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Hadronic loop contributions to $J/ψ$ and $ψ^\prime$ radiative decays into $γη_c$ or $γη_c^\prime$Sep 28 2007Oct 22 2008Intermediate hadronic meson loop contributions to $J/\psi$, $\psi^\prime \to \gamma\eta_c$ ($\gamma\eta_c^\prime$) are studied apart from the dominant M1 transitions in an effective Lagrangian approach. Due to the property of the unique antisymmetric ... More
Asymptotic decomposition for nonlinear damped Klein-Gordon equationsNov 02 2015Dec 09 2015In this paper, we proved that if the solution to damped focusing Klein-Gordon equations is global forward in time, then it will decouple into a finite number of equilibrium points with different shifts from the origin. The core ingredient of our proof ... More
Manipulating orbital angular momentum entanglement by using the Heisenberg Uncertainty principleJan 03 2018May 25 2018Orbital angular momentum entanglement is one of the most intriguing topics in quantum physics. A broad range of research have been dedicated either to unravel its underlying physics or to expand the entanglement dimensions and degrees. In this paper, ... More
The MMP for deformations of Hilbert schemes of points on the projective planeDec 06 2013We study the birational geometry of deformations of Hilbert schemes of points on the projective plane P2. We complete the picture in the paper of Daniele Arcara, Aaron Bertram, Izzet Coskun and Jack Huizenga by giving an explicit correspondence between ... More
Constraint on intermediate-range gravity from earth-satellite and lunar orbiter measurements, and lunar laser rangingMay 18 2005In the experimental tests of gravity, there have been considerable interests in the possibility of intermediate-range gravity. In this paper, we use the earth-satellite measurement of earth gravity, the lunar orbiter measurement of lunar gravity, and ... More
Numerical study of superradiant instability for charged stringy black hole-mirror systemDec 04 2014We numerically study the superradiant instability of charged massless scalar field in the background of charged stringy black hole with mirror-like boundary condition. We compare the numerical result with the previous analytical result and show the dependencies ... More
Projective cell modules of Frobenius cellular algebrasApr 15 2013For a finite dimensional Frobenius cellular algebra, a sufficient and necessary condition for a simple cell module to be projective is given. A special case that dual bases of the cellular basis satisfying a certain condition is also considered. The result ... More
Notes on graded symmetric cellular algebrasDec 17 2017Let $A=\oplus_{i\in \mathbb{Z}}A_i$ be a finite dimensional graded symmetric cellular algebra with a homogeneous symmetrizing trace of degree $d$. We prove that $A_{-d}$ contains the Higman ideal $H(A)$ of the center of $A$ and $\dim H(A)\leq \dim A_{0}$ ... More
Structure Formation by the Fifth Force III: Segregation of Baryons and Dark MatterJan 18 2010May 23 2010In this paper we present the results of $N$-body simulations with a scalar field coupled differently to cold dark matter (CDM) and baryons. The scalar field potential and coupling function are chosen such that the scalar field acquires a heavy mass in ... More
A Realistic Cosmology Without Cold Dark MatterApr 20 2009May 11 2009We propose a new framework unifying cold dark matter (CDM) and Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) to solve their respective problems on galactic scales and large scale structure formation. In our framework the dark matter clusters on large scales but ... More
Smoothness and Poisson structures of Bridgeland moduli spaces on Poisson surfacesDec 08 2016Let X be a projective smooth holomorphic Poisson surface, in other words, whose anti-canonical divisor is effective. We show that moduli spaces of certain Bridgeland stable objects on X are smooth. Moreover, we construct Poisson structures on these moduli ... More
Blow-up of solutions to the nonlinear Schr$\bf{\ddot{O}}$dinger equations on standard N-sphere and hyperbolic N-spaceJan 07 2007In this paper, we partially settle down the long standing open problem of the finite time blow-up property about the nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger equations on some Riemannian manifolds like the standard 2-sphere $S^2$ and the hyperbolic 2-space $H^{2}(-1)$. ... More
Sharp thresholds of blow-up and global existence for the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systemApr 30 2007In this paper, we establish two new types of invariant sets for the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger system on $\mathbb{R}^n$, and derive two sharp thresholds of blow-up and global existence for its solution. Some analogous results for the nonlinear Schrodinger ... More
Precise measurement of coupling strength and high temperature quantum effect in a nonlinearly coupled qubit-oscillator systemAug 05 2017Jan 16 2018We study the coherence dynamics of a qubit coupled to a harmonic oscillator with both linear and quadratic interactions. As long as the linear coupling strength is much smaller than the oscillator frequency, the long time behavior of the coherence is ... More
On the extremal total reciprocal edge-eccentricity of treesAug 24 2015The total reciprocal edge-eccentricity is a novel graph invariant with vast potential in structure activity/property relationships. This graph invariant displays high discriminating power with respect to both biological activity and physical properties. ... More
Locating the peaks of least-energy solutions to a quasilinear elliptic Neumann problemApr 03 2007In this paper we study the shape of least-energy solutions to a singularly perturbed quasilinear problem with homogeneous Neumann boundary condition. We use an intrinsic variation method to show that at limit, the global maximum point of least-energy ... More
Propagation of moments and uniqueness of weak solutions to the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck systemMar 15 2015Oct 18 2017In this paper, we prove the uniqueness of weak solutions to the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system in $C([0,T]; L^p)$, by assuming the solution has a local bounded density which tends to infinite with a "reasonable" rate as $t\to 0$. And particularly ... More
Combinatorial identities and Chern numbers of complex flag manifoldsFeb 06 2017We present in this article a family of new combinatorial identities via purely differential/complex geometry methods, which include as a speical case a unified and explicit formula for Chern numbers of all complex flag manifolds. Our strategy is to construct ... More
Uniqueness of ground states of some coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systems and their applicationAug 02 2007We establish the uniqueness of ground states of some coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systems in the whole space. We firstly use Schwartz symmetrization to obtain the existence of ground states for a more general case. To prove the uniqueness of ground states, ... More
Cooling of the rotation of a nanodiamond via the interaction with the electron spin of the contained NV-centerJul 31 2018We propose a way to cool the rotation of a nanodiamond, which contains a NV-center and is levitated by an optical tweezer. Following the rotation of the particle, the NV-center electron spin experiences varying external fields and so leads to spin-rotation ... More
A New 3D Geometric Approach to Focus and Context Lens Effect SimulationAug 01 2013We present a novel methodology based on geometric approach to simulate magnification lens effects. Our aim is to promote new applications of powerful geometric modeling techniques in visual computing. Conventional image processing/visualization methods ... More
Pattern Recognition and Revealing using Parallel Coordinates PlotJun 08 2013Nov 03 2013Parallel coordinates plot (PCP) is an excellent tool for multivariate visualization and analysis, but it may fail to reveal inherent structures for datasets with a large number of items. In this paper, we propose a suite of novel clustering, dimension ... More
On extremal graphs with exactly one Steiner tree connecting any $k$ verticesJan 20 2013The problem of determining the largest number $f(n;\bar{\kappa}\leq \ell)$ of edges for graphs with $n$ vertices and maximal local connectivity at most $\ell$ was considered by Bollob\'{a}s. Li et al. studied the largest number $f(n;\bar{\kappa}_3\leq2)$ ... More
Birational models of moduli spaces of coherent sheaves on the projective planeMar 16 2016We study the birational geometry of moduli spaces of semistable sheaves on the projective plane via Bridgeland stability conditions. We show that the entire MMP of their moduli spaces can be run via wall-crossing. Via a description of the walls, we give ... More
Weighted pseudo-almost periodic functions on time scales with applications to cellular neural networks with discrete delaysApr 13 2015In this paper, we first propose a concept of weighted pseudo-almost periodic functions on time scales and study some basic properties of weighted pseudo-almost periodic functions on time scales. Then, we establish some results about the existence of weighted ... More
Fluctuations of cosmological birefringence and the effect on CMB B-mode polarizationMar 17 2014May 01 2014The cosmological birefringence caused by the coupling between the cosmic scalar field and the cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons through the Chern-Simons term can rotate the polarization planes of the photons, and mix the CMB E-mode and B-mode ... More
Superradiant instability of the charged scalar field in stringy black hole mirror systemMar 28 2014Dec 04 2014It has been shown that the mass of the scalar field in the charged stringy black hole is never able to generate a potential well outside the event horizon to trap the superradiant modes. This is to say that the charged stringy black hole is stable against ... More
Decay and scattering of solutions to nonlinear Schrödinger equations with regular potentials for nonlinearities of sharp growthFeb 08 2015Mar 10 2017In this paper, we prove the decay and scattering in the energy space for nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations with regular potentials in $\Bbb R^d$ namely, $i{\partial _t}u + \Delta u - V(x)u + \lambda |u|^{p - 1}u = 0$. We will prove decay estimate and ... More
Representation of asymptotic values for nonexpansive stochastic control systemsAug 08 2017In ergodic stochastic problems the limit of the value function $V_\lambda$ of the associated discounted cost functional with infinite time horizon is studied, when the discounted factor $\lambda$ tends to zero. These problems have been well studied in ... More
High-dimensional measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution based on spatial basisJun 01 2018Jun 05 2018Improving the secret key rate is one of the vital issues in practical applications of quantum key distribution (QKD). In this paper, we propose an experimental scheme of high-dimensional measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) ... More
Dark Fluid: Towards a unification of empirical theories of galaxy rotation, Inflation and Dark EnergyApr 10 2008Empirical theories of Dark Matter like MOND gravity and of Dark Energy like f(R) gravity were motivated by astronomical data. But could these theories be branches rooted from a more general hence natural framework? Here we propose the natural Lagrangian ... More
Structure Formation by Fifth Force I: N-Body vs. Linear SimulationsJun 21 2009We lay out the frameworks to numerically study the structure formation in both linear and nonlinear regimes in general dark-matter-coupled scalar field models, and give an explicit example where the scalar field serves as a dynamical dark energy. Adopting ... More
Detecting relic gravitational waves in the CMB: The contamination caused by the cosmological birefringenceFeb 18 2014Sep 04 2014The B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation is an excellent information channel for the detection of relic gravitational waves. However, the detection is contaminated by the B-mode polarization generated by some other effects. ... More
Fusion procedure for Degenerate cyclotomic Hecke algebrasDec 13 2013The primitive idempotents of the generic degenerate cycloctomic Hecke algebras are derived by consecutive evaluations of a certain rational function. This rational function depends only on the Specht modules and the normalization factors are the weights ... More
Associated Production of Neutral Higgs Boson with Squark Pair in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with Explicit CP Violation at the CERN LHCJan 18 2006Apr 09 2006We investigate the associated production of neutral Higgs boson with squark pair in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with and without explicit CP violation, respectively. We show that the dominant productions in both cases are always ones of ... More
Shot Noise for Entangled Electrons with Berry PhaseFeb 16 2005We study shot noise for entangled electrons in a 4-lead beam-splitter with one incoming lead driven by adiabatically rotating magnetic fields. We propose a setup of an adiabatically rotating magnetic field therefor, which is appropriate for an electron ... More
Probe Higgs boson pair production via the $3 \ell 2 j$ + missing $E_T$ modeMar 26 2015Apr 01 2015We perform a detailed hadron-level study on the sensitivity of Higgs boson pair production via the $WW^{*}WW^{*}$ channel with the final state $3 \ell 2 j$ + missing $E_T$ at the LHC with the collision energy $\sqrt{S} = 14$ TeV and a future 100 TeV collider. ... More
Discovery potential of Higgs boson pair production through 4$\ell$+$E\!\!/$ final states at a 100 TeV colliderApr 15 2016We explore the discovery potential of Higgs pair production at a 100 TeV collider via full leptonic mode. The same mode can be explored at the LHC when Higgs pair production is enhanced by new physics. We examine two types of fully leptonic final states ... More
Probing the Higgs boson-gluon coupling via the jet energy profile at $e^+e^-$ collidersMay 25 2018Nov 20 2018The effective coupling of the Higgs boson to a gluon pair is one of the most important parameters to test the Standard Model and search for the new physics beyond. In this paper, we propose several new observables based on the jet energy profile to extract ... More
Stability Analysis of Integral Delay Systems with Multiple DelaysJan 27 2015This note is concerned with stability analysis of integral delay systems with multiple delays. To study this problem, the well-known Jensen inequality is generalized to the case of multiple terms by introducing an individual slack weighting matrix for ... More
Roberge-Weiss transitions at different center symmetry breaking cases in a $\mathbb{Z}_{3}$-QCD modelDec 04 2018We study the Roberge-Weiss (RW) transitions at different center symmetry breaking cases by using a $\mathbb{Z}_{3}$-QCD model. In our calculation, the flavor-dependent quark imaginary chemical potentials form an arithmetic sequence with a variable tolerance: ... More
Quantitative Relation between Modulational Instability and Several Well-known Nonlinear ExcitationsOct 28 2014Sep 02 2015We study on the relations between modulational instability and several well-known nonlinear excitations in a nonlinear fiber, such as bright soliton, nonlinear continuous wave, Akhmediev breather, Peregrine rogue wave, and Kuznetsov-Ma breather. We present ... More
Trajectory Characters of Rogue WavesMay 24 2013Oct 15 2013We present a simple representation for arbitrary-order rogue wave solution and study on the trajectories of them explicitly. We find that the global trajectories on temporal-spatial distribution all look like "X" shape for rogue waves. Short-time prediction ... More
Fast and Accurate Computation of Exact Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for Maxwell's EquationsFeb 04 2013We report in this paper a fast and accurate algorithm for computing the exact spherical nonreflecting boundary condition (NRBC) for time-dependent Maxwell's equations. It is essentially based on a new formulation of the NRBC, which allows for the use ... More
Clique Numbers of Graphs and Irreducible Exact m-Covers of ZApr 06 2008Apr 26 2008For each m>=1 and k>=2, we construct a graph G=(V,E) with \omega(G)=m such that max_{1\leq i\leq k} \omega(G[V_i])=m for arbitrary partition V=V_1\cup...\cup V_k, where \omega(G) is the clique number of G and G[V_i] is the induced subgraph of G with the ... More
Dissecting the Phase Space Snail ShellApr 05 2019The on-going phase mixing in the vertical direction of the Galactic disk has been discovered with the revolutionary Gaia DR2 data. It manifests itself as the snail shell in the $Z-V_{Z}$ phase space. To better understand the origin and properties of the ... More
Mapping the Three-Dimensional "X-Shaped Structure" in Models of the Galactic BulgeNov 30 2015Numerical simulations have shown that the X-shaped structure in the Milky Way bulge can naturally arise from the bar instability and buckling instability. To understand the influence of the buckling amplitude on the morphology of the X-shape, we analyze ... More
The upstream magnetic field of collisionless GRB shocks: constraint by Fermi-LAT observationsApr 06 2010Apr 28 2011Long-lived >100 MeV emission has been a common feature of most Fermi-LAT detected gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), e.g., detected up to ~10^3s in long GRBs 080916C and 090902B and ~10^2s in short GRB 090510. This emission is consistent with being produced by ... More
A Note on Distribution Free Symmetrization InequalitiesJan 07 2014Let $X, Y$ be two independent identically distributed (i.i.d.) random variables taking values from a separable Banach space $(\mathcal{X}, \|\cdot\|)$. Given two measurable subsets $F, K\subseteq\cal{X}$, we established distribution free comparison inequalities ... More
A Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection System for Software Defined 5G NetworkJul 10 2017As an inevitable trend of future 5G networks, Software Defined architecture has many advantages in providing central- ized control and flexible resource management. But it is also confronted with various security challenges and potential threats with ... More
Interior Regularity for a generalized Abreu EquationMar 07 2016We study a generalized Abreu Equation in $n$-dimensional polytopes and derive interior estimates of solutions under the assumption of the uniform $K$-stability.
Next-to-leading order QCD effects in associated charged Higgs and W boson production in the MSSM at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderOct 03 2007Dec 21 2007We present the calculations of the next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to the inclusive total cross sections for the associated production of the $W^{\pm}H^{\mp}$ through $b\bar{b}$ annihilation in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at ... More
On the Crystallinity of Silicate Dust in the Interstellar MediumAug 29 2008An accurate knowledge of the mineralogy (chemical composition and crystal structure) of the silicate dust in the interstellar medium (ISM) is crucial for understanding its origin in evolved stars, the physical and chemical processing in the ISM, and its ... More
Differential inequalities on homogeneous toric bundlesMar 10 2016We study a generalized Abreu Equation in $n$-dimensional polytopes and prove some differential inequalities for homogeneous toric bundles.
Synthesizing Filamentary Structured Images with GANsJun 07 2017This paper aims at synthesizing filamentary structured images such as retinal fundus images and neuronal images, as follows: Given a ground-truth, to generate multiple realistic looking phantoms. A ground-truth could be a binary segmentation map containing ... More
High-performance dendritic metamaterial absorber for broadband and near-meter wave radarFeb 27 2019Absorbing materials in ultra-high frequency (UHF) band has constantly been a major challenge. The size of the absorber in UHF band is large, whereas the resonant frequency band is narrow. According to Rozanov's theory, two kinds of composite metamaterial ... More
Localization of Vector Field on Pure Geometrical Thick BraneMar 16 2017In this paper, we investigate the localization of a five-dimensional vector field on a pure geometrical thick brane. In previous work, it was shown that a free massless vector field cannot be localized on such thick brane. Hence we introduce the interaction ... More
Theoretical Models of the Galactic BulgeApr 20 2015Near infrared images from the COBE satellite presented the first clear evidence that our Milky Way galaxy contains a boxy shaped bulge. Recent years have witnessed a gradual paradigm shift in the formation and evolution of the Galactic bulge. Bulges were ... More
Orbital and Mass Ratio Evolution of Protobinaries Driven by Magnetic BrakingOct 08 2012Nov 26 2012The majority of stars reside in multiple systems, especially binaries. The formation and early evolution of binaries is a longstanding problem in star formation that is not fully understood. In particular, how the magnetic field observed in star-forming ... More
Additivity of entanglement of formation via entanglement-breaking spaceJan 14 2019We study the entanglement-breaking (EB) space, such that the entanglement of formation (EOF) of a bipartite quantum state is additive when its range is an EB subspace. We systematically construct the EB spaces in the Hilbert space $\bbC^m\otimes\bbC^3$, ... More
Graph homomorphisms on rectangular matrices over division rings IJan 25 2017May 19 2017Let $\mathbb{D}$ be a division ring, and let ${\mathbb{D}}^{m\times n}$ be the set of $m\times n$ matrices over $\mathbb{D}$. Two matrices $A,B\in {\mathbb{D}}^{m\times n}$ are adjacent if ${\rm rank}(A-B)=1$. By the adjacency, ${\mathbb{D}}^{m\times ... More
A Kernel Method for Exact Tail Asymptotics --- Random Walks in the Quarter PlaneMay 17 2015In this paper, we propose a kernel method for exact tail asymptotics of a random walk to neighborhoods in the quarter plane. This is a two-dimensional method, which does not require a determination of the unknown generating function(s). Instead, in terms ... More
Fitting to data of superluminal neutrinos with phenomenological scenariosOct 30 2011We test several phenomenological scenarios of faster-than-light neutrinos, by fitting to the experimental data from OPERA, MINOS and Fermilab79. Our purpose is to see, from the perspective of the current data, whether or not the speed of the superluminal ... More
Quantum interference in transport through almost symmetric double quantum dotsDec 04 2018Mar 01 2019We theoretically investigate transport signatures of quantum interference in highly symmetric double quantum dots in a parallel geometry and demonstrate that extremely weak symmetry-breaking effects can have a dramatic influence on the current. Our calculations ... More
A Theoretical Analysis of Sparse Recovery Stability of Dantzig Selector and LASSONov 10 2017Dantzig selector (DS) and LASSO problems have attracted plenty of attention in statistical learning, sparse data recovery and mathematical optimization. In this paper, we provide a theoretical analysis of the sparse recovery stability of these optimization ... More
The Vertical X-shaped Structure in the Milky Way: Evidence from a Simple Boxy Bulge ModelJun 17 2012Aug 17 2012A vertical X-shaped structure was recently reported in the Galactic bulge. Here we present evidence of a similar X-shaped structure in the Shen et al. (2010) bar/boxy bulge model that simultaneously matches the stellar kinematics successfully. The X-shaped ... More
Entropy of higher-dimensional charged de Sitter black holes and phase transitionOct 18 2017Nov 06 2017From a new perspective, we discuss the thermodynamic entropy of $n+2$-dimensional Reissner-Nordstr\"om-de Sitter(RNdS) black hole and analyze the phase transition of the effective thermodynamic system. Considering the correlations between the black hole ... More
Canonical entropy of three-dimensional BTZ black holeAug 29 2006Recently, Hawking radiation of the black hole has been studied using the tunnel effect method. It is found that the radiation spectrum of the black hole is not a strictly pure thermal spectrum. How does the departure from pure thermal spectrum affect ... More
Difficulty in the Fermi-Liquid-Based Theory for the In-Plane Magnetic Anisotropy in Untwinned High-T_c SuperconductorSep 30 2007Recently, Eremin and Manske [1] presented a oneband Fermi-liquid theory for the in-plane magnetic anisotropy in untwinned high-Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O6:85 (YBCO). They claimed that they found good agreement with inelastic neutron scattering (INS) spectra. ... More
Monochromatic composite right/left handedness achieved in the quantized composite right/left handed transmission lineDec 20 2018The macro composite right/left handedness (CRLH) accompanies the positive/negative refraction index in the higher, microwave frequency bands in the composite right/left handed transmission line (CRLH-TL), respectively. In this paper, we adjust the refraction ... More
Modulational instability and homoclinic orbit solutions in vector nonlinear Schrödinger equationApr 03 2017Modulational instability has been used to explain the formation of breather and rogue waves qualitatively. In this paper, we show modulational instability can be used to explain the structure of them in a quantitative way. We develop a method to derive ... More
Graph homomorphisms on rectangular matrices over division rings IIFeb 19 2017Let ${\mathbb{D}}^{m\times n}$ be the set of $m\times n$ matrices over a division ring $\mathbb{D}$. Two matrices $A,B\in {\mathbb{D}}^{m\times n}$ are adjacent if ${\rm rank}(A-B)=1$. By the adjacency, ${\mathbb{D}}^{m\times n}$ is a connected graph. ... More
Density and temperature dependence of nucleon-nucleon elastic cross sectionDec 22 2003The in-medium neutron-proton, proton-proton (neutron-neutron) elastic scattering cross sections ($\sigma_{np}^{*}$, $\sigma_{pp(nn)}^{*}$) are studied based on the effective Lagrangian of density dependent relativistic hadron theory in which the $\delta$[$a_0(980)$] ... More
Branching ratios and $CP$ asymmetries of $B\rightarrow χ_{c1}K(π)$ decaysFeb 25 2018Jun 08 2018We investigate the exclusive nonleptonic decays $B\rightarrow \chi_{c1}K(\pi)$ in the conventional perturbative QCD (PQCD) formalism. The predictions of branching ratios and $CP$ asymmetries are given in detail. We compare our results with available experimental ... More
Some Estimates for a Generalized Abreu's EquationMar 10 2016We study a generalized Abreu equation and derive some estimates.
Two-stage multi-objective OPF for AC/DC grids with VSC-HVDC: Incorporating decisions analysis into optimization processAug 17 2018A two-stage solution approach for solving the problem of multi-objective optimal power flow (MOPF) is proposed for hybrid AC/DC grids with VSC-HVDC. First, a MOPF model for hybrid AC/DC grids is built to coordinate the economy, voltage deviation and environmental ... More
Full One-Loop Electroweak Corrections to the Charged Higgs Decays into a Chargino and Neutralino in the MSSMApr 21 2005Sep 08 2005We calculate the full one-loop electroweak (FEW) corrections to $H^-\to\widetilde{\chi}^-_1\widetilde{\chi}^0_i$ in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM), and compare with the leading order (LO) corrections including the loops of the (s)quarks ... More
A Semi-analytic Ray-tracing Algorithm for Weak LensingDec 07 2010We propose a new ray-tracing algorithm to measure the weak lensing shear and convergence fields directly from N-body simulations. We calculate the deflection of the light rays lensed by the 3-D mass density field or gravitational potential along the line ... More
Inverse Doppler Effects in Pipe InstrumentsFeb 23 2018Music is older than language, and for most of human history music holds our culture together. The pipe instrument is one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. Built on the foundation of previous flute and flute-like acoustic metamaterial ... More
Mixed-Resolution Image Representation and Compression with Convolutional Neural NetworksFeb 02 2018Aug 01 2018In this paper, we propose an end-to-end mixed-resolution image compression framework with convolutional neural networks. Firstly, given one input image, feature description neural network (FDNN) is used to generate a new representation of this image, ... More
Two-phase equilibrium properties in charged topological dilaton AdS black holesNov 26 2014Dec 29 2015In this paper we discuss phase transition of the charged topological dilaton AdS black holes by Maxwell equal area law. The two phases involved in the phase transition could be coexist and we depict the coexistence region in $P-v$ diagrams. The two-phase ... More
Mass parameters for relative and neck collective motions in heavy ion fusion reactionsFeb 16 2009Mar 30 2009Mass parameters for the relative and neck motions in fusion reactions of symmetric systems $^{90}$Zr+$^{90}$Zr, $^{110}$Pd+$^{110}$Pd, and $^{138}$Ba+$^{138}$Ba are studied by means of a microscopic transport model. The shape of the nuclear system is ... More
Object Relation Detection Based on One-shot LearningJul 16 2018Detecting the relations among objects, such as "cat on sofa" and "person ride horse", is a crucial task in image understanding, and beneficial to bridging the semantic gap between images and natural language. Despite the remarkable progress of deep learning ... More
Automated Segmentation of Cervical Nuclei in Pap Smear Images using Deformable Multi-path Ensemble ModelDec 03 2018Pap smear testing has been widely used for detecting cervical cancers based on the morphology properties of cell nuclei in microscopic image. An accurate nuclei segmentation could thus improve the success rate of cervical cancer screening. In this work, ... More
Efficient laser noise reduction by locking to an actively stabilized fiber interferometer with 10 km arm imbalanceMay 23 2016We report a laser noise reduction method by locking it to an actively stabilized fiber-based Mach Zehnder interferometer with 10 km optical fiber to achieve large arm imbalance. An acousto optic modulator is used for interferometer stabilization and heterodyne ... More
$Z_b/Z_b^\prime \to Υπ$ and $h_b π$ decays in intermediate meson loops modelDec 16 2012With the recent measurement of $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)\to B\bar{B}^*+c.c.$ and $B^*\bar{B}^*$, we investigate the transitions from the $Z_b(10610)$ and $Z_b(10650)$ to bottomonium states with emission of a pion via intermediate $B \ {B}^*$ meson ... More
"Tom" pet robot applied to urban autismMay 14 2019With the fast development of network information technology, more and more people are immersed in the virtual community environment brought by the network, ignoring the social interaction in real life. The consequent urban autism problem has become more ... More
Efficient Numerical Evaluation of Feynman IntegralAug 11 2015Jan 10 2016Feynman loop integrals are a key ingredient for the calculation of higher order radiation effects, and are responsible for reliable and accurate theoretical prediction. We improve the efficiency of numerical integration in sector decomposition by implementing ... More
Thermodynamics and critical behaviors of topological dS black holes with nonlinear sourceApr 18 2017Aug 20 2017We discuss black hole solutions of Einstein gravity in presence of nonlinear electrodynamics in dS spacetime. Considering prescribed entropy, thermodynamic volume of dS spacetime, We investigate properties of the effective thermodynamic quantities under ... More
Correlations of spin-polarized and entangled electrons with Berry phaseSep 06 2005The correlation and fluctuation of both entangled electrons and spin-polarized pairs affected by two rotating magnetic fields in a setup proposed by J. Carlos Egues etc. (Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 89}(2002) 176401) are studied theoretically by using scattering ... More
Study of isospin violating $φ$ excitation in $e^+e^- \to ωπ^0$Mar 24 2008Jun 30 2009We study the reaction $e^+ e^-\to \omega\pi^0$ in the vicinity of $\phi$ mass region. The isospin-violating $\phi$ excitation is accounted for by two major mechanisms. One is electromagnetic (EM) transition and the other is strong isospin violations. ... More
Vector Meson Photoproduction with an Effective Lagrangian in the Quark Model II: $ω$ PhotoproductionMar 07 1998An investigation of $\gamma p\to \omega p$ is presented in a constituent quark model approach. The sparse data in the large $t$ region where the resonances dominate is well described within the model, while the diffractive behavior in the small $t$ region ... More
Towards a dynamical understanding of the non-$D \bar D$ decay of $ψ(3770)$Feb 08 2009Apr 20 2009We investigate the $\psi(3770)$ non-$D\bar{D}$ decays into $VP$, where $V$ and $P$ denote vector and pseudoscalar mesons, respectively, via OZI-rule-evading intermediate meson rescatterings in an effective Lagrangian theory. By identifying the leading ... More
Capacity Factors of a Point-to-point NetworkJan 02 2012Jan 13 2012In this paper, we investigate some properties on capacity factors, which were proposed to investigate the link failure problem from network coding. A capacity factor (CF) of a network is an edge set, deleting which will cause the maximum flow to decrease ... More
First- and Second-order Fermi Acceleration at Parallel ShocksAug 12 2014We report on a new Monte Carlo method for simulating diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) of solar energetic particles at upstream and downstream regions of quasi-parallel collisionless shock waves under the influence of self-generated turbulence. By way ... More
Direct Reduction of AmplitudeJan 27 2019We propose an alternative approach based on series representation to directly reduce multi-loop multi-scale scattering amplitude into set of freely chosen master integrals. And this approach avoid complicated calculations of inverse matrix and dimension ... More
Topological orbital laddersMay 01 2012May 07 2012We unveil a topological phase of interacting fermions on a two-leg ladder of unequal parity orbitals, derived from the experimentally realized double-well lattices by dimension reduction. $Z_2$ topological invariant originates simply from the staggered ... More
A rigorous proof of non-existence of edge state in the semi-infinite armchair edged grapheneFeb 26 2011With the help of transfer matrix method, the conditions for the existence of the edge states in the semi-infinite armchair edged graphene is given. We discuss zero-energy and non-zero-energy edge states separately, and show the nonexistence of the edge ... More
Diffusive versus displacive contact plasticity of nanoscale asperities: Temperature- and velocity-dependent strongest sizeNov 03 2016We predict a strongest size for the contact strength when asperity radii of curvature decrease below ten nanometers. The reason for such strongest size is found to be correlated with the competition between the dislocation plasticity and surface diffusional ... More
On the Common Envelope EfficiencyMay 19 2014In this work, we try to use the apparent luminosity versus displacement (i.e., $L_{\rm X}$ vs. $R$) correlation of high mass X-ray binaries (HMXBs) to constrain the common envelope (CE) efficiency $\alpha_{\rm CE}$, which is a key parameter affecting ... More