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On the boundary between qualitative and quantitative measures of causal effectsNov 13 2017Jul 09 2018Causal relationships among variables are commonly represented via directed acyclic graphs. There are many methods in the literature to quantify the strength of arrows in a causal acyclic graph. These methods, however, have undesirable properties when ... More
The Influence of Radial Stellar Migration on the Chemical Evolution of the Milky WayMar 29 2013Stellar migration is an important dynamical process in Galactic disk. Here we model the radial stellar migration in the Galactic disk with an analytical method, then add it to detailed Galactic chemical evolution model to study the influence of radial ... More
Sets of Zero-Difference Balanced Functions and Their ApplicationsAug 09 2012Oct 27 2013Zero-difference balanced (ZDB) functions can be employed in many applications, e.g., optimal constant composition codes, optimal and perfect difference systems of sets, optimal frequency hopping sequences, etc. In this paper, two results are summarized ... More
The viscosity of charged particles in the weakly ionized plasma with power-law distributionsJul 08 2018Jul 11 2018We study the viscosity of light charged particles in weakly ionized plasma with the power-law q-distributions by using the Boltzmann equation of transport and the motion equation of hydrodynamics. The nonequilibrium plasma is considered to be space inhomogeneous ... More
Entropy Productions and Their Mathematical Representations: Clausius' vs. Kelvin's Views of the Second Law and IrreversibilityMay 24 2018We provide a stochastic mathematical theory for the nonequilibrium steady-state dissipation in a finite, compact driven system in terms of the non-stationary irreversibility in its external drive. A surjective map is rigorously established through a lift ... More
Nonlinear attitude stability of a spacecraft on a stationary orbit around an asteroid subjected to gravity gradient torqueAug 24 2014Sep 02 2014The classical problem of attitude stability in a central gravity field is generalized to that on a stationary orbit around a uniformly-rotating asteroid. This generalized problem is studied in the framework of geometric mechanics. Based on the natural ... More
Gravity gradient torque of spacecraft orbiting asteroidsNov 17 2013Purpose: This paper presents a full fourth-order model of the gravity gradient torque of spacecraft around asteroids by taking into consideration of the inertia integrals of the spacecraft up to the fourth order, which is an improvement of the previous ... More
Stability of the classical type of relative equilibria of a rigid body in the J2 problemApr 25 2013The motion of a point mass in the J2 problem is generalized to that of a rigid body in a J2 gravity field. The linear and nonlinear stability of the classical type of relative equilibria of the rigid body, which have been obtained in our previous paper, ... More
Synthesizing Mapping Relationships Using Table CorpusMay 25 2017May 30 2017Mapping relationships, such as (country, country-code) or (company, stock-ticker), are versatile data assets for an array of applications in data cleaning and data integration like auto-correction and auto-join. However, today there are no good repositories ... More
Refined Asymptotics for Minimal Graphs in the Hyperbolic SpaceJun 08 2017We study the boundary behaviors of solutions $f$ to the Dirichlet problem for minimal graphs in the hyperbolic space with singular asymptotic boundaries and characterize the boundary behaviors of $f$ at the points strictly located in the tangent cones ... More
Body-fixed orbit-attitude hovering at equilibria near an asteroid using non-canonical Hamiltonian structureAug 24 2014Orbit-attitude hovering of a spacecraft at the natural relative equilibria in the body-fixed frame of a uniformly rotating asteroid is discussed in the framework of the full spacecraft dynamics, in which the spacecraft is modeled as a rigid body with ... More
Liouville type theorems for the p-harmonic functionsNov 06 2014We show that the Dirichlet problem at infinity is unsolvable for the p-Laplace equation for any nonconstant continuous boundary data, for certain range of p>n, on an n-dimensional Cartan-Hadamard manifold constructed from a complete noncompact shrinking ... More
Doping dependence of the upper critical field in La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4 from specific heatMar 05 2008The low-temperature specific heat of La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4 (LSCO) single crystals in magnetic field H up to 12 T has been examined over a wide range of doping (0.063=< p =<0.238). From this we have mapped the upper critical field H_{c2} of LSCO across the ... More
Blockchain based Digital Asset Management System Architecture for Power Grid Big DataAug 07 2018Chinese power grid enterprises are in need for development of digital asset management system. The characteristics of decentralization, self-trust and self-confidence, pave a promising technical path for power grid digital assess management and Big Data ... More
M4CD: A Robust Change Detection Method for Intelligent Visual SurveillanceFeb 14 2018In this paper, we propose a robust change detection method for intelligent visual surveillance. This method, named M4CD, includes three major steps. Firstly, a sample-based background model that integrates color and texture cues is built and updated over ... More
Dynamical Mass Generation of Composite Dirac Fermions and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects near Charge Neutrality in GrapheneDec 12 2011Jul 06 2013We develop a composite Dirac fermion theory for the fractional quantum Hall effects (QHE) near charge neutrality in graphene. We show that the interactions between the composite Dirac fermions lead to dynamical mass generation through exciton condensation. ... More
Correlation-hole induced paired quantum Hall states in lowest Landau levelNov 09 2009Nov 25 2010A theory is developed for the paired even-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level. We show that electrons bind to quantized vortices to form composite fermions, interacting through an exact instantaneous interaction that ... More
Fourth-order gravity gradient torque of spacecraft orbiting asteroidsAug 24 2014The dynamical behavior of spacecraft around asteroids is a key element in design of such missions. An asteroid's irregular shape, non-spherical mass distribution and its rotational sate make the dynamics of spacecraft quite complex. This paper focuses ... More
An Initial Step Towards Organ Transplantation Based on GitHub RepositoryOct 11 2018Organ transplantation, which is the utilization of codes directly related to some specific functionalities to complete ones own program, provides more convenience for developers than traditional component reuse. However, recent techniques are challenged ... More
Stability of non-constant equilibrium solutions for two-fluid non-isentropic Euler-Maxwell systems arising in plasmasJun 15 2017We consider the periodic problem for two-fluid non-isentropic Euler-Maxwell systems in plasmas. By means of suitable choices of symmetrizers and an induction argument on the order of the time-space derivatives of solutions in energy estimates, the global ... More
Low-complexity optimization for Two-Dimensional Direction-of-arrival Estimation via Decoupled Atomic Norm MinimizationAug 02 2018This paper presents an efficient optimization technique for super-resolution two-dimensional (2D) direction of arrival (DOA) estimation by introducing a new formulation of atomic norm minimization (ANM). ANM allows gridless angle estimation for correlated ... More
Critical exponents of nonlinear sigma model on Grassmann manifold $U(N)/U(m)U(N-m)$ by $1/N$ expansionAug 05 2018Motivated by the numerical evidence of a continuous phase transition between antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic phases in the half-filled SU(N) Hubbbard model, we studied its low energy nonlinear sigma model defined on Grassman manifold $U(N)/U(m)U(N-m)$ ... More
Minimal Graphs in the Hyperbolic Space with Singular Asymptotic BoundariesMar 12 2016We study asymptotic behaviors of solutions $f$ to the Dirichlet problem for minimal graphs in the hyperbolic space with singular asymptotic boundaries under the assumption that the boundaries are piecewise regular with positive curvatures. We derive an ... More
Efficient Two-Dimensional Line Spectrum Estimation Based on Decoupled Atomic Norm MinimizationAug 02 2018Oct 11 2018This paper presents an efficient optimization technique for gridless {2-D} line spectrum estimation, named decoupled atomic norm minimization (D-ANM). The framework of atomic norm minimization (ANM) is considered, which has been successfully applied in ... More
Supercritical degenerate parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system -- existence criterion given by the best constant in Sobolev's inequalityJan 10 2018This article presents a relationship between the sharp constant of the Sobolev inequality and the initial criterion to the global existence of degenerate parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system with the diffusion exponent $\frac{2n}{2+n}<m<2-\frac{2}{n}$. ... More
Correlation Hashing Network for Efficient Cross-Modal RetrievalFeb 22 2016Due to the storage and retrieval efficiency, hashing has been widely deployed to approximate nearest neighbor search for large-scale multimedia retrieval. Cross-modal hashing, which improves the quality of hash coding by exploiting the semantic correlation ... More
Extraordinary Photon Transport by Near-Field Coupling of a Nanostructured Metamaterial with a Graphene-Covered PlateSep 17 2015Coupled surface plasmon/phonon polaritons and hyperbolic modes are known to enhance radiative transport across nanometer vacuum gaps but usually require identical materials. It becomes crucial to achieve strong near-field energy transfer between dissimilar ... More
Tungsten Nanowire Based Hyperbolic Metamaterial Emitters for Near-field Thermophotovoltaic ApplicationsOct 11 2014Recently, near-field radiative heat transfer enhancement across nanometer vacuum gaps has been intensively studied between two hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) due to unlimited wavevectors and high photonic density of state. In this work, we theoretically ... More
Dark Matter Annihilation Decay at The LHCNov 23 2015Collider experiments provide an opportunity to shed light on dark matter (DM) self-interactions. In this work, we study the possibility of generating DM bound states -- the Darkonium -- at the LHC and discuss how the annihilation decay of the Darkonium ... More
A Hierarchical Probabilistic Model for Facial Feature DetectionSep 18 2017Facial feature detection from facial images has attracted great attention in the field of computer vision. It is a nontrivial task since the appearance and shape of the face tend to change under different conditions. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical ... More
A multi-phenotypic cancer model with cell plasticityNov 25 2013May 09 2014The conventional cancer stem cell (CSC) theory indicates a hierarchy of CSCs and non-stem cancer cells (NSCCs), that is, CSCs can differentiate into NSCCs but not vice versa. However, an alternative paradigm of CSC theory with reversible cell plasticity ... More
Systoles of hyperbolic surfaces with big cyclic symmetryDec 13 2018We obtain the exact values of the systoles of these hyperbolic surfaces of genus $g$ with cyclic sysmetries of the maximum order and the next maximum order. Precisely: for genus $g$ hyperbolic surface with order $4g+2$ cyclic symmetry, the systole is ... More
Distinct-symmetry spin liquid states and phase diagram of Kitaev-Hubbard modelNov 14 2013Aug 13 2014We report the finding of a series of symmetry distinct spin liquid (SL) states and a rich phase diagram in a half-filled honeycomb lattice Hubbard model with spin-dependent hopping amplitude t'. We first study the magnetic instability of the system and ... More
Handwritten digit string recognition by combination of residual network and RNN-CTCOct 09 2017Recurrent neural network (RNN) and connectionist temporal classification (CTC) have showed successes in many sequence labeling tasks with the strong ability of dealing with the problems where the alignment between the inputs and the target labels is unknown. ... More
QCD corrections to $B \to π$ form factors from light-cone sum rulesJun 01 2015We compute perturbative corrections to $B \to \pi$ form factors from QCD light-cone sum rules with $B$-meson distribution amplitudes. Applying the method of regions we demonstrate factorization of the vacuum-to-$B$-meson correlation function defined with ... More
Subleading-power corrections to the radiative leptonic $B \to γ \ell ν$ decay in QCDMar 18 2018Applying the method of light-cone sum rules with photon distribution amplitudes, we compute the subleading-power correction to the radiative leptonic $B \to \gamma \ell \nu$ decay, at next-to-leading order in QCD for the twist-two contribution and at ... More
Subleading power corrections to the pion-photon transition form factor in QCDJun 18 2017We reconsider QCD factorization for the leading power contribution to the $\gamma^{\ast} \gamma \to \pi^0$ form factor $F_{\gamma^{\ast} \gamma \to \pi^0} (Q^2)$ at one loop using the evanescent operator approach, and demonstrate the equivalence of the ... More
Intention Oriented Image Captions with Guiding ObjectsNov 19 2018Although existing image caption models can produce promising results using recurrent neural networks (RNNs), it is difficult to guarantee that an object we care about is contained in generated descriptions, for example in the case that the object is inconspicuous ... More
Systoles of hyperbolic surfaces with big cyclic symmetryDec 13 2018Mar 13 2019We obtain the exact values of the systoles of these hyperbolic surfaces of genus $g$ with cyclic sysmetries of the maximum order and the next maximum order. Precisely: for genus $g$ hyperbolic surface with order $4g+2$ cyclic symmetry, the systole is ... More
Facial Feature Tracking under Varying Facial Expressions and Face Poses based on Restricted Boltzmann MachinesSep 18 2017Facial feature tracking is an active area in computer vision due to its relevance to many applications. It is a nontrivial task, since faces may have varying facial expressions, poses or occlusions. In this paper, we address this problem by proposing ... More
The Effects on $S$, $T$, and $U$ from Higher-Dimensional Fermion RepresentationsOct 09 2006Inspired by a new class of walking technicolor models recently proposed using higher-dimensional technifermions, we consider the oblique corrections from heavy non-degenerate fermions with two classes of higher-dimensional representations of the electroweak ... More
Neutral top-pion and the rare top decays $t\to c l_{i} l_{j}$Sep 05 2004We study the rare top decays $t\to c l_{i} l_{j}(l=\tau,\mu,or e)$ in the framework of topcolor-assisted technicolor($TC2$) models. We find that the neutral top-pion $\pi_{t}^{0}$ can produce significant contributions to these processes via the flavor ... More
Littlest Higgs model and associated ZH production at high energy $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliderSep 10 2003Oct 17 2003In the context of the littlest Higgs (LH) model, we consider the Higgs strahlung process $e^{+}e^{-}\to ZH $. We find that the correction effects on this process mainly come from the heavy photon $B'$. If we take the mixing angle parameter $c$ in the ... More
Topological insulator materials for advanced optoelectronic devicesFeb 21 2018Nov 20 2018Topological insulators are quantum materials that have an insulating bulk state and a topologically protected metallic surface state with spin and momentum helical locking and a Dirac-like band structure. Unique and fascinating electronic properties, ... More
Thermoelectric signals of state transition in polycrystalline SmB6Mar 29 2016Jul 03 2016Topological Kondo insulator SmB6 has attracted quite a lot of attentions from condensed matter physics community. A number of unique electronic properties, including low- temperature resistivity anomaly, 1D electronic transport and 2D Fermi surfaces have ... More
Stability of the relative equilibria of a rigid body in a J2 gravity fieldAug 24 2014The motion of a point mass in the J2 problem is generalized to that of a rigid body in a J2 gravity field. Different with the original J2 problem, the gravitational orbit-rotation coupling of the rigid body is considered in this generalized problem. The ... More
On the existence of the relative equilibria of a rigid body in the J2 problemJun 18 2013The motion of a point mass in the J2 problem has been generalized to that of a rigid body in a J2 gravity field for new high-precision applications in the celestial mechanics and astrodynamics. Unlike the original J2 problem, the gravitational orbit-rotation ... More
Optimal regularity of minimal graphs in the hyperbolic spaceNov 03 2015We discuss the global regularity of solutions $f$ to the Dirichlet problem for minimal graphs in the hyperbolic space when the boundary of the domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^n$ has a nonnegative mean curvature and prove an optimal regularity $f\in C^{\frac{1}{n+1}}(\bar{\Omega})$. ... More
The Coming Era of AlphaHacking? A Survey of Automatic Software Vulnerability Detection, Exploitation and Patching TechniquesMay 28 2018May 30 2018With the success of the Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC) sponsored by DARPA, the topic of Autonomous Cyber Reasoning System (CRS) has recently attracted extensive attention from both industry and academia. Utilizing automated system to detect, exploit and ... More
Parameter-Free Spatial Attention Network for Person Re-IdentificationNov 29 2018Global average pooling (GAP) allows to localize discriminative information for recognition [40]. While GAP helps the convolution neural network to attend to the most discriminative features of an object, it may suffer if that information is missing e.g. ... More
Explainable Recommendation via Multi-Task Learning in Opinionated Text DataJun 10 2018Explaining automatically generated recommendations allows users to make more informed and accurate decisions about which results to utilize, and therefore improves their satisfaction. In this work, we develop a multi-task learning solution for explainable ... More
Doubly-charged scalar in four-body decays of neutral flavored mesonsJun 11 2018In this paper, we study the four-body decay processes of neutral flavored mesons, including $\bar K^0$, $D^0$, $\bar B^0$, and $\bar B_s^0$. These processes, which induced by a hypothetical doubly-charged scalar particle, violate the lepton number. The ... More
EM Decay of X(3872) as the $1{^1D_2}(2^{-+})$ charmoniumMay 25 2012Sep 07 2012The recently BaBar results raise the possibility that X(3872) has negative parity. This makes people reconsider assigning X(3872) to the $1{^1D_2}(c\bar c)$ state. In this paper we give a general form of the wave function of $2^{-+}$ mesons. By solving ... More
Convex Analysis of Mixtures for Separating Non-negative Well-grounded SourcesJun 28 2014Dec 10 2015Blind Source Separation (BSS) has proven to be a powerful tool for the analysis of composite patterns in engineering and science. We introduce Convex Analysis of Mixtures (CAM) for separating non-negative well-grounded sources, which learns the mixing ... More
Why X(3915) is so narrow as a $χ_{c0}(2P)$ stateOct 09 2013New resonance X(3915) was identified as the charmonium $\chi_{c0}(2P)$ by BABAR Collaboration, but there seems still open question of this assignment: why its full width is so narrow? To answer this question, we calculate the Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka (OZI) ... More
Abelian and non-abelian anyons in integer quantum anomalous Hall effect and topological phase transitions via superconducting proximity effectNov 17 2010Mar 19 2011We study the quantum anomalous Hall effect described by a class of two-component Haldane models on square lattices. We show that the latter can be transformed into a pseudospin triplet p+ip-wave paired superfluid. In the long wave length limit, the ground ... More
Totally Rank One Interval Exchange TransformationsApr 10 2016Jul 27 2016For irreducible interval exchange transformations, we study the relation between the powers of induced map and the induced maps of powers and raise a condition of equivalence between them. And skew production of Rauzy induction map is set up and verified ... More
Multi-session Map Construction in Outdoor Dynamic EnvironmentJul 21 2018Map construction in large scale outdoor environment is of importance for robots to robustly fulfill their tasks. Massive sessions of data should be merged to distinguish low dynamics in the map, which otherwise might debase the performance of localization ... More
Initial and Eventual Software Quality Relating to Continuous Integration in GitHubJun 02 2016The constant demand for new features and bug fixes are forcing software projects to shorten cycles and deliver updates ever faster, while sustaining software quality. The availability of inexpensive, virtualized, cloud-computing has helped shorten schedules, ... More
Some insights into the behaviour of millimetre wave spectrum on key 5G cellular KPIsMar 15 2018This invited paper discusses the challenging task of assessing the millmeter-wave spectrum for the use of 5G mobile systems. 3 key KPIs related to mobile systems, coverage, capacity and mobility are individually assessed and quantified with a simplistic ... More
$|V_{ub}|$ and $B\toη^{(')}$ Form Factors in Covariant Light Front ApproachNov 15 2009Feb 22 2010$B\to (\pi, \eta, \eta')$ transition form factors are investigated in the covariant light-front approach. With theoretical uncertainties, we find that $B\to (\pi, \eta, \eta')$ form factors at $q^2=0$ are $f^{(\pi, \eta, \eta')}_{+}(0)=(0.245^{+0.000}_{-0.001}\pm ... More
End-to-end Learning for Short Text ExpansionAug 30 2017Effectively making sense of short texts is a critical task for many real world applications such as search engines, social media services, and recommender systems. The task is particularly challenging as a short text contains very sparse information, ... More
A linear time algorithm for the next-to-shortest path problem on undirected graphs with nonnegative edge lengthsMar 23 2012For two vertices $s$ and $t$ in a graph $G=(V,E)$, the next-to-shortest path is an $st$-path which length is minimum amongst all $st$-paths strictly longer than the shortest path length. In this paper we show that, when the graph is undirected and all ... More
Topological and Algebraic Properties of Chernoff Information between Gaussian GraphsDec 28 2017May 23 2018In this paper, we want to find out the determining factors of Chernoff information in distinguishing a set of Gaussian graphs. We find that Chernoff information of two Gaussian graphs can be determined by the generalized eigenvalues of their covariance ... More
LocNet: Global localization in 3D point clouds for mobile vehiclesDec 06 2017Jul 10 2018Global localization in 3D point clouds is a challenging problem of estimating the pose of vehicles without any prior knowledge. In this paper, a solution to this problem is presented by achieving place recognition and metric pose estimation in the global ... More
Research on CRO's Dilemma In Sapiens Chain: A Game Theory MethodNov 27 2018In recent years, blockchain-based techniques have been widely used in cybersecurity, owing to the decentralization, anonymity, credibility and not be tampered properties of the blockchain. As one of the decentralized framework, Sapiens Chain was proposed ... More
A feasible roadmap to identifying significant intercellular genomic heterogeneity in deep sequencing dataOct 28 2013Sep 27 2014Intercellular heterogeneity serves as both a confounding factor in studying individual clones and an information source in characterizing any heterogeneous tissues, such as blood, tumor systems. Due to inevitable sequencing errors and other sample preparation ... More
An Electric Vehicle Charging Management Scheme Based on Publish/Subscribe Communication FrameworkMay 02 2016May 08 2016Motivated by alleviating CO$_2$ pollution, Electric Vehicle (EV) based applications have recently received wide interests from both commercial and research communities by using electric energy instead of traditional fuel energy. Although EVs are inherently ... More
Place classification with a graph regularized deep neural network modelJun 12 2015Place classification is a fundamental ability that a robot should possess to carry out effective human-robot interactions. It is a nontrivial classification problem which has attracted many research. In recent years, there is a high exploitation of Artificial ... More
A Pursuit of Temporal Accuracy in General Activity DetectionMar 08 2017Detecting activities in untrimmed videos is an important but challenging task. The performance of existing methods remains unsatisfactory, e.g., they often meet difficulties in locating the beginning and end of a long complex action. In this paper, we ... More
Numerical Complete Solution for Random Genetic Drift by Energetic Variational ApproachMar 26 2018In this paper, we focus on numerical solutions for random genetic drift problem, which is governed by a degenerated convection-dominated parabolic equation. Due to the fixation phenomenon of genes, Dirac delta singularities will develop at boundary points ... More
Chernoff Information between Gaussian TreesDec 28 2017In this paper, we aim to provide a systematic study of the relationship between Chernoff information and topological, as well as algebraic properties of the corresponding Gaussian tree graphs for the underlying graphical testing problems. We first show ... More
Regularity of Solutions of the Camassa-Holm Equations with Fractional Laplacian ViscosityMay 07 2018We study the existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions to the $n$-dimensional ($n=2,3$) Camassa-Holm equations with fractional Laplacian viscosity with smooth initial data. It is a coupled system between the Navier-Stokes equations with nonlocal ... More
Understand Scene Categories by Objects: A Semantic Regularized Scene Classifier Using Convolutional Neural NetworksSep 22 2015Scene classification is a fundamental perception task for environmental understanding in today's robotics. In this paper, we have attempted to exploit the use of popular machine learning technique of deep learning to enhance scene understanding, particularly ... More
Study of Bc->KK decay with perturbative QCD approachApr 16 2010In the framework of the perturbative QCD approach, we study the charmless pure weak annihilation Bc->KK decay and find that the branching ratio BR(Bc->KK) O(10^-7). This prediction is so tiny that the Bc->KK decay might be unmeasurable at the Large Hadron ... More
Simultaneous observation of forward-backward attosecond photoelectron holographyNov 30 2015Photoelectron angular momentum distribution of He+ driven by a few-cycle laser is investigated numerically. We simultaneously observe two dominant interference patterns with one shot of lasers by solving the 3D time-dependent Schrodinger equation (TDSE). ... More
Design Methods for Polymorphic Combinational Logic Circuits based on the Bi_Decomposition ApproachSep 10 2017Polymorphic circuits are a special kind of digital logic components, which possess multiple build-in functions. In different environments, a polymorphic circuit would perform different functions. Evolutionary Algorithms, Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) ... More
Elastic and transport properties of topological semimetal ZrTeAug 29 2017Topological semimetal may have substantial applications in electronics, spintronics and quantum computation. Recently, ZrTe is predicted as a new type of topological semimetal due to coexistence of Weyl fermion and massless triply degenerate nodal points. ... More
N-ary Relation Extraction using Graph State LSTMAug 28 2018Cross-sentence $n$-ary relation extraction detects relations among $n$ entities across multiple sentences. Typical methods formulate an input as a \textit{document graph}, integrating various intra-sentential and inter-sentential dependencies. The current ... More
Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain: Role of solitonsJun 14 2012Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain is investigated by the scattering state operator method. The polymer chain is described by an electron-lattice coupling model and its two ends are connected with metal electrodes of different ... More
Resummation of rapidity logarithms in $B$ meson wave functionsOct 10 2012Jan 03 2013We construct an evolution equation for the $B$ meson wave functions in the $k_T$ factorization theorem, whose solutions sum the double logarithms associated with the light-cone singularities, namely, the rapidity logarithms. The derivation is subtler ... More
Next-to-leading-order corrections to $B \to π$ form factors in $k_T$ factorizationJan 24 2012Mar 06 2012We calculate next-to-leading-order (NLO) corrections to the $B\to\pi$ transition form factors at leading twist in the $k_T$ factorization theorem. Light partons off-shell by $k_T^2$ are considered in the quark diagrams, in the effective diagrams for the ... More
Study of scalar mesons f_0(980) and f_0(1500) from $B \to f_0(980) K$ and $B \to f_0(1500) K$ DecaysSep 08 2006Nov 16 2006Within perturbative QCD approach based on $k_T$ factorization, we analyze the scalar mesons $f_0(980)$ and $f_0(1500)$ productions in B decays. By identifying $f_0(980)$ as the composition of $\bar ss$ and $\bar nn=(\bar uu+\bar dd)/\sqrt2$, we calculate ... More
The diffuse GeV-TeV $γ$-ray emission of the Cygnus regionJan 08 2008Feb 06 2009Recently the Milagro experiment observed diffuse multi-TeV gamma-ray emission in the Cygnus region, which is significantly stronger than what predicted by the Galactic cosmic ray model. However, the sub-GeV observation by EGRET shows no excess to the ... More
Quantized squeezing and even-odd asymmetry of trapped bosonsSep 17 2009We investigate the exact nature of the superfluid-to-Mott-insulator crossover for interacting bosons on an optical lattice in a one-dimensional, harmonic trap by high-precision density-matrix renormalization-group calculations. The results reveal an intermediate ... More
On The Computability of Perfect Subsets of Sets with Positive MeasureAug 18 2018Nov 02 2018A set $X \subseteq 2^\omega$ with positive measure contains a perfect subset. We study such perfect subsets from the viewpoint of computability and prove that these sets can have weak computational strength. Then we connect the existence of perfect subsets ... More
Spatial Modulation Aided Layered Division Multiplexing: A Spectral Efficiency PerspectiveDec 01 2017Jan 14 2018In this paper, spatial modulation (SM) is introduced to layered division multiplexing (LDM) systems for enlarging the spectral efficiency over broadcasting transmission. Firstly, the SM aided LDM (SM-LDM) system is proposed, in which different layered ... More
A Family of Totally Rank One Two-sided Shift MapsApr 09 2016Jul 27 2016'Generalized del Junco-Rudolph's map', a sub-family of generalized Chacon's map (\cite{FER1}), is introduced. A skew product related to the structure of the Generalized del Junco-Rudolph's map is introduced. A Relative Prime Relation, $h_{k+1}\equiv 1 ... More
A Deeply-Recursive Convolutional Network for Crowd CountingMay 15 2018The estimation of crowd count in images has a wide range of applications such as video surveillance, traffic monitoring, public safety and urban planning. Recently, the convolutional neural network (CNN) based approaches have been shown to be more effective ... More
Service Intelligence Oriented Distributed Data Stream IntegrationApr 12 2016Software as a service (SaaS) has recently enjoyed much attention as it makes the use of software more convenient and cost-effective. At the same time, the arising of users' expectation for high quality service such as real-time information or functionality ... More
Correlation Hashing Network for Efficient Cross-Modal RetrievalFeb 22 2016Feb 20 2017Hashing is widely applied to approximate nearest neighbor search for large-scale multimodal retrieval with storage and computation efficiency. Cross-modal hashing improves the quality of hash coding by exploiting semantic correlations across different ... More
Effects of inhomogeneous influence of individuals on an order-disorder transition in opinion dynamicsNov 11 2007We study the effects of inhomogeneous influence of individuals on collective phenomena. We focus analytically on a typical model of the majority rule, applied to the completely connected agents. Two types of individuals $A$ and $B$ with different influence ... More
Single production of the doubly charged Higgs boson via eγ collision in the Higgs triplet modelOct 22 2010The Higgs triplet model (HTM) predicts the existence of a pair of doubly charged Higgs bosons $H^{\pm \pm}$. Single production of $H^{\pm \pm}$ via e collision at the next generation e+e- International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Large Hadron electron ... More
Inverse design of high-Q wave filters in two-dimensional phononic crystals by topology optimizationAug 24 2016Topology optimization of a waveguide-cavity structure in phononic crystals for designing narrow band filters under the given operating frequencies is presented in this paper. We show that it is possible to obtain an ultra-high-Q filter by only optimizing ... More
Spectra of anticommutator for two orthogonal projectionsMay 16 2017Nov 15 2017In this note, for any two orthogonal projection $P,Q$ on a Hilbert space, the characterization of spectrum of anticommutator $PQ+QP$ has been obtained. As a corollary, the norm formula $$\parallel PQ+QP\parallel=\parallel PQ\parallel+\parallel PQ\parallel^2$$ ... More
Partition Information and its Transmission over Boolean Multi-Access ChannelsApr 02 2014Jul 19 2014In this paper, we propose a novel partition reservation system to study the partition information and its transmission over a noise-free Boolean multi-access channel. The objective of transmission is not message restoration, but to partition active users ... More
On the Orbits of Crossed CubesJul 21 2017Jul 31 2017An orbit of $G$ is a subset $S$ of $V(G)$ such that $\phi(u)=v$ for any two vertices $u,v\in S$, where $\phi$ is an isomorphism of $G$. The orbit number of a graph $G$, denoted by $\text{Orb}(G)$, is the number of orbits of $G$. In [A Note on Path Embedding ... More
Controlling Communication Field of Complex Networks by Transformation MethodNov 25 2011Controlling the global statuses of a network by its local dynamic parameters is an important issue, and it is difficult to obtain the direct solution for. The transformation method, which is originally used to control physical field by designing material ... More
Fully Finite Element Adaptive Algebraic Multigrid Method for Time-Space Caputo-Riesz Fractional Diffusion EquationsJul 26 2017The paper aims to establish a fully discrete finite element (FE) scheme and provide cost-effective solutions for one-dimensional time-space Caputo-Riesz fractional diffusion equations on a bounded domain $\Omega$. Firstly, we construct a fully discrete ... More
The anomalous top quark coupling tqg and tW production at the LHCMay 26 2011Sep 19 2011Many new physics models beyond the standard model ($SM$) can give rise to the large anomalous top couplings $tqg$ ($q=u$ and $c$). We focus our attention on these couplings induced by the topcolor-assisted technicolor ($TC2$) model and the littlest Higgs ... More