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Highly anisotropic interlayer magnetoresistance in ZrSiS nodal-line Dirac semimetalApr 22 2019We instigate the angle-dependent magnetoresistance (AMR) of the layered nodal-line Dirac semimetal ZrSiS for the in-plane and out-of-plane current directions. This material has recently revealed an intriguing butterfly-shaped in-plane AMR that is not ... More
Quantum phases of SrCu2(BO3)2 from high-pressure thermodynamicsApr 22 2019In a quantum magnet, localized electronic spins can form unusual collective states at low temperature. While theoretical proposals for exotic states abound, many of the most intriguing scenarios of quantum phases and phase transitions beyond classical ... More
Unusual magnetotransport in Al6ReApr 22 2019Since very few Type-I superconductors are known and most are elemental superconductors, there are very few experimental platforms where the interaction between Type-I superconductivity and topologically nontrivial band structure can be probed. The rhenium ... More
Spin-$S$ designer hamiltonians and the square lattice $S=1$ Haldane nematicApr 21 2019We introduce a strategy to write down lattice models of spin rotational symmetric Hamiltonians with arbitrary spin-$S$ that are Marshall positive and can be simulated efficiently using world line Monte Carlo methods. As an application of our approach ... More
Two-electron bound states due to pair spin-orbit interaction in gated layersApr 20 2019We explore the two-electron bound states that arise in two-dimensional gated layers of materials with a strong Rashba spin-orbit interaction. Electron pairing originates from the pair spin-orbit interaction, which appears due to the Coulomb field of the ... More
Tunable Berry Curvature Through Magnetic Phase Competition in a Topological Kagome MagnetApr 19 2019Magnetic topological phases of quantum matter are an emerging frontier in physics and material science. Along these lines, several kagome magnets have appeared as the most promising platforms. However, the magnetic nature of these materials in the presence ... More
Superdiffusive transport of energy in generic Luttinger liquidsApr 19 2019Metals in one spatial dimension are described at the lowest energy scales by the Luttinger liquid theory. It is well understood that this free theory, and even interacting integrable models, can support ballistic transport of conserved quantities including ... More
Weyl points in systems of multiple semiconductor-superconductor quantum dotsApr 19 2019As an analogy to the Weyl point in k-space, we search for energy levels which close at a single point as a function of a three dimensional parameter space. Such points are topologically protected in the sense that any perturbation which acts on the two ... More
Magnetization density distribution of Sr$_2$IrO$_4$: Deviation from a local $j_\text{eff}=1/2$ pictureApr 19 2019$5d$ iridium oxides are of huge interest due to the potential for new quantum states driven by strong spin-orbit coupling. The strontium iridate Sr$_2$IrO$_4$ is particularly in the spotlight because of the novel $j_\text{eff}=1/2$ state consisting of ... More
Topological supersolids with tunable chern numbers of a dipolar Fermi gas in a three-dimensional anisotropic optical latticeApr 19 2019Supersolids are among the most desirable unconventional many-body quantum states, which are linked to the fundamental issue of the coexistence of crystalline long-range order and off-diagonal long-range order (superfluidity). The recent experimental breakthrough ... More
Topological characterization of hierarchical fractional quantum Hall effects in topological flat bands with SU(N) symmetryApr 19 2019We study the many-body ground states of $N$-component interacting hardcore bosons loaded in topological lattice models with SU$(N)$-symmetric interactions based on exact diagonalization and density matrix renormalization group methods. For strong interactions, ... More
Topological semimetal phases manifested in transition-metal dichalcogenides intercalated with 3d metalsApr 19 2019In the search for stable topological semimetals with clean band profiles, we have screened all the 3$d$ metal-intercalated transition-metal dichalcogenides (3dI-TMDCs) by performing hybrid-functional-based ab initio calculations. Two classes of topological ... More
Universal divergence of the Renyi entropy of a thinly sliced torus at the Ising fixed pointApr 18 2019The entanglement entropy of a quantum critical system can provide new universal numbers that depend on the geometry of the entangling bipartition. We calculate a universal number called $\kappa$, which arises when a quantum critical system is embedded ... More
Topological thermal Hall effect of "magnetic monopoles" in pyrochlore U(1) spin liquidApr 18 2019"Magnetic monopole" is an exotic quantum excitation in pyrochlore U(1) spin liquid, and its emergence is purely of quantum origin and has no classical analogue. We predict topological thermal Hall effect (TTHE) of "magnetic monopoles" and present this ... More
Probing the Griffiths like phase, unconventional dual glassy states, giant exchange bias effects and its correlation with its electronic structure in Pr2-xSrxCoMnO6Apr 18 2019Electronic structure, electrical transport, dc and ac magnetization properties of the hole substituted (Sr2+) partially B-site disordered double perovskite Pr2-xSrxCoMnO6 system have been investigated. Electronic structure was probed by employing X-ray ... More
Insight into the magnetic behavior of Sr$_2$IrO$_4$:A spontaneous magnetization studyApr 18 2019Sr$_2$IrO$_4$ is a weak ferromagnet where the spin arrangement is canted anti-ferromagnetic (AF). Moreover, the spin-structure coupling plays and important role in magnetic behavior of Sr$_2$IrO$_4$. In this concern the magnetization under zero applied ... More
Thermodynamic evidence for novel quantum criticality in a frustrated metalApr 18 2019Various exotic phases of matter have been discovered near a quantum critical point where magnetic order is suppressed to absolute zero temperature by strong quantum fluctuations. There have remained fundamental questions whether geometrical frustration ... More
Few-body systems in Minkowski space: the Bethe-Salpeter Equation challengeApr 18 2019Solving the homogeneous Bethe-Salpeter equation directly in Minkowski space is becoming a very alive field, since, in recent years, a new approach has been introduced, and the reachable results can be potentially useful in various areas of research, as ... More
Suppression of long range magnetic ordering and electrical conduction in Y$_{1.7}$Bi$_{0.3}$Ir$_2$O$_7$ thin filmApr 18 2019We find that the long-range magnetic ordering is absent and electrical conduction suppressed in Y$_{1.7}$Bi$_{0.3}$Ir$_2$O$_7$/YSZ(100) thin film prepared by pulsed laser deposition. The sharp down-turn of inverse magnetic susceptibility X-1(T) from the ... More
Effective gauge theories of superfluidity with topological orderApr 18 2019We discuss the low-energy dynamics of superfluidity with topological order in $(3+1)$ spacetime dimensions. We generalize a topological $BF$ theory by introducing a non-square $K$ matrix, and this generalized $BF$ theory can describe massless Nambu-Goldstone ... More
Linker Dependent Excited State Absorptions from the Free Triplets versus Correlated Triplet-Triplet State in Pentacene DimersApr 17 2019A key question in singlet fission research is whether the photophysical process is complete, and a pair of free triplets and not the bound triplet-triplet biexciton is the final product, at least in ultrashort time scales. In earlier theoretical work ... More
Non-Hermitian skin effect and chiral damping in open quantum systemsApr 17 2019One of the unique features of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians is the non-Hermitian skin effect, namely that the eigenstates are exponentially localized at the boundary of system. For open quantum systems, short-time evolution can often be well described by ... More
Fractons from Polarons and Hole-Doped Antiferromagnets: Microscopic Models and RealizationApr 17 2019Fractons are a type of emergent quasiparticle which cannot move freely in isolation, but can easily move in bound pairs. Similar phenomenology is found in boson-affected hopping models, encountered in the study of polaron systems and hole-doped Ising ... More
Phonon anomalies with doping in superconducting oxychlorides Ca2-xCuO2Cl2Apr 17 2019We measure the dispersion of the Cu-O bond-stretching phonon mode in the high-temperature superconducting parent compound Ca$_2$CuO$_2$Cl$_2$. Our density functional theory calculations predict a cosine-shaped bending of the dispersion along both the ... More
Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory with Complex, Spin-Restricted Orbitals: Accessing a New Class of Densities without the Symmetry DilemmaApr 17 2019We show that using complex, spin-restricted orbitals (cR) in Kohn-Sham density functional theory (KS-DFT) allows one to access a new class of densities that is not accessible by either spin-restricted (RKS) or spin-unrestricted (UKS) orbitals. We further ... More
Chiral vortical conductivity across a topological phase transition from holographyApr 17 2019We study the chiral vortical conductivity in a holographic Weyl semimetal model, which describes a topological phase transition from the strongly coupled topologically nontrivial phase to a trivial phase. We focus on the temperature dependence of the ... More
Energy-weighted density matrix embedding of open correlated chemical fragmentsApr 16 2019We present a multi-scale approach to efficiently embed an ab initio correlated chemical fragment described by its energy-weighted density matrices, and entangled with a wider mean-field many-electron system. This approach, first presented in Phys. Rev. ... More
Fermions and bosons in nonsymmorphic PdSb2 with sixfold degeneracyApr 16 2019PdSb2 is a candidate for hosting 6-fold-degenerate exotic fermions (beyond Dirac and Weyl fermions).The nontrivial band crossing protected by the nonsymmorphic symmetry plays a crucial role in physical properties. We have grown high-quality single crystals ... More
Quantum Work of an Optical LatticeApr 16 2019A classic example of a quantum quench concerns the release of a interacting Bose gas from an optical lattice. The local properties of quenches such as this have been extensively studied however the global properties of these non-equilibrium quantum systems ... More
Matter Chern Simons Theories in a Background Magnetic FieldApr 16 2019We study large $N$ 2+1 dimensional fermions in the fundamental representation of an $SU(N)_k$ Chern Simons gauge group in the presence of a uniform background magnetic field for the $U(1)$ global symmetry of this theory. The magnetic field modifies the ... More
Floquet metal to insulator phase transitions in semiconductor nanowiresApr 16 2019We study steady-states of semiconductor nanowires subjected to strong resonant time-periodic drives. The steady-states arise from the balance between electron-phonon scattering, electron-hole recombination via photo-emission, and Auger scattering processes. ... More
Atacamite Cu$_2$Cl(OH)$_3$: A model compound for the $S = 1/2$ sawtooth chain?Apr 16 2019We present a combined experimental and theoretical study of the mineral atacamite Cu$_2$Cl(OH)$_3$. Based on {\it ab initio} band structure calculations, we derive a magnetic coupling scheme of essentially a $S = 1/2$ sawtooth chain. Experimentally, we ... More
Anisotropic exchange Hamiltonian, magnetic phase diagram and domain inversion of Nd$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$Apr 16 2019We present thermodynamic and neutron scattering measurements on the quantum spin ice candidate Nd$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$. The parameterization of the anisotropic exchange Hamiltonian is refined based on high-energy-resolution inelastic neutron scattering data ... More
Anisotropic exchange Hamiltonian, magnetic phase diagram and domain inversion of Nd$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$Apr 16 2019Apr 18 2019We present thermodynamic and neutron scattering measurements on the quantum spin ice candidate Nd$_2$Zr$_2$O$_7$. The parameterization of the anisotropic exchange Hamiltonian is refined based on high-energy-resolution inelastic neutron scattering data ... More
Measuring von Neumann entanglement entropies without wave functionsApr 16 2019We present a method to measure the von Neumann entanglement entropy of ground states of quantum many-body systems which does not require access to the system wave function. The technique is based on a direct thermodynamic study of entanglement Hamiltonians, ... More
Orbitally selective breakdown of Fermi liquid quasiparticles in Ca$_{1.8}$Sr$_{0.2}$RuO$_4$Apr 16 2019We present a comprehensive angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study of Ca$_{1.8}$Sr$_{0.2}$RuO$_4$. Four distinct bands are revealed and along the Ru-O bond direction their orbital characters are identified through a light polarization analysis ... More
Light-Induced Charge Density Wave in LaTe$_3$Apr 16 2019When electrons in a solid are excited with light, they can alter the free energy landscape and access phases of matter that are beyond reach in thermal equilibrium. This accessibility becomes of vast importance in the presence of phase competition, when ... More
Universal critical behavior in the ferromagnetic supercondutor Eu(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$Apr 16 2019The study of universal critical behavior is a crucial issue in a continuous phase transition, which groups various critical phenomena into the universality classes. The understanding on the nature of magnetism in Eu-based ferromagnetic superconductors ... More
Universal critical behavior in the ferromagnetic supercondutor Eu(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$Apr 16 2019Apr 17 2019The study of universal critical behavior is a crucial issue in a continuous phase transition, which groups various critical phenomena into the universality classes. The understanding on the nature of magnetism in Eu-based ferromagnetic superconductors ... More
Revealing Fermionic Quantum Criticality from New Monte Carlo TechniquesApr 15 2019This review summarizes recent developments in the study of fermionic quantum criticality, focusing on new progress in numerical methodologies, especially quantum Monte Carlo methods, and insights that emerged from recently large-scale numerical simulations. ... More
Magnetic response of Sr$_2$RuO$_4$: quasi-local spin fluctuations due to Hund's couplingApr 15 2019We study the magnetic susceptibility in the normal state of Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ using dynamical mean-field theory including dynamical vertex corrections. Besides the well known incommensurate response, our calculations yield quasi-local spin fluctuations which ... More
Dielectric and Raman Spectroscopy in Hematite crystallites across the Morin TransitionApr 15 2019We report complex dielectric and Raman spectroscopy measurements in four samples of $\alpha$- Fe$_2$O$_3$, consisting of crystallites which are either hexagonal shaped plates or cuboids. All four samples exhibit the spin reorientation transition from ... More
Signatures of a Deconfined Phase Transition on the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice: Applications to Quantum Critical SrCu$_2$(BO$_3$)$_2$Apr 15 2019We study a possible deconfined quantum phase transition in a realistic model of a two-dimensional Shastry-Sutherland quantum magnet, using both numerical and field theoretic techniques. Using the infinite density matrix renormalization group (iDMRG) method, ... More
Electric Field Response In Breathing PyrochloresApr 15 2019We study the effects of a uniform electric field on the the ground state and excitations of the three-dimensional U(1) spin liquid phase of a breathing pyrochlore lattice, arising due to the coupling between the conventional (Maxwell) electric field and ... More
Higher-order topological insulator out of equilibrium: Floquet engineering and quench dynamicsApr 15 2019Higher order topological (HOT) states, hosting topologically protected modes on lower-dimensional boundaries, such as hinges and corners, have recently extended the realm of the static topological phases. We here demonstrate the possibility of realizing ... More
Topological phases without crystalline counterpartsApr 15 2019We construct a higher-order topological phase protected by a point group symmetry that is impossible in any crystalline system. The tight-binding model describes a superconductor on a quasicrystalline Ammann-Beenker tiling which hosts localized Majorana ... More
Entanglement Renormalization for Interacting Field TheoriesApr 15 2019A general method to build the entanglement renormalization (cMERA) for interacting quantum field theories is presented. We improve upon the well-known Gaussian formalism used in free theories through a class of variational non-Gaussian wavefunctionals ... More
A Solvable Random Model With Quantum-critical Points for Non-Fermi-liquid PairingApr 15 2019Apr 21 2019We show that a random interacting model exhibits solvable non-Fermi liquid behavior and exotic pairing behavior. The model describes the random Yukawa coupling between $N$ quantum dots each hosting $M$ flavors of fermions and $N^2$ bosons that becomes ... More
A Solvable Random Model With Quantum-critical Points for Non-Fermi-liquid PairingApr 15 2019We show that a random interacting model exhibits solvable non-Fermi liquid behavior and exotic pairing behavior. The model describes the random Yukawa coupling between $N$ quantum dots each hosting $M$ flavors of fermions and $N^2$ bosons that becomes ... More
Prediction of a non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall state with $f$-wave pairing of composite fermions in wide quantum wellsApr 15 2019We theoretically investigate the nature of the state at quarter filled lowest Landau level and predict that, as the quantum well width is increased, a transition occurs from the composite fermion Fermi sea into a novel non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall ... More
Prediction of a non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall state with $f$-wave pairing of composite fermions in wide quantum wellsApr 15 2019Apr 16 2019We theoretically investigate the nature of the state at quarter filled lowest Landau level and predict that, as the quantum well width is increased, a transition occurs from the composite fermion Fermi sea into a novel non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall ... More
A Rigorous Demonstration of Superconductivity in a Repulsive Hubbard ModelApr 15 2019We have rigorously shown that a strong Hubbard repulsion can cause superconductivity. The model, which has a particular set of local symmetries, manifests the phase diagram of many unconventional superconductors; anti-ferromagnetism paramagnetism, superconductivity, ... More
Out-of-equilibrium electrons lead to record thermionic emission in LaB6 with the Jahn-Teller instability of boron cageApr 15 2019Materials with low electron work function are of great demand in various branches of science and technology. LaB6 is among the most effective electron-beam sources with one of the highest brightness of thermionic emission. A deep understanding of the ... More
Quantum diffusion regime of the charge transport in GdB6 caused by electron and lattice instabilityApr 15 2019Based on accurate X-ray structure analysis of GdB6 over the temperature range 85-300 K it has been shown that anomalously strong charge carrier scattering in the quantum diffusion regime of charge transport in this compound arises due to the formation ... More
Hidden mechanism for realizing flat bands: Embedding Lieb, kagome, and checkerboard lattices in other structuresApr 15 2019The interplay of hopping parameters that can give rise to flat bands in consequence of quantum interference in electronic, photonic, and other interesting materials has become an extensively studied topic. Most of the recognized structures having flat ... More
Catalysis of Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking by Chiral Chemical Potential in Dirac semimetalsApr 15 2019In this paper we study how dynamical chiral symmetry breaking is affected by nonzero chiral chemical potential in Dirac semimetals. To perform this study we applied lattice quantum Monte Carlo simulations of Dirac semimetals. Within lattice simulation ... More
Coupling between heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_5$ and antiferromagnetic metal CeIn$_3$ through the atomic interfaceApr 15 2019To study the mutual interaction between unconventional superconductivity and magnetic order through an interface, we fabricate Kondo superlattices consisting of alternating layers of heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn$_5$ and antiferromagnetic (AFM) ... More
Slow dynamics in many-body localized system with random and quasi-periodic potentialApr 15 2019We investigate charge relaxation in disordered and quasi-periodic quantum-wires of spin-less fermions ($t{-}V$-model) at different inhomogeneity strength $W$ in the localized and nearly-localized regime. Our observable is the time-dependent density correlation ... More
$3d$ One-form Mixed Anomaly and Entanglement EntropyApr 15 2019We study mixed anomaly between $G_1$ and $G_2$ of one-form finite symmetry $G_1\times G_2$ in $3d$ Chern-Simons theories. We assign a quantum entanglement structure to two linked $G$-symmetry lines (Wilson loops) and compute the entanglement entropy $S[G]$. ... More
Symmetry breaking and lattice kirigami: finite temperature effectsApr 15 2019Recent work has analysed how deformations due to the insertion of a defect in a flat hexagonal lattice affect the ground state structure of an interacting fermion field theory. Such modifications result in an increase of the order parameter in the vicinity ... More
STM Study of Quantum Hall Isospin Ferromagnetic States of Zero Landau Level in Graphene MonolayerApr 15 2019A number of quantum Hall isospin ferromagnetic (QHIFM) states have been predicted in the relativistic zero Landau level (LL) of graphene monolayer. These states, especially the states at LL filling factor v = 0 of charge-neutral graphene, have been extensively ... More
Impact of the first order antiferromagnetic phase transition on the paramagnetic spin excitations and nematic phase of SrFe$_2$As$_2$Apr 14 2019Understanding the nature of the electronic nematic phase in iron pnictide superconductors is important for elucidating its impact on high-temperature superconductivity. Here we use transport and inelastic neutron scattering to study spin excitations and ... More
Nodal surface and persistent spin texture in a Weyl semimetal without mirror symmetryApr 14 2019By utilizing symmetry analysis and electronic structure calculations, we investigated the low-temperature orthorhombic phase of Ag$_{2}$Se in ${\cal SG}$~17. In addition to the discovery of a nodal plane at $k_{z}=\pi$ protected by the joint operation ... More
Classes of metastable Thermodynamic Quantum Time CrystalsApr 14 2019We found that thermodynamic quantum time crystals in fermi systems, defined as quantum orders oscillating periodically in the imaginary Matsubara time with zero mean, are metastable for two general classes of solutions. Mean-field time independent solutions ... More
Evolution of magnetic ordering in FeCr$_2$Se$_{4-x}$Te$_x$; $x$ = 0 -- 4.0Apr 14 2019We have systematically studied the magnetic properties of chromium chalcogene compounds FeCr$_2$Se$_{4-x}$Te$_x$. The FeCr2Se4 undergoes antiferromagnetic ordering below 222 K. Substitution of tellurium lowers the antiferromagnetic ordering temperature ... More
Mode-selective coupling of coherent phonons to the Bi2212 electronic band structureApr 13 2019Cuprate superconductors host a multitude of low-energy optical phonons. Using time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we study coherent phonons in Bi$_{2}$Sr$_{2}$Ca$_{0.92}$Y$_{0.08}$Cu$_{2}$O$_{8+\delta}$. Sub-meV modulations of the electronic ... More
Kondo screening in a charge-insulating spinon metalApr 13 2019The Kondo effect, an eminent manifestation of many-body physics in condensed matter, is traditionally explained as exchange scattering of conduction electrons on a spinful impurity in a metal. The resulting screening of the impurity's local moment by ... More
Derivation of RKKY Interaction between Multipole Moments in CeB$_6$ by the Effective Wannier Model based on the Bandstructure CalculationApr 13 2019We have investigated the electronic states of CeB$_6$ and have directly calculated the RKKY interaction on the basis of the 74-orbital effective Wannier model which includes 14 Ce-$f$ orbitals and 60 conduction ($c$) orbitals of Ce-$d,s$ and B-$p,s$ derived ... More
Effectively One-Dimensional Frustrated Magnetism in Ca$_{1-x}$Sr$_{x}$Co$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$Apr 12 2019In search of a quantum phase transition between the two-dimensional ($2$D) ferromagnetism of CaCo$_{2-y}$As$_{2}$ and stripe-type antiferromagnetism in SrCo$_{2}$As$_{2}$, we rather find evidence for $1$D magnetic frustration between magnetic square Co ... More
Superconductivity from piezoelectric interactions in Weyl semimetalsApr 12 2019We present an analytical low-energy theory of piezoelectric electron-phonon interactions in undoped Weyl semimetals, taking into account also Coulomb interactions. We show that piezoelectric interactions generate a long-range attractive potential between ... More
Magnetic excitations in hole-doped Sr2IrO4: A comparison with electron-doped cupratesApr 12 2019We have studied the evolution of magnetic and orbital excitations as a function of hole-doping in single crystal samples of Sr2Ir(1-x)Rh(x)O4 (0.07 < x < 0.42) using high resolution Ir L3-edge resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS). Within the antiferromagnetically ... More
Inversion-protected topological crystalline superconductivity in monolayer WTe$_2$Apr 12 2019Monolayer $\rm WTe_2$, a centrosymmetric transition metal dichacogenide, has recently been established as a quantum spin Hall insulator and found superconducting upon gating. Here we point out that generally a superconducting inversion-symmetric quantum ... More
Bosonic Dirac Materials on a honeycomb antiferromagnetic Ising modelApr 12 2019Motivated by the recent proposal of Bosonic Dirac materials (BDM), we revisited the Ising model on a honeycomb lattice in the presence of the longitudinal and transverse fields. We apply linear spin-wave theory to obtain the magnon dispersion and its ... More
Valley Jahn-Teller effect in twisted bilayer grapheneApr 12 2019The surprising insulating and superconducting states of narrow-band graphene twisted bilayers have been mostly discussed so far in terms of strong electron correlation, with little or no attention to phonons and electron-phonon effects. We found that, ... More
Valley Jahn-Teller effect in twisted bilayer grapheneApr 12 2019Apr 16 2019The surprising insulating and superconducting states of narrow-band graphene twisted bilayers have been mostly discussed so far in terms of strong electron correlation, with little or no attention to phonons and electron-phonon effects. We found that, ... More
Thermal Tensor Renormalization Group Simulations of Square-Lattice Quantum Spin ModelsApr 12 2019In this work, we benchmark the well-controlled and numerically accurate exponential thermal tensor renormalization group (XTRG) in the simulation of interacting spin models in two dimensions. Finite temperature introduces a thermal correlation length, ... More
Density response of holographic metallic IR fixed points with translational pseudo-spontaneous symmetry breakingApr 12 2019The density response of charged liquids contains a collective excitation known as the plasmon. In holographic systems with translational invariance the origin of this collective excitation is traced back to the presence of zero-sound. Using a holographic ... More
Investigating the roots of the nonlinear Luttinger liquid phenomenologyApr 12 2019The nonlinear Luttinger liquid phenomenology of one-dimensional correlated Fermi systems is an attempt to describe the effect of the band curvature beyond the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid paradigm. It relies on the observation that the dynamical structure ... More
Spin excitations of magnetoelectric LiNiPO$_4$ in multiple magnetic phasesApr 12 2019Spin excitations of magnetoelectric LiNiPO$_4$ are studied by infrared absorption spectroscopy in the THz spectral range as a function of magnetic field through various commensurate and incommensurate magnetically ordered phases up to 33\,T. Six spin ... More
Synthesis of anti-perovskite-type carbides and nitrides from metal oxides and melamineApr 12 2019Four anti-perovskite-type compounds, ZnNNi3, ZnCNi3, SnNCo3, and SnCCo3, are synthesised through reactions between ingredient metal oxides and organic compound melamine (C3H6N6). ZnNNi3 and ZnCNi3 are selectively synthesised by choosing different reaction ... More
"Visible" 5d orbital states in a pleochroic oxychlorideApr 12 2019Transition metal compounds sometimes exhibit beautiful colors. We report here on a new oxychloride Ca3ReO5Cl2 which shows unusually distinct pleochroism; that is, the material exhibits different colors depending on viewing directions. This ple-ochroism ... More
One-dimensionalization by Geometrical Frustration in the Anisotropic Triangular Lattice of the 5d Quantum Antiferromagnet Ca3ReO5Cl2Apr 12 2019We report on the emergence of antiferromagnetic spin chains from two-dimensionally aligned spins on the anisotropic triangular lattice (ATL) in the insulating calcium rhenium oxychloride Ca3ReO5Cl2. The compound contains Re6+ ions each with one unpaired ... More
Machine learning phase diagram in the half-filled one-dimensional extended Hubbard modelApr 12 2019We demonstrate that supervised machine learning (ML) with entanglement spectrum can give useful information for constructing phase diagram in the half-filled one-dimensional extended Hubbard model. Combining ML with infinite-size density-matrix renormalization ... More
Entanglement entropy from nonequilibrium workApr 11 2019The R\'enyi entanglement entropy in quantum many-body systems can be viewed as the difference in free energy between partition functions with different trace topologies. We introduce an external field $\lambda$ that controls the partition function topology, ... More
Excitonic and lattice contributions to the charge density wave in 1T-TiSe$_2$ revealed by a phonon bottleneckApr 11 2019Understanding collective electronic states such as superconductivity and charge density waves is pivotal for fundamental science and applications. The layered transition metal dichalcogenide 1T-TiSe2 hosts a unique charge density wave (CDW) phase transition ... More
Tunable Giant Exchange Bias in an Intercalated Transition Metal DichalcogenideApr 11 2019The interplay of symmetry and quenched disorder leads to some of the most fundamentally interesting and technologically important properties of correlated materials. It also poses the most vexing of theoretical challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent ... More
Spin dynamics of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on a kagome bilayerApr 11 2019We study the spin dynamics of classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet with nearest neighbor interactions on a quasi-two-dimensional kagome bilayer. This geometrically frustrated lattice consists of two kagome layers connected by a triangular-lattice linking ... More
Successive spin reorientation and rare earth ordering in Nd$_{0.5}$Dy$_{0.5}$FeO$_{3}$: Experimental and $Ab$-$initio$ investigationsApr 11 2019In present study, the magnetic structure and spin reorientation of mixed doped orthoferrite Nd$_{0.5}$Dy$_{0.5}$FeO$_3$ have been investigated. Similar to both parent compounds (NdFeO$_3$ and DyFeO$_3$), the magnetic structure of Fe$^{3+}$ belongs to ... More
Room temperature spin-ice physics in cadmium cyanideApr 11 2019Spin-ices are frustrated magnets that support a particularly rich variety of emergent physics. Typically, it is the interplay of magnetic dipole interactions, spin anisotropy, and geometric frustration on the pyrochlore lattice that drives spin-ice formation. ... More
Role of disorder and correlations in metal-insulator transition in ultrathin SrVO3 filmsApr 11 2019Metallic oxide SrVO3 represents a prototype system for the study of the mechanism behind thickness-induced metal-to-insulator transition (MIT) or crossover in thin films due to its simple cubic symmetry with one electron in the 3d state in the bulk. Here ... More
Density Wave Superradiance of Photonic Fluid in Frustrated Triangle Lattice Cavity ArraysApr 11 2019The spontaneously broken of translational symmetry is usually due to the competition between local interactions and long-range interactions. However, in this paper, we show how a crystalline order can be generated by the competition between local interaction ... More
Rabi-resonant behavior of periodically-driven correlated fermion systemsApr 11 2019Fermi-Hubbard system with a periodically-modulated interaction has been recently shown to resonantly absorb energy at series of drive frequencies. In the present work, with the help of static perturbation theory we argue that driving couples to Hubbard ... More
Anomalous Hall effect in non-collinear antiferromagnetic antiperovskite Mn$_{3}$Ni$_{1-x}$Cu$_{x}$NApr 11 2019We report the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in antiperovskite Mn$_{3}$NiN with substantial doping of Cu on the Ni site (i.e. Mn$_{3}$Ni$_{1-x}$Cu$_{x}$N), which stabilizes a noncollinear antiferromagnetic (AFM) order compatible with the AHE. Observed on ... More
Strain tuning and anisotropic spin correlations in iron-based systemsApr 11 2019Nematic order in the iron-based superconductors is closely tied to a lattice distortion and a structural transition from tetragonal to orthorhombic symmetry. External stress of the appropriate symmetry acts as a conjugate field of the nematic order parameter ... More
Fermi-Surface Selective Determination of the $\mathbf{g}$-Factor Anisotropy in URu$_2$Si$_2$Apr 11 2019The $g$-factor anisotropy of the heavy quasiparticles in the hidden order state of URu$_2$Si$_2$ has been determined from the superconducting upper critical field and microscopically from Shubnikov-de Haas (SdH) oscillations. We present a detailed analysis ... More
Phonon-induced electronic relaxation in a strongly correlated system: the Sn/Si(111) $(\sqrt 3 \times \sqrt 3)$ adlayer revisitedApr 11 2019The ordered adsorbate layer Sn/Si(111) $(\sqrt 3 \times \sqrt 3)$ with coverage of one third of a monolayer is considered as a realization of strong electronic correlation in surface physics. Our theoretical analysis shows that electron-hole pair excitations ... More
Coexistence of high electrical conductivity and weak ferromagnetism in Cr doped Y$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ pyrochlore iridateApr 11 2019We report the structural, magnetic and electrical transport properties of Y$_2$Ir$_{2-x}$Cr$_x$O$_7$ pyrochlore iridates. The chemical doping leads to order of magnitude enhancement of electrical conductivity. The introduction of Cr3+ at Ir4+ site tends ... More
Quantum Monte Carlo Study of the Intermediate Phase in an Interacting Honeycomb Lattice with Staggered PotentialApr 11 2019By using the determinant quantum Monte Carlo method, we investigate the phase transitions in the ionic Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice, varying the interaction strength and the difference in chemical potential on the two sublattices. Our exact ... More
Generation of vortices and stabilization of vortex lattices in holographic superfluidsApr 11 2019Within the simplest holographic superfluid model and without any ingredients put by hand, it is shown that vortices can be generated when the angular velocity of rotating superfluids exceeds certain critical values, which can be precisely determined by ... More
The absence of energy currents in an equilibrium state and chiral anomaliesApr 11 2019A long time ago F. Bloch showed that in a system of interacting non-relativistic particles the net particle-number current must vanish in any equilibrium state. Bloch's argument, while very simple, does not generalize easily to the energy current. We ... More