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Parabolic Constructions of Asymptotically Flat 3-metrics of Prescribed Scalar CurvatureDec 04 2012In 1993, Bartnik introduced a quasi-spherical construction of metrics of prescribed scalar curvature on 3-manifolds. Under quasi-spherical ansatz, the problem is converted into the initial value problem for a semi-linear parabolic equation of the lapse ... More
Galaxy clustering, CMB and supernova data constraints on $φ$CDM model with massive neutrinosJul 08 2015Dec 11 2015We investigate a scalar field dark energy model (i.e., $\phi$CDM model) with massive neutrinos, where the scalar field possesses an inverse power-law potential, i.e., $V(\phi)\propto {\phi}^{-\alpha}$ ($\alpha>0$). We find that the sum of neutrino masses ... More
Moduli Interpretations for Noncongruence Modular CurvesOct 19 2015Aug 20 2016We define the notion of a $G$-structure for elliptic curves, where $G$ is a finite 2-generated group. When $G$ is abelian, a $G$-structure is the same as a classical congruence level structure. There is a natural action of $\text{SL}_2(\mathbb{Z})$ on ... More
Fine Residual Carrier Frequency and Sampling Frequency Estimation in Wireless OFDM SystemsNov 08 2012This paper presents a novel algorithm for residual phase estimation in wireless OFDM systems, including the carrier frequency offset (CFO) and the sampling frequency offset (SFO). The subcarriers are partitioned into several regions which exhibit pairwise ... More
Arithmetic monodromy actions on pro-metabelian fundamental groups of once-punctured elliptic curvesOct 16 2017We prove structure theorems for the moduli stack of elliptic curves equipped with $G$-structures, where $G$ is a finite 2-generated metabelian group. In particular, we show that if $G$ has exponent $e$, then there is a subgroup $H\le GL_2(\mathbb{Z}/e)$ ... More
Determining the Hubble constant from Hubble parameter measurementsJun 23 2016We use 28 Hubble parameter measurements to determine the Hubble constant $H_0$ in four cosmological models. The $H_0$ values we measure are more consistent with the lower values determined from recent cosmic microwave background and baryon acoustic oscillation ... More
Baryon acoustic oscillation, Hubble parameter, and angular size measurement constraints on the Hubble constant, dark energy dynamics, and spatial curvatureFeb 08 2019In this paper we use all available baryon acoustic oscillation and Hubble parameter data to constrain six dark energy cosmological models, both spatially flat and non-flat. These data mildly favor (at 1.3-1.4$\sigma$) closed spatial hypersurfaces in the ... More
Investigating Linguistic Pattern Ordering in Hierarchical Natural Language GenerationSep 19 2018Natural language generation (NLG) is a critical component in spoken dialogue system, which can be divided into two phases: (1) sentence planning: deciding the overall sentence structure, (2) surface realization: determining specific word forms and flattening ... More
B(0,N)-graded Lie superalgebras coordinatized by quantum toriFeb 18 2006We use a fermionic extension of the bosonic module to obtain a class of B(0,N)-graded Lie superalgebras with nontrivial central extensions.
Embeddings of Riemannian Manifolds with Finite Eigenvector Fields of Connection LaplacianApr 19 2016We study the problem asking if one can embed manifolds into finite dimensional Euclidean spaces by taking finite number of eigenvector fields of the connection Laplacian. This problem is essential for the dimension reduction problem in massive data analysis. ... More
Assessing the effect of lens mass model in cosmological application with updated galaxy-scale strong gravitational lensing sampleSep 26 2018Nov 06 2018By comparing the dynamical mass and lensing mass of early type lens galaxies, one can constrain both the cosmological parameters and the density profiles of galaxies. In this paper, we explore the constraining power of this method on cosmological parameters, ... More
A family of representations of the affine Lie superalgebra $\widehat{\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n}}(\mathbb{C})$Sep 04 2014In this paper, we used the free fields of Wakimoto to construct a class of irreducible representations for the general linear Lie superalgebra $\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n}(\mathbb{C})$. The structures of the representations over the general linear Lie superalgebra ... More
Continuous-Time Thermal Tensor Network Approach for Quantum Lattice ModelsSep 05 2016In this Letter we propose a continuous-time thermal tensor network (TTN) approach for efficient simulations of quantum lattice models. The continuous-time TTN method is based on numerically exact Taylor series expansions of equilibrium density operators ... More
$\bar{B}_{d,s} \to D^{*}_{d,s} V$ and $\bar{B}_{d,s}^* \to D_{d,s} V$ decays within QCD Factorization and Possible PuzzlesMay 05 2016Oct 10 2016Motivated by the rapid development of heavy-flavor experiments, phenomenological studies of nonleptonic $\bar{B}_{d,s} \to D^{*}_{d,s} V$ and $\bar{B}_{d,s}^* \to D_{d,s} V$~($V=\rho\,,K^*$) decays are performed within the framework of QCD Factorization. ... More
Observational constraint on dynamical evolution of dark energySep 03 2009Jan 14 2010We use the Constitution supernova, the baryon acoustic oscillation, the cosmic microwave background, and the Hubble parameter data to analyze the evolution property of dark energy. We obtain different results when we fit different baryon acoustic oscillation ... More
Non-equilibrium quantum phase transition via entanglement decoherence dynamicsOct 13 2016We investigate the decoherence dynamics of continuous variable entanglement as the system-environment coupling strength varies from the weak-coupling to the strong-coupling regimes. Due to the existence of localized modes in the strong-coupling regime, ... More
Plasmonic mode converter for controlling optical impedance and nanoscale light-matter interactionJun 07 2012Aug 22 2012To enable multiple functions of plasmonic nanocircuits, it is of key importance to control the propagation properties and the modal distribution of the guided optical modes such that their impedance matches to that of nearby quantum systems and desired ... More
Pseudo-Implicit Feedback for Alleviating Data Sparsity in Top-K RecommendationJan 03 2019We propose PsiRec, a novel user preference propagation recommender that incorporates pseudo-implicit feedback for enriching the original sparse implicit feedback dataset. Three of the unique characteristics of PsiRec are: (i) it views user-item interactions ... More
Ice model and eight-vertex model on the two-dimensional Sierpinski gasketMar 06 2012We present the numbers of ice model and eight-vertex model configurations (with Boltzmann factors equal to one), I(n) and E(n) respectively, on the two-dimensional Sierpinski gasket SG(n) at stage $n$. For the eight-vertex model, the number of configurations ... More
Bilayer Linearized Tensor Renormalization Group Approach for Thermal Tensor NetworksDec 06 2016In this paper, we perform a comprehensive study of the renormalization group (RG) method on thermal tensor networks (TTN). By Trotter-Suzuki decomposition, one obtains the 1+1D TTN representing the partition function of 1D quantum lattice models, and ... More
Accurate Sampling Timing Acquisition for Baseband OFDM Power-line Communication in Non-Gaussian NoiseNov 08 2012Jan 11 2013In this paper, a novel technique is proposed to address the joint sampling timing acquisition for baseband and broadband power-line communication (BB-PLC) systems using Orthogonal-Frequency-Division-Multiplexing (OFDM), including the sampling phase offset ... More
Unified study of $J/ψ\to PV$, $Pγ^{(*)}$ and light hadron radiative processesNov 05 2014Dec 26 2014Within the framework of the effective Lagrangian approach, we perform a thorough analysis of the $J/\psi \to P\gamma(\gamma^*)$, $J/\psi \to VP$, $V\to P\gamma(\gamma^*)$, $P\to V\gamma(\gamma^*)$ and $P\to\gamma\gamma(\gamma^*)$ processes, where $V$ ... More
Optical and transport properties in doped two-leg ladder antiferromagnetMar 13 2002Within the t-J model, the optical and transport properties of the doped two-leg ladder antiferromagnet are studied based on the fermion-spin theory. It is shown that the optical and transport properties of the doped two-leg ladder antiferromagnet are ... More
Mechanisms of Electromechanical Coupling in Strain Based Scanning Probe MicroscopyApr 09 2014Electromechanical coupling is ubiquitous in nature and underpins the functionality of materials and systems as diverse as ferroelectric and multiferroic materials, electrochemical devices, and biological systems, and strain-based scanning probe microscopy ... More
Dynamically Context-Sensitive Time-Decay Attention for Dialogue ModelingSep 05 2018Nov 01 2018Spoken language understanding (SLU) is an essential component in conversational systems. Considering that contexts provide informative cues for better understanding, history can be leveraged for contextual SLU. However, most prior work only paid attention ... More
Twisted vertex operators and unitary Lie algebrasMar 18 2014A representation of the central extension of the unitary Lie algebra coordinated with a skew Laurent polynomial ring is constructed using vertex operators over an integral Z_2-lattice. The irreducible decomposition of the representation is explicitly ... More
Change of Magnetic Field$-$Gas Alignment at Gravity-Driven Alfvénic Transition in Molecular Clouds: Implications for Dust Polarization ObservationsMay 02 2016Jul 18 2016Diffuse striations in molecular clouds are preferentially aligned with local magnetic fields whereas dense filaments tend to be perpendicular to them. When and why this transition occurs remain uncertain. To explore the physics behind this transition, ... More
Analyses of pion-nucleon elastic scattering amplitudes up to $O(p^4)$ in extended-on-mass-shell subtraction schemeDec 09 2012Apr 20 2013We extend the analysis of elastic pion-nucleon scattering up to $O(p^4)$ level using extended-on-mass-shell subtraction scheme within the framework of covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory. Numerical fits to partial wave phase shift data up to $\sqrt{s}=1.13$ ... More
Realizing bending waveguides with anisotropic epsilon-near-zero metamaterialsJan 13 2012Mar 05 2012We study metamaterials with an anisotropic effective permittivity tensor in which one component is near zero. We find that such an anisotropic metamaterial can be used to control wave propagation and construct almost perfect bending waveguides with a ... More
Real-time On-Demand Crowd-powered Entity ExtractionApr 12 2017Dec 06 2017Output-agreement mechanisms such as ESP Game have been widely used in human computation to obtain reliable human-generated labels. In this paper, we argue that a "time-limited" output-agreement mechanism can be used to create a fast and robust crowd-powered ... More
Boundary layer structure in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a slim boxJan 23 2019The logarithmic law of mean temperature profile has been observed in different regions in Rayleigh-B\'enard turbulence. However, how thermal plumes correlate to the log law of temperature and how the velocity profile changes with pressure gradient are ... More
Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution based on Bell's inequalityJul 28 2014We propose two quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols based on Bell's inequality, which can be considered as modified time-reversed E91 protocol. Similar to the measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) protocol, the first scheme ... More
Dynamic Time-Aware Attention to Speaker Roles and Contexts for Spoken Language UnderstandingSep 30 2017Dec 08 2017Spoken language understanding (SLU) is an essential component in conversational systems. Most SLU component treats each utterance independently, and then the following components aggregate the multi-turn information in the separate phases. In order to ... More
Detection of Gene-Gene Interactions by Multistage Sparse and Low-Rank RegressionApr 13 2013A daunting challenge faced by modern biological sciences is finding an efficient and computationally feasible approach to deal with the curse of high dimensionality. The problem becomes even more severe when the research focus is on interactions. To improve ... More
Exploring Communities in Large Profiled GraphsJan 16 2019Given a graph $G$ and a vertex $q\in G$, the community search (CS) problem aims to efficiently find a subgraph of $G$ whose vertices are closely related to $q$. Communities are prevalent in social and biological networks, and can be used in product advertisement ... More
Long-Distance Measurement-Device-Independent Multiparty Quantum CommunicationDec 02 2014Mar 04 2015The Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) entanglement, originally introduced to uncover the extreme violation of local realism against quantum mechanics, is an important resource for multiparty quantum communication tasks. But the low intensity and fragility ... More
Integrating multiple random sketches for singular value decompositionAug 29 2016The singular value decomposition (SVD) of large-scale matrices is a key tool in data analytics and scientific computing. The rapid growth in the size of matrices further increases the need for developing efficient large-scale SVD algorithms. Randomized ... More
Speaker Role Contextual Modeling for Language Understanding and Dialogue Policy LearningSep 30 2017Language understanding (LU) and dialogue policy learning are two essential components in conversational systems. Human-human dialogues are not well-controlled and often random and unpredictable due to their own goals and speaking habits. This paper proposes ... More
FEAST: An Automated Feature Selection Framework for Compilation TasksOct 29 2016The success of the application of machine-learning techniques to compilation tasks can be largely attributed to the recent development and advancement of program characterization, a process that numerically or structurally quantifies a target program. ... More
Ward Identity Implies Recursion Relation at Tree and Loop LevelJul 15 2012Feb 09 2013In this article, we use Ward identity to calculate tree and one loop level off shell amplitudes in pure Yang-Mills theory with a pair of external lines complexified. We explicitly prove Ward identity at tree and one loop level using Feynman rules, and ... More
Galaxy cluster angular size data constraints on dark energyMay 27 2011Jul 20 2011We use angular size versus redshift data for galaxy clusters from Bonamente et al. (2006) to place constraints on model parameters of constant and time-evolving dark energy cosmological models. These constraints are compatible with those from other recent ... More
End-to-End Joint Learning of Natural Language Understanding and Dialogue ManagerDec 03 2016Natural language understanding and dialogue policy learning are both essential in conversational systems that predict the next system actions in response to a current user utterance. Conventional approaches aggregate separate models of natural language ... More
A Stable and Effective Learning Strategy for Trainable Greedy DecodingApr 21 2018Aug 28 2018Beam search is a widely used approximate search strategy for neural network decoders, and it generally outperforms simple greedy decoding on tasks like machine translation. However, this improvement comes at substantial computational cost. In this paper, ... More
Majorana Fermions in Periodically Driven Semiconductor-Superconductor HeterostructureJun 17 2013We propose a new approach to create Majorana fermions at the edge of a periodically driven semiconductor-superconductor Heterostructure. We calculate the quasi-energy spectrum of the periodically driven Heterostructure by using the Floquet's theory. When ... More
Refined Schur Method for Robust Pole Assignment with Repeated PolesFeb 27 2016Schur-type methods in \cite{Chu2} and \cite{GCQX} solve the robust pole assignment problem by employing the departure from normality of the closed-loop system matrix as the measure of robustness. They work well generally when all poles to be assigned ... More
A real-time design based on FPGA for Expeditious Error Reconciliation in QKD systemJan 10 2013For high-speed quantum key distribution systems, error reconciliation is often the bottleneck affecting system performance. By exchanging common information through a public channel, the identical key can be generated on both communicating sides. However, ... More
On the Weak Convergence and Central Limit Theorem of Blurring and Nonblurring Processes with Application to Robust Location EstimationDec 03 2014Jan 27 2015This article studies the weak convergence and associated Central Limit Theorem for blurring and nonblurring processes. Then, they are applied to the estimation of location parameter. Simulation studies show that the location estimation based on the convergence ... More
Discriminative Deep Dyna-Q: Robust Planning for Dialogue Policy LearningAug 28 2018Sep 06 2018This paper presents a Discriminative Deep Dyna-Q (D3Q) approach to improving the effectiveness and robustness of Deep Dyna-Q (DDQ), a recently proposed framework that extends the Dyna-Q algorithm to integrate planning for task-completion dialogue policy ... More
Modeling Melodic Feature Dependency with Modularized Variational Auto-EncoderOct 31 2018Automatic melody generation has been a long-time aspiration for both AI researchers and musicians. However, learning to generate euphonious melodies has turned out to be highly challenging. This paper introduces 1) a new variant of variational autoencoder ... More
Natural Language Generation by Hierarchical Decoding with Linguistic PatternsAug 08 2018Aug 09 2018Natural language generation (NLG) is a critical component in spoken dialogue systems. Classic NLG can be divided into two phases: (1) sentence planning: deciding on the overall sentence structure, (2) surface realization: determining specific word forms ... More
Alignments of Group Galaxies with Neighboring GroupsOct 19 2008Sep 03 2009Using a sample of galaxy groups found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4, we measure the following four types of alignment signals: (1) the alignment between the distributions of the satellites of each group relative to the direction of the ... More
EO-polymer waveguide based high dynamic range EM wave sensorsMar 06 2014In this paper, we present the design and experimental demonstration of a high dynamic range electric field sensor based on electro-optic (EO) polymer directional coupler waveguides that offers the strong and ultra-fast EO response of EO polymer. As compared ... More
Constraints on the exponential $f(R)$ model from latest Hubble parameter measurementsJul 16 2014Jan 13 2015We investigate the viable exponential $f(R)$ gravity in the metric formalism with $f(R)=-\beta R_s (1-e^{-R/R_s})$. The latest sample of the Hubble parameter measurements with 23 data points is used to place bounds on this $f(R)$ model. A joint analysis ... More
Functional Inverse Regression in an Enlarged Dimension Reduction SpaceMar 12 2015We consider an enlarged dimension reduction space in functional inverse regression. Our operator and functional analysis based approach facilitates a compact and rigorous formulation of the functional inverse regression problem. It also enables us to ... More
Quantum correlation enhanced weak field detection in optomechanical systemNov 20 2018We propose a theoretical scheme to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio in ultrasensitive detection with the help of quantum correlation. By introducing the auxiliary oscillator and treated as an added probe for weak field detection, the additional noise ... More
Reexamination of the role of the $Δ^{\ast}$ resonances in the $pp\rightarrow nK^{+}Σ^{+}$ reactionDec 16 2014Nov 12 2015In this work, the role of the $\Delta ^{\ast }$ resonances in the process of $pp\rightarrow nK^{+}\Sigma ^{+}$ are systematically investigated with the effective Lagrangian approach and the isobar model. We find that a $P_{31}$ state, either $\Delta ^{\ast ... More
Highly Linear, Broadband Optical Modulator Based on Electro-optic PolymerMar 01 2014In this paper, we present the design, fabrication and characterization of a traveling wave directional coupler modulator based on electro-optic polymer, which is able to provide both high linearity and broad bandwidth. The high linearity is realized by ... More
Neutral hidden charm pentaquark states $P_c^0(4380)$ and $P_c^0(4450)$ in $π^-p \to J/ψn$ reactionOct 21 2015Dec 26 2015We investigate the neutral hidden charm pentaquark states $P_c^0(4380)$ and $P_c^0(4450)$ in $\pi^-p \to J/\psi n$ reaction within an effective Lagrangian approach. The background contributions for the process mainly come from $t$-channel $\pi$ and $\rho$ ... More
Revisit of the neutron/proton ratio puzzle in intermediate-energy heavy-ion collisionsFeb 03 2015Apr 02 2015Incorporating a newly improved isospin- and momentum-dependent interaction in the isospin-dependent Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck transport model IBUU11, we have investigated relative effects of the density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy $E_{sym}(\rho)$ ... More
End-to-End Reinforcement Learning of Dialogue Agents for Information AccessSep 03 2016This paper proposes \emph{KB-InfoBot}---a dialogue agent that provides users with an entity from a knowledge base (KB) by interactively asking for its attributes. All components of the KB-InfoBot are trained in an end-to-end fashion using reinforcement ... More
Loss-induced enhanced transmission in anisotropic density-near-zero acoustic metamaterialsApr 20 2016Anisotropic density-near-zero (ADNZ) acoustic metamaterials are investigated theoretically and numerically in this letter and are shown to exhibit extraordinary transmission enhancement when material loss is induced. The enhanced transmission is due to ... More
Oxygen Vacancy Induced Flat Phonon Mode at FeSe /SrTiO3 interfaceMar 27 2015A high-frequency optical phonon mode of SrTiO3 (STO) was found to assist the high-temperature superconductivity observed recently at the interface between monolayer FeSe and STO substrate. However, the origin of this mode is not clear. Through first-principles ... More
Order-Preserving Abstractive Summarization for Spoken Content Based on Connectionist Temporal ClassificationSep 16 2017Nov 16 2017Connectionist temporal classification (CTC) is a powerful approach for sequence-to-sequence learning, and has been popularly used in speech recognition. The central ideas of CTC include adding a label "blank" during training. With this mechanism, CTC ... More
Inverse Projection Representation and Category Contribution Rate for Robust Tumor RecognitionFeb 09 2019Sparse representation based classification (SRC) methods have achieved remarkable results. SRC, however, still suffer from requiring enough training samples, insufficient use of test samples and instability of representation. In this paper, a stable inverse ... More
Hubble parameter data constraints on dark energyJun 21 2011Aug 20 2011We use Hubble parameter versus redshift data from Stern, et al(2010) and Gazta\~{n}aga, et al (2009) to place constraints on model parameters of constant and time-evolving dark energy cosmological models. These constraints are consistent with (through ... More
Boundary Behaviors for General Off-shell Amplitudes in Yang-Mills TheoryFeb 12 2013In this article, we analyze the boundary behaviors of pure Yang-Mills amplitudes under adjacent and non adjacent BCFW shifts in Feynman gauge. We introduce reduced vertexes for Yang-Mills fields, prove that these reduced vertexes are equivalent to the ... More
Radiation and Ionization Energy Loss Simulation for GDH Sum Rule Experiment in Hall-A at Jefferson LabOct 06 2014Dec 17 2014The radiation and ionization energy loss are presented for single arm Monte Carlo simulation for the GDH sum rule experiment in Hall-A at Jefferson Lab. Radiation and ionization energy loss are discussed for $^{12}C$ elastic scattering simulation. The ... More
Vector Nonlocal Euclidean Median: Principal Bundle Captures The Nature of Patch SpaceNov 15 2016We extensively study the rotational group structure inside the patch space by introducing the fiber bundle structure. The rotational group structure leads to a new image denoising algorithm called the \textit{vector non-local Euclidean median} (VNLEM). ... More
Electronic band gaps and transport properties in aperiodic bilayer graphene superlattices of Thue-Morse sequenceAug 19 2013Oct 14 2013We investigate electronic band structure and transport properties in bilayer graphene superlattices of Thue-Morse sequence. It is interesting to find that the zero-$\bar{k}$ gap center is sensitive to interlayer coupling $t'$, and the centers of all gaps ... More
Equation of state for shock compressed xenon in the ionization regime: ab initio studyMay 12 2010Quantum molecular dynamic (QMD) simulations have been applied to study the thermophysical properties of liquid xenon under dynamic compressions. The equation of state (EOS) obtained from QMD calculations are corrected according to Saha equation, and contributions ... More
Experimental quantum "Guess my Number" protocol using multiphoton entanglementFeb 06 2007We present an experimental demonstration of a modified version of the entanglement-assisted "Guess my Number" protocol for the reduction of communication complexity among three separated parties. The results of experimental measurements imply that the ... More
Towards End-to-End Reinforcement Learning of Dialogue Agents for Information AccessSep 03 2016Apr 20 2017This paper proposes KB-InfoBot -- a multi-turn dialogue agent which helps users search Knowledge Bases (KBs) without composing complicated queries. Such goal-oriented dialogue agents typically need to interact with an external database to access real-world ... More
A multi-agent based rolling optimization method for restoration scheduling of the electrical distribution system with distributed generationDec 29 2018Resiliency against major disasters is a most essential characteristic of the future electrical distribution system (EDS). A multi-agent based rolling optimization method for the EDS restoration scheduling is proposed in this paper. When blackout occurs, ... More
Constraining simultaneously nuclear symmetry energy and neutron-proton effective mass splitting with nucleus giant resonances from a dynamical approachJan 17 2017Mar 11 2017With a newly improved isospin- and momentum-dependent interaction and an isospin-dependent Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck transport model, we have investigated the effects of the slope parameter $L$ of the nuclear symmetry energy and the isospin splitting ... More
Integrating Knowledge from Latent and Explicit Features for Triple Scoring - Team Radicchio's Triple Scorer at WSDM Cup 2017Dec 22 2017The objective of the triple scoring task in WSDM Cup 2017 is to compute relevance scores for knowledge-base triples of type-like relations. For example, consider Julius Caesar who has had various professions, including Politician and Author. For two given ... More
Illusion optics: The optical transformation of an object into another objectMay 10 2009We propose to use transformation optics to generate a general illusion such that an arbitrary object appears to be like some other object of our choice. This is achieved by using a remote device that transforms the scattered light outside a virtual boundary ... More
Long distance measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with coherent-state superpositionsSep 19 2014Measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) with decoy-state method is believed to be securely applied to defeat various hacking attacks in practical quantum key distribution systems. Recently, the coherent-state superpositions (CSS) ... More
Superconductivity from Meissner Effect and Zero Resistivity in a Phenyl MoleculeApr 09 2018Recently, phenyl molecules have been reported to exhibit Meissner effect mainly from magnetization measurements. Realizing zero-resistivity state in these materials seems a challenge due to many practical difficulties but is required to characterize the ... More
Self-reinforcing feedback loop in financial markets with coupling of market impact and momentum tradersApr 09 2017Oct 24 2017By incorporating market impact and momentum traders into an agent-based model, we investigate the conditions for the occurrence of self-reinforcing feedback loops and the coevolutionary mechanism of prices and strategies. For low market impact, the price ... More
Identifying Influential Links for Event Propagation on Twitter: A Network of Networks ApproachSep 17 2016Patterns of event propagation in online social networks provide novel insights on the modeling and analysis of information dissemination over networks and physical systems. This paper studies the importance of follower links for event propagation on Twitter. ... More
Cosmological evolution of generalized non-local gravityNov 17 2015Nov 29 2015We construct a class of generalized non-local gravity (GNLG) model which is the modified theory of general relativity (GR) obtained by adding a term $m^{2n-2} R\Box^{-n}R$ to the Einstein-Hilbert action. Concretely, we not only study the gravitational ... More
Identification and classification of TCM syndrome types among patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment using latent tree analysisJan 26 2016Feb 24 2016Objective: To treat patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment (VMCI) using TCM, it is necessary to classify the patients into TCM syndrome types and to apply different treatments to different types. We investigate how to properly carry out the ... More
Composing Method for the Two-dimensional Scanning Spectra Observed by the New Vacuum Solar TelescopeJan 08 2018In this paper we illustrate the technique used by the New Vacuum Solar Telescope to increase the spatial resolution of two-dimensional (2D) solar spectroscopy observation involving two dimensions of space and one of wavelength. Without an image stabilizer ... More
Guiding Robust Valley-dependent Edge States by Surface Acoustic WavesOct 08 2018Recently, the concept of valley pseudospin, labeling quantum states of energy extrema in momentum space, has attracted enormous attention because of its potential as a new type of information carrier. Here, we present surface acoustic wave (SAW) waveguides, ... More
Bartnik's mass and Hamilton's Modified Ricci FlowAug 23 2014Sep 23 2014We provide estimates on the Bartnik mass of constant mean curvature (CMC) surfaces which are diffeomorphic to spheres and have positive mean curvature. We prove that the Bartnik mass is bounded from above by the Hawking mass and a new notion we call the ... More
Acoustic Holographic Rendering with Two-dimensional Metamaterial-based Passive Phased ArrayJul 20 2016Acoustic holographic rendering in complete analogy with optical holography are useful for various applications, ranging from multi-focal lensing, multiplexed sensing and synthesizing three-dimensional complex sound fields. Conventional approaches rely ... More
Boron Nitride Nanosheets as Improved and Reusable Substrates for Gold Nanoparticles Enabled Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyMar 11 2015Atomically thin boron nitride (BN) nanosheets have been found an excellent substrate for noble metal particles enabled surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), thanks to their good adsorption of aromatic molecules, high thermal stability and weak Raman ... More
Round-robin-differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution with and without monitoring signal disturbanceFeb 04 2017May 31 2017Round-robin-differential-phase (RRDPS) quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol has attracted intensive studies due to its distinct security characteristic, e.g., information leakage in RRDPS can be bounded without learning error rate of key bits. Nevertheless, ... More
On-chip Single Nanoparticle Detection and Sizing by Mode Splitting in an Ultra-high-Q MicroresonatorDec 01 2009The ability to detect and size individual nanoparticles with high resolution is crucial to understanding behaviours of single particles and effectively using their strong size-dependent properties to develop innovative products. We report real-time, in-situ ... More
More randomness from a prepare-and-measure scenario with independent devicesApr 07 2016How to generate genuine quantum randomness from untrusted devices is an important problem in quantum information processing. Inspired by previous work on a self-testing quantum random number generator [T. Lunghi et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 150501 (2015)], ... More
Improved performance of traveling wave directional coupler modulator based on electro-optic polymerMar 01 2014Polymer based electro-optic modulators have shown great potentials in high frequency analog optical links. Existing commercial LiNibO3 Mach-Zehnder modulators have intrinsic drawbacks in linearity to provide high fidelity communication. In this paper, ... More
Whole-Slide Image Focus Quality: Automatic Assessment and Impact on AI Cancer DetectionJan 15 2019Feb 05 2019Digital pathology enables remote access or consults and powerful image analysis algorithms. However, the slide digitization process can create artifacts such as out-of-focus (OOF). OOF is often only detected upon careful review, potentially causing rescanning ... More
Optical Nondestructive Controlled-NOT Gate without Using Entangled PhotonsOct 21 2006May 08 2007We present and experimentally demonstrate a novel optical nondestructive controlled-NOT gate without using entangled ancilla. With much fewer measurements compared with quantum process tomography, we get a good estimation of the gate fidelity. The result ... More
Integration of quantum key distribution and gigabit-capable passive optical network based on wavelength-division multiplexingApr 26 2016Classical optical communications may be still the main communications technology for the foreseeable future, so integration of the quantum communication network with existing classical optical communication network is necessary because existing telecommunications ... More
Toroidal AdS Charged Branes and Toda EquationsOct 15 2009In this note, we consider the equations of motion for charged branes in AdS space and show that they can be cast into one-dimensional coupled Toda type. Then we solve the equations of motion to construct static charged AdS brane solutions which are invariant ... More
Brane Solutions with TensionMay 27 2009Nov 09 2009In this note, we apply a special metric ansatz to simplify the equations of motion for gravitational systems. Then we construct charged brane solutions in $D=n+p+2$ dimensions which have spherical symmetry of $S^n$ and translational symmetry along $p$ ... More
Non-Supersymmetric Unattractors in Born-Infeld Black HolesJun 14 2007We investigate unattractor behavior in non-extremal black holes in Einstein-Born-Infeld-Dilaton theory of gravity in four-dimensional asymptotically flat spacetime. We obtain solutions which are non-singular near the horizon and dependent on the value ... More
Higher-order Alexander Invariants of Hypersurface ComplementsOct 12 2015We define the higher-order Alexander modules $A_{n,i}(\mathcal{U})$ and higher-order degrees $\delta_{n,i}(\mathcal{U})$ which are invariants of a complex hypersurface complement $\mathcal{U}$. These invariants come from the module structure of the homology ... More
Security of modified Ping-Pong protocol in noisy and lossy channelMay 13 2014The "Ping-Pong" (PP) protocol is a two-way quantum key protocol based on entanglement. In this protocol, Bob prepares one maximally entangled pair of qubits, and sends one qubit to Alice. Then, Alice performs some necessary operations on this qubit and ... More
Giant biquadratic interaction induced magnetic anisotropy in the iron-based superconductor AxFe2-ySe2Dec 23 2015The emergence of the electron-pocket only iron-based superconductor AxFe2-ySe2 (A = alkali metal) challenges the Fermi-surface nesting picture established in iron-pnictides. It was widely believed that magnetism is correlated with the superconductivity ... More