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Fractional Josephson Effect: A Missing Step Is A Key StepDec 28 2018Physicists are searching for superconducting materials that can host Majoranas. New evidence for these elusive particles is provided by missing Shapiro steps in a Josephson effect mediated by an accidental Dirac semimetal.
Near-field Ultra-wideband mmWave Channel Characterization Using Successive Cancellation Beamspace UCA AlgorithmJan 29 2019Of the wide palette of 5G features, ultra-wide bandwidth and large-scale antenna configuration are regarded as the essential enabling technology components at millimeter wave (mmWave) communication. Accurate knowledge of delay and angle information of ... More
Self-dual Permutation Codes of Finite Groups in Semisimple CaseOct 06 2012The existence and construction of self-dual codes in a permutation module of a finite group for the semisimple case are described from two aspects, one is from the point of view of the composition factors which are self-dual modules, the other one is ... More
Community Detection for Multilayer Heterogeneous NetworkMay 17 2017Sep 16 2017Many real world networks consist of multiple types of nodes with edges that are heterogeneous in nature. However, most of the existing work for community detection only focused on homogeneous network consisting of a single layer. In this paper, we propose ... More
Singular continuous spectrum and generic full spectral/packing dimension for unbounded quasiperiodic Schrödinger operatorsApr 28 2018We proved that Schr\"odinger operators with unbounded potentials $(H_{\alpha,\theta}u)_n=u_{n+1}+u_{n-1}+ \frac{g(\theta+n\alpha)}{f(\theta+n\alpha)} u_n$ have purely singular continuous spectrum on the set $\{E: 0<L(E)<\delta{(\alpha,\theta;f,g)}\}$, ... More
Drinfeld doubles via derived Hall algebras and Bridgeland Hall algebrasJan 02 2019Let $\A$ be a finitary hereditary abelian category. We give a Hall algebra presentation of Kashaev's theorem on the relation between Drinfeld double and Heisenberg double. As applications, we obtain realizations of the Drinfeld double Hall algebra of ... More
Sieve empirical likelihood ratio tests for nonparametric functionsMar 29 2005Generalized likelihood ratio statistics have been proposed in Fan, Zhang and Zhang [Ann. Statist. 29 (2001) 153-193] as a generally applicable method for testing nonparametric hypotheses about nonparametric functions. The likelihood ratio statistics are ... More
Iso-Orthogonality and Type II Duadic Constacyclic CodesJan 07 2015Apr 19 2016Generalizing even-like duadic cyclic codes and Type-II duadic negacyclic codes, we introduce even-like (i.e.,Type-II) and odd-like duadic constacyclic codes, and study their properties and existence. We show that even-like duadic constacyclic codes are ... More
Equation of State Dependence of Nonlinear Mode-tide Coupling in Coalescing Binary Neutron StarsJan 27 2018Recently, an instability due to the nonlinear coupling of p-modes to g-modes in tidally deformed neutron stars in coalescing binaries has been studied in some detail. The result is significant because it could influence the inspiral and leave an imprint ... More
From CM-finite to CM-freeDec 26 2012May 01 2014The aim of this paper is twofold. On one hand, we prove a slight generalization of the stability for Gorenstein categories in [SWSW] and [Huang]; and show that the relative Auslander algebra of a CM-finite algebra is CM-free. On the other hand, we describe ... More
Memristor-based Deep Convolution Neural Network: A Case StudySep 14 2018In this paper, we firstly introduce a method to efficiently implement large-scale high-dimensional convolution with realistic memristor-based circuit components. An experiment verified simulator is adapted for accurate prediction of analog crossbar behavior. ... More
Assessing prediction error of nonparametric regression and classification under Bregman divergenceJun 02 2005Prediction error is critical to assessing the performance of statistical methods and selecting statistical models. We propose the cross-validation and approximated cross-validation methods for estimating prediction error under a broad q-class of Bregman ... More
Prescribed matchings extend to Hamiltonian cycles in hypercubes with faulty edgesJan 14 2013Ruskey and Savage asked the following question: Does every matching of $Q_{n}$ for $n\geq2$ extend to a Hamiltonian cycle of $Q_{n}$? J. Fink showed that the question is true for every perfect matching, and solved the Kreweras' conjecture. In this paper ... More
Isometrically Self-dual Cyclic CodesOct 04 2016General isometries of cyclic codes, including multipliers and translations, are introduced; and isometrically self-dual cyclic codes are defined. In terms of Type-I duadic splittings given by multipliers and translations, a necessary and sufficient condition ... More
On the Iterative Decoding of High-Rate LDPC Codes With Applications in Compressed SensingMar 12 2009Jan 31 2012This paper considers the performance of $(j,k)$-regular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with message-passing (MP) decoding algorithms in the high-rate regime. In particular, we derive the high-rate scaling law for MP decoding of LDPC codes on the ... More
Modulation Codes for Flash Memory Based on Load-Balancing TheoryOct 12 2009In this paper, we consider modulation codes for practical multilevel flash memory storage systems with cell levels. Instead of maximizing the lifetime of the device [Ajiang-isit07-01, Ajiang-isit07-02, Yaakobi_verdy_siegel_wolf_allerton08, Finucane_Liu_Mitzenmacher_aller08], ... More
Quantum Metrological Bounds for Vector ParameterFeb 25 2014Nov 08 2014Precise measurement is crucial to science and technology. However, the rule of nature imposes various restrictions on the precision that can be achieved depending on specific methods of measurement. In particular, quantum mechanics poses the ultimate ... More
Zeno dynamics in quantum open systemsJun 10 2013Jun 25 2015Quantum Zeno effect shows that frequent observations can slow down or even stop the unitary time evolution of an unstable quantum system. This effect can also be regarded as a physical consequence of the the statistical indistinguishability of neighboring ... More
Probabilistic Dense Coding Using a Non-symmetric Multipartite Quantum ChannelJan 19 2006We investigate probabilistic dense coding in non-symmetric Hilbert spaces of the sender's and the receiver's particles. The sender and the receiver share the multipartite non-maximally quantum channel. We also discuss the average information.
Towards optimal high-order compact schemes for simulating compressible flowsOct 16 2018Weighted compact nonlinear schemes (WCNS) [Deng and Zhang, JCP 165(2000): 22-44] were developed to improve the performance of the compact high-order nonlinear schemes (CNS) by utilizing the weighting technique originally designed for WENO schemes, and ... More
A multi-task convolutional neural network for mega-city analysis using very high resolution satellite imagery and geospatial dataFeb 26 2017Mega-city analysis with very high resolution (VHR) satellite images has been drawing increasing interest in the fields of city planning and social investigation. It is known that accurate land-use, urban density, and population distribution information ... More
When Engagement Meets Similarity: Efficient (k,r)-Core Computation on Social NetworksNov 10 2016In this paper, we investigate the problem of (k,r)-core which intends to find cohesive subgraphs on social networks considering both user engagement and similarity perspectives. In particular, we adopt the popular concept of k-core to guarantee the engagement ... More
Possible Electric-Field-Induced Superconducting States in Doped SiliceneSep 27 2013Feb 08 2015Silicene has been synthesized recently, with experimental evidence showing possible superconductivity in the doped case. The noncoplanar low-buckled structure of this material inspires us to study the pairing symmetry of the doped system under a perpendicular ... More
Optoelectronics of Inverted Type-I CdS/CdSe Core/Crown Quantum RingOct 24 2017Inverted type-I heterostructure core/crown quantum rings (QRs) are quantum-efficient luminophores, whose spectral characteristics are highly tunable. Here, we study the optoelectronic properties of type-I core/crown CdS/CdSe QRs in the zincblende phase ... More
Dynamic Nested Clustering for Parallel PHY-Layer Processing in Cloud-RANsAug 05 2014Dec 27 2014Featured by centralized processing and cloud based infrastructure, Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a promising solution to achieve an unprecedented system capacity in future wireless cellular networks. The huge capacity gain mainly comes from the ... More
Fundamental Limits of Training-Based Multiuser MIMO SystemsNov 29 2015Feb 24 2016In this paper, we endeavour to seek a fundamental understanding of the potentials and limitations of training-based multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. In a multiuser MIMO system, users are geographically separated. So, the near-far ... More
Competing Ordered States in Bilayer GrapheneMay 24 2012We use a perturbative renormalization group approach with short-range continuum model interactions to analyze the competition between isotropic gapped and anisotropic gapless ordered states in bilayer graphene, commenting specifically on the role of exchange ... More
Pseudospin Order in Monolayer, Bilayer, and Double-Layer GrapheneSep 01 2011Jan 18 2012Graphene is a gapless semiconductor in which conduction and valence band wavefunctions differ only in the phase difference between their projections onto the two sublattices of the material's two-dimensional honeycomb crystal structure. We explain why ... More
Quantum cluster algebras via Hall algebras of morphismsMar 03 2019We realize the quantum cluster algebra with principal coefficients as a subquotient of certain Hall algebra involving the category of morphisms between projectives.
Multiple testing via $FDR_L$ for large-scale imaging dataMar 10 2011The multiple testing procedure plays an important role in detecting the presence of spatial signals for large-scale imaging data. Typically, the spatial signals are sparse but clustered. This paper provides empirical evidence that for a range of commonly ... More
Derived Categories and Lie AlgebrasApr 26 2006Jan 27 2010Let $\md^b(A)$ be the derived category of a finite dimensional basic algebra $A$ with finite global dimension. We construct the Lie algebra arising from the 2-periodic version $\mk_2(\mp(A))$ of $\mk^b(\mp(A))$ in term of constructible functions on varieties ... More
Comparisons of penalized least squares methods by simulationsMay 08 2014Penalized least squares methods are commonly used for simultaneous estimation and variable selection in high-dimensional linear models. In this paper we compare several prevailing methods including the lasso, nonnegative garrote, and SCAD in this area ... More
Possible Superconductivity Approaching Ice PointJul 30 2015Jun 23 2016Recently BCS superconductivity at 203 K has been discovery in a highly compressed hydrogen sulfide. We use first-principles calculations to systematically examine the effects of partially substituting the chalcogen atoms on the superconductivity of hydrogen ... More
Weyl correspondence method to construct multipartite entangled quantum stateNov 27 2009Via the Weyl correspondence approach, we construct multipartite entangled state which is the common eigenvector of their center-of-mass coordinate and mass-weighted relative momenta. This approach is concise and effective for setting up the Fock representation ... More
Curvature effect in structured GRB jetsNov 24 2005We study the influence of jet structure on the curvature effect in a GRB-lightcurve. Using a simple model of jet emissivity, we numerically calculate lightcurves for a short flash from a relativistic outflow having various profiles of the Lorentz factor ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Link Scheduling with Physical Interference Model in Wireless Multi-hop NetworksOct 27 2009The link scheduling in wireless multi-hop networks is addressed. Different from most of work that adopt the protocol interference model which merely take consideration of packet collisions, our proposed algorithms use the physical interference model to ... More
Modified multi-dimensional limiting process with enhanced shock stability on unstructured gridsOct 06 2017The basic concept of multi-dimensional limiting process (MLP) on unstructured grids is inherited and modified for improving shock stabilities and reducing numerical dissipation on smooth regions. A relaxed version of MLP condition, simply named as weak-MLP, ... More
On SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motions with irregular driftsOct 03 2018Apr 12 2019In this paper, high-order moments, even exponential moments, estimates are established for solutions to stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by fractional Brownian motion whose drifts are measurable and have linear growth. As applications, ... More
Tracking Angles of Departure and Arrival in a Mobile Millimeter Wave ChannelDec 20 2015Millimeter wave provides a very promising approach for meeting the ever-growing traffic demand in next generation wireless networks. To utilize this band, it is crucial to obtain the channel state information in order to perform beamforming and combining ... More
Correlation Analysis for Gamma-ray (radio) and Broad Line Emissions of Fermi BlazarsMar 14 2019In this work, we compiled a sample of 202 Fermi/LAT blazars with available broad line emissions. Out of the 202 sources, 66 have known Doppler factors. The correlation between ($\gamma$-ray) and broad-line emission, and that between radio and broad-line ... More
Almost everywhere divergence of spherical harmonic expansions and equivalence of summation methodsJun 10 2018We show that there exists an integrable function on the $n$-sphere $(n\ge 2)$, whose Ces\`aro (C,$\frac{n-1}{2}$) means with respect to the spherical harmonic expansion diverge unboundedly almost everywhere. By studying equivalence theorems, we also obtain ... More
Unconventional Quantum Hall Effect and Tunable Spin Hall Effect in MoS2 TrilayersJul 05 2012We analyze the Landau level (LL) structure and spin Hall effect in a MoS2 trilayer. Due to orbital asymmetry, the low-energy Dirac fermions become heavily massive and the LL energies grow linearly with $B$, rather than with $\sqrt{B}$. Spin-orbital couplings ... More
Atomic Scale Investigation of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells_Interface Structure and DynamicsJun 12 2014Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC), built upon organic/inorganic hybrid materials, are promising third generation solar cells, which attract wide attentions due to their low-cost, flexibility and environment-friendly properties. We review recent progresses ... More
Quantum Dissonance Is Rejected in an Overlap Measurement SchemeNov 12 2012The overlap measurement scheme accomplishes to evaluate the overlap of two input quantum states by only measuring an introduced auxiliary qubit, irrespective of the complexity of the two input states. We find a counterintuitive phenomenon that no quantum ... More
Higher-order properties and Bell-inequality violation for the three-mode enhanced squeezed stateNov 27 2009By extending the usual two-mode squeezing operator $S_{2}=\exp [ i\lambda (Q_{1}P_{2}+Q_{2}P_{1}) ] $ to the three-mode squeezing operator $S_{3}=\exp {i\lambda [ Q_{1}(P_{2}+P_{3}) +Q_{2}(P_{1}+P_{3}) +Q_{3}(P_{1}+P_{2}) ]} $, we obtain the corresponding ... More
Tensor and Its Tucker Core: the Invariance RelationshipsJan 07 2016Nov 06 2016In [13], Hillar and Lim famously demonstrated that "multilinear (tensor) analogues of many efficiently computable problems in numerical linear algebra are NP-hard". Despite many recent advancements, the state-of-the-art methods for computing such `tensor ... More
Network-based Referral Mechanism in a Crowdfunding-based Marketing PatternAug 09 2018Crowdfunding is gradually becoming a modern marketing pattern. By noting that the success of crowdfunding depends on network externalities, our research aims to utilize them to provide an applicable referral mechanism in a crowdfunding-based marketing ... More
Using topological characteristics to evaluate complex network models can be misleadingOct 31 2010Graphical models are frequently used to represent topological structures of various complex networks. Current criteria to assess different models of a network mainly rely on how close a model matches the network in terms of topological characteristics. ... More
Optimal Transport Based Distributionally Robust Optimization: Structural Properties and Iterative SchemesOct 04 2018We consider optimal transport based distributionally robust optimization (DRO) problems with locally strongly convex transport cost functions and affine decision rules. Under conventional convexity assumptions on the underlying loss function, we obtain ... More
Decomposition of torsion pairs on module categoriesMay 07 2012In this article, we generalize the concept of torsion pairs and study its structure. As a trial of obtaining all torsion pairs, we decompose torsion pairs by projective modules and injective modules. Then we calculate torsion pairs on the algebra KAn ... More
Quantum Criticality in the Biased Dicke ModelDec 21 2015The biased Dicke model describes a system of biased two-level atoms coupled to a bosonic field, and is expected to produce new phenomena that are not present in the original Dicke model. In this paper, we study the critical properties of the biased Dicke ... More
Distributionally Robust Selection of the BestMar 14 2019Specifying a proper input distribution is often a challenging task in simulation modeling. In practice, there may be multiple plausible distributions that can fit the input data reasonably well, especially when the data volume is not large. In this paper, ... More
On subcritically Stein fillable 5-manifoldsOct 25 2016Feb 13 2017We make some elementary observations concerning subcritically Stein fillable contact structures on 5-manifolds. Specifically, we determine the diffeomorphism type of such contact manifolds in the case the fundamental group is finite cyclic, and we show ... More
Asset Allocation and Risk Assessment with Gross Exposure Constraints for Vast PortfoliosDec 14 2008Markowitz (1952, 1959) laid down the ground-breaking work on the mean-variance analysis. Under his framework, the theoretical optimal allocation vector can be very different from the estimated one for large portfolios due to the intrinsic difficulty of ... More
Isometric Multi-Manifolds LearningDec 03 2009Isometric feature mapping (Isomap) is a promising manifold learning method. However, Isomap fails to work on data which distribute on clusters in a single manifold or manifolds. Many works have been done on extending Isomap to multi-manifolds learning. ... More
Characterizing Curtailed and Uneconomic Renewable Power in the Mid-continent Independent System OperatorDec 18 2016As power grids incorporate increased renewable generation such as wind and solar, their variability creates growing challenges for grid stability and efficiency. We study two facets: power the grid is unable to accept (curtailment), and power that is ... More
Itinerant Ferromagnetism and $p+ip'$ Superconductivity in Doped Bilayer SiliceneMay 08 2015We study the electronic instabilities of doped bilayer silicene using the random phase approximation. In contrast to the singlet $d+id'$ superconductivity at the low doping region, we find that the system is an itinerant ferromagnet in the narrow doping ... More
Flavor Symmetry and Ferroelectric Nematics in Transition Metal DichalcogenidesMay 16 2018Recent magneto-transport experiments have provided compelling evidence for the presence of an energetically isolated threefold Q-valley degeneracy in few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides. We study the flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking when each Landau ... More
Curvature Induced Topological Defects of $p$-wave Superfluid on a SphereDec 11 2016We study the ground state of spinless fermions living on a sphere across $p$-wave Feschbach resonances. By construsting a microscopic model of fermions on a general curved surface, we show that the Guassian curvature induces an emergent magnetic field ... More
A semiparametric model for cluster dataAug 24 2009In the analysis of cluster data, the regression coefficients are frequently assumed to be the same across all clusters. This hampers the ability to study the varying impacts of factors on each cluster. In this paper, a semiparametric model is introduced ... More
Greedy Step Averaging: A parameter-free stochastic optimization methodNov 11 2016In this paper we present the greedy step averaging(GSA) method, a parameter-free stochastic optimization algorithm for a variety of machine learning problems. As a gradient-based optimization method, GSA makes use of the information from the minimizer ... More
Solving some Navier-Stokes Equations with the initial conditions being some complex-valued periodic functions on $R^3$May 14 2015Jul 15 2015In this paper, we utilize some series and an iterative method to solve some Navier-Stokes equations with the initial conditions being some complex-valued periodic functions on $R^3$. Then a new strategy for dealing with the conjecture of the Navier-Stokes ... More
Symmetric identities on Bernoulli polynomialsSep 17 2007In this paper, we obtain a generalization of an identity due to Carlitz on Bernoulli polynomials. Then we use this generalized formula to derive two symmetric identities which reduce to some known identities on Bernoulli polynomials and Bernoulli numbers, ... More
Tight contact structures on some bounded Seifert manifolds with minimal convex boundaryNov 08 2011Nov 20 2011We classify positive tight contact structures, up to isotopy fixing the boundary, on the manifolds $N=M(D^{2}; r_1, r_2)$ with minimal convex boundary of slope $s$ and Giroux torsion 0 along $\partial N$, where $r_1,r_2\in (0,1)\cap\mathbb{Q}$, in the ... More
Improving Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Neural Noise Converter and Conditional Optimal SelectorNov 14 2018Distant supervised relation extraction has been successfully applied to large corpus with thousands of relations. However, the inevitable wrong labeling problem by distant supervision will hurt the performance of relation extraction. In this paper, we ... More
Flavor Quantum Dots and Artificial Quark Model in Transition Metal DichalcogenidesMar 05 2019We show that the triply degenerate Q valleys in few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides provide a unique platform for exploring the rare flavor SU(3) symmetry in quantum dot geometry. The single and double dots are reminiscent of the quark model and ... More
Scalable Uplink Signal Detection in C-RANs via Randomized Gaussian Message PassingNov 29 2015May 26 2017Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a promising architecture for unprecedented capacity enhancement in next-generation wireless networks thanks to the centralization and virtualization of base station processing. However, centralized signal processing ... More
$e^\pm$ Excesses in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Possible InterpretationsAug 27 2010The data collected by ATIC, PPB-BETS, FERMI-LAT and HESS all indicate that there is an electron/positron excess in the cosmic ray energy spectrum above $\sim$ 100 GeV, although different instrumental teams do not agree on the detailed spectral shape. ... More
Linearly polarized X-ray flares following short gamma-ray burstsSep 01 2005Nov 16 2005Soft X-ray flares were detected to follow the short-duration gamma-ray burst GRB 050724. The temporal properties of the flares suggest that they are likely due to the late time activity of the central engine. We argue that if short GRBs are generated ... More
Spectral Dimension for $β$-almost periodic singular Jacobi operators and the extended Harper's modelApr 12 2018Apr 21 2018We study fractal dimension properties of singular Jacobi operators. We prove quantitative lower spectral/quantum dynamical bounds for general operators with strong repetition properties and controlled singularities. For analytic quasiperiodic Jacobi operators ... More
Derived category and Lie algebrasApr 26 2006Apr 27 2006This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s), due the final version in math.QA/0604564
On SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motions with irregular driftsOct 03 2018In this paper, high-order moments, even exponential moments, estimates are established for solutions to stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by fractional Brownian motions whose drift is measurable and has linear growth. As applications, we ... More
Mobile Millimeter Wave Channel Acquisition, Tracking, and Abrupt Change DetectionOct 30 2016Millimeter wave provides a promising approach for meeting the ever-growing traffic demand in next generation wireless networks. It is crucial to obtain relatively accurate channel state information so that beamforming/combining can be performed to compensate ... More
CIAN: Cross-Image Affinity Net for Weakly Supervised Semantic SegmentationNov 27 2018Weakly supervised semantic segmentation based on image-level labels aims for alleviating the data scarcity problem by training with coarse labels. State-of-the-art methods rely on image-level labels to generate proxy segmentation masks, then train the ... More
Few Shot Learning with SimplexJul 27 2018Oct 30 2018Deep learning has made remarkable achievement in many fields. However, learning the parameters of neural networks usually demands a large amount of labeled data. The algorithms of deep learning, therefore, encounter difficulties when applied to supervised ... More
Managing Recurrent Virtual Network Updates in Multi-Tenant Datacenters: A System PerspectiveMar 22 2019Apr 07 2019With the advent of software-defined networking, network configuration through programmable interfaces becomes practical, leading to various on-demand opportunities for network routing update in multi-tenant datacenters, where tenants have diverse requirements ... More
Managing Recurrent Virtual Network Updates in Multi-Tenant Datacenters: A System PerspectiveMar 22 2019Mar 29 2019With the advent of software-defined networking, network configuration through programmable interfaces becomes practical, leading to various on-demand opportunities for network routing update in multi-tenant datacenters, where tenants have diverse requirements ... More
Experience: Understanding Long-Term Evolving Patterns of Shared Electric Vehicle NetworksDec 02 2018Due to the ever-growing concerns on the air pollution and energy security, many cities have started to update their taxi fleets with electric ones. Although environmentally friendly, the rapid promotion of electric taxis raises problems to both taxi drivers ... More
Generalization Bounds for Representative Domain AdaptationJan 02 2014In this paper, we propose a novel framework to analyze the theoretical properties of the learning process for a representative type of domain adaptation, which combines data from multiple sources and one target (or briefly called representative domain ... More
Topological Triply Degenerate Points Induced by Spin-Tensor-Momentum CouplingsSep 14 2017Jun 17 2018The recent discovery of triply degenerate points (TDPs) in topological materials has opened a new perspective toward the realization of novel quasiparticles without counterparts in quantum field theory. The emergence of such protected nodes is often attributed ... More
An extending strategy based on TENO framework for hyperbolic conservation lawsJul 19 2018Nov 06 2018Recently, the targeted ENO (TENO) schemes give a novel framework to keep optimal high-order spatial reconstruction wherever discontinuity is deemed to be vanished, including at smooth critical points, and to avoid oscillations by completely removing stencils ... More
X-ray Spectral and timing properties of the black hole x-ray transient Swift J1753.5-0127Jan 17 2007We have carried out detailed analysis on the black hole candidate (BHC) X- ray transient Swift J1753.5-0127 observed by the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) during its outburst in 2005 {2006. The spectral analysis shows that the emissions are dominated ... More
Representation Learning with Deconvolution for Multivariate Time Series Classification and VisualizationOct 24 2016Nov 26 2016We propose a new model based on the deconvolutional networks and SAX discretization to learn the representation for multivariate time series. Deconvolutional networks fully exploit the advantage the powerful expressiveness of deep neural networks in the ... More
In Vivo Renal Clearance, Biodistribution, Toxicity of Gold nanoclustersSep 27 2012Gold nanoparticles have shown great prospective in cancer diagnosis and therapy, but they can not be metabolized and prefer to accumulate in liver and spleen due to their large size. The gold nanoclusters with small size can penetrate kidney tissue and ... More
Observation of topological valley transport of sound in sonic crystalsJul 07 2017Valley pseudospin, labeling quantum states of energy extrema in momentum space, is attracting tremendous attention1-13 because of its potential in constructing new carrier of information. Compared with the non-topological bulk valley transport realized ... More
Complementary relation of quantum coherence and quantum correlations in multiple measurementsAug 29 2016Nov 12 2018Quantum coherence and quantum correlations lie in the center of quantum information science, since they both are considered as fundamental reasons for significant features of quantum mechanics different from classical mechanics. We present a group of ... More
Revisitation of superconductivity in K$_2$Cr$_3$As$_3$ based on the six-band modelDec 01 2015We investigate the pairing symmetry of the newly synthesized quasi-one-dimension K$_2$Cr$_3$As$_3$ superconductor based on the six-band model. We adopt standard random-phase-approximation to study the Hubbard-Hund model of the system. Our results confirm ... More
Directional radiation of sound waves by a subwavelength sourceFeb 23 2017Feb 24 2017We propose and experimentally achieve a directional dipole field radiated by an omnidirectional monopole source enclosed in a subwavelength structure of acoustically hybrid resonances. The whole structure has its every dimension at an order smaller than ... More
Topological negative refraction of surface acoustic waves in a Weyl phononic crystalAug 14 2018Reflection and refraction occur at interface between two different media. These two fundamental phenomena form the basis of fabricating various wave components. Specifically, refraction, dubbed positive refraction nowadays, appears in the opposite side ... More
OS4M: Achieving Global Load Balance of MapReduce Workload by Scheduling at the Operation LevelJun 16 2014The efficiency of MapReduce is closely related to its load balance. Existing works on MapReduce load balance focus on coarse-grained scheduling. This study concerns fine-grained scheduling on MapReduce operations, with each operation representing one ... More
Real-time Decolorization using Dominant ColorsApr 10 2014Apr 22 2014Decolorization is the process to convert a color image or video to its grayscale version, and it has received great attention in recent years. An ideal decolorization algorithm should preserve the original color contrast as much as possible. Meanwhile, ... More
Bayesian De-quantization and Data Compression for Low-Energy Physiological Signal TelemonitoringJun 06 2015We address the issue of applying quantized compressed sensing (CS) on low-energy telemonitoring. So far, few works studied this problem in applications where signals were only approximately sparse. We propose a two-stage data compressor based on quantized ... More
Fast Marginalized Block Sparse Bayesian Learning AlgorithmNov 21 2012Sep 29 2013The performance of sparse signal recovery from noise corrupted, underdetermined measurements can be improved if both sparsity and correlation structure of signals are exploited. One typical correlation structure is the intra-block correlation in block ... More
Quantum-enhanced metrology for multiple phase estimation with noiseOct 18 2013Aug 10 2014We present a general framework to study the simultaneous estimation of multiple phases in the presence of noise as a discretized model for phase imaging. This approach can lead to nontrivial bounds of the precision for multiphase estimation. Our results ... More
Polarization and Variations of BL Lacertae ObjectsOct 29 1999Mar 02 2001BL Lacertae objects are an extreme subclass of AGNs showing rapid and large-amplitude variability, high and variable polarization, and core-dominated radio emissions. If a strong beaming effect is the cause of the extreme observation properties, one would ... More
The Radio and Gamma-Ray Luminosities of BlazarsMar 02 2001Based on the $\gamma$-ray data of blazars in the third EGRET catalog and radio data at 5 GHz, we studied the correlation between the radio and $\gamma$-ray luminosities using two statistical methods. The first method was the partial correlation analysis ... More
Best and worst case permutations for random online domination of the pathSep 29 2015Dec 13 2017We study a randomized algorithm for graph domination, by which, according to a uniformly chosen permutation, vertices are revealed and added to the dominating set if not already dominated. We determine the expected size of the dominating set produced ... More
Spontaneous Layer-Pseudospin Domain Walls in Bilayer GrapheneApr 14 2014Bilayer graphene is susceptible to a family of unusual broken symmetry states with spin and valley dependent layer polarization. We report on a microscopic study of the domain walls in these systems, demonstrating that they have interesting microscopic ... More
A Fast HRRP Synthesis Algorithm with Sensing Dictionary in GTD ModelJun 11 2012To achieve high range resolution profile (HRRP), the geometric theory of diffraction (GTD) parametric model is widely used in stepped-frequency radar system. In the paper, a fast synthetic range profile algorithm, called orthogonal matching pursuit with ... More
Utility Maximizing Thread Assignment and Resource AllocationJul 04 2015Oct 22 2015Achieving high performance in many distributed systems, ranging from clouds to multicore processors, requires finding good assignments of threads to servers as well as effectively allocating each server's resources to its assigned threads. Both the assignment ... More