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Thermodynamic resources in continuous-variable quantum systemsSep 16 2019A system's deviation from its ambient temperature has long been known to be a resource---a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics, which constrains all systems to drift towards thermal equilibrium. Here we consider how such constraints generalize ... More
Zero temperature momentum distribution of an impurity in one-dimensional Fermi and Tonks-Girardeau gasesSep 16 2019We investigate the momentum distribution function of a single distinguishable impurity particle immersed in a gas of either free fermions or Tonks-Girardeau bosons in one spatial dimension. We obtain a Fredholm determinant representation of the distribution ... More
Onset of ferromagnetism for strongly correlated electrons in one-dimensional chainsSep 16 2019The existence of the Nagaoka ferromagnetism is examined in the context of the one-dimensional $U=\infty$ Hubbard model. We construct the exact quantum partition function to describe the physics of such a regime. Our calculation reveals that, while the ... More
Entanglement front generated by an impurity travelling in an isolated many-body quantum systemSep 16 2019We investigate the effect on the entanglement dynamics of an impurity moving at constant velocity in a closed quantum system. We focus on one-dimensional strongly-correlated lattice models, both in the presence of integrable and chaotic dynamics. In the ... More
Advantages of $q$-logarithm representation over $q$-exponential representation from the sense of scale and shift on nonlinear systemsSep 16 2019Addition and subtraction of observed values can be computed under the obvious and implicit assumption that the scale unit of measurement should have the same for all arguments, which is valid even for any nonlinear systems. This paper starts from the ... More
Dissipative generation of highly entangled states of light and matterSep 16 2019We investigate the full quantum evolution of ultracold interacting bosonic atoms confined to a chain geometry and coupled to the field of an optical cavity. Extending the time-dependent matrix product state techniques to capture the global coupling to ... More
Simple model for efficient search of high-mobility organic semiconductorsSep 16 2019High charge mobility in active layers of organic electronic devices is often necessary for their efficient operation. As a result, search for high-mobility materials among the plethora of synthesizable organic semiconductors is of paramount importance ... More
Subdiffusion in one-dimensional Hamiltonian chains with sparse interactionsSep 16 2019We establish rigorously that transport is slower than diffusive for a class of disordered one-dimensional Hamiltonian chains. This is done by deriving quantitative bounds on the variance in equilibrium of the energy or particle current, as a function ... More
Modal frustration and periodicity breaking in artificial spin iceSep 16 2019Switchable behaviors and writable defects in artificial spin ice have been extensively studied as nanoscale reconfigurable field sources for applications including neural networks and magnonics. Random walk style chains of correlated excitations have ... More
An experimental proof that resistance-switching memories are not memristorsSep 16 2019It has been suggested that all resistive-switching memories are memristors. The latter are hypothetical, ideal devices whose resistance, as originally formulated, depends only on the net charge that traverses them. Recently, an unambiguous test has been ... More
Shear viscosity of two-state enzyme solutionsSep 16 2019We discuss the shear viscosity of a Newtonian solution of catalytic enzymes and substrate molecules. The enzyme is modeled as a two-state dimer consisting of two spherical domains connected with an elastic spring. We take into account the enzymatic conformational ... More
Plasmonic elastic capsules as colorimetric reversible pH-microsensorsSep 16 2019There is a crucial need for effective and easily dispersible colloidal microsensors able to detect local pH changes before irreversible damages caused by demineralization, corrosion, or biofilms occur. One class of such microsensors is based on molecular ... More
Reactive magnetron sputtering of tungsten target in krypton/trimethylboron atmosphereSep 16 2019W-B-C films were deposited on Si(100) substrates held at elevated temperature by reactive sputtering from a W target in Kr/trimethylboron (TMB) plasmas. Quantitative analysis by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) shows that the films are W-rich between ... More
A simple statistical-mechanical interpretation of Onsager reciprocal relations and Derjaguin theory of thermo-osmosisSep 16 2019The application of a temperature gradient along a fluid-solid interface generates stresses in the fluid causing "thermo-osmotic" flow. Much of the understanding of this phenomenon is based on Derjaguin's work relating thermo-osmotic flows to the mechano-caloric ... More
The Hitchhiker model for Laplace diffusion processes in the cell environmentSep 16 2019Aggregation and fragmentation of single molecules in the cell environment lead to a spectrum of diffusivities and to statistical laws of movement very different from typical Brownian motion. Current models of intracellular transport do not explain at ... More
A toy model for anomalous transport and Griffiths effects near the Many-Body Localization transitionSep 16 2019We introduce and study a toy model for anomalous transport and Griffiths effects in one dimensional quantum disordered isolated systems near the Many-Body Localization (MBL) transitions. The model is constituted by a collection of 1d tight-binding chains ... More
Droplet leaping governs microstructured surface wettingSep 16 2019Microstructured surfaces that control the direction of liquid transport are not only ubiquitous in nature, but they are also central to technological processes such as fog/water harvesting, oil-water separation, and surface lubrication. However, a fundamental ... More
Let's deflate that beach ballSep 16 2019We investigate the relationship between pre-buckling and post-buckling states as a function of shell properties, within the deflation process of shells of an isotropic material. With an original and low-cost set-up that allows to measure simultaneously ... More
Higher order homogenized boundary conditions for flows over rough and porous surfacesSep 16 2019We derive a homogenized macroscopic model for fluid flows over ordered homogeneous porous surfaces. The unconfined free-flow is described by the Navier-Stokes equation, and the Darcy equation governs the seepage flow within the porous domain. Boundary ... More
Dynamics of Na Ion in the Amorphous Na2Si2O5 Using Quasielastic Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSep 16 2019We have investigated the dynamics of Na ions in amorphous Na2Si2O5, a potential solid electrolyte material for Na-battery. We have employed quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) technique in the amorphous Na2Si2O5 from 300 to 748 K to understand the ... More
Three-Dimensional Active Defect LoopsSep 16 2019We describe the flows and morphological dynamics of topological defect lines and loops in three-dimensional active nematics and show, using theory and numerical modelling, that they are governed by the local profile of the orientational order surrounding ... More
Chromosome Compaction and Chromatin Stiffness Enhance Diffusive Loop Extrusion by Slip-Link ProteinsSep 16 2019We use Brownian dynamics simulations to study the formation of chromatin loops through diffusive sliding of slip-link-like proteins, mimicking the behaviour of cohesin molecules. We recently proposed that diffusive sliding is sufficient to explain the ... More
RPA natural orbitals and their application to post-Hartree-Fock electronic structure methodsSep 16 2019We present a method to approximate post-Hartree-Fock correlation energies by using approximate natural orbitals obtained by the random phase approximation (RPA). We demonstrate the method by applying it to the helium atom, the hydrogen and fluorine molecule, ... More
Magnetic ground state of the frustrated spin-1/2 chain compound $β$-TeVO$_4$ at high magnetic fieldsSep 16 2019Frustrated spin-1/2 chains, despite the apparent simplicity, exhibit remarkably rich phase diagram comprising vector-chiral (VC), spin-density-wave (SDW) and multipolar/spin-nematic phases as a function of the magnetic field. Here we report a study of ... More
On Machine Learning Force Fields for Metallic NanoparticlesSep 16 2019Machine learning algorithms have recently emerged as a tool to generate force fields which display accuracies approaching the ones of the ab-initio calculations they are trained on, but are much faster to compute. The enhanced computational speed of machine ... More
Spin current pumped by resonant skyrmionSep 16 2019Spin pumping is a widely recognized method to generate the spin current in the spintronics, which is acknowledged as a fundamentally dynamic process equivalent to the spin-transfer torque. In this work, we theoretically verify that the oscillating spin ... More
Modular decomposition of Markov chain: detecting hierarchical organization of pervasive communitiesSep 16 2019In network science, a group of nodes connected with each other at higher probability than with those outside the group is referred to as a community. From the perspective that individual communities are associated with functional modules constituting ... More
Gate-tunable graphene-based Hall sensors on flexible substrates with increased sensitivitySep 16 2019We demonstrate a novel concept for operating graphene-based Hall sensors using an alternating current (AC) modulated gate voltage, which provides three important advantages compared to Hall sensors under static operation: 1) The sensor sensitivity can ... More
Influence of different disorder types on Aharonov-Bohm caging in the diamond chainSep 16 2019The linear diamond chain with fine-tuned effective magnetic flux has a completely flat energy spectrum and compactly-localized eigenmodes, forming an Aharonov-Bohm cage. We study numerically how this localization is affected by different types of disorder ... More
Stochastic telegraphic switching induces non-renewal behavior in nanoscale quantum transportSep 16 2019Many molecular junctions display stochastic telegraphic switching between two distinct current values, which is therefore an important source of fluctuations in nanoscale quantum transport. We investigate electronic fluctuations arising via Markovian ... More
Eigenstate thermalization and ensemble equivalence in few-body fermionic systemsSep 16 2019We investigate eigenstate thermalization from the point of view of vanishing particle and heat currents between a few-body fermionic Hamiltonian prepared in one of its eigenstates and an external, weakly coupled Fermi-Dirac gas. The latter acts as a thermometric ... More
Performance limitation of Si Nanowire solar cells: Effects of nanowire length and surface defectsSep 16 2019In Si nanowire (SiNW) solar cells enhanced light confinement property in addition to decoupling of charge carrier collection and light absorption directions plays a significant role to resolve the draw backs of bulk Si solar cells. In this report we have ... More
Towards phonon routing: Controlling propagating acoustic waves in the quantum regimeSep 16 2019We explore routing of propagating phonons in analogy with previous experiments on photons. Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in the microwave regime are scattered by a superconducting transmon qubit. The transmon can be tuned on or off resonance with the ... More
Circular Cumulant Reductions for Macroscopic Dynamics of Kuramoto Ensemble with Multiplicative Intrinsic NoiseSep 16 2019We demonstrate the application of the circular cumulant approach for thermodynamically large populations of phase elements, where the Ott-Antonsen properties are violated by a multiplicative intrinsic noise. The infinite cumulant equation chain is derived ... More
Two-dimensional transition metal oxides Mn2O3 realized quantum anomalous Hall effectSep 16 2019The quantum anomalous Hall effect is a intriguing topological nontrivial phase arising from spontaneous magnetization and spin-orbit coupling. However, the tremendously harsh realizing requirements of the quantum anomalous Hall effects in magnetic topological ... More
Experimental Confirmation of Quantum Hall Ferromagnetic State in an Organic Dirac Fermion SystemSep 16 2019We have experimentally confirmed the quantum Hall ferromagnetic state with Chern number \nu=0, characterized by the helical edge state, in a layered organic Dirac fermion system \alpha-(BEDT-TTF)_2I_3. The interlayer resistance saturates at low temperatures ... More
Universal scaling of three-dimensional dimerized quantum antiferromagnets on bipartite latticesSep 16 2019Using the first principles quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) calculations, we investigate the previously established universal scaling between the N\'eel temperature $T_N$ and the staggered magnetization density $M_s$ of three-dimensional (3D) dimerized quantum ... More
Multireference configuration interaction and perturbation theory without reduced density matricesSep 16 2019The computationally expensive evaluation and storage of high-rank reduced density matrices (RDMs) has been the bottleneck in the calculation of dynamic correlation for multireference wavefunctions in large active spaces. We present a stochastic formulation ... More
Enhanced spin triplet superconductivity due to Kondo destabilizationSep 16 2019In a Kondo lattice system, suppression of effective Kondo coupling leads to the breakdown of the heavy-electron metal and a change in the electronic structure. Spin triplet superconductivity in the Kondo lattice UTe2 appears to be associated with spin ... More
Fast and deterministic switching of vortex core induced by out-of-plane current in notch disksSep 16 2019Magnetic vortex, as one of the most interesting magnetic solitons, has attracted great interests in the past two decades. A fast and reliable method to switch vortex polarity and chirality is one of the key issues for various applications. Based on micromagnetic ... More
Evolution of Floquet Topological Quantum States in Driven SemiconductorsSep 16 2019Spatially uniform excitations can induce Floquet topological bandstructures within insulators which have equal characteristics to those of topological insulators. Going beyond we demonstrate in this article the evolution of Floquet topological quantum ... More
Ar/Cl$_{2}$ etching of GaAs optomechanical microdisks fabricated with positive electroresistSep 15 2019A method to fabricate GaAs microcavities using only a soft mask with an electrolithographic pattern in an inductively coupled plasma etching is presented. A careful characterization of the fabrication process pinpointing the main routes for a smooth device ... More
Superconducting order parameter of the nodal-line semimetal NaAlSiSep 15 2019Nodal-line semimetals are topologically non-trivial states of matter featuring band crossings along a closed curve, i.e. nodal-line, in momentum space. Through a detailed analysis of the electronic structure, we show for the first time that the normal ... More
Large Resistivity Reduction in Mixed-Valent CsAuBr$_3$ Under PressureSep 15 2019We report on high-pressure $p \leq 45$ GPa resistivity measurements on the perovskite-related mixed-valent compound CsAuBr$_3$. The compounds high-pressure resistivity can be classified into three regions: For low pressures ($p < 10$ GPa) an insulator ... More
Dirac-Weyl equation on a hyperbolic graphene surface under perpendicular magnetic fieldsSep 15 2019In this paper the Dirac-Weyl equation on a hyperbolic surface of graphene under magnetic fields is considered. In order to solve this equation analytically for some cases, we will deal with vector potentials symmetric under rotations around the z axis. ... More
Compelling alternative theories for exclusion zone phenomena in water and other liquidsSep 15 2019The existence of the exclusion zone (EZ), a layer of water in which plastic microspheres are repelled from hydrophilic surfaces, has now been independently demonstrated by several groups. A better understanding of the mechanisms which generate EZs would ... More
Comparison of deuterium retention in tungsten exposed to deuterium plasma and gasSep 15 2019Deuterium(D) retention behavior in tungsten(W) exposed to deuterium plasma and gas was studied by means of thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS): deuterium plasma exposure in which W was exposed to D plamsa with 35 eV/D at 393 K to the fluence of 3.8E24 ... More
Effect of gallium doping on bubbling and helium retention in aluminum exposed to low-energy helium plasmaSep 15 2019Surface bubbling and helium retention of pure aluminum and a solid solution of aluminum-gallium(Ga) alloy exposed to low-energy He plasma has been investigated with the fluence of 1.8E24 He/m2 at room temperature . Surface morphology observations show ... More
Blockade-induced resonant enhancement of the optical nonlinearity in a Rydberg mediumSep 15 2019We predict a resonant enhancement of the nonlinear optical response of an interacting Rydberg gas under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency. The enhancement originates from a two-photon process which resonantly couples electronic states ... More
Quantum Severalty: Speed-up and Suppress Effect in Searching ProblemSep 15 2019The idea that the search efficiency can be increased with the help of a number of autonomous agents is often relevant in many situations, which is known among biologists and roboticists as a stigmergy. This is due to the fact that, in any probability-based ... More
Valence-selective local atomic structures on a YbInCu4 valence transition material by x-ray fluorescence holographySep 15 2019An experimental technique of x-ray fluorescence holography for investigating valence-selective local structures was established by employing the incident x-ray energy at a characteristic one near an x-ray absorption edge, and it was adopted to discriminate ... More
Entanglement Wedge Cross Section from CFT: Dynamics of Local Operator QuenchSep 15 2019We derive dynamics of the entanglement wedge cross section from the reflected entropy for local operator quench states in the holographic CFT. By comparing between the reflected entropy and the mutual information in this dynamical setup, we argue that ... More
A nanograins-attached and ultrathin Cu flake powder fabricated by high energy mechanical milling and dealloyingSep 15 2019Metal powders with hierarchical nanostructures are always designed and fabricated by dealloying with or without combination of other manufacturing processes. However, they are mainly nanoporous metal powder and its derivations, and their monotonous nanostructures ... More
Energy expense via lattice wave emission for mode III brittle fracture in square, triangular, and hexagonal latticesSep 15 2019The mode III fracture problem for a hexagonal lattice is discussed and compared with square and triangular lattices.
Delayed nucleation in lipid particlesSep 15 2019Metastable states in first-order phase-transitions have been traditionally described by classical nucleation theory (CNT). However, recently an increasing number of systems displaying such a transition have not been successfully modelled by CNT. The delayed ... More
Choline chloride as a nano-crowder protects HP-36 from urea-induced denaturation: Insights from Solvent Dynamics and Protein-Solvent interactionSep 15 2019Urea at sufficiently high concentration unfolds the secondary structure of proteins leading to denaturation. In contrast, Choline Chloride (ChCl) and urea, in 1:2 molar ratio form a deep eutectic mixture, a liquid at room temperature and protect proteins ... More
Entanglement entropy in organic semiconductorsSep 15 2019Different from traditional semiconductors, the organic semiconductors normally possess moderate many-body interactions with respect to charge, exciton, spin and phonons. In particular, the diagonal electron-phonon couplings give rise to the spatial localization ... More
BCS model on Quasiperiodic LatticesSep 14 2019We study the Biswas-Chatterjee-Sen (BCS) model, also known as the KCOD (Kinetic Continuous Opinion Dynamics) model on quasiperiodic lattices by using Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations and Finite Size Scaling technique. Our results are consistent with a ... More
Gate-tunable Strong Spin-orbit Interaction in Two-dimensional Tellurium Probed by Weak-antilocalizationSep 14 2019Tellurium (Te) has attracted great research interest due to its unique crystal structure since 1970s. However, the conduction band of Te is rarely studied experimentally because of the intrinsic p-type nature of Te crystal. By atomic layer deposited dielectric ... More
Fractionalizing a local pair density wave: a good "recipe" for opening a pseudo-gapSep 14 2019We give a concise version of a recently proposed concept of fractionalization of an order parameter, thus generating a constraint through a fictitious gauge field. We argue that this new line of approach is key to explain the longstanding mystery of the ... More
Balancing Error and Dissipation in Highly-Reliable ComputingSep 14 2019Modern digital electronics support remarkably reliable computing, especially given the challenge of controlling nanoscale logical components that interact in fluctuating environments. However, the high-reliability limit is subject to a fundamental error-energy-efficiency ... More
Interfacial flows in sessile evaporating droplets of mineral waterSep 14 2019Liquid flow in sessile evaporating droplets of ultrapure water typically results from two main contributions: a capillary flow pushing the liquid towards the contact line from the bulk and a thermal Marangoni flow pulling the drop free surface towards ... More
13C dynamic nuclear polarization in diamond via a microwave-free 'integrated' cross effectSep 14 2019Color-center-hosting semiconductors are emerging as promising source materials for low-field dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) at or near room temperature, but hyperfine broadening, susceptibility to magnetic field heterogeneity, and nuclear spin relaxation ... More
Interaction Between Atomic Projectiles and a Crystal Surface at Grazing Incidence: Computer SimulationSep 14 2019Features of the angular distributions of accelerated atomic projectiles at grazing angles of incidence on the crystal surface are studied by using the computer simulation. The interaction between the projectiles and the crystal-lattice atoms and atomic ... More
New zero Poisson's ratio modelsSep 14 2019Most materials exhibit positive Poisson's ratio (PR) values but special structures can also present negative and, even rarer, zero (or close to zero) PR. Null PR structures have received much attention due to their unusual properties and potential applications ... More
A scalable computational platform for particulate Stokes suspensionsSep 14 2019We describe a computational framework for simulating suspensions of rigid particles in Newtonian Stokes flow. One central building block is a collision-resolution algorithm that overcomes the numerical constraints arising from particle collisions. This ... More
Symmetric Galerkin boundary element method for computing the quantum states of the electron in a piecewise-uniform mesoscopic systemSep 14 2019The quantum behavior of charge carriers in semiconductor structures is often described in terms of the effective mass Schr\"{o}dinger equation, neglecting the rapid fluctuations of the wave function on the scale of the atomic lattice. For systems with ... More
A simplified Parisi AnsatzSep 14 2019We investigate how product measures behave when used as a trial distributions for the free energy functional of the Sherrington-Kirckpatrick model that is obtained from the Cavity Method. In particular, we find that the Parisi functional that appears ... More
Quantum Dot Arrays in Silicon and GermaniumSep 14 2019Electrons and holes confined in quantum dots define an excellent building block for quantum emergence, simulation, and computation. In order for quantum electronics to become practical, large numbers of quantum dots will be required, necessitating the ... More
Derived Crystal Structure of Martensitic Materials by Solid-Solid Phase TransformationSep 14 2019We propose a mathematical description of crystal structure: underlying translational periodicity together with the distinct atomic positions up to the symmetry operations in the unit cell. It is consistent with the international table of crystallography. ... More
Extreme sensitivity of the vortex state in a-MoGe films to radio-frequency electromagnetic perturbationSep 14 2019Recently, detailed real space imaging using scanning tunneling spectroscopy of the vortex lattice in a weakly pinned a-MoGe thin film revealed that the vortex lattice melts in two steps with temperature or magnetic field, going first from a vortex solid ... More
Data-driven approach for synchrotron X-ray Laue microdiffraction scan analysisSep 14 2019We propose a novel data-driven approach for analyzing synchrotron Laue X-ray microdiffraction scans based on machine learning algorithms. The basic architecture and major components of the method are formulated mathematically. We demonstrate it through ... More
Pressure-Induced Re-entrant transition in NbS3 Phases: Combined Raman Scattering and X-ray Diffraction StudySep 14 2019We report the evolution of charge density wave states under pressure for two NbS3 phases triclinic (phase I) and monoclinic (phase II) at room temperature. Raman and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques are applied. The x-ray studies on the monoclinic phase ... More
Divalent lanthanoid ions in crystals for neutrino mass spectroscopySep 14 2019Electron spin flip in atoms or ions can cause neutrino pair emission, which provides a method to explore still unknown important neutrino properties by measuring spectrum of emitted photon in association, when electroweak rates are amplified by a phase ... More
Phonon thermal Hall effect in strontium titanateSep 14 2019It has been known for more than a decade that phonons can produce an off-diagonal thermal conductivity in presence of magnetic field. Recent studies of thermal Hall conductivity, $\kappa_{xy}$, in a variety of contexts, however, have assumed a negligibly ... More
Photoemission Signatures of Non-Equilibrium Carrier Dynamics from First PrinciplesSep 14 2019Time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (tr-ARPES) constitutes a powerful tool to inspect the dynamics and thermalization of hot carriers. The identification of the processes that drive the dynamics, however, is challenging even for the simplest ... More
N-Carbophenes: two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks derived from linear N-phenylenesSep 14 2019N-Carbophene (carbophene) is a novel class of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (2DCOF), based on linear N-phenylenes, that have moderate band gaps and low-mobility bands surrounding the Fermi energy; the simplest of which may have been recently ... More
Lifetime of a Charged Droplet Levitated in an Electrodynamic balanceSep 14 2019We report here, the time-lapse of the breakup phenomenon of a charged droplet levitated in an electrodynamic (ED) balance. During the breakup process, a levitated charged droplet undergoes evaporation leading to a reduction in droplet size and increase ... More
Reflection-Symmetry Protected Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulator in Three-Dimensional Heavy-Fermion SystemsSep 14 2019We study the topological properties of an antiferromagnetic phase with reflection symmetry in three-dimensional heavy-fermion systems. We here propose a reflection-symmetric topological state in the three-dimensional antiferromagnetic phase and demonstrate ... More
Superconductivity in High-Entropy-Alloy Telluride AgInSnPbBiTe5Sep 14 2019A polycrystalline sample of a high-entropy-alloy-type telluride AgInSnPbBiTe5 was synthesized by high-pressure synthesis. Elemental and structural analyses revealed that five metals are solved in a metal site of the NaCl-type structure, which satisfies ... More
Robust block magnetism in the spin ladder compound BaFe$_2$Se$_3$ under hydrostatic pressureSep 14 2019The majority of the iron-based superconductors (FeSCs) exhibit a two-dimensional square lattice structure. Recent reports of pressure-induced superconductivity in the spin-ladder system, BaFe$_2$X$_3$ (X =S,Se), introduce a quasi-one-dimensional prototype ... More
Topological charge pumping in spin-dependent superlattices with glide symmetrySep 14 2019Topological charge pumping represents an important quantum phenomenon that shows the fundamental connection to the topological properties of dynamical systems. Here, we introduce a pumping process in a spin-dependent double-well optical lattice with glide ... More
Repulsion in controversial debate drives public opinion into fifty-fifty stalemateSep 13 2019Opinion formation is a process with strong implications for public policy. In controversial debates with large consequences, the public opinion is often trapped in a fifty-fifty stalemate, jeopardizing broadly accepted political decisions. Emergent effects ... More
Theory of strain induced anisotropic resistivity of extremely strongly correlated metals in two dimensionsSep 13 2019We present theoretical results for the effect of strain on resistivity, optical weight and local density of states using the recently developed extremely strongly correlated Fermi liquid theory in two dimensions. The strain induced variations are obtained ... More
Finite element modeling of micropolar-based phononic crystalsSep 13 2019The performance of a Cosserat/micropolar solid as a numerical vehicle to represent dispersive media is explored. The study is conducted using the finite element method with emphasis on Hermiticity, positive definiteness, principle of virtual work and ... More
Effect of the electron-lattice coupling on the charge and magnetic order in rare-earth nickelatesSep 13 2019We investigate the impact of electron-lattice coupling on the stability of various magnetic orders in rare-earth nickelates. We use the Hartree-Fock approximation, at zero temperature, to study an effective, two-band model with correlations characterized ... More
Pump-triple sum-frequency-probe spectroscopy of transition metal dichalcogenidesSep 13 2019Triple sum-frequency (TSF) spectroscopy measures multidimensional spectra by resonantly exciting multiple quantum coherences of vibrational and electronic states. In this work we demonstrate pump-TSF-probe spectroscopy in which a pump excites a sample ... More
Current bifurcation induced conducting filament formation in NbOxSep 13 2019Electroforming is used to initiate the memristive response in metal/oxide/metal devices by creating a filamentary conduction path in the oxide film. Here we use a simple photoresist-based detection technique to map the spatial distribution of conductive ... More
Phase shift of electron spin echo signal caused by polarization of nuclear spins: revealing the quantum nature of spin environmentSep 13 2019We consider the spin echo decay of a nitrogen-vacancy center spin qubit, based on $m\! =\! 0$ and $m\! =\! 1$ levels of the $S\!= \! 1$ ground state spin manifold of the center, in presence of finite dynamic nuclear polarization of the nuclear environment. ... More
Lubricated friction of textured soft substratesSep 13 2019The understanding of sliding friction for wet, patterned surfaces from first principles is challenging. While emerging applications have sought design principles from biology, a general framework is lacking because soft interfaces experience a multiphysics ... More
Structural, magnetic and electric polarization properties of geometrically frustrated YBaCo4O7 and DyBaCo4O7 cobaltitesSep 13 2019In RBaCo4O7 (R = Ca, Y and Rare earth) cobaltite family, only CaBaCo4O7 shows 3D long range ferrimagnetic and spin driven electric polarization properties. In the present study, we have investigated the structural, magnetic and electric polarization properties ... More
Spin chemistry of sp2 nanocarbonsSep 13 2019Suggested in the paper is the consideration of stable radicals of sp2 nanocarbons from the standpoint of spin-delocalized topochemistry. Characterized in terms of the total and atomically-partitioned number of effectively unpaired electrons as well as ... More
Collective excitations at filling factor 5/2: The view from superspaceSep 13 2019We present a microscopic theory of the neutral collective modes supported by the non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall states at filling factor 5/2. The theory is formulated in terms of the trial states describing the Girvin-MacDonald-Platzman (GMP) mode ... More
Multifractality and its role in anomalous transport in the disordered XXZ spin-chainSep 13 2019The disordered XXZ model is a prototype model of the many-body localization transition (MBL). Despite numerous studies of this model, the available numerical evidence of multifractality of its eigenstates is not very conclusive due severe finite size ... More
Hidden spin-orbital order in the Kitaev hyperhoneycomb $β$-Li$_2$IrO$_3$Sep 13 2019We report the existence of a phase transition at high temperature in the 3D Kitaev candidate material, $\beta$-Li$_2$IrO$_3$. We show that the transition is bulk, intrinsic and orders a tiny magnetic moment with a spatially anisotropic saturation moment. ... More
Numerical analysis of polymer diffusiophoresis by means of the molecular dynamicsSep 13 2019We report a numerical study of the diffusiophoresis of short polymers using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations. More precisely, we consider polymer chains in a fluid containing a solute which has a concentration gradient, and examine the variation ... More
Efficient evaluation of AGP reduced density matricesSep 13 2019We propose and implement an algorithm to calculate the norm and reduced density matrices of the antisymmetrized geminal power (AGP) of any rank with polynomial cost. Our method scales quadratically per element of the reduced density matrices. Numerical ... More
Local Matrix Product Operators: Canonical Form, Compression, & Control TheorySep 13 2019We present a new method for compressing matrix product operators (MPOs) which represent sums of local terms, such as Hamiltonians. Just as with area law states, such local operators may be fully specified with a small amount of information per site. Standard ... More
Carrier Density Oscillation in photoexcited SemiconductorsSep 13 2019The perturbation of a semiconductor from the thermodynamic equilibrium often leads to the display of nonlinear dynamics and formation of spatiotemporal patterns due to the spontaneous generation of competing processes. Here, we describe the ultrafast ... More
Minimal Coarse-Grained Modelling Towards Implicit-Solvent Simulation of Generic BolaamphiphilesSep 13 2019A simple, dual-site model of bolaamphiphiles (bolaforms or bipolar amphiphiles) is developed based on an earlier single-site model of (monopolar) amphiphiles [S. Dey, J. Saha, Phys. Rev. E 95, 023315 (2017)]. The model incorporates aqueous environment ... More