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Memristor-based Deep Convolution Neural Network: A Case StudySep 14 2018In this paper, we firstly introduce a method to efficiently implement large-scale high-dimensional convolution with realistic memristor-based circuit components. An experiment verified simulator is adapted for accurate prediction of analog crossbar behavior. ... More
Equation of State Dependence of Nonlinear Mode-tide Coupling in Coalescing Binary Neutron StarsJan 27 2018Recently, an instability due to the nonlinear coupling of p-modes to g-modes in tidally deformed neutron stars in coalescing binaries has been studied in some detail. The result is significant because it could influence the inspiral and leave an imprint ... More
Prescribed matchings extend to Hamiltonian cycles in hypercubes with faulty edgesJan 14 2013Ruskey and Savage asked the following question: Does every matching of $Q_{n}$ for $n\geq2$ extend to a Hamiltonian cycle of $Q_{n}$? J. Fink showed that the question is true for every perfect matching, and solved the Kreweras' conjecture. In this paper ... More
Isometrically Self-dual Cyclic CodesOct 04 2016General isometries of cyclic codes, including multipliers and translations, are introduced; and isometrically self-dual cyclic codes are defined. In terms of Type-I duadic splittings given by multipliers and translations, a necessary and sufficient condition ... More
Iso-Orthogonality and Type II Duadic Constacyclic CodesJan 07 2015Apr 19 2016Generalizing even-like duadic cyclic codes and Type-II duadic negacyclic codes, we introduce even-like (i.e.,Type-II) and odd-like duadic constacyclic codes, and study their properties and existence. We show that even-like duadic constacyclic codes are ... More
Sieve empirical likelihood ratio tests for nonparametric functionsMar 29 2005Generalized likelihood ratio statistics have been proposed in Fan, Zhang and Zhang [Ann. Statist. 29 (2001) 153-193] as a generally applicable method for testing nonparametric hypotheses about nonparametric functions. The likelihood ratio statistics are ... More
Near-field Ultra-wideband mmWave Channel Characterization Using Successive Cancellation Beamspace UCA AlgorithmJan 29 2019Of the wide palette of 5G features, ultra-wide bandwidth and large-scale antenna configuration are regarded as the essential enabling technology components at millimeter wave (mmWave) communication. Accurate knowledge of delay and angle information of ... More
Fractional Josephson Effect: A Missing Step Is A Key StepDec 28 2018Physicists are searching for superconducting materials that can host Majoranas. New evidence for these elusive particles is provided by missing Shapiro steps in a Josephson effect mediated by an accidental Dirac semimetal.
Self-dual Permutation Codes of Finite Groups in Semisimple CaseOct 06 2012The existence and construction of self-dual codes in a permutation module of a finite group for the semisimple case are described from two aspects, one is from the point of view of the composition factors which are self-dual modules, the other one is ... More
100G Data Center Interconnections with Silicon Dual-Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator and Direct DetectionNov 24 2018In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate that a silicon dual-drive Mach-Zehnder modulator (DD-MZM) has great potential for next-generation data center interconnections (DCIs). For intra-data center interconnections, 120 Gb/s Nyquist 4-ary pulse amplitude ... More
On the Iterative Decoding of High-Rate LDPC Codes With Applications in Compressed SensingMar 12 2009Jan 31 2012This paper considers the performance of $(j,k)$-regular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with message-passing (MP) decoding algorithms in the high-rate regime. In particular, we derive the high-rate scaling law for MP decoding of LDPC codes on the ... More
Towards optimal high-order compact schemes for simulating compressible flowsOct 16 2018Weighted compact nonlinear schemes (WCNS) [Deng and Zhang, JCP 165(2000): 22-44] were developed to improve the performance of the compact high-order nonlinear schemes (CNS) by utilizing the weighting technique originally designed for WENO schemes, and ... More
Flavor Quantum Dots and Artificial Quark Model in Transition Metal DichalcogenidesMar 05 2019We show that the triply degenerate Q valleys in few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides provide a unique platform for exploring the rare flavor SU(3) symmetry in quantum dot geometry. The single and double dots are reminiscent of the quark model and ... More
CIAN: Cross-Image Affinity Net for Weakly Supervised Semantic SegmentationNov 27 2018Weakly supervised semantic segmentation based on image-level labels aims for alleviating the data scarcity problem by training with coarse labels. State-of-the-art methods rely on image-level labels to generate proxy segmentation masks, then train the ... More
Tight contact structures on some bounded Seifert manifolds with minimal convex boundaryNov 08 2011Nov 20 2011We classify positive tight contact structures, up to isotopy fixing the boundary, on the manifolds $N=M(D^{2}; r_1, r_2)$ with minimal convex boundary of slope $s$ and Giroux torsion 0 along $\partial N$, where $r_1,r_2\in (0,1)\cap\mathbb{Q}$, in the ... More
Decomposition of torsion pairs on module categoriesMay 07 2012In this article, we generalize the concept of torsion pairs and study its structure. As a trial of obtaining all torsion pairs, we decompose torsion pairs by projective modules and injective modules. Then we calculate torsion pairs on the algebra KAn ... More
On subcritically Stein fillable 5-manifoldsOct 25 2016Feb 13 2017We make some elementary observations concerning subcritically Stein fillable contact structures on 5-manifolds. Specifically, we determine the diffeomorphism type of such contact manifolds in the case the fundamental group is finite cyclic, and we show ... More
Curvature Induced Topological Defects of $p$-wave Superfluid on a SphereDec 11 2016We study the ground state of spinless fermions living on a sphere across $p$-wave Feschbach resonances. By construsting a microscopic model of fermions on a general curved surface, we show that the Guassian curvature induces an emergent magnetic field ... More
Factor Graph Neural NetworkJun 03 2019Most of the successful deep neural network architectures are structured, often consisting of elements like convolutional neural networks and gated recurrent neural networks. Recently, graph neural networks have been successfully applied to graph structured ... More
A semiparametric model for cluster dataAug 24 2009In the analysis of cluster data, the regression coefficients are frequently assumed to be the same across all clusters. This hampers the ability to study the varying impacts of factors on each cluster. In this paper, a semiparametric model is introduced ... More
Flavor Symmetry and Ferroelectric Nematics in Transition Metal DichalcogenidesMay 16 2018Recent magneto-transport experiments have provided compelling evidence for the presence of an energetically isolated threefold Q-valley degeneracy in few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides. We study the flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking when each Landau ... More
Proceedings of AAAI 2019 Workshop on Network Interpretability for Deep LearningJan 25 2019Feb 25 2019This is the Proceedings of AAAI 2019 Workshop on Network Interpretability for Deep Learning
Derived Categories and Lie AlgebrasApr 26 2006Jan 27 2010Let $\md^b(A)$ be the derived category of a finite dimensional basic algebra $A$ with finite global dimension. We construct the Lie algebra arising from the 2-periodic version $\mk_2(\mp(A))$ of $\mk^b(\mp(A))$ in term of constructible functions on varieties ... More
Possible Electric-Field-Induced Superconducting States in Doped SiliceneSep 27 2013Feb 08 2015Silicene has been synthesized recently, with experimental evidence showing possible superconductivity in the doped case. The noncoplanar low-buckled structure of this material inspires us to study the pairing symmetry of the doped system under a perpendicular ... More
Pseudospin Order in Monolayer, Bilayer, and Double-Layer GrapheneSep 01 2011Jan 18 2012Graphene is a gapless semiconductor in which conduction and valence band wavefunctions differ only in the phase difference between their projections onto the two sublattices of the material's two-dimensional honeycomb crystal structure. We explain why ... More
Quantum cluster algebras via Hall algebras of morphismsMar 03 2019We realize the quantum cluster algebra with principal coefficients as a subquotient of certain Hall algebra involving the category of morphisms between projectives.
Downlink Resource Allocation for the High-speed Train and Local Users in OFDMA SystemsDec 24 2014We consider providing services for passengers in a high-speed train and local users (quasi-static users) in a single OFDMA system. For the train, we apply a two-hop architecture, under which, passengers communicate with base stations (BSs) via a mobile ... More
Quantum Phase diagram and time-of-flight absorption pictures of ultracold Bose system in a square optical superlatticeDec 23 2015In this letter, by the use of the generalized effective potential theory, with the help of process-chain approach under the framework of Kato formulation of perturbation expansion, we calculate out the quantum phase diagram up to 8-th order for an ultracold ... More
Comparisons of penalized least squares methods by simulationsMay 08 2014Penalized least squares methods are commonly used for simultaneous estimation and variable selection in high-dimensional linear models. In this paper we compare several prevailing methods including the lasso, nonnegative garrote, and SCAD in this area ... More
Weyl correspondence method to construct multipartite entangled quantum stateNov 27 2009Via the Weyl correspondence approach, we construct multipartite entangled state which is the common eigenvector of their center-of-mass coordinate and mass-weighted relative momenta. This approach is concise and effective for setting up the Fock representation ... More
Correlation Analysis for Gamma-ray (radio) and Broad Line Emissions of Fermi BlazarsMar 14 2019In this work, we compiled a sample of 202 Fermi/LAT blazars with available broad line emissions. Out of the 202 sources, 66 have known Doppler factors. The correlation between ($\gamma$-ray) and broad-line emission, and that between radio and broad-line ... More
Modified multi-dimensional limiting process with enhanced shock stability on unstructured gridsOct 06 2017The basic concept of multi-dimensional limiting process (MLP) on unstructured grids is inherited and modified for improving shock stabilities and reducing numerical dissipation on smooth regions. A relaxed version of MLP condition, simply named as weak-MLP, ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Link Scheduling with Physical Interference Model in Wireless Multi-hop NetworksOct 27 2009The link scheduling in wireless multi-hop networks is addressed. Different from most of work that adopt the protocol interference model which merely take consideration of packet collisions, our proposed algorithms use the physical interference model to ... More
On SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motions with irregular driftsOct 03 2018Apr 12 2019In this paper, high-order moments, even exponential moments, estimates are established for solutions to stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by fractional Brownian motion whose drifts are measurable and have linear growth. As applications, ... More
Curvature effect in structured GRB jetsNov 24 2005We study the influence of jet structure on the curvature effect in a GRB-lightcurve. Using a simple model of jet emissivity, we numerically calculate lightcurves for a short flash from a relativistic outflow having various profiles of the Lorentz factor ... More
Possible Superconductivity Approaching Ice PointJul 30 2015Jun 23 2016Recently BCS superconductivity at 203 K has been discovery in a highly compressed hydrogen sulfide. We use first-principles calculations to systematically examine the effects of partially substituting the chalcogen atoms on the superconductivity of hydrogen ... More
Tracking Angles of Departure and Arrival in a Mobile Millimeter Wave ChannelDec 20 2015Millimeter wave provides a very promising approach for meeting the ever-growing traffic demand in next generation wireless networks. To utilize this band, it is crucial to obtain the channel state information in order to perform beamforming and combining ... More
Almost everywhere divergence of spherical harmonic expansions and equivalence of summation methodsJun 10 2018We show that there exists an integrable function on the $n$-sphere $(n\ge 2)$, whose Ces\`aro (C,$\frac{n-1}{2}$) means with respect to the spherical harmonic expansion diverge unboundedly almost everywhere. By studying equivalence theorems, we also obtain ... More
An extending strategy based on TENO framework for hyperbolic conservation lawsJul 19 2018Nov 06 2018Recently, the targeted ENO (TENO) schemes give a novel framework to keep optimal high-order spatial reconstruction wherever discontinuity is deemed to be vanished, including at smooth critical points, and to avoid oscillations by completely removing stencils ... More
Few Shot Learning with SimplexJul 27 2018Oct 30 2018Deep learning has made remarkable achievement in many fields. However, learning the parameters of neural networks usually demands a large amount of labeled data. The algorithms of deep learning, therefore, encounter difficulties when applied to supervised ... More
Quantifying Layerwise Information Discarding of Neural NetworksJun 10 2019This paper presents a method to explain how input information is discarded through intermediate layers of a neural network during the forward propagation, in order to quantify and diagnose knowledge representations of pre-trained deep neural networks. ... More
Managing Recurrent Virtual Network Updates in Multi-Tenant Datacenters: A System PerspectiveMar 22 2019Apr 07 2019With the advent of software-defined networking, network configuration through programmable interfaces becomes practical, leading to various on-demand opportunities for network routing update in multi-tenant datacenters, where tenants have diverse requirements ... More
Up to 168-Gb/s PAM-4 direct detection transmission with silicon travelling wave Mach-Zehnder modulatorDec 24 2018Based on a silicon travelling wave Mach-Zehnder modulator, we demonstrate record 168Gb/s (84Gbaud) and 160Gb/s (80Gbaud) PAM-4 direct detection transmission over 1km and 2km SSMF, respectively, with bit error rates below 20% HD-FEC threshold.
Managing Recurrent Virtual Network Updates in Multi-Tenant Datacenters: A System PerspectiveMar 22 2019Mar 29 2019With the advent of software-defined networking, network configuration through programmable interfaces becomes practical, leading to various on-demand opportunities for network routing update in multi-tenant datacenters, where tenants have diverse requirements ... More
X-ray Spectral and timing properties of the black hole x-ray transient Swift J1753.5-0127Jan 17 2007We have carried out detailed analysis on the black hole candidate (BHC) X- ray transient Swift J1753.5-0127 observed by the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) during its outburst in 2005 {2006. The spectral analysis shows that the emissions are dominated ... More
Observation of topological valley transport of sound in sonic crystalsJul 07 2017Valley pseudospin, labeling quantum states of energy extrema in momentum space, is attracting tremendous attention1-13 because of its potential in constructing new carrier of information. Compared with the non-topological bulk valley transport realized ... More
In Vivo Renal Clearance, Biodistribution, Toxicity of Gold nanoclustersSep 27 2012Gold nanoparticles have shown great prospective in cancer diagnosis and therapy, but they can not be metabolized and prefer to accumulate in liver and spleen due to their large size. The gold nanoclusters with small size can penetrate kidney tissue and ... More
Intervention Aided Reinforcement Learning for Safe and Practical Policy Optimization in NavigationNov 15 2018Combining deep neural networks with reinforcement learning has shown great potential in the next-generation intelligent control. However, there are challenges in terms of safety and cost in practical applications. In this paper, we propose the Intervention ... More
Representation Learning with Deconvolution for Multivariate Time Series Classification and VisualizationOct 24 2016Nov 26 2016We propose a new model based on the deconvolutional networks and SAX discretization to learn the representation for multivariate time series. Deconvolutional networks fully exploit the advantage the powerful expressiveness of deep neural networks in the ... More
Tunable terahertz coherent perfect absorption in a monolayer grapheneJul 30 2014Oct 24 2014Coherent perfect absorber (CPA) was proposed as the time-reversed counterpart to laser: a resonator containing lossy medium instead of gain medium can absorb the coherent optical fields completely. Here, we exploit a monolayer graphene to realize the ... More
Accurate Building Detection in VHR Remote Sensing Images using Geometric SaliencyJun 04 2018Jun 10 2018This paper aims to address the problem of detecting buildings from remote sensing images with very high resolution (VHR). Inspired by the observation that buildings are always more distinguishable in geometries than in texture or spectral, we propose ... More
Parameter-free $\ell_p$-Box Decoding of LDPC CodesNov 29 2017Apr 24 2018The Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) decoding of Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes has received many attentions due to its excellent performance at the error floor region. In this paper, we develop a parameter-free decoder based ... More
$(111)$ surface states of SnTeDec 24 2014The characterization and applications of topological insulators depend critically on their protected surface states, which, however, can be obscured by the presence of trivial dangling bond states. Our first principle calculations show that this is the ... More
Designer Topological Insulators in SuperlatticesOct 24 2013Gapless Dirac surface states are protected at the interface of topological and normal band insulators. In a binary superlattice bearing such interfaces, we establish that valley-dependent dimerization of symmetry-unrelated Dirac surface states can be ... More
Quantum estimation in an expanding spacetimeJun 23 2018Sep 11 2018We investigate the quantum estimation on the Hubble parameter of an expanding de Sitter space by quantum metrological techniques. By exploring the dynamics of a freely falling Unruh-DeWitt detector, which interacts with a scalar field coupling to curvature, ... More
Uncertainty relation in Schwarzschild spacetimeJan 08 2015Feb 27 2015We explore the entropic uncertainty relation in the curved background outside a Schwarzschild black hole, and find that Hawking radiation introduces a nontrivial modification on the uncertainty bound for particular observer, therefore it could be witnessed ... More
Entropic uncertainty relations under the relativistic motionSep 28 2013The uncertainty principle bounds our ability to simultaneously predict two incompatible observables of a quantum particle. Assisted by a quantum memory to store the particle, this uncertainty could be reduced and quantified by a new Entropic Uncertainty ... More
Tunneling-induced high efficiency four-wave mixing in an asymmetric quantum wellsDec 22 2012An asymmetric double quantum wells (QWs) structure with resonant tunneling is suggested to achieve high efficient four wave mixing (FWM). We analytically demonstrate that the resonant tunneling can induce high efficient mixing wave in such a semiconductor ... More
Supernova Remnant Crossing a Density Jump: A Thin Shell ModelJun 05 2003Jul 01 2003The environments of supernova explosion are often inhomogeneous and there may be jumps in their density structure. We have developed a semi-analytic model under the thin-shell approximation for supernova remnants that evolve crossing a density jump in ... More
Accumulative coupling between magnetized tenuous plasma and gravitational wavesJul 28 2016We explicitly compute the plasma wave (PW) induced by a plane gravitational wave (GW) travelling through a region of strongly magnetized plasma, governed by force-free electrodynamics. The PW co-moves with the GW and absorbs its energy to grow over time, ... More
A vertex-weighted-Least-Squares gradient reconstructionFeb 15 2017Gradient reconstruction is a key process for the spatial accuracy and robustness of finite volume method, especially in industrial aerodynamic applications in which grid quality affects reconstruction methods significantly. A novel gradient reconstruction ... More
Outline Generation: Understanding the Inherent Content Structure of DocumentsMay 24 2019In this paper, we introduce and tackle the Outline Generation (OG) task, which aims to unveil the inherent content structure of a multi-paragraph document by identifying its potential sections and generating the corresponding section headings. Without ... More
Hybrid Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning in Parameterized Action SpaceMar 04 2019May 30 2019In this paper we propose a hybrid architecture of actor-critic algorithms for reinforcement learning in parameterized action space, which consists of multiple parallel sub-actor networks to decompose the structured action space into simpler action spaces ... More
Probing for cosmological parameters with LAMOST measurementJun 11 2008Oct 18 2008In this paper we study the sensitivity of the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) project to the determination of cosmological parameters, employing the Monte Carlo Markov Chains (MCMC) method. For comparison, we first analyze ... More
Throughput Maximization in Two-hop DF Multiple-Relay Network with Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power TransferApr 24 2019This paper investigates the end-to-end throughput maximization problem for a two-hop multiple-relay network, with relays powered by simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) technique. Nonlinearity of energy harvester at every relay ... More
Revisitation of superconductivity in K$_2$Cr$_3$As$_3$ based on the six-band modelDec 01 2015We investigate the pairing symmetry of the newly synthesized quasi-one-dimension K$_2$Cr$_3$As$_3$ superconductor based on the six-band model. We adopt standard random-phase-approximation to study the Hubbard-Hund model of the system. Our results confirm ... More
Monomial Gamma Monte Carlo SamplingFeb 25 2016Feb 29 2016We unify slice sampling and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) sampling by demonstrating their connection under the canonical transformation from Hamiltonian mechanics. This insight enables us to extend HMC and slice sampling to a broader family of samplers, ... More
Highly asymmetric interaction forces induced by acoustic waves in coupled plate structuresJul 06 2015Mutual forces can be induced between coupled structures when illuminated by external acoustic waves. In this Letter, we propose a concept of asymmetric interaction between two coupled plate-like structures, which is generated by oppositely incident plane ... More
Impacts of dark energy on weighing neutrinos: mass hierarchies consideredAug 02 2016Oct 10 2016Taking into account the mass splittings between three active neutrinos, we investigate impacts of dark energy on constraining the total neutrino mass $\sum m_{\nu}$ by using recent cosmological observations. We consider two typical dark energy models, ... More
Attribute Compression of 3D Point Clouds Using Laplacian Sparsity Optimized Graph TransformOct 10 20173D sensing and content capture have made significant progress in recent years and the MPEG standardization organization is launching a new project on immersive media with point cloud compression (PCC) as one key corner stone. In this work, we introduce ... More
Networked Control Systems over Correlated Wireless Fading ChannelsJun 24 2016In this paper, we consider a networked control system (NCS) in which an dynamic plant system is connected to a controller via a temporally correlated wireless fading channel. We focus on communication power design at the sensor to minimize a weighted ... More
Uplink Achievable Rate for Massive MIMO with Low-Resolution ADCDec 02 2015In this letter, we derive an approximate analytical expression for the uplink achievable rate of a massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna system when finite precision analog-digital converters (ADCs) and the common maximal ratio combining technique ... More
Recent advances and opportunities in scene classification of aerial images with deep modelsJun 04 2018Scene classification is a fundamental task in interpretation of remote sensing images, and has become an active research topic in remote sensing community due to its important role in a wide range of applications. Over the past years, tremendous efforts ... More
Preservation of entanglement in a two-qubit-spin coupled systemAug 25 2011A theoretical scheme to preserve the entanglement in a two-qubit-spin coupled system in the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) anisotropic antisymmetric interaction is proposed. Based on a sequence of operations performed periodically on the system, ... More
Bell inequalities violation within non-Bunch-Davies statesJun 23 2018Oct 14 2018We study the quantum nature of non-Bunch-Davies states in de Sitter space by evaluating CHSH inequality on a localized two-atom system. We show that quantum nonlocality can be generated through the Markovian evolution of two-atom, witnessed by a violation ... More
Fine-grained uncertainty relation under the relativistic motionMar 03 2014Jul 30 2018Among various uncertainty relations, the profound fine-grained uncertainty relation is used to distinguish the uncertainty inherent in obtaining any combination of outcomes for different measurements. In this Letter, we explore this uncertainty relation ... More
Cascade-gain-switching for generating 3.5-um nanosecond pulses from monolithic low-cost fiber lasersOct 16 2017May 27 2018We propose a novel laser configuration that can output 3.5-$\mu$m nanosecond laser pulses based on a simple and monolithic fiber structure. Cascade-gain-switching, which converts the wavelength of nanosecond pulses from 1.55 $\mu$m to 3.5 $\mu$m by two ... More
Optomechanical Transductions in Single and Coupled Wheel ResonatorsMar 03 2013In this report, the optomechanical transductions in both single and two side-coupled wheel resonators are investigated. In the single resonator, the optomechanical transduction sensitivity is determined by the optical and mechanical quality factors of ... More
Competition between Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Phases in a Quadratically Coupled Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev ModelMay 09 2017The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model is a concrete solvable model to study non-Fermi liquid properties, holographic duality and maximally chaotic behavior. In this work, we consider a generalization of the SYK model that contains two SYK models with different ... More
Data-driven Optimal Cost Selection for Distributionally Robust OptimizationMay 19 2017Mar 29 2019Recently, (Blanchet, Kang, and Murhy 2016, and Blanchet, and Kang 2017) showed that several machine learning algorithms, such as square-root Lasso, Support Vector Machines, and regularized logistic regression, among many others, can be represented exactly ... More
Channel Service Based High Speed Railway Base Station ArrangementNov 25 2013With the rapid development of high-speed railways, demands on high mobility wireless communication increase greatly. To provide stable and high data rate wireless access for users in the train, it is necessary to properly deploy base stations along the ... More
Superconducting pairing in Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ from weak to intermediate couplingSep 29 2017Mar 03 2018The unconventional superconductivity in Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ continues to attract considerable interest. While many measurements can be interpreted on the basis of chiral $p$-wave pairing with intriguing topological character, a number of exceptions hinder an ... More
Best and worst case permutations for random online domination of the pathSep 29 2015Dec 13 2017We study a randomized algorithm for graph domination, by which, according to a uniformly chosen permutation, vertices are revealed and added to the dominating set if not already dominated. We determine the expected size of the dominating set produced ... More
A Distributionally Robust Boosting AlgorithmMay 20 2019Distributionally Robust Optimization (DRO) has been shown to provide a flexible framework for decision making under uncertainty and statistical estimation. For example, recent works in DRO have shown that popular statistical estimators can be interpreted ... More
Data Augmentation for Object Detection via Progressive and Selective Instance-SwitchingJun 02 2019Collection of massive well-annotated samples is effective in improving object detection performance but is extremely laborious and costly. Instead of data collection and annotation, the recently proposed Cut-Paste methods [12, 15] show the potential to ... More
Analysis of terahertz wave nonlinear reflection by an array of double silicon elements placed on a metal substrateMar 14 2019We demonstrate results of a simulation of nonlinear reflection of intensive terahertz radiation from a silicon-on-metal metasurface involving an excitation of a high-Q trapped mode resonance. Conditions are presented to observe effects of bistability ... More
Community Detecting By Signaling on Complex NetworksOct 29 2007Based on signaling process on complex networks, a method for identification community structure is proposed. For a network with $n$ nodes, every node is assumed to be a system which can send, receive, and record signals. Each node is taken as the initial ... More
The Role of Weight on Community Structure of NetworksSep 25 2006The role of weight on the weighted networks is investigated by studying the effect of weight on community structures. We use weighted modularity $Q^w$ to evaluate the partitions and Weighted Extremal Optimization algorithm to detect communities. Starting ... More
Modeling and Analysis of Non-Orthogonal MBMS Transmission in Heterogeneous NetworksMar 16 2017Broadcasting/multicasting is an efficient mechanism for multimedia communications due to its high spectrum efficiency, which achieves point-to-multipoint transmission on the same radio resources. To satisfy the increasing demands for multimedia broadcast ... More
A Method for Locating High Energy Dissipation Region in BlazarNov 16 2017May 01 2018The production site of gamma-rays in blazar jet is an unresolved problem. We present a method to locate gamma-ray emission region in the framework of one-zone emission model. From measurements of core-shift effect, the relation between the magnetic field ... More
An immersed boundary method for solving compressible flow with arbitrarily irregular and moving geometryFeb 22 2016Apr 18 2018In this paper, a novel immersed boundary method is developed, validated, and applied. Through devising a second-order three-step flow reconstruction scheme, the proposed method is able to enforce the Dirichlet, Neumann, Robin, and Cauchy boundary conditions ... More
Quantum Zeno dynamics of a matter-wave bright solitonFeb 06 2018Feb 26 2018The quantum measurement problem, namely how the deterministic quantum evolution leads to probabilistic measurement outcomes, remains a profound question to be answered. In the present work, we propose a spectacular demonstration and test of the subtle ... More
The electronic structure and elastic property of monolayer and bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides MX$_2$ (M=Mo,W;X=O,S,Se,Te): A comparative first-principles studyMay 07 2015First-principle calculations with different exchange-correlation functionals, including LDA, PBE and vdW-DF functional in form of optB88-vdW, have been performed to investigate the electronic and elastic properties of two dimensional transition metal ... More
Lattice Transformer for Speech TranslationJun 13 2019Recent advances in sequence modeling have highlighted the strengths of the transformer architecture, especially in achieving state-of-the-art machine translation results. However, depending on the up-stream systems, e.g., speech recognition, or word segmentation, ... More
Intrinsic electromagnetic variability in celestial objects containing rapidly spinning black holesFeb 10 2016Analytical studies have raised the concern that a mysterious expulsion of magnetic field lines by a rapidly-spinning black hole (dubbed the black hole Meissner effect) would shut down the Blandford-Znajek process and quench the jets of active galactic ... More
Near-Optimal Modulo-and-Forward Scheme for the Untrusted Relay ChannelMar 31 2015This paper studies an untrusted relay channel, in which the destination sends artificial noise simultaneously with the source sending a message to the relay, in order to protect the source's confidential message. The traditional amplify-and-forward (AF) ... More
Transceiver Design for Ambient Backscatter Communication over Frequency-Selective ChannelsDec 29 2018Existing studies about ambient backscatter communication mostly assume flat-fading channels. However, frequency-selective channels widely exist in many practical scenarios. Therefore, this paper investigates ambient backscatter communication systems over ... More
Unconventional Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov pairing states in a Fermi gas with spin-orbit couplingJul 11 2013We study the phase diagram in a two-dimensional Fermi gas with the synthetic spin-orbit coupling that has recently been realized experimentally. In particular, we characterize in detail the properties and the stability region of the unconventional Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov ... More
Hybrid Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning in Parameterized Action SpaceMar 04 2019In this paper we propose a hybrid architecture of actor-critic algorithms for reinforcement learning in parameterized action space, which consists of multiple parallel sub-actor networks to decompose the structured action space into simpler action spaces ... More
Intrinsic dimension estimation of data by principal component analysisFeb 10 2010Estimating intrinsic dimensionality of data is a classic problem in pattern recognition and statistics. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a powerful tool in discovering dimensionality of data sets with a linear structure; it, however, becomes ineffective ... More