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Coloring clique-hypergraph of $K_5$-minor-free graphsAug 18 2014Aug 21 2014A clique-coloring of a graph $G$ is a coloring of the vertices of $G$ so that no maximal clique of size at least two is monochromatic. The clique-hypergraph, $\mathcal{H}(G)$, of a graph $G$ has $V(G)$ as its set of vertices and the maximal cliques of ... More
MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face RecognitionJul 27 2016In this paper, we design a benchmark task and provide the associated datasets for recognizing face images and link them to corresponding entity keys in a knowledge base. More specifically, we propose a benchmark task to recognize one million celebrities ... More
Full-scale Cascade Dynamics Prediction with a Local-First ApproachDec 28 2015Information cascades are ubiquitous in various social networking web sites. What mechanisms drive information diffuse in the networks? How does the structure and size of the cascades evolve in time? When and which users will adopt a certain message? Approaching ... More
Orbital Origin of Extremely Anisotropic Superconducting Gap in Nematic Phase of FeSe SuperconductorFeb 08 2018The iron-based superconductors are characterized by multiple-orbital physics where all the five Fe 3$d$ orbitals get involved. The multiple-orbital nature gives rise to various novel phenomena like orbital-selective Mott transition, nematicity and orbital ... More
Short range asymptotic behavior of the wave-functions of interacting spin-half fermionic atoms with spin-orbit coupling: a model studyNov 27 2012Mar 17 2013We consider spin-half fermionic atoms with isotropic Rashba spin-orbit coupling in three directions. The interatomic potential is modeled by a square well potential. We derive the analytic form of the asymptotic wave-functions at short range of two fermions ... More
Analysis of Link Formation, Persistence and Dissolution in NetSense DataNov 02 2016We study a unique behavioral network data set (based on periodic surveys and on electronic logs of dyadic contact via smartphones) collected at the University of Notre Dame.The participants are a sample of members of the entering class of freshmen in ... More
Quantitative Determination of the Pairing Interactions for High Temperature Superconductivity in CupratesJan 11 2016A profound problem in modern condensed matter physics is discovering and understanding the nature of the fluctuations and their coupling to fermions in cuprates which lead to high temperature superconductivity and the invariably associated strange metal ... More
Exploratory Analysis of High Dimensional Time Series with Applications to Multichannel ElectroencephalogramsOct 24 2016In this paper, we address the the major hurdle of high dimensionality in EEG analysis by extracting the optimal lower dimensional representations. Using our approach, connectivity between regions in a high-dimensional brain network is characterized through ... More
Predicting Node Degree Centrality with the Node Prominence ProfileDec 06 2014Centrality of a node measures its relative importance within a network. There are a number of applications of centrality, including inferring the influence or success of an individual in a social network, and the resulting social network dynamics. While ... More
Do the Young Live in a "Smaller World" Than the Old? Age-Specific Degrees of Separation in a Large-Scale Mobile Communication NetworkJun 24 2016That any two persons are separated by a relatively small number of intermediary contacts -- the "small-world" phenomenon -- is a surprising but well established regularity in human social networks. To date, network science has ignored the question of ... More
Microscopic Evolution of Social Networks by Triad Position ProfileOct 06 2013Sep 18 2014Disentangling the mechanisms underlying the social network evolution is one of social science's unsolved puzzles. Preferential attachment is a powerful mechanism explaining social network dynamics, yet not able to explain all scaling-laws in social networks. ... More
An approach to normal forms of Kuramoto model with distributed delays and the effect of minimal delayJan 25 2014Sep 26 2014Heterogeneous delays with positive lower bound (gap) are taken into consideration in Kuramoto oscillators. We first establish a perturbation technique, by which universal normal forms and detailed dynamical behavior of this model can be obtained easily. ... More
Topological quantization of self-dual Chern-Simons vortices on Riemann SurfacesAug 09 2005Aug 17 2005The self-duality equations of Chern-Simons Higgs theory in a background curved spacetime are studied by making use of the U(1) gauge potential decomposition theory and $\phi$-mapping method. The special form of the gauge potential decomposition is obtained ... More
Can Scientific Impact Be Predicted?Jun 19 2016A widely used measure of scientific impact is citations. However, due to their heavy-tailed distribution, citations are fundamentally difficult to predict. Instead, to characterize scientific impact, we address two analogous questions asked by many scientific ... More
Electronic Evidence of Temperature-Induced Lifshitz Transition and Topological Nature in ZrTe5Feb 10 2016The topological materials have attracted much attention recently. While three-dimensional topological insulators are becoming abundant, two-dimensional topological insulators remain rare, particularly in natural materials. ZrTe5 has host a long-standing ... More
Integrated structure investigation in complex networks by label propagationAug 31 2014Dec 29 2015The investigation of network structure has important significance to understand the functions of various complex networks. The communities with hierarchical and overlapping structures and the special nodes like hubs and outliers are all common structure ... More
Influence Activation Model: A New Perspective in Social Influence Analysis and Social Network EvolutionMay 26 2016What drives the propensity for the social network dynamics? Social influence is believed to drive both off-line and on-line human behavior, however it has not been considered as a driver of social network evolution. Our analysis suggest that, while the ... More
Will This Paper Increase Your h-index? Scientific Impact PredictionDec 15 2014Scientific impact plays a central role in the evaluation of the output of scholars, departments, and institutions. A widely used measure of scientific impact is citations, with a growing body of literature focused on predicting the number of citations ... More
Structural Diversity and Homophily: A Study Across More than One Hundred Large-Scale NetworksFeb 23 2016Understanding the ways in which local network structures are formed and organized is a fundamental problem in network science. A widely recognized organizing principle is structural homophily, which suggests that people with more common neighbors are ... More
Exploring Invariants & Patterns in Human Commute timeOct 14 2015Oct 27 2015In everyday life, the process of commuting to work from home happens every now and then. And the research of commute characteristics is useful for urban function planning. For humans, the commute of an individual seems revealing no regular universal patterns, ... More
Spectroscopic Evidence of Type II Weyl Semimetal State in WTe2Apr 14 2016Quantum topological materials, exemplified by topological insulators, three-dimensional Dirac semimetals and Weyl semimetals, have attracted much attention recently because of their unique electronic structure and physical properties. Very lately it is ... More
Electronic Evidence for Type II Weyl Semimetal State in MoTe2Apr 06 2016Topological quantum materials, including topological insulators and superconductors, Dirac semimetals and Weyl semimetals, have attracted much attention recently for their unique electronic structure, spin texture and physical properties. Very lately, ... More
Gender Differences in Communication Behaviors, Spatial Proximity Patterns, and Mobility HabitsMay 24 2016The existence of gender differences in the structure and composition of social networks is a well established finding in the social and behavioral sciences, but researchers continue to debate whether structural, dispositional, or life course factors are ... More
An Ant-Based Algorithm with Local Optimization for Community Detection in Large-Scale NetworksMar 19 2013In this paper, we propose a multi-layer ant-based algorithm MABA, which detects communities from networks by means of locally optimizing modularity using individual ants. The basic version of MABA, namely SABA, combines a self-avoiding label propagation ... More
Modeling the Interplay Between Individual Behavior and Network DistributionsNov 09 2015It is well-known that many networks follow a power-law degree distribution; however, the factors that influence the formation of their distributions are still unclear. How can one model the connection between individual actions and network distributions? ... More
A novel integral equation for scattering by locally rough surfaces and application to the inverse problemFeb 01 2013This paper is concerned with the direct and inverse acoustic or electromagnetic scattering problems by a locally perturbed, perfectly reflecting, infinite plane (which is called a locally rough surface in this paper). We propose a novel integral equation ... More
Pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls, Part I: The case of convex control constraintSep 09 2014This paper is the first part of our series work to establish pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls. In this part, both drift and diffusion terms may contain the control variable but the control region is assumed to ... More
Subalgebras and finitistic dimensions of Artin algebrasJul 21 2011Let $A$ be an Artin algebra. We investigate subalgebras of $A$ with certain conditions and obtain some classes of algebras whose finitistic dimensions are finite.
GHZ transform (I): Bell transform and quantum teleportationJan 27 2014Jul 14 2016It is well-known that maximally entangled states such as the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states, with the Bell states as the simplest examples, are widely exploited in quantum information and computation. We study the application of such maximally ... More
SVM and ELM: Who Wins? Object Recognition with Deep Convolutional Features from ImageNetJun 08 2015Deep learning with a convolutional neural network (CNN) has been proved to be very effective in feature extraction and representation of images. For image classification problems, this work aim at finding which classifier is more competitive based on ... More
Confinement-induced Resonances in Quasi-one-dimensional Traps with Transverse AnisotropyDec 23 2010We study atom-atom scattering in quasi-one-dimensional geometries with transverse anisotropy. By assuming an s-wave pseudo-potential of contact interaction, we show that the system would exhibit a single confinement-induced resonance, where the scattering ... More
Approaching the Cramer-Rao Bound in Weak Lensing with PDF SymmetrizationJun 30 2016Weak lensing statistics is typically measured as weighted sum of shear estimators or their products (shear-shear correlation). The weighting schemes are designed in the hope of minimizing the statistical error without introducing systematic errors. It ... More
Recovering scattering obstacles by multi-frequency phaseless far-field dataOct 19 2016It is well known that the modulus of the far-field pattern (or phaseless far-field pattern) is invariant under translations of the scattering obstacle if only one plane wave is used as the incident field, so the shape but not the location of the obstacle ... More
The continuity method on Fano bundlesDec 05 2016We prove that the continuity method on a Fano bundle starting from a suitable K\"ahler metric converges to a K\"ahler metric on the base in Gromov-Hausdorff topology.
Quantum coin flipping secure against channel noisesMay 27 2015So far, most of existed single-shot quantum coin flipping(QCF) protocols failed in a noisy quantum channel. Here, we present a nested-structured framework that makes it possible to achieve partially noise-tolerant QCF, due to that there is a trade-off ... More
Pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls, Part II: The general caseSep 26 2015Oct 19 2015This paper is the second part of our series of work to establish pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls. In this part, we consider the general cases, i.e., the control region is allowed to be nonconvex, and the control ... More
Double Bicrosssum of Braided Lie algebrasJan 08 2007Jan 12 2007The condition for double bicrosssum to be a braided Lie bialgebra is given. The result generalizes quantum double, bicrosssum, bicrosscosum, bisum. The quantum double of braided Lie bialgebras is constructed. The relation between double crosssum of Lie ... More
Minimality of a Kind of Pseudo-Umbilical Totally Real Submanifolds in Non-Flat Complex Space FormsDec 27 2015In this paper, by studying the position of umbilical normal vectors in the normal bundle, we prove that pseudo-umbilical totally real submanifolds with flat normal connection in non-flat complex space forms must be minimal.
Computing Skylines on Distributed DataNov 01 2016In this paper we study skyline queries in the distributed computational model, where we have $s$ remote sites and a central coordinator (the query node); each site holds a piece of data, and the coordinator wants to compute the skyline of the union of ... More
Global well-posedness of 3-D inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with ill-prepared initial dataSep 05 2014In this paper, we investigate the global well-posedness of 3-D incompressible inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with ill-prepared large initial data which are slowly varying in one space variable, that is, initial data of the form $\bigl(1+\e^{\be}a_0(x_{\rm ... More
Long time well-posdness of Prandtl system with small and analytic initial dataSep 05 2014In this paper, we investigate the long time existence and uniqueness of small solution to $d,$ for $d=2,3,$ dimensional Prandtl system with small initial data which is analytic in the horizontal variables. In particular, we prove that $d$ dimensional ... More
Cusp-shaped structure of a jet observed by IRIS and SDONov 15 2016On 29 August 2014, the trigger and evolution of a cusp-shaped jet were captured in detail at 1330 {\AA} by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph.At first, two neighboring mini-prominences arose in turn from low solar atmosphere and collided with a ... More
A note on the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality and Ricci flow on 4-manifoldsMar 14 2009Mar 06 2011In this short paper, we prove a Hitchin-Thorpe type inequality for closed 4-manifolds with non-positive Yamabe invariant, and admitting long time solutions of the normalized Ricci flow equation with bounded scalar curvature.
Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Light Curves and Power Density Spectra in the ICMART ModelDec 30 2013Feb 27 2014In this paper, we simulate the prompt emission light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) within the framework of the Internal-Collision-induced MAgnetic Reconnection and Turbulence (ICMART) model. This model applies to GRBs with a moderately-high magnetization ... More
Domain Adaptation Extreme Learning Machines for Drift Compensation in E-nose SystemsMay 24 2015This paper addresses an important issue, known as sensor drift that behaves a nonlinear dynamic property in electronic nose (E-nose), from the viewpoint of machine learning. Traditional methods for drift compensation are laborious and costly due to the ... More
Observability of Boolean control networks: A unified approach based on the theories of finite automataMay 27 2014Dec 09 2015The problem on how to determine the observability of Boolean control networks (BCNs) has been open for five years already. In this paper, we propose a unified approach to determine all the four types of observability of BCNs in the literature. We define ... More
Quantum teleportation and Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebraJul 06 2016In this paper, we investigate the relationship of quantum teleportation in quantum information science and the Birman-Murakami-Wenzl (BMW) algebra in low-dimensional topology. For simplicity, we focus on the two spin-1/2 representation of the BMW algebra, ... More
Inferring Unusual Crowd Events From Mobile Phone Call Detail RecordsApr 14 2015The pervasiveness and availability of mobile phone data offer the opportunity of discovering usable knowledge about crowd behaviors in urban environments. Cities can leverage such knowledge in order to provide better services (e.g., public transport planning, ... More
Inferring Social Status and Rich Club Effects in Enterprise Communication NetworksApr 14 2014Apr 14 2015Social status, defined as the relative rank or position that an individual holds in a social hierarchy, is known to be among the most important motivating forces in social behaviors. In this paper, we consider the notion of status from the perspective ... More
Disjunctive Logic Programs versus Normal Logic ProgramsApr 02 2013This paper focuses on the expressive power of disjunctive and normal logic programs under the stable model semantics over finite, infinite, or arbitrary structures. A translation from disjunctive logic programs into normal logic programs is proposed and ... More
Hierarchical Bayesian Models with Factorization for Content-Based RecommendationDec 28 2014Most existing content-based filtering approaches learn user profiles independently without capturing the similarity among users. Bayesian hierarchical models \cite{Zhang:Efficient} learn user profiles jointly and have the advantage of being able to borrow ... More
Repetitive cluster-tilted algebrasFeb 18 2009Jan 29 2013Let $H$ be a finite dimensional hereditary algebra over an algebraically closed field $k$ and $\mathscr{C}_{F^m}$ be the repetitive cluster category of $H$ with $m\geq 1$. We investigate the properties of cluster tilting objects in $\mathscr{C}_{F^m}$ ... More
Expressiveness of Logic Programs under General Stable Model SemanticsDec 02 2014The stable model semantics had been recently generalized to non-Herbrand structures by several works, which provides a unified framework and solid logical foundations for answer set programming. This paper focuses on the expressiveness of normal and disjunctive ... More
Rectifier Neural Network with a Dual-Pathway Architecture for Image DenoisingSep 10 2016Recently deep neural networks based on tanh activation function have shown their impressive power in image denoising. However, much training time is needed because of their very large size. In this letter, we propose a dual-pathway rectifier neural network ... More
The continuity method on minimal elliptic Kähler surfacesOct 25 2016We prove that, on a minimal elliptic K\"ahler surface of Kodaira dimension one, the continuity method introduced by La Nave and Tian in \cite{LT} starting from any initial K\"{a}hler metric converges in Gromov-Hausdorff topology to the metric completion ... More
An Ordinal Bargaining Solution with Fixed-Point PropertyJan 15 2014Shapleys impossibility result indicates that the two-person bargaining problem has no non-trivial ordinal solution with the traditional game-theoretic bargaining model. Although the result is no longer true for bargaining problems with more than two agents, ... More
Inequalities for Casorati curvatures of submanifolds in real space formsAug 21 2014Nov 11 2016By using T. Oprea's optimization methods on submanifolds, we give another proof of the inequalities relating the normalized $\delta-$Casorati curvature $\hat{\delta}_c(n-1)$ for submanifolds in real space forms. Also, inequalities relating the normalized ... More
Inequalities for Casorati curvatures of submanifolds in real space formsAug 21 2014Jun 15 2015By using T. Oprea's optimization methods on submanifolds, we give another proof of the inequalities relating the normalized $\delta-$Casorati curvature $\hat{\delta}_c(n-1)$ for submanifolds in real space forms. Also, inequalities relating the normalized ... More
A Newton method for simultaneous reconstruction of an interface and a buried obstacle from far-field dataNov 23 2012This paper is concerned with the inverse problem of scattering of time-harmonic acoustic waves from a penetrable and buried obstacles. By introducing a related transmission scattering problem, a Newton iteration method is proposed to simultaneously reconstruct ... More
Spatial-Spectral Boosting Analysis for Stroke Patients' Motor Imagery EEG in Rehabilitation TrainingOct 23 2013Current studies about motor imagery based rehabilitation training systems for stroke subjects lack an appropriate analytic method, which can achieve a considerable classification accuracy, at the same time detects gradual changes of imagery patterns during ... More
Some results on pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controlsMay 28 2014The purpose of this paper is to derive some pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls in the general case that the control variable enters into both the drift and the diffusion terms. When the control region is convex, ... More
Molecular dynamics studies on the NMR and X-ray structures of rabbit prion protein wild-type and mutantsApr 29 2013Aug 26 2013Prion diseases are invariably fatal and highly infectious neurodegenerative diseases that affect a wide variety of mammalian species such as sheep, goats, mice, humans, chimpanzees, hamsters, cattle, elks, deer, minks, cats, chicken, pigs, turtles, etc. ... More
Visual Understanding via Multi-Feature Shared Learning with Global ConsistencyMay 20 2015Sep 09 2015Image/video data is usually represented with multiple visual features. Fusion of multi-source information for establishing the attributes has been widely recognized. Multi-feature visual recognition has recently received much attention in multimedia applications. ... More
Evolutionary Cost-sensitive Extreme Learning MachineMay 17 2015Sep 22 2016Conventional extreme learning machines solve a Moore-Penrose generalized inverse of hidden layer activated matrix and analytically determine the output weights to achieve generalized performance, by assuming the same loss from different types of misclassification. ... More
Robust Visual Knowledge Transfer via EDAMay 17 2015Aug 09 2016We address the problem of visual knowledge adaptation by leveraging labeled patterns from source domain and a very limited number of labeled instances in target domain to learn a robust classifier for visual categorization. This paper proposes a new extreme ... More
Effective Hamiltonians for quasi-one-dimensional Fermi gases with spin-orbit couplingAug 21 2013We derive one-dimensional effective Hamiltonians for spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases confined in quasi-one-dimensional trapping potentials. For energy regime around the two-body bound state energy, the effective Hamiltonian takes a two-channel form, where ... More
Quantum Limited DPSK Receivers with Optical Mach-Zehnder Interferometer DemodulationOct 12 2004We present an analysis of quantum-limited DPSK receivers with optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) demodulation. It is shown for the first time that the quantum limits for DPSK/MZI receivers with single-port and balanced detections exactly differ ... More
Interatomic collisions in two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional confinements with spin-orbit couplingMar 03 2012Oct 28 2012We investigate the low-energy scattering and bound states of two two-component fermionic atoms in pure two-dimensional (2D) and quasi-2D confinements with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC). We find that the SOC qualitatively changes the behavior of the ... More
Chaotic transitions of optomechanical resonator modified by the quadratic couplingFeb 06 2016A parametric modification of the dynamical transition from steady-state to limit circles and to chaos by the quadratic coupling in optomechanical system is investigated. Under a weak pumping field, the mechanical resonator damps to a steady state with ... More
Fluid Models of Many-server Queues with AbandonmentSep 09 2009We study many-server queues with abandonment in which customers have general service and patience time distributions. The dynamics of the system are modeled using measure- valued processes, to keep track of the residual service and patience times of each ... More
Lyubeznik numbers of projective schemesJan 20 2010Jul 28 2011Let $X$ be a projective scheme over a field $k$ and let $A$ be the local ring at the vertex of the affine cone of $X$ under some embedding $X\hookrightarrow\mathbb{P}^n_k$. We prove that, when $\ch(k)>0$, the Lyubeznik numbers $\lambda_{i,j}(A)$ are intrinsic ... More
A Stochastic Representation for Backward Incompressible Navier-Stokes EquationsOct 26 2008Nov 01 2008By reversing the time variable we derive a stochastic representation for backward incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in terms of stochastic Lagrangian paths, which is similar to Constantin and Iyer's forward formulations in \cite{Co-Iy}. Using this ... More
On Stochastic Evolution Equations with non-Lipschitz CoefficientsMar 09 2007Jan 10 2008In this paper, we study the existence and uniqueness of solutions for several classes of stochastic evolution equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients, that is, backward stochastic evolution equations, stochastic Volterra type evolution equations and ... More
Researches on the Twin Prime ProblemMay 11 2014May 13 2014Twin prime number problem is mainly the structure of the twin prime numbers and whether there are infinitely many prime twins group. In this paper, by constructing a special cluster number set(see formula(2.3)in the paper), proves that the number of set ... More
The concept of primes and the algorithm for counting the greatest common divisor in Ancient ChinaOct 01 2009Oct 05 2009When people mention the number theoretical achievements in Ancient China, the famous Chinese Remainder Theorem always springs to mind. But, two more of them--the concept of primes and the algorithm for counting the greatest common divisor, are rarely ... More
The cohomological support locus of pluricaonical sheaves and the Iitaka fibrationDec 16 2012Nov 28 2013Let $alb_X: X \rightarrow A$ be the Albanese map of a smooth projective variety and $f: X \rightarrow Y$ the fibration from the Stein factorization of $alb_X$. For a positive integer $m$, if $f$ and $m$ satisfy the assumptions AS(1,2), then the translates ... More
A Tale Of Two Amplitudes In High Energy PhysicsMay 27 2013(abbreviated) I will describe my work on proton Compton scattering in a Unified Proton-Delta theory and on the computation of scattering amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory. We study proton Compton scattering in the first resonance region in an effective ... More
Representations of Quantum Affine SuperalgebrasSep 20 2013Nov 22 2014We study the quantum affine superalgebra $U_q(Lsl(M,N))$ and its finite-dimensional representations. We prove a triangular decomposition and establish a system of Poincar\'{e}-Birkhoff-Witt generators for this superalgebra, both in terms of Drinfel'd ... More
Automating Predictions for Standard Model Effective Field Theory in MadGraph5_aMC@NLOJan 15 2016Next-to-leading order event generation for the Standard Model effective field theory has started to become available in the MadGraph5_aMC@NLO framework. In this talk we discuss some of the recent progresses in this direction, with a focus on the top-quark ... More
A practical attack to Bouftass's cryptosystemMay 03 2016Recently, a new fast public key exchange protocol was presented by S. Bouftass. The protocol is based on the difficulty of inverting the function $F(x)=\lfloor (zx \mod 2^p)/ 2^q \rfloor$. In this paper, we describe a practical attack against this protocol ... More
Collapsing of negative Kähler-Einstein metricsMay 18 2015Aug 07 2015In this paper, we study the collapsing behaviour of negative K\"{a}hler-Einstein metrics along degenerations of canonical polarized manifolds. We prove that for a toroidal degeneration of canonical polarized manifolds with the total space $\mathbb{Q}$-factorial, ... More
Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures for piecewise hyperbolic maps with two directions of instability in three-dimensional spacesFeb 19 2015A class of piecewise $C^2$ Lozi-like maps in three-dimensional Euclidean spaces is introduced, and the existence of Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures is studied, where the dimension of the instability is equal to two. Further, an example with computer simulations ... More
An Alternate Ring-Ring Design for eRHICFeb 26 2015I present here a new ring-ring design of eRHIC, a polarized electron-ion collider based on RHIC at BNL. This alternate eRHIC design utilizes high repetition rate colliding beams and is likely able to deliver the performance to meet the requirements of ... More
The dispersion modification of electrostatic geodesic acoustic mode by electron geodesic drift currentDec 08 2014The past studies treated the perturbed distribution of circulating electrons as adiabatic one when studying the dispersion relation of electrostatic geodesic acoustic mode(GAM). In this paper, the flow of electron geodesic current (FEGC) is added to modify ... More
Amiable mixed schemes for fourth order curl equationsJul 17 2016In this paper, amiable mixed schemes are presented for two variants of fourth order curl equations. Specifically, mixed formulations for the problems are constructed, which are well-posed in Babuska-Brezzi's sense and admit stable discretizations by finite ... More
Elastic regularization in restricted Boltzmann machines: Dealing with $p\gg N$Oct 13 2015Oct 21 2015Restricted Boltzmann machines (RBMs) are endowed with the universal power of modeling (binary) joint distributions. Meanwhile, as a result of their confining network structure, training RBMs confronts less difficulties (compared with more complicated ... More
A matrix description for $K_1$ of graded ringsJul 26 2013Apr 10 2014The current paper is dedicated to the study of the classical $K_1$ groups of graded rings. Let $A$ be a $\Gamma$ graded ring with identity $1$, where the grading $\Gamma$ is an abelian group. We associate a category with suspension to the $\Gamma$ graded ... More
Cargo transportation by two species of motor proteinNov 06 2012The cargo motion in living cells transported by two species of motor protein with different intrinsic directionality is discussed in this study. Similar to single motor movement, cargo steps forward and backward along microtubule stochastically. Recent ... More
Gyrokinetic resonant theory of low frequency electromagnetic perturbationApr 01 2016Sep 25 2016It's pointed out that the traditional gyrokinetic theory dealing with low frequency electromagnetic perturbation violates the near identity transformation, which is supposed to be obeyed by Lie perturbed transformation theory, if resonance happens between ... More
Convergence of Yang-Mills-Higgs flow for twist Higgs pairs on Riemann surfacesSep 18 2012We consider the gradient flow of the Yang-Mills-Higgs functional of twist Higgs pairs on a Hermitian vector bundle $(E,H_0)$ over a Riemann surface $X$. It is already known the gradient flow with initial data $(A_0,\phi_0)$ converges to a critical point ... More
A general two-cycle network model of molecular motorsFeb 19 2009Apr 24 2009Molecular motors are single macromolecules that generate forces at the piconewton range and nanometer scale. They convert chemical energy into mechanical work by moving along filamentous structures. In this paper, we study the velocity of two-head molecular ... More
Loose mechanochemical coupling of molecular motorsMay 05 2011In living cells, molecular motors convert chemical energy into mechanical work. Its thermodynamic energy efficiency, i.e. the ratio of output mechanical work to input chemical energy, is usually high. However, using two-state models, we found the motion ... More
An analysis of a random algorithm for estimating all the matchingsDec 05 2008Counting the number of all the matchings on a bipartite graph has been transformed into calculating the permanent of a matrix obtained from the extended bipartite graph by Yan Huo, and Rasmussen presents a simple approach (RM) to approximate the permanent, ... More
Nonlocal Hormander's hypoellipticity theoremJun 20 2013Apr 07 2014Consider the following nonlocal integro-differential operator: for $\alpha\in(0,2)$, $$ \cal L^{(\alpha)}_{\sigma,b} f(x):=\mbox{p.v.} \int_{\mathbb{R}^d-\{0\}}\frac{f(x+\sigma(x)z)-f(x)}{|z|^{d+\alpha}}d z+b(x)\cdot\nabla f(x), $$ where $\sigma:\mathbb{R}^d\to\mathbb{R}^d\times\mathbb{R}^d$ ... More
Describing Human Aesthetic Perception by Deeply-learned Attributes from FlickrMay 25 2016Many aesthetic models in computer vision suffer from two shortcomings: 1) the low descriptiveness and interpretability of those hand-crafted aesthetic criteria (i.e., nonindicative of region-level aesthetics), and 2) the difficulty of engineering aesthetic ... More
Analytic continuation of solutions of the pantograph equation by means of $θ$-modular formulaFeb 02 2012The aim of this paper is to treat the constant coefficients functional-differential equation $y'(x)=ay(qx)+by(x)$ with the help of the analytic theory of linear $q$-difference equations. When $ab\not=0$, the associated Cauchy problem with $y(0)=1$ admits ... More
An orbifold approach to Severi InequalityFeb 13 2012Sep 26 2016For a smooth minimal surface of general type $S$ with $Albdim(S) = 2$, Severi inequality says that $K_S^2 \geq 4\chi(S)$, which was proved by Pardini. It is expected that when the equality is attained, $S$ is birational to a double cover over an Abelian ... More
Isotropy in the two-point angular correlation function of the CMBSep 30 2011Feb 16 2012We study the directional dependence of the angular two-point correlation function in maps of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). We propose two new statistics, one which measures the correlation of each point in the sky with a ring of points separated ... More
Generalizations of an Ancient Greek Inequality about the Sequence of PrimesSep 11 2009Sep 12 2009In this note, we generalize an ancient Greek inequality about the sequence of primes to the cases of arithmetic progressions even multivariable polynomials with integral coefficients. We also refine Bouniakowsky's conjecture [16] and Conjecture 2 in [22]. ... More
$2m$-Weak amenability of group algebrasJul 18 2012A common fixed point property for semigroups is applied to show that the group algebra $L^1(G)$ of a locally compact group $G$ is $2m$-weakly amenable for each integer $m\geq 1$.