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Downlink Power Allocation for Stored Variable-Bit-Rate VideosMay 03 2011In this paper, we study the problem of power allocation for streaming multiple variable-bit-rate (VBR) videos in the downlink of a cellular network. We consider a deterministic model for VBR video traffic and finite playout buffer at the mobile users. ... More
Robust Matrix Completion via Maximum Correntropy Criterion and Half Quadratic OptimizationMar 14 2019Robust matrix completion aims to recover a low-rank matrix from a subset of noisy entries perturbed by complex noises, where traditional methods for matrix completion may perform poorly due to utilizing $l_2$ error norm in optimization. In this paper, ... More
Adaptive Electricity Scheduling in MicrogridsJan 03 2013Microgrid (MG) is a promising component for future smart grid (SG) deployment. The balance of supply and demand of electric energy is one of the most important requirements of MG management. In this paper, we present a novel framework for smart energy ... More
Phase transition for accessibility percolation on hypercubesFeb 26 2015In this paper, we consider accessibility percolation on hypercubes, i.e., we place i.i.d.\ uniform random variables on vertices of a hypercube, and study whether there is a path (possibly with back steps) connecting two vertices such that the values of ... More
Chow Motive of Fulton-MacPherson configuration spaces and wonderful compactificationsNov 15 2006Jan 01 2009We study the Chow groups and the Chow motives of the wonderful compactifications $Y_{\mathcal{G}}$ of arrangements of subvarieties. We prove a natural decomposition of the Chow motive of $Y_\mathcal{G}$, in particular of the Fulton-MacPherson configuration ... More
Hyperscaling Violating Solutions in Generalised EMD TheoryAug 10 2016Sep 01 2016This short note is devoted to deriving scaling but hyperscaling violating solutions in a generalised Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory with an arbitrary number of scalars and vectors. We obtain analytic solutions in some special case and discuss the physical ... More
Phase transition for accessibility percolation on hypercubesFeb 26 2015Jun 02 2017In this paper, we consider accessibility percolation on hypercubes, i.e., we place i.i.d. uniform [0,1] random variables on vertices of a hypercube, and study whether there is a path connecting two vertices such that the values of these random variables ... More
Classification of general n-qubit states under stochastic local operations and classical communication in terms of the rank of coefficient matrixJun 30 2011May 04 2012We solve the entanglement classification under stochastic local operations and classical communication (SLOCC) for general n-qubit states. For two arbitrary pure n-qubit states connected via local operations, we establish an equation between the two coefficient ... More
Rank-based SLOCC classification for odd n qubitsJun 21 2011We study the entanglement classification under stochastic local operations and classical communication (SLOCC) for odd n-qubit pure states. For this purpose, we introduce the rank with respect to qubit i for an odd n-qubit state. The ranks with respect ... More
SLOCC determinant invariants of order 2^{n/2} for even n qubitsJun 17 2011Feb 02 2012In this paper, we study SLOCC determinant invariants of order 2^{n/2} for any even n qubits which satisfy the SLOCC determinant equations. The determinant invariants can be constructed by a simple method and the set of all these determinant invariants ... More
Higher cohomology of the pluricanonical bundle is not deformation invariantDec 01 2006Jan 16 2008In this paper, we compute the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of all the pluricanonical bundles for Hirzebruch surfaces, and the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of the second pluricanonical bundles for a blow-up of a projective ... More
Production and rescattering of strange baryons at SPS energies in a transport model with hadron potentialsOct 13 2010A mean-field potential version of the Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics (UrQMD) model is used to investigate the production of strange baryons, especially the $\Lambda$s and $\overline{\Lambda}$s, from heavy ion collisions at SPS energies. ... More
Query-focused Multi-document Summarization: Combining a Novel Topic Model with Graph-based Semi-supervised LearningDec 10 2012Dec 31 2013Graph-based semi-supervised learning has proven to be an effective approach for query-focused multi-document summarization. The problem of previous semi-supervised learning is that sentences are ranked without considering the higher level information ... More
Electromagnetic Force on a BraneSep 29 2016A fundamental assumption in the theory of brane world is that all matter and radiation are confined on the four-dimensional brane and only gravitons can propagate in the five-dimensional bulk spacetime. The brane world theory did not provide an explanation ... More
A Novel Algorithm for Compressive Sensing: Iteratively Reweighed Operator Algorithm (IROA)Mar 28 2009Compressive sensing claims that the sparse signals can be reconstructed exactly from many fewer measurements than traditionally believed necessary. One of issues ensuring the successful compressive sensing is to deal with the sparsity-constraint optimization. ... More
Solutions for Toda systems on Riemann surfacesApr 19 2005Aug 26 2005In this paper, we study the solutions of Toda systems on Riemann surface in the critical case, we prove a sufficient condition for the existence of solutions of Toda systems.
Nonlinear differentiation equation and analytic function spacesOct 09 2015In this paper we consider the nonlinear complex differential equation $$(f^{(k)})^{n_{k}}+A_{k-1}(z)(f^{(k-1)})^{n_{k-1}}+\cdot\cdot\cdot+A_{1}(z)(f')^{n_{1}}+A_{0}(z)f^{n_{0}}=0, $$where $ A_{j}(z)$, $ j=0, \cdots, k-1 $, are analytic in the unit disk ... More
Constraints and Soliton Solutions for the KdV Hierarchy and AKNS HierarchyNov 26 2010It is well-known that the finite-gap solutions of the KdV equation can be generated by its recursion operator.We generalize the result to a special form of Lax pair, from which a method to constrain the integrable system to a lower-dimensional or fewer ... More
Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity in 1D nonlinear latticesMar 22 2007We examine the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of one dimensional nonlinear (anharmonic) lattices with and without on-site potential. It is found from computer simulation that the heat conductivity depends on temperature via the strength ... More
Fluctuation limits of the super-Brownian motion with a single point catalystNov 02 2009Oct 20 2014We prove a fluctuating limit theorem of a sequence of super-Brownian motions over $\mbb{R}$ with a single point catalyst. The weak convergence of the processes on the space of Schwarz distributions is established. The limiting process is an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck ... More
$q,t$-Catalan numbers and generators for the radical ideal defining the diagonal locus of $(\C^2)^n$Sep 09 2009Let $I$ be the ideal generated by alternating polynomials in two sets of $n$ variables. Haiman proved that the $q,t$-Catalan number is the Hilbert series of the graded vector space $M(=\bigoplus_{d_1,d_2}M_{d_1,d_2})$ spanned by a minimal set of generators ... More
On the Lagrangian angle and the Kähler angle of immersed surfaces in the complex plane $\bbc^2$Nov 09 2015In this paper, we discuss the Lagrangian angle and the K\"ahler angle of immersed surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$. Firstly, we provide an extension of Lagrangian angle, Maslov form and Maslov class to more general surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$ than Lagrangian surfaces, ... More
Model-Checking of Linear-Time Properties Based on Possibility MeasureMar 10 2012Sep 25 2016We study the LTL model-checking in possibilistic Kripke structure using possibility measure. First, the notion of possibilistic Kripke structure and the related possibility measure are introduced, then model-checking of reachability and repeated reachability ... More
The Lawson homology and Deligne-Beilinson cohomology for Fulton-MacPherson configuration spacesSep 28 2006In this paper, we compute the Lawson homology groups and Deligne-Beilinson cohomology groups for Fulton-MacPherson configuration spaces. The explicit formulas are given.
Note on two results on the rainbow connection number of graphsOct 23 2011An edge-colored graph $G$, where adjacent edges may be colored the same, is rainbow connected if any two vertices of $G$ are connected by a path whose edges have distinct colors. The rainbow connection number $rc(G)$ of a connected graph $G$ is the smallest ... More
Reflection Invariant and Symmetry DetectionMay 30 2017May 31 2017Symmetry detection and discrimination are of fundamental meaning in science, technology, and engineering. This paper introduces reflection invariants and defines the directional moment to detect symmetry for shape analysis and object recognition. And ... More
Isomorphism between Differential and Moment Invariants under Affine TransformMay 20 2017May 24 2017The invariant is one of central topics in science, technology and engineering. The differential invariant is essential in understanding or describing some important phenomena or procedures in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or computer science ... More
Variational characterizations of $ξ$-submanifolds in the Eulicdean space $\bbr^{m+p}$Dec 29 2016$\xi$-submanifold in the Euclidean space $\bbr^{m+p}$ is a natural extension of the concept of self-shrinker to the mean curvature flow in $\bbr^{m+p}$. It is also a generalization of the $\lambda$-hypersurface defined by Q.-M. Cheng et al to arbitrary ... More
Some Numerical Results For Ito EquationJan 21 2013By the method of invariant manifold, we investigate the Ito equation numerically with high precision. By the numerical results, we can completely determine the form of analytic soliton solutions for the Ito equation. In fact, by the numerical data we ... More
Global $W^{2,δ}$ estimates for singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations with $L^n$ right hand side termsSep 14 2017We establish in this paper \emph{a priori} global $W^{2,\delta}$ estimates for singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations with $L^n$ right hand side terms. The method is to slide paraboloids and barrier functions vertically to touch the solution of the ... More
Structure of Hochschild cohomology of path algebras and differential formulation of Euler's polyhedron formulaOct 11 2010Jun 24 2012This article studies the Lie algebra $Diff(K\Gamma)$ of derivations on the path algebra $K\Gamma$ of a quiver $\Gamma$ and the Lie algebra on the first Hochschild cohomology group $H^1(K\Gamma)$. We relate these Lie algebras to the algebraic and combinatorial ... More
A general Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equationsJan 21 2003We establish a general Liouville type theorem for conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations.
Pseudo Sequence based 2-D hierarchical reference structure for Light-Field Image CompressionDec 21 2016In this paper, we present a novel pseudo sequence based 2-D hierarchical reference structure for light-field image compression. In the proposed scheme, we first decompose the light-field image into multiple views and organize them into a 2-D coding structure ... More
Primary visual cortex as a saliency map: parameter-free prediction of behavior from V1 physiologyNov 02 2014It has been hypothesized that neural activities in the primary visual cortex (V1) represent a saliency map of the visual field to exogenously guide attention. This hypothesis has so far provided only qualitative predictions and their confirmations. We ... More
Isospin effect on nuclear stopping in intermediate energy Heavy Ion CollisionsNov 21 2002By using the Isospin Dependent Quantum Molecular Dynamics Model (IQMD), we study the dependence of nuclear stopping Q_{ZZ}/A and R in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions on system size, initial N/Z, isospin symmetry potential and the medium correction ... More
Holographic Competition of Phases and SuperconductivitySep 30 2015Jan 13 2016We use a holographic theory to model and study the competition of four phases: an antiferromagnetic phase, a superconducting phase, a metallic phase and a striped phase, using as control parameters temperature and a doping-like parameter. We analyse the ... More
Criteria For Superfluid Instabilities of Geometries with Hyperscaling ViolationJun 08 2016We examine the onset of superfluid instabilities for geometries that exhibit hyperscaling violation and Lifshitz-like scaling at infrared and intermediate energy scales, and approach AdS in the ultraviolet. In particular, we are interested in the role ... More
Zero-sum and nonzero-sum differential games without Isaacs conditionJul 17 2015In this paper we study the zero-sum and nonzero-sum differential games with not assuming Isaacs condition. Along with the partition $\pi$ of the time interval $[0,T]$, we choose the suitable random non-anticipative strategy with delay to study our differential ... More
Computation of Differential Chow Forms for Prime Differential IdealsJan 12 2015In this paper, we propose algorithms to compute differential Chow forms for prime differential ideals which are given by their characteristic sets. The main algorithm is based on an optimal bound for the order of a prime differential ideal in terms of ... More
Two-Step Many-Objective Optimal Power Flow Based on Knee Point-Driven Evolutionary AlgorithmDec 04 2018To coordinate the economy, security and environment protection in the power system operation, a two-step many-objective optimal power flow (MaOPF) solution method is proposed. In step 1, it is the first time that knee point-driven evolutionary algorithm ... More
Chemical distances for percolation of planar Gaussian free fields and critical random walk loop soupsMay 14 2016Feb 25 2018We initiate the study on chemical distances of percolation clusters for level sets of two-dimensional discrete Gaussian free fields as well as loop clusters generated by two-dimensional random walk loop soups. One of our results states that the chemical ... More
On natural maps from strata of quiver Grassmannians to ordinary GrassmanniansSep 08 2012Caldero and Zelevinsky studied the geometry of quiver Grassmannians for the Kronecker quiver and computed their Euler characteristics by examining natural stratification of quiver Grassmannians. We consider generalized Kronecker quivers and compute virtual ... More
Weight hierarchies of a family of linear codes associated with degenerate quadratic formsApr 18 2018We restrict the degenerate quadratic forms of a finite field to its subspaces and quotient spaces. And some related results on the subspaces and quotient spaces are obtained. Based on this, we solve the weight hierarchies of a family of linear codes relating ... More
The Crossover-Distance for ISI-Correcting Decoding of Convolutional Codes in Diffusion-Based Molecular CommunicationsDec 29 2018In diffusion based molecular communication, the intersymbol interference (ISI) is an important reason for system performance degradation, which is caused by the random movement, out-of-order arrival and indistinguishability of the moleclues. In this paper, ... More
Thermal conductivities of one-dimensional anharmonic/nonlinear lattices: renormalized phonons and effective phonon theoryDec 05 2012Heat transport in low-dimensional systems has attracted enormous attention from both theoretical and experimental aspects due to its significance to the perception of fundamental energy transport theory and its potential applications in the emerging filed ... More
A Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equationsDec 30 2002We establish a Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations
A fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem and a Harnack type inequalityDec 02 2002We present some results on a fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem and a Harnack type inequality for general conformally invariant fully nonlinear second order elliptic equations.
3D B_2 Model for Radiative Transfer Equation Part I: ModellingJan 14 2017May 30 2017We extend to three-dimensional space the approximate M_2 model for the slab geometry studied in our previous paper. The B_2 model therein, as a special case of the second order extended quadrature method of moments (EQMOM), is proved to be globally hyperbolic. ... More
Lawson homology, morphic cohomology and Chow motivesNov 04 2007In this paper, the Lawson homology and morphic cohomology are defined on the Chow motives. We also define the rational coefficient Lawson homology and morphic cohomology of the Chow motives of finite quotient projective varieties. As a consequence, we ... More
A Novel Feature-based Bayesian Model for Query Focused Multi-document SummarizationDec 10 2012Dec 27 2013Both supervised learning methods and LDA based topic model have been successfully applied in the field of query focused multi-document summarization. In this paper, we propose a novel supervised approach that can incorporate rich sentence features into ... More
Angular momentum transport in a multicomponent solar wind with differentially flowing, thermally anisotropic ionsDec 09 2008The Helios measurements of the angular momentum flux $L$ for the fast solar wind show that the individual ion contributions, $L_p$ and $L_\alpha$, tend to be negative (i.e., in the sense of counter-rotation with the Sun). However, the opposite holds for ... More
Unconditionally Secure Quantum Bit Commitment Protocols Based on Correlation Immune Boolean FunctionJul 14 2006Aug 10 2006A class of quantum protocols of bit commitment is constructed based on the nonorthogonal states coding and the correlation immunity of some Boolean functions. The binding condition of these protocols is guaranteed mainly by the law of causality and the ... More
One-way information reconciliation schemes of quantum key distributionJan 05 2012May 14 2012Information reconciliation(IR) is a basic step of quantum key distribution (QKD). Classical message interaction is necessary in a practical IR scheme, and the communication complexity has become a bottleneck of QKD's development. Here we propose a concatenated ... More
Probing equilibration with respect to isospin degree of freedom in intermediate energy heavy ion collisionsSep 26 2001We have studied equilibration with respect to isospin degree of freedom in four 96 mass systems $^{96}Ru+^{96}Ru$, $^{96}Ru+^{96}Zr$, $^{96}Zr+^{96}Ru$, $^{96}Zr+^{96}Zr$ at 100 AMeV and 400 AMeV with isospin dependent QMD. We propose that the neutron-proton ... More
Engineering two-mode squeezed states of cold atomic clouds with a superconducting stripline resonatorSep 16 2010A scheme is proposed for engineering two-mode squeezed states of two separated cold atomic clouds positioned near the surface of a superconducting stripline resonator. Based on the coherent magnetic coupling between the atomic spins and a stripline resonator ... More
Thermal conductivity of one-dimensional lattices with self-consistent heat baths: a heuristic derivationFeb 04 2009We derive the thermal conductivities of one-dimensional harmonic and anharmonic lattices with self-consistent heat baths (BRV lattice) from the Single-Mode Relaxation Time (SMRT) approximation. For harmonic lattice, we obtain the same result as previous ... More
Notes on a minimal set of generators for the radical ideal defining the diagonal locus of $(\C^2)^n$Jan 09 2009Sep 09 2009We develop several techniques for the study of the radical ideal $I$ defining the diagonal locus of $(\C^2)^n$. Using these techniques, we give combinatorial construction of generators for $I$ of certain bi-degrees.
On focal submanifolds of isoparametric hypersurfaces and Simons formulaJan 28 2015The focal submanifolds of isoparametric hypersurfaces in spheres are all minimal Willmore submanifolds, mostly being $\mathcal{A}$-manifolds in the sense of A.Gray but rarely Ricci-parallel (\cite{QTY},\cite{LY},\cite{TY3}). In this paper we study the ... More
WARP: Wavelets with adaptive recursive partitioning for multi-dimensional dataNov 02 2017Jul 10 2018Traditional statistical wavelet analysis carries out modeling and inference under a given, predetermined wavelet transform. This approach can quickly lose efficiency for multi-dimensional data (e.g., observations measured on a multi-dimensional grid), ... More
Optomechanical photon shuttling between photonic cavitiesSep 03 2014Mechanical motion of photonic devices driven by optical forces provides a profound means of coupling between optical fields. The current focus of these optomechanical effects has been on cavity optomechanics systems in which co-localized optical and mechanical ... More
Develop a perfect spectrometer in water windowOct 12 2017We report a novelly universal scheme for design of a grazing incidence spectrometer, which creates an excellent meridional flat field in its detector domain to deliver the desired spectral resolution throughout the full designated spectral range, while ... More
On the exterior Dirichlet problem for Hessian quotient equationsSep 14 2017In this paper, we establish the existence and uniqueness theorem for solutions of the exterior Dirichlet problem for Hessian quotient equations with prescribed asymptotic behavior at infinity. This extends the previous related results on the Monge-Amp\`{e}re ... More
A/D Converter Architectures for Energy-Efficient Vision ProcessorMar 05 2017Mar 21 2017AI applications have emerged in current world. Among AI applications, computer-vision (CV) related applications have attracted high interest. Hardware implementation of CV processors necessitates a high performance but low-power image detector. The key ... More
On some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations, Part II: Liouville, Harnack and YamabeMar 25 2004The Yamabe problem concerns finding a conformal metric on a given closed Riemannian manifold so that it has constant scalar curvature. This paper concerns mainly a fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem and the corresponding Liouville type problem. ... More
Dirichlet problems of a quasi-linear elliptic systemNov 20 2003We discuss the Dirichlet problem of the quasi-linear elliptic system \begin{eqnarray*} -e^{-f(U)}div(e^{f(U)}\bigtriangledown U)+&{1/2}f'(U)|\bigtriangledown U|^2&=0, {in $\Omega$}, & U|_{\partial\Omega}&=\phi. \end{eqnarray*} Here $\Omega$ a smooth bounded ... More
Edge-grafting theorems on permanents of the Laplacian matrices of graphs and their applicationsJun 20 2012The trees, respectively unicyclic graphs, on $n$ vertices with the smallest Laplacian permanent are studied. In this paper, by edge-grafting transformations, the $n$-vertex trees of given bipartition having the second and third smallest Laplacian permanent ... More
Existence and exponential stability of positive almost periodic solution for Nicholson's blowflies models on time scalesAug 05 2015Nov 12 2015In this paper, we first give a new definition of almost periodic time scales, two new definitions of almost periodic functions on time scales and investigate some basic properties of them. Then, as an application, by using the fixed point theorem in Banach ... More
Membrane paradigm of the static black bottleOct 02 2017In the membrane paradigm of black holes, it is usually assumed that the normal vector of the stretched horizon has a vanishing acceleration. This assumption breaks down for black bottles, a class of solutions discovered recently in the asymptotically ... More
Global existence and boundedness of weak solutions to a chemotaxis-stokes system with rotational flux termMar 14 2018In this paper, the three-dimensional chemotaxis-stokes system \begin{eqnarray*} \left\{\begin{array}{lll} \medskip n_{t}+u\cdot\nabla n=\Delta n^m-\nabla\cdot(n S(x,n,c)\cdot\nabla c),&x\in\Omega,\ \ t>0, \medskip c_t+u\cdot\nabla c=\Delta c-nf(c),&x\in\Omega,\ ... More
Note on the complexity of deciding the rainbow connectedness for bipartite graphsSep 26 2011Sep 27 2011A path in an edge-colored graph is said to be a rainbow path if no two edges on the path have the same color. An edge-colored graph is (strongly) rainbow connected if there exists a rainbow (geodesic) path between every pair of vertices. The (strong) ... More
Monochromatic disconnection of graphsJan 05 2019Jan 26 2019For an edge-colored graph $G$, we call an edge-cut $R$ of $G$ monochromatic if the edges of $R$ are colored with a same color. The graph $G$ is called monochromatically disconnected if any two distinct vertices of $G$ are separated by a monochromatic ... More
Associated Production of Neutral Higgs Boson with Squark Pair in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with Explicit CP Violation at the CERN LHCJan 18 2006Apr 09 2006We investigate the associated production of neutral Higgs boson with squark pair in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with and without explicit CP violation, respectively. We show that the dominant productions in both cases are always ones of ... More
Dynamic Fair Division Problem with General ValuationsFeb 14 2018Apr 18 2018In this paper, we focus on how to dynamically allocate a divisible resource fairly among n players who arrive and depart over time. The players may have general heterogeneous valuations over the resource. It is known that the exact envy-free and proportional ... More
Connection Sensitive Attention U-NET for Accurate Retinal Vessel SegmentationMar 13 2019We develop a connection sensitive attention U-Net(CSAU) for accurate retinal vessel segmentation. This method improves the recent attention U-Net for semantic segmentation with four key improvements: (1) connection sensitive loss that models the structure ... More
Jet measurements in polarized p+p collisions at STAR at RHICJun 21 2015Jul 15 2015Jet production in polarized $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 200$ GeV and $\sqrt{s} = 500$ GeV provides a powerful probe to study gluons inside the proton. The Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC (STAR) has the capability, with nearly full azimuthal ($2\pi$) coverage, ... More
Comparison between Fermion Bag Approach and Complex Langevin Dynamics for Massive Thirring Model at Finite Density in 0 + 1 DimensionsMay 16 2016We consider the massive Thirring model at finite density in 0+1 dimension. The fermion bag approach, Langevin dynamics and complex Langevin dynamics are adopted to attack the sign problem for this model. Compared with the complex Langevin dynamics, both ... More
Generalized Thompson Sampling for Contextual BanditsOct 27 2013Thompson Sampling, one of the oldest heuristics for solving multi-armed bandits, has recently been shown to demonstrate state-of-the-art performance. The empirical success has led to great interests in theoretical understanding of this heuristic. In this ... More
Map Route Ranking with Weighted Distance using Environmental FactorsApr 02 2014When users search for the routes between two places using map based services, these services compute and provide the top candidate routes based on shortest geometric distances or ideal time consuming. However, other real factors like physical exertion ... More
Return on citation: a consistent metric to evaluate papers, journals and researchersDec 29 2014Evaluating and comparing the academic performance of a journal, a researcher or a single paper has long remained a critical, necessary but also controversial issue. Most of existing metrics invalidate comparison across different fields of science or even ... More
A new approach to the real numbersJan 10 2011Mar 07 2011In this paper we provide a complete approach to the real numbers via decimal representations. Construction of the real numbers by Dedekind cuts, Cauchy sequences of rational numbers, and the algebraic characterization of the real number system by the ... More
Modeling covariate-contingent correlation and tail-dependence with copulasDec 31 2013Copulas provide an attractive approach for constructing multivariate densities with flexible marginal distributions and different forms of dependence. Of particular importance in many areas is the possibility of explicitly modeling tail-dependence. Most ... More
Constrained lattice-field hierarchies and Toda system with Block symmetryFeb 23 2016In this paper, we construct the additional $W$-symmetry and ghost symmetry of two-lattice field integrable hierarchies. Using the symmetry constraint, we construct constrained two-lattice integrable systems which contain several new integrable difference ... More
Azimuthons and pattern formation in annularly confined exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensatesNov 08 2015We present numerical analysis of steady states in a two-component (spinor) driven-dissipative quantum fluid formed by condensed exciton-polaritons in an annular optically induced trap. We demonstrate that an incoherent ring-shaped optical pump creating ... More
Normalization of Polynomials in Algebraic Invariants of Three-Dimensional Orthogonal GeometryFeb 27 2013In classical invariant theory, the Gr\"obner base of the ideal of syzygies and the normal forms of polynomials of invariants are two core contents. To improve the performance of invariant theory in symbolic computing of classical geometry, advanced invariants ... More
The Study of Correlation Structures of DNA Sequences: A Critical ReviewApr 09 1997The study of correlation structure in the primary sequences of DNA is reviewed. The issues reviewed include: symmetries among 16 base-base correlation functions, accurate estimation of correlation measures, the relationship between $1/f$ and Lorentzian ... More
Generalized Min-Max Kernel and Generalized Consistent Weighted SamplingMay 18 2016May 23 2016We propose the "generalized min-max" (GMM) kernel as a measure of data similarity, where data vectors can have both positive and negative entries. GMM is positive definite as there is an associate hashing method named "generalized consistent weighted ... More
Correlations and fluctuations measured by the CMS experiment in pp and PbPbJul 13 2011Measurements of charged dihadron angular correlations are presented in proton-proton (pp) and Lead-Lead (PbPb) collisions, over a broad range of pseudorapidity and azimuthal angle, using the CMS detector at the LHC. In very high multiplicity pp events ... More
FermiKit: assembly-based variant calling for Illumina resequencing dataApr 24 2015Summary: FermiKit is a variant calling pipeline for Illumina data. It de novo assembles short reads and then maps the assembly against a reference genome to call SNPs, short insertions/deletions (INDELs) and structural variations (SVs). FermiKit takes ... More
On Nonsymmetric Nonparametric Measures of DependenceFeb 12 2015Based on recent progress in research on copula based dependence measures, we review the original Renyi's axioms on symmetric measures and propose a new set of axioms that applies to nonsymmetric measures. We show that nonsymmetric measures can actually ... More
On Equilibria of N-seller and N-buyer Bargaining GamesOct 14 2015Oct 07 2016A group of players which contain n sellers and n buyers bargain over the partitions of n pies. A seller(/buyer) has to reach an agreement with a buyer (/seller) on the division of a pie. The players bargain in a system like the stock market: each seller(buyer) ... More
Appendix: Chapman-Enskog Expansion in the Lattice Boltzmann MethodDec 06 2015The Chapman-Enskog expansion was used in the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) to derive a Navier-Stokes-like equation and a formula was obtained to correlate the LBM model parameters to the kinematic viscosity implicitly implemented in LBM simulations. ... More
Sato theory on the $q$-Toda hierarchy and its extensionApr 23 2015In this paper, we construct the Sato theory including the Hirota bilinear equations and tau function of a new $q$-deformed Toda hierarchy(QTH). Meanwhile the Block type additional symmetry and bi-Hamiltonian structure of this hierarchy are given. From ... More
Heegaard surfaces and measured laminations, II: non-Haken 3-manifoldsAug 15 2004Jan 14 2007A famous example of Casson and Gordon shows that a Haken 3-manifold can have an infinite family of irreducible Heegaard splittings with different genera. In this paper, we prove that a closed non-Haken 3-manifold has only finitely many irreducible Heegaard ... More
Distributed Parameter Map-ReduceOct 03 2015This paper describes how to convert a machine learning problem into a series of map-reduce tasks. We study logistic regression algorithm. In logistic regression algorithm, it is assumed that samples are independent and each sample is assigned a probability. ... More
Compaction of bulk amorphous Fe40Ni40P14B6 alloysDec 26 2006Feb 27 2007The consolidations of two bulk amorphous Fe40Ni40P14B6 alloy discs are performed via hot pressing for a short time in its supercooled liquid region under a pressure of ~1.2 GPa. When the consolidated temperature Ts is lower, the conjunction of two bulk ... More
Baxter Algebras and Umbral CalculusJul 09 2004We apply recent constructions of free Baxter algebras to the study of the umbral calculus. We give a characterization of the umbral calculus in terms of Baxter algebra. This characterization leads to a natural generalization of the umbral calculus that ... More
Norm minima in certain Siegel leavesApr 06 2014Nov 01 2015In this paper we shall illustrate that each polytopal moment-angle complex can be understood as the intersection of the minima of corresponding Siegel leaves and the unit sphere, with respect to the maximum norm. Consequently, an alternative proof of ... More
BCOV theory on the elliptic curve and higher genus mirror symmetryDec 17 2011We develop the quantum Kodaira-Spencer theory on the elliptic curve and establish the corresponding higher genus B-model. We show that the partition functions of the higher genus B-model on the elliptic curve are almost holomorphic modular forms, which ... More
Rational Points on Del Pezzo Surface of degree 1 and 2Apr 22 2009Apr 25 2011We discuss the rational points on del Pezzo surface of degree 1 and 2 over any finite field $\mathbb F_q$, and give out the explicit equations of del Pezzo surfaces that have unique rational point.
Compression bounds for wreath productsJul 29 2009Dec 06 2009We show that if $G$ and $H$ are finitely generated groups whose Hilbert compression exponent is positive, then so is the Hilbert compression exponent of the wreath $G \wr H$. We also prove an analogous result for coarse embeddings of wreath products. ... More