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One-step fabrication of metal nanostructures by high-throughput imprintingNov 10 2016Direct nanoimprinting provides a simple and high-throughput route for producing uniform nanopatterns at great precision and at low costs. However, applying this technique to crystalline metals has been considered as impossible due to intrinsic limitation ... More
Topological indexes in symmetry preserving dynamicsFeb 08 2018The quench dynamics of topological phases have received intensive investigations in recent years. In this work, we prove exactly that the topological invariants for both $\mathbb{Z}$ and $\mathbb{Z}_2$ indexes are independent of time in symmetry preserving ... More
Intersection number and the stability of some inscribable graphsDec 15 2014Jan 01 2015A planar graph is inscribable if it is combinatorial equivalent to the skeleton of a polyhedra which is inscribed in a sphere. For an inscribable graph, in its combinatorial equivalent class, if we could always find polyhedra inscribed in any given convex ... More
How many cages midscribe an egg?Dec 15 2014The Midscribability Theorem, which was first proved by O. Schramm, states that: given a strictly convex body $K\subset\mathbb{R}^{3}$ with smooth boundary and a convex polyhedron $P$, there exists a polyhedron $Q \subset \mathbb{RP}^3$ combinatorially ... More
On Stability of Nodal $L_k^p$-Maps ISep 24 2015We give a general definition of weakly stable nodal $L_k^p$-maps as a natural generalization of the stability for $J$-holomorphic nodal maps in GW theory. A complete characterization of the weakly stable nodal $L_k^p$-maps are given in term of their isotropy ... More
Geometric Equivariant Extension of Sections in GW Theory ISep 22 2015This paper is to explain one of the two constructions in our work [L] on analytic foundation of GW theory. We improve and clarify the results there.
Nearly Cloaking the Full Maxwell EquationsOct 09 2012May 09 2013The approximate cloaking is investigated for time-harmonic Maxwell's equations via the approach of transformation optics. The problem is reduced to certain boundary effect estimates due to an inhomogeneous electromagnetic inclusion with an asymptotically ... More
Mechanical buckling induced periodic kinking/stripe microstructures in mechanically peeled graphite flakes from HOPGSep 24 2014Mechanical exfoliation is a widely used method to isolate high quality graphene layers from bulk graphite. In our recent experiments, some ordered microstructures, consisting of a periodic alternation of kinks and stripes, were observed in thin graphite ... More
Interlayer binding energy of graphite -- A direct experimental determinationApr 08 2011Despite interlayer binding energy is one of the most important material properties for graphite, there is still lacking report on its direct experimental determination. In this paper, we present a novel experimental method to directly measure the interlayer ... More
An Improved Dilaton Background in Soft-Wall ModelSep 18 2010We adopted the form of v.e.v. of the bulk scalar field proposed by P.Zhang in this paper, and changed the dilaton background from $e^{-\kappa^2z^2}$ to $e^{-\kappa^2z^2+\alpha z}$ accordingly. The calculation shows that, as if we choose proper parameters, ... More
Compositions of polyharmonic mappingsOct 20 2016The paper is devoted to the study of compositions of polyharmonic mappings in simply connected domains. More precisely, we determine necessary and sufficient conditions of polyharmonic mapping $f$ such that $f\circ F$ (resp. $F\circ f$) is $l$-harmonic ... More
Sommerfeld enhancements with vector, scalar and pseudoscalar force-carriersMay 23 2013Jun 07 2013The first AMS-02 measurement confirms the existence of an excess in the cosmic-ray positron fraction previously reported by the PAMELA and Fermi-LAT experiments. If interpreted in terms of thermal dark matter (DM) annihilation, the AMS-02 result still ... More
Thermodynamical properties of dark energy with the equation of state $% ω=ω_{0}+ω_{1}z$Sep 18 2007Oct 30 2007The thermodynamical properties of dark energy are usually investigated with the equation of state $\omega =\omega_{0}+\omega_{1}z$. Recent observations show that our universe is accelerating, and the apparent horizon and the event horizon vary with redshift ... More
Dark matter conversion as a source of boost factor for explaining the cosmic ray positron and electron excessesDec 17 2011In interacting multi-component dark matter (DM) models, if the DM components are nearly degenerate in mass and the interactions between them are strong enough, the relatively heavy DM components can be converted into lighter ones at late time after the ... More
A Statistical Study of the Average Iron Charge Distributions inside Magnetic Clouds for Solar Cycle 23Apr 12 2016Magnetic clouds (MCs) are the interplanetary counterpart of coronal magnetic flux ropes. They can provide valuable information to reveal the flux rope characteristics at their eruption stage in the corona, which are unable to be explored in situ at present. ... More
Interlayer shear strength of single crystalline graphiteJul 08 2012Jul 10 2012Reported values (0.2 MPa ~ 7.0 GPa) of the interlayer shear strength (ISS) of graphite are very dispersed. The main challenge to obtain a reliable value of ISS is the lack of precise experimental methods. Here we present a novel experimental approach ... More
TianQin: a space-borne gravitational wave detectorDec 07 2015TianQin is a proposal for a space-borne detector of gravitational waves in the millihertz frequencies. The experiment relies on a constellation of three drag-free spacecraft orbiting the Earth. Inter-spacecraft laser interferometry is used to monitor ... More
Binding and interlayer force in the near-contact region of two graphite slabs: experiment and theoryNov 22 2013Via a novel experiment, Liu \emph{et al.} [Phys. Rev. B, {\bf 85}, 205418 (2012)] estimated the graphite binding energy, specifically the cleavage energy, an important physical property of bulk graphite. We re-examine the data analysis and note that within ... More
Charm-quark production in deep-inelastic neutrino scattering at NNLO in QCDJan 20 2016Jun 29 2016We present a fully differential next-to-next-to-leading order calculation of charm quark production in charged-current deep-inelastic scattering, with full charm-quark mass dependence. The next-to-next-to-leading order corrections in perturbative quantum ... More
Complementary relation of quantum coherence and quantum correlations in multiple measurementsAug 29 2016Quantum coherence and quantum correlations lies in the central of quantum mechanics and both are considered as fundamental reasons for significance deviation of quantum mechanics from classical mechanics which are often valued as precious resources in ... More
Ground test of satellite constellation based quantum communicationNov 30 2016Satellite based quantum communication has been proven as a feasible way to achieve global scale quantum communication network. Very recently, a low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellite has been launched for this purpose. However, with a single satellite, it takes ... More
Nearly Cloaking the Full Maxwell Equations: Cloaking Active Contents with General Conducting LayersMay 09 2013The regularized near-cloak via the transformation optics approach in the time-harmonic electromagnetic scattering is considered. This work extends the existing studies mainly in two aspects. First, it presents a near-cloak construction by incorporating ... More
Analysis of the Optimal Resource Allocation for a Tandem Queueing SystemApr 06 2015In this paper, we study a controllable tandem queueing system consisting of two nodes and a controller, in which customers arrive according to a Poisson process and must receive service at both nodes before leaving the system. A decision maker dynamically ... More
On the Scale of Visible Jets in High Energy Electron-Positron CollisionsFeb 06 2001A study of the dynamical fluctuation property of jets is carried out using the Monte Carlo method. The results suggest that, the anisotropy of dynamical fluctuations in the hadronic system inside jets, changes abruptly with the variation of the cut parameter ... More
Spin-disordered superfluid state for spin-1 bosons with fractional spin and statisticsJan 11 2002May 10 2002We study a strongly correlated spin-1 Bose gas in 2D space by using the projective construction. A spin-disordered superfluid state is constructed and proposed as a candidate competing with the conventional polar condensate when interaction is antiferromagnetic. ... More
Plateau in Above-Threshold-Ionization Spectra and Chaotic Behavior in Rescattering ProcessJan 10 1998An improved quasistatic model is used to describe the ionization process of atoms in intense linearly polarized fields. Numerical calculations of Above-Threshold-Ionization (ATI) energy spectra and photoelectron angular distributions (PAD) of hydrogen ... More
More hidden heavy quarkonium molecules and their discovery decay modesSep 02 2014To validate the molecular description of the observed $Z_b(10610)/Z_b(10650)$ and $Z_c(3900)/Z_c(4025)$, it is valuable to investigate their counterparts, denoted as $Z_{QV}^{(\prime)}$ in this work, and the corresponding decay modes. In this work, we ... More
Hybrid Parallel Bidirectional Sieve based on SMP ClusterMay 22 2012In this article, hybrid parallel bidirectional sieve method is implemented by SMP Cluster, the individual computational units joined together by the communication network, are usually shared-memory systems with one or more multicore processor. To high-efficiency ... More
Decoupled Uplink and Downlink in a Wireless System with Buffer-Aided RelayingSep 21 2016Sep 22 2016The paper treats a multiuser relay scenario where multiple user equipments (UEs) have a two-way communication with a common Base Station (BS) in the presence of a buffer-equipped Relay Station (RS). Each of the uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) transmission ... More
Simulating heavy fermion physics in optical lattice: Periodic Anderson model with harmonic trapping potentialOct 14 2016Oct 19 2016Periodic Anderson model (PAM), where local electron orbitals interplay with itinerant electronic carriers, plays an essential role in our understanding on heavy fermion materials. Motivated by recent proposal of simulating Kondo lattice model (KLM) in ... More
A New P2N Approach to Software Development Under the ClusteringJul 23 2012In this computer era of rapid development, software development can be seen everywhere, but a lot of softwares are dead in modern development of software. Just as The Mythical Man-Month said, it exists a problem in the software development, and the problem ... More
Linear measure and $K$-quasiconformal harmonic mappingsDec 03 2016In this paper, we investigate the relationships between linear measure and harmonic mappings.
Transverse momentum resummation for color sextet and antitriplet scalar production at the LHCJul 16 2013Mar 03 2014We study the factorization and resummation of the transverse momentum spectrum of the color sextet and antitriplet scalars produced at the LHC based on soft-collinear effective theory. Compared to Z boson and Higgs production, a soft function is required ... More
An Adaptive XP-based approach to Agile DevelopmentMay 24 2012Jul 23 2012Software design is gradually becoming open, distributed, pervasive, and connected. It is a sad statistical fact that software projects are scientifically fragile and tend to fail more than other engineering fields. Agile development is a philosophy. And ... More
Decomposition of Three-Dimensional Steady Non-isentropic Compressible Euler System and Stability of Spherically Symmetric Subsonic Flows and Transonic Shocks under Multidimensional PerturbationsMay 12 2015We develop a method that works in general product Riemannian manifold to decompose the three-dimensional steady full compressible Euler system, which is of elliptic-hyperbolic composite-mixed type for subsonic flows. The method is applied to show stability ... More
Property of the low-lying states at the critical point of the phase transition in U(4) vibron modelNov 17 2008We study the properties of the low-lying states at the critical point of the phase transition from U(3) to O(4) symmetry in the U(4) vibron model in detail. By analyzing the general characteristics and comparing the calculated results of the energy spectra ... More
MRF-ZOOM: A Fast Dictionary Searching Algorithm for Magnetic Resonance FingerprintingJun 17 2015Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF) is a new technique for simultaneously quantifying multiple MR parameters using one temporally resolved MR scan. But its brute-force dictionary generating and searching (DGS) process causes a huge disk space demand ... More
Graphite NanoeraserOct 20 2010We present here a method for cleaning intermediate-size (5~50nm) contamination from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. Electron beam deposition causes a continuous increase of carbonaceous material on graphene and graphite surfaces, which is difficult ... More
New explicit thresholding/shrinkage formulas for one class of regularization problems with overlapping group sparsity and their applicationsDec 24 2013May 09 2014The least-square regression problems or inverse problems have been widely studied in many fields such as compressive sensing, signal processing, and image processing. To solve this kind of ill-posed problems, a regularization term (i.e., regularizer) ... More
Total variation with overlapping group sparsity for image deblurring under impulse noiseDec 21 2013The total variation (TV) regularization method is an effective method for image deblurring in preserving edges. However, the TV based solutions usually have some staircase effects. In this paper, in order to alleviate the staircase effect, we propose ... More
New gapped quantum phases for S=1 spin chain with D2h symmetryJan 29 2011Mar 21 2011We study different quantum phases in integer spin systems with on-site D2h=D2xZ2 and translation symmetry. We find four distinct non-trivial phases in S=1 spin chains despite they all have the same symmetry. All the four phases have gapped bulk excitations, ... More
Weak Topological Insulators in PbTe/SnTe SuperlatticesSep 30 2013Oct 10 2013It is desirable to realize topological phases in artificial structures by engineering electronic band structures. In this paper, we investigate $(PbTe)_m(SnTe)_{2n-m}$ superlattices along [001] direction and find a robust weak topological insulator phase ... More
Hybrid quantum device based on NV centers in diamond nanomechanical resonators plus superconducting waveguide cavitiesMar 09 2015Sep 16 2015We propose and analyze a hybrid device by integrating a microscale diamond beam with a single built-in nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center spin to a superconducting coplanar waveguide (CPW) cavity. We find that under an ac electric field the quantized motion ... More
Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Control Data Separation Architecture based H-CRAN with Heterogeneous FronthaulNov 06 2015Nov 23 2015Control data separation architecture (CDSA) is a more efficient architecture to overcome the overhead issue than the conventional cellular networks, especially for the huge bursty traffic like Internet of Things, and over-the-top (OTT) content service. ... More
Fringe Structure in the Phase-Space Dynamics of Atomic Stabilization in An Intense FieldJul 12 2002An analytical expression of a Floquet operator, which describes the evolution of a wave packet in combined atomic and an intense laser field,is obtained approximately in the stabilization regime. Both the classical and quantum versions of the Floquet ... More
Correlated metallic state in honeycomb lattice: Orthogonal Dirac semimetalMay 28 2012Sep 10 2012A novel gapped metallic state coined orthogonal Dirac semimetal is proposed in the honeycomb lattice in terms of $Z_{2}$ slave-spin representation of Hubbard model. This state corresponds to the disordered phase of slave-spin and has the same thermaldynamical ... More
Can Quintessence Be The Rolling Tachyon?Apr 30 2002May 22 2002In light of the recent work by Sen and Gibbons, we present a phase-plane analysis on the cosmology containing a rolling tachyon field in a potential resulted from string theory. We show that there is no stable point on the phase-plane, which indicated ... More
Lithography-Free, Low-Cost Method for Improving Photodiode Performance by Etching Silicon Nanocones as Antireflection LayerApr 21 2016A three-step process has been demonstrated to improve the performance of photodiode by creating nanocone forest on the surface of photodiode as an antireflection layer. This high-throughput, low-cost process has been shown to decrease the reflectivity ... More
Quantum Phase Transition in Ultracold 87Rb Atom Gas with Radiant FieldAug 11 2006A second-order quantum phase transition in two-species Bose-Einstein condensates of 87Rb atoms coupled by a quantized radiant field is revealed explicitly in terms of the energy spectrum which is obtained in the thermodynamic limit and is controllable ... More
Supervised Matrix Factorization for Cross-Modality HashingMar 17 2016Apr 16 2016Matrix factorization has been recently utilized for the task of multi-modal hashing for cross-modality visual search, where basis functions are learned to map data from different modalities to the same Hamming embedding. In this paper, we propose a novel ... More
Quasinormal modes of stringy black holesMay 02 2002String theory is a promising candidate for a fundamental quantum theory of all interactions including Einstein gravity. Some solutions in string theory can be interpreted as black holes. Using the semi-analytic method and WKB method,the quasinormal modes(QNMs)of ... More
Binary population synthesis for the core-degenerate scenario of type Ia supernova progenitorsFeb 13 2015Mar 14 2015The core-degenerate (CD) scenario has been suggested to be a possible progenitor model of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), in which a carbon-oxygen white dwarf (CO WD) merges with the hot CO core of a massive asymptotic giant branch (AGB) star during their ... More
Two-dimensional confinement of critical U(1) gauge field in the presence of Fermi surfaceDec 29 2011Apr 20 2012The compact U(1) gauge field occurs in many fractionalized descriptions of low dimensional quantum magnetism and heavy fermion systems. In this respect a fundamental question about the gauge field is whether it is confined or not in the presence of Fermi ... More
Classical collisional trajectories as the source of strong-field double ionization of helium in the knee regimeDec 05 2001In this paper, a quasistatic model is extended to describe the double ionization of Helium in intense linearly polarized field, yielding achieve an insight to the two-electron correlation effect in the ionization dynamics. Our numerical calculations reproduce ... More
Stability of Degree Heterogeneous Ecological NetworksSep 15 2014Jun 05 2015A classic measure of ecological stability describes the tendency of a community to return to equilibrium after small perturbation. While many advances show how the network structure of these communities severely constrains such tendencies, few if any ... More
Steady-state localized-delocalized phase transition of an incoherent-pumped dissipative Bose-Hubbard modelSep 14 2016We investigate steady-state properties of a two-dimensional incoherent-pumped dissipative Bose-Hubbard model, which describes a photon square lattice. This incoherent pumping exhibits an important environment-induced higher-order fluctuation effect, which ... More
Modular transformations and topological orders in two dimensionsMar 04 2013Jan 27 2014The string-net approach by Levin and Wen and the local unitary transformation approach by Chen, Gu and Wen provided ways to systematically label non-chiral topological orders in 2D. In those approaches, different topologically ordered many-body wave functions ... More
O(N) quintessenceJul 10 2001Oct 18 2002We study a new class of quintessence models, in which the scalar field possesses a O(\textit{N}) internal symmetry. We give a critical condition of instability for the potential against Q ball formation. We find that the most widely used potentials of ... More
Syzygies Probing Scattering AmplitudesNov 03 2015Sep 30 2016We propose a new efficient algorithm to obtain the locally minimal generating set of the syzygies for an ideal, i.e. a generating set whose proper subsets cannot be generating sets. Syzygy is a concept widely used in the current study of scattering amplitudes. ... More
X(3915) and X(4350) as new members in P-wave charmonium familyNov 19 2009Mar 06 2010The analysis of the mass spectrum and the calculation of the strong decay of P-wave charmonium states strongly support to explain the newly observed X(3915) and X(4350) as new members in P-wave charmonium family, i.e., $\chi_{c0}^\prime$ for X(3915) and ... More
Spatio-Temporal LSTM with Trust Gates for 3D Human Action RecognitionJul 24 20163D action recognition - analysis of human actions based on 3D skeleton data - becomes popular recently due to its succinctness, robustness, and view-invariant representation. Recent attempts on this problem suggested to develop RNN-based learning methods ... More
Theory of Network Contractor Dynamics for Exploring Thermodynamic Properties of Two-dimensional Quantum Lattice ModelsJan 28 2013Aug 19 2013Based on the tensor network state representation, we develop a nonlinear dynamic theory coined as network contractor dynamics (NCD) to explore the thermodynamic properties of two-dimensional quantum lattice models. By invoking the rank-$1$ decomposition ... More
A New Regularization Method in 3-Dimensional Momentum SpaceJun 22 1998We propose a new method to calculate the 4-dimensional divergent integrals. By calculating the one loop integral as an example, the regularization of the integrals in 3-dimension momentum space are given in details. We find that the new method gives the ... More
Amplification of nanosecond laser pulse chain via dynamic injection locking of laser diodeDec 03 2016We report a novel optical pulse generation method for high-speed wavelength switching of amplified nanosecond (ns) laser pulses resonant to atomic transitions.Under free-running condition, a slave laser diode is blue-detuned with tens of GHz relative ... More
Anomalous Heat Conduction and Anomalous Diffusion in Low Dimensional Nanoscale SystemsMay 14 2012May 15 2012Thermal transport is an important energy transfer process in nature. Phonon is the major energy carrier for heat in semiconductor and dielectric materials. In analogy to Ohm's law for electrical conductivity, Fourier's law is a fundamental rule of heat ... More
Nanotube-Terminated Zigzag Edge of Phosphorene formed by Self-Rolling ReconstructionSep 20 2016Edge atomic configuration often plays an important role in dictating the properties of finite-sized two-dimensional (2D) materials. By performing ab initio calculations, we identify a highly stable zigzag edge of phosphorene, which is the most stable ... More
Exotic Decays of the 125 GeV Higgs BosonDec 17 2013Sep 02 2015We perform an extensive survey of non-standard Higgs decays that are consistent with the 125 GeV Higgs-like resonance. Our aim is to motivate a large set of new experimental analyses on the existing and forthcoming data from the Large Hadron Collider ... More
An extensive survey of dayside diffuse aurora based on optical observations at Yellow River StationJun 07 2016By using 7 years optical auroral observations obtained at Yellow River Station (magnetic latitude $76.24\,^{\circ}{\rm C}$N) at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard, we performed the first extensive survey for the dayside diffuse auroras (DDAs) and acquired observational ... More
Qualitative analysis of three-wave interaction with periodic boundary conditionMar 02 2016Apr 22 2016First, for 3WRI with positive wave energy, we present a regularity theorem for all spatial dimension. Second, for 3WRI with negative wave energy, we present a class of solution in general spatial dimension that will blow up in finite time. Moreover, a ... More
Shooting Method with Sign-Changing NonlinearityJul 26 2014In this paper, we study the existence of solution to a nonlinear system: \begin{align} \left\{\begin{array}{cl} -\Delta u_{i} = f_{i}(u) & \text{in } \mathbb{R}^n, u_{i} > 0 & \text{in } \mathbb{R}^n, \, i = 1, 2,\cdots, L % u_{i}(x) \rightarrow 0 & \text{uniformly ... More
Anticommutators and propagators of Moyal star-products for Dirac field on noncommutative spacetimeJan 15 2006Feb 25 2006We study the Moyal anticommutators and their expectation values between vacuum states and non-vacuum states for Dirac fields on noncommutative spacetime. Then we construct the propagators of Moyal star-products for Dirac fields on noncommutative spacetime. ... More
Hawking Radiation of Black p-Branes from Gravitational AnomalySep 24 2007Aug 01 2008We investigate the Hawking radiation of black $p$-branes of superstring theories using the method of anomaly cancelation, specially, we use the method of [S. Iso, H. Umetsu and F. Wilczek, {\sl Phys. Rev. Lett.} {\bf 96}, 151302 (2006); {\sl Phys. Rev. ... More
Microcausality of Dirac field on noncommutative spacetimeMar 23 2006May 08 2006We study the microcausality of free Dirac field on noncommutative spacetime. We calculate the vacuum and non-vacuum state expectation values for the Moyal commutator $[\bar{\psi}_{\alpha}(x)\star\psi_{\beta}(x),\bar{\psi}_ {\sigma}(x^{\prime})\star\psi_{\tau}(x^{\prime})]_{\star}$ ... More
Commutators and propagators of Moyal star-products and microcausality for free scalar field on noncommutative spacetimeJan 08 2006Feb 26 2006We study the Moyal commutators and their expectation values between vacuum states and non-vacuum states for free scalar field on noncommutative spacetime. Then from the Moyal commutators, we find that the microcausality is satisfied for the linear operators ... More
An Extended Discrete Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev InequalityJun 07 2013Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev (HLS) Inequality fails in the "critical" case: \mu=n. However, for discrete HLS, we can derive a finite form of HLS inequality with logarithm correction for a critical case: \mu=n and p=q, by limiting the inequality on a finite ... More
Microcausality violation of scalar field on noncommutative spacetime with the time-space noncommutativityMar 07 2006Jul 28 2007Quantum field theories on noncommutative spacetime have many different properties from those on commutative spacetime. In this paper, we study the microcausality of free scalar field on noncommutative spacetime. We expand the scalar field in the form ... More
Decay and scattering of solutions to three dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equations with potentialsFeb 08 2015We prove the decay and scattering of solutions to three dimensional nonlinear Schr\"odinger with a Schawtz potential. For Rollnik potentials, we obtain time decay and scattering in energy space for small initial data for NLS with pure power nonlinearity ... More
Probing charged impurities in suspended graphene using Raman spectroscopyDec 22 2008Feb 19 2009Charged impurity (CI) scattering is one of the dominant factors that affect the carrier mobility in graphene. In this paper, we use Raman spectroscopy to probe the charged impurities in suspended graphene. We find that the 2D band intensity is very sensitive ... More
Alternative Strategies for Maximizing the Output of Multi-Junction Photovoltaic PanelsDec 05 2014Multi-junction photovoltaics provide a logical method of increasing the utilization of solar power for a given area. However, their current design and fabrication methods invoke numerous material and cost complexities that limit their potential, particularly ... More
Degree bound of Pólya PositivstellenstazFeb 08 2018P\'olya's Positivstellensatz on the $1$-simplex says that if $P(x)$ is a real polynomial such that $P(x)>0$ whenever $x \ge 0$, then all the coefficients of $(1+x)^mP(x)$ are positive whenever $m$ is large. Powers-Reznick gave a complexity estimate for ... More
Numerical study of three-dimensional PIC for the surface plasmon excitation based on Drude modelMay 15 2015This paper explores the time-domain equations of noble metals, in which Drude model is adopted to describe the dielectric constant, to implement three-dimensional particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations for the surface plasmon excitation with the finite-difference ... More
X(3872) and Other Possible Heavy Molecular StatesAug 01 2008Aug 18 2008We perform a systematic study of the possible molecular states composed of a pair of heavy mesons such as $D\bar D$, $D^\ast\bar D$, $D^\ast \bar D^\ast$ in the framework of the meson exchange model. The exchanged mesons include the pseudoscalar, scalar ... More
Understanding doping, vacancy, lattice stability and superconductivity in KxFe2-ySe2Jun 23 2016Metal-intercalated iron selenides are a class of superconductors that have received much attention but are less understood in comparison with their FeAs-based counterparts. Here, the controversial issues such as Fe vacancy, the real phase responsible ... More
DroidLink: Automated Generation of Deep Links for Android AppsMay 23 2016The mobile application (app) has become the main entrance to access the Internet on handheld devices. Unlike the Web where each webpage has a global URL to reach directly, a specific "content page" of an app can be opened only by exploring the app with ... More
Energy-momentum non-conservation on noncommutative spacetime and the existence of infinite spacetime dimensionOct 25 2007From the constructions of the quantum spacetime, a four dimensional quantized spacetime can be embedded in a five dimensional continuous spacetime. Thus to observe from the five dimensional continuous spacetime where the four dimensional quantized spacetime ... More
Hawking temperature of Kerr-Newman-AdS black hole from tunnelingAug 03 2009Using the null-geodesic tunneling method of Parikh and Wilczek, we derive the Hawking temperature of a general four-dimensional rotating black hole. In order to eliminate the motion of $\phi$ degree of freedom of a tunneling particle, we have chosen a ... More
Linear \infty-Harmonic maps between Rienmannian manifoldsNov 05 2007In this paper, we give complete classifications of linear $\infty$-harmonic maps between Euclidean and Heisenberg spaces, between Nil and Sol spaces. We also classify all $\infty$-harmonic linear endomorphisms of Sol space and show that there is a subgroup ... More
Study on temperature coefficient of CdTe detector used for X-rays detectionNov 21 2016The temperature of the working environment is a key factor in determining the properties of semiconductor detectors, and it affects the absolute accuracy and stability of the standard detector. In order to determine the temperature coefficient of CdTe ... More
Correlated noise in a logistic growth modelJun 25 2003The logistic differential equation is used to analyze cancer cell population, in the presence of a correlated Gaussian white noise. We study the steady state properties of tumor cell growth and discuss the effects of the correlated noise. It is found ... More
Observation of two-species vortex lattices in a mixture of mass-imbalance Bose and Fermi superfluidsJun 06 2016The superfluid mixture of interacting Bose and Fermi species is a remarkable many-body quantum system. Dilute degenerate atomic gases, especially for two species of distinct masses, are excellent candidates for exploring fundamental features of superfluid ... More
Narrow-linewidth cooling of $^{6}$Li atoms using the 2S-3P transitionOct 25 2016We report on a narrow-linewidth cooling of $^{6}$Li atoms using the $2S_{1/2}\to 3P_{3/2}$ transition in the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength regime. By combining the traditional red magneto-optical trap (MOT) at 671 nm and the UV MOT at 323 nm, we obtain ... More
Production of large $^{41}$K Bose-Einstein condensates using D1 gray molassesAug 26 2016We use D1 gray molasses to achieve Bose-Einstein condensation of a large number of $^{41}$K atoms in an optical dipole trap. By combining a new configuration of compressed-MOT with D1 gray molasses, we obtain a cold sample of $2.4\times10^9$ atoms with ... More
Controllable effects of quantum fluctuations on spin free-induction decay at room temperatureOct 03 2011Fluctuations of local fields cause decoherence of quantum objects. It is generally believed that at high temperatures, thermal noises are much stronger than quantum fluctuations unless the thermal effects are suppressed by certain techniques such as spin ... More
A Note on Uniform Nonintegrability of Random VariablesMay 18 2016Jun 07 2016In a recent paper \cite{CHR16}, Chandra, Hu and Rosalsky introduced the notion of a sequence of random variables being uniformly nonintegrable, and presented a list of interesting results on this uniform nonintegrability. In this note, we introduce a ... More
Multi-dimensional central limit theorems and laws of large numbers under sublinear expectationsNov 06 2012Jun 19 2013In this paper, we present some multi-dimensional central limit theorems and laws of large numbers under sublinear expectations, which extend some previous results.
On variants of conflict-free-coloring for hypergraphsJul 01 2011Aug 28 2014Conflict-free coloring is a kind of vertex coloring of hypergraphs requiring each hyperedge to have a color which appears only on one vertex. More generally, for a positive integer $k$ there are $k$-conflict-free colorings ($k$-CF-colorings for short) ... More
Sterile Neutrino Search Using China Advanced Research ReactorMar 04 2013Jun 18 2013We study the feasibility of a sterile neutrino search at the China Advanced Research Reactor by measuring $\bar {\nu}_e$ survival probability with a baseline of less than 15 m. Both hydrogen and deuteron have been considered as potential targets. The ... More
Effects of Geometrical Symmetry on the Vortex Nucleation and Penetration in Mesoscopic SuperconductorsJun 17 2010We investigate how the geometrical symmetry affects the penetration and arrangement of vortices in mesoscopic superconductors using self-consistent Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations. We find that the entrance of the vortex happens when the current density ... More
Gutzwiller Projected wavefunctions in the fermonic theory of S=1 spin chainsFeb 26 2012May 29 2012We study in this paper a series of Gutzwiller Projected wavefunctions for S=1 spin chains obtained from a fermionic mean-field theory for general S>1/2 spin systems [Phys. Rev. B 81, 224417] applied to the bilinear-biquadratic (J-K) model. The free-fermion ... More