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A lower bound for the radio number of graphsMar 13 2019A radio labeling of a graph $G$ is a mapping $\vp : V(G) \rightarrow \{0, 1, 2,...\}$ such that $|\vp(u)-\vp(v)|\geq \diam(G) + 1 - d(u,v)$ for every pair of distinct vertices $u,v$ of $G$, where $\diam(G)$ and $d(u,v)$ are the diameter of $G$ and distance ... More
A Structural Analysis of Field/Circuit Coupled Problems Based on a Generalised Circuit ElementJan 22 2018Mar 05 2018In some applications there arises the need of a spatially distributed description of a physical quantity inside a device coupled to a circuit. Then, the in-space discretised system of partial differential equations is coupled to the system of equations ... More
Semipolar sets and intrinsic Hausdorff measureNov 24 2017Given a "Green function" $G$ on a locally compact space $X$ with countable base, a Borel set $A$ in $X$ is called $G$-semipolar, if there is no measure $\nu\ne 0$ supported by $A$ such that $G\nu:=\int G(\cdot,y)\,d\nu(y)$ is a continuous real function ... More
Generalized Möbius Ladder and Its Metric DimensionAug 17 2017In this paper we introduce generalized M\"{o}bius ladder $M_{m,n}$ and give its metric dimension. Moreover, it is observed that, depending on even and odd values of $m$ and $n$, it has two subfamilies with constant metric dimensions.
Multifractal analysis via scaling zeta functions and recursive structure of lattice stringsJul 28 2012Jan 25 2013The multifractal structure underlying a self-similar measure stems directly from the weighted self-similar system (or weighted iterated function system) which is used to construct the measure. This follows much in the way that the dimension of a self-similar ... More
Expansions of the reals which do not define the natural numbersApr 09 2011We study first-order expansions of the reals which do not define the set of natural numbers. We also show that several stronger notions of tameness are equivalent to each others.