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Elliptic flow of Lambda, Xi and Omega in 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisionsOct 13 2013Jan 23 2014The elliptic flow v_2 for strange and multi-strange bayons in 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisions is investigated with VISHNU hybrid model that connects 2+1-d viscous hydrodynamics with a hadron cascade model. It is found that VISHNU nicely describes v_2(p_T) ... More
Analyzing Solar Irradiance Variation From GPS and CamerasApr 19 2018The total amount of solar irradiance falling on the earth's surface is an important area of study amongst the photo-voltaic (PV) engineers and remote sensing analysts. The received solar irradiance impacts the total amount of generated solar energy. However, ... More
Correlating Satellite Cloud Cover with Sky CamerasAug 24 2017The role of clouds is manifold in understanding the various events in the atmosphere, and also in studying the radiative balance of the earth. The conventional manner of such cloud analysis is performed mainly via satellite images. However, because of ... More
Bursty Variations of Jovian 6cm Radio Emissions and Quasi-Periodic Jupiter's Polar ActivitiesJan 05 2012In reference to Jupiter south polar quasi-periodic 40-50 min (QP-40) activities and the model scenario for global QP-40 oscillations of the Jovian inner radiation belt (IRB), we validate relevant predictions and confirmations by amassing empirical evidence ... More
On the Importance of PWV in Detecting PrecipitationApr 19 2018With a rapid increase in the number of geostationary satellites around the earth's orbit, there has been a renewed interest in using Global Positioning System (GPS) to understand several phenomenon in earth's atmosphere. Such study using GPS devices are ... More
Analyzing Cloud Optical Properties Using Sky CamerasAug 24 2017Clouds play a significant role in the fluctuation of solar radiation received by the earth's surface. It is important to study the various cloud properties, as it impacts the total solar irradiance falling on the earth's surface. One of such important ... More
A hybrid model approach for strange and multi-strange hadrons in 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisionsJan 14 2015Mar 24 2015Using the VISHNU hybrid model, we calculate the multiplicity, spectra, and elliptic flow of $\Lambda$, $\Xi$ and $\Omega$ in 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisions. Comparisons between our calculations and the ALICE measurements show that the model generally describes ... More
The Sixth Sense with Artificial Intelligence: An Innovative Solution for Real-Time Retrieval of the Human Figure Behind Visual ObstructionMar 15 2019Overcoming the visual barrier and developing "see-through vision" has been one of mankind's long-standing dreams. However, visible light cannot travel through opaque obstructions (e.g. walls). Unlike visible light, though, Radio Frequency (RF) signals ... More
Cooling and Heating Solid Quark StarsDec 08 2009We present here a phenomenological solid quark star pulsar model to interpret the observed thermal X-ray emission of isolated pulsars. The heat capacity for solid quark stars was found to be quite small, so that the residual internal stellar heat gained ... More
Harmonic Summing Improves Pulsar Detection Sensitivity: A Probability AnalysisNov 17 2018Practical application of the harmonic summing technique in the power-spectrum analysis for searching pulsars has exhibited the technique's effectiveness. In this paper, theoretical verification of harmonic summing considering power's noise-signal probability ... More
Glitches detected in southern radio pulsarsNov 09 2012Parkes pulse arrival-time data for 165 radio pulsars spanning from 1990 to 2011 have been searched for period glitches. Forty-six events out of the detected 107 glitches were found to be new contributions to the entire glitch population which currently ... More
How shall we determine detection sensitivity in radio pulsar search?Nov 17 2018Determination of detection sensitivity in a number of previous pulsar search programmes was done via the straightfoward use of the radiometer equation. In the same surveys, the Fourier domain method was used to search for pulsars. As detection sensitivity ... More
Have we seen all glitches?Mar 26 2018Neutron star glitches are observed via artificially scheduled pulsar pulse arrival-time observations. Detection probability density of glitch events for a given data set is essentially required knowledge for realizing glitch detectability with specified ... More
Upper bounds for Z$_1$-eigenvalues of generalized Hilbert tensorsDec 12 2017In this paper, we introduce the concept of Z$_1$-eigenvalue to infinite dimensional generalized Hilbert tensors (hypermatrix) $\mathcal{H}_\lambda^{\infty}=(\mathcal{H}_{i_{1}i_{2}\cdots i_{m}})$, $$ \mathcal{H}_{i_{1}i_{2}\cdots i_{m}}=\frac{1}{i_{1}+i_{2}+\cdots ... More
Classifying and Ranking Microblogging Hashtags with News CategoriesMay 05 2015In microblogging, hashtags are used to be topical markers, and they are adopted by users that contribute similar content or express a related idea. However, hashtags are created in a free style and there is no domain category information about them, which ... More
Generalized two-temperature model for coupled phononsFeb 17 2017Jul 26 2017The design of graphene-based composite with high thermal conductivity requires a comprehensive understanding of phonon coupling in graphene. We extended the two-temperature model to coupled groups of phonon. The study give new physical quantities, the ... More
Detecting Concept-level Emotion Cause in MicrobloggingApr 30 2015In this paper, we propose a Concept-level Emotion Cause Model (CECM), instead of the mere word-level models, to discover causes of microblogging users' diversified emotions on specific hot event. A modified topic-supervised biterm topic model is utilized ... More
A Potential Low Cost Remote Sensing Using GPS Derived PWVMay 04 2018In this paper, the Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) content of the atmosphere is derived using the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal delays. The PWV values from GPS are calculated at different elevation cut-off angles. It was found that the significant ... More
A Data-driven Approach to Detecting Precipitation from Meteorological Sensor DataMay 04 2018Precipitation is dependent on a myriad of atmospheric conditions. In this paper, we study how certain atmospheric parameters impact the occurrence of rainfall. We propose a data-driven, machine-learning based methodology to detect precipitation using ... More
Bias Scheme Reducing Transient Currents and Speeding up Read Operations for 3-D Cross Point PCMNov 12 2018Jun 05 20193-D cross point phase change memory (PCM) is a promising emerging memory. However, dynamic performances of 3-D cross point PCM are limited and the role of bias scheme is unknown. Previous studies on bias schemes for planar memories use static analyses ... More
Systematic Study of Weather Variables for Rainfall DetectionMay 04 2018Numerous weather parameters affect the occurrence and amount of rainfall. Therefore, it is important to study these parameters and their interdependency. In this paper, different weather and time-related variables -- relative humidity, solar radiation, ... More
A Data-Driven Approach for Accurate Rainfall PredictionJul 10 2019In recent years, there has been growing interest in using Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) derived from Global Positioning System (GPS) signal delays to predict rainfall. However, the occurrence of rainfall is dependent on a myriad of atmospheric parameters. ... More
Electric-field-induced extremely large change in resistance in graphene ferromagnetsAug 06 2017Dec 11 2017A colossal magnetoresistance ($\sim 100\times10^3\%$) and an extremely large magnetoresistance ($\sim 1\times10^6\%$) have been previously explored in manganite perovskites and Dirac materials, respectively. However, the requirement of an extremely strong ... More
Magnetic Field-Free Giant Magnetoresistance in a Proximity- and Gate-Induced Graphene Spin ValveMay 02 2017Due to its two dimensional nature, ferromagnetism and charge doping can be induced by proximity and electric field effects in graphene. Taking advantage of these features, we propose an electrically engineered spin valve by combining two magnetic insulators ... More
On the detection probability of neutron star glitchesApr 20 2017Neutron stars are observed to undergo small, abrupt rotational speed-up. This phenomenon is known as glitch. In pulsar timing observations, detection of a neutron star glitch is constrained by the time of occurrence of the event relative to entire observing ... More
Linear Correlation between Pre-radiation and Post-radiation Input Bias Currents in Bipolar DevicesMay 29 2019Due to variability, the input bias currents in bipolar devices, no matter before or after gamma-ray irradiations, are different for different samples. In this work, we experimentally demonstrate that there is a linear correlation between the pre-radiation ... More
Mechanism of Synergistic Effects of Neutron- and Gamma-Ray-Radiated PNP Bipolar TransistorsMay 22 2019The synergistic effects of neutron and gamma ray radiated PNP transistors are systematically investigated as functions of the neutron fluence, gamma ray dose, and dose rate. We find that the damages show a `tick'-like dependence on the gamma ray dose ... More
A discussion on "generality of shear thickening in dense suspensions"Dec 31 2011Jan 20 2012In a recent Nature Materials article, Brown et al. reported a generality of shear thickening in dense suspensions and demonstrated that shear thickening can be masked by a yield stress and can be recovered when the yield stress is decreased to below a ... More
Pion condensation in a soft-wall AdS/QCD modelNov 09 2018Finite isospin chemical potential $\mu_I$ and temperature $T$ have been introduced in the framework of soft-wall AdS/QCD model. By self-consistently solve the equation of motion, we obtain the phase boundary of pion condensation phase, across which the ... More
MintNet: Building Invertible Neural Networks with Masked ConvolutionsJul 18 2019We propose a new way of constructing invertible neural networks by combining simple building blocks with a novel set of composition rules. This leads to a rich set of invertible architectures, including those similar to ResNets. Inversion is achieved ... More
Tensor coupling effects on spin symmetry in anti-Lambda spectrum of hypernucleiApr 14 2010The effects of $\bar\Lambda\bar\Lambda\omega$-tensor coupling on the spin symmetry of $\bar{\Lambda}$ spectra in $\bar{\Lambda}$-nucleus systems have been studied with the relativistic mean-field theory. Taking $^{12}$C+$\bar{\Lambda}$ as an example, ... More
Spin Symmetry for Anti-Lambda Spectrum in atomic nucleusOct 21 2009Oct 24 2009The spin symmetry of anti-Lambda spectrum in nucleus $^{16}$O has been studied in the relativistic mean field theory. The spin-orbit splittings of spin doublets are found to be around 0.03-0.07 MeV and the dominant components of the Dirac spinor for the ... More
B ->η_c K(η_c^\prime K) decays in QCD factorizationSep 23 2002Oct 07 2002We study the exclusive decays of $B$ meson into pseudoscalar charmonium states $\eta_c$ and $\eta_c^\prime$ within the QCD factorization approach and find that the nonfactorizable corrections to naive factorization are infrared safe at leading-twist order. ... More
Generalized Landau-Lifshitz Equation into $S^n$Sep 13 2010In this paper, a type of integrable evolution equation--the generalized Landau-Lifshitz equation into $S^n$ is considered. We deal with this equation from a geometric point of view by rewriting it in a geometric form. Through the geometric energy method, ... More
Symmetries of Spatial Graphs in Homology SpheresJul 06 2019This paper explores the relationship between symmetries of spatial graphs in $S^3$ and symmetries of spatial graphs in homology $3$-spheres and other $3$-manifolds. We prove that for any $3$-connected graph $G$, an automorphism $\sigma$ is induced by ... More
Effects of Transit Signal Priority on Traffic Safety: Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Portland, Oregon, ImplementationsDec 05 2018Dec 18 2018Transit signal priority (TSP) has been implemented to transit systems in many cities of the United States. In evaluating TSP systems, more attention has been given to its operational effects than to its safety effects. Existing studies assessing safety ... More
Analysis of Sequential Quadratic Programming through the Lens of Riemannian OptimizationMay 22 2018Jan 31 2019We prove that a "first-order" Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) algorithm for equality constrained optimization has local linear convergence with rate $(1-1/\kappa_R)^k$, where $\kappa_R$ is the condition number of the Riemannian Hessian, and global ... More
Spin anisotropy due to spin-orbit coupling in optimally hole-doped Ba$_{0.67}$K$_{0.33}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$Dec 01 2016Dec 12 2016We use polarized inelastic neutron scattering to study the temperature and energy dependence of spin space anisotropies in the optimally hole-doped iron pnictide Ba$_{0.67}$K$_{0.33}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ ($T_{{\rm c}}=38$ K). In the superconducting state, ... More
Photoinduced two-step insulator-metal transition in Ti4O7 by ultrafast time-resolved optical reflectivityMay 17 2018We report on systematic investigation of hot carrier dynamics in Ti4O7 by ultrafast time-resolved optical reflectivity. We find the transient indication for its two-step insulator-metal (I-M) transition, in which two phase transitions occur from long-range ... More
NUV Star Catalogue from the Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope Survey. First ReleaseJul 01 2016We present a star catalogue extracted from the Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) survey program. LUT's observable sky area is a circular belt around the Moon's north pole, and the survey program covers a preferred area for about 2400 deg$^2$ which ... More
Data Processing Pipeline for Pointing Observations of Lunar-based Ultraviolet TelescopeMay 29 2015Jul 30 2015We describe the data processing pipeline developed to reduce the pointing observation data of Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT), which belongs to the Chang'e-3 mission of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program. The pointing observation program of ... More
Empirical study on clique-degree distribution of networksFeb 10 2006Jul 30 2007The community structure and motif-modular-network hierarchy are of great importance for understanding the relationship between structures and functions. In this paper, we investigate the distribution of clique-degree, which is an extension of degree and ... More
Transient transition from free carrier metallic state to exciton insulating state in GaAs by ultrafast photoexcitationMay 24 2017We present systematic studies of the transient dynamics of GaAs by ultrafast time-resolved optical reflectivity. In photo excited non-equilibrium states, we found a sign reverse in transient reflectivity spectra $\Delta R/R$ (t $>$ 0), from positive around ... More
Laplacian regularized low rank subspace clusteringOct 24 2016The problem of fitting a union of subspaces to a collection of data points drawn from multiple subspaces is considered in this paper. In the traditional low rank representation model, the dictionary used to represent the data points is chosen as the data ... More
Laplacian regularized low rank subspace clusteringOct 24 2016Oct 28 2016The problem of fitting a union of subspaces to a collection of data points drawn from multiple subspaces is considered in this paper. In the traditional low rank representation model, the dictionary used to represent the data points is chosen as the data ... More
Subspace clustering based on low rank representation and weighted nuclear norm minimizationOct 12 2016Oct 14 2016Subspace clustering refers to the problem of segmenting a set of data points approximately drawn from a union of multiple linear subspaces. Aiming at the subspace clustering problem, various subspace clustering algorithms have been proposed and low rank ... More
Solar-Sail Deep Space Trajectory Optimization Using Successive Convex ProgrammingJan 08 2019This paper presents a novel methodology for solving the time-optimal trajectory optimization problem for interplanetary solar-sail missions using successive convex programming. Based on the non-convex problem, different convexification technologies, such ... More
Solar-Sail Trajectory Design for Multiple Near Earth Asteroid Exploration Based on Deep Neural NetworksJan 08 2019Mar 18 2019In the preliminary trajectory design of the multi-target rendezvous problem, a model that can quickly estimate the cost of the orbital transfer is essential. The estimation of the transfer time using solar sail between two arbitrary orbits is difficult ... More
Spin filter and spin valve in ferromagnetic grapheneJun 06 2015We propose and demonstrate that a EuO-induced and top-gated graphene ferromagnetic junction can be simultaneously operated as a spin filter as well as a spin valve. We attribute such a remarkable result to a coexistence of a half-metal band and a common ... More
Solar-Sail Deep Space Trajectory Optimization Using Successive Convex ProgrammingJan 08 2019Jun 24 2019This paper presents a novel methodology for solving the time-optimal trajectory optimization problem for interplanetary solar-sail missions using successive convex programming. Based on the non-convex problem, different convexification technologies, such ... More
Treatment Effects for Which Population?: Sampling Design and External ValidityJul 07 2017Causal inference in a program evaluation setting faces the problem of external validity when the treatment effect in the target population is different from the treatment effect identified from the population of which the sample is representative. This ... More
Carrier density dependence of the magnetic properties in iron-doped Bi2Se3 topological insulatorFeb 02 2013The electronic and magnetic properties of iron-doped topological insulator Bi1.84-xFe0.16CaxSe3 single crystals were studied. By co-doping Fe and Ca atoms, ferromagnetic bulk states with different carrier density (from n-type to p-type) were obtained. ... More
Monolayer Phosphorene-Metal InterfacesJul 09 2015Recently, phosphorene electronic and optoelectronic prototype devices have been fabricated with various metal electrodes. We systematically explore for the first time the contact properties of monolayer (ML) phosphorene with a series of commonly used ... More
Properties of Solution set of Tensor Complementarity ProblemAug 01 2015Jan 14 2017The tensor complementarity problem is a specially structured nonlinear complementarity problem, then it has its particular and nice properties other than ones of the classical nonlinear complementarity problem. In this paper, it is proved that a tensor ... More
Avoiding Brooms, Forks, and Butterflies in the Linear LatticesJul 17 2018Let $n$ be a positive integer, $q$ a power of a prime, and $\mathcal{L}_n(q)$ the poset of subspaces of an $n$-dimensional vector space over a field with $q$ elements. This poset is a normalized matching poset and the set of subspaces of dimension $\left\lfloor ... More
Rational cubic fourfolds in Hassett divisorsMay 06 2019We prove that every Hassett's Noether-Lefschetz divisor of special cubic fourfolds contains a union of three codimension-two subvarieties, parametrizing rational cubic fourfolds, in the moduli space of smooth cubic fourfolds.
Low-energy $D^{*+}D^0_1$ Scattering and the Resonance-like Structure $Z^+(4430)$May 06 2009Low-energy scattering of $D^*$ and $D_1$ meson are studied using quenched lattice QCD with improved lattice actions on anisotropic lattices. The calculation is performed within L\"uscher's finite-size formalism which establishes the relation between the ... More
Hadron Scattering in an Asymmetric BoxMar 15 2007May 31 2007We propose to study hadron-hadron scattering using lattice QCD in an asymmetric box which allows one to access more non-degenerate low-momentum modes for a given volume. The conventional L\"{u}scher's formula applicable in a symmetric box is modified ... More
Three-Dimensional Fermi-Surface and Electron-Phonon Coupling in Semimetallic 1T-TiTe2 studied by Angle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyAug 31 2018We present an investigation on electronic structure of 1T-TiTe2 material via high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), utilizing tunable photon energy excitations. The typical semimetal-like electronic structure is observed and ... More
Lax pairs, Painlevé properties and exact solutions of the alogero Korteweg-de Vries equation and a new (2+1)-dimensional equationJan 01 2000We prove the existence of a Lax pair for the Calogero Korteweg-de Vries (CKdV) equation. Moreover, we modify the T operator in the the Lax pair of the CKdV equation, in the search of a (2+1)-dimensional case and thereby propose a new equation in (2+1) ... More
Klein Four subgroups of Lie Algebra AutomorphismsAug 10 2011By calculating the symmetric subgroups $\Aut(\fru_0)^{\theta}$ and their involution classes, we classify the Klein four subgroups $\Gamma$ of $\Aut(\fru_0)$ for each compact simple Lie algebra $\fru_0$ up to conjugation. This leads to a new approach of ... More
Destroying a near-extremal Kerr-Newman-AdS black holeMay 04 2017If radiative and self-force effects are neglected, we find that feeding a test particle into a near-extremal Kerr-Newman-AdS black hole could lead to destroy their event horizon, giving rise to naked singularities. Hence radiative and self-force effects ... More
Ballistic collective group delay and its Goos-Hänchen component in grapheneApr 20 2013We theoretically investigate the experimental observable of the ballistic collective group delay (CGD) of all the particles on the Fermi surface in graphene. First, we reveal that, lateral Goos-H\"{a}nchen (GH) shifts along barrier interfaces contribute ... More
Lambda and Anti-Lambda Hypernuclei in Relativistic Mean-field TheoryApr 14 2010May 03 2011Several aspects about $\Lambda$-hypernuclei in the relativistic mean field theory, including the effective $\Lambda$-nucleon coupling strengths based on the successful effective nucleon-nucleon interaction PK1, hypernuclear magnetic moment and $\bar\Lambda$-hypernuclei, ... More
Detection of subthreshold pulses in neurons with channel noiseAug 06 2007Nov 14 2008Neurons are subject to various kinds of noise. In addition to synaptic noise, the stochastic opening and closing of ion channels represents an intrinsic source of noise that affects the signal processing properties of the neuron. In this paper, we studied ... More
A stochastic coordinate descent splitting primal-dual fixed point algorithm and applications to large-scale composite optimizationApr 14 2016We consider the problem of finding the minimizations of the sum of two convex functions and the composition of another convex function with a continuous linear operator from the view of fixed point algorithms based on proximity operators, which is is ... More
An inertial primal-dual fixed point algorithm for composite optimization problemsApr 17 2016We consider an inertial primal-dual fixed point algorithm (IPDFP) to compute the minimizations of the following Problem (1.1). This is a full splitting approach, in the sense that the nonsmooth functions are processed individually via their proximity ... More
BAG: Bi-directional Attention Entity Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-hop Reasoning Question AnsweringApr 10 2019Multi-hop reasoning question answering requires deep comprehension of relationships between various documents and queries. We propose a Bi-directional Attention Entity Graph Convolutional Network (BAG), leveraging relationships between nodes in an entity ... More
Nuclear matrix element of neutrinoless double-$β$ decay: Relativity and short-range correlationsFeb 08 2017Background: The discovery of neutrinoless double-beta ($0\nu\beta\beta$) decay would demonstrate the nature of neutrinos, have profound implications for our understanding of matter-antimatter mystery, and solve the mass hierarchy problem of neutrinos. ... More
A Novel Approach to Constrain the Mass Ratio of Minor Mergers in Elliptical Galaxies: Application to NGC 4889, the Brightest Cluster Galaxy in ComaMay 22 2013Minor mergers are thought to be important for the build-up and structural evolution of massive elliptical galaxies. In this work, we report the discovery of a system of four shell features in NGC 4889, one of the brightest members of the Coma cluster, ... More
Relativistic description of nuclear matrix elements in neutrinoless double-$β$ decayJul 05 2014Jan 15 2015Neutrinoless double-$\beta$ ($0\nu\beta\beta$) decay is related to many fundamental concepts in nuclear and particle physics beyond the standard model. Currently there are many experiments searching for this weak process. An accurate knowledge of the ... More
Inconsistences in Interacting Agegraphic Dark Energy ModelsAug 04 2010Sep 05 2011It is found that the origin agegraphic dark energy tracks the matter in the matter-dominated epoch and then the subsequent dark-energy-dominated epoch becomes impossible. It is argued that the difficulty can be removed when the interaction between the ... More
A stochastic coordinate descent inertial primal-dual algorithm for large-scale composite optimizationApr 17 2016We consider an inertial primal-dual algorithm to compute the minimizations of the sum of two convex functions and the composition of another convex function with a continuous linear operator. With the idea of coordinate descent, we design a stochastic ... More
A Feature-based Classification Technique for Answering Multi-choice World History QuestionsMay 05 2015Our FRDC_QA team participated in the QA-Lab English subtask of the NTCIR-11. In this paper, we describe our system for solving real-world university entrance exam questions, which are related to world history. Wikipedia is used as the main external resource ... More
Phase transition and thermodynamic stability of topological black holes in Hořava-Lifshitz gravityApr 24 2016Jul 28 2017On the basis of horizon thermodynamics, we study the thermodynamic stability and $P-V$ criticality of topological black holes constructed in Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity without the detailed-balance condition (with general $\epsilon$). In the framework ... More
Subjective Knowledge Acquisition and Enrichment Powered By CrowdsourcingMay 16 2017Knowledge bases (KBs) have attracted increasing attention due to its great success in various areas, such as Web and mobile search.Existing KBs are restricted to objective factual knowledge, such as city population or fruit shape, whereas,subjective knowledge, ... More
Exact generator and its high order expansions in the time-convolutionless generalized master equation: Applications to the spin-boson model and exictation energy transferJun 20 2018Aug 03 2018The time-convolutionless (TCL) quantum master equation provides a powerful tool to simulate reduced dynamics of a quantum system coupled to a bath. The key quantity in the TCL master equation is the so-called kernel or generator, which describes effects ... More
Joint Video and Text Parsing for Understanding Events and Answering QueriesAug 29 2013Feb 21 2014We propose a framework for parsing video and text jointly for understanding events and answering user queries. Our framework produces a parse graph that represents the compositional structures of spatial information (objects and scenes), temporal information ... More
A magnetic origin for high temperature superconductivity in iron pnictidesMar 29 2013In conventional Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) superconductors, superconductivity occurs when electrons form coherent Cooper pairs below the superconducting transition temperature Tc. Although the kinetic energy of paired electrons increases in the superconducting ... More
Ultrafast hot carrier dynamics of ZrTe$_5$ from time-resolved optical reflectivityOct 25 2018We investigate the hot carrier dynamics of ZrTe$_5$ by ultrafast time-resolved optical reflectivity. Our results reveal a phonon-mediated across-gap recombination, consistent with its temperature-dependent gap nature as observed previously by photoemission. ... More
Spin Waves and magnetic exchange interactions in insulating Rb$_{0.89}$Fe$_{1.58}$Se$_2$May 24 2011The discovery of alkaline iron selenide $A$Fe$_{1.6+x}$Se$_2$ ($A=$ K, Rb, Cs) superconductors has generated considerable excitement in the condensed matter physics community because superconductivity in these materials may have a different origin from ... More
Coexistence and Competition between Pseudogap and Superconducting Quasiparticles in Underdoped $\rm{Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_{8+δ}}$ by Ultrafast Time-resolved Optical ReflectivityMar 28 2018We report ultrafast time-resolved optical reflectivity investigation of the dynamic densities and relaxations of pseudogap (PG) and superconducting (SC) quasiparticles (QPs) in the underdoped $\rm{Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_{8+\delta}}$ ($T_c$ = 82 K). We find evidence ... More
Large g factor in bilayer WS$_2$ flakesMar 22 2019The valley of transition metal dichalcogenides provides an additional platform to manipulate spin due to its unique selection rule. Normally, intralayer optical transitions in magnetic field show a Zeeman splitting with g factor of about $-4$. Here we ... More
Strong ferromagnetic exchange interaction in the parent state of the superconductivity in BaFe$_2$S$_3$Sep 02 2016Inelastic neutron scattering measurements have been performed to investigate the spin waves of the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnetic ladder compound BaFe$_2$S$_3$, where a superconducting transition was observed under pressure [H. Takahashi {\it ... More
Verifications of scaling relations useful for the intrinsic alignment self-calibrationMay 09 2018Aug 27 2018The galaxy intrinsic alignment (IA) is a major challenge of weak lensing cosmology. To alleviate this problem, Zhang (2010, MNRAS, 406, L95) proposed a self-calibration method, independent of IA modeling. This proposal relies on several scaling relations ... More
Spin waves and magnetic exchange interactions in the spin ladder compound RbFe$_2$Se$_3$Jul 03 2016We report an inelastic neutron scattering study of the spin waves of the one-dimensional antiferromagnetic spin ladder compound RbFe$_2$Se$_3$. The results reveal that the products, $SJ$'s, of the spin $S$ and the magnetic exchange interactions $J$'s ... More
Strong Stability of Nash Equilibria in Load Balancing GamesNov 07 2013We study strong stability of Nash equilibria in load balancing games of m (m >= 2) identical servers, in which every job chooses one of the m servers and each job wishes to minimize its cost, given by the workload of the server it chooses. A Nash equilibrium ... More
Knowledge-aware Pronoun Coreference ResolutionJul 08 2019Resolving pronoun coreference requires knowledge support, especially for particular domains (e.g., medicine). In this paper, we explore how to leverage different types of knowledge to better resolve pronoun coreference with a neural model. To ensure the ... More
Large Extra Dimension Effects on the Spin Configuration of the Top Quark Pair at e^+ e^- CollidersMay 04 1999May 07 1999Large extra dimension effects on the spin configuration of the top quark pair at the $e^+ e^-\to t\bar{t}$ process are studied. It is shown that the TeV scale quantum gravity effects cause significant deviations from the Standard Model predictions for ... More
Proximal algorithms for constrained composite optimization, with applications to solving low-rank SDPsMar 01 2019We study a family of (potentially non-convex) constrained optimization problems with convex composite structure. Through a novel analysis of non-smooth geometry, we show that proximal-type algorithms applied to exact penalty formulations of such problems ... More
Existence Criterion of Genuine Tripartite EntanglementDec 30 2008In this paper, an intuitive mathematical formulation is provided to generalize the residual entanglement for tripartite systems of qubits [Phys. Rev. A 61, 052306 (2000)] to the tripartite systems in higher dimension. The spirit lies in the tensor treatment ... More
Global Entanglement for Multipartite Quantum StatesMar 06 2006Based on the residual entanglement [9] (Phys. Rev. A \textbf{71}, 044301 (2005)), we present the global entanglement for a multipartite quantum state. The measure is shown to be also obtained by the bipartite partitions of the multipartite state. The ... More
Multipartite Entanglement MeasureJan 15 2005In this paper, we generalize the residual entanglement to the case of multipartite states in arbitrary dimensions by making use of a new method. Through the introduction of a special entanglement measure, the residual entanglement of mixed states takes ... More
Separability Criteria For Arbitrary Quantum SystemsDec 17 2004The purpose of this paper is to obtain a sufficient and necessary condition as a criteria to test whether an arbitrary multipartite state is entangled or not. Based on the tensor expression of a multipartite pure state, the paper shows that a state is ... More
Feature Sampling Strategies for Action RecognitionJan 28 2015Although dense local spatial-temporal features with bag-of-features representation achieve state-of-the-art performance for action recognition, the huge feature number and feature size prevent current methods from scaling up to real size problems. In ... More
Generation of a fully valley-polarized current in bulk grapheneJul 03 2013Nov 01 2013The generation of a fully valley-polarized current (FVPC) in bulk graphene is a fundamental goal in valleytronics. To this end, we investigate valley-dependent transport through a strained graphene modulated by a finite magnetic superlattice. It is found ... More
Quantum search by partial adiabatic evolutionJul 09 2010A quantum search algorithm based on the partial adiabatic evolution\cite{Tulsi2009} is provided. We calculate its time complexity by studying the Hamiltonian in a two-dimensional Hilbert space. It is found that the algorithm improves the time complexity, ... More
Machine Learning Classification of Gaia Data Release 2Aug 17 2018Machine learning has increasingly gained more popularity with its incredibly powerful ability to make predictions or calculated suggestions for large amounts of data. We apply the machine learning classification to 85,613,922 objects in the $Gaia$ data ... More
Bipartite concurrence and localized coherenceJul 06 2013Based on a proposed coherence measure, we show that the local coherence of a bipartite quantum pure state (coherence of its reduced density matrix) is exactly the same as the minimal average co- herence with all potential pure-state realizations under ... More
Monogamy and entanglement in tripartite quantum statesJan 21 2009We present an interesting monogamy equation for $(2 \otimes 2 \otimes n)$-dimensional pure states, by which a quantity is found to characterize the tripartite entanglement with the GHZ type and W typeentanglements as a whole. In particular, we, for the ... More