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Deligne's conjecture for automorphic motives over CM-fields, Part I: factorizationFeb 08 2018This is the first of two papers devoted to the relations between Deligne's conjecture on critical values of motivic $L$-functions and the multiplicative relations between periods of arithmetically normalized automorphic forms on unitary groups. The present ... More
Galois equivariance of critical values of $L$-functions for unitary groupsDec 30 2016The goal of this paper is to provide a refinement of a formula proved by the first author which expresses some critical values of automorphic $L$-functions on unitary groups as Petersson norms of automorphic forms. Here we provide a Galois equivariant ... More
Period relations for automorphic forms on unitary groups and critical values of $L$-functionsDec 12 2015Mar 15 2016In this paper we explore some properties of periods attached to automorphic representations of unitary groups over CM fields and the critical values of their $L$-functions. We prove a formula expressing the critical values in the range of absolute convergence ... More