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Diverse Trajectory Forecasting with Determinantal Point ProcessesJul 11 2019The ability to forecast a set of likely yet diverse possible future behaviors of an agent (e.g., future trajectories of a pedestrian) is essential for safety-critical perception systems (e.g., autonomous vehicles). In particular, a set of possible future ... More
Are Soft Theorems Renormalized?May 14 2014Jul 01 2014We show that the distributional nature of soft theorems requires the soft limit expansion to take priority over the regulator expansion of Feynman loop integrals. We start the study of soft graviton theorems at loop level from this perspective by considering ... More
The role of black hole spin and magnetic field threading the unstable neutrino disk in Gamma Ray BurstsNov 02 2009Nov 05 2009We report on the third phase of our study of the neutrino-cooled hyperaccreting torus around a black hole that powers the jet in Gamma Ray Bursts. We focus on the influence of the black hole spin on the properties of the torus. The structure of a stationary ... More
On the Powerball MethodMar 24 2016Jun 06 2016We propose a new method to accelerate the convergence of optimization algorithms. This method simply adds a power coefficient $\gamma\in[0,1)$ to the gradient during optimization. We call this the Powerball method after the well-known Heavy-ball method ... More
Face Attention Network: An Effective Face Detector for the Occluded FacesNov 20 2017Nov 22 2017The performance of face detection has been largely improved with the development of convolutional neural network. However, the occlusion issue due to mask and sunglasses, is still a challenging problem. The improvement on the recall of these occluded ... More
Proper Scaling of the Anomalous Hall EffectMar 31 2009Working with epitaxial films of Fe, we succeeded in independent control of different scattering processes in the anomalous Hall effect. The result appropriately accounted for the role of phonons, thereby clearly exposing the fundamental flaws of the standard ... More
Stationary Harmonic Measure as the Scaling Limit of Truncated Harmonic MeasureNov 12 2018Jun 12 2019In this paper we prove that the stationary harmonic measure of an infinite set in the upper planar lattice can be represented as the proper scaling limit of the classical harmonic measure of truncations of the infinite set.
Genus Periods, Genus Points and Congruent Number ProblemNov 18 2014In this paper, based on an ideal of Tian, we establish a new sufficient condition for a positive integer to be a congruent number in terms of Legendre symbols of prime factors of the positive integer. Our criterion generalizes previous criterions of Heegner, ... More
Optimize TSK Fuzzy Systems for Big Data Regression Problems: Mini-Batch Gradient Descent with Regularization, DropRule and AdaBound (MBGD-RDA)Mar 26 2019May 11 2019Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) fuzzy systems are very useful machine learning models for regression problems. However, to our knowledge, there has not existed an efficient and effective training algorithm that enables them to deal with big data. Inspired by ... More
Dictionary LASSO: Guaranteed Sparse Recovery under Linear TransformationApr 30 2013Jul 20 2013We consider the following signal recovery problem: given a measurement matrix $\Phi\in \mathbb{R}^{n\times p}$ and a noisy observation vector $c\in \mathbb{R}^{n}$ constructed from $c = \Phi\theta^* + \epsilon$ where $\epsilon\in \mathbb{R}^{n}$ is the ... More
(Quasi-)Poisson enveloping algebrasNov 24 2010Dec 13 2010We introduce the quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra and Poisson enveloping algebra for a non-commutative Poisson algebra. We prove that for a non-commutative Poisson algebra, the category of quasi-Poisson modules is equivalent to the category of left modules ... More
Stationary DLA is well definedJun 30 2019In this paper, we construct an infinite stationary Diffusion Limited Aggregation (SDLA) on the upper half planar lattice, growing from an infinite line, with local growth rate proportional to the stationary harmonic measure. We prove that the SDLA is ... More
Bregman distances and Klee setsFeb 16 2008In 1960, Klee showed that a subset of a Euclidean space must be a singleton provided that each point in the space has a unique farthest point in the set. This classical result has received much attention; in fact, the Hilbert space version is a famous ... More
Bregman distances and Chebyshev setsDec 24 2007A closed set of a Euclidean space is said to be Chebyshev if every point in the space has one and only one closest point in the set. Although the situation is not settled in infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, in 1932 Bunt showed that in Euclidean spaces ... More
Effects of anisotropic thermal conduction on wind properties in hot accretion flowMar 24 2016Previous works have clearly shown the existence of winds from black hole hot accretion flow and investigated their detailed properties. In extremely low accretion rate systems, the collisional mean-free path of electrons is large compared with the length-scale ... More
Blob ejection from advection-dominated accretion flow: observational consequencesAug 07 2000Aug 08 2000There is increasing evidence for the presence of an optically thin advection-dominated accretion flow (ADAF) in low luminosity active galactic nuclei and radio-loud quasars. The present paper is devoted to explore the fate of a blob ejected from an ADAF, ... More
Wasserstein Distance based Deep Adversarial Transfer Learning for Intelligent Fault DiagnosisMar 02 2019The demand of artificial intelligent adoption for condition-based maintenance strategy is astonishingly increased over the past few years. Intelligent fault diagnosis is one critical topic of maintenance solution for mechanical systems. Deep learning ... More
Magneto-thermal Disk Wind from Protoplanetary DisksNov 20 2015Global evolution and dispersal of protoplanetary disks (PPDs) is governed by disk angular momentum transport and mass-loss processes. Recent numerical studies suggest that angular momentum transport in the inner region of PPDs is largely driven by magnetized ... More
Images of the radiatively inefficient accretion flow surrounding a Kerr black hole: application in Sgr A*Apr 27 2009In fully general relativity, we calculate the images of the radiatively inefficient accretion flow (RIAF) surrounding a Kerr black hole with arbitrary spins, inclination angles, and observational wavelengths. For the same initial conditions, such as the ... More
Testing Lorentz Invariance with Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray SpectrumNov 30 2008May 04 2009The GZK cutoff predicted at the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray (UHECR) spectrum as been observed by the HiRes and Auger experiments. The results put severe constraints on the effect of Lorentz Invariance Violation(LIV) which has been introduced to explain ... More
Factorization of Chiral String AmplitudesMar 08 2016Mar 09 2016We re-examine a closed-string model defined by altering the boundary conditions for one handedness of two-dimensional propagators in otherwise-standard string theory. We evaluate the amplitudes using Kawai-Lewellen-Tye factorization into open-string amplitudes. ... More
Novel dense crystalline packings of ellipsoidsAug 27 2016An ellipsoid, the simplest non-spherical shape, has been extensively used as models for elongated building blocks for a wide spectrum of molecular, colloidal and granular systems. Yet the densest packing of congruent hard ellipsoids, which is intimately ... More
A Novel GAN-based Fault Diagnosis Approach for Imbalanced Industrial Time SeriesApr 01 2019This paper proposes a novel fault diagnosis approach based on generative adversarial networks (GAN) for imbalanced industrial time series where normal samples are much larger than failure cases. We combine a well-designed feature extractor with GAN to ... More
SFace: An Efficient Network for Face Detection in Large Scale VariationsApr 18 2018Apr 23 2018Face detection serves as a fundamental research topic for many applications like face recognition. Impressive progress has been made especially with the recent development of convolutional neural networks. However, the issue of large scale variations, ... More
Improved Algorithms for Exact and Approximate Boolean Matrix DecompositionDec 25 2015An arbitrary $m\times n$ Boolean matrix $M$ can be decomposed {\em exactly} as $M =U\circ V$, where $U$ (resp. $V$) is an $m\times k$ (resp. $k\times n$) Boolean matrix and $\circ$ denotes the Boolean matrix multiplication operator. We first prove an ... More
Natural Language Comprehension with the EpiReaderJun 07 2016Jun 10 2016We present the EpiReader, a novel model for machine comprehension of text. Machine comprehension of unstructured, real-world text is a major research goal for natural language processing. Current tests of machine comprehension pose questions whose answers ... More
Perturbation techniques for convergence analysis of proximal gradient method and other first-order algorithms via variational analysisOct 23 2018We develop new perturbation techniques for conducting convergence analysis of various first-order algorithms for a class of nonsmooth optimization problems. We consider the iteration scheme of an algorithm to construct a perturbed stationary point set-valued ... More
Effective two-level models for highly efficient inner-state enantio-separation based on cyclic three-level systems of chiral moleculesJun 28 2019Jul 01 2019Based on cyclic three-level systems of chiral molecules, we propose two methods to realize highly efficient inner-state enantio-separations of a chiral mixture with the two enantiomers initially prepared in their ground states. Our methods work in the ... More
Study of tracking efficiency and its systematic uncertainty from $J/ψ \to p \overline{p} π^+ π^-$ at BESIIIJul 13 2015Oct 22 2015Based on $J/\psi$ events collected with the BESIII detector, with corresponding Monte Carlo samples, the tracking efficiency and its systematic uncertainty are studied using a control sample of $J/\psi \to p \overline p \pi^+ \pi^-$. Validation methods ... More
Virtual Color-Kinematics Duality: 6-pt 1-Loop MHV AmplitudesOct 05 2012Apr 30 2013We study 1-loop MHV amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory and in N=8 supergravity. For Yang-Mills we find that the simple form for the full amplitude presented by Del Duca, Dixon and Maltoni naturally leads to one that has physical residues on all ... More
Testing the 130 GeV gamma-ray line with high energy resolution detectorsJun 11 2012Jul 31 2012Recently some hints of the existence of $\gamma$-ray line around 130 GeV are reported according to the analysis of Fermi-LAT data. If confirmed it would be the first direct evidence to show the existence of new physics beyond the standard model. Here ... More
Hot accretion flow with radiative cooling: state transitions in black hole X-ray binariesApr 08 2016We investigate state transitions in black hole X-ray binaries through different parameters by using two-dimensional axisymmetric hydrodynamical simulation method. For radiative cooling in hot accretion flow, we take into account the bremsstrahlung, synchrotron ... More
Sub-leading correction of two-gluon rapidity correlations of strong colour fieldSep 25 2017In the framework of Color Glass Condensate (CGC) effective field theory (EFT), we calculate two-gluon rapidity correlations in the leading and sub-leading orders of $p_\perp/Q_s$. In the leading order, both short- and long-range rapidity correlations ... More
Directional visible light scattering by silicon nanoparticlesDec 13 2012Directional light scattering by spherical silicon nanoparticles in the visible spectral range is experimentally demonstrated for the first time. These unique scattering properties arise due to simultaneous excitation and mutual interference of magnetic ... More
Hole compensation effect in III-Mn-V dilute ferromagnetic semiconductorsJul 11 2019A systematic study of hole compensation effect on magnetic properties, which is controlled by defect compensation through ion irradiation, in (Ga,Mn)As, (In,Mn)As and (Ga,Mn)P is presented in this work. In all materials, both Curie temperature and magnetization ... More
α'-Expansion of Open String Disk Integrals via Mellin TransformationsFeb 05 2014Open string disk integrals are represented as contour integrals of a product of Beta functions by using Mellin transformations. This makes the mathematical problem of computing the \alpha' expansion around the field theory limit basically identical to ... More
UG$^{2+}$ Track 2: A Collective Benchmark Effort for Evaluating and Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility EnvironmentsApr 09 2019The UG$^{2+}$ challenge in IEEE CVPR 2019 aims to evoke a comprehensive discussion and exploration about how low-level vision techniques can benefit the high-level automatic visual recognition in various scenarios. In its second track, we focus on object ... More
Monolayer Excitonic LaserMar 18 2015Recently, two-dimensional (2D) materials have opened a new paradigm for fundamental physics explorations and device applications. Unlike gapless graphene, monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) has new optical functionalities for next generation ... More
BigHand2.2M Benchmark: Hand Pose Dataset and State of the Art AnalysisApr 09 2017Dec 09 2017In this paper we introduce a large-scale hand pose dataset, collected using a novel capture method. Existing datasets are either generated synthetically or captured using depth sensors: synthetic datasets exhibit a certain level of appearance difference ... More
Online Bearing Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on a Novel Degradation Indicator and Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 08 2018In industrial applications, nearly half the failures of motors are caused by the degradation of rolling element bearings (REBs). Therefore, accurately estimating the remaining useful life (RUL) for REBs are of crucial importance to ensure the reliability ... More
High cumulants of conserved charges and their statistical uncertaintiesSep 07 2017We study the influence of measured high cumulants of conserved charges on their associated statistical uncertainties in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. With a given number of events, the measured cumulants randomly fluctuate with an approximately normal ... More
Toward Extremely Low Bit and Lossless Accuracy in DNNs with Progressive ADMMMay 02 2019Weight quantization is one of the most important techniques of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) model compression method. A recent work using systematic framework of DNN weight quantization with the advanced optimization algorithm ADMM (Alternating Direction ... More
A ferroelectric problem beyond the conventional scaling lawMay 14 2018Jul 02 2018Ferroelectric (FE) size effects against the scaling law were reported recently in ultrathin group-IV monochalcogenides, and extrinsic effects (e.g. defects and lattice strains) were often resorted to. Via first-principles based finite-temperature ($T$) ... More
A detailed study of the high-mass clump interacting with the bubble N10Mar 20 2013We performed a detailed study of the high-mass clump interacting with bubble N10 based on the spectral lines $^{12}CO(3-2)$, $HCO^+(4-3)$, $N_2H^+(4-3)$ and $CH_3OH(7(0,7)-6(0,6))$ and continuum emission data at 450 $\mu$m and 850 $\mu$m released on CADC ... More
Electron Positron Capture Rates and the Steady State Equilibrium Condition for Electron-Positron Plasma with NucleonsJul 13 2005The reaction rates of the beta processes for all particles at arbitrary degeneracy are derived, and an {\it analytic} steady state equilibrium condition $\mu_n=\mu_p+2\mu_e$ which results from the equality of electron and positron capture rates in the ... More
Distributed privacy-preserving network size computation: A system-identification based methodSep 10 2013In this study, we propose an algorithm for computing the network size of communicating agents. The algorithm is distributed: a) it does not require a leader selection; b) it only requires local exchange of information, and; c) its design can be implemented ... More
Artificial Intelligent Diagnosis and Monitoring in ManufacturingDec 17 2018The manufacturing sector is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence-based technologies with the extraordinary increases in computational power and data volumes. It has been reported that 35% of US manufacturers are currently collecting data from ... More
Evidence of the side jump mechanism in the anomalous Hall effect in paramagnetsApr 04 2014Persistent confusion has existed between the intrinsic (Berry curvature) and the side jump mechanisms of anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in ferromagnets. We provide unambiguous identification of the side jump mechanism, in addition to the skew scattering ... More
Experimental investigation of nonlocal advantage of quantum coherenceMay 16 2019Nonlocal advantage of quantum coherence (NAQC) based on coherence complementarity relations is generally viewed as a stronger nonclassical correlation than Bell nonlocality. An arbitrary two-qubit state with NAQC must be an entangled state, which demonstrates ... More
UG$^{2+}$ Track 2: A Collective Benchmark Effort for Evaluating and Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility EnvironmentsApr 09 2019Jun 14 2019The UG$^{2+}$ challenge in IEEE CVPR 2019 aims to evoke a comprehensive discussion and exploration about how low-level vision techniques can benefit the high-level automatic visual recognition in various scenarios. In its second track, we focus on object ... More
A Parallel-Hierarchical Model for Machine Comprehension on Sparse DataMar 29 2016Understanding unstructured text is a major goal within natural language processing. Comprehension tests pose questions based on short text passages to evaluate such understanding. In this work, we investigate machine comprehension on the challenging {\it ... More
Urban greenery and mental wellbeing in adults: Cross-sectional mediation analyses on multiple pathways across different greenery measuresMay 11 2019Multiple mechanisms have been proposed to explain how greenery enhances their mental wellbeing. Mediation studies, however, focus on a limited number of mechanisms and rely on remotely sensed greenery measures, which do not accurately capture how neighborhood ... More
Vertical Structure of Neutrino Dominated Accretion Disks and Neutrino Transport in the disksSep 06 2012We investigate the vertical structure of neutrino dominated accretion disks by self-consistently considering the detailed microphysics, such as the neutrino transport, vertical hydrostatic equilibrium, the conservation of lepton number, as well as the ... More
Electronic phase separation in insulating (Ga,Mn)As with low compensation: Super-paramagnetism and hopping conductionFeb 20 2018In the present work, low compensated insulating (Ga,Mn)As with 0.7% Mn is obtained by ion implantation combined with pulsed laser melting. The sample shows variable-range hopping transport behavior with a Coulomb gap in the vicinity of the Fermi energy, ... More
In-Plane Anisotropies of Polarized Raman Response and Electrical Conductivity in Layered Tin SelenideJan 02 2017The group IV-VI compound SnSe, with an orthorhombic lattice structure, has recently attracted particular interest due to its unexpectedly low thermal conductivity and high power factor, showing great promise for thermoelectric applications. SnSe displays ... More
High Thermoelectric Powerfactor in Single and Few-Layer MoS$_2$May 26 2015Dec 31 2016The quest for high-efficiency heat-to-electricity conversion has been one of the major driving forces towards renewable energy production for the future. Efficient thermoelectric devices require high voltage generation from a temperature gradient and ... More
Observation of Piezoelectricity in Monolayer Molybdenum DisulfideAug 29 2014Piezoelectricity offers precise and robust conversion between electricity and mechanical force. Here we report the first experimental evidence of piezoelectricity in a single layer of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) crystal as a result of inversion symmetry ... More
Towards Combining On-Off-Policy Methods for Real-World ApplicationsApr 24 2019In this paper, we point out a fundamental property of the objective in reinforcement learning, with which we can reformulate the policy gradient objective into a perceptron-like loss function, removing the need to distinguish between on and off policy ... More
Structural and magnetic properties of CeZnAl$_3$ single crystalsApr 16 2018We have synthesized single crystals of CeZnAl$_3$, which is a new member of the family of the Ce-based intermetallics Ce$TX_3$ ($T$ = transition metal, $X$= Si, Ge, Al), crystallizing in the non-centrosymmetric tetragonal BaNiSn$_3$-type structure. Magnetization, ... More
Topological nanocolloids with facile electric switching of plasmonic propertiesNov 29 2016Combining topology and plasmonics paradigms in nanocolloidal systems may enable new means of pre-engineering desired composite material properties. Here we design and realize orientationally ordered assemblies of noble metal nanoparticles with genus-one ... More
Intrinsic diamagnetism in the Weyl semimetal TaAsOct 28 2015Feb 22 2016We investigate the magnetic properties of TaAs, a prototype Weyl semimetal. TaAs crystals show weak diamagnetism with magnetic susceptibility of about -7 * 10^{-7} emu/(g*Oe) at 5 K. A general feature is the appearance of a minimum at around 185 K in ... More
Neutrino and anti-neutrino transport in accretion disksFeb 09 2012We numerically solve the one dimensional Boltzmann equation of the neutrino and anti-neutrino transport in accretion disks and obtain the fully energy dependent and direction dependent neutrino and anti-neutrino emitting spectra, under condition that ... More
Tunable band gap in germanene by surface adsorptionDec 19 2013Opening a sizable band gap in the zero-gap germanene without heavy loss of carrier mobility is a key issue for its application in nanoelectronic devices such as high-performance field effect transistors (FETs) operating at room temperature. Using the ... More
Probing Excitonic Dark States in Single-layer Tungsten DisulfideMar 21 2014Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) monolayer has recently emerged as an important two-dimensional semiconductor with promising potentials for electronic and optoelectronic devices. Unlike semi-metallic graphene, layered TMDC has a sizable band gap. ... More
Two Dimensional Ising Superconductivity in Gated MoS$_{2}$Jun 25 2015Aug 05 2015The Zeeman effect, which is usually considered to be detrimental to superconductivity, can surprisingly protect the superconducting states created by gating a layered transition metal dichalcogenide. This effective Zeeman field, which is originated from ... More
One-loop Scattering Equations and Amplitudes from Forward LimitAug 25 2015We show that the forward limit of tree-level scattering equations with two massive particles yields the SL(2,C)-covariant form of the one-loop scattering equations recently proposed by Geyer et al. We clarify several properties about these equations and ... More
Interplay between localization and magnetism in (Ga,Mn)As and (In,Mn)AsSep 15 2017Ion implantation of Mn combined with pulsed laser melting is employed to obtain two representative compounds of dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors (DFSs): Ga1-xMnxAs and In1-xMnxAs. In contrast to films deposited by the widely used molecular beam epitaxy, ... More
Chemical assembly of atomically thin transistors and circuits in a large scaleDec 16 2015Next-generation electronics calls for new materials beyond silicon for increased functionality, performance, and scaling in integrated circuits. Carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires are at the forefront of these materials, but have challenges ... More
Investigation of a possible electronic phase separation in the magnetic semiconductors Ga$_{1-x}$Mn$_{x}$As and Ga$_{1-x}$Mn$_{x}$P by means of fluctuation spectroscopyMay 08 2017Nov 17 2017We present systematic temperature-dependent resistance noise measurements on a series of ferromagnetic Ga$_{1-x}$Mn$_{x}$As epitaxial thin films covering a large parameter space in terms of the Mn content $x$ and other variations regarding sample fabrication. ... More
Data-driven Discovery of Cyber-Physical SystemsOct 01 2018Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) embed software into the physical world. They appear in a wide range of applications such as smart grids, robotics, intelligent manufacture and medical monitoring. CPSs have proved resistant to modeling due to their intrinsic ... More
N-Point Tree-Level Scattering Amplitude in the New Berkovits' StringDec 19 2013Jan 29 2014We give a proof by direct computation that at tree level, the twistor-like superstring theory in the pure spinor formalism proposed very recently by Berkovits describes ten-dimensional N=1 super Yang-Mills in its heterotic version, and type II supergravity ... More
Ruelle Operator Theorem for Nonexpansive systemsMar 04 2009The Ruelle operator theorem has been studied extensively both in dynamical systems and iterated function systems. In this paper we study the Ruelle operator theorem for nonexpansive systems. Our theorems give some sufficient conditions for the Ruelle ... More
Leveraging Weakly Supervised Data to Improve End-to-End Speech-to-Text TranslationNov 05 2018Feb 10 2019End-to-end Speech Translation (ST) models have many potential advantages when compared to the cascade of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and text Machine Translation (MT) models, including lowered inference latency and the avoidance of error compounding. ... More
How to locate the QCD phase boundary by scanning observable in the phase planeMay 11 2018Nov 29 2018For small volume of the quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy ion collisions, the observable near criticality must obey finite-size scaling. According to the finite-size scaling, there exists a fixed point at the critical temperature, where scaled susceptibility ... More
Ultrafast Synchronization via Local ObservationOct 22 2017Rapid expansions of their size and frequent changes of their topology make it difficult to observe and analyze complex networks. We explore the properties of the Hankel matrix and propose an algorithm for calculating the final synchronization state that ... More
DocRED: A Large-Scale Document-Level Relation Extraction DatasetJun 14 2019Multiple entities in a document generally exhibit complex inter-sentence relations, and cannot be well handled by existing relation extraction (RE) methods that typically focus on extracting intra-sentence relations for single entity pairs. In order to ... More
Dehydrogenation through the pressure-induced polymerization processes of phosphineJun 05 2017Aug 29 2017PH3 is studied to understand the superconducting transition and responsible stoichiometry under high pressure by means of Raman, IR, and x-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, and theoretical calculations. It is found PH3 is stable up to about 8 GPa and ... More
Polarized Emission of Sagittarius A*Jul 31 2009We explore the parameter space of the two temperature pseudo-Newtonian Keplerian accretion flow model for the millimeter and shorter wavelength emission from Sagittarius A*. A general relativistic ray-tracing code is used to treat the radiative transfer ... More
A charging method for electric vehicle using multi battery series modeMay 17 2017A charging method for electric vehicle using multi battery series mode which consisted of the following steps was introduced: the battery series is firstly charged at a constant power with a charging current of I1. When the terminal voltage over the battery ... More
Scattering of Massless Particles in Arbitrary DimensionJul 08 2013Jul 10 2013We present a compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimension. The new formula for the scattering of n particles is given by an integral over the position of n points on a sphere ... More
Scattering Equations and KLT OrthogonalityJun 27 2013Several recent developments point to the fact that rational maps from n-punctured spheres to the null cone of D dimensional momentum space provide a natural language for describing the scattering of massless particles in D dimensions. In this note we ... More
One-Loop Corrections from Higher Dimensional Tree AmplitudesDec 15 2015Jan 21 2016We show how one-loop corrections to scattering amplitudes of scalars and gauge bosons can be obtained from tree amplitudes in one higher dimension. Starting with a complete tree-level scattering amplitude of n+2 particles in five dimensions, one assumes ... More
Progenitor delay-time distribution of short gamma-ray bursts: Constraints from observationsSep 29 2013Context. The progenitors of short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs) have not yet been well identified. The most popular model is the merger of compact object binaries (NS-NS/NS-BH). However, other progenitor models cannot be ruled out. The delay-time distribution ... More
Simultaneous Metal-Insulator and Antiferromagnetic Transitions in Orthorhombic Perovskite Iridate Sr0.94Ir0.78O2.68 Single CrystalsMar 29 2016The orthorhombic perovskite SrIrO3 is a semimetal, an intriguing exception in iridates where the strong spin-orbit interaction coupled with electron correlations tends to impose a novel insulating state. We report results of our investigation of bulk ... More
Implication of the Steady State Equilibrium Condition for Electron-Positron Gas in the Neutrino-driven Wind from Proto-Neutron StarMay 11 2010Based on the steady state equilibrium condition for neutron-proton-electron-positron gas in the neutrino-driven wind from protoneutron star, we estimate the initial electron fraction in the wind in a simple and effective way. We find that the condition ... More
On the Powerball MethodMar 24 2016Oct 18 2016We propose a new method to accelerate the convergence of optimization algorithms. This method simply adds a power coefficient $\gamma\in[0,1)$ to the gradient during optimization. We call this the Powerball method and analyze the convergence rate for ... More
Robust Network Reconstruction in Polynomial TimeSep 04 2012This paper presents an efficient algorithm for robust network reconstruction of Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) systems in the presence of noise, estimation errors and unmodelled nonlinearities. The method here builds on previous work on robust reconstruction ... More
A Full Bayesian Approach to Sparse Network Inference using Heterogeneous DatasetsJan 04 2019Network inference has been attracting increasing attention in several fields, notably systems biology, control engineering and biomedicine. To develop a therapy, it is essential to understand the connectivity of biochemical units and the internal working ... More
High Precision Variational Bayesian Inference of Sparse Linear NetworksJan 03 2019Sparse networks can be found in a wide range of applications, such as biological and communication networks. Inference of such networks from data has been receiving considerable attention lately, mainly driven by the need to understand and control internal ... More
Constraints on black hole spins with a general relativistic accretion disk corona modelJan 22 2014Nov 19 2015The peaks of the spectra of the accretion disks surrounding massive black holes in quasars are in the far-UV or soft X-ray band, which are usually not observed. However, in the disk corona model, the soft photons from the disk are Comptonized to high ... More
Is the metallicity of the progenitor of long gamma-ray bursts really low?May 22 2013May 24 2013Observations of long gamma-ray bursts (LGRBs) offer a unique opportunity for probing the cosmic star formation history, although whether or not LGRB rates are biased tracers of star formation rate history is highly debated. Based on an extensive sample ... More
Properties of massive star-forming clumps with infall motionsMay 29 2016In this work, we aim to characterise high-mass clumps with infall motions. We selected 327 clumps from the Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90-GHz (MALT90) survey, and identified 100 infall candidates. Combined with the results of He et al. (2015), we ... More
Merging Compact Binaries in Hierarchical Triple Systems: Resonant Excitation of Binary EccentricityOct 28 2015Oct 07 2016We study the secular dynamics of compact binaries (consisting of white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes) with tertiary companions in hierarchical triple systems. As the inner binary (with initially negligible eccentricity) undergoes orbital decay ... More
On minimal realisations of dynamical structure functionsAug 30 2014Dec 07 2014Motivated by the fact that transfer functions do not contain structural information about networks, dynamical structure functions were introduced to capture causal relationships between measured nodes in networks. From the dynamical structure functions, ... More
Optimize TSK Fuzzy Systems for Big Data Regression Problems: Mini-Batch Gradient Descent with Regularization, DropRule and AdaBound (MBGD-RDA)Mar 26 2019Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) fuzzy systems are very useful machine learning models for regression problems. However, to our knowledge, there has not existed an efficient and effective training algorithm that enables them to deal with big data. Inspired by ... More
Einstein-Yang-Mills Scattering Amplitudes From Scattering EquationsSep 29 2014Oct 19 2014We present the building blocks that can be combined to produce tree-level S-matrix elements of a variety of theories with various spins mixed in arbitrary dimensions. The new formulas for the scattering of $n$ massless particles are given by integrals ... More
Fermi Large Area Telescope detection of gamma-ray emission from the direction of supernova iPTF14hlsDec 04 2017Feb 01 2018The remnant of supernova explosion is widely believed to be the acceleration site of high-energy cosmic ray particles. The acceleration timescale is, however, typically very long. Here we report the detection of a variable $\gamma$-ray source with the ... More
Dimensional hierarchy of higher-order topology in three-dimensional sonic crystalsMay 12 2019May 28 2019Topological phases of matter have been extensively studied for their intriguing bulk and edge properties. Recently, higher-order topological insulators with boundary states that are two or more dimensions lower than the bulk states, have been proposed ... More
Accessing the transport properties of graphene and its multi-layers at high carrier densityOct 22 2010We present a comparative study of high carrier density transport in mono-, bi-, and trilayer graphene using electric-double-layer transistors to continuously tune the carrier density up to values exceeding 10^{14} cm^{-2}. Whereas in monolayer the conductivity ... More
Breaking the doping limit in silicon by deep impuritiesSep 17 2018Nov 01 2018N-type doping in Si by shallow impurities, such as P, As and Sb, exhibits an intrinsic limit due to the Fermi-level pinning via defect complexes at high doping concentrations. Here we demonstrate that doping Si with the chalcogen Te by non-equilibrium ... More