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Construction and Field Theory of Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological states beyond Group CohomologyJan 09 2015Apr 24 2015We construct a series of bosonic symmetry protected topological (BSPT) states beyond group cohomology classification using "decorated defects" approach. This construction is based on topological defects of ordinary Landau order parameters, decorated with ... More
Investigation of the high-spin rotational properties of the proton emitter $^{113}$Cs using a particle-number conserving methodAug 27 2016The recently observed two high-spin rotational bands in the proton emitter $^{113}$Cs are investigated using the cranked shell model with pairing correlations treated by a particle-number conserving method, in which the Pauli blocking effects are taken ... More
Interaction potential and thermo-correction to the equation of state for thermally stable Schwarzschild Anti-de Sitter black holesApr 05 2018May 26 2018The microscopic structure of black holes remains a challenging subject. In this paper, based on the well-accepted fact that black holes can be mapped to thermodynamic systems, we make a preliminary exploration of the microscopic structure of the thermodynamically ... More
Thermodynamics of Horndeski black holes with non-minimal derivative couplingJul 22 2016Nov 06 2016We explore thermodynamic properties of a new class of Horndeski black holes whose action contains a non-minimal kinetic coupling of a massless real scalar and the Einstein tensor. Our treatment is based on the well-accepted consideration, where the cosmological ... More
Critical system involving fractional LaplacianMar 22 2017Oct 12 2017In this paper, we study the following critical system with fractional Laplacian: \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} (-\Delta)^{s}u= \mu_{1}|u|^{2^{\ast}-2}u+\frac{\alpha\gamma}{2^{\ast}}|u|^{\alpha-2}u|v|^{\beta} \ \ \ \text{in} \ \ \mathbb{R}^{n}, (-\Delta)^{s}v= ... More
Temperature dependence of cross sections for meson-meson nonresonant reactions in hadronic matterMay 21 2014We study unpolarized cross sections for the endothermic nonresonant reactions: pion pion to rho rho for I=2, KK to K*K* for I=1, KK* to K*K* for I=1, pion K to rho K* for I=3/2, pion K* to rho K* for I=3/2, rho K to rho K* for I=3/2, and pion K* to rho ... More
Anyon and Loop Braiding Statistics in Field Theories with a Topological $Θ-$termJul 11 2014We demonstrate that the anyon statistics and three-loop statistics of various 2d and 3d topological phases can be derived using semiclassical nonlinear Sigma model field theories with a topological $\Theta$-term. In our formalism, the braiding statistics ... More
A model for continuous thermal Metal to Insulator TransitionMar 22 2017We propose a $d-$dimensional interacting Majorana fermion model with quenched disorder, which gives us a continuous quantum phase transition between a diffusive thermal metal phase with a finite entropy density to an insulator phase with zero entropy ... More
Recognition of Brain Waves of Left and Right Hand Movement Imagery with Portable ElectroencephalographsSep 28 2015With the development of the modern society, mind control applied to both the recovery of disabled individuals and auxiliary control of normal people has obtained great attention in numerous researches. In our research, we attempt to recognize the brain ... More
Self-dual Quantum Electrodynamics on the boundary of 4d Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological StatesApr 16 2015We study $3d$ (or $(3+1)d$) Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) realized on the boundary of $4d$ (or $(4+1)d$) bosonic symmetry protected topological (BSPT) states, using a systematic nonlinear sigma model (NLSM) field theory description of BSPT states. We ... More
Line defects in Three dimensional Symmetry Protected Topological PhasesApr 26 2013A 3d symmetry protected topological phase, by definition must have symmetry protected nontrivial boundary states, namely its 2d boundary must be either gapless or degenerate. In this work we demonstrate that once we couple a 3d SPT phase to a lattice ... More
Relation between quark-antiquark potential and quark-antiquark free energy in hadronic matterJun 19 2014Jul 07 2015In the high-temperature quark-gluon plasma and its subsequent hadronic matter created in a high-energy nucleus-nucleus collision, the quark-antiquark potential depends on the temperature. The temperature-dependent potential is expected to be derived from ... More
On restricted edge-connectivity of replacement product graphsDec 28 2015Jul 03 2016This paper considers the edge-connectivity and restricted edge-connectivity of replacement product graphs, gives some bounds on edge-connectivity and restricted edge-connectivity of replacement product graphs and determines the exact values for some special ... More
Prediction of Brain States of Concentration and Relaxation in Real Time with Portable ElectroencephalographsSep 25 2015In our research, we attempt to help people recognize their brain state of concentration or relaxation more conveniently and in real time. Considering the inconvenience of wearing traditional multiple electrode electroencephalographs, we choose Muse to ... More
Clustering Property of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies in the SDSSApr 11 2008Apr 17 2008We have analysed, for the first time, the clustering properties of Wolf-Rayet (W-R) galaxies, using a large sample of 846 W-R galaxies selected from the Data Release 4 (DR4) of the SDSS. We compute the cross-correlation function between W-R galaxies and ... More
Fulde-Ferrell superfluids in spinless ultracold Fermi gasesMay 09 2017Jun 06 2018The Fulde-Ferrell (FF) superfluid phase, in which fermions form finite-momentum Cooper pairings, is well studied in spin-singlet superfluids in past decades. Different from previous works that engineer the FF state in spinful cold atoms, we show that ... More
Study of $CP$ Violations in $B^-\rightarrow K^- π^+π^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- f_0(500)$ decays in the QCD factorization approachMay 24 2018Within the QCD factorization approach, we study the $CP$ violations in $B^-\rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- f_0(500)$ decays. We find the experimental data of the localized $CP$ asymmetry in $B^-\rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-$ decays in the ... More
Observation of Negative Magnetoresistance and nontrivial $π$ Berrys phase in 3D Weyl semi-metal NbAsJun 07 2015We report the electric transport properties of NbAs, which is a Weyl semimetal candidate proposed by recent theoretical calculations and confirmed by recent angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) data. We detected the long-anticipated negative ... More
Nuclear matter properties at finite temperatures from effective interactionsApr 21 2019Aug 05 2019We study if commonly used nucleon-nucleon effective interactions, obtained from fitting the properties of cold nuclear matter and of finite nuclei, can properly describe the hot dense nuclear matter produced in intermediate-energy heavy-ion collisions. ... More
J/psi production at mid and forward rapidity at RHICJul 21 2009Sep 29 2009We calculate the rapidity dependence of $J/\psi$ nuclear modification factor and averaged transverse momentum square in heavy ion collisions at RHIC in a 3-dimensional transport approach with regeneration mechanism.
Asymmetric Non-local Neural Networks for Semantic SegmentationAug 21 2019The non-local module works as a particularly useful technique for semantic segmentation while criticized for its prohibitive computation and GPU memory occupation. In this paper, we present Asymmetric Non-local Neural Network to semantic segmentation, ... More
Incorporating Loose-Structured Knowledge into Conversation Modeling via Recall-Gate LSTMMay 17 2016Feb 06 2017Modeling human conversations is the essence for building satisfying chat-bots with multi-turn dialog ability. Conversation modeling will notably benefit from domain knowledge since the relationships between sentences can be clarified due to semantic hints ... More
Tunable band-notched line-defect waveguide in a surface-wave photonic crystalJun 24 2016We propose and experimentally demonstrate a tunable band-notched line-defect waveguide in a surface-wave photonic crystal, which consists of a straight line-defect waveguide and side-coupled defect cavities. A tunable narrow stopband can be observed in ... More
Temperature dependent characteristics of GaSb p-channel MOSFETs with Si-implanted source and drainFeb 23 2014GaSb p-channel MOSFETs with an atomic layer deposited Al2O3 gate dielectric and a self-aligned Si implanted source/drain are demonstrated. Thermal anneal conditions are optimized for the source/drain impurity activation. Temperature dependent electrical ... More
Quantum contextuality of a qutrit stateApr 27 2015We present a study of quantum contextuality of three-dimensional mixed states for the Klyachko-Can-Binicio\u{g}lu-Shumovsky (KCBS) and the Kurzy\'{n}ski-Kaszlikowski (KK) noncontextuality inequalities. For any class of states whose eigenvalues are arranged ... More
State-independent contextuality sets for a qutritJan 08 2015Jan 09 2015We present a generalized set of complex rays for a qutrit in terms of parameter $q=e^{i2\pi/k}$, a $k$-th root of unity. Remarkably, when $k=2,3$, the set reduces to two well known state-independent contextuality (SIC) sets: the Yu-Oh set and the Bengtsson-Blanchfield-Cabello ... More
Gaussian-Induced Convolution for GraphsNov 11 2018Learning representation on graph plays a crucial role in numerous tasks of pattern recognition. Different from grid-shaped images/videos, on which local convolution kernels can be lattices, however, graphs are fully coordinate-free on vertices and edges. ... More
Walk-Steered Convolution for Graph ClassificationApr 16 2018Graph classification is a fundamental but challenging problem due to the non-Euclidean property of graph. In this work, we jointly leverage the powerful representation ability of random walk and the essential success of standard convolutional network ... More
Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolution for Skeleton Based Action RecognitionFeb 27 2018Variations of human body skeletons may be considered as dynamic graphs, which are generic data representation for numerous real-world applications. In this paper, we propose a spatio-temporal graph convolution (STGC) approach for assembling the successes ... More
Incorporating Loose-Structured Knowledge into LSTM with Recall Gate for Conversation ModelingMay 17 2016Modeling human conversations is the essence for building satisfying chat-bots with multi-turn dialog ability. Conversation modeling will notably benefit from domain knowledge since the relationships between sentences can be clarified due to semantic hints ... More
Stable Interacting (2 + 1)d Conformal Field Theories at the Boundary of a class of (3 + 1)d Symmetry Protected Topological PhasesMay 17 2016May 30 2016Motivated by recent studies of symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases, we explore the possible gapless quantum disordered phases in the $(2+1)d$ nonlinear sigma model defined on the Grassmannian manifold $\frac{U(N)}{U(n)\times U(N - n)}$ with a ... More
Quantum Phase Transitions Between Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological States Without Sign Problem: Nonlinear Sigma Model with a Topological TermOct 14 2015Feb 26 2016We propose a series of simple $2d$ lattice interacting fermion models that we demonstrate at low energy describe bosonic symmetry protected topological (SPT) states and quantum phase transitions between them. This is because due to interaction the fermions ... More
Temperature-dependent cross sections for charmonium dissociation in collisions with kaons and eta mesons in hadronic matterJul 15 2015We study kaon-charmonium and eta-charmonium dissociation reactions. The K-charmonium dissociation and the eta-charmonium dissociation include 27 reactions. Cross sections for the reactions are calculated in the Born approximation, in the quark-interchange ... More
Folding membrane proteins by deep transfer learningAug 28 2017Computational elucidation of membrane protein (MP) structures is challenging partially due to lack of sufficient solved structures for homology modeling. Here we describe a high-throughput deep transfer learning method that first predicts MP contacts ... More
Surface-wave photonic quasicrystalJun 27 2016In developing strategies of manipulating surface electromagnetic waves, it has been recently recognized that a complete forbidden band gap can exist in a periodic surface-wave photonic crystal, which has subsequently produced various surface-wave photonic ... More
Elastic higher-order topological insulators with quantization of the quadrupole momentsSep 09 2019Sep 11 2019We demonstrate that HOTIs with the quantization of the quadrupole moments can be realized in the two-dimensional elastic phononic crystals (PnCs). Both one-dimensional (1D) topological edge states and zero-dimensional (0D) topological corner states are ... More
QoE-Aware Proactive Caching of Scalable Videos Over Small Cell NetworksApr 26 2016The explosion of mobile video traffic imposes tremendous challenges on present cellular networks. To alleviate the pressure on backhaul links and to enhance the quality of experience (QoE) of video streaming service, small cell base stations (SBS) with ... More
Synthetic topological Kondo insulator in a pumped optical cavityFeb 26 2018Motivated by experimental advances on ultracold atoms coupled to a pumped optical cavity, we propose a scheme for synthesizing and observing the Kondo insulator in Fermi gases trapped in optical lattices. The synthetic Kondo phase arises from the screening ... More
Context-Dependent Diffusion Network for Visual Relationship DetectionSep 11 2018Visual relationship detection can bridge the gap between computer vision and natural language for scene understanding of images. Different from pure object recognition tasks, the relation triplets of subject-predicate-object lie on an extreme diversity ... More
Positive ground state solutions for fractional Laplacian system with one critical exponent and one subcritical exponentDec 07 2018In this paper, we consider the following fractional Laplacian system with one critical exponent and one subcritical exponent \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} (-\Delta)^{s}u+\mu u=|u|^{p-1}u+\lambda v & x\in \ \mathbb{R}^{N}, (-\Delta)^{s}v+\nu v = |v|^{2^{\ast}-2}v+\lambda ... More
Accurate De Novo Prediction of Protein Contact Map by Ultra-Deep Learning ModelSep 02 2016Sep 16 2016Recently exciting progress has been made on protein contact prediction, but the predicted contacts for proteins without many sequence homologs is still of low quality and not very useful for de novo structure prediction. This paper presents a new deep ... More
Maximum nonlocality in the (3,2,2) scenarioNov 05 2016We identify the simplest combinations of entanglement and incompatibility giving the maximum quantum violation for each of the 46 classes of tight Bell inequalities for the (3,2,2) scenario, i.e., three parties, two measurements per party, and two outcomes ... More
Non-Markovian effect on the quantum discordNov 10 2009We study the non-Markovian effect on the dynamics of the quantum discord by exactly solving a model consisting of two independent qubits subject to two zero-temperature non-Markovian reservoirs, respectively. Considering the two qubits initially prepared ... More
Classification and Description of Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological Phases with semiclassical Nonlinear Sigma modelsSep 02 2013Feb 19 2016In this paper we systematically classify and describe bosonic symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases in all physical spatial dimensions using semiclassical nonlinear Sigma model (NLSM) field theories. All the SPT phases on a $d-$dimensional lattice ... More
UDBMS: Road to Unification for Multi-model Data ManagementDec 23 2016A traditional database systems is organized around a single data model that determines how data can be organized, stored and manipulated. But the vision of this paper is to develop new principles and techniques to manage multiple data models against a ... More
Effects of ozone post deposition treatment on interfacial and electrical characteristics of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and HfO2 films on GaSb substratesOct 24 2013Atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and HfO2 films on GaSb substrates were treated by in-situ ozone post deposition treatment (PDT). The effects of ozone PDT on the interfacial and electrical properties of Al2O3 and HfO2 gate dielectric films on GaSb substrates ... More
Learning Adaptive Discriminative Correlation Filters via Temporal Consistency Preserving Spatial Feature Selection for Robust Visual TrackingJul 30 2018Jun 19 2019With efficient appearance learning models, Discriminative Correlation Filter (DCF) has been proven to be very successful in recent video object tracking benchmarks and competitions. However, the existing DCF paradigm suffers from two major issues, i.e., ... More
Spoof surface plasmon Fabry-Perot open resonators in a surface-wave photonic crystalJul 30 2016We report on the proposal and experimental realization of a spoof surface plasmon Fabry-Perot (FP) open resonator in a surface-wave photonic crystal. This surface-wave FP open resonator is formed by introducing a finite line defect in a surface-wave photonic ... More
Finite-size effects in non-Hermitian topological systemsJan 21 2019Apr 17 2019We systematically investigate the finite-size effects in non-Hermitian one-dimensional (1D) Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) and two-dimensional (2D) Chern insulator models. Using a combination of analytical and numerical calculations, we show that the non-Hermitian ... More
Multistep shell model description of spin-aligned neutron-proton pair coupling: The formalismAug 02 2011The multistep shell model was extended recently to incorporate both neutron and proton degrees of freedom and applied to study the structure of $N=Z$ systems with four, six and eight particles [arXiv:1108.0269]. In this work we give a brief introduction ... More
The loop effects on the chargino decays $\tildeχ_1^\pm\to \tildeχ_1^0 f f^\prime$ in the MSSMOct 21 2013Dec 08 2013The lighter chargino three body decays $\tilde{\chi}_1^\pm\to \tilde{\chi}_1^0 f f^\prime$ via the $W^\pm$ boson and the charged Higgs boson $H^\pm$ are studied in the R-parity conserved Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). We treat $\tilde \chi_1^\pm$ ... More
Quantum Nonlocality Enhanced by HomogenizationJun 18 2014Jan 08 2015Homogenization proposed in [Y.-C Wu and M. \.Zukowski, Phys. Rev. A 85, 022119 (2012)] is a procedure to transform a tight Bell inequality with partial correlations into a full-correlation form that is also tight. In this paper, we check the homogenizations ... More
SySeVR: A Framework for Using Deep Learning to Detect Software VulnerabilitiesJul 18 2018Sep 21 2018The detection of software vulnerabilities (or vulnerabilities for short) is an important problem that has yet to be tackled, as manifested by many vulnerabilities reported on a daily basis. This calls for machine learning methods to automate vulnerability ... More
Maxwell's equal area law for Lovelock ThermodynamicsOct 22 2015Aug 22 2016We present the construction of Maxwell's equal area law for the Guass-Bonnet AdS black holes in $d=5,6$ and third order Lovelock AdS black holes in $d=7,8$. The equal area law can be used to find the number and location of the points of intersection in ... More
Dynamics of the one-dimensional random transverse Ising model with next-nearest-neighbor interactionsOct 21 2008Oct 22 2008The dynamics of the one-dimensional random transverse Ising model with both nearest-neighbor (NN) and next-nearest-neighbor (NNN) interactions is studied in the high-temperature limit by the method of recurrence relations. Both the time-dependent transverse ... More
Breaking the quantum adiabatic speed limit by jumping along geodesicsNov 08 2017Jun 25 2019Quantum adiabatic evolutions find a broad range of applications in quantum physics and quantum technologies. The traditional form of the quantum adiabatic theorem limits the speed of adiabatic evolution by the minimum energy gaps of the system Hamiltonian. ... More
Cryogenic low power CMOS analog buffer at 4.2KMay 23 2019A novel power-efficient analog buffer at liquid helium temperature is proposed. The proposed circuit is based on an input stage consisting of two complementary differential pairs to achieve rail-to-rail level tracking. Results of simulation based on SMIC ... More
Closed Loop Load Model Identification Using Small Disturbance DataMay 15 2019Load model identification using small disturbance data is studied. It is proved that the individual load to be identified and the rest of the system forms a closed-loop system. Then, the impacts of disturbances entering the feedforward channel (internal ... More
Wave Function and Strange Correlator of Short Range Entangled statesDec 02 2013Aug 07 2015We demonstrate the following conclusion: If $|\Psi\rangle$ is a $1d$ or $2d$ nontrivial short range entangled state, and $|\Omega \rangle$ is a trivial disordered state defined on the same Hilbert space, then the following quantity (so called strange ... More
Analyzing $Ξ(1620)$ in the molecule picture in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approachJan 13 2019Jan 17 2019In this work, we assume that the observed state $\Xi(1620)$ is a $s$-wave $\Lambda\bar{K}$ or $\Sigma\bar{K}$ bound state. Based on this molecule picture, we establish the Bethe-Salpeter equations for $\Xi(1620)$ in the ladder and instantaneous approximations. ... More
Reformulating noncontextuality inequalities in an operational approachSep 20 2015Dec 07 2016A new theory-independent noncontextuality inequality is presented [Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 110403 (2015)] based on Kochen-Specker (KS) set without imposing the assumption of determinism. By proposing novel noncontextuality inequalities, we show that such ... More
Phase locking of a pair of nano ferromagnetic oscillators on a topological insulatorNov 13 2018We investigate the magnetization dynamics of a pair of ferromagnetic insulators (FMIs) deposited on the surface of a topological insulator (TI). Due to the nonlinear nature of the underlying physics and intrinsic dynamics, the FMIs can exhibit oscillatory ... More
Non-equilibrium transport in the pseudospin-1 Dirac-Weyl systemSep 28 2017Solid state materials hosting pseudospin-1 quasiparticles have attracted a great deal of recent attention. In these materials, the energy band contains of a pair of Dirac cones and a flat band through the connecting point of the cones. As the "caging" ... More
Decay of semiclassical massless Dirac fermions from integrable and chaotic cavitiesSep 05 2018Conventional microlasing of electromagnetic waves requires (1) a high $Q$ cavity and (2) a mechanism for directional emission. Previous theoretical and experimental work demonstrated that the two requirements can be met with deformed dielectric cavities ... More
Bilayer Graphene as a platform for Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological StatesFeb 09 2016Mar 03 2017Bosonic symmetry protected topological (BSPT) states, the bosonic analogue of topological insulators, have attracted enormous theoretical interest in the last few years. Although BSPT states have been classified by various approaches, there is so far ... More
Compact source of narrow-band counterpropagating polarization-entangled photon pairs using a single dual-periodically poled crystalDec 20 2011We propose a scheme for the generation of counterpropagating polarization-entangled photon pairs from a dual-periodically poled crystal. Compared with the usual forward-wave type source, this source, in the backward-wave way, has a much narrower bandwidth. ... More
Sharp Contradiction for Local-Hidden-State Model in Quantum SteeringJul 08 2015Jul 10 2016In quantum theory, no-go theorems are important as they rule out the existence of a particular physical model under consideration. For instance, the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) theorem serves as a no-go theorem for the nonexistence of local hidden ... More
Hardy's Paradox for High-Dimensional Systems: Beyond Hardy's LimitAug 21 2013Aug 22 2013Hardy's proof is considered the simplest proof of nonlocality. Here we introduce an equally simple proof that (i) has Hardy's as a particular case, (ii) shows that the probability of nonlocal events grows with the dimension of the local systems, and (iii) ... More
Pattern-Affinitive Propagation across Depth, Surface Normal and Semantic SegmentationJun 08 2019In this paper, we propose a novel Pattern-Affinitive Propagation (PAP) framework to jointly predict depth, surface normal and semantic segmentation. The motivation behind it comes from the statistic observation that pattern-affinitive pairs recur much ... More
Generalized Hardy's ParadoxSep 28 2017Jan 11 2018Here we present the most general framework for $n$-particle Hardy's paradoxes, which include Hardy's original one and Cereceda's extension as special cases. Remarkably, for any $n\ge 3$ we demonstrate that there always exist generalized paradoxes (with ... More
Refined Schur Method for Robust Pole Assignment with Repeated PolesFeb 27 2016Schur-type methods in \cite{Chu2} and \cite{GCQX} solve the robust pole assignment problem by employing the departure from normality of the closed-loop system matrix as the measure of robustness. They work well generally when all poles to be assigned ... More
Chiral anomaly induced negative magnetoresistance in topological Weyl semimetal NbAsJun 10 2015In this paper, we report the intercone transport of Weyl fermions in NbAs with external magnetic field in parallel to electric field, a quantum phenomenon known as the Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly. Surprisingly, the resulting negative magnetoresistance (MR) ... More
Design of a Simplified Wireless Sensor Network Node based on MQTT ProtocolJun 23 2019MQTT protocol is a publish/subscribe message protocol based on TCP/IP protocol. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, scalability, openness and simplicity. HTTP protocol is an open and low-cost request/reply message protocol based on TCP/IP ... More
Deconfined Quantum Critical Point on the Triangular LatticeOct 12 2017We first propose a topological term that captures the "intertwinement" between the standard "$\sqrt{3} \times \sqrt{3}$" antiferromagnetic order (or the so-called 120$^\circ$ state) and the "$\sqrt{12}\times \sqrt{12}$" valence solid bond (VBS) order ... More
Trajectory Recovery From Ash: User Privacy Is NOT Preserved in Aggregated Mobility DataFeb 21 2017Feb 25 2017Human mobility data has been ubiquitously collected through cellular networks and mobile applications, and publicly released for academic research and commercial purposes for the last decade. Since releasing individual's mobility records usually gives ... More
Chaos based Berry phase detectorApr 03 2019The geometric or Berry phase, a characteristic of quasiparticles, is fundamental to the underlying quantum materials. The discoveries of new materials at a rapid pace nowadays call for efficient detection of the Berry phase. Utilizing $\alpha$-T$_3$ lattice ... More
Assessment of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC) depicted on color fundus photographs using deep LearningJan 14 2019To investigate whether and to what extent central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC) depicted on color fundus photographs can be assessed using deep learning technology. We collected a total of 2,504 fundus images acquired on different subjects. We verified ... More
BATC 13-band Photometry of Open Cluster NGC 7789Jan 10 2007We present 13-band CCD intermediate-band spectrophotometry of a field centered on the open cluster NGC 7789 from 400 to nearly 1000 nm, taken with Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) Multi-Color Survey photometric system. By comparing observed spectral ... More
Membership Determination of Open Cluster M48 Based on BATC Thirteen-Band PhotometryJul 24 2006Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) multi-band photometric data in the field of open cluster M48 are used to determine its membership. By comparing observed spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of stars with theoretical ones, membership probabilities ... More
13 Color Photometry of Open Cluster M48Nov 26 2004This paper presents 13 color CCD intermediate-band spectrophotometry of a field centered on the open cluster M48 (NGC 2548), from 400nm to nearly 1000nm, taken with Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) Multi-Color Survey Photometric system. The fundamental ... More
Role of the N*(1440) resonance in the pp->pnpi+ reactionAug 25 2008Feb 25 2009New measurement by CELSIUS-WASA Collaboration on the pp->pn pi+ reaction reveals clear evidence for the presence of the Roper resonance N*(1440) which has been ignored in previous theoretical calculations. In this article, based on an effective Lagrangian ... More
Ferroelectric Control of Metal-Insulator TransitionDec 30 2015We propose a method of controlling the metal-insulator transition of one perovskite material at its interface with a another ferroelectric material based on first principle calculations. The operating principle is that the rotation of oxygen octahedra ... More
Higher-Order Topological Insulators in QuasicrystalsApr 22 2019Jul 21 2019Current understanding of higher-order topological insulators (HOTIs) is based primarily on crystalline materials. Here, we propose that HOTIs can be realized in quasicrystals. Specifically, we show that two distinct types of second-order topological insulators ... More
Quantum information processing architecture with endohedral fullerenes in a carbon nanotubeFeb 25 2010Mar 06 2010A potential quantum information processor is proposed using a fullerene peapod, i.e., an array of the endohedral fullerenes 15N@C60 or 31P@C60 contained in a single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT). The qubits are encoded in the nuclear spins of the doped ... More
When Work Matters: Transforming Classical Network Structures to Graph CNNJul 07 2018Numerous pattern recognition applications can be formed as learning from graph-structured data, including social network, protein-interaction network, the world wide web data, knowledge graph, etc. While convolutional neural network (CNN) facilitates ... More
Action-Attending Graphic Neural NetworkNov 17 2017The motion analysis of human skeletons is crucial for human action recognition, which is one of the most active topics in computer vision. In this paper, we propose a fully end-to-end action-attending graphic neural network (A$^2$GNN) for skeleton-based ... More
Deep Cascaded Regression for Face AlignmentOct 30 2015Nov 13 2015We propose a novel cascaded regression framework for face alignment based on a deep convolutional neural network (CNN). In most existing cascaded regression methods, the shape-indexed features are either obtained by hand-crafted visual descriptors or ... More
Energy-Time Entanglement-based Dispersive Optics Quantum Key Distribution over Optical Fibers of 20 kmJan 20 2019An energy-time entanglement-based dispersive optics quantum key distribution (DO-QKD) is demonstrated experimentally over optical fibers of 20 km. In the experiment, the telecom band energy-time entangled photon pairs are generated through spontaneous ... More
Perfect Seismic Wave Absorbers for the 8th Magnitude EarthquakesJul 30 2019Aug 01 2019Most modern buildings and infrastructures are not designed to resist 8th magnitude earthquakes, for which studies on phononic crystals and local resonators reported so far are not particularly suited. We report a type of all-metallic decorated membrane ... More
One-step implementation of multi-qubit conditional phase gating with nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a high-Q silica microsphere cavityJun 02 2010The diamond nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is an excellent candidate for quantum information processing, whereas entangling separate NV centers is still of great experimental challenge. We propose an one-step conditional phase flip with three NV centers ... More
GARDENIA: A Domain-specific Benchmark Suite for Next-generation AcceleratorsAug 15 2017Feb 03 2018This paper presents the Graph Analytics Repository for Designing Next-generation Accelerators (GARDENIA), a benchmark suite for studying irregular algorithms on massively parallel accelerators. Existing generic benchmarks for accelerators have mainly ... More
Prevention of infectious diseases by public vaccination and individual protectionApr 13 2016Apr 21 2016In the face of serious infectious diseases, governments endeavour to implement containment measures such as public vaccination at a macroscopic level. Meanwhile, individuals tend to protect themselves by avoiding contacts with infections at a microscopic ... More
Telepresence Interaction by Touching Live Video ImagesDec 14 2015Aug 22 2016This paper presents a telepresence interaction framework based on touchscreen and telepresence-robot technologies. The core of the framework is a new user interface, Touchable live video Image based User Interface, called TIUI. The TIUI allows a remote ... More
Graph Convolutional Transformer: Learning the Graphical Structure of Electronic Health RecordsJun 11 2019Jun 28 2019Effective modeling of electronic health records (EHR) is rapidly becoming an important topic in both academia and industry. A recent study showed that utilizing the graphical structure underlying EHR data (e.g. relationship between diagnoses and treatments) ... More
Synergistic Effect of One- and Two-dimensional Connected Coral-like Li$_{6.25}$Al$_{0.25}$La$_3$Zr$_2$O$_{12}$ in PEO-Based Composite Solid State ElectrolyteSep 07 2019As one of the most promising next-generation energy storage device, lithium metal batteries have been extensively investigated. However, the poor safety issue and undesired lithium dendrites growth hinder the development of lithium metal batteries. The ... More
Quantum correlations with a gap between the sequential and spatial casesJun 30 2017Jul 21 2017We address the problem of whether parties who cannot communicate but share nonsignaling quantum correlations between the outcomes of sharp measurements can distinguish, just from the value of a correlation observable, whether their outcomes were produced ... More
Necessary and sufficient condition for contextuality from incompatibilityMay 05 2018Feb 12 2019Measurement incompatibility is the most basic resource that distinguishes quantum from classical physics. Contextuality is the critical resource behind the power of some models of quantum computation and is also a necessary ingredient for many applications ... More
Shell evolution and its indication on the isospin dependence of the spin-orbit splittingAug 31 2012Jun 05 2013The available experimental data on shell evolution indicate that the strength of the spin-orbit (SO) single-particle potential may be enhanced in neutron-rich nuclei. We observe that such a simple scheme destroys the Harmonic Oscillator (HO) magic numbers ... More
Novel Monte Carlo representation for shell model in the complex energy planeJun 05 2013A Monte Carlo method is presented to evaluate quantum states with many particles moving in the continuum. The scattering state is generated at each time by a Monte Carlo random sampling algorithm. The same calculation are repeated until the average energies ... More
Deriving Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering inequalities from the few-body Abner Shimony inequalitiesAug 14 2018For the Abner Shimony (AS) inequalities, the simplest unified forms of directions attaining the maximum quantum violation are investigated. Based on these directions, a family of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering inequalities is derived from the ... More