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Energy conservation for the weak solutions of the compressible Navier-Stokes equationsMay 02 2016In this paper, we prove the energy conservation for the weak solutions of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations for any time $t>0$, under certain conditions. The results hold for the renormalized solutions of the equations with constant viscosities, ... More
Non-Convex Matrix Completion Against a Semi-Random AdversaryMar 28 2018Sep 07 2018Matrix completion is a well-studied problem with many machine learning applications. In practice, the problem is often solved by non-convex optimization algorithms. However, the current theoretical analysis for non-convex algorithms relies heavily on ... More
Hybrid multilane models for highway trafficAug 10 2018We study effects of lane changing rules on multilane highway traffic using the Nagel-Schreckenberg cellular automaton model with different schemes for combining driving lanes (lanes used by default) and overtaking lanes. Three schemes are considered: ... More
Another look into the Wong-Zakai Theorem for Stochastic Heat EquationJan 28 2018Mar 01 2019Consider the heat equation driven by a smooth, Gaussian random potential: \begin{align*} \partial_t u_{\varepsilon}=\tfrac12\Delta u_{\varepsilon}+u_{\varepsilon}(\xi_{\varepsilon}-c_{\varepsilon}), \ \ t>0, x\in\mathbb{R}, \end{align*} where $\xi_{\varepsilon}$ ... More
How can newly born rapidly rotating neutron stars become magnetars?Apr 29 2014In a newly born (high-temperature and Keplerian rotating) neutron star, r-mode instability can lead to stellar differential rotation, which winds the seed poloidal magnetic field ($\sim 10^{11}$ G) to generate an ultra-high ($\sim 10^{17}$ G) toroidal ... More
Linearly Constrained Smoothing Group Sparsity Solvers in Off-grid ModelMar 17 2019Jun 03 2019In compressed sensing, the sensing matrix is assumed perfectly known. However, there exists perturbation in the sensing matrix in reality due to sensor offsets or noise disturbance. Directions-of-arrival (DoA) estimation with off-grid effect satisfies ... More
On Deligne's conjecture for certain automorphic $L$-functions for ${\rm GL}(3)\times {\rm GL}(2)$Jun 26 2018Jun 27 2018We prove Deligne's conjecture for central critical values of certain automorphic $L$-functions for ${\rm GL}(3)\times {\rm GL}(2)$. The proof is base on rationality results for central critical values of triple product $L$-functions, which follow from ... More
Onsager's energy conservation for inhomogeneous Euler equationsJun 26 2017Oct 11 2018This paper addresses the problem of energy conservation for the two- and three-dimensional density-dependent Euler equations. Two types of sufficient conditions on the regularity of solutions are provided to ensure the conservation of total kinetic energy ... More
Existence of Global Weak Solutions for 3D Degenerate Compressible Navier-Stokes EquationsJan 27 2015Aug 13 2015In this paper, we prove the existence of global weak solutions for 3D compressible Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosity. The method is based on the Bresch and Desjardins entropy conservation. The main contribution of this paper is to derive ... More
Global weak solutions to compressible Navier-Stokes-Vlasov-Boltzmann systems for spray dynamicsJun 12 2018This work concerns the global existence of the weak solutions to a system of partial differential equations modeling the evolution of particles in the fluid. That system is given by a coupling between the standard isentropic compressible Navier-Stokes ... More
An Efficient Network Intrusion Detection System Based on Feature Selection and Ensemble ClassifierApr 02 2019Since Internet is so popular and prevailing in human life, countering cyber threats, especially attack detection, is a challenging area of research in the field of cyber security. Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) are essential entities in a network ... More
Global weak solutions to compressible quantum Navier-Stokes equations with dampingMar 24 2015Aug 25 2015The global-in-time existence of weak solutions to the barotropic compressible quantum Navier-Stokes equations with damping is proved for large data in three dimensional space. The model consists of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate ... More
Finite-size scaling of the entanglement entropy of the quantum Ising chain with homogeneous, periodically modulated and random couplingsMar 25 2008Jun 06 2008Using free-fermionic techniques we study the entanglement entropy of a block of contiguous spins in a large finite quantum Ising chain in a transverse field, with couplings of different types: homogeneous, periodically modulated and random. We carry out ... More
Joint Block Low Rank and Sparse Matrix Recovery in Array Self-Calibration Off-Grid DoA EstimationMar 17 2019Jun 03 2019This letter addresses the estimation of directions-of-arrival (DoA) by a sensor array using a sparse model in the presence of array calibration errors and off-grid directions. The received signal utilizes previously used models for unknown errors in calibration ... More
Low Rank Matrix Recovery for Joint Array Self-Calibration and Sparse Model DoA EstimationDec 16 2017In this work, combined calibration and DoA estimation is approached as an extension of the formulation for the Single Measurement Vector (SMV) model of self-calibration to the Multiple Measurement Model (MMV) case. By taking advantage of multiple snapshots, ... More
Exploiting Contextual Information via Dynamic Memory Network for Event DetectionOct 03 2018The task of event detection involves identifying and categorizing event triggers. Contextual information has been shown effective on the task. However, existing methods which utilize contextual information only process the context once. We argue that ... More
Detection of Spatially-Modulated Signals in Doubly Selective Fading Channels With Imperfect CSIMay 21 2016May 12 2017To detect spatially-modulated signals, a receiver needs the channel state information (CSI) of each transmit- receive antenna pair. Although the CSI is never perfect and varies in time, most studies on spatial modulation (SM) systems assume perfectly ... More
Analyses of celestial pole offsets with VLBI, LLR, and optical observationsMay 14 2019This work aims to explore the possibilities of determining the long-period part of the precession-nutation of the Earth with techniques other than very long baseline interferometry (VLBI). Lunar laser ranging (LLR) is chosen for its relatively high accuracy ... More
Holographic Turbulence in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity at Large $D$Apr 14 2018We study the holographic hydrodynamics in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet(EGB) gravity in the framework of the large $D$ expansion. We find that the large $D$ EGB equations can be interpreted as the hydrodynamic equations describing the conformal fluid. These ... More
Entanglement entropy with localized and extended interface defectsMar 23 2009The quantum Ising chain of length, L, which is separated into two parts by localized or extended defects is considered at the critical point where scaling of the interface magnetization is non-universal. We measure the entanglement entropy between the ... More
Extensions in groupoidsDec 13 2018As groupoids generalize groups, motivated by group extension we propose a concept of groupoid extension for Lie groupoids, i.e, \[ \sf 1\to A \to G \to K \to 1 \] where $\sf A,G$ and $\sf K$ are Lie groupoids. Similar to the theory of group extension, ... More
Spontaneous Formation of Stable Capillary Bridges for Firming Compact Colloidal Microstructures in Phase Separating Liquids: A Computational StudyNov 16 2011Computer modeling and simulations are performed to investigate capillary bridges spontaneously formed between closely packed colloidal particles in phase separating liquids. The simulations reveal a self-stabilization mechanism that operates through diffusive ... More
The Role of Bloch Waves in Baryon-Number Violating ProcessesDec 18 2018Mar 05 2019In the Bloch wave approach in estimating the baryon number violating scattering cross-section in the standard electroweak theory in the laboratory, the relation between a single sphaleron barrier case versus multiple (near periodic) sphaleron barrier ... More
Pressure Dependence of Born Effective Charges, Dielectric Constant and Lattice Dynamics in SiCOct 13 1995The pressure dependence of the Born effective charge, dielectric constant and zone-center LO and TO phonons have been determined for $3C$-SiC by a linear response method based on the linearized augmented plane wave calculations within the local density ... More
Calculating the Finite-Speed-of-Light Effect in Atom Gravimeters with General RelativityAug 09 2016This work mainly presents a relativistic analytical calculating method for the finite speed-of-light effect in atom gravimeters, which can simplify the deriva- tion and give a more complete expression for the associated correction.
Moments of the 2D SHE at criticalityMay 27 2019We study the stochastic heat equation in two spatial dimensions with a multiplicative white noise, as the limit of the equation driven by a noise that is mollified in space and white in time. As the mollification radius $ \varepsilon\to 0 $, we tune the ... More
Upper Pseudogap Phase: Magnetic CharacterizationsMay 25 2005Aug 19 2005It is proposed that the upper pseudogap phase (UPP) observed in the high-Tc cuprates correspond to the formation of spin singlet pairing under the bosonic resonating-valence-bond (RVB) description. We present a series of evidence in support of such a ... More
Large anomalous Nernst and spin Nernst effects in noncollinear antiferromagnets Mn$_3X$ ($X$ = Sn, Ge, Ga)Aug 20 2017Dec 10 2017Noncollinear antiferromagnets have recently been attracting considerable interest partly due to recent surprising discoveries of the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in them and partly because they have promising applications in antiferromagnetic spintronics. ... More
Role of Bloch Waves in baryon-number violating processesDec 18 2018Aug 29 2019In the Bloch-wave approach to estimate the baryon-number-violating scattering cross section in the standard electroweak theory in the laboratory, we clarify the relation between the single sphaleron barrier and multiple (near periodic) sphaleron barrier ... More
High Dimensional Inference in Partially Linear ModelsAug 08 2017We propose two semiparametric versions of the debiased Lasso procedure for the model $Y_i = X_i\beta_0 + g_0(Z_i) + \epsilon_i$, where $\beta_0$ is high dimensional but sparse (exactly or approximately). Both versions are shown to have the same asymptotic ... More
Wave propagation and its stability for a class of discrete diffusion systemsMay 15 2019This paper is devoted to study the wave propagation and its stability for a class of two-component discrete diffusive systems. We first establish the existence of positive monotone monostable traveling wave fronts. Then, applying the techniques of weighted ... More
High-Dimensional Robust Mean Estimation in Nearly-Linear TimeNov 23 2018We study the fundamental problem of high-dimensional mean estimation in a robust model where a constant fraction of the samples are adversarially corrupted. Recent work gave the first polynomial time algorithms for this problem with dimension-independent ... More
Defending Against DDoS Attacks in Bloom Filter based MulticastingApr 20 2015Jan 14 2017This paper analyze security issues of Bloom filter based multicast forwarding mechanisms. Tree oriented approaches and destination oriented approaches are studied. We analyze the possible distributed denail of service (DDoS) against the Bloom filter based ... More
Workload-Driven Vertical Partitioning for Effective Query Processing over Raw DataMar 31 2015May 09 2015Traditional databases are not equipped with the adequate functionality to handle the volume and variety of "Big Data". Strict schema definition and data loading are prerequisites even for the most primitive query session. Raw data processing has been ... More
An Elliptical Galaxy Luminosity Function and Velocity Dispersion Sample of Relevance for Gravitational Lensing StatisticsAug 26 1999Feb 17 2001We have selected 42 elliptical galaxies from the literature and estimated their velocity dispersions at the effective radius ($\sigma_{\re}$) and at 0.54 effective radii ($\vff$). We find by a dynamical analysis that the normalized velocity dispersion ... More
Universal structural estimator and dynamics approximator for complex networksNov 06 2016Revealing the structure and dynamics of complex networked systems from observed data is of fundamental importance to science, engineering, and society. Is it possible to develop a universal, completely data driven framework to decipher the network structure ... More
Flavor SU(3) analysis of charmless B->PP decaysAug 12 2007Aug 21 2007We perform a global fits to charmless $B \to PP$ decays which independently constrain the $(\bar\rho,\bar\eta)$ vertex of the unitarity triangle. The fitted amplitudes and phase are used to predict the branching ratios and CP asymmetries of all decay ... More
Flavor SU(3) analysis of charmless B meson decays to two pseudoscalar mesonsSep 13 2006Nov 16 2006Global fits to charmless B --> PP decays in the framework of flavor SU(3) symmetry are updated and improved without reference to the \sin2\beta measured from the charmonium decay modes. Fit results directly constrain the (\bar\rho,\bar\eta) vertex of ... More
Near Mass Degeneracy in the Scalar Meson Sector: Implications for $B^*_{(s)0}$ and $B'_{(s)1}$ MesonsApr 14 2014Jun 10 2014The empirical observation of near degeneracy of scalar mesons above 1 GeV, namely, the mass of the strange-flavor scalar meson is similar to that of the non-strange one, is at variance with the naive expectation of the quark model. Qualitatively, the ... More
Gamma factors for Asai representations of ${\rm GL}_2$Oct 30 2018Let $E$ be a quadratic semisimple extension of a local field $F$ of characteristic zero. We determine explicit relation between gamma factors for Asai representations of $R_{E/F}{\rm GL}_{2/E}$ defined by the Weil-Deligne representations and local zeta ... More
A Fast Iterative Algorithm for High-dimensional Differential NetworkJan 22 2019Differential network is an important tool to capture the changes of conditional correlations under two sample cases. In this paper, we introduce a fast iterative algorithm to recover the differential network for high-dimensional data. The computation ... More
Definitions of entanglement entropy of spin systems in the valence-bond basisMay 05 2010Dec 24 2010The valence-bond structure of spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnets is closely related to quantum entanglement. We investigate measures of entanglement entropy based on transition graphs, which characterize state overlaps in the overcomplete valence-bond ... More
Global weak solution to the viscous two-fluid model with finite energyApr 24 2017Oct 14 2017In this paper, we prove the existence of global weak solutions to the compressible two-fluid Navier-Stokes equations in three dimensional space. The pressure depends on two different variables from the continuity equations. We develop an argument of variable ... More
Masses of Scalar and Axial-Vector B Mesons RevisitedApr 04 2017Oct 08 2017The SU(3) quark model encounters a great challenge in describing even-parity mesons. Specifically, the $q\bar q$ quark model has difficulties in understanding the light scalar mesons below 1 GeV, scalar and axial-vector charmed mesons and $1^+$ charmonium-like ... More
Polarization Dependence of Born Effective Charge and Dielectric Constant in KNbO$_3$Oct 15 1996The Born effective charge Z^{*} and dielectric tensor \epsilon_{\infty} of KNbO_3 are found to be very sensitive to the atomic geometry, changing by as much as 27% between the paraelectric cubic and ferroelectric tetragonal and rhombohedral phases. Subtracting ... More
Performance Analysis of Relay Selection With Enhanced Dynamic Decode-and-Forward and Network Coding in Two-Way Relay ChannelsJan 20 2016In this paper, we adopt the relay selection (RS) protocol proposed by Bletsas, Khisti, Reed and Lippman (2006) with Enhanced Dynamic Decode-and-Forward (EDDF) and network coding (NC) system in a two-hop two-way multi-relay network. All nodes are single-input ... More
Topological schemas of cognitive maps and spatial learning in the hippocampusSep 01 2015Mar 20 2016Spatial navigation in mammals is based on building a mental representation of their environment---a cognitive map. However, both the nature of this cognitive map and its underpinning in neural structures and activity remains vague. A key difficulty is ... More
Ecology-Based DoS Attack in Cognitive Radio NetworksMar 03 2016Cognitive radio technology, which is designed to enhance spectrum utilization, depends on the success of opportunistic access, where secondary users (SUs) exploit spectrum void unoccupied by primary users (PUs) for transmissions. We note that the system ... More
Entanglement dynamics for uniformly accelerated two-level atoms in the presence of a reflecting boundaryJun 14 2018Jul 05 2018We study the entanglement dynamics for two uniformly accelerated two-level atoms in interaction with a bath of fluctuating electromagnetic fields in vacuum in the presence of a reflecting boundary. We consider two different alignments of atoms, i.e. parallel ... More
Spontaneous excitation of an accelerated atom coupled with quantum fluctuations of spacetimeJul 01 2019Jul 24 2019A direct consequence of quantization of gravity would be quantum gravitational vacuum fluctuations which induce quadrupole moments in gravitationally polarizable atoms. In this paper, we study the spontaneous excitation of a gravitationally polarizable ... More
Minimax Optimal Estimation in Partially Linear Additive Models under High DimensionDec 18 2016Jan 14 2018In this paper, we derive minimax rates for estimating both parametric and nonparametric components in partially linear additive models with high dimensional sparse vectors and smooth functional components. The minimax lower bound for Euclidean components ... More
Gibbsian Statistical Ensemble Theory as an Emergent Limit Law in ProbabilityNov 28 2018Feb 25 2019Envision a small subsystem $\mathfrak{S}$ exchanging energy $E_1$ with its large stationary environment whose energy $E_2$ has an infinitesimal variation $\delta$. The theory of probability predicts that, as $E_1\to 0$ and fixed $\delta>0$, the conditional ... More
Of the People: Voting Is More Effective with Representative CandidatesMay 04 2017Aug 26 2017In light of the classic impossibility results of Arrow and Gibbard and Satterthwaite regarding voting with ordinal rules, there has been recent interest in characterizing how well common voting rules approximate the social optimum. In order to quantify ... More
Walk and Learn: Facial Attribute Representation Learning from Egocentric Video and Contextual DataApr 21 2016Jun 22 2016The way people look in terms of facial attributes (ethnicity, hair color, facial hair, etc.) and the clothes or accessories they wear (sunglasses, hat, hoodies, etc.) is highly dependent on geo-location and weather condition, respectively. This work explores, ... More
Well-Supported versus Approximate Nash Equilibria: Query Complexity of Large GamesNov 03 2015We study the randomized query complexity of approximate Nash equilibria (ANE) in large games. We prove that, for some constant $\epsilon>0$, any randomized oracle algorithm that computes an $\epsilon$-ANE in a binary-action, $n$-player game must make ... More
Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains with bond alternation and quenched disorderFeb 16 2004We consider S=1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chains with alternating bonds and quenched disorder, which represents a theoretical model of the compound CuCl_{2x}Br_{2(1-x)}(\gamma-{pic})_2. Using a numerical implementation of the strong disorder renormalization ... More
Gravitational lensing statistics and constraints on the cosmological constant revisitedOct 23 1998Aug 13 1999We re-analyze constraints on the cosmological constant that can be obtained by examining the statistics of strong gravitational lensing of distant quasars by intervening galaxies, focusing on uncertainties in galaxy models (including velocity dispersion, ... More
Global Existence of Entropy-Weak Solutions to the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Non-Linear Density Dependent ViscositiesMay 07 2019In this paper, we extend considerably the global existence results of entropy-weak solutions related to compressible Navier-Stokes system with density dependent viscosities obtained, independently (using different strategies), by Vasseur-Yu [Inventiones ... More
Nonequilibrium quench dynamics in quantum quasicrystalsOct 27 2012Feb 18 2013We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of a quasiperiodic quantum Ising chain after a sudden change in the strength of the transverse field at zero temperature. In particular we consider the dynamics of the entanglement entropy and the relaxation of the ... More
Entanglement entropy dynamics of disordered quantum spin chainsJan 18 2012Mar 12 2012By means of free fermionic techniques we study the time evolution of the entanglement entropy, S(t), of a block of spins in the random transverse-field Ising chain after a sudden change of the parameters of the Hamiltonian. We consider global quenches, ... More
Entanglement entropy at infinite randomness fixed points in higher dimensionsApr 03 2007Aug 28 2007The entanglement entropy of the two-dimensional random transverse Ising model is studied with a numerical implementation of the strong disorder renormalization group. The asymptotic behavior of the entropy per surface area diverges at, and only at, the ... More
Multipole scattering amplitudes in the Color Glass Condensate formalismApr 02 2017Jun 06 2017We evaluate the octupole in the large-$N_c$ limit in the McLerran-Venugopalan model, and derive a general expression of the 2n-point correlator, which can be applied in analytical studies of the multi-particle production in the scatterings between hard ... More
Flavor symmetry analysis of charmless B --> VP decaysSep 04 2008Nov 20 2008Based upon flavor SU(3) symmetry, we perform global fits to charmless B decays into one pseudoscalar meson and one vector meson in the final states. We consider different symmetry breaking schemes and find that the one implied by na{\"i}ve factorization ... More
A flexible observed factor model with separate dynamics for the factor volatilities and their correlation matrixJun 16 2011Jul 12 2011Our article considers a regression model with observed factors. The observed factors have a flexible stochastic volatility structure that has separate dynamics for the volatilities and the correlation matrix. The correlation matrix of the factors is time-varying ... More
Sequential Defense Against Random and Intentional Attacks in Complex NetworksJan 31 2015Network robustness against attacks is one of the most fundamental researches in network science as it is closely associated with the reliability and functionality of various networking paradigms. However, despite the study on intrinsic topological vulnerabilities ... More
Generalized and weighted Strichartz estimatesAug 31 2010Nov 18 2011In this paper, we explore the relations between different kinds of Strichartz estimates and give new estimates in Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^n$. In particular, we prove the generalized and weighted Strichartz estimates for a large class of dispersive ... More
Charge dynamics in the phase string model for high-Tc superconductorsDec 29 2006Jun 10 2007An understanding of the anomalous charge dynamics in the high-Tc cuprates is obtained based on a model study of doped Mott insulators. The high-temperature optical conductivity is found to generally have a two-component structure: a Drude like part followed ... More
OLA-RAW: Scalable Exploration over Raw DataFeb 01 2017In-situ processing has been proposed as a novel data exploration solution in many domains generating massive amounts of raw data, e.g., astronomy, since it provides immediate SQL querying over raw files. The performance of in-situ processing across a ... More
Playing Anonymous Games using Simple StrategiesAug 25 2016We investigate the complexity of computing approximate Nash equilibria in anonymous games. Our main algorithmic result is the following: For any $n$-player anonymous game with a bounded number of strategies and any constant $\delta>0$, an $O(1/n^{1-\delta})$-approximate ... More
A nonparametric copula density estimator incorporating information on bivariate marginalsJan 30 2016We propose a copula density estimator that can include information on bivariate marginals when the information is available. We use B-splines for copula density approximation and include information on bivariate marginals via a penalty term. Our estimator ... More
Energy Efficient Spectrum Sensing for State Estimation over A Wireless ChannelOct 08 2014The performance of remote estimation over wireless channel is strongly affected by sensor data losses due to interference. Although the impact of interference can be alleviated by performing spectrum sensing and then transmitting only when the channel ... More
Gravitational Lensing and Dark StructuresFeb 26 1998Aug 13 1998We examine whether a cosmologically significant distribution of dark galaxy group or cluster-sized objects can have an optical depth for multiple imaging of distant background sources which is comparable to that from known galaxies while at the same time ... More
Critical quench dynamics of random quantum spin chains: Ultra-slow relaxation from initial order and delayed ordering from initial disorderNov 29 2016Mar 01 2017By means of free fermionic techniques combined with multiple precision arithmetic we study the time evolution of the average magnetization, $\overline{m}(t)$, of the random transverse-field Ising chain after global quenches. We observe different relaxation ... More
Learning to Search on Manifolds for 3D Pose Estimation of Articulated ObjectsDec 02 2016This paper focuses on the challenging problem of 3D pose estimation of a diverse spectrum of articulated objects from single depth images. A novel structured prediction approach is considered, where 3D poses are represented as skeletal models that naturally ... More
Testing Lorentz violation by the comparison of atomic clocksJul 04 2019A more complete theoretical model of testing Lorentz violation by the comparison of atomic clocks is developed in the Robertson-Mansouri-Sexl kinematic framework. As this frame postulates the deviation of the coordinate transformation from the Lorentz ... More
A Hybrid Approach with Optimization and Metric-based Meta-Learner for Few-Shot LearningApr 04 2019Few-shot learning aims to learn classifiers for new classes with only a few training examples per class. Most existing few-shot learning approaches belong to either metric-based meta-learning or optimization-based meta-learning category, both of which ... More
Analysis of Information Delivery Dynamics in Cognitive Sensor Networks Using Epidemic ModelsSep 02 2017To fully empower sensor networks with cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) technology, efficient medium access control protocols that enable the coexistence of cognitive sensor networks with current wireless infrastructure are as essential as the cognitive ... More
A Hybrid Approach with Optimization and Metric-based Meta-Learner for Few-Shot LearningApr 04 2019Aug 27 2019Few-shot learning aims to learn classifiers for new classes with only a few training examples per class. Most existing few-shot learning approaches belong to either metric-based meta-learning or optimization-based meta-learning category, both of which ... More
Few-shot Learning with Meta Metric LearnersJan 26 2019Few-shot Learning aims to learn classifiers for new classes with only a few training examples per class. Existing meta-learning or metric-learning based few-shot learning approaches are limited in handling diverse domains with various number of labels. ... More
Global well-posedness for the two dimensional Navier-Stokes-Vlasov EquationsJul 19 2012Oct 11 2012The global well-posedness for the incompressible Navier-Stokes-Vlasov equations in two spatial dimensions is established by a priori estimates, the characteristic method and the semigroup analysis.
Beamforming Design for Max-Min Fair SWIPT in Green Cloud-RAN with Wireless FronthaulMay 06 2018In this paper, a joint beamforming design for max-min fair simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is investigated in a green cloud radio access network (Cloud-RAN) with millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless fronthaul. To achieve a balanced ... More
Multivariate Regression with Grossly Corrupted Observations: A Robust Approach and its ApplicationsJan 11 2017This paper studies the problem of multivariate linear regression where a portion of the observations is grossly corrupted or is missing, and the magnitudes and locations of such occurrences are unknown in priori. To deal with this problem, we propose ... More
Universal stability of Banach spaces for $\varepsilon$-isometriesJan 15 2013Nov 20 2013Let $X$, $Y$ be two real Banach spaces and $\varepsilon>0$. A standard $\varepsilon$-isometry $f:X\rightarrow Y$ is said to be $(\alpha,\gamma)$-stable (with respect to $T:L(f)\equiv\overline{{\rm span}}f(X)\rightarrow X$ for some $\alpha, \gamma>0$) ... More
Raman Gray Molasses Cooling of Cesium Atoms on the D2 LineJul 16 2018We present a systematic study on the Raman gray molasses cooling (RGMC) of cesium atoms on the $D_2$ transition. Due to the large splitting in the excited hyperfine transitions of cesium $D_2$ line, it is relatively simple to implement the RGMC with suitable ... More
Correlated valence-bond statesJun 28 2012Jul 05 2012We study generalizations of the singlet-sector amplitude-product (AP) states in the valence-bond basis of S=1/2 quantum spin systems. In the standard AP states, the weight of a tiling of the system into valence bonds (singlets of two spins) is a product ... More
Strong disorder renormalization group study of S=1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet layers/bilayers with bond randomness, site dilution and dimer dilutionApr 05 2006Using a numerical implementation of strong disorder renormalization group, we study the low-energy, long-distance properties of layers and bilayers of $S = 1/2$ Heisenberg antiferromagnets with different type of disorder: bond randomness, site and dimer ... More
Raman lasing and soliton modelocking in lithium-niobate microresonatorsAug 31 2019The recent advancement in lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI) technology is revolutionizing the optoelectronic industry as devices of higher performance, lower power consumption, and smaller footprint can be realized due to the high optical confinement ... More
A new proof to the energy conservation for the Navier-Stokes equationsApr 19 2016In this paper we give a new proof to the energy conservation for the weak solutions of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. This result was first proved by Shinbrot. The new proof relies on a lemma introduced by Lions.
Modeling of fracture geometry alteration and fracture flow evolution under geostress and water-rock interactionApr 11 2019A coupled mech-hydro-chemical model for rock geometry alteration of fractures under water-rock interaction (WRI) and geostress is developed. Processes including WRI, asperity deformation, mineral chemical dissolution and pressure dissolution etc., are ... More
Reduction of Second-Order Network Systems with Structure PreservationJun 02 2017This paper proposes a general framework for structure-preserving model reduction of a secondorder network system based on graph clustering. In this approach, vertex dynamics are captured by the transfer functions from inputs to individual states, and ... More
Implications of fast radio bursts for superconducting cosmic stringsSep 19 2014Nov 06 2014Highly beamed, short-duration electromagnetic bursts could be produced by superconducting cosmic string (SCS) loops oscillating in cosmic magnetic fields. We demonstrated that the basic characteristics of SCS bursts such as the electromagnetic frequency ... More
A Spatial and Temporal Features Mixture Model with Body Parts for Video-based Person Re-IdentificationJul 03 2018The video-based person re-identification is to recognize a person under different cameras, which is a crucial task applied in visual surveillance system. Most previous methods mainly focused on the feature of full body in the frame. In this paper we propose ... More
Strain induced edge magnetism at zigzag edge in graphene quantum dotSep 08 2014Jan 30 2015We study the temperature dependent magnetic susceptibility of a strained graphene quantum dot by using the determinant quantum Monte Carlo method. Within the Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice, our unbiased numerical results show that a relative small ... More
Finger-gate manipulated quantum transport in a semiconductor narrow constriction with spin-orbit interactions and Zeeman effectJul 19 2012Sep 26 2012The authors investigate quantum transport in a narrow constriction fabricated by narrow band gap semiconductor materials with spin-orbit (SO) couplings. We consider the Rashba-Dresselhaus (RD) spin-orbit interactions (SOIs) and the Zeeman effect induced ... More
Analytical and exact critical phenomena of $d$-dimensional singly spinning Kerr-AdS black holesOct 01 2015Apr 12 2016In the extended phase space, the $d$-dimensional singly spinning Kerr-AdS black holes exhibit the van der Waals's phase transition and reentrant phase transition. Since the black hole system is a single characteristic parameter thermodynamic system, we ... More
Time Resource NetworksFeb 09 2016The problem of scheduling under resource constraints is widely applicable. One prominent example is power management, in which we have a limited continuous supply of power but must schedule a number of power-consuming tasks. Such problems feature tightly ... More
Testing for unobserved heterogeneous treatment effects in a nonseparable model with endogenous selectionMar 20 2018Unobserved heterogeneous treatment effects have been emphasized in the policy evaluation literature. This paper proposes a nonparametric test for unobserved heterogeneous treatment effects in a general framework, allowing for self-selection to the treatment. ... More
High Dimensional Robust Inference for Cox Regression ModelsNov 01 2018We consider high-dimensional inference for potentially misspecified Cox proportional hazard models based on low dimensional results by Lin and Wei [1989]. A de-sparsified Lasso estimator is proposed based on the log partial likelihood function and shown ... More
Diffie-Hellman in the Air: A Link Layer Approach for In-Band Wireless PairingJan 28 2019Key establishment is one fundamental issue in wireless security. The widely used Diffie-Hellman key exchange is vulnerable to the man-in-the-middle attack. This paper presents a novel in-band solution for defending the man-in-the-middle attack during ... More
A Unified Sampling and Scheduling Approach for Status Update in Multiaccess Wireless NetworksDec 13 2018Information source sampling and update scheduling have been treated separately in the context of real-time status update for age of information optimization. In this paper, a unified sampling and scheduling ($\mathcal{S}^2$) approach is proposed, focusing ... More