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Cavity electromechanics with parametric mechanical drivingAug 22 2019Microwave optomechanical circuits have been demonstrated in the past years to be extremely powerfool tools for both, exploring fundamental physics of macroscopic mechanical oscillators as well as being promising candidates for novel on-chip quantum limited ... More
All-microwave holonomic control of an electron-nuclear two-qubit register in diamondAug 22 2019We present a theoretical scheme that allows to perform a universal set of holonomic gates on a two qubit register, formed by a $^{13}$C nuclear spin coupled to the electron spin of a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond. Strong hyperfine interaction between ... More
Thermally activated magnetization reversal in a FeCoB nanomagnet. High-precision measurement method of coercive field, delta, retention time and size of nucleation domainAug 22 2019Features of thermally-activated magnetization switching have been studied in a FeCoB nanomagnet using the N\'eel model. A method of a high-precision measurement of the coercive field, retention time, parameter delta and the size of the switching nucleation ... More
Design Study for Telecom-Wavelength Quantum Light-Sources Based on Hybrid Circular Bragg-GratingsAug 22 2019We present a design study of quantum light sources based on hybrid circular Bragg Gratings (CBGs) for emission wavelengths in the telecom O-band. The evaluated CBG designs show photon extraction efficiencies > 95% and Purcell factors close to 30. Using ... More
Abundance of $\mathbb{Z}_2$ topological order in exfoliable two-dimensional insulatorsAug 22 2019Quantum spin Hall insulators are a class of two-dimensional materials with a finite electronic band gap in the bulk and gapless helical edge states. In the presence of time-reversal symmetry, $\mathbb{Z}_2$ topological order distinguishes the topological ... More
Nonreciprocal transition between two nondegenerate energy levelsAug 22 2019Stimulated emission and absorption are two fundamental processes of light-matter interaction, and the coefficients of the two processes should be equal in general. However, we will describe a generic method to realize significant difference between the ... More
Perfect and controllable nesting in the small angle twist bilayer grapheneAug 22 2019Parallel ("nested") regions of a Fermi surface (FS) drive instabilities of the electron fluid, for example the spin density wave in elemental chromium. In one-dimensional materials, the FS is trivially fully nested (a single nesting vector connects two ... More
Conditional Teleportation of Quantum-Dot Spin StatesAug 22 2019Among the different experimental platforms for quantum information processing, individual electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots stand out for their long coherence times and potential for scalable fabrication. The past years have witnessed substantial ... More
Electric field control of photoinduced effect in La$_{0.7}$Sr$_{0.3}$MnO$_3$/LaTiO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ heterostructureAug 22 2019In this work we have studied the effect of light and electric field on the electrical properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO) film at 300 K. Taking advantage of it's charge, spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom, we have successfully shown that light ... More
Study of the velocity plateau of Dzyaloshinskii domain wallsAug 22 2019We study field-driven domain wall (DW) velocities in asymmetric multilayer stacks with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI), both experimentally and by micromagnetic simulations. Using magneto-optical Kerr microscopy ... More
Higher-order photon correlation as a tool to study exciton dynamics in quasi-2D nanoplateletsAug 22 2019Colloidal semiconductor nanoplatelets, in which carriers are strongly confined only along one dimension, present fundamentally different excitonic properties than quantum dots, which support strong confinement in all three dimensions. In particular, multiple ... More
Sensing the spin of an individual Ce adatomAug 22 2019The magnetic moment of rare earth elements originates from electrons in the partially filled 4f orbitals. Accessing this moment electrically by scanning tunneling spectroscopy is hampered by shielding of outer-lying orbitals. Here we show that we can ... More
Electric and Magnetic Field Nano-Sensing Using a New, Atomic-like Qubit in a Carbon NanotubeAug 22 2019Quantum sensing techniques have been successful in pushing the sensitivity limits in numerous fields, and hold great promise for scanning probes that study nano-scale devices and novel materials. However, forming a nano-scale qubit that is simple and ... More
Controllable thickness inhomogeneity and Berry-curvature-engineering of anomalous Hall effect in SrRuO3 ultrathin filmsAug 22 2019In quantum matters hosting electron-electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling, spatial inhomogeneities, arising from competing ground states, can be essential for determining and understanding topological properties. A prominent example is Hall anomalies ... More
Next-level composite fermionsAug 21 2019A rich pattern of fractional quantum Hall states in graphene double layers can be naturally explained in terms of two-component composite fermions carrying both intra- and inter-layer vortices.
Artificial Spin Ice Phase-Change Memory ResistorsAug 21 2019We study the implications of the anisotropic magnetic resistance on permalloy nanowires, and in particular on the property of the resistance depending on the type of lattice. We discuss how the internal spin configuration of artificial spin ice nanowires ... More
Dynamic disorder induced memristance in amorphous solidsAug 21 2019Motivated by the recent discovery of several amorphous oxides exhibiting remarkable threshold switching and hysteresis in the current-voltage response, we outline a purely quantum mechanism of memristance based on Anderson localization. Concerting first ... More
Random Quantum BatteriesAug 21 2019Quantum nano-devices are fundamental systems in quantum thermodynamics that have been the subject of profound interest in recent years. Among these, quantum batteries play a very important role. In this paper we lay down a theory of random quantum batteries ... More
Half-integer quantized response in strongly driven quantum systemsAug 21 2019A spin strongly driven by two incommensurate tones can pump energy from one drive to the other at a quantized average rate, in close analogy with the quantum Hall effect. The quantized pumping is a pre-thermal effect with a lifetime that diverges as the ... More
Virtual clusters model on branching random graphs for confined fluid thermodynamics in heterogeneous solid geometryAug 21 2019Fluid properties near rough surfaces are crucial in both a description of fundamental surface phenomena and modern industrial material design implementations. One of the most powerful approach to model real rough materials is based on the surface representation ... More
Prospects of designing gold-nanoparticles-based soft terahertz radiation sources and terahertz-to-infrared converters for concealed object detection technologyAug 21 2019The two-phonon scheme of generation of terahertz (THz) photons by gold nanobars (GNBs) is considered. It is shown that in GNBs, by choosing their sizes, it is possible to provide conditions for converting the energy of longitudinal phonons with THz frequencies ... More
Fractional Fermion Number and Hall Conductivity of Domain WallsAug 21 2019In this letter the fractional fermion number of thick domain walls is computed. The analysis is achieved by developing the heat kernel expansion of the spectral eta functon of the Dirac Hamiltonian governing the fermionic fluctuations around the domain ... More
Nonreciprocity and Unidirectional Invisibility in Cavity MagnonicsAug 21 2019We reveal the cooperative effect of coherent and dissipative magnon-photon couplings in an open cavity magnonic system, which leads to nonreciprocity with a considerably large isolation ratio and flexible controllability. Furthermore, we discover unidirectional ... More
Tunable room-temperature spin galvanic and spin Hall effects in van der Waals heterostructuresAug 21 2019Spin-orbit coupling stands as a powerful tool to interconvert charge and spin currents and to manipulate the magnetization of magnetic materials through the spin torque phenomena. However, despite the diversity of existing bulk materials and the recent ... More
Perfect proton selectivity in ion transport through two-dimensional crystalsAug 21 2019Defect-free monolayers of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride were previously shown to be surprisingly permeable to thermal protons, despite being completely impenetrable to all gases. It remains untested whether small ions can permeate through the two-dimensional ... More
Negative excitonic diffusion in transition metal dichalcogenidesAug 21 2019While exciton relaxation in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) has been intensively studied, spatial exciton propagation has received only little attention - in spite of being a key process for optoelectronics and having already shown interesting ... More
Majorana zero modes by engineering topological kink states in two dimensional electron gasAug 21 2019Majorana zero modes (MZMs)--bearing potential applications for topological quantum computing--are verified in quasi-one-dimensional (1D) Fermion systems, including semiconductor nanowires, magnetic atomic chains, planar Josephson junctions. However, the ... More
Majorana zero modes by engineering topological kink states in two dimensional electron gasAug 21 2019Aug 22 2019Majorana zero modes (MZMs)--bearing potential applications for topological quantum computing--are verified in quasi-one-dimensional (1D) Fermion systems, including semiconductor nanowires, magnetic atomic chains, planar Josephson junctions. However, the ... More
Characterising Quantum Devices at Scale with Custom Cryo-CMOSAug 21 2019We make use of a custom-designed cryo-CMOS multiplexer (MUX) to enable multiple quantum devices to be characterized in a single cool-down of a dilution refrigerator. Combined with a packaging approach that integrates cryo-CMOS chips and a hot-swappable, ... More
Hot exciton transport in WSe2 monolayersAug 20 2019We experimentally demonstrate hot exciton transport in h-BN encapsulated WSe2 monolayers via spatially and temporally resolved photoluminescence measurements at room temperature. We show that the nonlinear evolution of the mean squared displacement of ... More
Universal gates for protected superconducting qubits using optimal controlAug 20 2019We employ quantum optimal control theory to realize quantum gates for two protected superconducting circuits: the heavy-fluxonium qubit and the 0-$\pi$ qubit. Utilizing automatic differentiation facilitates the simultaneous inclusion of multiple optimization ... More
Spin-polarized currents in corrugated graphene nanoribbonsAug 20 2019We investigate the production of spin-polarized currents in corrugated graphene nanoribbons. We model the corrugation as multiple regions with Rashba spin-orbit interactions. Concave and convex curvatures are modeled as Rashba regions with opposite signs. ... More
Persistent, rewritable frequency tuning of a nanoelectromechanical resonator using photoinduced dopingAug 20 2019Tuning the frequency of a resonant element is of vital importance in both the macroscopic world, such as when tuning a musical instrument, as well as at the nanoscale. In particular, precisely controlling the resonance frequency of isolated nanoelectromechanical ... More
Unitary Light-2D matter Interaction and Universal Absorption in a Monolayer $\mbox{WS}_2$ Van der Waals Heterostructure CavityAug 20 2019A direct bandgap and large exciton binding energies provide an optical response dominated by excitons in monolayer transition-metal-dichalcogenides (TMDs). While various approaches have been applied to light-exciton interaction in TMDs, the achieved strength ... More
Near-unity Light Absorption in a Monolayer $\mbox{WS}_2$ Van der Waals Heterostructure CavityAug 20 2019Aug 22 2019A direct bandgap and large exciton binding energies provide an optical response dominated by excitons in monolayer transition-metal-dichalcogenides (TMDs). While various approaches have been applied to light-exciton interaction in TMDs, the achieved strength ... More
Improving indistinguishability of single photons from colloidal quantum dots using nanocavitiesAug 20 2019Colloidal quantum dots have garnered active research interest as quantum emitters due to their robust synthesis process and straightforward integration with nanophotonic platforms. However, obtaining indistinguishable photons from the colloidal quantum ... More
Multiple Andreev reflections and Shapiro steps in a Ge-Si nanowire Josephson junctionAug 20 2019We present a Josephson junction based on a Ge-Si core-shell nanowire with transparent superconducting Al contacts, a building block which could be of considerable interest for investigating Majorana bound states, superconducting qubits and Andreev (spin) ... More
Single spin-polarised Fermi surface in SrTiO$_3$ thin filmsAug 20 2019The 2D electron gas (2DEG) formed at the surface of SrTiO$_3$(001) has attracted great interest because of its fascinating physical properties and promise as a novel electronic platform, but up to now has eluded a stable way to tune its properties. Using ... More
Interface transmission of (Nb, Pb, In)/NbP -- superconductor/Weyl semimetal junctionsAug 20 2019The possibility of inducing superconductivity in Weyl semimetal through coupling its surface to a superconductor was investigated. A single crystal of NbP, grown by chemical vapor transport method, was carefully characterized by XRD, EDX, SEM, ARPES techniques ... More
Electrical transport and thermoelectric properties of silver nanoparticlesAug 20 2019Debye temperature decrease, residual resistivity increase and electron-phonon coupling constant increase as crystallite size decreases have been found from electrical resistivity in temperature range 5 K to 300 K of well-characterized Ag nanoparticles ... More
Quantum synchronization and correlation in bidirectionally and unidirectionally coupled optomechanical oscillatorsAug 20 2019Optically coupled optomechanical oscillators has turned out to be a versatile experimental resource for exploring optomechanical synchronizations and correlations. In this work, we investigate the phenomena of quantum synchronization and quantum correlations ... More
Comparing all-optical switching in synthetic-ferrimagnetic multilayers and alloysAug 20 2019We present an experimental and theoretical investigation of all-optical switching by single femtosecond laser pulses. Our experimental results demonstrate that, unlike rare earth-transition metal ferrimagnetic alloys, Pt/Co/[Ni/Co]$_N$/Gd can be switched ... More
Surface nucleation of the paraelectric phase in ferroelectric BaTiO3: Atomic scale mappingAug 20 2019In ferroelectricity, atomic-scale dipole moments interact collectively to produce strong electro-mechanical coupling and switchable macroscopic polarization. Hence, the functionality of ferroelectrics emerges at a solid-solid phase transformation that ... More
Thermal generation of shift electric currentAug 20 2019It is shown that the dissipation of energy in an electron gas confined in a quantum well made of non-centrosymmetric crystal leads to a direct electric current. The current originates from the real-space shift of the wavepackets of Bloch electrons at ... More
Spin-selective Aharonov-Casher caging in a topological quantum networkAug 20 2019A periodic network of connected rhombii, mimicking a spintronic device, is shown to exhibit an intriguing spin selective extreme localization, when submerged in a uniform out of plane electric field. The topological Aharonov Casher phase acquired by a ... More
Quantum anomalous Hall effect driven by magnetic proximity coupling in all-telluride based heterostructureAug 20 2019The quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) is an exotic quantum phenomenon originating from dissipation-less chiral channels at the sample edge. While the QAHE has been observed in magnetically doped topological insulators (TIs), exploiting magnetic proximity ... More
Coherent Epitaxial Semiconductor-Ferromagnetic Insulator InAs/EuS Interfaces: Band Alignment and Magnetic StructureAug 19 2019Hybrid semiconductor-ferromagnetic insulator heterostructures are interesting due to their tunable electronic transport, self-sustained stray field and local proximitized magnetic exchange. In this work, we present lattice matched hybrid epitaxy of semiconductor ... More
Direct and inverse spin Hall effect: Lorentz force and Zeeman energyAug 19 2019It is shown that magnetic forces as the Lorentz force, exerted on electric currents, and the force {\mu}Div(B), exerted on electron spins at rest, account for both the transverse spin imbalance typical of spin Hall effect and the transverse charge imbalance ... More
Amorphous Ferrimagnets: an Ideal Host for Ultra-Small Skyrmions at Room TemperatureAug 19 2019Recently, magnetic skyrmion has emerged as an active topic of fundamental study and applications in magnetic materials research. Magnetic skyrmions are vortex-like spin excitations with topological protection and therefore are more robust to pinning compared ... More
Highly Sensitive, Fast Graphene Photodetector with Responsivity $>10^6$ A/W Using Floating Quantum Well GateAug 19 2019Graphene, owing to its zero bandgap electronic structure, is promising as an absorption material for ultra-wideband photodetection applications. However, graphene-absorption based detectors inherently suffer from poor responsivity due to weak absorption ... More
Resonant-state expansion for planar photonic-crystal structuresAug 19 2019We present a new paradigm in the field of photonic crystals and metamaterials, applying the resonant-state expansion (RSE) to planar photonic-crystal structures. The RSE allows us to understand and quantify optical resonances in photonic-crystal structures ... More
Light emission from the layered metal 2H-TaSe$_2$ and its potential applicationsAug 19 2019Conventional metals, in general, do not exhibit strong photoluminescence. 2H-TaSe$_2$ is a layered transition metal dichalcogenide that possesses metallic property with charge density wave characteristics. Here we show that 2H-TaSe$_2$ exhibits a surprisingly ... More
Disorder driven multifractality transition in Weyl nodal loopsAug 19 2019The effect of short-range disorder in nodal line semimetals is studied by numerically exact means. For arbitrary small disorder, a novel semimetallic phase is unveiled for which the momentum-space amplitude of the ground-state wave function is concentrated ... More
Interacting Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases Out of EquilibriumAug 19 2019We show that the dynamics of generic isolated quantum systems admits a topological classification which captures universal features of many-body wavefunctions far from equilibrium. Specifically, we consider two short-ranged entangled wavefunctions to ... More
The Effect of Disorder on Local Electron Temperature in Quantum Hall SystemsAug 19 2019The local electron temperature distribution is calculated considering a two dimensional electron system in the integer quantum Hall regime in presence of disorder and uniform perpendicular magnetic fields. We solve thermal-hydrodynamical equations to ... More
Multiple Diffusion-Freezing Mechanisms in Molecular Hydrogen FilmsAug 19 2019Molecular hydrogen is a fascinating candidate for quantum fluid showing bosonic and fermionic superfluidity. We have studied diffusion dynamics of thin films of H$_2$, HD and D$_2$ adsorbed on a glass substrate by measurements of elasticity. The elasticity ... More
Elastic Anomaly of Thin Neon FilmAug 19 2019Adsorbed molecular films provide two-dimensional systems that show various emergent phenomena that are not observed in bulk counterparts. We have measured the elasticity of thin neon films adsorbed on porous glass down to 1 K by the torsional oscillator ... More
Magnetic Proximity Effect in a van der Waals Moiré SuperlatticeAug 19 2019We investigate the magnetic proximity effect in van der Waals heterostructure formed by a monolayer semiconductor stacked on a 2D ferromagnet, where the lattice mismatch and twisting between the layers typically lead to the formation of moir\'e pattern. ... More
The Zak phase and Winding numberAug 19 2019Bulk-edge correspondence is one of the most distinct properties of topological insulators. In particular, the 1-d winding number $\n$ has a one-to-one correspondence to the number of edge states in a chain of topological insulators with boundaries. By ... More
Planar Hall Effect and Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in a polar-polar interface of LaVO$_3$-KTaO$_3$ with strong spin-orbit couplingAug 19 2019Among the perovskite oxide family, KTaO$_3$ (KTO) has recently attracted considerable interest as a possible system for the realization of the Rashba effect. In this work, we improvise a novel conducting interface by juxtaposing KTO with another insulator, ... More
Enhancement of Thermal Spin Transfer Torque via Bandpass Energy FilteringAug 19 2019We propose the use of energy bandpass filtering approach in the magnetic tunnel junction device as a route to enhance the thermal spin transfer torque. Using the spin-resolved non-equilibrium Green's function formalism, we harness the optical analog of ... More
Scanning tunneling microscope characterizations of a circular graphene resonator realized with p-p junctionsAug 19 2019Using low-temperature high-magnetic-field scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/STS), we systematically study a graphene quantum dot (GQD) defined by a circular graphene p-p junction. Inside the GQD, we observe a series of quasi-bound states ... More
Tuning the Topological Features of Quantum-Dot Hydrogen and Helium by a Magnetic FieldAug 19 2019The topological charge of the spin texture in a quantum dot with spin-orbit couplings is shown analytically here to be stable against the ellipticity of the dot. It is directly tunable by a single magnetic field and is related to the \textit{sign} of ... More
Isotropic charge screening of the anisotropic black phosphorus revealed by potassium adatomsAug 19 2019Black phosphorus has attracted great research interest due to its numerous applications in electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, energy storages and so on. Compared with the majority of two-dimensional materials, black phosphorus possesses a unique ... More
Maximizing the spin-orbit torque efficiency of Pt/Ti multilayers by optimization of the tradeoff between the intrinsic spin Hall conductivity and carrier lifetimeAug 18 2019We report a comprehensive study of the maximization of the spin Hall ratio ({\theta}SH) in Pt thin films by the insertion of sub-monolayer layers of Ti to decrease carrier lifetime while minimizing the concurrent reduction in the spin Hall conductivity. ... More
Symmetry aspects of spin-filtering in molecular junctions: hybridization and quantum interference effectsAug 18 2019Control and manipulation of electric current and, especially, its degree of spin polarization (spin filtering) across single molecules are currently of great interest in the field of molecular spintronics. We explore one possible strategy based on the ... More
Electron \textit{g}-factor engineering for non-reciprocal spin photonicsAug 18 2019We study the interplay of electron and photon spin in non-reciprocal materials. Traditionally, the primary mechanism to design non-reciprocal photonic devices has been magnetic fields in conjunction with magnetic oxides, such as iron garnets. In this ... More
Confinement effect on solar thermal heating process of TiN solutionsAug 18 2019We propose a theoretical approach to describe quantitatively the heating process in aqueous solutions of dispersed TiN nanoparticles under solar illumination. The temperature gradients of solution with different concentrations of TiN nanoparticles are ... More
Electronic phase separation at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces tunable by oxygen deficiencyAug 17 2019Electronic phase separation is crucial for the fascinating macroscopic properties of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (LAO/STO) paradigm oxide interface, including the coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism. We investigate this phenomenon using angle-resolved ... More
Nonreciprocal response theory of nonhermitian mechanical metamaterials: response phase transition from the skin effect of zero modesAug 17 2019Nonreciprocal nonhermitian systems provide an unconventional localization mechanism of topological zero modes via the nonhermitian skin effect. While fundamental theoretical characterizations of this effect involve the biorthogonal system of right and ... More
Stacking transition in rhombohedral graphiteAug 17 2019Few layer graphene (FLG) has been recently intensively investigated for its variable electronic properties defined by a local atomic arrangement. While the most natural layers arrangement in FLG is ABA (Bernal) stacking, a metastable ABC (rhombohedral) ... More
Surface currents in Hall devicesAug 17 2019A variational approach is used in order to study the stationary states of Hall devices. Charge accumulation, electric potentials and electric currents are investigated on the basis of the Kirchhoff-Helmholtz principle of least heat dissipation. A simple ... More
Band-pass Magnetic Tunnel Junction based Magnetoresistive Random Access MemoryAug 17 2019We propose spin transfer torque--magnetoresistive random access memory (STT-MRAM) based on magneto-resistance and spin transfer torque physics of band-pass spin filtering. Utilizing the electronic analogs of optical phenomena such as anti-reflection coating ... More
Modeling spontaneous charge transfer at metal/organic hybrid heterostructuresAug 17 2019Hybrid materials are crucial in photovoltaics where the overall efficiency of the heterostructure is closely related to the level of charge transfer at the interface. Here, using various metal / poly(3-hexylthiophene)(P3HT) heterostructure models, we ... More
Low-Frequency Noise in Low-Dimensional van der Waals MaterialsAug 16 2019The emergence of graphene and two-dimensional van der Walls materials renewed interest to investigation of the low-frequency noise in the low-dimensional systems. The layered van der Waals materials offers unique opportunities for studying the low-frequency ... More
Double Quantum Magnetometry at Large Static Magnetic FieldsAug 16 2019We present a protocol to achieve double quantum magnetometry at large static magnetic fields. This is a regime where sensitive sample parameters, such as the chemical shift, get enhanced facilitating their characterization. In particular, our method delivers ... More
Relaxation of electronically confined states in Pb/Si(111) thin films from Master Equation with first-principles-derived ratesAug 16 2019Atomically thin films of Pb on Si(111) provide an experimentally tunable system comprising a highly structured electronic density of states. The lifetime of excited electrons in these states is limited by both electron-electron (e-e) and electron-phonon ... More
Dynamically Induced Topology and Quantum Monodromies in a Proximity Quenched Gapless WireAug 16 2019We study the quench dynamics of a topologically trivial one-dimensional gapless wire following its sudden coupling to topological bound states. We find that as the bound states leak into and propagate through the wire, signatures of their topological ... More
Antiferromagnetic cavity optomagnonicsAug 16 2019We propose a cavity optomagnonic system based on antiferromagnetic insulators. We derive the Hamiltonian of the system and obtain the coupling of the antiferromagnetic magnon modes to the optical cavity field as a function of magnetic field and material ... More
Dielectric breakdown of strongly correlated insulators in one dimension: Universal formula from non-Hermitian sine-Gordon theoryAug 16 2019Application of sufficiently strong electric fields to insulators induces finite currents and then the insulators become metallic. This phenomenon is called dielectric breakdown and known as a fundamental nonequilibrium and nonlinear transport phenomenon ... More
Itinerant ferromagnetism and intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in amorphous iron-germaniumAug 16 2019The amorphous iron-germanium system ($a$-Fe$_x$Ge$_{1-x}$) lacks long-range structural order and hence lacks a meaningful Brillouin zone. The magnetization of $a$-Fe$_x$Ge$_{1-x}$ is well explained by the Stoner model for Fe concentrations $x$ above the ... More
Reentrant Pinning, Dynamic Row Reduction, and Skyrmion Accumulation for Driven Skyrmions in Inhomogeneous Pinning ArraysAug 16 2019We examine the dynamics of skyrmions in systems with a region of strong pinning coexisting with a pin free region, where the equilibrium state has a uniform skyrmion density. Under an applied drive, skyrmions accumulate in the pin free region along the ... More
Ballistic Supercavitating Nano Swimmer Driven by Single Gaussian Beam Optical Pushing and Pulling ForcesAug 16 2019Directed high-speed motion of nanoscale objects in fluids (nano swimmers) can have a wide range of applications like molecular machinery, nano robotics, drug delivery, and material assembly. Here, we report ballistic plasmonic Au nanoparticle (NP) swimmers ... More
The emergence of one-dimensional channels in marginal-angle twisted bilayer grapheneAug 16 2019We generalize the continuum model for Moir\'e structures made from twisted graphene layers, in order to include lattice relaxation and the formation of channels at very small (marginal) twist angles. We show that a precise description of the electronic ... More
Joule-Thomson Cooling in GrapheneAug 16 2019Electrons in graphene exhibit hydrodynamic behavior in a certain range of temperatures. We indicate that electric current in this regime can result in cooling of electron fluid due to the Joule-Thomson effect. Cooling occurs in the Fermi liquid regime, ... More
An sp-hybridized molecular carbon allotrope, cyclo[18]carbonAug 16 2019Carbon allotropes built from rings of two-coordinate atoms, known as cyclo[n]carbons, have fascinated chemists for many years, but until now they could not be isolated or structurally characterized, due to their high reactivity. We generated cyclo[18]carbon ... More
Spin geometric-phases in hopping magnetoconductance and spin currentsAug 16 2019We identify theoretically the geometric phases of the electrons' spin that can be detected in measurements of charge and spin transport through Aharonov-Bohm interferometers threaded by a magnetic flux $\Phi$ (in units of the flux quantum) in which both ... More
Unconventional topological Hall effect in high-topological-number skyrmion crystalsAug 15 2019Skyrmions with the topological number $Q$ equal an integer larger than 1 are called high-topological-number skyrmions or high-$Q$ skyrmions. In this work, we theoretically study the topological Hall effect in square-lattice high-$Q$ skyrmion crystals ... More
The interplay of electron-photon and cavity-environment coupling on the electron transport through a quantum dot systemAug 15 2019We theoretically investigate the characteristics of the electron transport through a two-dimensionala quantum dot system in the $xy$-plane coupled to a photon cavity and a photon reservoir, the environment. The electron-photon coupling, $g_{\gamma}$, ... More
Bound states in the continuum of higher-order topological insulatorsAug 15 2019We show that lattices with higher-order topology can support corner-localized bound states even in the absence of a bulk energy gap. Topological bound states in these phases thus constitute examples of bound states in the continuum (BICs). Although the ... More
Driven quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edgeAug 15 2019In relation to recent electron quantum optics experiments we study a model of a quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edge driven out of equilibrium by a time-dependent bias voltage. In this setup we take into account short-range interactions ... More
Spectroscopic Signatures of Nonlocal Interfacial Coupling in Superconducting FeSe/SrTiO3 HeterostructuresAug 15 2019The mechanism of enhanced superconductivity in the one unit-cell (1UC) FeSe film on a SrTiO3 (STO) substrate has stimulated significant research interest but remains elusive. Using low-temperature, voltage-gated Raman spectroscopy and low-temperature ... More
Universal momentum-to-real-space mapping of topological singularitiesAug 15 2019Topological properties of materials, as manifested in the intriguing phenomena of quantum Hall effect and topological insulators, have attracted overwhelming transdisciplinary interest in recent years. Topological edge states, for instance, have been ... More
Exciting Pseudospin Dependent Edge States in Plasmonic MetasurfacesAug 15 2019We study a plasmonic metasurface that supports pseudospin dependent edge states confined at a subwavelength scale, considering full electrodynamic interactions including retardation and radiative effects. The spatial symmetry of the lattice of plasmonic ... More
Heat rectification via a superconducting artificial atomAug 15 2019In miniaturising electrical devices down to nanoscales, heat transfer has turned into a serious obstacle but also potential resource for future developments, both for conventional and quantum computing architectures. Controlling heat transport in superconducting ... More
Heat rectification via a superconducting artificial atomAug 15 2019Aug 16 2019In miniaturising electrical devices down to nanoscales, heat transfer has turned into a serious obstacle but also potential resource for future developments, both for conventional and quantum computing architectures. Controlling heat transport in superconducting ... More
Quantum optics with single spinsAug 15 2019Defects in solids are in many ways analogous to trapped atoms or molecules. They can serve as long-lived quantum memories and efficient light-matter interfaces. As such, they are leading building blocks for long-distance quantum networks and distributed ... More
Phase field crystal model for heterostructuresAug 15 2019Atomically thin 2-dimensional heterostructures are a promising, novel class of materials with groundbreaking properties. The possiblity of choosing the many constituent components and their proportions allows optimizing these materials to specific requirements. ... More
End-to-end correlated subgap states in hybrid nanowiresAug 15 2019End-to-end correlated bound states are investigated in superconductor-semiconductor hybrid nanowires at zero magnetic field. Peaks in subgap conductance are independently identified from each wire end, and a cross-correlation function is computed that ... More
Magnetic proximity in a van der Waals heterostructure of magnetic insulator and grapheneAug 15 2019Engineering two-dimensional material heterostructures by combining the best of different materials in one ultimate unit can offer a plethora of opportunities in condensed matter physics. Here, in the van der Waals heterostructures of the ferromagnetic ... More