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Recovery Guarantees for Compressible Signals with Adversarial NoiseJul 15 2019We provide recovery guarantees for compressible signals that have been corrupted with noise and extend the framework introduced in [1] to defend neural networks against $\ell_0$-norm and $\ell_2$-norm attacks. Concretely, for a signal that is approximately ... More
Achievable Data Rate for URLLC-Enabled UAV Systems with 3-D Channel ModelJul 15 2019In this paper, we investigate the average achievable data rate (AADR) of the control information delivery from the ground control station (GCS) to unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV) under a 3-D channel, which requires ultra-reliable and low-latency communications ... More
Multi-hop Federated Private Data Augmentation with Sample CompressionJul 15 2019On-device machine learning (ML) has brought about the accessibility to a tremendous amount of data from the users while keeping their local data private instead of storing it in a central entity. However, for privacy guarantee, it is inevitable at each ... More
Motorway Traffic Flow Prediction using Advanced Deep LearningJul 15 2019Congestion prediction represents a major priority for traffic management centres around the world to ensure timely incident response handling. The increasing amounts of generated traffic data have been used to train machine learning predictors for traffic, ... More
Universal Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) Using Filter Pipelines, Probabilistic Knapsack, and Labelled Partition MapsJul 15 2019Being able to track appliances energy usage without the need of sensors can help occupants reduce their energy consumption to help save the environment all while saving money. Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) tries to do just that. One of the hardest ... More
Designing Unimodular Sequences with Optimized Auto/cross-correlation Properties via Consensus-ADMM/PDMM ApproachesJul 14 2019Unimodular sequences with good auto/cross-correlation properties are favorable in wireless communication and radar applications. In this paper, we focus on designing these kinds of sequences. The main content is as follows: first, we formulate the designing ... More
Guaranteeing E2E QoS via Joint Radio and NFV Resource Allocation for 5G and BeyondJul 14 2019In this paper, we propose an end to end joint radio and virtual network function (VNF) resource allocation for next-generation networks providing different types of services with different requirements in term of latency and data rate. We consider both ... More
Fast Graph Sampling Set Selection Using Gershgorin Disc AlignmentJul 14 2019Graph sampling set selection, where a subset of nodes are chosen to collect samples to reconstruct a bandlimited or smooth graph signal, is a fundamental problem in graph signal processing (GSP). Previous works employ an unbiased least square (LS) signal ... More
Energy-Efficient Activation and Uplink Transmission for Cellular IoTJul 14 2019Consider a large-scale cellular network in which base stations (BSs) serve massive Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. Since IoT devices are powered by a capacity-limited battery, how to prolong their working lifetime is a paramount problem for the success ... More
A Real-Time mmWave Communication Testbed with Phase Noise CancellationJul 13 2019As the spectrum under 6 GHz is being depleted, pushing wireless communications onto millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies is a trend that promises multi-Gbps data rate. mmWave is therefore considered as a key technology for 5G wireless systems and has ... More
On Discrete-Time/Frequency-Periodic End-to-End Fiber-Optical Channel ModelsJul 13 2019A discrete-time end-to-end fiber-optical channel model is derived based on the first-order perturbation approach. The model relates the discrete-time input symbol sequences of co-propagating wavelength channels to the received symbol sequence after matched ... More
BeSense: Leveraging WiFi Channel Data and Computational Intelligence for BehaviorJul 13 2019The ever evolving informatics technology has gradually bounded human and computer in a compact way. Understanding user behavior becomes a key enabler in many fields such as sedentary-related healthcare, human-computer interaction (HCI) and affective computing. ... More
Intelligent Reflecting Surface: Practical Phase Shift Model and Beamforming OptimizationJul 13 2019Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) that enables the control of the wireless propagation environment has been looked upon as a promising technology for boosting the spectrum and energy efficiency in future wireless communication systems. Prior works ... More
Secrecy Analysis and Learning-based Optimization of Cooperative NOMA SWIPT SystemsJul 12 2019Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is considered to be one of the best candidates for future networks due to its ability to serve multiple users using the same resource block. Although early studies have focused on transmission reliability and energy ... More
Smart Cities: The Hopes and HypesJul 12 2019Smart cities are being planned for several advanced applications and services for the inhabitants. Smart cities initiative promise many new services which are not possible in the traditional city frameworks. In the smart city framework, the basic aim ... More
Low PAPR Reference Signal Transceiver Design for 3GPP 5G NR UplinkJul 12 2019Low peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR) transmissions significantly improve the cell coverage as they enable high power transmissions without saturating the power amplifier. A new modulation scheme, namely, pi/2-BPSK was introduced in the Rel-15 3GPP 5G ... More
Regularized HessELM and Inclined Entropy Measurement for Congestive Heart Failure PredictionJul 12 2019Our study concerns with automated predicting of congestive heart failure (CHF) through the analysis of electrocardiography (ECG) signals. A novel machine learning approach, regularized hessenberg decomposition based extreme learning machine (R-HessELM), ... More
Deep Learning with ConvNET Predicts Imagery Tasks Through EEGJul 12 2019Deep learning with convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) have dramatically improved learning capabilities of computer vision applications just through considering raw data without any prior feature extraction. Nowadays, there is rising curiosity in ... More
Sampling and Reconstruction of Bandlimited Signals with Multi-Channel Time EncodingJul 12 2019Sampling is classically performed by recording the amplitude of the input at given time instants; however, sampling and reconstructing a signal using multiple devices in parallel becomes a more difficult problem to solve when the devices have an unknown ... More
Energy Aware Wireless System based Software Defined RadioJul 12 2019Development of green telecommunication systems is already being considered highly attractive by standard bodies and recently is attracting research attention. While most of the research focuses on modeling and simulation, in this work we implement a lab ... More
Deep Learning based Blind Symbol Packing Ratio Estimation for Faster-than-Nyquist SignalingJul 12 2019This letter proposes a blind symbol packing rartio estimation for faster-than-Nyquist (FTN) signaling based on state-of-the-art deep learning (DL) technology. The symbol packing rartio is a vital parameter to obtain the real symbol rate and recover the ... More
Pareto Optimal Demand Response Based on Energy Costs and Load Factor in Smart GridJul 12 2019Demand response for residential users is essential to the realization of modern smart grids. This paper proposes a multiobjective approach to designing a demand response program that considers the energy costs of residential users and the load factor ... More
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in UAV-to-Everything (U2X) NetworksJul 12 2019This article investigates the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) enhanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-to-Everything (U2X) frameworks. A novel 3-Dimension framework for providing wireless services to randomly roaming NOMA receivers (Rxs) in the sphere ... More
Interference Exploitation via Symbol-Level Precoding: Overview, State-of-the-Art and Future DirectionsJul 12 2019Interference is traditionally viewed as a performance limiting factor in wireless communication systems, which is to be minimized or mitigated. Nevertheless, a recent line of work has shown that by manipulating the interfering signals such that they add ... More
Timely Cloud Computing: Preemption and WaitingJul 11 2019The notion of timely status updating is investigated in the context of cloud computing. Measurements of a time-varying process of interest are acquired by a sensor node, and uploaded to a cloud server to undergo some required computations. These computations ... More
Deep auscultation: Predicting respiratory anomalies and diseases via recurrent neural networksJul 11 2019Respiratory diseases are among the most common causes of severe illness and death worldwide. Prevention and early diagnosis are essential to limit or even reverse the trend that characterizes the diffusion of such diseases. In this regard, the development ... More
Optimized Sharing of Coefficients in Parallel Filter BanksJul 11 2019Filters are the basic and most important blocks of most signal processing applications. In many applications, a group of parallel filters are used as filter banks. Parallel filter banks naturally require much more computations. Especially on chip applications, ... More
Joint Radio Resource Allocation and 3D Beam-forming in MISO-NOMA-based Network with Profit Maximization for Mobile Virtual Network OperatorsJul 11 2019Massive connections and high data rate services are key players in 5G ecosystem and beyond. To satisfy the requirements of these types of services, non orthogonal multiple Access (NOMA) and 3-dimensional beam-forming (3DBF) can be exploited. In this paper, ... More
Approximate Message Passing for Indoor THz Channel EstimationJul 11 2019Compressed sensing (CS) deals with the problem of reconstructing a sparse vector from an under-determined set of observations. Approximate message passing (AMP) is a technique used in CS based on iterative thresholding and inspired by belief propagation ... More
Towards a Connected Sky: Performance of Beamforming with Down-tilted Antennas for Ground and UAV User Co-existenceJul 11 2019Providing connectivity to aerial users such as cellular connected unmanned aerial vehicles is a key challenge for future cellular systems. In this paper, the use of conjugate beamforming for simultaneous content delivery to an AU coexisting with multiple ... More
Terahertz Band: The Last Piece of RF Spectrum Puzzle for Communication SystemsJul 11 2019Ultra-high bandwidth, negligible latency and seamless communication for devices and applications are envisioned as major milestones that will revolutionize the way by which societies create, distribute and consume information. The remarkable expansion ... More
Message passing-based link configuration in short range millimeter wave systemsJul 11 2019Millimeter wave (mmWave) communication in typical wearable and data center settings is short range. As the distance between the transmitter and the receiver in short range scenarios can be comparable to the length of the antenna arrays, the common far ... More
Wind Estimation Using Quadcopter Motion: A Machine Learning ApproachJul 11 2019In this article, we study the well known problem of wind estimation in atmospheric turbulence using small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). We present a machine learning approach to wind velocity estimation based on quadcopter state measurements without ... More
Neural Network-based Equalizer by Utilizing Coding Gain in AdvanceJul 11 2019Recently, deep learning has been exploited in many fields with revolutionized breakthroughs. In the light of this, deep learning-assisted communication systems have also attracted much attention in recent years and have potential to break down the conventional ... More
Efficient Uncertainty Modeling for System Design via Mixed Integer ProgrammingJul 10 2019The post-Moore era casts a shadow of uncertainty on many aspects of computer system design. Managing that uncertainty requires new algorithmic tools to make quantitative assessments. While prior uncertainty quantification methods, such as generalized ... More
Secure Authentication of ADS-B Aircraft Communications using Retroactive Key PublicationJul 10 2019Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast(ADSB), is the next generation Air Traffic management system to monitor the airspace for air traffic communication and traffic information. While the ADS-B empowers aircraft to broadcast their location information ... More
CTRL-ALT-LED: Leaking Data from Air-Gapped Computers via Keyboard LEDsJul 10 2019Using the keyboard LEDs to send data optically was proposed in 2002 by Loughry and Umphress [1] (Appendix A). In this paper we extensively explore this threat in the context of a modern cyber-attack with current hardware and optical equipment. In this ... More
Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural NetworksJul 10 2019For high data rate wireless communication systems, developing an efficient channel estimation approach is extremely vital for channel detection and signal recovery. With the trend of high-mobility wireless communications between vehicles and vehicles-to-infrastructure ... More
AWG-based Nonblocking Shuffle-Exchange NetworksJul 10 2019Optical shuffle-exchange networks (SENs) have wide application in different kinds of interconnection networks. This paper proposes an approach to construct modular optical SENs, using a set of arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) and tunable wavelength converters ... More
Cooperative Localization with Angular Measurements and Posterior LinearizationJul 10 2019The application of cooperative localization in vehicular networks is attractive to improve accuracy and coverage. Conventional distance measurements between vehicles are limited by the need for synchronization and provide no heading information of the ... More
Generalized Rank Minimization based Group Sparse Coding for Low-level Image Restoration via Dictionary LearningJul 10 2019Recently, low-rank matrix recovery theory has been emerging as a significant progress for various image processing problems. Meanwhile, the group sparse coding (GSC) theory has led to great successes in image restoration with group contains low-rank property. ... More
Multivariate Variational Mode DecompositionJul 10 2019In this paper, a generic extension of variational mode decomposition (VMD) algorithm for multivariate or multichannel data sets is presented. We first define a model for multivariate modulated oscillations that is based on the presence of a joint or common ... More
User Detection Performance Analysis for Grant-Free Uplink Transmission in Large-Scale Antenna SystemsJul 10 2019In this paper, user detection performance of a grant-free uplink transmission in a large scale antenna system is analyzed, in which a general grant-free multiple access is considered as the system model and Zadoff-Chu sequence is used for the uplink pilot. ... More
Ultrareliable and Low-Latency Communication Techniques for Tactile Internet ServicesJul 10 2019This paper presents novel ultrareliable and low-latency communication (URLLC) techniques for URLLC services, such as Tactile Internet services. Among typical use-cases of URLLC services are tele-operation, immersive virtual reality, cooperative automated ... More
Channel Estimation in mmWave Hybrid MIMO System via Off-Grid Dirichlet KernelsJul 09 2019In this paper, we tackle channel estimation in millimeter-wave hybrid multiple-input multiple-output systems by considering off-grid effects. In particular, we assume that spatial parameters can take any value in the angular domain, and need not fall ... More
Off-Grid Aware Channel and Covariance Estimation in mmWave NetworksJul 09 2019The spectrum scarcity at sub-6 GHz spectrum has made millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency band a key component of the next-generation wireless networks. While mmWave spectrum offers extremely large transmission bandwidths to accommodate ever-increasing ... More
Deep Learning Techniques for Improving Digital Gait SegmentationJul 09 2019Wearable technology for the automatic detection of gait events has recently gained growing interest, enabling advanced analyses that were previously limited to specialist centres and equipment (e.g., instrumented walkway). In this study, we present a ... More
ABSense: Sensing Electromagnetic Waves on Metasurfaces via Ambient Compilation of Full AbsorptionJul 09 2019Metasurfaces constitute effective media for manipulating and transforming impinging EM waves. Related studies have explored a series of impactful MS capabilities and applications in sectors such as wireless communications, medical imaging and energy harvesting. ... More
Accurate Frequency Domain Identification of ODEs with Arbitrary SignalsJul 09 2019The control of physical systems, governed by differential equations, frequently requires the identification of dynamical systems. Frequency domain identification has seen much progress over the last decades. Errors due to the usage of arbitrary signals ... More
Rapid Node Cardinality Estimation in Heterogeneous Machine-to-Machine NetworksJul 09 2019Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networks are an emerging technology with applications in various fields, including smart grids, healthcare, vehicular telematics and smart cities. Heterogeneous M2M networks contain different types of nodes, e.g., nodes that send ... More
Methodologies of Link-Level Simulator and System-Level Simulator for C-V2X CommunicationJul 09 2019At the time of the development, standardization, and further improvement are vital to the modern cellular systems such as the next generation wireless communication (5G). Simulations are essential to test and optimize algorithms and procedures prior to ... More
Decentralized Gaussian Mixture Fusion through Unified Quotient ApproximationsJul 09 2019This work examines the problem of using finite Gaussian mixtures (GM) probability density functions in recursive Bayesian peer-to-peer decentralized data fusion (DDF). It is shown that algorithms for both exact and approximate GM DDF lead to the same ... More
FarSense: Pushing the Range Limit of WiFi-based Respiration Sensing with CSI Ratio of Two AntennasJul 09 2019The past few years have witnessed the great potential of exploiting channel state information retrieved from commodity WiFi devices for respiration monitoring. However, existing approaches only work when the target is close to the WiFi transceivers and ... More
FarSense: Pushing the Range Limit of WiFi-based Respiration Sensing with CSI Ratio of Two AntennasJul 09 2019Jul 10 2019The past few years have witnessed the great potential of exploiting channel state information retrieved from commodity WiFi devices for respiration monitoring. However, existing approaches only work when the target is close to the WiFi transceivers and ... More
Functional Brain Networks Discovery Using Dictionary Learning with Correlated SparsityJul 09 2019Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) helps constructing functional brain networks by using brain activity information. Principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) are widely used methods to generate functional brain ... More
UAV Access Point Placement for Connectivity to a User with Unknown Location Using Deep RLJul 09 2019In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been considered for telecommunications purposes as relays, caches, or IoT data collectors. In addition to being easy to deploy, their maneuverability allows them to adjust their location to optimize ... More
Task and Bandwidth Allocation for UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing with Trajectory DesignJul 08 2019In this paper, we investigate a mobile edge computing (MEC) architecture with the assistance of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The UAV acts as a computing server to help the user equipment (UEs) compute their tasks as well as a relay to further offload ... More
Bandwidth Is Not Enough: "Hidden" Outlier Noise and Its MitigationJul 08 2019In addition to ever-present thermal noise, communication and sensor systems can contain significant amounts of interference with outlier (e.g. impulsive) characteristics. Such outlier interference (including that caused by nonlinear signal distortions, ... More
Bayesian deep learning with hierarchical prior: Predictions from limited and noisy dataJul 08 2019Datasets in engineering applications are often limited and contaminated, mainly due to unavoidable measurement noise and signal distortion. Thus, using conventional data-driven approaches to build a reliable discriminative model, and further applying ... More
Enabling Ultra Reliable Wireless Communications for Factory Automation with Distributed MIMOJul 08 2019Factory automation is one of the most challenging use cases for 5G-and-beyond mobile networks due to strict latency, availability and reliability constraints. In this work, an indoor factory scenario is considered, and distributed multiple-input multiple-output ... More
A Multi-Stage Clustering Framework for Automotive Radar DataJul 08 2019Radar sensors provide a unique method for executing environmental perception tasks towards autonomous driving. Especially their capability to perform well in adverse weather conditions often makes them superior to other sensors such as cameras or lidar. ... More
Vertex-Frequency Graph Signal ProcessingJul 08 2019Graph signal processing deals with signals which are observed on an irregular graph domain. While many approaches have been developed in classical graph theory to cluster vertices and segment large graphs in a signal independent way, signal localization ... More
Graph Signal Processing -- Part I: Graphs, Graph Spectra, and Spectral ClusteringJul 08 2019The area of Data Analytics on graphs promises a paradigm shift as we approach information processing of classes of data, which are typically acquired on irregular but structured domains (social networks, various ad-hoc sensor networks). Yet, despite its ... More
Signal Reconstruction using Blind Super-resolution with Arbitrary SamplingJul 08 2019In this paper the problem of blind super-resolution of sparse signals using arbitrary sampling scheme and atomic lift is discussed. After comprehensive description on blind superresolution problem, it is shown that using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions ... More
Capacity and Algorithms for a Cognitive Network with Primary-Secondary User CooperationJul 08 2019In this work, we examine cognitive radio networks, where secondary users may act as relays for messages sent by the primary user, hence offering performance improvement of primary transmissions, while at the same time obtaining more transmission opportunities ... More
Blind source separation using Fast-ICA with a novel nonlinear functionJul 08 2019Blind source separation(BSS) is a hotspot in signal processing, and independent component analysis (ICA) is a very effective tool for solving the BSS problem. In order to improve the performance of the separation, a new nonlinear function sin was introduced. ... More
Channel Impulse Response-based Source Localization in a Diffusion-based Molecular Communication SystemJul 08 2019This work localizes a molecular source in a diffusion based molecular communication (DbMC) system via a set of passive sensors and a fusion center. Molecular source localization finds its applications in future healthcare systems, including proactive ... More
Real Time Control and Performance Analysis of A Smart Multi-Machine System through Hardware-in-the-Loop SimulationJul 08 2019This paper presents an implementation of a smart power system using inter-device communication and supervisory control through Simulink integrated with the physical system. This control includes features of real-time control, load management, fault detection ... More
Smart Switching and Control of a Distributed Generator Synchronized With National GridJul 08 2019Distributed generation is widely being utilized, so the basic theme of this research is to have a hands-on experience to synchronize a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) to the Mains Grid. A control algorithm is implemented for energy supply from both ... More
Partial Discharge Detection on Aerial Covered Conductors Using Time-Series Decomposition and Long Short-term Memory NetworkJul 08 2019Nowadays, aerial covered conductors (CC) are increasingly used in many places of the world due to their higher operational reliability, reduced construction space and effective protection for wildlife animals. In spite of these advantages, a major challenge ... More
Stacked autoencoders based machine learning for noise reduction and signal reconstruction in geophysical dataJul 07 2019Autoencoders are neural network formulations where the input and output of the network are identical and the goal is to identify the hidden representation in the provided datasets. Generally, autoencoders project the data nonlinearly onto a lower dimensional ... More
Multiobjective Home Appliances Scheduling Considering Customer Thermal Discomfort: A Multistep Look-ahead ADP-Based ApproachJul 07 2019This paper proposes a multiobjective home energy management unit (MO_HEMU) to balance the electricity payment and thermal discomfort of a household by properly scheduling devices in a time varying price environment. The thermal discomfort is measured ... More
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Non-Orthogonal Multiple AccessJul 06 2019Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) which consists of a large number of low-cost passive reflecting elements and can digitally manipulating electromagnetic waves, is a new and disruptive technology to achieve spectrum- and energy-efficient as well as ... More
On the Physical Layer Security of a Decode and Forward Based Mixed FSO/RF Cooperative SystemJul 06 2019In this letter, the secrecy performance of a mixed free space optics (FSO) and radio frequency (RF) system is analyzed from physical layer security (PHY) perspective. In this scenario, one or more eavesdroppers are trying to intercept the confidential ... More
Coded Taking and Giving (COTAG): Enhancing Transport Layer Performance over Millimeter Wave Access NetworksJul 05 2019Millimeter wave (mmWave) access networks have the potential to meet the high-throughput and low-latency needs of immersive applications. However, due to the highly directional nature of the mmWave beams and due to their susceptibility to human-induced ... More
Speech bandwidth extension with WaveNetJul 05 2019Large-scale mobile communication systems tend to contain legacy transmission channels with narrowband bottlenecks, resulting in characteristic "telephone-quality" audio. While higher quality codecs exist, due to the scale and heterogeneity of the networks, ... More
Deep learning in ultrasound imagingJul 05 2019We consider deep learning strategies in ultrasound systems, from the front-end to advanced applications. Our goal is to provide the reader with a broad understanding of the possible impact of deep learning methodologies on many aspects of ultrasound imaging. ... More
Suitability of an inter-burst detection method for grading hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in newborn EEGJul 05 2019Electroencephalography (EEG) is an important clinical tool for grading injury caused by lack of oxygen or blood to the brain during birth. Characteristics of low-voltage waveforms, known as inter-bursts, are related to different grades of injury. This ... More
Analysis and Optimisation of Distribution Matching for the Nonlinear Fibre ChannelJul 05 2019Enhanced Gaussian noise models are used to demonstrate that the per-block SNR after fibre transmission varies significantly due to the variable-composition nature of modern probabilistic shaping schemes. We propose a nonlinearity-optimised distribution ... More
PV Source Integrated Micro-Grid for Power Quality Improvement using MPPT TechniqueJul 05 2019The demand for Electrical energy is increasing day by day as it can be easily converted to another form of energy. All consumers expect Electrical energy with high power quality. Most of the commercial and industrial loads are inductive in nature and ... More
Double Input Boost/Y-Source DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy SourcesJul 05 2019With the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources by domestic users, decentralisation of the grid is fast becoming a reality. Distributed generation is an important part of a decentralised grid. This approach employs several small-scale technologies ... More
A Mobile Cloud Collaboration Fall Detection System Based on Ensemble LearningJul 05 2019Falls are one of the important causes of accidental or unintentional injury death worldwide. Therefore, this paper presents a reliable fall detection algorithm and a mobile cloud collaboration system for fall detection. The algorithm is an ensemble learning ... More
Optimal Blocklength Allocation towards Reduced Age of Information in Wireless Sensor NetworksJul 05 2019The freshness or timeliness of data at server is a significant key performance indicator of sensor networks, especially in tolerance critical applications such as factory automation. As an effective and intuitive measurement to data timeliness, the metric ... More
Spherical Large Intelligent SurfacesJul 05 2019As an emerging technology, large intelligent surfaces (LIS) have gain much interest recently. Earlier proposed LISs are in two-dimensional (2D) forms and act as electromagnetic planar surfaces transmitting and receiving radiating signals. In this letter, ... More
Practical Approaches Towards Deep-Learning Based Cross-Device Power Side Channel AttackJul 05 2019Power side-channel analysis (SCA) has been of immense interest to most embedded designers to evaluate the physical security of the system. This work presents profiling-based cross-device power SCA attacks using deep learning techniques on 8-bit AVR microcontroller ... More
Low-power and Reliable Solid-state Drive with Inverted Limited Weight CodingJul 04 2019In this work, we propose a novel coding scheme which based on the characteristics of NAND flash cells, generates codewords that reduce the energy consumption and improve the reliability of solid-state drives. This novel coding scheme, namely Inverted ... More
Ray Tracing Analysis for UAV-assisted Integrated Access and Backhaul Millimeter Wave NetworksJul 04 2019The use of Millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum in cellular communications has recently attracted growing interest to support the expected massive increase in traffic demands. However, the high path-loss at mmWave frequencies poses severe challenges. In ... More
Interference Management in UAV-assisted Integrated Access and Backhaul NetworksJul 04 2019An integrated access and backhaul (IAB) network architecture can enable flexible and fast deployment of next-generation cellular networks. However, mutual interference between access and backhaul links, small inter-site distance and spatial dynamics of ... More
Early Detection for Optimal-Latency Communications in Multi-Hop LinksJul 04 2019Modern wireless machine-to-machine-type communications aim to provide both ultra reliability and low latency, stringent requirements that appear to be mutually exclusive. From the noisy channel coding theorem, we know that reliable communications mandate ... More
Early Detection for Optimal-Latency Communications in Multi-Hop LinksJul 04 2019Jul 08 2019Modern wireless machine-to-machine-type communications aim to provide both ultra reliability and low latency, stringent requirements that appear to be mutually exclusive. From the noisy channel coding theorem, we know that reliable communications mandate ... More
Deep Coupled-Representation Learning for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems with Side InformationJul 04 2019In linear inverse problems, the goal is to recover a target signal from undersampled, incomplete or noisy linear measurements. Typically, the recovery relies on complex numerical optimization methods; recent approaches perform an unfolding of a numerical ... More
A Probabilistic Approach to Model SIC based RACH mechanism for Massive Machine Type Communications in Cellular NetworksJul 04 2019In a cellular Internet of Things, burst transmissions from millions of machine type communications (MTC) devices can result in channel congestion. The main bottleneck in such scenario is inefficient random access channel (RACH) mechanism that is used ... More
Blind Audio Source Separation with Minimum-Volume Beta-Divergence NMFJul 04 2019Considering a mixed signal composed of various audio sources and recorded with a single microphone, we consider on this paper the blind audio source separation problem which consists in isolating and extracting each of the sources. To perform this task, ... More
Reduced-Complexity Digital Predistortion: Adaptive Spline-Based Hammerstein ApproachJul 04 2019Jul 08 2019In this paper, a novel digital predistorter concept for power amplifier (PA) linearization is proposed, with particular emphasis on reduced processing complexity in future 5G and beyond wideband radio systems. The proposed method builds on a complex spline ... More
Reduced-Complexity Digital Predistortion: Adaptive Spline-Based Hammerstein ApproachJul 04 2019In this paper, a novel digital predistorter concept for power amplifier (PA) linearization is proposed, with particular emphasis on reduced processing complexity in future 5G and beyond wideband radio systems. The proposed method builds on a complex spline ... More
Asynchronous Averaging of Gait Cycles for Classification of Gait and Device ModesJul 04 2019An approach for computing unique gait signature using measurements collected from body-worn inertial measurement units (IMUs) is proposed. The gait signature represents one full cycle of the human gait, and is suitable for off-line or on-line classification ... More
Asynchronous Averaging of Gait Cycles for Classification of Gait and Device ModesJul 04 2019Jul 05 2019An approach for computing unique gait signature using measurements collected from body-worn inertial measurement units (IMUs) is proposed. The gait signature represents one full cycle of the human gait, and is suitable for off-line or on-line classification ... More
A Deep-learning-based Joint Inference for Secure Spatial Modulation ReceiverJul 04 2019As a green and secure wireless transmission way, secure spatial modulation (SM) is becoming a hot research area. Its basic idea is to exploit both the index of activated transmit antenna and amplitude phase modulation (APM) signal to carry messages, improve ... More
Location-aware Beam Alignment for mmWave CommunicationsJul 04 2019Beam alignment is required in millimeter wave communication to ensure high data rate transmission. However, with narrow beamwidth in massive MIMO, beam alignment could be computationally intensive due to the large number of beam pairs to be measured. ... More
TinySDR: Low-Power SDR Platform for Over-the-Air Programmable IoT TestbedsJul 03 2019Wireless protocol design for IoT networks is an active area of research which has seen significant interest and developments in recent years. The research community is however handicapped by the lack of a flexible, easily deployable platform for prototyping ... More