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Convexity Conditions of Kantorovich Function and Related Semi-infinite Linear Matrix InequalitiesAug 04 2010The Kantorovich function $(x^TAx)(x^T A^{-1} x)$, where $A$ is a positive definite matrix, is not convex in general. From matrix/convex analysis point of view, it is interesting to address the question: When is this function convex? In this paper, we ... More
Weak Specification Properties and Large Deviations for Non-additive PotentialsMar 20 2012Jun 26 2013We obtain large deviation bounds for the measure of deviation sets associated to asymptotically additive and sub-additive potentials under some weak specification properties. In particular a large deviation principle is obtained in the case of uniformly ... More
Observable Optimal State Points of Sub-additive PotentialsSep 30 2011Jul 19 2012For a sequence of sub-additive potentials, Dai [Optimal state points of the sub-additive ergodic theorem, Nonlinearity, 24 (2011), 1565-1573] gave a method of choosing state points with negative growth rates for an ergodic dynamical system. This paper ... More
New and Improved Conditions for Uniqueness of Sparsest Solutions of Underdetermined Linear SystemsDec 22 2012The uniqueness of sparsest solutions of underdetermined linear systems plays a fundamental role in the newly developed compressed sensing theory. Several new algebraic concepts, including the sub-mutual coherence, scaled mutual coherence, coherence rank, ... More
On the topological pressure of random bundle transformations in sub-additive caseSep 29 2009Oct 06 2009In this paper, we define the topological pressure for sub-additive potentials via separated sets in random dynamical systems and we give a proof of the relativized variational principle for the topological pressure.
Orbital and Mass Ratio Evolution of Protobinaries Driven by Magnetic BrakingOct 08 2012Nov 26 2012The majority of stars reside in multiple systems, especially binaries. The formation and early evolution of binaries is a longstanding problem in star formation that is not fully understood. In particular, how the magnetic field observed in star-forming ... More
Uniqueness Conditions for A Class of l0-Minimization ProblemsDec 16 2013We consider a class of l0-minimization problems, which is to search for the partial sparsest solution to an underdetermined linear system with additional constraints. We introduce several concepts, including lp-induced norm (0 < p < 1), maximal scaled ... More
1-Bit Compressive Sensing: Reformulation and RRSP-Based Sign Recovery TheoryDec 17 2014Jul 22 2015Recently, the 1-bit compressive sensing (1-bit CS) has been studied in the field of sparse signal recovery. Since the amplitude information of sparse signals in 1-bit CS is not available, it is often the support or the sign of a signal that can be exactly ... More
On the connection problem for nonlinear differential equationJul 12 2017We consider the connection problem of the second nonlinear differential equation \begin{equation} \label{eq:1} \Phi''(x)=(\Phi'^2(x)-1)\cot\Phi(x)+ \frac{1}{x}(1-\Phi'(x)) \end{equation} subject to the boundary condition $\Phi(x)=x-ax^2+O(x^3)$ ($a\geq0$) ... More
Multipartite separability of density matrices of graphsAug 02 2017Jun 06 2018A new layers method is presented for multipartite separability of density matrices from simple graphs. Full separability of tripartite states is studied for graphs on degree symmetric premise. The models are generalized to multipartite systems by presenting ... More
Application of uniform asymptotics to the connection formulas of the fifth Painlevé equationJan 02 2015We apply the uniform asymptotics method proposed by Bassom, Clarkson, Law and McLeod to a special Painlev\'{e} V equation, and we provide a simpler and more rigorous proof of the connection formulas for a special solution of the equation, which have been ... More
The Hausdorff dimension of average conformal repellers under random perturbationSep 29 2009We prove that the Hausdorff dimension of an average conformal repeller is stable under random perturbations. Our perturbation model uses the notion of a bundle random dynamical system.
Effect of Grain Size on Differential Desorption of Volatile Species and on Non-ideal MHD DiffusivityMar 08 2018We developed a chemical network for modeling the chemistry and non-ideal MHD effects from the collapsing dense molecular clouds to protostellar disks. First, we re-formulated the cosmic-ray desorption rate by considering the variations of desorption rate ... More
Elastic metamaterials with simultaneously negative effective shear modulus and mass densityFeb 23 2011We propose a type of elastic metamaterial comprising fluid-solid composite inclusions which can possess negative shear modulus and negative mass density over a large frequency region. Such a solid metamaterial has a unique elastic property that only transverse ... More
Variational principles for topological pressures on subsetsAug 02 2013The goal of this paper is to define and investigate those topological pressures, which is an extension of topological entropy presented by Feng and Huang [13], of continuous transformations. This study reveals the similarity between many known results ... More
Dynamic second-order hyperpolarizabilities of Si2C and Si3C clusters using coupled cluster singles-and-doubles response approachAug 20 2010Sep 17 2010We investigate the dynamic second-order hyperpolarizabilities {\gamma}(-3{\omega}; {\omega}, {\omega}, {\omega}) (indicated by {\gamma}THG) of the Si2C and Si3C clusters using the highly accurate coupled cluster singles-and-doubles (CCSD) response approach. ... More
Nonadditive Measure-theoretic Pressure and Applications to Dimensions of an Ergodic MeasureJan 31 2012Feb 15 2012Without any additional conditions on subadditive potentials, this paper defines subadditive measure-theoretic pressure, and shows that the subadditive measure-theoretic pressure for ergodic measures can be described in terms of measure-theoretic entropy ... More
Pressures for Asymptotically Sub-additive Potentials Under a Mistake FunctionAug 26 2010This paper defines the pressure for asymptotically subadditive potentials under a mistake function, including the measuretheoretical and the topological versions. Using the advanced techniques of ergodic theory and topological dynamics, we reveals a variational ... More
Entropy Formulas For Dynamical Systems With MistakesNov 04 2010We study the recurrence to mistake dynamical balls, that is, dynamical balls that admit some errors and whose proportion of errors decrease tends to zero with the length of the dynamical ball. We prove, under mild assumptions, that the measure-theoretic ... More
Measure theoretic pressure and dimension formula for non-ergodic measuresJan 22 2019This paper first studies the measure theoretic pressure of measures that are not necessarily ergodic. We define the measure theoretic pressure of an invariant measure (not necessarily ergodic) via the Carath\'{e}odory-Pesin structure described in \cite{Pes97}, ... More
Implicit Regularization via Hadamard Product Over-Parametrization in High-Dimensional Linear RegressionMar 22 2019We consider Hadamard product parametrization as a change-of-variable (over-parametrization) technique for solving least square problems in the context of linear regression. Despite the non-convexity and exponentially many saddle points induced by the ... More
Painlevé III asymptotics of Hankel determinants for a perturbed Jacobi weightDec 30 2014May 19 2015We study the Hankel determinants associated with the weight $$w(x;t)=(1-x^2)^{\beta}(t^2-x^2)^\alpha h(x),~x\in(-1,1),$$ where $\beta>-1$, $\alpha+\beta>-1$, $t>1$, $h(x)$ is analytic in a domain containing $[-1,1]$ and $h(x)>0$ for $x\in[-1,1]$. In this ... More
Image Forgery Localization Based on Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 13 2017Feb 07 2018In this paper, we propose to utilize Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and the segmentation-based multi-scale analysis to locate tampered areas in digital images. First, to deal with color input sliding windows of different scales, a unified CNN architecture ... More
Adversarial Learning for Image Forensics Deep Matching with Atrous ConvolutionSep 08 2018Constrained image splicing detection and localization (CISDL) is a newly proposed challenging task for image forensics, which investigates two input suspected images and identifies whether one image has suspected regions pasted from the other. In this ... More
Protostellar Accretion Flows Destabilized by Magnetic Flux RedistributionMay 18 2012Magnetic flux redistribution lies at the heart of the problem of star formation in dense cores of molecular clouds that are magnetized to a realistic level. If all of the magnetic flux of a typical core were to be dragged into the central star, the stellar ... More
Conditional Ergodic Averages for Asymptotically Additive PotentialsMay 07 2014Using an asymptotically additive sequence of continuous functions as a restrictive condition, this paper studies the relations of several ergodic averages for asymptotically additive potentials. Basic properties of conditional maximum ergodic averages ... More
Performance Optimization of Network Coding Based Communication and Reliable Storage in Internet of ThingsMar 09 2017Internet or things (IoT) is changing our daily life rapidly. Although new technologies are emerging everyday and expanding their influence in this rapidly growing area, many classic theories can still find their places. In this paper, we study the important ... More
A complementary media invisibility cloak that can cloak objects at a distance outside the cloaking shellNov 04 2008Based on the concept of complementary media, we propose an invisibility cloak operating at a finite frequency that can cloak an object with a pre-specified shape and size within a certain distance outside the shell. The cloak comprises of a dielectric ... More
Decoupling of Magnetic Fields in Collapsing Protostellar Envelopes and Disk Formation and FragmentationJun 20 2017Nov 16 2017Efficient magnetic braking is a formidable obstacle to the formation of rotationally supported disks (RSDs) around protostars in magnetized dense cores. We have previously shown, through 2D (axisymmetric) non-ideal MHD simulations, that removing very ... More
Effect of Magnetic Misalignment on Protobinary EvolutionAug 04 2013The majority of solar-type stars reside in multiple systems, especially binaries. They form in dense cores of molecular clouds that are observed to be significantly magnetized. Our previous study shows that magnetic braking can tighten the binary separation ... More
A note on the connection problem of some special Painlevé V functionsJan 05 2016As a new application of the method of "uniform asymptotics" proposed by Bassom, Clarkson, Law and McLeod, we provide a simpler and more rigorous proof of the connection formulas of some special solutions of the fifth Painlev\'e equation, which have been ... More
On the Role of Pseudodisk Warping and Reconnection in Protostellar Disk Formation in Turbulent Magnetized CoresAug 11 2014The formation of rotationally supported protostellar disks is suppressed in ideal MHD in non-turbulent cores with aligned magnetic field and rotation axis. A promising way to resolve this so-called "magnetic braking catastrophe" is through turbulence. ... More
Game-Theoretic Design of Optimal Two-Sided Rating Protocols for Service Exchange Dilemma in CrowdsourcingDec 28 2017Mar 03 2018Despite the increasing popularity and successful examples of crowdsourcing, it is stripped of aureole when collective efforts are derailed or severely hindered by elaborate sabotage. A service exchange dilemma arises when non-cooperation among self-interested ... More
Modeling SARS Spreading on Complex NetworksDec 22 2003The spreading of SARS will destruct the initial network structure to a new phase, and in turn the spreading process will be weakened effectively and finally halted by this evolution of network structure. This mechanism is called immunity of contact network ... More
Dimensions of C1-average conformal hyperbolic setsNov 25 2018This paper introduces the concept of average conformal hyperbolic sets, which admit only one positive and one negative Lyapunov exponents for any ergodic measure. For an average conformal hyperbolic set of a C1 diffeomorphism, utilizing the techniques ... More
Microstructure and Continuous Phase Transition of the Gauss-Bonnet AdS Black HoleJan 23 2019Apr 24 2019The phase transition of the Gauss-Bonnet AdS black hole has the similar property to that of the van der Waals thermodynamic system. However, it is related to the ratio between the Gauss-Bonnet coefficient $\alpha$ and horizon radius, not only the horizon ... More
Polarization-dependent property of dipole-dipole interaction mediated by localized surface plasmon of an Ag nanosphereJun 18 2018The effect of the dipole polarization on the quantum dipole dipole interaction near an Ag nanosphere (ANS) is investigated. A theoretical formalism in terms of classical Green function is developed for the transfer rate and the potential energy of the ... More
Structure and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compoundsMar 09 2001In this paper, we reported the structural properties and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compounds. Powder x-ray diffraction results indicate that the samples crystallize in a hexagonal AlB2-type structure. Due to the chemical activity of Mg powders, ... More
The formation mechanism of 4179 Toutatis' elongated bi-lobed structure in a close Earth encounter scenarioApr 19 2018The optical images of near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis acquired by Chang'e-2 spacecraft show that Toutatis has an elongated contact binary configuration, with the contact point located along the long axis. We speculate that such configuration may have ... More
Long-term optical-infrared color variability of blazarsApr 03 2015The long-term optical and infrared color variability of blazars has been investigated with the SMARTS monitoring data. The sample in this study consists of 49 flat spectrum radio quasars and 22 BL Lac objects. The fractional variability amplitudes of ... More
VQNet: Library for a Quantum-Classical Hybrid Neural NetworkJan 26 2019Deep learning is a modern approach to realize artificial intelligence. Many frameworks exist to implement the machine learning task; however, performance is limited by computing resources. Using a quantum computer to accelerate training is a promising ... More
Negative Group Velocity from Quadrupole Resonance of Plasmonic SpheresDec 15 2008We study the dispersions of plasmonic bands that arise from the coupling of electric quadrupole resonances in three dimensional photonic crystals (PCs) consisting of plasmonic spheres. Through analytical derivation, we show that two branches of quadrupole ... More
64-Qubit Quantum Circuit SimulationFeb 20 2018Jul 12 2018Classical simulations of quantum circuits are limited in both space and time when the qubit count is above 50, the realm where quantum supremacy reigns. However, recently, for the low depth circuit with more than 50 qubits, there are several methods of ... More
Quantum correlation enhanced weak field detection in optomechanical systemNov 20 2018We propose a theoretical scheme to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio in ultrasensitive detection with the help of quantum correlation. By introducing the auxiliary oscillator and treated as an added probe for weak field detection, the additional noise ... More
Equivalence and Strong Equivalence between Sparsest and Least $\ell_1$-Norm Nonnegative Solutions of Linear Systems and Their ApplicationDec 15 2013Many practical problems can be formulated as l0-minimization problems with nonnegativity constraints, which seek the sparsest nonnegative solutions to underdetermined linear systems. Recent study indicates that l1-minimization is efficient for solving ... More
Dirac Spectra and Edge States in Honeycomb Plasmonic LatticesOct 23 2008We study theoretically the dispersion of plasmonic honeycomb lattices and find Dirac spectra for both dipole and quadrupole modes. Zigzag edge states derived from Dirac points are found in ribbons of these honeycomb plasmonic lattices. The zigzag edge ... More
Localization of five-dimensional Elko spinors with non-minimal coupling on thick branesOct 08 2017Aug 07 2018It has been found that the zero mode of a five-dimensional Elko spinor could be localized on branes by introducing a Yukawa-type coupling between the Elko spinor and the background scalar field or the Ricci scalar. However, the Yukawa-type coupling is ... More
Optimal Decision Making Model of Battery Energy Storage-Assisted Electric Vehicle Charging Station Considering Incentive Demand ResponseJun 20 2019Considering large scale implementation of electric vehicles (EVs), public EV charging stations are served as fuel tanks for EVs to meet the need of longer travelling distance and overcome the shortage of private charging piles. The allocation of local ... More
Localization of Gravitino Field on Thin BranesNov 10 2015Nov 21 2017In this paper, we investigate the localization of a bulk gravitino field on the scalar-tensor branes and compare the result with that in the Randall-Sundrum-1 (RS1) model. The coupled chiral equations for the Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes of the gravitino field ... More
Resonances of Kalb-Ramond field on symmetric and asymmetric thick branesJan 15 2013In this paper, we investigate the localization of the Kalb-Ramond field on symmetric and asymmetric thick branes, which are generated by a background scalar field. In order to localize the Kalb-Ramond field, we introduce a coupling with the background ... More
Unsupervised/Semi-supervised Deep Learning for Low-dose CT EnhancementAug 08 2018Recently, deep learning(DL) methods have been proposed for the low-dose computed tomography(LdCT) enhancement, and obtain good trade-off between computational efficiency and image quality. Most of them need large number of pre-collected ground-truth/high-dose ... More
Chern insulators without band inversion in MoS2 monolayers with 3d adatomsJan 11 2017Feb 11 2017Electronic and topological properties of MoS2 monolayers endowed with 3d transition metal (TM) adatoms (V-Fe) are explored by using ab initio methods and k.p models. Without the consideration of the Hubbard U interaction, the V, Cr, and Fe adatoms tend ... More
Standards-Based Worldwide Semantic Interoperability for IoTAug 01 2018Global IoT services (GIoTS) are combining locally available IoT resources with Cloud-based services. They are targeting world-wide services. GIoTS require interoperability between the locally installed heterogeneous IoT systems. Semantic processing is ... More
Single MR Image Super-Resolution via Channel Splitting and Serial Fusion NetworkJan 19 2019Spatial resolution is a critical imaging parameter in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Acquiring high resolution MRI data usually takes long scanning time and would subject to motion artifacts due to hardware, physical, and physiological limitations. ... More
A Long-Short Demands-Aware Model for Next-Item RecommendationFeb 12 2019Recommending the right products is the central problem in recommender systems, but the right products should also be recommended at the right time to meet the demands of users, so as to maximize their values. Users' demands, implying strong purchase intents, ... More
Illusion optics: The optical transformation of an object into another objectMay 10 2009We propose to use transformation optics to generate a general illusion such that an arbitrary object appears to be like some other object of our choice. This is achieved by using a remote device that transforms the scattered light outside a virtual boundary ... More
Protostellar Disk Formation Enabled by Removal of Small Dust GrainsFeb 08 2016It has been shown that a realistic level of magnetization of dense molecular cloud cores can suppress the formation of a rotationally supported disk (RSD) through catastrophic magnetic braking in the axisymmetric ideal MHD limit. In this study, we present ... More
Magnetic Flux Expulsion in Star FormationMay 28 2011Stars form in dense cores of magnetized molecular clouds. If the magnetic flux threading the cores is dragged into the stars, the stellar field would be orders of magnitude stronger than observed. This well-known "magnetic flux problem" demands that most ... More
Optical quasi-periodic oscillation and color behavior of blazar PKS 2155-304May 27 2014PKS 2155-304 is a well studied BL Lac object in the southern sky. The historical optical data during different period have been collected and compiled. Light curves with a time span of 35 years have been constructed. The R-band light curve has been analyzed ... More
Spontaneous laser line sweeping in bi-directional ring thulium fiber laserDec 07 2018We report a phenomenon of self-sweeping in a bi-directional ring thulium-doped fiber laser, for the first time. The laser is spontaneously sweeping in both directions at a rate up to 0.2 nm/s with 15 nm sweeping range in 1.95 {\mu}m wavelength region. ... More
A Deep Learning Framework for Classification of in vitro Multi-Electrode Array RecordingsJun 05 2019Multi-Electrode Arrays (MEAs) have been widely used to record neuronal activities, which could be used in the diagnosis of gene defects and drug effects. In this paper, we address the problem of classifying in vitro MEA recordings of mouse and human neuronal ... More
Rating Protocol Design for Extortion and Cooperation in the Crowdsourcing Contest DilemmaDec 28 2017Dec 29 2017Crowdsourcing has emerged as a paradigm for leveraging human intelligence and activity to solve a wide range of tasks. However, strategic workers will find enticement in their self-interest to free-ride and attack in a crowdsourcing contest dilemma game. ... More
Simultaneous Realization of Coherent Perfect Absorber and Laser by Zero-Index Media with both Gain and LossAug 25 2016We investigate a unique type of zero-index medium with both gain and loss (ZIMGL), whose effective permittivity and permeability are purely imaginary and of opposite signs. We show analytically that, by using a slab of ZIM-GL with equal magnitude of loss ... More
Detection of the Characteristic Pion-Decay Signature in the Molecular CloudsJan 18 2018The $\gamma$-ray emission from molecular clouds is widely believed to have a hadronic origin, while unequivocal evidence is still lacking. In this work, we analyze the Fermi-LAT Pass 8 publicly available data accumulated from 2008 August 4 to 2017 June ... More
The automatic calibration of Korean VLBI Network dataJul 27 2016The calibration of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) data has long been a time consuming process. The Korean VLBI Network (KVN) is a simple array consisting of three identical antennas. Because four frequencies are observed simultaneously, phase ... More
Limits on Dark Matter annihilation cross sections to gamma-ray lines with subhalo distribution in N-body simulation and Fermi LAT dataMar 21 2017In this work, we simulate a set of realizations of local volume dark matter subhalo population based on the distributions and relations derived from Via Lactea II N-body simulation. We calculate the J-factors of these subhalos, and find that the low mass ... More
Constraint on ion-neutral drift velocity in the Class 0 protostar B335 from ALMA observationsMar 27 2018Ambipolar diffusion can cause a velocity drift between ions and neutrals. This is one of the non-ideal MHD effects proposed to enable the formation of Keplerian disks with sizes of tens of au. To observationally study ambipolar diffusion in collapsing ... More
Optimal Experiment Design for Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Cramér-Rao Bound Meets Spin DynamicsOct 23 2017Oct 01 2018Magnetic resonance (MR) fingerprinting is a new quantitative imaging paradigm, which simultaneously acquires multiple MR tissue parameter maps in a single experiment. In this paper, we present an estimation-theoretic framework to perform experiment design ... More
Stability Analysis for a Class of Sparse Optimization ProblemsApr 21 2019The sparse optimization problems arise in many areas of science and engineering, such as compressed sensing, image processing, statistical and machine learning. The $\ell_{0}$-minimization problem is one of such optimization problems, which is typically ... More
A General SIMD-based Approach to Accelerating Compression AlgorithmsFeb 06 2015Compression algorithms are important for data oriented tasks, especially in the era of Big Data. Modern processors equipped with powerful SIMD instruction sets, provide us an opportunity for achieving better compression performance. Previous research ... More
Is the gamma-ray emission around the Coma galaxy cluster a dark matter origin?Jan 05 2018Recently, gamma-ray emission in the direction of Coma, with a TS value of $\sim 40$, has been reported. In this work we will discuss the possibility of such a residual emission coming from dark matter annihilation. Our results show that the gamma-ray ... More
Revealing physical activity of GRB central engine with macronova/kilonova dataJan 18 2017The modeling of Li-Paczy\'{n}ski macronova/kilonova signals gives reasonable estimate on the neutron-rich material ejected during the neutron star mergers. Usually the accretion disk is more massive than the macronova ejecta, with which the efficiencies ... More
A Theoretical Analysis of Sparse Recovery Stability of Dantzig Selector and LASSONov 10 2017Dantzig selector (DS) and LASSO problems have attracted plenty of attention in statistical learning, sparse data recovery and mathematical optimization. In this paper, we provide a theoretical analysis of the sparse recovery stability of these optimization ... More
Level shift and decay dynamics of a quantum emitter around plasmonic nanostructureFeb 18 2019We put forward a general approach for calculating the quantum energy level shift for emitter in arbitrary nanostructures, in which the energy level shift is expressed by the sum of the real part of the scattering photon Green function (GF) and a simple ... More
Finite element method for obtaining the regularized photon Green function in lossy materialJan 29 2019Photon Green function (GF) is the vital and most decisive factor in the field of quantum light-matter interaction. It is divergent with two equal space arguments in arbitrary-shaped lossy structure and should be regularized. We introduce a finite element ... More
Synchronization and temporal nonreciprocity of optical microresonators via spontaneous symmetry breakingJul 07 2019Synchronization is of importance in both fundamental and applied physics, but their demonstration at the micro/nanoscale is mainly limited to low-frequency oscillations like mechanical resonators. Here, we report the synchronization of two coupled optical ... More
Quantum blockade and loop current induced by a single lattice defect in graphene nanoribbonsOct 28 2008Mar 05 2009We investigate theoretically the electronic transport properties in narrow graphene ribbons with an adatom-induced defect. It is found that the lowest conductance step of a metallic graphene nanoribbon may develop a dip even down to zero at certain values ... More
Using Logistic Regression to Analyze the Balance of a Game: The Case of StarCraft IIMay 04 2011Recently, the market size of online game has been increasing astonishingly fast, and so does the importance of good game design. In online games, usually a human user competes with others, so the fairness of the game system to all users is of great importance ... More
The effects of Zn Impurity on the Properties of Doped Cuprates in the Normal StateMay 14 2004We study the interplay of quantum impurity, and collective spinon and holon dynamics in Zn doped high-T$_c$ cuprates in the normal state. The two-dimensional t-t$^{\prime}$-J models with one and a small amount of Zn impurity are investigated within a ... More
The fundamental lemma of Jacquet-Rallis in positive characteristicsJan 07 2009Oct 28 2009We prove both the group version and the Lie algebra version of the Fundamental Lemma appearing in a relative trace formula of Jacquet-Rallis in the function field case when the characteristic is greater than the rank of the relevant groups.
Towards a Global Springer Theory II: the double affine actionApr 22 2009We construct an action of the graded double affine Hecke algebra (DAHA) on the parabolic Hitchin complex, extending the affine Weyl group action constructed in \cite{GSI}. In particular, we get representations of the degenerate DAHA on the cohomology ... More
Orientation data for local P2Sep 06 2018In this note, we show that the canonical orientation data on the quiver hearts are compatible under the autoequivalence $\_\otimes\pi^*O(1)$, and hence glue to give an orientation data for the stack of coherent sheaves on local P2.
Weights of mixed tilting sheaves and geometric Ringel dualityMay 10 2008Nov 22 2008We describe several general methods for calculating weights of mixed tilting sheaves. We introduce a notion called "non-cancellation property" which implies a strong uniqueness of mixed tilting sheaves and enables one to calculate their weights effectively. ... More
Towards a Global Springer Theory III: Endoscopy and Langlands dualityApr 22 2009We prove three new results about the global Springer action defined in \cite{GSI}. The first one determines the support of the perverse cohomology sheaves of the parabolic Hitchin complex, which serves as a technical tool for the next results. The second ... More
Moving frame and integrable system of the discrete centroaffine curves in R^3Jan 25 2016Nov 27 2016Any two equivalent discrete curves must have the same invariants at the corresponding points under an affine transformation. In this paper, we construct the moving frame and invariants for the discrete centroaffine curves, which could be used to discriminate ... More
Horseshoes for $\mathcal{C}^{1+α}$ mappings with hyperbolic measuresNov 25 2014We present here a construction of horseshoes for any $\mathcal{C}^{1+\alpha}$ mapping $f$ preserving an ergodic hyperbolic measure $\mu$ with $h_{\mu}(f)>0$ and then deduce that the exponential growth rate of the number of periodic points for any $\mathcal{C}^{1+\alpha}$ ... More
Permanence of a general discrete-time two-species-interaction model with non-monotonic per capita growth ratesFeb 28 2011Combined with all density-dependent factors, the per capita growth rate of a species may be non-monotonic. One important consequence is that species may suffer from weak Allee effects or strong Allee effects. In this paper, we study the permanence of ... More
Modeling galaxy clustering on small scales to tighten constraints on dark energy and modified gravityJun 26 2016Oct 10 2016We present a new approach to measuring cosmic expansion history and growth rate of large scale structure using the anisotropic two dimensional galaxy correlation function (2DCF) measured from data; it makes use of the empirical modeling of small-scale ... More
Parallelism-Aware Memory Interference Delay Analysis for COTS Multicore SystemsJul 25 2014In modern Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) multicore systems, each core can generate many parallel memory requests at a time. The processing of these parallel requests in the DRAM controller greatly affects the memory interference delay experienced by ... More
Towards a Global Springer Theory I: The affine Weyl group actionOct 13 2008Apr 22 2009We propose a generalization of Springer representations to the context of groups over a global function field. The global counterpart of the Grothendieck simultaneous resolution is the parabolic Hitchin fibration. We construct an action of the affine ... More
The spherical part of the local and global Springer actionsJun 11 2011The affine Weyl group acts on the cohomology (with compact support) of affine Springer fibers (local Springer theory) and of parabolic Hitchin fibers (global Springer theory). In this paper, we show that in both situations, the action of the center of ... More
Galois representations attached to moments of Kloosterman sums and conjectures of EvansAug 19 2013Sep 07 2013Kloosterman sums for a finite field arise as Frobenius trace functions of certain local systems defined over $\Gm$. The moments of Kloosterman sums calculate the Frobenius traces on the cohomology of tensor powers (or symmetric powers, exterior powers, ... More
125 GeV Higgs bosons in two-Higgs-doublet modelsMay 14 2013Moriond 2013 ALTAS data at 125 GeV state appears to exhibit a substantial excess in the di-photon final state and in the ZZ decaying to four lepton channel, whereas which are more or less SM-like rate observed by CMS MVA analysis. We examine the maximum ... More
Dynamics of a generalized Beverton-Holt competition model subject to Allee effectsMay 21 2015We propose and study {a generalized Beverton-Holt competition model} subject to Allee effects to obtain insights on how the interplay of Allee effects and contest competition affects the persistence and the extinction of two competing species. By using ... More
Voltage induced by Coriolis force: a new sensing scheme for rotation velocityNov 08 2017We study the motion of the charged particles between a pair of conductor plates in the non-inertial reference frame. It is found that there exists a stable voltage between the two conductor plates, which is proportional to the rotation velocity of the ... More
Shared Causal Paths underlying Alzheimer's dementia and Type 2 DiabetesJan 16 2019Background: Although Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a central nervous system disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a metabolic disorder, an increasing number of genetic epidemiological studies show clear link between AD and T2DM. The current approach ... More
Spectroscopic evidence for type II Weyl semimetal state in MoTe2Mar 21 2016In a type I Dirac or Weyl semimetal, the low energy states are squeezed to a single point in momentum space when the chemical potential Ef is tuned precisely to the Dirac/Weyl point. Recently, a type II Weyl semimetal was predicted to exist, where the ... More
JCMT POL-2 and ALMA polarimetric observations of 6000-100 au scales in the protostar B335: linking magnetic field and gas kinematics in observations and MHD simulationsJan 02 2019We present our analysis of the magnetic field structures from 6000 au to 100 au scales in the Class 0 protostar B335 inferred from our JCMT POL-2 observations and the ALMA archival polarimetric data. To interpret the observational results, we perform ... More
Orbital-selective Mott phase of Cu-substituted iron-based SuperconductorsJul 07 2016We study the phase transition in Cu-substituted iron-based superconductors with a new developed real-space Green's function method. We find that Cu substitution has strong effect on the orbital-selective Mott transition introduced by the Hund's rule coupling. ... More
Quantization of Chern-Simons CoefficientMar 19 1998The relation between the Dirac quantization condition of magnetic charge and the quantization of the Chern-Simons coefficient is obtained. It implies that in a (2+1)-dimensional QED with the Chern-Simons topological mass term and the existence of a magnetic ... More