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Many-body singlets by dynamic spin polarizationJan 20 2011We show that dynamic spin polarization by collective raising and lowering operators can drive a spin ensemble from arbitrary initial state to many-body singlets, the zero-collective-spin states with large scale entanglement. For an ensemble of $N$ arbitrary ... More
An Efficient Algorithm for Factoring Polynomials over Algebraic Extension FieldJul 14 2009Oct 01 2010A new efficient algorithm is proposed for factoring polynomials over an algebraic extension field. The extension field is defined by a polynomial ring modulo a maximal ideal. If the maximal ideal is given by its Groebner basis, no extra Groebner basis ... More
A New Proof for the Correctness of F5 (F5-Like) AlgorithmApr 01 2010Jun 30 2010The famous F5 algorithm for computing Gr\"obner basis was presented by Faug\`ere in 2002 without complete proofs for its correctness. The current authors have simplified the original F5 algorithm into an F5 algorithm in Buchberger's style (F5B algorithm), ... More
A Generalized Criterion for Signature-based Algorithms to Compute Gröbner BasesJun 24 2011A generalized criterion for signature-based algorithms to compute Gr\"obner bases is proposed in this paper. This criterion is named by "generalized criterion", because it can be specialized to almost all existing criteria for signature-based algorithms ... More
Oscillation and Instability in Chemical ReactionsOct 04 2015We prove that the famous diffusive Brusselator model can support more complicated spatial-temporal wave structure than the usual temporal-oscillation from a standard Hopf bifurcation. In our investigation, we discover that the diffusion term in the model ... More
Entanglement detection and quantum metrology by Stokes photon diffraction imagingFeb 25 2012Apr 03 2013We show that far field diffraction image of spontaneously scattered Stokes photons can be used for detection of spin entanglement and for metrology of fields gradients in cold atomic ensembles. For many-body states with small or maximum uncertainty in ... More
Resonant Propagation of Entangled Rhodium Mossbauer GammasOct 19 2006We report the resonant propagation of the long-lived Mossbauer gamma in the time-resolved Mossbauer spectroscopy. Recently, three entangled gammas emitted from the E3 rhodium Mossbauer transition has been proposed to interpret the extraordinary observations ... More
Feedback control of nuclear hyperfine fields in double quantum dotMay 15 2009Nov 05 2010In a coupled double quantum dot system, we present a theory for the interplay between electron and nuclear spins when the two-electron singlet state is brought into resonance with one triplet state in moderate external magnetic field. We show that the ... More
Berry Phase Effect on Exciton Transport and Bose Einstein CondensateJan 08 2008Jul 28 2008With exciton lifetime much extended in semiconductor quantum-well structures, their transport and Bose-Einstein condensation become a focus of research in recent years. We reveal a momentum-space gauge field in the exciton center-of-mass dynamics due ... More
On singular values distribution of a large auto-covariance matrix in the ultra-dimensional regimeJan 27 2015Let $(\varepsilon_{t})_{t>0}$ be a sequence of independent real random vectors of $p$-dimension and let $X_T=\sum_{t=s+1}^{s+T}\varepsilon_t\varepsilon^T_{t-s}/T$ be the lag-$s$ ($s$ is a fixed positive integer) auto-covariance matrix of $\varepsilon_t$. ... More
Perceptual quality comparison between single-layer and scalable videos at the same spatial, temporal and amplitude resolutionsJun 08 2012In this paper, the perceptual quality difference between scalable and single-layer videos coded at the same spatial, temporal and amplitude resolution (STAR) is investigated through a subjective test using a mobile platform. Three source videos are considered ... More
Maximally Monotone Linear Subspace Extensions of Monotone Subspaces: Explicit Constructions and CharacterizationsMar 08 2011Monotone linear relations play important roles in variational inequality problems and quadratic optimizations. In this paper, we give explicit maximally monotone linear subspace extensions of a monotone linear relation in finite dimensional spaces. Examples ... More
Extreme eigenvalues of large-dimensional spiked Fisher matrices with applicationApr 20 2015Consider two $p$-variate populations, not necessarily Gaussian, with covariance matrices $\Sigma_1$ and $\Sigma_2$, respectively, and let $S_1$ and $S_2$ be the sample covariances matrices from samples of the populations with degrees of freedom $T$ and ... More
Image Segmentation Using Overlapping Group SparsityNov 23 2016Nov 26 2016Sparse decomposition has been widely used for different applications, such as source separation, image classification and image denoising. This paper presents a new algorithm for segmentation of an image into background and foreground text and graphics ... More
The Galactic Central Diffuse X-ray Enhancement: A Differential Absorption/Emission AnalysisMay 18 2007Jul 26 2007The soft X-ray background shows a general enhancement toward the inner region of the Galaxy. But whether this enhancement is a local feature (e.g., a superbubble within a distance of <= 200 pc) and/or a phenomenon related to energetic outflows from the ... More
Comments on "A huge reservoir of ionized gas around the Milky Way: accounting for the missing mass?" (2012 ApJL, 756, 8) and "The warm-hot gaseous halo of the Milky Way" (arXiv1211.3137)Nov 20 2012The two papers referred to in the title, claiming the detection of a large-scale massive hot gaseous halo around the Galaxy, have generated a lot of confusion and unwarranted excitement (including public news coverage). However, the papers are seriously ... More
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of the Multi-phase Interstellar Medium: Oxygen and Neon AbundancesDec 19 2005X-ray absorption spectroscopy provides a potentially powerful tool in determining the metal abundances in various phases of the interstellar medium (ISM). We present a case study of the sight line toward 4U 1820-303 (Galactic coordinates l, b=2.79, -7.91 ... More
Elastic Spin Hall effect in Mechanical GrapheneSep 26 2016We show that spin-orbit interaction and elastic spin-Hall effect can exist in a classical mechanical system consisting of a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice of masses and springs. The band structure shows the presence of splitting at K point induced ... More
X-ray Absorption Line Spectroscopy of the Galactic Hot Interstellar MediumFeb 11 2005We present an X-ray absorption line spectroscopic study of the large-scale hot interstellar medium (HISM) in the Galaxy. We detect Ne IX K$_\alpha$ absorption lines in the {\sl Chandra} grating spectra of seven Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries. Three ... More
Implications and applications of the variance-based uncertainty equalitiesMar 01 2015In quantum mechanics, the variance-based Heisenberg-type uncertainty relations are a series of mathematical inequalities posing the fundamental limits on the achievable accuracy of the state preparations. In contrast, we construct and formulate two quantum ... More
Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain: Role of solitonsJun 14 2012Nonequilibrium electronic transport through a polymer chain is investigated by the scattering state operator method. The polymer chain is described by an electron-lattice coupling model and its two ends are connected with metal electrodes of different ... More
Intervalley coupling by quantum dot confinement potentials in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenidesOct 23 2014Monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) offer new opportunities for realizing quantum dots (QDs) in the ultimate two-dimensional (2D) limit. Given the rich control possibilities of electron valley pseudospin discovered in the monolayers, this ... More
Distribution of quantum Fisher information in asymmetric cloning machinesSep 08 2014An unknown quantum state cannot be copied on demand and broadcast freely due to the famous no-cloning theorem. Approximate cloning schemes have been proposed to achieve the optimal cloning characterized by the maximal fidelity between the original and ... More
Momentum Representation of Coulomb Wave Functions and Level Shifts in Bottomonium due to Charm EffectsJun 09 2004Sep 02 2004Since effective potentials derived from Feynman diagrams are naturally given in momentum space, we formulate the non-relativistic Coulomb problem entirely in momentum representation. We give momentum wave functions for all quantum numbers in one-dimensional ... More
Cohomogeneity-one $G_2$-Laplacian flow on 7-torusSep 07 2017We prove the hypersymplectic flow of simple type on standard torus $\mathbb{T}^4$ exists for all time and converges to the standard hyperK\"ahler structure module diffeomorphisms. This result in particular gives the first example of cohomogeneity-one ... More
Solutions for Neumann boundary value problems involving $\big(p_{1}(x), p_{2}(x)\big)$-Laplace operatorsMay 16 2012In this paper we study the nonlinear Neumann boundary value problem of the following equations -\text{div}(|\nabla u|^{p_{1}(x)-2}\nabla u)-\text{div}(|\nabla u|^{p_{2}(x)-2}\nabla u)+|u|^{p_{1}(x)-2}u+|u|^{p_{2}(x)-2}u=\lambda f(x,u) in a bounded smooth ... More
On the maximal monotonicity of the sum of a maximal monotone linear relation and the subdifferential operator of a sublinear functionJan 01 2010The most important open problem in Monotone Operator Theory concerns the maximal monotonicity of the sum of two maximal monotone operators provided that Rockafellar's constraint qualification holds. In this note, we provide a new maximal monotonicity ... More
Generating coherent state of entangled spinsMar 22 2011Aug 17 2011A coherent state of many spins contains quantum entanglement which increases with a decrease in the collective spin value. We present a scheme to engineer this class of pure state based on incoherent spin pumping with a few collective raising/lowering ... More
Grid-independent Issue in Numerical Heat TransferSep 25 2006Sep 26 2006Grid independent is associated with the accuracy or even rationality of numerical results. This paper takes two-dimensional steady heat transfer for example to reveal the effect of grid resolution on numerical results. The law of grid dependence is obtained ... More
Rhodium Mossbauer Supperadiance Induced by Liquid-Nitrogen CoolingJun 18 2007In the previous report, we have demonstrated cascade branching channels of the multipolar E3 transition of rhodium Mossbauer gamma via the time- and energy-resolved spectroscopy. Moreover, superradiance in the Borrmann channel from inverted nuclei gives ... More
Can a Matter-Wave Interferometer Detect Translational Speed?Aug 22 2008Sep 09 2008Based only on the Galilean addition of velocities and the de Broglie relation, it is deduced that in a matter-wave interferometer with slow-speed particles, a moving segment of deltaL with a velocity V contributes deltaPhi = (2Pi/vlamda)VdotdeltaL to ... More
Test of the one-way speed of light and the first-order experiment of Special Relativity using phase-conjugate interferometersSep 24 2006Nov 02 2006With a Michelson interferometer using a phase-conjugate mirror (PCM) that reverses the uniform phase shift in a light path, we can conduct a first-order experiment of Special Relativity. Utilization of the PCM changes the basic concepts of an interference ... More
Topological photonic crystal with equifrequency Weyl pointsNov 30 2015Jul 01 2016Weyl points in three-dimensional photonic crystals behave as monopoles of Berry flux in momentum space. Here, based on general symmetry analysis, we show that a minimal number of four symmetry-related (consequently equifrequency) Weyl points can be realized ... More
Explicit and Implicit Constrained-Space Probabilistic Threshold Range Queries for Moving ObjectsNov 01 2013Dec 05 2013This paper studies the constrained-space probabilistic threshold range query (CSPTRQ) for moving objects. We differentiate two kinds of CSPTRQs: implicit and explicit ones. Specifically, for each moving object $o$, we assume $o$ cannot be located in some ... More
Q-STAR:A Perceptual Video Quality Model Considering Impact of Spatial, Temporal, and Amplitude ResolutionsJun 11 2012In this paper, we investigate the impact of spatial, temporal and amplitude resolution (STAR) on the perceptual quality of a compressed video. Subjective quality tests were carried out on a mobile device. Seven source sequences are included in the tests ... More
Examples of discontinuous maximal monotone linear operators and the solution to a recent problem posed by B.F. SvaiterSep 14 2009In this paper, we give two explicit examples of unbounded linear maximal monotone operators. The first unbounded linear maximal monotone operator $S$ on $\ell^{2}$ is skew. We show its domain is a proper subset of the domain of its adjoint $S^*$, and ... More
Deterministic preparation of Dicke states of donor nuclear spins in silicon by cooperative pumpingSep 26 2011Apr 07 2012For donor nuclear spins in silicon, we show how to deterministically prepare various symmetric and asymmetric Dicke states which span a complete basis of the many-body Hilbert space. The state preparation is realized by cooperative pumping of nuclear ... More
Monotone Linear Relations: Maximality and Fitzpatrick FunctionsMay 28 2008We analyze and characterize maximal monotonicity of linear relations (set-valued operators with linear graphs). An important tool in our study are Fitzpatrick functions. The results obtained partially extend work on linear and at most single-valued operators ... More
Nanodot-Cavity Electrodynamics and Photon EntanglementDec 11 2003Quantum electrodynamics of excitons in a cavity is shown to be relevant to quantum operations. We present a theory of an integrable solid-state quantum controlled-phase gate for generating entanglement of two photons using a coupled nanodot-microcavity-fiber ... More
Regularity criteria for the 3D MHD equations in term of velocityDec 04 2013In this paper we consider three-dimensional incompressible magnetohydrodynamics equations. By using interpolation inequalities in anisotropic Lebesgue space, we provide regularity criteria involving the velocity or alternatively involving the fractional ... More
Rectangularity and paramonotonicity of maximally monotone operatorsJan 20 2012Maximally monotone operators play a key role in modern optimization and variational analysis. Two useful subclasses are rectangular (also known as star monotone) and paramonotone operators, which were introduced by Brezis and Haraux, and by Censor, Iusem ... More
An Answer to S. Simons' Question on the Maximal Monotonicity of the Sum of a Maximal Monotone Linear Operator and a Normal Cone OperatorFeb 06 2009The question whether or not the sum of two maximal monotone operators is maximal monotone under Rockafellar's constraint qualification - that is, whether or not "the sum theorem" is true - is the most famous open problem in Monotone Operator Theory. In ... More
Autoconjugate representers for linear monotone operatorsFeb 11 2008Monotone operators are of central importance in modern optimization and nonlinear analysis. Their study has been revolutionized lately, due to the systematic use of the Fitzpatrick function. Pioneered by Penot and Svaiter, a topic of recent interest has ... More
High Dimensional and Banded Vector AutoregressionsFeb 27 2015Aug 30 2016We consider a class of vector autoregressive models with banded coefficient matrices. The setting represents a type of sparse structure for high-dimensional time series, though the implied autocovariance matrices are not banded. The structure is also ... More
Connections Between Several Distributions of Scale-free NetworksJan 24 2016In our empirical works, we find that there exists the equivalency of the cumulative degree distribution and edge-cumulative distribution. Furthermore, we employ three network models of the recursive graphs, Sierpinksi networks and Apollonian networks ... More
High Energy Solutions to $p(x)-$Laplacian Equations of Schrödinger typeOct 19 2012In this paper, we investigate nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger type equations in $R^N$ under the framework of variable exponent spaces. We propose new assumptions on the nonlinear term to yield bounded Palais-Smale sequences and then prove the special sequences ... More
On $\big(p_{1}(x), p_{2}(x)\big)$-Laplace EquationsMay 09 2012In this paper, we investigate the $(p_{1}(x), p_{2}(x))$-Laplace operator, the properties of the corresponding integral functional and weak solutions to the related differential equations. We show that the integral functional admits a derivative of type ... More
Edge states in Graphene: from gapped flat band to gapless chiral modesOct 12 2008Oct 14 2008We study edge-states in graphene systems where a bulk energy gap is opened by inversion symmetry breaking. We find that the edge-bands dispersion can be controlled by potentials applied on the boundary with unit cell length scale. Under certain boundary ... More
Valley Dependent Optoelectronics from Inversion Symmetry BreakingMay 31 2007May 12 2008Inversion symmetry breaking allows contrasted circular dichroism in different k-space regions, which takes the extreme form of optical selection rules for interband transitions at high symmetry points. In materials where band-edges occur at noncentral ... More
Joint CLT for several random sesquilinear forms with applications to large-dimensional spiked population modelsFeb 25 2014Nov 05 2014In this paper, we derive a joint central limit theorem for random vector whose components are function of random sesquilinear forms. This result is a natural extension of the existing central limit theory on random quadratic forms. We also provide applications ... More
Diversity encouraged learning of unsupervised LSTM ensemble for neural activity video predictionNov 15 2016Being able to predict the neural signal in the near future from the current and previous observations has the potential to enable real-time responsive brain stimulation to suppress seizures. We have investigated how to use an auto-encoder model consisting ... More
Generalized Sagnac EffectSep 26 2006Experiments were conducted to study light propagation in a light waveguide loop consisting of linearly and circularly moving segments. We found that any segment of the loop contributes to the total phase difference between two counterpropagating light ... More
On Borwein-Wiersma Decompositions of Monotone Linear RelationsDec 14 2009Monotone operators are of basic importance in optimization as they generalize simultaneously subdifferential operators of convex functions and positive semidefinite (not necessarily symmetric) matrices. In 1970, Asplund studied the additive decomposition ... More
Scattering for a 3D cubic focusing nonlinear inhomogeneous NLS with a potentialJan 16 2018In this paper, we consider the 3d cubic focusing inhomogeneous nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation with a potential $$ iu_{t}+\Delta u-Vu+|x|^{-b}|u|^{2}u=0,\;\;(t,x) \in {{\bf{R}}\times{\bf{R}}^{3}}, $$ where $0<b<1$. We first establish global well-posedness ... More
Anomalous light cones and valley optical selection rules of interlayer excitons in twisted heterobilayersApr 06 2015Oct 16 2015We show that, because of the inevitable twist and lattice mismatch in heterobilayers of transition metal dichalcogenides, interlayer excitons have six-fold degenerate light cones anomalously located at finite velocities on the parabolic energy dispersion. ... More
The One-Way Information Deficit and Geometry for a Class of Two-qubit StatesAug 04 2012Feb 17 2013The work deficit, as introduced by Jonathan Oppenheim \emph{et al}[Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{89}, 180402 (2002)] is a good measure of the quantum correlations in a state and provides a new standpoint for understanding quantum non-locality. In this paper, ... More
Multiple phase estimation for arbitrary pure states under white noiseSep 08 2014In any realistic quantum metrology scenarios, the ultimate precision in the estimation of parameters is limited not only by the so-called Heisenberg scaling, but also the environmental noise encountered by the underlying system. In the context of quantum ... More
Multiple phase estimation in quantum cloning machinesJul 22 2014Since the initial discovery of the Wootters-Zurek no-cloning theorem, a wide variety of quantum cloning machines have been proposed aiming at imperfect but optimal cloning of quantum states within its own context. Remarkably, most previous studies have ... More
Quantum fisher information in noninertial framesJan 03 2014We investigate the performance of quantum fisher information under the Unruh-Hawking effect, where one of the observers (eg, Rob) is uniformly accelerated with respect to other partners. In the context of relativistic quantum information theory, we demonstrate ... More
Fidelity Approach in Topological Superconductors with DisordersNov 22 2014We apply the fidelity approach to study the topological superconductivity in a spin-orbit coupled nanowire system. The wire is modeled as a one layer lattice chain with Zeeman energy and spin-orbit coupling, which is in proximity to a multi layer superconductor. ... More
Two-way Wireless Video Communication using Randomized Cooperation, Network Coding and Packet Level FECMay 15 2012Two-way real-time video communication in wireless networks requires high bandwidth, low delay and error resiliency. This paper addresses these demands by proposing a system with the integration of Network Coding (NC), user cooperation using Randomized ... More
Detecting the warm-hot intergalactic medium through X-ray absorption linesDec 06 2011The warm-hot intergalactic medium (WHIM) at temperatures 1E5-1E7 K is believed to contain 30-50% of the baryons in the local universe. However, all current X-ray detections of the WHIM at redshifts z>0 are of low statistical significance (<=3sigma) and/or ... More
On the pinning strategy of complex networksJan 09 2010In pinning control of complex networks, a tacit believing is that the system dynamics will be better controlled by pinning the large-degree nodes than the small-degree ones. Here, by changing the number of pinned nodes, we find that, when a significant ... More
Almost sure existence of Navier-Stokes Equations with randomized data in the whole spaceAug 07 2013Oct 27 2013This paper considers the supercritical Navier-Stokes equations posed in the whole space $\R^d$, with suitably randomized initial data, in the weak solution setting. The global weak solutions are constructed for a large set of initial data in $H^{-s}(\R^d)$ ... More
Only rational homology spheres admit $Ω(f)$ to be union of DE attractorsDec 06 2008Sep 05 2009If there exists a diffeomorphism $f$ on a closed, orientable $n$-manifold $M$ such that the non-wandering set $\Omega(f)$ consists of finitely many orientable $(\pm)$ attractors derived from expanding maps, then $M$ must be a rational homology sphere; ... More
Smoothing analysis of HLSII storage ring magnetsMar 22 2016In order to improve the quality and stability of synchrotron light, Hefei Light Source has a major upgrade. Higher accuracy is necessary for installation and alignment of the storage ring magnets. It is not necessarily essential that the magnets are positioned ... More
Global existence and incompressible limit in critical spaces for compressible flow of liquid crystalsJul 31 2015The Cauchy problem for the compressible flow of nematic liquid crystals in the framework of critical spaces is considered. We first establish the existence and uniqueness of global solutions provided that the initial data are close to some equilibrium ... More
Moderate deviations for a stochastic wave equation in dimension threeMay 08 2016In this paper, we proved a central limit theorem and established a moderate deviation principle for a perturbed stochastic wave equations defined on $[0,T]\times \rr^3$. This equation is driven by a Gaussian noise, white in time and correlated in space. ... More
For maximally monotone linear relations, dense type, negative-infimum type, and Fitzpatrick-Phelps type all coincide with monotonicity of the adjointMar 31 2011It is shown that, for maximally monotone linear relations defined on a general Banach space, the monotonicities of dense type, of negative-infimum type, and of Fitzpatrick-Phelps type are the same and equivalent to monotonicity of the adjoint. This result ... More
Developing spatiotemporal solitons in step-index multimode fibersJul 19 2016Spatiotemporal solitons (STSs) are localized solitary waves in both space and time that involve complex linear and nonlinear processes. Optical STSs have been observed in various media, but they are difficult to be realized in multimode fibers due to ... More
Large deviations for stochastic differential delay equations with Lévy noisesNov 14 2015Nov 27 2015In this paper, we establish a large deviation principle for stochastic differential delay equations driven by both Brownian motions and Poisson random measures. The weak convergence method plays an important role.
A New Electron Density Model for Estimation of Pulsar and FRB DistancesOct 29 2016We present a new model for the distribution of free electrons in the Galaxy, the Magellanic Clouds and the intergalactic medium (IGM) that can be used to estimate distances to real or simulated pulsars and fast radio bursts (FRBs) based on their dispersion ... More
Extending $T^p$ automorphisms over $\RR^{p+2}$ and realizing DE attractorsNov 25 2008Oct 08 2010In this paper we consider the realization of DE attractors by self-diffeomorphisms of manifolds. For any expanding self-map $\phi:M\to M$ of a connected, closed $p$-dimensional manifold $M$, one can always realize a $(p,q)$-type attractor derived from ... More
Large deviations for stochastic differential delay equations with Lévy noisesNov 14 2015Oct 29 2016In this paper, we establish a large deviation principle for stochastic differential delay equations driven by both Brownian motions and Poisson random measures. The weak convergence method plays an important role.
Local Region Sparse Learning for Image-on-Scalar RegressionMay 27 2016Identification of regions of interest (ROI) associated with certain disease has a great impact on public health. Imposing sparsity of pixel values and extracting active regions simultaneously greatly complicate the image analysis. We address these challenges ... More
Large magnetic anisotropy predicted for rare-earth free Fe16-xCoxN2 alloysOct 11 2016Structures and magnetic properties of Fe16-xCoxN2 are studied using adaptive genetic algorithm and first-principles calculations. We show that substituting Fe by Co in Fe16N2 with Co/Fe ratio smaller than 1 can greatly improve the magnetic anisotropy ... More
What makes the Tc of monolayer FeSe on SrTiO3 so high: a sign-problem-free quantum Monte Carlo studyDec 19 2015Jun 18 2016Monolayer FeSe films grown on SrTiO3 (STO) substrate show superconducting gap-opening temperatures (Tc) which are almost an order of magnitude higher than those of the bulk FeSe and are highest among all known Fe-based superconductors. Angle-resolved ... More
The nature of effective interaction in cuprate superconductors: a sign-problem-free quantum Monte-Carlo studyDec 14 2015Superconductivity is an emergent phenomena in the sense that the energy scale associated with Cooper pairing is generically much lower than the typical kinetic energy of electrons. Addressing the mechanism of Cooper pairing amounts to determine the effective ... More
Pair production of charged Higgs bosons in the Left-Right Twin Higgs model at the ILC and LHCJan 20 2007Nov 29 2007Left-Right twin Higgs(LRTH) model predicts the existence of a pair of charged Higgs $\phi^{\pm}$. In this paper, we study the production of the charged Higgs bosons pair $\phi^{\pm}$ via the process $e^{+}e^{-}\to \phi^{+}\phi^{-}$ at the International ... More
$L_{1/2}$ Regularization: Convergence of Iterative Half Thresholding AlgorithmNov 01 2013Apr 15 2014In recent studies on sparse modeling, the nonconvex regularization approaches (particularly, $L_{q}$ regularization with $q\in(0,1)$) have been demonstrated to possess capability of gaining much benefit in sparsity-inducing and efficiency. As compared ... More
An optical diode made from a `flying' photonic crystalApr 03 2012Optical diodes controlling the flow of light are of principal significance for optical information processing 1. They transmit light from an input to an output, but not in reverse direction. This breaking of time reversal symmetry is typically achieved ... More
Perceptual Quality of Video with Periodic Frame Rate and Quantization Variation-Subjective Studies and Analytical ModelingJun 08 2014In networked video applications, the frame rate (FR) and quantization stepsize (QS) of a compressed video are often adapted in response to the changes of the available bandwidth. It is important to understand how do the variation of FR and QS and their ... More
Control of electron spin decoherence caused by electron-nuclear spin dynamics in a quantum dotMar 27 2007Control of electron spin decoherence in contact with a mesoscopic bath of many interacting nuclear spins in an InAs quantum dot is studied by solving the coupled quantum dynamics. The nuclear spin bath, because of its bifurcated evolution predicated on ... More
Theory of electron spin decoherence by interacting nuclear spins in a quantum dotAug 18 2005Aug 01 2006We present a quantum solution to the electron spin decoherence by a nuclear pair-correlation method for the electron-nuclear spin dynamics under a strong magnetic field and a temperature high for the nuclear spins but low for the electron. The theory ... More
Improved neighbor list algorithm in molecular simulations using cell decomposition and data sorting methodNov 13 2003Feb 05 2004An improved neighbor list algorithm is proposed to reduce unnecessary interatomic distance calculations in molecular simulations. It combines the advantages of Verlet table and cell linked list algorithms by using cell decomposition approach to accelerate ... More
A Two-Temperature Model of Magnetized Protostellar OutflowsDec 08 2015We explore kinematics and morphologies of molecular outflows driven by young protostars using magnetohydrodynamic simulations in the context of the unified wind model of Shang et al. The model explains the observed high-velocity jet and low-velocity shell ... More
A New Electron Density Model for Estimation of Pulsar and FRB DistancesOct 29 2016Nov 03 2016We present a new model for the distribution of free electrons in the Galaxy, the Magellanic Clouds and the intergalactic medium (IGM) that can be used to estimate distances to real or simulated pulsars and fast radio bursts (FRBs) based on their dispersion ... More
Effects of little Higgs models on single top production at the $e^{-}γ$ collidersOct 26 2006Feb 06 2007In the framework of the littlest Higgs($LH$) model and the littlest Higgs model with T-parity($LHT$), We investigate the single top production process $e^{-}\gamma\to \nu_{e}b\bar{t}$, and calculate the corrections of these two models to the cross section ... More
Modified Sagnac experiment for measuring travel-time difference between counter-propagating light beams in a uniformly moving fiberSep 25 2006A fiber optic conveyor has been developed for investigating the travel-time difference between two counter-propagating light beams in uniformly moving fiber. Our finding is that there is a travel-time difference Deltat=2vDeltal/c^2 in a fiber segment ... More
Construction of pathological maximally monotone operators on non-reflexive Banach spacesAug 06 2011In this paper, we construct maximally monotone operators that are not of Gossez's dense-type (D) in many nonreflexive spaces. Many of these operators also fail to possess the Br{\o}nsted-Rockafellar (BR) property. Using these operators, we show that the ... More
Viewing Majorana Bound States by Rabi OscillationsJun 05 2014Rabi oscillation is a pure quantum phenomenon where the system jumps forth and back between two quantum levels under stimulation of a microwave, and a resonance occurs when the energy difference is matched by the photon energy. Rabi oscillations have ... More
Chandra Detection of Fe XVII in Absorption: Iron Abundance in the Hot Gaseous Interstellar MediumNov 14 2006Dec 08 2006The iron depletion level and the gas-phase iron abundance in the hot ~10^6 K interstellar medium (ISM) is critical to the understanding of its energy balance as well as the thermal sputtering, cooling, and heating processes of dust grains. Here we report ... More
Radial basis function process neural network training based on generalized frechet distance and GA-SA hybrid strategyJan 09 2014For learning problem of Radial Basis Function Process Neural Network (RBF-PNN), an optimization training method based on GA combined with SA is proposed in this paper. Through building generalized Fr\'echet distance to measure similarity between time-varying ... More
Restoring Coherence Lost to a Slow Interacting Mesoscopic BathApr 27 2006Sep 13 2006For a two-state quantum object interacting with a slow mesoscopic interacting spin bath, we show that a many-body solution of the bath dynamics conditioned on the quantum-object state leads to an efficient control scheme to recover the lost quantum-object ... More
Big Spectrum Data: The New Resource for Cognitive Wireless NetworkingApr 23 2014The era of Big Data is here now, which has brought both unprecedented opportunities and critical challenges. In this article, from a perspective of cognitive wireless networking, we start with a definition of Big Spectrum Data by analyzing its characteristics ... More
Growing Network Models Having Part Edges Removed/added RandomlySep 16 2015Since network motifs are an important property of networks and some networks have the behaviors of rewiring or reducing or adding edges between old vertices before new vertices entering the networks, we construct our non-randomized model N(t) and randomized ... More
Real-Time Visual Tracking: Promoting the Robustness of Correlation Filter LearningAug 29 2016Sep 09 2016Correlation filtering based tracking model has received lots of attention and achieved great success in real-time tracking, however, the lost function in current correlation filtering paradigm could not reliably response to the appearance changes caused ... More
CO observation of the Galactic bubble N4Jul 17 2013We presented a study on the Galactic bubble N4 using the 13.7 m millimeter telescope of Purple Mountain Observatory at the Qinghai Station. N4 is one of the science demonstration regions for the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (WMISP). Simultaneous ... More
Influences of pump transitions on thermal effects of multi-kilowatt thulium-doped fiber lasersMar 25 2015Thermal effects are critical constrains for developing high-power thulium-doped fiber lasers (TDFLs). In this paper, we numerically investigate the lasing and thermal characteristics of the TDFLs under different pump transitions. Our results show, the ... More
Magnetic-Field-Dependent Raman Scattering in Multiferroic Bilayer Films: Evidence for Stress-Mediated Magnetoelectric CouplingFeb 16 2009We report the first magnetic-field-dependent Raman scattering studies on Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-CoFe2O4 bilayer multiferroic system. The phonon frequencies of the nano-bilayers obviously change with magnetic field, which is absent in the single Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films. ... More