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Probing Image Potential States on Topological Semimetal Antimony SurfaceJul 19 2019A point charge near the surface of a topological insulator is predicted to generate an image magnetic charge in addition to an image electric charge as a result of electrostatic screening. We use scanning tunneling spectroscopy to study image potential ... More
Optical control of synchronous phases in a programmable polariton cellJul 19 2019We demonstrate deterministic control of the nearest and next-nearest neighbor coupling in the unit cell of a square lattice of microcavity exciton-polariton condensates. We tune the coupling in a continuous and reversible manner by optically imprinting ... More
Rearrangement of 2D aggregates of droplets under compression: signatures of the energy landscape from crystal to glassJul 19 2019We study signatures of the energy landscape's evolution through the crystal-to-glass transition by compressing 2D finite aggregates of oil droplets. Droplets of two distinct sizes are used to compose small aggregates in an aqueous environment. Aggregates ... More
Underlying topological Dirac nodal line mechanism of anomalously large electron-phonon coupling strength on Be (0001) surfaceJul 19 2019Beryllium was recently discovered to harbor a Dirac nodal line (DNL) in its bulk phase and the DNL-induced non-trivial drumhead-like surface states (DNSSs) on its (0001) surface, rationalizing several already-existing historic puzzles [Phys. Rev. Lett., ... More
Multiple ferromagnetic transitions and structural distortion in the van-der-Waals ferromagnet VI$_3$ at ambient and finite pressuresJul 19 2019We present a combined study of zero-field $^{51}$V and $^{127}$I NMR at ambient pressure and specific heat and magnetization measurements under pressure up to 2.08 GPa on bulk single crystals of the van-der-Waals ferromagnet VI$_3$. At ambient pressure, ... More
Minimal model of quantum measurements and emergence of classical domainJul 19 2019We propose a minimalistic model of quantum measurements within a finite system that undergoes a regular unitary evolution. Based on information theory, the measurement process requires a sacrifice of information entropy. This loss in our model is represented ... More
Tunable coupling and isolation of single electrons in silicon quantum dotsJul 19 2019Extremely long coherence times, excellent single-qubit gate fidelities and two-qubit logic have been demonstrated with silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor spin qubits, making it one of the leading platforms for quantum information processing. Despite this, ... More
Unified phase diagram of reversible-irreversible, jamming and yielding transitions in cyclically sheared soft sphere packingsJul 19 2019Self-organization, and transitions from reversible to irreversible behaviour, of interacting particle assemblies driven by externally imposed stresses or deformation is of interest in comprehending diverse phenomena in soft matter. They have been investigated ... More
Accurate Sampling with Noisy Forces from Approximate ComputingJul 19 2019In scientific computing, the acceleration of atomistic computer simulations by means of custom hardware is finding ever growing application. A major limitation, however, is that the high efficiency in terms of performance and low power consumption entails ... More
Microscopic reweighting for non-equilibrium steady states dynamicsJul 19 2019Computer simulations generate trajectories at a single, well-defined thermodynamic state point. Statistical reweighting offers the means to reweight static and dynamical properties to different equilibrium state points by means of analytic relations. ... More
Elastic ripening and inhibition of liquid-liquid phase separationJul 19 2019Phase separation has recently emerged as an important organizational principle in the dense and heterogeneous environment within living cells. Here, we use a synthetic system to show that compressive stresses in a polymer network suppress phase separation ... More
Nonlocal thermoelectric effects in high-field superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid structuresJul 19 2019We report on the experimental observation of nonlocal spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in superconductor-ferromagnet multiterminal structures. Our samples consist of a thin superconducting aluminum wire with several ferromagnetic tunnel junctions ... More
Broadband Nonreciprocal THz Amplification in Luminal Graphene MetasurfacesJul 19 2019Time has emerged as a new degree of freedom for metamaterials, promising new pathways in wave control. However, electromagnetism suffers from limitations in the modulation speed of material parameters. Here we argue that these limitations can be circumvented ... More
Magnetic-field-orientation-dependent triplet supercurrents in Josephson junctions with symmetric and asymmetric exchange-spring interfacesJul 19 2019Josephson junctions with s-wave superconductors (S) and multiple ferromagnetic (F) layers carry spin-triplet supercurrents in the presence of magnetically inhomogeneous spin-mixer interfaces. Here, we report magnetic Josephson junctions with exchange-spring ... More
Synthesis of MAX Phases Nb2CuC and Ti2(Al0.1Cu0.9)N by A-site Replacement Reaction in Molten SaltsJul 19 2019New MAX phases Ti2(AlxCu1-x)N and Nb2CuC were synthesized by A-site replacement by reacting Ti2AlN and Nb2AlC, respectively, with CuCl2 or CuI molten salt. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and atomically-resolved scanning transmission ... More
Statistical analysis of electronic and phononic transport simulations of metallic atomic contactsJul 19 2019We adapt existing phonon heat transport methods to compute the phononic thermal conductance of metallic atomic contacts during a stretching process. Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) simulations are used to generate atomic configurations and to ... More
Classification of the reversible-irreversible transitions in particle trajectories across the jamming transition pointJul 19 2019The reversible-irreversible (RI) transition of particle trajectories in athermal colloidal suspensions under cyclic shear deformation is an archetypal nonequilibrium phase transition which attracts much attention recently. In the low-density limit, the ... More
Direct observations of chiral spin textures in van der Waals magnet Fe3GeTe2 nanolayersJul 19 2019In two-dimensional van der Waals (vdW) magnets, the presence of magnetic orders, strong spin-orbit coupling and asymmetry at interfaces is the key ingredient for hosting chiral spin textures. However, experimental evidences for chiral magnetism in vdW ... More
First-principles prediction of a new family of layered topological insulatorsJul 19 2019Dozens of layered V$_2$IV$_2$VI$_6$ (V=P, As, Sb, Bi, IV=Si, Ge, Sn, Pb, VI=S, Se, Te) materials are investigated, several of which have been successfully synthesized in experiment. Among them, we predict nine strong topological insulators (TIs), two ... More
Dynamics of relaxation and dressing of a quenched Bose polaronJul 19 2019We study the non-equilibrium dynamics of relaxation and dressing of a mobile impurity suddenly immersed--or quenched-- into a zero temperature homogeneous Bose Einstein condensate (BEC) with velocity $v$. A many body generalization of Weisskopf-Wigner ... More
Characterization and decomposition of the natural van der Waals heterostructure SnSb2Te4 under compressionJul 18 2019This joint experimental and theoretical study of the structural, vibrational and electrical properties of rhombohedral SnSb2Te4 at high pressure unveils the internal mechanisms of its compression. The equation of state and the internal polyhedral compressibility, ... More
Novel approach to hydrogen storage in table saltJul 18 2019Hydrogen has the potential usage as an efficient fuel due to its environmental clean and highest energy density. We performed an extensive exploration of the high-pressure phase diagrams of XY (X are alkali metals and Y are halogens) hydrides, focusing ... More
State-swap, squeezing and entanglement in cholesteric liquid crystalsJul 18 2019A classical stochastic formalism is presented and applied to the case of two linearly coupled harmonic oscillators. It is shown that phenomena such as state-swap, quadrature squeezing, entanglement and violation of entanglement inequalities naturally ... More
Tuning spinterface properties in Iron/Fullerene thin filmsJul 18 2019In ferromagnetic (FM) metal/organic semiconductor (OSC) heterostructures charge transfer can occur which leads to induction of magnetism in the non-magnetic OSC. This phenomenon has been described by the change in the density of states in the OSC which ... More
Non-Fermi-liquid behaviors associated with a magnetic quantum-critical point in Sr(Co{1-x}Ni{x})2As2 single crystalsJul 18 2019Electron-doped Sr(Co{1-x}Ni{x})2As2 single crystals with compositions x = 0 to 0.9 were grown out of self-flux and SrNi2As2 single crystals out of Bi flux. The crystals were characterized using single-crystal x-ray diffraction (XRD), magnetic susceptibility ... More
Biased Random Search in Complex NetworksJul 18 2019We study two types of biased random walk on complex networks, which are based on local information. In the first procedure, the transitions towards neighboring nodes with smaller degrees are favored, while in the second another concept based on a two-hop ... More
Measurements of capacitive coupling within a quadruple quantum dot arrayJul 18 2019We present measurements of the capacitive coupling energy and the inter-dot capacitances in a linear quadruple quantum dot array in undoped Si/SiGe. With the device tuned to a regime of strong ($>$1 GHz) intra-double dot tunnel coupling, as is typical ... More
Flat band of topological states bound to a mobile impurityJul 18 2019I consider a particle in the topologically non-trivial Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model interacting strongly with a mobile impurity, whose quantum dynamics is described by a topologically trivial Hamiltonian. A particle in the SSH model admits a topological ... More
Topological theory of Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems in quantum spin systemsJul 18 2019The Lieb-Schultz-Mattis (LSM) theorem states that a spin system with translation and spin rotation symmetry and half-integer spin per unit cell does not admit a gapped symmetric ground state lacking fractionalized excitations. That is, the ground state ... More
Self-bound Doubly-Dipolar Bose-Einstein condensatesJul 18 2019We analyze the physics of self-bound droplets in a doubly dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate (DDBEC) composed by particles with both electric and magnetic dipole moments. Using the particularly relevant case of dysprosium, we show that the anisotropy of ... More
Probability density of the fractional Langevin equation with reflecting wallsJul 18 2019We investigate anomalous diffusion processes governed by the fractional Langevin equation and confined to a finite or semi-infinite interval by reflecting potential barriers. As the random and damping forces in the fractional Langevin equation fulfill ... More
Neural Quantum States of frustrated magnets: generalization and sign structureJul 18 2019Neural quantum states (NQS) attract a lot of attention due to their potential to serve as variational wave functions for quantum many-body systems. Here we study the main factors governing the applicability of NQS to frustrated magnets. We consider exact ... More
Adhesive wear and interaction of tangentially loaded micro-contactsJul 18 2019Current engineering wear models are often based on empirical parameters rather than built upon physical considerations. Here, we look for a physical description of adhesive wear at the microscale, at which the interaction between two surfaces comes down ... More
Emissive Azobenzenes Delivered on a Silver Coordination PolymerJul 18 2019Azobenzene has become a ubiquitous component of functional molecules and polymeric materials because of the light-induced trans-cis isomerization of the diazene group. In contrast, there are very few applications utilizing azobenzene luminescence, since ... More
Analog content addressable memories with memristorsJul 18 2019A content addressable memory (CAM) is a special form of memory that compares an input search word against all rows of stored words in an array in a highly parallel manner. While supplying a very powerful functionality for many applications in pattern ... More
Nanoscale ultrasensing using a nonbonding plasmon resonanceJul 18 2019Placing a plasmonic nanorod near the termination of a plasmonic nanowire dramatically changes the reflection of the wire's guided mode. By carefully choosing the length of the nanorod, the reflectivity at the wire termination nearly vanishes due to destructive ... More
The Ghost of a Vanishing Stripe Order in the Triangular Quantum Ising Magnet TmMgGaO$_4$Jul 18 2019Frustrated magnets host the promises of material realizations of new paradigm of quantum matter. However, due to their strongly correlated nature, direct comparison of unbiased model calculations with experiment results is still a challenge to the entire ... More
Understanding the Linewidth of the ESR Spectrum Detected by a Single NV Center in DiamondJul 18 2019Spectral analysis of electron spin resonance (ESR) is a powerful technique for various investigations including characterization of spin systems, measurements of spin concentration, and probing spin dynamics. The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond ... More
Functional model for boundary value problems and its application to the spectral analysis of transmission problemsJul 18 2019We develop a functional model for operators arising in the study of boundary-value problems of materials science and mathematical physics. We provide explicit formulae for the resolvents of the associated extensions of symmetric operators in terms of ... More
Abelian Higgs model at four loops, fixed-point collision and deconfined criticalityJul 18 2019The abelian Higgs model is the textbook example for the superconducting transition and the Anderson-Higgs mechanism, and has become pivotal in the description of deconfined quantum criticality. We study the abelian Higgs model with $n$ complex scalar ... More
Lectures on entanglement entropy in field theory and holographyJul 18 2019These notes, based on lectures given at various schools over the last few years, aim to provide an introduction to entanglement entropies in quantum field theories, including holographic ones. We explore basic properties and simple examples of entanglement ... More
Separation of variables bases for integrable $gl_{\mathcal{M}|\mathcal{N}}$ and Hubbard modelsJul 18 2019We construct quantum Separation of Variables (SoV) bases for both the fundamental inhomogeneous $gl_{\mathcal{M}|\mathcal{N}}$ supersymmetric integrable models and for the inhomogeneous Hubbard model both defined with quasi-periodic twisted boundary conditions ... More
The Marginal Stability of the Meta-stable Thouless-Anderson-Palmer StatesJul 18 2019The existing investigations on the complexity are extended. In addition to the Edward-Anderson Parameter q_2 the fourth moment q_4 of the magnetizations m_i is included to the set of constrained variables and the constrained complexity is numerical determined. ... More
Patchy particles by self-assembly of star copolymers on a spherical substrate: Thomson solutions in a geometric problem with a color constraintJul 18 2019Jul 19 2019Confinement or geometric frustration is known to alter the structure of soft matter, including copolymeric melts, and can consequently be used to tune structure and properties. Here we investigate the self-assembly of ABC and ABB 3-miktoarm star copolymers ... More
Patchy particles by self-assembly of star copolymers on a spherical substrate: Thomson solutions in a geometric problem with a color constraintJul 18 2019Confinement or geometric frustration is known to alter the structure of soft matter, including copolymeric melts, and can consequently be used to tune structure and properties. Here we investigate the self-assembly of ABC and ABB 3-miktoarm star copolymers ... More
Intrinsically motivated collective motionJul 18 2019Collective motion is found in various animal systems, active suspensions and robotic or virtual agents. This is often understood using high level models that directly encode selected empirical features, such as co-alignment and cohesion. Can these features ... More
Surface resonance of the (2$\times$1) reconstructed lanthanum hexaboride (001)-cleavage plane: a combined STM and DFT studyJul 18 2019We performed a combined study of the (001)-cleavage plane of lanthanum hexaboride (LaB$_\text{6}$) using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and density functional theory (DFT). Experimentally, we found a (2$\times$1) reconstructed surface on a local ... More
Theory of valley-resolved spectroscopy of a Si triple quantum dot coupled to a microwave resonatorJul 18 2019We theoretically study a silicon triple quantum dot (TQD) system coupled to a superconducting microwave resonator. The response signal of an injected probe signal can be used to extract information about the level structure by measuring the transmission ... More
Universal fluctuations of reduced density matrices in maximally noisy or ergodic quantum systems and typicalityJul 18 2019For a quantum system in a macroscopically large volume $V$, prepared in a pure state and subject to maximally noisy or ergodic unitary dynamics, the reduced density matrix of any sub-system $v\ll V$ is almost surely totally mixing. We show that the fluctuations ... More
Symmetry of superconducting pairing in non-pseudospin electron bandsJul 18 2019We develop the symmetry classification of superconducting gap functions in electron bands that do not transform under the crystal point group operations like the pure spin-1/2 states. The Bloch state bases in twofold degenerate bands with spin-orbit coupling ... More
Nonlinear Properties of Supercurrent-Carrying Single and Multi-Layer Thin-Film SuperconductorsJul 18 2019Superconducting thin-films are central to the operation of many kinds of quantum sensors and quantum computing devices: Kinetic Inductance Detectors (KIDs), Travelling-Wave Parametric Amplifiers (TWPAs), Qubits, and Spin-based Quantum Memory elements. ... More
Spreading on viscoelastic solids: Are contact angles selected by Neumann's law?Jul 18 2019The spreading of liquid drops on soft substrates is extremely slow, owing to strong viscoelastic dissipation inside the solid. A detailed understanding of the spreading dynamics has remained elusive, partly owing to the difficulty in quantifying the strong ... More
Monolithically Integrated Perovskite Semiconductor Lasers on Silicon Photonic Chips by Scalable Top-Down FabricationJul 18 2019Metal-halide perovskites are promising lasing materials for realization of monolithically integrated laser sources, the key components of silicon photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Perovskites can be deposited from solution and require only low temperature ... More
Critical Josephson current in BCS-BEC crossover superfluidsJul 18 2019We develop a microscopic model to describe the Josephson dynamics between two superfluid reservoirs of ultracold fermionic atoms which accounts for the dependence of the critical current on both the barrier height and the interaction strength along the ... More
Explaining Observed Stability of Excitons in Highly Excited CdSe NanoplateletsJul 18 2019Two-dimensional electron-hole gases in colloidal semiconductors have a wide variety of applications. Therefore, a proper physical understanding of these materials is of great importance. In this paper we present a detailed theoretical analysis of the ... More
Optical and Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesJul 18 2019The recent development of efficient chirality sorting techniques has opened the way to the use of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in a plethora of nanoelectronic, photovoltaic, and optoelectronic applications. However, to understand the excitation ... More
Emergent chirality in multi-lead Luttinger-liquid junctions out of equilibriumJul 18 2019We study charge transport through $N$-lead junctions ($N\geq 3$) of spinless Luttinger liquid wires with bias voltages applied to Fermi-liquid reservoirs. In particular, we consider a Y junction, which is a setup characteristic of the tunneling experiment. ... More
AMMCR: Ab-initio model for mobility and conductivity calculation by using Rode AlgorithmJul 18 2019We present a module for calculating the mobility and conductivity of materials through the Rode's algorithm. This module uses various electronic structure inputs calculated by density function theory (DFT). We have demonstrated good agreement with experimental ... More
Electric bias-controlled switching of magnetization of ferrimagnetically coupled Mn delta-layers in a GaAs-AlGaAs quantum wellJul 18 2019We suggest a model of synthetic ferrimagnetic semiconductor structure based on GaAs-AlGaAs quantum well doped by two Mn delta-layers. The coupling between the delta-layers is mediated by extra holes, and can be switched between ferro- and antiferromagnetic ... More
Ultrafast lithium diffusion in bilayer buckled graphene: A comparative study of Li and NaJul 18 2019The effect of the curvature of bilayer graphene on the interlayer diffusion of Li atoms is investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. A spectacular enhancement of the diffusion constant parallel to the folding axis is found. The ratio of the parallel ... More
Two-step breakdown of a local v = 1 quantum Hall stateJul 18 2019We report quantum Hall effect breakdown of a local filling factor v_local = 1 state formed in a bulk v_bulk = 2 system in an AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure. When a finite source-drain bias is applied across the local system, the breakdown occurs in two steps. ... More
Interaction induced single impurity tunneling in a binary mixture of trapped ultracold bosonsJul 18 2019We investigate the tunneling dynamics of a an impurity species which is trapped in a finite lattice and interacts repulsively with a Bose gas. We initially prepare our binary mixture in its ground state such that the impurities localize pairwise in adjacent ... More
Ensemble Green's function theory for interacting electrons with degenerate ground statesJul 18 2019An ensemble Green's function formalism, based on the von Neumann density matrix approach, to calculate one-electron excitation spectra of a many-electron system with degenerate ground states is proposed. A set of iterative equations for the ensemble Green's ... More
Cayley modification for strongly stable path-integral and ring-polymer molecular dynamicsJul 18 2019Path-integral-based molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are widely used for the calculation of numerically exact quantum Boltzmann properties and approximate dynamical quantities. A nearly universal feature of MD numerical integration schemes for equations ... More
Unveiling the Radiative Local Density of Optical States of a Plasmonic Nanocavity by STM Luminescence and SpectroscopyJul 18 2019Disentangling the contributions of radiative and non-radiative localized plasmonic modes from the photonic density of states of metallic nanocavities between atomically-sharp tips and flat substrates remains an experimental challenge nowadays. Electroluminescence ... More
Engineering two-photon wavefunction and exchange statistics in a semiconductor chipJul 18 2019High-dimensional entangled states of light provide novel possibilities for quantum information, from fundamental tests of quantum mechanics to enhanced computation and communication protocols. In this context, the frequency degree of freedom combines ... More
Topological Phase Transition of A Non-Hermitian Crosslinked ChainJul 18 2019Non-Hermiticity enriches the contents of topological classification of matter including exceptional points, bulk-edge correspondence and skin effect. Gain and loss can be described by imaginary diagonal elements in Hamiltonians and the topological phase ... More
Long range order in atomistic models for solidsJul 18 2019The emergence of long-range order at low temperatures in atomistic systems with continuous symmetry is a fundamental, yet poorly understood phenomenon in Physics. To address this challenge we study a discrete microscopic model for an elastic crystals ... More
Tunning Spin Hall conductivities in GeTe by Ferroelectric PolarizationJul 18 2019Controlling charge-spin current conversion by electric fields is crucial in spintronic devices, which can be realized in diatom ferroelectric semiconductor GeTe where it is established that ferroelectricity can change the spin texture. We demonstrated ... More
Finite size effects with boundary conditions on Bose-Einstein condensationJul 18 2019We investigate the statistical distribution that governs an ideal gases of N bosons confined in a limited cubic volume V . By adjusting the spatial sizes and imposing the boundary conditions that can be manipulated by the phase factors, we numerically ... More
Finite size effects with boundary conditions on Bose-Einstein condensationJul 18 2019Jul 19 2019We investigate the statistical distribution that governs an ideal gases of N bosons confined in a limited cubic volume V . By adjusting the spatial sizes and imposing the boundary conditions that can be manipulated by the phase factors, we numerically ... More
Correction of coarse-graining errors by a two-level method: application to the Asakura-Oosawa modelJul 18 2019We present a method that exploits self-consistent simulation of coarse-grained and fine-grained models, in order to analyse properties of physical systems. The method uses the coarse-grained model to obtain a first estimate of the quantity of interest, ... More
Raman scattering from current-stabilized nonequilibrium phases in Ca$_2$RuO$_4$Jul 18 2019We used Raman light scattering to study the current-stabilized nonequilibrium semimetallic and metallic phases in Ca$_2$RuO$_4$. By determining the local temperature through careful analysis of the Stokes and anti-Stokes intensities, we find that Joule ... More
Connecting metapopulation heterogeneity to aggregated lifetime statisticsJul 18 2019Aggregated metapopulation lifetime statistics has been used to access stylized facts that might help identify the underlying patch-level dynamics. For instance, the emergence of scaling laws in the aggregated probability distribution of patch lifetimes ... More
Epitaxial growth and characterization of high quality Bi2O2Se thin films on SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser depositionJul 18 2019Two-dimensional (2D) layered Bi2O2Se is provoking immense interests owing to its great potential for next generation electronics, due to its high electron mobility, moderate bandgap size and excellent environmental stability. Meanwhile, it has been predicted ... More
High-performance monolayer MoS2 field-effect transistor with large-scale nitrogen-doped graphene electrodes for Ohmic contactJul 18 2019A finite Schottky barrier and large contact resistance between monolayer MoS2 and electrodes are the major bottlenecks in developing high-performance field-effect transistors (FETs) that hinder the study of intrinsic quantum behaviors such as valley-spin ... More
Charged domain walls and crystallographic microstructures in hybrid improper ferroelectric Ca$_{3-x}$Sr$_x$Ti$_2$O$_7$Jul 18 2019The charged domain walls in ferroelectric materials exhibit intriguing physical properties. We examine herein the charged-domain-wall structures in Ca$_{3-x}$Sr$_x$Ti$_2$O$_7$ using transmission electron microscopy. When viewed along the [001] axis, the ... More
Compensation in the spin-1/2 site diluted Ising ferrimagnet: A Monte Carlo studyJul 18 2019A two-dimensional spin-1/2 trilayer magnetic system with quenched non-magnetic impurity is studied. The lattice is formed by alternate layers of two different theoretical atoms A and B arranged in a particular fashion A-B-A. The compensation point appears ... More
Nucleation of antagonistic organisms and cellular competitions on curved, inflating substratesJul 18 2019We consider the dynamics of spatially-distributed, diffusing populations of organisms with antagonistic interactions. These interactions are found on many length scales, ranging from kilometer-scale animal range dynamics with selection against hybrids ... More
Resonant soft x-ray scattering from stripe-ordered La$_{2-x}$Ba$_x$CuO$_4$ using a transition edge sensor array detectorJul 18 2019Resonant soft x-ray scattering (RSXS) is a leading probe of valence band order in materials best known for establishing the existence of charge density wave order in the copper-oxide superconductors. One of the biggest limitations on the RSXS technique ... More
Characterization of fracture in topology-optimized bio-inspired networksJul 18 2019Designing strong and robust bio-inspired structures requires an understanding of how function arises from the architecture and geometry of materials found in nature. We draw from trabecular bone, a lightweight bone tissue that exhibits a complex, anisotropic ... More
Molecular beam epitaxy of three-dimensionally thick Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 filmsJul 18 2019Rapid progress of quantum transport study in topological Dirac semimetal, including observations of quantum Hall effect in two-dimensional (2D) Cd$_{\mathrm{3}}$As$_{\mathrm{2}}$ samples, has uncovered even more interesting quantum transport properties ... More
Derivation of holographic negativity in ${\it AdS}_3/{\it CFT}_2$Jul 18 2019We present a derivation of the holographic dual of logarithmic negativity in $AdS_3/CFT_2$ that was recently conjectured in [Phys. Rev. D 99, 106014 (2019)]. This is given by the area of an extremal cosmic brane that terminates on the boundary of the ... More
Pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature of compressed LaH$_{10}$Jul 18 2019Two recent experiments [M. Somayazulu $et$ $al$., Phys. Rev. Lett. ${\bf 122}$, 027001 (2019) and A. P. Drozdov $et$ $al$., Nature ${\bf 569}$, 528 (2019)] reported the discovery of superconductivity in the fcc phase of LaH$_{10}$ at a critical temperature ... More
A window into NV center kinetics via repeated annealing and spatial tracking of thousands of individual NV centersJul 17 2019Knowledge of the nitrogen-vacancy center formation kinetics in diamond is critical to engineering sensors and quantum information devices based on this defect. Here we utilize the longitudinal tracking of single NV centers to elucidate NV defect kinetics ... More
Fabrication and electronic properties of GeNi$_2$O$_4$ epitaxial thin filmJul 17 2019Frustrated magnets can host numerous exotic many-body quantum and topological phenomena. Bulk GeNi$_2$O$_4$ spinel is a frustrated magnet with an unusual two-stage transition to antiferromagnetic state and spontaneous breaking of cubic symmetry. Here ... More
In-plane Magnetic Anisotropy Generated by Quantum Zero-point Fluctuations in a Tetragonal Quantum Antiferromagnet Bi$_2$CuO$_4$Jul 17 2019We carried out inelastic neutron scattering measurements to study low energy spin dynamics of a tetragonal quantum magnet Bi$_2$CuO$_4$. Unlike other previously studied cuprates, its unique magnetic lattice gives rise to an accidental in-plane spin rotational ... More
Surface Tensions between Active Fluids and Solid Interfaces: bare vs dressedJul 17 2019We analyze the surface tension exerted at the interface between an active fluid and a solid boundary in terms of tangential forces. Focusing on active systems known to possess an equation of state for the pressure, we show that interfacial forces are ... More
Density of states measurements for heavy subband of holes in HgTe quantum wellsJul 17 2019Narrow HgTe quantum wells are remarkable by presence of poorly conductive two-dimensional heavy hole subband (located in the local valleys) states atop of well-conductive Dirac-like light holes at the $\Gamma$ point. Here we propose and employ two methods ... More
A superfluid-tunable 3D transmon qubitJul 17 2019Superfluid helium at milli-Kelvin temperatures is a dielectric liquid with an extremely low loss tangent at microwave frequencies. As such, it is a promising candidate for incorporation into hybrid quantum systems containing superconducting qubits. We ... More
Detecting the 3D chemical bond from its 2D image in a projected spaceJul 17 2019Our curiosity-driven desire to "see" chemical bonds dates back at least one-hundred years, and perhaps back to antiquity. This desire has taken on a more practical significance as our ability to measure and predict the electron charge density continues ... More
Quasi 2-D magnetism in the Kagome layer compound FeSnJul 17 2019Single crystals of the single Kagome layer compound FeSn are investigated using x-ray and neutron scattering, magnetic susceptibility and magnetization, heat capacity, resistivity, Hall, Seebeck, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity measurements and ... More
Topical Review on Skyrmions and Hall TransportJul 17 2019We review recent progresses towards an understanding of the Skyrmion Hall transport in insulating as well as conducting materials. First, we consider a theoretical breakthrough based on the quantum field theory Ward identity, a first principle analysis, ... More
An exactly soluble model for a fractionalized Weyl semimetalJul 17 2019We construct an exactly solvable lattice model of a fractional Weyl semimetal (FWS). The low energy theory of this strongly interacting state is that of a Weyl semimetal built out of fractionally charged fermions. We show the existence of a universally ... More
Rydberg impurity in a Fermi gas: Quantum statistics and rotational blockadeJul 17 2019We consider the quench of an atomic impurity via a single Rydberg excitation in a degenerate Fermi gas. The Rydberg interaction with the background gas particles induces an ultralong-range potential that binds particles to form dimers, trimers, tetramers, ... More
Optimal transport and colossal ionic mechano-conductance in graphene crown ethersJul 17 2019Biological ion channels balance electrostatic and dehydration effects to yield large ion selectivities alongside high transport rates. These macromolecular systems are often interrogated through point mutations of their pore domain, limiting the scope ... More
On the influence of the first-order contributions to the partial temperatures on transport properties in polydisperse dense granular mixturesJul 17 2019The Chapman--Enskog solution to the Enskog kinetic equation of polydisperse granular mixtures is revisited to determine the first-order contributions $\varpi_i$ to the partial temperatures. As expected, these quantities (which were neglected in previous ... More
Double flat bands in kagome twisted bilayersJul 17 2019We have studied how a generic bilayer kagome lattice behave upon layer rotation. We employed a Tight Binding model with one orbital per site and found (i) for low rotational angles, and at low energies, the same flat bands structure like in twisted bilayer ... More
Finite speed of quantum scrambling with long range interactionsJul 17 2019In a locally interacting many-body system, two isolated qubits, separated by a large distance $r$, become correlated and entangled with each other at a time $t \ge r/v$. This finite speed $v$ of quantum information scrambling limits quantum information ... More
Laser control of magnonic topological phases in antiferromagnetsJul 17 2019We study the laser control of magnon topological phases induced by the Aharonov-Casher effect in insulating antiferromagnets (AFs). Since the laser electric field can be considered as a time-periodic perturbation, we apply the Floquet theory and perform ... More