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Situationally-Induced Impairments and Disabilities ResearchApr 12 2019Research has shown that various environmental factors impact smartphone interaction and lead to Situationally-Induced Impairments and Disabilities. In this work we discuss the importance of thoroughly understanding the effects of these situational impairments ... More
Proceedings of the CHI'19 Workshop: Addressing the Challenges of Situationally-Induced Impairments and Disabilities in Mobile InteractionApr 06 2019Situationally-induced impairments and disabilities (SIIDs) make it difficult for users of interactive computing systems to perform tasks due to context (e.g., listening to a phone call when in a noisy crowd) rather than a result of a congenital or acquired ... More
The use of ideas of Information Theory for studying "language" and intelligence in antsDec 23 2009In this review we integrate results of long term experimental study on ant "language" and intelligence which were fully based on fundamental ideas of Information Theory, such as the Shannon entropy, the Kolmogorov complexity, and the Shannon's equation ... More
D-module Representations of N=2,4,8 Superconformal Algebras and Their Superconformal MechanicsDec 05 2011The linear (homogeneous and inhomogeneous) (k, N, N-k) supermultiplets of the N-extended one-dimensional Supersymmetry Algebra induce D-module representations for the N=2,4,8 superconformal algebras. For N=2, the D-module representations of the A(1,0) ... More
Effects of Twisted Noncommutativity in Multi-particle HamiltoniansJan 23 2013The noncommutativity induced by a Drinfel'd twist produces Bopp-shift like transformations for deformed operators. In a single-particle setting the Drinfel'd twist allows to recover the noncommutativity obtained from various methods which are not based ... More
Decomposition and Oxidation of the N-Extended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics MultipletsDec 19 2007We furnish an algebraic understanding of the inequivalent connectivities (computed up to $N\leq 10$) of the graphs associated to the irreducible supermultiplets of the N-extended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics. We prove that the inequivalent connectivities ... More
Extended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics of Fierz and Schur TypeDec 05 2010We discuss two independent constructions to introduce an N-extended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics. The first one makes use of the Fierz identities while the second one (divided into two subcases) makes use of the Schur lemma. The N supercharges Q_I ... More
Superalgebras of (split-)division algebras and the split octonionic M-theory in (6,5)-signatureOct 10 2006The connection of (split-)division algebras with Clifford algebras and supersymmetry is investigated. At first we introduce the class of superalgebras constructed from any given (split-)division algebra. We further specify which real Clifford algebras ... More
Refining the classification of the irreps of the 1D N-Extended SupersymmetryJan 24 2007May 13 2007The linear finite irreducible representations of the algebra of the 1D $N$-Extended Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics are discussed in terms of their "connectivity" (a symbol encoding information on the graphs associated to the irreps). The classification ... More
Constrained generalized supersymmetries and superparticles with tensorial central charges. A classificationFeb 21 2005We classify the admissible types of constraint (hermitian, holomorphic, with reality conditions on the bosonic sectors, etc.) for generalized supersymmetries in the presence of complex spinors. We further point out which constrained generalized supersymmetries ... More
Algorithmic models of human behavior and stochastic optimizationNov 12 2018In this article we describe the solutions of three problems posed at different time by Yurii Nesterov. First problem is 'Mage vs Experts': Assume that we live in some enviroment that characterized by unobservable convex function $f(x)$. Each day we can ... More
Plasmons in tunnel-coupled graphene layers: backward waves with quantum cascade gainMar 13 2016Plasmons in van der Waals heterostructures comprised of graphene and related layered materials demonstrate deep subwavelength confinement and large propagation length. In this letter, we show that graphene-insulator-graphene tunnel structures can serve ... More
On the comparison of energy sources: feasibility of radio frequency and ambient light harvestingOct 24 2015With growing interest in multi source energy harvesting including integrated microchips we propose a comparison of radio frequency (RF) and solar energy sources in a typical city. Harvesting devices for RF and solar energy will be competing for space ... More
Local Well-Posedness for Generalized Semilinear Black-Scholes EquationsDec 14 2018We consider some parabolic equations which are model problems for a variety of nonlinear generalizations to the Black-Scholes equation of mathematical finance. In particular, we prove local well-posedness for the Cauchy problem with initial data in $L^{p}$ ... More
Temperature behavior of graphene conductance induced by piezoelectric effect in ferroelectric substrateApr 09 2018Graphene on ferroelectric structures can be promising candidates for advanced field effect transistors, modulators and electrical transducers, providing that research of their electrotransport and electromechanical performances can be lifted up from mostly ... More
The Potential of Using Google Expeditions and Google Lens Tools under STEM-education in UkraineAug 08 2018The expediency of using the augmented reality in the case of using of STEM-education in Ukraine is shown. The features of the augmented reality and its classification are described. The possibilities of using the Google Expeditions and Google Lens as ... More