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Envelope Words and the Reflexivity of the Return Word Sequences in the Period-doubling SequenceMar 21 2017We consider the infinite one-sided sequence over alphabet $\{a,b\}$ generated by the period-doubling substitution $\sigma(a)=ab$ and $\sigma(b)=aa$, denoted by $\mathbb{D}$. Let $r_p(\omega)$ be the $p$-th return word of factor $\omega$. The main result ... More
The numbers of powers in the Tribonacci sequenceSep 21 2016The Tribonacci sequence $\mathbb{T}$ is the fixed point of the substitution $\sigma(a)=ab$, $\sigma(b)=ac$, $\sigma(c)=a$. The prefix of $\mathbb{T}$ of length $n$ is denoted by $\mathbb{T}[1,n]$. The main result is threefold, we give: (1) explicit expressions ... More
The Number of Fractional Powers in the Fibonacci WordNov 28 2018The Fibonacci word is the fixed point beginning with the letter $a$ of morphism $\sigma(a)=ab$, $\sigma(b)=a$ defined over the alphabet $\{a,b\}$. In this paper, we get explicit expression of the number of distinct fractional powers in each factor of ... More
Black Hole Mass Formula Is a Vanishing Noether ChargeJan 31 2002The Noether current and its variation relation with respect to diffeomorphism invariance of gravitational theories have been derived from the horizontal variation and vertical-horizontal bi-variation of the Lagrangian, respectively. For Einstein's GR ... More
A CUDA-Based Real Parameter Optimization BenchmarkJul 29 2014Benchmarking is key for developing and comparing optimization algorithms. In this paper, a CUDA-based real parameter optimization benchmark (cuROB) is introduced. Test functions of diverse properties are included within cuROB and implemented efficiently ... More
Hierarchical low rank approximation of likelihoods for large spatial datasetsMay 28 2016Datasets in the fields of climate and environment are often very large and irregularly spaced. To model such datasets, the widely used Gaussian process models in spatial statis- tics face tremendous challenges due to the prohibitive computational burden. ... More
Neutrino phenomenology of a high scale supersymmetry modelAug 31 2018Jan 03 2019CP violation in the lepton sector, and other aspects of neutrino physics, are studied within a high scale supersymmetry model. In addition to the sneutrino vacuum expectation values (VEVs), the heavy vector-like triplet also contributes to neutrino masses. ... More
Variations in Discrete Mechanics and Field TheoryDec 27 2001Some problems on variations are raised for classical discrete mechanics and field theory and the difference variational approach with variable step-length is proposed motivated by Lee's approach to discrete mechanics and the difference discrete variational ... More
Novel Bismaleimide Resin/Silsesquioxane and Titania Nanocomposites by the Sol-Gel Process: the Preparation, Morphology, Thermal and Thermo-mechanical PropertiesApr 01 2013Bismaleimide(BMI) resin/silsesquioxane or titania nanocomposites were synthesized from bismaleimide resin and SiO3/2 or TiO2 via the sol-gel process of N-{\gamma}-triethoxylsilylpropyl-maleamic acid (TESPMA) or tetrabutyltitanate (Ti(OnBu)4, TBT), respectively, ... More
Selecting Biomarkers for building optimal treatment selection rules using Kernel MachinesJun 06 2019Optimal biomarker combinations for treatment-selection can be derived by minimizing total burden to the population caused by the targeted disease and its treatment. However, when multiple biomarkers are present, including all in the model can be expensive ... More
Preparation and characterization of Bismaleimide resin/titania nanocomposites via sol-gel processApr 26 2013Bismaleimide (BMI) resin/ titania nanocomposites were synthesized from allylated-phenolic modified bismaleimide resin and TiO2 via the sol-gel process of tetrabutyltitanate (Ti(OnBu)4, TBT). These nanocomposite materials were characterized by FT-IR, XRD, ... More
On Torsion and Nieh-Yan FormMay 07 1998Using the well-known Chern-Weil formula and its generalization, we systematically construct the Chern-Simons forms and their generalization induced by torsion as well as the Nieh-Yan (N-Y) forms. We also give an argument on the vanishing of integration ... More
Two Particle Physics Models With Spontaneous CP Violation From Gauge Theory On Discrete GroupJan 23 1998Based on the differential calculus and the gauge theory on discrete groups, we reconstruct two physics models with spontaneous CP violation: (1) The Georgi-Glashow-Lee model with two Higgs triplets; (2) The Weinberg-Salam-Branco model with three Higgs ... More
Internet Resource Pricing Models, Mechanisms, and MethodsApr 11 2011With the fast development of video and voice network applications, CDN (Content Distribution Networks) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) content distribution technologies have gradually matured. How to effectively use Internet resources thus has attracted more and ... More
General Volume-Preserving Mechanical SystemsAug 23 2002In this letter, we present the general form of equations that generate a volume-preserving flow on a symplectic manifold (M, \omega). It is shown that every volume-preserving flow has some 2-forms acting the role of the Hamiltonian functions in the Hamiltonian ... More
How the Dark Energy Can Reconcile \textit{Planck} with Local Determination of the Hubble ConstantJun 20 2016Jun 21 2016We try to reconcile the tension between the local 2.4\% determination of Hubble constant and its global determination by $\textit{Planck}$ CMB data and BAO data through modeling the dark energy variously. We find that the chi-square is significantly reduced ... More
Improving Object Detection with Inverted AttentionMar 28 2019Improving object detectors against occlusion, blur and noise is a critical step to deploy detectors in real applications. Since it is not possible to exhaust all image defects through data collection, many researchers seek to generate hard samples in ... More
Injection locking of optomechanical oscillators via acoustic wavesDec 08 2017Injection locking is a powerful technique for synchronization of oscillator networks and controlling the phase and frequency of individual oscillators using similar or other types of oscillators. Here, we present the first demonstration of injection locking ... More
Distance Priors from Planck Final ReleaseAug 17 2018We present the distance priors from the finally released $Planck~ \textrm{TT,TE,EE}+\textrm{lowE}$ data in 2018. The uncertainties are around $40\%$ smaller than those from $Planck$ 2015 TT$+$lowP. In order to check the validity of these new distance ... More
The Euler-Lagrange Cohomology and General Volume-Preserving SystemsApr 08 2003Apr 08 2003We briefly introduce the conception on Euler-Lagrange cohomology groups on a symplectic manifold $(\mathcal{M}^{2n}, \omega)$ and systematically present the general form of volume-preserving equations on the manifold from the cohomological point of view. ... More
Randomized Algorithms for Tracking Distributed Count, Frequencies, and RanksAug 17 2011Dec 02 2011We show that randomization can lead to significant improvements for a few fundamental problems in distributed tracking. Our basis is the {\em count-tracking} problem, where there are $k$ players, each holding a counter $n_i$ that gets incremented over ... More
Möbius disjointness for skew products on a circle and a nilmanifoldJul 03 2019Let $\mathbb{T}$ be the unit circle and $\Gamma \backslash G$ the $3$-dimensional Heisenberg nilmanifold. We prove that a class of skew products on $\mathbb{T} \times \Gamma \backslash G$ are distal, and that the M\"{o}bius function is linearly disjoint ... More
Difference Discrete Connection and Curvature on Cubic LatticeJul 25 2007In a way similar to the continuous case formally, we define in different but equivalent manners the difference discrete connection and curvature on discrete vector bundle over the regular lattice as base space. We deal with the difference operators as ... More
Tracking the Frequency Moments at All TimesDec 04 2014The traditional requirement for a randomized streaming algorithm is just {\em one-shot}, i.e., algorithm should be correct (within the stated $\eps$-error bound) at the end of the stream. In this paper, we study the {\em tracking} problem, where the output ... More
Identifying the Fake Base Station: A Location Based ApproachJun 14 2018Fake base station (FBS) attack is a great security challenge to wireless user equipment (UE). During the cell selection stage, the UE receives multiple synchronization signals (SSs) from multiple nearby base stations (BSs), and then synchronizes itself ... More
New cosmological constraints with extended-Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey DR14 quasar sampleJul 10 2017Oct 09 2017We update the constraints on the cosmological parameters by adopting the Planck data released in 2015 and Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) measurements including the new DR14 quasar sample measurement at redshift $z=1.52$, and we conclude that the based ... More
Constraint on the abundance of primordial black holes in dark matter from Planck dataAug 07 2016Dec 18 2016We use Planck data released in 2015 to constrain the abundance of primordial black holes (PBHs) in dark matter in two different reionization models (one is the instantaneous reionization and the other is the asymmetric reionization), and significantly ... More
A comprehensive comparison of cosmological models from latest observational dataJul 25 2012We investigate in detail some popular cosmological models in light of the latest observational data, including the Union2.1 supernovae compilation, the baryon acoustic oscillation measurements from the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, the cosmic microwave ... More
A Large Family of Multi-path Dual Congestion Control AlgorithmsApr 19 2011The goal of traffic management is efficiently utilizing network resources via adapting of source sending rates and routes selection. Traditionally, this problem is formulated into a utilization maximization problem. The single-path routing scheme fails ... More
Combating the Control Signal Spoofing Attack in UAV SystemsApr 18 2018Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system is vulnerable to the control signal spoofing attack due to the openness of the wireless communications. In this correspondence, a physical layer approach is proposed to combat the control signal spoofing attack, i.e,. ... More
Plagiarism Detection using ROUGE and WordNetMar 22 2010With the arrival of digital era and Internet, the lack of information control provides an incentive for people to freely use any content available to them. Plagiarism occurs when users fail to credit the original owner for the content referred to, and ... More
Discrete mechanics Based on Finite Element MethodsMar 04 2002Discrete Mechanics based on finite element methods is presented in this paper. We also explore the relationship between this discrete mechanics and Veselov discrete mechanics. High order discretizations are constructed in terms of high order interpolations. ... More
Angular momentum transfer torques in spin valves with perpendicular magnetizationSep 28 2011Spin valves incorporating perpendicularly magnetized materials are promising structures for memory elements and high-frequency generators. We report the angular dependence of the spin-transfer torque in spin valves with perpendicular equilibrium magnetization ... More
The Euler-Lagrange Cohomology Groups on Symplectic ManifoldsApr 20 2003The definition and properties of the Euler-Lagrange cohomology groups $H^{2k-1}$, $1 \leqslant k \leqslant n$, on a symplectic manifold $({\cal M}^{2n},\omega)$ are given and studied. For $k = 1$ and $k = n$, they are isomorphic to the corresponding de ... More
Spectroscopic Indication for a Centi-parsec Supermassive Black Hole Binary in the Galactic Center of NGC 5548Feb 16 2016Mar 04 2016As a natural consequence of cosmological hierarchical structure formation, sub-parsec supermassive black hole binaries (SMBHBs) should be common in galaxies but thus far have eluded spectroscopic identification. Based on four decades of optical spectroscopic ... More
Reverberation mapping of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy I Zwicky 1: black hole massApr 12 2019We report results of the first reverberation mapping campaign of I Zwicky 1 during $2014$-$2016$, which showed unambiguous reverberations of the broad H$\beta$ line emission to the varying optical continuum. From analysis using several methods, we obtain ... More
Supermassive black holes with high accretion rates in active galactic nuclei: X. Optical variability characteristicsApr 06 2019May 14 2019We compiled a sample of 73 active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with reverberation mapping (RM) observations from RM campaigns including our ongoing campaign of monitoring super-Eddington accreting massive black holes (SEAMBHs). This sample covers a large range ... More
Supermassive black holes with high accretion rates in active galactic nuclei. VII. Reconstruction of velocity-delay maps by maximum entropy methodAug 02 2018As one of the series of papers reporting on a large reverberation mapping campaign, we apply the maximum entropy method (MEM) to 9 narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with super-Eddington accretion rates observed during 2012-2013 for the velocity-delay maps ... More
Reverberation Mapping of the Broad-line Region in NGC 5548: Evidence for Radiation Pressure?Jul 27 2016NGC 5548 is the best-observed reverberation-mapped active galactic nucleus with long-term, intensive monitoring. Here we report results from a new observational campaign between January and July, 2015. We measure the centroid time lag of the broad H$\beta$ ... More
Total Variation and Variational Symplectic-Energy-Momentum integratorsSep 23 2001A discrete total variation calculus with variable time steps is presented in this letter. Using this discrete variation calculus, we generalize Lee's discrete mechanics and derive variational symplectic-energy-momentum integrators by Kane, Marsden and ... More
A Gauge Field Model On $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_Y \times π_4(G_{YM})$Oct 24 1994We reconstruct the Lagrangian of a left-right symmetric model with the gauge group $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_Y \times \pi_4(SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_Y) $. The Higgs fields appear as gauge fields on discrete gauge group $\pi_4(SU(2)_L\times ... More
Fermion Localization and Degenerate Resonances on Brane ArrayJan 31 2019In this work, we consider the multi-wall braneworld arisen from multi-scalar fields, and investigate the localization and resonances of spin-1/2 fermion on the multi-walls. We build two analytic multi-wall solutions with a polynomial superpotential and ... More
Supermassive Black Holes with High Accretion Rates in Active Galactic Nuclei. VIII. Structure of the Broad-Line Region and Mass of the Central Black Hole in Mrk 142Nov 15 2018This is the eighth in a series of papers reporting on a large reverberation mapping campaign to measure black hole (BH) mass in high accretion rate active galactic nuclei (AGNs). We employ the recently developed dynamical modeling approach for broad-line ... More
Kinematics of the Broad-line Region of 3C 273 from a Ten-year Reverberation Mapping CampaignNov 09 2018Mar 13 2019Despite many decades of study, the kinematics of the broad-line region of 3C~273 are still poorly understood. We report a new, high signal-to-noise, reverberation mapping campaign carried out from November 2008 to March 2018 that allows the determination ... More
A High-Quality velocity-delay map of the broad-line region in NGC 5548Sep 15 2018Sep 18 2018NGC 5548 has been well spectroscopically monitored for reverberation mapping of the central kinematics by 19 campaigns. Using the maximum entropy method in this Letter, we build up a high-quality velocity-delay map of the H$\beta$ emission line in the ... More
Supermassive Black Holes with High Accretion Rates in Active Galactic Nuclei. VI. Velocity-resolved Reverberation Mapping of H$β$ LineFeb 05 2016In the sixth of the series of papers reporting on a large reverberation mapping (RM) campaign of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with high accretion rates, we present velocity-resolved time lags of H$\beta$ emission lines for nine objects observed in the ... More
Supermassive Black Holes with High Accretion Rates in Active Galactic Nuclei. IX 10 New Observations of Reverberation Mapping and Shortened H$β$ LagsFeb 08 2018As one of the series of papers reporting on a large reverberation mapping campaign of super-Eddington accreting massive black holes (SEAMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGNs), we present the results of 10 SEAMBHs monitored spectroscopically during 2015-2017. ... More
The positivity of number sequences and the Ramanujan graphsMay 31 2019Let $X$ denote a connected $(q+1)$-regular undirected graph of finite order $n$. The graph $X$ is called Ramanujan whenever $$ |\lambda|\leq 2q^{\frac{1}{2}} $$ for all nontrivial eigenvalues $\lambda$ of $X$. We consider the variant $\Xi(u)$ of the Ihara ... More
Long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution using separable Gaussian statesDec 04 2018Continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CVQKD) is considered to be an alternative to classical cryptography for secure communication. However, its transmission distance is restricted to metropolitan areas, given that it is affected by the channel ... More
Electromagnetic cloaking by layered structure of homogeneous isotropic materialsSep 04 2007Electromagnetic invisibility cloak requires material with anisotropic distribution of the constitutive parameters deduced from a geometrical transformation as first proposed by Pendry et al. [Science 312, 1780 (2006)]. In this paper, we proposed a useful ... More
Optimization Design of Decentralized Control for Complex Decentralized SystemsSep 03 2018A new method is developed to deal with the problem that a complex decentralized control system needs to keep centralized control performance. The systematic procedure emphasizes quickly finding the decentralized subcontrollers that matching the closed-loop ... More
Evaluation of Treatment Effect Modification by Biomarkers Measured Pre- and Post-randomization in the Presence of Non-monotone MissingnessOct 26 2017In vaccine studies, investigators are often interested in studying effect modifiers of clinical treatment efficacy by biomarker-based principal strata, which is useful for selecting biomarker study endpoints for evaluating treatments in new trials, exploring ... More
A new single-dynamical-scalar-field model of dark energyAug 06 2005A new single-dynamical-scalar-field model of dark energy is proposed, in which either higher derivative terms nor structures of extra dimension are needed. With the help of a fixed background vector field, the parameter for the effective equation of state ... More
Global Strong Solutions to Compressible Navier-Stokes System with Degenerate Heat Conductivity and Density-Depending ViscositySep 05 2018We consider the compressible Navier-Stokes system where the viscosity depends on density and the heat conductivity is proportional to a positive power of the temperature under stress-free and thermally insulated boundary conditions. Under the same conditions ... More
Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Mixed Mean-field Games with Heterogeneous Input ConstraintsOct 09 2017We consider a class of linear-quadratic-Gaussian mean-field games with a major agent and considerable heterogeneous minor agents in the presence of mean-field interactions. The individual admissible controls are constrained in closed convex subsets $\Gamma_{k}$ ... More
First-principles characterization of ferromagnetism in N-doped SrTiO3 and BaTiO3Oct 10 2011Jan 27 2012The spin-polarization and magnetic coupling character of N-doped SrTiO3 and BaTiO3 are studied through first-principles calculations. The substitutional N doping at O sites leads to a half-metallic property and produces a magnetic moment of 1.0 {\mu}B. ... More
Review of the Structural Stability, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Nonmetal-Doped TiO$_2$ from First-Principles CalculationsFeb 25 2012This paper reviews and summarizes the recent first-principles theoretical studies of the structural stability, electronic structure, optical and magnetic properties of nonmetal-doped TiO$_2$. The first section presents a comparison study of the structural ... More
Linear Quadratic Mean Field Game with Control Input ConstraintOct 19 2016In this paper, we study a class of linear-quadratic (LQ) mean-field games in which the individual control process is constrained in a closed convex subset $\Gamma$ of full space $\mathbb{R}^m$. The decentralized strategies and consistency condition are ... More
Logistic regression analysis with standardized markersNov 28 2013Two different approaches to analysis of data from diagnostic biomarker studies are commonly employed. Logistic regression is used to fit models for probability of disease given marker values, while ROC curves and risk distributions are used to evaluate ... More
Test for Incremental Value of New Biomarkers Based on OR RulesApr 24 2018In early detection of disease, a single biomarker often has inadequate classification performance, making it important to identify new biomarkers to combine with the existing marker for improved performance. A biologically natural method to combine biomarkers ... More
The positivity of number sequences and the Ramanujan graphsMay 31 2019Jul 01 2019Let $X$ denote a connected $(q+1)$-regular undirected graph of finite order $n$. The graph $X$ is called Ramanujan whenever $$ |\lambda|\leq 2q^{\frac{1}{2}} $$ for all nontrivial eigenvalues $\lambda$ of $X$. We consider the variant $\Xi(u)$ of the Ihara ... More
Competitive Charging Station Pricing for Plug-in Electric VehiclesNov 24 2015Nov 28 2015This paper considers the problem of charging station pricing and plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) station selection. When a PEV needs to be charged, it selects a charging station by considering the charging prices, waiting times, and travel distances. ... More
A New Kind of Uniformly Accelerated Reference FramesApr 04 2006A new kind of uniformly accelerated reference frames with a line-element different from the M{\o}ller and Rindler ones is presented, in which every observer at $x, y, z=$consts. has the same constant acceleration. The laws of mechanics are checked in ... More
Global Strong Solutions to Magnetohydrodynamics with Density-Dependent Viscosity and Degenerate Heat-ConductivitySep 11 2018We deal with the equations of a planar magnetohydrodynamic compressible flow with the viscosity depending on the specific volume of the gas and the heat conductivity proportional to a positive power of the temperature. Under the same conditions on the ... More
Parallel energy-stable phase field crystal simulations based on domain decomposition methodsMar 03 2017In this paper, we present a parallel numerical algorithm for solving the phase field crystal equation. In the algorithm, a semi-implicit finite difference scheme is derived based on the discrete variational derivative method. Theoretical analysis is provided ... More
Dynamic Partial Cooperative MIMO System for Delay-Sensitive Applications with Limited Backhaul CapacityJul 09 2013Considering backhaul consumption in practical systems, it may not be the best choice to engage all the time in full cooperative MIMO for interference mitigation. In this paper, we propose a novel downlink partial cooperative MIMO (Pco-MIMO) physical layer ... More
Long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution using non-Gaussian state-discrimination detectionAug 14 2017We propose a long-distance continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CVQKD) with four-state protocol using non-Gaussian state-discrimination detection. A photon subtraction operation, which is deployed at the transmitter, is used for splitting the ... More
Contact Atomic Structure and Electron Transport Through MoleculesMay 04 2004Using benzene sandwiched between two Au leads as a model system, we investigate from first principles the change in molecular conductance caused by different atomic structures around the metal-molecule contact. Our motivation is the variable situations ... More
Electron Transport Through Molecules: Self-consistent and Non-self-consistent ApproachesNov 24 2003May 04 2004A self-consistent method for calculating electron transport through a molecular device is proposed. It is based on density functional theory electronic structure calculations under periodic boundary conditions and implemented in the framework of the nonequilibrium ... More
Regular quantum plasmons in segments of graphene nanoribbonsAug 15 2013Graphene plasmons have advantages over noble metal plasmons, such as high tunability and low loss. However, for graphene nanostructures smaller than 10 nm, little is known about their plasmons or whether a regular plasmonic behavior exists, despite their ... More
Pilot Spoofing Attack by Multiple EavesdroppersJul 24 2018In this paper, we investigate the design of a pilot spoofing attack (PSA) carried out by multiple single-antenna eavesdroppers (Eves) in a downlink time-division duplex (TDD) system, where a multiple antenna base station (BS) transmits confidential information ... More
Thermal convection with mixed thermal boundary conditions: Effects of insulating lids at the topFeb 14 2017Feb 16 2017The effects of insulating lids on the convection beneath were investigated experimentally using rectangular convection cells in the flux Rayleigh number range $2.3\times10^{9}\leq Ra_F \leq 1.8\times10^{11}$ and cylindrical cells in the range $1.4\times10^{10}\leq ... More
Intermolecular Effect in Molecular ElectronicsSep 20 2004We investigate the effects of lateral interactions on the conductance of two molecules connected in parallel to semi-infinite leads. The method we use combines a Green function approach to quantum transport with density functional theory for the electronic ... More
Electron Transport Through Molecules: Gate Induced Polarization and Potential ShiftJun 25 2004We analyze the effect of a gate on the conductance of molecules by separately evaluating the gate-induced polarization and the potential shift of the molecule relative to the leads. The calculations use ab initio density functional theory combined with ... More
Molecular Conductance: Chemical Trends of Anchoring GroupsFeb 16 2004Sep 21 2004Combining density functional theory calculations for molecular electronic structure with a Green function method for electron transport, we calculate from first principles the molecular conductance of benzene connected to two Au leads through different ... More
Multiple Antennas Secure Transmission under Pilot Spoofing and Jamming AttackJan 12 2018Transmitter-side channel state information (CSI) of the legitimate destination plays a critical role in physical layer secure transmissions. However, channel training procedure is vulnerable to the pilot spoofing attack (PSA) or pilot jamming attack (PJA) ... More
Distillability sudden death and sudden birth in a two-qutrit system under decoherence of finite temperatureJun 09 2015Jun 22 2015Distillability sudden death and sudden birth in a two-qutrit system under decoherence of finite temperature is studied in detail. By using of the negativity and realignment criterion, it is shown that certain initial prepared free entangled states may ... More
Quantum Interference Controlled Molecular ElectronicsJun 22 2008Aug 10 2009Quantum interference in coherent transport through single molecular rings may provide a mechanism to control current in molecular electronics. We investigate its applicability by using a single-particle Green function method combined with ab initio electronic ... More
Electron transport through single conjugated organic molecules: Basis set effects in ab initio calculationsMay 23 2007We investigate electron transport through single conjugated molecules - including benzenedithiol, oligo-phenylene-ethynylenes of different lengths, and a ferrocene-containing molecule sandwiched between two gold electrodes with different contact structures ... More
Nanotube-Metal Junctions: 2- and 3- Terminal Electrical TransportNov 22 2005Sep 14 2006We address the quality of electrical contact between carbon nanotubes and metallic electrodes by performing first-principles calculations for the electron transmission through ideal 2- and 3-terminal junctions, thus revealing the physical limit of tube-metal ... More
Addition Energies of Fullerenes and Nanotubes as Quantum Dots: The Role of SymmetryJan 13 2003May 11 2004Using density-functional theory calculations, we investigate the addition energy (AE) of quantum dots formed of fullerenes or closed single-wall carbon nanotubes. We focus on the connection between symmetry and oscillations in the AE spectrum. In the ... More
Highly (111)-orientated BiFeO3 thin film deposited on La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 buffered Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si (100) substrateMar 02 2012Multiferroic BiFeO3 (BFO) thin film exhibiting desired ferroelectric and enhanced magnetic properties was grown on La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO) buffered Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrates by off-axis RF magnetic sputtering, where a highly (111)-oriented texture was ... More
Quantifying Quantum Coherence in Experimentally-Observed Neutrino OscillationsJun 02 2018Neutrino oscillation represents an intriguing physical phenomenon where the quantumness can be maintained and detected over a long distance. Previously, the non-classical character of neutrino oscillation was tested with the Leggett-Garg inequality, where ... More
Ultrafast modulation of near-field heat transfer with tunable metamaterialsDec 26 2012We propose a mechanism of active near-field heat transfer modulation relying on externally tunable metamaterials. A large modulation effect is observed and can be explained by the coupling of surface modes, which is dramatically varied in the presence ... More
Base Station Cooperation in Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks: Performance Enhancement of Cell-Edge UsersJun 14 2018Millimeter wave (mmWave) signals are much more sensitive to blockage, which results in a significant increase of the outage probability, especially for the users at the edge of the cells. In this paper, we exploit the technique of base station (BS) cooperation ... More
Supermassive Black Hole Masses in Type II Active Galactic Nuclei with Polarimetric Broad Emission LinesJun 16 2008Type II AGNs with polarimetric broad emission line provided strong evidence for the orientation-based unified model for AGNs. We want to investigate whether the polarimetric broad emission line in type II AGNs can be used to calculate their central supermassive ... More
Dissipative Quantum Metrology with Spin Cat StatesOct 23 2014Oct 28 2014The maximally entangled states are excellent candidates for achieving Heisenberg-limited measurements in ideal quantum metrology, however, they are fragile against dissipation such as particle losses and their achievable precisions may become even worse ... More
The Role of the Exchange-Correlation Potential in ab initio Electron Transport CalculationsSep 25 2006Aug 23 2009The effect of the exchange-correlation potential in ab initio electron transport calculations is investigated by constructing optimized effective potentials (OEP) using different energy functionals or the electron density from second-order perturbation ... More
Models of Electrodes and Contacts in Molecular ElectronicsApr 04 2005Sep 08 2006Bridging the difference in atomic structure between experiments and theoretical calculations and exploring quantum confinement effects in thin electrodes (leads) are both important issues in molecular electronics. To address these issues, we report here, ... More
Non-Hermitian-assisted enhancement precision of parameter estimationSep 14 2016Recently, Zhong et al. [Phys. Rev. A 87, 022337(2013)] investigated the dynamics of quantum Fisher information (QFI) in the presence of decoherence. We here reform their results and propose two schemes to enhance and preserve the QFIs for a qubit system ... More
Non-Hermitian-assisted enhancement precision of parameter estimationSep 14 2016Oct 27 2016Recently, Zhong et al. [Phys. Rev. A 87, 022337(2013)] investigated the dynamics of quantum Fisher information (QFI) in the presence of decoherence. We here reform their results and propose two schemes to enhance and preserve the QFIs for a qubit system ... More
Time-Dependent Transport Through Molecular JunctionsFeb 07 2010We investigate transport properties of molecular junctions under two types of bias--a short time pulse or an AC bias--by combining a solution for the Green functions in the time domain with electronic structure information coming from ab initio density ... More
Efficient Processing of Reachability and Time-Based Path Queries in a Temporal GraphJan 22 2016Jan 25 2016A temporal graph is a graph in which vertices communicate with each other at specific time, e.g., $A$ calls $B$ at 11 a.m. and talks for 7 minutes, which is modeled by an edge from $A$ to $B$ with starting time "11 a.m." and duration "7 mins". Temporal ... More
Agile Domain AdaptationJul 11 2019Domain adaptation investigates the problem of leveraging knowledge from a well-labeled source domain to an unlabeled target domain, where the two domains are drawn from different data distributions. Because of the distribution shifts, different target ... More
Scaling in directed dynamical small-world networks with random responsesDec 07 2003A dynamical model of small-world network, with directed links which describe various correlations in social and natural phenomena, is presented. Random responses of every site to the imput message are introduced to simulate real systems. The interplay ... More
The Dependence of AGN Activity on Environment in SDSSJul 02 2019Environment is one of the key external drivers of the galaxies, while active galactic nucleus (AGN) is one of the key internal drivers. Both of them play fundamental roles in regulating the formation and evolution of galaxies. We explore the interrelationship ... More
DIMENSION: Dynamic MR Imaging with Both K-space and Spatial Prior Knowledge Obtained via Multi-Supervised Network TrainingSep 30 2018Nov 06 2018Dynamic MR image reconstruction from incomplete k-space data has generated great research interest due to its capability in reducing scan time. Nevertheless, the reconstruction problem is still challenging due to its ill-posed nature. Most existing methods ... More
Apologizing Comment on `Quantum Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity-Check codes$\,$"Apr 26 2010Nov 07 2011In our recent paper entitled "Quantum Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity-Check codes" [ICIC 2009. LNCS 5754], it was claimed that some new quantum codes can be constructed via the CSS encoding/decoding approach with various lengths and rates. However, the ... More
Target set selection problem for honeycomb networksMar 03 2012Let $G$ be a graph with a threshold function $\theta:V(G)\rightarrow \mathbb{N}$ such that $1\leq \theta(v)\leq d_G(v)$ for every vertex $v$ of $G$, where $d_G(v)$ is the degree of $v$ in $G$. Suppose we are given a target set $S\subseteq V(G)$. The paper ... More
Hierarchically porous Ni monolith@branch-structured NiCo2O4 for high energy density supercapacitorsApr 03 2016NiCo2O4 of varying nanostrucutures ranging from nanowires, nanoplates to nano-plates@nanowires were successfully grown on microporous (MP) Ni foams via one-step hydrothermal process. The investigation of electrochemical capacitance favors Ni-Co2O4 of ... More