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A Proximal Point Dual Newton Algorithm for Solving Group Graphical Lasso ProblemsJun 11 2019Undirected graphical models have been especially popular for learning the conditional independence structure among a large number of variables where the observations are drawn independently and identically from the same distribution. However, many modern ... More
An efficient Hessian based algorithm for solving large-scale sparse group Lasso problemsDec 16 2017The sparse group Lasso is a widely used statistical model which encourages the sparsity both on a group and within the group level. In this paper, we develop an efficient augmented Lagrangian method for large-scale non-overlapping sparse group Lasso problems ... More
An Efficient Linearly Convergent Regularized Proximal Point Algorithm for Fused Multiple Graphical Lasso ProblemsFeb 19 2019Nowadays, analysing data from different classes or over a temporal grid has attracted a great deal of interest. As a result, various multiple graphical models for learning a collection of graphical models simultaneously have been derived by introducing ... More
Graph Relations and Constrained Homomorphism Partial OrdersApr 21 2014We consider constrained variants of graph homomorphisms such as embeddings, monomorphisms, full homomorphisms, surjective homomorpshims, and locally constrained homomorphisms. We also introduce a new variation on this theme which derives from relations ... More
Fractal property of the graph homomorphism orderJun 25 2016May 16 2017We show that every interval in the homomorphism order of finite undirected graphs is either universal or a gap. Together with density and universality this "fractal" property contributes to the spectacular properties of the homomorphism order. We first ... More
Phylogenetic trees and homomorphismsJan 02 2018In Chapter 1 we fully characterise pairs of finite graphs which form a gap in the full homomorphism order. This leads to a simple proof of the existence of generalised duality pairs. We also discuss how such results can be carried to relational structures ... More
Reconstructing unrooted phylogenetic trees from symbolic ternary metricsFeb 01 2017Jan 17 2018In 1998, B\"{o}cker and Dress gave a 1-to-1 correspondence between symbolically dated rooted trees and symbolic ultrametrics. We consider the corresponding problem for unrooted trees. More precisely, given a tree $T$ with leaf set $X$ and a proper vertex ... More
Gaps in full homomorphism orderMay 07 2017We characterise gaps in the full homomorphism order of graphs.
Universality of intervals of line graph orderFeb 16 2014Apr 18 2014We prove that for every $d\geq 3$ the homomorphism order of the class of line graphs of finite graphs with maximal degree $d$ is universal. This means that every finite or countably infinite partially ordered set may be represented by line graphs of graphs ... More
Non-binary treebased unrooted phylogenetic networks and their relations to binary and rooted onesOct 16 2018Oct 17 2018Phylogenetic networks are a generalization of phylogenetic trees allowing for the representation of non-treelike evolutionary events such as hybridization. Typically, such networks have been analyzed based on their `level', i.e. based on the complexity ... More
Inference of Phylogenetic Trees from the Knowledge of Rare Evolutionary EventsDec 29 2016Jun 14 2017Rare events have played an increasing role in molecular phylogenetics as potentially homoplasy-poor characters.In this contribution we analyze the phylogenetic information content from a combinatorial point of view by consid-ering the binary relation ... More
Word-representability of split graphsSep 27 2017Letters $x$ and $y$ alternate in a word $w$ if after deleting in $w$ all letters but the copies of $x$ and $y$ we either obtain a word $xyxy\cdots$ (of even or odd length) or a word $yxyx\cdots$ (of even or odd length). A graph $G=(V,E)$ is word-representable ... More
Non-binary treebased unrooted phylogenetic networks and their relations to binary and rooted onesOct 16 2018May 09 2019Phylogenetic networks are a generalization of phylogenetic trees allowing for the representation of non-treelike evolutionary events such as hybridization. Typically, such networks have been analyzed based on their `level', i.e. based on the complexity ... More
Fractal property of the graph homomorphism orderJun 25 2016We show that every interval in the homomorphism order of finite undirected graphs is either universal or a gap. Together with density and universality this "fractal" property contributes to the spectacular properties of the homomorphism order. We first ... More
A Short Note on Undirected Fitch GraphsDec 05 2017The symmetric version of Fitch's xenology relation coincides with class of complete multipartite graph and thus cannot convey any non-trivial phylogenetic information.
Classes of treebased networksOct 16 2018Oct 17 2018Recently, so-called treebased phylogenetic networks have gained considerable interest in the literature, where a treebased network is a network that can be constructed from a phylogenetic tree, called the \emph{base tree}, by adding additional edges. ... More
Relations Between GraphsMay 17 2012Oct 16 2012Given two graphs G and H, we ask under which conditions there is a relation R that generates the edges of H given the structure of graph G. This construction can be seen as a form of multihomomorphism. It generalizes surjective homomorphisms of graphs ... More
GHZ transform (I): Bell transform and quantum teleportationJan 27 2014Jul 14 2016It is well-known that maximally entangled states such as the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states, with the Bell states as the simplest examples, are widely exploited in quantum information and computation. We study the application of such maximally ... More
SVM and ELM: Who Wins? Object Recognition with Deep Convolutional Features from ImageNetJun 08 2015Deep learning with a convolutional neural network (CNN) has been proved to be very effective in feature extraction and representation of images. For image classification problems, this work aim at finding which classifier is more competitive based on ... More
Approaching the Cramer-Rao Bound in Weak Lensing with PDF SymmetrizationJun 30 2016Weak lensing statistics is typically measured as weighted sum of shear estimators or their products (shear-shear correlation). The weighting schemes are designed in the hope of minimizing the statistical error without introducing systematic errors. It ... More
A novel integral equation for scattering by locally rough surfaces and application to the inverse problemFeb 01 2013This paper is concerned with the direct and inverse acoustic or electromagnetic scattering problems by a locally perturbed, perfectly reflecting, infinite plane (which is called a locally rough surface in this paper). We propose a novel integral equation ... More
Pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls, Part I: The case of convex control constraintSep 09 2014This paper is the first part of our series work to establish pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls. In this part, both drift and diffusion terms may contain the control variable but the control region is assumed to ... More
Symmetry analysis for time-fractional convection-diffusion equationDec 04 2015Dec 08 2015The time-fractional convection-diffusion equation is performed by Lie symmetry analysis method which involves the Riemann-Liouville time-fractional derivative of the order $\alpha\in(0,2)$. In eight cases, the symmetries are obtained and similarity reductions ... More
The Discovery of Mutated Driver Pathways in Cancer: Models and AlgorithmsApr 05 2016The pathogenesis of cancer in human is still poorly understood. With the rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technologies, huge volumes of cancer genomics data have been generated. Deciphering those data poses great opportunities and challenges ... More
Recovering scattering obstacles by multi-frequency phaseless far-field dataOct 19 2016It is well known that the modulus of the far-field pattern (or phaseless far-field pattern) is invariant under translations of the scattering obstacle if only one plane wave is used as the incident field, so the shape but not the location of the obstacle ... More
The continuity method on Fano bundlesDec 05 2016We prove that the continuity method on a Fano bundle starting from a suitable K\"ahler metric converges to a K\"ahler metric on the base in Gromov-Hausdorff topology.
On Hom-Lie antialgebraJan 10 2019In this paper, we introduced the notion of Hom-Lie antialgebras.The representations and cohomology theory of Hom-Lie antialgebras are investigated. We prove that the equivalent classes of abelian extensions of Hom-Lie antialgeras are in one-to-one correspondence ... More
Gravitational clustering of cosmic relic neutrinos in the Milky WayDec 04 2017May 09 2018The standard model of cosmology predicts the existence of cosmic neutrino background in the present Universe. To detect cosmic relic neutrinos in the vicinity of the Earth, it is necessary to evaluate the gravitational clustering effects on relic neutrinos ... More
A potential scenario for the Majorana neutrino detection at future lepton collidersMay 24 2018Oct 21 2018The existence of Majorana neutrinos must lead to lepton-number violating processes, and the Majorana nature of neutrinos can only be experimentally verified via lepton-number violating processes. We propose a new approach to search for Majorana neutrinos ... More
EmbedJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via EmbeddingsFeb 01 2017Oct 06 2017We study the problem of edit similarity joins, where given a set of strings and a threshold value $K$, we want to output all pairs of strings whose edit distances are at most $K$. Edit similarity join is a fundamental problem in data cleaning/integration, ... More
Subalgebras and finitistic dimensions of Artin algebrasJul 21 2011Let $A$ be an Artin algebra. We investigate subalgebras of $A$ with certain conditions and obtain some classes of algebras whose finitistic dimensions are finite.
A New Exact Worst-Case Linear Convergence Rate of the Proximal Gradient MethodFeb 25 2019Mar 12 2019In this note, we establish a new exact worst-case linear convergence rate of the proximal gradient method in terms of the proximal gradient norm, which complements the recent results in [1] and implies a refined descent lemma.descent lemma. Based on the ... More
Confinement-Induced Resonance with Weak Background InteractionJul 17 2019We studied the scattering problem of two atoms with unequal mass, where one atom (atom $\alpha$) is trapped in a quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) tube and the other one (atom $\beta$) is localized by a 3D harmonic trap. We show that in such a system if ... More
Confinement-induced Resonances in Quasi-one-dimensional Traps with Transverse AnisotropyDec 23 2010We study atom-atom scattering in quasi-one-dimensional geometries with transverse anisotropy. By assuming an s-wave pseudo-potential of contact interaction, we show that the system would exhibit a single confinement-induced resonance, where the scattering ... More
Disjunctive Logic Programs versus Normal Logic ProgramsApr 02 2013This paper focuses on the expressive power of disjunctive and normal logic programs under the stable model semantics over finite, infinite, or arbitrary structures. A translation from disjunctive logic programs into normal logic programs is proposed and ... More
Hierarchical Bayesian Models with Factorization for Content-Based RecommendationDec 28 2014Most existing content-based filtering approaches learn user profiles independently without capturing the similarity among users. Bayesian hierarchical models \cite{Zhang:Efficient} learn user profiles jointly and have the advantage of being able to borrow ... More
Expressiveness of Logic Programs under General Stable Model SemanticsDec 02 2014The stable model semantics had been recently generalized to non-Herbrand structures by several works, which provides a unified framework and solid logical foundations for answer set programming. This paper focuses on the expressiveness of normal and disjunctive ... More
An Ordinal Bargaining Solution with Fixed-Point PropertyJan 15 2014Shapleys impossibility result indicates that the two-person bargaining problem has no non-trivial ordinal solution with the traditional game-theoretic bargaining model. Although the result is no longer true for bargaining problems with more than two agents, ... More
Rectifier Neural Network with a Dual-Pathway Architecture for Image DenoisingSep 10 2016Recently deep neural networks based on tanh activation function have shown their impressive power in image denoising. However, much training time is needed because of their very large size. In this letter, we propose a dual-pathway rectifier neural network ... More
The continuity method on minimal elliptic Kähler surfacesOct 25 2016We prove that, on a minimal elliptic K\"ahler surface of Kodaira dimension one, the continuity method introduced by La Nave and Tian in \cite{LT} starting from any initial K\"{a}hler metric converges in Gromov-Hausdorff topology to the metric completion ... More
Trajectory Optimization for Cellular-Connected UAV Under Outage Duration ConstraintJan 14 2019Enabling cellular access for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a practically appealing solution to realize their high-quality communications with the ground for ensuring safe and efficient operations. In this paper, we study the trajectory design for ... More
A New Exact Worst-Case Linear Convergence Rate of the Proximal Gradient MethodFeb 25 2019In this note, we establish a new exact worst-case linear convergence rate of the proximal gradient method in terms of the proximal gradient norm, which complements the recent results in [1] and implies a refined descent lemma.descent lemma. Based on the ... More
MinJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via Local Hash MinimumsOct 20 2018In this paper we study edit similarity joins, in which we are given a set of strings and a threshold parameter K, and asked to find all pairs of strings whose edit distance are at most K. Edit similarity joins is a fundamental problem in query processing, ... More
Scenario Forecasting of Residential Load ProfilesJun 18 2019Load forecasting is an integral part of power system operations and planning. Due to the increasing penetration of rooftop PV, electric vehicles and demand response applications, forecasting the load of individual and a small group of households is becoming ... More
Inequalities for Casorati curvatures of submanifolds in real space formsAug 21 2014Nov 11 2016By using T. Oprea's optimization methods on submanifolds, we give another proof of the inequalities relating the normalized $\delta-$Casorati curvature $\hat{\delta}_c(n-1)$ for submanifolds in real space forms. Also, inequalities relating the normalized ... More
Tight-Binding Kondo Model and Spin-Exchange Collision Rate of Alkaline-Earth Atoms in a Mixed-Dimensional Optical LatticeAug 13 2019We study the ultracold fermionic alkaline-earth (like) atoms in the electronic $^1$S$_0$ state ($g$-state) and $^3$P$_0$ state ($e$-state), which are confined in a quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) tube. In addition, in the axial direction, the $g$-atom ... More
Bound states for logarithmic Schrodinger equations with potentials unbounded belowMay 16 2019We study the existence and concentration behavior of the bound states for the following logarithmic Schr\"odinger equation \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} -\varepsilon^2\Delta v+V(x)v=v\log v^2 \ \ &\text {in}\ \ \mathbb R^N,\\ v(x)\to 0 \ \ &\text {as}\ ... More
Domain Adaptation Extreme Learning Machines for Drift Compensation in E-nose SystemsMay 24 2015This paper addresses an important issue, known as sensor drift that behaves a nonlinear dynamic property in electronic nose (E-nose), from the viewpoint of machine learning. Traditional methods for drift compensation are laborious and costly due to the ... More
Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Light Curves and Power Density Spectra in the ICMART ModelDec 30 2013Feb 27 2014In this paper, we simulate the prompt emission light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) within the framework of the Internal-Collision-induced MAgnetic Reconnection and Turbulence (ICMART) model. This model applies to GRBs with a moderately-high magnetization ... More
Quantum optomechanical straight-twin engineOct 06 2016We propose a scheme to realize a quantum polariton heat engine in a hybrid microwave-opto-mechanical system. The engine transfers the heat obtained from the effective temperature difference between the microwave and optical cavity fields to the work extracted ... More
Imaging of locally rough surfaces from intensity-only far-field or near-field dataOct 19 2016This paper is concerned with a nonlinear imaging problem, which aims to reconstruct a locally perturbed, perfectly reflecting, infinite plane from intensity-only (or phaseless) far-field or near-field data. A recursive Newton iteration algorithm in frequencies ... More
Quantum teleportation and Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebraJul 06 2016In this paper, we investigate the relationship of quantum teleportation in quantum information science and the Birman-Murakami-Wenzl (BMW) algebra in low-dimensional topology. For simplicity, we focus on the two spin-1/2 representation of the BMW algebra, ... More
Vapor Compression Cycle Control for Automotive Air Conditioning Systems with a Linear Parameter Varying ApproachJan 13 2017Nov 29 2018This paper investigates an output tracking problem for the vapor compression cycle in automotive Air Conditioning (A/C) systems using Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) techniques. Stemming from a recently developed first-principle A/C model, Jacobian linearization ... More
Observability of Boolean control networks: A unified approach based on the theories of finite automataMay 27 2014Dec 09 2015The problem on how to determine the observability of Boolean control networks (BCNs) has been open for five years already. In this paper, we propose a unified approach to determine all the four types of observability of BCNs in the literature. We define ... More
Slow Feature Analysis for Human Action RecognitionJul 15 2019Slow Feature Analysis (SFA) extracts slowly varying features from a quickly varying input signal. It has been successfully applied to modeling the visual receptive fields of the cortical neurons. Sufficient experimental results in neuroscience suggest ... More
Large-Scale Pedestrian Retrieval CompetitionMar 06 2019The Large-Scale Pedestrian Retrieval Competition (LSPRC) mainly focuses on person retrieval which is an important end application in intelligent vision system of surveillance. Person retrieval aims at searching the interested target with specific visual ... More
A note on the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality and Ricci flow on 4-manifoldsMar 14 2009Mar 06 2011In this short paper, we prove a Hitchin-Thorpe type inequality for closed 4-manifolds with non-positive Yamabe invariant, and admitting long time solutions of the normalized Ricci flow equation with bounded scalar curvature.
Improved stability for analytic quasi-convex nearly integrable systems and optimal speed of Arnold diffusionJan 21 2017We improve the global Nekhoroshev stability for analytic quasi-convex nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems. The new stability result is optimal, as it matches the fastest speed of Arnold diffusion.
Control of Spin-Exchange Interaction between Alkali-Earth Atoms via Confinement-Induced Resonances in a Quasi 1+0 Dimensional SystemApr 10 2018Aug 22 2018A nuclear-spin exchange interaction exists between two ultracold fermionic alkali-earth (like) atoms in the electronic $^{1}{\rm S}_{0}$ state ($g$-state) and $^{3}{\rm P}_{0}$ state ($e$-state), and is an essential ingredient for the quantum simulation ... More
Quantum coin flipping secure against channel noisesMay 27 2015So far, most of existed single-shot quantum coin flipping(QCF) protocols failed in a noisy quantum channel. Here, we present a nested-structured framework that makes it possible to achieve partially noise-tolerant QCF, due to that there is a trade-off ... More
Pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls, Part II: The general caseSep 26 2015Oct 19 2015This paper is the second part of our series of work to establish pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls. In this part, we consider the general cases, i.e., the control region is allowed to be nonconvex, and the control ... More
Cusp-shaped structure of a jet observed by IRIS and SDONov 15 2016On 29 August 2014, the trigger and evolution of a cusp-shaped jet were captured in detail at 1330 {\AA} by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph.At first, two neighboring mini-prominences arose in turn from low solar atmosphere and collided with a ... More
Pixel-wise Regression: 3D Hand Pose Estimation via Spatial-form Representation and Differentiable DecoderMay 06 20193D Hand pose estimation from a single depth image is an essential topic in computer vision and human-computer interaction. Although the rising of deep learning method boosts the accuracy a lot, the problem is still hard to solve due to the complex structure ... More
Crossed modules for Hom-Lie antialgebrasMar 21 2019In this paper, we introduced the concept of crossed module for Hom-Lie antialgebras. It is proved that the category of crossed modules for Hom-Lie antialgebras and the category of $Cat^1$-Hom-Lie antialgebras are equivalent to each other. The relationship ... More
Repeating FRB 121102 : Eight-year Fermi-LAT Upper Limits and ImplicationsMay 11 2017May 29 2017The repeating fast radio burst (FRB) source that produced FRB 121102 was recently localized in a star forming galaxy at $z=0.193$, which is associated with an extended radio source at the burst location. One possibility is that the repeating FRBs are ... More
An accelerated proximal iterative hard thresholding method for $\ell_0$ minimizationSep 06 2017Jan 02 2018In this paper, we consider a non-convex problem which is the sum of $\ell_0$-norm and a convex smooth function under box constraint. We propose one proximal iterative hard thresholding type method with extrapolation step used for acceleration and establish ... More
Computing Skylines on Distributed DataNov 01 2016In this paper we study skyline queries in the distributed computational model, where we have $s$ remote sites and a central coordinator (the query node); each site holds a piece of data, and the coordinator wants to compute the skyline of the union of ... More
MinJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via Local Hash MinimaOct 20 2018May 29 2019We study the problem of computing similarity joins under edit distance on a set of strings. Edit similarity joins is a fundamental problem in databases, data mining and bioinformatics. It finds important applications in data cleaning and integration, ... More
Crossed modules for Hom-Lie antialgebrasMar 21 2019Apr 03 2019In this paper, we introduced the concept of crossed module for Hom-Lie antialgebras. It is proved that the category of crossed modules for Hom-Lie antialgebras and the category of $Cat^1$-Hom-Lie antialgebras are equivalent to each other. The relationship ... More
Double Bicrosssum of Braided Lie algebrasJan 08 2007Jan 12 2007The condition for double bicrosssum to be a braided Lie bialgebra is given. The result generalizes quantum double, bicrosssum, bicrosscosum, bisum. The quantum double of braided Lie bialgebras is constructed. The relation between double crosssum of Lie ... More
Fast imaging of scattering obstacles from phaseless far-field measurements at a fixed frequencyMay 23 2018This paper is concerned with the inverse obstacle scattering problem with phaseless far-field data at a fixed frequency. The main difficulty of this problem is the so-called translation invariance property of the modulus of the far-field pattern or the ... More
Sequential Sampling for CGMY Processes via Decomposition of their Time ChangesAug 01 2017Aug 22 2018We present a new and easy-to-implement sequential sampling method for CGMY processes with either finite or infinite variation, exploiting the time change representation of the CGMY model and a decomposition of its time change. We find that the time change ... More
Trajectory Design for Cellular-Connected UAV Under Outage Duration ConstraintJan 14 2019Mar 14 2019In this paper, we study the trajectory design for a cellular-connected unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with given initial and final locations, while communicating with the ground base stations (GBSs) along its flight. We consider delay-limited communications ... More
Minimality of a Kind of Pseudo-Umbilical Totally Real Submanifolds in Non-Flat Complex Space FormsDec 27 2015In this paper, by studying the position of umbilical normal vectors in the normal bundle, we prove that pseudo-umbilical totally real submanifolds with flat normal connection in non-flat complex space forms must be minimal.
An approximate factorization method for inverse acoustic scattering with phaseless near-field dataAug 10 2019This paper is concerned with the inverse acoustic scattering problem with phaseless near-field data at a fixed frequency. An approximate factorization method is developed to numerically reconstruct both the location and shape of the unknown scatterer ... More
Renormalized solutions for the fractional p(x)-Laplacian equation with L^1 dataAug 15 2017In this paper, we prove the existence and uniqueness of nonnegative renormalized solutions for the fractional p(x)-Laplacian problem with L1 data. Our results are new even in the constant exponent fractional p-Laplacian equation case.
Global well-posedness of 3-D inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with ill-prepared initial dataSep 05 2014In this paper, we investigate the global well-posedness of 3-D incompressible inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with ill-prepared large initial data which are slowly varying in one space variable, that is, initial data of the form $\bigl(1+\e^{\be}a_0(x_{\rm ... More
Long time well-posdness of Prandtl system with small and analytic initial dataSep 05 2014In this paper, we investigate the long time existence and uniqueness of small solution to $d,$ for $d=2,3,$ dimensional Prandtl system with small initial data which is analytic in the horizontal variables. In particular, we prove that $d$ dimensional ... More
Higgs bundles over non-compact Gauduchon manifoldsApr 24 2018In this paper, we prove a generalized Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem on Higgs bundles over a class of non-compact Gauduchon manifolds.
ABS: an Analytical method of Blind Separation of CMB from foregroundsAug 12 2016Jan 08 2019Extracting CMB B-mode polarization from complicated foregrounds is a challenging task in searching for inflationary gravitational waves. We propose the ABS method as a blind and analytical solution to this problem. It applies to the measured cross bandpower ... More
Interatomic collisions in two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional confinements with spin-orbit couplingMar 03 2012Oct 28 2012We investigate the low-energy scattering and bound states of two two-component fermionic atoms in pure two-dimensional (2D) and quasi-2D confinements with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC). We find that the SOC qualitatively changes the behavior of the ... More
Exact solution of gradient echo memory and analytical treatment of gradient frequency combFeb 16 2016Gradient echo memory (GEM) stores and retrieves photon wave packet in forward direction with high efficiency and fidelity using photon-echo mechanism. It is an important technique for quantum memory applications. By breaking the continuity of the gradient ... More
The gap distribution of directions in some Schottky groupsNov 25 2015Oct 04 2016We prove the existence and some properties of the limiting gap distribution functions for the directions of orbits of some infinite covolume subgroups of $Isom(\mathbb{H}^2)$ in the Poincar\'e disk.
Impacts of dark energy on weighing neutrinos after Planck 2015Nov 09 2015Apr 21 2016We investigate how dark energy properties impact the cosmological limits on the total mass of active neutrinos. We consider two typical, simple dark energy models (that have only one more additional parameter than $\Lambda$CDM), i.e., the $w$CDM model ... More
Equitable list point arboricity of graphsMar 12 2014A graph $G$ is list point $k$-arborable if, whenever we are given a $k$-list assignment $L(v)$ of colors for each vertex $v\in V(G)$, we can choose a color $c(v)\in L(v)$ for each vertex $v$ so that each color class induces an acyclic subgraph of $G$, ... More
The edge chromatic number of outer-1-planar graphsMay 13 2014May 14 2014A graph is outer-1-planar if it can be drawn in the plane so that all vertices are on the outer face and each edge is crossed at most once. In this paper, we completely determine the edge chromatic number of outer 1-planar graphs.
Weak values obtained from Einstein equivalence principleJan 22 2016Jul 09 2016Quantum weak measurement, measuring some observable quantities within the selected sub-ensemble of the entire quantum ensemble, can produce many interesting results such as the superluminal phenomena. An outcome of such a measurement is the weak value ... More
The Heavy Higgs Decay Effect and Its Impact on Higgs Data Fitting in NMSSMMay 21 2015Besides the loop contribution and the coupling changing, heavy Higgs decaying to 125GeV Higgs is another important effect in Higgs property measurement in the models that have extend Higgs sector. Such heavy Higgs decay effect contain more than one sources, ... More
Weak values could reveal the hidden effects of quantum interactionsJan 22 2015Due to the reduced probability of successful post-selection, the weak-value amplification seems to be unavailable for the parameter-estimation. Here, we show theoretically that, some effects due to the weak interactions present only in the properly post-selected ... More
Helicity transport from solar convection zone to interplanetary spaceNov 14 2012Magnetic helicity is a physical quantity that describes field topology. It is also a conserved quantity as Berger in 1984 demonstrated that the total magnetic helicity is still conserved in the corona even when there is a fast magnetic reconnection. It ... More
The Fractal and The Recurrence Equations Concerning The Integer PartitionsJul 02 2013Sep 17 2014This paper introduced a way of fractal to solve the problem of taking count of the integer partitions, furthermore, using the method in this paper some recurrence equations concerning the integer partitions can be deduced, including the pentagonal number ... More
Loss cone refilling by flyby encounters--A numerical study of massive black holes in galactic centresJan 03 2009A gap in phase-space, the loss cone (LC), is opened up by a supermassive black hole (MBH) as it disrupts or accretes stars in a galactic centre. If a star enters the LC then, depending on its properties, its interaction with the MBH will either generate ... More
A Faster Structured-Tag Word-Classification MethodOct 25 1996Several methods have been proposed for processing a corpus to induce a tagset for the sub-language represented by the corpus. This paper examines a structured-tag word classification method introduced by McMahon (1994) and discussed further by McMahon ... More
Two-parameter quantum general linear supergroup and central extensionsJan 29 2016The universal R-matrix of two-parameter quantum general linear supergroups is computed explicitly based on the RTT realization of Faddeev--Reshetikhin--Takhtajan. For the two-parameter quantum special linear supergroup associated with sl(2,2), a two-fold ... More
Stochastic Hamiltonian flows with singular coefficientsJun 14 2016In this paper we study the following stochastic Hamiltonian system in ${\mathbb R}^{2d}$ (a second order stochastic differential equation), $$ d \dot X_t=b(X_t,\dot X_t)d t+\sigma(X_t,\dot X_t)d W_t,\ \ (X_0,\dot X_0)=(x,v)\in{\mathbb R}^{2d}, $$ where ... More
Improved critical eigenfunction restriction estimates on Riemannian manifolds with constant negative curvatureJul 25 2016Aug 09 2016We show that one can obtain logarithmic improvements of $L^2$ geodesic restriction estimates for eigenfunctions on 3-dimensional compact Riemannian manifolds with constant negative curvature. We obtain a $(\log\lambda)^{-\frac12}$ gain for the $L^2$-restriction ... More
Molecular Clock Dating using MrBayesMar 17 2016There are two modern approaches on dating species divergence using molecular data: node dating (e.g., Yang and Rannala, 2006; Drummond et al., 2006) and total-evidence dating (e.g., Ronquist et al., 2012a; Zhang et al., 2016). In a Bayesian framework, ... More
Wikipedia Edit Number Prediction based on Temporal Dynamics OnlyOct 23 2011In this paper, we describe our approach to the Wikipedia Participation Challenge which aims to predict the number of edits a Wikipedia editor will make in the next 5 months. The best submission from our team, "zeditor", achieved 41.7% improvement over ... More
Impact of Primordial Ultracompact Minihaloes on the Intergalactic Medium and First Structure FormationNov 08 2010Aug 09 2011(Abridged) Ultracompact Minihaloes (UCMHs), which formed by dark matter accretion onto primordial black holes (PBHs) or initial dark matter overdensity produced by the primordial density perturbation, provide a new type of compact dark matter structure ... More
On the dependence of the local Rankin-Selberg gamma factors of $\textrm{Sp}_{2n}\times \textrm{GL}_m$ on $ψ$Jan 28 2016Let $F$ be a $p$-adic field and $\pi$ be an irreducible smooth representation of $\textrm{Sp}_{2n}(F)$. In this paper, we show that if $\pi$ and $\pi^\kappa$ are both generic for a common generic character of the maximal unipotent of a fixed Borel, then ... More