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A Hybrid Neural Network Framework and Application to Radar Automatic Target RecognitionSep 27 2018Deep neural networks (DNNs) have found applications in diverse signal processing (SP) problems. Most efforts either directly adopt the DNN as a black-box approach to perform certain SP tasks without taking into account of any known properties of the signal ... More
Possible correlations between the emission properties of short GRBs and their offsets from the host galaxiesJun 21 2017Short Gamma-Ray Bursts(SGRBs) are widely believed to be from mergers of binary compact objects involving at least one neutron star and hence have a broad range of spatial offsets from their host galaxies. In this work we search for possible correlations ... More
Identifying overlapping communities in social networks using multi-scale local information expansionMar 27 2015Most existing approaches for community detection require complete information of the graph in a specific scale, which is impractical for many social networks. We propose a novel algorithm that does not embrace the universal approach but instead of trying ... More
Temperature dependence of Coulomb oscillations in a few-layer two-dimensional WS2 quantum dotOct 13 2015Standard semiconductor fabrication techniques are used to fabricate a quantum dot (QD) made of WS2, where Coulomb oscillations were found. The full-width-at-half-maximum of the Coulomb peaks increases linearly with temperature while the height of the ... More
Security of decoy-state quantum key distribution with inexactly controlled sourceDec 14 2006Feb 08 2008We show the unconditional security of decoy-state method quantum cryptography with whatever intensity error pattern provided that the error is not too large. Our result immediately applies to the existing experimental data. Our result is not limitted ... More
The $16$th Hilbert problem on algebraic limit cyclesJul 30 2014For real planar polynomial differential systems there appeared a simple version of the $16$th Hilbert problem on algebraic limit cycles: {\it Is there an upper bound on the number of algebraic limit cycles of all polynomial vector fields of degree $m$?} ... More
The embedding flows of $C^\infty$ hyperbolic diffeomorphismsJul 30 2014In [{\it American J. Mathematics}, 124(2002), 107--127] we proved that for a germ of $C^\infty$ hyperbolic diffeomorphisms $F(x)=Ax+f(x)$ in $(\mathbb R^n,0)$, if $A$ has a real logarithm with its eigenvalues weakly nonresonant, then $F(x)$ can be embedded ... More
Inverse Jacobian multipliers and Hopf bifurcation on center manifoldsJul 30 2014In this paper we consider a class of higher dimensional differential systems in $\mathbb R^n$ which have a two dimensional center manifold at the origin with a pair of pure imaginary eigenvalues. First we characterize the existence of either analytic ... More
Global structure of quaternion polynomial differential equationsJul 30 2014In this paper we mainly study the global structure of the quaternion Bernoulli equations $\dot q=aq+bq^n$ for $q\in \mathbb H$ the quaternion field and also some other form of cubic quaternion differential equations. By using the Liouvillian theorem of ... More
Analytic integrable systems: Analytic normalization and embedding flowsJul 30 2014In this paper we mainly study the existence of analytic normalization and the normal form of finite dimensional complete analytic integrable dynamical systems. More details, we will prove that any complete analytic integrable diffeomorphism $F(x)=Bx+f(x)$ ... More
Nonuniform Dichotomy Spectrum and Normal Forms for Nonautonomous Differential SystemsJul 30 2014The aim of this paper is to study the normal forms of nonautonomous differential systems. For doing so, we first investigate the nonuniform dichotomy spectrum of the linear evolution operators that admit a nonuniform exponential dichotomy, where the linear ... More
Structural Evolution and Optoelectronic Applications of Multilayer SiliceneOct 14 2015Despite the recent progress on two-dimensional multilayer materials (2DMM) with weak interlayer interactions, the investigation on 2DMM with strong interlayer interactions is far from its sufficiency. Here we report on first-principles calculations that ... More
A note on local integrability of differential systemsDec 27 2017For an $n$--dimensional local analytic differential system $\dot x=Ax+f(x)$ with $f(x)=O(|x|^2)$, the Poincar\'e nonintegrability theorem states that if the eigenvalues of $A$ are not resonant, the system does not have an analytic or a formal first integral ... More
Generalized Migdal-Kadanoff Bond-moving Renormalization Recursion Procedure II: Symmetrical Half-length Bond Operation on FractalsOct 27 2011In this second part of the series of two papers we report another type of generalized Migdal-Kadanoff bond-moving renormalization group transformation recursion procedures considering symmetrical single bond operations on fractals. The critical behavior ... More
A class of chemotaxis systems with growth source and nonlinear secretionOct 25 2015In this paper, we are concerned with a class of parabolic-elliptic chemotaxis systems encompassing the prototype $$\left\{\begin{array}{lll} &u_t = \nabla\cdot(\nabla u-\chi u\nabla v)+f(u), & x\in \Omega, t>0, \\[0.2cm] &0= \Delta v -v+u^\kappa, & x\in ... More
Generalized Migdal-Kadanoff Bond-moving Renormalization Recursion Procedure I: Symmetrical Half-length Bond Operation on Translational Invariant LatticesOct 27 2011We report in a series of papers two types of generalized Migdal-Kadanoff bond-moving renormalization group transformation recursion procedures. In this first part the symmetrical operation of half length bonds on translational invariant lattices are considered. ... More
Quantum dot behavior in transition metal dichalcogenides nanostructuresDec 29 2016Jan 14 2017Recently, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) semiconductors have been utilized for investigating quantum phenomena because of their unique band structures and novel electronic properties. In a quantum dot (QD), electrons are confined in all lateral ... More
Storing High-Dimensional Quantum States in a Cold Atomic EnsembleOct 11 2013The reversible transfer of the quantum information between a photon, an information carrier, and a quantum memory with high fidelity and reliability is the prerequisite for realizing a long-distance quantum communication and a quantum network. Encoding ... More
Deposition and characterization of TiZrV-Pd thin films by dc magnetron sputteringMar 31 2015TiZrV film is mainly applied in the ultra-high vacuum pipe of storage ring. Thin film coatings of palladium which was added onto the TiZrV film to increase the service life of nonevaporable getters and enhance pumping speed for H2, was deposited on the ... More
Implications of the Tentative Association between GW150914 and a {\it Fermi}-GBM TransientFeb 14 2016Aug 11 2016The merger-driven Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) and their associated gravitational wave (GW) radiation, if both successfully detected, have some far-reaching implications, including for instance: (i) The statistical comparison of the physical properties of ... More
Late afterglow emission statistics: a clear link between GW170817 and bright short GRBsJan 06 2019GW170817, the first neutron star merger event detected by advanced LIGO/Virgo detectors, was associated with an underluminous short duration GRB 170817A. In this work we compare the forward shock afterglow emission of GW170817/GRB 170817A to other luminous ... More
Experimental Entanglement Distillation of Two-qubit Mixed States Under Local filtering OperationsNov 12 2005Jun 10 2006We experimentally demonstrate optimal entanglement distillation from two forms of two-qubit mixed states under local filtering operations according to the constructive method intruduced by F. Verstraete et al. [Phys. Rev. A 64, 010101(R) (2001)]. In principle, ... More
Electric Field Induced Patterns and their Temperature Dependence in a Bent-Core Liquid CrystalNov 30 2014Two kinds of electroconvection (EC) patterns in an ether-bridged bent-core nematic liquid crystal material (BCN), which appear in different frequency ranges, are examined and compared in this paper. One is a longitudinal pattern with the stripes parallel ... More
X(3915) and X(4350) as new members in P-wave charmonium familyNov 19 2009Mar 06 2010The analysis of the mass spectrum and the calculation of the strong decay of P-wave charmonium states strongly support to explain the newly observed X(3915) and X(4350) as new members in P-wave charmonium family, i.e., $\chi_{c0}^\prime$ for X(3915) and ... More
Finer Distribution of Quantum Correlations among Multiqubit SystemsDec 01 2018We study the distribution of quantum correlations characterized by monogamy relations in multipartite systems. By using the Hamming weight of the binary vectors associated with the subsystems, we establish a class of monogamy inequalities for multiqubit ... More
Quasar-Cluster Associations and Gravitational Lensing by Large-Scale Matter ClumpsFeb 07 1996Motivated by the significant overdensity of background bright quasars recently detected behind the foreground clusters of galaxies on scale of $10$ arcminutes, we have investigated the possibility of attributing the quasar-cluster associations to gravitational ... More
Quantifying quantum coherence and non-classical correlation based on Hellinger distanceJun 28 2018Quantum coherence and non-classical correlation are key features of quantum world. Quantifying coherence and non-classical correlation are two key tasks in quantum information theory. First, we present a bona fide measure of quantum coherence by utilizing ... More
Tighter entanglement monogamy relations of qubit systemsFeb 11 2017Monogamy relations characterize the distributions of entanglement in multipartite systems. We investigate monogamy relations related to the concurrence $C$ and the entanglement of formation $E$. We present new entanglement monogamy relations satisfied ... More
Superactivation of monogamy relations for nonadditive quantum correlation measuresMar 27 2019We investigate the general monogamy and polygamy relations satisfied by quantum correlation measures. We show that there exist two real numbers $\alpha$ and $\beta$ such that for any quantum correlation measure $Q$, $Q^x$ is monogamous if $x\geq \alpha$ ... More
Polygamy relations of multipartite entanglement beyond qubitsMar 27 2019We investigate the polygamy relations related to the concurrence of assistance for any multipartite pure states. General polygamy inequalities given by the $\alpha$th $(0\leq \alpha\leq 2)$ power of concurrence of assistance is first presented for multipartite ... More
Proof of a conjectural supercongruenceJan 12 2015Apr 28 2015Let $m>2$ and $q>0$ be integers with $m$ even or $q$ odd. We show the supercongruence $$\sum_{k=0}^{p-1}(-1)^{km}\binom{p/m-q}{k}^m\equiv0\pmod{p^3}.$$ for any prime $p>mq$. This confirms a conjecture of Sun.
Early soft X-ray to UV emission from double neutron star mergers: implications from the long-term radio and X-ray emissions of GW 170817Dec 11 2017Jan 08 2018Recent long-term radio follow-up observations of GW 170817 reveals a simple power-law rising light curve, with a slope of $t^{0.78}$, up to 93 days after the merger. The latest X-ray detection at 109 days is also consistent with such a temporal slope. ... More
Tighter monogamy relations of quantum entanglement for multiqubit W-class statesDec 16 2017Monogamy relations characterize the distributions of entanglement in multipartite systems. We investigate monogamy relations for multiqubit generalized W-class states. We present new analytical monogamy inequalities for the concurrence of assistance, ... More
Direct Measurement of the Two-dimensional Spatial Quantum Wavefunction via Strong MeasurementsNov 05 2018Wavefunction is the foundation of quantum theory, which is assumed to give a complete description of a quantum system. For a long time, wavefunction is introduced as an abstract element of the theory and there lacks effective ways to measure it directly. ... More
Identification and classification of TCM syndrome types among patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment using latent tree analysisJan 26 2016Feb 24 2016Objective: To treat patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment (VMCI) using TCM, it is necessary to classify the patients into TCM syndrome types and to apply different treatments to different types. We investigate how to properly carry out the ... More
An silicon nanocrystal laserSep 30 2017Silicon lasers have been the most challenging element for the monolithic integrated Si photonics. Here we report the first successful all-Si laser at room temperature based on silicon nanocrystals (Si NCs) with high optical gains. The active Si NC layer ... More
Comparisons of Cluster Mass Determinations by X-ray Observations and Gravitational LensingJun 18 1996Gravitational lensing by clusters of galaxies has been detected on scales ranging from $\sim10^{-1}$ Mpc to $\sim10$ Mpc, namely, arcs/arclets, weak lensing and quasar-cluster associations. This allows us to derive an overall radius matter distribution ... More
Sums of four polygonal numbers with coefficientsAug 08 2016Oct 05 2017Let $m\ge3$ be an integer. The polygonal numbers of order $m+2$ are given by $p_{m+2}(n)=m\binom n2+n$ $(n=0,1,2,\ldots)$. A famous claim of Fermat proved by Cauchy asserts that each nonnegative integer is the sum of $m+2$ polygonal numbers of order $m+2$. ... More
Detection of chiral anomaly and valley transport in Dirac semimetalsApr 29 2015Chiral anomaly is a non-conservation of chiral charge pumped by the topological nontrivial gauge field. As an analogy to the similar phenomenon in high-energy physics, the chiral anomaly in condensed matter is predicted to exist in the emergent quasiparticle ... More
Exterior algebras and two conjectures on finite abelian groupsAug 20 2008Apr 13 2011Let G be a finite abelian group with |G|>1. Let a_1,...,a_k be k distinct elements of G and let b_1,...,b_k be (not necessarily distinct) elements of G, where k is a positive integer smaller than the least prime divisor of |G|. We show that there is a ... More
Universum Prescription: Regularization using Unlabeled DataNov 11 2015Apr 25 2016This paper shows that simply prescribing "none of the above" labels to unlabeled data has a beneficial regularization effect to supervised learning. We call it universum prescription by the fact that the prescribed labels cannot be one of the supervised ... More
Enhanced energy transfer in a Dicke quantum batteryDec 25 2018We theoretically investigate the enhancement of the charging power in a Dicke quantum battery which consists of an array of $N$ two-level systems (TLS) coupled to a single mode of cavity photons. In the limit of small $N$, we analytically solve the time ... More
Randomized Iterative Methods with Alternating ProjectionsAug 31 2017We use a unified framework to summarize sixteen randomized iterative methods including Kaczmarz method, coordinate descent method, etc. Some new iterative schemes are given as well. Some relationships with \textsc{mg} and \textsc{ddm} are also discussed. ... More
Twisted Angles for Central Configurations Formed By Two Twisted Regular PolygonsOct 15 2011In this paper, we study the necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for the twisted angles of the central configurations formed by two twisted regular polygons, specially, we prove that for the 2N-body problems, the twisted angles must be$\theta=0 ... More
Motion of grain boundaries incorporating dislocation structureOct 05 2017May 08 2018In this paper, we present a continuum model for the dynamics of low angle grain boundaries in two dimensions based on the motion of constituent dislocations of the grain boundaries. The continuum model consists of an equation for the motion of grain boundaries ... More
Analytic normalization of analytically integrable differential systems near a periodic orbitJul 30 2014For an analytic differential system in $\mathbb R^n$ with a periodic orbit, we will prove that if the system is analytically integrable around the periodic orbit, i.e. it has $n-1$ functionally independent analytic first integrals defined in a neighborhood ... More
Action Minimizing Solutions of The One-Dimensional $N$-Body Problem With Equal MassesJan 06 2014Feb 14 2015When we use variational methods to study the Newtonian $N$-body problem, the main problem is how to avoid collisions. C.Marchal got a remarkable result, that is, a path minimizing the Lagrangian action functional between two given configurations is always ... More
Saari's Conjecture for Elliptical Type $N$-Body Problem and An ApplicationAug 11 2013Nov 18 2013By using an arithmetic fact, we will firstly prove Saari's conjecture in a particular case, which is called the Elliptical Type N-Body Problem, and then we apply it to prove that the variational minimal solution of the planar Newtonian N-body problem ... More
Global dynamics of planar quasi-homogeneous differential systemsAug 11 2017In this paper we provide a new method to study global dynamics of planar quasi--homogeneous differential systems. We first prove that all planar quasi--homogeneous polynomial differential systems can be translated into homogeneous differential systems ... More
Stirring by multi-cylinder in potential flowNov 17 2014Jan 03 2016We consider the enhanced mixing due to multiple cylinders organised in schools moving synchronously in a potential flow. Here simple interactions between cylinders are modelled by the method of image doublets. This is an extension to Thiffeault \& Childress's ... More
Structures and dynamics of glass-forming colloidal liquids under spherical confinementDec 09 2015Mar 02 2016Recent theories predict that when a supercooled liquid approaches the glass transition, particle clusters with a special "amorphous order" nucleate within the liquid, which lead to static correlations dictating the dramatic slowdown of liquid relaxation. ... More
Ladder Chains: A Variation of Random WalksDec 07 2018The authors propose a new variation of random walks called ladder chains $L(r,s,p)$. We extend concepts such as ruin probability, hitting time, transience and recurrence of random walks to ladder chain. Take $L(2,2,p)$ for instance, we find the linear ... More
A new technique for finding conservation laws of partial differential equationsSep 22 2014We propose a new technique to construct conservation laws of partial differential equations (PDEs), where the whole computations can be fully implemented on a computer. The result is obtained by proving that any adjoint symmetry of PDEs is a differential ... More
A New Design Framework on Device-to-Device Coded Caching with Optimal Rate and Significantly Less SubpacketizationsJan 21 2019Jan 25 2019In this paper, we propose a new design framework on Device-to-Device (D2D) coded caching networks with optimal rate but significantly less file subpacketizations compared to that of the well-known D2D coded caching scheme proposed by Ji, Caire and Molisch ... More
Hardy-type inequalities for vector fields with the tangential components vanishingMar 17 2014This note studies the Hardy-type inequalities for vector fields with the $L^1$ norm of the $\curl$. In contrast to the well-known results in the whole space for the divergence-free vectors, we generalize the Hardy-type inequalities to the bounded domains ... More
Central Configurations Formed By Two Twisted Regular PolygonsMay 19 2014In this paper, we study the necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for the central configurations formed by two twisted regular polygons (one N-regular polygon and one L-regular polygon). We wish to extend the results of the symmetrical central ... More
Saari's Conjecture and Variational Minimal Solutions for $N$-Body ProblemsJun 05 2013Jun 08 2013In this paper, we will prove Saari's conjecture in a particular case by using a arithmetic fact, and then, apply it to prove that for any given positive masses, the variational minimal solutions of the N-body problem in ${\mathbb{R}}^2$ are precisely ... More
Existence of Metrics with Prescribed Scalar Curvature on the Volume Element Preserving DeformationDec 22 2006In this paper,we obtain two results on closed Reimainnian manifold $M\times [0,T]$.When $T$ is small enough,to any prescribed scalar curvature, the existence and uniqueness of metrics are obtained on the volume element preserving deformation.When $T$ ... More
Online Maximizing Weighted Throughput In A Fading ChannelApr 29 2009We consider online scheduling weighted packets with time constraints over a fading channel. Packets arrive at the transmitter in an online manner. Each packet has a value and a deadline by which it should be sent. The fade state of the channel determines ... More
ANM-PhaseLift: Structured Line Spectrum Estimation from Quadratic MeasurementsAug 02 2018PhaseLift is a noted convex optimization technique for phase retrieval that can recover a signal exactly from amplitude measurements only, with high probability. Conventional PhaseLift requires a relatively large number of samples that sometimes can be ... More
Dynamical behavior of a harvest single species model on growing habitatFeb 17 2014This paper is concerned with a reaction-diffusion single species model with harvesting on $n$-dimensional isotropically growing domain. The model on growing domain is derived and the corresponding comparison principle is proved. The asymptotic behavior ... More
Tidally disrupted dusty clumps as the origin of broad emission lines in active galactic nucleiOct 10 2017Type 1 active galactic nuclei display broad emission lines, regarded as arising from photoionized gas moving in the gravitational potential of a supermassive black hole. The origin of this broad-line region gas is unresolved so far, however. Another component ... More
GRB 111005A at Z = 0.0133 and the Prospect of Establishing Long-short GRB/GW AssociationOct 13 2017Jan 10 2018GRB 111005A, one long duration gamma-ray burst (GRB) occurred within a metal-rich environment that lacks massive stars with $M_{\rm ZAMS}\geq 15M_\odot$, is not coincident with supernova emission down to stringent limit and thus should be classified as ... More
Quantum Storage of Orbital Angular Momentum Entanglement in an Atomic EnsembleApr 02 2014Constructing a quantum memory for a photonic entanglement is vital for realizing quantum communication and network. Besides enabling the realization of high channel capacity communication, entangled photons of high-dimensional space are of great interest ... More
Experimental Long-Distance Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution Based On Polarization EncodingJul 19 2006Jan 09 2007We demonstrate the decoy-state quantum key distribution (QKD) with one-way quantum communication in polarization space over 102km. Further, we simplify the experimental setup and use only one detector to implement the one-way decoy-state QKD over 75km, ... More
The LAMOST Survey of Background Quasars in the Vicinity Fields of the M 31 and M 33 - III. Results from the 2013 Regular SurveyMay 29 2015In this work, we report new quasars discovered in the vicinity fields of the Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33) galaxies with the LAMOST (Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope, also named Guoshoujing Telescope) during the 2013 observational ... More
Short GRBs: opening angles, local neutron star merger rate and off-axis events for GRB/GW associationAug 23 2017Mar 15 2018The jet breaks in the afterglow lightcurves of short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs), rarely detected so far, are crucial for estimating the half-opening angles of the ejecta ($\theta_{\rm j}$) and hence the neutron star merger rate. In this work we report the ... More
Electrotunable artificial molecules based on van der Waals heterostructuresApr 23 2017Oct 16 2017Quantum confinement has made it possible to detect and manipulate single-electron charge and spin states. The recent focus on two-dimensional (2D) materials has attracted significant interests on possible applications to quantum devices, including detecting ... More
Experimentally Robust Self-testing for Bipartite and Tripartite Entangled StatesApr 04 2018Self-testing refers to a method with which a classical user can certify the state and measurements of quantum systems in a device-independent way. Especially, the self-testing of entangled states is of great importance in quantum information process. ... More
Unprecedentedly Wide Curie-Temperature Windows as Phase-Transition Design Platform for Tunable Magneto-Multifunctional MaterialsJul 21 2015A series of unprecedentedly wide Curie-temperature windows (CTWs) between 40 and 450 K are realized by employing the isostructural alloying principle for the strongly coupled magnetostructural phase transitions in a single host system. The CTWs provide ... More
Quasars in the Galactic Anti-Center Area from the LAMOST DR3Feb 06 2017We present a sample of quasars discovered in the area of Galactic Anti-Center (GAC) of $150^{\circ} \leq l \leq 210^{\circ}$ and $|b| \leq 30^{\circ}$, based on the LAMOST Data Release 3 (DR3). The sample contains 151 spectroscopically confirmed quasars. ... More
Message in a Sealed Bottle: Privacy Preserving Friending in Social NetworksJul 31 2012Many proximity-based mobile social networks are developed to facilitate connections between any two people, or to help a user to find people with matched profile within a certain distance. A challenging task in these applications is to protect the privacy ... More
Adiabatic approximation in the ultrastrong-coupling regime of a system consisting of an oscillator and two qubitsMar 02 2012We present a system composed of two flux qubits and a transmission-line resonator. Instead of using the rotating wave approximation (RWA), we analyse the system by the adiabatical approximation methods under two opposite extreme conditions. Basic properties ... More
Theory of Subradiant States of a One-Dimensional Two-Level Atom ChainDec 23 2018Mar 17 2019Recently, the subradiant states of one-dimensional two-level atom chains coupled to light modes were found to have decay rates obeying a universal scaling, and an unexpected fermionic character of the multiply-excited subradiant states was discovered. ... More
Analysis of Spreading Speeds with an Application to Cellular Neural NetworksAug 07 2017In this paper, we focus on some properties of the spreading speeds which can be estimated by linear operators approach, such as the sign, the continuity and a limiting case which admits no spreading phenomenon. These theoretical results are well applied ... More
Three body radiative decay $B_s\to φ\bar K^0 γ$ in the PQCD approachDec 29 2018We study the three body radiative decay $B_s\to \phi \bar K^0 \gamma$ by introducing the $\phi K$ pair distribution amplitudes (DAs) in the perturbative QCD approach. This nonperturbative inputs, the two meson DAs, is very important to simplify the calculations. ... More
Binomial coefficients and the ring of p-adic integersDec 16 2008Jan 25 2011Let k>1 be an integer and let p be a prime. We show that if $p^a\le k<2p^a$ or $k=p^aq+1$ (with 2q<p) for some a=1,2,..., then the set {\binom{n}{k}: n=0,1,2,...} is dense in the ring Z_p of p-adic integers, i.e., it contains a complete system of residues ... More
Stochastic Approximation of Smooth and Strongly Convex Functions: Beyond the $O(1/T)$ Convergence RateJan 27 2019Stochastic approximation (SA) is a classical approach for stochastic convex optimization. Previous studies have demonstrated that the convergence rate of SA can be improved by introducing either smoothness or strong convexity condition. In this paper, ... More
Quasar-galaxy associations from gravitational lensing: revisitedJun 29 1997The theoretically expected amplitude of the associations of background quasars with foreground galaxies as a result of gravitational lensing has been updated in this paper. Since the galactic matter alone yields an amplitude of quasar overdensity smaller ... More
Environmental Effect on the Associations of Background Quasars with Foreground Objects: I. Analytic InvestigationJun 01 1996The associations of the angular positions of background quasars with foreground galaxies, clusters of galaxies and quasars are often attributed to the statistical lensing by gravitational potentials of the matter along the lines of sight, although it ... More
Coupled-channel analysis of the possible $D^{(*)}D^{(*)}$, $\bar{B}^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ and $D^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ molecular statesNov 21 2012Dec 05 2013We perform a coupled-channel study of the possible deuteron-like molecules with two heavy flavor quarks, including the systems of $D^{(*)}D^{(*)}$ with double charm, $\bar{B}^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ with double bottom and $D^{(*)}\bar{B}^{(*)}$ with both ... More
B_{s1}(5830) and B_{s2}^*(5840)Jan 05 2009Apr 07 2009In this paper we investigate the strong decays of the two newly observed bottom-strange mesons $B_{s1}(5830)$ and $B_{s2}^*(5840)$ in the framework of the quark pair creation model. The two-body strong decay widths of $B_{s1}(5830)^0\to B^{*+}K^-$ and ... More
Updating the $σ$-$T$ relationship for galaxy clustersAug 18 1998The relationship between the X-ray determined temperature $T$ of the intracluster gas and the optical measured velocity dispersion $\sigma$ of the cluster galaxies is often believed to be not only a straightforward but also robust test for the dynamical ... More
Polygamy relations of multipartite systemsFeb 20 2019We investigate the polygamy relations of multipartite quantum states. General polygamy inequalities are given in the $\alpha$th $(\alpha\geq 2)$ power of concurrence of assistance, $\beta$th $(\beta \geq1)$ power of entanglement of assistance, and the ... More
Tighter monogamy relations in multipartite systemsMar 30 2018Monogamy relations characterize the distributions of entanglement in multipartite systems. We investigate monogamy relations related to the concurrence C, the entanglement of formation E, negativity Nc and Tsallis-q entanglement Tq. Monogamy relations ... More
Breakdown of NRQCD Factorization in Processes Involving Two Quarkonia and its CureSep 21 2018Oct 25 2018We study inclusive processes involving two heavy quarkonia in nonrelativisitic QCD (NRQCD) and demonstrate that, in the presence of two P-wave Fock states, NRQCD factorization breaks down, leaving uncanceled infrared singularities. As phenomenologically ... More
Localization of five-dimensional Elko Spinors on dS/AdS Thick BranesDec 19 2018Different from the Dirac spinor, the localization of a five-dimensional Elko spinor on a brane with codimension one is very difficult {because of} the special structure of the Elko spinor. By introducing the coupling between the Elko spinor and the scalar ... More
Graph Capsule Convolutional Neural NetworksMay 21 2018Aug 26 2018Graph Convolutional Neural Networks (GCNNs) are the most recent exciting advancement in deep learning field and their applications are quickly spreading in multi-cross-domains including bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, social networks, natural language ... More
New interpretation to zitterbewegungOct 05 2001In previous investigations on zitterbewegung(zbw) of electron, it is believed that the zbw results from some internal motion of electron. However, all the analyses are made at relativistic quantum mechanical level. In framework of quantum field theory ... More
A Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier for Linearly Constrained Nonconvex MinimizationDec 26 2018Jan 31 2019Consider the minimization of a nonconvex differentiable function over a polyhedron. A popular primal-dual first-order method for this problem is to perform a gradient projection iteration for the augmented Lagrangian function and then update the dual ... More
Categorizing resonances X(1835), X(2120) and X(2370) in the pseudoscalar meson familyApr 15 2011May 20 2011Inspired by the newly observed three resonances X(1835), X(2120) and X(2370), in this work we systematically study the two-body strong decays and double pion decays of $\eta(1295)/\eta(1475)$, $\eta(1760)/X(1835)$ and $X(2120)/X(2370)$ by categorizing ... More
Geometric field theory and weak Euler-Lagrange equation for classical relativistic particle-field systemsOct 17 2016Nov 21 2017A manifestly covariant, or geometric, field theory for relativistic classical particle-field system is developed. The connection between space-time symmetry and energy-momentum conservation laws for the system is established geometrically without splitting ... More
Variational Symplectic Particle-in-cell Simulation of Nonlinear Mode Conversion from Extraordinary waves to Bernstein WavesJun 12 2015Sep 29 2015In this paper, the nonlinear mode conversion of extraordinary waves in nonuniform magnetized plasmas is studied using the variational symplectic particle-in-cell simulation. The accuracy of the nonlinear simulation is guaranteed by the long-term accuracy ... More
Time-Dependent Behavior of Lyman$α$ Photon Transfer in High Redshift Optically Thick MediumAug 21 2011With Monte Carlo simulation method, we investigate the time dependent behavior of Ly$\alpha$ photon transfer in optically thick medium of the concordance $\Lambda$CDM universe. At high redshift, the Ly$\alpha$ photon escaping from optically thick medium ... More
Virialization of Galaxy Clusters and BeyondOct 28 1999Using samples of structures identified by a multi-scale decomposition from numerical simulation, we analyze the scale-dependence of the virialization of clusters. We find that beyond the scale of full virialization there exists a radius range over which ... More
H-Dibaryon from Lattice QCD with Improved Anisotropic ActionsMar 21 2008Mar 22 2008The six quark state(uuddss) called H dibaryon($J^P=0^+$,$S=-2$) has been calculated to study its existence and stability. The simulations are performed in quenched QCD on $8^3 \times 24$ and $16^3 \times 48$ anisotropic lattices with Symanzik improved ... More
Monte Carlo study of glueball masses in the Hamiltonian limit of SU(3) lattice gauge theoryMar 27 2005Apr 04 2005Using Standard Euclidean Monte Carlo techniques, we discuss in detail the extraction of the glueball masses of 4-dimensional SU(3) lattice gauge theory in the Hamiltonian limit, where the temporal lattice spacing is zero. By taking into account the renormalization ... More
Inclusive $χ_{cJ}$ production in $Υ$ decay at $\mathcal{O}(α_s^5)$ in NRQCD factorizationSep 03 2018Oct 17 2018Inclusive $\chi_{cJ}$ $(J=0,1,2)$ production from $\Upsilon(1S)$ decay is studied within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization at leading order in $v_Q^2$, which includes the contributions of $b\bar{b}({}^3S_1^{[1]})\to c\bar{c}(^3P_J^{[1]})+X$ ... More
Predicting exotic molecular states composed of nucleon and P-wave charmed mesonJun 29 2014Aug 07 2014In this work, we study the interaction between a nucleon and a $P$-wave charmed meson in the $T$ doublet by exchanging a pion. Our calculations indicate that a nucleon and a $P$-wave charmed meson with $J^P=0^+$ or $J^P=1^+$ in the $T$ doublet can form ... More
Strong LHCb evidence for supporting the existence of hidden-charm molecular pentaquarksMar 26 2019In 26 March 2019, at the Rencontres de Moriond QCD conference, the LHCb Collaboration reported the observation of new pentaquarks, namely $P_c(4312)$, $P_c(4440)$ and $P_c(4457)$. Within the framework of one-boson-exchange (OBE) model, our study indicates ... More