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Axial Charge Fluctuation and Chiral Magnetic Effect from Stochastic HydrodynamicsFeb 14 2018The amount of axial charge produced in heavy ion collisions is one of the key quantities in understanding chiral magnetic effect. Current phenomenological studies assume large axial charge chemical potential $\mu_5$ produced in Glasma phase and assume ... More
Multicolor Photometry of the Merging Galaxy Cluster A2319: Dynamics and Star Formation PropertiesMay 12 2015Asymmetric X-ray emission and powerful cluster-scale radio halo indicate that A2319 is a merging cluster of galaxies. This paper presents our multicolor photometry for A2319 with 15 optical intermediate filters in the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut ... More
Higher Order Perturbation Corrections of Rotating Excited States in the Standard SU(3) Skyrme Model to Baryon Mass SpectrumJan 24 1997The higher order corrections of SU(3) rotating excited states to the Gell-Mann-Okubo Relations (or GOR) are presented in the standard SU(3) Skyrme model.The Improved GOR (or IGOR) are obtained. The results show the IGOR for decuplet up to the third order ... More
Degrees of freedom of $f(T)$ gravityMay 30 2011Jul 29 2011We investigate the Hamiltonian formulation of $f(T)$ gravity and find that there are five degrees of freedom. The six first class constraints corresponding to the local Lorentz transformation in Teleparallel gravity become second class constraints in ... More
Cluster algebras and snake modulesAug 14 2015Nov 02 2018Snake modules introduced by Mukhin and Young form a family of modules of quantum affine algebras. The aim of this paper is to prove that the Hernandez-Leclerc conjecture about monoidal categorifications of cluster algebras is true for prime snake modules ... More
Cosmological Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes: Mass Functions and SpinsDec 10 2012We derive the mass function of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) over the redshift range 0<z<2, using the latest deep luminosity and mass functions of field galaxies. Applying this mass function, combined with the bolometric luminosity function of active ... More
Cosmological evolution of supermassive black holes. I. mass function at 0<z<2Sep 01 2011We present the mass function of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) over the redshift range z=0-2, using the latest deep luminosity and mass functions of field galaxies to constrain the masses of their spheroids, which we relate to SMBH mass through the ... More
A Non-parametric Approach to Constrain the Transfer Function in Reverberation MappingAug 12 2016Aug 16 2016Broad emission lines of active galactic nuclei stem from a spatially extended region (broad-line region; BLR) that are composed of discrete clouds and photoionized by the central ionizing continuum. The temporal behaviors of these emission lines are blurred ... More
Star formation properties of galaxy cluster A1767May 12 2015Abell 1767 is a dynamically relaxed, cD cluster of galaxies with a redshift of 0.0703. Among 250 spectroscopically confirmed member galaxies within a projected radius of 2.5r_{200}, 243 galaxies (~ 97%) are spectroscopically covered by the Sloan Digital ... More
Violation of the first law of black hole thermodynamics in $f(T)$ gravityJul 04 2011Nov 17 2011We prove that, in general, the first law of black hole thermodynamics, $\delta Q=T\delta S$, is violated in $f(T)$ gravity. As a result, it is possible that there exists entropy production, which implies that the black hole thermodynamics can be in non-equilibrium ... More
Spin-Pair Tunneling in Mn$_3$ Single-Molecule MagnetNov 02 2014We report spin-pair tunneling observed in Mn$_3$ single-molecule magnet, which is a crystal with 2D network of identical exchange coupling. We observed a series of extra quantum tunnelings by the ac susceptibility measurements, and demonstrated these ... More
Evolution of Warped Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei. I. Roles of Feeding at the Outer BoundariesDec 10 2012Jan 29 2013We investigate the alignment processes of spinning black holes and their surrounding warped accretion disks in a frame of two different types of feeding at the outer boundaries. We consider (1) fixed flows in which gas is continually fed with a preferred ... More
On the minimal affinizations of type $F_4$Feb 09 2015Mar 15 2015In this paper, we apply the theory of cluster algebras to study minimal affinizations for the quantum affine algebra of type $F_4$. We show that the $q$-characters of a large family of minimal affinizations of type $F_4$ satisfy a system of equations. ... More
Quantum oscillations and nontrivial transport in (Bi0.92In0.08)2Se3Jan 04 2018Quantum phase transition in topological insulators has drawn heightened attention in condensed matter physics and future device applications. Here we report the magnetotransport properties of single crystalline (Bi0.92In0.08)2Se3. The average mobility ... More
Strong law of large number of a class of super-diffusionsFeb 17 2011In this paper we prove that, under certain conditions, a strong law of large numbers holds for a class of super-diffusions $X$ corresponding to the evolution equation $\partial_t u_t=L u_t+\beta u_t-\psi(u_t)$ on a bounded domain $D$ in $\R^d$, where ... More
On the minimal affinizations over the quantum affine algebras of type $C_n$May 22 2015In this paper, we study the minimal affinizations over the quantum affine algebras of type $C_n$ by using the theory of cluster algebras. We show that the $q$-characters of a large family of minimal affinizations of type $C_n$ satisfy some systems of ... More
Alignments Of Black Holes With Their Warped Accretion Disks And Episodic Lifetimes Of Active Galactic NucleiMar 02 2015Warped accretion disks have attracted intensive attention because of their critical role on shaping the spin of supermassive massive black holes (SMBHs) through the Bardeen-Petterson effect, a general relativistic effect that leads to final alignments ... More
Reed-Muller Sequences for 5G Grant-free Massive AccessJan 16 2018We propose to use second order Reed-Muller (RM) sequence for user identification in 5G grant-free access. The benefits of RM sequences mainly lie in two folds, (i) support of much larger user space, hence lower collision probability and (ii) lower detection ... More
$L\log L$ condition for supercritical branching Hunt processesSep 22 2010In this paper we use the spine decomposition and martingale change of measure to establish a Kesten-Stigum $L\log L$ theorem for branching Hunt processes. This result is a generalization of the results in Asmussen-Hering (1976) and Hering (1978) for branching ... More
Quiver mutations and Boolean reflection monoidsNov 27 2017Feb 19 2019In 2010, Everitt and Fountain introduced the concept of reflection monoids. The Boolean reflection monoids form a family of reflection monoids (symmetric inverse semigroups are Boolean reflection monoids of type $A$). In this paper, we give a family of ... More
Dissipative preparation of entangled states between two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy centersOct 31 2011Apr 04 2012We present a novel scheme for the generation of entangled states of two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers with two whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microresonators, which are coupled either by an optical fiber-taper waveguide, or by the evanescent ... More
Implementing the Deutsch's algorithm with spin-orbital angular momentum of photon without interferometerJul 24 2012Deutsch's algorithm is the simplest quantum algorithm which shows the acceleration of quantum computer. In this paper, we theoretically advance a scheme to implement quantum Deutsch's algorithm in spin-orbital angular momentum space. Our scheme exploits ... More
Coexistence and interconvertibility of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic phases in the single crystal of Mn$_3$ single-molecule magnetJan 22 2015We report the coexistence of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic phases in the single crystal of Mn$_3$ single-molecule magnet. The coexistent state appears within a certain period of time in the progress of either oxidation or reduction during a reversible ... More
Forward-backward multiplicity correlations of target fragments in nucleus-emulsion collisions at a few hundred MeV/nucleonMar 16 2014The forward-backward multiplicity and correlations of target evaporated fragment(black track particle) and target recoiled proton(grey track particle) emitted in 150 A MeV He-emulsion, 290 A MeV C-emulsion, 400 A MeV C-emulsion, 400 A MeV Ne-emulsion ... More
Quantum rearrangement and self-consistent BCS-BEC crossover thermodynamicsFeb 24 2007Aug 02 2007Based on previous works, analytical calculational procedures for dealing with the strongly interacting fermions ground state are further developed through a medium dependent potential in terms of the Bethe-Peierls contact interaction model. The methods ... More
The Very Large Telescope Interferometric Signals of Close Binaries of Supermassive Black Holes in Active Galactic NucleiMar 19 2019Mar 28 2019In the present paper, we explore to apply the GRAVITY at The Very Large Telescope Interferometry (VLTI) with unprecedented spatial resolution to identify close binaries of supermassive black holes (CB-SMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Each SMBH ... More
The Very Large Telescope Interferometric Signals of Close Binaries of Supermassive Black Holes in Active Galactic NucleiMar 19 2019In the present paper, we explore to apply the GRAVITY at The Very Large Telescope Interferometry (VLTI) with unprecedented spatial resolution to identify close binaries of supermassive black holes (CB-SMBHs) in active galactic nuclei (AGNs). Each SMBH ... More
Self-consistent dynamical model of the Broad Line RegionMay 24 2017Jun 14 2017We develope a self-consistent description of the Broad Line Region based on the concept of the failed wind powered by the radiation pressure acting on dusty accretion disk atmosphere in Keplerian motion. The material raised high above the disk is illuminated, ... More
Layer dependence of geometric, electronic and piezoelectric properties of SnSeMar 06 2016By means of first-principles calculations, we explore systematically the geometric, electronic and piezoelectric properties of multilayer SnSe. We find that these properties are layer-dependent, indicating that the interlayer interaction plays an important ... More
The virial equation of state for unitary fermion thermodynamics with non-Gaussian correlationsDec 03 2007Dec 15 2008We study the roles of the dynamical high order perturbation and statistically non-linear infrared fluctuation/correlation in the virial equation of state for the Fermi gas in the unitary limit. Incorporating the quantum level crossing rearrangement effects, ... More
The refractive index in the viscous quark-gluon plasmaJan 09 2013Under the framework of the viscous chromohydrodynamics, the gluon self-energy is derived for the quark-gluon plasma with shear viscosity. The viscous electric permittivity and magnetic permeability are evaluated from the gluon self-energy, through which ... More
M-systems and Cluster algebrasDec 31 2014Jul 12 2015The aim of this paper is two-fold: (1) introduce four systems of equations called M-systems and dual M-systems of types $A_{n}$ and $B_{n}$ respectively; (2) make a connection between M-systems (dual M-systems) and cluster algebras and prove that the ... More
Rectification and diffusion of self-propelled particles in a two-dimensional corrugated channelJul 26 2014Rectification and diffusion of non-interacting self-propelled particles is numerically investigated in a two-dimensional corrugated channel. From numerical simulations, we obtain the average velocity and the effective diffusion coefficient. It is found ... More
A general relativistic external Compton-scattering model for TeV emission from M87Dec 13 2011M87 is the first detected non-blazar extragalactic Tera-Electron-Volt (TeV) source with rapid variation and very flat spectrum in the TeV band. To explain the two-peaks in the spectral energy distribution (SED) of the nucleus of M87 which is similar to ... More
A 95 GHz Methanol Emission Survey Toward Eight Small Supernova RemnantsSep 04 2017We report on a 95 GHz ($8_0-7_1$ A$^{+}$) methanol (CH$_3$OH) emission survey with the Purple Mountain Observatory Delingha 13.7 m telescope. Eight supernova remnants (SNRs) with angular size $\lesssim$ 10' were observed, but emission was only detected ... More
The Fundamental Plane of the Broad-line Region in Active Galactic NucleiJan 07 2016Jan 08 2016Broad emission lines in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) mainly arise from gas photoionized by continuum radiation from an accretion disk around a central black hole. The shape of the broad-line profile, described by ${\cal D}_{_{\rm H\beta}}={\rm FWHM}/\sigma_{_{\rm ... More
Kinematic signatures of reverberation mapping of close binaries of supermassive black holes in active galactic nucleiJun 18 2018Close binaries of supermassive black holes (CB-SMBHs) with separations of $\lesssim 0.1$pc as the final stage of galaxy mergers are sources of low frequency gravitational waves (GW), however, they are still elusive observationally because they are not ... More
Family of boron fullerenes: general constructing schemes, electron counting rule and ab initio calculationsNov 10 2008Sep 14 2009A set of general constructing schemes is unveiled to predict a large family of stable boron monoelemental, hollow fullerenes with magic numbers 32+8k (k>=0). The remarkable stabilities of these new boron fullerenes are then studied by intense ab initio ... More
Equal-Interval Splitting of Quantum Tunneling in Single-Molecule Magnets with Identical Exchange CouplingJan 22 2014The equal-interval splitting of quantum tunneling observed in simple-Ising-model systems of Ni$_{4}$ (3D) and Mn$_3$ (2D) single-molecule magnets (SMMs) is reported. The splitting is due to the identical exchange coupling in the SMMs, and is simply determined ... More
A note on periodicity of long-term variations of optical continuum in active galactic nucleiApr 03 2016Graham et al. found a sample of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and quasars from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey (CRTS) that have long-term periodic variations in optical continuum, the nature of the periodicity remains uncertain. We investigate ... More
Magnetic-field-induced transition from metastable spin glass to possible antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase separation in $Cd_{0.5}Cu_{0.5}Cr_2O_4$Jan 28 2008Using ac susceptibility, dc magnetization and heat capacity measurements, we have investigated the magnetic properties of $Cd_{0.5}Cu_{0.5}Cr_2O_4$. $Cd_{0.5}Cu_{0.5}Cr_2O_4$ has an extraordinary magnetic phase including a metastable spin-glass(SG) phase ... More
Primitive orthogonal idempotents of Brandt semigroup algebras and Brandt semigroup codesMay 22 2015Aug 29 2015In this paper, we construct a complete set of primitive orthogonal idempotents for any finite Brandt semigroup algebra. As applications, we define a new class of codes called Brandt semigroup codes and compute the Cartan matrices of some Brandt semigroup ... More
Evolution of gaseous disk viscosity driven by supernova explosion in star-forming galaxies at high redshiftJul 26 2009Motivated by Genzel et al.'s observations of high-redshift star-forming galaxies, containing clumpy and turbulent rings or disks, we build a set of equations describing the dynamical evolution of gaseous disks with inclusion of star formation and its ... More
Phase-Sensitive measurements on the corner junction of iron-based superconductor BaFe1.8Co0.2As2Dec 17 2008We have made a phase-sensitive measurement on the corner junction of the iron-based superconductor BaFe1.8Co0.2As2, and observed the typical Fraunhofer-like diffraction pattern. The result suggests that there is no phase shift between the a-c face and ... More
Bounding geometry of loops in Alexandrov spacesAug 16 2010Mar 23 2013For a path in a compact finite dimensional Alexandrov space $X$ with curv $\ge \kappa$, the two basic geometric invariants are the length and the turning angle (which measures the closeness from being a geodesic). We show that the sum of the two invariants ... More
Combined Analysis of the CP Properties of The Higgs Boson in Effective Higgs LagrangianOct 08 2014Jan 17 2015CP violation effects of the Higgs stem from not only CP-violation interactions but also an ambiguous defined CP state. The two CPV sources are coherently studied based on an effective Higgs Lagrangian. The constraints from unitarity limits for $WW$ and ... More
On the extended T-system of type $C_3$May 09 2013Oct 26 2015We continue the study of extended T-systems of quantum affine algebras. We find a sub-system of the extended T-system of the quantum affine algebra $U_q \hat{\mathfrak{g}}$ of type $C_3$. The sub-system consisting of four systems which are denoted by ... More
Mean-Field Limit for a Collision-Avoiding Flocking System and the Time-Asymptotic Flocking Dynamics for the Kinetic EquationNov 01 2013Nov 14 2013A Collision-Avoiding flocking particle system proposed in [8] is studied in this paper. The global wellposedness of its corresponding Vlasov-type kinetic equation is proved. As a corollary of the global stability result, the mean field limit of the particle ... More
Polarization rotation enhancement by high-order waveguide mode coupling in magnetophotonic crystalsJun 22 2006Inter-modal coupling in photonic bandgap optical channels in magnetic films is used to leverage the transverse-electric (TE) to transverse-magnetic (TM) mode conversion due to the Faraday Effect. The underlying mechanism is traced to the dependence of ... More
Deterministic entanglement swapping in a superconducting circuitFeb 28 2019Entanglement swapping allows two particles that have never been coupled directly or indirectly to be nonlocally correlated. Besides fundamental interest, this procedure has applications in complex entanglement manipulation and quantum communication. Entanglement ... More
Null actions and RIM non-open extensions of strongly proximal actionsJul 02 2018Answering a question of Glasner, we show that any finitely generated nonabelian free group has a minimal null action which is a RIM non-open extension of an effective strongly proximal action.
Relatively maximum volume rigidity in Alexandrov geometryJun 23 2011Dec 01 2011Given a compact Alexadrov $n$-space $Z$ with curvature curv $\ge \kappa$, and let $f: Z\to X$ be a distance non-increasing onto map to another Alexandrov $n$-space with curv $\ge \kappa$. The relative volume rigidity conjecture says that if $X$ achieves ... More
Rashbon condensation in a Bose gas with Rashba spin-orbit couplingJun 27 2013May 12 2014We show that in a two-component Bose gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (SOC) two atoms can form bound states (Rashbons) with any intra-species scattering length. At zero center-of-mass momentum there are two degenerate Rashbons due to time-reversal ... More
Combinatorial independence and naive entropyJan 09 2019We study the independence density for finite families of finite tuples of sets for continuous actions of discrete groups on compact metrizable spaces. We use it to show that actions with positive naive entropy are Li-Yorke chaotic and untame. In particular, ... More
Neutrino masses in the minimal gauged $(B-L)$ supersymmetryMar 13 2018We present the radiative corrections to neutrino masses in a minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model with local $U(1)_{B-L}$ symmetry. At tree level, three tiny active neutrinos and two nearly massless sterile neutrinos can be obtained ... More
Glassy magnetic behavior induced by $Cu^{2+}$ substitution in frustrated antiferromagnet $ZnCr_2O_4$Feb 01 2008Structure and magnetic properties of the compounds $Zn_{1-x}Cu_xCr_2O_4$ (ZCCO) are investigated systematically. A structural phase transition from space-group symmetry $Fd3m$ to $I4_1/amd$ is observed in ZCCO. The critical value of the doping, $x$, appears ... More
Vanishing viscosity limit for homogeneous axisymmetric no-swirl solutions of stationary Navier-Stokes equationsNov 02 2018$(-1)$-homogeneous axisymmetric no-swirl solutions of three dimensional incompressible stationary Navier-Stokes equations which are smooth on the unit sphere minus the north and south poles have been classified, %as a four parameter family for each viscosity. ... More
SnSe monolayer: Super-flexible, auxetic material with ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and ultrahigh hole mobilityMay 18 2015By performing extensive first-principles calculations, we found that SnSe monolayer is an indirect band gap 1.45 eV semiconductor with many outstanding properties, including a large negative Poisson's ratio of -0.17, a very low lattice thermal conductivity ... More
Progress in nonmagnetic impurity doping studies on Fe-based superconductorsOct 07 2015We review the progress of nonmagnetic impurity doping study on the Fe-based superconductors. On the theoretical side, two highly potential candidates for the pairing symmetry order parameter, i.e. the multi-gap s++ and s+- wave models, have been proposed ... More
Improving the Flux Calibration in Reverberation Mapping by Spectral Fitting: Application to the Seyfert Galaxy MCG--6-30-15Aug 24 2016We propose a method for the flux calibration of reverberation mapping spectra based on accurate measurement of [O III] $\lambda 5007$ emission by spectral fitting. The method can achieve better accuracy than the traditional method of van Groningen & Wanders ... More
Three-term recurrence relations of minimal affinizations of type $G_2$Dec 12 2014Apr 14 2017Minimal affinizations form a class of modules of quantum affine algebras introduced by Chari. We introduce a system of equations satisfied by the $q$-characters of minimal affinizations of type $G_2$ which we call the M-system of type $G_2$. The M-system ... More
Failed radiatively Accelerated Dusty Outflow model of the Broad Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei. I. Analytical solutionJun 24 2017Aug 22 2017The physical origin of the Broad Line Region in Active Galactic Nuclei is still unclear despite many years of observational studies. The reason is that the region is unresolved and the reverberation mapping results imply complex velocity field. We adopt ... More
On Characterizations of Some General $(α, β)$ Norms in a Minkowski SpaceMay 04 2015General $(\alpha, \beta)$ norms are an important class of Minkowski norms which contains the original $(\alpha, \beta)$ norms. In this note, by studying the behavior of the Darboux curves of the indicatrix, we give a characterization of 3-dimensional ... More
Feature Fusion Encoder Decoder Network For Automatic Liver Lesion SegmentationMar 28 2019Liver lesion segmentation is a difficult yet critical task for medical image analysis. Recently, deep learning based image segmentation methods have achieved promising performance, which can be divided into three categories: 2D, 2.5D and 3D, based on ... More
Two band gap field-dependent thermal conductivity of $MgB_2$Apr 17 2003The thermal conductivity $\kappa (H,T)$ of the new superconductor $MgB_2$ was studied as a function of the temperature and a magnetic field. No anomaly in the thermal conductivity $\kappa (H,T)$ is observed around the superconducting transition in absence ... More
To understand sQGP through non-topological FL modelMar 11 2010The non-topological FL model is studied at finite temperature and density. The soliton solutions of the FL model in deconfinement phase transition are solved and thoroughly discussed for different boundary conditions. We indicate that the solitons before ... More
Photoproduction of $J/ψ$ in association with a $c\bar{c}$ pairApr 10 2009Based on the color-singlet model, we investigate the photoproduction of $J/\psi$ associated with a $c \bar{c}$ pair with all subprocesses including the direct, single-resolved, and double-resolved channels. The amplitude squared of these subprocesses ... More
Quasinormal Modes of Self-Dual Warped AdS$_3$ Black Hole in Topological Massive GravityAug 19 2010Sep 07 2010We consider the various perturbations of self-dual warped AdS$_3$ black hole and obtain the exact expressions of quasinormal modes by imposing the vanishing Dirichlet boundary condition at asymptotic infinity. It is expected that the quasinormal modes ... More
Holographic Dual of Linear Dilaton Black Hole in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion GravitySep 16 2010Motivated by the recently proposed Kerr/CFT correspondence, we investigate the holographic dual of the extremal and non-extremal rotating linear dilaton black hole in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton-Axion Gravity. For the case of extremal black hole, by imposing ... More
Stagewise Training Accelerates Convergence of Testing Error Over SGDDec 10 2018Feb 02 2019Stagewise training strategy is widely used for learning neural networks, which runs a stochastic algorithm (e.g., SGD) starting with a relatively large step size (aka learning rate) and geometrically decreasing the step size after a number of iterations. ... More
A New Model of Holographic Dark Energy with Action PrincipleOct 03 2012Nov 23 2012We propose a new model of holographic dark energy with an action. It is the first time that one can derive a HDE model from the action principle. The puzzles of causality and circular logic about HDE have been completely solved in this model. The evolution ... More
The next-to-leading-order QCD correction to inclusive J/ψ(Υ) production in Z^0 decayJul 14 2010In this paper, we study the $J/\psi(\Upsilon)$ production in Z boson decay in color-singlet model(CSM). We calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD correction to $Z \to Quarkonium+Q\bar{Q}$, the dominant contribution in the CSM, with the vector and ... More
Dirac particles tunneling from BTZ black holeFeb 27 2008We calculated the Dirac Particles' Hawking radiation from the outer horizon of BTZ black hole via tunneling formalism. Applying WKB approximation to the Dirac equation in (2+1) dimensional BTZ spacetime background, we obtain the radiation spectrum for ... More
Generalized metric $n$-Leibniz algebras and generalized orthogonal representation of metric Lie algebrasSep 03 2018We introduce the notion of a generalized metric n-Leibniz algebra and show that there is a one-to-one correspondence between generalized metric n-Leibniz algebras and faithful generalized orthogonal representations of metric Lie algebras (called Lie triple ... More
The complete study on the inclusive production of Υ + γ at the LHCJan 08 2019In this paper we investigate the inclusive associated production of {\Upsilon} + {\gamma} at the hadron collider. We calculate the color-singlet sub-processes and all three color-octet sub-processes at the next-to-leading order. Seven sets of long distance ... More
Unified First Law and Thermodynamics of Dynamical Black Hole in n-dimensional Vaidya SpacetimeMay 30 2007May 31 2007As a simple but important example of dynamical black hole, we analysis the dynamical black hole in $n$-dimensional Vaidya spacetime in detail. We investigated the thermodynamics of field equation in $n$-dimensional Vaidya spacetime. The unified first ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order study on the associate production of $J/ψ+γ$ at the LHCJan 27 2014The associate $J/\psi+\gamma$ production at the LHC is studied completely at next-to-leading-order (NLO) within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. By using three sets of color-octet long-distance matrix elements (LDMEs) obtained in previous prompt ... More
Nonlinear transport by vortex tangles in cuprate high-temperature superconductorsJun 01 2017A unified model of vortex tangles is proposed to describe unconventional transport in cuprate high-temperature superconductors, which not only captures the fast vortices scenario at low density, but also predicts a novel mechanism of core-core collisions ... More
A quantitative description of Nernst effect in high-temperature superconductorsJan 07 2017A quantitative vortex-fluid model for flux-flow resistivity $\rho$ and Nernst signal $e_N$ in high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) is proposed. Two kinds of vortices, magnetic and thermal, are considered, and the damping viscosity $\eta$ is modeled ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order QCD corrections to J/ψ(Υ)+γ production at the LHCNov 06 2008Jan 12 2009In this work, we calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD corrections to the process $p+p \to J/\psi + \gamma$ via the color-singlet mechanism at the LHC. The results show that the partial cross section ($p_t^{J/\psi}>$3GeV and $|y^{J/\psi,\gamma}|<$3) ... More
Graded limits of minimal affinizations over the quantum loop algebra of type $G_2$Mar 07 2015Jul 16 2015The aim of this paper is to study the graded limits of minimal affinizations over the quantum loop algebra of type $G_2$. We show that the graded limits are isomorphic to multiple generalizations of Demazure modules, and obtain defining relations of them. ... More
Edge-grafting theorems on permanents of the Laplacian matrices of graphs and their applicationsJun 20 2012The trees, respectively unicyclic graphs, on $n$ vertices with the smallest Laplacian permanent are studied. In this paper, by edge-grafting transformations, the $n$-vertex trees of given bipartition having the second and third smallest Laplacian permanent ... More
Interpretation of Departure from the Broad Line Region Scaling in Active Galactic NucleiNov 23 2018Most results of the reverberation monitoring of active galaxies showed a universal scaling of the time delay of the Hbeta emission region with the monochromatic flux at 5100 A, with very small dipersion. Such a scaling favored the dust-based formation ... More
A way to measure the water quality of the LHAASO-WCDA with cosmic muon signalsJul 22 2016Feb 06 2017The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) is to be built at Daocheng, Sichuan Province, China. As one of the major components of the LHAASO project, a Water Cherenkov Detector Array (WCDA), with an area of 78,000~$\rm m^{2}$, contains 350,000~tons ... More
Tidally disrupted dusty clumps as the origin of broad emission lines in active galactic nucleiOct 10 2017Type 1 active galactic nuclei display broad emission lines, regarded as arising from photoionized gas moving in the gravitational potential of a supermassive black hole. The origin of this broad-line region gas is unresolved so far, however. Another component ... More
Supermassive Black Holes with High Accretion Rates in Active Galactic Nuclei. III. Detection of Fe II Reverberation in Nine Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 GalaxiesMar 12 2015This is the third in a series of papers reporting on a large reverberation-mapping campaign aimed to study the properties of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) with high accretion rates. We present new results on the variability of the optical Fe II emission ... More
Hawking Radiation of Fermionic Field and Anomaly in 2+1 Dimensional Black HolesMay 20 2010The method of anomaly cancellation to derive Hawking radiation initiated by Robinson and Wilczek is applied to 2+1 dimensional stationary black holes. Using the dimensional reduction technique, we find that the near-horizon physics for the fermionic field ... More
Supermassive black holes with high accretion rates in active galactic nuclei: II. the most luminous standard candles in the UniverseAug 11 2014This is the second in a series of papers reporting on a large reverberation mapping (RM) campaign to measure black hole (BH) mass in high accretion rate active galactic nuclei (AGNs). The goal is to identify super-Eddington accreting massive black holes ... More
AADS: Augmented Autonomous Driving Simulation using Data-driven AlgorithmsJan 23 2019Mar 05 2019Simulation systems have become an essential component in the development and validation of autonomous driving technologies. The prevailing state-of-the-art approach for simulation is to use game engines or high-fidelity computer graphics (CG) models to ... More
Vector Condensate and AdS Soliton Instability Induced by a Magnetic FieldNov 29 2013Jan 08 2014We continue to study the holographic p-wave superconductor model in the Einstein-Maxwell-complex vector field theory with a non-minimal coupling between the complex vector field and the Maxwell field. In this paper we work in the AdS soliton background ... More
Entanglement entropy in a holographic p-wave superconductor modelOct 23 2013Feb 24 2015In a recent paper, arXiv:1309.4877, a holographic p-wave model has been proposed in an Einstein-Maxwell-complex vector field theory with a negative cosmological constant. The model exhibits rich phase structure depending on the mass and the charge of ... More
A Holographic P-wave Superconductor ModelSep 19 2013Dec 09 2013We study a holographic p-wave superconductor model in a four dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-complex vector field theory with a negative cosmological constant. The complex vector field is charged under the Maxwell field. We solve the full coupled equations ... More
A Holographic Study on Vector Condensate Induced by a Magnetic FieldSep 09 2013Dec 02 2013We study a holographic model with vector condensate by coupling the anti-de Sitter gravity to an Abelian gauge field and a charged vector field in $(3+1)$ dimensional spacetime. In this model there exists a non-minimal coupling of the vector filed to ... More
Entanglement Entropy and Wilson Loop in Stückelberg Holographic Insulator/Superconductor ModelSep 05 2012Oct 18 2012We study the behaviors of entanglement entropy and vacuum expectation value of Wilson loop in the St\"{u}ckelberg holographic insulator/superconductor model. This model has rich phase structures depending on model parameters. Both the entanglement entropy ... More
Face-Centered-Cubic B$_{80}$ Metal: Density functional theory calculationsNov 08 2008By means of ab initio calculations within the density functional theory, we have found that B80 fullerenes can condense to form stable face-centered-cubic fcc solids. It is shown that when forming a crystal, B80 cages are geometrically distorted, the ... More
Strain-induced large band-gap topological insulator in a new stable silicon allotrope: dumbbell siliceneOct 28 2015By the generalized gradient approximation in framewok of density functional theory, we investigate a 2D topological insulator of new silicon allotrope (call dumbbell silicene synthesized recently by Cahangirov et al) through tuning external compression ... More
Critical Behavior of Ferromagnetic Ising Model on Triangular LatticeAug 31 2008Oct 11 2008We apply a new updating algorithm scheme to investigate the critical behavior of the two-dimensional ferromagnetic Ising model on a triangular lattice with nearest neighbour interactions. The transition is examined by generating accurate data for large ... More
Determining the evolutionary stage of the delta Scuti star HIP 80088 with asteroseismologySep 06 2018We have computed a grid of theoretical models to fit the twelve oscillation modes of HIP 80088 observed by K2. HIP 80088 is determined to be a pre-main sequence star, in which CN cycle has not arrived at the equilibrium state. Mass fractions of C12 and ... More
Let's Play Mahjong!Mar 08 2019Mahjong is a very popular tile-based game commonly played by four players. Each player begins with a hand of 13 tiles and, in turn, players draw and discard (i.e., change) tiles until they complete a legal hand using a 14th tile. In this paper, we initiate ... More
Nonlinear elliptic equations with a singular perturbation on compact Lie groups and Homogeneous spacesMay 17 2012Feb 03 2013This paper is devoted to the study of a class of singular perturbation elliptic type problems on compact Lie groups or homogeneous spaces $\mathcal{M}$. By constructing a suitable Nash-Moser-type iteration scheme on compact Lie groups and homogeneous ... More