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Position-Constrained Stochastic Inference for Cooperative Indoor LocalizationFeb 08 2018We address the problem of distributed cooperative localization in wireless networks, i.e. nodes without prior position knowledge (agents) wish to determine their own positions. In non-cooperative approaches, positioning is only based on information from ... More
Completely Distributed Power Allocation using Deep Neural Network for Device to Device communication Underlaying LTEFeb 08 2018Device to device (D2D) communication underlaying LTE can be used to distribute traffic loads of eNBs. However, a conventional D2D link is controlled by an eNB, and it still remains burdens to the eNB. We propose a completely distributed power allocation ... More
Layered Coding of Hidden Markov SourcesFeb 08 2018The paper studies optimal coding of hidden Markov sources (HMS), which represent a broad class of practical sources obtained through noisy acquisition processes, beside their explicit modeling use in speech processing and recognition, image understanding ... More
On Quantizer Design to Exploit Common Information in Layered Coding of Vector SourcesFeb 08 2018This paper studies a layered coding framework with a relaxed hierarchical structure. Advances in wired/wireless communication and consumer electronic devices have created a requirement for serving the same content at different quality levels. The key ... More
On the inverse problem of source reconstruction from coherence measurementsFeb 08 2018We consider an inverse source problem for partially coherent light propagating in the Fresnel regime. The data is the coherence of the field measured away from the source. The reconstruction is based on a minimum residue formulation, which uses the authors' ... More
A third-order class-D amplifier with and without ripple compensationFeb 07 2018We analyse the nonlinear behaviour of a third-order class-D amplifier, and demonstrate the remarkable effectiveness of the recently introduced ripple compensation (RC) technique in reducing the audio distortion of the device. The amplifier converts an ... More
A complete framework for linear filtering of bivariate signalsFeb 07 2018A complete framework for the linear time-invariant (LTI) filtering theory of bivariate signals is proposed based on a tailored quaternion Fourier transform. This framework features a direct description of LTI filters in terms of their eigenproperties ... More
Adaptive transform via quantum signal processing: application to signal and image denoisingFeb 07 2018The main scope of this paper is to show how tools from quantum mechanics, in particular the Schroedinger equation, can be used to construct an adaptive transform suitable for signal and image processing applications. The proposed dictionary is obtained ... More
Age-Minimal Online Policies for Energy Harvesting Sensors with Incremental Battery RechargesFeb 06 2018A sensor node that is sending measurement updates regarding some physical phenomenon to a destination is considered. The sensor relies on energy harvested from nature to transmit its updates, and is equipped with a finite $B$-sized battery to save its ... More
Improved Time of Arrival measurement model for non-convex optimization with noisy dataFeb 06 2018The quadratic system provided by the Time of Arrival technique can be solved analytical or by optimization algorithms. In real environments the measurements are always corrupted by noise. This measurement noise effects the analytical solution more than ... More
Multi-frequency phase retrieval from noisy dataFeb 06 2018The phase retrieval from multi-frequency intensity (power) observations is considered. The object to be reconstructed is complex-valued. A novel algorithm is presented that accomplishes both the object phase (absolute phase) retrieval and denoising for ... More
Multilateration of the Local Position MeasurementFeb 06 2018The Local Position Measurement system (LPM) is one of the most precise systems for 3D position estimation. It is able to operate in- and outdoor and updates at a rate up to 1000 measurements per second. Previous scientific publications focused on the ... More
Generating virtual scenarios of multivariate financial data for quantitative trading applicationsFeb 06 2018In this paper, we present a novel approach to the generation of virtual scenarios of multivariate financial data of arbitrary length and composition of assets. With this approach, decades of realistic time-synchronized data can be simulated for a large ... More
Energy-aware Adaptive Spectrum Access and Power Allocation in LAA Networks via Lyapunov OptimizationFeb 06 2018To relieve the traffic burden and improve the system capacity, licensed-assisted access (LAA) has been becoming a promising technology to the supplementary utilization of the unlicensed spectrum. However, due to the densification of small base stations ... More
A General Approach for Construction of Deterministic Compressive Sensing MatricesFeb 05 2018In this paper, deterministic construction of measurement matrices in Compressive Sensing (CS) is considered. First, by employing the column replacement concept, a theorem for construction of large minimum distance linear codes containing all-one codewords ... More
The edge cloud: A holistic view of communication, computation and cachingFeb 02 2018The evolution of communication networks shows a clear shift of focus from just improving the communications aspects to enabling new important services, from Industry 4.0 to automated driving, virtual/augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), and so ... More
Compressed Anomaly Detection with Multiple Mixed ObservationsJan 31 2018We consider a collection of independent random variables that are identically distributed, except for a small subset which follows a different, anomalous distribution. We study the problem of detecting which random variables in the collection are governed ... More
Non-local tensor completion for multitemporal remotely sensed images inpaintingJan 30 2018Remotely sensed images may contain some missing areas because of poor weather conditions and sensor failure. Information of those areas may play an important role in the interpretation of multitemporal remotely sensed data. The paper aims at reconstructing ... More
Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection from ECG Combining Convolutional and Long Short-Term Memory NetworksJan 30 2018Objectives: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common heart rhythm disorder associated with deadly and debilitating consequences including heart failure, stroke, poor mental health, reduced quality of life and death. Having an automatic system that diagnoses ... More
Fast binary embeddings, and quantized compressed sensing with structured matricesJan 26 2018This paper deals with two related problems, namely distance-preserving binary embeddings and quantization for compressed sensing . First, we propose fast methods to replace points from a subset $\mathcal{X} \subset \mathbb{R}^n$, associated with the Euclidean ... More
Impact of the Overall Electrical Filter Shaping in Next-Generation 25G and 50G PONJan 25 2018Next-generation high-speed passive optical network (HS-PON) transceivers supporting 25, 50 and 100 Gb/s are under the early stage of their standardization process. One key aspect of this process is the choice of the best modulation format. To this end, ... More
An axially-variant kernel imaging model for ultrasound image reconstructionJan 25 2018Existing ultrasound deconvolution approaches unrealistically assume, primarily for computational reasons, that the convolution model relies on a spatially invariant kernel and circulant boundary conditions. We discard both restrictions and introduce an ... More
Code-Frequency Block Group Coding for Anti-Spoofing Pilot Authentication in Multi-Antenna OFDM SystemsJan 23 2018A pilot spoofer can paralyze the channel estimation in multi-user orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFD- M) systems by using the same publicly-known pilot tones as legitimate nodes. This causes the problem of pilot authentication (PA). To solve ... More
Optimized Cell Planning for Network Slicing in Heterogeneous Wireless Communication NetworksJan 22 2018We propose a cell planning scheme to maximize the resource efficiency of a wireless communication network while considering quality-of-service requirements imposed by different mobile services. In dense and heterogeneous cellular 5G networks, the available ... More
A Novel Contourlet Domain Watermark Detector for Copyright ProtectionJan 22 2018Digital media can be distributed via Internet easily, so, media owners are eagerly seeking methods to protect their rights. A typical solution is digital watermarking for copyright protection. In this paper, we propose a novel contourlet domain image ... More
A Hardware-Efficient Synchronization in L-DACS1 for Aeronautical CommunicationsJan 19 2018L-band digital aeronautical communication system type-1 (L-DACS1) is an emerging standard that aims at enhancing air traffic management by transitioning the traditional analog aeronautical communication systems to the superior and highly efficient digital ... More
An Efficient Data-aided Synchronization in L-DACS1 for Aeronautical CommunicationsJan 18 2018L-band Digital Aeronautical Communication System type-1 (L-DACS1) is an emerging standard that aims at enhancing air traffic management (ATM) by transitioning the traditional analog aeronautical communication systems to the superior and highly efficient ... More
A Kotel'nikov Representation for WaveletsJan 17 2018This paper presents a wavelet representation using baseband signals, by exploiting Kotel'nikov results. Details of how to obtain the processes of envelope and phase at low frequency are shown. The archetypal interpretation of wavelets as an analysis with ... More
DSP-Enhanced OTDR for Detection and Estimation of Events in PONsJan 17 2018To plan a rapid response and minimize operational costs, passive optical network operators require to automatically detect and identify faults that may occur in the optical distribution network. In this work, we present DSP-Enhanced OTDR, a novel methodology ... More
Spatial Field Reconstruction and Sensor Selection in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks with Stochastic Energy HarvestingJan 16 2018We address the two fundamental problems of spatial field reconstruction and sensor selection in het- erogeneous sensor networks. We consider the case where two types of sensors are deployed: the first consists of expensive, high quality sensors; and the ... More
Graph Spectral Image ProcessingJan 15 2018Jan 16 2018Recent advent of graph signal processing (GSP) has spurred intensive studies of signals that live naturally on irregular data kernels described by graphs (e.g., social networks, wireless sensor networks). Though a digital image contains pixels that reside ... More
On Partly Overloaded Spreading Sequences with Variable Spreading FactorJan 12 2018Future wireless communications systems are expected to support multi-service operation, i.e. especially multi-rate as well as multi-level quality of service (QoS) requirements. This evolution is mainly driven by the success of the Internet of Things (IoT) ... More
Non Intrusive Load Monitoring in Chaotic Switching NetworksJan 12 2018In this work, a non intrusive load disaggregation scheme is proposed. By using a kernel based nonlinear regression strategy, the switching dynamic of an electric network, simulated as a set of RLC circuits with chaotic switching, is approximated using ... More
Reconfigurable high Gain split Ring Resonator Microstrip Patch AntennaJan 09 2018In this paper, reconfigurable high gain split ring resonator microstrip patch antenna is designed and analysed. The aim to design such type antenna is to achieve multiband application which is the demand of current technology in frequency reconfiguration ... More
Joint Estimation of Low-Rank Components and Connectivity Graph in High-Dimensional Graph Signals: Application to Brain ImagingJan 08 2018This paper presents a graph signal processing algorithm to uncover the intrinsic low-rank components and the underlying graph of a high-dimensional, graph-smooth and grossly-corrupted dataset. In our problem formulation, we assume that the perturbation ... More
High-throughput, high-resolution Generated Adversarial Network MicroscopyJan 07 2018We for the first time combine generated adversarial network (GAN) with wide-field light microscopy to achieve deep learning super-resolution under a large field of view (FOV). By appropriately adopting prior microscopy data in an adversarial training, ... More
Training Symbol-Based Equalization for Quadrature Duobinary PDM-FTN SystemsJan 03 2018A training symbol-based equalization algorithm is proposed for polarization de-multiplexing in quadrature duobinary (QDB) modulated polarization division multiplexedfaster-than-Nyquist (FTN) coherent optical systems. The proposed algorithm is based on ... More
Multiplication with Fourier Optics Simulating 16-bit Modular MultiplicationJan 03 2018This paper will describe a simulator developed by the authors to explore the design of Fourier transform based multiplication using optics. Then it will demonstrate an application to the problem of constructing an all-optical modular multiplication circuit. ... More
Performance Analysis of a Scalable DC Microgrid Offering Solar Power Based Energy Access and Efficient Control for Domestic LoadsJan 03 2018DC microgrids conform to distributed control of renewable energy sources which ratifies efficacious instantaneous power sharing and sustenance of energy access among different domestic Power Management Units (PMUs) along with maintaining stability of ... More
A Low-Cost Robust Distributed Linearly Constrained Beamformer for Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks with Arbitrary TopologyDec 23 2017We propose a new robust distributed linearly constrained beamformer (BF) which utilizes a set of linear equality constraints to reduce the cross power spectral density matrix to a block-diagonal form. The proposed BF has a convenient objective function ... More
Analysis and Optimization of Aperture Design in Computational ImagingDec 12 2017There is growing interest in the use of coded aperture imaging systems for a variety of applications. Using an analysis framework based on mutual information, we examine the fundamental limits of such systems---and the associated optimum aperture coding---under ... More
Wireless Energy Beamforming Using Signal Strength FeedbackDec 10 2017Multiple antenna techniques, that allow energy beamforming, have been looked upon as a possible candidate for increasing the efficiency of the transfer process between the energy transmitter (ET) and the energy receiver (ER) in wireless energy transfer. ... More
Ptychography intensity interferometry imagingDec 06 2017Dec 07 2017Intensity interferometry (II) exploits the second-order correlation to acquire the spatial frequency information of an object, which has been used to observe distant stars since 1950s. However, due to unreliability of employed imaging reconstruction algorithms, ... More
Wavenet based low rate speech codingDec 01 2017Traditional parametric coding of speech facilitates low rate but provides poor reconstruction quality because of the inadequacy of the model used. We describe how a WaveNet generative speech model can be used to generate high quality speech from the bit ... More
Statistical Approaches for Initial Access in mmWave 5G SystemsNov 15 2017mmWave communication systems overcome high attenuation by using multiple antennas at both the transmitter and the receiver to perform beamforming. Upon entrance of a user equipment (UE) into a cell a scanning procedure must be performed by the base station ... More
Hydra: An Accelerator for Real-Time Edge-Aware Permeability Filtering in 65nm CMOSNov 08 2017Many modern video processing pipelines rely on edge-aware (EA) filtering methods. However, recent high-quality methods are challenging to run in real-time on embedded hardware due to their computational load. To this end, we propose an area-efficient ... More
Sparse Randomized Kaczmarz for Support Recovery of Jointly Sparse Corrupted Multiple Measurement VectorsNov 07 2017Jan 03 2018While single measurement vector (SMV) models have been widely studied in signal processing, there is a surging interest in addressing the multiple measurement vectors (MMV) problem. In the MMV setting, more than one measurement vector is available and ... More
Respiratory and cardiac function monitoring during night using a wrist-worn optical systemOct 30 2017Sleep monitoring permits valuable insights into the general health of a person and allows to identify specific sleep-related problems. Unfortunately the gold standard for sleep studies, polysomnography, is very unwieldy and therefore not suitable for ... More
Estimate Exchange over Network is Good for Distributed Hard Thresholding PursuitSep 22 2017We investigate an existing distributed algorithm for learning sparse signals or data over networks. The algorithm is iterative and exchanges intermediate estimates of a sparse signal over a network. This learning strategy using exchange of intermediate ... More
Shannon information storage in noisy phase-modulated fringes and fringe-data compression by phase-shifting algorithmsAug 22 2017Nov 08 2017Optical phase-modulated fringe-patterns are usually digitized with XxY pixels and 8 bits/pixel (or higher) gray-levels. The digitized 8 bits/pixel are raw-data bits, not Shannon information bits. Here we show that noisy fringe-patterns store much less ... More
Computationally Efficient Target Classification in Multispectral Image Data with Deep Neural NetworksNov 09 2016Detecting and classifying targets in video streams from surveillance cameras is a cumbersome, error-prone and expensive task. Often, the incurred costs are prohibitive for real-time monitoring. This leads to data being stored locally or transmitted to ... More
A Flexible Implementation of a Matrix Laurent Series-Based 16-Point Fast Fourier and Hartley TransformsFeb 20 2015This paper describes a flexible architecture for implementing a new fast computation of the discrete Fourier and Hartley transforms, which is based on a matrix Laurent series. The device calculates the transforms based on a single bit selection operator. ... More