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Solid Lubrication with MoS$_2$: A ReviewJun 13 2019Molybdenum disulfide (MoS$_2$) is one of the most broadly utilized solid lubricants with a wide range of applications, including but not limited to those in the aerospace/space industry. Here we present a focused review of solid lubrication with MoS$_2$ ... More
Triggering InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot nucleation and growth rate determination by in-situ modulation of surface energyJun 13 2019Epitaxial InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots (QDs) are widely used as highly efficient and pure sources of single photons and entangled photon-pairs, however reliable wafer-scale growth techniques have proved elusive. Growth of two-dimensional Quantum Well (QW) thin-films ... More
Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb Flake Josephson JunctionsJun 13 2019We study superconducting quantum interference in InSb flake Josephson junctions. An even-odd effect in the amplitude and periodicity of the superconducting quantum interference pattern is found. Interestingly, the occurrence of this pattern coincides ... More
Pump driven normal-to-excitonic insulator transition: Josephson oscillations and signatures of BEC-BCS crossover in time-resolved ARPESJun 13 2019We consider a ground-state wide-gap band insulator turning into a nonequilibrium excitonic insulator (NEQ-EI) upon visiting properly selected and physically relevant highly excited states. The NEQ-EI phase, characterized by self-sustained oscillations ... More
Impact of electromagnetic fields and heat on spin transport signals in Y$_{3}$Fe$_{5}$O$_{12}$Jun 13 2019Exploring new strategies to perform magnon logic is a key requirement for the further development of magnon-based spintronics. In this work, we realize a three-terminal magnon transport device to study the possibility of manipulating magnonic spin information ... More
Topological classification of shot noise on fractional quantum Hall edgesJun 13 2019Electrical and thermal transport on a fractional quantum Hall edge are determined by topological quantities inherited by the corresponding bulk state. While electrical transport is the standard method for studying edges, thermal transport appears more ... More
Stability of the Laughlin phase against long-range interactionsJun 13 2019A natural, ''perturbative'', problem in the modelization of the fractional quantum Hall effect is to minimize a classical energy functional within a variational set based on Laughlin's wave-function. We prove that, for small enough pair interactions, ... More
Magnetoelasticity of $\mathrm{Co_{25}}\mathrm{Fe_{75}}$ thin filmsJun 13 2019We investigate the magnetoelastic properties of $\mathrm{Co_{25}}\mathrm{Fe_{75}}$ and $\mathrm{Co_{10}}\mathrm{Fe_{90}}$ thin films by measuring the mechanical properties of a doubly clamped string resonator covered with multi-layer stacks containing ... More
Coulomb drag between a carbon nanotube and monolayer grapheneJun 13 2019We study Coulomb drag in a system consisting of a carbon nanotube (CNT) and monolayer graphene. Within the Fermi liquid theory we calculate the drag resistivity and find that the dimensional mismatch of the system components leads to a dependence of the ... More
Giant magnetic field from moiré induced Berry phase in homobilayer semiconductorsJun 13 2019When quasiparticles move in condensed matters, the texture of their internal quantum structure as a function of position and momentum can give rise to Berry phases that have profound effects on materials properties. Seminal examples include the anomalous ... More
Thermal conductivity of molybdenum disulfide nanotube from molecular dynamics simulationsJun 13 2019Single layer molybdenum disulfide (SLMoS2), a semiconductor possesses intrinsic bandgap and high electron mobility, has attracted great attention due to its unique electronic, optical, mechanical and thermal properties. Although thermal conductivity of ... More
Thermal Conductance Across Harmonic-matched Epitaxial Al-sapphire Heterointerfaces: A Benchmark for Metal-nonmetal InterfacesJun 13 2019A unified understanding of interfacial thermal transport is missing due to the complicated nature of interfaces which involves complex factors such as interfacial bonding, interfacial mixing, surface chemistry, crystal orientation, roughness, contamination, ... More
Wafer-Scale and Deterministic Patterned Growth of Monolayer MoS2 via Vapor-Liquid-Solid MethodJun 13 2019Vapor transportation is the core process in growing transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). One inevitable problem is the spatial inhomogeneity of the vapors. The non-stoichiometric supply of transition-metal precursors ... More
Simulating quantum thermodynamics of a finite system and bath with variable temperatureJun 13 2019We construct a finite bath with variable temperature for quantum thermodynamic simulations in which heat flows between a system $\mathcal{S}$ and the bath environment $\mathcal{E}$ in time evolution of an initial $\mathcal{SE}$ pure state. The bath consists ... More
Dynamic nuclear spin polarization induced by Edelstein effect at Bi(111) surfacesJun 12 2019Nuclear spin polarization induced by hyperfine interaction and the Edelstein effect due to strong spin-orbit interaction is investigated by quantum transport in Bi(111) thin film samples. The Bi(111) films are deposited on mica by van der Waals epitaxial ... More
The role of metallic leads and electronic degeneracies in thermoelectric power generation in quantum dotsJun 12 2019The power factor of a thermoelectric device is a measure of the heat-to-energy conversion efficiency in nanoscopic devices. Yet, even as interest in low-dimensional thermoelectric materials has increased, experimental research on what influences the power ... More
Ripplocation in graphite nanoplatelets during sonication assisted liquid phase exfoliationJun 12 2019Defects induced by liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite using sonication were studied. It was shown that localized impact by cavitation shock waves can produce bulk ripplocations and various types of dislocations in graphite nanoplatelets. Formation of ... More
Unraveling the role of dipolar vs. Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in stabilizing compact magnetic skyrmionsJun 12 2019Magnetic skyrmions have been the subject of extensive experimental studies in ferromagnetic thin films and multilayers, revealing a diversity in their size, stability and internal structure. While the orthodox skyrmion theory focuses on the Dzyaloshinskii-Moryia ... More
Evolution of Pair Correlation Symmetries and Supercurrent Reversal in Tilted Weyl SemimetalsJun 12 2019We study the effective symmetry profiles of superconducting pair correlations and the flow of charge supercurrent in ballistic Weyl semimetal systems with a tilted dispersion relation. Utilizing a microscopic method in the ballistic regime and starting ... More
Partial Equilibration of the Anti-Pfaffian edge due to Majorana DisorderJun 12 2019We consider electrical and thermal equilibration of the edge modes of the Anti-Pfaffian quantum Hall state at $\nu=5/2$ due to tunneling of the Majorana edge mode to trapped Majorana zero modes in the bulk. Such tunneling breaks translational invariance ... More
Record-High Proximity-Induced Anomalous Hall Effect in (Bi$_x$Sb$_{1-x}$)2Te$_3$ Thin Film Grown on CrGeTe$_3$ SubstrateJun 12 2019Quantum anomalous Hall effect(QAHE) can only be realized at extremely low temperatures in magnetically doped topological insulators(TIs) due to limitations inherent with the doping precess. In an effort to boost the quantization temperature of QAHE, magnetic ... More
Many-body effects in porphyrin-like transition metal complexes embedded in grapheneJun 12 2019We introduce a new computational method to study porphyrin-like transition metal complexes, bridging density functional theory and exact many-body techniques, such as the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG). We first derive a multi-orbital Anderson ... More
Transport in topological insulator nanowiresJun 12 2019In this chapter we review our work on the theory of quantum transport in topological insulator nanowires. We discuss both normal state properties and superconducting proximity effects, including the effects of magnetic fields and disorder. Throughout ... More
Topological ordering in the Majorana Toric CodeJun 12 2019At zero temperature, a two-dimensional lattice of Majorana zero modes on mesoscopic superconducting islands exhibits a topologically-ordered toric code phase. Recently, a Landau field theory was used to describe the different phases of the aforementioned ... More
Energy transfer and interference by collective electromagnetic couplingJun 12 2019The physics of collective optical response of molecular assemblies, pioneered by Dicke in 1954, has long been at the center of theoretical and experimental scrutiny. The influence of the environment on such phenomena is also of great interest due to various ... More
Heralded dissipative preparation of nonclassical states in a Kerr oscillatorJun 12 2019We present a heralded state preparation scheme for driven nonlinear open quantum systems. The protocol is based on a continuous photon counting measurement of the system's decay channel. When no photons are detected for a period of time, the system has ... More
Enhanced spin state readout of Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond using IR fluorescenceJun 12 2019Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond have been used in recent years for a wide range of applications, from nano-scale NMR to quantum computation. These applications depend strongly on the efficient readout of the NV center's spin state, which is currently ... More
Frequency-Division Multiplexing in Magnonic Logic Networks Based on Caustic-Like Spin-Wave BeamsJun 12 2019Wave-based data processing by spin waves and their quanta, magnons, is a promising technique to overcome the challenges which CMOS-based logic networks are facing nowadays. The advantage of these quasi-particles lies in their potential for the realization ... More
Theory of phonon side jump contribution in Anomalous Hall transportJun 12 2019The role of electron-phonon scattering in finite-temperature anomalous Hall effect is still poorly understood. In this work, we present a Boltzmann theory for the side-jump contribution from electron-phonon scattering, which is derived from the microscopic ... More
Long-time persistence of hydrodynamic memory boosts microparticle transportJun 12 2019An accelerating particle in a viscous liquid leaves an imprint of its past velocity as shear stress, resulting in the long-time $t^{-3/2}$ decay of velocity autocorrelations. For nonuniform particle motion at low Reynolds number, the Basset-Boussinesq-Oseen ... More
Skyrmion instabilities and distorted spiral states in a frustrated chiral magnetJun 12 2019Magnetic skyrmions are particle-like topological excitations that recently generated much interest as candidates for future spintronic devices based on skyrmion small size, enhanced topological stability, and/or mutual interaction. Here we examine the ... More
Wurtzite Phonons and the Mobility of a GaN/AlN 2D Hole GasJun 12 2019To make complementary GaN electronics more than a pipe dream, it is essential to understand the low mobility of 2D hole gases in III-Nitride heterostructures. This work derives both the acoustic and optical phonon spectra present in one of the most prominent ... More
Spin imbalance of charge carriers induced by an electric currentJun 11 2019We analyze the contribution of the inhomogeneous magnetic field induced by an electrical current to the spin Hall effect in metals. The Zeeman coupling between the field and the electron spin leads to a spin dependent force, and to spin accumulation at ... More
Topological modes in radiofrequency resonator arraysJun 11 2019Topological properties of solid states have sparked considerable recent interest due to their importance in the physics of lattices with a non-trivial basis and their potential in the design of novel materials. Here we describe an experimental and an ... More
Magnetic Tip Trap SystemJun 11 2019We report a detailed theoretical model of recently-demonstrated magnetic trap system based on a pair of magnetic tips. The model takes into account key parameters such as tip diameter, facet angle and gap separation. It yields quantitative descriptions ... More
Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Thermal conductivity and thermal rectification of nanoporous graphene: A molecular dynamics simulationJun 11 2019Using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulation, we study thermal properties of the so-called nanoporous graphene (NPG) sheet which contains a series of nanoporous in an ordered way and was synthesized recently (Science 360 (2018), 199). The ... More
Reliable Electrical Switching of Tri-State Antiferromagnetic Néel Order in $α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Epitaxial FilmsJun 11 2019The ability to manipulate antiferromagnetic (AF) moments is a key requirement for the emerging field of antiferromagnetic spintronics. Electrical switching of bi-state AF moments has been demonstrated in metallic AFs, CuMnAs and Mn$_2$Au. Recently, current-induced ... More
Atomically-thin micas as proton conducting membranesJun 11 2019Monolayers of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) are highly permeable to thermal protons. For thicker two-dimensional (2D) materials, proton conductivity diminishes exponentially so that, for example, monolayer MoS2 that is just three atoms thick ... More
Optical manifestations of domains with constant topological charge densityJun 11 2019Domains of finite topological charge density can exist in chiral materials and chiral matter. Spatial and temporal variation of the average topological charge density, represented by the $\theta$-field, induces anomalous currents that are responsible ... More
Coherent transfer of quantum information in silicon using resonant SWAP gatesJun 11 2019Solid state quantum processors based on spins in silicon quantum dots are emerging as a powerful platform for quantum information processing. High fidelity single- and two-qubit gates have recently been demonstrated and large extendable qubit arrays are ... More
Evidence for an axionic charge density wave in the Weyl semimetal (TaSe4)2IJun 11 2019An axion insulator is a correlated topological phase, predicted to arise from the formation of a charge density wave in a Weyl semimetal. The accompanying sliding mode in the charge density wave phase, the phason, is an axion. It is expected to cause ... More
Nonuniform quantum-confined states and visualization of hidden defects in thin Pb(111) filmsJun 11 2019The spatial distribution of the differential conductance for ultrathin Pb films grown on Si(111)7x7 substrate is studied by means of low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. The formation of the quantum--confined states for conduction ... More
Tunneling interferometry and measurement of thickness of ultrathin metallic Pb(111) filmsJun 11 2019Spectra of the differential tunneling conductivity for ultrathin lead films grown on Si(111)7x7 single crystals with a thickness from 9 to 50 monolayers have been studied by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. The presence ... More
Proximity magnetoresistance in graphene induced by magnetic insulatorsJun 11 2019We demonstrate the existence of Giant proximity magnetoresistance (PMR) effect in a graphene spin valve where spin polarization is induced by a nearby magnetic insulator. PMR calculations were performed for yttrium iron garnet (YIG), cobalt ferrite (CFO), ... More
Topology and Edge Mode Physics at Quantum Criticality for Correlated Quantum MatterJun 11 2019We study the topology and edge mode physics at quantum criticality for correlated quantum matter which was introduced in Nature Physics 1.1, 53(2005). Our model Hamiltonian belongs to BDI symmetry class with short range and long range interactions. We ... More
Observation of Large Unidirectional Rashba Magnetoresistance in Ge(111)Jun 11 2019Relating magnetotransport properties to specific spin textures at surfaces or interfaces is an intense field of research nowadays. Here, we investigate the variation of the electrical resistance of Ge(111) grown epitaxially on semi-insulating Si(111) ... More
Floquet oscillations in periodically driven Dirac systemsJun 11 2019Electrons in a lattice exhibit time-periodic motion, known as Bloch oscillation, when subject to an additional static electric field. Here we show that a corresponding dynamics can occur upon replacing the spatially periodic potential by a time-periodic ... More
Laser induced suppression of transmission in magnetically strained black phosphorusJun 11 2019Charge transport through a rectangular vector potential barrier modulated by a continuum laser in monolayer phosphorene is studied theoretically in the ballistic regime along the line of Floquet formalism. Laser free transmission profile displays strong ... More
Perfect spin filtering by symmetry in molecular junctionsJun 11 2019Obtaining highly spin-polarized currents in molecular junctions is crucial and desirable for nanoscale spintronics devices. Motivated by our recent symmetry-based theoretical argument for complete blocking of one spin conductance channel in atomic-scale ... More
A Study of Berry Connection and Complex Analysis for Topological CharacterizationJun 11 2019We study and present the results of Berry connection for the topological states in quantum matter. The Berry connection plays a central role in the geometric phase and topological phenomenon in quantum many-body system. We present the necessary and sufficient ... More
Effective Dynamics of 2D Bloch Electrons in External Fields Derived From SymmetryJun 11 2019We develop a comprehensive theory for the effective dynamics of Bloch electrons based on symmetry. We begin with a scheme to systematically derive the irreducible representations (IRs) characterizing the Bloch functions. Starting from a tight-binding ... More
Discovery of ST1 centers in natural diamondJun 11 2019The ST1 center is a point defect in diamond with bright fluorescence and a mechanism for optical spin initialization and readout. The center has impressive potential for applications in diamond quantum computing as a quantum bus to a register of nuclear ... More
Multi-level quantum Rabi model for anharmonic vibrational polaritonsJun 11 2019We propose a cavity QED approach to describe light-matter interaction between an individual anharmonic molecular vibration and an infrared cavity field. Starting from a generic Morse oscillator with quantized nuclear motion, we derive a multi-level quantum ... More
Intrinsic persistent spin helix state in two-dimensional group-IV monochalcogenide MX (M : Sn, Ge; X: S, Se, Te) monolayerJun 11 2019Energy-saving spintronic is believed to be implementable on a systems hosting persistent spin helix (PSH) state since they support an extraordinarily long spin lifetime of carriers. However, achieving the PSH state requires a unidirectional spin configuration ... More
A Novel Discrete Theory of a Screw Dislocation in the BCC Crystal LatticeJun 11 2019In this paper, we proposed a novel method using the elementary number theory to investigate the discrete nature of the screw dislocations in crystal lattices, simple cubic (SC) lattice and body centered cubic (BCC) lattice, by developing the algebraic ... More
Thermodynamic bounds on coherent transport in periodically driven conductorsJun 10 2019We establish a family of new thermodynamic constraints on heat and particle transport in coherent multi-terminal conductors subject to slowly oscillating driving fields as well as moderate electrical and thermal biases. These bounds depend only on the ... More
Universal driving protocol for symmetry-protected Floquet topological phasesJun 10 2019Universal driving protocol for symmetry-protected Floquet topological phasesWe propose a universal driving protocol for the realization of symmetry-protected topological phases in $2+1$ dimensional Floquet systems. Our proposal is based on the theoretical ... More
Mie Scattering of Phonons by Point Defects in IV-VI Semiconductors PbTe and GeTeJun 10 2019The scattering of thermal acoustic phonons by point defects in solids has been widely assumed the Rayleigh scattering type. In contrast to this conventional perception, using an ab initio Green's function approach, we show that the scattering by point ... More
Geometric evolution as a source of discontinuous behavior in soft condensed matterJun 10 2019Geometric evolution represents a fundamental aspect of many physical phenomena. In this paper we consider the geometric evolution of structures that undergo topological changes. Topological changes occur when the shape of an object evolves such that it ... More
Electron Bubbles and the Structure of the Orbital WavefunctionJun 10 2019Stripe-like and bubble-like patterns spontaneously form in numerous physical, chemical, and biological systems when competing long-range and short-range interactions banish uniformity. Stripe-like and the related nematic morphology are also under intense ... More
Two-dimensional non-Hermitian topological phases induced by asymmetric hopping in a one-dimensional superlatticeJun 10 2019Non-Hermitian systems can host novel topological states with novel topological invariants and bulk-edge correspondences that are distinct from conventional Hermitian systems. Here we show that two unique classes of non-Hermitian 2D topological phases, ... More
Plasmon localization and relaxation, and thermal transport in one-dimensional conductorsJun 10 2019We study the localization and decay properties as well as the thermal conductance of one-dimensional plasmons. Our model contains a Luttinger-liquid part with spatially random plasmon velocity and interaction parameter as well as a nonlinearity that is ... More
Absorption and emission modulation in MoS2-GaN (0001) heterostructure by interface phonon-exciton couplingJun 10 2019Semiconductor heterostructures based on layered two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) interfaced to gallium nitride (GaN) are excellent material systems to realize broadband light emitters and absorbers. The surface properties of the ... More
High Frequency Domain Wall Oscillations in Ferromagnetic Nanowire with a Nanoscale Dzyaloshinskii Moriya Interaction (DMI) RegionJun 10 2019The Dzyaloshinskii Moriya Interaction (DMI) has laid the foundation for many novel chiral structures such as Skyrmions. In most of the studies so far, the DMI is present in the whole of the magnetic layer. Here, we report our investigations on a ferromagnetic ... More
Asymmetry of non-local dissipation: From drift-diffusion to hydrodynamicsJun 10 2019We study dissipation in inhomogeneous two-dimensional electron systems. We predict a relatively strong current-induced spatial asymmetry in the heating of the electron and phonon systems -- even if the inhomogeneity responsible for the electrical resistance ... More
Spin Seebeck effect in paramagnets and antiferromagnets at elevated temperaturesJun 10 2019We develop a theory of the spin Seebeck effect (SSE) in paramagnets as well as in antiferromagnets at elevated temperatures. Employing dissipative stochastic models that are valid at elevated temperatures, we calculate the SSE signal, and find that both ... More
Exchange Splitting of a Hybrid Surface State and Ferromagnetic Order in a 2D Surface AlloyJun 10 2019Surface alloys are highly flexible materials for tailoring the spin-dependent properties of surfaces. Here, we study the spin-dependent band structure of a DyAg$_2$ surface alloy formed on an Ag(111) crystal. We find a significant spin-splitting of the ... More
Pfaffian formalism for higher-order topological insulatorsJun 09 2019We generalize the Pfaffian formalism, which has been playing an important role in the study of time-reversal invariant topological insulators (TIs), to 3D chiral higher-order topological insulators (HOTIs) protected by the product of four-fold rotational ... More
Compact Group Approach to the Analysis of Dielectric and Optical Characteristics of Finely Dispersed Systems and LiquidsJun 09 2019We present the compact group approach to analysis of the long-wavelength dielectric and optical characteristics of substances which can be modeled as macroscopically homogeneous and isotropic systems of hard dielectric particles embedded into a dielectric ... More
New solutions for graphene with scalar potentials by means of generalized intertwiningJun 09 2019The intertwining relations between superpartner Hamiltonians are the main ingredients of well known Supersymmetrical Quantum Mechanics (SUSY QM). In the present paper, the generalized form of intertwining is used for investigation of a massless (zero ... More
Electrostatic responses of anisotropic dielectric filmsJun 09 2019We study the electrostatic responses (i.e. retardation effects due to the propagation of electromagnetic waves are ignored) of a linear homogeneous and anisotropic (LHA) dielectric film to an arbitrary external electrostatic potential, which may be generated ... More
Antiferromagnetic ordering in van der Waals two-dimensional magnetic material MnPS3 probed by Raman spectroscopyJun 09 2019Magnetic ordering in the two-dimensional limit has been one of the most important issues in condensed matter physics for the past several decades. The recent discovery of new magnetic van der Waals materials heralds a much-needed easy route for the studies ... More
Revealing the system-bath coupling via Landau-Zener-Stückelberg interferometry in superconducting qubitsJun 08 2019In this work we propose a way to unveil the type of environmental noise in strongly driven superconducting flux qubits through the analysis of the Landau-Zener-St\"uckelberg (LZS) interferometry. We study both the two-level and the multilevel dynamics ... More
Phononics of Graphene and Graphene CompositesJun 08 2019I present a concise account concerning the emergence of a research field, which deals with the thermal properties of graphene, covering the refinement of understanding of phonon transport in two-dimensional material systems. The practical application ... More
Anomalous Decay of Quantum Resistance Oscillations of Two Dimensional Helical Electrons in Magnetic FieldJun 08 2019Shubnikov de Haas resistance oscillations of highly mobile two dimensional helical electrons propagating on a conducting surface of strained HgTe 3D topological insulator are studied in magnetic fields B tilted by angle $\theta$ from the normal to the ... More
Multichannel remote polarization control enabled by nanostructured Liquid Crystalline NetworksJun 08 2019In this article we demonstrate that a grating fabricated through nanoscale volumetric crosslinking of a liquid crystalline polymer enables remote polarization control over the diffracted channels. This functionality is a consequence of the responsivity ... More
Insights on heterogeneity in blinking mechanisms and non-ergodicity using sub-ensemble statistical analysis of single quantum-dotsJun 08 2019Photo-luminescence intermittency (blinking) in semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs), a phenomenon ubiquitous to single-emitters, is generally considered to be temporally random intensity fluctuations between bright (On) and dark (Off) states. However, individual ... More
Synthesis and Observation of Non-Abelian Gauge Fields in Real SpaceJun 08 2019Gauge fields, real or synthetic, are crucial for understanding and manipulation of physical systems. The associated geometric phases can be measured, for example, from the Aharonov--Bohm interference. So far, real-space realizations of gauge fields have ... More
Pairing in twisted double-bilayer graphene and related moiré superlattice systemsJun 07 2019We present a systematic classification and analysis of possible pairing instabilities in graphene-based moir\'e superlattices. Motivated by recent experiments on twisted double-bilayer graphene showing signs of triplet superconductivity, we analyze both ... More
Tuning the exchange bias on a single atom from 1 mT to 10 TJun 07 2019Shrinking spintronic devices to the nanoscale ultimately requires localized control of individual atomic magnetic moments. At these length scales, the exchange interaction plays important roles, such as in the stabilization of spin-quantization axes, ... More
Topological photocurrent responses from chiral surface Fermi arcsJun 07 2019The nonlinear optical responses from topological semimetals are crucial in both understanding the fundamental properties of quantum materials and designing next-generation light-sensors or solar-cells. However, previous work was focusing on the optical ... More
Manipulation of exciton and trion quasiparticles in monolayer WS2 via charge transferJun 07 2019Charge doping in transition metal dichalcogenide is currently a subject of high importance for future electronic and optoelectronic applications. Here we demonstrate chemical doping in CVD grown monolayer (1L) of WS2 by a few commonly used laboratory ... More
Angle resolved relaxation of spin currents by antiferromagnets in spin valvesJun 07 2019We observe and analyze tunable relaxation of a pure spin current by an antiferromagnet in spin-valves. This is achieved by carefully controlling the angle between a resonantly excited ferromagnetic layer pumping the spin current and the N\'eel vector ... More
Angle resolved relaxation of spin currents by antiferromagnets in spin valvesJun 07 2019Jun 12 2019We observe and analyze tunable relaxation of a pure spin current by an antiferromagnet in spin-valves. This is achieved by carefully controlling the angle between a resonantly excited ferromagnetic layer pumping the spin current and the N\'eel vector ... More
Angle resolved relaxation of spin currents by antiferromagnets in spin valvesJun 07 2019Jun 13 2019We observe and analyze tunable relaxation of a pure spin current by an antiferromagnet in spin-valves. This is achieved by carefully controlling the angle between a resonantly excited ferromagnetic layer pumping the spin current and the N\'eel vector ... More
Towards Arbitrary Control of Lattice Interactions in Nonequilibrium CondensatesJun 07 2019There is a growing interest in investigating new states of matter using out-of-equilibrium lattice spin models in two dimensions. However, a control of pairwise interactions in such systems has been elusive as due to their nonequilibrium nature they maintain ... More
OLEDs as models for bird magnetoception: detecting electron spin resonance in geomagnetic fieldsJun 07 2019Certain species of living creatures are known to orientate themselves in the geomagnetic field. Given the small magnitude of approximately 48 {\mu}T, the underlying quantum mechanical phenomena are expected to exhibit coherence times approaching the millisecond ... More
Magneto-spectroscopy of exciton Rydberg states in a CVD grown WSe2 monolayerJun 07 2019The results of magneto-optical spectroscopy investigations of excitons in a CVD grown monolayer of WSe2 encapsulated in hexagonal boron nitride are presented. The emission linewidth for the 1s state is of 4:7 meV, close to the narrowest emissions observed ... More
Levitons in superconducting point contactsJun 07 2019We investigate the transport properties of a superconducting quantum point contact in the presence of an arbitrary periodic drive. In particular, we calculate the dc current and noise in the tunnel limit, obtaining general expressions in terms of photoassisted ... More
Analytical description of the size effect on pyroelectric and electrocaloric properties of ferroelectric nanoparticlesJun 07 2019Using Landau-Ginzburg-Devonshire theory and effective medium approximation, we analytically calculate typical dependences of the pyroelectric and electrocaloric coefficients on external electric field, temperature and radius for spherical single-domain ... More
Topologically protected wave packets and quantum rings in siliceneJun 07 2019We study chiral wave packets moving along the zero-line of a symmetry breaking potential of vertical electric field in buckled silicene using an atomistic tight-binding approach with initial conditions set by an analytical solution of the Dirac equation. ... More
Fractional disclination charge in two-dimensional $C_n-$symmetric topological crystalline insulatorsJun 06 2019Robust fractional charge localized at disclination defects has been recently found as a topological response in $C_{6}$ symmetric 2D topological crystalline insulators (TCIs). In this article, we thoroughly investigate the fractional charge on disclinations ... More
Higgs modes in proximized superconducting systemsJun 06 2019The proximity effect in hybrid superconducting - normal metal structures is shown to affect strongly the coherent oscillations of the superconducting order parameter $\Delta$ known as the Higgs modes. The standard Higgs mode at the frequency $2\Delta$ ... More
Spatial Noise Correlations in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device from Bell State CoherencesJun 06 2019We study spatial noise correlations in a Si/SiGe two-qubit device with integrated micromagnets. Our method relies on the concept of decoherence-free subspaces, whereby we measure the coherence time for two different Bell states, designed to be sensitive ... More
Current noise geometrically generated by a driven magnetJun 06 2019We consider a non-equilibrium cross-response phenomenon, whereby a driven magnetization gives rise to electric shot noise (but no d.c. current). This effect is realized on a nano-scale, with a small metallic ferromagnet which is tunnel-coupled to two ... More
Defect-induced magnetism and Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in twisted bilayer grapheneJun 06 2019Atomic defects have a significant impact in the low-energy properties of graphene systems. By means of first-principles calculations and tight-binding models we provide evidence that chemical impurities modify both the normal and the superconducting states ... More
Higher-Order Topological Superconductivity of Spin-Polarized FermionsJun 06 2019We study the superconductivity of spin-polarized electrons in centrosymmetric ferromagnetic metals. Due to the spin-polarization and the Fermi statistics, the superconducting state naturally has odd parity. Here, we derive generalized parity formulae ... More
A higher-dimensional quasicrystalline approach to the Hofstadter and Fibonacci butterflies topological phase diagram and band conductance: symbolic sequences, Sturmian coding and self-similar rules at all magnetic fluxesJun 06 2019The topological properties of the quantum Hall effect in a crystalline lattice, described by Chern numbers of the Hofstadter butterfly quantum phase diagram, are deduced by using a geometrical method to generate the structure of quasicrystals: the cut ... More
Anisotropic two-dimensional screening at the surface of black phosphorusJun 06 2019Black phosphorus (BP), in contrast to most van der Waals semiconductors, exhibits a anisotropic crystal structure within each atomic layer, resulting in electronic in-plane anisotropy reflected in the effective masses1,2, carrier mobility3,4, excitonic ... More