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Stochastic closest-pair problem and most-likely nearest-neighbor search in tree spacesDec 15 2016Let $T$ be a tree space (or tree network) represented by a weighted tree with $t$ vertices, and $S$ be a set of $n$ stochastic points in $T$, each of which has a fixed location with an independent existence probability. We investigate two fundamental ... More
Colored stochastic dominance problemsDec 21 2016Feb 25 2018In this paper, we study the dominance relation under a stochastic setting. Let $\mathcal{S}$ be a set of $n$ colored stochastic points in $\mathbb{R}^d$, each of which is associated with an existence probability. We investigate the problem of computing ... More
Parameterized Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems Above Average with Global Cardinality ConstraintsNov 02 2015Oct 19 2016Given a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) on $n$ variables, $x_1, x_2, \dots, x_n \in \{\pm 1\}$, and $m$ constraints, a global cardinality constraint has the form of $\sum_{i = 1}^{n} x_i = (1-2p)n$, where $p \in (\Omega(1), 1 - \Omega(1))$ and $pn$ ... More
Nonadiabatic geometric quantum computation with parametrically tunable couplingAug 08 2018Nov 22 2018The nonadiabatic geometric quantum computation is promising as it is robust against certain types of local noises. However, its experimental implementation is challenging due to the need of complex control on multi-level and/or multiple quantum systems. ... More
Modeling the hard states of XTE J1550--564 during its 2000 outburstAug 25 2006Dec 26 2006We study hard states of the black-hole binary XTE J1550--564 during its 2000 outburst. In order to explain those states at their highest luminosities, $L\sim 10%$ of the Eddington luminosity, $L_{\rm E}$, we propose a specific hot accretion flow model. ... More
Denoising-based Turbo Compressed SensingMar 26 2017Turbo compressed sensing (Turbo-CS) is an efficient iterative algorithm for sparse signal recovery with partial orthogonal sensing matrices. In this paper, we extend the Turbo-CS algorithm to solve compressed sensing problems involving more general signal ... More
Nonadiabatic holonomic quantum computation on coupled transmons with ancillariesAug 01 2018Nov 14 2018The physical implementation of holonomic quantum computation is challenging due to the needed complex controllable interactions in multilevel quantum systems. Here we propose to implement nonadiabatic holonomic quantum computation with conventional capacitive ... More
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Community System Based on Thin Client and Cloud ComputingSep 10 2014With the continuous development of science and technology, the intelligent development of community system becomes a trend. Meanwhile, smart mobile devices and cloud computing technology are increasingly used in intelligent information systems; however, ... More
Generating single-photon catalyzed coherent states with quantum-optical catalysisDec 26 2015We generate single-photon catalyzed coherent states (SPCCSs) by means of quantum-optical catalysis based on the beam splitter (BS) or the parametric amplifier (PA). These states are obtained in one of the BS (or PA) output channels if a coherent state ... More
Spatial Mixture Models with Learnable Deep Priors for Perceptual GroupingFeb 07 2019Apr 29 2019Humans perceive the seemingly chaotic world in a structured and compositional way with the prerequisite of being able to segregate conceptual entities from the complex visual scenes. The mechanism of grouping basic visual elements of scenes into conceptual ... More
Fast holonomic quantum computation on superconducting circuits with optimal controlMay 27 2019The phase factor plays a vital role in modern quantum physics. Especially, geometric phases induced in quantum evolutions have the built-in noise-resilient character, and thus found comprehensive applications in many robust quantum manipulation tasks. ... More
A Comparative Analysis of Materialized Views Selection and Concurrency Control Mechanisms in NoSQL DatabasesOct 04 2017Increasing resource demands require relational databases to scale. While relational databases are well suited for vertical scaling, specialized hardware can be expensive. Conversely, emerging NewSQL and NoSQL data stores are designed to scale horizontally. ... More
Thermodynamic potential of a mechanical constitutive model for two-phase band flowNov 10 2008Starting from a simple mechanical constitutive model (the non-local diffusive Johnson-Segalman model; DJS model), we provide a rigorous theoretical explanation as to why a unique value of the stress plateau of a highly sheared viscoelastic fluid is stably ... More
D-OAMP: A Denoising-based Signal Recovery Algorithm for Compressed SensingOct 19 2016Approximate message passing (AMP) is an efficient iterative signal recovery algorithm for compressed sensing (CS). For sensing matrices with independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) Gaussian entries, the behavior of AMP can be asymptotically described ... More
On the Separability of Stochastic Geometric Objects, with ApplicationsMar 22 2016Apr 05 2016In this paper, we study the linear separability problem for stochastic geometric objects under the well-known unipoint/multipoint uncertainty models. Let $S=S_R \cup S_B$ be a given set of stochastic bichromatic points, and define $n = \min\{|S_R|, |S_B|\}$ ... More
On the expected diameter, width, and complexity of a stochastic convex-hullApr 24 2017May 01 2017We investigate several computational problems related to the stochastic convex hull (SCH). Given a stochastic dataset consisting of $n$ points in $\mathbb{R}^d$ each of which has an existence probability, a SCH refers to the convex hull of a realization ... More
TARM: A Turbo-type Algorithm for Affine Rank MinimizationFeb 11 2018The affine rank minimization (ARM) problem arises in many real-world applications. The goal is to recover a low-rank matrix from a small amount of noisy affine measurements. The original problem is NP-hard, and so directly solving the problem is computationally ... More
Scheme for sharing classical information via tripartite entangled statesNov 07 2005May 27 2006We investigate schemes for quantum secret sharing and quantum dense coding via tripartite entangled states. We present a scheme for sharing classical information via entanglement swapping using two tripartite entangled GHZ states. In order to throw light ... More
Scheme for implementing the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm via atomic ensemblesOct 18 2005We propose a physical scheme for implementing the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm using atomic ensembles and optical devices. The scheme has inherent fault tolerance to the realistic noise and efficient scaling with the number of ensembles for some entangled ... More
Scheme for generating the cluster states via atomic ensemblesNov 07 2005A scheme for generating the cluster states via atomic ensembles is proposed. The scheme has inherent fault tolerance function and is robust to realistic noise and imperfections. All the facilities used in our scheme are well within the current technology. ... More
Behavior and finite-size effects of the sixth order cumulant in the three-dimensional Ising universality classApr 23 2016May 31 2016The high-order cumulants of conserved charges are suggested to be sensitive observables to search for the critical point of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). This has been calculated to the sixth order in experiments. Corresponding theoretical studies on ... More
Empirical-likelihood-based criteria for model selection on marginal analysis of longitudinal data with dropout missingnessApr 20 2018Mar 18 2019Longitudinal data are common in clinical trials and observational studies, where missing outcomes due to dropouts are always encountered. Under such context with the assumption of missing at random, the weighted generalized estimating equations (WGEE) ... More
SegAN: Adversarial Network with Multi-scale $L_1$ Loss for Medical Image SegmentationJun 06 2017Jul 16 2017Inspired by classic generative adversarial networks (GAN), we propose a novel end-to-end adversarial neural network, called SegAN, for the task of medical image segmentation. Since image segmentation requires dense, pixel-level labeling, the single scalar ... More
Surface tension of compressed, superheavy atomsJan 26 2017Based on the relativistic mean field theory and the Thomas-Fermi approximation, we study the surface properties of compressed, superheavy atoms. By compressed, superheavy atom we mean an atom composed by a superheavy nuclear core (superheavy nucleus) ... More
Detecting fractional Josephson effect through $4π$ phase slipJun 02 2017Fractional Josephson effect is a unique character of Majorana Fermions in topological superconductor system. This effect is very difficult to detect experimentally because of the disturbance of quasiparticle poisoning and unwanted couplings in the superconductor. ... More
Quantum dense coding scheme via cavity decayOct 13 2005May 27 2006We investigate a secure scheme for implementing quantum dense coding via cavity decay and liner optics devices. Our scheme combines two distinct advantages: atomic qubit sevres as stationary bit and photonic qubit as flying bit, thus it is suitable for ... More
Scheme for implementing quantum information sharing via tripartite entangled state in cavity QEDAug 13 2005Aug 05 2006We investigate economic protocol to securely distribute and reconstruct a single-qubit quantum state between two users via a tripartite entangled state in cavity QED. Our scheme is insensitive to both the cavity decay and the thermal field.
Searching for the closest-pair in a query translateJul 25 2018Mar 21 2019We consider a range-search variant of the closest-pair problem. Let $\varGamma$ be a fixed shape in the plane. We are interested in storing a given set of $n$ points in the plane in some data structure such that for any specified translate of $\varGamma$, ... More
New bounds for range closest-pair problemsDec 28 2017Mar 31 2018Given a dataset $S$ of points in $\mathbb{R}^2$, the range closest-pair (RCP) problem aims to preprocess $S$ into a data structure such that when a query range $X$ is specified, the closest-pair in $S \cap X$ can be reported efficiently. The RCP problem ... More
Early afterglows from radially structured outflows and the application to X-ray shallow decaysAug 31 2009In the fireball model, it is more physically realistic that gamma-ray burst (GRB) ejecta have a range of bulk Lorentz factors (assuming $M\propto \Gamma^{-s}$). The low Lorentz factor part of the ejecta will catch up with the high Lorentz factor part ... More
Fraction of the gluonium component in $η'$ and $η$Jan 18 2011Jun 13 2011It is interesting to determine the fraction of the gluonium component in $\eta$ and $\eta'$ which has been under serious discussion for many years. Measurements on different decay and/or production modes were employed in literatures, thus larger uncertainties ... More
Dyson-Schwinger Equations with a Parameterized MetricMay 24 2010Oct 17 2011We construct and solve the Dyson-Schwinger equation (DSE) of quark propagator with a parameterized metric, which connects the Euclidean metric with the Minkowskian one. We show, in some models, the Minkowskian vacuum is different from the Euclidean vacuum. ... More
Deep Discrete Supervised HashingJul 31 2017Hashing has been widely used for large-scale search due to its low storage cost and fast query speed. By using supervised information, supervised hashing can significantly outperform unsupervised hashing. Recently, discrete supervised hashing and deep ... More
Spindown of magnetars: Quantum Vacuum Friction?Apr 09 2015Jun 30 2015Magnetars are proposed to be peculiar neutron stars which could power their X-ray radiation by super-strong magnetic fields as high as $\gtrsim 10^{14}$ G. However, no direct evidence for such strong fields is obtained till now, and the recent discovery ... More
Generation of cluster statesNov 15 2005Apr 05 2006We propose two schemes for the generation of the cluster states. One is based on cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED) techniques. The scheme only requires resonant interactions between two atoms and a single-mode cavity. The interaction time is very short, ... More
Secure quantum dense coding via tripartite entangled GHZ state in cavity QEDNov 07 2005We investigate economic protocol to securely encoding classical information among three users via entangled GHZ states. We implement the scheme in cavity QED with atomic qubits where the atoms interact simultaneously with a highly detuned cavity mode ... More
Controllable high-fidelity quantum state transfer and entanglement generation in circuit QEDNov 24 2015We propose a scheme to realize controllable quantum state transfer and entanglement generation among transmon qubits in the typical circuit QED setup based on adiabatic passage. Through designing the time-dependent driven pulses applied on the transmon ... More
Accretion Disk Spectra of the Brightest Ultra-luminous X-ray Source in M82Nov 30 2006Emission spectra of hot accretion disks characteristic of advection dominated accretion flow (ADAF) models are investigated for comparison with the brightest ultra-luminous source, X-1, in the galaxy M82. If the spectral state of the source is similar ... More
The Drought-Stress Response of a Drought Resistant Impatiens Processed in PEG-6000 Solution in a Simulation TestNov 14 2016Premise of the Study: Impatiens is a commonly seen garden flower, renowned for its strong adaptability and long history of cultivation. However, seldom has any research touched on its physiological resistance mechanism. In this experiment, the impatiens ... More
Supramolecular Thermo Aero-able Gelators (STAGs) for synthesis of hydrogelsJul 09 2012Jul 17 2013Supramolecular Thermo Aero-able Gelators (STAGs): tartaric acid, urea, and guanidine with amide and imine moieties as supramolecular synthons are introduced to cross-link and aerate ('aero-able') polyacrylate networks for synthesis of hydrogels. They ... More
Fast geometric gate operation of superconducting charge qubits in circuit QEDJan 08 2010Jul 09 2011A scheme for coupling superconducting charge qubits via a one-dimensional superconducting transmission line resonator is proposed. The qubits are working at their optimal points, where they are immune to the charge noise and possess long decoherence time. ... More
Interplay between non-Hermiticity and non-Abelian gauge potential in topological photonicsDec 06 2018Apr 22 2019Topological phases in spinless non-Hermitian models have been widely studied both theoretically and experimentally in some artificial materials using photonics, phononics and magnon. In this work, we investigate the interplay between non-Hermitian loss ... More
Generation of cluster states with Josephson charge qubitsMay 29 2006A scheme for the generation of the cluster states based on the Josephson charge qubit is proposed. The two-qubit generating case is first introduced, and then generalized to multi-qubit case. The scheme is simple and easily manipulated, because any two ... More
Constraining External Reverse Shock Physics of GRBs from ROTSE-III LimitsNov 07 2017Assuming that the early optical emission is dominated by the external reverse shock (RS) in the standard model of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), we intend to constrain RS models with the initial Lorentz factor $\Gamma_0$ of the outflows based on the ROTSE-III ... More
Constraining the Mass of the Photon with Gamma-Ray BurstsJul 12 2016One of the cornerstones of modern physics is Einstein's special relativity, with its constant speed of light and zero photon mass assumptions. Constraint on the rest mass m_{\gamma} of photons is a fundamental way to test Einstein's theory, as well as ... More
Tunable interfaces for realizing universal quantum computation with topological qubitsMar 13 2013Aug 20 2013We propose to implement tunable interfaces for realizing universal quantum computation with topological qubits. One interface is between the topological and superconducting qubits, which can realize arbitrary single-qubit gate on the topological qubit. ... More
Multicolor photometry of the galaxies in the central region of Abell 2634Jan 16 2002An optical photometric observation with the BATC multicolor system is carried out for the central 56' x 56' region of the nearby cluster of galaxies, Abell 2634. We achieved the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of 5572 sources detected down to $V ... More
Fast holonomic quantum computation based on solid-state spins with all-optical controlMay 24 2017Oct 10 2017Holonomic quantum computation is a quantum computation strategy that promises some built-in noise-resilience features. Here, we propose a scheme for nonadiabatic holonomic quantum computation with nitrogen-vacancy center electron spins, which are characterized ... More
Long GRBs as a Tool to Investigate Star Formation in Dark Matter HalosNov 14 2015First stars can only form in structures that are suitably dense, which can be parametrized by the minimum dark matter halo mass $M_{\rm min}$. $M_{\rm min}$ must plays an important role in star formation. The connection of long gamma-ray bursts (LGRBs) ... More
Is $Z_b(10610)$ a Molecular State?Feb 10 2012Mar 28 2012Whether molecular states indeed exist in nature has been disputed for a long time. Several new resonances have been observed in the recent experiments and they seem to be of exotic structures and some of them have been proposed to be molecular states. ... More
Quantum dense coding via atomic ensembles without prior distributed entangled stateNov 29 2005Jun 30 2006We investigate a scheme for implementing quantum dense coding via atomic ensembles, where prior distribution of the quantum entangled state is not needed. Our scheme also combines another two distinct advantages: atomic ensembles qubits with long coherent ... More
Teleportation for atomic entangled state by entanglement swapping with separate measurements in cavity QEDAug 04 2005Jan 03 2006Experimentally feasible scheme for teleportation of atomic entangled state via entanglement swapping is proposed in cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED) without joint Bell-state measurement (BSM). In the teleportation processes the interaction between ... More
Implementing Genuine Multi-Qubit Entanglement of Two-Level-System Inside a Superconducting Phase QubitApr 08 2009The interaction between a superconducting phase qubit and the two-level systems locating inside the Josephson tunnel barrier is shown to be described by the XY model, which is naturally used to implement the iSWAP gate. With this gate, we propose a scheme ... More
Measurement based Controlled Not gate for topological qubits in a Majorana fermion quantum-dot hybrid systemJan 27 2012Mar 03 2013We propose a scheme to implement Controlled Not-gate for topological qubits in a quantum-dot-Majorana-fermion hybrid system. Quantum information is encoded on pairs of Majorana fermions, which live on the the interface between topologically trivial and ... More
Simulation of anyonic fractional statistics of Kitaev's toric model in circuit QEDJan 11 2011Feb 19 2011Since the anyonic excitations in the Kitaev toric model are perfectly localized quasiparticles, it is possible to generate dynamically the ground state and the excitations of the model Hamiltonian to simulate the anyonic interferometry. We propose a scheme ... More
High fidelity quantum state transfer in electromechanical systems with intermediate couplingAug 29 2014Hybrid quantum systems usually consist of two or more subsystems, which may take the advantages of the different systems. Recently, the hybrid system consisting of circuit electromechanical subsystems have attracted great attention due to its advanced ... More
Research on the Design and Simulation of the CSRe Stochastic Cooling SystemFeb 13 2014Stochastic cooling, as the different cooling mechanism from electron cooling, is designed and constructed on CSRe (experimental Cooling Storage Ring) in HIRFL (Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou) at present. The beam extracted from CSRm (main Cooling ... More
$Σ_{b}\toΣ_c$ and $Ω_b\toΩ_c$ weak decays in the light-front quark modelJul 15 2012Aug 07 2012The successful operation of LHC provides a great opportunity to study the processes where heavy baryons are involved. {In this work we mainly study} the weak transitions of $\Sigma_b\to \Sigma_c$. Assuming the reasonable quark-diquark structure where ... More
Cavity QED implementation of non-adiabatic holonomies for universal quantum gates in decoherence-free subspaces with nitrogen-vacancy centersMay 20 2015A cavity QED implementation of the non-adiabatic holonomic quantum computation in decoherence-free subspaces is proposed with nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled commonly to the whispering-gallery mode of a microsphere cavity, where a universal set of quantum ... More
Improved self-energy correction method for accurate and efficient band structure calculationJan 10 2017Jan 31 2017The LDA-1/2 method for self-energy correction is a powerful tool for calculating accurate band structures of semiconductors, while keeping the computational load as low as standard LDA. Nevertheless, controversies remain regarding the arbitrariness of ... More
Quantum state conversion in opto-electro-mechanical systems via shortcut to adiabaticityDec 18 2016Aug 29 2017Adiabatic process has found many important applications in modern physics, the distinct merit of which is that it does not need accurate control over the timing of the process. However, it is a slow process, which limits the application in quantum computation, ... More
All-electrically reading out and initializing topological qubits with quantum dotsApr 04 2013We analyze the reading and initialization of a topological qubit encoded by Majorana fermions in one-dimensional semiconducting nanowires, weakly coupled to a single level quantum dot (QD). It is shown that when the Majorana fermions are fused by tuning ... More
Graph Convolutional Transformer: Learning the Graphical Structure of Electronic Health RecordsJun 11 2019Effective modeling of electronic health records (EHR) is rapidly becoming an important topic in both academia and industry. A recent study showed that utilizing the graphical structure underlying EHR data (e.g. relationship between diagnoses and treatments) ... More
Simulation of the spin-boson model with superconducting phase qubit coupled to a transmission lineDec 28 2010Based on the rapid experimental developments of circuit QED, we propose a feasible scheme to simulate a spin-boson model with the superconducting circuits, which can be used to detect quantum Kosterlitz-Thouless (KT) phase transition. We design the spin-boson ... More
Parameterized Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems Above Average with Global Cardinality ConstraintsNov 02 2015Given a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) on $n$ variables, $x_1, x_2, \dots, x_n \in \{\pm 1\}$, and $m$ constraints, a global cardinality constraint is in the form of $\sum_{i = 1}^{n} x_i = (1-2p)n$, where $p \in (\Omega(1), 1 - \Omega(1))$ and ... More
Macroscopic Klein Tunneling in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein CondensatesApr 04 2011Jan 26 2012We propose an experimental scheme to detect macroscopic Klein tunneling with spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). We show that a nonlinear Dirac equation with tunable parameters can be realized with such BECs. %in a simple configuration ... More
Tunable interaction of superconducting flux qubits in circuit QEDNov 24 2015We propose to implement tunable interaction of superconducting flux qubits with cavity-assisted interaction and strong driving. The qubits have a three-level Lambda configuration, and the decay of the excited state will be greatly suppressed due to the ... More
Ab initio simulation of $\mathrm{Ta_2O_5}$: A high symmetry ground state phase with application to interface calculationDec 12 2018Dec 28 2018We suggest a tetragonal $I4_1/amd$ phase ($\eta$-phase) as the ground state of $\mathrm{Ta_2O_5}$ at zero temperature, which is a high symmetry version of the triclinic $\gamma$-phase $\mathrm{Ta_2O_5}$ predicted by Yang and Kawazoe. Our calculation shows ... More
Bilinear Representation for Language-based Image Editing Using Conditional Generative Adversarial NetworksMar 18 2019The task of Language-Based Image Editing (LBIE) aims at generating a target image by editing the source image based on the given language description. The main challenge of LBIE is to disentangle the semantics in image and text and then combine them to ... More
Realization of Composite and Single-loop Nonadiabatic Holonomic Quantum Computation in a Decoherence-free SubspaceFeb 26 2019High-fidelity quantum gates are essential for large scale quantum computation, which can naturally be realized in a noise resilient way. It is well-known that geometric manipulation and decoherence-free subspace encoding are promising ways towards robust ... More
Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited SupervisionNov 17 2017Jun 20 2018Accurate identification and localization of abnormalities from radiology images play an integral part in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. Building a highly accurate prediction model for these tasks usually requires a large number of images manually ... More
Reverse Nearest Neighbor Heat Maps: A Tool for Influence ExplorationFeb 01 2016Feb 02 2016We study the problem of constructing a reverse nearest neighbor (RNN) heat map by finding the RNN set of every point in a two-dimensional space. Based on the RNN set of a point, we obtain a quantitative influence (i.e., heat) for the point. The heat map ... More
Detecting non-Abelian statistics of Majorana fermions in quantum nanowire networksJun 25 2011Sep 20 2011We propose a scheme in semiconducting quantum nanowires structure to demonstrate the non-Abelian statistics for Majorana fermions in terms of braid group. The Majorana fermions are localized at the endpoints of semiconducting wires, which are deposited ... More
Topological quantum memory interfacing atomic and superconducting qubitsJan 17 2013Feb 22 2016We propose a scheme to manipulate a topological spin qubit which is realized with cold atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice. In particular, by introducing a quantum opto-electro-mechanical interface, we are able to first transfer a superconducting ... More
Fast Radio Bursts from the Inspiral of Double Neutron StarsMar 07 2016Apr 14 2016In this paper we propose that a fast radio burst (FRB) could originate from the magnetic interaction between double neutron stars (NSs) during their final inspiral within the framework of a unipolar inductor model. In this model, an electromotive force ... More
SDSS J094635.06+101706.1: a redshift one, very radio-loud, γ-ray emitting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxyJun 07 2019As hybrids of narrow-line Seyfert 1 (NLS1) galaxies and blazars, {\gamma}-ray emitting NLS1s are important probes of jet physics in the high Eddington-ratio regime. Only very few of them are known to date; the majority of them below redshift z = 0.5. ... More
Synthetic spin-orbit coupling and topological polaritons in Janeys-Cummings latticesJan 25 2018May 09 2019The interaction between a photon and a qubit in the Janeys-Cummings (JC) model generates a kind of quasiparticle called polariton. While they are widely used in quantum optics, difficulties in engineering controllable coupling of them severely limit their ... More
Quantum controlled phase gate and cluster states generation via two superconducting quantum interference devices in a cavityJul 06 2006A scheme for implementing 2-qubit quantum controlled phase gate (QCPG) is proposed with two superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) in a cavity. The gate operations are realized within the two lower flux states of the SQUIDs by using a quantized ... More
Detecting Topological Phases of Microwave Photons in a Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics LatticeJun 03 2015Jun 22 2016Topology is an important degree of freedom in characterizing electronic systems. Recently, it also brings new theoretical frontiers and many potential applications in photonics. However, the verification of the topological nature is highly nontrivial ... More
$\mathrm{BaAs_3}$: A narrow gap 2D semiconductor with vacancy-induced semiconductor-metal transitionApr 18 2019Searching for novel two-dimensional (2D) materials is highly desired in the field of nanoelectronics. We here propose a new 2D crystal barium tri-arsenide ($\mathrm{BaAs_3}$) with a series of encouraging functionalities. Being kinetically and thermally ... More
Quantum carpets from Gaussian sum theoryAug 29 2018In many closed quantum systems, an interesting phenomenon, called quantum carpet, can be observed, where the evolution of wave function exhibits a carpet-like pattern. The mechanism of quantum carpet is similar to the classical interference pattern of ... More
A Complete Reference of the Analytical Synchrotron External Shock Models of Gamma-Ray BurstsOct 08 2013Gamma-ray bursts are most luminous explosions in the universe. Their ejecta are believed to move towards Earth with a relativistic speed. The interaction between this "relativistic jet" and a circum burst medium drives a pair of (forward and reverse) ... More
3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation from a Single RGB ImageMar 03 2019Apr 20 2019This work addresses a novel and challenging problem of estimating the full 3D hand shape and pose from a single RGB image. Most current methods in 3D hand analysis from monocular RGB images only focus on estimating the 3D locations of hand keypoints, ... More
M Times Photon Subtraction-Addition Coherent Superposition Operated Odd-Schrődinger-cat State: Nonclassicality and DecoherenceJul 26 2014We introduce a new non-Gaussian state, generated by m times coherent superposition operation $a\cos \theta +a^{\dagger }e^{i\varphi }\sin \theta $ (MCSO) on odd-Schrodinger-cat state (OSCS). Its normalized constant is turned out to be related with the ... More
Implementation of Grover search algorithm with Josephson charge qubitsSep 27 2006Mar 12 2007A scheme of implementing the Grover search algorithm based on Josephson charge qubits has been proposed, which would be a key step to scale more complex quantum algorithms and very important for constructing a real quantum computer via Josephson charge ... More
Quantum computing through electron propagation in the edge states of quantum spin Hall systemsJun 27 2013Apr 03 2014We propose to implement quantum computing based on electronic spin qubits by controlling the propagation of the electron wave packets through the helical edge states of quantum spin Hall systems (QSHs). Specfically, two non-commutative single-qubit gates, ... More
High cumulants of conserved charges and their statistical uncertaintiesSep 07 2017We study the influence of measured high cumulants of conserved charges on their associated statistical uncertainties in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. With a given number of events, the measured cumulants randomly fluctuate with an approximately normal ... More
Planar penta-transition metal phosphide and arsenide as narrow-bandgap semiconductors from first principle calculationsNov 12 2018Searching for materials with single atom-thin as well as planar structure, like graphene and borophene, is one of the most attractive themes in two dimensional materials. Herein, using density functional theory calculations, we have proposed a series ... More
Towards Ultra-High Performance and Energy Efficiency of Deep Learning Systems: An Algorithm-Hardware Co-Optimization FrameworkFeb 18 2018Hardware accelerations of deep learning systems have been extensively investigated in industry and academia. The aim of this paper is to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency and performance for hardware implementations of deep neural networks (DNNs). ... More
Observation of topological magnon insulator states in a superconducting circuitJan 17 2019Searching topological states of matter in tunable artificial systems has recently become a rapidly growing field of research. Meanwhile, significant experimental progresses on observing topological phenomena have been made in superconducting circuits. ... More
Probing non-Abelian anyonic statistics with cold atoms in an optical latticeApr 01 2013May 30 2013We propose a scheme to probe the non-Abelian statistics of the collective anyonic excitation in Kitaev's honeycomb model with cold atoms in an optical lattice. The generation of the anyonic excitation can be realized by simple rotating operation acting ... More
Single-photon transport and mechanical NOON state generation in microcavity optomechanicsOct 16 2012We investigate the single-photon transport in a single-mode optical fiber coupled to an optomechanical system in the single-photon strong-coupling regime. The single-photon transmission amplitude is analytically obtained with a real-space approach and ... More
Implementing universal nonadiabatic holonomic quantum gates with transmonsOct 09 2017May 10 2018Geometric phases are well known to be noise-resilient in quantum evolutions/operations. Holonomic quantum gates provide us with a robust way towards universal quantum computation, as these quantum gates are actually induced by nonabelian geometric phases. ... More
Deep CFHT Y-band imaging of VVDS-F22 field: I. data products and photometric redshiftsDec 04 2016Aug 20 2018We present our deep $Y$-band imaging data of a two square degree field within the F22 region of the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. The observations were conducted using the WIRCam instrument mounted at the Canada--France--Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). The total on-sky ... More
How to locate the QCD phase boundary by scanning observable in the phase planeMay 11 2018Nov 29 2018For small volume of the quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy ion collisions, the observable near criticality must obey finite-size scaling. According to the finite-size scaling, there exists a fixed point at the critical temperature, where scaled susceptibility ... More
Topological spin excitations observed in a three-dimensional antiferromagnetNov 02 2017Band topology, or global wave-function structure that enforces novel properties in the bulk and on the surface of crystalline materials, is currently under intense investigations for both fundamental interest and its technological promises. While band ... More
On the Universal Approximation Property and Equivalence of Stochastic Computing-based Neural Networks and Binary Neural NetworksMar 14 2018Jun 09 2018Large-scale deep neural networks are both memory intensive and computation-intensive, thereby posing stringent requirements on the computing platforms. Hardware accelerations of deep neural networks have been extensively investigated in both industry ... More
Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Simulator of Flat Band Physics in Lieb latticeMar 15 2016Jun 22 2016The concept of flat band plays an important role in strongly-correlated many-body physics. However, the demonstration of the flat band physics is highly nontrivial due to intrinsic limitations in conventional condensed matter materials. Here we propose ... More
Producing GHZ state of nitrogen-vacancy centers in cavity QEDApr 01 2013Jun 04 2013We propose a scheme to generate GHZ state of nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a whispering-gallery mode cavity. The implemented evolution is independent on the cavity field state with the assistant of a strong classical field, and thus not sensitive ... More
Time evolution of flares in GRB 130925A: jet precession in black hole accretion systemJan 13 2014GRB 130925A, composed of three gamma-ray emission episodes and a series of orderly flares, has been detected by $Swift$, Fermi, Konus-$Wind$, and $INTEGRAL$. If the third weakest gamma-ray episode can be considered as a giant flare, we find that after ... More