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Topological indexes in symmetry preserving dynamicsFeb 08 2018The quench dynamics of topological phases have received intensive investigations in recent years. In this work, we prove exactly that the topological invariants for both $\mathbb{Z}$ and $\mathbb{Z}_2$ indexes are independent of time in symmetry preserving ... More
Analysis of the scalar, axialvector, vector, tensor doubly charmed tetraquark states with QCD sum rulesOct 08 2017May 07 2018In this article, we construct the axialvector-diquark-axialvector-antidiquark type currents to interpolate the scalar, axialvector, vector, tensor doubly charmed tetraquark states, and study them with QCD sum rules systematically by carrying out the operator ... More
On Stability of Nodal $L_k^p$-Maps ISep 24 2015We give a general definition of weakly stable nodal $L_k^p$-maps as a natural generalization of the stability for $J$-holomorphic nodal maps in GW theory. A complete characterization of the weakly stable nodal $L_k^p$-maps are given in term of their isotropy ... More
s-channel Single Top Quark Production and Decay at NNLO in QCDJul 10 2018We report on a fully differential next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) calculation of s-channel single top (anti-)quark production with a semi-leptonic decay at the LHC, neglecting the color correlation between the light and heavy quark lines and in the ... More
Weinstein Conjecture and GW InvariantsDec 30 1997In this paper, we establish a general relationship between the nonvanishing of GW invariants with the existence of the closed orbits of a Hamiltonian system. As an application, we completely solved the stabilized Weinstein conjecture.
Geometric Equivariant Extension of Sections in GW Theory ISep 22 2015This paper is to explain one of the two constructions in our work [L] on analytic foundation of GW theory. We improve and clarify the results there.
On Linear Part of Filled-Section in SplicingOct 07 2018In this paper and its companion, we define a new filled-section in the splicing in the smooth model for GW theory, and prove that it is of class $C^1$ in the usual Banach analysis rather than in the frame work of polyfold theory.
Higher-degree Smoothness of Perturbations IIISep 30 2018This paper is the continuation of the previous two papers with the same title.
Revisit assignments of the new excited $Ω_c$ states with QCD sum rulesJun 28 2017Nov 01 2017In this article, we distinguish the contributions of the positive parity and negative parity $\Omega_c$ states, study the masses and pole residues of the 1S, 1P, 2S and 2P $\Omega_c$ states with the spin $J=\frac{1}{2}$ and $\frac{3}{2}$ using the QCD ... More
The Three-loop Quark Jet FunctionApr 25 2018Sep 18 2018We calculate the massless quark jet function to three-loop order. The quark jet function is a universal ingredient in SCET factorization for many collider and decay processes with quark initiated final state jets. Our three-loop result contributes to ... More
Topological Nonsymmorphic Crystalline SuperconductorsJun 26 2015Nov 26 2015Topological superconductors possess a nodeless superconducting gap in the bulk and gapless zero energy modes, known as "Majorana zero modes", at the boundary of a finite system. In this work, we introduce a new class of topological superconductors, which ... More
Mechanical buckling induced periodic kinking/stripe microstructures in mechanically peeled graphite flakes from HOPGSep 24 2014Mechanical exfoliation is a widely used method to isolate high quality graphene layers from bulk graphite. In our recent experiments, some ordered microstructures, consisting of a periodic alternation of kinks and stripes, were observed in thin graphite ... More
Interlayer binding energy of graphite -- A direct experimental determinationApr 08 2011Despite interlayer binding energy is one of the most important material properties for graphite, there is still lacking report on its direct experimental determination. In this paper, we present a novel experimental method to directly measure the interlayer ... More
On Harmonic $ν$-Bloch and $ν$-Bloch-type mappingsJul 05 2017The aim of this paper is twofold. One is to introduce the class of harmonic $\nu$-Bloch-type mappings as a generalization of harmonic $\nu$-Bloch mappings and thereby we generalize some recent results of harmonic $1$-Bloch-type mappings investigated recently ... More
Harmonic pre-Schwarzian and its applicationsJul 05 2017The primary aim of this article is to extend certain inequalities concerning the pre-Schwarzian derivatives from the case of analytic univalent functions to that of univalent harmonic mappings defined on certain domains. This is done in two different ... More
A Monte Carlo Study of the Levy Stability and Multifractal Spectrum in e+e- collisionsApr 12 2002The Levy stability analysis is carried out for e+e- collisions at Z^0 mass using Monte Carlo method. The Levy index \mu is found to be \mu=1.701 +- 0.043. The self-similar generalized dimensions D(q) and multi-fractal spectrum f(\alpha) are presented. ... More
Uniformly locally univalent harmonic mappings associated with the pre-Schwarzian normJul 05 2017Jan 04 2018In this paper, we consider the class of uniformly locally univalent harmonic mappings in the unit disk and build a relationship between its pre-Schwarzian norm and uniformly hyperbolic radius. Also, we establish eight ways of characterizing uniformly ... More
Compositions of polyharmonic mappingsOct 20 2016The paper is devoted to the study of compositions of polyharmonic mappings in simply connected domains. More precisely, we determine necessary and sufficient conditions of polyharmonic mapping $f$ such that $f\circ F$ (resp. $F\circ f$) is $l$-harmonic ... More
An Improved Dilaton Background in Soft-Wall ModelSep 18 2010We adopted the form of v.e.v. of the bulk scalar field proposed by P.Zhang in this paper, and changed the dilaton background from $e^{-\kappa^2z^2}$ to $e^{-\kappa^2z^2+\alpha z}$ accordingly. The calculation shows that, as if we choose proper parameters, ... More
Gromov-Hausdorff limits of Kähler manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below, IIMar 11 2019We study non-collapsed Gromov-Hausdorff limits of K\"ahler manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below. Our main result is that each tangent cone is homeomorphic to a normal affine variety. This extends a result of Donaldson-Sun, who considered non-collapsed ... More
A Black Hole - White Dwarf Compact Binary Model for Long Gamma-ray Bursts without Supernova AssociationDec 07 2017Jan 24 2018Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are luminous and violent phenomena in the universe. Traditionally, long GRBs are expected to be produced by the collapse of massive stars and associated with supernovae. However, some low-redshift long GRBs have no detection of ... More
Convergence rates in the law of large numbers under sublinear expectationsMar 14 2019In this note, we study convergence rates in the law of large numbers for independent and identically distributed random variables under sublinear expectations. We obtain a strong $L^p$-convergence version and a strongly quasi sure convergence version ... More
Exactly Solvable Kondo Lattice Model in Anisotropic LimitMar 13 2019In this paper we introduce an exactly solvable Kondo lattice model without any fine-tuning local gauge symmetry. This model describes itinerant electrons interplaying with localized moment via only longitude Kondo exchange. Its solvability results from ... More
Exactly Solvable Kondo Lattice Model in Anisotropic LimitMar 13 2019Mar 18 2019In this paper we introduce an exactly solvable Kondo lattice model without any fine-tuning local gauge symmetry. This model describes itinerant electrons interplaying with localized moment via only longitude Kondo exchange. Its solvability results from ... More
A Statistical Study of the Average Iron Charge Distributions inside Magnetic Clouds for Solar Cycle 23Apr 12 2016Magnetic clouds (MCs) are the interplanetary counterpart of coronal magnetic flux ropes. They can provide valuable information to reveal the flux rope characteristics at their eruption stage in the corona, which are unable to be explored in situ at present. ... More
Learning low-precision neural networks without Straight-Through Estimator(STE)Mar 04 2019The Straight-Through Estimator (STE) is widely used for back-propagating gradients through the quantization function, but the STE technique lacks a complete theoretical understanding. We propose an alternative methodology called alpha-blending (AB), which ... More
The nature of the Li enrichment in the most Li-rich giant starSep 01 2018About one percent of giants\upcite{Brown1989} are detected to have anomalously high lithium (Li) abundances in their atmospheres, conflicting directly with the prediction of the standard stellar evolution models\upcite{Iben1967}, and making the production ... More
Binding and interlayer force in the near-contact region of two graphite slabs: experiment and theoryNov 22 2013Via a novel experiment, Liu \emph{et al.} [Phys. Rev. B, {\bf 85}, 205418 (2012)] estimated the graphite binding energy, specifically the cleavage energy, an important physical property of bulk graphite. We re-examine the data analysis and note that within ... More
TianQin: a space-borne gravitational wave detectorDec 07 2015TianQin is a proposal for a space-borne detector of gravitational waves in the millihertz frequencies. The experiment relies on a constellation of three drag-free spacecraft orbiting the Earth. Inter-spacecraft laser interferometry is used to monitor ... More
Interlayer shear strength of single crystalline graphiteJul 08 2012Jul 10 2012Reported values (0.2 MPa ~ 7.0 GPa) of the interlayer shear strength (ISS) of graphite are very dispersed. The main challenge to obtain a reliable value of ISS is the lack of precise experimental methods. Here we present a novel experimental approach ... More
A New P2N Approach to Software Development Under the ClusteringJul 23 2012In this computer era of rapid development, software development can be seen everywhere, but a lot of softwares are dead in modern development of software. Just as The Mythical Man-Month said, it exists a problem in the software development, and the problem ... More
Noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black holeMar 07 2019Mar 18 2019We compute the noncommutative corrections to the holographic entanglement entropy of the pure AdS spacetime and Schwarzschild-AdS black hole, where the noncommutaitve background is suitably constructed that matches the Poincar\'e coordinate system. In ... More
Decoupled Uplink and Downlink in a Wireless System with Buffer-Aided RelayingSep 21 2016Sep 22 2016The paper treats a multiuser relay scenario where multiple user equipments (UEs) have a two-way communication with a common Base Station (BS) in the presence of a buffer-equipped Relay Station (RS). Each of the uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) transmission ... More
Off-shell BCJ Relation in Nonlinear Sigma ModelSep 07 2016We investigate relations among tree-level off-shell currents in nonlinear sigma model. Under Cayley parametrization, we propose and prove a general revised BCJ relation for even-point currents. Unlike the on-shell BCJ relation, the off-shell one behaves ... More
Hybrid Parallel Bidirectional Sieve based on SMP ClusterMay 22 2012In this article, hybrid parallel bidirectional sieve method is implemented by SMP Cluster, the individual computational units joined together by the communication network, are usually shared-memory systems with one or more multicore processor. To high-efficiency ... More
Ground test of satellite constellation based quantum communicationNov 30 2016Satellite based quantum communication has been proven as a feasible way to achieve global scale quantum communication network. Very recently, a low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellite has been launched for this purpose. However, with a single satellite, it takes ... More
Diphoton and Dark Matter from Cascade DecayDec 21 2015Sep 26 2016We propose a simplified model to study the possible new heavy diphoton resonance from cascade decay of a heavier particle at colliders, which may be related to the dark matter or other new physics beyond the standard model. Model-independent constraints ... More
On the Factorial Moment Analysis of High Energy Experimental Data with Non-integer Partition NumberDec 11 1998It is pointed out that in doing the factorial moment analysis with non-integer partition $M$ of phase space, the influence of the phase-space variation of two- (or more-) particle correlations has to be considered carefully. In this paper this problem ... More
Extended dual description of Mott transition beyond two-dimensional spaceNov 17 2011Motivated by recent work of Mross and Senthil [Phys. Rev. B \textbf{84}, 165126 (2011)] which provides a dual description for Mott transition from Fermi liquid to quantum spin liquid in two space dimensions, we extend their approach to higher dimensional ... More
Symmetry protected Spin Quantum Hall phases in 2-DimensionsMay 31 2012Feb 08 2013Symmetry protected topological (SPT) states are short-range entangled states with symmetry. Nontrivial SPT states have symmetry protected gapless edge excitations. In 2-dimension (2D), there are infinite number of nontrivial SPT phases with SU(2) or SO(3) ... More
Decomposition of Three-Dimensional Steady Non-isentropic Compressible Euler System and Stability of Spherically Symmetric Subsonic Flows and Transonic Shocks under Multidimensional PerturbationsMay 12 2015We develop a method that works in general product Riemannian manifold to decompose the three-dimensional steady full compressible Euler system, which is of elliptic-hyperbolic composite-mixed type for subsonic flows. The method is applied to show stability ... More
An Adaptive XP-based approach to Agile DevelopmentMay 24 2012Jul 23 2012Software design is gradually becoming open, distributed, pervasive, and connected. It is a sad statistical fact that software projects are scientifically fragile and tend to fail more than other engineering fields. Agile development is a philosophy. And ... More
Exponential energy decay of solutions for a system of viscoelastic wave equations of Kirchhoff type with strong dampingSep 27 2011The initial boundary value problem for a system of viscoelastic wave equations of Kirchhoff type with strong damping is considered. We prove that, under suitable assumptions on relaxation functions and certain initial data, the decay rate of the solutions ... More
Meaningful Objects Segmentation from SAR Images via A Multi-Scale Non-Local Active Contour ModelJan 17 2015The segmentation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images is a longstanding yet challenging task, not only because of the presence of speckle, but also due to the variations of surface backscattering properties in the images. Tremendous investigations ... More
Gate Tunable Dissipation and "Superconductor-Insulator" Transition in Carbon Nanotube Josephson TransistorsJun 16 2008Nov 21 2008Dissipation is ubiquitous in quantum systems, and its interplay with fluctuations is critical to maintaining quantum coherence. We experimentally investigate the dissipation dynamics in single-walled carbon nanotubes coupled to superconductors. The voltage-current ... More
Field-free Magnetization Switching by Utilizing the Spin Hall Effect and Interlayer Exchange Coupling of IridiumJun 15 2018Aug 29 2018Magnetization switching by spin-orbit torque (SOT) via spin Hall effect represents as a competitive alternative to that by spin-transfer torque (STT) used for magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM), as it does not require high-density current to ... More
Global nonexistence of solutions for the viscoelastic wave equation of Kirchhoff type with high energySep 27 2011In this paper we consider the viscoelastic wave equation of Kirchhoff type: $$ u_{tt}-M(\|\nabla u\|_{2}^{2})\Delta u+\int_{0}^{t}g(t-s)\Delta u(s){\rm d}s+u_{t}=|u|^{p-1}u $$ with Dirichlet boundary conditions. Under some suitable assumptions on $g$ ... More
On decay and blow-up of solutions for a singular nonlocal viscoelastic problem with a nonlinear source termMar 18 2013In this paper we consider a singular nonlocal viscoelastic problem with a nonlinear source term and a possible damping term. We proved that if the initial data enter into the stable set, the solution exists globally and decays to zero with a more general ... More
On Buffer-Aided Multiple-Access Relay ChannelSep 21 2016Sep 22 2016The paper treats uplink scenario where M user equipments (UEs) send to a Base Station (BS), possibly via a common Relay Station (RS) that is equipped with a buffer. This is a multiple-access relay channel (MARC) aided by a buffer. We devise a protocol ... More
Multiplicity free gradings on semisimple Lie and Jordan algebras and skew rootNov 12 2016A $G$-grading on an algebra is called multiplicity free if each homogeneous component of the grading is 1-dimensional, where $G$ is an abelian group. We introduce skew root systems of Lie type and skew root systems of Jordan type respectively, and use ... More
A General Theory for Direct Quantitative Analysis of AntigenApr 23 2011Jul 26 2012A theory for direct quantitative analysis of an antigen is proposed. It is based on a potential homogenous immunoreaction system. It establishes an equation to describe the concentration change of the antigen and antibody complex. A maximum point is found ... More
On Reinforcement Learning for Full-length Game of StarCraftSep 23 2018Feb 03 2019StarCraft II poses a grand challenge for reinforcement learning. The main difficulties of it include huge state and action space and a long-time horizon. In this paper, we investigate a hierarchical reinforcement learning approach for StarCraft II. The ... More
What Powered the Optical Transient AT2017gfo Associated with GW170817?Apr 18 2018Jul 16 2018The groundbreaking discovery of the optical transient AT2017gfo associated with GW170817 opens a unique opportunity to study the physics of double neutron star (NS) mergers. We argue that the standard interpretation of AT2017gfo as being powered by radioactive ... More
Two different topological insulator phases in NaBaBiMar 03 2015By breaking the inversion symmetry of the three-dimensional Dirac metal Na$_3$Bi, we realize topological insulator (TI) phases in the known compound NaBaBi using $ab~initio$ calculations. Two distinct TI phases emerge: one phase is due to band inversion ... More
Transverse momentum resummation for color sextet and antitriplet scalar production at the LHCJul 16 2013Mar 03 2014We study the factorization and resummation of the transverse momentum spectrum of the color sextet and antitriplet scalars produced at the LHC based on soft-collinear effective theory. Compared to Z boson and Higgs production, a soft function is required ... More
Chemical-disorder-caused Medium Range Order in Covalent GlassMar 13 2017How atoms in covalent solids rearrange over a medium-range length-scale during amorphization is a long pursued question whose answer could profoundly shape our understanding on amorphous (a-) networks. Based on ab-intio calculations and reverse Monte ... More
A Neutron Star-White Dwarf Binary Model for Repeating Fast Radio Burst 121102Apr 18 2016May 09 2016We propose a compact binary model for the fast radio burst (FRB) repeaters, where the system consists of a magnetic white dwarf (WD) and a neutron star (NS) with strong bipolar magnetic fields. When the WD fills its Roche lobe, mass transfer will occur ... More
Shape Robust Text Detection with Progressive Scale Expansion NetworkJun 07 2018The challenges of shape robust text detection lie in two aspects: 1) most existing quadrangular bounding box based detectors are difficult to locate texts with arbitrary shapes, which are hard to be enclosed perfectly in a rectangle; 2) most pixel-wise ... More
Transverse-Momentum Resummation for Gauge Boson Pair Production at the Hadron ColliderJul 29 2013Jul 31 2013We perform the transverse-momentum resummation for $W^{+}W^{-}$, $ZZ$, and $W^{\pm}Z$ pair productions at the next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic accuracy using soft-collinear effective theory for $\sqrt{S}=8 \text{TeV}$ and $\sqrt{S}=14 \text{TeV}$ at ... More
Threshold resummation for the production of a color sextet (antitriplet) scalar at the LHCMay 22 2013Mar 03 2014We investigate threshold resummation effects in the production of a color sextet (antitriplet) scalar at next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic (NNLL) order at the LHC in the frame of soft-collinear effective theory. We show the total cross section and the ... More
Solitons as candidates for energy carriers in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam latticesFeb 09 2018Currently, effective phonons (renormalized or interacting phonons) rather than solitary waves (for short, solitons) are regarded as the energy carriers in nonlinear lattices. In this work, by using the approximate soliton solutions of the corresponding ... More
Charm-quark production in deep-inelastic neutrino scattering at NNLO in QCDJan 20 2016Jun 29 2016We present a fully differential next-to-next-to-leading order calculation of charm quark production in charged-current deep-inelastic scattering, with full charm-quark mass dependence. The next-to-next-to-leading order corrections in perturbative quantum ... More
Tame the flexibility of circle patternsMay 22 2018This paper proves a deformation circle pattern theorem, which gives a complete description of those circle patterns with interstices in terms of the combinatorial type, the exterior intersections angles and the conformal structures of interstices. As ... More
Global Schrödinger map flows to Kähler manifolds with small data in critical Sobolev spaces: High dimensionsMar 13 2019In this paper, we prove that the Schr\"odinger map flows from $R^d$ with $d\ge 3$ to compact K\"ahler manifolds with small initial data in critical Sobolev spaces are global. This is a companion work of our previous paper where the energy critical case ... More
Bose-Einstein condensation of photons in the matter-dominated universeDec 30 2014In 1914, Planck introduced the concept of a white body. In nature, no true white bodies are known. We assume that the universe after last-scattering is an ideal white body that contains a tremendously large number of thermal photons and is at an extremely ... More
A remark on the Abel-Jacobi morphism for the cubic threefoldDec 30 2012Let $X$ be a smooth cubic threefold and $J(X)$ be its intermediate Jacobian. We show that there exists a codimension 2 cycle $Z$ on $J(X)\times X$ with $Z_{t}$ homologically trivial for each $t\in J(X)$, such that the morphism $\phi_{Z}: J(X)\rightarrow ... More
On Hard Lefschetz Conjecture on Lawson HomologyJan 26 2011Friedlander and Mazur proposed a conjecture of hard Lefschetz type on Lawson homology. We shall relate this conjecture to Suslin conjecture on Lawson homology. For abelian varieties, this conjecture is shown to be equivalent to a vanishing conjecture ... More
Weak Topological Insulators in PbTe/SnTe SuperlatticesSep 30 2013Oct 10 2013It is desirable to realize topological phases in artificial structures by engineering electronic band structures. In this paper, we investigate $(PbTe)_m(SnTe)_{2n-m}$ superlattices along [001] direction and find a robust weak topological insulator phase ... More
Temperature effect on lattice and electronic structures of WTe$_2$ from first-principles studySep 13 2016Sep 17 2016Tungsten ditelluride (WTe$_2$) exhibits extremely large and unsaturated magnetoresistance (MR). Due to the large spatially extensions of Te-5p and W-5d orbitals, the electronic properties of WTe$_2$ are sensitive to the lattice structures, which can probably ... More
New explicit thresholding/shrinkage formulas for one class of regularization problems with overlapping group sparsity and their applicationsDec 24 2013May 09 2014The least-square regression problems or inverse problems have been widely studied in many fields such as compressive sensing, signal processing, and image processing. To solve this kind of ill-posed problems, a regularization term (i.e., regularizer) ... More
Total variation with overlapping group sparsity for image deblurring under impulse noiseDec 21 2013The total variation (TV) regularization method is an effective method for image deblurring in preserving edges. However, the TV based solutions usually have some staircase effects. In this paper, in order to alleviate the staircase effect, we propose ... More
Graphite NanoeraserOct 20 2010We present here a method for cleaning intermediate-size (5~50nm) contamination from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. Electron beam deposition causes a continuous increase of carbonaceous material on graphene and graphite surfaces, which is difficult ... More
Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Control Data Separation Architecture based H-CRAN with Heterogeneous FronthaulNov 06 2015Nov 23 2015Control data separation architecture (CDSA) is a more efficient architecture to overcome the overhead issue than the conventional cellular networks, especially for the huge bursty traffic like Internet of Things, and over-the-top (OTT) content service. ... More
MoS2-graphene in-plane contact for high interfacial thermal conductionMar 23 2017Recent studies showed that the in-plane and inter-plane thermal conductivities of two-dimensional (2D) MoS2 are low, posing a significant challenge in heat management in MoS2-based electronic devices. To address this challenge, we design the interfaces ... More
Lithography-Free, Low-Cost Method for Improving Photodiode Performance by Etching Silicon Nanocones as Antireflection LayerApr 21 2016A three-step process has been demonstrated to improve the performance of photodiode by creating nanocone forest on the surface of photodiode as an antireflection layer. This high-throughput, low-cost process has been shown to decrease the reflectivity ... More
Deep Hybrid Scattering Image LearningSep 19 2018A well-trained deep neural network is shown to gain capability of simultaneously restoring two kinds of images, which are completely destroyed by two distinct scattering medias respectively. The network, based on the U-net architecture, can be trained ... More
Thermal Dynamics of Graphene Edges Investigated by Polarized Raman SpectroscopyDec 14 2010In this report, we present Raman spectroscopy investigation of the thermal stability and dynamics of graphene edges. It was found that graphene edges (both armchair and zigzag) are not stable and undergo modifications even at temperature as low as 200{\deg}C. ... More
Efficient Reinforcement Learning with a Mind-Game for Full-Length StarCraft IIMar 02 2019StarCraft II provides an extremely challenging platform for reinforcement learning due to its huge state-space and game length. The previous fastest method requires days to train a full-length game policy in a single commercial machine. In this paper, ... More
Hybrid quantum device based on NV centers in diamond nanomechanical resonators plus superconducting waveguide cavitiesMar 09 2015Sep 16 2015We propose and analyze a hybrid device by integrating a microscale diamond beam with a single built-in nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center spin to a superconducting coplanar waveguide (CPW) cavity. We find that under an ac electric field the quantized motion ... More
O(N) quintessenceJul 10 2001Oct 18 2002We study a new class of quintessence models, in which the scalar field possesses a O(\textit{N}) internal symmetry. We give a critical condition of instability for the potential against Q ball formation. We find that the most widely used potentials of ... More
BARS: a Blockchain-based Anonymous Reputation System for Trust Management in VANETsJul 17 2018The public key infrastructure (PKI) based authentication protocol provides the basic security services for vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). However, trust and privacy are still open issues due to the unique characteristics of vehicles. It is crucial ... More
Phosphorene Edge Reconstruction by Self-RollingSep 20 2016Feb 21 2017Edge atomic configuration often plays an important role in dictating the properties of finite-sized two-dimensional (2D) materials. By performing ab initio calculations, we identify a highly stable zigzag edge of phosphorene, which is the most stable ... More
Quasinormal modes of stringy black holesMay 02 2002String theory is a promising candidate for a fundamental quantum theory of all interactions including Einstein gravity. Some solutions in string theory can be interpreted as black holes. Using the semi-analytic method and WKB method,the quasinormal modes(QNMs)of ... More
Microscopic Realization of 2-Dimensional Bosonic Topological InsulatorsApr 10 2014Jan 04 2015It is well known that a Bosonic Mott insulator can be realized by condensing vortices of a bo- son condensate. Usually, a vortex becomes an anti-vortex (and vice-versa) under time reversal symmetry, and the condensation of vortices results in a trivial ... More
Steady-state localized-delocalized phase transition of an incoherent-pumped dissipative Bose-Hubbard modelSep 14 2016We investigate steady-state properties of a two-dimensional incoherent-pumped dissipative Bose-Hubbard model, which describes a photon square lattice. This incoherent pumping exhibits an important environment-induced higher-order fluctuation effect, which ... More
Binary population synthesis for the core-degenerate scenario of type Ia supernova progenitorsFeb 13 2015Mar 14 2015The core-degenerate (CD) scenario has been suggested to be a possible progenitor model of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), in which a carbon-oxygen white dwarf (CO WD) merges with the hot CO core of a massive asymptotic giant branch (AGB) star during their ... More
Modular transformations and topological orders in two dimensionsMar 04 2013Jan 27 2014The string-net approach by Levin and Wen and the local unitary transformation approach by Chen, Gu and Wen provided ways to systematically label non-chiral topological orders in 2D. In those approaches, different topologically ordered many-body wave functions ... More
Identifying Patch Correctness in Test-Based Program RepairJun 28 2017Jul 27 2018Test-based automatic program repair has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. However, the test suites in practice are often too weak to guarantee correctness and existing approaches often generate a large number of incorrect patches. To reduce ... More
Supervised Matrix Factorization for Cross-Modality HashingMar 17 2016Apr 16 2016Matrix factorization has been recently utilized for the task of multi-modal hashing for cross-modality visual search, where basis functions are learned to map data from different modalities to the same Hamming embedding. In this paper, we propose a novel ... More
MetaLDA: a Topic Model that Efficiently Incorporates Meta informationSep 19 2017Besides the text content, documents and their associated words usually come with rich sets of meta informa- tion, such as categories of documents and semantic/syntactic features of words, like those encoded in word embeddings. Incorporating such meta ... More
Thermal noise can facilitate energy transformation in the presence of entropic barriersDec 08 2007Efficiency of a Brownian particle moving along the axis of a three-dimensional asymmetric periodic channel is investigated in the presence of a symmetric unbiased force and a load. Reduction of the spatial dimensionality from two or three physical dimensions ... More
Theory of Network Contractor Dynamics for Exploring Thermodynamic Properties of Two-dimensional Quantum Lattice ModelsJan 28 2013Aug 19 2013Based on the tensor network state representation, we develop a nonlinear dynamic theory coined as network contractor dynamics (NCD) to explore the thermodynamic properties of two-dimensional quantum lattice models. By invoking the rank-$1$ decomposition ... More
A New Regularization Method in 3-Dimensional Momentum SpaceJun 22 1998We propose a new method to calculate the 4-dimensional divergent integrals. By calculating the one loop integral as an example, the regularization of the integrals in 3-dimension momentum space are given in details. We find that the new method gives the ... More
Scaling properties of multiplicity fluctuations in heavy ion collisions simulated by AMPT modelMar 09 2013Jan 05 2016Three-dimensional, as well as one- and two-dimensional, studies of multiplicity fluctuation are performed using AMPT model to generate central Au-Au collision events at ${\sqrt s_{NN}}= 200$ GeV. Two- and three-dimensional normalized factorial moments ... More
Community Detection: a Refined Axiomization and BeyondMar 11 2016Borgs et al. [2016] investigate the essential requirements for community in preference networks, and defined six axioms on community detection rules (or community functions). Two of these axioms play critical roles in their system, however, it is coNP-complete ... More
Associated production of top squarks and charginos at the CERN LHC in NLO SUSY-QCDJul 31 2003We calculate the next-to-leading order inclusive total cross sections for the associated production processes $pp\to \tilde{t}_i\tilde{\chi}_k^-+X$ in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model at the CERN LHC. Our results provide the theoretical predictions ... More
Alternative Kondo breakdown mechanism: Orbital-selective orthogonal metal transitionMar 03 2012Jul 06 2012In a recent paper of Nandkishore and Senthil [arxiv:1201.5998 (2012)], a concept of orthogonal metal has been introduced to reinterpret the disordered state of slave-spin representation in the Hubbard model as an exotic gapped metallic state. We extend ... More
Novel charmonium-like structures in the $J/ψφ$ and $J/ψω$ invariant mass spectraNov 04 2010Apr 14 2011Stimulated by the new evidence of Y(4274) observed in the $J/\psi\phi$ invariant mass spectrum, we first propose the charmonium-like state Y(4274) as the S-wave $D_s\bar{D}_{s0}(2317)+h.c.$ molecular state with $J^P=0^-$, which is supported well by dynamics ... More
High on/off ratio nanosecond laser pulses for a triggered single-photon sourceJan 14 2016Jun 23 2016An 852nm nanosecond laser pulse chain with a high on/off ratio is generated by chopping a continuous-wave laser beam using a Mach-Zehnder-type electro-optic intensity modulator(MZ-EOIM). The detailed dependence of the MZ-EOIM's on/off ratio on various ... More
Amplification of nanosecond laser pulse chain via dynamic injection locking of laser diodeDec 03 2016We report a novel optical pulse generation method for high-speed wavelength switching of amplified nanosecond (ns) laser pulses resonant to atomic transitions.Under free-running condition, a slave laser diode is blue-detuned with tens of GHz relative ... More