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On the boundary between qualitative and quantitative measures of causal effectsNov 13 2017Jul 09 2018Causal relationships among variables are commonly represented via directed acyclic graphs. There are many methods in the literature to quantify the strength of arrows in a causal acyclic graph. These methods, however, have undesirable properties when ... More
The Influence of Radial Stellar Migration on the Chemical Evolution of the Milky WayMar 29 2013Stellar migration is an important dynamical process in Galactic disk. Here we model the radial stellar migration in the Galactic disk with an analytical method, then add it to detailed Galactic chemical evolution model to study the influence of radial ... More
An exactly soluble model with tunable p-wave paired fermion ground statesAug 04 2007Jan 16 2009Motivated by the work of Kitaev, we construct an exactly soluble spin-$\frac{1}2$ model on honeycomb lattice whose ground states are identical to $\Delta_{1x}p_x+\Delta_{1y}p_y+i(\Delta_{2x}p_x+\Delta_{2y}p_y)$-wave paired fermions on square lattice, ... More
Liouville type theorems for the p-harmonic functionsNov 06 2014We show that the Dirichlet problem at infinity is unsolvable for the p-Laplace equation for any nonconstant continuous boundary data, for certain range of p>n, on an n-dimensional Cartan-Hadamard manifold constructed from a complete noncompact shrinking ... More
The current density and transport coefficients in the fully ionized plasma with q-distributions in nonextensive statisticsMar 26 2019Apr 16 2019We study the current density and transport coefficients in the fully ionized plasma with the q-distributions in nonextensive statistics and in strong magnetic field. By using the generalized Boltzmann transport equation in nonextensive statistics, we ... More
Carbon nanotubes heavy metal detection with stripping voltammetry: A review paperMay 04 2017The challenge of heavy metal detection for environmental, industrial and medical purposes has led to the development of many analytical techniques. Stripping voltammetry is a very sensitive electrochemical method and has been widely used for heavy metal ... More
The viscosity of charged particles in the weakly ionized plasma with power-law distributionsJul 08 2018Jul 11 2018We study the viscosity of light charged particles in weakly ionized plasma with the power-law q-distributions by using the Boltzmann equation of transport and the motion equation of hydrodynamics. The nonequilibrium plasma is considered to be space inhomogeneous ... More
Gravity gradient torque of spacecraft orbiting asteroidsNov 17 2013Purpose: This paper presents a full fourth-order model of the gravity gradient torque of spacecraft around asteroids by taking into consideration of the inertia integrals of the spacecraft up to the fourth order, which is an improvement of the previous ... More
Stability of the classical type of relative equilibria of a rigid body in the J2 problemApr 25 2013The motion of a point mass in the J2 problem is generalized to that of a rigid body in a J2 gravity field. The linear and nonlinear stability of the classical type of relative equilibria of the rigid body, which have been obtained in our previous paper, ... More
Nonlinear attitude stability of a spacecraft on a stationary orbit around an asteroid subjected to gravity gradient torqueAug 24 2014Sep 02 2014The classical problem of attitude stability in a central gravity field is generalized to that on a stationary orbit around a uniformly-rotating asteroid. This generalized problem is studied in the framework of geometric mechanics. Based on the natural ... More
Synthesizing Mapping Relationships Using Table CorpusMay 25 2017May 30 2017Mapping relationships, such as (country, country-code) or (company, stock-ticker), are versatile data assets for an array of applications in data cleaning and data integration like auto-correction and auto-join. However, today there are no good repositories ... More
Entropy Productions and Their Mathematical Representations: Clausius' vs. Kelvin's Views of the Second Law and IrreversibilityMay 24 2018We provide a stochastic mathematical theory for the nonequilibrium steady-state dissipation in a finite, compact driven system in terms of the non-stationary irreversibility in its external drive. A surjective map is rigorously established through a lift ... More
Anisotropic magnetotransport of superconducting and normal state in an electron-doped Nd_{1.85}Ce_{0.15}CuO_{4-δ} single crystalFeb 28 2011The anisotropic properties of an optimally doped Nd_{1.85}Ce_{0.15}CuO_{4-\delta} single crystal have been studied both below and above the critical temperature Tc via the resistivity measurement in magnetic field H up to 12 T. By scaling the conductivity ... More
Deep Closest Point: Learning Representations for Point Cloud RegistrationMay 08 2019Point cloud registration is a key problem for computer vision applied to robotics, medical imaging, and other applications. This problem involves finding a rigid transformation from one point cloud into another so that they align. Iterative Closest Point ... More
The optimal shape of an object for generating maximum gravity field at a given point in spaceDec 13 2014Jun 24 2016How can we design the shape of an object, in the framework of Newtonian gravity, in order to generate maximum gravity at a given point in space? In this work we present a study on this interesting problem. We obtain compact solutions for all dimensional ... More
Critical exponents of nonlinear sigma model on Grassmann manifold $U(N)/U(m)U(N-m)$ by $1/N$ expansionAug 05 2018Motivated by the numerical evidence of a continuous phase transition between antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic phases in the half-filled SU(N) Hubbbard model, we studied its low energy nonlinear sigma model defined on Grassman manifold $U(N)/U(m)U(N-m)$ ... More
Correlation Hashing Network for Efficient Cross-Modal RetrievalFeb 22 2016Due to the storage and retrieval efficiency, hashing has been widely deployed to approximate nearest neighbor search for large-scale multimedia retrieval. Cross-modal hashing, which improves the quality of hash coding by exploiting the semantic correlation ... More
Extraordinary Photon Transport by Near-Field Coupling of a Nanostructured Metamaterial with a Graphene-Covered PlateSep 17 2015Coupled surface plasmon/phonon polaritons and hyperbolic modes are known to enhance radiative transport across nanometer vacuum gaps but usually require identical materials. It becomes crucial to achieve strong near-field energy transfer between dissimilar ... More
Tungsten Nanowire Based Hyperbolic Metamaterial Emitters for Near-field Thermophotovoltaic ApplicationsOct 11 2014Recently, near-field radiative heat transfer enhancement across nanometer vacuum gaps has been intensively studied between two hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) due to unlimited wavevectors and high photonic density of state. In this work, we theoretically ... More
Effects of dipole-dipole interaction between cigar-shaped BECs of cold alkali atoms: Towards inverse-squared interactionsAug 20 2011Jul 09 2014We show that the dipole-dipole coupling between Wannier modes in cigar-shaped Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) is significantly enhanced while the short-range coupling strongly suppressed. As a result, the dipole-dipole interaction can become the dominant ... More
On Overcoming the Impact of Doppler Spectrum in Millimeter-Wave V2I CommunicationsMar 12 2018With the advent of 5G cellular systems there is an increased interest in exploring higher frequency bands above 6 GHz. At these frequencies, beamforming appears as a straightforward solution to overcome higher path loss thereby altering the Doppler characteristics ... More
Doubly-charged scalar in rare decays of $B_c$ mesonFeb 09 2018In this paper, we study the lepton number violation processes of $B_c$ meson induced by possible doubly-charged scalars. Both the three-body decay channels and the four-body decay channels are considered. For the former, $Br\times\left(\frac{s_\Delta ... More
Topological insulator materials for advanced optoelectronic devicesFeb 21 2018Nov 20 2018Topological insulators are quantum materials that have an insulating bulk state and a topologically protected metallic surface state with spin and momentum helical locking and a Dirac-like band structure. Unique and fascinating electronic properties, ... More
A Solvable High-Dimensional Model of GANMay 22 2018Despite the remarkable successes of generative adversarial networks (GANs) in many applications, theoretical understandings of their performance is still limited. In this paper, we present a simple shallow GAN model fed by high-dimensional input data. ... More
Millimeter Wave LOS Coverage Enhancements with Coordinated High-Rise Access PointsJun 02 2017Millimetre wave (mm-wave) communication is considered as one of the most important enablers for the fifth generation communication (5G) system to support data rate of Gbps and above. In some scenarios, it is crucial to maintain a line of sight (LOS) link ... More
Supercritical degenerate parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system -- existence criterion given by the best constant in Sobolev's inequalityJan 10 2018This article presents a relationship between the sharp constant of the Sobolev inequality and the initial criterion to the global existence of degenerate parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system with the diffusion exponent $\frac{2n}{2+n}<m<2-\frac{2}{n}$. ... More
A multi-phenotypic cancer model with cell plasticityNov 25 2013May 09 2014The conventional cancer stem cell (CSC) theory indicates a hierarchy of CSCs and non-stem cancer cells (NSCCs), that is, CSCs can differentiate into NSCCs but not vice versa. However, an alternative paradigm of CSC theory with reversible cell plasticity ... More
Facial Feature Tracking under Varying Facial Expressions and Face Poses based on Restricted Boltzmann MachinesSep 18 2017Facial feature tracking is an active area in computer vision due to its relevance to many applications. It is a nontrivial task, since faces may have varying facial expressions, poses or occlusions. In this paper, we address this problem by proposing ... More
Subleading-power corrections to the radiative leptonic $B \to γ \ell ν$ decay in QCDMar 18 2018Applying the method of light-cone sum rules with photon distribution amplitudes, we compute the subleading-power correction to the radiative leptonic $B \to \gamma \ell \nu$ decay, at next-to-leading order in QCD for the twist-two contribution and at ... More
Subleading power corrections to the pion-photon transition form factor in QCDJun 18 2017We reconsider QCD factorization for the leading power contribution to the $\gamma^{\ast} \gamma \to \pi^0$ form factor $F_{\gamma^{\ast} \gamma \to \pi^0} (Q^2)$ at one loop using the evanescent operator approach, and demonstrate the equivalence of the ... More
QCD corrections to $B \to π$ form factors from light-cone sum rulesJun 01 2015We compute perturbative corrections to $B \to \pi$ form factors from QCD light-cone sum rules with $B$-meson distribution amplitudes. Applying the method of regions we demonstrate factorization of the vacuum-to-$B$-meson correlation function defined with ... More
Handwritten digit string recognition by combination of residual network and RNN-CTCOct 09 2017Recurrent neural network (RNN) and connectionist temporal classification (CTC) have showed successes in many sequence labeling tasks with the strong ability of dealing with the problems where the alignment between the inputs and the target labels is unknown. ... More
Distinct-symmetry spin liquid states and phase diagram of Kitaev-Hubbard modelNov 14 2013Aug 13 2014We report the finding of a series of symmetry distinct spin liquid (SL) states and a rich phase diagram in a half-filled honeycomb lattice Hubbard model with spin-dependent hopping amplitude t'. We first study the magnetic instability of the system and ... More
Systoles of hyperbolic surfaces with big cyclic symmetryDec 13 2018Mar 25 2019We obtain the exact values of the systoles of these hyperbolic surfaces of genus $g$ with cyclic sysmetries of the maximum order and the next maximum order. Precisely: for genus $g$ hyperbolic surface with order $4g+2$ cyclic symmetry, the systole is ... More
Lie bialgebras of generalized loop Virasoro algebrasNov 01 2013The first cohomology group of a generalized loop Virasoro algebra with coefficients in the tensor product of its adjoint module is shown to be trivial. The result is applied to prove that Lie bialgebra structures on generalized loop Virasoro algebras ... More
Low-complexity optimization for Two-Dimensional Direction-of-arrival Estimation via Decoupled Atomic Norm MinimizationAug 02 2018This paper presents an efficient optimization technique for super-resolution two-dimensional (2D) direction of arrival (DOA) estimation by introducing a new formulation of atomic norm minimization (ANM). ANM allows gridless angle estimation for correlated ... More
The phenotypic equilibrium of cancer cells: From average-level stability to path-wise convergenceFeb 21 2015Sep 23 2015The phenotypic equilibrium, i.e. heterogeneous population of cancer cells tending to a fixed equilibrium of phenotypic proportions, has received much attention in cancer biology very recently. In previous literature, some theoretical models were used ... More
Stability of non-constant equilibrium solutions for two-fluid non-isentropic Euler-Maxwell systems arising in plasmasJun 15 2017We consider the periodic problem for two-fluid non-isentropic Euler-Maxwell systems in plasmas. By means of suitable choices of symmetrizers and an induction argument on the order of the time-space derivatives of solutions in energy estimates, the global ... More
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer between Metamaterials coated with Silicon Carbide FilmDec 18 2014In this letter, we study the near-field radiative heat transfer between two metamaterial substrates coated with silicon carbide (SiC) thin films. It is known that metamaterials can enhance the near-field heat transfer over ordinary materials due to excitation ... More
Fourth-order gravity gradient torque of spacecraft orbiting asteroidsAug 24 2014The dynamical behavior of spacecraft around asteroids is a key element in design of such missions. An asteroid's irregular shape, non-spherical mass distribution and its rotational sate make the dynamics of spacecraft quite complex. This paper focuses ... More
Dynamical Mass Generation of Composite Dirac Fermions and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects near Charge Neutrality in GrapheneDec 12 2011Jul 06 2013We develop a composite Dirac fermion theory for the fractional quantum Hall effects (QHE) near charge neutrality in graphene. We show that the interactions between the composite Dirac fermions lead to dynamical mass generation through exciton condensation. ... More
Correlation-hole induced paired quantum Hall states in lowest Landau levelNov 09 2009Nov 25 2010A theory is developed for the paired even-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level. We show that electrons bind to quantized vortices to form composite fermions, interacting through an exact instantaneous interaction that ... More
An Initial Step Towards Organ Transplantation Based on GitHub RepositoryOct 11 2018Organ transplantation, which is the utilization of codes directly related to some specific functionalities to complete ones own program, provides more convenience for developers than traditional component reuse. However, recent techniques are challenged ... More
Cell Population Dynamics: Its Relationship with Finite State Markov Chain and its Asymptotic BehaviorOct 21 2014Aug 26 2015We consider the cell population dynamics with n different phenotypes. Cells in one phenotype can produce cells in other phenotypes through conversions or asymmetric divisions. Both the Markov branching process model and the ordinary differential equation ... More
The Properties of $D^{*}_{s1}(2700)^{+}$May 21 2013The new particle $D^{*}_{s1}(2700)^{+}$ has stimulated many attentions. There are different assignments of its inherent properties. It may be a $2^3S_1$, $1^3D_1$ or the mixture of $2^3S_1-1^3D_1$ $c\bar s$ $1^-$ state. By considering its mass, decay ... More
Parameter-Free Spatial Attention Network for Person Re-IdentificationNov 29 2018Global average pooling (GAP) allows to localize discriminative information for recognition [40]. While GAP helps the convolution neural network to attend to the most discriminative features of an object, it may suffer if that information is missing e.g. ... More
Explainable Recommendation via Multi-Task Learning in Opinionated Text DataJun 10 2018Explaining automatically generated recommendations allows users to make more informed and accurate decisions about which results to utilize, and therefore improves their satisfaction. In this work, we develop a multi-task learning solution for explainable ... More
EM Decay of X(3872) as the $1{^1D_2}(2^{-+})$ charmoniumMay 25 2012Sep 07 2012The recently BaBar results raise the possibility that X(3872) has negative parity. This makes people reconsider assigning X(3872) to the $1{^1D_2}(c\bar c)$ state. In this paper we give a general form of the wave function of $2^{-+}$ mesons. By solving ... More
Doubly-charged scalar in four-body decays of neutral flavored mesonsJun 11 2018In this paper, we study the four-body decay processes of neutral flavored mesons, including $\bar K^0$, $D^0$, $\bar B^0$, and $\bar B_s^0$. These processes, which induced by a hypothetical doubly-charged scalar particle, violate the lepton number. The ... More
Symmetrical Reality: Toward a Unified Framework for Physical and Virtual RealityMar 07 2019In this paper, we review the background of physical reality, virtual reality, and some traditional mixed forms of them. Based on the current knowledge, we propose a new unified concept called symmetrical reality to describe the physical and virtual world ... More
Annihilation rate of $2^{-+}$ charmonium and bottomoniumMar 06 2013The $1^1D_2 (c\bar c)$ state is the ground state of spin-singlet D-wave charmonia. Although it has not been found yet, the experimental data accumulate rapidly. This charmonium attracts more and more attention, especially when the BaBar Collaboration ... More
A Robust Visual System for Small Target Motion Detection Against Cluttered Moving BackgroundsApr 08 2019Monitoring small objects against cluttered moving backgrounds is a huge challenge to future robotic vision systems. As a source of inspiration, insects are quite apt at searching for mates and tracking prey -- which always appear as small dim speckles ... More
Towards Computational Models and Applications of Insect Visual Systems for Motion Perception: A ReviewApr 03 2019Motion perception is a critical capability determining a variety of aspects of insects' life, including avoiding predators, foraging and so forth. A good number of motion detectors have been identified in the insects' visual pathways. Computational modelling ... More
Chernoff Information between Gaussian TreesDec 28 2017In this paper, we aim to provide a systematic study of the relationship between Chernoff information and topological, as well as algebraic properties of the corresponding Gaussian tree graphs for the underlying graphical testing problems. We first show ... More
Asymptotic Error Free Partitioning over Noisy Boolean Multiaccess ChannelsMay 24 2015In this paper, we consider the problem of partitioning active users in a manner that facilitates multi-access without collision. The setting is of a noisy, synchronous, Boolean, multi-access channel where $K$ active users (out of a total of $N$ users) ... More
A continuously tunable acoustic metasurface for transmitted wavefront manipulationNov 27 2017Previously reported acoustic metasurfaces that consist of fixed channels, are untunable to meet the broadband requirement and alterable functionalities. To overcome this limitation, we propose screw-and-nut mechanism of tunability and design a type of ... More
Regularity of Solutions of the Camassa-Holm Equations with Fractional Laplacian ViscosityMay 07 2018We study the existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions to the $n$-dimensional ($n=2,3$) Camassa-Holm equations with fractional Laplacian viscosity with smooth initial data. It is a coupled system between the Navier-Stokes equations with nonlocal ... More
$Λ_b \to p, Λ$ transition form factors from QCD light-cone sum rulesJul 23 2009Light-cone sum rules for the $\Lambda_b \to p, \Lambda$ transition form factors are derived from the correlation functions expanded by the twist of the distribution amplitudes of $\Lambda_b$ baryon. In terms of the $\Lambda_b$ three-quark distribution ... More
Covariant Light-Front Approach for $B_c$ transition form factorsNov 23 2008Mar 24 2009In the covariant light-front quark model, we investigate the form factors of $B_c$ decays into $D, D^*, D_s, D_s^*, \eta_c, J/\psi, B, B^*, B_s, B_s^*$ mesons. The form factors in the spacelike region $q^2<0$ are directly evaluated. To extrapolate the ... More
Proportional fairness in wireless powered CSMA/CA based IoT networksOct 24 2018This paper considers the deployment of a hybrid wireless data/power access point in an 802.11-based wireless powered IoT network. The proportionally fair allocation of throughputs across IoT nodes is considered under the constraints of energy neutrality ... More
Trust-based Multi-Robot Symbolic Motion Planning with a Human-in-the-LoopAug 15 2018Symbolic motion planning for robots is the process of specifying and planning robot tasks in a discrete space, then carrying them out in a continuous space in a manner that preserves the discrete-level task specifications. Despite progress in symbolic ... More
DDSL: Efficient Subgraph Listing on Distributed and Dynamic GraphsOct 14 2018Oct 16 2018Subgraph listing is a fundamental problem in graph theory and has wide applications in areas like sociology, chemistry, and social networks. Modern graphs can usually be large-scale as well as highly dynamic, which challenges the efficiency of existing ... More
Codebook Design for Channel Feedback in Lens-Based Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO SystemsMar 01 2017The number of radio frequency (RF) chains can be reduced through beam selection in lens-based millimeter-wave (mmWave) massive MIMO systems, where the equivalent channel between RF chains and multiple users is required at the BS to achieve the multi-user ... More
Service Intelligence Oriented Distributed Data Stream IntegrationApr 12 2016Software as a service (SaaS) has recently enjoyed much attention as it makes the use of software more convenient and cost-effective. At the same time, the arising of users' expectation for high quality service such as real-time information or functionality ... More
An Advanced Survey on Secure Energy-Efficient Hierarchical Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor NetworksJun 19 2013Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are often deployed in hostile environments, which make such networks highly vulnerable and increase the risk of attacks against this type of network. WSN comprise of large number of sensor nodes with different hardware ... More
Single production of the doubly charged Higgs boson via eγ collision in the Higgs triplet modelOct 22 2010The Higgs triplet model (HTM) predicts the existence of a pair of doubly charged Higgs bosons $H^{\pm \pm}$. Single production of $H^{\pm \pm}$ via e collision at the next generation e+e- International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Large Hadron electron ... More
Correlation Hashing Network for Efficient Cross-Modal RetrievalFeb 22 2016Feb 20 2017Hashing is widely applied to approximate nearest neighbor search for large-scale multimodal retrieval with storage and computation efficiency. Cross-modal hashing improves the quality of hash coding by exploiting semantic correlations across different ... More
On the Orbits of Crossed CubesJul 21 2017Jul 31 2017An orbit of $G$ is a subset $S$ of $V(G)$ such that $\phi(u)=v$ for any two vertices $u,v\in S$, where $\phi$ is an isomorphism of $G$. The orbit number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\text{Orb}(G)$, is the number of orbits of $G$. In [A Note on Path Embedding ... More
Communication constrained cloud-based long-term visual localization in real timeMar 10 2019Visual localization is one of the primary capabilities for mobile robots. Long-term visual localization in real time is particularly challenging, in which the robot is required to efficiently localize itself using visual data where appearance may change ... More
Nature of Intermediate States between Superfluid and Mott insulator for Interacting Bosons in One-dimension with a Harmonic Trapping PotentialJan 28 2007Jan 30 2007Successive quantum transitions in an intermediate regime are shown to exist between the superfluid and Mott insulating states for interacting bosonic atoms in one dimension with a trapping potential. These transitions, which are caused by the interplay ... More
Effects of inhomogeneous influence of individuals on an order-disorder transition in opinion dynamicsNov 11 2007We study the effects of inhomogeneous influence of individuals on collective phenomena. We focus analytically on a typical model of the majority rule, applied to the completely connected agents. Two types of individuals $A$ and $B$ with different influence ... More
$|V_{ub}|$ and $B\toη^{(')}$ Form Factors in Covariant Light Front ApproachNov 15 2009Feb 22 2010$B\to (\pi, \eta, \eta')$ transition form factors are investigated in the covariant light-front approach. With theoretical uncertainties, we find that $B\to (\pi, \eta, \eta')$ form factors at $q^2=0$ are $f^{(\pi, \eta, \eta')}_{+}(0)=(0.245^{+0.000}_{-0.001}\pm ... More
Composite Correlation Quantization for Efficient Multimodal RetrievalApr 19 2015May 22 2016Efficient similarity retrieval from large-scale multimodal database is pervasive in modern search engines and social networks. To support queries across content modalities, the system should enable cross-modal correlation and computation-efficient indexing. ... More
Research on CRO's Dilemma In Sapiens Chain: A Game Theory MethodNov 27 2018In recent years, blockchain-based techniques have been widely used in cybersecurity, owing to the decentralization, anonymity, credibility and not be tampered properties of the blockchain. As one of the decentralized framework, Sapiens Chain was proposed ... More
A linear time algorithm for the next-to-shortest path problem on undirected graphs with nonnegative edge lengthsMar 23 2012For two vertices $s$ and $t$ in a graph $G=(V,E)$, the next-to-shortest path is an $st$-path which length is minimum amongst all $st$-paths strictly longer than the shortest path length. In this paper we show that, when the graph is undirected and all ... More
Signature of the interaction between dark sectors in the reionization processFeb 21 2017Jan 07 2019We consider the reionization process in a cosmological model in which dark matter interacts with dark energy. Using a semi-analytical reionization model, we compute the evolution of the ionized fraction in terms of its spatial average and linear perturbations. ... More
Some insights into the behaviour of millimetre wave spectrum on key 5G cellular KPIsMar 15 2018This invited paper discusses the challenging task of assessing the millmeter-wave spectrum for the use of 5G mobile systems. 3 key KPIs related to mobile systems, coverage, capacity and mobility are individually assessed and quantified with a simplistic ... More
Are there any first-generation stars in globular clusters today?Oct 15 2014Several models compete to explain the abundance properties of stellar populations in globular clusters. One of the main constraints is the present-day ratio of first- and second-generation stars that are currently identified based on their sodium content. ... More
Effects of inhomogeneous activity of players and noise on cooperation in spatial public goods gamesNov 11 2007We study the public goods game in the noisy case by considering the players with inhomogeneous activity teaching on a square lattice. It is shown that the introduction of the inhomogeneous activity of teaching of the players can remarkably promote cooperation. ... More
Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain: Role of solitonsJun 14 2012Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain is investigated by the scattering state operator method. The polymer chain is described by an electron-lattice coupling model and its two ends are connected with metal electrodes of different ... More
Study of Bc->KK decay with perturbative QCD approachApr 16 2010In the framework of the perturbative QCD approach, we study the charmless pure weak annihilation Bc->KK decay and find that the branching ratio BR(Bc->KK) O(10^-7). This prediction is so tiny that the Bc->KK decay might be unmeasurable at the Large Hadron ... More
Downgrade Attack on TrustZoneJul 17 2017Jul 18 2017Security-critical tasks require proper isolation from untrusted software. Chip manufacturers design and include trusted execution environments (TEEs) in their processors to secure these tasks. The integrity and security of the software in the trusted ... More
The diffuse GeV-TeV $γ$-ray emission of the Cygnus regionJan 08 2008Feb 06 2009Recently the Milagro experiment observed diffuse multi-TeV gamma-ray emission in the Cygnus region, which is significantly stronger than what predicted by the Galactic cosmic ray model. However, the sub-GeV observation by EGRET shows no excess to the ... More
Resummation of rapidity logarithms in $B$ meson wave functionsOct 10 2012Jan 03 2013We construct an evolution equation for the $B$ meson wave functions in the $k_T$ factorization theorem, whose solutions sum the double logarithms associated with the light-cone singularities, namely, the rapidity logarithms. The derivation is subtler ... More
Next-to-leading-order corrections to $B \to π$ form factors in $k_T$ factorizationJan 24 2012Mar 06 2012We calculate next-to-leading-order (NLO) corrections to the $B\to\pi$ transition form factors at leading twist in the $k_T$ factorization theorem. Light partons off-shell by $k_T^2$ are considered in the quark diagrams, in the effective diagrams for the ... More
A Deeply-Recursive Convolutional Network for Crowd CountingMay 15 2018The estimation of crowd count in images has a wide range of applications such as video surveillance, traffic monitoring, public safety and urban planning. Recently, the convolutional neural network (CNN) based approaches have been shown to be more effective ... More
Manipulating the momentum state of a condensate by sequences of standing wave pulsesApr 13 2011We analyze the effects of sequences of standing wave pulses on a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Experimental observations are in good agreement with a numerical simulation based on the band structure theory in the optical lattice. We also demonstrate ... More
Quantized squeezing and even-odd asymmetry of trapped bosonsSep 17 2009We investigate the exact nature of the superfluid-to-Mott-insulator crossover for interacting bosons on an optical lattice in a one-dimensional, harmonic trap by high-precision density-matrix renormalization-group calculations. The results reveal an intermediate ... More
Joint resummation for pion wave function and pion transition form factorOct 14 2013Oct 27 2013We construct an evolution equation for the pion wave function in the $k_T$ factorization theorem, whose solution sums the mixed logarithm $\ln x\ln k_T$ to all orders, with $x$ ($k_T$) being a parton momentum fraction (transverse momentum). This joint ... More
2D Reconstruction of Small Intestine's Interior WallMar 15 2018Examining and interpreting of a large number of wireless endoscopic images from the gastrointestinal tract is a tiresome task for physicians. A practical solution is to automatically construct a two dimensional representation of the gastrointestinal tract ... More
The Clean Way to Identify a Scalar GlueballSep 23 2009The existence of a glueball has been a tough work for many years study. Utilizing the well developed QCD theory for $B$ meson decays, we propose a new way to identify whether a scalar glueball existed or not. In the presence of mixing between glueballs ... More
The study of $B_c^- \to X(3872)π^-(K^-)$ Decays in the Covariant Light-Front ApproachApr 19 2007In the covariant light-front quark model, we calculate the form factors of $B_c^-\to J/\psi$ and $B_c^-\to X(3872)$. Since the factorization of the exclusive processes $B_c^- \to J/\psi\pi^-(K^-)$ and $B_c^- \to X(3872)\pi^-(K^-)$ can be proved in the ... More
Role of electromagnetic dipole operator in the electroweak penguin dominated vector meson decays of $B$ mesonJun 08 2006Jul 18 2006The pure annihilation type decays $B^0_d\to\phi\gamma$ and $B_s\to\rho\gamma$ receive only color suppressed penguin contributions with a very small branching ratio in the standard model. When we include the previously neglected electromagnetic dipole ... More
Final State Interaction In $B\to KK$ DecaysNov 22 2005Feb 08 2006We study the final state interaction effects in $B\to KK$ decays. We find that the $t$ channel one-particle-exchange diagrams cannot enhance the branching ratios of $\bar{B^0}\to K^0\bar{K^0}$ and $B^-\to K^0K^-$ very sizably. For the pure annihilation ... More
$B$-to-Glueball form factor and Glueball production in $B$ decaysAug 16 2009Aug 16 2010We investigate transition form factors of $B$ meson decays into a scalar glueball in the light-cone formalism. Compared with form factors of $B$ to ordinary scalar mesons, the $B$-to-glueball form factors have the same power in the expansion of $1/m_B$. ... More
Handover Control in Wireless Systems via Asynchronous Multi-User Deep Reinforcement LearningJan 06 2018May 08 2018In this paper, we propose a two-layer framework to learn the optimal handover (HO) controllers in possibly large-scale wireless systems supporting mobile Internet-of-Things (IoT) users or traditional cellular users, where the user mobility patterns could ... More
Semimetal-semiconductor transition and giant linear magnetoresistances in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Bi0.96Sb0.04 single crystalsSep 08 2015Three-dimensional (3D) Dirac semimetals are new quantum materials and can be viewed as 3D analogues of graphene. Many fascinating electronic properties have been proposed and realized in 3D Dirac semimetals, which demonstrates their potential applications ... More
Chernoff Information of Bottleneck Gaussian TreesJan 26 2016In this paper, our objective is to find out the determining factors of Chernoff information in distinguishing a set of Gaussian trees. In this set, each tree can be attained via an edge removal and grafting operation from another tree. This is equivalent ... More
Abelian and non-abelian anyons in integer quantum anomalous Hall effect and topological phase transitions via superconducting proximity effectNov 17 2010Mar 19 2011We study the quantum anomalous Hall effect described by a class of two-component Haldane models on square lattices. We show that the latter can be transformed into a pseudospin triplet p+ip-wave paired superfluid. In the long wave length limit, the ground ... More
Model Independent Description of Amplification and Saturation Using Green's FunctionMay 18 2015High-gain Free Electron Laser (FEL) is one of the many electron-beam instabilities that have a number of common features linking the shot noise, the amplification and the saturation. In this paper, we present a new, model-independent description of the ... More