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Hausdorff-$(2n-2)$ dimensional measure zero set and compactness of the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann operator on $(0,n-1)$ formsMar 11 2019By using a variant Property $(P_q)$ of Catlin, we discuss the relation of small set of weakly pseudoconvex points on the boundary of pseudoconvex domain and compactness of the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann operator. In particular, we show that if the ... More
Quantum teleportation via a two-qubit Heisenberg XXZ chain-effects of anisotropy and magnetic fieldAug 18 2008We study quantum teleportation via a two-qubit Heisenberg XXZ chain under an inhomogeneous magnetic field. We first consider entanglement teleportation, and then focus on the teleportation fidelity under different conditions. The effects of anisotropy ... More
Recycled Two-Stage Estimation in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Regression ModelsFeb 03 2019We consider a re-sampling scheme for estimation of the population parameters in the mixed effects nonlinear regression models of the type use for example in clinical pharmacokinetics, say. We provide an estimation procedure which {\it recycles}, via random ... More
Chinese NER Using Lattice LSTMMay 05 2018Jul 05 2018We investigate a lattice-structured LSTM model for Chinese NER, which encodes a sequence of input characters as well as all potential words that match a lexicon. Compared with character-based methods, our model explicitly leverages word and word sequence ... More
On the nonexistence of linear perfect Lee codesFeb 13 2018Feb 27 2019In 1968, Golomb and Welch conjectured that there does not exist perfect Lee code in $\mathbb{Z}^{n}$ with radius $r\ge2$ and dimension $n\ge3$. Besides its own interest in coding theory and discrete geometry, this conjecture is also strongly related to ... More
NCRF++: An Open-source Neural Sequence Labeling ToolkitJun 14 2018Jun 17 2018This paper describes NCRF++, a toolkit for neural sequence labeling. NCRF++ is designed for quick implementation of different neural sequence labeling models with a CRF inference layer. It provides users with an inference for building the custom model ... More
Mono-Neutrino at DUNE: New Signals From Neutrinophilic Thermal Dark MatterJan 04 2019We introduce the mono-neutrino signal at neutrino detectors as a smoking gun of sub-GeV scale dark matter candidates that mainly interact with standard model neutrinos. In a mono-neutrino process, invisible particles, either dark matter themselves or ... More
The screening and ranking algorithm to detect DNA copy number variationsOct 01 2012DNA Copy number variation (CNV) has recently gained considerable interest as a source of genetic variation that likely influences phenotypic differences. Many statistical and computational methods have been proposed and applied to detect CNVs based on ... More
Real-Time Traffic Signal Control for Modern Roundabouts by Using Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Fuzzy ControllerAug 04 2014Aug 05 2014Due to that the existing traffic facilities can hardly be extended, developing traffic signal control methods is the most important way to improve the traffic efficiency of modern roundabouts. This paper proposes a novel traffic signal controller with ... More
Gravity and Spin Forces in Gravitational Quantum Field TheoryAug 11 2018Sep 08 2018In the new framework of gravitational quantum field theory (GQFT) with spin and scaling gauge invariance developed in Phys. Rev. D\textbf{93} (2016) 024012-1~\cite{Wu:2015wwa}, we make a perturbative expansion for the full action in a background field ... More
Geometric phase of a bipartite system with Dzyaloshinski-Moriya interactionAug 18 2008The Berry phase of a bipartite system described by a Heisenberg XXZ model driven by a one-site magnetic field is investigated. The effect of the Dzyaloshinski-Moriya (DM) anisotropic interaction on the Berry phase is discussed. It is found that the DM ... More
Comparison of dark energy models after Planck 2015Jul 21 2016Oct 27 2016We make a comparison for ten typical, popular dark energy models according to their capabilities of fitting the current observational data. The observational data we use in this work include the JLA sample of type Ia supernovae observation, the Planck ... More
Stable Bound States of Asymmetric Dark MatterJul 15 2014Aug 08 2016The simplest renormalizable effective field theories with asymmetric dark matter bound states contain two additional gauge singlet fields one being the dark matter and the other a mediator particle that the dark matter annihilates into. We examine the ... More
Degenerations of NURBS curves while all of weights approaching infinityJun 26 2017NURBS curve is widely used in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Geometric Design. When a single weight approaches infinity, the limit of a NURBS curve tends to the corresponding control point. In this paper, a kind of control structure of a NURBS ... More
The Penetration Effect of Connected Automated Vehicles in Urban Traffic: An Energy Impact StudyMar 15 2018Earlier work has established a decentralized framework of optimally controlling connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) crossing an urban intersection without using explicit traffic signaling. The proposed solution is capable of minimizing energy consumption ... More
Blockchain based Digital Asset Management System Architecture for Power Grid Big DataAug 07 2018Chinese power grid enterprises are in need for development of digital asset management system. The characteristics of decentralization, self-trust and self-confidence, pave a promising technical path for power grid digital assess management and Big Data ... More
Joint Time and Energy-Optimal Control of Connected Automated Vehicles at Signal-Free Intersections with Speed-Dependent Safety GuaranteesMar 13 2019Mar 15 2019We extend earlier work establishing a framework for optimally controlling Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) crossing a signal free intersection by jointly optimizing energy and travel time. We derive explicit optimal control solutions in a decentralized ... More
Effects of the littlest Higgs model with T-parity on Higgs boson production at high energy $e^{+}e^{-}$ collidersSep 25 2006Nov 17 2006The Higgs boson production processes $e^{+}e^{-}\to ZH$, $e^{+}e^{-}\to \bar{\nu_{e}}\nu_{e}H$, and $e^{+}e^{-}\to t\bar{t}H$ are very important for studying Higgs boson properties and further testing new physics beyond the standard model($SM$) in the ... More
A Decentralized Optimal Control Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles at Urban Intersections with Dynamic ResequencingSep 01 2018Earlier work has established a decentralized framework to optimally control Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) crossing an urban intersection without using explicit traffic signaling while following a strict First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queueing structure. ... More
The Unambiguous Distance in a Phase-based Ranging System with Hopping FrequenciesMar 08 2014It is a challenge to specify unambiguous distance (UD) in a phase-based ranging system with hopping frequencies (PRSHF). In this letter, we propose to characterize the UD in a PRSHF by the probability that it takes on its maximum value. We obtain a very ... More
A consistent analysis on QCD phase diagram and meson spectra in the improved soft-wall AdS/QCDApr 09 2019We derive the equations of motion for the octet pseudoscalar, vector and axial-vector mesons in the improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model with $2+1$ flavors, and calculate the octet meson spectra and relevant decay constants, by which the model parameters ... More
Theoretical study on RbCl crystal with Möbius inverse potentialsAug 10 2003The alkali halides have been studied very frequently for their simple structures and interesting properties, for example, the high-pressure induced transition$^1$. There are several successful models that can be employed. The most famous model of them ... More
Subword Encoding in Lattice LSTM for Chinese Word SegmentationOct 30 2018We investigate a lattice LSTM network for Chinese word segmentation (CWS) to utilize words or subwords. It integrates the character sequence features with all subsequences information matched from a lexicon. The matched subsequences serve as information ... More
Design Challenges and Misconceptions in Neural Sequence LabelingJun 12 2018Jul 12 2018We investigate the design challenges of constructing effective and efficient neural sequence labeling systems, by reproducing twelve neural sequence labeling models, which include most of the state-of-the-art structures, and conduct a systematic model ... More
PCM-TV-TFV: A Novel Two Stage Framework for Image Reconstruction from Fourier DataMay 29 2017We propose in this paper a novel two-stage Projection Correction Modeling (PCM) framework for image reconstruction from (non-uniform) Fourier measurements. PCM consists of a projection stage (P-stage) motivated by the multi-scale Galerkin method and a ... More
Chiral Phase Transition with 2+1 quark flavors in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD ModelMay 14 2018We study the chiral phase transition with 2 + 1 quark flavors in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model, which can produce the light meson spectrum and many other low-energy quantities consistent with experiments in the two-flavor case. The chiral transition ... More
Naturally Light Sterile Neutrinos from Theory of R-parityOct 19 2010Oct 26 2010The fate of R-parity is one of the central issues in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM). Gauged $B-L$ symmetry provides a natural framework for addressing this question. Recently, it was pointed out that the minimal such theory does not ... More
Neural Transition-based Syntactic LinearizationOct 23 2018The task of linearization is to find a grammatical order given a set of words. Traditional models use statistical methods. Syntactic linearization systems, which generate a sentence along with its syntactic tree, have shown state-of-the-art performance. ... More
Sentence-State LSTM for Text RepresentationMay 07 2018Bi-directional LSTMs are a powerful tool for text representation. On the other hand, they have been shown to suffer various limitations due to their sequential nature. We investigate an alternative LSTM structure for encoding text, which consists of a ... More
Neural networks based variationally enhanced samplingApr 02 2019Apr 03 2019Sampling complex free energy surfaces is one of the main challenges of modern atomistic simulation methods. The presence of kinetic bottlenecks in such surfaces often renders a direct approach useless. A popular strategy is to identify a small number ... More
Chiral phase transition and meson spectrum in improved soft-wall AdS/QCDApr 09 2016We investigate in detail the chiral thermal transition of QCD in an improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model with a simply modified 5D conformal mass of the bulk scalar field. We also present a calculation in this model for the light meson spectra and other low-energy ... More
Boundary layer separation and local behavior for the Steady Prandtl equationApr 17 2019In the case of favorable pressure gradient, Oleinik proved the global existence of classical solution for the 2-D steady Prandtl equation for a class of positive data. In the case of adverse pressure gradient, an important physical phenomena is the boundary ... More
The Effects on $S$, $T$, and $U$ from Higher-Dimensional Fermion RepresentationsOct 09 2006Inspired by a new class of walking technicolor models recently proposed using higher-dimensional technifermions, we consider the oblique corrections from heavy non-degenerate fermions with two classes of higher-dimensional representations of the electroweak ... More
Perturbative unitarity constraints on general W' models and collider implicationsNov 21 2011We study perturbative unitarity constraints on general W' models by considering the high energy behavior of fermion scattering into gauge bosons. In most cases we survey, a Z' boson with a comparable mass must be present for the theory to be consistent, ... More
Fully Computable Error Bounds for Eigenvalue ProblemJan 07 2016Jun 19 2016This paper is concerned with the computable error estimates for the eigenvalue problem which is solved by the general conforming finite element methods on the general meshes. Based on the computable error estimate, we can give an asymptotically lower ... More
Token Economics in Energy Systems: Concept, Functionality and ApplicationsAug 02 2018Traditional centralized energy systems have the disadvantages of difficult management and insufficient incentives. Blockchain is an emerging technology, which can be utilized in energy systems to enhance their management and control. Integrating token ... More
Neural Word Segmentation with Rich PretrainingApr 28 2017Neural word segmentation research has benefited from large-scale raw texts by leveraging them for pretraining character and word embeddings. On the other hand, statistical segmentation research has exploited richer sources of external information, such ... More
Chiral phase transition and QCD phase diagram from AdS/QCDOct 30 2018We study the chemical potential effects on the chiral phase transition in a simply improved soft-wall AdS/QCD model, which can realize consistently the properties of linear confinement and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking. The $\mu-T$ phase diagrams ... More
Warm Dark Matter in Low Scale Left-Right TheoryMay 04 2012Jun 08 2012We investigate the viability of having dark matter in the minimal left-right symmetric theory. We find the lightest right-handed neutrino with a mass around keV as the only viable candidate consistent with a TeV scale of left-right symmetry. In order ... More
Neural networks based variationally enhanced samplingApr 02 2019Sampling complex free energy surfaces is one of the challenges of modern atomistic simulation methods. The presence of kinetic bottlenecks in such surfaces often renders a direct approach useless. A popular strategy is to identify a small number of key ... More
Quasi Regular Semilattice and Association Schemes in Singular Linear SpaceSep 20 2013Let \mathbb{F}_q^{n+l} denote the (n+l)-dimensional singular linear space over a finite field \mathbb{F}_q. For a fixed integer m\leq\min\{n,l\}, denote by \mathcal{L}^m_o(\mathbb{F}_q^{n+l}) the set of all subspaces of type (t,t_1), where t_1\leq t\leq ... More
Neural Reranking for Named Entity RecognitionJul 17 2017We propose a neural reranking system for named entity recognition (NER). The basic idea is to leverage recurrent neural network models to learn sentence-level patterns that involve named entity mentions. In particular, given an output sentence produced ... More
A consistent analysis on QCD phase diagram and meson spectra in the improved soft-wall AdS/QCDApr 09 2019Apr 10 2019We present a consistent analysis on QCD phase diagram and meson spectra based on the improved soft-wall AdS/QCD. The equations of motion for the octet pseudoscalar, vector and axial-vector mesons with $2+1$ flavors are derived to calculate the octet meson ... More
Preparation, structure evolution, and magnetocaloric effects of MnFe(PGe) compoundsNov 13 2014As one of magnetic refrigerants with giant magnetocaloric effect (GMCE), MnFePGe-based compounds had drawn tremendous attention due to their many advantages for practical applications. In this paper, correlations among preparation conditions, magnetic ... More
Improved English to Russian Translation by Neural Suffix PredictionJan 11 2018Neural machine translation (NMT) suffers a performance deficiency when a limited vocabulary fails to cover the source or target side adequately, which happens frequently when dealing with morphologically rich languages. To address this problem, previous ... More
Auslander-Reiten translations in monomorphism categoriesJan 21 2011We generalize Ringel and Schmidmeier's theory on the Auslander-Reiten translation of the submodule category $\mathcal S_2(A)$ to the monomorphism category $\mathcal S_n(A)$. As in the case of $n=2$, $\mathcal S_n(A)$ has Auslander-Reiten sequences, and ... More
Bimodule monomorphism categories and RSS equivalences via cotilting modulesOct 01 2017The monomorphism category $\mathscr{S}(A, M, B)$ induced by a bimodule $_AM_B$ is the subcategory of $\Lambda$-mod consisting of $\left[\begin{smallmatrix} X\\ Y\end{smallmatrix}\right]_{\phi}$ such that $\phi: M\otimes_B Y\rightarrow X$ is a monic $A$-map, ... More
Polarons in Alkaline-earth-like Atoms with Multi Background Fermi SurfacesJan 29 2018We study the impurity problem in a Fermi gas of $^{173}$Yb atoms near an orbital Feshbach resonance, where a single moving particle in the $^3P_0$ state interacting with two background Fermi seas of particles in different nuclear states of the ground ... More
Combining Discrete and Neural Features for Sequence LabelingAug 24 2017Neural network models have recently received heated research attention in the natural language processing community. Compared with traditional models with discrete features, neural models have two main advantages. First, they take low-dimensional, real-valued ... More
A Fast Method for Array Response Adjustment with Phase-Only ConstraintNov 14 2018In this paper, we propose a fast method for array response adjustment with phase-only constraint. This method can precisely and rapidly adjust the array response of a given point by only varying the entry phases of a pre-assigned weight vector. We show ... More
Training Dependency Parsers with Partial AnnotationSep 29 2016Recently, these has been a surge on studying how to obtain partially annotated data for model supervision. However, there still lacks a systematic study on how to train statistical models with partial annotation (PA). Taking dependency parsing as our ... More
Numerical results for geometric measure of coherence and geometric measure of entanglement based on semidefinite programsMar 26 2019We present semidefinite programs for computing the geometric measure of coherence and the geometric measure of entanglement, respectively. For the geometric measure of coherence, the algorithm can be applied to any finite-dimensional mixed state. We test ... More
Modified f(G) gravity models with curvature-matter couplingMar 26 2012A modified f(G) gravity model with coupling between matter and geometry is proposed, which is described by the product of the Lagrange density of the matter and an arbitrary function of the Gauss-Bonnet term. The field equations and the equations of motion ... More
Improving Cross-Domain Chinese Word Segmentation with Word EmbeddingsMar 05 2019Mar 11 2019Cross-domain Chinese Word Segmentation (CWS) remains a challenge despite recent progress in neural-based CWS. The limited amount of annotated data in the target domain has been the key obstacle to a satisfactory performance. In this paper, we propose ... More
Reentrant phase transitions and triple points of topological AdS black holes in Born-Infeld-massive gravityJul 12 2017Oct 19 2017Motivated by recent developments of black hole thermodynamics in de Rham, Gabadadze and Tolley(dRGT) massive gravity, we study the critical behaviors of four-dimensional topological Anti-de Sitter(AdS) black holes in the presence of Born-Infeld nonlinear ... More
Critical behaviors of black holes in the Einstein-Maxwell gravity with conformal anomalyDec 03 2014We study $P-V$ critical behavior of 4-dimensional AdS black hole in the Einstein-Maxwell gravity with conformal anomaly by treating the cosmological constant as a variable related to the thermodynamic pressure. It shows that there is no phase transition ... More
On the Unambiguous Distance of Multi-Carrier Phase Ranging with Random Hopped FrequencieFeb 18 2017In a multi-carrier phase ranging (MPR) system, the distance that radio signal travels is estimated through phase shift of multiple carrier frequencies. Due to phase ambiguity, a unique estimation can only be obtained within the unambiguous distance (UD), ... More
Operation triggered quantum clock synchronizationNov 12 2014Nov 14 2014We present a novel quantum clock synchronization(QCS) scheme of multiple parties which uses operation as the trigger to start the evolution of the initial state, where existing QCS protocols use measurement to start the evolution. Since the trigger is ... More
Probing the Dark Sector with Dark Matter Bound StatesOct 16 2015Apr 11 2016A model of dark sector where $O({\rm few~GeV})$ mass dark matter particles $\chi$ couple to a lighter dark force mediator $V$, $m_V \ll m_\chi$, is motivated by the recently discovered mismatch between simulated and observed shapes of galactic haloes. ... More
N-ary Relation Extraction using Graph State LSTMAug 28 2018Cross-sentence $n$-ary relation extraction detects relations among $n$ entities across multiple sentences. Typical methods formulate an input as a \textit{document graph}, integrating various intra-sentential and inter-sentential dependencies. The current ... More
Decentralized Optimal Control for Connected Automated Vehicles at Intersections Including Left and Right TurnsMar 20 2017Sep 12 2017In prior work, we addressed the problem of optimally controlling on line connected and automated vehicles crossing two adjacent intersections in an urban area to minimize fuel consumption while achieving maximal throughput without any explicit traffic ... More
Kerman-Onishi conditions in self-consistent tilted-axis-cranking mean-field calculationsAug 01 2013Sep 11 2013\item[Background] For cranked mean-field calculations with arbitrarily oriented rotational frequency vector $\boldsymbol{\omega}$ in the intrinsic frame, one has to employ constraints on average values of the quadrupole-moment tensor, so as to keep the ... More
Inverse Compton Scattering Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt EmissionJan 16 2019Apr 22 2019Although the physical origin of gamma-ray burst (GRB) prompt emission is still controversial, synchrotron radiation from accelerated electrons is a promising mechanism. It is believed that electrons are accelerated continuously by ultra-relativistic shocks ... More
Downgrade Attack on TrustZoneJul 17 2017Jul 18 2017Security-critical tasks require proper isolation from untrusted software. Chip manufacturers design and include trusted execution environments (TEEs) in their processors to secure these tasks. The integrity and security of the software in the trusted ... More
Behavior of different numerical schemes for population genetic drift problemsOct 21 2014Dec 12 2016In this paper, we focus on numerical methods for the genetic drift problems, which is governed by a degenerated convection-dominated parabolic equation. Due to the degeneration and convection, Dirac singularities will always be developed at boundary points ... More
Self-interacting Dark Matter Without Direct Detection ConstraintsNov 10 2016We explore the self-interacting dark matter scenario in a simple dark sector model where the dark matter interacts through a dark photon. Splitting a Dirac fermion dark matter into two levels using a small Majorana mass can evade strong direct detection ... More
Fast Radio Bursts from the collapse of Strange Star CrustsMay 11 2018May 14 2018Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are transient radio sources at cosmological distances. No counterparts in other bands have been observed for { non-repeating FRBs}. Here we suggest the collapse of strange star crusts as a possible origin for FRBs. Strange stars, ... More
3D Automatic Segmentation Method for Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Volume Data Using Boundary Surface EnhancementAug 05 2015With the introduction of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SDOCT), much larger image datasets are routinely acquired compared to what was possible using the previous generation of time-domain OCT. Thus, there is a critical need for the development ... More
Polarization Weight Family Methods for Polar Code ConstructionMay 08 2018Polar codes are the first proven capacity-achieving codes. Recently, they are adopted as the channel coding scheme for 5G due to their superior performance.A polar code for encoding length-K information bits in length-N codeword could be specified by ... More
YEDDA: A Lightweight Collaborative Text Span Annotation ToolNov 10 2017May 25 2018In this paper, we introduce \textsc{Yedda}, a lightweight but efficient and comprehensive open-source tool for text span annotation. \textsc{Yedda} provides a systematic solution for text span annotation, ranging from collaborative user annotation to ... More
VelocityGAN: Data-Driven Full-Waveform Inversion Using Conditional Adversarial NetworksSep 26 2018Feb 01 2019Acoustic- and elastic-waveform inversion is an important and widely used method to reconstruct subsurface velocity image. Waveform inversion is a typical non-linear and ill-posed inverse problem. Existing physics-driven computational methods for solving ... More
Semantic Neural Machine Translation using AMRFeb 19 2019It is intuitive that semantic representations can be useful for machine translation, mainly because they can help in enforcing meaning preservation and handling data sparsity (many sentences correspond to one meaning) of machine translation models. On ... More
Inverse Augmented Reality: A Virtual Agent's PerspectiveAug 10 2018We propose a framework called inverse augmented reality (IAR) which describes the scenario that a virtual agent living in the virtual world can observe both virtual objects and real objects. This is different from the traditional augmented reality. The ... More
GraphNAS: Graph Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement LearningApr 22 2019Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have been popularly used for analyzing non-Euclidean data such as social network data and biological data. Despite their success, the design of graph neural networks requires a lot of manual work and domain knowledge. In this ... More
Prostate segmentation using Z-netJan 18 2019In this paper, we proposed a novel architecture of convolutional neural network (CNN), namely Z-net, for segmenting prostate from magnetic resonance images (MRIs). In the proposed Z-net, 5 pairs of Z-block and decoder Z-block with different sizes and ... More
A Corrected Parsimony Criterion for Reconstructing PhylogeniesOct 11 2016In phylogenetic analysis, for non-molecular data, particularly morphology, parsimony optimization is the most commonly employed approach. In the past and present application of the parsimony principle, extra step numbers have been added across different ... More
Dark Photon Dark Matter Produced by Axion OscillationsOct 16 2018We explore a mechanism by which dark photon dark matter may be produced. A coherently oscillating axion-like field can efficiently transfer its energy density to a dark photon field via a tachyonic instability. The residual axion relic is subsequently ... More
Single production of the doubly charged Higgs boson via eγ collision in the Higgs triplet modelOct 22 2010The Higgs triplet model (HTM) predicts the existence of a pair of doubly charged Higgs bosons $H^{\pm \pm}$. Single production of $H^{\pm \pm}$ via e collision at the next generation e+e- International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Large Hadron electron ... More
Inverse design of high-Q wave filters in two-dimensional phononic crystals by topology optimizationAug 24 2016Topology optimization of a waveguide-cavity structure in phononic crystals for designing narrow band filters under the given operating frequencies is presented in this paper. We show that it is possible to obtain an ultra-high-Q filter by only optimizing ... More
Scale Invariance vs. Conformal Invariance: Holographic Two-Point Functions in Horndeski GravityDec 12 2018Feb 13 2019We consider Einstein-Horndeski gravity with a negative bare constant as a holographic model to investigate whether a scale invariant quantum field theory can exist without the full conformal invariance. Einstein-Horndeski gravity can admit two different ... More
Phase transitions of the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model with a long-range hoppingSep 26 2018Sep 29 2018The interacting Kane-Mele model with a long-range hopping is studied using analytical method. The original Kane-Mele model is defined on a honeycomb lattice. In the work, we introduce a four-lattice-constant range hopping and the on-site Hubbard interaction ... More
The reason for the tilting of domain wall with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction from a microscopic dynamical perspectiveDec 17 2018The interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) of a heavy metal (HM)/ferromagnetic (FM) metal heterostructure is vital to the current-induced domain wall motion (CIDWM) at an ultrahigh velocity. However, strong DMI also tilts the moving domain ... More
Distance Metric Learning for Aspect Phrase GroupingApr 29 2016Oct 30 2016Aspect phrase grouping is an important task in aspect-level sentiment analysis. It is a challenging problem due to polysemy and context dependency. We propose an Attention-based Deep Distance Metric Learning (ADDML) method, by considering aspect phrase ... More
Speed of disentanglement in multi-qubit systems under depolarizing channelApr 27 2011Mar 08 2013We investigate the speed of disentanglement in the multiqubit systems under the local depolarizing channel, in which each qubit is independently coupled to the environment. We focus on the bipartition entanglement between one qubit and the remaining qubits ... More
Optimal Control and Coordination of Connected and Automated Vehicles at Urban Traffic IntersectionsSep 29 2015Jun 16 2017We address the problem of coordinating online a continuous flow of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) crossing two adjacent intersections in an urban area. We present a decentralized optimal control framework whose solution yields for each vehicle ... More
Rare baryonic decays $Λ_b \to Λl^+ l^-$ in the TTM modelJul 16 2013In the framework of the top triangle moose $(TTM)$ model, we analyze the rare decays $\Lambda_{b}\rightarrow \Lambda l^{+}l^{-} (l=e,\mu,\tau)$ by using the form factors calculated in full $QCD$. We calculate the contributions of the new particles predicted ... More
Three-body interactions on a triangular latticeJan 03 2011We analyze the hard-core Bose-Hubbard model with both the three-body and nearest neighbor repulsions on the triangular lattice. The phase diagram is achieved by means of the semi-classical approximation and the quantum Monte Carlo simulation. For a system ... More
On Spatial Capacity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Threshold Based SchedulingSep 09 2014This paper studies spatial capacity in a stochastic wireless ad hoc network, where multi-stage probing and data transmission are sequentially performed. We propose a novel signal-to-interference-ratio (SIR) threshold based scheduling scheme, where by ... More
Pair production of the heavy leptons in future high energy linear e^{+}e^{-} collidersJul 05 2007Sep 15 2007The littlest Higgs model with T-parity predicts the existence of the T-odd particles, which can only be produced in pair. We consider pair production of the T-odd leptons in future high energy linear $e^{+}e^{-}$ collider ($ILC$). Our numerical results ... More
Energy Efficient and Fair Resource Allocation for LTE-Unlicensed Uplink Networks: A Two-sided Matching Approach with Partial InformationAug 26 2018LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) has recently attracted worldwide interest to meet the explosion in cellular traffic data. By using carrier aggregation (CA), licensed and unlicensed bands are integrated to enhance transmission capacity while maintaining reliable ... More
Hypergraph Neural NetworksSep 25 2018Feb 23 2019In this paper, we present a hypergraph neural networks (HGNN) framework for data representation learning, which can encode high-order data correlation in a hypergraph structure. Confronting the challenges of learning representation for complex data in ... More
Inverse Compton Scattering Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt EmissionJan 16 2019Although the physical origin of gamma-ray burst (GRB) prompt emission is still controversial, synchrotron radiation from accelerated electrons is a promising mechanism. It is believed that electrons are accelerated continuously by ultra-relativistic shocks ... More
A Decentralized Energy-Optimal Control Framework for Connected Automated Vehicles at Signal-Free IntersectionsFeb 11 2016Mar 31 2018We address the problem of optimally controlling connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) crossing an urban intersection without any explicit traffic signaling, so as to minimize energy consumption subject to a throughput maximization requirement. We show ... More
Pair production of the heavy leptons associated with a gauge boson gamma or Z at the ILCMar 06 2012Mar 21 2012The T-odd leptons are the typical particles predicted by the littlest Higgs model with T-parity (LHT model) and the observation of these particles might be regarded as the direct evidence of the LHT model. In this paper, we investigate the production ... More
Vehicle Tracking Using Surveillance with Multimodal Data FusionOct 29 2018Vehicle location prediction or vehicle tracking is a significant topic within connected vehicles. This task, however, is difficult if only a single modal data is available, probably causing bias and impeding the accuracy. With the development of sensor ... More
Theoretical study of triaxial shapes of neutron-rich Mo and Ru nucleiJul 16 2015Background: Recently, transition quadrupole moments in rotational bands of even-mass neutron-rich isotopes of molybdenum and ruthenium nuclei have been measured. The new data have provided a challenge for theoretical descriptions invoking stable triaxial ... More
Lifshitz transitions in a heavy-Fermion liquid driven by short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in the two-dimensional Kondo lattice modelAug 10 2010The heavy-Fermion liquid with short-range antiferromagnetic correlations is carefully considered in the two-dimensional Kondo-Heisenberg lattice model. As the ratio of the local Heisenberg superexchange $J_{H}$ to the Kondo coupling $J_{K}$ increases, ... More
Unifying Topic, Sentiment & Preference in an HDP-Based Rating Regression Model for Online ReviewsDec 19 2018This paper proposes a new HDP based online review rating regression model named Topic-Sentiment-Preference Regression Analysis (TSPRA). TSPRA combines topics (i.e. product aspects), word sentiment and user preference as regression factors, and is able ... More
Variance swaps under Lévy process with stochastic volatility and stochastic interest rate in incomplete marketsDec 29 2017Mar 14 2018This paper focuses on the pricing of the variance swap in an incomplete market where the stochastic interest rate and the price of the stock are respectively driven by Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model and Heston model with simultaneous L\'{e}vy jumps. By using ... More
Tunable subwavelength strong absorption by graphene wrapped dielectric particlesFeb 10 2015The optical absorption properties of graphene wrapped dielectric particles have been investigated by using Mie scattering theory and exact multi-scattering method. It is shown that subwavelength strong absorption in infrared spectra can take place in ... More