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Multi-Reference Video Coding Using Stillness DetectionMar 11 2018Encoders of AOM/AV1 codec consider an input video sequence as succession of frames grouped in Golden-Frame (GF) groups. The coding structure of a GF group is fixed with a given GF group size. In the current AOM/AV1 encoder, video frames are coded using ... More
Roadblocked monotonic paths and the enumeration of coalescent histories for non-matching caterpillar gene trees and species treesJan 14 2019Given a gene tree topology and a species tree topology, a coalescent history represents a possible mapping of the list of gene tree coalescences to associated branches of a species tree on which those coalescences take place. Enumerative properties of ... More
Verifying Programs Under Custom Application-Specific Execution ModelsMay 16 2018Researchers have recently designed a number of application-specific fault tolerance mechanisms that enable applications to either be naturally resilient to errors or include additional detection and correction steps that can bring the overall execution ... More
Domain wall induced modulation of low field H-T phase diagram in patterned superconductor-ferromagnet stripesJan 09 2019Apr 09 2019We present a systematic study of the magnetic domain wall induced modulation of superconducting transition temperature (Tc) in Nb/Ni bilayer stripes. By varying the thickness of the Ni layer from 20 nm to 100 nm we have been able to measure the low field ... More
Amalgamation of types in pseudo-algebraically closed fields and applicationsApr 26 2017Dec 26 2018This paper studies unbounded PAC fields and shows an amalgamation result for types over algebraically closed sets. It discusses various applications, for instance that omega-free PAC fields have the property NSOP3. It also contains a description of imaginaries ... More
The Weak Null Condition and Kaluza-Klein SpacetimesMay 31 2017In this paper we prove the non-linear stability of a system of non-linear wave equations satisfying the weak null condition. In particular, this includes the case of the non-linear stability of Minkowski spacetime times a $d$-torus subject to perturbations ... More
Texture Segmentation Based Video Compression Using Convolutional Neural NetworksFeb 08 2018There has been a growing interest in using different approaches to improve the coding efficiency of modern video codec in recent years as demand for web-based video consumption increases. In this paper, we propose a model-based approach that uses texture ... More
UV and EUV Emissions at the Flare Foot-points Observed by AIAMay 29 2013A solar flare is composed of impulsive energy release events by magnetic reconnection, which forms and heats flare loops. Recent studies have revealed a two-phase evolution pattern of UV 1600\AA\ emission at the feet of these loops: a rapid pulse lasting ... More
Avalanche localization and crossover scaling in amorphous plasticityJul 08 2013Sep 25 2013We perform large scale simulations of a two dimensional lattice model for amorphous plasticity with random local yield stresses and long-range quadrupolar elastic interactions. We show that as the external stress increases towards the yielding phase transition, ... More
Attractors of the Einstein-Klein Gordon systemJan 29 2019It is shown that negative Einstein metrics are attractors of the Einstein-Klein-Gordon system. As an essential part of the proof we upgrade a technique that uses the continuity equation complementary to $L^2$-estimates to control massive matter fields. ... More
Page curves for tripartite systemsAug 11 2016Jun 27 2017We investigate information flow and Page curves for tripartite systems. We prepare a tripartite system (say, A, B, and C) of a given number of states and calculate information and entropy contents by assuming random states. Initially, every particle was ... More
Stability of a coupled wave-Klein-Gordon system with quadratic nonlinearitiesNov 25 2018Using the hyperboloidal foliation method, we establish stability results for a coupled wave-Klein-Gordon system with quadratic nonlinearities. In particular, we investigate quadratic wave-Klein-Gordon interactions in which there are no derivatives on ... More
Neural Mesh: Introducing a Notion of Space and Conservation of Energy to Neural NetworksJul 29 2018Neural networks are based on a simplified model of the brain. In this project, we wanted to relax the simplifying assumptions of a traditional neural network by making a model that more closely emulates the low level interactions of neurons. Like in an ... More
Generalized Picard-Vessiot extensions and differential Galois cohomologyFeb 07 2017Sep 11 2017In an earlier paper it was proved that if a differential field $(K,\delta)$ is algebraically closed and closed under Picard-Vessiot extensions then every differential algebraic principal homogeneous space over K for a linear differential algebraic group ... More
Size effects in dislocation depinning models for plastic yieldJan 24 2013Typically, the plastic yield stress of a sample is determined from a stress-strain curve by defining a yield strain and reading off the stress required to attain it. However, it is not a priori clear that yield strengths of microscale samples measured ... More
Conjugacy Search Problem for Relatively Hyperbolic GroupsNov 23 2012The asymptotic bound for a length-based attack on the Conjugacy Search Problem in relatively hyperbolic groups is cubic for hyperbolic elements and a "small" polynomial for parabolic elements, depending on the Conjugacy Search Problem for the peripheral ... More
Mouse Pose Estimation From Depth ImagesNov 24 2015We focus on the challenging problem of efficient mouse 3D pose estimation based on static images, and especially single depth images. We introduce an approach to discriminatively train the split nodes of trees in random forest to improve their performance ... More
Unconventional domain wall magnetoresistance of Nb-Ni-Nb planar structures below superconducting transition temperature of NbApr 22 2019Spin singlet Cooper pairs convert into spin-triplet Cooper pairs on passing through a magnetic inhomogeneity along the direction of propagation at the superconductor/ferromagnet(S/F) interface. In superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid spintronics structures ... More
Robust unravelings for resonance fluorescenceFeb 24 2000Monitoring the fluorescent radiation of an atom unravels the master equation evolution by collapsing the atomic state into a pure state which evolves stochastically. A robust unraveling is one that gives pure states that, on average, are relatively unaffected ... More
Semi-classical black holes with large N re-scaling and information loss problemJul 03 2009Aug 02 2011We consider semi-classical black holes and related re-scalings with N massless fields. For a given semi-classical solution of an N = 1 universe, we can find other solution of a large N universe by the re-scaling. After the re-scaling, any curvature quantity ... More
Improving the state selectivity of field ionization with quantum controlJun 03 2018Nov 17 2018The electron signals from the field ionization of two closely-spaced Rydberg states of \mbox{rubidium-85} are separated using quantum control. In selective field ionization, the state distribution of a collection of Rydberg atoms is measured by ionizing ... More
Can the Horowitz-Maldacena proposal be an alternative to the firewall?Nov 11 2008Oct 11 2013Recently, there have been discussions that black hole complementarity is inconsistent and that the firewall is required to prohibit the observation of duplicated information. It is thought that if the Horowitz-Maldacena proposal works as a selection principle, ... More
Constructing a counterexample to the black hole complementarityFeb 12 2008Nov 10 2008We propose a regular black hole whose inside generates a de Sitter space and then is finally frustrated into a singularity. It is a modified model which was suggested originally by Frolov, Markov, and Mukhanov. In our model, we could adjust a regular ... More
A Novel Approach to Formulae Production and Overconfidence Measurement to Reduce Risk in Spreadsheet ModellingMar 12 2008Research on formulae production in spreadsheets has established the practice as high risk yet unrecognised as such by industry. There are numerous software applications that are designed to audit formulae and find errors. However these are all post creation, ... More
Small-scale Effects of Thermal Inflation on Halo Abundance at High-$z$, Galaxy Substructure Abundance and 21-cm Power SpectrumJun 25 2017Nov 15 2017We study the impact of thermal inflation on the formation of cosmological structures and present astrophysical observables which can be used to constrain and possibly probe the thermal inflation scenario. These are dark matter halo abundance at high redshifts, ... More
Global evolution of the U(1) Higgs Boson: nonlinear stability and uniform energy boundsFeb 07 2019Relying on the hyperboloidal foliation method, we establish the nonlinear stability of the ground state of the so-called U(1) standard model of electroweak interactions. This amounts to establishing a global-in-time theory for the initial value problem ... More
Finite Representability of Integers as $2$-SumsMay 15 2017A set $\mathcal{A}$ is said to be an additive $h$-basis if each element in $\{0,1,\ldots,hn\}$ can be written as an $h$-sum of elements of $\mathcal{A}$ in {\it at least} one way. We seek multiple representations as $h$-sums, and, in this paper we make ... More
Vertex dynamics in finite two dimensional square spin icesApr 15 2010Jun 05 2010Local magnetic ordering in artificial spin ices is discussed from the point of view of how geometrical frustration controls dynamics and the approach to steady state. We discuss the possibility of using a particle picture based on vertex configurations ... More
Covering Array Bounds Using Analytical TechniquesMay 12 2014A $t$-covering array with entries from the alphabet ${\cal Q}=\{0,1,\ldots,q-1\}$ is a $k\times n$ stack, so that for any choice of $t$ (typically non-consecutive) columns, each of the $q^{t}$ possible $t$-letter words over ${\cal Q}$ appear at least ... More
Disorder regimes and equivalence of disorder types in artificial spin iceOct 07 2011The field-induced dynamics of artificial spin ice are determined in part by interactions between magnetic islands, and the switching characteristics of each island. Disorder in either of these affects the response to applied fields. Numerical simulations ... More
The Validity of the Super-Particle Approximation during Planetesimal FormationDec 31 2009Jan 08 2010The formation mechanism of planetesimals in protoplanetary discs is hotly debated. Currently, the favoured model involves the accumulation of meter-sized objects within a turbulent disc, followed by a phase of gravitational instability. At best one can ... More
Liberal Radicalism: Formal Rules for a Society Neutral among CommunitiesSep 17 2018We propose a design for philanthropic or publicly-funded seeding to allow (near) optimal provision of a decentralized, self-organizing ecosystem of public goods. The concept extends ideas from Quadratic Voting to a funding mechanism for endogenous community ... More
Set K-Cover Algorithms for Energy Efficient Monitoring in Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 20 2003Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are emerging as an effective means for environment monitoring. This paper investigates a strategy for energy efficient monitoring in WSNs that partitions the sensors into covers, and then activates the covers iteratively ... More
Diversity enabling equilibration: disorder and the ground state in artificial spin iceAug 02 2011Nov 16 2011We report a novel approach to the question of whether and how the ground state can be achieved in square artificial spin ices where frustration is incomplete. We identify two types of disorder: quenched disorder in the island response to fields and disorder ... More
ReNeg and Backseat Driver: Learning from Demonstration with Continuous Human FeedbackJan 16 2019In autonomous vehicle (AV) control, allowing mistakes can be quite dangerous and costly in the real world. For this reason we investigate methods of training an AV without allowing the agent to explore and instead having a human explorer collect the data. ... More
Fault-tolerant routing in peer-to-peer systemsFeb 15 2003Jun 22 2003We consider the problem of designing an overlay network and routing mechanism that permits finding resources efficiently in a peer-to-peer system. We argue that many existing approaches to this problem can be modeled as the construction of a random graph ... More
A network model for field and quenched disorder effects in artificial spin iceDec 09 2011Apr 11 2012We have performed a systematic study of the effects of field strength and quenched disorder on the driven dynamics of square artificial spin ice. We construct a network representation of the configurational phase space, where nodes represent the microscopic ... More
Full Numerical Simulations of Catastrophic Small Body CollisionsNov 02 2008The outcome of collisions between small icy bodies, such as Kuiper belt objects, is poorly understood and yet a critical component of the evolution of the trans-Neptunian region. The expected physical properties of outer solar system materials (high porosity, ... More
H-Representation of the Kimura-3 PolytopeSep 15 2014Dec 09 2015Given a group-based Markov model on a tree, one can compute the vertex representation of a polytope which describes the associated toric variety. The half-space representation, however, is not easily computable. In the case of $\mathbb{Z}_2$ or $\mathbb{Z}_2\times\mathbb{Z}_2$, ... More
Differential-algebraic jet spaces preserve internality to the constantsNov 14 2013This paper concerns the model theory of jet spaces (i.e., higher-order tangent spaces) in differentially closed fields. Suppose p is the generic type of the jet space to a finite dimensional differential-algebraic variety at a generic point. It is shown ... More
A stochastic asymptotic-preserving scheme for the bipolar semiconductor Boltzmann-Poisson system with random inputs and diffusive scalingsFeb 26 2018Jul 16 2018In this paper, we study the bipolar Boltzmann-Poisson model, both for the deterministic system and the system with uncertainties, with asymptotic behavior leading to the drift diffusion-Poisson system as the Knudsen number goes to zero. The random inputs ... More
Formation of planetary debris discs around white dwarfs II: Shrinking extremely eccentric collisionless ringsMay 22 2015The formation channel of the tens of compact debris discs which orbit white dwarfs (WDs) at a distance of one Solar radius remains unknown. Asteroids that survive the giant branch stellar phases beyond a few au are assumed to be dynamically thrust towards ... More
Fault Modelling in System-of-Systems ContractsApr 30 2014Oct 07 2014The nature of Systems of Systems (SoSs), large complex systems composed of independent, geographically distributed and continuously evolving constituent systems, means that faults are unavoidable. Previous work on defining contractual specifications of ... More
Bose polarons near quantum criticalityApr 04 2019Apr 10 2019The emergence of quasiparticles in strongly interacting matter represents one of the cornerstones of modern physics. However, when different phases of matter compete near a quantum critical point, the very existence of quasiparticles comes under question. ... More
How can we erase states inside a black hole?Dec 01 2017Nov 26 2018We investigate an entangled system, which is analogous to a composite system of a black hole and Hawking radiation. If Hawking radiation is well approximated by an outgoing particle generated from pair creation around the black hole, such a pair creation ... More
Formation of planetary debris discs around white dwarfs I: Tidal disruption of an extremely eccentric asteroidSep 08 201425%-50% of all white dwarfs (WDs) host observable and dynamically active remnant planetary systems based on the presence of close-in circumstellar dust and gas and photospheric metal pollution. Currently-accepted theoretical explanations for the origin ... More
Avalanches, loading and finite size effects in 2D amorphous plasticity: results from a finite element modelNov 10 2014Feb 11 2015Crystalline plasticity is strongly interlinked with dislocation mechanics and nowadays is relatively well understood. Concepts and physical models of plastic deformation in amorphous materials on the other hand - where the concept of linear lattice defects ... More
The Formation of the Collisional Family around the Dwarf Planet HaumeaMar 30 2010Haumea, a rapidly rotating elongated dwarf planet (~ 1500 km in diameter), has two satellites and is associated with a "family" of several smaller Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) in similar orbits. All members of the Haumea system share a water ice spectral ... More
Modeling the distribution of distance data in Euclidean spaceJun 20 2016Phylogenetic inference-the derivation of a hypothesis for the common evolutionary history of a group of species- is an active area of research at the intersection of biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics. One assumes the data contains ... More
Critical Reviews of Causal Patch Measure over the MultiverseMar 13 2009Dec 01 2009In this talk, the causal patch measure based on black hole complementarity is critically reviewed. By noticing the similarities between the causal structure of an inflationary dS space and that of a black hole, we have considered the complementarity principle ... More
Novel Sampling Design for Respondent-driven SamplingJun 01 2016Nov 01 2017Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is a method of chain referral sampling popular for sampling hidden and/or marginalized populations. As such, even under the ideal sampling assumptions, the performance of RDS is restricted by the underlying social network: ... More
Avoidance and Coalescence of Delamination PatternsMar 31 2014Delamination of coatings and thin films from substrates generates a fascinating variety of patterns, from circular blisters to wrinkles and labyrinth domains, in a way that is not completely understood. We report on large-scale numerical simulations of ... More
Overfitting Bayesian Mixture Models with an Unknown Number of ComponentsFeb 18 2015Aug 24 2015This paper proposes solutions to three issues pertaining to the estimation of finite mixture models with an unknown number of components: the non-identifiability induced by overfitting the number of components, the mixing limitations of standard Markov ... More
Physical effects of collisions in the Kuiper beltMay 27 2007Collisions are a major modification process over the history of the Kuiper Belt. Recent work illuminates the complex array of possible outcomes of individual collisions onto porous, volatile bodies. The cumulative effects of such collisions on the surface ... More
Novel Sampling Design for Respondent-driven SamplingJun 01 2016Aug 11 2016Respondent-driven sampling (RDS) is a type of chain referral sampling popular for sampling hidden and/or marginalized populations. As such, even under the ideal sampling assumptions, the performance of RDS is restricted by the underlying social network: ... More
Electromagnetically induced coherent backscatteringJun 06 2006We demonstrate a strong coherent backward wave oscillation using forward propagating fields only. This is achieved by applying laser fields to an ultra-dispersive medium with proper chosen detunings to excite a molecular vibrational coherence that corresponds ... More
Erosive Hit-and-Run Impact Events: Debris UnboundNov 16 2015Oct 31 2016Erosive collisions among planetary embryos in the inner solar system can lead to multiple remnant bodies, varied in mass, composition and residual velocity. Some of the smaller, unbound debris may become available to seed the main asteroid belt. The makeup ... More
Anthropic Likelihood for the Cosmological Constant and the Primordial Density Perturbation AmplitudeOct 14 2011Jan 12 2012Weinberg et al. calculated the anthropic likelihood of the cosmological constant using a model assuming that the number of observers is proportional to the total mass of gravitationally collapsed objects, with mass greater than a certain threshold, at ... More
Probing transition form factors in the rare $B\to K^*ν\barν$ decayMay 08 2018Sep 11 2018We compare the Standard Model (SM) predictions for the differential branching ratio of the rare $B\to K^*\nu\bar\nu$ decays using $B \to K^*$ form factors obtained from holographic light-front QCD (hLFQCD) and Sum Rules (SR) Distribution Amplitudes. For ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016Nov 10 2016We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More
Formula of Volume of Revolution with Integration by Parts and ExtensionSep 04 2016A calculation formula of volume of revolution with integration by parts of definite integral is derived based on monotone function, and extended to a general case that curved trapezoids is determined by continuous, piecewise strictly monotone and differential ... More
A class of cyclic codes whose dual have five zerosFeb 07 2015In this paper, a family of cyclic codes over $\mathbb{F}_{p}$ whose duals have five zeros is presented, where $p$ is an odd prime. Furthermore, the weight distributions of these cyclic codes are determined.
To Stay Or To Switch: Multiuser Dynamic Channel AccessSep 14 2013In this paper we study opportunistic spectrum access (OSA) policies in a multiuser multichannel random access cognitive radio network, where users perform channel probing and switching in order to obtain better channel condition or higher instantaneous ... More
An Online Approach to Dynamic Channel Access and Transmission SchedulingApr 04 2015Making judicious channel access and transmission scheduling decisions is essential for improving performance as well as energy and spectral efficiency in multichannel wireless systems. This problem has been a subject of extensive study in the past decade, ... More
How not to build Tatooine: the difficulty of in situ formation of circumbinary planets Kepler 16b, Kepler 34b and Kepler 35bJun 15 2012We study planetesimal evolution in circumbinary disks, focusing on the three systems Kepler 16, 34 and 35 where planets have been discovered recently. We show that for circumbinary planetesimals, in addition to secular forcing, eccentricities evolve on ... More
Erosive Hit-and-Run Impact Events: Debris UnboundNov 16 2015Erosive collisions among planetary embryos in the inner solar system can lead to multiple remnant bodies, varied in mass, composition and residual velocity. Some of the smaller, unbound debris may become available to seed the main asteroid belt. The makeup ... More
Fixed point structure of the conformal factor field in quantum gravityMay 24 2016Oct 15 2016The $\mathcal{O}(\partial^2)$ background independent flow equations for conformally reduced gravity are shown to be equivalent to flow equations naturally adapted to scalar field theory with a wrong sign kinetic term. This sign change is shown to have ... More
Bose polarons near quantum criticalityApr 04 2019The emergence of quasiparticles in strongly interacting matter represents one of the cornerstones of modern physics. However, when different phases of matter compete near a quantum critical point, the very existence of quasiparticles comes under question. ... More
Learning Deep Neural Network Policies with Continuous Memory StatesJul 05 2015Sep 23 2015Policy learning for partially observed control tasks requires policies that can remember salient information from past observations. In this paper, we present a method for learning policies with internal memory for high-dimensional, continuous systems, ... More
CMB Spectral Distortion Constraints on Thermal InflationMay 08 2017Aug 07 2017Thermal inflation is a second epoch of exponential expansion at typical energy scales $V^{1/4} \sim 10^{6 \sim 8} \mathrm{GeV}$. If the usual primordial inflation is followed by thermal inflation, the primordial power spectrum is only modestly redshifted ... More
Comparing AdS/QCD and Sum Rules predictions for $B\to K^*ν\barν$Jul 27 2018Using the form factors obtained from holographic AdS/QCD and QCD sum rules, we predict the differential branching ratio and longitudinal polarization fraction for the rare $B\to K^* \nu \bar\nu$ decay. This is an interesting decay channel as it does not ... More
The Possibility of Inflation in Asymptotically Safe GravityAug 30 2011Jun 13 2012We examine the inflationary modes in the cubic curvature theories in the context of asymptotically safe gravity. On the phase space of the Hubble parameter, there exists a critical point which corresponds to the slow-roll inflation in Einstein frame. ... More
Higher Toda Mechanics and Spectral CurvesJun 01 2003For each one of the Lie algebras $\mathfrak{gl}_{n}$ and $\widetilde {\mathfrak{gl}}_{n}$, we constructed a family of integrable generalizations of the Toda chains characterized by two integers $m_{+}$ and $m_{-}$. The Lax matrices and the equations of ... More
Group Learning and Opinion Diffusion in a Broadcast NetworkSep 14 2013We analyze the following group learning problem in the context of opinion diffusion: Consider a network with $M$ users, each facing $N$ options. In a discrete time setting, at each time step, each user chooses $K$ out of the $N$ options, and receive randomly ... More
Rapid variability of BL Lac 0925+504: interstellar scintillation induced?Apr 25 2018Analysis of rapid variability at 4.85 GHz for the BL BLac object 0925+504 is presented and discussed. The structure functions (SF) are investigated with both refractive and weak interstellar scintillation (RISS/WISS) models analytically. Parameters obtained ... More
On the $A_α$-characteristic polynomial of a graphNov 09 2017Let $G$ be a graph with $n$ vertices, and let $A(G)$ and $D(G)$ denote respectively the adjacency matrix and the degree matrix of $G$. Define $$ A_{\alpha}(G)=\alpha D(G)+(1-\alpha)A(G) $$ for any real $\alpha\in [0,1]$. The $A_{\alpha}$-characteristic ... More
Elastic Waves Scattering without Conversion in Metamaterials with Simultaneous Zero Indices for Longitudinal and Transverse wavesMar 08 2015Sep 28 2015We theoretically investigate elastic waves propagating in metamaterials with simultaneous zero indices for both the longitudinal and transverse waves. With scattering objects (here cylinders) present in the metamaterials slabs, while the elastic waves ... More
Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Neural Grammatical Error DetectionNov 28 2016Nov 29 2016Identifying and correcting grammatical errors in the text written by non-native writers has received increasing attention in recent years. Although a number of annotated corpora have been established to facilitate data-driven grammatical error detection ... More
Non-Parametric Variational Inference with Graph Convolutional Networks for Gaussian ProcessesSep 08 2018Inference for GP models with non-Gaussian noises is computationally expensive when dealing with large datasets. Many recent inference methods approximate the posterior distribution with a simpler distribution defined on a small number of inducing points. ... More
Lending Orientation to Neural Networks for Cross-view Geo-localizationMar 29 2019This paper studies image-based geo-localization (IBL) problem using ground-to-aerial cross-view matching. The goal is to predict the spatial location of a ground-level query image by matching it to a large geotagged aerial image database (e.g., satellite ... More
Letter: Modified normalized Rortex/vortex identification methodMay 08 2019In this paper, a modified normalized Rortex/vortex identification method named Omega_R is presented to improve the original Omega_R method and cure the bulging phenomenon on the iso-surfaces caused by the original Omega_R method. Detailed mathematical ... More
The multiplier and cohomology of Lie superalgebrasNov 01 2018In this paper, all (super)algebras are over a field $\mathbb{F}$ of characteristic different from $2, 3$. We construct the so-called 5-sequences of cohomology for central extensions of a Lie superalgebra and prove that they are exact. Then we prove that ... More
Twisted exponential sums of polynomials in one variableDec 10 2009The twisted $T$-adic exponential sum associated to a polynomial in one variable is studied. An explicit arithmetic polygon in terms of the highest two exponents of the polynomial is proved to be a lower bound of the Newton polygon of the $C$-function ... More
On the arithmetic of the endomorphism ring End($\mathbb{Z}_{p}\times\mathbb{Z}_{p^{m}}$)May 03 2016For a prime $p$, let $E_{p,p^m}=\{\begin{pmatrix}a&b\\p^{m-1}c&d\end{pmatrix}|a,b,c\in\mathbb{Z}_{p},~\mathrm{and}~d\in \mathbb{Z}_{p^{m}}\}$. We first establish a ring isomorphism from $\mathrm{End}(\mathbb{Z}_p\times\mathbb{Z}_p^m)$ onto $E_{p,p^m}$. ... More
The Dynamic Behavior of Quantum Statistical Entropy in 5D Ricci-flat Black String with Thin-layer ApproachNov 05 2008In this paper, the statistical-mechanical entropies of 5D Ricci-flat black string is calculated through the wave modes of the quantum field with improved thin-layer brick-wall method. The modes along the fifth dimension are semi-classically quantized ... More
Hypocoercivity for a BGK model for gas mixturesOct 19 2018Jan 08 2019We consider a kinetic model for a two component gas mixture without chemical reactions. Our goal is to study hypocoercivity for the linearized BGK model for gas mixtures in continuous phase space. By constructing an entropy functional, we can prove exponential ... More
A blow-up criterion for the compressible liquid crystals systemNov 19 2010Nov 23 2010In this paper, we establish a blow-up criterion for the compressible liquid crystals equations in terms of the gradient of the velocity only, similar to the Beale-Kato-Majda criterion \cite{majda} for ideal incompressible flows and the criterion obtained ... More
On surjectivity of smooth maps into Euclidean spaces and the fundamental theorem of algebraJun 16 2017In this note we obtain the surjectivity of smooth maps into Euclidean spaces under mild conditions. As application we give a new proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. We also observe that any $C^1$-map from a compact manifold into Euclidean space ... More
$σ$-self-orthogonal constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over $\mathbb F_{p^m}+u\mathbb F_{p^m}$Jul 25 2018In this paper, we study the $\sigma$-self-orthogonality of constacyclic codes of length $p^s$ over the finite commutative chain ring $\mathbb F_{p^m} + u \mathbb F_{p^m}$, where $u^2=0$ and $\sigma$ is a ring automorphism of $\mathbb F_{p^m} + u \mathbb ... More
$T$-adic exponential sums of polynomials in one variableNov 03 2009The $T$-adic exponential sum of a polynomial in one variable is studied. An explicit arithmetic polygon in terms of the highest two exponents of the polynomial is proved to be a lower bound of the Newton polygon of the $C$-function of the T-adic exponential ... More
Matrix-Product Complementary dual CodesApr 13 2016Linear complementary dual codes (LCD) are linear codes satisfying $C\cap C^{\perp}=\{0\}$. Under suitable conditions, matrix-product codes that are complementary dual codes are characterized. We construct LCD codes using quasi-orthogonal matrices. Some ... More
Wake Potential in Strong Coupling Plasma from AdS/CFT CorrespondenceFeb 06 2015With the dielectric function computed from AdS/CFT correspondence, we studied the wake potential induced by a fast moving charge in strong coupling plasma, and compared it with the weak coupling wake potential for different particle velocities as $v=0.55c$ ... More
Derivations from the even parts into the odd parts for Lie superalgebras W and SSep 08 2005Let $\mathcal{W}$ and $\mathcal{S}$ denote the even parts of the general Witt superalgebra $W$ and the special superalgebra $S$ over a field of characteristic $ p>3,$ respectively. In this note, using the method of reduction on $\mathbb{Z}$-gradations, ... More
Discriminative Cross-View Binary Representation LearningApr 04 2018Learning compact representation is vital and challenging for large scale multimedia data. Cross-view/cross-modal hashing for effective binary representation learning has received significant attention with exponentially growing availability of multimedia ... More
Maximal graded subalgebras of Witt and Special superalgebrasNov 18 2009Mar 08 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to that the main results and approaches are closedly parallel to the ones in Lie algebra case.
Charge-then-Forward: Wireless Powered Communication for Multiuser Relay NetworksJun 26 2018This paper studies a relay-assisted wireless powered communication network (R-WPCN) consisting of multiple source-destination pairs and a hybrid relay node (HRN). We consider a "charge-then-forward" protocol at the HRN, in which the HRN with constant ... More
Hypocoercivity based Sensitivity Analysis and Spectral Convergence of the Stochastic Galerkin Approximation to Collisional Kinetic Equations with Multiple Scales and Random InputsSep 30 2017May 22 2018In this paper, we provide a general framework to study general class of linear and nonlinear kinetic equations with random uncertainties from the initial data or collision kernels, and their stochastic Galerkin approximations, in both incompressible Navier-Stokes ... More
Upper Beurling Density of Systems formed by Translates of finite Sets of Elements in $L^p(\R^d)$Mar 28 2012In this paper, we prove that if a finite disjoint union of translates $\bigcup_{k=1}^n\{f_k(x-\gamma)\}_{\gamma\in\Gamma_k}$ in $L^p(\R^d)$ $(1<p<\infty)$ is a $p'$-Bessel sequence for some $1<p'<\infty$, then the disjoint union $\Gamma=\bigcup_{k=1}^n\Gamma_k$ ... More
Recovery of an embedded obstacle and its surrounding medium by formally-determined scattering dataOct 19 2016Jan 04 2017We consider an inverse acoustic scattering problem in simultaneously recovering an embedded obstacle and its surrounding inhomogeneous medium by formally determined far-field data. It is shown that the knowledge of the scattering amplitude with a fixed ... More