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Advance gender prediction tool of first names and its use in analysing gender disparity in Computer Science in the UK, Malaysia and ChinaJun 13 2019Global gender disparity in science is an unsolved problem. Predicting gender has an important role in analysing the gender gap through online data. We study this problem within the UK, Malaysia and China. We enhance the accuracy of an existing gender ... More
A Countrywide Traffic Accident DatasetJun 12 2019Reducing traffic accidents is an important public safety challenge. However, the majority of studies on traffic accident analysis and prediction have used small-scale datasets with limited coverage, which limits their impact and applicability; and existing ... More
Work Design and Job Rotation in Software Engineering: Results from an Industrial StudyJun 12 2019Job rotation is a managerial practice to be applied in the organizational environment to reduce job monotony, boredom, and exhaustion resulting from job simplification, specialization, and repetition. Previous studies have identified and discussed the ... More
Uncovering Dominant Social Class in Neighborhoods through Building Footprints: A Case Study of Residential Zones in Massachusetts using Computer VisionJun 12 2019In urban theory, urban form is related to social and economic status. This paper explores to uncover zip-code level income through urban form by analyzing figure-ground map, a simple, prevailing and precise representation of urban form in the field of ... More
Understanding artificial intelligence ethics and safetyJun 11 2019A remarkable time of human promise has been ushered in by the convergence of the ever-expanding availability of big data, the soaring speed and stretch of cloud computing platforms, and the advancement of increasingly sophisticated machine learning algorithms. ... More
ProPublica's COMPAS Data RevisitedJun 11 2019In this paper I re-examine the COMPAS recidivism score and criminal history data collected by ProPublica in 2016, which has fueled intense debate and research in the nascent field of `algorithmic fairness' or `fair machine learning' over the past three ... More
ProPublica's COMPAS Data RevisitedJun 11 2019Jun 13 2019In this paper I re-examine the COMPAS recidivism score and criminal history data collected by ProPublica in 2016, which has fueled intense debate and research in the nascent field of `algorithmic fairness' or `fair machine learning' over the past three ... More
Creation of User Friendly Datasets: Insights from a Case Study concerning Explanations of Loan DenialsJun 11 2019Most explainable AI (XAI) techniques are concerned with the design of algorithms to explain the AI's decision. However, the data that is used to train these algorithms may contain features that are often incomprehensible to an end-user even with the best ... More
Building High-Quality Auction Fraud DatasetJun 10 2019Given the magnitude of online auction transactions, it is difficult to safeguard consumers from dishonest sellers, such as shill bidders. To date, the application of machine learning to auction fraud detection has been limited. Shill Bidding (SB) is a ... More
Tackling Climate Change with Machine LearningJun 10 2019Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and we, as machine learning experts, may wonder how we can help. Here we describe how machine learning can be a powerful tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping society adapt ... More
Transfer Learning for Hate Speech Detection in Social MediaJun 10 2019In today's society more and more people are connected to the Internet, and its information and communication technologies have become an essential part of our everyday life. Unfortunately, the flip side of this increased connectivity to social media and ... More
Identifying Data And Information Streams In Cyberspace: A Multi-Dimensional PerspectiveJun 10 2019Cyberspace has gradually replaced the physical reality, its role evolving from a simple enabler of daily live processes to a necessity for modern existence. As a result of this convergence of physical and virtual realities, for all processes being critically ... More
Crypto art: A decentralized viewJun 09 2019This is a decentralized position paper on crypto art, which includes viewpoints from different actors of the system: artists, collectors, galleries, art scholars, data scientists. The writing process went as follows: a general definition of the topic ... More
Accuracy Requirements for Early Estimation of Crop Production in SenegalJun 09 2019Early warning systems for food security rely on timely and accurate estimations of crop production. Several approaches have been developed to get early estimations of area and yield, the two components of crop production. The most common methods, based ... More
Mastery Learning-Like Teaching with AchievementsJun 08 2019This paper describes the design of a second-year, 20 ECTS credit course on imperative and object-oriented programming. The key design rhetoric is encouraging students to assume responsibility for their own learning, and, to this end, elements from mastery ... More
Support Vector Machine-Based Fire Outbreak Detection SystemJun 08 2019This study employed Support Vector Machine (SVM) in the classification and prediction of fire outbreak based on a fire outbreak dataset captured from the Fire Outbreak Data Capture Device (FODCD). The fire outbreak data capture device (FODCD) used was ... More
Automatically Evaluating Balance: A Machine Learning ApproachJun 07 2019Compared to in-clinic balance training, in-home training is not as effective. This is, in part, due to the lack of feedback from physical therapists (PTs). Here, we analyze the feasibility of using trunk sway data and machine learning (ML) techniques ... More
Analyzing Social Media Data to Understand Consumers' Information Needs on Dietary SupplementsJun 07 2019Despite the high consumption of dietary supplements (DS), there are not many reliable, relevant, and comprehensive online resources that could satisfy information seekers. The purpose of this research study is to understand consumers' information needs ... More
EKT: Exercise-aware Knowledge Tracing for Student Performance PredictionJun 07 2019For offering proactive services to students in intelligent education, one of the fundamental tasks is predicting their performance (e.g., scores) on future exercises, where it is necessary to track each student's knowledge acquisition during her exercising ... More
Machine Learning and Visualization in Clinical Decision Support: Current State and Future DirectionsJun 06 2019Deep learning, an area of machine learning, is set to revolutionize patient care. But it is not yet part of standard of care, especially when it comes to individual patient care. In fact, it is unclear to what extent data-driven techniques are being used ... More
Sidewalk and Toronto: Critical Systems Heuristics and the Smart CityJun 05 2019`Smart cities', urban development projects that design computational systems and sensory technology to monitor activity and regulate energy consumption and resource distribution, are a frontier for the prospective deployment of ICTs for sustainability. ... More
Updating the Wassenaar Debate Once Again: Surveillance, Intrusion Software, and AmbiguityJun 05 2019This paper analyzes a recent debate on regulating cyber weapons through multilateral export controls. The background relates to the amending of the international Wassenaar Arrangement with offensive cyber security technologies known as intrusion software. ... More
Fair Distributions from Biased Samples: A Maximum Entropy Optimization FrameworkJun 05 2019One reason for the emergence of bias in AI systems is biased data -- datasets that may not be true representations of the underlying distributions -- and may over or under-represent groups with respect to protected attributes such as gender or race. We ... More
Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Health Care Applications: ViewpointJun 05 2019The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a long history. It turned out, however, that reaching intelligence at human levels is more complicated than originally anticipated. Currently we are experiencing a renewed interest in AI, fueled by an enormous ... More
The Language of Dialogue Is ComplexJun 05 2019Integrative Complexity (IC) is a psychometric that measures the ability of a person to recognize multiple perspectives and connect them, thus identifying paths for conflict resolution. IC has been linked to a wide variety of political, social and personal ... More
Battling Antibiotic Resistance: Can Machine Learning Improve Prescribing?Jun 05 2019Antibiotic resistance constitutes a major health threat. Predicting bacterial causes of infections is key to reducing antibiotic misuse, a leading driver of antibiotic resistance. We train a machine learning algorithm on administrative and microbiological ... More
David and Goliath: Privacy Lobbying in the European UnionJun 05 2019The paper examines a question of how much more resources do organized business interests have when compared to resources of civil society groups in the context of privacy lobbying in the European Union (EU). To answer to the question, the paper draws ... More
Balanced Ranking with Diversity ConstraintsJun 04 2019Many set selection and ranking algorithms have recently been enhanced with diversity constraints that aim to explicitly increase representation of historically disadvantaged populations, or to improve the overall representativeness of the selected set. ... More
A Just and Comprehensive Strategy for Using NLP to Address Online AbuseJun 04 2019Jun 06 2019Online abusive behavior affects millions and the NLP community has attempted to mitigate this problem by developing technologies to detect abuse. However, current methods have largely focused on a narrow definition of abuse to detriment of victims who ... More
Visual Fixations Duration as an Indicator of Skill Level in eSportsJun 04 2019Using highly interactive systems like computer games requires a lot of visual activity and eye movements. Eye movements are best characterized by visual fixation - periods of time when the eyes stay relatively still over an object. We analyzed the distributions ... More
A Differentially Private Incentive Design for Traffic Offload to Public TransportationJun 04 2019Increasingly large trip demands have strained urban transportation capacity, which consequently leads to traffic congestion. In this work, we focus on mitigating traffic congestion by incentivizing passengers to switch from private to public transit services. ... More
Gamification of Enterprise Systems: A Synthesis of Mechanics, Dynamics, and RisksJun 04 2019Organizations highly depend on enterprise systems (ES), which are unlikely to develop their full potential if end-users neglect system usage. Accordingly, organizations attempt to overcome barriers to end-user acceptance in the ES context, which can be ... More
Modeling e-Learners' Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategy in Comparative Question SolvingJun 04 2019Cognitive and metacognitive strategy had demonstrated a significant role in self-regulated learning (SRL), and an appropriate use of strategies is beneficial to effective learning or question-solving tasks during a human-computer interaction process. ... More
Apprentissage de la pensée informatique : de la formation des enseignant$\cdot$e$\cdot$s à la formation de tou$\cdot$te$\cdot$s les citoyen$\cdot$ne$\cdot$sJun 03 2019In recent years, in France, computer learning (under the term of code) has entered the school curriculum, in primary and high school. This learning is also aimed at developing computer thinking to enable students, girls and boys, to start master all aspects ... More
Peut-on former les enseignant$\cdot$e$\cdot$s en un rien de temps ?Jun 03 2019In France, we recently realized that it is urgent to stop waiting to start teaching our girls and boys bases of computer science, to master digital technology, and the Digital Science and Technology (SNT) topic is now offered in Year 11 (classe de 2nd), ... More
Mining Data from the Congressional RecordJun 03 2019We propose a data storage and analysis method for using the US Congressional record as a policy analysis tool. We use Amazon Web Services and the Solr search engine to store and process Congressional record data from 1789 to the present, and then query ... More
Achieving Fairness in Determining Medicaid Eligibility through Fairgroup ConstructionJun 01 2019Effective complements to human judgment, artificial intelligence techniques have started to aid human decisions in complicated social problems across the world. In the context of United States for instance, automated ML/DL classification models offer ... More
Human-Usable Password Schemas: Beyond Information-Theoretic SecurityMay 31 2019Password users frequently employ passwords that are too simple, or they just reuse passwords for multiple websites. A common complaint is that utilizing secure passwords is too difficult. One possible solution to this problem is to use a password schema. ... More
Can We Derive Explicit and Implicit Bias from Corpus?May 31 2019Language is a popular resource to mine speakers' attitude bias, supposing that speakers' statements represent their bias on concepts. However, psychology studies show that people's explicit bias in statements can be different from their implicit bias ... More
Better Future through AI: Avoiding Pitfalls and Guiding AI Towards its Full PotentialMay 30 2019Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly changing many areas of society. While there is tremendous potential in this transition, there are several pitfalls as well. Using the history of computing and the world-wide web as a guide, in this article ... More
The Security Implications of Data Subject RightsMay 30 2019Data protection regulations give individuals rights to obtain the information that entities have on them. However, providing such information can also reveal aspects of the underlying technical infrastructure and organisational processes. This article ... More
Defending Against Neural Fake NewsMay 29 2019Recent progress in natural language generation has raised dual-use concerns. While applications like summarization and translation are positive, the underlying technology also might enable adversaries to generate neural fake news: targeted propaganda ... More
Automatically Dismantling Online Dating FraudMay 29 2019May 30 2019Online romance scams are a prevalent form of mass-marketing fraud in the West, and yet few studies have addressed the technical or data-driven responses to this problem. In this type of scam, fraudsters craft fake profiles and manually interact with their ... More
Automatically Dismantling Online Dating FraudMay 29 2019Online romance scams are a prevalent form of mass-marketing fraud in the West, and yet few studies have addressed the technical or data-driven responses to this problem. In this type of scam, fraudsters craft fake profiles and manually interact with their ... More
Food for thought: Ethical considerations of user trust in computer visionMay 29 2019In computer vision research, especially when novel applications of tools are developed, ethical implications around user perceptions of trust in the underlying technology should be considered and supported. Here, we describe an example of the incorporation ... More
Robo-Taxi service fleet sizing: assessing the impact of user trust and willingness-to-useMay 29 2019The first commercial fleets of Robo-Taxis will be on the road soon. Today important efforts are made to anticipate future Robo-Taxi services. Fleet size is one of the key parameters considered in the planning phase of service design and configuration. ... More
Data Breach e-Crime, A Case Study and Legal AnalysisMay 28 2019The Bonafede V. EE data breach is a reported data breach e-Crime in the media, also published by the BBC on 8th February 2019 in the United Kingdom which has not yet come to Court. Three laws and regulations of the United Kingdom that have been breached ... More
A Parameterized Perspective on Protecting ElectionsMay 28 2019We study the parameterized complexity of the optimal defense and optimal attack problems in voting. In both the problems, the input is a set of voter groups (every voter group is a set of votes) and two integers $k_a$ and $k_d$ corresponding to respectively ... More
Highly Scalable and Flexible Model for Effective Aggregation of Context-based Data in Generic IIoT ScenariosMay 28 2019Interconnectivity of production machines is a key feature of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This feature allows for many advantages in producing. Configuration and maintenance gets easier, as access to the given production unit is not necessarily ... More
Crowdsourced Peer Learning Activity for Internet of Things Education: A Case StudyMay 28 2019Computing devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones have become part of our daily lives. End users increasingly know more and more information about these devices. Further, more technically savvy end users know how such devices are being built ... More
Algorithmic Bias and the Biases of the Bias CatchersMay 28 2019Concerns about gender bias have captured most of the attention in the AI research literature on the topic of bias in word embeddings models. In this work, a systematic analysis of popular word embedding models shows that many of those concerns are probably ... More
Open Platforms for Artificial Intelligence for Social Good: Common Patterns as a Pathway to True ImpactMay 27 2019The AI for social good movement has now reached a state in which a large number of one-off demonstrations have illustrated that partnerships of AI practitioners and social change organizations are possible and can address problems faced in sustainable ... More
A Knowledge Graph-based Approach for Exploring the U.S. Opioid EpidemicMay 27 2019The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic with recent estimates indicating that more than 130 people die every day due to drug overdose. The over-prescription and addiction to opioid painkillers, heroin, and synthetic opioids, has led to ... More
Efficient candidate screening under multiple tests and implications for fairnessMay 27 2019When recruiting job candidates, employers rarely observe their underlying skill level directly. Instead, they must administer a series of interviews and/or collate other noisy signals in order to estimate the worker's skill. Traditional economics papers ... More
Engineering Gender-Inclusivity into Software: Tales from the TrenchesMay 27 2019Although the need for gender-inclusivity in software itself is gaining attention among both SE researchers and SE practitioners, and methods have been published to help, little has been reported on how to make such methods work in real-world settings. ... More
A Platform to Collect, Unify, and Distribute Inertial Labeled Signals for Human Activity RecognitionMay 27 2019Human activity recognition (HAR) is a very active research field. Recently, deep learning techniques are being exploited to recognize human activities from inertial signals. However, to compute accurate and reliable deep learning models, a huge amount ... More
Bayesian Inference of Social Norms as Shared Constraints on BehaviorMay 27 2019People act upon their desires, but often, also act in adherence to implicit social norms. How do people infer these unstated social norms from others' behavior, especially in novel social contexts? We propose that laypeople have intuitive theories of ... More
An Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Game to Enhance Earthquake Behavioral Responses and Post-earthquake Evacuation Preparedness in BuildingsMay 27 2019Enhancing the earthquake behavioral responses and post-earthquake evacuation preparedness of building occupants is beneficial to increasing their chances of survival and reducing casualties after the main shock of an earthquake. Traditionally, training ... More
Shared Feelings: Understanding Facebook Reactions to Scholarly ArticlesMay 27 2019Research on social-media platforms has tended to rely on textual analysis to perform research tasks. While text-based approaches have significantly increased our understanding of online behavior and social dynamics, they overlook features on these platforms ... More
A hybrid model for predicting human physical activity status from lifelogging dataMay 26 2019One trend in the recent healthcare transformations is people are encouraged to monitor and manage their health based on their daily diets and physical activity habits. However, much attention of the use of operational research and analytical models in ... More
Legal Concerns and Challenges in Cloud ComputingMay 26 2019Legal issues have risen with the changing landscape of computing, especially when the service, data and infrastructure is not owned by the user. With the Cloud, the question arises as to who is in the possession of the data. The Cloud provider can be ... More
A Customised App to Attract Female Teenagers to CodingMay 24 2019The number of women in IT-related disciplines is far below the number of men, especially in developed countries. Middle-school girls appear to be engaged in coding courses, but when they choose academic majors relevant to their future careers, only few ... More
Affirmative Action Policies for Top-k Candidates Selection, With an Application to the Design of Policies for University AdmissionsMay 23 2019We consider the problem of designing affirmative action policies for selecting the top-k candidates from a pool of applicants. We assume that for each candidate we have socio-demographic attributes and a series of variables that serve as indicators of ... More
Generative Grading: Neural Approximate Parsing for Automated Student FeedbackMay 23 2019Open access to high-quality education is limited by the difficulty of providing student feedback. In this paper, we present Generative Grading with Neural Approximate Parsing (GG-NAP): a novel approach for providing feedback at scale that is capable of ... More
Digital Normativity: A challenge for human subjectivization and free willMay 23 2019Over the past decade, artificial intelligence has demonstrated its efficiency in many different applications and a huge number of algorithms have become central and ubiquitous in our life. Their growing interest is essentially based on their capability ... More
Exploiting Cognitive Structure for Adaptive LearningMay 23 2019Adaptive learning, also known as adaptive teaching, relies on learning path recommendation, which sequentially recommends personalized learning items (e.g., lectures, exercises) to satisfy the unique needs of each learner. Although it is well known that ... More
Complexity Analysis of Approaching Clinical Psychiatry with Predictive Analytics and Neural NetworksMay 23 2019As the emerging field of predictive analytics in psychiatry generated and continues to generate massive interest overtime with its major promises to positively change and revolutionize clinical psychiatry, health care and medical professionals are greatly ... More
The tradeoff between the utility and risk of location data and implications for public goodMay 22 2019High-resolution individual geolocation data passively collected from mobile phones is increasingly sold in private markets and shared with researchers. This data poses significant security, privacy, and ethical risks: it's been shown that users can be ... More
Optimal Decision Making Under Strategic BehaviorMay 22 2019We are witnessing an increasing use of data-driven predictive models to inform decisions. As decisions have implications for individuals and society, there is increasing pressure on decision makers to be transparent about their decision policies, models, ... More
Uniqueness of Medical Data Mining: How the new technologies and data they generate are transforming medicineMay 22 2019The paper describes how the new technologies and data they generate are transforming medicine. It stresses the uniqueness of heterogeneous medical data and the ways of dealing with them. It lists different sources that generate big medical data, their ... More
Understanding Perceptions and Attitudes in Breast Cancer Discussions on TwitterMay 22 2019Among American women, the rate of breast cancer is only second to lung cancer. An estimated 12.4% women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. The widespread use of social media across the socio-economic spectrum offers unparalleled ... More
Planning Gamification Strategies based on User Characteristics and DM: A Gender-based Case StudyMay 22 2019Gamification frameworks can aid in gamification planning for education. Most frameworks, however, do not provide ways to select, relate or recommend how to use game elements, to gamify a certain educational task. Instead, most provide a "one-size-fits-all" ... More
Cheating in Ranking SystemsMay 22 2019Consider an application sold on an on-line platform, with the app paying a commission fee and, henceforth, offered for sale on the platform. The ability to sell the application depends on its customer ranking. Therefore, developers may have an incentive ... More
Look Who's Talking Now: Implications of AV's Explanations on Driver's Trust, AV Preference, Anxiety and Mental WorkloadMay 21 2019Explanations given by automation are often used to promote automation adoption. However, it remains unclear whether explanations promote acceptance of automated vehicles (AVs). In this study, we conducted a within-subject experiment in a driving simulator ... More
Data Cooperatives: Towards a Foundation for Decentralized Personal Data ManagementMay 21 2019Data cooperatives with fiduciary obligations to members provide a promising direction for the empowerment of individuals through their own personal data. A data cooperative can manage, curate and protect access to the personal data of citizen members. ... More
Software Citation Implementation ChallengesMay 21 2019The main output of the FORCE11 Software Citation working group ( was a paper on software citation principles ( published in September 2016. This paper laid ... More
Blockchain in the Government Technology FabricMay 21 2019Fuelled by the success (and hype) around cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technologies (DLT), particularly blockchains, have gained a lot of attention from a wide spectrum of audience who perceive blockchains as a key to carry out business processes ... More
Importance of Coordination and Cultural Diversity for an Efficient and Flexible Manufacturing SystemMay 20 2019Manufacturing systems of the future need to have flexible resources and flexible routing to produce extremely personalized products, even of lot size equal to one. In this paper, we have proposed a framework, which is designed to achieve this goal. Towards ... More
Citizen Science: An Information Quality Research FrontierMay 20 2019The rapid proliferation of online content producing and sharing technologies resulted in an explosion of user-generated content (UGC), which now extends to scientific data. Citizen science, in which ordinary people contribute information for scientific ... More
Diagnosing the performance of human mobility models at small spatial scales using volunteered geographic informationMay 20 2019Accurate modelling of local population movement patterns is a core contemporary concern for urban policymakers, affecting both the short term deployment of public transport resources and the longer term planning of transport infrastructure. Yet, while ... More
Explaining Machine Learning Classifiers through Diverse Counterfactual ExplanationsMay 19 2019Post-hoc explanations of machine learning models are crucial for people to understand and act on algorithmic predictions. An intriguing class of explanations is through counterfactuals, hypothetical examples that show people how to obtain a different ... More
A Text Classification Framework for Simple and Effective Early Depression Detection Over Social Media StreamsMay 18 2019With the rise of the Internet, there is a growing need to build intelligent systems that are capable of efficiently dealing with early risk detection (ERD) problems on social media, such as early depression detection, early rumor detection or identification ... More
AmIE: An Ambient Intelligent Environment for Assisted LivingMay 18 2019In the modern world of technology Internet-of-things (IoT) systems strives to provide an extensive interconnected and automated solutions for almost every life aspect. This paper proposes an IoT context-aware system to present an Ambient Intelligence ... More
Between Discord and Deadlock: Consensus Under a DeadlineMay 17 2019Committees are an important scenario for reaching consensus. Beyond standard consensus-seeking issues, committee decisions are complicated by a deadline, e.g., the next start date for a budget, or the start of a semester. In committee hiring decisions, ... More
Exploration methods for simulation modelsMay 17 2019We first recall in this chapter to what extent simulation models are an absolute necessity in social sciences and humanities, which can only very exceptionally require to experimental sciences methods to construct their knowledge. The formalisation through ... More
Are Automated Vehicles Safer than Manually Driven Cars?May 16 2019Are automated vehicles really safer than manually driven vehicles? If so, how would we know? Answering this question has spurred a contentious debate. Unfortunately, several issues make answering this question difficult for the foreseeable future. First, ... More
On Cycling Risk and Discomfort: Urban Safety Mapping and Bike Route RecommendationsMay 16 2019Bike usage in Smart Cities becomes paramount for sustainable urban development. Cycling provides tremendous opportunities for a more healthy lifestyle, lower energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as reduction of traffic jams. While the number ... More
On the Fairness of Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social NetworksMay 16 2019Influence maximization has found applications in a wide range of real-world problems, for instance, viral marketing of products in an online social network, and information propagation of valuable information such as job vacancy advertisements and health-related ... More
On the Fairness of Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social NetworksMay 16 2019May 20 2019Influence maximization has found applications in a wide range of real-world problems, for instance, viral marketing of products in an online social network, and information propagation of valuable information such as job vacancy advertisements and health-related ... More
Smart Contract Development in Practice: Trends, Issues, and Discussions on Stack OverflowMay 15 2019Blockchain based platforms are emerging as a transformative technology that can provide reliability, integrity, and auditability without trusted entities. One of the key features of these platforms is the trustworthy decentralized execution of general-purpose ... More
Understanding the Radical Mind: Identifying Signals to Detect Extremist Content on TwitterMay 15 2019The Internet and, in particular, Online Social Networks have changed the way that terrorist and extremist groups can influence and radicalise individuals. Recent reports show that the mode of operation of these groups starts by exposing a wide audience ... More
A Human-Centered Approach to Interactive Machine LearningMay 15 2019The interactive machine learning (IML) community aims to augment humans' ability to learn and make decisions over time through the development of automated decision-making systems. This interaction represents a collaboration between multiple intelligent ... More
Food Recommendation: Framework, Existing Solutions and ChallengesMay 15 2019A growing proportion of the global population is becoming overweight or obese, leading to various diseases (e.g., diabetes, ischemic heart disease and even cancer) due to unhealthy eating patterns, such as increased intake of food with high energy and ... More
VICSOM: VIsual Clues from SOcial Media for psychological assessmentMay 15 2019Sharing multimodal information (typically images, videos or text) in Social Network Sites (SNS) occupies a relevant part of our time. The particular way how users expose themselves in SNS can provide useful information to infer human behaviors. This paper ... More
From What to How. An Overview of AI Ethics Tools, Methods and Research to Translate Principles into PracticesMay 15 2019The debate about the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence dates from the 1960s. However, in recent years symbolic AI has been complemented and sometimes replaced by Neural Networks and Machine Learning techniques. This has vastly increased ... More
A Preliminary Theory for Open Source Ecosystem Micro-economicsMay 15 2019While there has been substantial empirical work identifying factors that influence the contribution to, and use of open source software, we have as yet little theory that identifies the key constructs and relationships that would allow us to explain and ... More
Demographic Inference and Representative Population Estimates from Multilingual Social Media DataMay 15 2019Social media provide access to behavioural data at an unprecedented scale and granularity. However, using these data to understand phenomena in a broader population is difficult due to their non-representativeness and the bias of statistical inference ... More
A Clinical Approach to Training Effective Data ScientistsMay 15 2019Like medicine, psychology, or education, data science is fundamentally an applied discipline, with most students who receive advanced degrees in the field going on to work on practical problems. Unlike these disciplines, however, data science education ... More
Generative Design in Minecraft: Chronicle ChallengeMay 14 2019We introduce the Chronicle Challenge as an optional addition to the Settlement Generation Challenge in Minecraft. One of the foci of the overall competition is adaptive procedural content generation (PCG), an arguably under-explored problem in computational ... More
LikeStarter: a Smart-contract based Social DAO for CrowdfundingMay 14 2019Crowdfunding has become a popular form of collective funding, in which small donations or investments, made by groups of people, support the development of new projects in exchange of free products or different types of recognition. Social network sites, ... More