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Density version of the Ramsey problem and the directed Ramsey problemJan 27 2014Jan 21 2016We discuss a variant of the Ramsey and the directed Ramsey problem. First, consider a complete graph on $n$ vertices and a two-coloring of the edges such that every edge is colored with at least one color and the number of bicolored edges $|E_{RB}|$ is ... More
On the number of k-dominating independent setsApr 13 2015May 07 2015We study the existence and the number of $k$-dominating independent sets in certain graph families. While the case $k=1$ namely the case of maximal independent sets - which is originated from Erd\H{o}s and Moser - is widely investigated, much less is ... More
Permutations over cyclic groupsNov 29 2012Generalizing a result in the theory of finite fields we prove that, apart from a couple of exceptions that can be classified, for any elements $a_1,...,a_m$ of the cyclic group of order $m$, there is a permutation $\pi$ such that $1a_{\pi(1)}+...+ma_{\pi(m)}=0$. ... More
Partition dimension of projective planesNov 29 2016We determine the partition dimension of the incidence graph $G(\Pi_q)$ of the projective plane $\Pi_q$ up to a constant factor $2$ as $(2+o(1))\log_2{q}\leq \mathrm{pd}(G(\Pi_q))\leq (4+o(1))\log_2{q}.$
On the number of maximal intersecting k-uniform families and further applications of Tuza's set pair methodJan 04 2015Mar 12 2015We study the function $M(n,k)$ which denotes the number of maximal $k$-uniform intersecting families $F\subseteq \binom{[n]}{k}$. Improving a bound of Balogh at al. on $M(n,k)$, we determine the order of magnitude of $\log M(n,k)$ by proving that for ... More
A simple proof of the Zeilberger-Bressoud q-Dyson theoremNov 28 2012As an application of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz, we give a short polynomial proof of the q-analogue of Dyson's conjecture formulated by Andrews and first proved by Zeilberger and Bressoud.
Spreading linear triple systems and expander triple systemsJun 07 2019The existence of Steiner triple systems STS(n) of order n containing no nontrivial subsystem is well known for every admissible $n$. We generalize this result in two ways. First we define the expander property of $3$-uniform hypergraphs and show the existence ... More
The Density Turán problemJul 29 2014Let $H$ be a graph on $n$ vertices and let the blow-up graph $G[H]$ be defined as follows. We replace each vertex $v_i$ of $H$ by a cluster $A_i$ and connect some pairs of vertices of $A_i$ and $A_j$ if $(v_i,v_j)$ was an edge of the graph $H$. As usual, ... More
Dominating sets in projective planesMar 09 2016We describe small dominating sets of the incidence graphs of finite projective planes by establishing a stability result which shows that dominating sets are strongly related to blocking and covering sets. Our main result states that if a dominating set ... More
A change of variables theorem for the multidimensional Riemann integralApr 15 2008The most general change of variables theorem for the Riemann integral of functions of a single variable has been published in 1961 (by Kestelman). In this theorem, the substitution is made by an `indefinite integral', that is, by a function of the form ... More
The Turán number of blow-ups of treesApr 15 2019A conjecture of Erd\H{o}s from 1967 asserts that any graph on $n$ vertices which does not contain a fixed $r$-degenerate bipartite graph $F$ has at most $Cn^{2-1/r}$ edges, where $C$ is a constant depending only on $F$. We show that this bound holds for ... More
A new approach to constant term identities and Selberg-type integralsDec 22 2013Selberg-type integrals that can be turned into constant term identities for Laurent polynomials arise naturally in conjunction with random matrix models in statistical mechanics. Built on a recent idea of Karasev and Petrov we develop a general interpolation ... More
On invertible 2-dimensional framed and $r$-spin topological field theoriesJul 22 2019We classify invertible 2-dimensional framed and $r$-spin topological field theories by computing the homotopy groups and the $k$-invariant of the corresponding bordism categories. By a recent result of Kreck, Stolz and Teichner the first homotopy groups ... More
Topological field theory on r-spin surfaces and the Arf invariantFeb 27 2018We give a combinatorial model for r-spin surfaces with parametrised boundary based on Novak (2015). The r-spin structure is encoded in terms of $\mathbb{Z}_r$-valued indices assigned to the edges of a polygonal decomposition. With the help of this model ... More
Triangle areas determined by arrangements of planar linesFeb 08 2019A widely investigated subject in combinatorial geometry, originated from Erd\H{o}s, is the following. Given a point set $P$ of cardinality $n$ in the plane, how can we describe the distribution of the determined distances? This has been generalized in ... More
Avoider-Enforcer star gamesFeb 11 2013Jan 30 2015In this paper, we study $(1 : b)$ Avoider-Enforcer games played on the edge set of the complete graph on $n$ vertices. For every constant $k\geq 3$ we analyse the $k$-star game, where Avoider tries to avoid claiming $k$ edges incident to the same vertex. ... More
Universal Random Access Error Exponents for Codebooks of Different Word-LengthsJul 07 2016Jan 22 2017Csisz\'ar's channel coding theorem for multiple codebooks is generalized allowing the codeword lenghts differ across codebooks. Also in this case, for each codebook an error exponent can be achieved that equals the random coding exponent for this codebook ... More
Error Exponents for Asynchronous Multiple Access Channels. Controlled Asynchronism may Outperform SynchronismJul 11 2019Exponential error bounds are derived for frame-asynchronous discrete memoryless multiple access channels with two senders. By numerical evaluation for a particular case, it follows that the reliability function for synchronous transmission may be beaten ... More
Next-to-Leading Order Calculation of Four-Jet Shape VariablesJul 10 1997Dec 22 1997We present the next-to-leading order calculation of two four-jet event shape variables, the D parameter and acoplanarity differential distributions. We find large, more than 100% radiative corrections. The theoretical prediction for the D parameter is ... More
Calculation of QCD jet cross sections at next-to-leading orderOct 27 1996A general method for calculating \NLO cross sections in perturbative QCD is presented. The algorithm is worked out for calculating $N$-jet cross sections in hadron-hadron collisions. The generalization of the scheme to performing caclulations for other ... More
Next-to-leading order calculation of four-jet observables in electron-positron annihilationJun 09 1998Sep 12 2000The production of four jets in electron-positron annihilation allows for measuring the strong coupling and the underlying group structure of the strong interaction simultaneously. This requires next-to-leading order perturbative prediction for four-jet ... More
Proceedings 14th International Conference on Automata and Formal LanguagesMay 21 2014The 14th International Conference Automata and Formal Languages (AFL 2014) was held in Szeged, Hungary, from the 27th to the 29th of May, 2014. The conference was organized by the Department of Foundations of Computer Science of the University of Szeged. ... More
Perturbations of rotating cosmological black holesNov 18 2002Nov 25 2002Charged, rotating black hole solutions of Einstein's gravitational equations are investigated in the presence of a cosmological constant. A pair of wave equations governing the electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations are derived.
A note on central moments in $C^*$-algebrasFeb 26 2014Jul 08 2014We present sharp estimates of the $k^{\rm th}$ central moments of normal elements in $C^*$-algebras. We shall obtain an upper bound for the weak moments of general elements as well.
On arc-disjoint Hamiltonian cycles in De Bruijn graphsMar 07 2010Dec 30 2013We give two equivalent formulations of a conjecture [2,4] on the number of arc-disjoint Hamiltonian cycles in De Bruijn graphs.
On the luminosity-redshift relation in brane-worlds with cosmological constantJun 27 2006In this paper we calculate the luminosity distance - redshift relation for a special type of flat Friedmann brane with cosmological constant. This special case is singled out by its simplicity, the luminosity distance being given in terms of elementary ... More
Thermodynamic model for electron emission and negative- and positive-ion formation in keV molecular collisionsAug 18 2016A statistical-type model is developed to describe the ion production and electron emission in collisions of (molecular) ions with atoms. The model is based on the Boltzmann population of the bound electronic energy levels of the quasi molecule formed ... More
A proof of the stability of extremal graphs, Simonovits' stability from Szemerédi's regularityJan 13 2015The following sharpening of Tur\'an's theorem is proved. Let $T_{n,p}$ denote the complete $p$--partite graph of order $n$ having the maximum number of edges. If $G$ is an $n$-vertex $K_{p+1}$-free graph with $e(T_{n,p})-t$ edges then there exists an ... More
On scattered subword complexityApr 22 2011Special scattered subwords, in which the gaps are of length from a given set, are defined. The scattered subword complexity, which is the number of such scattered subwords, is computed for rainbow words.
2-cancellative hypergraphs and codesMar 10 2011A family of sets F (and the corresponding family of 0-1 vectors) is called t-cancellative if for all distict t+2 members A_1,... A_t and B,C from F the union of A_1,..., A_t and B differs from the union of A_1, ..., A_t and C. Let c(n,t) be the size of ... More
On the projective theory of sprays with applications to Finsler geometryAug 30 2009Jan 26 2010Based on a self-contained, coordinate-free exposition of the necessary concepts and tools of spray and Finsler geometry (with detailed proofs), we derive new results among others on the consequences of the direction-independence of the Landsberg tensor ... More
Lectures on renormalization and asymptotic safetyNov 17 2012Aug 13 2014A short introduction is given on the functional renormalization group method, putting emphasis on its nonperturbative aspects. The method enables to find nontrivial fixed points in quantum field theoretic models which make them free from divergences and ... More
A note on idempotents in finite AW*-factorsSep 25 2000We prove that the value of the quasi-trace on an idempotent element in a AW*-factor of type II_1 is the same as the dimension of its left (or right) support.
An Application of the Separator of Subsets of Semigroups in the Number TheoryJan 21 2015Jun 01 2015In this paper we give a construction for a special type of congruences on commutative semigroups. We apply our result for the multiplicative semigroup of all positive integers.
Scattering of charged particles on two spatially separated time-periodic optical fieldsJun 29 2018We consider a monoenergetic beam of moving charged particles interacting with two separated oscillating electric fields. Time-periodic linear potential is assumed to model the light-particle interaction using a nonrelativistic, quantum mechanical description ... More
Abelian self-commutators in finite factorsAug 31 2004Sep 13 2004An abelian self-commutator in a C*-algebra $\mathcal{A}$ is an element $A$ that can be written as $A=X^*X-XX^*$, with $X\in\mathcal{A}$ such that $X^*X$ and $XX^*$ commute. It is shown that, given a finite AW*-factor $\mathcal{A}$, there exists another ... More
Retractable state-finite automata without outputsOct 04 2015A homomorphism of an automaton ${\bf A}$ without outputs onto a subautomaton ${\bf B}$ of ${\bf A}$ is called a retract homomorphism if it leaves the elements of $B$ fixed. An automaton ${\bf A}$ is called a retractable automaton if, for every subautomaton ... More
On Commutative Monoid Congruences of SemigroupsJan 08 2015A subset A of a semigroup S is called a medial subset of S if xaby is in A if and only if xbay is in A for every elements x, y, a, b of S. In the paper we show how we can construct the commutative monoid congruences of a semigroup S by the help of medial ... More
Simulating quantum systems on the Bethe lattice by translationally invariant infinite-Tree Tensor NetworkJun 15 2011Nov 13 2011We construct an algorithm to simulate imaginary time evolution of translationally invariant spin systems with local interactions on an infinite, symmetric tree. We describe the state by symmetric iPEPS and use translation-invariant operators for the updates ... More
On Congruence Permutable $G$-setsJan 14 2018Feb 24 2018An algebraic structure is said to be congruence permutable if its arbitrary congruences $\alpha$ and $\beta$ satisfy the equation $\alpha \circ \beta =\beta \circ \alpha$, where $\circ$ denotes the usual composition of binary relations. For an arbitrary ... More
On Special Rees Matrix Semigroups Over SemigroupsSep 30 2016In this paper we define the notion of the locally right regular sequence of semigroups. We show that, if $S$ is a semigroup and $\alpha$ is a congruence on $S$, then the sequence $S/\alpha ^{(0)}, S/\alpha ^{(1)}, \dots , S/\alpha ^{(n)}, \dots $ of factor ... More
Separators of Ideals in Multiplicative Semigroups of Unique Factorization DomainsAug 29 2015In this paper we show that if $I$ is an ideal of a commutative semigroup $C$ such that the separator $SepI$ of $I$ is not empty then the factor semigroup $S=C/P_I$ ($P_I$ is the principal congruence on $C$ defined by $I$) satisfies Condition $(*)$: $S$ ... More
Parton shower evolution with subleading colorFeb 20 2012Jun 14 2012Parton shower Monte Carlo event generators in which the shower evolves from hard splittings to soft splittings generally use the leading color approximation, which is the leading term in an expansion in powers of $1/N_c^2$, where $N_c = 3$ is the number ... More
Halfspace depth does not characterize probability distributionsOct 22 2018We give examples of different multivariate probability distributions whose halfspace depths coincide at all points of the sample space.
Irreducible Ginzburg-Landau fields in dimension 2Jul 01 2016Aug 25 2016Ginzburg--Landau fields are the solutions of the Ginzburg--Landau equations which depend on two positive parameters, $\alpha$ and $\beta$. We give conditions on $\alpha$ and $\beta$ for the existence of irreducible solutions of these equations. Our results ... More
The separator of a subset of a semigroupJan 24 2015In this paper we introduce a new notion by the help of the idealizer. This new notion is the separator of a subset of a semigroup. We investigate the properties of the separator in an arbitrary semigroup and characterize the unitary subsemigroups and ... More
On Monoid Congruences of Commutative SemigroupsJan 18 2015In this paper we characterize the monoid congruences of commutative semigroups by the help of the notion of the separator of subsets of semigroups. We show that every monoid congruence of a commutative semigroup S can be constructed by the help of subsets ... More
The Berry connection of the Ginzburg-Landau vorticesNov 02 2015Apr 20 2016We analyze 2-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau vortices at critical coupling, and establish asymptotic formulas for the tangent vectors of the vortex moduli space using theorems of Taubes and Bradlow. We then compute the corresponding Berry curvature and holonomy ... More
Left equalizer simple semigroupsApr 27 2015Sep 29 2015In this paper we characterize and construct semigroups whose right regular representation is a left cancellative semigroup. These semigroups will be called left equalizer simple semigroups. For a congruence $\varrho$ on a semigroup $S$, let ${\mathbb ... More
Geometric inequalities in spherically symmetric spacetimesJul 01 2016ADM mass is usually preferred against using quasi-local notions of mass in deriving geometric inequalities. We are interested in testing if usage of quasi-local mass provide any benefits. In spherical symmetry there is a highly accepted notion: the Misner-Sharp ... More
New tools in GeoGebra offering novel opportunities to teach loci and envelopesMay 30 2016GeoGebra is an open source mathematics education software tool being used in thousands of schools worldwide. Since version 4.2 (December 2012) it supports symbolic computation of locus equations as a result of joint effort of mathematicians and programmers ... More
Almost similar configurationsMay 05 2018May 10 2019Let $h(n)$ denote the maximum number of triangles with angles between $59^\circ$ and $61^\circ$ in any $n$-element planar set. Our main result is an exact formula for $h(n)$. We also prove $h(n)= n^3/24+ O(n \log n)$ as $n\to \infty$. However, there are ... More
Isentropes and Lyapunov exponentsApr 05 2018Jul 10 2019We consider skew tent maps $T_{{\alpha}, {\beta}}(x)$ such that $( {\alpha}, {\beta})\in[0,1]^{2}$ is the turning point of $T {_ { {\alpha}, {\beta}}}$, that is, $T_{{\alpha}, {\beta}}=\frac{{\beta}}{{\alpha}}x$ for $0\leq x \leq {\alpha}$ and $T_{{\alpha}, ... More
Operators having selfadjoint squaresMar 24 2014Sep 18 2014The main goal of this paper is to show that a (not necessarily densely defined or closed) symmetric operator $A$ acting on a real or complex Hilbert space is selfadjoint exactly when $I+A^2$ is a full range operator.
Next-to-leading order calculation of three-jet observables in hadron-hadron collisionJul 21 2003Jul 24 2003The production of the three jets in hadron-hardon collision is the first more complex process which allow us to define a branch of variables in order to do more precise measurement of the strong coupling and the parton distribution function of the proton. ... More
Generalized eccentric vs. true anomaly parametrizations in the perturbed Keplerian motionOct 10 2006The angular and the radial parts of the dynamics of the perturbed Kepler motion are separable in many important cases. In this paper we study the radial motion and its parametrizations. We develop in detail a generalized eccentric anomaly parametrization ... More
Irradiated closed Friedmann brane-worldsOct 10 2006We consider the evolution of a closed Friedmann brane irradiated by a bulk black hole. Both absorption on the brane and transmission across the brane are allowed, the latter representing a generalization over a previously studied model. Without transmission, ... More
Box-counting by Hölder's traveling salesmanJul 11 2019We provide a sufficient Dini-type condition for a subset of a complete, quasiconvex metric space to be covered by a H\"older curve. This implies in particular that if the upper box-counting dimension of a set in a quasiconvex metric space is less or equal ... More
Non-existence of Funk functions for Finsler spaces of non-vanishing scalar flag curvatureFeb 22 2016In his book "Differential Geometry of Spray and Finsler spaces", page 177, Zhongmin Shen asks "wether or not there always exist non-trivial Funk functions on a spray space". In this note, we will prove that the answer is negative for the geodesic spray ... More
Metrizable isotropic second-order differential equations and Hilbert's fourth problemMar 23 2013It is well known that a system of homogeneous second-order ordinary differential equations (spray) is necessarily isotropic in order to be metrizable by a Finsler function of scalar flag curvature. In Theorem 3.1 we show that the isotropy condition, together ... More
Machine learning methods for multimedia information retrievalMay 14 2017In this thesis we examined several multimodal feature extraction and learning methods for retrieval and classification purposes. We reread briefly some theoretical results of learning in Section 2 and reviewed several generative and discriminative models ... More
Naively Haar null sets in Polish groupsAug 10 2015Let $(G,\cdot)$ be a Polish group. We say that a set $X \subset G$ is Haar null if there exists a universally measurable set $U \supset X$ and a Borel probability measure $\mu$ such that for every $g, h \in G$ we have $\mu(gUh)=0$. We call a set $X$ naively ... More
Partial separability revisited: Necessary and sufficient criteriaJun 27 2012Sep 26 2012We extend the classification of mixed states of quantum systems composed of arbitrary number of subsystems of arbitrary dimensions. This extended classification is complete in the sense of partial separability and gives 1+18+1 partial separability classes ... More
Covering complete partite hypergraphs by monochromatic componentsApr 11 2016A well-known special case of a conjecture attributed to Ryser states that k-partite intersecting hypergraphs have transversals of at most k-1 vertices. An equivalent form was formulated by Gy\'arf\'as: if the edges of a complete graph K are colored with ... More
Coding objects related to Catalan numbersMar 06 2010A coding method using binary sequences is presented for different computation problems related to Catalan numbers. This method proves in a very easy way the equivalence of these problems.
A Fixed Point Theorem for Non-Monotonic FunctionsFeb 03 2014Feb 07 2015We present a fixed point theorem for a class of (potentially) non-monotonic functions over specially structured complete lattices. The theorem has as a special case the Knaster-Tarski fixed point theorem when restricted to the case of monotonic functions ... More
A subtraction scheme for computing QCD jet cross sections at NNLO: integrating the subtraction terms IJul 03 2008In previous articles we outlined a subtraction scheme for regularizing doubly-real emission and real-virtual emission in next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) calculations of jet cross sections in electron-positron annihilation. In order to find the NNLO ... More
Universal extensions of restricted classes of quantum operationsMay 31 2017For numerous applications of quantum theory it is desirable to be able to apply arbitrary unitary operations on a given quantum system. However, in particular situations only a subset of unitary operations is easily accessible. This raises the question ... More
Unions of regular polygons with large perimeter-to-area ratioFeb 21 2014Jun 22 2014T. Keleti asked, whether the ratio of the perimeter and the area of a finite union of unit squares is always at most 4. In this paper we present an example where the ratio is greater than 4. We also answer the analogous question for regular triangles ... More
Projective and Finsler metrizability: parameterization-rigidity of the geodesicsAug 23 2011In this work we show that for the geodesic spray $S$ of a Finsler function $F$ the most natural projective deformation $\widetilde{S}=S -2 \lambda F\mathbb C$ leads to a non-Finsler metrizable spray, for almost every value of $\lambda \in \mathbb R$. ... More
On the adjoint of Hilbert space operatorsNov 22 2017In general, it is a non trivial task to determine the adjoint $S^*$ of an unbounded operator $S$ acting between two Hilbert spaces. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions for a given operator $T$ to be identical with $S^*$. In our considerations, ... More
Adjoint of sums and products of operators in Hilbert spacesJul 30 2015We provide sufficient and necessary conditions guaranteeing equations $(A+B)^*=A^*+B^*$ and $(AB)^*=B^*A^*$ concerning densely defined unbounded operators $A,B$ between Hilbert spaces. We also improve the perturbation theory of selfadjoint and essentially ... More
QCD Corrections to Photon Production in Association with Hadrons in $e^+e^-$ AnnihilationJul 10 1992A detailed investigation of the theoretical ambiguities present in the QCD description of photon production in $e^+e^-$ annihilation is given. It is pointed out that in a well-defined perturbative analysis it is necessary to subtract the quark-photon ... More
Typical Borel measures on $[0,1]d$ satisfy a multifractal formalismSep 03 2010In this article, we prove that in the Baire category sense, measures supported by the unit cube of $\R^d$ typically satisfy a multifractal formalism. To achieve this, we compute explicitly the multifractal spectrum of such typical measures $\mu$. This ... More
Complex phase space of a simple synchronization modelMar 08 2012The phase-space of a simple synchronization model is thoroughly investigated. The model considers two-mode stochastic oscillators, coupled through a pulse-like interaction controlled by simple optimization rules. A complex phase space is uncovered as ... More
Acyclic orientations with degree constraintsJun 09 2018In this note we study the complexity of some generalizations of the notion of $st$-numbering. Suppose that given some functions $f$ and $g$, we want to order the vertices of a graph such that every vertex $v$ is preceded by at least $f(v)$ of its neighbors ... More
Can We Detect the Anisotropic Shapes of Quasar HII Regions During Reionization Through The Small-Scale Redshifted 21cm Power Spectrum?May 07 2007Sep 17 2007Light travel time delays distort the apparent shapes of HII regions surrounding bright quasars during early stages of cosmic reionization. Individual HII regions may remain undetectable in forthcoming redshifted 21 cm experiments. However, the systematic ... More
Uniform hypergraphs containing no gridsMar 09 2011A hypergraph is called an r by r grid if it is isomorphic to a pattern of r horizontal and r vertical lines. Three sets form a triangle if they pairwise intersect in three distinct singletons. A hypergraph is linear if every pair of edges meet in at most ... More
Relaxation times in the ASEP model using a DMRG methodApr 03 2002Dec 11 2002We compute the largest relaxation times for the totally asymmetric exclusion process (TASEP) with open boundary conditions with a DMRG method. This allows us to reach much larger system sizes than in previous numerical studies. We are then able to show ... More
Hamiltonian theory of brane-world gravityDec 08 2006A brane-world universe consists of a 4-dimensional brane embedded into a 5-dimensional space-time (bulk). We apply the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner decomposition to the brane-world, which results in a 3+1+1 break-up of the bulk. We present the canonical theory ... More
CoLoRFulNNLO for LHC processesJul 13 2018In my talk I gave a status update on the extension of the CoLoRFulNNLO subtraction method for computing QCD jet cross sections with hadrons in the initial state. The scheme has been fully worked out previously for electron-positron collisions and recently ... More
Triple point in the $O(2)$ ghost model with higher-order gradient termAug 06 2016The phase structure and the infrared behaviour of the Euclidean 3-dimensional $O(2)$ symmetric ghost scalar field $\phi$ has been investigated in Wegner and Houghton's renormalization group framework, including higher-derivatives in the kinetic term. ... More
Critical Behavior of O(n)-symmetric Systems With Reversible Mode-coupling Terms: Stability Against Detailed-balance ViolationOct 22 1996We investigate nonequilibrium critical properties of $O(n)$-symmetric models with reversible mode-coupling terms. Specifically, a variant of the model of Sasv\'ari, Schwabl, and Sz\'epfalusy is studied, where violation of detailed balance is incorporated ... More
Dimension distortion by projections on Riemannian surfaces of constant curvatureJul 15 2015We apply the theory of Peres and Schlag to obtain estimates for generic Hausdorff dimension distortion under orthogonal projections on simply connected two dimensional Riemannian manifolds of constant curvature. As a conclusion we obtain appropriate versions ... More
A unified approach to equilibrium statistics in closed systems with random dynamicsJun 18 2016In a balanced version of decay and growth processes a simple master equation arrives at a final state including the Poisson, Bernoulli, negative binomial and P\'olya distribution. Such decay and growth rates incorporate a symmetry between the observed ... More
Parity violation effects in the Josephson junction of a $p$-wave superconductorNov 07 2014Feb 16 2015The phenomenon of the parity violation due to weak interaction may be studied with superconducting systems. Previous research considered the case of conventional superconductors. We here theoretically investigate the parity violation effect in an unconventional ... More
Gravitational dynamics in s+1+1 dimensionsJul 06 2005Mar 06 2006We present the concomitant decomposition of an (s+2)-dimensional spacetime both with respect to a timelike and a spacelike direction. The formalism we develop is suited for the study of the initial value problem and for canonical gravitational dynamics ... More
On the validity of the 5-dimensional Birkhoff theorem: The tale of an exceptional caseDec 21 2007Jun 26 2008The 5-dimensional (5d) Birkhoff theorem gives the class of 5d vacuum space-times containing spatial hypersurfaces with cosmological symmetries. This theorem is violated by the 5d vacuum Gergely-Maartens (GM) space-time, which is not a representant of ... More
Response of an electron system to a periodic potentialDec 21 2000We give a quantum field theoretical treatment of a one dimensional electron system with a fixed chemical potential $\mu$. The non-perturbative Lindhard response function is found for an electron system in a sinusoidal potential.
Full-speed Fuzzing: Reducing Fuzzing Overhead through Coverage-guided TracingDec 31 2018Jan 28 2019Of coverage-guided fuzzing's three main components: (1) testcase generation, (2) code coverage tracing, and (3) crash triage, code coverage tracing is a dominant source of overhead. Coverage-guided fuzzers trace every testcase's code coverage through ... More
Variational Quantum Monte Carlo Method with a Neural-Network Ansatz for Open Quantum SystemsFeb 25 2019Jun 29 2019The possibility to simulate the properties of many-body open quantum systems with a large number of degrees of freedom is the premise to the solution of several outstanding problems in quantum science and quantum information. The challenge posed by this ... More
Creation operators and algebraic Bethe ansatz for the elliptic quantum group $E_{τ,η}(so_3)$Dec 04 2006We define the elliptic quantum group $E_{\tau,\eta}(so_3)$ and the transfer matrix corresponding to its simplest highest weight representation. We use Bethe anstaz method to construct the creation operators as polynomials of the Lax matrix elements expressed ... More
Algebraic Bethe ansatz for the elliptic quantum group $E_{τ,η}(A_2^{(2)})$Apr 23 2007Apr 27 2007We implement the Bethe anstaz method for the elliptic quantum group $E_{\tau,\eta}(A_2^{(2)})$. The Bethe creation operators are constructed as polynomials of the Lax matrix elements expressed through a recurrence relation. We also give the eigenvalues ... More
QCD EoS, initial conditions and final state from relativistic hydrodynamics in heavy-ion collisionsFeb 10 2010Some recent developments in exact results in relativistic hydrodynamics is reviewed. We discuss phenomenological applications in high-energy collisions and theoretical features of the solutions. We compare the method of numerical modelling to the strategy ... More
Data-driven Analysis of Complex Networks and their Model-generated CounterpartsOct 19 2018Oct 25 2018Data-driven analysis of complex networks has been in the focus of research for decades. An important question is to discover the relation between various network characteristics in real-world networks and how these relationships vary across network domains. ... More
Oscillator Models of the Solar Cycle and the Waldmeier EffectApr 14 2014We study the behaviour of the van der Pol oscillator when either its damping parameter $\mu$ or its nonlinearity parameter $\xi$ is subject to additive or multiplicative random noise. Assuming various power law exponents for the relation between the oscillating ... More
The Abel map for surface singularities I. Generalities and examplesSep 11 2018Let $(X,o)$ be a complex normal surface singularity. We fix one of its good resolutions $\widetilde{X}\to X$, an effective cycle $Z$ supported on the reduced exceptional curve, and any possible (first Chern) class $l'\in H^2(\widetilde{X},\mathbb{Z})$. ... More
Motivic Poincaré series of cusp surface singularitiesJul 28 2019We target multivariable series associated with resolutions of complex analytic normal surface singularities. In general, the equivariant multivariable analytical and topological Poincar\'e series are well-defined and have good properties only if the link ... More
Jet production in the CoLoRFulNNLO method: event shapes in electron-positron collisionsJun 10 2016Jun 17 2016We present the CoLoRFulNNLO method to compute higher order radiative corrections to jet cross sections in perturbative QCD. We apply our method to the computation of event shape observables in electron-positron collisions at NNLO accuracy and validate ... More
The Thickness of High-Redshift Quasar Ionization Fronts as a Constraint on the Ionizing Spectral Energy DistributionDec 20 2007Jan 10 2008High-redshift quasars (z >~ 6) drive ionization fronts into the intergalactic medium (IGM). If the thickness of the front can be measured, it can provide a novel constraint on the ionizing spectral energy distribution (SED). Here we follow the propagation ... More