tested in November 2016 at the CERN East Area facility with charged particles up to 5 GeV. The performance of this detector in terms of electron energy resolution, ... More
The radiative corrections to double-Dalitz decays revisitedJan 18 2018In this study, we revisit and complete the full next-to-leading order corrections to pseudoscalar double-Dalitz decays within the soft-photon approximation. Comparing to the previous study, we find small differences, which are nevertheless relevant for ... More
Measurements of the Branching Fractions of the Singly-Cabibbo-Suppressed Decays $D^0\toωη$, $η^{(\prime)}π^0$ and $η^{(\prime)}η$Jan 18 2018By analyzing a data sample of 2.93 fb$^{-1}$ collected at $\sqrt s=$ 3.773 GeV with the BESIII detector operated at the BEPCII storage rings, we measure the branching fractions ${\mathcal B}(D^0\to\omega\eta)=(2.15\pm0.17_{\rm stat.}\pm0.15_{\rm sys.})\times ... More
Light-Meson Spectroscopy at GlueXJan 16 2018GlueX at Jefferson Lab aims to study the light meson spectrum with an emphasis on the search for light hybrid mesons. To this end, a linearly-polarized $9\,$GeV photon beam impinges on a hydrogen target contained within a hermetic detector with near-complete ... More
Calculating $p$-values and their significances with the Energy Test for large datasetsJan 16 2018Feb 05 2018The energy test method is a multi-dimensional test of whether two samples are consistent with arising from the same underlying population, through the calculation of a single test statistic (called the $T$-value). The method has recently been used in ... More
Measurement of inclusive double-differential $ν_μ$ charged-current cross section with improved acceptance in the T2K off-axis near detectorJan 16 2018We report a measurement of the flux-integrated cross section for inclusive muon neutrino charged-current interactions on carbon. The double differential measurements are given as function of the muon momentum and angle. Relative to our previous publication ... More
Observation of medium induced modifications of jet fragmentation in PbPb collisions using isolated-photon-tagged jetsJan 15 2018Measurements of fragmentation functions for jets associated with an isolated photon are presented for the first time in pp and PbPb collisions. The analysis uses data collected with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC at a nucleon-nucleon center-of-mass ... More
Right sign of spin rotation operatorJan 15 2018For the fermion transformation in the space all books of quantum mechanics propose to use the unitary operator $\widehat{U}_{\vec n}(\varphi)=\exp{(-i\frac\varphi2(\widehat\sigma\cdot\vec n))}$, where $\varphi$ is angle of rotation around the axis $\vec{n}$. ... More
Signatures of a Light Sterile Neutrino in T2HKJan 15 2018We investigate the performance of T2HK in the presence of a light eV scale sterile neutrino. We study in detail its influence in resolving fundamental issues like mass hierarchy, CP-violation (CPV) induced by the standard CP-phase $\delta_{13}$ and new ... More
The Proton Spin, Semi-Inclusive processes, and a future Electron Ion ColliderJan 15 2018Jan 23 2018We discuss spin physics, Guido Altarelli's contribution to it, and what we still have to learn. We set out in particular a programme for incorporating constraints from semi-inclusive data into global fits of polarized PDFs, and discuss the need for the ... More
Direct measurement of neutrons induced in lead by cosmic muons at a shallow underground siteJan 15 2018Neutron production in lead by cosmic muons has been studied with a Gadolinium doped liquid scintillator detector installed in the T\"ubingen shallow underground laboratory, next to the Muon-Induced Neutron Indirect Detection EXperiment used for muon tagging. ... More
Nucleon viewed as a Borromean Bound-StateJan 15 2018We explain how the emergent phenomenon of dynamical chiral symmetry breaking ensures that Poincar\'e covariant analyses of the three valence-quark scattering problem in continuum quantum field theory yield a picture of the nucleon as a Borromean bound-state, ... More
The design of the MEG II experimentJan 15 2018The MEG experiment, designed to search for the mu+->e+ gamma decay at a 10^-13 sensitivity level, completed data taking in 2013. In order to increase the sensitivity reach of the experiment by an order of magnitude to the level of 6 x 10-14 for the branching ... More
Study of fermion pair productions at the ILC with center-of-mass energy of 250 GeVJan 15 2018Precise measurements of electroweak processes at the International Linear Collider (ILC) will provide unique opportunities to explore new physics beyond the Standard Model. Fermion pair productions are sensitive to a new contact interaction or a new heavy ... More
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with $^{82}$SeF$_6$ and Direct Ion ImagingJan 14 2018Jan 25 2018We present a new neutrinoless double beta decay concept: the high pressure selenium hexafluoride gas time projection chamber. Combining techniques pioneered in high pressure xenon gas such as topological discrimination, with the high Q-value afforded ... More
The HeRSCheL detector: high-rapidity shower counters for LHCbJan 12 2018The HeRSCheL detector consists of a set of scintillating counters, designed to increase the coverage of the LHCb experiment in the high-rapidity regions on either side of the main spectrometer. The new detector improves the capabilities of LHCb for studies ... More
VBSCan Split 2017 Workshop SummaryJan 12 2018This document summarises the talks and discussions happened during the VBSCan Split17 workshop, the first general meeting of the VBSCan COST Action network. This collaboration is aiming at a consistent and coordinated study of vector-boson scattering ... More
First Measurement of Monoenergetic Muon Neutrino Charged Current InteractionsJan 11 2018We report the first measurement of monoenergetic muon neutrino charged current interactions. MiniBooNE has isolated 236 MeV muon neutrino events originating from charged kaon decay at rest ($K^+ \rightarrow \mu^+ \nu_\mu$) at the NuMI beamline absorber. ... More
Is There a Hollow Inside the Proton?Jan 11 2018Jan 16 2018We discuss a recently proposed interpretation of some model descriptions of the proton-proton elastic scattering data as a manifestation of alleged relative transparency of the central part of the interaction region in the impact parameter space. We argue ... More
Search for $h_{c}\rightarrowπ^+π^-J/ψ$ via $ψ(3686)\rightarrow π^0π^+π^-J/ψ$Jan 10 2018Using a data sample of $448.1\times10^6$ $\psi(3686)$ events collected with the BESIII detector operating at the BEPCII, we perform search for the hadronic transition $h_c\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-J/\psi$ via $\psi(3686)\rightarrow\pi^0h_c$. No signals of ... More
Anti-triplet charmed baryon decays with SU(3) Flavor SymmetryJan 10 2018We study the decays of the anti-triplet charmed baryon state $(\Xi_c^0,\Xi_c^+,\Lambda_c^+)$ based on the $SU(3)$ flavor symmetry. In particular, after predicting ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^0\to \Xi^-\pi^+)=(15.7 \pm 0.7)\times 10^{-3}$ and ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^+\to\Xi^-\pi^+\pi^+)=(14.7\pm ... More
Improved search for two-neutrino double electron capture on $^{124}$Xe and $^{126}$Xe using particle identification in XMASS-IJan 10 2018We conducted an improved search for the simultaneous capture of two $K$-shell electrons on the $^{124}$Xe and $^{126}$Xe nuclei with emission of two neutrinos using 800.0 days of data from the XMASS-I detector. A novel method to discriminate $\gamma$-ray/$X$-ray ... More
Design, status and perspective of the Mu2e crystal calorimeterJan 09 2018The Mu2e experiment at Fermilab will search for the charged lepton flavor violating process of neutrino-less $\mu \to e$ coherent conversion in the field of an aluminum nucleus. Mu2e will reach a single event sensitivity of about $2.5\cdot 10^{-17}$ that ... More