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Almost Optimal Testers for Concise RepresentationsApr 22 2019We give improved and almost optimal testers for several classes of Boolean functions on $n$ inputs that have concise representation in the uniform and distribution-free model. Classes, such as $k$-junta, $k$-linear functions, $s$-term DNF, $s$-term monotone ... More
Hausdorff Dimension of Planar Self-Affine Sets and Measures with OverlapsApr 22 2019We prove that if $\mu$ is a self-affine measure in the plane whose defining IFS acts totally irreducibly on $\mathbb{RP}^1$ and satisfies an exponential separation condition, then its dimension is equal to its Lyapunov dimension. We also treat a class ... More
Robust Clustering Oracle and Local Reconstructor of Cluster Structure of GraphsApr 22 2019Due to the massive size of modern network data, local algorithms that run in sublinear time for analyzing the cluster structure of the graph are receiving growing interest. Two typical examples are local graph clustering algorithms that find a cluster ... More
Invariant measures for Cantor dynamical systemsApr 21 2019This paper is a survey devoted to the study of probability and infinite ergodic invariant measures for aperiodic homeomorphisms of a Cantor set. We focus mostly on the cases when a homeomorphism has either a unique ergodic invariant measure or finitely ... More
Trace Reconstruction: Generalized and ParameterizedApr 21 2019In the beautifully simple-to-state problem of trace reconstruction, the goal is to reconstruct an unknown binary string $x$ given random "traces" of $x$ where each trace is generated by deleting each coordinate of $x$ independently with probability $p<1$. ... More
On matrix product ansatz for Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with open boundary in the singular caseApr 21 2019We study a substitute for the matrix product ansatz for Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with open boundary in the ``singular case'' $\alpha\beta=q^N\gamma\delta$, when the standard form of the matrix product ansatz of Derrida, Evans, Hakim and Pasquier ... More
Cluster Deletion on Interval Graphs and Split Related GraphsApr 20 2019In the {\sc Cluster Deletion} problem the goal is to remove the minimum number of edges of a given graph, such that every connected component of the resulting graph constitutes a clique. It is known that the decision version of {\sc Cluster Deletion} ... More
Almost product structures on statistical manifolds and para-Kähler-like statistical submersionsApr 20 2019The main purpose of the present work is to investigate statistical manifolds endowed with almost product structures. We prove that the statistical structure of a para-K\"{a}hler-like statistical manifold of constant curvature in the Kurose's sense is ... More
Submodular Maximization Beyond Non-negativity: Guarantees, Fast Algorithms, and ApplicationsApr 19 2019It is generally believed that submodular functions -- and the more general class of $\gamma$-weakly submodular functions -- may only be optimized under the non-negativity assumption $f(S) \geq 0$. In this paper, we show that once the function is expressed ... More
Secure and secret cooperation of robotic swarms by using Merkle treesApr 19 2019Swarm robotics systems are envisioned to become an important component of both academic research and real-world applications. However, in order to reach widespread adoption, new models that ensure the secure cooperation of these systems need to be developed. ... More
Uncertainty about Uncertainty: Near-Optimal Adaptive Algorithms for Estimating Binary Mixtures of Unknown CoinsApr 19 2019Given a mixture between two populations of coins, "positive" coins that have (unknown and potentially different) probabilities of heads $\geq\frac{1}{2}+\Delta$ and negative coins with probabilities $\leq\frac{1}{2}-\Delta$, we consider the task of estimating ... More
Beyond Submodular MaximizationApr 19 2019While there are well-developed tools for maximizing a submodular function subject to a matroid constraint, there is much less work on the corresponding supermodular maximization problems. We develop new techniques for attacking these problems inspired ... More
An Efficient Algorithm for the Fast Delivery ProblemApr 19 2019We study a problem where k autonomous mobile agents are initially located on distinct nodes of a weighted graph (with n nodes and m edges). Each autonomous mobile agent has a predefined velocity and is only allowed to move along the edges of the graph. ... More
Feature Forwarding for Efficient Single Image DehazingApr 19 2019Haze degrades content and obscures information of images, which can negatively impact vision-based decision-making in real-time systems. In this paper, we propose an efficient fully convolutional neural network (CNN) image dehazing method designed to ... More
Planar Point Sets Determine Many Pairwise Crossing SegmentsApr 18 2019We show that any set of $n$ points in general position in the plane determines $n^{1-o(1)}$ pairwise crossing segments. The best previously known lower bound, $\Omega\left(\sqrt n\right)$, was proved more than 25 years ago by Aronov, Erd\H os, Goddard, ... More
A doubly exponential upper bound on noisy EPR states for binary gamesApr 18 2019This paper initiates the study of a class of entangled-games, mono-state games, denoted by $(G,\psi)$, where $G$ is a two-player one-round game and $\psi$ is a bipartite state independent of the game $G$. In the mono-state game $(G,\psi)$, the players ... More
New Subgraph Isomorphism Algorithms: Vertex versus Path-at-a-time MatchingApr 18 2019Graphs are widely used to model complicated data semantics in many application domains. In this paper, two novel and efficient algorithms Fast-ON and Fast-P are proposed for solving the subgraph isomorphism problem. The two algorithms are based on Ullman ... More
Analysis of solution trajectories of linear fractional order systemsApr 18 2019The behavior of solution trajectories usually changes if we replace the classical derivative in a system by a fractional one. In this article, we throw a light on the relation between two trajectories $X(t)$ and $Y(t)$ of such a system, where the initial ... More
Two definable subcategories of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modulesApr 18 2019Over a Cohen-Macaulay ring we consider two extensions of the maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules from the viewpoint of definable subcategories, which are closed under direct limits, direct products and pure submodules. After describing these categories, we ... More
An extremal problem for integer sparse recoveryApr 18 2019Motivated by the problem of integer sparse recovery we study the following question. Let $A$ be an $m \times d$ integer matrix whose entries are in absolute value at most $k$. How large can be $d=d(m,k)$ if all $m \times m$ submatrices of $A$ are non-degenerate? ... More
Convex Graph Invariant Relaxations For Graph Edit DistanceApr 18 2019The edit distance between two graphs is a widely used measure of similarity that evaluates the smallest number of vertex and edge deletions/insertions required to transform one graph to another. It is NP-hard to compute in general, and a large number ... More
Samplers and extractors for unbounded functionsApr 17 2019Blasiok (SODA'18) recently introduced the notion of a subgaussian sampler, defined as an averaging sampler for approximating the mean of functions $f:\{0,1\}^m \to \mathbb{R}$ such that $f(U_m)$ has subgaussian tails, and asked for explicit constructions. ... More
A Faster Local Algorithm for Detecting Bounded-Size Cuts with Applications to Higher-Connectivity ProblemsApr 17 2019Consider the following "local" cut-detection problem in a directed graph: We are given a starting vertex $s$ and need to detect whether there is a cut with at most $k$ edges crossing the cut such that the side of the cut containing $s$ has at most $\Delta$ ... More
A Faster Local Algorithm for Detecting Bounded-Size Cuts with Applications to Higher-Connectivity ProblemsApr 17 2019Apr 22 2019Consider the following "local" cut-detection problem in a directed graph: We are given a starting vertex $s$ and need to detect whether there is a cut with at most $k$ edges crossing the cut such that the side of the cut containing $s$ has at most $\Delta$ ... More
Low-Latency Graph Streaming Using Compressed Purely-Functional TreesApr 17 2019Due to the dynamic nature of real-world graphs, there has been a growing interest in the graph-streaming setting where a continuous stream of graph updates is mixed with arbitrary graph queries. In principle, purely-functional trees are an ideal choice ... More
JGraphT -- A Java library for graph data structures and algorithmsApr 17 2019Mathematical software and graph-theoretical algorithmic packages to efficiently model, analyze and query graphs are crucial in an era where large-scale spatial, societal and economic network data are abundantly available. One such package is JGraphT, ... More
Higher dimensional connectivity and minimal degree of random graphs with an eye towards minimal free resolutionsApr 17 2019In this note we define and study graph invariants generalizing to higher dimension the maximum degree of a vertex and the vertex-connectivity (our $0$-dimensional cases). These are known to coincide almost surely in any regime for Erdoes-Renyi random ... More
Diffraction of a model set with complex windowsApr 17 2019The well-known plastic number substitution gives rise to a ternary inflation tiling of the real line whose inflation factor is the smallest Pisot-Vijayaraghavan number. The corresponding dynamical system has pure point spectrum, and the associated control ... More
Online Matching with General ArrivalsApr 17 2019The online matching problem was introduced by Karp, Vazirani and Vazirani nearly three decades ago. In that seminal work, they studied this problem in bipartite graphs with vertices arriving only on one side, and presented optimal deterministic and randomized ... More
Novel Dense Subgraph Discovery Primitives: Risk Aversion and Exclusion QueriesApr 17 2019In the densest subgraph problem, given a weighted undirected graph $G(V,E,w)$, with non-negative edge weights, we are asked to find a subset of nodes $S\subseteq V$ that maximizes the degree density $w(S)/|S|$, where $w(S)$ is the sum of the edge weights ... More
"Why did you do that?": Explaining black box models with Inductive SynthesisApr 17 2019By their nature, the composition of black box models is opaque. This makes the ability to generate explanations for the response to stimuli challenging. The importance of explaining black box models has become increasingly important given the prevalence ... More
An Exponential Lower Bound for the Runtime of the cGA on Jump FunctionsApr 17 2019In the first runtime analysis of an estimation-of-distribution algorithm (EDA) on the multi-modal jump function class, Hasen\"ohrl and Sutton (GECCO 2018) proved that the runtime of the compact genetic algorithm with suitable parameter choice on jump ... More
A Brief Note on Single Source Fault Tolerant ReachabilityApr 17 2019Let $G$ be a directed graph with $n$ vertices and $m$ edges, and let $s \in V(G)$ be a designated source vertex. We consider the problem of single source reachability (SSR) from $s$ in presence of failures of edges (or vertices). Formally, a spanning ... More
Improved Distributed Expander Decomposition and Nearly Optimal Triangle EnumerationApr 17 2019An $(\epsilon,\phi)$-expander decomposition of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is a clustering of the vertices $V=V_{1}\cup\cdots\cup V_{x}$ such that (1) each cluster $V_{i}$ induces subgraph with conductance at least $\phi$, and (2) the number of inter-cluster edges ... More
Almost-Smooth Histograms and Sliding-Window Graph AlgorithmsApr 16 2019We study algorithms for the sliding-window model, an important variant of the data-stream model, in which the goal is to compute some function of a fixed-length suffix of the stream. We explore the smooth histogram framework of Braverman and Ostrovsky ... More
IAN: Combining Generative Adversarial Networks for Imaginative Face GenerationApr 16 2019Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have gained momentum for their ability to model image distributions. They learn to emulate the training set and that enables sampling from that domain and using the knowledge learned for useful applications. Several ... More
Heuristic algorithms for the Longest Filled Common Subsequence ProblemApr 16 2019At CPM 2017, Castelli et al. define and study a new variant of the Longest Common Subsequence Problem, termed the Longest Filled Common Subsequence Problem (LFCS). For the LFCS problem, the input consists of two strings $A$ and $B$ and a multiset of characters ... More
A dichotomy for measures of maximal entropy near time-one maps of transitive Anosov flowsApr 16 2019We show that time-one maps of transitive Anosov flows of compact manifolds are accumulated by diffeomorphisms robustly satisfying the following dichotomy: either all of the measures of maximal entropy are non-hyperbolic, or there are exactly two ergodic ... More
ProUM: Projection-based Utility Mining on Sequence DataApr 16 2019In recent decade, utility mining has attracted a great attention, but most of the existing studies are developed to deal with itemset-based data. Different from the itemset-based data, the time-ordered sequence data is more commonly seen in real-world ... More
A scaled space-filling curve index applied to tropical rain forest tree distributionsApr 16 2019In order to be able to process the increasing amount of spatial data, efficient methods for their handling need to be developed. One major challenge for big spatial data is access. This can be achieved through space-filling curves, as they have the property ... More
Approximation and Uncertainty Quantification of Stochastic Systems with Arbitrary Input Distributions using Weighted Leja InterpolationApr 16 2019Approximation and uncertainty quantification methods based on Lagrange interpolation are typically abandoned in cases where the probability distributions of a stochastic system's input parameters are not normal, uniform, or closely related ones, due to ... More
p-Adic scaled space filling curve indices for high dimensional dataApr 16 2019Space filling curves are widely used in Computer Science. In particular Hilbert curves and their generalisations to higher dimension are used as an indexing method because of their nice locality properties. This article generalises this concept to the ... More
Fast Commutative Matrix AlgorithmApr 16 2019We show that the product of an nx3 matrix and a 3x3 matrix over a commutative ring can be computed using 6n+3 multiplications. For two 3x3 matrices this gives us an algorithm using 21 multiplications. This is an improvement with respect to Makarov algorithm ... More
Use of Approaches to the Methodology of Factor Analysis of Information Risks for the Quantitative Assessment of Information Risks Based on the Formation of Cause-And-Effect LinksApr 16 2019The paper suggests methods to the assessment of information risks, which makes the transition from a qualitative assessment of information risks (according to the factor analysis of information risks methodology) to a quantitative assessment. The development ... More
Classification of Existing Virtualization Methods Used in Telecommunication NetworksApr 16 2019This article studies the existing methods of virtualization of different resources. The positive and negative aspects of each of the methods are analyzed, the perspectivity of the approach is noted. It is also made an attempt to classify virtualization ... More
Decrypting SSL/TLS traffic for hidden threats detectionApr 16 2019The paper presents an analysis of the main mechanisms of decryption of SSL/TLS traffic. Methods and technologies for detecting malicious activity in encrypted traffic that are used by leading companies are also considered. Also, the approach for intercepting ... More
Dynamic load balancing algorithm of distributed systemsApr 16 2019The dynamic load balancing algorithm based on the monitoring server load, self-similar characteristics of passing traffic have to provide a statistically uniform load distribution on servers, high performance, fault tolerance and capacity, low response ... More
Calculation of distributed system imbalance in condition of multifractal loadApr 16 2019The method of calculating a distributed system imbalance based on the calculation of node system load was proposed in the work. Calculation of node system load is carried out by calculating the average coefficient of utilization of CPU, memory, bandwidth ... More
Depth functions of powers of homogeneous idealsApr 16 2019We settle a conjecture of Herzog and Hibi, which states that the function depth $S/Q^n$, $n \ge 1$, where $Q$ is a homogeneous ideal in a polynomial ring $S$, can be any convergent numerical function. We also give a positive answer to a long-standing ... More
Images of analytic map germs and singular fibrationsApr 16 2019For a map germ $G$ with target $(\bC^{p}, 0)$ or $(\bR^{p}, 0)$ with $p\ge 2$, we focus on two phenomena which do not occur when $p=1$: the image of $G$ may be not well-defined as a set germ, and a local fibration near the origin may not exist. We show ... More
Dynamic Packed Compact Tries RevisitedApr 16 2019Given a dynamic set $K$ of $k$ strings of total length $n$ whose characters are drawn from an alphabet of size $\sigma$, a keyword dictionary is a data structure built on $K$ that provides locate, prefix search, and update operations on $K$. Under the ... More
Point-width and Max-CSPsApr 16 2019The complexity of (unbounded-arity) Max-CSPs under structural restrictions is poorly understood. The two most general hypergraph properties known to ensure tractability of Max-CSPs, $\beta$-acyclicity and bounded (incidence) MIM-width, are incomparable ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Distributionally Robust Stochastic Optimization with Black-Box DistributionsApr 16 2019Two-stage stochastic optimization is a framework for modeling uncertainty, where we have a probability distribution over possible realizations of the data, called scenarios, and decisions are taken in two stages: we make first-stage decisions knowing ... More
Introduction to Multi-Armed BanditsApr 15 2019Multi-armed bandits a simple but very powerful framework for algorithms that make decisions over time under uncertainty. An enormous body of work has accumulated over the years, covered in several books and surveys. This book provides a more introductory, ... More
Stochastic Load Balancing on Unrelated MachinesApr 15 2019We consider the problem of makespan minimization on unrelated machines when job sizes are stochastic. The goal is to find a fixed assignment of jobs to machines, to minimize the expected value of the maximum load over all the machines. For the identical ... More
Distance-generalized Core DecompositionApr 15 2019The $k$-core of a graph is defined as the maximal subgraph in which every vertex is connected to at least $k$ other vertices within that subgraph. In this work we introduce a distance-based generalization of the notion of $k$-core, which we refer to as ... More
The Landscape of the Planted Clique Problem: Dense subgraphs and the Overlap Gap PropertyApr 15 2019In this paper we study the computational-statistical gap of the planted clique problem, where a clique of size $k$ is planted in an Erdos Renyi graph $G(n,\frac{1}{2})$ resulting in a graph $G\left(n,\frac{1}{2},k\right)$. The goal is to recover the planted ... More
Single Machine Graph Analytics on Massive Datasets Using Intel Optane DC Persistent MemoryApr 15 2019Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is a new kind of byte-addressable memory with higher density and lower cost than DRAM. This enables affordable systems that support up to 6TB of memory. In this paper, we use such a system for massive graphs analytics. ... More
Specifying Concurrent Programs in Separation Logic: Morphisms and SimulationsApr 15 2019In addition to pre- and postconditions, program specifications in recent separation logics for concurrency have employed an algebraic structure of resources - a form of state transition systems - to describe the state-based program invariants that must ... More
General Framework for Metric Optimization Problems with Delay or with DeadlinesApr 15 2019In this paper, we present a framework used to construct and analyze algorithms for online optimization problems with deadlines or with delay over a metric space. Using this framework, we present algorithms for several different problems. We present an ... More
Stabilization of non-admissible curves for a class of nonholonomic systemsApr 15 2019The problem of tracking an arbitrary curve in the state space is considered for underactuated driftless control-affine systems. This problem is formulated as the stabilization of a time-varying family of sets associated with a neighborhood of the reference ... More
Short survey on the existence of slices for the space of Riemannian metricsApr 15 2019We review the well-known slice theorem of Ebin for the action of the diffeomorphism group on the space of Riemannian metrics of a closed manifold. We present advances in the study of the spaces of Riemannian metrics, and produce a more concise proof for ... More
Bounded and Approximate Strong Satisfiability in WorkflowsApr 15 2019There has been a considerable amount of interest in recent years in the problem of workflow satisfiability, which asks whether the existence of constraints in a workflow specification makes it impossible to allocate authorized users to each step in the ... More
Most IPs with bounded determinants can be solved in polynomial timeApr 15 2019In 1983 Lenstra showed that an integer program (IP) is fixed parameter tractable in the number of integer variables or the number of constraints. Since then, an open question has been to identify other parameters for which IP is fixed parameter tractable. ... More
Taking Linear Logic ApartApr 15 2019Process calculi based on logic, such as $\pi$DILL and CP, provide a foundation for deadlock-free concurrent programming. However, in previous work, there is a mismatch between the rules for constructing proofs and the term constructors of the $\pi$-calculus: ... More
From Linear Logic to Cyclic SharingApr 15 2019We present a translation from Multiplicative Exponential Linear Logic to a simply-typed lambda calculus with cyclic sharing. This translation is derived from a simple observation on the Int-construction on traced monoidal categories. It turns out that ... More
Separation of bounded arithmetic using a consistency statementApr 14 2019This paper proves Buss's hierarchy of bounded arithmetics $S^1_2 \subseteq S^2_2 \subseteq \cdots \subseteq S^i_2 \subseteq \cdots$ does not entirely collapse. More precisely, we prove that, for a certain $D$, $S^1_2 \subsetneq S^{2D+5}_2$ holds. Further, ... More
Approximating the noise sensitivity of a monotone Boolean functionApr 14 2019The noise sensitivity of a Boolean function $f: \{0,1\}^n \rightarrow \{0,1\}$ is one of its fundamental properties. A function of a positive noise parameter $\delta$, it is denoted as $NS_{\delta}[f]$. Here we study the algorithmic problem of approximating ... More
Finding a latent k-simplex in O(k . nnz(data)) time via Subset SmoothingApr 14 2019The core problem in many Latent Variable Models, widely used in Unsupervised Learning is to find a latent k-simplex K in Rd given perturbed points from it, many of which lie far outside the simplex. This problem was stated in [2] as an open problem. We ... More
On the decomposition theorem for intersection de Rham complexesApr 14 2019We establish a positive characteristic analogue of intersection cohomology for polarized variations of Hodge structure. This includes: a) the decomposition theorem for the intersection de Rham complex; b) the $E_1$-degeneration theorem for the intersection ... More
Online Bin Covering with Limited MigrationApr 13 2019Semi-online models where decisions may be revoked in a limited way have been studied extensively in the last years. This is motivated by the fact that the pure online model is often too restrictive to model real-world applications, where some changes ... More
L1-norm Tucker Tensor DecompositionApr 13 2019Tucker decomposition is a common method for the analysis of multi-way/tensor data. Standard Tucker has been shown to be sensitive against heavy corruptions, due to its L2-norm-based formulation which places squared emphasis to peripheral entries. In this ... More
The Perfect Matching Reconfiguration ProblemApr 12 2019We study the perfect matching reconfiguration problem: Given two perfect matchings of a graph, is there a sequence of flip operations that transforms one into the other? Here, a flip operation exchanges the edges in an alternating cycle of length four. ... More
Maximizing Online Utilization with CommitmentApr 12 2019We investigate online scheduling with commitment for parallel identical machines. Our objective is to maximize the total processing time of accepted jobs. As soon as a job has been submitted, the commitment constraint forces us to decide immediately whether ... More
Low-rank binary matrix approximation in column-sum normApr 12 2019We consider $\ell_1$-Rank-$r$ Approximation over GF(2), where for a binary $m\times n$ matrix ${\bf A}$ and a positive integer $r$, one seeks a binary matrix ${\bf B}$ of rank at most $r$, minimizing the column-sum norm $||{\bf A} -{\bf B}||_1$. We show ... More
A topology on the set of isomorphism classes of maximal Cohen--Macaulay modulesApr 12 2019In this paper, we introduce a topology on the set of isomorphism classes of finitely generated modules over an associative algebra. Then we focus on the relative topology on the set of isomorphism classes of maximal Cohen--Macaulay modules over a Cohen--Macaulay ... More
Implications of positive formulas in modules (RIMS)Apr 12 2019In this survey the role of implications of positive formulas -- finitary and infinitary -- is dicussed, in general and in module categories, where they seem of particular importance. A list of algebraic examples is given, some old, some rather new, and ... More
The Lanczos Algorithm Under Few Iterations: Concentration and Location of the Ritz ValuesApr 12 2019We study the Lanczos algorithm where the initial vector is sampled uniformly from $\mathbb{S}^{n-1}$. Let $A$ be an $n \times n$ Hermitian matrix. We show that when run for few iterations, the output of the algorithm on $A$ is almost deterministic. For ... More
Applications of the quantum algorithm for st-connectivityApr 12 2019We present quantum algorithms for various problems related to graph connectivity. We give simple and query-optimal algorithms for cycle detection and odd-length cycle detection (bipartiteness) using a reduction to st-connectivity. Furthermore, we show ... More
Quasi-popular Matchings, Optimality, and Extended FormulationsApr 11 2019Let $G = (A \cup B,E)$ be an instance of the stable marriage problem where every vertex ranks its neighbors in a strict order of preference. A matching $M$ in $G$ is popular if $M$ does not lose a head-to-head election against any matching $N$. That is, ... More
Quasi-popular Matchings, Optimality, and Extended FormulationsApr 11 2019Apr 17 2019Let G = ((A,B),E) be an instance of the stable marriage problem where every vertex ranks its neighbors in a strict order of preference. A matching M in G is popular if M does not lose a head-to-head election against any matching N. That is, \phi(M,N) ... More
Robust Coreset Construction for Distributed Machine LearningApr 11 2019Motivated by the need of solving machine learning problems over distributed datasets, we explore the use of coreset to reduce the communication overhead. Coreset is a summary of the original dataset in the form of a small weighted set in the same sample ... More
Method of Self-Similar Load Balancing in Network Intrusion Detection SystemApr 11 2019In this paper, the problem of load balancing in network intrusion detection system is considered. Load balancing method based on work of several components of network intrusion detection system and on the analysis of multifractal properties of incoming ... More
Investigation of Self-similar Properties of Additive Data TrafficApr 11 2019The work presents results of numerical study of self-similar properties of additive data traffic. It is shown that the value of Hurst exponent of total stream is determined by the maximum value of Hurst exponent of summed streams and the ratio of variation ... More
Survey of Major Load Balancing Algorithms in Distributed SystemApr 11 2019The classification of the most used load balancing algorithms in distributed systems (including cloud technology, cluster systems, grid systems) is described. Comparative analysis of types of the load balancing algorithms is conducted in accordance with ... More
Sound, Fine-Grained Traversal Fusion for Heterogeneous Trees - Extended VersionApr 11 2019Applications in many domains are based on a series of traversals of tree structures, and fusing these traversals together to reduce the total number of passes over the tree is a common, important optimization technique. In applications such as compilers ... More
Variational integrators for stochastic dissipative Hamiltonian systemsApr 11 2019Variational integrators are derived for structure-preserving simulation of stochastic forced Hamiltonian systems. The derivation is based on a stochastic discrete Hamiltonian which approximates a type-II stochastic generating function for the stochastic ... More
Stability index of linear random dynamical systemsApr 11 2019Given a homogeneous linear discrete or continuous dynamical system, its stability index is given by the dimension of the stable manifold of the zero solution. In particular, for the $n$ dimensional case, the zero solution is globally asymptotically stable ... More
Asymptotic stability and stability switching for a system of delay differential equationsApr 11 2019In this paper, we consider the asymptotic stability for a system of linear delay differential equations. By analysing of the characteristic equation in detail, we have established the necessary and sufficient condition for the asymptotic stability for ... More
Computational Intractability of Julia sets for real quadratic polynomialsApr 11 2019We show that there exist real parameters $c$ for which the Julia set $J_c$ of the quadratic map $z^2+c$ has arbitrarily high computational complexity. More precisely, we show that for any given complexity threshold $T(n)$, there exist a real parameter ... More
Real quadratic Julia sets can have arbitrarily high complexityApr 11 2019Apr 18 2019We show that there exist real parameters $c$ for which the Julia set $J_c$ of the quadratic map $z^2+c$ has arbitrarily high computational complexity. More precisely, we show that for any given complexity threshold $T(n)$, there exist a real parameter ... More
Multiplicative Up-DriftApr 11 2019Drift analysis aims at translating the expected progress of an evolutionary algorithm (or more generally, a random process) into a probabilistic guarantee on its run time (hitting time). So far, drift arguments have been successfully employed in the rigorous ... More
Tight Bounds for the Subspace Sketch Problem with ApplicationsApr 11 2019In the subspace sketch problem one is given an $n\times d$ matrix $A$ with $O(\log(nd))$ bit entries, and would like to compress it in an arbitrary way to build a small space data structure $Q_p$, so that for any given $x \in \mathbb{R}^d$, with probability ... More
Privacy protocolsApr 11 2019Security protocols enable secure communication over insecure channels. Privacy protocols enable private interactions over secure channels. Security protocols set up secure channels using cryptographic primitives. Privacy protocols set up private channels ... More
Beyond trace reconstruction: Population recovery from the deletion channelApr 11 2019\emph{Population recovery} is the problem of learning an unknown distribution over an unknown set of $n$-bit strings, given access to independent draws from the distribution that have been independently corrupted according to some noise channel. Recent ... More
Restricted Isometry Property under High CorrelationsApr 11 2019Matrices satisfying the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) play an important role in the areas of compressed sensing and statistical learning. RIP matrices with optimal parameters are mainly obtained via probabilistic arguments, as explicit constructions ... More
Efficient Distributed Workload (Re-)EmbeddingApr 10 2019Modern networked systems are increasingly reconfigurable, enabling demand-aware infrastructures whose resources can be adjusted according to the workload they currently serve. Such dynamic adjustments can be exploited to improve network utilization and ... More
Constant factor approximations to edit distance on far input pairs in nearly linear timeApr 10 2019For any $T \geq 1$, there are constants $R=R(T) \geq 1$ and $\zeta=\zeta(T)>0$ and a randomized algorithm that takes as input an integer $n$ and two strings $x,y$ of length at most $n$, and runs in time $O(n^{1+\frac{1}{T}})$ and outputs an upper bound ... More
What Storage Access Privacy is Achievable with Small Overhead?Apr 10 2019Oblivious RAM (ORAM) and private information retrieval (PIR) are classic cryptographic primitives used to hide the access pattern to data whose storage has been outsourced to an untrusted server. Unfortunately, both primitives require considerable overhead ... More
Reducing approximate Longest Common Subsequence to approximate Edit DistanceApr 10 2019Given a pair of strings, the problems of computing their Longest Common Subsequence and Edit Distance have been extensively studied for decades. For exact algorithms, LCS and Edit Distance (with character insertions and deletions) are equivalent; the ... More