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Nullity of quantum discord of two-qubit X-state systemsJan 26 2011The conditions are established for nullity of quantum discord for mixed states of a general two-qubit system whose dynamical behaviour is given by an X-state form density matrix. It is found that quantum discord can vanish at a finite time even in the ... More
Representations of Hopf Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank oneSep 28 2013Jan 14 2015In this paper, we study the representation theory of Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras and pointed Hopf algebras of rank one over an arbitrary field $k$. Let $H=kG(\chi, a,\d)$ be a Hopf-Ore extension of $kG$ and $H'$ a rank one quotient Hopf algebra ... More
Adversarial Learning in Statistical Classification: A Comprehensive Review of Defenses Against AttacksApr 12 2019With the wide deployment of machine learning (ML) based systems for a variety of applications including medical, military, automotive, genomic, as well as multimedia and social networking, there is great potential for damage from adversarial learning ... More
The physical fundamental plane of black hole activity: revisitedNov 27 2015The correlation between the jet power and accretion disk luminosity is investigated for active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and black hole X-ray binaries (BHXBs) from the literature. The power-law correlation index is steep ($\mu \sim$ 1.0--1.4) for radio loud ... More
On the relation of accretion rate and spin induced jet power in low luminosity AGNOct 09 2014From Liu and Han (2014), the accretion-dominated jet power has a linear proportionality with the accretion rate, whereas the power law index is <=0.5 at lower accretion rate. Attributing the jet power in low accretion rate AGN to the black hole spin, ... More
MobileFaceNets: Efficient CNNs for Accurate Real-Time Face Verification on Mobile DevicesApr 20 2018Jun 15 2018We present a class of extremely efficient CNN models, MobileFaceNets, which use less than 1 million parameters and are specifically tailored for high-accuracy real-time face verification on mobile and embedded devices. We first make a simple analysis ... More
The energy change of the complete multipartite graphNov 11 2017The energy of a graph is defined as the sum of the absolute values of all eigenvalues of the graph. Akbari et al. \cite{S. Akbari} proved that for a complete multipartite graph $K_{t_1 ,\ldots,t_k}$, if $t_i\geq 2 \ (i=1,\ldots,k)$, then deleting any ... More
Free-rider Episode Screening via Dual Partition ModelMay 19 2018One of the drawbacks of frequent episode mining is that overwhelmingly many of the discovered patterns are redundant. Free-rider episode, as a typical example, consists of a real pattern doped with some additional noise events. Because of the possible ... More
Production of charmed baryon $Λ_c(2940)^+$ at PANDASep 26 2011Nov 25 2011In this work we evaluate the production rate of the charmed baryon $\Lambda_c(2940)^+$ at PANDA. For possible assignments of $\Lambda_c(2940)^+$: $J^P=1/2^\pm$, $3/2^\pm$ and $5/2^\pm$, the total cross section of $p\bar{p}\to \bar{\Lambda}_c \Lambda_c(2940)^+$ ... More
Artificial-Noise-Aided Physical Layer Phase Challenge-Response Authentication for Practical OFDM TransmissionFeb 26 2015Feb 17 2016Recently, we have developed a PHYsical layer Phase Challenge-Response Authentication Scheme (PHY-PCRAS) for independent multicarrier transmission. In this paper, we make a further step by proposing a novel artificial-noise-aided PHY-PCRAS (ANA-PHY-PCRAS) ... More
Screening Tests for Lasso ProblemsMay 19 2014Aug 21 2016This paper is a survey of dictionary screening for the lasso problem. The lasso problem seeks a sparse linear combination of the columns of a dictionary to best match a given target vector. This sparse representation has proven useful in a variety of ... More
The leading term of the He$-\bar{p}\mbox{He}^+$ long-range interactionSep 21 2015Oct 30 2015The long range interaction between an antiprotonic helium atom $\bar{p}$He$^+$ and helium atom in its ground state is studied. We calculate the dispersion coefficients $C_6$ using the Complex Coordinate Rotation (CCR) formalism in order to comply with ... More
Global Norm-Aware Pooling for Pose-Robust Face Recognition at Low False Positive RateAug 01 2018In this paper, we propose a novel Global Norm-Aware Pooling (GNAP) block, which reweights local features in a convolutional neural network (CNN) adaptively according to their L2 norms and outputs a global feature vector with a global average pooling layer. ... More
RetGK: Graph Kernels based on Return Probabilities of Random WalksSep 07 2018Graph-structured data arise in wide applications, such as computer vision, bioinformatics, and social networks. Quantifying similarities among graphs is a fundamental problem. In this paper, we develop a framework for computing graph kernels, based on ... More
Rotation-Sensitive Regression for Oriented Scene Text DetectionMar 14 2018Text in natural images is of arbitrary orientations, requiring detection in terms of oriented bounding boxes. Normally, a multi-oriented text detector often involves two key tasks: 1) text presence detection, which is a classification problem disregarding ... More
Progressive Pose Attention Transfer for Person Image GenerationApr 06 2019This paper proposes a new generative adversarial network for pose transfer, i.e., transferring the pose of a given person to a target pose. The generator of the network comprises a sequence of Pose-Attentional Transfer Blocks that each transfers certain ... More
Dynamics of the one-dimensional random transverse Ising model with next-nearest-neighbor interactionsOct 21 2008Oct 22 2008The dynamics of the one-dimensional random transverse Ising model with both nearest-neighbor (NN) and next-nearest-neighbor (NNN) interactions is studied in the high-temperature limit by the method of recurrence relations. Both the time-dependent transverse ... More
$Z^+(4430)$ as a $D_1'{D}^* $ ($D_1{D}^* $) molecular stateMar 09 2008Aug 01 2008We reexamine whether $Z^+(4430)$ could be a $D_1'-{D}^*$ or $D_1-{D}^*$ molecular state after considering both the pion and $\sigma$ meson exchange potentials and introducing the form factor to take into account the structure effect of the interaction ... More
Strong decays of charmed baryonsApr 01 2007Apr 20 2007There has been important experimental progress in the sector of heavy baryons in the past several years. We study the strong decays of the S-wave, P-wave, D-wave and radially excited charmed baryons using the $^3P_0$ model. After comparing the calculated ... More
Gravitational Coupling from Active GravityFeb 09 2017We attempt to construct a gravitational coupling by pre-selecting an energy-momentum tensor as the source for gravitational field. The energy-momentum tensor we take is a recently derived new expression motivated by joint localization of energy and momentum ... More
New Energy-Momentum and Angular Momentum Tensors with Applications to Nucleon StructureJan 26 2017We present a new type of energy-momentum tensor and angular momentum tensor. They are motivated by a special consideration in quantum measurement: Given a wave in mutual eigen-state of more than one physical observables, the corresponding physical currents ... More
High Performance Parallel Image Reconstruction for New Vacuum Solar TelescopeJan 03 2017Many technologies have been developed to help improve spatial resolution of observational images for ground-based solar telescopes, such as adaptive optics (AO) systems and post-processing reconstruction. As any AO system correction is only partial, it ... More
Progressive Pose Attention Transfer for Person Image GenerationApr 06 2019Apr 09 2019This paper proposes a new generative adversarial network for pose transfer, i.e., transferring the pose of a given person to a target pose. The generator of the network comprises a sequence of Pose-Attentional Transfer Blocks that each transfers certain ... More
Effects of current on nanoscale ring-shaped magnetic tunnel junctionsApr 22 2008We report the observation and micromagnetic analysis of current-driven magnetization switching in nanoscale ring-shaped magnetic tunnel junctions. When the electric current density exceeds a critical value of the order of $6\times 10^{6}$A/cm$^2$, the ... More
Localization and mass spectra of various matter fields on scalar-tensor braneOct 22 2014Jan 19 2015Recently, a new scalar-tensor braneworld model was presented in [Phys. Rev. \textbf{D 86} (2012) 127502]. It not only solves the gauge hierarchy problem but also reproduces a correct Friedmann-like equation on the brane. In this new model, there are two ... More
User Fairness Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) for 5G Millimeter-Wave Communications with Analog BeamformingNov 07 2018The integration of non-orthogonal multiple access in millimeter-Wave communications (mmWave-NOMA) can significantly improve the spectrum efficiency and increase the number of users in the fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication. In this paper we consider ... More
Gradient Band-based Adversarial Training for Generalized Attack Immunity of A3C Path FindingJul 18 2018As adversarial attacks pose a serious threat to the security of AI system in practice, such attacks have been extensively studied in the context of computer vision applications. However, few attentions have been paid to the adversarial research on automatic ... More
A New Improved Energy-Momentum Tensor and Its Possible Role in GravityMar 03 2019Motivated by a special consideration in quantum measurement, we present a new improved energy-momentum tensor. The new tensor differs from the traditional canonical and symmetric ones, and can be derived as Nother current from a Lagrangian with second ... More
Precision spectroscopy of the hydrogen molecular ions HD$^+$Nov 29 2012Dec 01 2012Expectation values of the Breit operators and the $Q$ terms are calculated for HD$^+$ with the vibrational number $v=0-4$ and the total angular momentum $L=0-4$. Relativistic and radiative corrections to some ro-vibrational transition frequencies are ... More
Localization of five-dimensional Elko spinors with non-minimal coupling on thick branesOct 08 2017Aug 07 2018It has been found that the zero mode of a five-dimensional Elko spinor could be localized on branes by introducing a Yukawa-type coupling between the Elko spinor and the background scalar field or the Ricci scalar. However, the Yukawa-type coupling is ... More
Scalable orbital-angular-momentum sorting without destroying photon statesOct 08 2016Single photons with orbital angular momentum (OAM) have attracted substantial attention from researchers. A single photon can carry infinite OAM values theoretically. Thus, OAM photon states have been widely used in quantum information and fundamental ... More
Emergent Symmetry and Conserved Current at a One Dimensional Incarnation of Deconfined Quantum Critical PointMar 29 2019The deconfined quantum critical point (DQCP) was originally proposed as a continuous transition between two spontaneous symmetry breaking phases in 2D spin-1/2 systems. While great efforts have been spent on the DQCP for 2D systems, both theoretically ... More
A fast point-pattern matching algorithm based on statistical methodMar 22 2019We propose a new pattern-matching algorithm for matching CCD images to a stellar catalogue based statistical method in this paper. The method of constructing star pairs can greatly reduce the computational complexity compared with the triangle method. ... More
A Robust Quantum Random Access MemoryJan 11 2012A "bucket brigade" architecture for a quantum random memory of $N=2^n$ memory cells needs $n(n+5)/2$ times of quantum manipulation on control circuit nodes per memory call. Here we propose a scheme, in which only average $n/2$ times manipulation is required ... More
Non-Stationary Texture Synthesis by Adversarial ExpansionMay 11 2018The real world exhibits an abundance of non-stationary textures. Examples include textures with large-scale structures, as well as spatially variant and inhomogeneous textures. While existing example-based texture synthesis methods can cope well with ... More
Radial Velocity Retrieval for Multichannel SAR Moving Targets with Time-Space Doppler De-ambiguityOct 01 2016Jun 09 2017In this paper, with respect to multichannel synthetic aperture radars (SAR), we first formulate the problems of Doppler ambiguities on the radial velocity (RV) estimation of a ground moving target in range-compressed domain, range-Doppler domain and image ... More
Auto-Encoder Guided GAN for Chinese Calligraphy SynthesisJun 27 2017In this paper, we investigate the Chinese calligraphy synthesis problem: synthesizing Chinese calligraphy images with specified style from standard font(eg. Hei font) images (Fig. 1(a)). Recent works mostly follow the stroke extraction and assemble pipeline ... More
Characterizing high-quality high-dimensional quantum key distribution by state mapping between different degree of freedomsOct 04 2018Feb 15 2019Quantum key distribution (QKD) guarantees the secure communication between legitimate parties with quantum mechanics. High-dimensional QKD (HDQKD) not only increases the secret key rate but also tolerates higher quantum bit error rate (QBER). Many HDQKD ... More
Sustainable high critical temperature in a hydrocarbon superconductorMar 21 2013Apr 11 2013Organic superconductors are unique materials with a crystal structure made primarily of a complex carbon based network, an element associated directly with life, which were postulated to have a high critical temperature, $T_{C}$, even above room temperature, ... More
Shell evolution and its indication on the isospin dependence of the spin-orbit splittingAug 31 2012Jun 05 2013The available experimental data on shell evolution indicate that the strength of the spin-orbit (SO) single-particle potential may be enhanced in neutron-rich nuclei. We observe that such a simple scheme destroys the Harmonic Oscillator (HO) magic numbers ... More
Novel Monte Carlo representation for shell model in the complex energy planeJun 05 2013A Monte Carlo method is presented to evaluate quantum states with many particles moving in the continuum. The scattering state is generated at each time by a Monte Carlo random sampling algorithm. The same calculation are repeated until the average energies ... More
XYZ StatesNov 15 2013In the past decade, many new charmonium (or charmonium-like) and bottomonium (or bottomonium-like) states were observed experimentally. I will review these XYZ states which do not fit into the quark model spectrum easily.
Time-resolved Measurement of Quadrupole Wakefields in Corrugated StructuresFeb 25 2016Corrugated structures have recently been widely used for manipulating electron beam longitudinal phase space and for producing THz radiation. Here we report on time-resolved measurements of the quadrupole wakefields in planar corrugated structures. It ... More
Uniaxial strain on graphene: Raman spectroscopy study and bandgap openingOct 20 2008Graphene was deposited on a transparent and flexible substrate and tensile strain up to ~0.8% was loaded by stretching the substrate in one direction. Raman spectra of strained graphene show significant redshifts of 2D and G band (-27.8 cm^-1 and -14.2 ... More
Predicted novel insulating electride compound between alkali metals lithium and sodium under high pressureMay 11 2017The application of high pressure can fundamentally modify the crystalline and electronic structures of elements as well as their chemical reactivity, which could lead to the formation of novel materials. Here, we explore the reactivity of lithium with ... More
Thermal Dynamics of Graphene Edges Investigated by Polarized Raman SpectroscopyDec 14 2010In this report, we present Raman spectroscopy investigation of the thermal stability and dynamics of graphene edges. It was found that graphene edges (both armchair and zigzag) are not stable and undergo modifications even at temperature as low as 200{\deg}C. ... More
The strong decay patterns of $Z_c$ and $Z_b$ states in the relativized quark modelNov 26 2018Employing the relativized quark model and the quark-interchange model, we investigate the decay of the charged heavy quarkonium-like states $Z_c(3900)$, $Z_c(4020)$, $Z_c(4430)$, $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ into the ground and radially excited heavy ... More
Topological triply-degenerate point with double Fermi arcsNov 16 2018Unconventional chiral particles have recently been predicted to appear in certain three dimensional (3D) crystal structures containing three- or more-fold linear band degeneracy points (BDPs). These BDPs carry topological charges, but are distinct from ... More
Analytic continuation with Padé decompositionMay 29 2017Jun 27 2017The ill-posed analytic continuation problem for Green's functions or self-energies can be done using the Pad\'e rational polynomial approximation. However, to extract accurate results from this approximation, high precision input data of the Matsubara ... More
Enhancing the magnetoelectric coupling of Co4Nb2O9[100] by substitution of Mg for CoAug 09 2018We report experimental studies on enhancing the magnetoelectric (ME) coupling of Co$_4$Nb$_2$O$_9$ by substitution of non-magnetic metal Mg for Co. A series of single crystal Co$_{4-x}$Mg$_x$Nb$_2$O$_9$ (x=0, 1, 2, 3) with a single-phase corundum-type ... More
Non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems without rotating wave approximationJul 21 2014Jul 22 2014We study the non-Markovian dynamics of a damped oscillator coupled with a reservoir. We present exact formulas for the oscillator's evolution directly from the BCH formula by series expansion with neither Markovian nor rotating wave approximation (RWA). ... More
Controlled-phase manipulation module for orbital-angular-momentum photon statesDec 25 2017Phase manipulation is essential to quantum information processing, for which the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of photon is a promising high-dimensional resource. Dove prism (DP) is one of the most important element to realize the nondestructive phase ... More
Spin-orbit corrections of order $mα^6$ to the fine structure of $(37,35)$ state in $^4{He}^+\bar{p}$ atomAug 11 2009Precise numerical calculation of radiofrequency intervals between hyperfine sublevels of the $(37,35)$ state of the antiprotonic helium-4 atom is presented. Theoretical consideration includes the QED corrections of order $m\alpha^6$ to the electron spin-orbit ... More
Hopf-Ore Extensions and Hopf Algebras of Rank OneJun 18 2012Mar 17 2015In this paper, we study pointed rank one Hopf algebras and Hopf-Ore extensions of group algebras, over an arbitrary field $k$. It is proved that the rank of a Hopf-Ore extension of a group algebra is one or two or infinite. It is also shown that an arbitrary ... More
Correlation analysis of radio properties and accretion-disk luminosity for low luminosity AGNsNov 26 2016The correlation between the jet power and accretion disk luminosity is investigated and analyzed with our model for 7 samples of low luminosity active galactic nuclei (LLAGNs). The main results are: (1) the power-law correlation index ($P_{jet} \propto ... More
Phase transition of the q-state clock model: duality and tensor renormalizationJun 12 2017We investigate the critical behavior and the duality property of the ferromagnetic $q$-state clock model on the square lattice based on the tensor-network formalism. From the entanglement spectra of local tensors defined in the original and dual lattices, ... More
Probing charged impurities in suspended graphene using Raman spectroscopyDec 22 2008Feb 19 2009Charged impurity (CI) scattering is one of the dominant factors that affect the carrier mobility in graphene. In this paper, we use Raman spectroscopy to probe the charged impurities in suspended graphene. We find that the 2D band intensity is very sensitive ... More
Beyond Gisin's Theorem and its Applications: Violation of Local Realism by Two-Party Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen SteeringApr 10 2014Mar 10 2015We demonstrate here that for a given mixed multi-qubit state if there are at least two observers for whom mutual Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering is possible, i.e. each observer is able to steer the other qubits into two different pure states by spontaneous ... More
A resource-saving realization of the polarization-independent orbital-angular-momentum-preserving tunable beam splitterOct 02 2017Tunable beam splitter (TBS) is a fundamental component which has been widely used in optical experiments. We realize a polarization-independent orbital-angular-momentum-preserving TBS based on the combination of modified polarization beam splitters and ... More
Non-Markov property of afterpulsing effect in single-photon avalanche detectorMar 08 2016Single-photon avalanche photodiode(SPAD) has been widely used in researching of quantum optics. Afterpulsing effect, which is an intrinsic character of SPAD, affects the system performance in most of the experiments and needs to be carefully handled. ... More
Robust quantum random number generator based on avalanche photodiodesFeb 04 2015Jun 18 2015We propose and demonstrate a scheme to realize a high-efficiency truly quantum random number generator (RNG) at room temperature (RT). Using an effective extractor with simple time bin encoding method, the avalanche pulses of avalanche photodiode (APD) ... More
Semantic Graph for Zero-Shot LearningJun 16 2014Jun 03 2015Zero-shot learning aims to classify visual objects without any training data via knowledge transfer between seen and unseen classes. This is typically achieved by exploring a semantic embedding space where the seen and unseen classes can be related. Previous ... More
Finite-temperature charge dynamics and the melting of the Mott insulatorAug 29 2018Sep 06 2018The Mott insulator is the quintessential strongly correlated electronic state. A full understanding of the coupled charge and spin dynamics of the Mott-insulating state is thought to be the key to a range of phenomena in ultracold atoms and condensed ... More
A generalized Lanczos method for systematic optimization of tensor network statesNov 29 2016We propose a generalized Lanczos method to generate the many-body basis states of quantum lattice models using tensor-network states (TNS). The ground-state wave function is represented as a linear superposition composed from a set of TNS generated by ... More
Dove prism in single-path Sagnac interferometer for orbital-angular-momentum photon statesJun 13 2017Jun 14 2017The degree of freedom of orbital angular momentum (OAM) is an important resource in high-dimensional quantum information processing, as the quantum number of OAM can be infinite. The Dove prism (DP) is a most common tool to manipulate the OAM light, such ... More
Non-Markovian property of afterpulsing effect in single-photon avalanche detectorJun 06 2016The single-photon avalanche photodiode(SPAD) has been widely used in research on quantum optics. The afterpulsing effect, which is an intrinsic character of SPAD, affects the system performance in most experiments and needs to be carefully handled. For ... More
Quasiperiodic Multicolor Solitons in Quasi-Phase-Matched Quadratic MediaMar 22 2018We study the (1+1)-dimensional quasiperiodic multicolor solitons due to cascading quadratic nonlinear response in generalized one-dimensional quasiperiodic optical superlattice waveguides and show that the dynamic equations describing the quasi-phase-matched ... More
System and Its Uncertainty Quanta: Theory of General System (I)May 15 1996The concept of uncertainty quanta for a general system is introduced and applied to some important problems in physics and mathematics. EPR paradox gives new clue to the further understanding of particle correlation which turns out to be the nature of ... More
A Color Mutation Hadronic Soft Interaction Model -- Eikonal Formalism and Branching EvolutionSep 02 1998ECOMB is established as a hadronic multiparticle production generator by soft interaction. It incorporates the eikonal formalism, parton model, color mutation, branching, resonance production and decay. A partonic cluster, being color-neutral initially, ... More
About negative refraction and left handed materialsAug 22 2004Oct 30 2004Here I present an overview of recent studies of the phenomenon of negative refraction and left-handed materials. I will discuss some basic questions pertinent to the problem. It is pointed out that the current claims of negative refraction and left handed ... More
Scaling behavior in wave localizationMay 20 2001Wave localization is a ubiquitous phenomenon. It refers to situations that transmitted waves in scattering media are trapped in space and remain confined in the vicinity of the initial site until dissipated. Based on a scaling analysis, the localization ... More
New Conserved Quantities of the Incompressible Euler EquationsJul 30 2010Aug 03 2010We show two new conserved quantities for the three-dimensional incompressible Euler equations. Due to professor Lin's comments, these quantities are deeply related to the concept of topological degree and not new. I will post a new version soon.
Generalized Hopf-Ore extensionsDec 01 2013We derive necessary and sufficient conditions for an Ore extension of a Hopf algebra to have a Hopf algebra structure of a certain type. This construction generalizes the notion of Hopf-Ore extension. We describe this type of Hopf algebra structures over ... More
A note on Ξ_c(3055)^+ and Ξ_c(3123)^+Oct 01 2007Oct 03 2007Babar Collaboration announced two new excited charmed baryons $\Xi_c(3055)^+$ and $\Xi_c(3123)^+$. We study their strong decays assuming they are D-wave states. Some assignments are excluded by comparing our numerical results with the experimental values ... More
A Mixture Model Based Defense for Data Poisoning Attacks Against Naive Bayes Spam FiltersOct 31 2018Naive Bayes spam filters are highly susceptible to data poisoning attacks. Here, known spam sources/blacklisted IPs exploit the fact that their received emails will be treated as (ground truth) labeled spam examples, and used for classifier training (or ... More
Studies of LL-type 500MHz 5-cell superconducting cavity at SINAPJul 11 2014Aug 22 2014A low loss (LL) type 500 MHz 5-cell superconducting niobium prototype cavity with large beam aperture has been developed successfully including the optimization, the deep drawing and electron beam welding, the surface treatment and the vertical testing. ... More
Transport and Phototransport in ITO Nanocrystals with Short to Long-Wave Infrared AbsorptionJan 02 2019Nanocrystals are often described as an interesting strategy for the design of low-cost optoelectronic devices especially in the infrared range. However the driving materials reaching infrared absorption are generally heavy metalcontaining (Pb and Hg) ... More
Unveiling the Charge Density Wave Inhomogeneity and Pseudogap State in 1T-TiSe2Nov 30 2016Mar 30 2018By using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) / spectroscopy (STS), we systematically characterize the electronic structure of lightly doped 1T-TiSe2, and demonstrate the existence of the electronic inhomogeneity and the pseudogap state. It is found that ... More
Multistep shell model description of spin-aligned neutron-proton pair coupling: The formalismAug 02 2011The multistep shell model was extended recently to incorporate both neutron and proton degrees of freedom and applied to study the structure of $N=Z$ systems with four, six and eight particles [arXiv:1108.0269]. In this work we give a brief introduction ... More
Dynamics study of $Z^+(4430)$ and X(3872) in molecular pictureFeb 21 2008Mar 24 2008In this talk, we review our recent work about the dynamical studies of $Z^+(4430)$ and X(3872). $Z^+(4430)$ can not be explained as a $D_1'D^*$ or $D_1D^*$ molecular state only considering one pion exchange potential without the cutoff, which needs to ... More
Localization of five-dimensional Elko Spinors on dS/AdS Thick BranesDec 19 2018Different from the Dirac spinor, the localization of a five-dimensional Elko spinor on a brane with codimension one is very difficult {because of} the special structure of the Elko spinor. By introducing the coupling between the Elko spinor and the scalar ... More
Artificial-Noise-Aided Message Authentication Codes with Information-Theoretic SecurityNov 17 2015In the past, two main approaches for the purpose of authentication, including information-theoretic authentication codes and complexity-theoretic message authentication codes (MACs), were almost independently developed. In this paper, we propose a new ... More
$D_{sJ}(2860)$ and $D_{sJ}(2715)$Sep 04 2006Jan 12 2007Recently Babar Collaboration reported a new $c\bar{s}$ state $D_{sJ}(2860)$ and Belle Collaboration observed $D_{sJ}(2715)$. We investigate the strong decays of the excited $c\bar{s}$ states using the $^{3}P_{0}$ model. After comparing the theoretical ... More
Experimental Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution Through Sending-or-Not-SendingFeb 17 2019Channel loss seems to be the most severe limitation to the application long distance quantum key distribution in practice. The idea of twin-field quantum key distribution can improve the key rate from the linear scale of channel loss in the traditional ... More
Direct Visualization of 2D Topological Insulator in Single-layer 1T'-WTe2Mar 11 2017Jul 05 2017We grow nearly freestanding single-layer 1T'-WTe2 on graphitized 6H-SiC(0001) by using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and characterize its electronic structure with scanning tunneling microscopy / spectroscopy (STM/STS). We demonstrate the existence of ... More
Real-space characterization of reactivity towards water at Bi2Te3(111) surfaceJun 26 2016Surface reactivity is important in modifying the physical and chemical properties of surface sensitive materials, such as the topological insulators (TIs). Even though many studies addressing the reactivity of TIs towards external gases have been reported, ... More
Properties of the narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies revisitedMay 05 2016Jun 20 2016There is growing evidence to suggest that the black hole mass has been previously underestimated with the H$\beta$ line width for certain active galactic nuclei (AGN). With the assumption of the flatter rather than isotropic velocity distribution of gases ... More
Effects of decoherence on diabatic errors in Majorana braidingFeb 15 2019The braiding of two non-Abelian Majorana modes is important for realizing topological quantum computation. It can be achieved through tuning the coupling between the two Majorana modes to be exchanged and two ancillary Majorana modes. However, this coupling ... More
Discovery Potential of New Boson $W_1^{\pm}$ in the Minimal Higgsless Model at LHCMay 14 2009May 18 2009In this paper, we demonstrate the LHC discovery potential of new charged vector boson $W_1^{\pm}$ predicted by the Minimal Higgsless model in the process $pp\to W_1^{\pm}qq^{\prime}\to W^{\pm}Z^0qq^\prime\to \ell^{\pm}\ell^+\ell^-\nu qq^{\prime}(\ell=e,\mu)$ ... More
Evaluation of new large area PMT with high quantum efficiencyApr 10 2015Jan 29 2016The neutrino detector of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) is designed to use 20 kilotons of liquid scintillator and approximately 16,000 20-inch photomultipliers (PMTs).One of the options is to use the 20-inch R12860 PMT with high ... More
Uncovering the progenitor of the Cetus stream with StarGO -- a low mass dwarf with a nuclear star clusterFeb 14 2019We use a novel cluster identification tool StarGO to explore the metal poor ([Fe/H] $<$ -1.5) outer stellar halo (d $>$ 15 kpc) of the Milky Way using data from Gaia, LAMOST and SDSS. Our method is built using an unsupervised learning algorithm, a self-organizing ... More
Experimental measurement-device-independent quantum digital signatures over a metropolitan networkMar 03 2017Mar 07 2017Quantum digital signatures (QDS) provide a means for signing electronic communications with informationtheoretic security. However, all previous demonstrations of quantum digital signatures assume trusted measurement devices. This renders them vulnerable ... More
Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution over untrustful metropolitan networkSep 28 2015Sep 30 2015Quantum cryptography holds the promise to establish an information-theoretically secure global network. All field tests of metropolitan-scale quantum networks to date are based on trusted relays. The security critically relies on the accountability of ... More
Another $q$-Polynomial Approach to Cyclic CodesOct 20 2016Recently, a $q$-polynomial approach to the construction and analysis of cyclic codes over $\gf(q)$ was given by Ding and Ling. The objective of this paper is to give another $q$-polynomial approach to all cyclic codes over $\gf(q)$.
Coxeter groups, imaginary cones and dominanceAug 26 2011Oct 19 2012Brink and Howlett have introduced a partial ordering, called dominance, on the positive roots in the Tits realization of Coxeter groups (Math. Ann. 296 (1993), 179--190). Recently a concept called $\infty$-height is introduced to each reflection in an ... More
The Weil bound and non-exceptional permutation polynomials over finite fieldsNov 30 2018Dec 06 2018A well-known result of von zur Gathen asserts that a non-exceptional permutation polynomial of degree $n$ over $\mathbb{F}_{q}$ exists only if $q<n^{4}$. With the help of the Weil bound for the number of $\mathbb{F}_{q}$-points on an absolutely irreducible ... More
Optimal Consumption under Habit Formation In Markets with Transaction Costs and Random EndowmentsAug 06 2014Jul 25 2016This paper studies the optimal consumption under the addictive habit formation preference in markets with transaction costs and unbounded random endowments. To model the proportional transaction costs, we adopt the Kabanov's multi-asset framework with ... More
How strong a logistic damping can prevent blow-up for the minimal Keller-Segel chemotaxis system?Dec 09 2016Dec 15 2016In this paper, we study the minimal Keller-Segel model with a logistic source and obtain quantitative and qualitative descriptions of the competition between logistic damping and other ingredient, especially, chemotactic aggregation to guarantee boundedness ... More
Simultaneous Deformations of Lie Algebroids and Lie SubalgebroidsJul 18 2012Feb 28 2013The $L_\infty$-algebra is an algebraic structure suitable for describing deformation problems. In this paper we construct one $L_\infty$-algebra, which turns out to be a differential graded Lie algebra, to control the deformations of Lie algebroids and ... More
On an $H^r(\curl,Ø)$ estimate for a Maxwell-type system in convex domainsJan 08 2019In bounded convex domains, the regularity estimates of a vector field $\u$ with its $\dv\u$, $\curl\u$ in $L^r$ space and the tangential components or the normal component of $\u$ over the boundary in $L^r$ space, are established for $1<r<\infty$. As ... More