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On Resolving Non-determinism in ChoreographiesApr 17 2019Choreographies specify multiparty interactions via message passing. A \emph{realization} of a choreography is a composition of independent processes that behave as specified by the choreography. Existing relations of correctness/completeness between choreographies ... More
Impact of requirements volatility on software architecture: How do software teams keep up with ever-changing requirements?Apr 17 2019Requirements volatility is a major issue in software development, causing problems such as higher defect density, project delays and cost overruns. Software architecture that guides the overall vision of software product, is one of the areas that is greatly ... More
Metamorphic Testing for Quality Assurance of Protein Function Prediction ToolsApr 16 2019Proteins are the workhorses of life and gaining insight on their functions is of paramount importance for applications such as drug design. However, the experimental validation of functions of proteins is highly-resource consuming. Therefore, recently, ... More
Happiness and the productivity of software engineersApr 16 2019Software companies and startups often follow the idea of flourishing happiness among developers. Perks, playground rooms, free breakfast, remote office options, sports facilities near the companies, company retreats, you name it. The rationale is that ... More
Finding minimum locating arrays using a CSP solverApr 16 2019Combinatorial interaction testing is an efficient software testing strategy. If all interactions among test parameters or factors needed to be covered, the size of a required test suite would be prohibitively large. In contrast, this strategy only requires ... More
Using Dynamic Analysis to Generate Disjunctive InvariantsApr 16 2019Program invariants are important for defect detection, program verification, and program repair. However, existing techniques have limited support for important classes of invariants such as disjunctions, which express the semantics of conditional statements. ... More
Fault Detection Effectiveness of Metamorphic Relations Developed for Testing Supervised ClassifiersApr 15 2019In machine learning, supervised classifiers are used to obtain predictions for unlabeled data by inferring prediction functions using labeled data. Supervised classifiers are widely applied in domains such as computational biology, computational physics ... More
ct-fuzz: Fuzzing for Timing LeaksApr 15 2019Testing-based methodologies like fuzzing are able to analyze complex software which is not amenable to traditional formal approaches like verification, model checking, and abstract interpretation. Despite enormous success at exposing countless security ... More
Compositional Specifications for ioco TestingApr 15 2019Model-based testing is a promising technology for black-box software and hardware testing, in which test cases are generated automatically from high-level specifications. Nowadays, systems typically consist of multiple interacting components and, due ... More
Model-Based Testing IoT Communication via Active Automata LearningApr 15 2019This paper presents a learning-based approach to detecting failures in reactive systems. The technique is based on inferring models of multiple implementations of a common specification which are pair-wise cross-checked for equivalence. Any counterexample ... More
Modeling Hierarchical Usage Context for Software Exceptions based on Interaction DataApr 15 2019Traces of user interactions with a software system, captured in production, are commonly used as an input source for user experience testing. In this paper, we present an alternative use, introducing a novel approach of modeling user interaction traces ... More
SMT-based Probabilistic Analysis of Timing Constraints in Cyber-Physical SystemsApr 15 2019Modeling and analysis of timing constraints is crucial in cyber-physical systems (CPS). EAST-ADL is an architectural language dedicated to safety-critical embedded system design. SIMULINK/STATEFLOW (S/S) is a widely used industrial tool for modeling and ... More
Semantic Source Code Models Using Identifier EmbeddingsApr 15 2019The emergence of online open source repositories in the recent years has led to an explosion in the volume of openly available source code, coupled with metadata that relate to a variety of software development activities. As an effect, in line with recent ... More
Spectra: A Specification Language for Reactive SystemsApr 14 2019Spectra is a new specification language for reactive systems, specifically tailored for the context of reactive synthesis. The meaning of Spectra is defined by a translation to a kernel language. Spectra comes with the Spectra Tools, a set of analyses, ... More
Open Science in Software EngineeringApr 13 2019Open science describes the movement of making any research artefact available to the public and includes, but is not limited to, open access, open data, or open source. While open science is becoming generally accepted as a norm in other scientific disciplines, ... More
Guidelines for data analysis scriptsApr 12 2019Unorganized heaps of analysis code are a growing liability as data analysis pipelines are getting longer and more complicated. This is worrying, as neuroscience papers are getting retracted due to programmer error. In this paper, some guidelines are presented ... More
Boost the Impact of Continuous Formal Verification in IndustryApr 12 2019Software model checking has experienced significant progress in the last two decades, however, one of its major bottlenecks for practical applications remains its scalability and adoptability. Here, we describe an approach to integrate software model ... More
Empirical Study of Phased Model of Software ChangeApr 11 2019Software change is the basic task of software evolution and maintenance. Phased Model for Software Change (PMSC) is a process model for software changes that localize in the code. It consists of several phases that cover both program comprehension and ... More
A self-assessment Instrument for assessing test automation maturityApr 11 2019Test automation is important in software industry but self-assessment instruments for assessing its maturity are not sufficient. The two objectives of this study are to synthesize what an organization should focus to assess its test automation; develop ... More
A Secure Architecture for Standard Medical Imaging RepositoriesApr 11 2019The production of medical images in digital format has been growing in the most varied healthcare providers, currently representing an essential element for supporting medical diagnosis and treatment. In this field, formats, transmission, and visualization ... More
Assessing Developer Beliefs: A Reply to "Perceptions, Expectations, and Challenges in Defect Prediction"Apr 11 2019It can be insightful to extend qualitative studies with a secondary quantitative analysis (where the former suggests insightful questions that the latter can answer). Documenting developer beliefs should be the start, not the end, of Software Engineering ... More
Towards Safety Verification of Direct Perception Neural NetworksApr 09 2019We study the problem of safety verification of direct perception neural networks, which take camera images as inputs and produce high-level features for autonomous vehicles to make control decisions. Formal verification of direct perception neural networks ... More
Software Engineering in Civic Tech: A Case Study about Code for IrelandApr 08 2019Civic grassroots have proven their ability to create useful and scalable software that addresses pressing social needs. Although software engineering plays a fundamental role in the process of creating civic technology, academic literature that analyses ... More
Implementation of a Daemon for OpenBCIApr 08 2019This document describes a technical study of the electroencephalographic (EEG) headset OpenBCI (New York, US). In comparison to research grade EEG, the OpenBCI headset is affordable thus suitable for the general public use. In this study we designed a ... More
The Unfulfilled Potential of Data-Driven Decision Making in Agile Software DevelopmentApr 08 2019With the general trend towards data-driven decision making (DDDM), organizations are looking for ways to use DDDM to improve their decisions. However, few studies have looked into the practitioners view of DDDM, in particular for agile organizations. ... More
The Connections Between Group Maturity, Software Development Velocity and Planning EffectivenessApr 05 2019Empirical evidence regarding the connection between group development (maturity) and the success of software development teams is lacking. The purpose of this research is to gain a qualitative and quantitative understanding of how velocity and planning ... More
Social Influence in Agile Requirements EngineeringApr 05 2019Agile requirements engineering implies more complex communication patterns since even the developers are supposed to have direct contact with customers. With more face-to-face communication comes social-psychological factors influencing the requirements. ... More
The links between agile practices, interpersonal conflict, and perceived productivityApr 05 2019Agile processes explicitly focus more on team-work than more traditional management techniques when building software. With high velocity and responsiveness on team-level come the risk of interpersonal conflict in the agile organizations. Through a survey ... More
RADICAL-Cybertools: Middleware Building Blocks for Scalable ScienceApr 05 2019RADICAL-Cybertools (RCT) are a set of software systems that serve as middleware to develop efficient and effective tools for scientific computing. Specifically, RCT enable executing many-task applications at extreme scale and on a variety of computing ... More
A Literature Study of Embeddings on Source CodeApr 05 2019Natural language processing has improved tremendously after the success of word embedding techniques such as word2vec. Recently, the same idea has been applied on source code with encouraging results. In this survey, we aim to collect and discuss the ... More
On the Feasibility of Transfer-learning Code Smells using Deep LearningApr 05 2019Context: A substantial amount of work has been done to detect smells in source code using metrics-based and heuristics-based methods. Machine learning methods have been recently applied to detect source code smells; however, the current practices are ... More
A New Approach to Speed up Combinatorial Search Strategies Using Stack and Hash TableApr 05 2019Owing to the significance of combinatorial search strategies both for academia and industry, the introduction of new techniques is a fast growing research field these days. These strategies have really taken different forms ranging from simple to complex ... More
EvoCreeper: Automated Black-Box Model Generation for Smart TV ApplicationsApr 05 2019Smart TVs are coming to dominate the television market. This accompanied by an increase in the use of smart TV applications (apps). Due to the increasing demand, developers need modeling techniques to analyze these apps and assess their comprehensiveness, ... More
Neural Networks for Modeling Source Code EditsApr 04 2019Programming languages are emerging as a challenging and interesting domain for machine learning. A core task, which has received significant attention in recent years, is building generative models of source code. However, to our knowledge, previous generative ... More
Bounties in Open Source Development on GitHub: A Case Study of Bountysource BountiesApr 04 2019Due to the voluntary nature of open source software, it can be hard to find a developer to work on a particular task. For example, some issue reports may be too cumbersome and unexciting for someone to volunteer to do them, yet these issue reports may ... More
Automated Fortran--C++ Bindings for Large-Scale Scientific ApplicationsApr 04 2019Although many active scientific codes use modern Fortran, most contemporary scientific software "libraries" are implemented in C and C++. Providing their numerical, algorithmic, or data management features to Fortran codes requires writing and maintaining ... More
Size Matters: Microservices Research and ApplicationsApr 04 2019In this chapter we offer an overview of microservices providing the introductory information that a reader should know before continuing reading this book. We introduce the idea of microservices and we discuss some of the current research challenges and ... More
Is it Possible to Disregard Obsolete Requirements? - An Initial Experiment on a Potentially New Bias in Software Effort EstimationApr 04 2019Effort estimation is a complex area in decision-making, and is influenced by a diversity of factors that could increase the estimation error. The effects on effort estimation accuracy of having obsolete requirements in specifications have not yet been ... More
A fourth explanation to Brooks' Law - The aspect of group developmental psychologyApr 04 2019Brooks' Law is often referred to in practice and states that adding manpower to a late software project makes it even later. Brooks' himself gave three explanation only related to concrete task-related issues, like introducing new members to the work ... More
DevOps and its Philosophy : Education Matters!Apr 04 2019DevOps processes comply with principles and offer practices with main objective to support efficiently the evolution of IT systems. To be efficient a DevOps process relies on a set of integrated tools. DevOps is the first required competency together ... More
Group development and group maturity when building agile teams: A qualitative and quantitative investigation at eight large companiesApr 04 2019The agile approach to projects focuses more on close-knit teams than traditional waterfall projects, which means that aspects of group maturity become even more important. This psychological aspect is not much researched in connection to the building ... More
Trying to Increase the Mature Use of Agile Practices by Group Development Psychology Training - An ExperimentApr 04 2019There has been some evidence that agility is connected to the group maturity of software development teams. This study aims at conducting group development psychology training with student teams, participating in a project course at university, and compare ... More
The Systems Approach to Change and the Agile Software Development ContextApr 04 2019There is a diversity of models explaining organizational culture and how these complex aspects can be addressed in connection to organizational change efforts. This workshop paper claims that models already exist for dealing with the cultural change that ... More
Agility Measurements Mismatch: A Validation Study on Three Agile Team Assessments in Software EngineeringApr 04 2019Many tools have been created for measuring the agility of software teams, thus creating a saturation in the field. Three agile measurement tools were selected in order to validate whether they yield sim-ilar results. The surveys of the tools were given ... More
Useful Statistical Methods for Human Factors Research in Software Engineering: A Discussion on Validation with Quantitative DataApr 04 2019In this paper we describe the usefulness of statistical validation techniques for human factors survey research. We need to investigate a diversity of validity aspects when creating metrics in human factors research, and we argue that the statistical ... More
Group Maturity and Agility, Are They Connected? - A Survey StudyApr 04 2019The focus on psychology has increased within software engineering due to the project management innovation "agile development processes". The agile methods do not explicitly consider group development aspects; they simply assume what is described in group ... More
The prospects of a quantitative measurement of agility: A validation study on an agile maturity modelApr 04 2019Agile development has now become a well-known approach to collaboration in professional work life. Both researchers and practitioners want validated tools to measure agility. This study sets out to validate an agile maturity measurement model with statistical ... More
Work Motivational Challenges Regarding the Interface Between Agile Teams and a Non-Agile Surrounding Organization: A case studyApr 04 2019There are studies showing what happens if agile teams are introduced into a non-agile organization, e.g. higher overhead costs and the necessity of an understanding of agile methods even outside the teams. This case study shows an example of work motivational ... More
"Won't We Fix this Issue?" Qualitative Characterization and Automated Identification of Wontfix Issues on GitHubApr 04 2019Addressing users requests in the form of bug reports and Github issues represents a crucial task of any successful software project. However, user-submitted issue reports tend to widely differ in their quality, and developers spend a considerable amount ... More
CloudCAMP: Automating Cloud Services Deployment and ManagementApr 03 2019Apr 09 2019Users of cloud platforms often must expend significant manual efforts in the deployment and orchestration of their services on cloud platforms due primarily to having to deal with the high variabilities in the configuration options for virtualized environment ... More
CloudCAMP: Automating Cloud Services Deployment \& ManagementApr 03 2019Users of cloud platforms often must expend significant manual efforts in the deployment and orchestration of their services on cloud platforms due primarily to having to deal with the high variabilities in the configuration options for virtualized environment ... More
Modeling Vocabulary for Big Code Machine LearningApr 03 2019When building machine learning models that operate on source code, several decisions have to be made to model source-code vocabulary. These decisions can have a large impact: some can lead to not being able to train models at all, others significantly ... More
Adopting a software product line engineering approach in industrial development contexts: A protocol for a systematic literature reviewApr 03 2019The value of a systematic secondary study (a systematic mapping study (SMS) or a systematic literature review (SLR)) comes, directly, from its systematic nature. The formal, well-defined, objective and unbiased process guarantees that the results from ... More
Styler: Learning Formatting Conventions to Repair Checkstyle ErrorsApr 03 2019Formatting coding conventions play an important role on code readability. In this paper, we present Styler, an automatic repair tool dedicated to fix formatting-related errors raised by Checkstyle, a highly configurable format checker for Java. To fix ... More
Testing Self-Organizing Multiagent SystemsApr 03 2019Multiagent Systems (MASs) involve different characteristics, such as autonomy, asynchronous and social features, which make these systems more difficult to understand. Thus, there is a lack of procedures guaranteeing that multiagent systems would behave ... More
Stratum: A Serverless Framework for Lifecycle Management of Machine Learning based Data Analytics TasksApr 03 2019With the proliferation of machine learning (ML) libraries and frameworks, and the programming languages that they use, along with operations of data loading, transformation, preparation and mining, ML model development is becoming a daunting task. Furthermore, ... More
Software Engineering for Intelligent and Autonomous Systems: Report from the GI Dagstuhl Seminar 18343Apr 02 2019Software systems are increasingly used in application domains characterised by uncertain environments, evolving requirements and unexpected failures; sudden system malfunctioning raises serious issues of security, safety, loss of comfort or revenue. During ... More
Software Engineering for Intelligent and Autonomous Systems: Report from the GI Dagstuhl Seminar 18343Apr 02 2019Apr 03 2019Software systems are increasingly used in application domains characterised by uncertain environments, evolving requirements and unexpected failures; sudden system malfunctioning raises serious issues of security, safety, loss of comfort or revenue. During ... More
Multiparty Session Type-safe Web Development with Static LinearityApr 02 2019Modern web applications can now offer desktop-like experiences from within the browser, thanks to technologies such as WebSockets, which enable low-latency duplex communication between the browser and the server. While these advances are great for the ... More
The Impact of Systematic Edits in History SlicingApr 02 2019While extracting a subset of a commit history, specifying the necessary portion is a time-consuming task for developers. Several commit-based history slicing techniques have been proposed to identify dependencies between commits and to extract a related ... More
Does the hiding mechanism for Stack Overflow comments work well? No!Apr 01 2019Stack Overflow has accumulated millions of answers. Informative comments can strengthen their associated answers (e.g., providing additional information). Currently, Stack Overflow hides comments that are ranked beyond the top 5. Stack Overflow aims to ... More
STYLE-ANALYZER: fixing code style inconsistencies with interpretable unsupervised algorithmsApr 01 2019Source code reviews are manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Human involvement should be focused on analyzing the most relevant aspects of the program, such as logic and maintainability, rather than amending style, syntax, or formatting defects. Some ... More
Open Problems in Engineering Machine Learning Systems and the Quality ModelApr 01 2019Fatal accidents are a major issue hindering the wide acceptance of safety-critical systems that use machine learning and deep learning models, such as automated driving vehicles. To use machine learning in a safety-critical system, it is necessary to ... More
Data of low quality is better than no dataApr 01 2019Missing data is not uncommon in empirical software engineering research but a common way to handle it is to remove data completely. We believe that this is wasteful and should not be done out of habit. This paper aims to present a typical case in empirical ... More
Exploring the Generality of a Java-based Loop Action Model for the Quorum Programming LanguageMar 31 2019Many algorithmic steps require more than one statement to implement, but not big enough to be a method (e.g., add element, find the maximum, determine a value, etc.). These steps are generally implemented by loops. Internal comments for the loops often ... More
Video Game Development in a Rush: A Survey of the Global Game Jam ParticipantsMar 31 2019Video game development is a complex endeavor, often involving complex software, large organizations, and aggressive release deadlines. Several studies have reported that periods of "crunch time" are prevalent in the video game industry, but there are ... More
Estimation and Prediction of technical debt: a proposalMar 30 2019Technical debt is a metaphor used to convey the idea that doing things in a "quick and dirty" way when designing and constructing a software leads to a situation where one incurs more and more deferred future expenses. Similarly to financial debt, technical ... More
SysML: The New Frontier of Machine Learning SystemsMar 29 2019Machine learning (ML) techniques are enjoying rapidly increasing adoption. However, designing and implementing the systems that support ML models in real-world deployments remains a significant obstacle, in large part due to the radically different development ... More
Automatic Failure Explanation in CPS ModelsMar 29 2019Debugging Cyber-Physical System (CPS) models can be extremely complex. Indeed, only the detection of a failure is insuffcient to know how to correct a faulty model. Faults can propagate in time and in space producing observable misbehaviours in locations ... More
GÉANT Software Maturity ModelMar 29 2019G\'EANT project is an example of a large organization with around 30 software projects and around 20 software development teams. Software development teams consist of many skilled associates coming from all members National Research and Education Networks. ... More
An Empirical Study of Obsolete Answers on Stack OverflowMar 28 2019Stack Overflow accumulates an enormous amount of software engineering knowledge. However, as time passes, certain knowledge in answers may become obsolete. Such obsolete answers, if not identified or documented clearly, may mislead answer seekers and ... More
iGen: Dynamic Interaction Inference for Configurable SoftwareMar 28 2019To develop, analyze, and evolve today's highly configurable software systems, developers need deep knowledge of a system's configuration options, e.g., how options need to be set to reach certain locations, what configurations to use for testing, etc. ... More
A Counterexample-guided Approach to Finding Numerical InvariantsMar 28 2019Numerical invariants, e.g., relationships among numerical variables in a program, represent a useful class of properties to analyze programs. General polynomial invariants represent more complex numerical relations, but they are often required in many ... More
Knowledge Management in Medium-Sized Software Consulting Companies: An investigation of Intranet-based Knowledge Management Tools for Knowledge Cartography and Knowledge Repositories for Learning Software OrganisationsMar 28 2019Companies that develop software have a pressure from customers to deliver better solutions, and to deliver solutions faster and cheaper. Many researchers have worked with suggestions on how to improve the development process; software process improvement. ... More
SymInfer: Inferring Program Invariants using Symbolic StatesMar 28 2019We introduce a new technique for inferring program invariants that uses symbolic states generated by symbolic execution. Symbolic states, which consist of path conditions and constraints on local variables, are a compact description of sets of concrete ... More
Microservice Transition and its Granularity Problem: A Systematic Mapping StudyMar 27 2019Microservices have gained wide recognition and acceptance in software industries as an emerging architectural style for autonomic, scalable, and more reliable computing. The transition to microservices has been highly motivated by the need for better ... More
Import2vec - Learning Embeddings for Software LibrariesMar 27 2019We consider the problem of developing suitable learning representations (embeddings) for library packages that capture semantic similarity among libraries. Such representations are known to improve the performance of downstream learning tasks (e.g. classification) ... More
An Empirical Study on Practicality of Specification Mining Algorithms on a Real-world ApplicationMar 27 2019Dynamic model inference techniques have been the center of many research projects recently. There are now multiple open source implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms, which provide basic abstraction and merging capabilities. Most of these tools ... More
An Empirical Study on Practicality of Specification Mining Algorithms on a Real-world ApplicationMar 27 2019Mar 29 2019Dynamic model inference techniques have been the center of many research projects recently. There are now multiple open source implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms, which provide basic abstraction and merging capabilities. Most of these tools ... More
Agile Software Development Method, A Comparative Review1Mar 26 2019Although agile software development methods have caught the attention of software engineers and researchers worldwide, scientific research still remains quite scarce. The aim of this study is to order and make sense of the different agile approaches that ... More
The Personal Software Process, Experiences from DenmarkMar 26 2019Software process improvement (SPI) research and practice is transforming from the traditional large-scale assessment based improvement initiatives into smaller sized, tailored initiatives where the emphasis is set on the development personnel and their ... More
Commitment to Software Process improvement Development of Diagnostic Tool to Facilitate Improvement1Mar 26 2019This paper suggests that by operationalizing the concept of commitment in the shape of a model, a new insight is provided in improving software processes - a more human centered approach as opposed to various technical approaches available. In doing so ... More
Existential Ontology and Thinging Modeling in Software EngineeringMar 26 2019This study is a sequel to a previous study entitled Thinging for Software Engineers, which showed that the notion of thing, in contrast to objectification, has some beneficial orientations in modeling. The incorporation of thinging in conceptual modeling ... More
On Using Retrained and Incremental Machine Learning for Modeling Performance of Adaptable Software: An Empirical ComparisonMar 25 2019Given the ever-increasing complexity of adaptable software systems and their commonly hidden internal information (e.g., software runs in the public cloud), machine learning based performance modeling has gained momentum for evaluating, understanding ... More
Achievement of Minimized Combinatorial Test Suite for Configuration-Aware Software Functional Testing Using the Cuckoo Search AlgorithmMar 25 2019Context: Software has become an innovative solution nowadays for many applications and methods in science and engineering. Ensuring the quality and correctness of software is challenging because each program has different configurations and input domains. ... More
Towards New Requirements Engineering CompetenciesMar 25 2019Many of the requirements engineering (RE) difficulties have been argued to be due to the evolving nature of design problems in dynamic environments, characterized by high levels of uncertainty, ambiguity and emergence. It has also been argued that these ... More
git2net - Mining Time-Stamped Co-Editing Networks from Large git RepositoriesMar 25 2019Data from software repositories have become an important foundation for the empirical study of software engineering processes. A recurring theme in the repository mining literature is the inference of developer networks capturing e.g. collaboration, coordination, ... More
Why do developers take breaks from contributing to OSS projects? A preliminary analysisMar 22 2019Creating a successful and sustainable Open Source Software (OSS) project often depends on the strength and the health of the community behind it. Current literature explains the contributors' lifecycle, starting with the motivations that drive people ... More
EMTk - The Emotion Mining ToolkitMar 22 2019The Emotion Mining Toolkit (EMTk) is a suite of modules and datasets offering a comprehensive solution for mining sentiment and emotions from technical text contributed by developers on communication channels. The toolkit is written in Java, Python, and ... More
An empirical assessment of best-answer prediction models in technical Q&A sitesMar 22 2019Technical Q&A sites have become essential for software engineers as they constantly seek help from other experts to solve their work problems. Despite their success, many questions remain unresolved, sometimes because the asker does not acknowledge any ... More
Active-Code Replacement in the OODIDA Data Analytics PlatformMar 22 2019OODIDA (On-board/Off-board Distributed Data Analytics) is a platform for distributing and executing concurrent data analysis tasks. It targets a fleet of reference vehicles in the automotive industry and has a particular focus on rapid prototyping. Its ... More
Commitment Nets in Software Process ImprovementMar 22 2019Several studies have revealed the fact that nearly two-thirds of all software process improvement (SPI) efforts have failed or have at least fallen short of expectations. Literature and practice have shown that commitment to SPI at all organizational ... More
On Testing of Data-Intensive Software SystemsMar 22 2019Today's software systems like cyber-physical production systems or big data systems have to process large volumes and diverse types of data which heavily influences the quality of these so-called data-intensive systems. However, traditional software testing ... More
On Testing Data-Intensive Software SystemsMar 22 2019Apr 09 2019Today's software systems like cyber-physical production systems or big data systems have to process large volumes and diverse types of data which heavily influences the quality of these so-called data-intensive systems. However, traditional software testing ... More
Bootstrapping Cookbooks for APIs from Crowd Knowledge on Stack OverflowMar 21 2019Well established libraries typically have API documentation. However, they frequently lack examples and explanations, possibly making difficult their effective reuse. Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website oriented to issues related to software ... More
Prioritized Process Test: An Alternative to Current Process Testing StrategiesMar 20 2019Testing processes and workflows in information and Internet of Things systems is a major part of the typical software testing effort. Consistent and efficient path-based test cases are desired to support these tests. Because certain parts of software ... More
EVMFuzz: Differential Fuzz Testing of Ethereum Virtual MachineMar 20 2019Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the run-time environment for smart contracts and its vulnerabilities may lead to serious problems to the Ethereum ecology. With lots of techniques being developed for the validation of smart contracts, the security problems ... More
EVMFuzz: Differential Fuzz Testing of Ethereum Virtual MachineMar 20 2019Apr 08 2019Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the run-time environment for smart contracts and its vulnerabilities may lead to serious problems to the Ethereum ecology. With lots of techniques being developed for the validation of smart contracts, the security problems ... More
TBar: Revisiting Template-based Automated Program RepairMar 20 2019Fix patterns (a.k.a fix templates) are the main ingredients that drive a significant portion of automated program repair (APR) studies in the literature. As fix patterns become widely adopted in various approaches, it becomes critical to thoroughly assess ... More
Identifying Experts in Software Libraries and Frameworks among GitHub UsersMar 19 2019Software development increasingly depends on libraries and frameworks to increase productivity and reduce time-to-market. Despite this fact, we still lack techniques to assess developers expertise in widely popular libraries and frameworks. In this paper, ... More