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The F5 Algorithm in Buchberger's StyleJun 28 2010Dec 29 2010The famous F5 algorithm for computing \gr basis was presented by Faug\`ere in 2002. The original version of F5 is given in programming codes, so it is a bit difficult to understand. In this paper, the F5 algorithm is simplified as F5B in a Buchberger's ... More
On singular values distribution of a large auto-covariance matrix in the ultra-dimensional regimeJan 27 2015Let $(\varepsilon_{t})_{t>0}$ be a sequence of independent real random vectors of $p$-dimension and let $X_T=\sum_{t=s+1}^{s+T}\varepsilon_t\varepsilon^T_{t-s}/T$ be the lag-$s$ ($s$ is a fixed positive integer) auto-covariance matrix of $\varepsilon_t$. ... More
Maximally Monotone Linear Subspace Extensions of Monotone Subspaces: Explicit Constructions and CharacterizationsMar 08 2011Monotone linear relations play important roles in variational inequality problems and quadratic optimizations. In this paper, we give explicit maximally monotone linear subspace extensions of a monotone linear relation in finite dimensional spaces. Examples ... More
Extreme eigenvalues of large-dimensional spiked Fisher matrices with applicationApr 20 2015Consider two $p$-variate populations, not necessarily Gaussian, with covariance matrices $\Sigma_1$ and $\Sigma_2$, respectively, and let $S_1$ and $S_2$ be the sample covariances matrices from samples of the populations with degrees of freedom $T$ and ... More
A Generalized Criterion for Signature-based Algorithms to Compute Gröbner BasesJun 24 2011A generalized criterion for signature-based algorithms to compute Gr\"obner bases is proposed in this paper. This criterion is named by "generalized criterion", because it can be specialized to almost all existing criteria for signature-based algorithms ... More
Resonant Propagation of Entangled Rhodium Mossbauer GammasOct 19 2006We report the resonant propagation of the long-lived Mossbauer gamma in the time-resolved Mossbauer spectroscopy. Recently, three entangled gammas emitted from the E3 rhodium Mossbauer transition has been proposed to interpret the extraordinary observations ... More
Entanglement detection and quantum metrology by Stokes photon diffraction imagingFeb 25 2012Apr 03 2013We show that far field diffraction image of spontaneously scattered Stokes photons can be used for detection of spin entanglement and for metrology of fields gradients in cold atomic ensembles. For many-body states with small or maximum uncertainty in ... More
Oscillation and Instability in Chemical ReactionsOct 04 2015We prove that the famous diffusive Brusselator model can support more complicated spatial-temporal wave structure than the usual temporal-oscillation from a standard Hopf bifurcation. In our investigation, we discover that the diffusion term in the model ... More
eOMP: Finding Sparser Representation by Recursively Orthonormalizing the Remaining AtomsFeb 12 2015Greedy algorithms for minimizing L0-norm of sparse decomposition have profound application impact on many signal processing problems. In the sparse coding setup, given the observations $\mathrm{y}$ and the redundant dictionary $\mathbf{\Phi}$, one would ... More
The Galactic Central Diffuse X-ray Enhancement: A Differential Absorption/Emission AnalysisMay 18 2007Jul 26 2007The soft X-ray background shows a general enhancement toward the inner region of the Galaxy. But whether this enhancement is a local feature (e.g., a superbubble within a distance of <= 200 pc) and/or a phenomenon related to energetic outflows from the ... More
Comments on "A huge reservoir of ionized gas around the Milky Way: accounting for the missing mass?" (2012 ApJL, 756, 8) and "The warm-hot gaseous halo of the Milky Way" (arXiv1211.3137)Nov 20 2012The two papers referred to in the title, claiming the detection of a large-scale massive hot gaseous halo around the Galaxy, have generated a lot of confusion and unwarranted excitement (including public news coverage). However, the papers are seriously ... More
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of the Multi-phase Interstellar Medium: Oxygen and Neon AbundancesDec 19 2005X-ray absorption spectroscopy provides a potentially powerful tool in determining the metal abundances in various phases of the interstellar medium (ISM). We present a case study of the sight line toward 4U 1820-303 (Galactic coordinates l, b=2.79, -7.91 ... More
Finding Achievable Region among Line-segment Obstacles in the PlaneOct 29 2012Nov 12 2013We propose and study a new class of problem, called finding achievable region (FAR). Let $O$ be a set of $n$ disjoint obstacles in $R^2$, $M$ be a moving object. Let $s$ and $l$ denote the starting point and maximum path length of the moving object $M$, ... More
Autonomous Ramp Merge Maneuver Based on Reinforcement Learning with Continuous Action SpaceMar 25 2018Ramp merging is a critical maneuver for road safety and traffic efficiency. Most of the current automated driving systems developed by multiple automobile manufacturers and suppliers are typically limited to restricted access freeways only. Extending ... More
Formulation of Deep Reinforcement Learning Architecture Toward Autonomous Driving for On-Ramp MergeSep 07 2017Feb 02 2019Multiple automakers have in development or in production automated driving systems (ADS) that offer freeway-pilot functions. This type of ADS is typically limited to restricted-access freeways only, that is, the transition from manual to automated modes ... More
Protecting dissipative quantum state preparation via dynamical decouplingMar 12 2013We show that dissipative quantum state preparation processes can be protected against qubit dephasing by interlacing the state preparation control with dynamical decoupling (DD) control consisting of a sequence of short $\pi$-pulses. The inhomogeneous ... More
Stationary state solutions for a gently stochastic nonlinear wave equation with ultraviolet cutoffsMay 06 2010We consider a non-linear, one-dimensional wave equation system with finite-dimensional stochastic driving terms and with weak dissipation. A stationary process that solves the system is used to model steady-state non-equilibrium heat flow through a non-linear ... More
Reconstructing Speech Stimuli From Human Auditory Cortex Activity Using a WaveNet ApproachNov 06 2018Nov 08 2018The superior temporal gyrus (STG) region of cortex critically contributes to speech recognition. In this work, we show that a proposed WaveNet, with limited available data, is able to reconstruct speech stimuli from STG intracranial recordings. We further ... More
Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain: Role of solitonsJun 14 2012Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain is investigated by the scattering state operator method. The polymer chain is described by an electron-lattice coupling model and its two ends are connected with metal electrodes of different ... More
Distribution of quantum Fisher information in asymmetric cloning machinesSep 08 2014An unknown quantum state cannot be copied on demand and broadcast freely due to the famous no-cloning theorem. Approximate cloning schemes have been proposed to achieve the optimal cloning characterized by the maximal fidelity between the original and ... More
Implications and applications of the variance-based uncertainty equalitiesMar 01 2015In quantum mechanics, the variance-based Heisenberg-type uncertainty relations are a series of mathematical inequalities posing the fundamental limits on the achievable accuracy of the state preparations. In contrast, we construct and formulate two quantum ... More
RIP-based performance guarantee for low-tubal-rank tensor recoveryJun 05 2019The essential task of multi-dimensional data analysis focuses on the tensor decomposition and the corresponding notion of rank. In this paper, by introducing the notion of tensor singular value decomposition (t-SVD), we establish a regularized tensor ... More
Momentum Representation of Coulomb Wave Functions and Level Shifts in Bottomonium due to Charm EffectsJun 09 2004Sep 02 2004Since effective potentials derived from Feynman diagrams are naturally given in momentum space, we formulate the non-relativistic Coulomb problem entirely in momentum representation. We give momentum wave functions for all quantum numbers in one-dimensional ... More
On penalized maximum likelihood estimation of approximate factor modelsAug 22 2016In this paper, we mainly focus on the estimation of high-dimensional approximate factor model. We rewrite the estimation of error covariance matrix as a new form which shares similar properties as the penalized maximum likelihood covariance estimator ... More
Giant magnetic field from moiré induced Berry phase in homobilayer semiconductorsJun 13 2019When quasiparticles move in condensed matters, the texture of their internal quantum structure as a function of position and momentum can give rise to Berry phases that have profound effects on materials properties. Seminal examples include the anomalous ... More
General Resolvents for Monotone Operators: Characterization and ExtensionOct 21 2008Monotone operators, especially in the form of subdifferential operators, are of basic importance in optimization. It is well known since Minty, Rockafellar, and Bertsekas-Eckstein that in Hilbert space, monotone operators can be understood and analyzed ... More
Cohomogeneity-one $G_2$-Laplacian flow on 7-torusSep 07 2017We prove the hypersymplectic flow of simple type on standard torus $\mathbb{T}^4$ exists for all time and converges to the standard hyperK\"ahler structure module diffeomorphisms. This result in particular gives the first example of cohomogeneity-one ... More
Optimal cube factors of Fibonacci and matchable Lucas cubesDec 10 2018Mar 30 2019The optimal cube factor of a graph, a special kind of component factor, is first introduced. Furthermore, the optimal cube factors of Fibonacci and matchable Lucas cubes are studied; and some results on the Padovan sequence and binomial coefficients are ... More
Some enumerative properties of a class of Fibonacci-like cubesMay 02 2019A filter lattice is a distributive lattice formed by all filters of a poset in the anti-inclusion order. We study the combinatorial properties of the Hasse diagrams of filter lattices of certain posets, so called Fibonacci-like cubes, in this paper. Several ... More
A class of non-matchable distributive latticesOct 17 2018The set of all perfect matchings of a plane (weakly) elementary bipartite graph equipped with a partial order is a poset, moreover the poset is a finite distributive lattice and its Hasse diagram is isomorphic to $Z$-transformation directed graph of the ... More
Continuous Control for Automated Lane Change Behavior Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient AlgorithmJun 05 2019Lane change is a challenging task which requires delicate actions to ensure safety and comfort. Some recent studies have attempted to solve the lane-change control problem with Reinforcement Learning (RL), yet the action is confined to discrete action ... More
A Robust Riemann Solver for Multiple Hydro-Elastoplastic Solid MediumsFeb 03 2019We propose a robust approximate solver for the hydro-elastoplastic solid material, a general constitutive law extensively applied in explosion and high speed impact dynamics, and provide a natural transformation between the fluid and solid in the case ... More
Regularity criteria for the 3D MHD equations in term of velocityDec 04 2013In this paper we consider three-dimensional incompressible magnetohydrodynamics equations. By using interpolation inequalities in anisotropic Lebesgue space, we provide regularity criteria involving the velocity or alternatively involving the fractional ... More
Examples of discontinuous maximal monotone linear operators and the solution to a recent problem posed by B.F. SvaiterSep 14 2009In this paper, we give two explicit examples of unbounded linear maximal monotone operators. The first unbounded linear maximal monotone operator $S$ on $\ell^{2}$ is skew. We show its domain is a proper subset of the domain of its adjoint $S^*$, and ... More
Monotone Linear Relations: Maximality and Fitzpatrick FunctionsMay 28 2008We analyze and characterize maximal monotonicity of linear relations (set-valued operators with linear graphs). An important tool in our study are Fitzpatrick functions. The results obtained partially extend work on linear and at most single-valued operators ... More
Composing bidirectional programs monadically (with appendices)Feb 19 2019Software frequently converts data from one representation to another and vice versa. Naively specifying both conversion directions separately is error prone and introduces conceptual duplication. Instead, bidirectional programming techniques allow programs ... More
Generalized Sagnac EffectSep 26 2006Experiments were conducted to study light propagation in a light waveguide loop consisting of linearly and circularly moving segments. We found that any segment of the loop contributes to the total phase difference between two counterpropagating light ... More
Topological invariants of Floquet systems: General formulation, special properties, and Floquet topological defectsAug 20 2017Nov 11 2017Periodically driven (Floquet) systems have been under active theoretical and experimental investigations. This paper aims at a systematic study in the following aspects of Floquet systems: (i) A systematic formulation of topological invariants of Floquet ... More
Aging two-state process with Lévy walk and Brownian motionJun 07 2019With the rich dynamics studies of single-state processes, the two-state processes attract more and more interests of people, since they are widely observed in complex system and have effective applications in diverse fields, say, foraging behavior of ... More
Joint CLT for several random sesquilinear forms with applications to large-dimensional spiked population modelsFeb 25 2014Nov 05 2014In this paper, we derive a joint central limit theorem for random vector whose components are function of random sesquilinear forms. This result is a natural extension of the existing central limit theory on random quadratic forms. We also provide applications ... More
Rectangularity and paramonotonicity of maximally monotone operatorsJan 20 2012Maximally monotone operators play a key role in modern optimization and variational analysis. Two useful subclasses are rectangular (also known as star monotone) and paramonotone operators, which were introduced by Brezis and Haraux, and by Censor, Iusem ... More
An Answer to S. Simons' Question on the Maximal Monotonicity of the Sum of a Maximal Monotone Linear Operator and a Normal Cone OperatorFeb 06 2009The question whether or not the sum of two maximal monotone operators is maximal monotone under Rockafellar's constraint qualification - that is, whether or not "the sum theorem" is true - is the most famous open problem in Monotone Operator Theory. In ... More
Autoconjugate representers for linear monotone operatorsFeb 11 2008Monotone operators are of central importance in modern optimization and nonlinear analysis. Their study has been revolutionized lately, due to the systematic use of the Fitzpatrick function. Pioneered by Penot and Svaiter, a topic of recent interest has ... More
On Borwein-Wiersma Decompositions of Monotone Linear RelationsDec 14 2009Monotone operators are of basic importance in optimization as they generalize simultaneously subdifferential operators of convex functions and positive semidefinite (not necessarily symmetric) matrices. In 1970, Asplund studied the additive decomposition ... More
Generating coherent state of entangled spinsMar 22 2011Aug 17 2011A coherent state of many spins contains quantum entanglement which increases with a decrease in the collective spin value. We present a scheme to engineer this class of pure state based on incoherent spin pumping with a few collective raising/lowering ... More
Brightened spin-triplet interlayer excitons and optical selection rules in van der Waals heterobilayersMar 04 2018May 07 2018We investigate the optical properties of spin-triplet interlayer excitons in heterobilayer transition metal dichalcogenides in comparison with the spin-singlet ones. Surprisingly, the optical transition dipole of the spin-triplet exciton is found to be ... More
Online Learning and Decision-Making under Generalized Linear Model with High-Dimensional DataDec 07 2018We propose a minimax concave penalized multi-armed bandit algorithm under generalized linear model (G-MCP-Bandit) for a decision-maker facing high-dimensional data in an online learning and decision-making process. We demonstrate that the G-MCP-Bandit ... More
Effects of controlling parameter on symbolic nonlinear complexity detectionJan 24 2018May 16 2019Symbolic transformation, a coarse-graining process, is a crucial prerequisite for and has evidential influence to the symbolic time series analysis. We employ Shannon entropy for a parameter-dependent symbolization, KW (Kurths-Wessel) symbolic method, ... More
A Systematic Study of Online Class Imbalance Learning with Concept DriftMar 20 2017As an emerging research topic, online class imbalance learning often combines the challenges of both class imbalance and concept drift. It deals with data streams having very skewed class distributions, where concept drift may occur. It has recently received ... More
Deep Residual Learning for Weakly-Supervised Relation ExtractionJul 27 2017Deep residual learning (ResNet) is a new method for training very deep neural networks using identity map-ping for shortcut connections. ResNet has won the ImageNet ILSVRC 2015 classification task, and achieved state-of-the-art performances in many computer ... More
Automated Driving Maneuvers under Interactive Environment based on Deep Reinforcement LearningMar 25 2018Jan 24 2019Safe and efficient autonomous driving maneuvers in an interactive and complex environment can be considerably challenging due to the unpredictable actions of other surrounding agents that may be cooperative or adversarial in their interactions with the ... More
Can a Matter-Wave Interferometer Detect Translational Speed?Aug 22 2008Sep 09 2008Based only on the Galilean addition of velocities and the de Broglie relation, it is deduced that in a matter-wave interferometer with slow-speed particles, a moving segment of deltaL with a velocity V contributes deltaPhi = (2Pi/vlamda)VdotdeltaL to ... More
Test of the one-way speed of light and the first-order experiment of Special Relativity using phase-conjugate interferometersSep 24 2006Nov 02 2006With a Michelson interferometer using a phase-conjugate mirror (PCM) that reverses the uniform phase shift in a light path, we can conduct a first-order experiment of Special Relativity. Utilization of the PCM changes the basic concepts of an interference ... More
Rhodium Mossbauer Supperadiance Induced by Liquid-Nitrogen CoolingJun 18 2007In the previous report, we have demonstrated cascade branching channels of the multipolar E3 transition of rhodium Mossbauer gamma via the time- and energy-resolved spectroscopy. Moreover, superradiance in the Borrmann channel from inverted nuclei gives ... More
Convex expansion for finite distributive lattices with applicationsOct 16 2018Mar 02 2019The concept of cutting is first explicitly introduced. By the concept, a convex expansion for finite distributive lattices is considered. Thus, a more general method for drawing the Hasse diagram is given, and the rank generating function of a finite ... More
A two-stage video coding framework with both self-adaptive redundant dictionary and adaptively orthonormalized DCT basisFeb 12 2015In this work, we propose a two-stage video coding framework, as an extension of our previous one-stage framework in [1]. The two-stage frameworks consists two different dictionaries. Specifically, the first stage directly finds the sparse representation ... More
Tempered fractional Langevin-Brownian motion with inverse $β$-stable subordinatorJun 24 2018Time-changed stochastic processes have attracted great attention and wide interests due to their extensive applications, especially in financial time series, biology and physics. This paper pays attention to a special stochastic process, tempered fractional ... More
Feynman-Kac equation revisitedJun 10 2018Functionals of particles' paths have diverse applications in physics, mathematics, hydrology, economics, and other fields. Under the framework of continuous time random walk (CTRW), the governing equations for the probability density functions (PDFs) ... More
Non-Hermitian Topological Invariants in Real SpaceMay 06 2019Topology of non-Hermitian systems is drastically shaped by the non-Hermitian skin effect, which leads to the generalized bulk-boundary correspondence that replaces the conventional one. The essential part in formulations of bulk-boundary correspondence ... More
Ergodic properties of heterogeneous diffusion processes in a potential wellJan 29 2019Heterogeneous diffusion processes can be well described by an overdamped Langevin equation with space-dependent diffusivity $D(x)$. We investigate the ergodic and non-ergodic behavior of these processes in an arbitrary potential well $U(x)$ in terms of ... More
On eigenvalues of a high-dimensional spatial-sign covariance matrixJan 28 2019Sample spatial-sign covariance matrix is a much-valued alternative to sample covariance matrix in robust statistics to mitigate influence of outliers. Although this matrix is widely studied in the literature, almost nothing is known on its properties ... More
On embedding all $n$-manifolds into a single $(n+1)$-manifoldSep 24 2005For each composite number $n\ne 2^k$, there does not exist a single connected closed $(n+1)$-manifold such that any smooth, simply-connected, closed $n$-manifold can be topologically flat embedded into it. There is a single connected closed 5-manifold ... More
Solutions for Neumann boundary value problems involving $\big(p_{1}(x), p_{2}(x)\big)$-Laplace operatorsMay 16 2012In this paper we study the nonlinear Neumann boundary value problem of the following equations -\text{div}(|\nabla u|^{p_{1}(x)-2}\nabla u)-\text{div}(|\nabla u|^{p_{2}(x)-2}\nabla u)+|u|^{p_{1}(x)-2}u+|u|^{p_{2}(x)-2}u=\lambda f(x,u) in a bounded smooth ... More
Vision-based Real-Time Aerial Object Localization and Tracking for UAV Sensing SystemMar 19 2017The paper focuses on the problem of vision-based obstacle detection and tracking for unmanned aerial vehicle navigation. A real-time object localization and tracking strategy from monocular image sequences is developed by effectively integrating the object ... More
Structure and enumeration results of matchable Lucas cubesOct 17 2018Mar 02 2019A lucasene is a hexagon chain that is similar to a fibonaccene, an $L$-fence is a poset the Hasse diagram of which is isomorphic to the directed inner dual graph of the corresponding lucasene. A new class of cubes, which named after matchable Lucas cubes ... More
Modelling multivariate volatilies via conditionally uncorrelated componentsJun 02 2005We propose to model multivariate volatility processes based on the newly defined conditionally uncorrelated components (CUCs). This model represents a parsimonious representation for matrix-valued processes. It is flexible in the sense that we may fit ... More
On the maximal monotonicity of the sum of a maximal monotone linear relation and the subdifferential operator of a sublinear functionJan 01 2010The most important open problem in Monotone Operator Theory concerns the maximal monotonicity of the sum of two maximal monotone operators provided that Rockafellar's constraint qualification holds. In this note, we provide a new maximal monotonicity ... More
SPLBoost: An Improved Robust Boosting Algorithm Based on Self-paced LearningJun 20 2017Jun 23 2017It is known that Boosting can be interpreted as a gradient descent technique to minimize an underlying loss function. Specifically, the underlying loss being minimized by the traditional AdaBoost is the exponential loss, which is proved to be very sensitive ... More
Multi-stability in Doubochinski's PendulumApr 05 2019The widespread phenomena of multistability is a problem involving rich dynamics to be explored. In this paper, we study the multistability of a generalized nonlinear forcing oscillator excited by $f(x)cos \omega t$. We take Doubochinski's Pendulum as ... More
Coulomb effects on topological band inversion in the moiré of WSe$_2$/BAs heterobilayerMar 07 2019Quantum spin Hall (QSH) insulator with large gap is highly desirable for potential spintronics application. Here we realize electrically tunable QSH insulator with large gap in van der Waals heterobilayer of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) ... More
Retrieving the lost fermionic entanglement by partial measurement in noninertial framesFeb 12 2017Aug 27 2017The initial entanglement shared between inertial and accelerated observers degrades due to the influence of the Unruh effect. Here, we show that the Unruh effect can be completely eliminated by the technique of partial measurement. The lost entanglement ... More
Urban greenery and mental wellbeing in adults: Cross-sectional mediation analyses on multiple pathways across different greenery measuresMay 11 2019Multiple mechanisms have been proposed to explain how greenery enhances their mental wellbeing. Mediation studies, however, focus on a limited number of mechanisms and rely on remotely sensed greenery measures, which do not accurately capture how neighborhood ... More
Protecting entanglement from correlated amplitude damping channel using weak measurement and quantum measurement reversalFeb 05 2016Based on the quantum technique of weak measurement, we propose a scheme to protect the entanglement from correlated amplitude damping decoherence. In contrast to the results of memoryless amplitude damping channel, we show that the memory effects play ... More
Multiple phase estimation in quantum cloning machinesJul 22 2014Since the initial discovery of the Wootters-Zurek no-cloning theorem, a wide variety of quantum cloning machines have been proposed aiming at imperfect but optimal cloning of quantum states within its own context. Remarkably, most previous studies have ... More
Quantum fisher information in noninertial framesJan 03 2014We investigate the performance of quantum fisher information under the Unruh-Hawking effect, where one of the observers (eg, Rob) is uniformly accelerated with respect to other partners. In the context of relativistic quantum information theory, we demonstrate ... More
Two-way Wireless Video Communication using Randomized Cooperation, Network Coding and Packet Level FECMay 15 2012Two-way real-time video communication in wireless networks requires high bandwidth, low delay and error resiliency. This paper addresses these demands by proposing a system with the integration of Network Coding (NC), user cooperation using Randomized ... More
Detecting the warm-hot intergalactic medium through X-ray absorption linesDec 06 2011The warm-hot intergalactic medium (WHIM) at temperatures 1E5-1E7 K is believed to contain 30-50% of the baryons in the local universe. However, all current X-ray detections of the WHIM at redshifts z>0 are of low statistical significance (<=3sigma) and/or ... More
Coriolis Force Induced Quantum Hall Effect for PhononsNov 11 2014A two-dimensional mass-spring system with Honeycomb lattice for mimicking phononic quantum Hall effect is proposed. Its band structure shows the existence of Dirac cones and unconventional edge states that is similar to the vibrational modes in graphene. ... More
Forced Oscillation Source Location via Multivariate Time Series ClassificationNov 08 2017Precisely locating low-frequency oscillation sources is the prerequisite of suppressing sustained oscillation, which is an essential guarantee for the secure and stable operation of power grids. Using synchrophasor measurements, a machine learning method ... More
Tracking CompletionAug 29 2016Sep 09 2016A fundamental component of modern trackers is an online learned tracking model, which is typically modeled either globally or locally. The two kinds of models perform differently in terms of effectiveness and robustness under different challenging situations. ... More
A Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Automated Lane Change ManeuversApr 21 2018Lane change is a crucial vehicle maneuver which needs coordination with surrounding vehicles. Automated lane changing functions built on rule-based models may perform well under pre-defined operating conditions, but they may be prone to failure when unexpected ... More
Significant low lattice thermal conductivity and potential high thermoelectric figure of merit in Na$_2$MgSnJul 17 2018Thermoelectric materials enables the harvest of waste heat and directly conversion into electricity. In search of high efficient thermoelectric materials, low thermal conductivity of a material is essential and critical. Here, we have theoretically investigated ... More
Only rational homology spheres admit $Ω(f)$ to be union of DE attractorsDec 06 2008Sep 05 2009If there exists a diffeomorphism $f$ on a closed, orientable $n$-manifold $M$ such that the non-wandering set $\Omega(f)$ consists of finitely many orientable $(\pm)$ attractors derived from expanding maps, then $M$ must be a rational homology sphere; ... More
Evolutionary Generative Adversarial NetworksMar 01 2018Generative adversarial networks (GAN) have been effective for learning generative models for real-world data. However, existing GANs (GAN and its variants) tend to suffer from training problems such as instability and mode collapse. In this paper, we ... More
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Intelligent Traffic Signal Control at Urban IntersectionsMay 19 2019Ineffective and inflexible traffic signal control at urban intersections can often lead to bottlenecks in traffic flows and cause congestion, delay, and environmental problems. How to manage traffic smartly by intelligent signal control is a significant ... More
Intrinsic spin Hall effect in monolayers of group-VI dichalcogenides: A first-principles studySep 10 2012Oct 09 2012Using first-principles calculations within density functional theory, we investigate the intrinsic spin Hall effect in monolayers of group-VI transition-metal dichalcogenides MX2 (M = Mo, W and X = S, Se). MX2 monolayers are direct band-gap semiconductors ... More
Multiple phase estimation for arbitrary pure states under white noiseSep 08 2014In any realistic quantum metrology scenarios, the ultimate precision in the estimation of parameters is limited not only by the so-called Heisenberg scaling, but also the environmental noise encountered by the underlying system. In the context of quantum ... More
Many-body singlets by dynamic spin polarizationJan 20 2011We show that dynamic spin polarization by collective raising and lowering operators can drive a spin ensemble from arbitrary initial state to many-body singlets, the zero-collective-spin states with large scale entanglement. For an ensemble of $N$ arbitrary ... More
Attacking Graph Convolutional Networks via RewiringJun 10 2019Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have boosted the performance of many graph related tasks such as node classification and graph classification. Recent researches show that graph neural networks are vulnerable to adversarial attacks, which deliberately add ... More
Viewing Majorana Bound States by Rabi OscillationsJun 05 2014Rabi oscillation is a pure quantum phenomenon where the system jumps forth and back between two quantum levels under stimulation of a microwave, and a resonance occurs when the energy difference is matched by the photon energy. Rabi oscillations have ... More
Graph Convolutional Networks with EigenPoolingApr 30 2019May 18 2019Graph neural networks, which generalize deep neural network models to graph structured data, have attracted increasing attention in recent years. They usually learn node representations by transforming, propagating and aggregating node features and have ... More
Modified Sagnac experiment for measuring travel-time difference between counter-propagating light beams in a uniformly moving fiberSep 25 2006A fiber optic conveyor has been developed for investigating the travel-time difference between two counter-propagating light beams in uniformly moving fiber. Our finding is that there is a travel-time difference Deltat=2vDeltal/c^2 in a fiber segment ... More
Improved neighbor list algorithm in molecular simulations using cell decomposition and data sorting methodNov 13 2003Feb 05 2004An improved neighbor list algorithm is proposed to reduce unnecessary interatomic distance calculations in molecular simulations. It combines the advantages of Verlet table and cell linked list algorithms by using cell decomposition approach to accelerate ... More
$L_{1/2}$ Regularization: Convergence of Iterative Half Thresholding AlgorithmNov 01 2013Apr 15 2014In recent studies on sparse modeling, the nonconvex regularization approaches (particularly, $L_{q}$ regularization with $q\in(0,1)$) have been demonstrated to possess capability of gaining much benefit in sparsity-inducing and efficiency. As compared ... More
Layered Image Compression using Scalable Auto-encoderApr 01 2019This paper presents a novel convolutional neural network (CNN) based image compression framework via scalable auto-encoder (SAE). Specifically, our SAE based deep image codec consists of hierarchical coding layers, each of which is an end-to-end optimized ... More
Bending-induced extension in two-dimensional crystalsAug 30 2016Apr 11 2017According to the classical theory of elasticity, a plate subjected to a bending moment always deflects with symmetric tensile and compressive strains in its two sides, without overall deformation perpendicular to the bending moment. Here, we find by ab ... More
TrackNet: Simultaneous Object Detection and Tracking and Its Application in Traffic Video AnalysisFeb 04 2019Object detection and object tracking are usually treated as two separate processes. Significant progress has been made for object detection in 2D images using deep learning networks. The usual tracking-by-detection pipeline for object tracking requires ... More
Construction of pathological maximally monotone operators on non-reflexive Banach spacesAug 06 2011In this paper, we construct maximally monotone operators that are not of Gossez's dense-type (D) in many nonreflexive spaces. Many of these operators also fail to possess the Br{\o}nsted-Rockafellar (BR) property. Using these operators, we show that the ... More
Software Expert Discovery via Knowledge Domain Embeddings in a Collaborative NetworkOct 26 2018Community Question Answering (CQA) websites can be claimed as the most major venues for knowledge sharing, and the most effective way of exchanging knowledge at present. Considering that massive amount of users are participating online and generating ... More
CO observation of the Galactic bubble N4Jul 17 2013We presented a study on the Galactic bubble N4 using the 13.7 m millimeter telescope of Purple Mountain Observatory at the Qinghai Station. N4 is one of the science demonstration regions for the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (WMISP). Simultaneous ... More