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Entropy-cooled nonequilibrium states of the Hubbard modelAug 22 2019We show that the recently proposed cooling-by-doping mechanism allows to efficiently prepare interesting nonequilibrium states of the Hubbard model. Using nonequilibrium dynamical mean field theory and a particle-hole symmetric setup with dipolar excitations ... More
Quantum Spin Liquid in a depleted triangular lattice Iridate K$_x$Ir$_y$O$_2$Aug 22 2019We report discovery of a new iridate family K$_x$Ir$_y$O$_2$ with depleted triangular lattice planes made up of edge sharing IrO$_6$ octahedra separated by K planes. Such a material interpolates between the triangular and honeycomb lattices and is a new ... More
Phase diagram and quantum criticality of Heisenberg spin chains with Ising-like interchain couplings -- Implication to YbAlO$_3$Aug 22 2019Motivated by recent progress on field-induced phase transitions in quasi-one-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets, we study the phase diagram of $S=1/2$ antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains with Ising anisotropic interchain couplings under a longitudinal ... More
Topological phases in two-legged Heisenberg ladders with alternated interactionsAug 22 2019We analyze the possible existence of topological phases in two-legged spin ladders considering a staggered interaction in both chains. When the staggered interaction in one chain is shifted by one site with respect to the other chain, the model can be ... More
Novel Excitations near Quantum Criticality in Geometrically Frustrated Antiferromagnet CsFeCl$_{3}$Aug 22 2019Investigation of materials that exhibit quantum phase transition provides valuable insights into fundamental problems in physics. We present neutron scattering under pressure in a triangular-lattice antiferromagnet which has a quantum disorder in the ... More
Quantum liquid with strong orbital fluctuations: the case of the pyroxene familyAug 22 2019We discuss quasi one-dimensional magnetic Mott insulators of the pyroxene family where spin and orbital degrees of freedom remain tightly bound. We analyze their excitation spectrum and outline the conditions under which the orbital degrees of freedom ... More
Electric field control of photoinduced effect in La$_{0.7}$Sr$_{0.3}$MnO$_3$/LaTiO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ heterostructureAug 22 2019In this work we have studied the effect of light and electric field on the electrical properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO) film at 300 K. Taking advantage of it's charge, spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom, we have successfully shown that light ... More
Spectroscopic and optical response of odd-frequency superconductorsAug 22 2019The optical response of superconductors with odd-frequency Berezinskii pairing is studied. By using a simple model with a parabolic dispersion law and a non-magnetic disorder, the spectral function, the electron density of states, and the optical conductivity ... More
Mottness versus unit-cell doubling as the driver of the insulating state in 1T-TaS2Aug 22 2019If a material with an odd number of electrons per unit cell turns out to be insulating, Mott localisation may be invoked as an explanation. This is widely accepted for the layered compound 1T-TaS2, which has a low-temperature insulating phase comprising ... More
Controllable thickness inhomogeneity and Berry-curvature-engineering of anomalous Hall effect in SrRuO3 ultrathin filmsAug 22 2019In quantum matters hosting electron-electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling, spatial inhomogeneities, arising from competing ground states, can be essential for determining and understanding topological properties. A prominent example is Hall anomalies ... More
Anomalous Hall effect at the spontaneously electron-doped polar surface of PdCoO2 ultrathin filmsAug 22 2019We revealed the electrical transport through surface ferromagnetic states of a nonmagnetic metal PdCoO2. Electronic reconstruction at the Pd-terminated surface of PdCoO2 induces Stoner-like ferromagnetic states, which could lead to spin-related phenomena ... More
Hund's coupling mediated colossal increment in T$_{c}$ in multi-band FeSe manifoldAug 21 2019The normal phase of many unconventional superconductors is a "bad metal," identified by incoherence in the quasi-particle spectrum, among other features. Hund's correlation has been identified as one strong source of bad metallicity in multi-band superconducting ... More
Signatures of coupling between spin waves and Dirac fermions in YbMnBi$_2$Aug 21 2019We present inelastic neutron scattering (INS) measurements of magnetic excitations in YbMnBi$_2$, which reveal features consistent with a direct coupling of magnetic excitations to Dirac fermions. In contrast with the large broadening of magnetic spectra ... More
Particles propagation on a torusAug 21 2019Based on variational principle and Faddeev method, we present a general framework toward finding propagating solutions of multiple interacting particles on a torus. Two different versions of multiple particles secular equations are presented. Version ... More
Next-level composite fermionsAug 21 2019A rich pattern of fractional quantum Hall states in graphene double layers can be naturally explained in terms of two-component composite fermions carrying both intra- and inter-layer vortices.
Many-body systems as resources for universal fault tolerant quantum computationAug 21 2019A universal quantum computer will inevitably rely on error correction to be fault tolerant. Most error correcting schemes are based on stabilizer circuits which fail to provide universal quantum computation. An extra quantum resource, in the form of magic ... More
Measurement-induced criticality in random quantum circuitsAug 21 2019We investigate the critical behavior of the entanglement transition induced by projective measurements in (Haar) random unitary quantum circuits. Using a replica approach, we map the calculation of the entanglement entropies in such circuits onto a two-dimensional ... More
Efficient Encoding of Matrix Product States into Quantum Circuits of One- and Two-Qubit GatesAug 21 2019Matrix product state (MPS) belongs to the most important mathematical models in, for example, condensed matter physics and quantum information sciences. However, to realize an $N$-qubit MPS with large $N$ and large entanglement on a quantum platform is ... More
Quasiclassical circuit-theory of contiguous disordered multiband superconductorsAug 21 2019We consider a general problem of a Josephson contact between two multiband superconductors with coexisting superconducting and magnetic phases. As a particular example, we use the quasiclassical theory of superconductivity to study the properties of a ... More
One- and three-dimensional quantum phase transitions and anisotropy in Rb$_{2}$Cu$_{2}$Mo$_{3}$O$_{12}$Aug 21 2019Single crystal samples of the frustrated quasi one-dimensional quantum magnet Rb$_{2}$Cu$_{2}$Mo$_{3}$O$_{12}$ are investigated by magnetic, thermodynamic and electron spin resonance (ESR) measurements. Quantum phase transitions between the gapped, magnetically ... More
Ordering phenomena of spin trimers accompanied by large geometrical Hall effectAug 21 2019The wavefuntion of conduction electrons moving in the background of a non-coplanar spin structure can gain a quantal phase - Berry phase - as if the electrons were moving in a strong fictitious magnetic field. Such an emergent magnetic field effect is ... More
Effects of staggered Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions in a quasi-two-dimensional Shastry-Sutherland modelAug 21 2019Frustrated quantum spin systems exhibit exotic physics induced by external magnetic field with anisotropic interactions. Here, we study the effect of non-uniform Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interactions on a quasi-$2$D Shastry-Sutherland lattice using ... More
Ishibashi States, Topological Orders with Boundaries and Topological Entanglement Entropy II -- Cutting through the boundaryAug 21 2019We compute the entanglement entropy in a 2+1 dimensional topological order in the presence of gapped boundaries. Specifically, we consider entanglement cuts that cut through the boundaries. We argue that based on general considerations of the bulk-boundary ... More
Magnetic-field Induced Quantum Phases in Tensor Network Study of Kitaev MagnetsAug 21 2019Recent discovery of the half-quantized thermal Hall conductivity in $\alpha$-RuCl$_3$, a candidate material for the Kitaev spin liquid, suggests the presence of a highly-entangled quantum state in external magnetic fields. This field-induced phase appears ... More
Novel universality class for the ferromagnetic transition in the low carrier concentration systems UTeS and USeS exhibiting large negative magnetoresistanceAug 21 2019We report the novel critical behavior of magnetization in low carrier concentration systems UTeS and USeS that exhibit the large negative magnetoresistance around the ferromagnetic transition temperatures T_C ~ 85 and 23 K, respectively. UTeS and USeS ... More
Nematic state in CeAuSb$_{2}$Aug 20 2019At ambient pressure and zero field, tetragonal CeAuSb$_{2}$ hosts stripe antiferromagnetic order at $T_{N} = 6.3$ K. Here we first show via bulk thermodynamic probes and x-ray diffraction measurements that this magnetic order is connected with a structural ... More
Novel Fracton Phases from Gauge TheoriesAug 20 2019We introduce new models of fracton order based on $\mathbb{Z}_2$ lattice gauge theories in $d=2$ and $d=3$ spatial dimensions. In the $3d$ models, the ground state degeneracy grows exponentially with the square of the linear size of the system at the ... More
Magic high-order harmonics from a quasi-one-dimensional hexagonal solidAug 20 2019High-order harmonic generation (HHG) from atoms is a coherent light source that opens up attosecond physics, but it is the application of HHG to solids that brings much of excitement for the last decade. Here we report a completely new kind of harmonics ... More
Sparse sampling approach to efficient ab initio calculations at finite temperatureAug 20 2019Efficient ab initio calculations of correlated materials at finite temperature require compact representations of the Green's functions both in imaginary time and Matsubara frequency. In this paper, we introduce a general procedure which generates sparse ... More
Isometric Tensor Network representation of string-net liquidsAug 20 2019Recently, a class of tensor networks called isometric tensor network states (isoTNS) was proposed which generalizes the canonical form of matrix product states to tensor networks in higher dimensions. While this ansatz allows for efficient numerical computations, ... More
The negativity contour: a quasi-local measure of entanglement for mixed statesAug 20 2019In this paper, we study the entanglement structure of mixed states in quantum many-body systems using the $\textit{negativity contour}$, a local measure of entanglement that determines which real-space degrees of freedom in a subregion are contributing ... More
Prethermal Phases of Non-equilibrium Matter in Long-range Interacting SystemsAug 20 2019We prove the existence of non-equilibrium phases of matter in the prethermal regime of periodically-driven, long-range interacting systems, with power-law exponent $\alpha > d$, where $d$ is the dimensionality of the system. In this context, we predict ... More
Quasi-two-dimensional Fermi surfaces and unitary spin-triplet pairing in the heavy fermion superconductor UTe$_2$Aug 20 2019We report first-principles and strongly-correlated calculations of the newly-discovered heavy fermion superconductor UTe$_2$. Our analyses reveal three key aspects of its magnetic, electronic, and superconducting properties, that include: (1) a two-leg ... More
Single spin-polarised Fermi surface in SrTiO$_3$ thin filmsAug 20 2019The 2D electron gas (2DEG) formed at the surface of SrTiO$_3$(001) has attracted great interest because of its fascinating physical properties and promise as a novel electronic platform, but up to now has eluded a stable way to tune its properties. Using ... More
Factors limiting ferroelectric field-effect doping in complex-oxide heterostructuresAug 20 2019Ferroelectric field-effect doping has emerged as a powerful approach to manipulate the ground state of correlated oxides, opening the door to a new class of field-effect devices. However, this potential is not fully exploited so far, since the size of ... More
Suppression of ferromagnetic spin fluctuations in the filled skutterudite superconductor SrOs4As12 revealed by 75As NMR-NQR measurementsAug 20 2019Motivated by the recent observation of ferromagnetic spin correlations in the filled skutterudite SrFe$_4$As$_{12}$ [Ding et al., Phys. Rev. B 98, 155149 (2018)], we have carried out $^{75}$As nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and nuclear quadrupole resonance ... More
Peculiarities in pseudo-transitions of a mixed spin-$(1/2,1)$ Ising-Heisenberg double-tetrahedral chain in an external magnetic fieldAug 20 2019Recently, it has been rigorously verified that several one-dimensional (1D) spin models may exhibit a peculiar pseudo-transition accompanied with anomalous response of thermodynamic quantities in a close vicinity of pseudo-critical temperature. In the ... More
Unconventional crystal field splitting in non-centrosymmetric BaTiO$_3$ thin filmsAug 20 2019Understanding the crystal field splitting and orbital polarization in non-centrosymmetric systems such as ferroelectric materials is fundamentally important. In this study, taking BaTiO$_3$ (BTO) as a representative material we investigate titanium crystal ... More
Divergent nematic susceptibility near the pseudogap critical point in a cuprate superconductorAug 20 2019Superconductivity is a quantum phenomenon caused by bound pairs of electrons. In diverse families of strongly correlated electron systems, the electron pairs are not bound together by phonon exchange but instead by some other kind of bosonic fluctuations. ... More
Electrodynamics of tilted Dirac/Weyl materials: A unique platform for unusual surface plasmon polaritonsAug 19 2019The electrodynamics of Weyl semimetals (WSMs) is an extension of Maxwell's theory where in addition to field strength tensor $F_{\mu\nu}$, an axion field enters the theory which is parameterized by a four-vector $b^\mu=(b_0,\bf b)$. In the tilted Weyl ... More
Stripe Antiferromagnetism and Disorder in the Mott Insulator NaFe$_{1-x}$Cu$_{x}$As ($x \lesssim 0.5$)Aug 19 2019Neutron scattering measurements have demonstrated that the heavily Cu-doped NaFe$_{1-x}$Cu$_{x}$As compound behaves like a Mott insulator exhibiting both real space Fe-Cu stripes, as well as antiferromagnetism below a N\'eel temperature for $x\lesssim ... More
Superconducting and Pseudogap Transition Temperatures in High-Tc Cuprates and the $T_{c}$ Dependence on PressureAug 19 2019We derive analytic expressions for the critical temperatures of the superconducting (SC) and pseudogap (PG) transitions of the high-Tc cuprates as a function of doping. These are in excellent agreement with the experimental data both for single-layered ... More
Giant thermal magnetoconductivity in CrCl$_3$ and a general model for spin-phonon scatteringAug 19 2019Insulating quantum magnets lie at the forefront both of fundamental research into quantum matter and of technological exploitation in the increasingly applied field of spintronics. In this context, the magnetic thermal transport is a particularly sensitive ... More
On duality between Cosserat elasticity and fractonsAug 19 2019We present a dual formulation of the Cosserat theory of elasticity. In this theory a local element of an elastic body is described in terms of local displacement and local orientation. Upon the duality transformation these degrees of freedom map onto ... More
Superfluids as Higher-form AnomaliesAug 19 2019We recast superfluid hydrodynamics as the hydrodynamic theory of a system with an emergent anomalous higher-form symmetry. The higher-form charge counts the winding planes of the superfluid -- its constitutive relation replaces the Josephson relation ... More
String and conventional order parameters in the solvable modulated quantum chainAug 19 2019The phase diagram and the order parameters of the exactly solvable quantum 1D model are analysed. The model in its spin representation is the dimerized XY spin chain in the presence of uniform and staggered transverse fields. In the fermionic representation ... More
Semi-Local Parameterization of the Electron Localization Function in Second-Order Density GradientsAug 19 2019The electron localization function (ELF) is a universal measure of electron localization that allows for, e.g., an effective characterization of physical bonds in molecular and solid state systems. In the context of the widely used Kohn-Sham density-functional ... More
Disorder driven multifractality transition in Weyl nodal loopsAug 19 2019The effect of short-range disorder in nodal line semimetals is studied by numerically exact means. For arbitrary small disorder, a novel semimetallic phase is unveiled for which the momentum-space amplitude of the ground-state wave function is concentrated ... More
Interacting Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases Out of EquilibriumAug 19 2019We show that the dynamics of generic isolated quantum systems admits a topological classification which captures universal features of many-body wavefunctions far from equilibrium. Specifically, we consider two short-ranged entangled wavefunctions to ... More
Superconductivity and the upper critical field in the chiral noncentroysymmetric superconductor NbRh$_{2}$B$_{2}$Aug 19 2019NbRh$_{2}$B$_{2}$ crystallises in a chiral noncentrosymmetric structure and exhibits bulk type-II superconductivity below $7.46(5)$~K. Here we show that the temperature dependence of the upper critical field deviates from the behaviour expected for both ... More
Superconductivity and the upper critical field in the chiral noncentrosymmetric superconductor NbRh$_{2}$B$_{2}$Aug 19 2019Aug 20 2019NbRh$_{2}$B$_{2}$ crystallises in a chiral noncentrosymmetric structure and exhibits bulk type-II superconductivity below $7.46(5)$~K. Here we show that the temperature dependence of the upper critical field deviates from the behaviour expected for both ... More
Multiple Diffusion-Freezing Mechanisms in Molecular Hydrogen FilmsAug 19 2019Molecular hydrogen is a fascinating candidate for quantum fluid showing bosonic and fermionic superfluidity. We have studied diffusion dynamics of thin films of H$_2$, HD and D$_2$ adsorbed on a glass substrate by measurements of elasticity. The elasticity ... More
Elastic Anomaly of Thin Neon FilmAug 19 2019Adsorbed molecular films provide two-dimensional systems that show various emergent phenomena that are not observed in bulk counterparts. We have measured the elasticity of thin neon films adsorbed on porous glass down to 1 K by the torsional oscillator ... More
Effects of magnetic anisotropy on spin and thermal transports in classical antiferromagnets on the square latticeAug 19 2019Transport properties of the classical antiferromagnetic XXZ model on the square lattice have been theoretically investigated, putting emphasis on how the occurrence of a phase transition is reflected in spin and thermal transports. As is well known, the ... More
Breakdown of Raman Selection Rules By Fröhlich Interaction in Few-Layer WS$_2$Aug 19 2019The Raman selection rules arise from the crystal symmetry and then determine the Raman activity and polarization of scattered phonon modes. However, these selection rules can be broken in resonant process due to the strong electron-phonon coupling effect. ... More
Universal relationship between low-energy antiferromagnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in BaFe$_{2}$(As$_{1-x}$P$_{x}$)$_{2}$Aug 19 2019To identify the key parameter for optimal superconductivity in iron pnictides, we measured the $^{31}$P-NMR relaxation rate on BaFe$_{2}$(As$_{1-x}$P$_{x}$)$_{2}$ ($x = 0.22$ and 0.28) under pressure and compared the effects of chemical substitution and ... More
Time dynamics with matrix product states: Many-body localization transition of large systems revisitedAug 18 2019We compare accuracy of two prime time evolution algorithms involving Matrix Product States - tDMRG (time-dependent density matrix renormalization group) and TDVP (time-dependent variational principle). The latter is supposed to be superior within a limited ... More
Pressure induced electronic structure transformation of topological semimetalAug 18 2019We study the electronic structure change of yttrium trihydride $\mathrm{YH_3}$ by applying a hydrostatic pressure. At zero pressure, $\mathrm{YH_3}$ has the structure with energy favored symmetry group $P\bar{3}c1$ (165). From first principle calculation, ... More
Work-distribution quantumness and irreversibility when crossing a quantum phase transition in finite timeAug 18 2019By driving transient currents to oppose the precursor to the metal-Mott insulator transition, we show how increasing correlations dramatically affect the quantum work distribution $P(W)$ of finite Hubbard chains, and for all driving rates. Its third momentum, ... More
Magnetic Entropy in a Non-Collinear Weak Ferromagnetic YCrO3Aug 18 2019We carried out temperature and field dependent magnetic measurements to understand the evolution of magnetic non-collinearity near antiferromagnetic phase in conjunction with the evolution of magnetic entropy near phase transition. We observed the maximum ... More
Anomalous magnetic behavior and complex magnetic structure of proximate LaCrO3 LaFeO3 systemAug 18 2019We investigated complex magnetic properties of multifunctional LaCrO3-LaFeO3 system. The magnetic measurements substantiate the presence of competing complex magnetic ordering against temperature, showing paramagnetic to ferrimagnetic transition at 300 ... More
Conductivity noise across temperature driven transitions of rare-earth nickelate heterostructuresAug 18 2019The metal-insulator transition (MIT) of bulk rare-earth nickelates is accompanied by a simultaneous charge ordering (CO) transition. We have investigated low-frequency resistance fluctuations (noise) across the MIT and magnetic transition of [EuNiO$_3$/LaNiO$_3$] ... More
Response of macroscopic and microscopic dynamical quantifiers to the quantum critical regionAug 18 2019At finite temperatures, the quantum critical region (QCR) emerges as a consequence of the interplay between thermal and quantum fluctuations. We seek for suitable physical quantities, which during dynamics can give prominent response to QCR in the transverse ... More
Screening the Coulomb interaction and thermalization of Anderson insulatorsAug 18 2019Long range interactions are relevant for a wide range of phenomena in physics where they often present a challenge to theory. In condensed matter, the interplay of Coulomb interaction and disorder remains largely an unsolved problem. In two dimensional ... More
Majorana fermions and the Sensitivity ConjectureAug 17 2019Recently, Hao Huang proved the Sensitivity Conjecture, an important result about complexity measures of Boolean functions. We will discuss how this simple and elegant proof turns out to be closely related to physics concepts of the Jordan-Wigner transformation ... More
Ferromagnetism in the SU($n$) Hubbard model with nearly flat-bandAug 17 2019We present rigorous results for the SU($n$) Fermi-Hubbard model on a one-dimensional Tasaki lattice. We first study the model with a flat band at the bottom of the single-particle spectrum and prove that the ground states exhibit SU($n$) ferromagnetism ... More
Machine learning the physical non-local exchange-correlation functional of density-functional theoryAug 16 2019We train a neural network as the universal exchange-correlation functional of density-functional theory that simultaneously reproduces both the exact exchange-correlation energy and potential. This functional is extremely non-local, but retains the computational ... More
Post-quench gap dynamics of two-band superconductorsAug 16 2019Recent experimental progress in the fields of cold quantum gases and ultrafast optical spectroscopy of quantum materials allows to controllably induce and probe non-adiabatic dynamics of superconductors and superfluids. The time-evolution of the gap function ... More
Dynamically Induced Topology and Quantum Monodromies in a Proximity Quenched Gapless WireAug 16 2019We study the quench dynamics of a topologically trivial one-dimensional gapless wire following its sudden coupling to topological bound states. We find that as the bound states leak into and propagate through the wire, signatures of their topological ... More
Dielectric breakdown of strongly correlated insulators in one dimension: Universal formula from non-Hermitian sine-Gordon theoryAug 16 2019Application of sufficiently strong electric fields to insulators induces finite currents and then the insulators become metallic. This phenomenon is called dielectric breakdown and known as a fundamental nonequilibrium and nonlinear transport phenomenon ... More
A case study of bilayered spin-$1/2$ square lattice compound [VO(HCOO)$_2\cdot$(H$_2$O)]Aug 16 2019We present the synthesis and a detail investigation of structural and magnetic properties of polycrystalline [VO(HCOO)$_2\cdot$(H$_2$O)] by means of x-ray diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, high-field magnetization, heat capacity, and electron spin ... More
Reentrant Pinning, Dynamic Row Reduction, and Skyrmion Accumulation for Driven Skyrmions in Inhomogeneous Pinning ArraysAug 16 2019We examine the dynamics of skyrmions in systems with a region of strong pinning coexisting with a pin free region, where the equilibrium state has a uniform skyrmion density. Under an applied drive, skyrmions accumulate in the pin free region along the ... More
Evolution of electronic and magnetic properties in a series of iridate double perovskites Pr$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$MgIrO$_6$ ($x$ = 0, 0.5, 1.0)Aug 16 2019Spin-orbit coupling (SOC) plays a crucial role in magnetic and electronic properties of 5$d$ iridates. In this paper we have experimentally investigated the structural and physical properties of a series of Ir-based double perovskite compounds Pr$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$MgIrO$_6$ ... More
The emergence of one-dimensional channels in marginal-angle twisted bilayer grapheneAug 16 2019We generalize the continuum model for Moir\'e structures made from twisted graphene layers, in order to include lattice relaxation and the formation of channels at very small (marginal) twist angles. We show that a precise description of the electronic ... More
Joule-Thomson Cooling in GrapheneAug 16 2019Electrons in graphene exhibit hydrodynamic behavior in a certain range of temperatures. We indicate that electric current in this regime can result in cooling of electron fluid due to the Joule-Thomson effect. Cooling occurs in the Fermi liquid regime, ... More
Emergent Snake Magnetic Domains in Canted Kagome IceAug 16 2019We study the two-dimensional kagome-ice model derived from a pyrochlore lattice with second- and third-neighbor interactions. The canted moments align along the local $\langle 111 \rangle$ axes of the pyrochlore and respond to both in-plane and out-of-plane ... More
Linear in Temperature Resistivity and Associated MysteriesAug 15 2019Recent experimental results: (i) the measurement of the singular specific heat in cuprates and the earlier such results in some heavy fermion compounds, (ii) the measurement of the single-particle scattering rates, (iii) the density fluctuation spectrum ... More
Bound states in the continuum of higher-order topological insulatorsAug 15 2019We show that lattices with higher-order topology can support corner-localized bound states even in the absence of a bulk energy gap. Topological bound states in these phases thus constitute examples of bound states in the continuum (BICs). Although the ... More
Driven quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edgeAug 15 2019In relation to recent electron quantum optics experiments we study a model of a quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edge driven out of equilibrium by a time-dependent bias voltage. In this setup we take into account short-range interactions ... More
The nature of the two-peak structure in NiO valence band photoemissionAug 15 2019In spite of extensive studies on NiO and their accomplishments, the rich physics still raises unsolved physical problems. In particular, the nature of the two-peak structure in the valence band photoemission spectra is still controversial. By using \textit{ab ... More
Multiple topological Dirac cones in a mixed-valent Kondo semimetal: g-SmSAug 15 2019We demonstrate theoretically that the golden phase of SmS ($g$-SmS), a correlated mixed-valent system, exhibits nontrivial surface states with diverse topology. It turns out that this material is an ideal playground to investigate different band topologies ... More
Impact of the initial fluctuations on the dissipative dynamics of interacting Fermi systems: a model case studyAug 15 2019Standard methods used for computing the dynamics of a quantum many-body system are the mean-field (MF) approximations such as the time-dependent Hartree-Fock (TDHF) approach. Even though MF approaches are quite successful, they suffer some well--known ... More
Numerical determination of monopole scaling dimension in parity-invariant three-dimensional non-compact QEDAug 15 2019We present a direct Monte-Carlo determination of the scaling dimension of a topological defect operator in the infrared fixed point of a three-dimensional interacting quantum field theory. For this, we compute the free energy to introduce the background ... More
Microscopic coexistence of superconductivity and charge order in organic superconductor $β''$-(BEDT-TTF)$_{4}$[(H$_3$O)Ga(C$_2$O$_4$)$_3$]$\cdot$C$_6$H$_5$NO$_2$Aug 15 2019The electron paramagnetic resonance study for an organic superconductor $\beta''$-(BEDT-TTF)$_{4}$[(H$_3$O)Ga(C$_2$O$_4$)$_3$]$\cdot$C$_6$H$_5$NO$_2$ reveals that superconductivity coexists uniformly with the charge ordered state in one material. In the ... More
Lifshitz Transition and Nontrivial H-Doping Effect in Cr-based Superconductor KCr$_3$As$_3$H$_x$Aug 15 2019We report the first-principles study on the H-intercalated Cr-based superconductor KCr$_3$As$_3$H$_x$. Our results show a paramagnetic ground state for KCr$_3$As$_3$H. The electronic structure consists of two quasi-one-dimensional (Q1D) Fermi-surfaces ... More
Emergent Spatial Structure and Entanglement Localization in Floquet Conformal Field TheoryAug 14 2019We study the energy and entanglement dynamics of $(1+1)$D conformal field theories (CFTs) under a Floquet drive with the sine-square deformed (SSD) Hamiltonian. Previous work has shown this model supports both a non-heating and a heating phase. Here we ... More
A curious behavior of three-dimensional lattice Dirac operators coupled to monopole backgroundAug 14 2019We investigate numerically the effect of regulating fermions in the presence of singular background fields in three dimensions. For this, we couple free lattice fermions to a background compact U(1) gauge field consisting of a monopole-anti-monopole pair ... More
Global Symmetry and Maximal ChaosAug 14 2019In this note we study chaos in generic quantum systems with a global symmetry generalizing seminal work [arXiv : 1503.01409] by Maldacena, Shenker and Stanford. We conjecture a bound on chaos exponent in a thermodynamic ensemble at temperature $T$ and ... More
Non-Abelian chiral spin liquid on a simple non-Archimedean latticeAug 14 2019We extend the scope of Kitaev spin liquids to non-Archimedean lattices. For the pentaheptite lattice, which results from the proliferation of Stone-Wales defects on the honeycomb lattice, we find an exactly solvable non-Abelian chiral spin liquid with ... More
Magnetic ground state of distorted 6H perovskite Ba$_3$CdIr$_2$O$_9$Aug 14 2019Perovskite iridates of 6H hexagonal structure present a plethora of possibilities in terms of the variety of ground states resulting from a competition between spin-orbit coupling (SOC), hopping, noncubic crystal field ($\Delta_{CFE}^{NC}$) and superexchange ... More
Spin-orbital glass transition in a model frustrated pyrochlore magnet without quenched disorderAug 14 2019We show theoretically that spin and orbital degrees of freedom in the pyrochlore oxide Y2Mo2O7, which is free of quenched disorder, can exhibit a simultaneous glass transition, working as dynamical randomness to each other. The interplay of spins and ... More
Coupled Self-Consistent RPA Equations for Even and Odd Particle Numbers. Tests with Solvable ModelsAug 14 2019Coupled equations for even and odd particle number correlation functions are set up via the equation of motion method. For the even particle number case this leads to self-consistent RPA (SCRPA) equations already known from the literature. From the equations ... More
Magnetic Hedgehog Lattices in Noncentrosymmetric MetalsAug 14 2019Magnets with noncentrosymmetric lattice structures can host a three-dimensional noncoplanar spin texture called the magnetic hedgehog lattice (HL) with a periodic array of magnetic monopoles and anti-monopoles. Despite recent discovery of two types of ... More
Microscopic toy model for magnetoelectric effect in polar Fe$_2$Mo$_3$O$_8$Aug 14 2019The kamiokite, Fe$_2$Mo$_3$O$_8$, is regarded as a promising material exhibiting giant magnetoelectric (ME) effect at the relatively high temperature $T$. Here, we explore this phenomenon on the basis of first-principles electronic structure calculations. ... More
Orbital transmutation and the electronic spectrum of FeSe in the nematic phaseAug 13 2019We consider the electronic spectrum near $M=(\pi,\pi)$ in the nematic phase of FeSe ($T<T_{{\rm nem}}$) and make a detailed comparison with recent ARPES and STM experiments. Our main focus is the unexpected temperature dependence of the excitations at ... More
Sign of viscous magnetoresistance in electron fluidsAug 13 2019In sufficiently clean metals, it is possible for electrons to collectively flow as a viscous fluid at finite temperature. These viscous effects have been predicted to give a notable magnetoresistance, but whether the magnetoresistance is positive or negative ... More
Evolution of structure and magnetism across the metal-insulator transition in the pyrochlore iridate $($Nd$_{1-x}$Ca$_x)_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$Aug 13 2019We report on the evolution of the thermal metal-insulator transition in polycrystalline samples of Nd$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ upon hole-doping via substitution of Ca$^{2+}$ for Nd$^{3+}$. Ca substitution mediates a filling-controlled Mott-like transition with ... More
Magnetic structure and excitations of the topological semimetal YbMnBi$_2$Aug 13 2019We investigated the magnetic structure and dynamics of YbMnBi$_2$, with elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, to shed light on the topological nature of the charge carriers in the antiferromagnetic phase. We confirm C-type antiferromagnetic ordering ... More
Learning the best thermoelectric nanoscale heat engines through evolving network topologyAug 13 2019The quest to identify the best heat engine has been at the center of science and technology. Thermoelectric nanoscale heat engines convert heat flows into useful work in the form of electrical power and promise the realization of on-chip power production. ... More
Detecting non-unitary multiorbital superconductivity with Dirac points at finite energiesAug 13 2019Determining the symmetry of the order parameter of unconventional superconductors remains a recurrent topic and non-trivial task in the field of strongly correlated electron systems. Here we show that the behavior of Dirac points away from the Fermi energy ... More