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Jordan Derivations of some extension algebrasMar 02 2013In this paper, we mainly study Jordan derivations of dual extension algebras and those of generalized one-point extension algebras. It is shown that every Jordan derivation of dual extension algebras is a derivation. As applications, we obtain that every ... More
Projective cell modules of Frobenius cellular algebrasApr 15 2013For a finite dimensional Frobenius cellular algebra, a sufficient and necessary condition for a simple cell module to be projective is given. A special case that dual bases of the cellular basis satisfying a certain condition is also considered. The result ... More
Radicals of weight one blocks of Ariki-Koike algebrasAug 20 2018Let $K$ be a field and $q\in K$, $q\neq 0, 1$. Let $\mathcal {H}_n(q, Q)$ be an Ariki-Koike algebra, where the cyclotomic parameter $Q=(Q_1, Q_2, \cdots, Q_r)\in K^r$ with $r\geq 2$, $Q_i=q^{a_i}$, $a_i\in \mathbb{Z}$. For a weight one block $B$ of $\mathcal ... More
K-Commuting Mappings of Generalized Matrix AlgebrasNov 27 2011Motivated by the intensive and powerful works of Beidar and Bresar, we will study k-commuting mappings of generalized matrix algebras in this article. The general form of arbitrary k-commuting mapping of a generalized matrix algebra is determined. It ... More
Lie Derivations of Dual Extension AlgebrasMar 02 2013Let $K$ be a field and $\Gamma$ a finite quiver without oriented cycles. Let $\Lambda$ be the path algebra $K(\Gamma, \rho)$ and let $\mathscr{D}(\Lambda)$ be the dual extension of $\Lambda$. In this paper, we prove that each Lie derivation of $\mathscr{D}(\Lambda)$ ... More
Notes on graded symmetric cellular algebrasDec 17 2017Let $A=\oplus_{i\in \mathbb{Z}}A_i$ be a finite dimensional graded symmetric cellular algebra with a homogeneous symmetrizing trace of degree $d$. We prove that $A_{-d}$ contains the Higman ideal $H(A)$ of the center of $A$ and $\dim H(A)\leq \dim A_{0}$ ... More
Jordan Derivations and Lie derivations on Path AlgebrasMar 22 2012Without the faithful assumption, we prove that every Jordan derivation on a class of path algebras of quivers without oriented cycles is a derivation and that every Lie derivation on such kinds of algebras is of the standard form.
On a global supersonic-sonic patch characterized by 2-D steady full Euler equationsApr 10 2019Supersonic-sonic patches are ubiquitous in regions of transonic flows and they boil down to a family of degenerate hyperbolic problems in regions surrounded by a streamline, a characteristic curve and a possible sonic curve. This paper establishes the ... More
Fusion procedure for Degenerate cyclotomic Hecke algebrasDec 13 2013The primitive idempotents of the generic degenerate cycloctomic Hecke algebras are derived by consecutive evaluations of a certain rational function. This rational function depends only on the Specht modules and the normalization factors are the weights ... More
Adaptive generalized multiscale finite element methods for H(curl)-elliptic problems with heterogeneous coefficientsFeb 08 2018In this paper, we construct an adaptive multiscale method for solving H(curl)-elliptic problems in highly heterogeneous media. Our method is based on the generalized multiscale finite element method. We will first construct a suitable snapshot space, ... More
Metal artifact reduction based on the combined prior imageAug 22 2014Sep 04 2014Metallic implants introduce severe artifacts in CT images, which degrades the image quality. It is an effective method to reduce metal artifacts by replacing the metal affected projection with the forward projection of a prior image. How to find a good ... More
Asymptotically Optimal Sampling-based Kinodynamic PlanningJul 10 2014Feb 05 2016Sampling-based algorithms are viewed as practical solutions for high-dimensional motion planning. Recent progress has taken advantage of random geometric graph theory to show how asymptotic optimality can also be achieved with these methods. Achieving ... More
Jordan Derivations and Antiderivations of Generalized Matrix AlgebrasFeb 12 2012Let $\mathcal{G}=[A & M N & B]$ be a generalized matrix algebra defined by the Morita context $(A, B,_AM_B,_BN_A, \Phi_{MN}, \Psi_{NM})$. In this article we mainly study the question of whether there exist proper Jordan derivations for the generalized ... More
A Fully Trainable Network with RNN-based PoolingJun 16 2017Pooling is an important component in convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for aggregating features and reducing computational burden. Compared with other components such as convolutional layers and fully connected layers which are completely learned from ... More
Independently Recurrent Neural Network (IndRNN): Building A Longer and Deeper RNNMar 13 2018May 22 2018Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have been widely used for processing sequential data. However, RNNs are commonly difficult to train due to the well-known gradient vanishing and exploding problems and hard to learn long-term patterns. Long short-term ... More
Generalized multiscale finite element method for the steady state linear Boltzmann equationApr 15 2019The Boltzmann equation, as a model equation in statistical mechanics, is used to describe the statistical behavior of a large number of particles driven by the same physics laws. Depending on the media and the particles to be modeled, the equation has ... More
Self-Paced Learning: an Implicit Regularization PerspectiveJun 01 2016Sep 18 2016Self-paced learning (SPL) mimics the cognitive mechanism of humans and animals that gradually learns from easy to hard samples. One key issue in SPL is to obtain better weighting strategy that is determined by minimizer function. Existing methods usually ... More
Non-Archimedean metric extension for semipositive line bundlesApr 07 2019For a projective variety $X$ defined over a non-Archimedean complete non-trivially valued field $k$, and a semipositive metrized line bundle $(L, \phi)$ over it, we establish a metric extension result for sections of $L^{\otimes n}$ from a sub-variety ... More
A tunable ferroelectric based unreleased RF resonatorMay 15 2019This paper introduces the first tunable ferroelectric capacitor (FeCAP) based unreleased RF MEMS resonator, integrated seamlessly in Texas Instruments' 130nm Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) technology. An array of FeCAPs in this complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor ... More
Multi-Scale DenseNet-Based Electricity Theft DetectionMay 24 2018Electricity theft detection issue has drawn lots of attention during last decades. Timely identification of the electricity theft in the power system is crucial for the safety and availability of the system. Although sustainable efforts have been made, ... More
Robust Localized Multi-view Subspace ClusteringMay 22 2017In multi-view clustering, different views may have different confidence levels when learning a consensus representation. Existing methods usually address this by assigning distinctive weights to different views. However, due to noisy nature of real-world ... More
VoiceMask: Anonymize and Sanitize Voice Input on Mobile DevicesNov 30 2017Voice input has been tremendously improving the user experience of mobile devices by freeing our hands from typing on the small screen. Speech recognition is the key technology that powers voice input, and it is usually outsourced to the cloud for the ... More
Quantum entropy-typical subspace and universal data compressionOct 21 2014The quantum entropy-typical subspace theory is specified. It is shown that any mixed state with von Neumann entropy less than h can be preserved approximately by the entropy-typical subspace with entropy= h. This result implies an universal compression ... More
Tencent ML-Images: A Large-Scale Multi-Label Image Database for Visual Representation LearningJan 07 2019Feb 24 2019In existing visual representation learning tasks, deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are often trained on images annotated with single tags, such as ImageNet. However, a single tag cannot describe all important contents of one image, and some useful ... More
Degree heterogeneity in spatial networks with total cost constraintDec 01 2011Recently, In [Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 018701 (2010)] the authors studied a spatial network which is constructed from a regular lattice by adding long-range edges (shortcuts) with probability $P_{ij}\sim r_{ij}^{-\alpha}$, where $r_{ij}$ is the Manhattan ... More
Network error correction with limited feedback capacityDec 13 2013Feb 01 2014We consider the problem of characterizing network capacity in the presence of adversarial errors on network links,focusing in particular on the effect of low-capacity feedback links cross network cuts.
A Bayesian Nonparametic Approach for Estimating Individualized Treatment-Response CurvesAug 18 2016We study the problem of estimating the continuous response over time of interventions from observational time series---a retrospective dataset where the policy by which the data are generated are unknown to the learner. We are motivated by applications ... More
Power Efficiency for Device-to-Device CommunicationsJul 18 2013The concept of device-to-Device (D2D) communication as an underlay coexistence with cellular networks gains many advantages of improving system performance. In this paper, we model such a two-layer heterogenous network based on stochastic geometry approach. ... More
Temporal effects in trend prediction: identifying the most popular nodes in the futureDec 21 2014Prediction is an important problem in different science domains. In this paper, we focus on trend prediction in complex networks, i.e. to identify the most popular nodes in the future. Due to the preferential attachment mechanism in real systems, nodes' ... More
A robust ranking algorithm to spammingDec 17 2010Ranking problem of web-based rating system has attracted many attentions. A good ranking algorithm should be robust against spammer attack. Here we proposed a correlation based reputation algorithm to solve the ranking problem of such rating systems where ... More
Single-scan scatter correction in CBCT by using projection correlation based view interpolation (PC-VI) and a stationary ring-shaped beam stop array (BSA)Oct 30 2014In the scatter correction for x-ray Cone Beam (CB) CT, the single-scan scheme with moving Beam Stop Array (BSA) offers reliable scatter measurement with low dose, and by using Projection Correlation based View Interpolation (PC-VI), the primary fluence ... More
Kinetics of Muller's Ratchet from Adaptive Landscape ViewpointSep 19 2011Sep 21 2011Background: The accumulation of deleterious mutations of a population directly contributes to the fate as to how long the population would exist. Muller's ratchet provides a quantitative framework to study the effect of accumulation. Adaptive landscape ... More
Learning with Average Top-k LossMay 24 2017Dec 20 2017In this work, we introduce the {\em average top-$k$} (\atk) loss as a new aggregate loss for supervised learning, which is the average over the $k$ largest individual losses over a training dataset. We show that the \atk loss is a natural generalization ... More
Non-local Low-rank Cube-based Tensor Factorization for Spectral CT ReconstructionJul 24 2018Oct 28 2018Spectral computed tomography (CT) reconstructs material-dependent attenuation images with the projections of multiple narrow energy windows, it is meaningful for material identification and decomposition. Unfortunately, the multi-energy projection dataset ... More
Unique continuation property with partial information for two-dimensional anisotropic elasticity systemsMar 28 2019In this paper, we establish a novel unique continuation property for two-dimensional anisotropic elasticity systems with partial information. More precisely, given a homogeneous elasticity system in a domain, we investigate the unique continuation by ... More
Hyperscaling Violating Solutions in Generalised EMD TheoryAug 10 2016Sep 01 2016This short note is devoted to deriving scaling but hyperscaling violating solutions in a generalised Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theory with an arbitrary number of scalars and vectors. We obtain analytic solutions in some special case and discuss the physical ... More
Chow Motive of Fulton-MacPherson configuration spaces and wonderful compactificationsNov 15 2006Jan 01 2009We study the Chow groups and the Chow motives of the wonderful compactifications $Y_{\mathcal{G}}$ of arrangements of subvarieties. We prove a natural decomposition of the Chow motive of $Y_\mathcal{G}$, in particular of the Fulton-MacPherson configuration ... More
Wonderful compactification of an arrangement of subvarietiesNov 14 2006Jan 01 2009We define the wonderful compactification of an arrangement of subvarieties. Given a complex nonsingular algebraic variety $Y$ and certain collection $\mathcal{G}$ of subvarieties of $Y$, the wonderful compactification $Y_\mathcal{G}$ can be constructed ... More
Benchmarking Quantum Hardware for Training of Fully Visible Boltzmann MachinesNov 14 2016Quantum annealing (QA) is a hardware-based heuristic optimization and sampling method applicable to discrete undirected graphical models. While similar to simulated annealing, QA relies on quantum, rather than thermal, effects to explore complex search ... More
RAIM: Recurrent Attentive and Intensive Model of Multimodal Patient Monitoring DataJul 23 2018With the improvement of medical data capturing, vast amount of continuous patient monitoring data, e.g., electrocardiogram (ECG), real-time vital signs and medications, become available for clinical decision support at intensive care units (ICUs). However, ... More
Exact Adversarial Attack to Image Captioning via Structured Output Learning with Latent VariablesMay 10 2019In this work, we study the robustness of a CNN+RNN based image captioning system being subjected to adversarial noises. We propose to fool an image captioning system to generate some targeted partial captions for an image polluted by adversarial noises, ... More
Low-dose spectral CT reconstruction using L0 image gradient and tensor dictionaryDec 13 2017Jul 24 2018Spectral computed tomography (CT) has a great superiority in lesion detection, tissue characterization and material decomposition. To further extend its potential clinical applications, in this work, we propose an improved tensor dictionary learning method ... More
On the B-twisted topological sigma model and Calabi-Yau geometryFeb 27 2014We provide a rigorous perturbative quantization of the B-twisted topological sigma model via a first order quantum field theory on derived mapping space in the formal neighborhood of constant maps. We prove that the first Chern class of the target manifold ... More
The isospin dependent nucleon-nucleon inelastic cross section in the nuclear mediumOct 04 2016A theoretical calculation on the energy-, density-, and isospin-dependent nucleon-nucleon (NN) inelastic cross section $\sigma^*_{NN\rightarrow N\Delta}$, based on the self-consistent relativistic Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck microscopic transport theory, ... More
Effects of non-WKB Alfven waves on a multicomponent solar wind with differential ion flowApr 10 2008We present multicomponent solar wind models self-consistently incorporating the contribution from dissipationless, monochromatic, finite-wavelength (non-WKB), hydromagnetic, toroidal Alfv\'en waves, which are coupled to the flow only through the ponderomotive ... More
Propagation of non-WKB Alfven waves in a multicomponent solar wind with differential ion flowFeb 14 2007Mar 27 2007The propagation of dissipationless, hydromagnetic, non-WKB, purely toroidal Alfv\'en waves in a realistic background three-fluid solar wind with axial symmetry and differential proton-alpha flow is investigated. The wave equations are derived from standard ... More
Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials and drift configurationsJun 09 2010Oct 04 2010The coefficients of the Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials $P_{v,w}(q)$ are nonnegative integers that are upper semicontinuous on Bruhat order. Conjecturally, the same properties hold for $h$-polynomials $H_{v,w}(q)$ of local rings of Schubert varieties. This ... More
The Primary Design of the RidgetronMay 27 2016The ridgetron is used to accelerate the intense beam for the electron irradiation. According to the electromagnetic field simulation, the extend electrode should be cancelled to increase the shunt impedence. The method of parameter sweeping with constraint ... More
Method for classifying multiqubit states via the rank of the coefficient matrix and its application to four-qubit statesJan 11 2012Oct 26 2012We construct coefficient matrices of size 2^l by 2^{n-l} associated with pure n-qubit states and prove the invariance of the ranks of the coefficient matrices under stochastic local operations and classical communication (SLOCC). The ranks give rise to ... More
The Isospin Distribution of Fragments in Reactions 96Ru+96Ru, 96Ru+96Zr, 96Zr+96Ru, and 96Zr+96Zr at Beam Energy 400 AMeVNov 21 2002The isospin distribution of particles and fragments in collisions 96Ru+96Ru, 96Ru+96Zr, 96Zr+96Ru, and 96Zr+96Zr at beam energy 400 AMeV is studied with isospin dependent QMD model. We find that the rapidity distribution of differential neutron-proton ... More
Uniform regularity for linear kinetic equations with random input based on hypocoercivityDec 05 2016In this paper we study the effect of randomness in kinetic equations that preserve mass. The analysis is carried out in a general setting, with the regularity result not depending on the specific form of the collision term, the probability distribution ... More
Meta-path Augmented Response GenerationNov 02 2018We propose a chatbot, namely Mocha to make good use of relevant entities when generating responses. Augmented with meta-path information, Mocha is able to mention proper entities following the conversation flow.
Electrodynamics on Cosmological ScalesAug 26 2015Feb 29 2016Maxwell's equations cannot describe a homogeneous and isotropic universe with a uniformly distributed net charge, because the electromagnetic field tensor in such a universe must be vanishing everywhere. For a closed universe with a nonzero net charge, ... More
Bijection between Conjugacy Classes and Irreducible Representations of Finite Inverse SemigroupsAug 28 2012In this paper we show that the irreducible representations of a finite inverse semigroup $S$ over an algebraically closed field $F$ are in bijection with the conjugacy classes of $S$ if the characteristic of $F$ is zero or a prime number that does not ... More
Finite time blowup of generalized Euler ODE in matrix geometryFeb 11 2015In this paper, we study the finite time blowup of the generalized Euler ODE in the matrix geometry. We can extend Sullivan's result which is about the finite time blowup result of initial invertible linear operators to singular linear operators. we can ... More
Semi-dynamic shortest-path tree algorithms for directed graphs with arbitrary weightsMar 05 2019Given a directed graph $G$ with arbitrary real-valued weights, the single source shortest-path problem (SSSP) asks for, given a source $s$ in $G$, finding a shortest path from $s$ to each vertex $v$ in $G$. A classical SSSP algorithm detects a negative ... More
Further results on Liouville type theorems for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equationsJan 22 2003We present some further results on Liouville type theorems for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations.
Some degenerations of Kazhdan-Lusztig ideals and multiplicities of Schubert varietiesJan 20 2010We study Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity for points of Schubert varieties in the complete flag variety, by Groebner degenerations of the Kazhdan-Lusztig ideal. In the covexillary case, we give a positive combinatorial rule for multiplicity by establishing ... More
The asymptotic number of occurrences of a subtree in trees with bounded maximum degree and an application to the Estrada indexMay 07 2010Let $\mathcal {T}^{\Delta}_n$ denote the set of trees of order $n$, in which the degree of each vertex is bounded by some integer $\Delta$. Suppose that every tree in $\mathcal {T}^{\Delta}_n$ is equally likely. For any given subtree $H$, we show that ... More
The asymptotic value of Randic index for treesMar 25 2010Let $\mathcal{T}_n$ denote the set of all unrooted and unlabeled trees with $n$ vertices, and $(i,j)$ a double-star. By assuming that every tree of $\mathcal{T}_n$ is equally likely, we show that the limiting distribution of the number of occurrences ... More
The asymptotic values of the general Zagreb and Randić indices of trees with bounded maximum degreeApr 11 2010Let $\mathcal {T}^{\Delta}_n$ denote the set of trees of order $n$, in which the degree of each vertex is bounded by some integer $\Delta$. Suppose that every tree in $\mathcal {T}^{\Delta}_n$ is equally likely. We show that the number of vertices of ... More
Monochromatic $k$-edge-connection colorings of graphsOct 28 2018A path in an edge-colored graph $G$ is called monochromatic if any two edges on the path have the same color. For $k\geq 2$, an edge-colored graph $G$ is said to be monochromatic $k$-edge-connected if every two distinct vertices of $G$ are connected by ... More
Global $W^{2,δ}$ estimates for a type of singular fully nonlinear elliptic equationsSep 14 2017We obtain global $W^{2,\delta}$ estimates for a type of singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations where the right hand side term belongs to $L^\infty$. The main idea of the proof is to slide paraboloids from below and above to touch the solution of ... More
Classification of general n-qubit states under stochastic local operations and classical communication in terms of the rank of coefficient matrixJun 30 2011May 04 2012We solve the entanglement classification under stochastic local operations and classical communication (SLOCC) for general n-qubit states. For two arbitrary pure n-qubit states connected via local operations, we establish an equation between the two coefficient ... More
Rank-based SLOCC classification for odd n qubitsJun 21 2011We study the entanglement classification under stochastic local operations and classical communication (SLOCC) for odd n-qubit pure states. For this purpose, we introduce the rank with respect to qubit i for an odd n-qubit state. The ranks with respect ... More
SLOCC determinant invariants of order 2^{n/2} for even n qubitsJun 17 2011Feb 02 2012In this paper, we study SLOCC determinant invariants of order 2^{n/2} for any even n qubits which satisfy the SLOCC determinant equations. The determinant invariants can be constructed by a simple method and the set of all these determinant invariants ... More
Production and rescattering of strange baryons at SPS energies in a transport model with hadron potentialsOct 13 2010A mean-field potential version of the Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics (UrQMD) model is used to investigate the production of strange baryons, especially the $\Lambda$s and $\overline{\Lambda}$s, from heavy ion collisions at SPS energies. ... More
Query-focused Multi-document Summarization: Combining a Novel Topic Model with Graph-based Semi-supervised LearningDec 10 2012Dec 31 2013Graph-based semi-supervised learning has proven to be an effective approach for query-focused multi-document summarization. The problem of previous semi-supervised learning is that sentences are ranked without considering the higher level information ... More
Electromagnetic Force on a BraneSep 29 2016A fundamental assumption in the theory of brane world is that all matter and radiation are confined on the four-dimensional brane and only gravitons can propagate in the five-dimensional bulk spacetime. The brane world theory did not provide an explanation ... More
Nonlinear differentiation equation and analytic function spacesOct 09 2015In this paper we consider the nonlinear complex differential equation $$(f^{(k)})^{n_{k}}+A_{k-1}(z)(f^{(k-1)})^{n_{k-1}}+\cdot\cdot\cdot+A_{1}(z)(f')^{n_{1}}+A_{0}(z)f^{n_{0}}=0, $$where $ A_{j}(z)$, $ j=0, \cdots, k-1 $, are analytic in the unit disk ... More
Model-Checking of Linear-Time Properties Based on Possibility MeasureMar 10 2012Sep 25 2016We study the LTL model-checking in possibilistic Kripke structure using possibility measure. First, the notion of possibilistic Kripke structure and the related possibility measure are introduced, then model-checking of reachability and repeated reachability ... More
Isomorphism between Differential and Moment Invariants under Affine TransformMay 20 2017May 24 2017The invariant is one of central topics in science, technology and engineering. The differential invariant is essential in understanding or describing some important phenomena or procedures in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or computer science ... More
Reflection Invariant and Symmetry DetectionMay 30 2017May 31 2017Symmetry detection and discrimination are of fundamental meaning in science, technology, and engineering. This paper introduces reflection invariants and defines the directional moment to detect symmetry for shape analysis and object recognition. And ... More
Higher cohomology of the pluricanonical bundle is not deformation invariantDec 01 2006Jan 16 2008In this paper, we compute the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of all the pluricanonical bundles for Hirzebruch surfaces, and the dimensions of the 1st and 2nd cohomology groups of the second pluricanonical bundles for a blow-up of a projective ... More
Note on two results on the rainbow connection number of graphsOct 23 2011An edge-colored graph $G$, where adjacent edges may be colored the same, is rainbow connected if any two vertices of $G$ are connected by a path whose edges have distinct colors. The rainbow connection number $rc(G)$ of a connected graph $G$ is the smallest ... More
The Lawson homology and Deligne-Beilinson cohomology for Fulton-MacPherson configuration spacesSep 28 2006In this paper, we compute the Lawson homology groups and Deligne-Beilinson cohomology groups for Fulton-MacPherson configuration spaces. The explicit formulas are given.
Some Numerical Results For Ito EquationJan 21 2013By the method of invariant manifold, we investigate the Ito equation numerically with high precision. By the numerical results, we can completely determine the form of analytic soliton solutions for the Ito equation. In fact, by the numerical data we ... More
Structure of Hochschild cohomology of path algebras and differential formulation of Euler's polyhedron formulaOct 11 2010Jun 24 2012This article studies the Lie algebra $Diff(K\Gamma)$ of derivations on the path algebra $K\Gamma$ of a quiver $\Gamma$ and the Lie algebra on the first Hochschild cohomology group $H^1(K\Gamma)$. We relate these Lie algebras to the algebraic and combinatorial ... More
A general Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equationsJan 21 2003We establish a general Liouville type theorem for conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations.
Dirichlet forms and polymer models based on stable processesMay 01 2019In this paper, we are concerned with polymer models based on $\alpha$-stable processes, where $\alpha\in (\frac{d}{2},d\wedge 2)$ and $d$ stands for dimension. They are attached with a delta potential at the origin and the associated Gibbs measures are ... More
Variational characterizations of $ξ$-submanifolds in the Eulicdean space $\bbr^{m+p}$Dec 29 2016$\xi$-submanifold in the Euclidean space $\bbr^{m+p}$ is a natural extension of the concept of self-shrinker to the mean curvature flow in $\bbr^{m+p}$. It is also a generalization of the $\lambda$-hypersurface defined by Q.-M. Cheng et al to arbitrary ... More
On the Lagrangian angle and the Kähler angle of immersed surfaces in the complex plane $\bbc^2$Nov 09 2015In this paper, we discuss the Lagrangian angle and the K\"ahler angle of immersed surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$. Firstly, we provide an extension of Lagrangian angle, Maslov form and Maslov class to more general surfaces in $\mathbb C^2$ than Lagrangian surfaces, ... More
Constraints and Soliton Solutions for the KdV Hierarchy and AKNS HierarchyNov 26 2010It is well-known that the finite-gap solutions of the KdV equation can be generated by its recursion operator.We generalize the result to a special form of Lax pair, from which a method to constrain the integrable system to a lower-dimensional or fewer ... More
Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity in 1D nonlinear latticesMar 22 2007We examine the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of one dimensional nonlinear (anharmonic) lattices with and without on-site potential. It is found from computer simulation that the heat conductivity depends on temperature via the strength ... More
$q,t$-Catalan numbers and generators for the radical ideal defining the diagonal locus of $(\C^2)^n$Sep 09 2009Let $I$ be the ideal generated by alternating polynomials in two sets of $n$ variables. Haiman proved that the $q,t$-Catalan number is the Hilbert series of the graded vector space $M(=\bigoplus_{d_1,d_2}M_{d_1,d_2})$ spanned by a minimal set of generators ... More
Global $W^{2,δ}$ estimates for singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations with $L^n$ right hand side termsSep 14 2017We establish in this paper \emph{a priori} global $W^{2,\delta}$ estimates for singular fully nonlinear elliptic equations with $L^n$ right hand side terms. The method is to slide paraboloids and barrier functions vertically to touch the solution of the ... More
Solutions for Toda systems on Riemann surfacesApr 19 2005Aug 26 2005In this paper, we study the solutions of Toda systems on Riemann surface in the critical case, we prove a sufficient condition for the existence of solutions of Toda systems.
Low Dose CT Image Denoising Using a Generative Adversarial Network with Wasserstein Distance and Perceptual LossAug 03 2017Apr 24 2018In this paper, we introduce a new CT image denoising method based on the generative adversarial network (GAN) with Wasserstein distance and perceptual similarity. The Wasserstein distance is a key concept of the optimal transform theory, and promises ... More
Centimeter-deep tissue fluorescence microscopic imaging with high signal-to-noise ratio and picomole sensitivityOct 07 2015Fluorescence microscopic imaging in centimeter-deep tissue has been highly sought-after for many years because much interesting in vivo micro-information, such as microcirculation, tumor angiogenesis, and metastasis, may deeply locate in tissue. In this ... More
Primary visual cortex as a saliency map: parameter-free prediction of behavior from V1 physiologyNov 02 2014It has been hypothesized that neural activities in the primary visual cortex (V1) represent a saliency map of the visual field to exogenously guide attention. This hypothesis has so far provided only qualitative predictions and their confirmations. We ... More
Isospin effect on nuclear stopping in intermediate energy Heavy Ion CollisionsNov 21 2002By using the Isospin Dependent Quantum Molecular Dynamics Model (IQMD), we study the dependence of nuclear stopping Q_{ZZ}/A and R in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions on system size, initial N/Z, isospin symmetry potential and the medium correction ... More
Holographic Competition of Phases and SuperconductivitySep 30 2015Jan 13 2016We use a holographic theory to model and study the competition of four phases: an antiferromagnetic phase, a superconducting phase, a metallic phase and a striped phase, using as control parameters temperature and a doping-like parameter. We analyse the ... More
Criteria For Superfluid Instabilities of Geometries with Hyperscaling ViolationJun 08 2016We examine the onset of superfluid instabilities for geometries that exhibit hyperscaling violation and Lifshitz-like scaling at infrared and intermediate energy scales, and approach AdS in the ultraviolet. In particular, we are interested in the role ... More
Zero-sum and nonzero-sum differential games without Isaacs conditionJul 17 2015In this paper we study the zero-sum and nonzero-sum differential games with not assuming Isaacs condition. Along with the partition $\pi$ of the time interval $[0,T]$, we choose the suitable random non-anticipative strategy with delay to study our differential ... More
The Crossover-Distance for ISI-Correcting Decoding of Convolutional Codes in Diffusion-Based Molecular CommunicationsDec 29 2018In diffusion based molecular communication, the intersymbol interference (ISI) is an important reason for system performance degradation, which is caused by the random movement, out-of-order arrival and indistinguishability of the moleclues. In this paper, ... More
Two-Step Many-Objective Optimal Power Flow Based on Knee Point-Driven Evolutionary AlgorithmDec 04 2018To coordinate the economy, security and environment protection in the power system operation, a two-step many-objective optimal power flow (MaOPF) solution method is proposed. In step 1, it is the first time that knee point-driven evolutionary algorithm ... More
Computation of Differential Chow Forms for Prime Differential IdealsJan 12 2015In this paper, we propose algorithms to compute differential Chow forms for prime differential ideals which are given by their characteristic sets. The main algorithm is based on an optimal bound for the order of a prime differential ideal in terms of ... More
Weight hierarchies of a family of linear codes associated with degenerate quadratic formsApr 18 2018We restrict the degenerate quadratic forms of a finite field to its subspaces and quotient spaces. And some related results on the subspaces and quotient spaces are obtained. Based on this, we solve the weight hierarchies of a family of linear codes relating ... More
A Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equationsDec 30 2002We establish a Liouville type theorem for some conformally invariant fully nonlinear equations
A fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem and a Harnack type inequalityDec 02 2002We present some results on a fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem and a Harnack type inequality for general conformally invariant fully nonlinear second order elliptic equations.