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Mining and Analyzing the Future Works in Scientific ArticlesJul 08 2015Future works in scientific articles are valuable for researchers and they can guide researchers to new research directions or ideas. In this paper, we mine the future works in scientific articles in order to 1) provide an insight for future work analysis ... More
Asymptotics and Optimal Designs of SLOPE for Sparse Linear RegressionMar 27 2019In sparse linear regression, the SLOPE estimator generalizes LASSO by assigning magnitude-dependent regularizations to different coordinates of the estimate. In this paper, we present an asymptotically exact characterization of the performance of SLOPE ... More
A Possible Signal for QGP Formation from the Minimum-Bias Data of Relativistic Large Heavy Ion CollisionsAug 02 1996It is argued that the experimentally observed strong upward-bending of the logarithm of factorial moments versus that of phase space partition number in the higher-dimensional phase space of nucleus-nucleus collisions is due to the superposition of elementary ... More
A Solvable High-Dimensional Model of GANMay 22 2018Despite the remarkable successes of generative adversarial networks (GANs) in many applications, theoretical understandings of their performance is still limited. In this paper, we present a simple shallow GAN model fed by high-dimensional input data. ... More
Analysis of Personalized Information Service System for Digital LibrariesFeb 17 2014Along with the rapid development of digital library, digital library of the third generation, taking the main characteristics of the personalized service, has already become the mainstream today. This article first analyzes the concept and characteristics ... More
Interaction of a surface acoustic wave with a two-dimensional electron gasAug 02 2005When a surface acoustic wave propagates on the surface of a GaAs semiconductor, coupling between electrons in the two-dimensional electron gas beneath the interface and the elastic host crystal through piezoelectric interaction will attenuate the SAW. ... More
Emoticon-based Ambivalent Expression: A Hidden Indicator for Unusual Behaviors in WeiboMay 07 2015Recent decades have witnessed online social media being a big-data window for quantificationally testifying conventional social theories and exploring much detailed human behavioral patterns. In this paper, by tracing the emoticon use in Weibo, a group ... More
MAC Protocols Design for Smart Metering NetworkJan 06 2016The new generation of power metering system - i.e. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - is expected to enable remote reading, control, demand response and other advanced functions, based on the integration of a new two-way communication network, which ... More
Collision Selective Visual Neural Network Inspired by LGMD2 Neurons in Juvenile LocustsDec 22 2017For autonomous robots in dynamic environments mixed with human, it is vital to detect impending collision quickly and robustly. The biological visual systems evolved over millions of years may provide us efficient solutions for collision detection in ... More
An LGMD Based Competitive Collision Avoidance Strategy for UAVApr 15 2019Building a reliable and efficient collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is still a challenging problem. This research takes inspiration from locusts, which can fly in dense swarms for hundreds of miles without collision. In the ... More
Towards Computational Models and Applications of Insect Visual Systems for Motion Perception: A ReviewApr 03 2019Motion perception is a critical capability determining a variety of aspects of insects' life, including avoiding predators, foraging and so forth. A good number of motion detectors have been identified in the insects' visual pathways. Computational modelling ... More
GCNet: Non-local Networks Meet Squeeze-Excitation Networks and BeyondApr 25 2019The Non-Local Network (NLNet) presents a pioneering approach for capturing long-range dependencies, via aggregating query-specific global context to each query position. However, through a rigorous empirical analysis, we have found that the global contexts ... More
Low-Rank Structure Learning via Log-Sum Heuristic RecoveryDec 09 2010Mar 24 2012Recovering intrinsic data structure from corrupted observations plays an important role in various tasks in the communities of machine learning and signal processing. In this paper, we propose a novel model, named log-sum heuristic recovery (LHR), to ... More
Comment on Clark et al. (2019) "The Physical Nature of Neutral Hydrogen Intensity Structure"Apr 05 2019A recent publication by Clark (2019, CX19) uses both GALFA-HI observational data and numerical simulations to address the nature of intensity fluctuations in Position-Position-Velocity (PPV) space. The study questions the validity and applicability ... More
Variable separation approach for a differential-difference system: special Toda equationOct 07 2002A multi-linear variable separation approach is developed to solve a differential-difference Toda equation. The semi-discrete form of the continuous universal formula is found for a suitable potential of the differential-difference Toda system. Abundant ... More
Spatial-Temporal Relation Networks for Multi-Object TrackingApr 25 2019Recent progress in multiple object tracking (MOT) has shown that a robust similarity score is key to the success of trackers. A good similarity score is expected to reflect multiple cues, e.g. appearance, location, and topology, over a long period of ... More
Nature of Intermediate States between Superfluid and Mott insulator for Interacting Bosons in One-dimension with a Harmonic Trapping PotentialJan 28 2007Jan 30 2007Successive quantum transitions in an intermediate regime are shown to exist between the superfluid and Mott insulating states for interacting bosonic atoms in one dimension with a trapping potential. These transitions, which are caused by the interplay ... More
Energy Efficient and Fair Resource Allocation for LTE-Unlicensed Uplink Networks: A Two-sided Matching Approach with Partial InformationAug 26 2018LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) has recently attracted worldwide interest to meet the explosion in cellular traffic data. By using carrier aggregation (CA), licensed and unlicensed bands are integrated to enhance transmission capacity while maintaining reliable ... More
Weight Distribution of A p-ary Cyclic CodeJan 16 2009For an odd prime $p$ and two positive integers $n\geq 3$ and $k$ with $\frac{n}{{\rm gcd}(n,k)}$ being odd, the paper determines the weight distribution of a $p$-ary cyclic code $\mathcal{C}$ over $\mathbb{F}_{p}$ with nonzeros $\alpha^{-1}$, $\alpha^{-(p^k+1)}$ ... More
JSForce: A Forced Execution Engine for Malicious JavaScript DetectionJan 26 2017The drastic increase of JavaScript exploitation attacks has led to a strong interest in developing techniques to enable malicious JavaScript analysis. Existing analysis tech- niques fall into two general categories: static analysis and dynamic analysis. ... More
Forming supermassive black holes by accreting dark and baryon matterOct 07 2005Given a large-scale mixture of self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) particles and baryon matter distributed in the early Universe, we advance here a two-phase accretion scenario for forming supermassive black holes (SMBHs) with masses around $\sim 10^9 ... More
Synthetic Neural Vision System Design for Motion Pattern Recognition in Dynamic Robot ScenesApr 15 2019Insects have tiny brains but complicated visual systems for motion perception. A handful of insect visual neurons have been computationally modeled and successfully applied for robotics. How different neurons collaborate on motion perception, is an open ... More
GraphNAS: Graph Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement LearningApr 22 2019Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have been popularly used for analyzing non-Euclidean data such as social network data and biological data. Despite their success, the design of graph neural networks requires a lot of manual work and domain knowledge. In this ... More
Genuine Correlations of Tripartite SystemJun 09 2012We define genuine total, classical and quantum correlations in tripartite systems. The measure we propose is based on the idea that genuine tripartite correlation exists if and only if the correlation between any bipartition does not vanish. We find in ... More
Quantized squeezing and even-odd asymmetry of trapped bosonsSep 17 2009We investigate the exact nature of the superfluid-to-Mott-insulator crossover for interacting bosons on an optical lattice in a one-dimensional, harmonic trap by high-precision density-matrix renormalization-group calculations. The results reveal an intermediate ... More
Simultaneous observation of forward-backward attosecond photoelectron holographyNov 30 2015Photoelectron angular momentum distribution of He+ driven by a few-cycle laser is investigated numerically. We simultaneously observe two dominant interference patterns with one shot of lasers by solving the 3D time-dependent Schrodinger equation (TDSE). ... More
Towards Understanding Learning Representations: To What Extent Do Different Neural Networks Learn the Same RepresentationOct 28 2018Nov 28 2018It is widely believed that learning good representations is one of the main reasons for the success of deep neural networks. Although highly intuitive, there is a lack of theory and systematic approach quantitatively characterizing what representations ... More
Tracing Multi-Scale Magnetic Field Structure Using Multiple Chemical Tracers in Giant Molecular CloudsApr 08 2019Apr 20 2019Probing magnetic fields in Giant Molecular Clouds is often challenging. Fortunately, it has recently been shown in simulations that analysis of velocity gradients (the Velocity Gradient Technique) can be used to map out the magnetic field morphology of ... More
$D \rightarrow a_1, f_1$ transition form factors and semileptonic decays via 3-point QCD sum rulesAug 12 2016By using the 3-point QCD sum rules, we calculate the transition form factors of $D$ decays into the spin triplet axial vector mesons $a_1(1260)$, $f_1(1285) $, $f_1(1420)$. In the calculations, we consider the quark contents of each meson in detail. In ... More
Discovery of a new nontoxic cuprate superconducting system Ga-Ba-Ca-Cu-OMay 23 2018Superconductivity is observed in a new nontoxic cuprate system Ga-Ba-Ca-Cu-O, with Tc = 82K for GaBa2Ca5Cu6O14+{\delta} (Ga-1256) and Tc = 116K probably for GaBa2Ca3Cu4O10+{\delta} (Ga-1234) or GaBa2Ca2Cu3O8+{\delta} (Ga-1223), respectively. All compounds ... More
On an infinite series for $(1+1/x)^x$Jun 30 2014The aim of this paper is to construct a new expansion of $(1+1/x)^x$ related to Carleman's inequality. Our results extend some results of Yang [Approximations for constant e and their applications J. Math. Anal. Appl. 262 (2001) 651-659].
High Performance Field-Effect Transistor Based on Multilayer Tungsten DisulfideNov 17 2014Semiconducting two-dimensional transition metal chalcogenide crystals have been regarded as the promising candidate for the future generation of transistor in modern electronics. However, how to fabricate those crystals into practical devices with acceptable ... More
On the coefficients of an expansion of $(1+1/x)^x$ related to Carleman's inequalityJan 10 2014In this note, we present new properties for a sequence arising in some refinements of Carleman's inequality. Our results extend some results of Yang [Approximations for constant e and their applications J. Math. Anal. Appl. 262 (2001) 651-659] and Alzer ... More
Gaussian Random Number Generator: Implemented in FPGA for Quantum Key DistributionFeb 20 2018Jan 09 2019Quantum Key Distribution is the process of using quantum communication to establish a shared key between two parties. It has been demonstrated the unconditional security and effective communication of quantum communication system can be guaranteed by ... More
Molecular-Scale Hydrophilicity Induced by Solute: Molecular-thick Charged Pancakes of Aqueous Salt Solution on Hydrophobic Carbon-based SurfacesSep 16 2014Oct 09 2014We directly observed molecular-thick aqueous salt-solution pancakes on a hydrophobic graphite surface under ambient conditions employing atomic force microscopy. This observation indicates the unexpected molecular-scale hydrophilicity of the salt solution ... More
Tracing Magnetic Field with Synchrotron Polarization Gradients: Parameter StudyApr 26 2019We employ synthetic observations obtained with MHD simulations to study how to trace the distribution of turbulent magnetic fields using the synchrotron polarization gradient techniques suggested by Lazarian \& Yuen (2018). Both synchrotron polarization ... More
On some convergences to the constant e and improvements of Carlemans' inequalityDec 21 2013We present inequalities and some applications to Kellers' limit and Carlemans' inequality.
Methodology for determining the electronic thermal conductivity of metals via direct non-equilibrium ab initio molecular dynamicsMar 24 2016Aug 08 2016Many physical properties of metals can be understood in terms of the free electron model, as proven by the Wiedemann-Franz law. According to this model, electronic thermal conductivity ($\kappa_{el}$) can be inferred from the Boltzmann transport equation ... More
Anisotropic intrinsic lattice thermal conductivity of phosphorene from first principlesSep 01 2014Feb 05 2015Phosphorene, the single layer counterpart of black phosphorus, is a novel two-dimensional semiconductor with high carrier mobility and a large fundamental direct band gap, which has attracted tremendous interest recently. Its potential applications in ... More
Enhancing Composition Window of Bicontinuous Structures by Designed Polydispersity Distribution of ABA Triblock CopolymersOct 22 2013The phase behavior of polydisperse ABA triblock copolymers is studied using dissipative particle dynamics simulations, focusing on the emergence and property of bicontinuous structures. Bicontinuous structures are characterized by two separate, intermeshed ... More
Generating controllable Laguerre-Gaussian laser modes through intracavity spin-orbital angular momentum conversion of lightJul 26 2018The rapid developments in orbital-angular-momentum-carrying Laguerre-Gaussian (LG0 l) modes in recent years have facilitated progresses in optical communication, micromanipulation and quantum information. However, it is still challenging to efficiently ... More
TreeSegNet: Adaptive Tree CNNs for Subdecimeter Aerial Image SegmentationApr 29 2018Aug 25 2018For the task of subdecimeter aerial imagery segmentation, fine-grained semantic segmentation results are usually difficult to obtain because of complex remote sensing content and optical conditions. Recently, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have ... More
Magnetization of potassium doped p-terphenyl and p-quaterphenyl by high pressure synthesisJun 19 2017By using high pressure synthesis method, we have fabricated the potassium doped para-terphenyl. The temperature dependence of magnetization measured in both zero-field-cooled and field-cooled processes shows step like transitions at about 125 K. This ... More
Fundamentals of the orbit and response for TianQinMar 09 2018TianQin is a space-based laser interferometric gravitational wave detector aimed at detecting gravitational waves at low frequencies (0.1 mHz -- 1 Hz). It is formed by three identical drag-free spacecrafts in an equilateral triangular constellation orbiting ... More
Neutron background measurements at China Jinping underground laboratory with a Bonner Multi-sphere SpectrometerDec 13 2016The neutron background spectrum from thermal neutron to 20 MeV fast neutron was measured at the first experimental hall of China Jinping underground laboratory with a Bonner multi-sphere spectrometer. The measurement system was validated by a Cf252 source ... More
Reversible magnetization and critical fluctuations in systematically doped YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-δ}$ single crystalsMar 29 2006Apr 03 2006The temperature and field dependence of reversible magnetization have been measured on a YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$ single crystal at six different doping concentrations. It is found that the data above 2 T can be described by the scaling law based on ... More
Local-Aggregate Modeling for Big-Data via Distributed Optimization: Applications to NeuroimagingMay 03 2014May 14 2015Technological advances have led to a proliferation of structured big data that have matrix-valued covariates. We are specifically motivated to build predictive models for multi-subject neuroimaging data based on each subject's brain imaging scans. This ... More
Insight of the thermal conductivity of $ε-$iron at Earth's core conditions from the newly developed direct $ab~initio$ methodologyAug 31 2018The electronic thermal conductivity of iron at Earth's core conditions is an extremely important physical property in geophysics field. However, the exact value of electronic thermal conductivity of iron under extreme pressure and temperature still remains ... More
The thermal and electrical properties of the promising semiconductor MXene Hf2CO2Oct 28 2015In this work, we investigate the thermal and electrical properties of oxygen-functionalized M2CO2 (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) MXenes using first-principles calculations. Hf2CO2 is found to exhibit a thermal conductivity better than MoS2 and phosphorene. The room ... More
EMC design for the actuators of FAST reflectorFeb 07 2018The active reflector is one of the three main innovations of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST). The deformation of such a huge spherically shaped reflector into different transient parabolic shapes is achieved by using 2225 ... More
Organic-inorganic Copper(II)-based Material: a Low-Toxic, Highly Stable Light Absorber beyond Organolead PerovskitesMar 07 2017Mar 09 2017Lead halide perovskite solar cells have recently emerged as a very promising photovoltaic technology due to their excellent power conversion efficiencies; however, the toxicity of lead and the poor stability of perovskite materials remain two main challenges ... More
DGFIndex for Smart Grid: Enhancing Hive with a Cost-Effective Multidimensional Range IndexApr 23 2014Jul 09 2014In Smart Grid applications, as the number of deployed electric smart meters increases, massive amounts of valuable meter data is generated and collected every day. To enable reliable data collection and make business decisions fast, high throughput storage ... More
Distribution of velocity gradient orientations: Mapping magnetization with the Velocity Gradient TechniqueFeb 08 2018Aug 01 2018Recent developments of the Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) show that the velocity gradients provide a reliable tracing of magnetic field direction in turbulent plasmas. In this paper, we explore the ability of velocity gradients to measure the magnetization ... More
Doping dependence of the upper critical field in La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4 from specific heatMar 05 2008The low-temperature specific heat of La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4 (LSCO) single crystals in magnetic field H up to 12 T has been examined over a wide range of doping (0.063=< p =<0.238). From this we have mapped the upper critical field H_{c2} of LSCO across the ... More
Diverse anisotropy of phonon transport in two-dimensional IV-VI compounds: A comparative studyFeb 04 2016Apr 16 2016New classes two-dimensional (2D) materials beyond graphene, including layered and non-layered, and their heterostructures, are currently attracting increasing interest due to their promising applications in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and clean energy, ... More
Computational Study of Amplitude-to-Phase Conversion in a Modified Uni-Traveling Carrier (MUTC) PhotodetectorFeb 22 2017We calculate the amplitude-to-phase (AM-to-PM) noise conversion in a modified unitraveling carrier (MUTC) photodetector. We obtained two nulls as measured in the experiments, and we explain their origin. The nulls appear due to the transit time variation ... More
Sensitive spin detection using an on-chip SQUID-waveguide resonatorOct 28 2017Precise detection of spin resonance is of paramount importance to achieve coherent spin control in quantum computing. We present a novel setup for spin resonance measurements, which uses a dc-SQUID flux detector coupled to an antenna from a coplanar waveguide. ... More
Search for a generic heavy Higgs at the LHCMay 14 2019A generic heavy Higgs has both dim-4 and effective dim-6 interactions with the Standard Model (SM) particles. The former has been the focus of LHC searches in all major Higgs production channels, just as the SM one, but with negative results so far. If ... More
ADMM Algorithmic Regularization Paths for Sparse Statistical Machine LearningApr 24 2015Optimization approaches based on operator splitting are becoming popular for solving sparsity regularized statistical machine learning models. While many have proposed fast algorithms to solve these problems for a single regularization parameter, conspicuously ... More
How Special Is GRB 170817A?Oct 16 2017Feb 01 2018GRB 170817A is the first short gamma-ray burst (GRB) with direct detection of the gravitational-wave radiation and also the spectroscopically identified macronova emission (i.e., AT 2017gfo). The prompt emission of this burst, however, is underluminous ... More
Distinct fingerprints of charge density waves and electronic standing waves in ZrTe$_3$May 16 2019Experimental signatures of charge density waves (CDW) in high-temperature superconductors have evoked much recent interest, yet an alternative interpretation has been theoretically raised based on electronic standing waves resulting from quasiparticles ... More
Study of electrostatic septum design and its high-voltage discharge protectionJan 03 2019Jan 15 2019In this paper, we introduce the design of electrostatic septum (ESS) for the accelerator of Shanghai Advanced Proton Therapy (SAPT), and discuss its mechanical structure and the material selection of the electrode. The beam loss on the septum is studied, ... More
Tracing magnetic field morphology using the Velocity Gradient Technique in the presence of CO self-absorptionSep 26 2018Jan 30 2019Probing magnetic fields in self-gravitating molecular clouds are generally difficult even with the use of the polarimetry. Based on the properties of magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence and turbulent reconnection, Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) provides ... More
Design Study on Medium beta SC Half-Wave Resonator at IMPOct 07 2015A superconducting half-wave resonator has been designed with the frequency of 325 MHz and beta of 0.51. Different geometry parameters and shapes of inner conductors (racetrack, ring-shape and elliptical-shape) were optimized to decrease the peak electromagnetic ... More
Analyzing Client Behavior in a Syringe Exchange ProgramDec 04 2018Multiple syringe exchange programs serve the Chicago metropolitan area, providing support for drug users to help prevent infectious diseases. Using data from one program over a ten-year period, we study the behavior of its clients, focusing on the temporal ... More
Prediction of the effective force on DNA in a nanopore based on density functional theoryJun 17 2013We consider voltage-driving DNA translocation through a nanopore in the present study. By assuming the DNA is coaxial with the cylindrical nanopore, a hydrodynamic model for determining effective force on a single DNA molecule in a nanopore was presented, ... More
Pseudogap, Superconducting Gap, and Fermi Arcs in Underdoped Cuprate SuperconductorsFeb 16 2005Through the measurements of magnetic field dependence of specific heat in $La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4$ in zero temperature limit, we find that the nodal slope $v_\Delta$ of the superconducting gap has a very similar doping dependence of the pseudogap temperature ... More
Pseudogap, Superconducting Energy Scale, and Fermi Arcs in Underdoped Cuprate SuperconductorsAug 22 2005Through the measurements of magnetic field dependence of specific heat in $La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4$ in zero temperature limit, we determined the nodal slope $v_\Delta$ of the quasiparticle gap. It is found that $v_\Delta$ has a very similar doping dependence ... More
Z_3 Symmetry and Neutrino Mixing in Type II SeesawDec 28 2006Neutrino mixing matrix satisfying the current experimental data can be well described by the HPS tri-bimaximal mixing matrix. We propose that its origin can be understood within the seesaw framework by a hidden condition on the mass matrix of heavy right-handed ... More
Strain-induced magnetic phase transition in SrCoO$_{3-δ}$ thin filmsFeb 18 2015It has been well established that both in bulk at ambient pressure and for films under modest strains, cubic SrCoO$_{3-\delta}$ ($\delta < 0.2$) is a ferromagnetic metal. Recent theoretical work, however, indicates that a magnetic phase transition to ... More
Modeling Three-dimensional Invasive Solid Tumor Growth in Heterogeneous Microenvironment under ChemotherapyMar 08 2018A systematic understanding of the evolution and growth dynamics of invasive solid tumors in response to different chemotherapy strategies is crucial for the development of individually optimized oncotherapy. Here, we develop a hybrid three-dimensional ... More
A Generalized Structured Low-Rank Matrix Completion Algorithm for MR Image RecoveryNov 27 2018Recent theory of mapping an image into a structured low-rank Toeplitz or Hankel matrix has become an effective method to restore images. In this paper, we introduce a generalized structured low-rank algorithm to recover images from their undersampled ... More
Realization of the tradeoff between internal and external entanglementJan 09 2019We experimentally realize the internal and external entanglement tradeoff, which is a new kind of entanglement monogamy relation different from that usually discussed. Using a source of twin photons, we find that the external entanglement in polarization ... More
Experimental Machine Learning of Quantum StatesDec 01 2017Jun 21 2018Quantum information technologies provide promising applications in communication and computation, while machine learning has become a powerful technique for extracting meaningful structures in 'big data'. A crossover between quantum information and machine ... More
Statistical tracing of magnetic fields: comparing and improving the techniquesApr 08 2018Aug 14 2018Magnetohydrodynamic(MHD) turbulence displays velocity anisotropies which reflect the direction of the magnetic field. This anisotropy has led to the development of a number of statistical techniques for studying magnetic fields in the interstellar medium. ... More
Adaptive structured low rank algorithm for MR image recoveryMay 14 2018We introduce an adaptive structured low rank algorithm to recover MR images from their undersampled Fourier coefficients. The image is modeled as a combination of a piecewise constant component and a piecewise linear component. The Fourier coefficients ... More
Optimal Time Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Powered Ambient Backscatter Communication in IoT NetworkOct 13 2018In this paper, we investigate optimal scheme to manage time scheduling of different modules including spectrum sensing, radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting (RFH) and ambient backscatter communication (ABCom) by maximizing data transmission rate in ... More
Experimental protection of the coherence of a molecular qubit exceeding a millisecondJun 28 2017There are several important solid-state systems, such as defects in solids, superconducting circuits and molecular qubits, for attractive candidates of quantum computations. Molecular qubits, which benefit from the power of chemistry for the tailored ... More
Dynamics of edge Majorana fermions in $ν=\frac{5}2$ fractional quantum Hall effectsAug 24 2006Oct 25 2007Commencing with the composite fermion description of the $\nu=5/2$ fractional quantum Hall effect, we study the dynamics of the edge neutral Majorana fermions. We confirm that these neutral modes are chiral and show that a conventional p-wave pairing ... More
Gauge symmetry in Kitaev-type spin models and index theorems on odd manifoldsApr 29 2007Jan 22 2008We construct an exactly soluble spin-$\frac{1}2$ model on a honeycomb lattice, which is a generalization of Kitaev model. The topological phases of the system are analyzed by study of the ground state sector of this model, the vortex-free states. Basically, ... More
Short-range coherence of a lattice Bose atom gas in the Mott insulating phaseMay 09 2005Nov 24 2005We study the short-range coherence of ultracold lattice Bose gases in the Mott insulating phase. We calculate the visibility of the interference pattern and the results agree quantitatively with the recent experimental measurement [Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, ... More
Time-evolution stability of order parameters and phase diagrams of bosons on optical latticeMar 01 2004Stemming from the Heisenberg equations of motion, we study the time-evolution stability of the order parameters for the cold atoms on optical lattices. The requirement of this stability of the order parameters endows the phase diagram with a fruitful ... More
Incompressible excitonic superfluid of ultracold Bose atoms in an optical lattice: a new superfluid phase in the one-component Bose-Hubbard modelJan 04 2005We predict that a new superfluid phase, the incompressible excitonic superfluid (IESF), in the phase diagram of ultracold Bose atoms in $d>1$ dimensional optical lattices, which is caused by the spontaneous breaking of the symmetry of translation of the ... More
A Novel Meron-induced Pseudospin Wave in Bilayer Quantum Hall Coherent State and the Residual Zero-bias Peak in Tunneling ConductanceJun 14 2002In the bilayer quantum Hall coherent state for $\nu_T$ deviating slightly from one, we show that, instead of the global order parameter, the spontaneous breaking of the pseudospin U(1) rotational symmetry is reflected by the periodic domain structure ... More
A Note on Random Sampling for Matrix MultiplicationNov 27 2018This paper extends the framework of randomised matrix multiplication to a coarser partition and proposes an algorithm as a complement to the classical algorithm, especially when the optimal probability distribution of the latter one is closed to uniform. ... More
New extensions to the sumsets with polynomial restrictionsFeb 15 2012By taking the leading and the second leading coefficients of the Morris identity, we get new polynomial coefficients. These coefficients lead to new results in the sumsets with polynomial restrictions by the polynomial method of N. Alon.
A Note on Random Sampling for Matrix MultiplicationNov 27 2018May 16 2019This paper extends the framework of randomised matrix multiplication to a coarser partition and proposes an algorithm as a complement to the classical algorithm, especially when the optimal probability distribution of the latter one is closed to uniform. ... More
Well-posedness of boundary value problems for a class of second order degenerate elliptic equationsMay 02 2005Feb 28 2006In this paper, we study the well-posedness of boundary value problems for a special class of degenerate elliptic equations coming from geometry. Such problems is intimately tied to rigidity problem arising in infinitesimal isometric deformation, The characteristic ... More
A Microscopic Model of Edge States of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid: From Composite Fermions to Calogero-Sutherland ModelJun 09 1999Jul 14 1999Based on the composite fermion approach, we derive a microscopic theory describing the low-lying edge excitations in the fractional quantum Hall liquid with $\nu=\frac{\nu^*}{\tilde\phi\nu^*+1}$. For $\nu^*>0$, it is found that the composite fermion model ... More
Chudnovsky's formula for $1/π$ revisitedJul 20 2018The document contains an outline of a modular proof for Ramanujan-Chudnovsky identity.
Comments on `Rashba precession in quantum wire with interaction'Jun 02 2003In a recent Rapid Communication (Phys. Rev. B {\bf 63}, 121210(R) (2001)), Ha\"usler showed that the interaction between electrons in quantum wires may enhance the persistent spin current arising from Rashba spin-orbital coupling. In this Comments, we ... More
A Survey on Neural Network-Based Summarization MethodsMar 19 2018Automatic text summarization, the automated process of shortening a text while reserving the main ideas of the document(s), is a critical research area in natural language processing. The aim of this literature review is to survey the recent work on neural-based ... More
Whirly 3-Interval Exchange TransformationsMar 26 2014Apr 11 2015Irreducible interval exchange transformations are studied with regard to whirly property, a condition for non-trivial spatial factor. Uniformly whirly transformation is defined and to be further studied. An equivalent condition is introduced for whirly ... More
Data Security and Privacy Protection Data Security and Privacy Protection in Public CloudDec 14 2018This paper discusses about the challenges, advantages and shortcomings of existing solutions in data security and privacy in public cloud computing. As in cloud computing, oceans of data will be stored. Data stored in public cloud would face both outside ... More
A cranked self-consistent mean-field description of the triaxially deformed rotational bands in 138NdFeb 25 2019The survey of different configurations near Fermi surface of 138Nd results in 12 lowest configurations, at both positive- and negative-deformations. These are calculated to be the energetically lowest configurations. The results show that, for both EDFs, ... More
Sharp estimate of lower bound for the first eigenvalue in the Laplacian operator on compact Riemannian manifoldsOct 21 2012The aim of this paper is give a simple proof of some results in \cite{Jun Ling-2006-IJM} and \cite{JunLing-2007-AGAG}, which are very deep studies in the sharp lower bound of the first eigenvalue in the Laplacian operator on compact Riemannian manifolds ... More
Proof of the Pólya conjectureNov 05 2014Nov 09 2014In this paper, we study lower bounds for higher eigenvalues of the Dirichlet eigenvalue problem of the Laplacian on a bounded domain $\Omega$ in $\mathbb{R}^n$. It is well known that the $k$-th Dirichlet eigenvalue $\lambda_k$ obeys the Weyl asymptotic ... More
Hausdorff-$(2n-2)$ dimensional measure zero set and compactness of the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann operator on $(0,n-1)$ formsMar 11 2019By using a variant Property $(P_q)$ of Catlin, we discuss the relation of small set of weakly pseudoconvex points on the boundary of pseudoconvex domain and compactness of the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann operator. In particular, we show that if the ... More
From Composite Fermions to Calogero-Sutherland Model: Edge of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid and the Dimension ReductionNov 04 1999We derive a microscopic model describing the low-lying edge excitations in the fractional quantum Hall liquid with $\nu=\frac{\nu^*} {\tilde\phi\nu^*+1}$. For $\nu^*>0$, it is found that the composite fermion model reduces to an SU$(\nu^*)$ Calogero-Sutherland ... More
The Coleman-Weinberg Mechanism and First Order Phase TransitionsMar 26 1993Aug 06 1993Revised and reduced the size of the text. Removed figure 2 in previous text. So, old figure 3 and 4 become new figure 2 and 3, respectively. Added figure 4 for first order phase transition observation in the strong coupling region. Postscript files for ... More