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An adaptive independence sampler MCMC algorithm for infinite dimensional Bayesian inferencesAug 13 2015Apr 10 2016Many scientific and engineering problems require to perform Bayesian inferences in function spaces, in which the unknowns are of infinite dimension. In such problems, many standard Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms become arbitrary slow under ... More
Unified Convergence Analysis of Stochastic Momentum Methods for Convex and Non-convex OptimizationApr 12 2016May 04 2016Recently, {\it stochastic momentum} methods have been widely adopted in training deep neural networks. However, their convergence analysis is still underexplored at the moment, in particular for non-convex optimization. This paper fills the gap between ... More
Constraining cosmology with pairwise velocity estimatorSep 21 2015Oct 27 2015In this paper, we develop a full statistical method for the pairwise velocity estimator previously proposed, and apply Cosmicflows-2 catalogue to this method to constrain cosmology. We first calculate the covariance matrix for line-of-sight velocities ... More
On a C. de Boor's Conjecture in a Particular Case and Related PerturbationFeb 15 2011In this paper, we focus on two classes of D-invariant polynomial subspaces. The first is a classical type, while the second is a new class. With matrix computation, we prove that every ideal projector with each D-invariant subspace belonging to either ... More
On existence of certain error formulas for a special class of ideal projectorsFeb 12 2011In this paper, we focus on a special class of ideal projectors. With the aid of algebraic geometry, we prove that for this special class of ideal projectors, there exist "good" error formulas as defined by C. de Boor. Furthermore, we completely analyze ... More
A Simple Analysis for Exp-concave Empirical Minimization with Arbitrary Convex RegularizerSep 09 2017In this paper, we present a simple analysis of {\bf fast rates} with {\it high probability} of {\bf empirical minimization} for {\it stochastic composite optimization} over a finite-dimensional bounded convex set with exponential concave loss functions ... More
A Non-linearized PLS Model Based on Multivariate Dominant Factor for Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy MeasurementsJun 06 2011A multivariate dominant factor based non-linearized PLS model is proposed. The intensities of different lines were taken to construct a multivariate dominant factor model, which describes the dominant concentration information of the measured species. ... More
An Inflationary Scenario Taking into Account of Possible Dark Energy Effects in the Early UniverseMay 18 2011Mar 16 2012We investigate the possible effect of cosmological-constant type dark energy during the inflation period of the early universe. This is accommodated by a new dispersion relation in de Sitter space. The modified inflation model of a minimally-coupled scalar ... More
Finslerian MOND vs. observations of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558Sep 14 2012Mar 03 2013It is known that theory of MOND with spherical symmetry cannot account for the convergence $\kappa$-map of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558. In this paper, we try to set up a Finslerian MOND, a generalization of MOND in Finsler spacetime. We use $Ric=0$ to obtain ... More
Groups of Repairmen and Repair-based Load Balancing in Supermarket Models with Repairable ServersMar 26 2017Supermarket models are a class of interesting parallel queueing networks with dynamic randomized load balancing and real-time resource management. When the parallel servers are subject to breakdowns and repairs, analysis of such a supermarket model becomes ... More
Optimized Hierarchical Power Oscillations Control for Distributed Generation Under Unbalanced ConditionsAug 18 2018Control structures have critical influences on converter-interfaced distributed generations (DG) under unbalanced conditions. Most of previous works focus on suppressing active power oscillations and ripples of DC bus voltage. In this paper, the relationship ... More
SEP-Nets: Small and Effective Pattern NetworksJun 13 2017While going deeper has been witnessed to improve the performance of convolutional neural networks (CNN), going smaller for CNN has received increasing attention recently due to its attractiveness for mobile/embedded applications. It remains an active ... More
Magnon-phonon relaxation in yttrium iron garnet from first principlesOct 07 2017We combine the theoretical method of calculating spin wave excitation with the finite-temperature modeling and calculate the magnon-phonon relaxation time in the technologically important material Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) from first principles. The finite ... More
Deep Temporal Sigmoid Belief Networks for Sequence ModelingSep 23 2015Deep dynamic generative models are developed to learn sequential dependencies in time-series data. The multi-layered model is designed by constructing a hierarchy of temporal sigmoid belief networks (TSBNs), defined as a sequential stack of sigmoid belief ... More
Enabling Multiple Access for Non-Line-of-Sight Light-to-Camera CommunicationsFeb 27 2018Aug 01 2018Light-to-Camera Communications (LCC) have emerged as a new wireless communication technology with great potential to benefit a broad range of applications. However, the existing LCC systems either require cameras directly facing to the lights or can only ... More
Gravitational collapse of a spherical star with heat flow as a possible energy mechanism of gamma-ray burstsMar 26 2008We investigate the gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric, inhomogeneous star, which is described by a perfect fluid with heat flow and satisfies the equation of state $p=\rho/3$ at its center. In the process of the gravitational collapsing, ... More
Multi-Label Learning from Medical Plain Text with Convolutional Residual ModelsJan 15 2018Aug 08 2018Predicting diagnoses from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is an important medical application of multi-label learning. We propose a convolutional residual model for multi-label classification from doctor notes in EHR data. A given patient may have multiple ... More
A Unified Analysis of Stochastic Momentum Methods for Deep LearningAug 30 2018Stochastic momentum methods have been widely adopted in training deep neural networks. However, their theoretical analysis of convergence of the training objective and the generalization error for prediction is still under-explored. This paper aims to ... More
TuRF: Fast Data Collection for Fingerprint-based Indoor LocalizationMay 21 2017Many infrastructure-free indoor positioning systems rely on fine-grained location-dependent fingerprints to train models for localization. The site survey process to collect fingerprints is laborious and is considered one of the major obstacles to deploying ... More
BAGS: An automatic homework grading system using the pictures taken by smart phonesJun 10 2019Homework grading is critical to evaluate teaching quality and effect. However, it is usually time-consuming to grade the homework manually. In automatic homework grading scenario, many optical mark reader (OMR)-based solutions which require specific equipments ... More
Gravitational collapse without a remnantApr 24 2008We investigate the gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric, inhomogeneous star, which is described by a perfect fluid with heat flow and satisfies the equation of state $p=\rho/3$ or $p=C\rho^\ga$ at its center. Different from the ordinary process ... More
Pion-nucleon sigma term revisited in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theoryOct 19 2017Jul 12 2018We study the latest $N_f=2+1+1$ and $N_f=2$ ETMC lattice QCD simulations of the nucleon masses and extract the pion-nucleon sigma term utilizing the Feynman-Hellmann theorem in SU(2) baryon chiral perturbation theory with the extended-on-mass-shell scheme. ... More
Design of a Programmable Gain Waveform Digitization Instrument for Detector CalibrationJun 24 2018To test and calibrate various detectors in nuclear and high energy physics experiments, a general purposed calibration instrument has been developed. All information including timing, amplitude and charge of signals can be directly obtained to calibrate ... More
CosmoMC Installation and Running GuidelinesSep 04 2014Sep 11 2014CosmoMC is a Fortran 95 Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo (MCMC) engine to explore the cosmological parameter space, plus a Python suite for plotting and presenting results (see This document describes the installation of the ... More
Bearing fault diagnosis under varying working condition based on domain adaptationJul 31 2017Traditional intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearings work well only under a common assumption that the labeled training data (source domain) and unlabeled testing data (target domain) are drawn from the same distribution. When the distribution ... More
Pinning dynamic systems of networks with Markovian switching couplings and controller-node setApr 27 2014In this paper, we study pinning control problem of coupled dynamical systems with stochastically switching couplings and stochastically selected controller-node set. Here, the coupling matrices and the controller-node sets change with time, induced by ... More
Testing the isotropy of the Universe by using the JLA compilation of type-Ia supernovaeApr 14 2015Nov 27 2015We probe the possible anisotropy of the Universe by using the JLA compilation of type-Ia supernovae. We apply the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method to constrain the amplitude and direction of anisotropy in three cosmological models. For the dipole-modulated ... More
$Λ$CDM model with a scalar perturbation vs. preferred direction of the universeNov 12 2013We present a scalar perturbation for the $\Lambda$CDM model, which breaks the isotropic symmetry of the universe. Based on the Union2 data, the least-$\chi^2$ fit of the scalar perturbed $\Lambda$CDM model shows that the universe has a preferred direction ... More
Spin dynamics in triangular lattice antiferromagnets CuCr$_{1-x}$Mg$_x$O$_2$Jan 18 2011The electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy was employed to investigate the spin dynamics in triangular lattice antiferromagnets CuCr$_{1-x}$Mg$_{x}$O$_2$ with $x =$ 0 and 0.02. All spectra can be well fitted by a single Lorentzian lineshape. The analysis ... More
A $c/μ$-Rule for Service Resource Allocation in Group-Server QueuesJul 14 2018Sep 12 2018In this paper, we study a dynamic on/off server scheduling problem in a queueing system with multi-class servers, where servers are heterogeneous and can be classified into $K$ groups. Servers in the same group are homogeneous. A scheduling policy determines ... More
Analogical Reasoning on Chinese Morphological and Semantic RelationsMay 12 2018Analogical reasoning is effective in capturing linguistic regularities. This paper proposes an analogical reasoning task on Chinese. After delving into Chinese lexical knowledge, we sketch 68 implicit morphological relations and 28 explicit semantic relations. ... More
Primary visual cortex as a saliency map: parameter-free prediction of behavior from V1 physiologyNov 02 2014It has been hypothesized that neural activities in the primary visual cortex (V1) represent a saliency map of the visual field to exogenously guide attention. This hypothesis has so far provided only qualitative predictions and their confirmations. We ... More
Longitudinal Single Bunch Instability Study on BEPCIIApr 10 2013In order to study the single bunch longitudinal instability in BEPCII, experiments on the positron ring (BPR) for the bunch lengthening phenomenon were made. By analyzing the experimental data based on Gao's theory, the longitudinal loss factor for the ... More
Inferring flare loop parameters with measurements of standing sausage modesDec 11 2015Standing fast sausage modes in flare loops were suggested to account for a considerable number of quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) in the light curves of solar flares. This study continues our investigation into the possibility to invert the measured ... More
Towards Budget-Driven Hardware Optimization for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using Stochastic ComputingMay 10 2018Recently, Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) has achieved tremendous success in many machine learning applications. Nevertheless, the deep structure has brought significant increases in computation complexity. Largescale deep learning systems mainly ... More
SC-DCNN: Highly-Scalable Deep Convolutional Neural Network using Stochastic ComputingNov 18 2016Jan 31 2017With recent advancing of Internet of Things (IoTs), it becomes very attractive to implement the deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) onto embedded/portable systems. Presently, executing the software-based DCNNs requires high-performance server clusters ... More
Bayesian Estimation Based Parameter Estimation for Composite LoadMar 22 2019Accurate identification of parameters of load models is essential in power system computations, including simulation, prediction, and stability and reliability analysis. Conventional point estimation based composite load modeling approaches suffer from ... More
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays threshold in Randers-Finsler spaceSep 27 2008Kinematics in Finsler space is used to study the propagation of ultra high energy cosmic rays particles through the cosmic microwave background radiation. We find that the GZK threshold is lifted dramatically in Randers-Finsler space. A tiny deformation ... More
Gravitational deflection of light in Rindler-type potential as a possible resolution to the observations of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558Aug 17 2011The surface density $\Sigma$-map and the convergence $\kappa$-map of Bullet Cluster 1E0657-558 show that the center of baryonic matters separates from the center of gravitational force, and the distribution of gravitational force do not possess spherical ... More
Debye entropic force and modified Newtonian dynamicsMay 07 2010May 20 2010Verlinde has suggested that the gravity has an entropic origin, and a gravitational system could be regarded as a thermodynamical system. It is well-known that the equipartition law of energy is invalid at very low temperature. Therefore, entropic force ... More
Estimation and Inference for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models: A Splitting and Smoothing ApproachMar 11 2019For a better understanding of the molecular causes of lung cancer, the Boston Lung Cancer Study (BLCS) has generated comprehensive molecular data from both lung cancer cases and controls. It has been challenging to model such high dimensional data with ... More
A^2-Net: Molecular Structure Estimation from Cryo-EM Density VolumesJan 03 2019Feb 12 2019Constructing of molecular structural models from Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) density volumes is the critical last step of structure determination by Cryo-EM technologies. Methods have evolved from manual construction by structural biologists to ... More
Temporal contrast reduction techniques for high dynamic-range single-shot temporal contrast measurementFeb 14 2019A single-shot characterization of the temporal contrast of a petawatt laser pulse with a high dynamic-range, is important not only for improving conditions of the petawatt laser facility itself, but also for various high-intensity laser physics experiments, ... More
Magnetic Proximity Effect and Interlayer Exchange Coupling of Ferromagnetic/Topological Insulator/Ferromagnetic TrilayerJul 25 2014Magnetic proximity effect between topological insulator (TI) and ferromagnetic insulator (FMI) is considered to have great potential in spintronics. However, a complete determination of interfacial magnetic structure has been highly challenging. We theoretically ... More
Learning Generic Sentence Representations Using Convolutional Neural NetworksNov 23 2016Jul 26 2017We propose a new encoder-decoder approach to learn distributed sentence representations that are applicable to multiple purposes. The model is learned by using a convolutional neural network as an encoder to map an input sentence into a continuous vector, ... More
Modified Newton's gravity in Finsler Space as a possible alternative to dark matter hypothesisJun 13 2008Sep 27 2008A modified Newton's gravity is obtained as the weak field approximation of the Einstein's equation in Finsler space. It is found that a specified Finsler structure makes the modified Newton's gravity equivalent to the modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND). ... More
Variational Autoencoder for Deep Learning of Images, Labels and CaptionsSep 28 2016A novel variational autoencoder is developed to model images, as well as associated labels or captions. The Deep Generative Deconvolutional Network (DGDN) is used as a decoder of the latent image features, and a deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) ... More
Generating Informative and Diverse Conversational Responses via Adversarial Information MaximizationSep 16 2018Nov 06 2018Responses generated by neural conversational models tend to lack informativeness and diversity. We present Adversarial Information Maximization (AIM), an adversarial learning strategy that addresses these two related but distinct problems. To foster response ... More
Ballistic Thermal Rectification in Asymmetric Three-Terminal Mesoscopic Dielectric SystemsOct 20 2009Oct 26 2010By coupling the asymmetric three-terminal mesoscopic dielectric system with a temperature probe, at low temperature, the ballistic heat flux flow through the other two asymmetric terminals in the nonlinear response regime is studied based on the Landauer ... More
The spacetime structure of MOND with Tully-Fisher relation and Lorentz invariance violationApr 11 2012It is believed that the modification of Newtonian dynamics (MOND) is possible alternate for dark matter hypothesis. Although Bekenstein's TeVeS supplies a relativistic version of MOND, one may still wish a more concise covariant formulism of MOND. In ... More
Gravitational wave in Lorentz violating gravityNov 06 2011Apr 01 2012By making use of the weak gravitational field approximation, we obtain a linearized solution of the gravitational vacuum field equation in an anisotropic spacetime. The plane-wave solution and dispersion relation of gravitational wave is presented explicitly. ... More
Toward a Gravitation Theory in Berwald--Finsler SpaceNov 13 2007Finsler geometry is a natural and fundamental generalization of Riemann geometry. The Finsler structure depends on both coordinates and velocities. It is defined as a function on tangent bundle of a manifold. We use the Bianchi identities satisfied by ... More
Symmetry and special relativity in Finsler spacetime with constant curvatureOct 11 2010Oct 21 2010Within the framework of projective geometry, we investigate kinematics and symmetry in $(\alpha,\beta)$ spacetime-one special types of Finsler spacetime. The projectively flat $(\alpha,\beta)$ spacetime with constant flag curvature is divided into four ... More
Reply to Sergiu I. Vacaru's "Critical remarks on Finsler modifications of gravity and cosmology by Zhe Chang and Xin Li"Jul 22 2010This is our reply to "Critical remarks on Finslerian modifications of gravity and cosmology by Zhe Chang and Xin Li", Sergiu I. Vacaru, Phys. Lett. B 690 (2010) 224. It is pointed out that the Finslerian modifications of gravity and cosmology (Zhe Chang ... More
Modified Friedmann model in Randers-Finsler space of approximate Berwald type as a possible alternative to dark energy hypothesisJan 08 2009Gravitational field equations in Randers-Finsler space of approximate Berwald type are investigated. A modified Friedmann model is proposed. It is showed that the accelerated expanding universe is guaranteed by a constrained Randers-Finsler structure ... More
Adaptive DDoS attack detection method based on multiple-kernel learningMay 20 2019Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have caused huge economic losses to society. They have become one of the main threats to Internet security. Most of the current detection methods based on a single feature and fixed model parameters cannot ... More
Scene Graph Generation with External Knowledge and Image ReconstructionApr 01 2019Scene graph generation has received growing attention with the advancements in image understanding tasks such as object detection, attributes and relationship prediction,~\etc. However, existing datasets are biased in terms of object and relationship ... More
Universal Optimal Gates Regarding Quantum Entanglement and Discord GeneratingJun 06 2013Jul 15 2013Fernando Galve \emph{et al.} $[Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{110}, 010501 (2013)]$ introduced discording power for a two-qubit unitary gate to evaluate its capability to produce quantum discord, and found that a $\pi/8$ gate has maximal discording power. This ... More
Fast sausage modes in magnetic tubes with continuous transverse profiles: effects of a finite plasma betaOct 11 2016While standing fast sausage modes in flare loops are often invoked to interpret quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) in solar flares, it is unclear as to how they are influenced by the combined effects of a continuous transverse structuring and a finite internal ... More
Possible quantum gravity effects on the gravitational deflection of lightJul 02 2010We investigate possible quantum gravity (QG) effects on the gravitational deflection of light. Two forms of deformation of the Schwarzschild spacetime are proposed. The first ansatz is a given Finslerian line element, it could be regarded as a weak QG ... More
Towards a CPT Invariant Quantum Field Theory on Elliptic de Sitter SpaceJan 09 2007Apr 07 2008Consequences of Schr\"{o}dinger's antipodal identification on quantum field theory in de Sitter space are investigated. The elliptic $\mathbb{Z}_2$ identification provides observers with complete information. We show that a suitable confinement on dimension ... More
Lorentz Invariance Violation and Symmetry in Randers--Finsler SpacesNov 01 2007Apr 07 2008Lorentz Invariance violation is a common feature of new physics beyond the standard model. We show that the symmetry of Randers spaces deduces a modified dispersion relation with characteristics of Lorentz Invariance violation. The counterparts of the ... More
Multi-step Reasoning via Recurrent Dual Attention for Visual DialogFeb 01 2019Jun 04 2019This paper presents a new model for visual dialog, Recurrent Dual Attention Network (ReDAN), using multi-step reasoning to answer a series of questions about an image. In each question-answering turn of a dialog, ReDAN infers the answer progressively ... More
Gas contents of galaxy groups from thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effectsOct 18 2017A matched filter technique is applied to the Planck all-sky Compton y-parameter map to measure the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (tSZ) effect produced by galaxy groups of different halo masses selected from large redshift surveys in the low-z Universe. Reliable ... More
Standing Sausage Modes In Nonuniform Magnetic Tubes: An Inversion Scheme For Inferring Flare Loop ParametersSep 04 2015Standing sausage modes in flare loops are important for interpreting quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) in solar flare lightcurves. We propose an inversion scheme that consistently uses their periods $P$ and damping times $\tau$ to diagnose flare loop parameters. ... More
Entangling power of two-qubit gates on mixed statesNov 22 2013The ability to reach a maximally entangled state from a separable one through the use of a two-qubit unitary operator is analyzed for mixed states. This extension from the known case of pure states shows that there are at least two families of gates which ... More
A possible scenario of the Pioneer anomaly in the framework of Finsler geometrySep 21 2009Oct 11 2010The weak field approximation of geodesics in Randers-Finsler space is investigated. We show that a Finsler structure of Randers space corresponds to the constant and sunward anomalous acceleration demonstrated by the Pioneer 10 and 11 data. The additional ... More
An exact solution of vacuum field equation in Finsler spacetimeJan 23 2014The vacuum field equation in Finsler spacetime is equivalent to vanishing of Ricci scalar. We present an exact solution of the Finslerian vacuum field equation. The solution is similar to the Schwarzschild metric. It reduces to Schwarzschild metric while ... More
Optimized Decimation of Tensor Networks with Super-orthogonalization for Two-Dimensional Quantum Lattice ModelsMay 25 2012Aug 19 2012A novel algorithm based on the optimized decimation of tensor networks with super-orthogonalization (ODTNS) that can be applied to simulate efficiently and accurately not only the thermodynamic but also the ground state properties of two-dimensional (2D) ... More
An Extended Kalman Filter Enhanced Hilbert-Huang Transform in Oscillation DetectionNov 08 2017Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT) has drawn great attention in power system analysis due to its capability to deal with dynamic signal and provide instantaneous characteristics such as frequency, damping, and amplitudes. However, its shortcomings, including ... More
NaCl crystal from salt solution with far below saturated concentration under ambient conditionAug 03 2017Under ambient conditions, we directly observed NaCl crystals experimentally in the rGO membranes soaked in the salt solution with concentration below and far below the saturated concentration. Moreover, in most probability, the NaCl crystals show stoichiometries ... More
Rank $n$ swapping algebra for GrassmannianApr 15 2019The rank $n$ swapping algebra is the Poisson algebra defined on the ordered pairs of points on a circle using the linking numbers, where a subspace of $(\mathbb{K}^n \times \mathbb{K}^{n*})^r/\operatorname{GL}(n,\mathbb{K})$ is its geometric mode. In ... More
Emergence of conduction band-induced semiconductor-to-metal transition in ZrSe2 through Hf substitutionDec 01 2018Two-dimensional (2D) layered materials are very important and versatile platform for exploring novel electronic properties in different phases. The chemical doping in two-dimensional (2D) layered materials can engineer the electronic structure with useful ... More
Generic character sheaves on reductive groups over a finite ringApr 07 2016Apr 28 2018In this paper we propose a construction of generic character sheaves on reductive groups over finite local rings at even levels, whose characteristic functions are higher Deligne--Lusztig characters when the parameters are generic. We formulate a conjecture ... More
Green functions and higher Deligne--Lusztig charactersJul 09 2018Aug 05 2018We give a generalisation of the character formula of Deligne--Lusztig representations from the finite field case to the truncated formal power series case. Motivated by this generalisation, we give a definition of Green functions for these local rings, ... More
NeuralCubes: Deep Representations for Visual Data ExplorationAug 27 2018Apr 01 2019Visual exploration of large multidimensional datasets has seen tremendous progress in recent years, allowing users to express rich data queries that produce informative visual summaries, all in real time. Techniques based on data cubes are some of the ... More
Tunable mid-infrared coherent perfect absorption in a graphene meta-surfaceFeb 26 2015We exploited graphene nanoribbons based meta-surface to realize coherent perfect absorption (CPA) in the mid-infrared regime. It was shown that quasi-CPA frequencies, at which CPA can be demonstrated with proper phase modulations, exist for the graphene ... More
Rank $n$ swapping algebra for the $\operatorname{PSL}(n, \mathbb{R})$ Hitchin componentNov 11 2014Oct 24 2015F. Labourie [arXiv:1212.5015] characterized the Hitchin components for $\operatorname{PSL}(n, \mathbb{R})$ for any $n>1$ by using the swapping algebra, where the swapping algebra should be understood as a ring equipped with a Poisson bracket. We introduce ... More
Flags and orbits of connected reductive groups over local ringsApr 01 2019Apr 23 2019We prove that generic higher Deligne-Lusztig representations over truncated formal power series are non-nilpotent, when the parameters are non-trivial on the biggest reduction kernel of the centre; we also establish a relation between the orbits of higher ... More
GRB Spectra in the complex of synchrotron and Compton processesJan 21 2015Under the steady state condition, the spectrum of electrons is investigated by solving the continuity equation under the complex radiation of both the synchrotron and Compton processes. The resulted GRB spectrum is a broken power law in both the fast ... More
Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition and reentrance in an anisotropic 3-state Potts model on the generalized Kagome latticeJan 15 2013The unusual reentrant phenomenon is observed in the anisotropic 3-state Potts model on a gen- eralized Kagome lattice. By employing the linearized tensor renormalization group method, we find that the reentrance can appear in the region not only under ... More
Tunable THz Surface Plasmon Polariton based on Topological Insulator-Layered Superconductor Hybrid StructureMar 05 2014We theoretically investigate the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) at the interface between 3D strong topological insulator (TI) and layered superconductor-magnetic insulator structure. The tunability of SPP through electronic doping can be enhanced when ... More
Reply to Comment on "Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions"Dec 31 2012Jun 19 2013This is a reply to the comment from Patrick Bruno (arXiv:1211.4792) on our paper (Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 163001 (2012)).
Space-time crystals of trapped ionsJun 21 2012Jun 19 2013Spontaneous symmetry breaking can lead to the formation of time crystals, as well as spatial crystals. Here we propose a space-time crystal of trapped ions and a method to realize it experimentally by confining ions in a ring-shaped trapping potential ... More
Unification of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in a Modified Entropic Force ModelSep 08 2010Jun 27 2011In Verlinde's entropic force scenario of gravity, Newton's laws and Einstein equations can be obtained from the first pinciples and general assumptions. However, the equipartition law of energy is invalid at very low temperatures. We show clearly that ... More
Using a Complex Optical Orbital-Angular-Momentum Spectrum to Measure Object Parameters: A Spatial Domain ApproachMay 25 2017Light beams can be characterized by their complex spatial profiles in both intensity and phase. Analogous to time signals, which can be decomposed into multiple orthogonal frequency functions, a light beam can also be decomposed into a set of spatial ... More
Constraints from Type IA Supernovae on λ-CDM Model in Randers-Finsler SpaceSep 08 2010Mar 03 2013Gravitational field equations in Randers-Finsler space of approximate Berwald type are investigated. A modified Friedmann equation and a new luminosity distance-redshift relation is proposed. A best-fit to the Type Ia supernovae (SNe) observations yields ... More
A matter dominated navigation Universe in accordance with the Type Ia supernova dataDec 31 2009Apr 07 2010We investigate a matter dominated navigation cosmological model. The influence of a possible drift (wind) in the navigation cosmological model makes the spacetime geometry change from Riemannian to Finslerian. The evolution of the Finslerian Universe ... More
Isotropic non-local Gilbert damping driven by spin currents in epitaxial Pd/Fe/MgO(001) filmsSep 28 2018Although both theoretical predications and experimental observations demonstrated that the damping factor is anisotropic at ferromagnet/semiconductor interface with robust interfacial spin-orbit coupling, it is not well understood whether non-local Gilbert ... More
Spatial Phase and Amplitude Structuring of Beams Using a Combination of Multiple Orthogonal Spatial Functions with Complex CoefficientsMay 28 2016Analogous to time signals that can be composed of multiple frequency functions, we use uniquely structured orthogonal spatial modes to create different beam shapes. We tailor the spatial structure by judiciously choosing a weighted combination of multiple ... More
Pathwise stochastic integrals and Itô formula for multidimensional Gaussian processesJan 19 2014Nov 23 2014In this article we study existence of pathwise stochastic integrals with respect to a general class of $n$-dimensional Gaussian processes and a wide class of adapted integrands. More precisely, we study integrands which are functions that are of locally ... More
Two coloring problems on matrix graphsDec 22 2015In this paper, we propose a new family of graphs, matrix graphs, whose vertex set $\mathbb{F}^{N\times n}_q$ is the set of all $N\times n$ matrices over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ for any positive integers $N$ and $n$. And any two matrices share an ... More
FAST$^2$: an Intelligent Assistant for Finding Relevant PapersMay 15 2017Nov 11 2018Literature reviews are essential for any researcher trying to keep up to date with the burgeoning software engineering literature. FAST$^2$ is a novel tool for reducing the effort required for conducting literature reviews by assisting the researchers ... More
Reconstruction of Missing Big Sensor DataMay 03 2017With ubiquitous sensors continuously monitoring and collecting large amounts of information, there is no doubt that this is an era of big data. One of the important sources for scientific big data is the datasets collected by Internet of things (IoT). ... More
Effective error-suppression scheme for reversible quantum computerAug 20 2006Nov 28 2006We construct a new error-suppression scheme that makes use of the adjoint of reversible quantum algorithms. For decoherence induced errors such as depolarization, it is presented that provided the depolarization error probability is less than 1, our scheme ... More
Residuated Basic Logic II. Interpolation, Decidability and EmbeddingFeb 24 2014We prove that the sequent calculus $\mathsf{L_{RBL}}$ for residuated basic logic $\mathsf{RBL}$ has strong finite model property, and that intuitionistic logic can be embedded into basic propositional logic $\mathsf{BPL}$. Thus $\mathsf{RBL}$ is decidable. ... More
Residuated Basic Logic IFeb 24 2014We study the residuated basic logic ($\mathsf{RBL}$) of residuated basic algebra in which the basic implication of Visser's basic propositional logic ($\mathsf{BPL}$) is interpreted as the right residual of a non-associative binary operator $\cdot$ (product). ... More
Endogenous Current CouponsOct 07 2015We consider the problem of identifying current coupons for Agency backed To-be-Announced (TBA) Mortgage Backed Securities. In a doubly stochastic factor based model which allows for prepayment intensities to depend upon current and origination mortgage ... More
Separation of the charge density wave and superconducting states by an intermediate semimetal phase in pressurized TaTe2Apr 26 2017In layered transition metal dichalcogenides (LTMDCs) that display both charge density waves (CDWs) and superconductivity, the superconducting state generally emerges directly on suppression of the CDW state. Here, however, we report a different observation ... More
Gaussian Process Regression and Classification under Mathematical Constraints with Learning GuaranteesApr 21 2019We introduce constrained Gaussian process (CGP), a Gaussian process model for random functions that allows easy placement of mathematical constrains (e.g., non-negativity, monotonicity, etc) on its sample functions. CGP comes with closed-form probability ... More