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A Longitudinal Study of Google PlayFeb 08 2018The difficulty of large scale monitoring of app markets affects our understanding of their dynamics. This is particularly true for dimensions such as app update frequency, control and pricing, the impact of developer actions on app popularity, as well ... More
Open Data, Grey Data, and Stewardship: Universities at the Privacy FrontierFeb 08 2018As universities recognize the inherent value in the data they collect and hold, they encounter unforeseen challenges in stewarding those data in ways that balance accountability, transparency, and protection of privacy, academic freedom, and intellectual ... More
Estimating city-level travel patterns using street imagery: a case study of using Google Street View in BritainFeb 08 2018Street imagery is a promising big data source providing current and historical images in more than 100 countries. Previous studies used this data to audit built environment features. Here we explore a novel application, using Google Street View (GSV) ... More
A Patterns Based Approach for Design of Educational TechnologiesFeb 07 2018Instructional design is a fundamental base for educational technologies as it lays the foundation to facilitate learning and teaching based on pedagogical underpinnings. However, most of the educational technologies today face two core challenges in this ... More
Measuring third party tracker power across web and mobileFeb 07 2018Third-party networks collect vast amounts of data about users via web sites and mobile applications. Consolidations among tracker companies can significantly increase their individual tracking capabilities, prompting scrutiny by competition regulators. ... More
Uptake and outcome of manuscripts in Nature journals by review model and author characteristicsFeb 06 2018Double-blind peer review has been proposed as a possible solution to avoid implicit referee bias in academic publishing. The aims of this study are to analyse the demographics of corresponding authors choosing double blind peer review, and to identify ... More
A Survey Of Methods For Explaining Black Box ModelsFeb 06 2018In the last years many accurate decision support systems have been constructed as black boxes, that is as systems that hide their internal logic to the user. This lack of explanation constitutes both a practical and an ethical issue. The literature reports ... More
Tool-mediated HCI Modeling Instruction in a Campus_based Software Quality CourseFeb 06 2018The Keystroke Level Model (KLM) and Fitts Law constitute core teaching subjects in most HCI courses, as well as many courses on software design and evaluation. The KLM Form Analyzer (KLM_FA) has been introduced as a practitioner s tool to facilitate web ... More
Ensuring Data Integrity in Electronic Health Records: A Quality Health Care ImplicationFeb 02 2018An Electronic Health Record (EHR) system must enable efficient availability of meaningful, accurate and complete data to assist improved clinical administration through the development, implementation and optimisation of clinical pathways. Therefore data ... More
Performance Dynamics and Success in Online GamesJan 29 2018Online data provide a way to monitor how users behave in social systems like social networks and online games, and understand which features turn an ordinary individual into a successful one. Here, we propose to study individual performance and success ... More
Early Warnings of Cyber Threats in Online DiscussionsJan 29 2018We introduce a system for automatically generating warnings of imminent or current cyber-threats. Our system leverages the communication of malicious actors on the darkweb, as well as activity of cyber security experts on social media platforms like Twitter. ... More
21 Million Opportunities: A 19 Facility Investigation of Factors Affecting Hand Hygiene Compliance via Linear Predictive ModelsJan 26 2018This large-scale study, consisting of 21.3 million hand hygiene opportunities from 19 distinct facilities in 10 different states, uses linear predictive models to expose factors that may affect hand hygiene compliance. We examine the use of features such ... More
Scalable and accurate deep learning for electronic health recordsJan 24 2018Jan 26 2018Predictive modeling with electronic health record (EHR) data is anticipated to drive personalized medicine and improve healthcare quality. Constructing predictive statistical models typically requires extraction of curated predictor variables from normalized ... More
The Role of Spreadsheets in Clinical Decision Support: A Survey of the Medical Algorithms Company User CommunityJan 23 2018This paper presents and discusses the results of a small scoping survey of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) users from the Medical Algorithms Company website which hosts 24,000 different CDSS. These results are analysed, discussed, and compared ... More
Towards Understanding Connections between Security/Privacy Attitudes and Unlock AuthenticationJan 23 2018Feb 01 2018In this study, we examine the ways in which user attitudes towards privacy and security relating to mobile devices and the data stored thereon may impact the strength of unlock authentication, focusing on Android's graphical unlock patterns. We conducted ... More
Ongoing Events in Wikipedia: A Cross-lingual Case StudyJan 22 2018In order to effectively analyze information regarding ongoing events that impact local communities across language and country borders, researchers often need to perform multilingual data analysis. This analysis can be particularly challenging due to ... More
Hikester - the event management applicationJan 19 2018Today social networks and services are one of the most important part of our everyday life. Most of the daily activities, such as communicating with friends, reading news or dating is usually done using social networks. However, there are activities for ... More
Socialbots whitewashing contested elections; a case study from HondurasJan 17 2018We analyze socialbots active tweeting in relation to Juan Orlando Hern\'andez, the recently re-elected president of Honduras. We find a clear bimodal separation between humans and bots, using Botometer and its classifiers. Around one hundred separate ... More
The Design Space of Social RobotsJan 15 2018We consider the design space available for social robots in terms of a hierarchy of functional definitions: the essential properties in terms of a locus of interaction, autonomy, intelligence, awareness of humans as possessors of mental state, and awareness ... More
Large Neural Network Based Detection of Apnea, Bradycardia and Desaturation EventsNov 17 2017Apnea, bradycardia and desaturation (ABD) events often precede life-threatening events including sepsis in newborn babies. Here, we explore machine learning for detection of ABD events as a binary classification problem. We investigate the use of a large ... More
An Online Consent Maturity Model: Moving from Acceptable Use towards Ethical PracticeOct 27 2017The particular characteristics associated with qualitative longitudinal research in the disciplines of psychology and social science have prompted the development of informed consent. There are analogies between these characteristics and the collection ... More
Teaching Programming and Design-by-ContractOct 22 2017This paper summarizes the experience of teaching an introductory course to programming by using a correctness by construction approach at Innopolis University, Russian Federation. We discuss the data supporting the idea that a division in beginner and ... More
Strategies and Influence of Social Bots in a 2017 German state election - A case study on TwitterOct 20 2017As social media has permeated large parts of the population it simultaneously has become a way to reach many people e.g. with political messages. One way to efficiently reach those people is the application of automated computer programs that aim to simulate ... More
Collaboration Spheres: a Visual Metaphor to Share and Reuse Research ObjectsOct 16 2017Research Objects (ROs) are semantically enhanced aggregations of resources associated to scientific experiments, such as data, provenance of these data, the scientific workflow used to run the experiment, intermediate results, logs and the interpretation ... More
Do Social Bots Dream of Electric Sheep? A Categorisation of Social Media Bot AccountsOct 11 2017So-called 'social bots' have garnered a lot of attention lately. Previous research showed that they attempted to influence political events such as the Brexit referendum and the US presidential elections. It remains, however, somewhat unclear what exactly ... More
Facebook's gender divideOct 10 2017Online social media are information resources that can have a transformative power in society. While the Web was envisioned as an equalizing force that allows everyone to access information, the digital divide prevents large amounts of people from being ... More
Driving Behavior Analysis through CAN Bus Data in an Uncontrolled EnvironmentOct 09 2017Cars can nowadays record several thousands of signals through the CAN bus technology and potentially provide real-time information on the car, the driver and the surrounding environment. This paper proposes a new method for the analysis and classification ... More
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the Automotive IndustrySep 06 2017Data science and machine learning are the key technologies when it comes to the processes and products with automatic learning and optimization to be used in the automotive industry of the future. This article defines the terms "data science" (also referred ... More
A European research roadmap for optimizing societal impact of big data on environment and energy efficiencyAug 25 2017We present a roadmap to guide European research efforts towards a socially responsible big data economy that maximizes the positive impact of big data in environment and energy efficiency. The goal of the roadmap is to allow stakeholders and the big data ... More
eSource for clinical trials: Implementation and evaluation of a standards-based approach in a real world trialJul 25 2017Objective: The Learning Health System (LHS) requires integration of research into routine practice. eSource or embedding clinical trial functionalities into routine electronic health record (EHR) systems has long been put forward as a solution to the ... More
Data Aggregation, Fusion and Recommendations for Strengthening Citizens Energy-aware Behavioural ProfilesJul 20 2017In this paper, ENTROPY platform, an IT ecosystem for supporting energy efficiency in buildings through behavioural change of the occupants is provided. The ENTROPY platform targets at providing a set of mechanisms for accelerating the adoption of energy ... More
Opening the black box of energy modelling: Strategies and lessons learnedJul 20 2017Jan 16 2018The global energy system is undergoing a major transition, and in energy planning and decision-making across governments, industry and academia, models play a crucial role. Because of their policy relevance and contested nature, the transparency and open ... More
LivingLab PJAIT: Towards Better Urban Participation of SeniorsJun 30 2017In this paper we provide a brief summary of development LivingLab PJAIT as an attempt to establish a comprehensive and sustainable ICT-based solution for empowerment of elderly communities towards better urban participation of seniors. We report on our ... More
Pattern of Internet Usage in Cyber Cafes in Manila: An Exploratory StudyJun 29 2017This study determined the profile and pattern of Internet usage of respondents in cyber cafes in Manila. The study employed an exploratory-descriptive design in which a validated descriptive-survey form was used as the research instrument. Forty-seven ... More
AntibIoTic: Protecting IoT Devices Against DDoS AttacksJun 28 2017The 2016 is remembered as the year that showed to the world how dangerous Distributed Denial of Service attacks can be. Gauge of the disruptiveness of DDoS attacks is the number of bots involved: the bigger the botnet, the more powerful the attack. This ... More
How Does Knowledge Come By?May 19 2017Although the amount of knowledge that the humans possess has been gradually increasing, we still do not know the procedure and conditions that lead to the creation of new knowledge. An understanding of the modus operandi for the creation of knowledge ... More
Small cities face greater impact from automationMay 16 2017Sep 21 2017The city has proven to be the most successful form of human agglomeration and provides wide employment opportunities for its dwellers. As advances in robotics and artificial intelligence revive concerns about the impact of automation on jobs, a question ... More
HuGaDB: Human Gait Database for Activity Recognition from Wearable Inertial Sensor NetworksMay 10 2017Jul 11 2017This paper presents a human gait data collection for analysis and activity recognition consisting of continues recordings of combined activities, such as walking, running, taking stairs up and down, sitting down, and so on; and the data recorded are segmented ... More
A Short Review of Ethical Challenges in Clinical Natural Language ProcessingMar 29 2017Clinical NLP has an immense potential in contributing to how clinical practice will be revolutionized by the advent of large scale processing of clinical records. However, this potential has remained largely untapped due to slow progress primarily caused ... More
A Pilot Study Exploring Spreadsheet Risk in Scientific ResearchMar 23 2017This paper discusses the risks and potential impacts of spreadsheet errors in scientific research data in a Neuroscience research centre in the UK. Spreadsheets usage in neuroscience, or indeed any medical discipline, is a largely unreported area of spreadsheet ... More
Economic Analysis of RansomwareMar 20 2017We present in this work an economic analysis of ransomware, with relevant data from Cryptolocker, CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt and other major strands. We include a detailed study of the impact that different price discrimination strategies can have on the ... More
Pushing STEM-education through a social-media-based contest format - experiences and lessons-learned from the H2020-project SciChallengeFeb 09 2017Science education is a crucial issue with long-term impacts for Europe as the low enrolment rates in the STEM-fields, including (natural) science, technology, engineering and mathematics, will lead to a workforce problem in research and development. In ... More
The Internet as Quantitative Social Science Platform: Insights from a Trillion ObservationsJan 19 2017With the large-scale penetration of the internet, for the first time, humanity has become linked by a single, open, communications platform. Harnessing this fact, we report insights arising from a unified internet activity and location dataset of an unparalleled ... More
Feasibility Study of Social Media for Public Health Behaviour ChangesJan 13 2017Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been shown to function as effective social sensors that can "feel the pulse" of a community. The aim of the current study is to test the feasibility of designing, implementing and evaluating a ... More
Open Government Data in Russian FederationDec 15 2016Open data can increase transparency and accountability of a country government, leading to free information sharing and stimulation of new innovations. This paper analyses government open data policy as well as open data initiatives and trends in Russian ... More
Effects of online group exercises for older adults on physical, psychological and social wellbeing: a pilot trialDec 08 2016Background. There are many factors that can make of group exercises a challenging setting for older adults. A major one in the elderly population is the difference in the level of skills. In this paper we report on the physical, psychological and social ... More
Knowledge Space Framework: An API for representation, persistence and visualization of knowledge spacesDec 07 2016This paper will discuss the challenges in tooling around the management and utilization of knowledge space structures, via standardized APIs for external Adaptive Learning Systems (ALS) to consume. It then describes how these challenges are addressed ... More
Estimating Local Commuting Patterns From Geolocated Twitter DataDec 06 2016The emergence of large stores of transactional data generated by increasing use of digital devices presents a huge opportunity for policymakers to improve their knowledge of the local environment and thus make more informed and better decisions. A research ... More
"Boring formal methods" or "Sherlock Holmes deduction methods"?Dec 06 2016This paper provides an overview of common challenges in teaching of logic and formal methods to Computer Science and IT students. We discuss our experiences from the course IN3050: Applied Logic in Engineering, introduced as a "logic for everybody" elective ... More
HellRank: A Hellinger-based Centrality Measure for Bipartite Social NetworksDec 05 2016Measuring centrality in a social network, especially in bipartite mode, poses several challenges such as requirement of full knowledge of the network topology and lack of properly detection of top-k behavioral representative users. In this paper, to overcome ... More
Studying Academic Indicators within Virtual Learning Environment Using Educational Data MiningDec 04 2016Our main goal is to discover the main factors influencing students' academic trajectory and students' academic evolution within such environment. Our results indicate strong correlation in this virtual learning environment between student average and ... More
Wikiwhere: An interactive tool for studying the geographical provenance of Wikipedia referencesDec 03 2016Dec 16 2016Wikipedia articles about the same topic in different language editions are built around different sources of information. For example, one can find very different news articles linked as references in the English Wikipedia article titled "Annexation of ... More
Wikiwhere: An interactive tool for studying the geographical provenance of Wikipedia referencesDec 03 2016Wikipedia articles about the same topic in different language editions are built around different sources of information. For example, one can find very different news articles linked as references in the English Wikipedia article titled "Annexation of ... More
Using Discourse Signals for Robust Instructor Intervention PredictionDec 03 2016We tackle the prediction of instructor intervention in student posts from discussion forums in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Our key finding is that using automatically obtained discourse relations improves the prediction of when instructors intervene ... More
A Novel Approach for Modeling Complex Deep FuturesDec 02 2016Many large-scale, complex systems consist of interactions between humans, human-made systems and the environment. The approach developed in this paper is to partition the problem space into two fundamental layers and identify, parameterize and model the ... More
HealthAdvisor: Recommendation System for Wearable Technologies enabling Proactive Health MonitoringDec 02 2016Proactive monitoring of one's health could avoid serious diseases as well as better maintain the individual's well-being. In today's IoT world, there has been numerous wearable technological devices to monitor/measure different health attributes. However, ... More
A Pilot Case Study on Innovative Behaviour: Lessons Learned and Directions for Future WorkDec 02 2016Context: A case study is a powerful research strategy for investigating complex social-technical and managerial phenomena in real life settings. However, when the phenomenon has not been fully discovered or understood, pilot case studies are important ... More
Predicting Changes in Affective States using Neural NetworksDec 02 2016Knowledge of patients affective state could prove to be crucial for health-care professionals in both diagnosis and treatment, however, this requires patients to report how they feel. In practice the sampling rate of affective states needs to be kept ... More
The Tyranny of Data? The Bright and Dark Sides of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Social GoodDec 01 2016The unprecedented availability of large-scale human behavioral data is profoundly changing the world we live in. Researchers, companies, governments, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and also citizen groups are actively experimenting, ... More
The Tyranny of Data? The Bright and Dark Sides of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Social GoodDec 01 2016Dec 02 2016The unprecedented availability of large-scale human behavioral data is profoundly changing the world we live in. Researchers, companies, governments, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and also citizen groups are actively experimenting, ... More
Analysis of the Human-Computer Interaction on the Example of Image-based CAPTCHA by Association Rule MiningDec 01 2016The paper analyzes the interaction between humans and computers in terms of response time in solving the image-based CAPTCHA. In particular, the analysis focuses on the attitude of the different Internet users in easily solving four different types of ... More
Detection of collaborative activity with Kinect depth camerasDec 01 2016The health status of elderly subjects is highly correlated to their activities together with their social interactions. Thus, the long term monitoring in home of their health status, shall also address the analysis of collaborative activities. This paper ... More
Trends in Students Media UsageNov 30 2016Trends in media usage by students can affect the way they learn. Students demand the use of technology, thus institutions and instructors should meet students requests. This paper describes the results of a survey where drivers in the use of media show ... More
System-Generated Requests for Rewriting ProposalsNov 30 2016We present an online deliberation system using mutual evaluation in order to collaboratively develop solutions. Participants submit their proposals and evaluate each other's proposals; some of them may then be invited by the system to rewrite 'problematic' ... More
A Data Fusion System to Study Synchronization in Social ActivitiesNov 30 2016As the world population gets older, the healthcare system must be adapted, among others by providing continuous health monitoring at home and in the city. The social activities have a significant role in everyone health status. Hence, this paper proposes ... More
Sovereignty of the Apps: There's more to Relevance than DownloadsNov 29 2016The value of mobile apps is traditionally measured by metrics such as the number of downloads, installations, or user ratings. A problem with these measures is that they reflect actual usage at most indirectly. Indeed, analytic companies have suggested ... More
When Students Choose to Use Event-B in their Software Engineering ProjectsNov 29 2016Students often learn formal methods as part of a software engineering degree programme, without applying these formal methods outside of the specific module(s) dedicated to this subject. In particular, software engineering students often have to build ... More
Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics: Presenting Mathematical Analysis Using Functional ProgrammingNov 29 2016We present the approach underlying a course on "Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics", currently being developed at Chalmers in response to difficulties faced by third-year students in learning and applying classical mathematics (mainly real and complex ... More
Teaching Functional Patterns through Robotic ApplicationsNov 29 2016We present our approach to teaching functional programming to First Year Computer Science students at Middlesex University through projects in robotics. A holistic approach is taken to the curriculum, emphasising the connections between different subject ... More
DrivingStyles: A mobile platform for driving styles and fuel consumption characterizationNov 28 2016Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) rely on connected vehicle applications to address real-world problems. Research is currently being conducted to support safety, mobility and environmental applications. This paper presents the DrivingStyles architecture, ... More
Online tools for public engagement: case studies from ReykjavikNov 28 2016With the ubiquity of Internet technologies and growing demands for transparency and open data policies, the role of social networking and online deliberation tools for public engagement in decision-making has increased substantially in the last decades. ... More
Proceedings of the 4th and 5th International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in EducationNov 26 2016This volume contains the proceedings of the Fourth and Fifth International Workshops on Trends in Functional Programming in Education, TFPIE 2015 and TFPIE 2016, which were held on June 2, 2015 in Sophia-Antipolis, France, and on June 7, 2016 at the University ... More
Patient-Driven Privacy Control through Generalized DistillationNov 26 2016The introduction of data analytics into medicine has changed the nature of treatment. In this, patients are asked to disclose personal information such as genetic markers, lifestyle habits, and clinical history. This data is then used by statistical models ... More
How I Stopped Worrying about the Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress and Learned to Build a Little One for MyselfNov 24 2016Twitter is among the commonest sources of data employed in social media research mainly because of its convenient APIs to collect tweets. However, most researchers do not have access to the expensive Firehose and Twitter Historical Archive, and they must ... More
Wellformedness Properties in Euler Diagrams: An Eye Tracking Study for Visualisation EvaluationNov 20 2016In the field of information visualisation, Euler diagrams are an important tool used in various application areas such as engineering, medicine and social analysis. To effectively use Euler diagrams, some of the wellformedness properties needs to be avoided, ... More
Gendered Conversation in a Social Game-Streaming PlatformNov 20 2016Online social media and games are increasingly replacing offline social activities. Social media is now an indispensable mode of communication; online gaming is not only a genuine social activity but also a popular spectator sport. With support for anonymity ... More
Gendered Conversation in a Social Game-Streaming PlatformNov 20 2016Nov 22 2016Online social media and games are increasingly replacing offline social activities. Social media is now an indispensable mode of communication; online gaming is not only a genuine social activity but also a popular spectator sport. With support for anonymity ... More
Towards the Modeling of Behavioral Trajectories of Users in Online Social MediaNov 17 2016In this paper, we introduce a methodology that allows to model behavioral trajectories of users in online social media. First, we illustrate how to leverage the probabilistic framework provided by Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to represent users by embedding ... More
Bus Stops Location and Bus Route Planning Using Mean Shift Clustering and Ant Colony in West JakartaNov 17 2016Traffic Jam has been a daily problem for people in Jakarta which is one of the busiest city in Indonesia up until now. Even though the official government has tried to reduce the impact of traffic issues by developing a new public transportation which ... More
Investigating Factors Influencing the Latency of Cyberbullying DetectionNov 16 2016Cyberbullying in online social networks has become a critical problem, especially among teenagers who are social networks' prolific users. As a result, researchers have focused on identifying distinguishing features of cyberbullying and developing techniques ... More
An Automated Attendance System based on NFC & X-Bee Technologies with a Remote DatabaseNov 16 2016The main aim of this research was to automate attendance registration, thereby reducing human involvement in the whole process. Typically, the system works by storing vital staff personable information, such as Name, Job specification, etc. into a MySQL ... More
CareerMapper: An Automated Resume Evaluation ToolNov 16 2016The advent of the Web brought about major changes in the way people search for jobs and companies look for suitable candidates. As more employers and recruitment firms turn to the Web for job candidate search, an increasing number of people turn to the ... More
The Opening Scholarly Communication in Social Sciences project OSCOSSNov 15 2016The OSCOSS project (Opening Scholarly Communication in Social Sciences), which will be outlined, aims at providing integrated support for all steps of the scholarly communication process. Incl. collaborative writing of a scientific paper, collecting data ... More
An Evaluation of Information Sharing Parking Guidance Policies Using a Bayesian ApproachNov 14 2016Real-time parking occupancy information is critical for a parking management system to facilitate drivers to park more efficiently. Recent advances in connected and automated vehicle technologies enable sensor-equipped cars (probe cars) to detect and ... More
Not Only Horses Wear Blinkers: The Missing Perspectives in IS ResearchNov 13 2016When we devise a method to address a particular research question, we think about many things, including the unit of study. But do we think about the perspective from which we observe whatever it is that's within our field of view? In the majority of ... More
Using text mining and machine learning for detection of child abuseNov 11 2016Nov 16 2016Abuse in any form is a grave threat to a child's health. Public health institutions in the Netherlands try to identify and prevent different kinds of abuse, and building a decision support system can help such institutions achieve this goal. Such decision ... More
Using text mining and machine learning for detection of child abuseNov 11 2016Abuse in any form is a grave threat to a child's health. Public health institutions in the Netherlands try to identify and prevent different kinds of abuse, and building a decision support system can help such institutions achieve this goal. Such decision ... More
Smartphone-based Vehicle Telematics - A Ten-Year AnniversaryNov 11 2016Just like it has irrevocably reshaped social life, the fast growth of smartphone ownership is now beginning to revolutionize the driving experience and change how we think about automotive insurance, vehicle safety systems, and traffic research. This ... More
Of Hags and bitches. Ageist attitudes in 2016 presidential debate on twitterNov 11 2016In this article we present our exploratory research into the occurrence of ageist attitudes within the discussion related to the US 2016 presidential election. We use natural processing techniques to analyze the content tweets related to Hillary Clinton ... More
Why is it Difficult to Detect Sudden and Unexpected Epidemic Outbreaks in Twitter?Nov 10 2016Social media services such as Twitter are a valuable source of information for decision support systems. Many studies have shown that this also holds for the medical domain, where Twitter is considered a viable tool for public health officials to sift ... More
Supporting Education in Math Sciences with a Low-budget LMS SAKAINov 08 2016In this paper we present the Low-budget LMS Sakai, the analysis conducted and its selection from a list of few popular Low-budget LMSs, as well as its capability in presentation of math texts and formulas. The MATHEIS e-learning system for learning mathematics ... More
Web 2.0 for Small and medium Sized Companies: A practical Case StudyNov 08 2016This project is a holistic analysis of web 2.0 and combines ideas from systems theory and organizational theory and goes on to attempt to bridge the gap between the ongoing theoretical discourse and its implications for the development process. The goal ... More
Twitter Sentiment around the Earnings Announcement EventsNov 07 2016We investigate the relationship between social media, Twitter in particular, and stock market. We provide an in-depth analysis of the Twitter volume and sentiment about the 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, over a period of three ... More
An analysis of New South Wales electronic vote countingNov 07 2016We re-examine the 2012 local government elections in New South Wales, Australia. The count was conducted electronically using a randomised form of the Single Transferable Vote (STV). It was already well known that randomness does make a difference to ... More
Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie DeathsNov 07 2016Nov 11 2016Over the past couple of years, clicking and posting selfies has become a popular trend. However, since March 2014, 127 people have died and many have been injured while trying to click a selfie. Researchers have studied selfies for understanding the psychology ... More
Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie DeathsNov 07 2016Over the past couple of years, clicking and posting selfies has become a popular trend. However, since March 2014, 127 people have died and many have been injured while trying to click a selfie. Researchers have studied selfies for understanding the psychology ... More
Inductive decision based Real Time Occupancy detector in University BuildingsNov 07 2016The ability to estimate College Campus Occupancy for Classrooms and Labs in real time has become one of the major concerns for various Academicians, authorities and administrators,where still a manual attendance marking system is being followed. Using ... More
More Than Peer Production: Fanfiction Communities as Sites of Distributed MentoringNov 04 2016From Harry Potter to American Horror Story, fanfiction is extremely popular among young people. Sites such as host millions of stories, with thousands more posted each day. Enthusiasts are sharing their writing and reading stories written ... More
Black Lives Matter in Wikipedia: Collaboration and Collective Memory around Online Social MovementsNov 04 2016Social movements use social computing systems to complement offline mobilizations, but prior literature has focused almost exclusively on movement actors' use of social media. In this paper, we analyze participation and attention to topics connected with ... More
Can Big Media Data Revolutionarize Gun Violence Prevention?Nov 03 2016The scientific method drives improvements in public health, but a strategy of obstructionism has impeded scientists from gathering even a minimal amount of information to address America's gun violence epidemic. We argue that in spite of a lack of federal ... More