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Continuous Direct Sparse Visual Odometry from RGB-D ImagesApr 03 2019May 21 2019This paper reports on a novel formulation and evaluation of visual odometry from RGB-D images. Assuming a static scene, the developed theoretical framework generalizes the widely used direct energy formulation (photometric error minimization) technique ... More
Complementary Graphs with Flows Less Than ThreeMar 14 2019X. Hou, H.-J. Lai, P. Li and C.-Q. Zhang [J. Graph Theory 69 (2012) 464-470] showed that for a simple graph $G$ with $|V(G)|\ge 44$, if $\min\{\delta(G),\delta(G^c)\}\ge 4$, then either $G$ or its complementary graph $G^c$ has a nowhere-zero $3$-flow. ... More
Kodaira fibrations and beyond: methods for moduli theoryNov 21 2016Kodaira fibred surfaces are a remarkable example of projective classifying spaces, and there are still many intriguing open questions concerning them, especially the slope question. The topological characterization of Kodaira fibrations is emblematic ... More
Distribution of integral lattice points in an ellipsoid with a diophantine centerSep 11 2013Nov 13 2013We evaluate the mean square limit of exponential sums related with a rational ellipsoid, extending a work of Marklof. Moreover, as a result of it, we study the asymptotic values of the normalized deviations of the number of lattice points inside a rational ... More
A Hamilton-Jacobi equation for the continuum limit of non-dominated sortingFeb 23 2013Dec 17 2013We show that non-dominated sorting of a sequence of i.i.d. random variables in Euclidean space has a continuum limit that corresponds to solving a Hamilton-Jacobi equation involving the probability density function of the random variables. Non-dominated ... More