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Hopf Structures on Minimal Hopf QuiversSep 09 2009In this paper we investigate pointed Hopf algebras via quiver methods. We classify all possible Hopf structures arising from minimal Hopf quivers, namely basic cycles and the linear chain. This provides full local structure information for general pointed ... More
Efficient Trajectory Optimization for Robot Motion PlanningOct 09 2018Motion planning for multi-jointed robots is challenging. Due to the inherent complexity of the problem, most existing works decompose motion planning as easier subproblems. However, because of the inconsistent performance metrics, only sub-optimal solution ... More
Bulk-deformed potentials for toric Fano surfaces, wall-crossing and periodDec 20 2018Feb 27 2019We provide an inductive algorithm to compute the bulk-deformed potentials for toric Fano surfaces via wall-crossing techniques and a tropical-holomorphic correspondence theorem for holomorphic discs. As an application of the correspondence theorem, we ... More
Predicting potential treatments for complex diseases based on miRNA and tissue specificityJun 30 2017Drug repositioning, that is finding new uses for existing drugs to treat more patients. Cumulative studies demonstrate that the mature miRNAs as well as their precursors can be targeted by small molecular drugs. At the same time, human diseases result ... More
Asymptotics of the Charlier polynomials via difference equation methodsJan 18 2019We derive uniform and non-uniform asymptotics of the Charlier polynomials by using difference equation methods alone. The Charlier polynomials are special in that they do not fit into the framework of the turning point theory, despite the fact that they ... More
Tunable spinful matter wave valveMay 21 2018We investigate the transport problem that a spinful matter wave is incident on a strong localized spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate in optical lattices, where the localization is admitted by atom interaction only existing at one particular site, ... More
Factorized Three-body S-Matrix Restrained by Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum EntanglementsNov 25 2013This paper investigates the physical effects of Yang-Baxter equation (YBE) to quantum entanglements through the 3-body S-matrix in entangling parameter space. The explicit form of 3-body S-matrix $\breve{R}_{123}(\theta,\varphi)$ based on the 2-body S-matrices ... More
The Coexistence of van Hove Singularities and Superlattice Dirac Points in a Slightly Twisted Graphene BilayerNov 15 2012Apr 12 2013We consider the electronic structure of a slightly twisted graphene bilayer and show the coexistence of van Hove singularities (VHSs) and superlattice Dirac points in a continuum approximation. The graphene-on-graphene moir\'e pattern gives rise to a ... More
Beamforming Design for Max-Min Fair SWIPT in Green Cloud-RAN with Wireless FronthaulMay 06 2018In this paper, a joint beamforming design for max-min fair simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is investigated in a green cloud radio access network (Cloud-RAN) with millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless fronthaul. To achieve a balanced ... More
Chiral Tunnelling in Twisted Graphene BilayerJan 31 2013Apr 12 2013The perfect transmission in graphene monolayer and the perfect reflection in Bernal graphene bilayer for electrons incident in the normal direction of a potential barrier are viewed as two incarnations of the Klein paradox. Here we show a new and unique ... More
Electronic Structure of a Two-Dimensional Graphene-Like Topological Insulator, Bi14Rh3I9May 01 2013May 04 2013Very recently, a new two-dimensional graphene-like topological insulator, Bi14Rh3I9, has been synthesized. The Bi-Rh sheets with a strong spin-orbit interaction are graphene analogues with a honeycomb net composed of RhBi8 cubes. Here we derive the low-energy ... More
Energy-efficient Analytics for Geographically Distributed Big DataAug 10 2017Aug 26 2017Big data analytics on geographically distributed datasets (across data centers or clusters) has been attracting increasing interests from both academia and industry, but also significantly complicates the system and algorithm designs. In this article, ... More
Bell-CHSH function approach to quantum phase transitions in matrix product systemsApr 13 2013Recently, nonlocality and Bell inequalities have been used to investigate quantum phase transitions (QPTs) in low-dimensional quantum systems. Nonlocality can be detected by the Bell-CHSH function (BCF). In this work, we extend the study of BCF to the ... More
Energy-Throughput Tradeoff in Sustainable Cloud-RAN with Energy HarvestingMay 08 2017In this paper, we investigate joint beamforming for energy-throughput tradeoff in a sustainable cloud radio access network system, where multiple base stations (BSs) powered by independent renewable energy sources will collaboratively transmit wireless ... More
Electronic and Structural Properties of C$_{36}$ MoleculeApr 26 2000Apr 27 2000The extended SSH model and Bogoliubov-de Gennes(BdeG) formalism are applied to investigate the electronic properties and stable lattice configurations of C$_{36}$. We focus the problem on the molecule's unusual $D_{6h}$ symmetry. The electronic part of ... More
Quantum fluctuations of $D_{5d}$ polarons on $C_{60}$ moleculesJun 24 1994The dynamic Jahn-Teller splitting of the six equivalent $D_{5d}$ polarons due to quantum fluctuations is studied in the framework of the Bogoliubov-de Gennes formalism. The tunneling induced level splittings are determined to be $^2 T_{1u} \bigoplus ^2 ... More
Uniform asymptotics for discrete orthogonal polynomials on infinite nodes with an accumulation pointOct 15 2014In this paper, we develop the Riemann-Hilbert method to study the asymptotics of discrete orthogonal polynomials on infinite nodes with an accumulation point. To illustrate our method, we consider the Tricomi-Carlitz polynomials $f_n^{(\alpha)}(z)$ where ... More
Weights with both absolutely continuous and discrete components: Asymptotics via the Riemann-Hilbert approachDec 30 2014We study the uniform asymptotics for the orthogonal polynomials with respect to weights composed of both absolutely continuous measure and discrete measure, by taking a special class of the sieved Pollazek Polynomials as an example. The Plancherel-Rotach ... More
Violation of Bell inequality in perfect translation invariant systemsAug 01 2013Bell inequalities and nonlocality have been widely studied in one-dimensional quantum systems. As a kind of quantum correlation, it is expected that bipartite nonlocaity should be present in quantum systems, just as bipartite entanglement does. Surprisingly, ... More
On the $K$-theoretic Hall algebra of a surfaceJan 03 2019In this paper, we define the $K$-theoretic Hall algebra for $0$-dimensional coherent sheaves on a smooth projective surface, prove that the algebra is associative and construct a homomorphism to a redefined shuffle algebra analogous to Negut.
Large-time rescaling behaviors of Stokes and Hele-Shaw flows driven by injectionJun 04 2009In this paper, we give a precise description of the rescaling behaviors of global strong polynomial solutions to the reformulation of zero surface tension Hele-Shaw problem driven by injection, the Polubarinova-Galin equation, in terms of Richardson complex ... More
Classification of degree three polynomial solutions to the Polubarinova-Galin equationSep 19 2013The Polubarinova-Galin equation is derived from zero-surface-tension Hele-Shaw flow driven by injection. In this paper, we classify degree three polynomial solutions to the Polubarinova-Galin equation into three categories: global solutions, solutions ... More
Perturbation theorems for Hele-Shaw flows and their applicationsMay 21 2010In this work, we give a perturbation theorem for strong polynomial solutions to the zero surface tension Hele-Shaw equation driven by injection or suction, so called the Polubarinova-Galin equation. This theorem enables us to explore properties of solutions ... More
Extraordinary second harmonic generation in ReS2 atomic crystalsAug 12 2018We report the observations of unexpected layer-dependent, strong, and anisotropic second harmonic generations (SHGs) in atomically thin ReS2. Appreciable (negligible) SHGs are obtained from even (odd) numbers of ReS2 layers, which is opposite to the layer-dependence ... More
Theoretical search for half-Heusler topological insulatorsMay 06 2014We have performed ab-initio band structure calculations on more than two thousand half-Heusler compounds in order to search for new candidates for topological insulators. Herein, LiAuS and NaAuS are found to be the strongest topological insulators with ... More
Implications for dark matter annihilation from the AMS-02 $\bar{p}/p$ ratioApr 27 2015The AMS-02 collaboration has just released the cosmic antiproton to proton ratio $\bar{p}/p$ with a high precision up to $\sim 450$ GeV. In this work, we calculate the secondary antiprotons generated by cosmic ray interactions with the interstellar medium ... More
Real-Time Robust Finger Gaits Planning under Object Shape and Dynamics UncertaintiesOct 27 2017Dexterous manipulation has broad applications in assembly lines, warehouses and agriculture. To perform large-scale manipulation tasks for various objects, a multi-fingered robotic hand sometimes has to sequentially adjust its grasping gestures, i.e. ... More
Metrology of time-domain soft X-ray attosecond pulses and re-evaluation of pulse durations of three recent experimentsMay 23 2019Attosecond pulses in the soft-X-ray (SXR) to water-window energy region offer the tools for creating and studying target specific localized inner-shell electrons or holes in materials, enable monitoring or controlling charge and energy flows in a dynamic ... More
Photon-assisted Fano Resonance and Corresponding Shot-Noise in a Quantum DotApr 02 2003We have studied the Fano resonance in photon-assisted transport in a quantum dot and calculated both the coherent current and spectral density of shot noise. It is predicted, for the first time, that the shape of Fano profile will also appear in satellite ... More
Spin Splitting Induced by a Competition between Quantum Spin Hall Edge States and Valley Edge StatesOct 07 2013Oct 17 2013Strained graphene with lattice deformations has been demonstrated to give rise to large pseudomagnetic fields and host many exotic properties. Here, we propose a non-magnetic approach to realize a momentum-dependent out-of-plane spin splitting in strained ... More
Anomalous compressibility behavior of chromium monoaresenide under high pressureOct 24 2014CrAs was firstly observed possessing the bulk superconductivity (Tc~2 K) under high pressure (0.8 GPa) in the very recent work (Wei Wu, et al. Nature Communications 5, 5508 (2014)). To explore the correlation between the structure and the superconductivity, ... More
A Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Energy Harvesting in Large Scale Wireless NetworksJun 02 2018In this paper, the theoretical sustainable capacity of wireless networks with radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting is analytically studied. Specifically, we consider a large scale wireless network where base stations (BSs) and low power wireless devices ... More
T-GCN: A Temporal Graph ConvolutionalNetwork for Traffic PredictionNov 12 2018Dec 31 2018Accurate and real-time traffic forecasting plays an important role in the Intelligent Traffic System and is of great significance for urban traffic planning, traffic management, and traffic control. However, traffic forecasting has always been considered ... More
Bow-tie topological features of metabolic networks and the functional significanceNov 04 2006Exploring the structural topology of genome-based large-scale metabolic network is essential for investigating possible relations between structure and functionality. Visualization would be helpful for obtaining immediate information about structural ... More
New zirconium hydrides predicted by structure search method based on first principles calculationsMar 03 2017May 05 2017The formation of precipitated zirconium (Zr) hydrides is closely related to the hydrogen embrittlement problem for the cladding materials of pressured water reactors (PWR). In this work, we systematically investigated the crystal structures of zirconium ... More
The effects of degree correlations on network topologies and robustnessNov 08 2006Mar 20 2007Complex networks have been applied to model numerous interactive nonlinear systems in the real world. Knowledge about network topology is crucial for understanding the function, performance and evolution of complex systems. In the last few years, many ... More
A systematic study on the cosmic ray antiproton fluxDec 13 2016Recently the AMS-02 collaboration has published the measurement of the cosmic antiproton to proton ratio $\bar{p}/p$ and the $\bar{p}$ flux with a high precision up to $\sim 450\,\mathrm{GeV}$. In this work, we perform a systematic analysis of the secondary ... More
PEA265: Perceptual Assessment of Video Compression ArtifactsMar 01 2019The most widely used video encoders share a common hybrid coding framework that includes block-based motion estimation/compensation and block-based transform coding. Despite their high coding efficiency, the encoded videos often exhibit visually annoying ... More
New Developments in Laser-Based Photoemission Spectroscopy and its Scientific Applications: a Key Issues ReviewApr 12 2018The significant progress in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) in last three decades has elevated it from a traditional band mapping tool to a precise probe of many-body interactions and dynamics of quasiparticles in complex quantum systems. ... More
Combining Predictions of Auto Insurance ClaimsAug 27 2018This paper aims at achieving better performance of prediction by combining candidate predictions, with the focus on the highly-skewed auto insurance claim cost data. We analyze a version of the Kangaroo Auto Insurance company data, and incorporate different ... More
Cheating-Resilient Incentive Scheme for Mobile Crowdsensing SystemsJan 08 2017Mobile Crowdsensing is a promising paradigm for ubiquitous sensing, which explores the tremendous data collected by mobile smart devices with prominent spatial-temporal coverage. As a fundamental property of Mobile Crowdsensing Systems, temporally recruited ... More
A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Green C-RANMar 28 2018In this paper, we consider a green cloud radio access network (C-RAN) with simultaneous wireless and power transfer ability. In order to reduce the energy consumed for updating the chanel state information (CSI), energy users are divided into two different ... More
FAST ultra-wideband observation of abnormal emission-shift events of PSR B0919+06Mar 15 2019PSR B0919+06 is known for its abnormal emission phenomenon, where the pulse emission window occasionally shifts progressively in longitude and returns afterwards. The physical mechanism behind this phenomenon is still under investigation. In this paper, ... More
Blow-up of solutions to the nonlinear Schr$\bf{\ddot{O}}$dinger equations on standard N-sphere and hyperbolic N-spaceJan 07 2007In this paper, we partially settle down the long standing open problem of the finite time blow-up property about the nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger equations on some Riemannian manifolds like the standard 2-sphere $S^2$ and the hyperbolic 2-space $H^{2}(-1)$. ... More
Limit theorems for kernel density estimators under dependent samplesMay 25 2013Jun 06 2013In this paper, we construct a moment inequality for mixing dependent random variables, it is of independent interest. As applications, the consistency of the kernel density estimation is investigated. Several limit theorems are established: First, the ... More
Mixed-Mean Inequality for SubmatrixJan 30 2010For a $m\times n$ matrix $B=(b_{ij})_{m\times n}$ with nonnegative entries $b_{ij}$ and any $k\times l-$submatrix $B_{ij}$ of $B$, let $a_{B_{ij}}$ and $g_{B_{ij}}$ denote the arithmetic mean and geometric mean of elements of $B_{ij}$ respectively. It ... More
Uniqueness of ground states of some coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systems and their applicationAug 02 2007We establish the uniqueness of ground states of some coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systems in the whole space. We firstly use Schwartz symmetrization to obtain the existence of ground states for a more general case. To prove the uniqueness of ground states, ... More
A Stochastic Hybrid System Approach to Aggregated Load Modeling for Demand ResponseMar 24 2015Nov 29 2015Nondisruptive demand response programs often result in complex and fast aggregated load dynamics, which may lead to severe impact on the distribution and transition systems. Accurate modeling of aggregated load dynamics is of fundamental importance for ... More
Question Generation from a Knowledge Base with Web ExplorationOct 12 2016Feb 01 2017Question generation from a knowledge base (KB) is the task of generating questions related to the domain of the input KB. We propose a system for generating fluent and natural questions from a KB, which significantly reduces the human effort by leveraging ... More
Nonlocal elliptic equation in Hölder space and the martingale problemJul 01 2019The well-posedness of nonlocal elliptic equation with singular drift is investigated in Besov-H\"older spaces. As an application, we show the existence and uniqueness for corresponding martingale problem. Moreover, we prove that the one dimensional distribution ... More
On the dynamics of roots and poles for solutions of the Polubarinova-Galin equationDec 01 2011We study the dynamics of roots of f'(z,t), where f(z,t) is a locally univalent polynomial solution of the Polubarinova-Galin equation for the evolution of the conformal map onto a Hele-Shaw blob subject to injection at one point. We give examples of the ... More
Non-univalent solutions of the Polubarinova-Galin equationNov 07 2014We study non-univalent solutions of the Polubarinova-Galin equation, describing the time evolution of the conformal map from the unit disk onto a Hele-Shaw blob of fluid subject to injection at one point. In particular, we tackle the difficulties arising ... More
Identification of Topological Surface State in PdTe2 Superconductor by Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyMay 25 2015May 26 2015High resolution angle-resolved photoemission measurements have been carried out on transition metal dichalcogenide PdTe2 that is a superconductor with a Tc at 1.7 K. Combined with theoretical calculations, we have discovered for the first time the existence ... More
Discrimination of neutrons and γ-rays in liquid scintillator based on Elman neural networkSep 21 2015May 08 2016In this work, a new neutron and {\gamma}(n/{\gamma}) discrimination method based on an Elman Neural Network (ENN) is proposed to improve the discrimination performance of liquid scintillator (LS) detectors. Neutron and {\gamma} data were acquired from ... More
Bias current dependence of the spin lifetime in insulating Al$_{0.3}$Ga$_{0.7}$AsFeb 23 2014The spin lifetime and Hanle signal amplitude dependence on bias current has been investigated in insulating Al$_{0.3}$Ga$_{0.7}$As:Si using a three-terminal Hanle effect geometry. The amplitudes of the Hanle signals are much larger for forward bias than ... More
Towards a Theoretical Understanding of Hashing-Based Neural NetsDec 26 2018Feb 25 2019Parameter reduction has been an important topic in deep learning due to the ever-increasing size of deep neural network models and the need to train and run them on resource limited machines. Despite many efforts in this area, there were no rigorous theoretical ... More
Spin transport and accumulation in the persistent photoconductor Al$_{0.3}$Ga$_{0.7}$AsFeb 23 2014Electrical spin transport and accumulation have been measured in highly Si doped Al0.3Ga0.7As utilizing a lateral spin transport device. Persistent photoconductivity allows for the tuning of the effective carrier density of the channel material in situ ... More
Structured Adversarial Attack: Towards General Implementation and Better InterpretabilityAug 05 2018Feb 19 2019When generating adversarial examples to attack deep neural networks (DNNs), Lp norm of the added perturbation is usually used to measure the similarity between original image and adversarial example. However, such adversarial attacks perturbing the raw ... More
Towards a Theoretical Understanding of Hashing-Based Neural NetsDec 26 2018Parameter reduction has been an important topic in deep learning due to the ever-increasing size of deep neural network models and the need to train and run them on resource limited machines. Despite many efforts in this area, there were no rigorous theoretical ... More
One Password: An Encryption Scheme for Hiding Users' Register InformationOct 12 2017In recent years, the attack which leverages register information (e.g. accounts and passwords) leaked from 3rd party applications to try other applications is popular and serious. We call this attack "database collision". Traditionally, people have to ... More
A Framework for Computing on Large Dynamic GraphsDec 05 2015This proposal presents a graph computing framework intending to support both online and offline computing on large dynamic graphs efficiently. The framework proposes a new data model to support rich evolving vertex and edge data types. It employs a replica-coherence ... More
Invisibility Cloak Printed on a Photonic ChipJun 22 2016Invisibility cloak capable of hiding an object can be achieved by properly manipulating electromagnetic field. Such a remarkable ability has been shown in transformation and ray optics. Alternatively, it may be realistic to create a spatial cloak by means ... More
Lattice Calculation of Parton Distribution Function from LaMET at Physical Pion Mass with Large Nucleon MomentumMar 12 2018May 18 2018We present a lattice-QCD calculation of the unpolarized isovector parton distribution function (PDF) using ensembles at the physical pion mass with large proton boost momenta $P_z \in \{2.2,2.6,3.0\}$~GeV within the framework of large-momentum effective ... More
Unpolarized quark distribution from lattice QCD: A systematic analysis of renormalization and matchingJul 17 2018We present a detailed lattice calculation of the unpolarized isovector quark PDF from the large-momentum effective theory approach. In this calculation, the quasi-PDF is defined by a spatial correlator that is free from mixing with operators of the same ... More
Identification of a Large Amount of Excess Fe in Superconducting Single-Layer FeSe/SrTiO3 FilmsApr 09 2019The single-layer FeSe films grown on SrTiO3 (STO) substrates have attracted much attention because of its record high superconducting critical temperature (Tc). It is usually believed that the composition of the epitaxially grown single-layer FeSe/STO ... More
A joint-optimization NSAF algorithm based on the first-order Markov modelSep 14 2016Sep 18 2016Recently, the normalized subband adaptive filter (NSAF) algorithm has attracted much attention for handling the colored input signals. Based on the first-order Markov model of the optimal tap-weight vector, this paper provides a convergence analysis of ... More
A Band-independent Variable Step Size Proportionate Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter AlgorithmApr 18 2016May 31 2016Proportionate-type normalized suband adaptive filter (PNSAF-type) algorithms are very attractive choices for echo cancellation. To further obtain both fast convergence rate and low steady-state error, in this paper, a variable step size (VSS) version ... More
SCEF: A Support-Confidence-aware Embedding Framework for Knowledge Graph RefinementFeb 18 2019Knowledge graph (KG) refinement mainly aims at KG completion and correction (i.e., error detection). However, most conventional KG embedding models only focus on KG completion with an unreasonable assumption that all facts in KG hold without noises, ignoring ... More
$\mathcal{W}$-Entropy formulae and differential Harnack estimates for porous medium equations on Riemannian manifoldsJun 05 2018In this paper, we prove Perelman type $\mathcal{W}$-entropy formulae and global differential Harnack estimates for positive solutions to porous medium equation on the closed Riemannian manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below. As applications, we ... More
A Novel Variable Step Size NLMS Algorithm Based on the Power Estimate of the System NoiseApr 21 2015To overcome the tradeoff of the conventional normalized least mean square (NLMS) algorithm between fast convergence rate and low steady-state misalignment, this paper proposes a variable step size (VSS) NLMS algorithm by devising a new strategy to update ... More
Additivity of entanglement of formation via entanglement-breaking spaceJan 14 2019We study the entanglement-breaking (EB) space, such that the entanglement of formation (EOF) of a bipartite quantum state is additive when its range is an EB subspace. We systematically construct the EB spaces in the Hilbert space $\bbC^m\otimes\bbC^3$, ... More
Finite difference schemes for multi-term time-fractional mixed diffusion-wave equationsJul 24 2016The multi-term time-fractional mixed diffusion-wave equations (TFMDWEs) are considered and the numerical method with its error analysis is presented in this paper. First, a $L2$ approximation is proved with first order accuracy to the Caputo fractional ... More
Dirac quantization condition with the superconducting stateMay 10 2002Nov 14 2002The author argues that the Dirac quantization condition might imply the existence of an undiscovered electromagnetic structure which governs the quantization of the electric charge and the quantization of the magnetic flux in the superconducting state. ... More
State Transitions in Ultracompact Neutron Star LMXBs: towards the Low Luminosity LimitNov 21 2017Luminosity of X-ray spectral state transitions in black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries can put constraint on the critical mass accretion rate between accretion regimes. Previous studies indicate that the hard-to-soft spectral state transitions in ... More
On the Schmidt-rank-three bipartite and multipartite unitary operatorJul 21 2014Oct 21 2014Unitary operations are physically implementable. We further the understanding of such operations by studying the possible forms of nonlocal unitary operators, which are bipartite or multipartite unitary operators that are not tensor product operators. ... More
Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on Elliptic K3 Surfaces and Wall-CrossingDec 15 2014Aug 04 2016In this paper, we study holomorphic discs in K3 surfaces and defined the open Gromov-Witten invariants. Using this new invariant, we can establish a version of correspondence between tropical discs and holomorphic discs with non-trivial invariants. We ... More
Convergence Analysis of an Unconditionally Energy Stable Linear Crank-Nicolson Scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard EquationOct 09 2017Efficient and unconditionally stable high order time marching schemes are very important but not easy to construct for nonlinear phase dynamics. In this paper, we propose and analysis an efficient stabilized linear Crank-Nicolson scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard ... More
A Lattice Study of $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ Near-threshold ScatteringJan 31 2016Jun 28 2016In this exploratory lattice study, low-energy near threshold scattering of the $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ meson system is analyzed using lattice QCD with $N_f=2$ twisted mass fermion configurations. Both s-wave ($J^P=0^-$) and p-wave ($J^P=1^+$) channels ... More
Investigating Close-in Exoplanets through Transit ObservationsAug 05 2013Through the international collaborators, we recently established a network of existing and working meter-class telescopes to look for planetary transit events. As a first step, we focus on the TrES3 system, and conclude that there could be some level ... More
Study of Three Rotating Radio Transients with FASTMar 15 2019Rotating radio transients (RRATs) are peculiar astronomical objects whose emission mechanism remains under investigation. In this paper, we present observations of three RRATs, J1538+2345, J1854+0306 and J1913+1330, observed with the Five-hundred-meter ... More
Some Remarks on the Fermat EquationMay 07 2015Aug 22 2016With elementary number-theoretic concepts we prove six results neighboring on the Fermat's theorem; at least one of these results in principle induces an elementary proof of the Fermat's theorem.
Decomposition of bipartite and multipartite unitary gates into the product of controlled unitary gatesJan 12 2015Mar 18 2015We show that any unitary operator on the $d_A\times d_B$ system ($d_A\ge 2$) can be decomposed into the product of at most $4d_A-5$ controlled unitary operators. The number can be reduced to $2d_A-1$ when $d_A$ is a power of two. We also prove that three ... More
On the Tropical Discs Counting on Elliptic K3 Surfaces with General Singular FibresOct 29 2017Using Lagrangian Floer theory, we study the tropical geometry of K3 surfaces with general singular fibres. In particular, we give the local models for the type $I_n$, $II$, $III$ and $IV$ singular fibres in the Kodaira's classification and generalize ... More
Reduced Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on K3 Surfaces and Multiple Cover FormulaAug 31 2016In the paper, we study the wall-crossing phenomenon of reduced open Gromov-Witten invariants on K3 surfaces with rigid special Lagrangian boundary condition. As a corollary, we derived the multiple cover formula for the reduced open Gromov-Witten invariants. ... More
The Modeling and Quantification of Rhythmic to Non-rhythmic Phenomenon in Electrocardiography during AnesthesiaFeb 10 2015Variations of instantaneous heart rate appears regularly oscillatory in deeper levels of anesthesia and less regular in lighter levels of anesthesia. It is impossible to observe this "rhythmic-to-non-rhythmic" phenomenon from raw electrocardiography waveform ... More
Entanglement cost and entangling power of bipartite unitary and permutation operatorsJul 19 2015Apr 21 2016It is known that any bipartite unitary operator of Schmidt rank three is equivalent to a controlled unitary under local unitaries. We propose a standard form of such operators. Using the form we improve the upper bound for the entanglement cost to implement ... More
On Efficient Second Order Stabilized Semi-Implicit Schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard Phase-Field EquationAug 31 2017May 22 2018Efficient and energy stable high order time marching schemes are very important but not easy to construct for the study of nonlinear phase dynamics. In this paper, we propose and study two linearly stabilized second order semi-implicit schemes for the ... More
Energy Stable Second Order Linear Schemes for the Allen-Cahn Phase-Field EquationJul 06 2018Oct 31 2018Phase-field model is a powerful mathematical tool to study the dynamics of interface and morphology changes in fluid mechanics and material sciences. However, numerically solving a phase field model for a real problem is a challenge task due to the non-convexity ... More
Possible Transit Timing Variations of the TrES-3 Planetary SystemAug 12 2013Five newly observed transit light curves of the TrES-3 planetary system are presented. Together with other light curve data from literature, 23 transit light curves in total, which cover an overall timescale of 911 epochs, have been analyzed through a ... More
Nonlocal and controlled unitary operators of Schmidt rank threeMar 23 2014Jun 23 2014Implementing nonlocal unitary operators is an important and hard question in quantum computing and cryptography. We show that any bipartite nonlocal unitary operator of Schmidt rank three on the $(d_A \times d_B)$-dimensional system is locally equivalent ... More
Quantification of propidium iodide delivery with millisecond electric pulses: A model studyJan 27 2014A model study of propidium iodide delivery with millisecond electric pulses is presented; this work is a companion of the experimental efforts by Sadik et al. [1]. Both membrane permeabilization and delivery are examined with respect to six extra-cellular ... More
Reduced Open Gromov-Witten Invariants on HyperKäher ManifoldsApr 18 2014We use the hyperK\"aler geometry define an disc-counting invariants with deformable boundary condition on hyperK\"ahler manifolds. Unlike the reduced Gromov-Witten invariants, these invariants can have non-trivial wall-crossing phenomenon and are expected ... More
Initial Condition of the Inflationary Universe and Its Imprint on the Cosmic Microwave BackgroundOct 30 2017There is an apparent power deficit relative to the Lambda-CDM prediction of the CMB spectrum at large scales, which, though not yet statistically significant, persists from WMAP to Planck data. We first present a simple toy model corresponding to a network ... More
Entangling and assisted entangling power of bipartite unitary operationsApr 20 2016Oct 26 2016Nonlocal unitary operations can create quantum entanglement between distributed particles, and the quantification of created entanglement is a hard problem. It corresponds to the concepts of entangling and assisted entangling power when the input states ... More
From Static to Dynamic Tag Population Estimation: An Extended Kalman Filter PerspectiveNov 26 2015Tag population estimation has recently attracted significant research attention due to its paramount importance on a variety of radio frequency identification (RFID) applications. However, most, if not all, of existing estimation mechanisms are proposed ... More
Mutually unbiased bases in dimension six containing a product-vector basisMay 31 2017Jun 22 2017Excluding the existence of four MUBs in $\bbC^6$ is an open problem in quantum information. We investigate the number of product vectors in the set of four mutually unbiased bases (MUBs) in dimension six, by assuming that the set exists and contains a ... More
Electronic structure and nematic phase transition in superconducting multi-layer FeSe films grown by pulsed laser deposition methodJun 19 2017We report comprehensive angle-resolved photoemission investigations on the electronic structure of single crystal multiple-layer FeSe films grown on CaF2 substrate by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. Measurements on FeSe/CaF2 samples with different ... More
Modular co-evolution of metabolic networksSep 06 2007The architecture of biological networks has been reported to exhibit high level of modularity, and to some extent, topological modules of networks overlap with known functional modules. However, how the modular topology of the molecular network affects ... More
Crossover from Room-temperature Double-channel Ballistic Transport to Single-channel Ballistic Transport in Zigzag Graphene NanoribbonsAug 02 2014Jan 08 2015Very recently, it was demonstrated explicitly that a zigzag graphene nanoribbon (GNR) exhibits a crossover of conductance from G0 to G0/2 with increasing the length (G0 = 2e2/h is the quantum of conductance) even at room-temperature [Baringhaus, et al. ... More