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Uniform Interpolation and Compact CongruencesApr 12 2019Uniform interpolation properties are defined for equational consequence in a variety of algebras and related to properties of compact congruences on first the free and then the finitely presented algebras of the variety. It is also shown, following related ... More
How to centralize and normalize quandle extensionsMar 27 2017Mar 29 2017We show that quandle coverings in the sense of Eisermann form a (regular epi)-reflective subcategory of the category of surjective quandle homomorphisms, both by using arguments coming from categorical Galois theory and by constructing concretely a centralization ... More
Plots and Their Applications - Part I: FoundationsNov 14 2013Apr 04 2016The primary goal of this paper is to abstract notions, results and constructions from the theory of categories to the broader setting of plots. Loosely speaking, a plot can be thought of as a non-associative non-unital category with a "relaxed" composition ... More