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Intelligent Human Machine Interface Design for Advanced Product Life Cycle Management SystemsAug 07 2010Designing and implementing an intelligent and user friendly human machine interface for any kind of software or hardware oriented application is always be a challenging task for the designers and developers because it is very difficult to understand the ... More
Statistical Trading Using Target Oriented Trading AgentAug 07 2010In this article we briefly present our contributions toward Trading Agent Competition (TAC); an international forum for promotion of research into the trading agent problems. Moreover, we present some strategies proposed and used in the development of ... More
Proposing LT based Search in PDM Systems for Better Information RetrievalFeb 09 2011PDM Systems contain and manage heavy amount of data but the search mechanism of most of the systems is not intelligent which can process user"s natural language based queries to extract desired information. Currently available search mechanisms in almost ... More
AI 3D Cybug GamingSep 10 2010In this short paper I briefly discuss 3D war Game based on artificial intelligence concepts called AI WAR. Going in to the details, I present the importance of CAICL language and how this language is used in AI WAR. Moreover I also present a designed ... More
Designing Flexible GUI to Increase the Acceptance Rate of Product Data Management Systems in IndustryMar 06 2011Product Data Management (PDM) desktop and web based systems maintain the organizational technical and managerial data to increase the quality of products by improving the processes of development, business process flows, change management, product structure ... More
PDM based I-SOAS Data Warehouse DesignAug 07 2010This research paper briefly describes the industrial contributions of Product Data Management in any organization's technical and managerial data management. Then focusing on some current major PDM based problems i.e. Static and Unintelligent Search, ... More
A Middleware road towards Web (Grid) ServicesSep 21 2010Middleware technologies is a very big field, containing a strong already done research as well as the currently running research to confirm already done research's results and the to have some new solution by theoretical as well as the experimental (practical) ... More
Aero Fighter - 2D GamingSep 10 2010Designing and developing quality based computer game is always a challenging task for developers. In this paper I briefly discuss aero fighting war game based on simple 2D gaming concepts and developed in C & C++ programming languages, using old bitmapping ... More
Home AutomationSep 10 2010In this paper I briefly discuss the importance of home automation system. Going in to the details I briefly present a real time designed and implemented software and hardware oriented house automation research project, capable of automating house's electricity ... More
Towards Performance Measurement And Metrics Based Analysis of PLA ApplicationsJul 29 2010This article is about a measurement analysis based approach to help software practitioners in managing the additional level complexities and variabilities in software product line applications. The architecture of the proposed approach i.e. ZAC is designed ... More
Thermal Control of Transmission Spectral Characteristics in a Ring ResonatorJan 12 2018We report on our observation of thermal control of transmission spectra of a micro-ring resonator coupled to a low finesse etalon. Thermal tuning of the device changes the coupling strength and losses between the etalon and ring resonator resulting in ... More
Semantic Oriented Intelligent Electronic LearningAug 07 2010In this research paper we describe semantic oriented information engineering and knowledge management based solution towards E-Learning systems. We also try to justify the importance of proposed solution with respect to the E-Learning Approaches .i.e., ... More
Semantic Oriented Agent based Approach towards Engineering Data Management, Web Information Retrieval and User System Communication ProblemsAug 07 2010The four intensive problems to the software rose by the software industry .i.e., User System Communication / Human Machine Interface, Meta Data extraction, Information processing & management and Data representation are discussed in this research paper. ... More
An Agent based Approach towards Metadata Extraction, Modelling and Information Retrieval over the WebAug 07 2010Web development is a challenging research area for its creativity and complexity. The existing raised key challenge in web technology technologic development is the presentation of data in machine read and process able format to take advantage in knowledge ... More
Towards Increase in Quality by Preprocessed Source Code and Measurement Analysis of Software ApplicationsNov 14 2010In this paper two intensive problems faced during software application's analysis and development process arose by the software industry are briefly conversed i.e. identification of fault proneness and increase in rate of variability in the source code ... More
Removal of Communication GapAug 07 2010This research is about an online forum designed and developed to improve the communication process between alumni, new, old and upcoming students. In this research paper we present targeted problems, designed architecture, used technologies in development ... More
Role of Ontology in Semantic Web DevelopmentAug 07 2010World Wide Web (WWW) is the most popular global information sharing and communication system consisting of three standards .i.e., Uniform Resource Identifier (URL), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). Information ... More
Web to Semantic Web & Role of OntologyAug 07 2010In this research paper we are briefly presenting current major web problems and introducing semantic web technologies with the claim of solving existing web's problems. Furthermore we are describing Ontology as the main building block of semantic web ... More
I-SOAS towards Product Data Management (PDM) based Application's ProblemsAug 07 2010In this research paper we address the importance of Product Data Management (PDM) with respect to the industrial contributional point of view and its major objectives. Moreover we also present some currently available major challenges to the Product Data ... More
How Does Ontology Contribute in Semantic Web Development?Aug 07 2010This paper investigates and briefly describes the major currently existing problems with World Wide Web .i.e., Information filtration and Security became the main reasons of semantic web's invention. The semantic web claims of providing the semantic based ... More
Integration of Flexible Web Based GUI in I-SOASNov 14 2010It is necessary to improve the concepts of the present web based graphical user interface for the development of more flexible and intelligent interface to provide ease and increase the level of comfort at user end like most of the desktop based applications. ... More
Integration of Agile Ontology Mapping towards NLP Search in I-SOASNov 14 2010In this research paper we address the importance of Product Data Management (PDM) with respect to its contributions in industry. Moreover we also present some currently available major challenges to PDM communities and targeting some of these challenges ... More
Designing a Dynamic Components and Agent based Approach for Semantic Information RetrievalAug 07 2010In this paper based on agent and semantic web technologies we propose an approach .i.e., Semantic Oriented Agent Based Search (SOAS), to cope with currently existing challenges of Meta data extraction, modeling and information retrieval over the web. ... More
Contributions of PDM Systems in Organizational Technical Data ManagementAug 07 2010Product Data Management (PDM) claims of producing desktop and web based systems to maintain the organizational data to increase the quality of products by improving the process of development, business process flows, change management, product structure ... More
Optofluidic Temperature and Pressure Measurements with Fiber Bragg Gratings Embedded in Microfluidic DevicesMar 24 2016The integration of photonic sensors into microfluidic devices provides opportunities for dynamic measurement of chemical and physical properties of fluids in very small volumes. We previously reported on the use of commercially available Fiber Bragg Gratings ... More
Design Artifact's, Design Principles, Problems, Goals and ImportanceAug 07 2010Designing human computer interaction interface is an important and a complex task, but it could be simplified by decomposing task into subcomponents and maintaining relationships among those subcomponents. Task decomposition is a structured approach, ... More
Towards Design and Implementation of a Language Technology based Information Processor for PDM SystemsAug 08 2010Product Data Management (PDM) aims to provide 'Systems' contributing in industries by electronically maintaining organizational data, improving data repository system, facilitating with easy access to CAD and providing additional information engineering ... More
Image-based Face Detection and Recognition: "State of the Art"Feb 26 2013Face recognition from image or video is a popular topic in biometrics research. Many public places usually have surveillance cameras for video capture and these cameras have their significant value for security purpose. It is widely acknowledged that ... More
Towards Replacing Resistance Thermometry with Photonic ThermometryOct 04 2017Resistance thermometry provides a time-tested method for taking temperature measurements that has been painstakingly developed over the last century. However, fundamental limits to resistance-based approaches along with a desire to reduce the cost of ... More
Fabrication and Characterization of On-Chip Integrated Silicon Photonic Bragg Grating and Photonic Crystal Cavity ThermometersAug 06 2015We report on the fabrication and characterization of photonic-based nanothermometers, a silicon photonic Bragg grating and photonic crystal cavity. When cladded with silicon dioxide layer the sensors have at least eight times better sensitivity compared ... More
Nanolayer and nano-convection based enhanced thermal conductivity of Copper-CO2 nanofluid: A molecular dynamics approachAug 31 2017The use of CO2 as a natural refrigerant in data center cooling, oil recovery and in CO2 capture and storage which is gaining traction in recent years involves heat transfer between CO2 and the base fluid. A need arises to improve the thermal conductivity ... More
On-Chip Silicon Waveguide Bragg Grating Photonic Temperature SensorAug 05 2015Resistance thermometry is a time-tested method for taking temperature measurements. In recent years fundamental limits to resistance-based approaches spurred considerable interest in developing photonic temperature sensors as a viable alternative. In ... More
Fiber Bragg Grating Based ThermometryMar 24 2016In recent years there has been considerable interest in developing photonic temperature sensors such as the Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) as an alternative to resistance thermometry. In this study we examine the thermal response of FBGs over the temperature ... More
Role of carbon nanotube diameter on thermal interfacial resistance through the analysis of vibrational mismatch: A Molecular Dynamics approachJul 11 2016Oct 02 2016Carbon nanotube (CNT) have been known to increase the heat transfer at the solid-liquid interfaces, but have a limitation due to the interfacial thermal resistance. Vibrational mismatch at the interface leads to this interfacial thermal resistance, which ... More
Fiber Bragg Gratings Embedded in 3D-Printed ScaffoldsAug 05 2015In recent years there has been considerable interest in utilizing embedded fiber optic based sensors for fabricating smart materials. One of the primary motivations is to provide real-time information on the structural integrity of the material so as ... More
Ultrafast Spin-Transfer-Torque Switching of Synthetic FerrimagnetsJun 14 2016Jun 15 2016The switching speed and the write current required for spin-transfer-torque reversal of spintronic devices such as magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) currently hinder their wide implementation into memory and logic devices. This problem is further exacerbated ... More
On Consideration of Content Preference and Sharing Willingness in D2D Assisted OffloadingFeb 01 2017Device-to-device (D2D) assisted offloading heavily depends on the participation of human users. The content preference and sharing willingness of human users are two crucial factors in the D2D assisted offloading. In this paper, with consideration of ... More
Hardware emulation of stochastic p-bits for invertible logicMay 04 2017Sep 12 2017The common feature of nearly all logic and memory devices is that they make use of stable units to represent 0's and 1's. A completely different paradigm is based on three-terminal stochastic units which could be called "p-bits", where the output is a ... More
Compression and Combining Based on Channel Shortening and Rank Reduction Techniques for Cooperative Wireless Sensor NetworksJun 30 2013This paper investigates and compares the performance of wireless sensor networks where sensors operate on the principles of cooperative communications. We consider a scenario where the source transmits signals to the destination with the help of $L$ sensors. ... More
Boundary-aware Instance SegmentationDec 09 2016Apr 07 2017We address the problem of instance-level semantic segmentation, which aims at jointly detecting, segmenting and classifying every individual object in an image. In this context, existing methods typically propose candidate objects, usually as bounding ... More
Ultra-Sensitive Chip-Based Photonic Temperature Sensor Using Ring Resonator StructuresDec 18 2013Resistance thermometry provides a time-tested method for taking temperature measurements. However, fundamental limits to resistance-based approaches has produced considerable interest in developing photonic temperature sensors to leverage advances in ... More
Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Late Fusion of Binary and Local DescriptorsMar 24 2017One of the challenges in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is to reduce the semantic gaps between low-level features and high-level semantic concepts. In CBIR, the images are represented in the feature space and the performance of CBIR depends on the ... More
Radiation Hardness of Fiber Bragg Grating ThermometersOct 19 2017Photonics sensing has long been valued for its tolerance to harsh environments where traditional sensing technologies fail. As photonic components continue to evolve and find new applications, their tolerance to radiation is emerging as an important line ... More
Weighted p-bits for FPGA implementation of probabilistic circuitsDec 12 2017Nov 01 2018Probabilistic spin logic (PSL) is a recently proposed computing paradigm based on unstable stochastic units called probabilistic bits (p-bits) that can be correlated to form probabilistic circuits (p-circuits). These p-circuits can be used to solve problems ... More
Developing Microwave Photonic Temperature SensorsAug 06 2015In recent years there has been considerable interest in exploiting the temperature dependence of sapphire whispering gallery mode frequency to develop a mechanically stable, high accuracy temperature sensor. Disk-resonator-based devices have been demonstrated ... More
A New Approach to Decoding of Rational Irreducible Goppa codeMay 05 2013Mar 08 2014The interesting properties of classical Goppa code and its effective decoding algorithm (algorithm of patterson) make the most appropriate candidate for use in the MC Eliece cryptosystem. Information leakage which results from the relationship between ... More
An Adaptive Quasi-Continuum Approach for Modeling Fracture in Networked Materials: Application to Modeling of Polymer NetworksMay 21 2019Materials with network-like microstructure, including polymers, are the backbone for many natural and human-made materials such as gels, biological tissues, metamaterials, and rubbers. Fracture processes in these networked materials are intrinsically ... More
Towards Photonics Enabled Quantum Metrology of Temperature, Pressure and VacuumMar 24 2016This chapter presents a brief overview of photonic sensor and standards development that is currently undergoing in the thermodynamic metrology group at NIST in the areas of temperature, pressure, vacuum and time-resolved pressure measurements.
Constant-Time Quantum Algorithm For The Unstructured Search ProblemNov 26 2008Given an item and a list of values of size $N$. It is required to decide if such item exists in the list. Classical computer can search for the item in O(N). The best known quantum algorithm can do the job in $O(\sqrt{N})$. In this paper, a quantum algorithm ... More
Detection and Elimination of Non-Trivial Reversible IdentitiesJan 23 2011Non-Trivial Reversible Identities (NTRIs) are reversible circuits that have equal inputs and outputs. NTRIs cannot be detected using optimization algorithms in the literature. Existence of NTRIs in a circuit will cause a slow down by increasing the number ... More
Origin of the numerals, Zero conceptJul 24 2007The partisans of the hypothesis of the Indian origin of the numerals create confusion between the history of the Indian mathematics and the history of our modern numerals. To argue the thesis of the Indian origin of the numbers they confound between: ... More
Magnetic AdS2 x R2 at Weak and Strong CouplingDec 20 2011Dec 21 2011We investigate an AdS2 magnetic brane solution within an abelian truncation of gauged supergravity in AdS4 x orbifolded S7. The solutions flow from AdS4 -> AdS2 x R2 with a magnetic field orthogonal to the R2 directions. We find a class of supersymmetric ... More
Holographic Projection Technology: The World is ChangingJun 04 2010This research papers examines the new technology of Holographic Projections. It highlights the importance and need of this technology and how it represents the new wave in the future of technology and communications, the different application of the technology, ... More
Tau neutrino as a probe of nonstandard interactions via charged Higgs and $W'$ contributionSep 14 2013We discuss the impact of the presence of a charged Higgs and a $W'$ gauge boson on the tau-neutrino nucleon scattering $\nu_{\tau}+ N \rightarrow \tau^- + X$ and $\bar{\nu}_{\tau}+ N \rightarrow \tau^+ + X$. We show the effect of the new physics on the ... More
A Conversational Interface to Improve Medication Adherence: Towards AI Support in Patient's TreatmentMar 03 2018Medication adherence is of utmost importance for many chronic conditions, regardless of the disease type. Engaging patients in self-tracking their medication is a big challenge. One way to potentially reduce this burden is to use reminders to promote ... More
On the Lambda-cotorsion subgroup of the Selmer groupDec 01 2018Let $E$ be an elliptic curve defined over a number field $K$ with supersingular reduction at all primes of $K$ above $p$. If $K_{\infty}/K$ is a $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension such that $E(K_{\infty})[p^{\infty}]$ is finite and $H^2(G_S(K_{\infty}), E[p^{\infty}])=0$, ... More
Temperature dependent quantum correlations in three dipolar coupled two-level atomsNov 18 2016We investigate the thermal entanglement characteristics of three dipole-coupled two-level atoms arranged in two different configurations - in a line with nearest neighbour coupling and in a closed loop with each atom interacting with both its neighbours. ... More
Calderón's reproducing formulas for the Weinstein $L^2$- multiplier operatorsJan 27 2018The aim of this work is the study of the Weinstein $L^2$- multiplier operators on $\mathbb{R}^{d+1}_+$ and we give for them Calder\'on's reproducing formulas and best approximation using the theory of Weinstein transform and reproducing kernels.
An Extension of Shelah's Trichotomy TheoremJun 27 2017Apr 04 2019In Sh506, Shelah develops the theory of $\mathrm{pcf}_I(A)$ without the assumption that $|A|<\min (A)$, going so far as to get generators for every $\lambda\in\mathrm{pcf}_I(A)$ under some assumptions on $I$. Our main theorem is that we can also generalize ... More
First Measurement of $Γ(D*+)$Aug 07 2001We present the first measurement of the D*+ width using 9/fb of e+e- data collected near the Upsilon(4S) resonance by the CLEO II.V detector. Our method uses advanced tracking techniques and a reconstruction method that takes advantage of the small vertical ... More
A splitting-based domain decomposition method for immiscible two-phase flow in porous media with different rock typesJun 08 2019In this paper, we are concerned with the global pressure formulation of immiscible incompressible two-phase flow between different rock types. The aim is to develop for this problem a robust algorithm based on domain decomposition methods and operator ... More
Interest-Aware Delivery for Mobile Social Networks: A TRACE-driven ApproachDec 16 2018We envision future mobile networks to be human-centric supporting interest-aware delivery, where an interest maybe based on behavior, such as mobility pattern, location, or web browsing (or user profile) such as affiliation, attributes, or activity. An ... More
Some recent results of the CODALEMA experimentNov 14 2012Codalema is one of the experiments devoted to the detection of ultra high energy cosmic rays by the radio method. The main objective is to study the features of the radio signal induced by the development in the atmosphere of extensive air showers (EAS) ... More
Reflecting on Inaccessible Jónsson CardinalsJan 08 2019May 08 2019Given an inaccessible J\'onsson cardinal $\lambda$, a sequence of results due to Shelah from Cardinal Arithmetic and Sh413 tell us that $\lambda$ must be at least $\lambda\times\omega$-Mahlo. We may then ask ourselves whether we can improve this bound, ... More
Controller Design and Implementation of a New Quadrotor Manipulation SystemApr 11 2019The previously introduced aerial manipulation systems suffer from either limited end-effector DOF or small payload capacity. In this dissertation, a quadrotor with a 2-DOF manipulator is investigated that has a unique topology to enable the end-effector ... More
Ordered Counter-AbstractionMar 31 2012We introduce a new symbolic representation based on an original generalization of counter abstraction. Unlike classical counter abstraction (used in the analysis of parameterized systems with unordered or unstructured topologies) the new representation ... More
New features of scattering from a one-dimensional non-Hermitian (complex) potentialOct 20 2011Dec 21 2011For complex one-dimensional potentials, we propose the asymmetry of both reflectivity and transmitivity under time-reversal: $R(-k)\ne R(k)$ and $T(-k) \ne T(k)$, unless the potentials are real or PT-symmetric. For complex PT-symmetric scattering potentials, ... More
Zero width resonance (spectral singularity) in a complex PT-symmetric potentialAug 20 2009We show that the complex PT-Symmetric potential, $V(x)=-V_1 {sech}^2x + iV_2 {sech}x ~\tanh x, $, entails a single zero-width resonance (spectral singularity) when $V_1+|V_2|=4n^2+4n+{3\over 4}(n=1,2,3.., |V_2|>|V_1|+ {{sgn}(V_1) \over 4})$ and the positive ... More
An ansatz for the eigenstates in PT-symmetric quantum mechanicsAug 10 2006We suggest a general ansatz for the energy-eigenstates when a complex one-dimensional PT-symmetric potential possesses real discrete spectrum. Several interesting features of PT-symmetric quantum mechanics have been brought out using this ansatz.
Handedness of complex PT-symmetric potential barriersDec 18 2003Generally, when imaginary part of an optical potential is non-symmetric the reflectivity, $R(E)$, shows left/right handedness, further if it is not negative-definite the reflection and transmission, $T(E)$, coefficients become anomalous in some energy ... More
Database Manipulation on Quantum ComputersMay 29 2007Manipulating a database system on a quantum computer is an essential aim to benefit from the promising speed-up of quantum computers over classical computers in areas that take a vast amount of storage and processing time such as in databases. In this ... More
Origin of the numeralsJun 27 2006Jul 03 2006Through the pagination of an Arabian Algerian manuscript of the beginning of the 19th century, we rediscover the original shape, the "Ghubari" shape, of the numerals. Contrary to some assumptions, particularly those which claim that they are derived from ... More
The Great Season Climatic OscillationJan 24 2007Feb 12 2007The variations of water density and thermal conductivity of the oceans cold region waters according to their salinity lead to suggest an hypothesis of an oscillating climate between two extreme positions: a maximum of hot temperatures and a minimum of ... More
Infrared behavior and gauge artifacts in de Sitter spacetime: The photon fieldNov 16 2010Jul 14 2011We study the infrared (long distance) behavior of the free photon field in de Sitter spacetime. Using a two-parameter family of gauge fixing terms, we show that the infrared (IR) behavior of the two-point function is highly gauge-dependent and ranges ... More
Implication of the Fourth Generation Standard Model to the Lepton Polarization asymmetries in the $B\rightarrow K^{\ast}\ell^{+}\ell^{-}$ DecayAug 02 2012Aug 11 2012In this work we study the implication of the fourth generation standard model (SM4) to the single and double lepton polarization asymmetries in the $B\rightarrow K^{\ast}\ell^{+}\ell^{-}$, $(l=\mu,\tau)$ decay. To see the variation in the values of lepton ... More
Charged Higgs Observability in the s-channel Single top Production at LHCNov 20 2017Single top quark production through weak interactions is one of the important source of charged Higgs in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). In the s-channel single top production having largest cross-section, a charged Higgs may appear ... More
Sources of Charged Higgs Pair Through Double or Triple Higgs Production in Two Higgs Doublet Model Type II at Linear CollidersFeb 23 2015Dec 05 2016The production of triple Higgs $(H^+H^-H^0)$, $(H^+H^-h^0)$ and pair wise charged Higgs boson $(H^+H^-)$ is studied in the context of future linear colliders within the Two-Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM) type II. The aim is to compare sources of charged Higgs ... More
Quasihomogeneous Polynomials with Isomorphic Milnor AlgebrasSep 29 2009Mar 24 2010In Theorem 5.2 we show that two quasihomogeneous polynomials $f$ and $g$ having isomorphic Milnor algebras are right-equivalent.
A Review of Empirical Applications on Food Waste Prevention & ManagementMar 12 2018Food waste has a significant detrimental economic, environmental and social impact. Recent efforts in HCI re-search have examined ways of influencing surplus food waste management. In this paper, we conduct a research survey to investigate and compare ... More
Cosmic deceleration-acceleration transition in Swiss-cheese Brane-worldsApr 23 2019Two different Brane-world cosmologies with black strings have been introduced for any cosmological constant $\Lambda$ using two empirical forms of the scale factor. In both of them, we have performed the fine-tuning between the brane tension and the cosmological ... More
Predictive Capacity of Meteorological Data - Will it rain tomorrowSep 16 2014With the availability of high precision digital sensors and cheap storage medium, it is not uncommon to find large amounts of data collected on almost all measurable attributes, both in nature and man-made habitats. Weather in particular has been an area ... More
Shortest Path Algorithms between Theory and PracticeMay 17 2019Utilizing graph algorithms is a common activity in computer science. Algorithms that perform computations on large graphs are not always efficient. This work investigates the Single-Source Shortest Path (SSSP) problem, which is considered to be one of ... More
Different Stages of Wearable Health Tracking Adoption & Abandonment: A Survey Study and AnalysisApr 27 2019Health trackers are widely adopted to support users with daily health and wellness tracking. They can help increase steps taken, enhance sleeping pattern, improve healthy diet, and promote overall health. Despite the growth in the adoption of such technology, ... More
Beyond Technical Motives: Perceived User Behavior in Abandoning Wearable Health & Wellness TrackersApr 16 2019Health trackers are widely adopted to support individuals with daily health and wellness activity tracking. They can help increase steps taken, enhance sleeping pattern, improve healthy diet, and promote the overall health. Despite the growth in wearable ... More
BYOD, Personal Area Networks (PANs) and IOT: Threats to Patients PrivacyFeb 18 2019The passage of FISMA and HIPPA Acts have mandated various security controls that ensure the privacy of patients data. Hospitals and health-care organizations are required by law to ensure that patients data is stored and disseminated in a secure fashion. ... More
Channel Modeling for Over-water CommunicationsDec 22 2018Over-water communication has been an important research field of wireless communications and radar. Since there are so many parameters in this environment that are changing continuously in the spatial and temporal domains such as weather and sea surface ... More
Ricci-Gauss-Bonnet holographic dark energy in Chern-Simons modified gravity: A flat FLRW quintessence-dominated universeJan 11 2019Aug 08 2019We discuss the recently suggested Ricci-Gauss-Bonnet holographic dark energy in Chern-Simons modified gravity. We have tested some general forms of the scale factor $a(t)$, and used two physically reasonable forms which have been proved to be consistent ... More
The possibility of a stable flat dark energy-dominated Swiss-cheese Brane-world universe with a deceleration-acceleration transitionApr 23 2019Jul 11 2019In this paper, we study the possibility of obtaining a stable flat dark energy-dominated universe in a good agreement with observations in the framework of Swiss-cheese Brane-world cosmology. Two different Brane-world cosmologies with black strings have ... More
Classification of 3-Dimensional BiHom-Associative and BiHom-BialgebrasJun 28 2019The purpose of this paper is to study the structure and the algebraic varieties of BiHom-associative algebras. We provide a classication of n-dimensional BiHom-associative and BiHom-bialgebras and BiHom Hopf algebras for n $\le$ 3.
Crossing the phantom divide line in universal extra dimensionsJul 29 2019We investigate the cosmic acceleration and the evolution of dark energy across the cosmological constant boundary in universal extra dimensions UED. We adopt an empirical approach to solve the higher-dimensional cosmological equations so that the deceleration ... More
SpinWaves in Ferromagnetic Dots 2D Honeycomb Lattice StripesOct 26 2011In this work, the spin wave calculations were carried out using the Heisenberg Hamiltonian to study the allowed spin waves of zigzag and armchair edged stripes for ferromagnetic nanodots arrayed in a 2D honeycomb lattice \cite{Selim2011}. The Hamiltonian ... More
Homogeneous Polynomials with Isomorphic Milnor AlgebrasMay 25 2008In Theorem 3.2 we show that two homogeneous polynomials $f$ and $g$ having isomorphic Milnor algebras are right-equivalent.
Statistical Romberg extrapolation: A new variance reduction method and applications to option pricingFeb 23 2006We study the approximation of $\mathbb{E}f(X_T)$ by a Monte Carlo algorithm, where $X$ is the solution of a stochastic differential equation and $f$ is a given function. We introduce a new variance reduction method, which can be viewed as a statistical ... More
Weighted Homogeneous Polynomials with Isomorphic Milnor AlgebrasSep 29 2009Apr 06 2019We recall first some basic facts on weighted homogeneous functions and filtrations in the ring $A$ of formal power series. We introduce next their analogues for weighted homogeneous diffeomorphisms and vector fields. We show that the Milnor algebra is ... More
All-Digital Self-interference Cancellation Technique for Full-duplex SystemsJun 20 2014Full-duplex systems are expected to double the spectral efficiency compared to conventional half-duplex systems if the self-interference signal can be significantly mitigated. Digital cancellation is one of the lowest complexity self-interference cancellation ... More
Optimal Selection of Spectrum Sensing Duration for an Energy Harvesting Cognitive RadioSep 25 2013In this paper, we consider a time-slotted cognitive radio (CR) setting with buffered and energy harvesting primary and CR users. At the beginning of each time slot, the CR user probabilistically chooses the spectrum sensing duration from a predefined ... More
Comments on "Optimal Utilization of a Cognitive Shared Channel with a Rechargeable Primary Source Node"Jan 14 2014In a recent paper [1], the authors investigated the maximum stable throughput region of a network composed of a rechargeable primary user and a secondary user plugged to a reliable power supply. The authors studied the cases of an infinite and a finite ... More
Strength and Weakness in Grover's Quantum Search AlgorithmNov 27 2008Grover's quantum search algorithm is considered as one of the milestone in the field of quantum computing. The algorithm can search for a single match in a database with $N$ records in $O(\sqrt{N})$ assuming that the item must exist in the database with ... More
Synthesis and Optimization of Reversible Circuits for Homogeneous Boolean FunctionsOct 02 2007Homogenous Boolean function is an essential part of any cryptographic system. The ability to construct an optimized reversible circuits for homogeneous Boolean functions might arise the possibility of building cryptographic system on novel computing paradigms ... More
The Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier (PREA) and the mean earth s ground temperatureNov 03 2008From the radiation balance diagram illustrating the IPCC reports one can estimate the power received by Earth from the sun at Pin = 342 W/m2 and the power consumed, remitted and reflected by the earth and its atmosphere at Pout = 599 kW/m2. It seems that ... More