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Cluster structures and subfans in scattering diagramsJan 14 2019We give more precise statements of Fock-Goncharov duality conjecture for cluster varieties parametrizing $PGL_{2}$-local systems on once punctured torus. Then we prove these statements. Along the way, using disjoint subfans in the scattering diagram, ... More
Boltzmann Diffusive Limit with Maxwell Boundary ConditionSep 18 2018Based on a recent $L^{6}-L^{\infty}$ approach, validity of diffusive limit is established for both steady and unsteady Boltzmann equation in the presence of the classical Maxwell boundary condition for a full arrange of the accommodation coefficient $0 ... More
Compact Composition Operators on the Bloch Space in Bounded Symmetric DomainsApr 01 2005Let $\Omega$ be a bounded symmetric domain except the two exceptional domains of ${\Bbb C}^N$ and $\phi$ a holomorphic self-map of $\Omega.$ This paper gives a sufficient and necessary condition for the composition operator $C_{\phi}$ induced by $\phi$ ... More
DeepMove: Learning Place Representations through Large Scale Movement DataJul 11 2018Jul 12 2018Understanding and reasoning about places and their relationships are critical for many applications. Places are traditionally curated by a small group of people as place gazetteers and are represented by an ID with spatial extent, category, and other ... More
Biased Online Parameter Inference for State-Space ModelsMar 01 2015We consider Bayesian online static parameter estimation for state-space models. This is a very important problem, but is very computationally challenging as the state- of-the art methods that are exact, often have a computational cost that grows with ... More
Doppler Boosting and Deboosting Effects in the Forward Relativistic Jets of AGNs and GRBsOct 15 2006It is widely accepted that the Doppler deboosting effects exist in counter relativistic jets. However, people often neglect another important fact that both Doppler boosting and deboosting effects could happen in forward relativistic jets. Such effects ... More
The Essential Norm of Composition Operator between Generalized Bloch Spaces in Polydiscs and its ApplicationsMar 31 2005Dec 27 2005Let $U^{n}$ be the unit polydisc of ${\Bbb C}^{n}$ and $\phi=(\phi_1, >..., \phi_n)$ a holomorphic self-map of $U^{n}.$ By ${\cal B}^p(U^{n})$, ${\cal B}^p_{0}(U^{n})$ and ${\cal B}^p_{0*}(U^{n})$ denote the $p$-Bloch space, Little $p$-Bloch space and ... More
A reversible conversion between a skyrmion and a domain-wall pair in junction geometryApr 13 2014A skyrmion is a topological texture in the continuum field theory. Recent experimental observation of skyrmions in chiral magnet evokes a flourish of its extensive study. Skyrmion is expected to be a key component of the next generation spintronics device ... More
Yang monopoles and emergent three-dimensional topological defects in interacting bosonsOct 18 2017Oct 13 2018Yang monopole as a zero-dimensional topological defect has been well established in multiple fields in physics. However, it remains an intriguing question to understand interaction effects on Yang monopoles. Here, we show that collective motions of many ... More
Mabuchi metrics and properness of the modified DING functionalSep 10 2017In this paper, we study Mabuchi metrics on Fano manifolds. We prove that Mabuchi metrics exist if the modified Ding functional is proper modulo a reductive subgroup of its automorphism group. On the other hand, the inverse that Mabuchi metrics implies ... More
State-domain Change Point Detection for Nonlinear Time Series RegressionApr 24 2019May 24 2019Change point detection in time series has attracted substantial interest, but most of the existing results have been focused on detecting change points in the time domain. This paper considers the situation where nonlinear time series have potential change ... More
Fast asynchronous updating algorithms for k-shell indicesNov 20 2016Identifying influential nodes in networks is a significant and challenging task. Among many centrality indices, the $k$-shell index performs very well in finding out influential spreaders. However, the traditional method for calculating the $k$-shell ... More
Destination Choice Game: A Spatial Interaction Theory on Human MobilityFeb 14 2018Feb 26 2018With remarkable significance in migration prediction, global disease mitigation, urban plan and many others, an arresting challenge is to predict human mobility fluxes between any two locations. A number of methods have been proposed against the above ... More
Stability Analysis of Integral Delay Systems with Multiple DelaysJan 27 2015This note is concerned with stability analysis of integral delay systems with multiple delays. To study this problem, the well-known Jensen inequality is generalized to the case of multiple terms by introducing an individual slack weighting matrix for ... More
How intelligent are convolutional neural networks?Sep 18 2017Oct 31 2017Motivated by the Gestalt pattern theory, and the Winograd Challenge for language understanding, we design synthetic experiments to investigate a deep learning algorithm's ability to infer simple (at least for human) visual concepts, such as symmetry, ... More
Spin-Cherenkov effect in a magnetic nanostrip with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionJan 28 2016Apr 12 2016Spin-Cherenkov effect enables strong excitations of spin waves (SWs) with nonlinear wave dispersions. The Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) results in anisotropy and nonreciprocity of SWs propagation. In this work, we study the effect of the interfacial ... More
Pentavalent symmetric graphs of order twice a prime powerMar 31 2016A connected symmetric graph of prime valency is {\em basic} if its automorphism group contains no nontrivial normal subgroup having more than two orbits. Let $p$ be a prime and $n$ a positive integer. In this paper, we investigate properties of connected ... More
Convergence of $L^2$-norm based adaptive finite element method for elliptic optimal control problemsAug 31 2016Nov 15 2016This paper aims to study the convergence of adaptive finite element method for control constrained elliptic optimal control problems under $L^2$-norm. We prove the contraction property and quasi-optimal complexity for the $L^2$-norm errors of both the ... More
Improved thermal lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of liquid-vapor phase changeSep 13 2017Oct 30 2017In this paper, an improved thermal lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is proposed for simulating liquid-vapor phase change, which is aimed at improving an existing thermal LB model for liquid-vapor phase change [S. Gong and P. Cheng, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer ... More
Observational Evidence of Accretion Disk-Caused Jet Precession in Galactic NucleiNov 08 2005We show that the observational data of extragalactic radio sources tend to support the theoretical relationship between the jet precession period and the optical luminosity of the sources, as predicted by the model in which an accretion disk causes the ... More
Quantifying the influence of scientists and their publications: Distinguish prestige from popularitySep 06 2011Oct 13 2011The number of citations is a widely used metric to evaluate the scientific credit of papers, scientists and journals. However, it does happen that a paper with fewer citations from prestigious scientists is of higher influence than papers with more citations. ... More
Properties of Two-Dimensional Silicon grown on Graphene SubstrateApr 05 2013The structure and electrical properties of a two-dimensional (2D) sheet of silicon on a graphene substrate are studied using first-principles calculations. A new corrugated rectangular structure of silicon is proposed to be the most energetically favorable ... More
High-topological-number magnetic skyrmions and topologically protected dissipative structureMay 04 2015Jan 05 2016The magnetic skyrmion with the topological number of unity ($Q=1$) is a well-known nanometric swirling spin structure in the nonlinear $\sigma$ model with the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. Here, we show that magnetic skyrmion with the topological ... More
Interactive Deep Colorization With Simultaneous Global and Local InputsJan 27 2018Colorization methods using deep neural networks have become a recent trend. However, most of them do not allow user inputs, or only allow limited user inputs (only global inputs or only local inputs), to control the output colorful images. The possible ... More
Pinning-depinning mechanism of the contact line during evaporation on chemically patterned surfaces: A lattice Boltzmann studySep 01 2016In this paper, the pinning and depinning mechanism of the contact line during droplet evaporation on chemically stripe-patterned surfaces is numerically investigated using a thermal multiphase lattice Boltzmann (LB) model with liquid-vapor phase change. ... More
Cubic edge-transitive bi-$p$-metacirculantOct 24 2016A graph is said to be a bi-Cayley graph over a group H if it admits H as a group of automorphisms acting semiregularly on its vertices with two orbits. For a prime p, we call a bi-Cayley graph over a metacyclic p-group a bi-p-metacirculant. In this paper, ... More
Why can an electron mass vary from zero to infinity?Aug 18 1998When a particle is in high speed or bound in the Coulomb potential of point nucleus, the variation of its mass can be ascribed to the variation of relative ratio of hiding antimatter to matter in the particle. At two limiting cases, the ratio approaches ... More
Breaking Transferability of Adversarial Samples with RandomnessMay 11 2018Jun 17 2018We investigate the role of transferability of adversarial attacks in the observed vulnerabilities of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). We demonstrate that introducing randomness to the DNN models is sufficient to defeat adversarial attacks, given that the ... More
Some Contributions to Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Option PricingAug 11 2016Pricing options is an important problem in financial engineering. In many scenarios of practical interest, financial option prices associated to an underlying asset reduces to computing an expectation w.r.t.~a diffusion process. In general, these expectations ... More
Magnetic bilayer-skyrmions without skyrmion Hall effectApr 09 2015Arising from emergent electromagnetic field of magnetic skyrmions due to their nontrivial topology, the skyrmion Hall effect might be a roadblock for practical applications since any longitudinal motions of skyrmions in nanotrack is accompanied by a transverse ... More
Magnetic skyrmion logic gates: conversion, duplication and merging of skyrmionsOct 12 2014Mar 25 2015Magnetic skyrmions, which are topological particle-like excitations in ferromagnets, have attracted a lot of attention recently. Skyrmionics is an attempt to use magnetic skyrmions as information carriers in next generation spintronic devices. Proposals ... More
KLT-Like Behaviour of Inflationary Graviton CorrelatorsJun 16 2018Dec 15 2018We use the spinor helicity formalism to study KLT-like relations for the inflationary graviton four-point correlation function. New features are observed in this correlation function compared to the graviton scattering amplitude in flat spacetime. After ... More
K-energy on polarized compactifications of Lie groupsJan 02 2017In this paper, we study Mabuchi's K-energy on a compactification M of a reductive Lie group G, which is a complexification of its maximal compact subgroup K. We give a criterion for the properness of K-energy on the space of K \times K-invariant Kahler ... More
Stability of circulant graphsFeb 14 2018Oct 17 2018The canonical double cover $\mathrm{D}(\Gamma)$ of a graph $\Gamma$ is the direct product of $\Gamma$ and $K_2$. If $\mathrm{Aut}(\mathrm{D}(\Gamma))=\mathrm{Aut}(\Gamma)\times\mathbb{Z}_2$ then $\Gamma$ is called stable; otherwise $\Gamma$ is called ... More
Throughput and Robustness Guaranteed Beam Tracking for mmWave Wireless NetworksApr 13 2017Sep 12 2017With the increasing demand of ultra-high-speed wireless communications and the existing low frequency band (e.g., sub-6GHz) becomes more and more crowded, millimeter-wave (mmWave) with large spectra available is considered as the most promising frequency ... More
Weakly Supervised Audio Source Separation via Spectrum Energy Preserved Wasserstein LearningNov 11 2017May 17 2018Separating audio mixtures into individual instrument tracks has been a long standing challenging task. We introduce a novel weakly supervised audio source separation approach based on deep adversarial learning. Specifically, our loss function adopts the ... More
Comparison among Klein-Gordon equation, Dirac equation and Relativistic Stationary Schrodinger equationJan 08 1999Feb 25 2000A particle is always not pure. It always contains hiding antiparticle ingredient which is the essence of special relativity. Accordingly, the Klein-Gordon (KG) equation and Dirac equation are restudied and compared with the Relativistic Stationary Schr\"odinger ... More
Stability of generalized Petersen graphsJul 19 2018The canonical double cover $D(\Gamma)$ of a graph $\Gamma$ is the direct product of $\Gamma$ and $K_2$. If $Aut(D(\Gamma))=Aut(\Gamma)\times\mathbb{Z}_2$ then $\Gamma$ is called stable; otherwise $\Gamma$ is called unstable. An unstable graph is called ... More
Rashba spin-orbit torque in magnetic domain wallsSep 01 2017Jan 15 2018Spin-orbit torque in a magnetic domain wall was investigated by solving the Pauli-Schr\"{o}dinger equation for the itinerant electrons. The Rashba interaction considered is derived from the violation of inversion symmetry at interfaces between ferromagnets ... More
Modelling Sentence Pairs with Tree-structured Attentive EncoderOct 10 2016We describe an attentive encoder that combines tree-structured recursive neural networks and sequential recurrent neural networks for modelling sentence pairs. Since existing attentive models exert attention on the sequential structure, we propose a way ... More
Skyrmion Tubes as Magnonic WaveguidesJan 02 2019Various latest experiments have proven the theoretical prediction that domain walls in planar magnetic structures can channel spin waves as outstanding magnonic waveguides, establishing a superb platform for building magnonic devices. Recently, three-dimensional ... More
Cubic edge-transitive bi-Cayley graphs over inner-abelian p-groupsJan 04 2017A graph is said to be a bi-Cayley graph over a group H if it admits H as a group of automorphisms acting semiregularly on its vertices with two orbits. A non-abelian group is called an inner-abelian group if all of its proper subgroups are abelian. In ... More
Indifference Pricing and Hedging in a Multiple-Priors Model with Trading ConstraintsMar 31 2015This paper considers utility indifference valuation of derivatives under model uncertainty and trading constraints, where the utility is formulated as an additive stochastic differential utility of both intertemporal consumption and terminal wealth, and ... More
Determination of the intrinsic velocity field in the M87 jetApr 12 2009A new method to estimate the Doppler beaming factor of relativistic large-scale jet regions is presented. It is based on multiwaveband fitting to radio-to-X-ray continua with synchrotron spectrum models. Combining our method with available observational ... More
Thermally stable magnetic skyrmions in multilayer synthetic antiferromagnetic racetracksJan 15 2016Jul 22 2016A magnetic skyrmion is a topological magnetization structure with a nanometric size and a well-defined swirling spin distribution, which is anticipated to be an essential building block for novel skyrmion-based device applications. We study the motion ... More
Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion: Stability, Creation and ManipulationApr 06 2015Apr 04 2016Magnetic skyrmions are particle-like topological excitations in ferromagnets, which have the topological number $Q=\pm 1$, and hence show the skyrmion Hall effect (SkHE) due to the Magnus force effect originating from the topology. Here, we propose the ... More
Forward and Inverse Uncertainty Quantification using Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithms for an Elliptic Nonlocal EquationMar 21 2016This paper considers uncertainty quantification for an elliptic nonlocal equation. In particular, it is assumed that the parameters which define the kernel in the nonlocal operator are uncertain and a priori distributed according to a probability measure. ... More
Klein paradox and antiparticleMay 13 1999The Klein paradox of Klein-Gordon (KG) equation is discussed to show that KG equation is self-consistent even at one-particle level and the wave function for antiparticle is uniquely determined by the reasonable explanation of Klein paradox. No concept ... More
The silicate model and carbon rich model of CoRoT-7b, Kepler-9d and Kepler-10bMay 30 2012May 31 2012Possible bulk compositions of the super-Earth exoplanets, CoRoT-7b, Kepler-9d, and Kepler-10b are investigated by applying a commonly used silicate and a non-standard carbon model. Their internal structures are deduced using the suitable equation of state ... More
Efficient routing on multilayered communication networksMay 02 2013We study the optimal routing on multilayered communication networks, which are composed of two layers of subnetworks. One is a wireless network, and the other is a wired network. We develop a simple recurrent algorithm to find an optimal routing on this ... More
Symmetric multiparty-controlled teleportation of an arbitrary two-particle entanglementJan 23 2005Mar 18 2006We present a way for symmetric multiparty-controlled teleportation of an arbitrary two-particle entangled state based on Bell-basis measurements by using two Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states, i.e., a sender transmits an arbitrary two-particle entangled ... More
Graphitic C3N4 Sensitized TiO2 Nanotube Layers: A Visible Light Activated Efficient Antimicrobial PlatformOct 20 2016In this work, we introduce a facile procedure to graft a thin graphitic C3N4 (g-C3N4) layer on aligned TiO2 nanotube arrays (TiNT) by one-step chemical vapor deposition (CVD) approach. This provides a platform to enhance the visible-light response of ... More
Epidemic spread in weighted networksJul 22 2004We study the detailed epidemic spreading process in scale-free networks with weight that denote familiarity between two people or computers. The result shows that spreading velocity reaches a peak quickly then decays representing power-law time behavior, ... More
Multilevel Sequential Monte Carlo SamplersMar 25 2015In this article we consider the approximation of expectations w.r.t. probability distributions associated to the solution of partial differential equations (PDEs); this scenario appears routinely in Bayesian inverse problems. In practice, one often has ... More
A Stable Particle Filter in High-DimensionsDec 11 2014We consider the numerical approximation of the filtering problem in high dimensions, that is, when the hidden state lies in $\mathbb{R}^d$ with $d$ large. For low dimensional problems, one of the most popular numerical procedures for consistent inference ... More
Long-term Optical Observations of the Be/X-ray Binary X PerAug 15 2014Nov 02 2014We present the optical spectroscopic observations of X Per from 1999 to 2013 with the 2.16m telescope at Xinglong Station and the 2.4m telescope at Lijiang station, National Astronomical Observatories of China. Combining with the public optical photometric ... More
Cost-aware Cascading BanditsMay 22 2018In this paper, we propose a cost-aware cascading bandits model, a new variant of multi-armed ban- dits with cascading feedback, by considering the random cost of pulling arms. In each step, the learning agent chooses an ordered list of items and examines ... More
Refined Enumeration of Corners in Tree-like TableauxJan 25 2017Sep 18 2017Tree-like tableaux are certain fillings of Ferrers diagrams originally introduced by Aval et al., which are in simple bijections with permutation tableaux coming from Postnikov's study of totally nonnegative Grassmanian and alternative tableaux introduced ... More
Energy Flux in Hierarchical Equations of Motion Method and Its Application to a Three-Level Heat EngineFeb 23 2019Apr 28 2019We derive the formula of energy flux for the hierarchical equations of motion (HEOM) method with the help of stochastic decoupling technique. The resulting expression is a combination of the terms in the first two layers of the hierarchy. The formula ... More
Fast binarized time-reversed adapted-perturbation (b-TRAP) optical focusing inside scattering mediaJun 02 2015Light scattering inhibits high-resolution optical imaging, manipulation and therapy deep inside biological tissue by preventing focusing. To form deep foci, wavefront-shaping and time-reversal techniques that break the optical diffusion limit have been ... More
Meson-baryon effective chiral Lagrangians at order $p^4$Aug 22 2016Jan 13 2017We construct the three-flavor Lorentz-invariant meson-baryon chiral Lagrangians at the order $p^4$, with which a full one-loop investigation may be performed. One obtains 540 independent terms. The processes with the minimal number of mesons and photons ... More
Dynkin Game of Convertible Bonds and Their Optimal StrategyMar 31 2015This paper studies the valuation and optimal strategy of convertible bonds as a Dynkin game by using the reflected backward stochastic differential equation method and the variational inequality method. We first reduce such a Dynkin game to an optimal ... More
Question Answering and Question Generation as Dual TasksJun 07 2017Aug 04 2017We study the problem of joint question answering (QA) and question generation (QG) in this paper. Our intuition is that QA and QG have intrinsic connections and these two tasks could improve each other. On one side, the QA model judges whether the generated ... More
Domain wall-gated skyrmion logicApr 05 2016Skyrmions and domain walls are typical spin textures of significant technological relevance to magnetic memory and logic applications, where they are used as carriers of information. The unique topology of skyrmions makes them to display distinct dynamical ... More
A Multi-Index Markov Chain Monte Carlo MethodApr 01 2017Oct 27 2017In this article we consider computing expectations w.r.t.~probability laws associated to a certain class of stochastic systems. In order to achieve such a task, one must not only resort to numerical approximation of the expectation, but also to a biased ... More
Multilevel Sequential Monte Carlo with Dimension-Independent Likelihood-Informed ProposalsMar 15 2017In this article we develop a new sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) method for multilevel (ML) Monte Carlo estimation. In particular, the method can be used to estimate expectations with respect to a target probability distribution over an infinite-dimensional ... More
Multilevel Particle Filters: Normalizing Constant EstimationMay 16 2016In this article we introduce two new estimates of the normalizing constant (or marginal likelihood) for partially observed diffusion (POD) processes, with discrete observations. One estimate is biased but non-negative and the other is unbiased but not ... More
Quantum transport through three-dimensional topological insulator p-n junction under magnetic fieldAug 23 2018The 3D topological insulator (TI) PN junction under magnetic fields presents a novel transport property which is investigated both theoretically and numerically in this paper. Transport in this device can be tuned by the axial magnetic field. Specifically, ... More
Paving Spin-Wave Fibers in Magnonic Nanocircuits Using Spin-Orbit TorqueJan 14 2017Recent studies have revealed that domain walls in magnetic nanostructures can serve as compact, energy-efficient spin-wave waveguides for building magnonic devices that are considered promising candidates for overcoming the challenges and bottlenecks ... More
Impurity-limited quantum transport variability in magnetic tunnel junctionsDec 03 2016We report an extensive first-principles investigation of impurity-induced device-to-device variability of spin-polarized quantum tunneling through Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ). In particular, we calculated the tunnel magnetoresistance ratio ... More
Non-Abelian Braiding of Chiral Majorana Fermions by Quantum DotsNov 08 2018The non-Abelian braiding of Majorana fermions is one of the most promising operations providing a key building block for the realization of topological quantum computation. Recently, the chiral Majorana fermions were observed in a hybrid junction btween ... More
Arc-transitive cyclic and dihedral covers of pentavalent symmetric graphs of order twice a primeMar 24 2017A regular cover of a connected graph is called {\em cyclic} or {\em dihedral} if its transformation group is cyclic or dihedral respectively, and {\em arc-transitive} (or {\em symmetric}) if the fibre-preserving automorphism subgroup acts arc-transitively ... More
Robust fermionic-mode entanglement of a nanoelectronic system in non-Markovian environmentsNov 04 2015A maximal steady-state fermionic entanglement of a nanoelectronic system is generated in finite temperature non-Markovian environments. The fermionic entanglement dynamics is presented by connecting the exact solution of the system with an appropriate ... More
Self-optimal Piecewise Linearization Based Network Power Flow Constraints in Electrical Distribution System OptimizationSep 07 2018As a representative mathematical expression of power flow (PF) constraints in electrical distribution system (EDS), the piecewise linearization (PWL) based PF constraints have been widely used in different EDS optimization scenarios. However, the linearized ... More
An Automatic Diagnosis Method of Facial Acne Vulgaris Based on Convolutional Neural NetworkNov 13 2017In this paper, we present a new automatic diagnosis method of facial acne vulgaris based on convolutional neural network. This method is proposed to overcome the shortcoming of classification types in previous methods. The core of our method is to extract ... More
Chiral Lagrangians for mesons with a single heavy quarkJan 28 2019Apr 17 2019We construct the relativistic chiral Lagrangians for heavy-light mesons $(Q\bar{q})$ to the $\mathcal{O}(p^4)$ order. From $\mathcal{O}(p^2)$ to $\mathcal{O}(p^4)$, there are 17, 67, and 404 independent terms in the flavor $SU(2)$ case and 20, 84, and ... More
Chiral Lagrangians with $Δ(1232)$ to one loopJul 31 2017Dec 14 2017We construct the Lorentz-invariant chiral Lagrangians up to the order $\mathcal{O}(p^4)$ by including $\Delta(1232)$ as an explicit degree of freedom. A full one-loop investigation on processes involving $\Delta(1232)$ can be performed with them. For ... More
CPG-Based Control Scheme for Quadruped Robot to Withstand the Lateral ImpactNov 19 2017Nov 21 2017This paper aims to present a stability control strategy for quadruped robot under lateral impact with the help of lateral trot. We firstly propose five necessary conditions for keeping balance. The classical four-neuron Central Pattern Generator (CPG) ... More
Weyl Bogoliubov excitations in Bose-Hubbard extension of Weyl semimetalNov 17 2016Feb 24 2017In this paper, a Bose-Hubbard extension of a Weyl semimetal is proposed that can be realized for ultracold atoms using laser assisted tunneling and Feshbach resonance technique in three dimensional optical lattices. The global phase diagram is obtained ... More
The Evolution of Alq3 Films Exposure to AirJul 03 2017Jul 25 2017Small molecular solar cell becomes more stable when a thin tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq3) buffer layer instead of bathocuproine (BCP) is inserted between the active layer and electrode. In this work, we introduce a single layer device (ITO ... More
Linking Entanglement and Discrete AnomalyJan 14 2018In $3d$ Chern-Simons theory, there is a discrete one-form symmetry, whose symmetry group is isomorphic to the center of the gauge group. We study the 't Hooft anomaly associated to this discrete one-form symmetry in theories with generic gauge groups, ... More
Multilevel Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers for Normalizing ConstantsMar 03 2016This article considers the sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) approximation of ratios of normalizing constants associated to posterior distributions which in principle rely on continuum models. Therefore, the Monte Carlo estimation error and the discrete approximation ... More
Multilevel particle filterOct 16 2015In this paper the filtering of partially observed diffusions, with discrete-time observations, is considered. It is assumed that only biased approximations of the diffusion can be obtained, for choice of an accuracy parameter indexed by $l$. A multilevel ... More
Defect-free Perpendicular Diblock Copolymer Films: The Synergistic Effect of Surface Topography and ChemistryAug 20 2016We propose a direct self-assembly mechanism towards obtaining defect-free perpendicular lamellar phases of diblock copolymer (BCP) thin films. In our numerical study, a thin BCP film having a flat top surface is casted on a uni-directional corrugated ... More
Equivalence Between the Gauge $n\cdot\partial n\cdot A=0$ and the Axial GaugeMay 18 2017Discontinuity of gauge theory in the gauge condition $n\cdot\partial n\cdot A=0$, which emerges at $n\cdot k=0$, is studied here. Such discontinuity is different from that one confronts in axial gauge and can not be regularized by conventional analytical ... More
UAV-Enabled Covert Wireless Data CollectionJun 20 2019This work considers unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) networks for collecting data covertly from ground users. The full-duplex UAV intends to gather critical information from a scheduled user (SU) through wireless communication and generate artificial noise ... More
Magnetic skyrmion-based synaptic devicesAug 29 2016Magnetic skyrmions are promising candidates for next-generation information carriers, owing to their small size, topological stability, and ultralow depinning current density. A wide variety of skyrmionic device concepts and prototypes have been proposed, ... More
Sample Dropout for Audio Scene Classification Using Multi-Scale Dense Connected Convolutional Neural NetworkJun 12 2018Acoustic scene classification is an intricate problem for a machine. As an emerging field of research, deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) achieve convincing results. In this paper, we explore the use of multi-scale Dense connected convolutional ... More
Testing relativistic boost as the cause of gamma-ray quasi-periodic oscillation in a blazarApr 15 2018Sep 25 2018The mechanism for producing gamma-ray quasi-periodic oscillation (QPO) in blazar is unknown. One possibility is the geometric model, in which without the need for intrinsic quasi-periodic variation, the relativistic Doppler factor changes periodically, ... More
Equidistributed statistics on Fishburn matrices and permutationsAug 13 2018Recently, Jel\'inek conjectured that there exists a bijection between certain restricted permutations and Fishburn matrices such that the bijection verifies the equidistribution of several statistics. The main objective of this paper is to establish such ... More
Nonlinearity enhancement in optomechnical systemJan 17 2014The nonlinearity is an important feature in the field of optomechanics. Employing atomic coherence, we put forward a scheme to enhance the nonlinearity of the cavity optomechanical system. The effective Hamiltonian is derived, which shows that the nonlinear ... More
Entanglement of nanomechanical oscillators and two-mode fields induced by atomic coherenceMay 22 2011We propose a scheme via three-level cascade atoms to entangle two optomechanical oscillators as well as two-mode fields. We show that two movable mirrors and two-mode fields can be entangled even for bad cavity limit. We also study entanglement of the ... More
CGMH: Constrained Sentence Generation by Metropolis-Hastings SamplingNov 14 2018In real-world applications of natural language generation, there are often constraints on the target sentences in addition to fluency and naturalness requirements. Existing language generation techniques are usually based on recurrent neural networks ... More
Entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states in multipartite cavity-reservoir systemsFeb 02 2012Oct 15 2014We analyze the multipartite entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states composed of a GHZ state and a W state. For a composite system consisting of three cavities interacting with independent reservoirs, it is shown that the entanglement evolution ... More
Visible Light Triggered Drug Release from TiO2 Nanotube Arrays: A Novel Controllable Antibacterial PlatformOct 20 2016In this work, we use a double-layered stack of TiO2 nanotubes (TiNTs) to construct a visible-light triggered drug delivery system. Key for visible-light drug release is a hydrophobic cap on the nanotubes containing Au nanoparticles (AuNPs). The AuNPs ... More
Current-induced spin wave excitation in Pt|YIG bilayerJul 29 2013Sep 09 2013We develop a self-consistent theory for current-induced spin wave excitations in normal metal-magnetic insulator bilayer systems, thereby establishing the relation between spin wave excitation and the experimentally controlled parameters. We fully take ... More
Excitation of spin wave modes of a magnetic dot existing in a shifted vortex-state by an out-of-plane oscillating magnetic fieldApr 25 2016Excitation of spin wave modes of a vortex-state magnetic dot by an out-of-plane oscillating magnetic field is studied numerically in the presence of a static in-plane magnetic field. It is shown, that the application of the in-plane static field shifts ... More
Weaving Multi-scale Context for Single Shot DetectorDec 08 2017Aggregating context information from multiple scales has been proved to be effective for improving accuracy of Single Shot Detectors (SSDs) on object detection. However, existing multi-scale context fusion techniques are computationally expensive, which ... More
Lamellar Diblock Copolymers on Rough Substrates: Self-consistent Field Theory StudiesJun 23 2015Aug 18 2015We present numerical calculations of lamellar phases of di-block copolymers (BCP) confined between two surfaces, where the top surface is flat and the bottom one is corrugated. The corrugated substrate is assumed to have a single $q$-mode of lateral undulations ... More
Low Probability of Detection Communication: Opportunities and ChallengesJun 19 2019Low probability of detection (LPD) communication has recently emerged as a new transmission technology to address privacy and security in wireless networks. Recent studies have established the fundamental limits of LPD communication in terms of the amount ... More