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Entanglement preservation for multilevel systems under non-ideal pulse controlMay 18 2010We investigate how to effectively preserve the entanglement between two noninteracting multilevel oscillators coupled to a common reservoir under non-ideal pulse control. A universal characterization using fidelity is developed for the behavior of the ... More
Sudden death and birth of entanglement beyond the Markovian approximationMar 25 2009Apr 19 2009We investigate the entanglement dynamics of two initially entangled qubits interacting independently with two uncorrelated reservoirs beyond the Markovian approximation. Quite different from the Markovian reservoirs [C. E. Lopez et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. ... More
Strictly In-Plane Vortex-like Excitations in Pseudogap Region of Underdoped $La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4$ Single CrystalsJan 21 2003Feb 04 2003Nernst effect has been measured for an underdoped and an optimally doped $La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4$ single crystal with the magnetic field applied along different directions. For both samples, when $H \|$ c, a significant Nernst voltage appears above $T_c$ and ... More
Ferromagnetic Type-II Weyl Semimetal in Pyrite Chromium DioxideJul 27 2017Magnetic topological materials have recently drawn significant importance and interest, due to their topologically nontrivial electronic structure within spontaneous magnetic moments and band inversion. Based on first-principles calculations, we propose ... More
Topological Weyl and Node-Line Semimetals in Ferromagnetic Vanadium-Phosphorous-Oxide $β$-V$_2$OPO$_4$ CompoundMay 25 2017We propose that the topological semimetal features can co-exist with ferromagnetic ground state in vanadium-phosphorous-oxide $\beta$-V$_2$OPO$_4$ compound from first-principles calculations. In this magnetic system with inversion symmetry, the direction ... More
Reexamining the temperature and neutron density conditions for r-process nucleosynthesis with augmented nuclear mass modelsAug 11 2012Jan 30 2013We explore the effects of nuclear masses on the temperature and neutron density conditions required for r-process nucleosynthesis using four nuclear mass models augmented by the latest atomic mass evaluation. For each model we derive the conditions for ... More
Spin Dependence of Interfacial Reflection Phase Shift at Cu/Co InterfaceNov 06 2007The spin dependent reflection at the interface is the key element to understand the spin transport. By completely solving the scattering problem based on first principles method, we obtained the spin resolved reflectivity spectra. The comparison of our ... More
Magnetic fields of an active region filament from full Stokes analysis of Si I 1082.7 nm and He I 1083.0 nmFeb 21 2012Vector magnetic fields of an active region filament in the photosphere and upper chromosphere are obtained from spectro-polarimetric observations recorded with the Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter (TIP II) at the German Vacuum Tower Telescope (VTT). We apply ... More
Effect of the pseudogap on the Hall conductivity in underdoped YBa_2Cu_3O_6+xMar 07 1999Jun 02 1999In underdoped YBa_2Cu_3O_x (YBCO) with x = 6.63, the opening of the pseudogap at T^* ~ 160 K has a strong effect on the Hall angle tan(theta). While the Hall response is significantly reduced, the diagonal current is relatively unaffected. The Hall conductivity ... More
Quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation with a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamondSep 30 2012Dec 22 2012The limitation of simultaneous measurements of noncommuting observables can be eliminated when the measured particle is maximally entangled with a quantum memory. We present a proposal for testing this quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation ... More
Oscillations and integrability of the vorticity in the 3D NS flowsJan 27 2018In the studies of the Navier-Stokes (NS) regularity problem, it has become increasingly clear that a more realistic path to improved a priori bounds is to try to break away from the scaling of the energy-level estimates in the realm of the blow-up-type ... More
Thermal Conductivity as a Probe of Quasi-Particles in the CupratesApr 12 1999In underdoped YBa_2Cu_3O_x (x=6.63), the low-T thermal conductivity Kappa_xx varies steeply with field B at small B, and saturates to a nearly field-independent value at high fields. The simple expression [1+p(T)|B|]^(-1) provides an excellent fit to ... More
Symmetry classification of spin-orbit coupled spinor Bose-Einstein condensatesMar 09 2012Sep 12 2012We develop a symmetry classification scheme to find ground states of pseudo spin-1/2, spin-1, and spin-2 spin-orbit coupled spinor Bose-Einstein condensates, and show that as the SO(2) symmetry of simultaneous spin and space rotations is broken into discrete ... More
Quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty principle under noiseMar 15 2012The measurement outcomes of two incompatible observables on a particle can be precisely predicted when it is maximally entangled with a quantum memory, as quantified recently [Nature Phys. 6, 659 (2010)]. We explore the behavior of the uncertainty relation ... More
Oscillations and integrability of the vorticity in the 3D NS flowsJan 27 2018Oct 18 2018In the studies of the Navier-Stokes (NS) regularity problem, it has become increasingly clear that a more realistic path to improved a priori bounds is to try to break away from the scaling of the energy-level estimates in the realm of the blow-up-type ... More
Universal quantum computation with quantum-dot cellular automata in dephasing-free subspaceJan 30 2008Aug 22 2008We investigate the possibility to have electron-pairs in dephasing-free subspace (DFS), by means of the quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) and single-spin rotations, to carry out a high-fidelity and deterministic universal quantum computation. We show ... More
Proposed method for direct measurement of non-Markovian character of the qubits coupled to bosonic reservoirsDec 15 2009Mar 24 2010The non-Markovianity is a recently proposed characterization of the non-Markovian behavior in an open quantum system, based on which we first present a practical idea for directly measuring the non-Markovian character of a single qubit coupled to a zero-temperature ... More
Is GRB 050904 a super-long burst?Nov 08 2005Mar 07 2007By considering synchrotron radiative process in the internal shock model and assuming that all internal shocks are nearly equally energetic, we analyze the gamma-ray burst (GRB) emission at different radii corresponding to different observed times. We ... More
Superradiant quantum phase transition in a circuit QED system: a revisit from a fully microscopic point of viewApr 12 2012In order to examine whether or not the quantum phase transition of Dicke type exists in realistic systems, we revisit the model setup of the superconducting circuit QED from a microscopic many-body perspective based on the BCS theory with pseudo-spin ... More
An Anomalous Phase in the Relaxor Ferroelectric Pb(Zn$_{1/3}$Nb$_{2/3}$)O$_3$Mar 15 2004Mar 24 2004X-ray diffraction studies on a Pb(Zn$_{1/3}$Nb$_{2/3}$)O$_3$ (PZN) single crystal sample show the presence of two different structures. An outer-layer exists in the outer most $\sim$ 10 to 50~$\mu$m of the crystal, and undergoes a structural phase transition ... More
Diagnostics of Ellerman Bombs with High-resolution Spectral DataApr 10 2015Ellerman bombs (EBs) are tiny brightenings often observed near sunspots. The most impressive characteristic of the EB spectra is the two emission bumps in both wings of the H$\alpha$ and \ion{Ca}{II} 8542 {\AA} lines. High-resolution spectral data of ... More
Ground State of Relaxor Ferroelectric $Pb(Zn_{1/3}Nb_{2/3})O_3$Sep 14 2002Jan 29 2003High energy x-ray diffraction measurements on Pb(Zn$_{1/3}$Nb$_{2/3}$)O$_3$ (PZN) single crystals show that the system does not have a rhombohedral symmetry at room temperature as previously believed. The new phase (X) in the bulk of the crystal gives ... More
Effect of electron-electron scattering on spin dephasing in a high-mobility low-density twodimensional electron gasApr 17 2008Utilizing time-resolved Kerr rotation techniques, we have investigated the spin dynamics of a high mobility, low density two dimensional electron gas in a GaAs/Al0:35Ga0:65As heterostructure in dependence on temperature from 1.5 K to 30 K. It is found ... More
Band-dependent normal-state coherence in Sr$_{2}$RuO$_{4}$: Evidence from Nernst effect and thermopower measurementsJan 22 2008Jul 05 2008We present the first measurement on Nernst effect in the normal state of odd-parity, spin-triplet superconductor Sr$_{2}$RuO$_{4}$. Below 100 K, the Nernst signal was found to be negative, large, and, as a function of magnetic field, nonlinear. Its magnitude ... More
Molecular Lines of 13 Glactic Infrared Bubble RegionsSep 10 2016We investigated the physical properties of molecular clouds and star formation processes around infrared bubbles which are essentially expanding HII regions. We performed observations of 13 galactic infrared bubble fields containing 18 bubbles. Five molecular ... More
Brueckner-Hartree-Fock and its renormalized calculations for finite nucleiSep 09 2016We have performed self-consistent Brueckner-Hartree-Fock (BHF) and its renormalized theory to the structure calculations of finite nuclei. The $G$-matrix is calculated within the BHF basis, and the exact Pauli exclusion operator is determined by the BHF ... More
Tuning the metal-insulator transition in manganite films through surface exchange coupling with magnetic nanodotsJun 30 2014In strongly correlated electronic systems, such as manganites, the global transport behavior depends sensitively on the spin ordering, whose alteration often requires a large external magnetic field. Here we show that the spin ordering in manganites can ... More
Controlling spin-orbit torque by polarization field in multiferroic BiFeO3 based heterostructuresMar 26 2019In the last few years, some ideas of electric manipulations in ferromagnetic heterostructures have been proposed for developing next generation spintronic devices. Among them, the magnetization switching driven by spin-orbit torque (SOT) is being intensely ... More
Sub-100 attoseconds optics-to-microwave synchronizationMar 14 2010We use two fiber-based femtosecond frequency combs and a low-noise carrier suppression phase detection system to characterize the optical to microwave synchronization achievable with such frequency divider systems. By applying specific noise reduction ... More
Peak Effect of Jc and Nonlinear E-J Characteristies of High-Tc SuperconductorsJul 03 2001The critical current density Jc in high-Tc superconductors (HTS) often shows a maximum at field far above the self-field. We study this peak effect(PE) with the nonlinear I-V response of type-II superconductors and find analytical equation of Jc in the ... More
Deterministically entangling distant nitrogen-vacancy centers by a nanomechanical cantileverJul 31 2009Aug 27 2009We present a practical scheme by global addressing to deterministically entangle negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) centers in distant diamonds using a nano-mechanical cantilever with the magnetic tips strongly coupled to the N-V electron spins. ... More
Strongly Ideal Robust Weyl Semimetals in Cubic Symmetry with Spatial-Inversion BreakingMay 24 2017We show that compounds in a family that possess time-reversal symmetry and share a non-centrosymmetric cubic structure with the space group F-43m (No. 216) host robust ideal Weyl semi-metal fermions with desirable topologically protected features. The ... More
An Intense $γ$-ray Beam Line of 10 MeV Order Based on Compton BackscatteringOct 24 2006Shanghai Laser Electron Gamma Source, a $\gamma$-ray beam line of 10MeV order was proposed recently. The beam line is expected to generate $\gamma$-ray with maximum energy of 22MeV by backward Compton scattering between CO$_2$ laser and electron in the ... More
A new class of topological insulators from I-III-IV half-Heusler compounds with strong band inversion strengthOct 17 2013In this paper, by first principle calculations, we investigate systematically the band topology of a new half-Heusler family with composition of I(A)-III(A)-IV(A). The results clearly show that many of the I-III-IV half-Heusler compounds are in fact promising ... More
Scaling Behavior of Anomalous Hall Effect and Longitudinal Nonlinear Response in High-Tc SuperconductorsJul 03 2001Based on existing theoretical model and by considering our longitudinal nonlinear response function, we derive a nonliear equation in which the mixed state Hall resistivity can be expressed as an analytical function of magnetic field, temperature and ... More
Ferromagnetic Dirac-Nodal Semimetal Phase of Stretched Chromium DioxideMay 19 2017We show by first-principles calculations that the Dirac nodal-line semimetal phase can co-exist with the ferromagnetic order at room temperature in chromium dioxide, a widely used material in magnetic tape applications, under small tensile hydrostatic ... More
Ideal Intersecting Nodal Ring Phonons in a Body-Centered Cubic C$_{8}$Nov 23 2018Carbon, a basic versatile element in our universe, exhibits rich varieties of allotropic phases, most of which possess promising nontrivial topological fermions. In this work, we identify a distinct topological phonon phase in a realistic carbon allotrope ... More
An AGN Sample with High X-ray-to-optical Flux Ratio from RASS II.Optical Emission Line Properties of Seyfert 1 Type AGNJun 09 2003This work studies the optical emission line properties of a sample of 155 low-redshift bright X-ray selected ROSAT Seyfert~1 type AGN for which adequate signal-to-noise ratio spectroscopic observations are available. We measured emission line properties ... More
Transmutation prospect of long-lived nuclear waste induced by high-charge electron beam from laser plasma acceleratorMay 16 2017Photo-transmutation of long-lived nuclear waste induced by high-charge relativistic electron beam (e-beam) from laser plasma accelerator is demonstrated. Collimated relativistic e-beam with a high charge of approximately 100 nC is produced from high-intensity ... More
Containing intense laser light in circular cavity with magnetic trap doorJan 11 2017It is shown by particle-in-cell simulation that intense circularly polarized (CP) laser light can be contained in the cavity of a solid-density circular Al-plasma shell for hundreds of light-wave periods before it is dissipated by laser-plasma interaction. ... More
Study of filamentation instability on the divergence of ultraintense laser-driven electronsOct 14 2016Generation of relativistic electron (RE) beams during ultraintense laser pulse interaction with plasma targets is studied by collisional particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations. Strong magnetic field with transverse scale length of several local plasma skin ... More
Observation of Fermi Arcs in non-Centrosymmetric Weyl Semi-metal Candidate NbPSep 13 2015We report the surface electronic structure of niobium phosphide NbP single crystal on (001) surface by vacuum ultraviolet angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. Combining with our first principle calculations, we identify the existence of the Fermi ... More
Isomerism in the "south-east" of $^{132}$Sn and a predicted neutron-decaying isomer in $^{129}$PdSep 09 2016Excited states in neutron-rich nuclei located south-east of $^{132}$Sn are investigated by shell-model calculations. A new shell-model Hamiltonian is constructed for the present study. The proton-proton and neutron-neutron interactions of the Hamiltonian ... More
Crossover of magnetoresistance in the zerogap half-metallic Heusler alloy Fe2CoSiApr 12 2013This work reports on the band structure and magneto-transport investigations of the inverse Heusler compound Fe2CoSi. The first-principles calculations reveal that Fe2CoSi has a very peculiar band structure with a conducting property in the majority spin ... More
Magnetic phase diagram in the Co-rich side of LnCo1-xFexAsO (Ln=La, Sm) systemAug 23 2012Jan 11 2013The magnetic phase diagram has been mapped out via the measurements of electronic resistivity, magnetization and specific heat in the cobalt-based layered LnCo1-xFexAsO (Ln=La, Sm) compounds. The ferromagnetic (FM) transition at 63 K for LaCoAsO is rapidly ... More
Extensive Particle Identification with TPC and TOF at the STAR ExperimentMay 27 2005May 28 2005Particle identification (PID) capabilities are studied by using the Time Projection Chamber (TPC) and a Time-Of-Flight (TOF) detector together at STAR. The identification capability of charged hadrons is greatly extended compared with that achieved by ... More
Recoil effects of a motional scatterer on single-photon scattering in one dimensionMar 06 2013May 22 2013The scattering of a single photon with sufficiently high energy can cause a recoil of a motional scatterer. We study its backaction on the photon's coherent transport in one dimension by modeling the motional scatterer as a two-level system, which is ... More
Coherent control of single photons in the cross resonator arrays via the dark state mechanismJan 06 2013We study the single photon transfer in a hybrid system where the normal modes of two coupled resonator arrays interact with two transition arms of a ?-type atom localized in the intersectional resonator. It is found that, due to the Fano-Feshbach effect ... More
High quality electron bunch generation with CO2-laser plasma acceleratorMar 25 2014CO2 laser-driven electron acceleration is demonstrated with particle-in-cell simulation in low-density plasma. An intense CO2 laser pulse with long wavelength excites wakefield. The bubble behind it has a broad space to sustain a large amount of electrons ... More
Large Bi-2212 single crystal growth by the floating-zone techniqueMay 29 2008Effects of the growth velocity on the crystal growth behavior of Bi_2Sr_2Ca_1Cu_2O_x (Bi-2212) have been studied by floating zone technique. The results show that a necessary condition for obtaining large single crystals along the c-axis is that the solid-liquid ... More
Chiral NNLO$_{\text{sat}}$ descriptions of nuclear multipole resonances within the random phase approximationJan 13 2018We study nuclear multipole resonances in the framework of the random phase approximation using the chiral potential NNLO$_{\text{sat}}$. This potential includes two- and three-body terms that has been simultaneously optimized to low-energy nucleon-nucleon ... More
Topologically nontrivial states in one-dimensional nonlinear bichromatic superlatticesMar 21 2016We study topological properties of one-dimensional nonlinear bichromatic superlattices and unveil the effect of nonlinearity on topological states. We find the existence of nontrivial edge solitions, which distribute on the boundaries of the lattice with ... More
Topologically protected edge gap solitons of interacting Bosons in one-dimensional superlatticesMar 15 2016Mar 17 2016We comprehensively investigate the nontrivial states of interacting Bose system in one-dimensional optical superlattices under the open boundary condition. Our results show that there exists a kind of stable localized states: edge gap solitons. We argue ... More
Scaling of ac Susceptibility and Nonlinear Response in High-temperature SuperconductorsSep 17 2002The magnetic ac susceptibility of high-temperature superconductors is shown to obey some scaling relations.We try to ananlyse this behavior within the framework of a common nonlinear response function of mixed state.The derived equations for critical ... More
Resistive Transition Equation of Mixed StateMay 20 2002We present a microscopic derivation of the resistive transition equation for mixed state of superconductors. This form fits the experimental data of MgB2 with parameters in agreement with the prediction of BCS superconductivity. It also fits the experimental ... More
Phase Diagram of $α$-RuCl$_3$ in an in-plane Magnetic FieldMar 24 2017The low-temperature magnetic phases in the layered honeycomb lattice material $\alpha$-RuCl$_3$ have been studied as a function of in-plane magnetic field. In zero field this material orders magnetically below 7 K with so-called zigzag order within the ... More
Quakes in Solid Quark StarsApr 28 2004May 27 2004A starquake mechanism for pulsar glitches is developed in the solid quark star model. It is found that the general glitch natures (i.e., the glitch amplitudes and the time intervals) could be reproduced if solid quark matter, with high baryon density ... More
FeTe$_{0.55}$Se$_{0.45}$: a multiband superconductor in the clean and dirty limitFeb 26 2015Apr 09 2015The detailed optical properties of the multiband iron-chalcogenide superconductor FeTe$_{0.55}$Se$_{0.45}$ have been reexamined for a large number of temperatures above and below the critical temperature $T_c=14$ K for light polarized in the a-b planes. ... More
Entanglement of separate nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a whispering-gallery mode cavityOct 19 2010We present a quantum electrodynamical model involving nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a whispering-gallery mode cavity. Two schemes are considered to create W state and Bell state, respectively. One of the schemes makes use of the Raman transition ... More
Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Topological Phase in CrO$_{2}$: From Tripe Fermions to Weyl FermionsNov 30 2017Ferromagnetic topological semimetals due to their band topology co-existing with intrinsic magnetization exerted important influences on early study of topological fermions. However, they have not been observed in experiments up to now. In this work, ... More
Exact Non-Markovian Master Equation and Dispersive Probing of Non-Markovian ProcessSep 25 2012Dec 04 2012For a bosonic (fermionic) open system in a bath with many bosons (fermions) modes, we derive the exact non-Markovian master equation in which the memory effect of the bath is reflected in the time dependent decay rates. In this approach, the reduced density ... More
Thermodynamic consistency, quark mass scaling, and properties of strange matterMay 13 2014The previous thermodynamic treatment for models with density and/or temperature dependent quark masses is shown to be inconsistent with the requirement of fundamental thermodynamics. We therefore study a fully self-consistent one according to the fundamental ... More
A spectroscopic study of the cycling transition 4s[3/2]_2-4p[5/2]_3 at 811.8 nm in Ar-39: Hyperfine structure and isotope shiftDec 20 2010Doppler-free saturated absorption spectroscopy is performed on an enriched radioactive Ar-39 sample. The spectrum of the 3s^2 3p^5 4s [3/2]_2 - 3s^2 3p^5 4p [5/2]_3 cycling transition at 811.8 nm is recorded, and its isotope shift between Ar-39 and Ar-40 ... More
Spin squeezing: transforming one-axis-twisting into two-axis-twistingMay 03 2011Squeezed spin states possess unique quantum correlation or entanglement that are of significant promises for advancing quantum information processing and quantum metrology. In recent back to back publications [C. Gross \textit{et al, Nature} \textbf{464}, ... More
The X-ray afterglow of GRB 081109A: clue to the wind bubble structureMar 26 2009Aug 17 2009We present the prompt BAT and afterglow XRT data of Swift-discovered GRB081109A up to ~ 5\times 10^5 sec after the trigger, and the early ground-based optical follow-ups. The temporal and spectral indices of the X-ray afterglow emission change remarkably. ... More
Searching for onset of deconfinement via hypernuclei and baryon-strangeness correlationsAug 24 2009Jan 16 2010We argue that the ratio $S_3 =\mathrm{^3_\Lambda H} / (\mathrm{^3He} \times \frac{\Lambda}{p})$ is a good representation of the local correlation between baryon number and strangeness, and therefore is a valuable tool to probe the nature of the dense ... More
Searching for high-$K$ isomers in the proton-rich $A\sim80$ mass regionMar 24 2016Configuration-constrained potential-energy-surface calculations have been performed to investigate the $K$ isomerism in the proton-rich $A\sim80$ mass region. An abundance of high-$K$ states are predicted. These high-$K$ states arise from two and four-quasi-particle ... More
Two successive magneto-structural transformations and their relation to enhanced magnetocaloric effect for Ni55.3Mn19.7Ga25 Heusler alloyJun 22 2015Sep 24 2015In the present work, two successive magneto-structural transformations (MSTs) consisting of martensitic and intermartensitic transitions have been reported in polycrystalline Ni55.8Mn18.1Ga26.1 Heusler alloy. Benefiting from the additional latent heat ... More
Negative Differential Resistance in Boron Nitride Graphene Heterostructures: Physical Mechanisms and Size Scaling AnalysisJun 26 2015Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is drawing increasing attention as an insulator and substrate material to develop next generation graphene-based electronic devices. In this paper, we investigate the quantum transport in heterostructures consisting of a ... More
Spatial Mode Selective Waveguide with Hyperbolic CladdingMay 26 2016Sep 09 2016Hyperbolic Meta-Materials~(HMMs) are anisotropic materials with permittivity tensor that has both positive and negative eigenvalues. Here we report that by using a type II HMM as cladding material, a waveguide which only supports higher order modes can ... More
Gutzwiller density functional calculations of the electronic structure of FeAs-based superconductors: Evidence for a three-dimensional Fermi surfaceMar 08 2009May 19 2009The electronic structures of FeAs-compounds strongly depend on the Fe-As bonding, which can not be described successfully by the local density approximation (LDA). Treating the multi-orbital fluctuations from $ab$-$initio$ by LDA+Gutzwiller method, we ... More
Cooperative Secure Transmission by Exploiting Social Ties in Random NetworksMar 23 2018Social awareness and social ties are becoming increasingly popular with emerging mobile and handheld devices. Social trust degree describing the strength of the social ties has drawn lots of research interests in many fields in wireless communications, ... More
$p$-shell hypernuclear structures using the Gogny-interaction shell modelOct 20 2018We have systematically investigated the excitation spectra of $p$-shell hypernuclei within the shell model based on the nucleon-nucleon and hyperon-nucleon interactions. For the effective nucleon-nucleon interaction, we adopt the Gogny force instead of ... More
Nernst Effect and Superconducting Fluctuations in Zn-doped YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7-δ}$Apr 04 2005Sep 21 2005We report the measurements of in-plane resistivity, Hall effect, and Nernst effect in Zn doped YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7-\delta}$ epitaxial thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition technique. The pseudogap temperature, $T^*$, determined from the temperature ... More
Determining the Wiedemann-Franz ratio from the thermal Hall conductivity: Application to Cu and YBa_2Cu_3O_6.95Jan 04 2000The Wiedemann-Franz (WF) ratio compares the thermal and electrical conductivities in a metal. We describe a new way to determine its value, based on the thermal Hall conductivity. The technique is applied to copper and to untwinned YBaCuO. In the latter, ... More
Quasiparticle thermal Hall angle and magnetoconductance in YBa_2Cu_3O_xApr 09 1999May 13 1999We present a way to extract the quasiparticle (qp) thermal conductivity Kappa_e and mean-free-path in YBa_2Cu_3O_x, using the thermal Hall effect and the magnetoconductance of Kappa_e. The results are very consistent with heat capacity experiments. Moreover, ... More
The Effects of Superhigh Magnetic Fields on Equations of States of Neutron StarsAug 20 2015Nov 13 2015By introducing Dirac ?-function in superhigh magnetic field, we deduce a general formula for pressure of degenerate and relativistic electrons, Pe, which is suitable for superhigh magnetic fields, discuss the quantization of Landau levels of electrons, ... More
An isolated Dirac cone on the surface of ternary tetradymite-like topological insulatorsMay 15 2012We have extended the search for topological insulators to the ternary tetradymite-like compounds M2X2Y (M = Bi or Sb; X and Y = S, Se or Te), which are variations of the well-known binary compounds Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3. Our first-principles computations ... More
Hurst parameter analysis of radio pulsar timing noiseOct 08 2009We present an analysis of timing residual (noise) of 54 pulsars obtained from 25-m radio telescope at Urumqi Observatory with a time span of 5~8 years, dealing with statistics of the Hurst parameter. The majority of these pulsars were selected to have ... More
Low-mass and High-mass Supermassive Blackholes In Radio-Loud AGNs Are Spun-up in Different Evolution PathsMay 22 2019How Supermassive Blackholes (SMBHs) are spun-up is a key issue of modern astrophysics. As an extension of the study in Wang et al. (2016), we here address the issue by comparing the host galaxy properties of nearby ($z<0.05$) radio-selected Seyfert 2 ... More
Constraint on the cosmic age from the solar $r$-process abundancesMar 07 2014The cosmic age is an important physical quantity in cosmology. Based on the radiometric method, a reliable lower limit of the cosmic age is derived to be $15.68\pm 1.95$ Gyr by using the $r$-process abundances inferred for the solar system and observations ... More
Reentrant Metallic Behavior in the Weyl Semimetal NbPSep 15 2017We report the occurrence of reentrant metallic behavior in the Weyl semimetal NbP. When the applied magnetic field $H$ is above a critical value $H_c$, a reentrance appears as a peak in the temperature dependent resistivity $\rho_{xx}(T)$ at $T$ = $T_p$, ... More
Intrinsic Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Boron-doped ZnOMar 23 2010We report room temperature ferromagnetism in boron-doped ZnO both experimentally and theoretically. The single phase Zn1-xBxO films deposited under high oxygen pressure by pulsed-laser deposition show ferromagnetic behavior at room temperature. The saturation ... More
Generation of correlated photon pairs in micro/nano-fibersOct 16 2013Nov 03 2013We study the generation of correlated photon pairs via spontaneous four wave mixing in a 15 cm long micro/nano-fiber (MNF). The MNF is properly fabricated to satisfy the phase matching condition for generating the signal and idler photon pairs at the ... More
Ionization Suppression of Diatomic Molecules in Intense Midinfrared Laser FieldNov 14 2011Diatomic molecules (e.g., O$_2$) in intense laser field exhibit a peculiar suppressed ionization behavior compared to their companion atoms. Several physical models have been proposed to account for this suppression while no consensus has been achieved. ... More
Effects of Ru Substitution on Dimensionality and Electron Correlations in Ba(Fe_{1-x}Ru_x)_2As_2Mar 21 2012We report a systematic angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study on Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Ru$_x$)$_2$As$_2$ for a wide range of Ru concentrations (0.15 $\leq$ \emph{x} $\leq$ 0.74). We observed a crossover from two-dimension to three-dimension for some of ... More
Advanced noise reduction techniques for ultra-low phase noise optical-to-microwave division with femtosecond fiber combsDec 03 2010Mar 09 2011We report what we believe to be the lowest phase noise optical-to-microwave frequency division using fiber-based femtosecond optical frequency combs: a residual phase noise of -120dBc/Hz at 1 Hz offset from a 11.55GHz carrier frequency. We furthermore ... More
Fabrication and superconductivity of NaxTaS2 crystalsFeb 22 2005May 25 2005In this paper we report the growth and superconductivity of $Na_xTaS_2$ crystals. The structural data deduced from X-ray diffraction pattern shows that the sample has the same structure as $2H-TaS_2$. A series of crystals with different superconducting ... More
Single-Dirac-cone Z2 topological insulator phases in distorted Li2AgSb-class and related quantum critical Li-based spin-orbit compoundsApr 07 2010We have extended our new materials class search for the experimental realization of Z2 topological insulators from binary [Bi2Se3-class, Xia, Nature Phys. 5, 398 (2009)] and the ternary [Half-Heusler class, Lin, arXiv:1003.0155v1 (2010); ... More
Bremsstrahlung simulation in K to pi l^pm nu_l (gamma) decaysDec 30 2011Jun 28 2012In physics simulation chains, the PHOTOS Monte Carlo program is often used to simulate QED effects in decays of intermediate particles and resonances. The program is based on an exact multiphoton phase space. In general, the matrix element is obtained ... More
Thermalization of gluons at RHIC including gg <-> ggg interactions in a parton cascadeSep 28 2005Employing a newly developed pQCD inspired parton cascade we simulate the space time evolution of gluons which are produced initially in a heavy ion collision at RHIC energy. The inelastic $gg \leftrightarrow ggg$ interactions are for the first time implemented ... More
Treatment of Errors in Efficiency CalculationsJan 17 2007May 11 2012In this report we discuss the treatment of statistical errors in cut efficiencies. The two commonly used methods for the calculation of the errors, Poissonian and Binomial, are shown to be defective. We derive the form of the underlying probability density ... More
Inelastic multiparticle collisions in a parton cascadeJun 02 2004We elaborate on a new 3+1 dimensional Monte Carlo parton cascade solving kinetic Boltzmann processes including - for the first time - inelastic multiplication processes (gg <-->ggg) in a unified manner. The back reaction channel is treated fully consistently, ... More
A Large Deviation Principle for Martingales over Brownian FiltrationApr 03 2009In this article we establish a large deviation principle for the family {\nu_{\epsilon}:\epsilon \in (0,1)} of distributions of the scaled stochastic processes {P_{-\log\sqrt{\epsilon}}Z_t}_{t\leq 1}, where (Z_t)_{t\in \lbrack 0,1]} is a square-integrable ... More
Strain-induced large topological Hall effect in Pt/YIG bilayersOct 17 2018Large topological Hall effect (THE) has been investigated for Pt/Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) bilayers grown on (Gd2.6Ca0.4)(Ga4.1Mg0.25Zr0.65)O12 (SGGG) substrate, which is ascribed to lattice strain at the YIG/SGGG interfaces. The topological portion of the Hall ... More
Thermalization of gluons and onset of collectivity at RHIC due to gg <--> ggg interactionsJun 16 2005A number of promising results of a new 3+1 dimensional Monte Carlo parton cascade including inelastic multiplication processes (gg <--> ggg) are elaborated: (1) thermalization and chemical saturation; (2) the onset of longitudinal hydrodynamical expansion; ... More
Pressure-induced Topological Node-Line Semimetals in Alkaline-Earth Hexaborides XB6 (X=Ca, Sr, Ba)Nov 19 2016Based on first-principles calculations, we reported that external pressure can induce topological phase transition in alkaline-earth hexaborides, XB6 (X=Ca, Sr, Ba). It was revealed that XB6 is transformed from trivial semiconductors to topological node-line ... More
Suppressed carrier density for the patterned high mobility two-dimensional electron gas at gamma-Al2O3/SrTiO3 heterointerfacesJun 28 2017The two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at the non-isostructural interface between spinel gamma-Al2O3 and perovskite SrTiO3 is featured by a record electron mobility among complex oxide interfaces in addition to a high carrier density up to the order ... More
The development of $^{222}$Rn detectors for JUNO prototypeOct 10 2017Dec 14 2017The radioactive noble gas $^{222}$Rn, which can be dissolved in water, is an important background source for JUNO. In this paper, based on the water system of JUNO prototype, two kinds of high sensitivity radon detectors have been proposed and developed. ... More
Ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity of Pr2Ir2O7: a metallic spin-liquid candidate with quantum criticalityJul 30 2018The frustrated pyrochlore iridate Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ was proposed as a metallic quantum spin liquid located at a zero-field quantum critical point. Here we present the ultralow-temperature thermal conductivity measurements on the Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ single ... More