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A generalization of Edelman--Greene insertion for Schubert polynomialsMar 14 2019Edelman and Greene generalized the Robinson--Schensted--Knuth correspondence to reduced words in order to give a bijective proof of the Schur positivity of Stanley symmetric functions. Stanley symmetric functions may be regarded as the stable limits of ... More
Skew hook formula for $d$-complete posetsFeb 27 2018Peterson and Proctor obtained a formula which expresses the multivariate generating function for $P$-partitions on a $d$-complete poset $P$ as a product in terms of hooks in $P$. In this paper, we give a skew generalization of Peterson--Proctor's hook ... More
Weak dual equivalence for polynomialsFeb 14 2017We use dual equivalence to give a short, combinatorial proof that Stanley symmetric functions are Schur positive. We introduce weak dual equivalence, and use it to give a short, combinatorial proof that Schubert polynomials are key positive. To demonstrate ... More
Algebraic/combinatorial proofs of Cayley-type identities for derivatives of determinants and pfaffiansMay 31 2011Dec 31 2012The classic Cayley identity states that \det(\partial) (\det X)^s = s(s+1)...(s+n-1) (\det X)^{s-1} where X=(x_{ij}) is an n-by-n matrix of indeterminates and \partial=(\partial/\partial x_{ij}) is the corresponding matrix of partial derivatives. In this ... More