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Uncertainty Quantification for Geometry Deformations of Superconducting Cavities using Eigenvalue TrackingFeb 08 2018The electromagnetic field distribution as well as the resonating frequency of various modes in superconducting cavities are sensitive to small geometry deformations. The occurring variations are motivated by measurements of an available set of resonators ... More
Robust Vertex Enumeration for Convex Hulls in High DimensionsFeb 05 2018Computation of the vertices of the convex hull of a set $S$ of $n$ points in $\mathbb{R} ^m$ is a fundamental problem in computational geometry, optimization, machine learning and more. We present "All Vertex Triangle Algorithm" (AVTA), a robust and efficient ... More
STEAM: A Hierarchical Co-Simulation Framework for Superconducting Accelerator Magnet CircuitsJan 26 2018Simulating the transient effects occurring in superconducting accelerator magnet circuits requires including the mutual electro-thermo-dynamic interaction among the circuit elements, such as power converters, magnets, and protection systems. Nevertheless, ... More
A Workload Analysis of NSF's Innovative HPC Resources Using XDMoDJan 12 2018Workload characterization is an integral part of performance analysis of high performance computing (HPC) systems. An understanding of workload properties sheds light on resource utilization and can be used to inform performance optimization both at the ... More
Coupling of Magneto-Thermal and Mechanical Superconducting Magnet Models by Means of Mesh-Based InterpolationDec 29 2017In this paper we present an algorithm for the coupling of magneto-thermal and mechanical finite element models representing superconducting accelerator magnets. The mechanical models are used during the design of the mechanical structure as well as the ... More
Deepest Neural NetworksJul 09 2017This paper shows that a long chain of perceptrons (that is, a multilayer perceptron, or MLP, with many hidden layers of width one) can be a universal classifier. The classification procedure is not necessarily computationally efficient, but the technique ... More
Probabilistic Mid- and Long-Term Electricity Price ForecastingMar 31 2017The liberalization of electricity markets and the development of renewable energy sources has led to new challenges for decision makers. These challenges are accompanied by an increasing uncertainty about future electricity price movements. The increasing ... More
An EMOF-Compliant Abstract Syntax for BigraphsDec 06 2016Bigraphs are an emerging modeling formalism for structures in ubiquitous computing. Besides an algebraic notation, which can be adopted to provide an algebraic syntax for bigraphs, the bigraphical theory introduces a visual concrete syntax which is intuitive ... More
RecSys Challenge 2016: job recommendations based on preselection of offers and gradient boostingDec 03 2016We present the Mim-Solution's approach to the RecSys Challenge 2016, which ranked 2nd. The goal of the competition was to prepare job recommendations for the users of the website Our two phase algorithm consists of candidate selection followed ... More
Split-door criterion for causal identification: Automatic search for natural experimentsNov 28 2016Unobserved or unknown confounders complicate even the simplest attempts to estimate the effect of one variable on another using observational data. When cause and effect are both affected by unobserved confounders, methods based on identifying natural ... More
There is Something Beyond the Twitter NetworkNov 28 2016How information spreads through a social network? Can we assume, that the information is spread only through a given social network graph? What is the correct way to compare the models of information flow? These are the basic questions we address in this ... More
A Defect Corrected Finite Element Approach for the Accurate Evaluation of Magnetic Fields on Unstructured GridsNov 25 2016In electromagnetic simulations of magnets and machines one is often interested in a highly accurate and local evaluation of the magnetic field uniformity. Based on local post-processing of the solution, a defect correction scheme is proposed as an easy ... More
Two-Level Structural Sparsity Regularization for Finding Lattice Locations and Defects in Noisy Image DataNov 24 2016Nov 28 2016This paper presents a regularized regression model with two-level structural sparsity penalties and applies it for locating individual atoms in a noisy electron microscope image. For crystalline materials, the locations of atoms have spatial symmetries, ... More
Solving multi-objective optimization problems in conservation with the reference point methodNov 23 2016Managing biodiversity extinction crisis requires wise decision-making processes able to account for the limited of resources available. In most decision problems in conservation biology, several conflicting objectives have to be taken into account. Most ... More
Low-Dimensional Stochastic Modeling of the Electrical Properties of Biological TissuesNov 22 2016Uncertainty quantification plays an important role in biomedical engineering as measurement data is often unavailable and literature data shows a wide variability. Using state-of-the-art methods one encounters difficulties when the number of random inputs ... More
An Efficient Training Algorithm for Kernel Survival Support Vector MachinesNov 21 2016Survival analysis is a fundamental tool in medical research to identify predictors of adverse events and develop systems for clinical decision support. In order to leverage large amounts of patient data, efficient optimisation routines are paramount. ... More
GaDei: On Scale-up Training As A Service For Deep LearningNov 18 2016Deep learning (DL) training-as-a-service (TaaS) is an important emerging industrial workload. The unique challenge of TaaS is that it must satisfy a wide range of customers who have no experience and resources to tune DL hyper-parameters, and meticulous ... More
Kernel Bandwidth Selection for SVDD: Peak Criterion Approach for Large DataOct 31 2016Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) provides a useful approach to construct a description of multivariate data for single-class classification and outlier detection with various practical applications. Gaussian kernel used in SVDD formulation allows ... More
Inference Compilation and Universal Probabilistic ProgrammingOct 31 2016We introduce a method for using deep neural networks to amortize the cost of inference in models from the family induced by universal probabilistic programming languages, establishing a framework that combines the strengths of probabilistic programming ... More
Efficient Simulation Method for Dynamic Portfolio Selection with Transaction Cost, Liquidity Cost and Market ImpactOct 25 2016We develop an efficient method for solving dynamic portfolio selection problems in the presence of transaction cost, liquidity cost and market impact. Our method, based on least-squares Monte Carlo simulation, has no restriction on return dynamics, portfolio ... More
All-passive pixel super-resolution of time-stretch imagingOct 16 2016Based on image encoding in a serial-temporal format, optical time-stretch imaging entails a stringent requirement of state-of-the- art fast data acquisition unit in order to preserve high image resolution at an ultrahigh frame rate --- hampering the widespread ... More
An Adaptive Test of Independence with Analytic Kernel EmbeddingsOct 15 2016A new computationally efficient dependence measure, and an adaptive statistical test of independence, are proposed. The dependence measure is the difference between analytic embeddings of the joint distribution and the product of the marginals, evaluated ... More
Continuous-Time, Discrete-Event Simulation from Counting ProcessesOct 13 2016This is a method for discrete event simulation specified by survival analysis. It presents a sequence of steps. First, hazard rates from survival analysis specify the rates of a set of counting processes. Second, those counting processes define a transition ... More
Research and Education in Computational Science and EngineeringOct 09 2016Oct 11 2016Over the past two decades the field of computational science and engineering (CSE) has penetrated both basic and applied research in academia, industry, and laboratories to advance discovery, optimize systems, support decision-makers, and educate the ... More
Research and Education in Computational Science and EngineeringOct 09 2016Oct 17 2016Over the past two decades the field of computational science and engineering (CSE) has penetrated both basic and applied research in academia, industry, and laboratories to advance discovery, optimize systems, support decision-makers, and educate the ... More
Regulating Reward Training by Means of Certainty Prediction in a Neural Network-Implemented Pong GameSep 23 2016We present the first reinforcement-learning model to self-improve its reward-modulated training implemented through a continuously improving "intuition" neural network. An agent was trained how to play the arcade video game Pong with two reward-based ... More
Network-regularized Sparse Logistic Regression Models for Clinical Risk Prediction and Biomarker DiscoverySep 21 2016Molecular profiling data (e.g., gene expression) has been used for clinical risk prediction and biomarker discovery. However, it is necessary to integrate other prior knowledge like biological pathways or gene interaction networks to improve the predictive ... More
Stability Analysis of Population Dynamics Model in Microbial Biofilms with Non-participating StrainsSep 20 2016The existence of phenotypic heterogeneity in single-species bacterial biofilms is well-established in the published literature. However, the modeling of population dynamics in biofilms from the viewpoint of social interactions, i.e. interplay between ... More
From Multiview Image Curves to 3D DrawingsSep 18 2016Reconstructing 3D scenes from multiple views has made impressive strides in recent years, chiefly by correlating isolated feature points, intensity patterns, or curvilinear structures. In the general setting - without controlled acquisition, abundant ... More
Determination of Bond Wire Failure Probabilities in Microelectronic PackagesSep 18 2016This work deals with the computation of industry-relevant bond wire failure probabilities in microelectronic packages. Under operating conditions, a package is subject to Joule heating that can lead to electrothermally induced failures. Manufacturing ... More
Option-Based Pricing of Wrong Way Risk for CVASep 03 2016Oct 02 2016The two main issues for managing wrong way risk (WWR) for the credit valuation adjustment (CVA, i.e. WW-CVA) are calibration and hedging. Hence we start from a novel model-free worst-case approach based on static hedging of counterparty exposure with ... More
Interpolations of Smoke and Liquid SimulationsAug 30 2016We present a novel method to interpolate smoke and liquid simulations in order to perform data-driven fluid simulations. Our approach calculates a dense space-time deformation using grid-based signed-distance functions of the inputs. A key advantage of ... More
Human-Algorithm Interaction Biases in the Big Data Cycle: A Markov Chain Iterated Learning FrameworkAug 29 2016Early supervised machine learning algorithms have relied on reliable expert labels to build predictive models. However, the gates of data generation have recently been opened to a wider base of users who started participating increasingly with casual ... More
Papers presented at the 32nd International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2016)Aug 18 2016This is the list of the full papers accepted for presentation at the 32nd International Conference on Logic Programming, New York City, USA, October 18-21, 2016. In addition to the main conference itself, ICLP hosted four pre-conference workshops, the ... More
Essentials of an Integrated Crowd Management Support System Based on Collective Artificial IntelligenceAug 17 2016The simulation of the dynamical behavior of pedestrians and crowds in spatial structures is a consolidated research and application context that still presents challenges for researchers in different fields and disciplines. Despite currently available ... More
Topological Visualisation techniques for the understanding of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD) simulationsAug 15 2016The use of topology for visualisation applications has become increasingly popular due to its ability to summarise data at a high level. Criticalities in scalar field data are used by visualisation methods such as the Reeb graph and contour trees to present ... More
Stable-Unstable Semantics: Beyond NP with Normal Logic ProgramsAug 05 2016Aug 15 2016Standard answer set programming (ASP) targets at solving search problems from the first level of the polynomial time hierarchy (PH). Tackling search problems beyond NP using ASP is less straightforward. The class of disjunctive logic programs offers the ... More
An Evolutionary Algorithm to Learn SPARQL Queries for Source-Target-Pairs: Finding Patterns for Human Associations in DBpediaJul 25 2016Sep 13 2016Efficient usage of the knowledge provided by the Linked Data community is often hindered by the need for domain experts to formulate the right SPARQL queries to answer questions. For new questions they have to decide which datasets are suitable and in ... More
Multi-Agent System for Groundwater Depletion Using Game TheoryJul 07 2016Groundwater is one of the most vital of all common pool resources throughout the world. More than half of groundwater is used to grow crops. This research models groundwater depletion patterns within a multi-agent system framework. Irrigators are modeled ... More
Is a Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words in a Review Dataset?Jun 23 2016While textual reviews have become prominent in many recommendation-based systems, automated frameworks to provide relevant visual cues against text reviews where pictures are not available is a new form of task confronted by data mining and machine learning ... More
Unsupervised Non Linear Dimensionality Reduction Machine Learning methods applied to Multiparametric MRI in cerebral ischemia: Preliminary ResultsJun 13 2016The evaluation and treatment of acute cerebral ischemia requires a technique that can determine the total area of tissue at risk for infarction using diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences. Typical MRI data sets consist of T1- and T2-weighted ... More
The "Horse'' Inside: Seeking Causes Behind the Behaviours of Music Content Analysis SystemsJun 09 2016Building systems that possess the sensitivity and intelligence to identify and describe high-level attributes in music audio signals continues to be an elusive goal, but one that surely has broad and deep implications for a wide variety of applications. ... More
Tradeoffs between Convergence Speed and Reconstruction Accuracy in Inverse ProblemsMay 30 2016Solving inverse problems with iterative algorithms such as stochastic gradient descent is a popular technique, especially for large data. In applications, due to time constraints, the number of iterations one may apply is usually limited, consequently ... More
Hybrid Markov-mass action law for cell activation by rare binding eventsMay 24 2016The binding of molecules, ions or proteins to specific target sites is a generic step for cell activation. However, this step relies on rare events where stochastic particles located in a large bulk are searching for small and often hidden targets and ... More
Towards Bin Packing (preliminary problem survey, models with multiset estimates)May 24 2016The paper described a generalized integrated glance to bin packing problems including a brief literature survey and some new problem formulations for the cases of multiset estimates of items. A new systemic viewpoint to bin packing problems is suggested: ... More
Interpretable Distribution Features with Maximum Testing PowerMay 22 2016Oct 28 2016Two semimetrics on probability distributions are proposed, given as the sum of differences of expectations of analytic functions evaluated at spatial or frequency locations (i.e, features). The features are chosen so as to maximize the distinguishability ... More
Interpretable Distribution Features with Maximum Testing PowerMay 22 2016Two semimetrics on probability distributions are proposed, given as the sum of differences of expectations of analytic functions evaluated at spatial or frequency locations (i.e, features). The features are chosen so as to maximize the distinguishability ... More
Interactive Debugging of Knowledge BasesMay 19 2016Many AI applications rely on knowledge about a relevant real-world domain that is encoded by means of some logical knowledge base (KB). The most essential benefit of logical KBs is the opportunity to perform automatic reasoning to derive implicit knowledge ... More
A Constant-Factor Bi-Criteria Approximation Guarantee for $k$-means++May 16 2016This paper studies the $k$-means++ algorithm for clustering as well as the class of $D^\ell$ sampling algorithms to which $k$-means++ belongs. It is shown that for any constant factor $\beta > 1$, selecting $\beta k$ cluster centers by $D^\ell$ sampling ... More
Hierarchical Modeling of Multidimensional Data in Regularly Decomposed Spaces: Applications in Image AnalysisMay 04 2016This last document is showing the gradual introduction of hierarchical modeling techniques in image analysis. The first chapter is dealing with the first works carried out in the field of industrial applications of pattern recognition. The second chapter ... More
Hierarchical Modeling of Multidimensional Data in Regularly Decomposed Spaces: Implementation on ComputerMay 03 2016The described works have been carried out in the framework of a mid-term study initiated by the Centre Electronique de l'Armement, then by an advanced study launched by the Direction de la Recherche et des Etudes Technologiques in France in the aim to ... More
Hierarchical Modeling of Multidimensional Data in Regularly Decomposed Spaces: Main PrinciplesMay 03 2016May 05 2016The described works have been carried out in the framework of a mid-term study initiated by the Centre Electronique de l'Armement and led by ADERSA, a French company of research under contract. The aim was to study the techniques of regular dividing of ... More
Prime factorization using quantum annealing and computational algebraic geometryApr 20 2016Jun 16 2016We investigate prime factorization from two perspectives: quantum annealing and computational algebraic geometry, specifically Gr\"obner bases. We present a novel scalable algorithm which combines the two approaches and leads to the factorization of all ... More
A Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the EEG Forward ProblemApr 19 2016Finite element methods were shown to achieve high accuracies in numerically solving the EEG forward problem, while enabling to realistically incorporate important conductive features such as complicatedly shaped geometrical structures and anisotropic ... More
Multi-view Learning as a Nonparametric Nonlinear Inter-Battery Factor AnalysisApr 17 2016Factor analysis aims to determine latent factors, or traits, which summarize a given data set. Inter-battery factor analysis extends this notion to multiple views of the data. In this paper we show how a nonlinear, nonparametric version of these models ... More
Nielson-type transfinite triangular interpolants by means of quadratic energy functional optimizationsApr 07 2016We generalize the transfinite triangular interpolant of (Nielson, 1987) in order to generate visually smooth (not necessarily polynomial) local interpolating quasi-optimal triangular spline surfaces. Given as input a triangular mesh stored in a half-edge ... More
A New Learning Method for Inference Accuracy, Core Occupation, and Performance Co-optimization on TrueNorth ChipApr 03 2016Jul 16 2016IBM TrueNorth chip uses digital spikes to perform neuromorphic computing and achieves ultrahigh execution parallelism and power efficiency. However, in TrueNorth chip, low quantization resolution of the synaptic weights and spikes significantly limits ... More
Graphical Perception in Animated Bar ChartsMar 31 2016Interactive visual applications create animations that encode changes in the data. For example, cross-filtering dynamically updates linked visualizations based on the user's continuous brushing actions. The animated effects resulting from these interactions ... More
3DMatch: Learning Local Geometric Descriptors from RGB-D ReconstructionsMar 27 2016Dec 05 2016Matching local geometric features on real-world depth images is a challenging task due to the noisy, low-resolution, and incomplete nature of 3D scan data. These difficulties limit the performance of current state-of-art methods, which are typically based ... More
3DMatch: Learning the Matching of Local 3D Geometry in Range ScansMar 27 2016Establishing correspondences between 3D geometries is essential to a large variety of graphics and vision applications, including 3D reconstruction, localization, and shape matching. Despite significant progress, geometric matching on real-world 3D data ... More
The Impact of Operators' Performance in the Reliability of Cyber-Physical Power Distribution SystemsMar 24 2016Apr 27 2016Cyber-Physical Systems are the result of integrating information and communication technologies into physical systems. One particular case are Cyber-Physical Power Systems (CPPS), which use communication technologies to perform real-time monitoring and ... More
SimOutUtils - Utilities for analyzing time series simulation outputMar 22 2016Apr 27 2016SimOutUtils is a suite of MATLAB/Octave functions for studying and analyzing time series-like output from stochastic simulation models. More specifically, SimOutUtils allows modelers to study and visualize simulation output dynamics, perform distributional ... More
SimOutUtils - Utilities for analyzing time series simulation outputMar 22 2016Oct 22 2016SimOutUtils is a suite of MATLAB/Octave functions for studying and analyzing time series-like output from stochastic simulation models. More specifically, SimOutUtils allows modelers to study and visualize simulation output dynamics, perform distributional ... More
Generating Factoid Questions With Recurrent Neural Networks: The 30M Factoid Question-Answer CorpusMar 22 2016May 29 2016Over the past decade, large-scale supervised learning corpora have enabled machine learning researchers to make substantial advances. However, to this date, there are no large-scale question-answer corpora available. In this paper we present the 30M Factoid ... More
Deep Shading: Convolutional Neural Networks for Screen-Space ShadingMar 19 2016Aug 03 2016In computer vision, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have recently achieved new levels of performance for several inverse problems where RGB pixel appearance is mapped to attributes such as positions, normals or reflectance. In computer graphics, ... More
A linear algorithm for Brick Wang tilingMar 14 2016In computer graphics, Wang tiles are used as a tool to generate non periodic textures and patterns. We develop a framework and a method for the tiling problem which is suitable for applications. In particular, we apply our methodology to a special kind ... More
The Algorithm of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) with Validation of an EntscheidungsproblemMar 10 2016The historic background of algorithmic processing with regard to etymology and methodology is translated into terms of mathematical logic and Computer Science. A formal logic structure is introduced by exemplaryquestions posed to Fiqh-chapters to define ... More
Observing Trends in Automated Multilingual Media AnalysisMar 08 2016Any large organisation, be it public or private, monitors the media for information to keep abreast of developments in their field of interest, and usually also to become aware of positive or negative opinions expressed towards them. At least for the ... More
Beyond CCA: Moment Matching for Multi-View ModelsFeb 29 2016Jun 03 2016We introduce three novel semi-parametric extensions of probabilistic canonical correlation analysis with identifiability guarantees. We consider moment matching techniques for estimation in these models. For that, by drawing explicit links between the ... More
Data Cleaning for XML Electronic Dictionaries via Statistical Anomaly DetectionFeb 25 2016Apr 11 2016Many important forms of data are stored digitally in XML format. Errors can occur in the textual content of the data in the fields of the XML. Fixing these errors manually is time-consuming and expensive, especially for large amounts of data. There is ... More
Computer Aided Restoration of Handwritten Character StrokesFeb 23 2016Jul 06 2016This work suggests a new variational approach to the task of computer aided restoration of incomplete characters, residing in a highly noisy document. We model character strokes as the movement of a pen with a varying radius. Following this model, a cubic ... More
On the scaling of functional spaces, from smart cities to cloud computingFeb 19 2016The study of spacetime, and its role in understanding functional systems has received little attention in information science. Recent work, on the origin of universal scaling in cities and biological systems, provides an intriguing insight into the functional ... More
Contextual Media Retrieval Using Natural Language QueriesFeb 16 2016The widespread integration of cameras in hand-held and head-worn devices as well as the ability to share content online enables a large and diverse visual capture of the world that millions of users build up collectively every day. We envision these images ... More
Constructive Patterns of Logical TruthFeb 16 2016Jul 11 2016The simplified linguistic relation between syntax and semantics as intrinsic property of classic Arabic motivates a dedicated look at P vs. NP in light of efforts and solutions presented by ancient Arab- and Muslim scholars to facilitate logical- and ... More
A CG-type method in Banach spaces with an application to computerized tomographyFeb 12 2016Conjugate Gradient (CG) methods are one of the most effective iterative methods to solve linear equations in Hilbert spaces. So far, they have been inherently bound to these spaces since they make use of the inner product structure. In more general Banach ... More
Efficient Access of Mobile Flows to Heterogeneous Networks under Flash CrowdsFeb 05 2016Oct 01 2016Future wireless networks need to offer orders of magnitude more capacity to address the predicted growth in mobile traffic demand. Operators to enhance the capacity of cellular networks are increasingly using WiFi to offload traffic from their core networks. ... More
The Unfitted Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Solving the EEG Forward ProblemJan 28 2016May 02 2016Objective: The purpose of this study is to introduce and evaluate the unfitted discontinuous Galerkin finite element method (UDG-FEM) for solving the electroencephalography (EEG) forward problem. Methods: This new approach for source analysis does not ... More
On the diameter of lattice polytopesDec 24 2015In this paper we show that the diameter of a d-dimensional lattice polytope in [0,k]^n is at most (k - 1/2) d. This result implies that the diameter of a d-dimensional half-integral polytope is at most 3/2 d. We also show that for half-integral polytopes ... More
Towards Integrated Glance To Restructuring in Combinatorial OptimizationDec 20 2015The paper focuses on a new class of combinatorial problems which consists in restructuring of solutions (as sets/structures) in combinatorial optimization. Two main features of the restructuring process are examined: (i) a cost of the restructuring, (ii) ... More
Motion trails from time-lapse videoDec 04 2015From an image sequence captured by a stationary camera, background subtraction can detect moving foreground objects in the scene. Distinguishing foreground from background is further improved by various heuristics. Then each object's motion can be emphasized ... More
An analysis of the equational properties of the well-founded fixed pointNov 30 2015Dec 01 2015Well-founded fixed points have been used in several areas of knowledge representation and reasoning and to give semantics to logic programs involving negation. They are an important ingredient of approximation fixed point theory. We study the logical ... More
Full and fast calibration of the Heston stochastic volatility modelNov 27 2015May 26 2016This paper presents an algorithm for a complete and efficient calibration of the Heston stochastic volatility model. We express the calibration as a nonlinear least squares problem. We exploit a suitable representation of the Heston characteristic function ... More
A discontinuous Galerkin Method for the EEG Forward Problem using the Subtraction ApproachNov 16 2015Nov 15 2016In order to perform electroencephalography (EEG) source reconstruction, i.e., to localize the sources underlying a measured EEG, the electric potential distribution at the electrodes generated by a dipolar current source in the brain has to be simulated, ... More
A discontinuous Galerkin Method for the EEG Forward ProblemNov 16 2015In order to perform accurate electroencephalography (EEG) source reconstruction, i.e., to localize the sources underlying a measured EEG, the electric potential distribution at the electrodes generated by a dipolar current source in the brain has to be ... More
Instantaneous Modelling and Reverse Engineering of DataConsistent Prime Models in Seconds!Nov 11 2015A theoretical framework that supports automated construction of dynamic prime models purely from experimental time series data has been invented and developed, which can automatically generate (construct) data-driven models of any time series data in ... More
Tiny Descriptors for Image Retrieval with Unsupervised Triplet HashingNov 10 2015A typical image retrieval pipeline starts with the comparison of global descriptors from a large database to find a short list of candidate matches. A good image descriptor is key to the retrieval pipeline and should reconcile two contradictory requirements: ... More
Parkinson's disease patient rehabilitation using gaming platforms: lessons learntNov 09 2015Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative movement disorder where motor dysfunction gradually increases as the disease progress. In addition to administering dopaminergic PD-specific drugs, attending neurologists strongly recommend regular ... More
Proceedings First International Workshop on FocusingNov 08 2015Dec 15 2015This volume constitutes the proceedings of WoF'15, the First International Workshop on Focusing, held on November 23rd, 2015 in Suva, Fiji. The workshop was a half-day satellite event of LPAR-20, the 20th International Conferences on Logic for Programming, ... More
Affinity and Hostility in Divided Communities: a Mathematical ModelNov 06 2015We propose, develop, and analyze a mathematical model of intergroup attitudes in a community that is divided between two distinct social groups (which may be distinguished by religion, ethnicity, or some other socially distinguishing factor). The model ... More
Single Memristor Logic Gates: From NOT to a Full AdderOct 19 2015Memristors have been suggested as a novel route to neuromorphic computing based on the similarity between them and neurons (specifically synapses and ion pumps). The d.c. action of the memristor is a current spike which imparts a short-term memory to ... More
A faster subquadratic algorithm for finding outlier correlationsOct 13 2015We study the problem of detecting {\em outlier pairs} of strongly correlated variables among a collection of $n$ variables with otherwise weak pairwise correlations. After normalization, this task amounts to the geometric task where we are given as input ... More
Performance Analysis of an Astrophysical Simulation Code on the Intel Xeon Phi ArchitectureOct 07 2015We have developed the astrophysical simulation code XFLAT to study neutrino oscillations in supernovae. XFLAT is designed to utilize multiple levels of parallelism through MPI, OpenMP, and SIMD instructions (vectorization). It can run on both CPU and ... More
Parameterized Neural Network Language Models for Information RetrievalOct 06 2015Information Retrieval (IR) models need to deal with two difficult issues, vocabulary mismatch and term dependencies. Vocabulary mismatch corresponds to the difficulty of retrieving relevant documents that do not contain exact query terms but semantically ... More
Distribution approximations for the chemical master equation: comparison of the method of moments and the system size expansionSep 30 2015The stochastic nature of chemical reactions involving randomly fluctuating population sizes has lead to a growing research interest in discrete-state stochastic models and their analysis. A widely-used approach is the description of the temporal evolution ... More
Decay to equilibrium of the filament end density along the leading edge of the lamellipodiumSep 25 2015A model for the dynamics of actin filament ends along the leading edge of the lamellipodium is analyzed. It contains accounts of nucleation by branching, of deactivation by capping, and of lateral flow along the leading edge by polymerization. A nonlinearity ... More
Decomposing Digital Paintings into Layers via RGB-space GeometrySep 10 2015In digital painting software, layers organize paintings. However, layers are not explicitly represented, transmitted, or published with the final digital painting. We propose a technique to decompose a digital painting into layers. In our decomposition, ... More
Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Big DataSep 09 2015Jan 28 2016The need for new methods to deal with big data is a common theme in most scientific fields, although its definition tends to vary with the context. Statistical ideas are an essential part of this, and as a partial response, a thematic program on statistical ... More
Edge-enhancing Filters with Negative WeightsSep 08 2015In [DOI:10.1109/ICMEW.2014.6890711], a graph-based denoising is performed by projecting the noisy image to a lower dimensional Krylov subspace of the graph Laplacian, constructed using nonnegative weights determined by distances between image data corresponding ... More
CNN Based Hashing for Image RetrievalSep 04 2015Along with data on the web increasing dramatically, hashing is becoming more and more popular as a method of approximate nearest neighbor search. Previous supervised hashing methods utilized similarity/dissimilarity matrix to get semantic information. ... More