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Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - XVII. Sizes, angular momenta and morphologies of high redshift galaxiesApr 02 2019We study the sizes, angular momenta and morphologies of high-redshift galaxies using an update of the Meraxes semi-analytic galaxy evolution model. Our model successfully reproduces a range of observations from redshifts $z=0$-$10$. We find that the effective ... More
Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - XV. Stellar evolution and feedback in dwarf galaxies at high redshiftAug 10 2018We directly compare predictions of dwarf galaxy properties in a semi-analytic model (SAM) with those extracted from a high-resolution hydrodynamic simulation. We focus on galaxies with halo masses of 1e9<Mvir/Msol<1e11 at high redshift ($z\ge5$). We find ... More
New Variables For Graviton Scattering AmplitudesMay 01 2012Motivated by the success of Hodges' momentum twistor variables in planar Yang-Mills, in this note we introduce a set of new variables, the S variables, which are tailored for gravity (or more generally for theories without color ordering). The S variables ... More
A simplification of the proof of the existence of the extremal function for the Moser-Trudinger inequalityJun 10 2005Sep 13 2006In a previous paper, the author proved the existence of extremal function for the Moser-Trudinger inequality on a compact manifold. In the this paper, we will give a new proof of one of the key proposition.
The UV Emission of Stars in LAMOST Survey I. CatalogsFeb 02 2018We present the ultraviolet magnitudes for over three million stars in the LAMOST survey, in which 2,202,116 stars are detected by $GALEX$. For 889,235 undetected stars, we develop a method to estimate their upper limit magnitudes. The distribution of ... More
Learning to Extract Coherent Summary via Deep Reinforcement LearningApr 19 2018Coherence plays a critical role in producing a high-quality summary from a document. In recent years, neural extractive summarization is becoming increasingly attractive. However, most of them ignore the coherence of summaries when extracting sentences. ... More
Quantum superreplication of states and gatesDec 18 2015Mar 13 2016While the no-cloning theorem forbids the perfect replication of quantum information, it is sometimes possible to produce large numbers of replicas with vanishingly small error. This phenomenon, known as quantum superreplication, can take place both for ... More
Extendability of conformal structures on punctured surfacesSep 27 2015For a smooth immersion $f$ from the punctured disk $D\backslash\{0\}$ into $\mathbb{R}^n$ extendable continuously at the puncture, if its mean curvature is square integrable and the measure of $f(D)\cap B_{r_k}=o(r_k)$ for a sequence $r_k\to 0$, we show ... More
Global generalized solutions to a nonlinear Keller-Segel equation with singular sensitivityMar 14 2018We consider the chemotaxis system \begin{eqnarray*} \begin{cases} \begin{array}{lll} \medskip u_t =\Delta u^m - \nabla(\frac{u}{v}\nabla v),&{} x\in\Omega,\ t>0, \medskip v_t =\Delta v -uv,&{}x\in\Omega,\ t>0, \medskip \frac{\partial u}{\partial \nu}=\frac{\partial ... More
Global weak solutions for the three-dimensional chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system with slow $p$-Laplacian diffusionMar 06 2018Mar 07 2018This paper investigates an incompressible chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system with slow $p$-Laplacian diffusion \begin{eqnarray} \left\{\begin{array}{lll} n_t+u\cdot\nabla n=\nabla\cdot(|\nabla n|^{p-2}\nabla n)-\nabla\cdot(n\chi(c)\nabla c),& x\in\Omega,\ ... More
A Low-Power Accelerator for Deep Neural Networks with Enlarged Near-Zero SparsityMay 22 2017It remains a challenge to run Deep Learning in devices with stringent power budget in the Internet-of-Things. This paper presents a low-power accelerator for processing Deep Neural Networks in the embedded devices. The power reduction is realized by avoiding ... More
The first Super Massive Black Holes: indications from models for future observationsFeb 21 2019We present an exploration of the expected detection of the earliest Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) in the Universe from state-of-art galaxy formation and evolution semi-analytic models and hydro-dynamical simulations. We estimate the number and radiative ... More
Extremal functions for Moser-Trudinger type inequality on compact closed 4-manifoldsSep 01 2006Sep 14 2006Given a compact closed four dimensional smooth Riemannian manifold, we prove existence of extremal functions for Moser-Trudinger type inequality. The method used is Blow-up analysis combined with capacity techniques.
Automatic finite element implementation of hyperelastic material with a double numerical differentiation algorithmJun 13 2016In order to accelerate implementation of hyperelastic materials for finite element analysis, we developed an automatic numerical algorithm that only requires the strain energy function. This saves the effort on analytical derivation and coding of stress ... More
Certifying quantumness: Benchmarks for the optimal processing of generalized coherent and squeezed statesJul 15 2014Oct 17 2014Quantum technology promises revolutionary advantages in information processing and transmission compared to classical technology; however, determining which specific resources are needed to surpass the capabilities of classical machines often remains ... More
Moser-Trudinger inequalities of vector bundle over a compact Riemannian manifold of dimension 2Oct 26 2005Oct 27 2005Let $(M,g)$ be a 2-dimensional compact Riemannian manifold. In this paper, we use the method of blowing up analysis to prove several Moser-Trdinger type inequalities for vector bundle over $(M,g)$. We also derive an upper bound of such inequalities under ... More
Efficient Quantum Compression for Ensembles of Identically Prepared Mixed StatesJun 11 2015Feb 24 2016We present one-shot compression protocols that optimally encode ensembles of $N$ identically prepared mixed states into $O(\log N)$ qubits. In contrast to the case of pure-state ensembles, we find that the number of encoding qubits drops down discontinuously ... More
Superactivation of quantum gyroscopesNov 13 2014Quantum particles with spin are the most elementary gyroscopes existing in nature. Can two such gyroscopes help two distant observers find out their relative orientation in space? Here we show that a single pair of gyroscopes in an EPR state gives little ... More
False Discovery Rate Controlled Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Detection for Online Controlled ExperimentsAug 14 2018Online controlled experiments (a.k.a. A/B testing) have been used as the mantra for data-driven decision making on feature changing and product shipping in many Internet companies. However, it is still a great challenge to systematically measure how every ... More
Blowup behavior of harmonic maps with finite indexDec 18 2015In this paper, we study the blow-up phenomena on the $\alpha_k$-harmonic map sequences with bounded uniformly $\alpha_k$-energy, denoted by $\{u_{\alpha_k}: \alpha_k>1 \quad \mbox{and} \quad \alpha_k\searrow 1\}$, from a compact Riemann surface into a ... More
Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - XIII. AGN quenching of high-redshift star formation in ZF-COSMOS-20115Apr 11 2017Aug 25 2017Massive quiescent galaxies (MQGs) are thought to have formed stars rapidly at early times followed by a long period of quiescence. The recent discovery of a MQG, ZF-COSMOS-20115 at $z\sim4$, only 1.5 Gyr after the big bang, places new constraints on galaxy ... More
Si$_3$N$_4$ optomechanical crystals in the resolved-sideband regimeNov 25 2013Nov 26 2013We demonstrate sideband-resolved Si$_3$N$_4$ optomechanical crystals supporting $10^5$ quality factor optical modes at 980 nm, coupled to $\approx4$ GHz frequency mechanical modes with quality factors of $\approx3000$. Optomechanical electromagnetically ... More
Weak limit of an immersed surface sequence with bounded Willmore functionalSep 07 2011We will study the blowup behavior of a surface sequence immersed in $R^2$ with bounded Willmore functional and fixed genus.
Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - XIV. Gas accretion, cooling and star formation in dwarf galaxies at high redshiftFeb 12 2018Aug 06 2018We study dwarf galaxy formation at high redshift ($z\ge5$) using a suite of high- resolution, cosmological hydrodynamic simulations and a semi-analytic model (SAM). We focus on gas accretion, cooling and star formation in this work by isolating the relevant ... More
Dark-Ages Reionisation & Galaxy Formation Simulation XVI: The Thermal Memory of ReionisationApr 12 2019Intergalactic medium temperature is a powerful probe of the epoch of reionisation, as information is retained long after reionisation itself. However, mean temperatures are highly degenerate with the timing of reionisation, with the amount heat injected ... More
Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - XIV. Gas accretion, cooling and star formation in dwarf galaxies at high redshiftFeb 12 2018We study dwarf galaxy formation at high redshift ($z\ge5$) using a suite of high-resolution, cosmological hydrodynamic simulations and a semi-analytic model (SAM). We focus on gas accretion, cooling and star formation in this work by isolating the relevant ... More
Testing of Front-End Readout Prototype ASICs Designed for WCDA in LHAASOJun 24 2018The water Cherenkov detector array (WCDA) is one of the key detectors in the large high altitude air shower observatory (LHAASO), which is proposed for very high gamma ray source survey. In WCDA, there are more than 3000 photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) scattered ... More
Remarks on the Extremal Functions for the Moser-Trudinger InequalitiesApr 15 2005Jul 28 2005We will show in this paper that if $\lambda$ is very close to 1, then $$I(M,\lambda,m)= \sup_{u\in H^{1,n}_0(M) ,\int_M|\nabla u|^ndV=1}\int_\Omega (e^{\alpha_n |u|^\frac{n}{n-1}}-\lambda\sum\limits_{k=1}^m\frac{|\alpha_nu^\frac{n}{n-1}|^k} {k!})dV,$$ ... More
Optimal conditions for $L^\infty$-regularity and a priori estimates for elliptic systems, II: $n(\geq 3)$ componentsMay 29 2008In this paper, we present a bootstrap procedure for general elliptic systems with $n(\geq 3)$ components. Combining with the $L^p$-$L^q$-estimates, it yields the optimal $L^\infty$-regularity conditions for the three well-known types of weak solutions: ... More
Optimal conditions for $L^\infty$-regularity and a priori estimates for elliptic systems, I: two componentsMay 29 2008In this paper we present a new bootstrap procedure for elliptic systems with two unknown functions. Combining with the $L^p$-$L^q$-estimates, it yields the optimal $L^\infty$-regularity conditions for the three well-known types of weak solutions: $H_0^1$-solutions, ... More
Crystal Structure and Elastic Properties of Hypothesized MAX Phase-like Compound (Cr2Hf)2Al3C3Jun 15 2013Feb 20 2014The term "MAX phase" refers to a very interesting and important class of layered ternary transition-metal carbides and nitrides with a novel combination of both metal and ceramic-like properties that have made these materials highly regarded candidates ... More
Color imaging through the scattering media based on phase retrieval with triple correlationJan 31 2019Mar 18 2019Light passing through scattering media will be strongly scattered and diffused into complex speckle pattern, which however contains almost all the spatial information and color information of the objects. Although various technologies have been proposed ... More
Memory effects in quantum metrologyApr 15 2019Quantum metrology concerns estimating a parameter from multiple identical uses of a quantum channel. We extend quantum metrology beyond this standard setting and consider estimation of a physical process with quantum memory, here referred to as a parametrized ... More
On the Communication Complexity of Distributed ClusteringJun 30 2015Aug 07 2015In this paper we give a first set of communication lower bounds for distributed clustering problems, in particular, for k-center, k-median and k-means. When the input is distributed across a large number of machines and the number of clusters k is small, ... More
On the Associativity of GluingJul 27 2011This paper studies the associativity of gluing of trajectories in Morse theory. We show that the associativity of gluing follows from of the existence of compatible manifold with face structures on the compactified moduli spaces. Using our previous work, ... More
Probe a family non-universal Z' boson effects in B(s)-> phi mu(+) mu(-)decayJan 06 2011Motivated by the recent measurement on ${\cal B}(\bar{B}_s\to \phi \mu^+\mu^-)$ by CDF collaboration, we study the effects of a family non-universal $Z^{\prime}$ boson on rare semileptonic $\bar{B}_s \to \phi\mu^+\mu^-$ decay. In our evaluations, we analyze ... More
Triangular bases in quantum cluster algebras and monoidal categorification conjecturesJan 16 2015Sep 26 2016We consider the quantum cluster algebras which are injective-reachable and introduce a triangular basis in every seed. We prove that, under some initial conditions, there exists a unique common triangular basis with respect to all seeds. This basis is ... More
A necessary and sufficient condition for the stability of linear Hamiltonian systems with periodic coefficientsOct 09 2018Linear Hamiltonian systems with time-dependent coefficients are of importance to nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, accelerator physics, plasma physics, and quantum physics. It is shown that the solution map of a linear Hamiltonian system with time-dependent ... More
On Moduli Spaces and CW Structures Arising from Morse Theory On Hilbert ManifoldsDec 16 2010This paper proves some results on negative gradient dynamics of Morse functions on Hilbert manifolds. It contains the compactness of flow lines, manifold structures of certain compacti- fied moduli spaces, orientation formulas, and CW structures of the ... More
Chandra Studies of the X-ray Gas Properties of Fossil SystemsSep 13 2015We study ten galaxy groups and clusters suggested in the literature to be "fossil system (FS)" based on \chandra\ observations. According to the $M_{500}-T$ and $L_{\rm X}-T$ relations, the gas properties of FSs are not physically distinct from ordinary ... More
Recollements and homological dimensionsJun 21 2016We investigate the behavior of the homological dimensions under recollements of derived categories of algebras. In particular, we establish a series of new bounds among the selfinjective dimension or $\phi$-dimension of the algebras linked by recollements ... More
Faster Treasure Hunt and Better Strongly Universal Exploration SequencesApr 24 2012In this paper, we investigate the explicit deterministic treasure hunt problem in a $n$-vertex network. This problem was firstly introduced by Ta-Shma and Zwick in \cite{TZ07} [SODA'07]. Note also it is a variant of the well known rendezvous problem in ... More
Status and prospects for BESIIIDec 01 2013In this paper the status and prospects for BESIII is presented.The BEPCII machine is in good status and recently reached its highest luminosity of 7.08*10^32cm^-2s^-1. The BESIII detectors have been running stably since 2009. Upgrade plans for its sub-detectors ... More
Compare triangular bases of acyclic quantum cluster algebrasJun 17 2016Given a quantum cluster algebra, we show that its triangular bases defined by Berenstein and Zelevinsky and those defined by the author are the same for the seeds associated with acyclic quivers. This result implies that the Berenstein-Zelevinsky's basis ... More
A network model for cellular agingMay 24 2013Dec 17 2013What is aging? Mechanistic answers to this question remain elusive despite decades of research. Here, we propose a mathematical model of cellular aging based on a model gene interaction network. Our network model is made of only non-aging components - ... More
Quantum Cluster Variables via Serre PolynomialsApr 23 2010Jul 13 2010For skew-symmetric acyclic quantum cluster algebras, we express the quantum $F$-polynomials and the quantum cluster monomials in terms of Serre polynomials of quiver Grassmannians of rigid modules. As byproducts, we obtain the existence of counting polynomials ... More
An application of topological equivalence to Morse theoryFeb 14 2011In a previous paper, under the assumption that the Riemannian metric is special, the author proved some results about the moduli spaces and CW structures arising from Morse theory. By virtue of topological equivalence, this paper extends those results ... More
Triangular bases in quantum cluster algebras and monoidal categorification conjecturesJan 16 2015Dec 15 2016We consider the quantum cluster algebras which are injective-reachable and introduce a triangular basis in every seed. We prove that, under some initial conditions, there exists a unique common triangular basis with respect to all seeds. This basis is ... More
Noncommutative maximal ergodic inequality for non-tracial L1-spacesFeb 22 2011We extend the noncommutative L1-maximal ergodic inequality for semifinite von Neumann algebras established by Yeadon in 1977 to the framework of noncommutative L1-spaces associated with sigma-finite von Neumann algebras. Since the semifnite case of this ... More
Universal relations and normal-state properties of a Fermi gas with laser-dressed mixed-partial-wave interactionsAug 12 2018Nov 20 2018In a recent experiment [P. Peng, $et$ $al.$, Phys. Rev. A \textbf{97}, 012702 (2018)], it has been shown that the $p$-wave Feshbach resonance can be shifted toward the $s$-wave Feshbach resonance by a laser field. Based on this experiment, we study the ... More
Quantum groups via cyclic quiver varieties IDec 04 2013Mar 10 2015We construct the quantized enveloping algebra of any simple Lie algebra of type ADE as the quotient of a Grothendieck ring arising from certain cyclic quiver varieties. In particular, the dual canonical basis of a one-half quantum group with respect to ... More
Direct $CP$ violation from isospin symmetry breaking effects in PQCDJul 29 2018Feb 26 2019We investigate the direct $CP$ violation for the decay process of $\bar{B}_{s}\rightarrow P(V)\pi^{0}$ (P,V refer to the pseudoscalar meson and vector meson, respectively) via isospin symmetry breaking effects from the $\pi^{0}-\eta-\eta'$ mixing mechanism ... More
Dependence of galaxy clustering on UV-luminosity and stellar mass at $z \sim 4 - 7$Sep 26 2018We investigate the dependence of galaxy clustering at $z \sim 4 - 7$ on UV-luminosity and stellar mass. Our sample consists of $\sim$ 10,000 Lyman-break galaxies (LBGs) in the XDF and CANDELS fields. As part of our analysis, the $M_\star - M_{\rm UV}$ ... More
Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Simulation - X. The small contribution of quasars to reionizationMar 15 2017Sep 26 2017Motivated by recent measurements of the number density of faint AGN at high redshift, we investigate the contribution of quasars to reionization by tracking the growth of central supermassive black holes in an update of the Meraxes semi-analytic model. ... More
Dark-ages Reionization & Galaxy Formation Simulation VIII. Suppressed growth of dark matter halos during the Epoch of ReionizationJan 13 2017Feb 21 2017We investigate how the hydrostatic suppression of baryonic accretion affects the growth rate of dark matter halos during the Epoch of Reionization. By comparing halo properties in a simplistic hydrodynamic simulation in which gas only cools adiabatically, ... More
Bubbling location for $F$-harmonic maps and Inhomogeneous Landau-Lifshitz equationsApr 25 2005Aug 08 2005Let $f$ be a positive smooth function on a close Riemann surface (M,g). The $f-energy$ of a map $u$ from $M$ to a Riemannian manifold $(N,h)$ is defined as $$E_f(u)=\int_Mf|\nabla u|^2dV_g.$$ In this paper, we will study the blow-up properties of Palais-Smale ... More
Accurate semilocal density functional for condensed matter physics and quantum chemistryJul 16 2016Most density functionals have been developed by imposing the known exact constraints on the exchange-correlation energy, or by a fit to a set of properties of selected systems, or by both. However, accurate modeling of the conventional exchange hole presents ... More
Global existence and boundedness of weak solutions to a chemotaxis-stokes system with rotational flux termMar 14 2018In this paper, the three-dimensional chemotaxis-stokes system \begin{eqnarray*} \left\{\begin{array}{lll} \medskip n_{t}+u\cdot\nabla n=\Delta n^m-\nabla\cdot(n S(x,n,c)\cdot\nabla c),&x\in\Omega,\ \ t>0, \medskip c_t+u\cdot\nabla c=\Delta c-nf(c),&x\in\Omega,\ ... More
Global existence and boundedness in a chemotaxis-Stokes system with slow $p$-Laplacian diffusionSep 10 2018Sep 12 2018This paper deals with a boundary-value problem in three-dimensional smooth bounded convex domains for the coupled chemotaxis-Stokes system with slow $p$-Laplacian diffusion \begin{equation}\nonumber \left\{ \begin{aligned} &n_t+u\cdot\nabla n=\nabla\cdot\left(|\nabla ... More
Training Bit Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Semantic SegmentationDec 01 2016Fully convolutional neural networks give accurate, per-pixel prediction for input images and have applications like semantic segmentation. However, a typical FCN usually requires lots of floating point computation and large run-time memory, which effectively ... More
Asymptotics of Willmore minimizers with prescribed small isoperimetric ratioApr 17 2017We consider surfaces in ${\mathbb R}^3$ of type ${\mathbb S}^2$ which minimize the Willmore functional with prescribed isoperimetric ratio. The existence of smooth minimizers was proved by Schygulla (Archive Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 2012). In ... More
A sharp Trudinger-Moser type inequality for unbounded domains in $\mathbb{R}^n$Sep 22 2006The Trudinger-Moser inequality states that for functions $u \in H_0^{1,n}(\Omega)$ ($\Omega \subset \mathbb R^n$ a bounded domain) with $\int_\Omega |\nabla u|^ndx \le 1$ one has $\int_\Omega (e^{\alpha_n|u|^{\frac n{n-1}}}-1)dx \le c |\Omega|$, with ... More
Renormalized solutions to a chemotaxis system with consumption of chemoattractantMar 14 2018This paper investigates a high-dimensional chemotaxis system with consumption of chemoattractant \begin{eqnarray*} \left\{\begin{array}{l} u_t=\Delta u-\nabla\cdot(u\nabla v), v_t=\Delta v-uv, \end{array}\right. \end{eqnarray*} under homogeneous boundary ... More
Performance of a Nonempirical Density Functional on Molecules and Hydrogen-Bonded ComplexesJul 18 2016Nov 23 2016Recently, Tao and Mo (TM) derived a meta-generalized gradient approximation functional based on a model exchange-correlation hole. In this work, the performance of this functional is assessed on standard test sets, using the 6-311++G(3df,3pd) basis set. ... More
Metrics On $S^2$ With Bounded $\|K_g\|_{L^1\log L^1}$ And Small $\|K_g-1\|_{L^1}$Dec 24 2017In this short paper, we will study the convergence of a metric sequence $g_k$ on $S^2$ with bounded $\int|K_{g_k}|\log(1+|K_{g_k}|)d\mu_{g_k}$ and small $\int|K(g_k)-1\|d\mu_{g_k}$. We will show that such a sequence is precompact.
Solutions for Toda systems on Riemann surfacesApr 19 2005Aug 26 2005In this paper, we study the solutions of Toda systems on Riemann surface in the critical case, we prove a sufficient condition for the existence of solutions of Toda systems.
Fine-grained ECG Classification Based on Deep CNN and Online Decision FusionJan 19 2019Early recognition of abnormal rhythm in ECG signals is crucial for monitoring or diagnosing patients' cardiac conditions and increasing the success rate of the treatment. Classifying abnormal rhythms into fine-grained categories is very challenging due ... More
FoxNet: A Multi-face Alignment MethodApr 22 2019Multi-face alignment aims to identify geometry structures of multiple human face in a image, and its performance is important for the many practical tasks, such as face recognition, face tracking and face animation. In this work, we present a fast bottom-up ... More
$W^{2,2}$-conformal immersions of a closed Riemann surface into $\R^n$Jul 22 2010Sep 29 2010We study sequences $f_k:\Sigma_k \to \R^n$ of conformally immersed, compact Riemann surfaces with fixed genus and Willmore energy ${\cal W}(f) \leq \Lambda$. Assume that $\Sigma_k$ converges to $\Sigma$ in moduli space, i.e. $\phi_k^\ast(\Sigma_k) \to ... More
Global weak solutions for the three-dimensional chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system with nonlinear diffusionJan 21 2015We consider an initial-boundary value problem for the incompressible chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes equations generalizing the porous-medium-type diffusion model $ \quad n_t+u\cdot\nabla n=\Delta n^m-\nabla\cdot(n\chi(c)\nabla c), $ $ \quad c_t+u\cdot\nabla ... More
Boundedness in a quasilinear fully parabolic Keller-Segel system with logistic sourceApr 06 2015This paper deals with the Neumann boundary value problem for the system $$u_t=\nabla\cdot\left(D(u)\nabla u\right)-\nabla\cdot\left(S(u)\nabla v\right)+f(u) ,\quad x\in\Omega,\ t>0$$ $$v_t=\Delta v-v+u,\quad x\in\Omega,\ t>0$$ in a smooth bounded domain ... More
A weak energy identity and the length of necks for a Sacks-Uhlenbeck $α$-harmonic map sequenceApr 28 2008May 30 2008We will give a weak energy identity for Sacks-Uhlenbeck approximation of harmonic maps and calculate the length of the necks.
Conformal metric sequences with integral-bounded scalar curvatureJun 13 2017Jun 29 2017Let $(M; g)$ be a smooth compact Riemiannian manifold without boundary and $g_{k}$ be a metric conformal to $g$. Suppose $vol(M; g_{k})+||R_{k}||_{L^{p}(M;g_{k})} < C$, where $R_{k}$ is the scalar curvature and $p > \frac{n}{2}$. We will use the 3-circle ... More
Integrating User and Agent Models: A Deep Task-Oriented Dialogue SystemNov 10 2017Task-oriented dialogue systems can efficiently serve a large number of customers and relieve people from tedious works. However, existing task-oriented dialogue systems depend on handcrafted actions and states or extra semantic labels, which sometimes ... More
$b\to ss{\bar d} $ decay in Randall-Sundrum modelsJul 26 2016The extremely small branching ratio of $b\to ss{\bar d}$ decay in the Standard Model makes it a suitable channel to explore new physics through various extensions of the Standard Model. We study this $\Delta S=2$ process in Randall-Sundrum models, including ... More
Effect of the pseudogap on the infrared response in cuprate superconductorsMar 12 2014One of the most essential aspects of cuprate superconductors is a large pseudogap coexisting with a superconducting gap, then some anomalous properties can be understood in terms of the formation of the pseudogap. Within the kinetic energy driven superconducting ... More
Second Stop and Sbottom Searches with a Stealth StopJul 22 2016The top squarks (stops) may be the most wanted particles after the Higgs boson discovery. The searches for the lightest stop have put strong constraints on its mass. However, there is still a search gap in the low mass region if the spectrum of the stop ... More
Discovery potential of stable and near-threshold doubly heavy tetraquarks at the LHCJun 25 2018Sep 12 2018We study the LHC discovery potential of the double-bottom tetraquarks $bb \bar u \bar d$, $bb \bar u \bar s$ and $bb \bar d \bar s$, the lightest of which having $J^P=1^+$, called $T^{\{bb\}}_{[\bar u \bar d]}$, $T^{\{bb\}}_{[\bar u \bar s]}$ and $T^{\{bb\}}_{[\bar ... More
Pseudogap and charge dynamics in doped cupratesApr 22 2013Nov 12 2013Within the microscopic theory of the normal-state pseudogap state, the doping and temperature dependence of the charge dynamics in doped cuprates is studied in the whole doping range from the underdoped to heavily overdoped. The conductivity spectrum ... More
Five-particle contributions to the inclusive rare $\bar B \to X_{s(d)} \, \ell^+\ell^-$ decaysJun 29 2018Oct 03 2018We calculate tree-level contributions to the inclusive rare $\bar B \to X_{s(d)} \, \ell^+\ell^-$ decays. At the partonic level they stem from the five-particle process $b \to s(d) \, q \bar q \, \ell^+\ell^-$, with $q \in \{u,d,s\}$. While for $b \to ... More
$b\to ss{\bar d} $ decay in Randall-Sundrum modelsJul 26 2016Dec 10 2016The extremely small branching ratio of $b\to ss{\bar d}$ decay in the Standard Model makes it a suitable channel to explore new-physics signals. We study this $\Delta S=2$ process in Randall-Sundrum models, including the custodially protected and the ... More
Robustness of DC Power Networks under Weight ControlSep 07 2016Oct 18 2016We study, possibly distributed, robust weight control policies for DC power networks that change link susceptances, or weights in response to balanced disturbances to the supply-demand vector. The margin of robustness for a given control policy is defined ... More
Sign changes and resonance of intrinsic spin Hall effect in two-dimensional hole gasJun 03 2006Jul 21 2006The intrinsic spin Hall conductance shows rich sign changes by applying a perpendicular magnetic field in a two-dimensional hole gas. Especially, a notable sign changes can be achieved by adjusting the characteristic length of the Rashba coupling and ... More
Long-Term Factorization of Affine Pricing KernelsOct 03 2016This paper constructs and studies the long-term factorization of affine pricing kernels into discounting at the rate of return on the long bond and the martingale component that accomplishes the change of probability measure to the long forward measure. ... More
Lehmer's totient problem over $\mathbb{F}_q[x]$Dec 11 2013Apr 29 2015In this paper, we consider the function field analogue of the Lehmer's totient problem. Let $p(x)\in\mathbb{F}_q[x]$ and $\varphi(q,p(x))$ be the Euler's totient function of $p(x)$ over $\mathbb{F}_q[x],$ where $\mathbb{F}_q$ is a finite field with $q$ ... More
Simulations of the spatial and temporal invariance in the spectra of gradual solar energetic particle eventsJan 13 2015May 05 2015The spatial and temporal invariance in the spectra of energetic particles in the gradual solar events is reproduced in the simulations. Based on a numerical solution of the focused transport equation, we obtain the intensity time profiles of solar energetic ... More
Jet shower evolution in medium and dijet asymmetry in Pb+Pb collisions at the LHCJul 04 2011We study the evolution of a partonic jet shower propagating through a quark-gluon plasma. Combining the in-medium evolutions of the leading parton and shower gluons, we compute the depletion of the energy from the jet cone by dissipation through elastic ... More
Non-vanishing Fourier coefficients of modular formsApr 28 2015Feb 18 2016In this paper, we generalize D. H. Lehmer's result to give a sufficient condition for level one cusp forms $f$ with integral Fourier coefficients such that the smallest $n$ for which the coefficients $a_n(f)=0$ must be a prime. Then we describe a method ... More
On the solvability of regular subgroups in the holomorph of a finite solvable groupJan 30 2019Mar 20 2019In this paper, we shall exhibit an infinite family of non-solvable numbers $n$ for which the holomorph of any solvable group of order $n$ has no insolvable regular subgroup.
Scheme for the implementation of optimal cloning of arbitrary single particle atomic state into two photonic statesDec 21 2006Dec 22 2006We present a feasible scheme to implement the $1 \to 2$ optimal cloning of arbitrary single particle atomic state into two photonic states, which is important for applications in long distance quantum communication. Our scheme also realizes the tele-NOT ... More
Low Rank and Sparsity Analysis Applied to Speech Enhancement via Online Estimated DictionarySep 29 2016We propose an online estimated dictionary based single channel speech enhancement algorithm, which focuses on low rank and sparse matrix decomposition. In this proposed algorithm, a noisy speech spectral matrix is considered as the summation of low rank ... More
Generalized distribution amplitudes and gravitational form factors for pionAug 10 2018Aug 20 2018Generalized parton distributions (GPDs) have been investigated in the deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) to solve the proton spin puzzle. On the other hand, the generalized distribution amplitudes (GDAs) can be studied in the two-photon process ... More
Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays in the Inner Heliosphere, Comparing with PAMELA MeasurementsMay 13 2017Jul 18 2017We develop a numerical model to study the time-dependent modulation of galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) in the inner heliosphere. In the model a time-delayed modified Parker heliospheric magnetic field (HMF) and a new diffusion coefficient model, NLGCE-F, ... More
The Long Bond, Long Forward Measure and Long-Term Factorization in Heath-Jarrow-Morton ModelsOct 04 2016Jul 27 2017This paper proves existence of the long bond, long forward measure and long-term factorization of the stochastic discount factor (SDF) of Alvarez and Jermann (2005) and Hansen and Scheinkman (2009) in Heath-Jarrow-Morton (HJM) models in the function space ... More
Long-Term Factorization of Affine Pricing KernelsOct 03 2016Jul 27 2017This paper constructs and studies the long-term factorization of affine pricing kernels into discounting at the rate of return on the long bond and the martingale component that accomplishes the change of probability measure to the long forward measure. ... More
Coherent State Functional Integrals in Quantum CosmologyOct 25 2011Mar 28 2012Coherent state functional integrals for the minisuperspace models of quantum cosmology are studied. By the well-established canonical theories, the transition amplitudes in the path-integral representations of Wheeler-DeWitt quantum cosmology and loop ... More
A Geometric Proof of Removal of Boundary Singularities of Pseudo-Holomorphic CurvesOct 16 2012We prove two theorems on the removal of singularities on the boundary of a pseudo-holomorphic curve. In one theorem, we need no apriori assumption on the area of the curve. The proof uses a doubling argument with the goal of converting curves with boundary ... More
The role of resonant bonding in governing the thermal transport properties of two-dimensional black phosphorusJan 13 2018Fundamental insight into lattice dynamics and phonon transport is critical to the efficient manipulation of heat flow, which is one of the appealing thermophysical problems with enormous practical implications. Phosphorene, a novel elemental two-dimensional ... More
Online Temporal Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial SystemsAug 02 2018Accurate state estimation is a fundamental module for various intelligent applications, such as robot navigation, autonomous driving, virtual and augmented reality. Visual and inertial fusion is a popular technology for 6-DOF state estimation in recent ... More
Frequency Principle in Deep Learning with General Loss Functions and Its Potential ApplicationNov 26 2018Previous studies have shown that deep neural networks (DNNs) with common settings often capture target functions from low to high frequency, which is called Frequency Principle (F-Principle). It has also been shown that F-Principle can provide an understanding ... More